The Succubus Professor III: Final Exam

When the final exam finally came, I came prepared. I bought a box of chocolates from an exotic company in Italy. I got a classy navy suit tailored for me, a new haircut, and a nightshade bouquet.

If I didn’t already know the truth about Natasha, the final exam would have baffled me. The final class session took the form of 1-on-1 appointments in her office. About 25 students crammed into the hallway outside her office, waiting for her to call them in. Some of these appointments were done in about 10 minutes, after which the student would stumble out in a daze. On occasion, it could be fifteen or twenty minutes until Natasha called the next person in. On those occasions, the student never made it out of her office. After each appointment, Natasha would crack the door open to announce that it was the next person’s turn.

The students around me seemed to notice none of these irregularities. They waited eagerly for their appointment, chattering about Natasha’s class and the standard gossip of college life. I waited eagerly for my name to be called, but as the hours went on I started to wonder if she had forgotten about me. One by one, every other student in the were called in for their appointments. Finally, I was the only one left.

Her office door opened. Natasha’s voice called out, “Aaaadrian…” Immediately, chills went up my spine. My cock became hard so quickly that I got lightheaded. When I walked inside to see the familiar office space, there was Natasha, back in her “professor” form, sitting behind her desk and holding up a clipboard with a stack of paperwork, jotting some notes down.

“Adrian, welcome. Ahh! I see you remembered what I told you!” She smiled, her eyes moving over towards the flowers and chocolates in my hand. “And you look so cute! You got a haircut and new clothes and everything~ You really do have a crush on me, don’t you?”

“H-Heh… Yeah, you could say that.”

“Oh stop it, you’re going to make me all red again.”

“What kind of red?” I asked.

“Ah, a good sense of humor too!” She smiled. “So, are you ready to get started on your exam?”

“I really don’t know what to expect,” I admitted. “At least a dozen people never walked back out of this office. What happened to them?”

“I think you already know darling~” A devious grin wiped across her face.

“You drained them too?!”

“They were deliiiiiciousssssss~”

I should have felt angry about my classmates, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to feel upset. All that mattered to me was the pleasure that she radiated, even in her least sexy form. “Did they deserve it?” I asked.

“They failed my exam, Adrian. They needed to be punished.”

“It must be one hard fucking exam, then.”

“You caught me red handed darling!”


“You’re absolutely right Adrian, it’s finally time for your hard fucking exam.” She said, her pointed teeth showing as a wide toothy smile appeared.

“Oh my god. Your final exam is a test to see who can fuck you the best?”

“Well darling, to be fair, it’s all in the syllabus. What did you think I meant when I said that the exam was 50% oral? When the student comes in, I get up from my chair like so…” She said, pulling herself up and taking a seat on her desk.

“And then I prepare myself…” Snapping her fingers, a flash of bright orange-red flames burst into existence all over her body, quickly incinerating all of her clothes into ash in the course of a half-second.

“And then I have them begin their oral exam- whoever can bring me to orgasm, passes. And whoever doesn’t… Well, they’re clearly a bad student and deserve to be punished, don’t you agree? My lessons were specifically designed for this. The whole section on runes should have prepared them.”

“I don’t understand-”

“Remember when you saw everyone, looking at the projector screen, their eyes glued to the runes on the display? They were having visions just like you Adrian- I gave them each a vividly realistic vision customized to their own body and personality, a step-by-step instructional on how to make me cum. The ones with strong tongues and aggressive personalities- I gave them a visual tour of the inside of my body to show exactly where all my most sensitive spots are. The ones with soft hands, I gave them a vision of rubbing my nipples and putting their fingers through my hair.”

“So what was mine about then? When we kissed?”

“That should be obvious darling~” She said. “You have wonderful delicious lips, I could just eat them right up!”

“So this is a game of life and death now.” I said, thinking out loud.

