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Polly walked into the lab with a huff, dumping her backpack in the corner and sitting down on the nearest stool. Here she was, a cute little freshman college student new to the big city from her hometown in Kansas, and was she allowed to have a social life? No.

It’s not like Polly couldn’t have a social life if she wanted one. College was supposed to be a fresh start, right?

Growing up, her mom had always dressed her in skirts and white blouses that made her look a bit like the prototypical schoolgirl. That, plus her undeveloped body, had kept her in the solidly in the nerd camp until her senior year when two things happened: she grew boobs, and plastic rimmed “nerd” glasses came back into style. In her senior year she had really blossomed into a cute young woman, standing a petite five-two with long blonde hair and a pixie nose supporting now-stylish retro glasses.

Even with her new looks, she had always envied the cheerleaders. They were the queens of the high school, gorgeous and fit with big boobs, and everyone trying to please them. Her high school had been big in the national cheerleader competitions but not so competitive in the men’s sports, so not only were the girls the social center of her school, but the athletic one as well. Polly always wanted to be big and strong like those girls. Able to get any boy she wanted with a glance, and secure in her athletic prowess. She had to content herself with “pretty cute”.

Not that it did any good. Her family’s financial woes had relegated her to spending her nights in a dark physics lab.

Actually, it was a little bit of a miracle that she got this job. Originally, her nerdy roommate had inherited the position from her brother, who had graduated the previous year. She had gotten a better job elsewhere, and had given the job to Polly. Polly could see why. The first day she had come in, the job was described pretty succinctly: Watch the equipment and don’t touch anything. If anything at all happens, call Professor Williams.

“Nothing ever happens,” she thought, gazing around the lab. The place was kind of spooky, and turning on the lights didn’t help much. The room was about thirty feet on a side, with a lab bench and four stools on one wall and a server rack, monitor and keyboard in the corner. The remaining walls were lined with storage shelving. Completely filling the shelves were all sorts of arcane equipment, some with glowing tubes sticking out of the top, some with blinking LEDs, but all with thick cables snaking out of them. Most of the cables were bundled up and lead to the center of the room.

It was there where things got really weird. Six evenly-spaced stands – like microphone stands but more sturdy – surrounded an area in the middle of the room about ten feet in diameter. On the top of each stand was a very pointy probe about a foot in length, starting out about three inches across but narrowing down to a point so fine that Polly couldn’t really tell where the probe ended and empty space began. They all pointed to the center of a circle, which had a thick yellow stripe painted on the floor. The whole setup looked creepy and wicked.

The Professor had left a note: “Polly, we’ve all gone out to celebrate. Don’t touch the equipment!”

Polly sighed. Even the physics students had more of a social life than she did. She opened a book to get some studying done.

After about an hour she had finished her math homework and was about to move on to her psych textbook when she happened to look across to the monitor near the server rack. There was a binky cursor there and something written in red. She got up to take a look.

“ERROR” it read.

“Huh, well I guess this is why they have me here.” Polly dug her phone out of her backpack and dialed Professor Williams. There was no answer, so she began to leave a message about the computer error. It was then that she smelled the smoke.

She looked back across the room and was startled to see that one of the components on the opposite wall was smoking. As she watched, it burst into flame.

“Shit! We got a fire!”

Polly immediately hurried to the fire extinguisher near the door and ran to the fire. A white gusher of fire retardant shot onto the faulty component as a billowing acrid cloud quickly filled the room, making Polly choke. She tried to find her way back to the door. There, to one side of her she saw some clear air and made a break for it!

A prickling feeling danced on her skin as she passed into the clear air, coughing. Wiping the chemicals from her eyes she surveyed the damage. There, right in front of her, was the pointy end of one of the probes, and it wasn’t featureless any longer, the thing glowed with an eerie green light.

Polly looked around her. The image was surreal! It was if she was standing in the middle of a bubble of clear air in the otherwise smoky and chemical-filled room. She could see clouds of fire retardant swirl right outside of the perimeter of probes, but none seemed to infiltrate the area defined by the yellow line on the floor.

“Fuuuuck,” she sighed. She realized where she was standing. “I’ve gotta get out of here!”

She quickly moved to leave the confines of the circle and get to the door, but to her horror the further she moved from the center of the circle, the harder it was to go any further. At about one foot from the yellow line it was like she was pushing against a brick wall. She stopped pushing and felt the invisible force sort of shove her back to the center, stumbling. She ran to the opposite side of the circle with all her might and turned just as the force began to become unbearable, using the rebound to help propel her out of the trap. This time the opposing pressure came on hard as she felt her nose being squished against her face as it flung her back to the center of her prison.

She sat there breathing hard, stunned. She felt a warmth under her nose and reached up to find that her nose was bleeding.

“HELP!” she screamed. “Hellllllp!”

Polly began to cry.


It wasn’t until the next morning that Professor Williams got back to the lab. They had had a breakthrough the prior day, and he and his grad students had been out celebrating. “Maybe a little too hard,” he thought, rubbing his head.

When he opened the door the Professor was presented with a disaster area. The room was covered in what looked like talcum powder, and he could see that one bank of control equipment on the wall was black with scorch marks. But that paled with what he saw in the middle of the room. There, in the center of the quantum flux emitters, was his nighttime intern, Polly, curled up on the floor seemingly asleep.

