By yearends and Akane


(Note: minor anthro, minor female-to-male transformation.)


Suzanne Gallagher panted heavily as she left the elevator in her apartment building in Toronto, four heavy bags of groceries in her hands. Not for the first time, she wished Jennifer had changed Toronto the way Shizuka had Japan, or how Nueva Caracas had been recreated.


At least she didn't have to carry books on her back as well, coming home from university as she was, since she had a full suite of thought-operated devices, including the earrings she wore, which projected a computer display directly into her brain. Even almost sixty years after their introduction, they were still quite expensive, but since the former patent-holder, who was still apparently the only source for a critical component, was herself from Toronto, they were more available there than anywhere else.


Or, rather, she corrected herself as she fumbled around in her pocket with numb fingers for her keys, that was the story everyone knew. She was lucky enough to be one of the very few people to know the actual story.


Suzanne Gallagher was, in fact, very good friends with that "source", one former sports superstar Britney Atwater (though she didn't want anyone remembering that), and with certain friends of hers, including the Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette.


Not only that, but like Jennifer and Britney, and a few other people she'd become very well acquainted with, like Carol Tremblay and Brigitte Labelle, Suzanne Gallagher had nearly unlimited control over reality.


Unlike them, though, she had her powers not from being born with them as Jennifer had been, or being given them by Jennifer, but rather she was given her powers by her best friend, another Super Goddess, Paige McDowell.


She was a few days younger than Paige, born to parents who lived a few houses away from Paige's in Potsdam, New York. She'd seen firsthand how Paige's powers had grown until she turned three and became omnipotent, and then, secretly, over the next fifteen years, Paige had slowly given her powers, too--along with a strict injunction to hide them. As far as the world knew, the only beings other than the Super Goddesses who had that sort of command over reality were Shizuka Hirose's Sakimori, and while there were a few other such--like Britney, Brigitte and Carol, or a few people in M'Wela's country of Prosperia--their existence was not general knowledge. So she'd practiced using her powers in her own room, or in purpose-built universes Paige made for them to have fun in. By the time Paige turned eighteen, Suzie was already as powerful as any of the others; all that remained was her own eighteenth birthday gift a few days later, which made her truly equal to the Sakimori and the rest, as they were no longer able to override her powers or strip her of them. Only a Super Goddess could do that.


She'd chosen the university she now attended not because of its academic qualifications--which were nonetheless excellent, but those didn't really matter to someone whose mind could encompass the entire universe--but because it put her near those three other ultipotent women, as Carol and Brigitte were professors in the mathematics and journalism departments, respectively, while Britney was the head of the athletics program. (She explained that Jennifer had arranged matters so that nobody would connect her to the sports superstar who had forged Canada into a sports dynasty that still persisted--if not quite as powerfully--thirty years later.) Not only that, but shortly after she'd accepted their offer, the university had announced that Jennifer had been hired on in some sort of vague, unspecified position, which as it turned out was a way to teach every class Suzanne took that Carol or Brigitte wasn't teaching.


Which was just as well, since having to hide her powers was rather inconvenient when those powers wanted to force her into a hypersexualized body and, when she forcibly suppressed that, just made her even hornier than having them already made her. Having instructors who could tell when she was hitting a breaking point, and create parallel dimensions where time ran much faster, so that the two could jump in there, have a quick bout of infinite-power-fueled sex, and jump back out with nobody the wiser was, quite simply, the only thing that kept Paige's failsafe from kicking in and shutting off her powers until her friend was convinced she could keep them private despite the urges. Not using telekinesis to make the heavy bags she was carrying weightless? No problem. Holding in the urge to clone herself a few times and have an orgy right wherever she was? She was still working on that, but having four other people around who were willing to jump in and give her a hand (or two, or three, or really as many as she needed) definitely helped.


As she put the groceries away, she wished, not for the first time, that the Super Goddesses would come to some sort of agreement on how to let the rest of the world know that there were a few people to whom they'd given infinite power, apart from the Sakimori. Then she wouldn't have to carry groceries home from the store, since she could just fly, or teleport. Or she could just create them from nothing. Or she wouldn't have to keep up appearances, because she didn't actually have to eat.


