Professor Byleth, Progenitor God

Warning: Spoilers for Fire Emblem Three Houses can be found in this story.  If you don't want spoilers, please do not read this story.

            It was another day at the Officer’s Academy in Fodlan.  In fact, it was a free day for one of the professors, Byleth.  She taught one of the three houses at the academy, specifically the Black Eagles.  The former mercenary turned professor was able to relax, their one free day of the week.  Byleth was definitely not an unattractive sort of individual, with a fairly provocative outfit to boot.  Between her patterned stockings, a dress with a tiny miniskirt, and her coat not actually having her arms in the sleeves, Byleth had a somewhat overdesigned outfit, but certainly not a bad-looking one.

            What most people didn’t know, however, was that Byleth held a very special background.  She wasn’t just a mercenary, or just a professor.  She was actually the reincarnation of the goddess Sothis, who seemed to live in her head now.  Byleth saw Sothis’ body floating inside of her room, though nobody could see Sothis but herself.  Compared to Byleth, Sothis looked like a child, with long green hair and a regal outfit.

            “Is something bothering you, Byleth?” Sothis asked, a hint of curiosity in her voice.  “You have a strange look on your face.”

            Byleth regained her focus, and decided to as the question on her mind.  “Say Sothis, I am technically your reincarnation, right?” Byleth had trouble expressing their emotions, so her expression seemed to be somewhat blank as they pondered it.

            “Yes, you are.  Though I hesitate to call us the same person.  You have neither my memories nor my personality, so I prefer to think of us as two separate people.”  Sothis seemed curious at where Byleth was going with this.

            “You’ve given me the ability to use your power to manipulate time as well, and you’ve said before that you could destroy my personality and change my body to be a new body for you.”

            “Yes on both counts.  However, as I’ve already said, I refuse to destroy who you are.  No matter how you look at it, that is murder for my own sake, and I refuse to murder you just so I can be reborn.”  Sothis seemed somewhat bothered by this topic judging by the growing irritation in her voice.  “So what is it that you actually intend to ask me about? I would rather we not waste all our time going over what we’ve already learned.”

            Byleth nodded.  “Do you think it’s possible for me to be able to access all of your power without destroying my body?” she inquired.  “It’s just a theory I want to test for how deeply our connection runs.”

            Sothis frowned.  “It should theoretically be possible, though I hesitate to actually grant you it.  What would you even do with such power? You know I am the Beginning, the Progenitor God.  That much power can be dangerous if used recklessly.”

            “…I’m not sure.”  Byleth didn’t know how to explain it, she didn’t exactly have much in the way of plans for after she got that power.  “I was thinking of testing a few things, nothing really major or world-changing.  It might help me be a better professor towards my students.”

            “Hmmm…perhaps I shall grant you this power then,” Sothis decided.  “I must admit, I am curious as to what you will do with my power.  So then, let us see what you do with my true power.”

            Sothis’ spirit held out her hand towards Byleth, who in turn touched it with her own hand.  Sothis disappeared from Byleth’s view, but she could feel the power within her skyrocket.  She didn’t know just yet how she could change things, but she did notice one thing: her hair color had changed from teal to light green.  Now came the question of what Byleth did with her power.

            “…One thing at a time,” Byleth decided.  She wanted to focus only on her own power first.  It wasn’t unusual for someone to be able to read a statline where Byleth was from, and it helped her with leading her students to victory in battle.  There was HP, Strength, Magic, Dexterity, Speed, Luck, Defense, Resistance, and Charm.  While Byleth’s statline was nothing to sneeze at, she wanted to see just how high she could take it.

            Closing her eyes and drawing on the power within her, Byleth attempted to edit her statline through sheer force of will.  Surely enough, the numbers started climbing.  88 HP, 77 Strength, 55 Magic, Defense, and Resistance, 66 Dexterity, Speed, and Luck, 99 Charm.  These were Byleth’s normal caps.  She wanted to go even further beyond.  But how high should it go?

            “…Go big or go home, I guess,” Byleth decided.  Trying to force herself to break past her limits, the numbers began to skyrocket even higher, until eventually, everything simply read ??.  Byleth knew exactly how high she made those stats, but she was surprised that she couldn’t even read her own statline now.