“The choice is yours, Adrian. Either you can make me a proud teacher, apply what you’ve learned and give me your seed, or you can refuse me and give me your soul. It all depends on your performance. Either way, you’ll be surrendering something to me in the next 30 minutes. Why don’t you come find out which one I’m gonna take, hotshot?”

Before I could even respond, her hand reached out and grabbed the top of my head, pulling me closer and down to my knees. Now both hands dug into my hair as she pulled my head closer, deeper into her pussy. It was really life or death now- I had to get my shit together, or I would end up like Ashley in a few minutes. I pushed my tongue as long and as far as it could humanly go, and then some- it felt like some kind of magic at work, because my tongue was going outwards an extra 6 inches longer than usual and felt like it was somehow stronger, allowing me to reach the back end of her, and stroke her hyper-sensitive G-spot with my tongue.

“MMMMMMmmmmmm~” She started to moan. “I can feel it starting…”

I continued, tonguing this woman for dear life, until her hands started to give my head some slack. She pulled my head out of her, just barely, lifting my head to look at her own. We locked eyes for a brief moment, and her normal ones were no longer there, but the yellow eyes from her succubus form. In that split second we made eye contact, it was like a jolt directly to my brain; I felt a barrage of mental images flash into my mind, giving me an in-depth knowledge of the inside of her pussy. I knew it better than the back of my own hand. Every sensitive spot, every perfectly-sculpted inch of her flesh.

“You know what to do.” She said, thrusting my head back down.

My first priority became hitting her most sensitive spots as hard and as fast as I could. My tongue started darting back and forth. Every time I would hit a new sensitive spot, she would let out a short little moan and start panting harder… and harder… and harder…

“UUUuuhuuuuunffff~” She groaned, starting to tilt her head backwards. “Adrian… It’s time…”

She pulled my head out once more and lifted me up by the chin, pulling me directly to her face as she started to passionately kiss me, her tongue beginning to move with the same intensity that mine was a few seconds ago. As if by second nature, while I was making out with her, my right hand plunged deep into her now-soaking wet pussy, shoving 3 fingers as far in as they would go- I heard her gasp for a second as they went in, and started to finger all her sweet spots with the perfect rhythm.

“Ohhh~ Oh Adrian... I’m so close… I… I… AAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhh!!~~”

As I could feel the cum start to pour out of her and onto my fingers, her body began to shapeshift again, growing larger, redder, and thicker by the second. Her eyes were flaring red with energy as her black spade tail and ram horns violently broke out of her skin like a prison, as if it were awoken by her ungodly pleasure. Her body was close to 7 feet tall at this point, with FFF-sized beach ball tits, a tummy as thin as an olympic swimmer, but hips as wide as a doorway. Clearly she had drained a few more students since the last time I saw her.

“MMMmmmmmm!!~ Oh Adrian, I feel amazing… I knew my best student wouldn’t let me down.”

“I passed, right?”

Natasha smirked and replied, "Well, Adrian. You might think of me as just the sexiest damn succubus you've ever seen, but I'm also a tenure-track professor, and don't you think you'll get out of my class without learning something! Oral only makes up 50% of the exam. Didn’t you read the syllabus?"

"Ok, so am I going to have to take a test after this? I mean- that fucking was so good I can barely think..."

She smiled and continued, "No, while you were busy down there, I read all the dirty little thoughts written in your mind. All that intelligence I sapped from your classmates makes me hell of a multitasker. You’re such an overachiever. You practically memorized all the material I gave you for class, and then some. You know so much about demons now, I almost think you want to be one!”

Natasha waved her hand and her clipboard floated up from the ground towards her. She did a gesture and the form filled itself out, with a big red A+ at the top of the paper. She snapped her fingers and the page tore itself from the clipboard and neatly filed itself in a nearby cabinet.

She remarked, “It’s so lovely not having to grade your papers. It’s the only bad part of being a professor!”

