The Succubus Professor II: Office Hours

Alright, Friday. It was finally time to visit Natasha in her office. Natasha’s office was in the tastefully modern Kreiger building. The offices here were said to be the best in the entire campus, a perfect match for a 100% satisfaction teacher. As I came to the door labeled “Natasha Libidine - History Department,” I started hearing something strange. Was that… moaning?

“AAAAAAHHHhhhh~~! OH GOD YES, MORE!” the muffled sounds came through the doorway.

I thought, Oh god, did I just walk in on her watching porn? Nobody in real life actually sounds like that- it must be.

LIstening more closely, I heard the sound of two women, and they were… arguing about something? I could kinda make out Natasha’s voice, but who was the second person? Was that… Ashley?

Oh man, should I go in and help? It sounds like she’s in trouble! What if- What if Natasha is being hurt? I have to go and help her. Grrr…. Alright, here goes nothing-

I slowly opened the door and looked inside.

There it was- the room from my vision. I had never seen this room or even knew this hallway existed until tonight, and that vivid mental image from the last class fit it perfectly- I started having deja vu from a place I’d never even been to before. And indeed, there was Natasha and Ashley- but not the way I expected to see them.

Right in front of me, I watched as Natasha reached across her desk, grabbed Ashley by the collar, and yanked her closer. Natasha began to wrap her arms around her and began intimately kissing her, with a number of confused, scared, and yet aroused moans coming from Ashley. At first she was taken off guard, but quickly settled back down as her moans turned into sensual ones, enjoying the flavor of Natasha’s succulent wet lips against hers, and the feeling of her firm but gentle hands running through her hair.

The two were tangled up in each other’s arms and hair as they continued, until a spark of red light flashed inside Natasha’s right eye, springing wide open as if something inside her had awoken.

While this was all happening, Ashley’s shut eyes were blissfully closed but her moans began to change from horny to horrified as she started to feel something strange.

Both Natasha’s and Ashley’s bodies began to glow with a strange red aura as Ashley opened her eyes to see a pair of bright yellow eyeballs and black reptile-like pupils staring back at her, with an evil grin on her face filled with a mixture of raw lust and insatiable hunger.

Ashley’s body began to wobble and shake a bit, slowly growing smaller and thinner. Her ass and tits began to sag downwards and shrink, as if she was going through puberty in reverse, until she was completely flat. In a matter of seconds she went from a beautiful healthy college athlete into what could only be described as a decrepit old hag, gray and malnourished; her face and even her hair began to change as well, turning into a husk of its former self. It looked like she had just aged 100 years in just 30 seconds- she was a hollow shell of a human, really closer to a zombie at this point, with pathetically weak muscles and a hideously grotesque face and body while Natasha was literally sucking the life out of her through her lips.

Meanwhile, Natasha only grew bigger. Her modest professional attire began to rip and tear apart as Natasha’s body started to grow outwards- fuller, thicker, juicier, curvier; her tits amplifying about 5 cup sizes until they were closer to the size of watermelons than Cantaloupes. Out of the backside of her tattered black dress pants, a spade-tipped tail, shiny and smooth as if it were made out of rubbery latex, matching Natasha’s current mood by aptly forming a heart-shape with itself as they continued to make out. Natasha kept sucking and sucking until her tits grew another 2 cup sizes and her ass looked like it was starting to pour out of her desk chair, while her face began to noticeably shapeshift to make her bone structure more traditionally beautiful than it already was, and her body height proportionally grew upwards and outwards until she was at least 6 feet tall.

Suddenly, blotches of a deep red hue began to spread across her skin like some sort of corrupting disease until she was completely covered head-to-toe, and a set of thick black horns that looked like they belonged to a ram sprouted out of her head just above her ears.

Ashley’s body, her beauty, her strength, and even her intelligence, were no longer hers. They belonged to Natasha now.

And then, this husk of a woman that used to be Ashley was groaning like a zombie, unable to even form a sentence, looked up into Natasha’s devilishly smug expression.

Natasha whispered, “Mmmm~ Your soul was delicious, Ashley.” Natasha simply blew a bit of air from her pursed lips, breaking apart Ashley’s body into tiny little pieces a pile of ashy dust that now laid on the floor of her office.