            That was one thing done.  But perhaps Byleth should try something else as well.  There were so many things she had to teach her students, and her expertise was really in the field of swords and tactics.  There were still lances, axes, bows, unarmed brawling, reason, faith, heavy armor, horse handling, and flight to master.  Perhaps she could change her skill level with all of these things as well.  It’d help her with teaching her students more effectively.

            Normally, Byleth would visit other faculty to learn, but now she simply wanted to see if she could will the knowledge into her.  Attempting to bring forth knowledge Byleth didn’t know, she suddenly found herself flooded with information.  All the stances, plays, counterplays, and even counter-counterplays of all manner of weapons, all the weapon arts that she had yet to learn, every spell given by both reason and faith, unparalleled command and authority, the ability to perfectly maneuver herself on a horse, in heavy armor, or in the air, and even hidden knowledge about how to wield her own power given to her by Sothis.  Byleth stopped just short of knowing everything in the universe.  It would ruin the mystery if she truly became omniscient.

            Deciding to test out that last one, Byleth made herself float just a few inches off the ground.  It was a fascinating, and very freeing moment to not be bound by gravity anymore.  Byleth was glad that she was still within her room, or she might end up getting curious looks from other faculty or especially her students.  How would she explain to the Black Eagles that she now had the power of a goddess, let alone the rest of the school?

            Byleth’s newfound reason did get her to realize that it would be difficult to explain her connection to Sothis, since nobody could actually see nor hear the goddess, and the idea of Byleth being her reincarnation would be viewed probably as blasphemy by the Church of Seiros.  No, Byleth needed to keep this a secret from the rest of the faculty and students, at least for now.  Perhaps later Byleth could reveal the truth of her existence to them, however.

            “Are you quite done with making childish edits to numbers?” Sothis scolded.  “Honestly, I thought you would’ve done something more interesting with my power, but so far you’re just making yourself have the biggest possible numbers out there.  Truly now, is that all that you can do with your newfound power?”

            Byleth felt flustered at Sothis’ scolding.  Despite looking like a child, Sothis tended to act like a grandmother.  “I guess I should try something actually different with this power of mine.”  Byleth didn’t want to act openly here on Fodlan, everybody would catch on to what was going on.  Summoning up a golden mandala, Byleth began to observe the timelines to see what she could actually test her new power against.

            Anankos, the Silent Dragon? He was durable, but he lost to his own child who had way too many things given to them, so perhaps not them.  Medeus, the Shadow Dragon? No, he wasn’t even considered a god, so it’d be too one-sided.  Idunn, the Demon Dragon? Not a bad choice, but still probably not going to be dangerous enough to be worth fighting.  Duma, God of Strength? Tempting, tempting, but if Byleth killed Duma instead of Alm, all of Alm’s achievements would be for nothing.

            There had to be somebody Byleth could fight without destroying the timeline.  Wait, there was somebody she could fight.  Grima, the Fell Dragon.  Worshiped as a God of Destruction among the Grimleal (it was only now that Byleth was realizing that all of these gods she could fight were dragons, which was perhaps a tad bit awkward for her since she was no dragon), Grima actually did succeed in destroying the world once.  While Grima’s actions were undone in one timeline, there were Outrealms where Grima was more successful.

            Yes, this one would do to test Byleth’s newfound power against.  It was a simple effort to slip through the timeline and transport herself across time and space to the Outrealm she was aiming for.  When she arrived, she was on the continent of Ylisse, a fair deal into the future.  The first thing Byleth could discern was that the land was barren…no, not barren.  Dead.  Nothing grew here.  No plants existed, few animals survived, and the people were either dead, serving the Grimleal, turned into undead Risen, or fighting a futile battle for their own survival against an endless horde of enemies.

            It was horrifying to look at, especially since Byleth could discern that this was the case everywhere, all across the world.  Her all-seeing eyes could determine just how bad the damages were, and they could also see where her target was located.  Grima currently flew over the oceans, approaching Ylisse to continue their rampage.  Byleth wouldn’t allow Grima’s rampage to continue any further.

            Taking to the air, Byleth flew off towards Grima, though such would be a horrendous understatement for how fast she moved.  In truth, Byleth exceeded the speed of light to such a degree that she had arrived at her destination long before she had even left.  Floating just over Grima’s back, Byleth could tell that this being was enormous.  Byleth could tell that an entire army could fight on the back of this dragon, just here at the nape of the neck.  This dragon had to be bigger than a mountain to afford such size.  Grima couldn’t seem to tell that Byleth was here just yet.

