The Ironic Goddess of Creation: 3 Gym - Giantess



Zoe and her classmates got prepped for PE, she tied her favorite gym sneakers. The only kind she has. And since she’s immortal, it’s been her go-to pair of sneakers for a long time.
She was able to control the minds of any human lifeform she came across. Which allowed her to have complete control over classes, especially PE. Hence why she decided to get her favorite boyshorts, panties and top out of their concealed prison, known as her locker. After slipping those on and still feeling some sweat from last week, she got a shiver.
“Apparently, the men from last week failed at their jobs…. what a shame”

She got into the massive gym where, once again, she was able to do anything she wanted. Just by simply controlling the minds of the teachers.
“My life’s just perfect… Now, what to doo-”
She went over to the basketball ring to shoot some hoops, she got ready to stand in position to try and get some nice shots but…
“Ah shit, forgot my ball, it’s all the way over in the supply close-
argh fuck it”
She generated a new planet out of thin air, the size and elasticity of a basketball.
“I’m getting better at this by the day”
She said while squeezing the sides, destroying multiple continents, crushing billions of people to a pulp and causing earthquakes strong enough to tear its biggest mountains to bits.
“Oof, forgot the shield… Still got some things to learn”
She generated the shield and didn’t even care about a third of the population that was already killed just from the touch of her hands.
Zoe got ready to get some nice shots in, having the basketball fly straight through the net a few times. Nothing too crazy, other than causing the planet’s inhabitants to become nauseous and sick from the extreme motion.
After ten or so minutes, she got bored and decided to move on with something else. But the fate of the people on her personalized basketball were sealed.
Zoe got rid of the protective barrier and chucked the ball right at the board while smiling at the people.
“I’m not aiming to get a point this one”
She winked at the planet got smashed into smithereens upon having contact with the board.
Billions of people got blown to pieces, and all that remained was just a bit of dust floating about.

The gym had its own set of weight lifting equipment, which was quite fortunate for Zoe since she wanted to train some of her arm muscles.
“What Goddess would I be if I’m like a toothpick” She smirked to herself
She sat down and placed both arms on the contraption and got herself ready to do some sets.
After opening and closing her arms for several times. She already started working up a sweat. A goddess of her calibre should not be soaked in sweat, so she decided to have her servants ‘fix’ her problem.
The routine was standard now, as a planet got created, with a barrier this time, right in her cleavage.
This time though, the barrier was solely there to prevent damage caused by her chest, not the sweat gathered around it. Otherwise her mini-towel would be useless.
She kept on doing her sets, as each time she closed her arms. The planet got entirely sucked into her cleavage and squished by her boobs.
After a few minutes, the planet’s entire surface was nothing more than the sweat from her breasts. As the billions of weak lifeforms were swimming, but mostly drowning, across its surface.
One final set made her lose focus for a bit as she lost the protective barrier, without her noticing it.
When she got off the machine, thousands of chunks were scattered on her breasts and cleavage. The tiny remnants of an entire planet was just scrubbed off by her hand.

Zoe got off the machine and noticed that time had been frozen.
“Eva, is that you? Come on! Don’t be a bitch for once! You know I’m not that advanced yet to alter time!!!”
Zoe was pulled down from behind by her childhood friend Eva, she decided to visit her friend in “Earth’s high school” as they called it. Having some fun wrestling, the two decided to turn it into a game.
“How about this, we’ll try our best to create a ‘playing mat’ for us to wrestle on” Eva said to her friend.
“Way ahead of you sister” As Zoe was already trying her best to create a massive flat surface. The two combined their powers and finally managed to make an entire mat to wrestle on. It wasn’t any old mat though, it was in matter of fact a planet flattened out, the biggest one Zoe’s ever made before; with some help now of course. The flat surface contained over 574 billion people. But already a billion had perished just from the footsteps of the two friends.
“So, what are the rul-”
“Ding ding!” Zoe laughed as she jumped her friend, pushing her down on top of twelve continents.
They both started rolling around, flattening country after country. Turning the tallest mountain into the flattest pancake.
After a few seconds, their entire body was covered by billions of tiny corpses, too small for the naked eye.
The two had fun roughing around for a few more minutes. Each time Zoe tried to leap forward, she shredded the surface of the landscape so much, a crater was formed bigger than any continent ever seen before. Eva tried her best to block some of her friend’s attacks, causing their breasts to sometimes clash or get flung down.
Humanity was doomed as over 22 billion people just got flattened by a pair of boobs.

Eva got her friend held down as the countdown started.
“One… Two...Three”
Zoe tried her best to get freed, and pressed in all the force she had in her stomach to release the tight grip
Zoe gave it her all and pushed.
A small toot came out of Zoe’s rear.
“Eww, that reeks”
They both started covering their noses because of the small, yet awful aroma caused by Zoe’s fart.
The humans who survived the fight weren’t lucky. As being killed by breasts sounded way better than either being ripped to shreds by a fart or gassed to death by its stench
“Okay, gotta admit, this one was wet”
The two girls laughed as they both laid down on their backs. Crushing what little remained of the wasteland which was once a fully developed society.

