Super Latex Saga VIII: Finale

A collaborative effort by CrypticCollaborator and delta7447

Thanks to Akane, anonymous-69, and OmniScribbler for beta reading, and to Bloom and Jackie for additional contributions.


In the days following Helena’s rampage, the world tried its best to forget what had happened. The President himself spoke to the nation to reassure them that the mayhem was at an end.

That was simply not true. At the FBI, reports were coming in daily of terrifying new developments. All around the internet, new videos were popping up of a gorgeous rubber woman appearing out of nowhere then disappearing as quickly as she appeared. Everywhere she went, ordinary people reported beams of energy rushing through the night sky, blotting out the moon and stars. Cars, trees, and skyscrapers alike were lifted up into the air by an irresistible telekinetic force. Police around the world were overwhelmed by spontaneous city-wide orgies. 

The countries of the world made a plea to The Goddess for a solution or at least an explanation for why these strange events were happening. The Goddess, for her part, was maddeningly silent. Only I knew the truth: Helena had been overwhelmed by the experience of becoming Super Latex, and it was only a matter of time before she accidentally destroyed the world with her newfound power, if not more. 

I was probably the only one who could calm her down, but an all-powerful teleporting goddess is hard to find, even with the resources of the FBI. To keep up with her, you would need superpowers of your own. Thankfully, Helena wasn’t the only one who could wear Super Latex.

With my position, it was easy enough to get unrestricted access to the vault where the FBI keeps the Super Latex clothing. By then, we had accumulated everything from Super Latex bras to full-coverage catsuits to fetish clothing so weird that I didn’t even want to risk wearing it. I carefully packed away a set of boots, a set of gloves, a corset, a bra, panties, and a leotard into my briefcase. All of that plus the choker Helena gave me would prove to be more than enough for my purposes. 

Back at my apartment, I did everything I could to prepare myself for wearing all that Super Latex. I masturbated furiously to take the edge off. I spent hours meditating to center myself on my mission. I desperately wished I could wear something underneath the Super Latex, but tests had shown that the clothing had to touch bare skin or other Super Latex to grant powers.

The first thing to wear was the bra and panties. Immortality and indestructibility would be essential to surviving Helena’s impossible power.

The bra was baffling. There were no buckles, no hooks, no velcro, and not even any zippers. It was just straps of vaguely-bra-shaped Super Latex. I pulled the loops around my shoulders. As soon as I did so, straps of latex suddenly curled around my back and merged together, creating a seamless bra. I gasped as the Super Latex tightened and reshaped itself until it perfectly covered my breasts, squeezing my (already hard) nipples with a firm but perfectly comfortable sensation. I could feel power rushing through my body, every part of my body positively buzzing with newfound energy. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw that my few gray hairs had turned back to black, and my skin looked like that of a girl a decade younger. 

I wanted to stop there, but I had so much more to do. The panties were just a test of patience. Slowly and carefully, I brought the panties further and further up my legs, up to my thighs. With each movement, the Super Latex surface rubbing against my bare skin conjured up dirty thoughts. My mind jumped to the sensation of my ex-boyfriend’s hands gently massaging my inner thighs. I felt Helena’s lips rubbing against mine as we kissed each other. When the panties finally squeezed my hips and my wet vagina, another burst of power filled me. I felt invincible. I felt like I could take on a sword, a storm of bullets, a nuclear bomb, or even a supernova without flinching. 

Now, the leotard. Up until now, the experience had not been too overwhelming. I was experienced enough with Super Latex clothing that skimpy clothing like bras and panties was easy enough. A leotard, on the other hand, was worrying. Taking a couple deep breaths to center myself, I slid my legs easily through the leg holes, and pulled the leotard up. Immediately, the urge to cum began to fill me. I closed my eyes and resisted as much as I could as I quickly slipped my arms through the arm holes. Once the leotard was fully on, it reshaped itself to fit my body like the bra did. The sensation of it tightening around my waist was so intense that I came instantly, sending a stream of sexual fluids running down my leg. I spent at least an hour lying on the hardwood floor, my mind careening from the mass of sensations overflowing my body. Outside, the sun was starting to rise already.