“NATASHA?!” I yelled, getting her attention.

“Oh yes, Adrian! I almost forgot you were watching! Did you enjoy the show? That’s what happens to bad students, young man, so don’t miss any of my classes! Ohohohoho~” She said, in an unnaturally happy and carefree mood, repositioning herself to sit on the front of her desk, crossing her thick cherry-red legs in front of her.

“What the fuck was that?!” I pleaded, hoping for some kind of logic to whatever I just saw.

“Ashley just made quite a grave mistake, she came here to tell me that she wouldn’t be able to attend next week’s class. I really don’t like it when people miss my classes. I think it’s inconsiderate! It took me centuries-- er, uh, decades, to gather all this knowledge, and girls like Ashley have the audacity to tell me they’re too busy?”

“What happened to her? What did you do to Ashley?!?”

“You saw it yourself. She’s mine now.”

“Mine? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Her youth. Her body. Her intelligence. Her skills. Her beauty. Her essence. I drank them all up like water in the desert! Oh Adrian, it’s the most incredible feeling, you really must try it sometime. I think you’d really like it! She was pretty smart too- All these years and I never had any chemistry majors, so I never understood any of it, but now I’m basically at graduate level! Isn’t learning so wonderful?”


“Shhh…” Natasha said, floating over to me and putting her finger on my lips. “Don’t worry darling. This only happens to my bad students, not my good little eggs like you! You’re my best student, Adrian. I really appreciate a man with intelligence and loyalty like you. That’s why I let you see all of this in the first place.”

“What do you mean? LET me see it?”

“I planned this out perfectly so that you would walk in on me doing this. That’s why I gave you that vision and told you to come to my office.”

“So that’s where the vision was from!”

“Oh yes darling, there’s much more to me than you may think. I can read that dirty little mind of yours like a smutty romance novel Adrian~ I know that you wanted to come to my office hours as an excuse to oggle my body. Every time this week you masturbated to me, and thought of my body while you dedicated your seed to me… I could taste it from here too, it was fucking *delightful*. I could see it happening in real time- your fantasies of fucking me right here on this table... I’m impressed with you darling, 11 times in a day, just for me! You flatter me~”

“You read my mind?! What are you talking about?

She smirked. “Don’t worry, I think it’s cute.”

“How did you even do that anyway?!?!”

“Well darling, clearly I’m not normal- after what you’ve seen, is mind-reading that strange to you?”

“I… I guess not.”

“And because I’m *not normal* I need you to keep a secret for me… I know I can trust you Adrian- especially because now you’ve seen what I can do, and I suspect you won’t tell anyone…” She stared into me with her piercing yellow eyes. After a moment, she squealed, “Oh! You really weren’t going to tell anyone! Well, very nice Adrian! That’s the kind of thing I like to see from my best student!”

“How did you-- oh, right.”

“I have many more secrets to share with you Adrian…” She smiled. “I just need someone I can trust, someone a bit more… Intimate… with me…”

“W-Well, I can do that!” I instantly changed my tone of voice, trying to take what I thought was my chance to fuck her.

She licked her lips and continued, “I know you’re more than eager to mate with me. And I feel the same way. But it can’t happen just yet. You’ll just have to prove yourself to me first before I share anything more with you. You know, your final exam is coming up in a few weeks!”

“You’re gonna judge whether or not you want to fuck me based on my test score?” I asked bluntly.

“Ohohoho~ Something like that… Don’t worry darling, you’ll see. Control yourself for another 3 weeks, and I’ll reveal *everything* to you. Not just my personal life either, if we understand each other~”

“Hmm… Alright…”

“Don’t be such a downer Adrian!” She teased. “I’ll give you a parting gift to hold you over until then. The first part of your gift is that I’ll tell you a secret about myself. This is a bit embarrassing for me as a succubus, but I can’t help it, but I love a nice clean-cut gentleman who brings flowers and chocolates… Not only is it cute, it makes it so much more satisfying to corrupt them too~”

“Flowers and chocolates, huh?” I thought to myself.