But she had to keep up appearances, and she couldn't use her powers openly, so she was stuck using them when she was with one of the few people who knew she had them--or when she was in her "closet".


She finished putting the groceries away and walked to what was to all appearances the door to her small bedroom--and, in fact, anyone without her level of power would, upon seeing her open the door, see exactly that--and stepped straight through it, emerging into a foyer to rival any palace's.


As she did so, her body changed, going from the short, slim body her genetics dictated to the tall, curvy one her powers were constantly trying to force her into. She wasn't quite as well endowed as Paige, but of course that didn't matter to her. Her body was a shell for her consciousness, and she could give that shell any shape she liked, so she'd never even thought to feel any sort of jealousy.


The only way out of the foyer was a broad staircase, but as a precaution against anyone without power akin to her own finding this place, Suzanne had made them infinite in length, taking inspiration from an old video game--one of the very first to use rudimentary three-dimensional gameplay--where unless the player had progressed far enough in the game, they couldn't reach the final boss. Anyone trying to go up the stairs would find themselves stuck there, forever going upward, unless they turned around and went back down, which would put them back in the foyer in short order. The only way to get anywhere in Suzanne's "closet" was to walk through the walls, or to teleport, which the young woman promptly did, reappearing in a well-appointed bedroom with a screen on one wall.


The screen was already active, filled with messages of anticipation for the show "Suzie Martin" was about to put on. Suzanne smiled and shrunk herself down slightly, putting herself into the body she regularly assumed for her Transformation Tuesday and Transformation Thursday shows.


Suzanne Gallagher was the face Suzie presented to the world. Suzie Martin was the face she presented to her legions of fans around the world through her cam shows, as they were still called.


She didn't need money, of course--all the Super Goddesses were quite legitimately the wealthiest people on the planet (M'Wela having long ago arranged matters to monetize all of Irina's discoveries even though she simply released them freely to the world), never mind that they had no need for money, and they all made sure that those they considered under their care would never face any sort of hardship even if they didn't have any powers--or couldn't use them openly. Everyone knew just how wealthy they were, too (though not exactly how they came by it), which made Suzie surprised at how willing her viewers were to give her their own money, since none of them thought she was actually Suzie Martin.


There were still vociferous arguments over who she really was. Everyone generally agreed that she was a Super Goddess going incognito for an exhibitionist thrill, which was two-thirds right, since she definitely got a thrill out of it (and nobody thought a Sakimori would do cam shows). There was still some debate over exactly which Super Goddess she was, but most people thought she was actually Jennifer Martinette, taking the shorter last name in memory of her mother, while the few dissenters had no idea who she might be, except that she wasn't Jennifer, since that would be too obvious.


The consensus wasn't entirely wrong on that point of her identity, since while she wasn't Jennifer, nor had she received her powers from the Canadian, Jennifer had suggested her pseudonymous last name. Suzie had never met the redoubtable Margaret Martin, the woman having died before her fourth birthday, but she had seen her and her husband's burial universe (which incidentally contained what Jennifer claimed was the future of humanity), and visited the various monuments to her in Prosperia, including spending a year as an exchange student at Fahr-Martin High. She wouldn't have dared to use the name without Jennifer's blessing, but it certainly helped her cover.


She did a cam show every day, of course, with different focuses for each. Tuesdays and Thursdays were for transformation, where every time her fans donated enough money she'd do the transformation they'd chipped in for. Typically that was just standard stuff, like breasts, ass, or height, but generally she'd also end up as a centaur, or a lamia, or a mermaid. On Multiple Mondays she cloned herself, generally resulting in a huge orgy, but people giving enough money would enjoy a personal visit, too. Phallic Fridays were when she showed off being a futa, of course, and on occasion a lucky viewer would get whisked to the bedroom to enjoy it with her. The weekends were more tame, being Sexy Saturday and Sexy Sunday, where she did a bit of everything and generally had one of the other all-powerful women with her, also incognito. (Except Jennifer, who played up the idea that Suzie was actually just her in another body.) And then, of course, there were Wild Wednesdays, where she did everything she did on her other days, always joined by Jennifer and almost always by the other three, too.