            Byleth held her hand out, conjuring up her weapon, the Sword of the Creator.  “Grima! I’ve seen your little rampage, and it’s been going on for far too long!” Byleth bellowed.  “I will defeat you and save this world!” To emphasize her point, Byleth swung her sword out to the side, the sword turning into what amounted to a bladed whip as it swung out and accidentally nicked one of Grima’s six wings.  The dragon let out a roar of pain, clearly having not expected such a blow.

            Shortly thereafter, Grima’s head turned to face Byleth.  It was a very unusual head, with six glowing red eyes and a massive jaw, not to mention the two devil horns that curved inward.  It was bigger than Byleth’s entire body to be certain by a sizable portion.  The dragon seemed to observe Byleth for a moment, before a teleportation spell occurred, another woman arriving in front of Byleth.

            This woman had snow-white hair styled into twintails, with an outfit not too dissimilar to Byleth’s, except for the fact that she wore pants instead of stockings and a skirt, and her arms were actually inside of her coat.  The woman’s eyes glowed red, and she too hovered just off of Grima’s back.

            The woman looked at Byleth for a moment and sneered.  “So what’s all this then? You honestly think that you of all people could kill me? I knew you humans were stupid worms, but to think that your kind was truly dumb enough to think that you could kill me when even Naga can’t kill me…that’s a whole new level of stupid.”

            Byleth was taken aback by the woman’s words.  “Who are you?” she asked, though her concern didn’t really come through to her voice.

            The woman held both arms out to the side as she floated in the air, taking on a very assertive pose.  “I am the Wings of Despair.  I am the Breath of Ruin.  I am the Fell Dragon, Grima! A human like you could not possibly hope to defeat me no matter what you do! Nobody has the power to kill me except myself!”

            Sothis decided to speak in Byleth’s mind.  “Hmm…it seems that this person here has been possessed by the dragon we’re fighting.  I doubt that this possession was voluntary.  Perhaps we ought to try and spare the human being used as a vessel?”

            Byleth nodded.  She had no intention of killing Grima’s vessel.  She was just here to fight the dragon proper.  Byleth gripped the Sword of the Creator firmly, knowing what was to come.  Grima’s vessel sneered at Byleth.  “So you still think to fight me then? No matter, I suppose I will just kill you here then!” For a moment, Grima’s vessel paused and had a look of confusion on her face.  “What the…? No, that can’t be right.  I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish by hiding your power from my sight, but it doesn’t matter.  You will die here and now!”

            Byleth was startled by that statement.  Could Grima’s vessel also read statlines like she could? No wonder there was some confusion here.  Byleth didn’t get the chance to think it over however, as shortly afterwards, the dragon head that had been quietly staring at Byleth took a deep breath and let out a gout of dark flame towards Byleth, what was called the Expiration breath weapon.  Making matters worse, Grima’s vessel had purple flames and rose petals dance across her body as she channeled her considerable magical power into Grima’s breath attack, what was called Ignis.

            To any other being, such an attack would prove nearly-fatal, if not completely fatal.  However, as the flames started to disperse… “What?! It didn’t even scratch you!?” Grima’s vessel was completely dumbstruck by this turn of events.  Even Byleth’s coat wasn’t even singed, let alone any actual wounds.

            Byleth nodded.  “You were wondering if I was hiding my statline from you, weren’t you Grima?” she asked, for once a bit of emotion showing in her voice, that being her confidence.  “I can tell you exactly what each one of my stats amount to.  They’re all 999.”

            “That’s impossible! Nobody is that powerful!” Grima snarled.  “I don’t know who you are, but I tire of your bluffs!”

            “Then permit me to demonstrate my power.”  Byleth manipulated her coat sleeves to cast her spell, using an attack that Sothis had used in the past.  It was called Sublime Surge, though it was perhaps an inaccurate name for what was to happen.  What seemed to be a miniature planet appeared in front of Grima’s vessel, created through only a minor excursion of Byleth’s power.  It could’ve been a meteor, but whatever it was happened to be irrelevant, because not even a few moments later, whatever it was that Byleth had just created exploded in Grima’s face, magical energies and shrapnel flying everywhere, wounding not just the vessel, but Grima’s body as well.  The blast tore off the upper half of Grima’s head, revealing another face beneath, one that looked disturbingly human.

