The Succubus Professor I: Class Lecture

Ah, September again. I was back for the first week of senior year classes at Oregon State University, now finally a senior and ready to coast my way to the end of my college career with some serious booze cruising and pussy pounding after 3 years of serious work. I had to take all of my core subject courses over the last 3 years so now I had space for some elective credits, and this semester was full of them- so far my classes have been cakewalks this week, and I only have one more to go before my first weekend back on campus.

It was a Friday night class, 6-9 PM. Definitely not an ideal time for the uh, “social” types like me, (guys with serious early onset senioritis), but this was the only time the class was offered and the rumor around the campus was that this was the easiest “A” that anyone had ever gotten, and a 100% student satisfaction rate on, so I figured why the hell not- fuck it. Most people here had the same idea, and figured it would be easier to suffer through the 3 hours once a week and start drinking at 9 over taking a harder class. Everyone who had taken it before, when I asked them, would tell you that they always had a good time and that you “had to see for yourself.” Most of the people who had finished the class were now reading medieval literature in their spare time, though when asked why they found the subject so engrossing, they didn’t have a good explanation.

Everything seemed to be perfectly normal, until I heard it- the sound of clacking high heels brought the whole lecture hall to dead silence. Since this was the professor’s only class, this was the only time and place where we would ever see what this infamous teacher with the elusive 100% satisfaction rate actually looked like in real life. My eyes were glued to the door as the mysterious woman finally opened the door next to the podium and revealed herself.

And after all the hype, the real person was a bit of a let-down, if I’m being honest. She was cute, sure, but nothing to write home about either. Attractive, but frankly rather plain looking. She was a pretty clean-cut, conservative, and neat looking girl; coffee brunette hair tied in a bun and a pair of librarian glasses, dressed in black pants, white dress shirt, and matching black blazer.

“Welcome to Medieval Literature 403 everyone, I’m Doctor Natasha Libidine but you can just call me Natasha if you’d like. I like to have a very *close* relationship with my students, and being on a first-name basis helps with accelerating the process of getting to know each other better, I’ve found. I hope it doesn’t look too much like it, but let’s just say I’ve been teaching for a long time, hahaha!” She joked.

She began to pass out the syllabus packets, that read as follows:

-- Course Content



  • Section I: History of Medieval Fantasy Authors
  • Section II: Common Tropes and Themes in Medieval Mythology
    1. Knights & Dragons: The Battle of Good and Evil
    2. Wizards and Witchcraft: The Supernatural World
    3. Sirens and Succubi: Going Deeper Into Mythical Creatures of the Medieval Era
  • Section III: Final Exam (50% Content of Section I, 50% Section II)
    • This exam will count as 50% of your grade for the class, the other 50% being from active participation with Dr. Libidine.
    • Exam consists of two sections: written and oral
  • Participation is mandatory. Missing 1 lecture is an automatic failure for the class.
  • Students must be available for an additional 30 minutes past the scheduled 6-9PM time in the case that Dr. Libidine requests it.


“Oh, and Adrian- could you be a dear and deliver this attendance sheet for me?” She said, turning her gaze to me and holding out a sheet of paper.

“Huh? Oh, yeah sure. Be right back.” I said, grabbing the paper and walking out the side door. The office I needed to go to was just on the other end of the building, so only a quick walk, but my mind started to wander as I meandered through the empty hallways and I curiously peeked at the paper. Everything seemed to be in order- all the names and faces were there as normal, with a little red check mark next to most of them.

Wait a minute- Did she even take attendance? How did she even know my name without looking at the paper?

The next few weeks of class seemed to fly by pretty quickly. Me and the other students were nervous at first about how the syllabus day went since her policies and class structure seemed a bit strict, but luckily the content was at least easy and interesting. I had a brief scare when she had us read her english translations of Latin texts, but her translations were amazingly readable and the works were surprisingly interesting. She had us read things like first-hand accounts of famous battles, exotic mythology, and personal anecdotes about supernatural encounters. Natasha added some new context and insights on the material frequently- it was clear that she was extremely passionate about the subject. Her knowledge on this area of information was so in-depth that it seemed like she could have been there herself. It was easy to see why she was such a popular teacher, her teaching skills are excellent!

Then it was onto the second segment of the class, on wizards and witchcraft. At this point in the semester, it was getting close to the deadline for dropping classes. Not a single person dropped the class… at least voluntarily. There were 3 people missing from the original roster, who missed class on the 3rd week because of a soccer game, but they apparently didn’t realize that school sports teams’ games and practices did not count as valid excuses in Natasha’s class. Not only did they stop showing up to class, but it seemed like nobody had seen them in months and they simply vanished off the face of the Earth. I’m sure they’re probably fine, probably took a semester abroad or transferred schools or something… at the same time. Either way, I definitely resolved not to miss any of Dr. Libidine’s classes, no matter how tempting an evening of drinking and partying sounded- I can’t risk flunking out of a class senior year or I’ll never graduate on time.