But Wild Wednesday had been last night, so it was time for transformations. She wondered what her fans would want her to become this time. Maybe an angel--she hadn't had wings for a while.


Her stream was viewed by literally millions around the world, and plenty of them were eager to donate even before she appeared. Already there was enough money to have her grow an inch, gain two on her ass, and give herself three more cup sizes. Gaining muscle mass was almost to its first threshold, and there were pushes to have her become a lamia--her most popular non-human transformation--grow two more arms, grow two more breasts (that was almost done), and, she saw, with a smile, grow angelic wings. A lamia angel wasn't something she'd been before.


"Hi, everyone," she said as she turned on the stream. Immediately the donations jumped and she saw that she'd be growing even bigger boobs.


"Looks like I'm going to be growing already--as usual." She sensed many of her viewers chuckling slightly at that. "Post what you want me to grow first. Five seconds."


Instantly the chat was overflowing with short posts of "tits" or "ass" or "you", which she was easily able to process and determine that "ass" had slightly edged out the rest in the timeframe she'd specified.


"Looks like the butt lovers will get their wish first." Of course, everyone who watched her loved every part of her, even if there were certain parts they liked more than others, so nobody was particularly disappointed that they'd first see her bum bubble up.


She stood up, turned around, and bent over, putting her hands on the foot of the bed, showing her ass prominently to everyone viewing--or everyone viewing from the default angle. Another reason her shows were so popular was because she broadcast them in full 3-D for those with viewing devices capable of displaying it, and even those without could see her from any angle they wanted.


Small tears appeared in the fabric that had seemed painted over her already ample ass as it slowly, and not quite uniformly, grew larger as Suzie changed her shell. Two inches wasn't enough to blow the tight jeans off entirely, but as she inflated herself she sensed that the next threshold for butt growth had been reached, and three inches definitely was, the seat of her pants disappearing and revealing that, as usual, she was going commando.


"Next will be the tits, of course," she said, "but first let me get out of these." She worked two fingers into the waistband of her destroyed jeans and pulled them apart, tearing them from her body and revealing her smooth legs. She jumped up, twisting around in midair to land on her back on the huge bed, the default view switching to one overhead, showing her already-ample breasts stretching her T-shirt with her spread legs exposing her bare pussy and prominent clit. Immediately someone donated for futa--she'd start with eight inches by default--and a few seconds later it was already a quarter of the way to having her sport a dick.


The shirt stretched tighter as she began to grow the four cup sizes her viewers had purchased--which became five almost as soon as her growth began--and it, too, exploded off of her, exposing her bare boobs and hard nipples to the viewers. Immediately another donation bar appeared, this one for getting her to put clothes back on so she could outgrow them again.


"And I think some of you want me to grow an inch taller? I hope I'll get a lot bigger than this!" she said as that growth occurred. If there was one thing she regretted about having such a popular stream, it was that she simply didn't have time to respond to any particular post someone might make, as in even the brief time she'd take to answer one, there'd be ten more she'd want to answer posted.


There were a lot of posts asking her to show her ass again, though, so she rolled over in bed, sparking enough donations to have her gain another inch on her rear. She did so, meanwhile flexing her back muscles in the hope--soon realized--of sparking more donations for wings.


Suddenly one person posted, "Show us both at once!" and threw in enough money to fill that donation bar immediately, so she rolled back over, grabbed her hips, and twisted her lower body around, so that the default angle now showed both her boobs and her butt.


Another complained, "But now we won't get to see you titfuck yourself," combined with some money to get her to clone herself, the second body being in a normal configuration except with, of course, a dick. But this split the futa donation bar between those who wanted the cock on her first body and those who wanted the second, meaning it would take longer for anyone who wanted to see her with a dick have that desire realized.