            Grima’s vessel let out a maniacal laugh as the very clearly deep wounds that Byleth inflicted quickly healed up, as if the injury never even happened.  “Is that your best?” the vessel asked.  “I must admit, I was actually concerned for a moment there, but it appears that it was all talk on your end.”  Grima pointed a finger at Byleth.  “999 in every stat my ass, you aren’t powerful enough to kill me!”

            “Did I say I was using my full power?” Byleth responded, which caused terror to register on Grima’s face.  “That was as little power as I could actually exert right now.  Let’s try just a bit more power.”

            Byleth decided to channel her power into the Sword of the Creator, which began an intensely strong glow as Byleth impaled the weapon into Grima’s back.  As soon as she did, Grima’s body began to crack, the entire dragon having Byleth’s immense arcane power burn through his body.  Grima’s body roared in pain again, as the vessel shouted, “No, this can’t be happening! I refuse to believe this is happening!”

            The vessel wasn’t able to say any more, as another surge of power came through Byleth’s sword, and Grima’s body shattered into countless pieces, before those remaining pieces disintegrated beneath the sheer raw power Byleth exerted.  Grima’s vessel began plummeting to the ground, though Byleth had no intention of letting the vessel be destroyed.  Chasing after Grima’s vessel, Byleth moved a sleeve of hers out front and caught the vessel with it, the fabric of the sleeve still be more than strong enough to carry the weight of a human girl thanks to Byleth’s power.  Byleth quickly made a course for shore to talk to the vessel about what was going on.

            When Byleth landed on the ground, Grima’s vessel groaned as her eyes opened.  “W…what…what are you?” Grima asked.  “Nobody could’ve possibly killed my body, not even Naga.  How could you have destroyed my body so easily?”

            Well, guess there was really no way around it anymore.  Byleth really had to own up to being a goddess now.  “My name is Byleth,” she stated, floating a bit off the ground again and crossing her legs in mid-air, as if sitting on an invisible throne.  “You were worshiped as a god, yet from what I can tell, you don’t have the power behind you to be one.  I am what you are not.  I am truly a goddess, and I sought to put an end to your rampage in this timeline.”

            Grima growled.  “You? A goddess? You’re just like Naga then, always trying to protect those damn worms no matter what they do.”

            Now Byleth felt curious.  What could possibly be motivating Grima to try and exterminate humanity? Sothis chimed in her own thoughts.  “Curious, it seems as if Grima’s rage at humanity isn’t one that seems to come from nothing.  I wonder…could this dragon have a horrible past when it comes to humanity?”

            Byleth nodded, then focused on Grima.  “Why exactly do you want to destroy humanity so badly?” This would be an important question that would determine what she did next to this vessel.

            Grima grunted.  “Those damn humans…they don’t care about us gods one bit.  They’ll butter us up and beg for us to grant their wishes, sure, but the moment they get what they want, they’ll stop paying attention to what we ask them to do.  They never learn…they never care about any of us, they only want to use us for their selfish wishes.  They’ll make such high-minded talk about love and bonds, but it’s all a farce.  Day after day, night after night, all they care about is themselves.  If any of their kind have something they covet, they have no qualms with killing them to take what they want.

            “My power of destruction…is the one true equalizer.  I will burn this world to ashes, and teach all of these worms a lesson for their constant disrespect towards the gods! You may have destroyed my body…but I’ll find a way to make a new one…I just…have to remember where I came from.  What was done to create me.  I’ll replicate what they did, make a new body, and finish what I started!”

            Sothis let out a hum for a moment.  “It seems that Grima does indeed have bad experiences with humans.  I can’t blame them though.  Even my time with you has shown me how willing people are to bend the rules to get what they want, even deliberately perverting their own religion’s teachings for that end.  Now you must make a choice, Byleth.  What will you do with my power now that you know what will come out of it?”

            Byleth thought it over for a time.  What reason would she have to agree with Grima? Destroying a world was a horrible thing, no matter the motive.  However, Byleth didn’t want to destroy this vessel for Grima.  There was no need to destroy Grima’s vessel, when said vessel had done absolutely nothing wrong.

            “Don’t worry, Grima…you’re free from your torment,” Byleth declared.  She reached out and touched Grima’s forehead.  “I’m sure that we’ll find a way to help humanity improve.  For now, go and rest.  You’ve earned it.”  Like that, Grima’s hold over the vessel was shattered.  The eyes changed from the red color of before to their natural brown, and the vessel’s voice lost that hostile edge to it.