I felt relieved that I was going to live, but my heart sank a little bit that the final exam was coming to a close. I commented, “I’m still a bit confused about this whole thing. Like, why are you even pretending to be a professor in the first place?”

“Let me tell you a story. A long, long time ago, I was just an ordinary succubus. I prowled the seedy underbelly of Rome and Athens, sucking souls from everyone I came across.”

As she spoke, her long, latex-like tail coiled and uncoiled like it had a life of its own. It extended a couple times its normal size to wrap around my leg. Just the touch of her tail made me shudder with excitement. My energy was quickly returning to me. In minutes, I’d be ready for another session.

Natasha continued, “As you know, we succubi get power from stealing souls and from cum tributes. I was so good at seduction, I almost caused the fall of Rome a thousand years early! After a thousand years of cum tributes, I became so strong that I could do just about anything.”

Her tail extended further and further, as if there were no limit to how long she could make it. It coiled around my legs, my torso, my arms. I struggled weakly against it, but her grip was like iron.

“But the world changed around me. Humans slew the great myths of the world. The dragons, the mermaids, the demons. Soon I was the only mythical being left in the world. Since then, I’ve been translating and sharing the myths and legends with everyone willing to learn. Of course, a girl’s gotta eat, and just because I happen to eat cum and souls doesn’t make me an exception.”

Her tail playfully went up my shirt, unbuttoning each button one by one. It then descended to my belt, undoing it with inhuman dexterity. With a fluid motion, her coils pulled my pants and underwear off. Grinning playfully, she lifted herself from her chair and gave me a kiss while she used her hands to pull off my suit jacket and shirt. Then, she pounced forwards at me, tackling my naked body to the floor and looked down at me with those terrifyingly sexy eyes.

“Y’know, with all the time I saved on the grading, I think that we have more than enough time for another fuckfest. Since you’re my best student, I’ll give you a choice: do you want to put your cock between my tits, in my mouth, or in my vagina?”

So aroused I could barely think, I stuttered, “M-mouth! No, tits. Shit, I can’t decide!”

She smiled a toothy grin and dissolved into a cloud of black smoke, which expanded to fill the entire room, reforming into three identical Natashas.

“What about all three?” The clones said in unison.

She closed her eyes, and the walls of the office dissolved to reveal a romantic bedroom, complete with candles and a moon peeking from the windows. The floor that we were lying on warped and shifted as well, and when I looked up I realized that I was now lying on a king-sized bed.

“Here sweetie, take a seat.” The first clone said, gently pushing me backwards, making me fall back onto the bed.

“So…” The second clone began. “Which one of us do you want first?” The third clone interjected.

“They must share a mind or something, if they can finish each other’s sentences like that…” I thought to myself.

“Very good, Adrian!~” The 2nd clone said, congratulating my correct thought. “We may be in different bodies…” The 1st clone started. “But we’re all the same Natasha!” They all said in unison.

“Three times the fun…” The 3rd clone said. “And three times the pleasure~” The 2nd finished.

“S-So, uh, which one of you is the one who’s into blowjobs?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“That would be me~” The 2nd clone said, getting down on her knees in front of me at the edge of the bed.

She looked down at my cock, now slightly flaccid after blowing my last load, and in a sarcastically-pouty voice, she said, “Awwwh, come on now, I was just about to get to the good part~”

And just like that, I could feel the blood rush straight back to my cock again, as if she had spoken to it directly and convinced it to get hard again. And what a cock it was! As it was growing upwards to its full erection, it kept going and going, getting bigger and bigger by the second! Her magic started to boost my cock to porn star levels, until it was at least 9 or 10 inches tall!