“And here’s the second part of my gift.” She said, her tail curling around my neck and pulling me in for a deep kiss, just like in my vision last week. “Enjoy it~”

“Oh don’t worry, I enjoyed it.” I replied.

“Heh… Not that. You’ll see.” She knowingly smiled.


With a snap of her slender red fingers, I immediately found myself outside the auditorium for Natasha’s regularly scheduled class.

“Okay… So she can teleport people… Good to know.” I thought, walking into the lecture hall.

When I went in and sat down, I looked up at the clock- 6 PM on the dot, and Natasha walked in through the door once more, no longer in her succubus form, but the same way she was last week, as if the last hour never even happened.

As soon as I got home from class that night, it happened. I had a second vision.

When I walked into my dorm room and shut the door, the vision flashed into my mind- Natasha was there with me inside my room, back in her succubus form, her long thick juicy red body laying down on my bed in a pose that suggested I paint her like a French girl, waiting for me to come home to her.

“Welcome home darling~” She said, averting her attention over to me.

“Hi Natasha.” I responded instinctually and involuntarily- part of the vision sequence I guess.

“Well cutie, what are you waiting for? I’ve been laying here for hours waiting for my darling to come home, won’t you make love to me now?~”

I could feel my body begin to hover off the ground as she made the same beckoning motion with her finger, as if commanding my body to float to her, and I slowly hovered my way over to my bed a few feet away. As if by magic, my clothes started to strip themselves from my body like they were being torn away by someone I couldn’t see, until I was entirely naked by the time I made it to the bed.

“There we go. You look so much better this way~” She said, her sultry voice simply oozing lust and desire.

My body floated upwards and then gently down on top of the bed, positioning myself right on top of her- there she was in all her glory. Her head laid down flat on the bed with her hair spread out on the sheets, her eyes staring right through mine and into my soul, as she bit her lip and smiled while she read my darkest fantasies of what I wanted to do to that incredible body of hers.

“Oh Adrian, you little devil~” She said, as her eyes darted back and forth like she was reading a book. “Tell you what sweetie, we can get to all of that in a little bit, but I really need you right now… I’ve been craving your seed for days, and I can’t take it anymore, please Adrian, won’t you cum for me? I’m so thirsty…”

And just like that, I felt all the excess blood in my body start rushing to my cock like a biblical flood, giving me one of the hardest erections I’ve ever had, as I stared this literal semen demon in the face.

“Of course.” I said.

“I want to drink up every last drop of it Adrian… I’ve tasted it and I need more… I’m addicted and I don’t want to stop! Please, let me drink it?”

She leaned forwards and tenderly kissed the tip of my penis with her soft black lips, and sent a jolt of raw pleasure up my spine, causing my whole body to shudder and tilt my head and body back as I started to uncontrollably spray cum right into her open waiting mouth, knowing full well exactly what was going to happen.

“MMmmmmmm~” She said, swallowing it all down and licking her lips clean. “Very good darling. That was so good, you deserve a little gift. Very soon, there will be a lot more where that came from~”

And just like that, I snapped back to reality. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I had blacked out- I don’t remember anything after that. I opened my eyes, and found myself exactly where I was in the vision, laying on my bed in the same pose. I looked down at my pants and yet again, there was another big cum stain, along with the unmistakable feeling of post-orgasm afterglow.

But this time, I felt different. I was somehow even hornier than I was after the first time, and I didn’t think that was even possible. That dream was beyond “vivid”- it was basically the real thing. Every time I thought about it, it felt basically identical to what the real thing did. I felt fucking incredible when I jerked off now, and there were zero diminishing returns on it too- my refractory period was basically non-existent and I could just keep on going for hours on end without stopping. I swear my dick has never felt so sensitive in my life; it feels like I can feel every little sensation in such vivid detail. This must have been the “gift” she was talking about last time… I just hope I can manage to stop myself for long enough to get to my classes, because my sex drive is fucking nuts right now.

The next 3 weeks were the longest of my life, waiting until the moment I could finally pass Natasha’s test. I was jerking off at least 20 times a day now, and it was only getting harder as it got closer. The vision was replaying in my mind like a 24/7 loop but somehow it was just as incredible every time as it was the first time. How the fuck does she do it?



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