Super Latex Saga VII: Unstoppable

A collaborative effort by CrypticCollaborator and delta7447

Thanks to Akane, anonymous-69, and OmniScribbler for beta reading, and to Bloom and Jackie for additional contributions.


My heart was pounding. Helena was basically a goddess now, and was getting a taste for all those powers she now had. I knew how good just one or two pieces of Super Latex felt, but I couldn’t even comprehend what it was like to be made of the stuff.

I sprinted up to the roof, hoping to be able to spot her. Sure enough, there she was, floating a few feet above the roof, blasting helicopters and fighter jets out of the sky with more energy beams. I remained out of sight and watched her in horrified awe.

“Mmmmmm, keep it coming!”

No amount of firepower could hope to hurt her. On the contrary, everything they threw at her only seemed to make her feel even more fantastic. One of the circling helicopters launched an RPG towards her. Moving faster than my eyes could see, she caught it and laughed as she tightened her fist around it. When it exploded, her hand burst into a splatter of Super Latex, but the rest of her body seemed immaculate. With a giggle, the scattered droplets of Super Latex began to fly through the air back towards her hand, until they had fully reassembled to her original form. This was terrifying. Even if they could damage her, nothing would stick! 

An attack helicopter approached, armed with a machine gun. With a roar, the helicopter fired dozens of high caliber bullets at her torso in mere seconds. Every shot took a chunk out of her body, causing hundreds of drops of liquid Super Latex to scatter in every direction. However, her body reformed so quickly that she was effectively bulletproof. The pilots, realizing how hopelessly they were outmatched, fired a barrage of missiles at Helena. 

She didn’t even move to avoid it. The missiles hit her directly, causing a massive explosion that knocked out windows and collapsed an entire section of the roof. When the dust finally settled, Helena had been reduced to two piles of shiny black slime.

For a moment, it seemed like she was finally defeated.  Of course that wasn’t true. The two piles of black slime left behind by the attack reformed and expanded until there were two Helenas. They exchanged a kiss with each other and unleashed one energy beam each and whipped their arms in opposite directions, slicing the helicopter in two like scissors. It exploded moments later. The two merged back together and flew off.

I shouldn't have been able to know what Helena was doing, but I could. Ever since I touched her new Super Latex skin, I could feel what she was doing and even what she was thinking. 

She flew to a garage on the base, telekinetically tore a hole in the roof, and picked up a car with a lasso of green light. Spreading her legs, she thrust the car into herself. I watched as right before the car impacted with the newborn goddess, her body elongated and widened to accommodate the impractically large sex toy.  Thanks to my mental link with her, I felt the car enter me as it entered her. I’m not even sure how to describe something so alien, so strange. I doubled over as if the wind got blown out of me, yet I had no trouble breathing. Helena moaned and laughed simultaneously as she continued thrusting, thoroughly enjoying the massive waves of pleasure coursing through her.

Of course, it wasn't enough. What could possibly be enough when you're a nigh-omnipotent goddess? Once she came, she ejected the car with a quick application of pressure from her vaginal muscles, sending it shooting off into the distance.

She needed bigger, more powerful toys. Right on cue, tanks arrived to blow her away. Pleased, she produced an extra pair of arms and sent all four of them zooming through the air to latch onto first tank. Then she pulled it barrel first straight into her rubbery vagina.

The moment of impact felt glorious, as indicated by her sustained shriek of ecstasy as her body stretched several times its normal size to fit the metal beast inside. The force of the impact coupled with the extent it stretched her caused her to cum instantly.  Likewise, my panties were no longer dry.  

Helena tightened her vaginal muscles and pushed the tank in deeper with all four hands, insistent on extracting all the pleasure this weapon of war could give her. She managed to fit the entire thing inside her before long. She forced her legs together and the tank appeared to shrink and vanish inside her. It was subjected to so much heat and pressure that it eventually became pure energy, which she absorbed into herself, thus introducing her to a new sort of pleasure beyond what her restrictive human form allowed her.

She briefly felt sorry for the little humans. They could never hope to know the exquisite pleasures she was discovering constantly. Their pathetic, fragile, meaty bodies weren’t able to handle so much.