            “Is it…is it over?” the vessel asked, gripping at Byleth’s arm.  “Is Grima…is Grima finally gone?”  Despair seemed to be taking over the vessel’s voice.  She was clearly more than aware of what happened while she was possessed.

            Byleth nodded.  “Grima’s been defeated by my hand.  You’ll no longer have to worry about being possessed by the dragon.  May I have your name?”

            “…Thank the gods it’s finally over.  My name is Robin,” the vessel answered.  “I…please, Byleth…nothing I do could possibly make up for all the lives that were killed thanks to me.  If I had just been a bit more cautious, just a bit more careful, if I had just planned things out better…none of this would’ve happened.  The world burned because I got reckless.”  Robin’s voice was cracking as tears welled up in her eyes.  “Please, just end me.”

            Byleth frowned.  She had never seen somebody this overtaken by despair.  It seems that Grima’s titles weren’t just idle boasting, at least in the case of Robin.  However, she couldn’t find it in her to actually kill Robin, even as a mercy-killing.  “No, I’m not going to kill you,” Byleth insisted.  “And I know a way you can make up for all the damages that has been caused.”

            “What could I do? Everyone’s dead because of me.  My friends, my family…Chrom…everyone’s been killed because of my actions.”  Robin was clearly heartbroken at the thought of everyone around her being dead.

            Byleth shook her head.  “No, they don’t have to stay dead.  My power is that of a Progenitor God.  We can bring back everything that was destroyed by Grima.  Everyone you killed doesn’t have to stay dead.”

            Robin’s eyes widened.  “You…you could bring back the entire world? But…why do you say we? I don’t have that kind of power.”

            Byleth let out a wink as Robin found herself infused with enough power to be a creator god of her own.  “You do now,” she declared.  “Come then, let’s bring back the world that was destroyed, shall we?”

            Robin floated up off the ground, feeling no more exhaustion in her body.  “I…you would give me this power for free? Even after all that I’ve done?” Robin was flabbergasted that Byleth would give her a power surpassing that of even Naga so freely.

            Sothis hummed.  “Not what I expected you to do with my power, but I suspect that it is not something that I can truly object to.  I suppose that Robin could bring back everything that was lost alongside you.”

            Byleth nodded.  “Yes, I would grant you this power.  After all, what better way to make up for being a destroyer god’s vessel than by being a creator goddess and bringing back that what was destroyed?”

            Robin had tears welling up in her face.  “I…thank you, Byleth.  This is so generous of you.  But…I’m honestly not sure how I could use this power properly.  Neither Grima nor Naga had the power of making or unmaking.  I don’t have anybody to teach me how to wield my newfound power.”

            “You have me, don’t you?” Byleth asked.  “I happen to be a professor you know.”  It would be weird teaching gods how to be gods, but then again, Byleth’s only real qualifier for being a professor at Fodlan’s Officer’s Academy was being a mercenary and saving the house leaders from bandits.  However, Byleth did exceptionally well as a professor at the Officer’s Academy, so how hard of a leap could it be to teach a fellow goddess how to use their omnipotence?

            “…You’re a professor?” Robin asked, astonished at the thought.  A hand went up to her mouth as she gasped.  “I…yes, I would like to learn this from you! Thank you, Professor, I’ll do everything I can to be a good student for you!”

            Byleth nodded.  “The important thing to keep in mind is that using our power isn’t too different from casting spells, but our powers are obviously far greater and can be cast far more easily.  For instance, if I wanted to bring back this vegetation that died off…” Byleth landed on the ground, and immediately flowers, grass, and other vegetation began to spring from around her feet, rapidly accelerating outwards to bring back the dead plant life.  “All I must do is will it to be so, and it will happen.  Why don’t you give it a try, Robin?”

            Robin nodded.  Since the plant life was already being restored by Byleth, Robin elected to focus on the animals.  She clasped her hands together and channeled her will, and surely enough, all of the extinct animals were being reborn without any problems to their recreation.  It seemed that Robin instinctively knew how to recreate every dead creature on the planet.

            It was easy for Byleth to observe the returning animal life, even from across the planet.  Byleth was impressed at how quickly Robin caught on.  “Right then, I suppose now we need to focus on reviving the dead humans,” Byleth commented.  “A lot of them were turned into those undead Risen, right?”