That kicked off what was still called a "flame war," or would have except that as soon as it started, everyone who would have participated found themselves unable to post temporarily, and Suzie's voice boomed. "If you insult each other like I know you're about to do, I'm just not going to do any of those."


After that, of course, everyone was on their best behaviour. Donations poured in, the audience settling on her second body having the cock and her first growing extra breasts to make the inevitable titfuck more fun. All the while, Suzie flexed her back and wriggled her legs, and soon enough the lamia and angel donation bars were also full, right as she shot a huge load all over her face and boobs.


"So, want me in one body or two for this?" she asked. "If I'm in two, I'll let you decide which body gets changed..." She set up two donation bars with a target of a million dollars each, and it didn't take long for the race to finish, one body barely edging out two.


That was fine with Suzie. She put up a bunch more donation bars for precisely how she'd go down to one body and, as usually happened, melting won. So Suzie held hands with herself and started to liquefy, becoming a puddle on her bed before reforming into one body with six boobs (her audience had paid for the third pair while she was titfucking herself) and a huge shaft.


"Now," she asked, turning around to flex her back muscles before spinning some more to present her wriggling legs, "wings or tail first?"


Most people, she noted, did want tail first, but those few who preferred the wings first simply dug deeper into their pockets, meanwhile posting in chat about how they wanted her to flutter on her wings while she changed her legs, to give everyone a better view. But Suzie went by donations, and while she had her back turned, wings sprouting majestically, she set up targets for hovering or not. As she expected, since she'd become a lamia plenty of times before but always while stretched out on her bed, almost everybody donated to have her hover.


Suzie smiled as she felt all the orgasms simply from people finally getting to see her legs fuse into a tail in full three-sixty. She put up a quick donation bar to have her turn the tip into another dick, but wasn't surprised to see it go slowly. That was never very popular in her solo shows.


There was nothing else particularly special about the rest of the show for Suzie. She grew a few more arms to play with all her nipples. She lengthened her tongue down through her copious cleavage in order to eat her own pussy. She banned a few people for suggesting things she only ever did with her similarly-empowered friends (and that it was explicitly against the rules of her stream to discuss). And as usual, after a few hours, her fans would start seeing their bank balances be a little higher than they were before, as if their donations to Suzie had actually been high-interest loans they'd made to her... but she made sure nobody ever connected the dots.




Suzie did not, of course, need to sleep. But nonetheless she smiled as her eyes fluttered open, dangling from the ceiling on rusty manacles, pierced through with blunt iron rods, and with the rest of her generally mangled and disfigured. But that was a price she quite willingly paid to have Paula Estévez help her relieve her arousal, the Venezuelan Super Goddess with a very well hidden, but very deep dark side knowing she could safely unleash it in its full glory against the American ultipotent--especially since Suzie absolutely loved infinite-power-fueled degradation in all its forms. And when it came to degradation and humiliation, there was, quite simply, nobody anywhere near as good as Paula. And Paula, in turn, appreciated the outlet Suzie provided, letting her relieve her worst impulses privately, where she could do no lasting harm.


Possessed of her full power again--one of Paula and Suzie's favourite games was for the Super Goddess to play "now you can do it, now you can't" with the ultipotent--she shifted her consciousness into a new body, this one suitable for Suzanne Gallagher, leaving the tortured, tormented one a lifeless husk, which she promptly teleported to her memento room, where she kept every body Paula had played with. That also helped the blonde Latina control herself, as she often went there to find a random memory of such a session to dive into.


But it was Friday morning, and that meant it was time--well, almost time--to be plain, simple, powerless Suzanne Gallagher again. Creating a few tubs of ice cream for breakfast, she cloned herself a few times in order to eat it off herself--and eat herself out, of course--before banishing the extra bodies, dressing in her usual conservative clothing, and teleporting into Britney Atwater's very, very private office before soccer practice that morning.


The ex-champion ultipotent was waiting for her, as usual. "Hi, Suzie," the coach said, sitting in her chair with her usual body--the ultimate athlete's body, tall, flexible and lithe but with hard muscle underneath a thin layer of fat, except for the massive breasts and ass Britney had long since refused to go without--in an extra-extra-extra-large jersey and shorts that nonetheless still only barely fit around her titanic assets.