Clone 2 wrapped her moist lips around the tip of my diamond-hard cock and started to slowly make her way down, making sure that I appreciated every individual inch that was disappearing inside her mouth until her lips had reached the bottom of my ballsack, fitting everything inside her mouth like some kind of black hole. She even toyed around with my balls, juggling them with her tongue while they were inside her, ever so gently, before moving back upwards, this time using less of her lips and more of her tongue. I had never seen anything like it before- her tongue was like a huge piece of slimy pink taffy that seemed to never end, wrapping and coiling around my shaft like candy cane stripes. And the sensation of her tongue on my cock- oh fuck! I tried everything to hold it in. I tried holding my breath, thinking of calculus, and closing my eyes, but it only took a couple seconds for me to cum into her waiting mouth. Then again. Then again. The next five minutes was like one continuous orgasm, and Natasha drank it all up greedily.

I slumped against the backboard of the king-sized bed, feeling exhausted. However, Natasha wasn’t done with me yet. Not by a long shot!

“MMMmmmm!~!” She said, flushed with a big satisfied smile on her face.

“Hey come on, it’s our turn!” The other two clones said in unison.

“Come on now, can’t we share him? There’s enough of us to go around.” The 2nd clone replied.

“Sure, darling~” The 1st Natasha said. “Let’s all give our favorite student a good reward for his performance.”

She kissed me, and the moments her soft lips touched mine I could feel my energy returning to me. My body felt ready for a whole new fuckfest, and by the eager expressions on each Natasha’s face, so were they. The 2nd clone returned to deep-throating my cock, while the other girls started to approach me as well.

“How the hell is this gonna work?” I thought to myself.

“Don’t worry darling.” The 3rd clone said. “We have our ways~”

The 3rd Natasha sat down next to me on the edge of the bed, then wrapped one arm around my neck and pulling me closer towards her, as she began to start kissing me passionately, her tits pressing up against my chest. Just the touch of her hand made me shiver with pleasure, as if the warmth of her body was pleasure itself. Then her free hand began to “crawl” down my body, imitating a spider’s legs as it made its way over to my crotch, getting more and more poignantly sensitive with each little touch.

And then, things somehow got even weirder.

My confusion as to how I could be pleasured by 3 women simultaneously when the laws of physics still apply was quickly answered, when I found out the hard way that the laws of physics do not, in fact, apply to Natasha.

Her left hand didn’t touch the other clone’s body at all- it went *through* it.

Manipulating tangibility with her reality bending magic, she reached through the ongoing blowjob to simultaneously start rubbing my cock between her long red slender fingers, selectively choosing to ignore the clone’s physical body while choosing to interact only with mine.

And here’s the best part- I could feel both of them individually at the same time!

“Does that answer your question dear?” The original Natasha said, now approaching me in my lust-filled stupor, so overcome by the sensations of the other two giving my cock the ride of its life.

“N-Not… *pant*... really… *pant*... but that’s okay…” I managed to get out, my body now entirely flushed red and warm in the midst of an afterglow.

“Good.” She smiled, taking one finger and gently pushing the center of my chest forwards, making me fall backwards onto the bed, with the 2nd clone still in place on the edge sucking my cock, and the 3rd clone massaging and kissing me while still stimulating my cock with her superhumanly dexterous fingers.

“Now it’s my turn~” The original Natasha said with a devilish grin, climbing on top of me and spreading her monstrous thighs apart, before lowering down her soaking wet pussy through her own clone’s body and onto the throbbing dick that awaited it like a long lost friend coming home.

FUUUUUUUUCK…. I thought this was insane enough already, but holy god does her vagina feel incredible. The inner walls were bending and molding themselves like rubber around my cock like she and I were made for each other, constantly moving and shifting around as the slippery insides massage the tip.

Then I make perhaps my biggest mistake of the night: breathing.

I took a deep breath, right as Natasha’s thick cloud of succubus pheromones started to fog up the room.

You thought her magical lust aura was bad?