            Robin nodded.  “Yes, they were.  It’s the masks that make them what they are, they’re called Death Masks.”

            Byleth twirled her finger some, casually destroying every Death Mask on the planet and curing the Risen infection, turning those once-undead beings back to their fully-alive state of being.  “There we go, no more Risen.  Now, what of those who simply died and never came back?”

            Robin nodded.  “I…I know every face that was killed by my hand thanks to Grima.  I’ll bring them back myself.”  Robin raised her arm up as a wave of white magic shot out of her hand, covering the planet and resurrecting those who were killed outright.  Once Robin did that, she immediately said, “There’s some people I need to see.  Friends and family I need to apologize to directly for putting them through all of these horrible things.  Will you come with me, Professor?”

            Byleth shook her head.  As much as she wanted to go with Robin, she felt that it was best to simply go her own way at this point.  She didn’t want to mess up this Outrealm’s timeline even worse than she already has.  “I’m sorry, but I feel that it’s better for you to do things yourself from here.  If you need me, I’ll be sure to come here to teach you, but for now, I’m heading back to Fodlan.  There’s enough stuff there for me to do to keep me busy.”

            “I…alright,” Robin decided.  “Catch you later, Professor.”  With that, Robin warped off towards Ylisse Castle, as Byleth warped herself back to Fodlan, in her original timeline.

            Sothis seemed to be waiting for Byleth when she returned.  “I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to be so responsible with my power,” she commented.  “Perhaps I was wrong about you being reckless with my power after all.”

            “Which means…?” Byleth wasn’t entirely certain as to what Sothis was saying here.

            “It means that I feel that you can keep my power.  You’ve proven yourself responsible enough with it that perhaps I can continue to trust you with my power.  I’m sure that you’ll use it wisely with everything that you’ve shown me so far.”

            “Sure thing,” Byleth decided.  It would be interesting to continue teaching the Black Eagles as a goddess, but she was certain that she could bring her House up to the status of the greatest house in Fodlan’s officer’s academy.

            However, Byleth still wanted to have just a bit of fun before she went back into being a professor, so she decided to use her powers to modify her body some.  She was certain that people would catch on, but she made herself taller, her boobs bigger, effectively turning herself into an exaggerated copy of herself with a much higher sex appeal.  She already had her Charm all the way up to extreme levels.  She was certain that nobody in this school, man or woman, could resist her now.

            Byleth knew that this school year was going to end on a very interesting note.  She just had to be avoid being too overt with her power just yet while here in Fodlan.  But…that wouldn’t exactly stop her from going to the Outrealms and having some fun creating new worlds, she wagered.  She was a Creator God.  Why not create a new world?

            In fact, Byleth decided to do exactly that.  Warping herself away again, she found herself out in the cold vacuum of space, which was entirely breathable for her without any concerns.  Byleth then stretched herself out some as she casually began to create a planet with her power.  It wasn’t hard for her to do, all it took was some understanding of how big the planet should be.  Dumping water on the planet to fill up the oceans and to make the continents, followed by Byleth deciding to seed the planet below with life.

            Perhaps a bit uncreatively, Byleth settled for mirroring the creatures of her world on this one, with dragons and humans and animals.  It’s not like she was being graded for this assignment, she was simply testing out her powers herself.  Perhaps later she’ll grade Robin on her creation powers.

            Byleth also decided to create some lesser gods to help administrate this world.  They were powerful to be sure, but every last one of them was far lesser than Byleth’s power.  She decided that the gods here would work as teachers and professors, showing their subjects and followers how to rule properly.

            Once Byleth finished her stretching routine, she landed on the planet below, as more life sprung up around her.  Vegetation and more animals came into existence so quickly, and Byleth had not even been attempting all that hard to use her powers.  All that was left now was to create an academy for the gods and their followers.

            Byleth decided to make a copy of herself for that matter, a perfect double of her body springing into existence next to her, containing all of her power and memories.  The two bodies were linked to each other, so the original Byleth knew everything that her copy did and what the two of them were doing.  Hopefully this way, Byleth could do her job in both Fodlan and this new, unnamed world.

            Byleth waved to her counterpart before departing back to Fodlan.  If she ever wanted to engage in some fun goddess reality-warping, she could always simply use her double for that purpose, on the world she created specifically for that purpose.  For now, she just wanted to teach her students at Fodlan.



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