Helena said that the leotard lets you teleport, even between dimensions. However, there was no instruction manual. Experimentally, I concentrated on the center of the room. There was a sound like paper tearing, then I suddenly found myself exactly in the spot I was concentrating on. After a couple tries, I was able to easily teleport anywhere I could see. Experimentally, I tried teleporting something other than myself. Focusing on a pencil on my desk, I tried to visualize it teleporting into my hand. Nothing happened. I concentrated harder, and I saw space around the pencil began to distort, and then disappear entirely. I looked around for the pencil, but it was gone. 

Next was the gloves... then the boots... 

This was too much. I could feel my consciousness slipping away, my mind and body being overwhelmed by pure sexual energy. I stumbled to my feet, but my legs gave out under me as I felt myself consumed by another series of orgasms. I could already feel myself getting exhausted. If I fell asleep now, I might not be able to wake up. In desperation, I crawled on my hands and knees towards my bedroom drawer. With my super strength, I accidentally ripped it straight out of the nightstand, sending the Super Latex choker flying through the air. With the last of my energy, I caught it and slotted it around my neck. Instantly, the Super Latex mask materialized on my face, and a surge of stamina and energy filled every cell of my body. I let out the built-up sexual urges in me, and I came explosively. I sprayed sexual fluids all over the walls and floor. The smell of sex mingled with the smell of latex was so powerful that I wouldn’t be surprised if they permeated the whole neighborhood. 

Despite that ridiculous display of exhibitionism, I felt better than ever. Jumping to my feet, I took a moment to look at myself in the mirror. It was utterly bizarre to see myself in the mirror wearing a full-coverage latex mask. There was this layer of impenetrable black latex in front of me, and yet when I looked in any direction it was like there wasn’t anything obstructing my vision at all. With this full outfit, I looked like either a model at a fetish convention or the world’s kinkiest superhero. I would have made one hell of a superhero, actually. An immortal, indestructible, flying, teleporting, laser-shooting badass with near-omniscience sounds like something ripped straight out of a comic book. Of course, a comic book superhero probably doesn’t have to stop every couple minutes to release pent-up sexual energy.

I focused my super senses to scan the Earth for Helena. My mind took in every part of every landscape, every room of every building. Even unexplored caverns deep underground or the magma at the core of the Earth did not escape my vision. As I looked and looked, I ultimately confirmed that Helena was not there. I wasn’t ready to give up yet. Running out to my balcony, I leapt into the air. Immediately, I felt the familiar sensation of the Super Latex boots supporting my body. Propelling myself through the air, I flew at near-sonic speeds towards the site of Helena’s rampage. 

    Floating about twenty stories above the rubble of the hospital, I scanned the site with my super senses. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I was going to move on, but then I noticed something at the very edge of my enhanced vision. I flew down to get a closer look. It was a person-shaped area of space, but light passing through it was distorted very slightly. I concentrated on the area. If I focused at the microscopic level, the distortions appeared as tears. I suddenly realized: this was the place where Helena teleported from when she ended her rampage! Those tiny tears must be tears in the fabric of space itself, leftover from her teleporting to god-knows-where! And if she teleported from here, maybe I could follow her...

    I visualized myself passing through the tears to wherever Helena went. I felt the world around me getting fuzzier and fuzzier despite my super senses. There was a deafening sound like paper tearing, and then a new world came into focus.

What I saw was simply incredible. I was floating ten or so feet above a sea of black Super Latex that stretched out to infinity in every direction. Previously, I had been able to scan the entire Earth with my super senses. Here, I could see the Super Latex sea really did go on forever. The sky was lit with intense storms of acid-green energy. Colossal bolts of emerald energy periodically came down from the sky, accompanied by the sound of thunder. On the horizon I could see two Helenas, each as massive as a planet, locked in a passionate embrace. Each of their breasts as massive from my perspective as a full moon would have been back on Earth. Their every ponderous motion caused tsunami-sized waves of pure Super Latex to rise up into the air and ripple out in every direction. Rising out of the sea were glossy islands of Super Latex, which were filled with everything from skyscrapers to palaces to gardens, all made of Super Latex of various colors.