The two girls got up and within a few seconds, time was unfrozen and the ‘playmat’ had vanished.
“Eva, you’re still her-”
“Tutu, I’m better than you remember li’l Zoe” Her friend smirked as she started walking back into the crowd.
The young student then remember that her friend was indeed the better one of the pair. While Zoe was only learning how to create and control human life, her friend was able to manipulate time, minds and so much more. Hence why Eva was able to make it seem like she fitted in with the crowd, just like any other student who didn’t ask a single question.
The girls got into a line and stood a few dozen feet away from a tall plinth. Normally the objective is simple, jump over it and land on two feet, simple enough. But Eva was able to have her ways and made it so the girls had to land on top of it.
“This’ll be fun” Eva said as the first girl started dashing towards the mini-trampoline.
“How will this be fun? Seems kinda boring”
Zoe wasn’t entirely following what her friend was saying. Her friend gave her a shove and pointed to the top of the plinth. A miniscule planet had been created, resting on the colossal wooden structure. The girl jumped up and landed on the plinth, right on her butt. The planet disappeared within milliseconds. What remained was a pancake stuck on the butt of the girl.
“Wow, hehe” Zoe had an evil grin, the thought alone of ending an entire planet with just her butt made her crazy. Not much longer, the second girl started dashing and a new planet was formed. The girls kept on repeating this over and over to see which girl had the fattest butt, comparing the width of the pancake that was stuck to their butts.
Eva was second to last, she went full speed to try and get the highest altitude possible. Right before she landed though, she inflated her butt slightly. The plinth started to crack from the sheer force and impact of her ass. The planet didn’t even turn into a pancake, it was obliterated into a trillion pieces, shattered across the plinth and her rear.
“You filthy cheat! Don’t act like I saw you there”
“You saw what? That I got the bigger booty”
Even though they were close friends, Zoe didn’t want to lose again to her friend. She lined herself up and prepared for the jump.
Being just a mere student in creation of humanity, she didn’t learn anything about shapeshifting or size difference. But she had to try, she wouldn’t lose again to her friend.
Zoe leaped into the air and gave it her all to increase the size of her butt.
She sent every bit of energy she had to her rear and lost focus. Not much later she noticed she had grown a couple miles and was now high into the clouds as her butt raged downwards.
Not even half a second later she landed with her ass onto the city, crushing everything and everyone. Anything around the impact zone was shot away for over half a mile.
The only thing that remained was a speck-sized Eva, everything else was just caked to her ass.
Eva snapped her fingers and rewinded time, right before Zoe landed. The impact of her ass was minimal, as the planet didn’t even shift, it was instead just plucked up and placed between her buttcheeks, but Zoe didn’t know…

Eva was laughing her ass off, at the humiliation of her friend.
“Next time, maybe a few inches less would’ve been nice”
Zoe shrugged it off and the two happily went hand in hand outside. PE had just entered its second half, meaning the students were up for a running test on the track.
The girls headed outside and into the hot outside air.
Immediately drops of sweat started to appear on the heads of all the girls.
“Fuck man, can you like, make it colder or some shit?”
“Hell no, if you wanna get fit, you gotta work hard for it, or are you gonna pussy out again?”
Eva loved being the best at anything, but deep inside, she always wanted the best for her childhood friend.
As the girls made it over to the track, Zoe started paying less attention to the sun, and more to the itch she had on her butt. After twitching it around for a bit, the ‘pebble’ stuck on her cheeks got put down her pants, putting it into direct contact with the gigantic hole in her rear.
The girls all had to sprint 400meters as fast as they could. And to prevent any interference, they had to do it solo it each time, meaning lots of downtime.
Eva had managed to manipulate some more minds and was having two students lick her buttcheeks, licking up any remaining chunks of planet that was still stuck on it. If any humans were still alive on the debris, they were engulfed by a wet hot tongue. Being put inside their mouths, to be rolled around and tasted. The wet chunks were a delight as they slid down the throats of the two girls, little chunks and one single human survivor survived and was stuck in the plaque of one of the teeth. That poor human had nothing left, as every second he was flooded by saliva, his only source of water. And the food he had was remaining chunks of food in her tooth.
“Good job girls” Eva smirked as her ass was almost entirely wet because of the saliva.
Zoe could do nothing but stare and be horny, thinking to herself:
“Please… Let me one day be a true Goddess, so I can do this shit daily!”

however, it was Zoe’s turn for the test, she got into position and right before she started, her friend gave her a little bit of help. Placing a planet underneath each shoe, for her to get some extra kick off when she started.
The shot fired and Zoe started sprinting, the kicks she did with her feet were powerful enough to destroy the planets and turn them into dust. halfway the run, the sweat started to drip down, making its way around her entire body. This meant that the planet tightly confined in her rear was nearing its end. The drops of sweat started sliding over each continent until finally a wave of sweat flooded the entire planet, decomposing it, together with any remaining gunk that came from her ass.
The girl made it back in a formidable time, but now it was time for Eva to shine.
However, she had a trick up her sleeve. In her socks, she had put a planet in each gap between her toes. The sensation made her feet more active and made her fly through the track in almost world-record breaking times.
At the finish line though, the ‘evidence’ was gone, since the planets were now taken in by her foot fungus and toejam.

The two hugged each other once more, but this time Eva felt a cold sensation down her back. Zoe had made an ocean, which contained over two million islands and a grand total of 17 billion people, which was being poured down into her friend’s panties.
Eva almost started moaning, as she felt millions of tiny humans flow inside her ass and vagina, getting mixed into some bits of urine, cum and gunk.
Zoe grabbed her friend by the crotch. Making the ocean flow around, getting soaked into her panties and sucked into her vagina.
The sensation was wild as Eva started drooling.
“Now it’s time to get changed, you comin’?” Zoe yanked her immensely turned on friend by the arm as they made it to the changing room and showers.


Story made by someone I will call TinyKangeroo on discord as part of our art trade. I came up with the general premise.

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