"Hi, Britney," said Suzie, changing her clothes with a thought into a similar outfit, though hers was sized for a much more unreasonably proportioned body, by the standards of the Super Goddesses and ultipotents, anyway. Suzie couldn't help but feel a bit self-conscious about her enforced lack of curves (she was allowed 5'7", 36DD-23-40, nothing more, and even then wasn't even allowed tight uniforms in sports practice, never mind anywhere else, so she couldn't even show off what curves she was allowed to have), but that had become normal for her. An uncomfortable, undesirable normal, but normal nonetheless.


"Need a little quick relief before we head out?"


"Thanks, but not this time. Paula followed by ice cream works miracles. I wish she'd get better at splitting her attention."


"As wonderful as your symbiotic relationship is, Suzie," Britney told her, "that's not Paula's style. At least, not that I've seen. Honestly I'm a little surprised you and she are even a semi-regular thing. Normally she's a serial cockhound, finding a new fraternity to fuck each night."


"I know. I just wish..." Suzie cupped her boobs a bit sadly as she shrank them to nothing. It was that, Paige had told her, or wear a hyper-constricting sports bra, so that nobody wondered how she could have double-Ds and not have them impede her athletic ability, and the bra was decidedly uncomfortable (deliberately so, Suzie was pretty sure, so that she might eventually choose just to get used to being pretty well flat-chested in public--which would also let her wear more revealing outfits, to be sure--which Suzie wasn't willing to do, even if it meant covering up). Never mind that Britney showed supreme athletic ability despite having a body that put what most big-bust and big-butt artists drew to shame. All Paige would say to that was, "Jennifer's gift, Jennifer's rules." Suzie wondered if Jennifer had any rules for Carol, Brigitte, and Britney.


Suzanne's arousal didn't flare up again until her second class of the day, as Carol was going through constructing an everywhere continuous, nowhere differentiable function, and the ultipotent teacher was every bit as relieved as her equally-powerful student to have an excuse to take a break for some sex. "Chess?" asked Carol.


"What else?"


Of course, Carol's form of chess was rather different from the game at which Jennifer had beaten her so many decades prior. Not that the rules were any different, but rather what happened during the gameplay itself. Suzie let herself dissolve, her essence possessing the board's sixteen white pieces, while Carol did the same with the black.


Apart from that, the only substantial change was, given that the pieces were animate and possessed by nigh-omnipotent beings who were perennially horny, that whenever a capture occurred, the captured piece had to bring the capturing piece to an orgasm. At the end, of course, the losing player was required to bring the winner to an orgasm.


Suzie's "relief sessions" were the only time Carol ever played to lose.


Receiving sixteen orgasms and giving out fourteen in turn--Carol was always careful to reduce their games to a king-queen or king-rook vs king ending--kept Suzie satisfied for a few more classes, and Suzanne went about her day, eating a fatty, greasy burger and heavily salted fries, along with an incredibly sugary fountain drink, for lunch (one of the few public privileges Paige allowed her was to be seen eating such meals regularly with no ill effects, short-term or long-term), hanging out with her ordinary, mortal friends for a bit, before heading to her final class of the day, with Brigitte. Her other two had been taught by Jennifer, which she was a bit sad about, since she always enjoyed their "relief sessions" best, but she smiled as the famous interviewer slipped from her "serious journalist" mindset to her "sex-crazed bimbo" one.


"You know what to do," said Suzie, taking advantage of Brigitte's assumed clumsiness to trip her up and position her with her mouth almost touching the camgirl's pussy.


"Like, ri--" Brigitte began, only to be silenced as Suzie grabbed her head and forced the issue, being unwilling to wait for further preamble.


Suzie did generally prefer to be on the receiving end of such treatment, but she'd long since agreed to make an exception for Brigitte.