But that wasn’t even the most incredible thing. Everywhere I looked, I heard moans of pleasure. That’s when I realized it. Everything in this universe, from the endless sea of Super Latex to the titans making out on the horizon, was Helena, locked in bliss too powerful for me to even comprehend, even with all the Super Latex I had on. 

I wondered how I would be able to get her attention--or even communicate with her, for that matter. It was a distinct possibility that she was too far gone to even remember me.

My thoughts were interrupted by a viscous sloshing sound, and a column of the dark liquid beneath me began to flow up into the air. Then, it molded itself into a human shape. First, a set of long, smooth, shapely legs. Following them were a set of voluptuous hips, a waist tight enough that I could wrap my hands around it, and a set of breasts so massive that they were each bigger than my head. Two fit, toned arms and Helena’s familiar face emerged from the blob. She shook her head and thin strands of latex hair sprouted from her head. The black surface began to ripple, and then color began to emerge. At the end, her skin, her hair, and her familiar smile looked exactly like they used to. Looking down at her naked body, a flowing Super Latex robe emerged from her skin. I could almost forget that she was something completely beyond human now, except she was floating and her eyes were ablaze with emerald green power. 

She smiled and said, “Hiya Katie! Welcome to my pocket universe! You’ll have to forgive me. I’m in the middle of remodeling.

A burst of green lightning flashed in the distance, momentarily blinding me. “It looks... amazing, to be honest. I take it you control everything here, huh?”

She nodded. “Comes with the divinity! The Goddess was the same way. Every drop of water, every grain of sand, every molecule of air in her universe is an extension of her.

She sighed erotically. “You can’t imagine what it’s like to be everything. It feels so good, so fucking good!”

“Helena, you know why I’m here.”

She waved her hand dismissively. “Yeah, yeah. I know. Our minds are linked, remember? You want me to stop playing with the Earth. You want me to come home. Why should I care?

I paused. I had told myself that this mission was for Earth’s safety, the preservation of humanity. Of course, she was right on all counts--no need for any mind-reading to figure that out.

“Think about the pain you’re causing! Not everyone can withstand the kind of pleasure you can!”

She stared into the distance for a second. “Pain... I forgot about that. It’s been so long.

Then she smiled again and continued, “Katie, do you know what’s the craziest thing about being made of Super Latex? When those missiles exploded in my face, it felt good. In this form, literally everything is pleasure. I don’t think I can feel pain anymore!” 

“Helena. Try to remember. You can’t deny that you were human once. Maybe, if you remember what it’s like to be human, you’ll see why that matters.”

She giggled. “Who cares about humanity? Come on! Let’s just ignore those humans. They’re only going to live a hundred more years or so anyways. We’ve got an eternity of pleasure ahead of us. I’m a goddess unbound by time and you have those cute Super Latex bra and panties on!”

“Helena, I miss you. Dammit, you’re my best friend! But when you’re like this, you’re not the same Helena I fell in love with.”

I glanced down at the sea of Super Latex below me and an idea struck me. She said that we ‘shared minds.’ When I touched her skin in the hospital, I began seeing what she saw and feeling what she felt. What if...

What if she feels what I feel too? 

I jumped down into the sea of Super Latex. I didn’t have the divine power that Helena did. I didn’t have a body made of Super Latex like Helena. I wasn’t used to even the smallest fraction of the kind of pleasure Helena experienced constantly simply by existing. 

All I had was my determination.

My willpower. 

My last lucid thought before hitting the Super Latex was a prayer directed at any god who was listening.

Please let me have the love of my life back.