Even stranger than that was what happened the week after they disappeared- there was something… different… about her. Her whole look, personality, and even her body all began to change. Her voice had changed from this like, pretty normal sounding chick, nice high-pitched cheery voice, fitting of a 34 year old professor, into this super seductive one that sounded like it was straight out of a porno. Her voice became deeper, slower, and more sensual, emphasizing and milking all of her not-so-subtle innuendos with a very strong inflection. She was always a light-hearted and nice person, but usually had a calm and professional tone; this new version of her was straight out of a cartoon, I swear to god! I could see it in her eyes, she had this wild and crazy look but she had to restrain herself and stay professional.

As if it wasn’t weird enough already, this week we moved on to the final section of the class, and then shit *really* started to get strange…

Natasha would start to wear more and more outlandish slutty outfits to class as the semester went on. She started at a professional business-casual sort of look and progressively got more and more degenerate in her clothing as time passed. But the kicker of the whole thing was- nobody cared! Not a single god damn person but me in the entire 50-person lecture hall even gave it a glance or a second thought, and they just went on as if nothing was out of the ordinary at all. Even the dean came by for an observation class, and the fact that she was wearing nothing but her black lace stockings didn’t even phase him one bit.

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, the class really took a big turn on one fateful day- the beginning of the “dark arts” section.

“These are called ‘runes’, darlings.” Natasha said, pulling down the screen for the auditorium projector. “Magically empowered symbols used by mages of all sorts, particularly in my favorite subgenre of magic- the dark arts!” The slideshow turned on to reveal a strange symbol in the center that seemed to be glowing red. “Study these runes carefully sweeties! These will be on the test!”




As the symbol stood there motionless on the screen, pulsating red with whatever weird powerpoint effect she was using, I could feel something strange happen to me… Images of Natasha started to flash in my mind.

I had this vision- me and Natasha alone together in this bright room; I can’t remember every detail, but I remember it looked like some sort of private office, since she was sitting at a desk… I walked in the door, and she stood up, then started to motion her finger to beckon me to come closer. She was whispering, “Adrian… Come for me Adrian…” in her seductive voice but it echoed inside my mind like a loudspeaker was next to my ear. God, I didn’t even think she was that attractive, but for some reason she felt like a walking sex goddess in my mind, I couldn’t even think about her without feeling really fucking turned on. She had never looked so fucking sexy in all the time I had known her- a few hours ago I wouldn’t have even cared if she left, but now I wanted nothing else in the world but to fuck this woman’s brains out.

I started to walk closer to the desk, what was really 10 feet but felt like an endless hallway to get to her, she just kept repeating it… “Come for me Adrian…” As I got closer and closer to her, she was looking straight at me, and began to strip her shirt off for me, slowly unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on her dress shirt to show me her glorious cleavage. Right as I was about to reach out to touch her supple-looking breasts for myself, she grabbed my chin that was heading straight for the center of her chest, pulled it upwards, and gave a long 5-second kiss on my lips before silently staring me in the eyes and then leaning down to whisper in my ear…

“Cum for me, Adrian.”

My eyes popped wide open and I came back to reality, realizing I had been daydreaming this whole time.

“What the fuck was that?” I wondered, frantically looking around to get my bearings again.

I looked around the room and everyone else was simply just blankly staring at the runes on the projector screen like braindead zombies. I looked down and saw that my dream had apparently come true. I had a big cum stain on the crotch fabric of my jeans, which I quickly hid under the desk.

“What the hell is going on?” I thought to myself. I looked over at Natasha and she stared back at me, catching my gaze for a quick second before she gave me a wink and looked away, and instantly I felt myself shudder in my chair as another spurt of cum came out of me.

“And that’s all the time we have for today’s class everyone!” Natasha said, averting her gaze from me and turning off the powerpoint. Almost instantly, the rest of the class all “snapped back” to reality and just proceeded to pack up their things like nothing happened.

I waited for everyone to leave and purposely took my time so I could avoid having everyone seeing my pants, and just as I stood up to walk out of the lecture hall, I heard her voice again.

“So Adrian, did you enjoy class today? It certainly looks like you had a good time.” She said, her eyes motioning to my crotch.

“UHHHH… I uhhhhhh spilled some water on it!” Was all I could blurt out, reaching for the water bottle on my desk to prove my statement.

“Heh… Alright Adrian.” She said unconvincingly. “Have a nice weekend- if you need to see me, I’ll be in my office next Friday before class starts, Kreiger Hall, room 169.”

“H-Haha, alright, see ya later.” I said, thanking god she didn’t press me about it more.

The next week was one of the hardest of my entire life- literally. As soon as I got home that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I jerked off to her like I had just found porn for the first time again. I was a machine, just pumping out load after load for her, every time I thought about her I started getting insanely horny, to a point where I was close to ripping my cock off because my refractory period couldn’t keep up with my insatiable dick. I usually only jerk off once or twice a day, if at all, but every day this week I was hitting numbers like 8, 9, 10 times, and it only got more excessive the closer it came to that day when I would have my next chance to see her. I needed to see her body in real life again, just stare at her up close- see her perfect eyes stare back into mine, undress that delicious body with my eyes, let my mind wander to wherever it wanted to take me. Maybe something like my vision last time will happen again...


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