Having no excuse to go to one of the few places on campus from which she could safely teleport home, Suzanne ended up on the bus. Thankfully for her patience--and her arousal's patience--she didn't live too far from campus, but no sooner had she stepped into her apartment than the small stud in her ear softly chimed and a number popped up on the computer display in her mind: 315-463-3377. (Paige had long since quietly held an apartment in Syracuse in order to have that number legitimately.)


Suzie took a deep breath.


Having taken a few seconds to sit down and create a hot mug of cocoa for herself, Suzie answered her friend's call. "Hey, Suzie," said Paige's voice, cracking not due to anything about the connection--technology invented by Irina Volkoba was guaranteed never to fail, and the other end was the infinitely powerful mind of Paige McDowell--but because of genuine emotional distress on the Super Goddess's part.


There was only ever one circumstance in which Paige contacted her like this. Besides, Paige kept her in the loop about everything she was doing. Which only made Suzie more frustrated, really--Paige meant well, but it just served to highlight how she could use her powers publicly and Suzie couldn't. Another date gone wrong. "Agape again, Paige? I'm sorry... If you want you can come around and talk about it."


"Yeah..." came the faint reply before the connection ended. Suzie dropped a notice on her stream that Phallic Friday was cancelled. Paige never came around right away.




A few hours later Paige McDowell slowly materialized on the love seat next to Suzie. Her face was tear-streaked, her hair and clothes in disarray. "Why?" was all she asked.


Suzie pondered for a moment. "Because." She shrugged. "Sometimes there's no conscious reason, no conscious decision."


Paige was, of course, fully aware of that, and so Suzie's answer, though it was the best she could give, did nothing to calm her friend. "But why?" she repeated. "Why can't they love me? Why do they have to love what I am, and not who I am?" Bleary eyes looked into Suzie's clear ones. "Do you love me, Suzie?"


"I... don't know," she said in answer to all her friend's questions. Deciding to focus on the last question to try to take Paige's mind off what had just happened to her date, she continued, "I appreciate everything you've done for me. I absolutely enjoy all the time we spend together." Even hard moments like this, she added silently. Just being around Paige was heady and intoxicating, as with any Super Goddess. "But love? No... not in the sense you want, or that you're afraid of." Suzie shook her head. "That we grew up together, of course, hardly helps me figure out just how I feel about you, Paige."


"You know I hate asking this of you, Suzie, but..." Paige touched a finger to her old friend's temple, and a flood of memories entered her brain, everything there was to know about Eric Harper.


Suzie just smiled and slowly shapeshifted into the form of Paige's date. The Super Goddess had at least earned a night of physicality with her date, or at least someone looking, talking, and acting like him.




Suzie relaxed in bed beside Paige, back in her own body, or at least the body she wished she could show everyone, a fitness model with the endowments of a fertility goddess. The Super Goddess lay beside her, hard cock tenting the sheets. That was the way things tended to go: Suzie took the form of Paige's date and fucked her, right up until Paige came back to herself and took charge, after which it was pretty much just vanilla sex between a woman and a futa. (Though Paige's cock wasn't precisely her own but rather a copy of her date's, or at least what her date's would have become had Paige gotten him into bed.)


But Paige wasn't lying still. She had one hand in the air, the fingers occasionally flicking as if she were swiping through a digital book.


"Looking for another date?" asked Suzie.


"No. I'm done with online dating." Suzie gave her friend a week. Tops. "I was looking over how you've handled yourself, Suzie. And I think it's time."


"Time for what?"


"For you to fly free, my lovely bird."






Jennifer Martinette and Paige McDowell floated at an old-fashioned podium, high-tech camera drones hovering all about them, capturing the rare Super Goddess press conference in full 3D.


"There's something that we've realized you all should know," said Jennifer without preamble. "Something that it was fair to nobody to conceal, and especially not as long as we have."


Questions streamed up from the gathered journalists, but Paige took up the announcement, ignoring the questions. "Empress Shizuka Hirose's Sakimori are... not unique. Any of us can grant that power. Some of us have. And it's time you knew to whom we have."


Behind the Super Goddesses, four figures materialized.



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