It felt like a switch in my brain had flipped on. I was bombarded with mental images of Natasha- hundreds of different visions just like the first 2 from earlier all started to play in my mind over and over again. Images from my last few years at college flashed into my mind- pictures of me with my new friends, my new dorm room, me at my first house party, and there was Natasha in the very back of my mind- as if she had always been my dream girl despite never meeting her until now. It was like I developed a school-girl crush on her in seconds; fantasies of us together spending eternity together, just me and Natasha, my dream girl…

I… I’m in love with Natasha.

I never even paid much attention to succubi before, or any sort of demoness chicks- I was more of a “Lesbian Scissoring and Snowballing” type, but FUCK, I felt like I was awakened as a whole new person- the sweet and satisfying moment of unlocking a fetish you never knew you had before. Not only did I obtain a new fetish- Natasha REPLACED the old one with it! My first experience seeing my first lesbian porno was completely erased from my memory, so instead of me finding that film when I clicked the sketchy link I recieved from a pop-up, was a comic about a succubus woman trying to cope with her new powers and live a normal life, but she transformed into her succubus form every time she came. The chain of events in my journey into the porn world was different this time, leading me to jump from “succubus girls” into all types of magic women, whether it was sorceresses, sirens, or superheroes. And then it ascended even past that, taking it up to the next and final level- omnipotent goddesses. And then it all came full circle when I discovered the absolute pinnacle of pornographic perfection- magical super-succubi.

As you might be able to imagine, I have never been happier right now than ever before. Not only am I fucking my elusive dream girl personified, but she’s the walking embodiment of my newly-aquired fetish, not to mention that there’s 3 of them all individually fucking me simultaneously!

Pure ecstasy was an understatement at this point, my mind had been turned into a completely different beast now- I was both in love, and in lust, for Natasha. Even better, it seemed like Natasha felt the same. The sensation of her squeezing, slurping, and fucking me told me that she craved me as much as I craved her.

I gasped, “I’m so close, fuck fuck fuck… Aaaaahhh~~, Aaaah~”

Hearing me moan out loud, the 3rd clone laying down next to me momentarily stopped kissing me, looked me right in the eyes, almost hypnotizing me with her seductive gaze, before leaning down next to my ear, and whispering:

“Please Adrian, won’t you cum for me? I’m so thirsty~”


It was as if the floodgates had opened. I began to involuntarily tilt my head back and shudder as a torrent of cum released from my body, but this was far beyond any other orgasm I could have even imagined. I could feel it as time nearly grinded to a complete halt, and everything around me, time itself, began to move in slow motion. I could feel every tiny individual detail of my orgasm at a tiny fraction of the speed, the cum sloshing around inside me and making its way up through my urethra, Natasha smiling as she watched, the clenching muscles of my cock and hips as they began to buck, while the uncontrollable force of my orgasm propelled my body upwards a few inches and sprayed a fresh batch of my semen inside both her pussy, and into the mouth of clone #2, right before returning to normal speed.

“Oh darling it’s WONDERFUL!” Natasha yelled, soaking up every last drop of the sensation, this incredible high feeling that only a super-succubus like Natasha can achieve from feeding, with her magically heightened senses and sensitivity.

“Fuck…” Was the only word I could muster, physically drained and exhausted from what was by far the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

“Ohohoho~ I’ll take that as a compliment darling!” She laughed, forming herself back into one body. “Wasn’t it simply wonderful?”

“Yeah…” I panted.

“So Adrian, now that you know what a succubus orgasm feels like, there’s only one question I can ask you now…

What would you give to have it again?”

“God, I’d do anything!” I started to yell almost uncontrollably as a kneejerk reaction- I couldn’t deny it, it was absolutely mind-blowing, even compared to my orgasms of the last few weeks. I’ve never felt so amazing in my life- regular sex doesn’t even compare anymore.

“Anything, you say?~” A smile that could only be described as “hyper-smug” ran across her face.