She eyed a dormitory full of non-combatants who were restricted to their quarters because of the emergency. With a smirk, she darted in that direction and willed herself to become intangible. As she passed through people’s dorms at the speed of sound, the people in the dorms instantly reached orgasm, which Helena siphoned telepathically and experienced herself. It was like a burst of machine gun fire manifested as powerful orgasms. Naturally, she wanted more, so she made another pass and continued assaulting the people inside the dorms with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

She wanted more. There were several other dorm building spread throughout the facility, but they were too far apart. Moving from one building to another would get in the way of Helena’s pleasure.

Too far for one Helena, but not too far for four! Helena split into two, and those two split into four. The four shot off in different directions, flying through the various dorm buildings at supersonic speeds. 

Still not enough! She was a little frustrated, but that was dampened by her ability to indefinitely apply more and more power to a problem to solve it. Four became sixteen became thirty-two became sixty-four, and on and on. If she wasn’t intangible, the speed that she was moving would have instantly incinerated the facility, and probably the continent! Before long, she gave the entire facility’s complement streams of orgasms at nearly the speed of light while simultaneously keeping their minds from shutting down from pleasure overload.

She eventually gave up on moving faster and faster and resolved to place one iteration of herself in each non-combatant’s room, filling each of their minds with a constant, unending stream of ecstasy, all of which she felt a thousand times over by simply willing it so. The remaining duplicates of herself scattered throughout the airspace above the base, fucking each other almost ravenously.

All the while, the military attempted to use precision explosives to pick off the airborne ones, but their missiles were all used as sex toys or allowed to harmlessly explode in their faces. The fiery destructive energies only made her orgasms greater and more numerous.

Thousands of orgasms surged through her collective bodies--so much that her bodies became viscous, amorphous liquid.

She was in heaven... but of course, it wasn’t enough. The missiles were getting dull. She needed more. She needed a new heaven that put the original to shame. The power at her command was all she needed to make her need a reality.

The military was reluctant to use nuclear weapons against her, in large part because there were so many people on the base who would be annihilated by even the smallest yield at their disposal.

She opted to save them the moral dilemma and teleport not their largest yield but the largest yield ever made straight before her: the one untested Tsar Bomba. The Russian military opted to dismantle it instead of using it in the Cold War and not only vaporizing the release plane’s crew but potentially covering the entire planet’s surface in fallout.

Her slightest thought primed the weapon. Eager to experience all it had to offer, every iteration of Helena instantly dropped what they were doing and surrounded the bomb, forming a thick sphere of solid Super Latex around it.


Helena no longer felt the mortal states of pleasure and happiness. She had ascended far beyond such mundane, lowly concepts and opted to instead embrace everything that felt good to her down to her very soul and dive further in. She didn’t just feel more pleasure, she became the concept itself, and then something beyond even that.

There was more. Of course there was more. How could there not be? She just needed another Tsar Bomba. A little time displacement produced the same bomb again, which she surrounded and detonated inside herself.

It wasn’t enough, though. How could it be? She was wasting time reproducing ancient bombs from a pointless war of decades past--time that she could be using to cum longer and harder. Why not simply cut out the middleman and create pure seuxal energy of the same caliber--greater, even!--and use that instead of some relic? She produced beams of pure sexual energy within her spherical form and shaped them into a sphere of raw power, which she continued to intensify while simultaneously experiencing what could only be described in any mortal language as godgasms. The energy was so intense that beams shot out through the Super Latex sphere and into the sky, like bright green lightning.

She had no idea how long she spent cumming her very soul out, like a Dyson sphere around a star of endless orgasmic power. Time meant nothing to her now.

Even this eventually became inadequate. Of course it did. The laws of physics were too confining for needs as great and perpetually growing as hers! She was no better off than the fragile meat people! She needed to escape. She needed a universe of her own, where the laws of physics bent to her. All beings, all forces, all concepts would give her pleasure before anything else.

The sphere of Super Latex shrunk into a point and vanished.

With that, the mental link was severed. I let out a sigh of relief that the relentless pleasure assaulting me finally ceased, but my relief was short-lived, since Helena was gone now.


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