The viscous surface of the liquid gave way underneath me. The instant that the Super Latex touched my skin, waves of pleasure began to ripple through my body. The sea of Helena’s substance wrapped around my body as if it were hungry to touch me. As the Super Latex began to wrap around my skin, waves of pure sexual pleasure rippled through my body. I squirmed and shuddered, but every movement only caused me to sink deeper and deeper. I came instantly, then I came again. And again. I would have passed out in seconds if not for the rejuvenating effect of the Super Latex mask. I was having orgasms so quickly that there was no way to distinguish between one and another. Worse, every orgasm didn’t create the slightest bit of release. There was only this exponentially growing need that was filling every single part of my body. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t escape. I couldn’t even think. 

I was only dimly aware of Helena’s mind, but aware I was. I could feel my own body squirming within her infinitely large mass. I could feel her panicking. I could feel her touching me, and me touching her. She wanted me, bad. She turned herself intangible so that she could touch every single part of me, instead of just my skin. Every cell, every molecule, every atom of my body was surrounded instantly by liquid Super Latex. As we became entwined with each other physically, the mental link began to grow stronger. I could feel the infinite ocean growing turbulent as she absorbed my memories of childhood, high school, college, her. I felt her make a decision. In that moment, I knew she would never threaten humanity again.

But that mental link went both ways. As she felt more of me, I felt more of her. By this point, the sensation of divine pleasure had grown so intense that my very soul was being wiped away. She was infinite. I was finite. Despite my inhuman stamina, I felt my consciousness fading. When I woke up--if I woke up--I was sure I would never be Katie Carmichael again. 

A small price to pay...

But then, through the mass of dark latex, I saw a light. A purple light, so powerful that it pierced the sea. I felt myself rising suddenly. Helena tried to hold onto me, but the force was irresistible. I burst out of the surface of the sea, and we were separated again. 

Floating in the air, I instinctively gasped for breath. I felt the incomprehensible ecstasy fading. My mind returned to me. Once I got ahold of myself, I looked around. The sea was still. The storms had stopped. For the first time, I saw that the sky above the storm clouds was blue, just like Earth. 

I heard Helena’s voice say “Thank you, Katie.

It was over.

My mission was complete.




As I floated, I heard a whisper ringing through my mind. It was a voice similar to Helena’s but subtly different. It felt older and gentler. It whispered, “Marvelous.” 

“W-What?” I asked.

You have done what I could not. In her, I tried to merge the human and the divine. I should have known that the divine would be too overwhelming.” 

“Y-you’re The Goddess!” I stammered. I remembered the purple light that I saw through the Super Latex sea. “You saved me.”

I did. I could not let something as spectacular as you disappear. Your willpower was truly spectacular. You allowed her to conquer her divinity, to become the companion I always wished for. Together, you completed my project.

I grumbled, “Y’know, if you could have stopped all this chaos earlier, why the hell did you wait until the last minute?”

I was... ashamed. It is an unfamiliar thing for me to be.

“Ashamed?  Why?”

“In most respects, my power is absolute. I believed that I could guide her to control her newfound divinity. However, even the minor power she tapped into overwhelmed her beyond my ability to reach her.”

“Wait wait wait... are you saying that what Helena did was like child’s play?”


I sighed.  “I really shouldn’t be surprised by that, and yet.... So what do you want?”

I wish to offer you something more. She was the first to become my companion.” 

A vial identical to the one that Helena received appeared in my hand. I held it up to the blue sky and saw a tiny red drop of liquid Super Latex inside.

“You could be the second.

Goddesshood. Absolute power. Perfect immortality. Infinite bliss. All I had to do was drink from that vial, and it would all be mine. Even so, I could not bring myself to drink it.

The Goddess was silent for a couple moments. Then, she whispered, “I understand your apprehension. I offer you this not just for me, but for her. My failure was believing that one human alone could bear divinity. I now see that you can only bear the burden of eternity together.”

An eternity with Helena.

How could I refuse?


This concludes my series of letters. Hopefully now you understand what happened and why I made the choices I did. You can rest easy knowing that the global chaos caused by Helena won’t happen again. 

As for me? By the time you read this, I’ll be in a dimension far beyond your comprehension, making love to my eternal partner.


Katie Carmichael, Goddess








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