She winked one eye as she smiled, and I felt a jolt as my body involuntarily thrust upwards a few feet in the air. I was paralyzed from the neck down, with the one exception of my crotch being the only thing I still had feeling for- my body was levitating in the air, my wrists and ankles held up by what appeared to be chains and cuffs made of pure black energy. From the lectures, I recognized it as powerful dark magic.

“W-What are you doing to me?” I asked.

“Adrian dear, did you know that going through all that was simply a formality for me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Sex, the blowjob, the handjob. I didn’t need to indulge you like that, but I did it anyway, because you mean more to me than just another poor fool begging for his soul to be drained. Plus, I know the succubus rulebook down to the punctuation marks, and rule #1 of seducing humans is that intimacy is the key to both incredible orgasms and a deep romantic relationship. I’ve been searching for someone like you for a long, long time. If I just wanted your seed, I could use my magic to possess your mind, or supernaturally force you to the edge of orgasm. I could have just snapped my fingers, and your body would be driven to its limit. Like this.”



As she stared me in the eyes and snapped her fingers, it was like I was struck by lightning. An incredible pressure started to build up in my body, as if I was on the edge of another succubus orgasm. But somehow, I couldn’t do it! No matter what I did, how I moved, or squirmed my body, or flexed whatever muscle, it just wouldn’t listen! It was like I was frozen in time stuck on the very edge of a monster orgasm, but release was just barely out of reach.

“Heh… pretty good, huh?”

“I feel like… I’m so close… Can’t… cum...” I strained the words out.

“Oh yes I know darling- it’s all very much on purpose.”

“What the hell are you doing to me?”

“I’m simply showing you the pleasure I have to give you, darling! Not only can I make you orgasm on command, I can stop you from cumming until I give the command as well! I’ll let you cum, but first I need to ask you a VERY important question~”


“AAAhhhh!!~” I moaned again as the already-insane buildup doubled on itself. “What’s your… hnng… question?”

She stopped in her tracks from pacing the room, silently turning over to look me in the face and make eye contact, and then gave a cute little smile and a wink.

“HHHHHNNNGGG~” I moaned, feeling the rush of yet another orgasm build up inside me, my logical mind beginning to fail me as it was replaced with pure desire.

“I’ve got the deal of the millennia for you, sweetie! How about becoming my teacher’s assistant? I have to say, it’s rather exhausting giving “exams” to all these girls, and you look like you could be a lovely proctor.”

“F-Fuck… What do you mean exactly?.”

“I would turn you into my own personal incubus! I would endow you with some of my own magic, and you would be my lover, committed to me for eternity. We can live together, sharing love with each other like this- that orgasm you just had? That’s your new every-day routine.”

“It sounds too good to be true…” I mumbled, trying in vain to think through the impossible pleasure contained within me.

Natasha rolled her eyes. “You know how incubi work, you just can’t think straight right now. We demons are creatures of desire. To become a demon, you have to desire to become a demon yourself. And that desire must be genuine. You have to want to become a demon more than anything, in your mind, body, and soul. It can’t be forced, even by magic as powerful as mine. You, Adrian, are the horniest little devil I’ve ever seen! I could feel the desire radiating from you, the first moment I met you in class.”

She snapped her fingers again, and with that she gave me the release I craved, a pleasure that I couldn’t describe, a pleasure that filled every part of my body, mind, and soul. I whited out.

When I came to, I was lying on the floor of her perfectly-normal office. Natasha stood above me in her normal professor form. She looked into my eyes again, but this time with a deep sadness instead of the endless lust I was accustomed to with her. “I’ve waited so, so long for someone like you, Adrian. I’m the last of succubi. I’ve been lonely for a thousand years. Together we can share a new life for eternity, just you and me, living out the fantasy you never knew you always wanted.“

For the first time in the short time I knew her, she hesitated. Then, she cleared her throat and said, “So what do you say, darling? Will you join me?”

I paused and took a deep breath. The air was clear. My mind was clear. And my answer was clear, as well.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Yes, I will…”



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