“Oh my God! What happened?” He moved toward Polly to help, but suddenly stopped short when he saw that the emitters were glowing softly in the morning light.

“Shit!” the Professor ran over to the control computer to see what was going on. Typing furiously, he realized that the program that he had prepared for today’s second test of the apparatus had somehow been triggered in the night. A cold shiver ran down his back as he realized what that meant. He turned back to Polly.

“Polly? Polly, wake up! What happened?”

Polly sleepily opened her eyes and looked up at the Professor.

“Professor, help! Get me out of here! I can’t get out!” she cried.

The Professor, for his part, could see her mouth moving but could hear nothing. “One way,” he murmured. “Fuck!”

Professor Williams looked around the lab for a microphone. He found one on the back shelf and plugged it in to an amplifier and carefully tossed it through the perimeter of the field while motioning Polly to stay back.

He could hear her sobs now through the speaker.

“What’s happening Professor? Get me out of here!”

The Professor tried to calm her.

“Polly, you’ve apparently somehow triggered our physics experiment here. Um, I’m not sure how to get you out yet. Please stay calm! What happened?”

Polly told the Professor her story, about the error, the fire and suddenly finding herself in this impenetrable bubble.

“Fuck!” he groaned. “Ok, Polly. You’re in a quantum flux manipulation field. You see, we were investigating the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and were developing this technology to test whether or not it was true.”

“The what?” Polly sniffled.

“The many-worlds hypothesis. You know, alternate universes? Basically the theory goes that every random quantum fluctuation spins off an alternate universe where instead of one result, you have another. Literally trillions of alternate universes are spun off from this one every second without us noticing, each just slightly different from our own. As time progresses, these universes diverge and they wind up quite dissimilar. We were going to test that theory today by creating a window into a mirror universe where left is right. Of course, we were going to test it on a solution of sugar, not a person…”

Polly said, “Well turn it off! Get me out of here.”

“Um, it may not be that easy, Polly. You see, while light can pass through, being massless, physical matter is trapped within the field. Even sound cannot escape, since the vibrating molecules within your environment can’t easily interact with the ones outside. I can only communicate with you right now because the signals traveling through the microphone cable are basically radio waves.”

“Why can’t you turn it off, then?”

The Professor thought for a second. “Polly, do me a favor. Raise your right hand.”

Without thinking Polly did as she was told.

The Professor watched as Polly raised her left hand.

“Fuck,” he moaned.

Polly realized that she had raised her wrong hand and grew confused. She knew it was her left hand, but had the uncanny feeling that it was the one she always used to write. It was like she was reversed, a mirror image, but her conscious mind held both realities.

The Professor sighed, “Polly, everything inside of the field is entangled with another universe. When we shut this thing down, everything inside of the bubble is pulled into that other universe as the field collapses. Since the universe we’ve plugged into is so close to ours, my guess is that there is a matching device on the other side that will collapse at the same time. Basically, your body would have no place to go and would be squeezed out of existence.”

Tears began to flow again from Polly’s eyes. “You mean I’m trapped in here forever?”

The Professor frowned. “Polly, it’s worse: if we can’t somehow get you out of the field, the buildup of carbon dioxide will kill you within a day or two.”

Polly’s tears became sobs as she curled up on the floor or her prison. “I’m going to dieee,” she moaned.

“Oh, Polly! We’ll find something! Let me get the team together and we’ll try to get you out of here!”

The Professor fished his cell phone out of his pocket and began to make some calls.


The team worked all day to figure out a solution. One of the students had gotten the bright idea of throwing in carbon dioxide scrubbers and a battery-operated fan to prolong Polly’s lifespan, but still, the air was getting pretty stuffy. That night, Professor Williams sent his grad students away so he could talk with Polly in private.

Polly could tell from his expression that the news was not good.

“Polly, we’ve tried to figure out how to deactivate the field but have pretty much concluded that it will be impossible. We’ve basically boiled down our options to these:

“One: I can turn off the field and see what happens. I don’t recommend this one since there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be squeezed out of existence, as we’ve discussed.

“Two: I can build another field around this one and hope that the two cancel out, leaving you free to escape. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time left to get the equipment set up. Plus, there’s a 50/50 chance that the canceling of the two fields will cause the destruction of our universe, so that one’s out.

“Three,” he paused and looked her meaningfully in the eyes, “I can alter the conditions of the alternate universe in which you’re entangled. If we can change them just enough, the universe on the other side won’t have a matching lab, and when the field collapses you’ll be sucked into that universe.”

Polly was numb from despair. “So you mean that I’ll be sent somewhere else? Somewhere completely different from here?”

“Well, not completely different. I mean, as I make the changes, you’ll be entangled with that alternate universe and can tell me whether you think it’ll be a good one to go to. You’ll have, um, shadow memories of this alternate place. Yes, you’ll be trapped away from the only world you’ve ever known, but I’ll try my best to make sure that the one in which you’re deposited is a good one. I—I think this is your best option.”

“Ok,” Polly sighed, resigned to her fate and too tired to argue. “What change do you suggest?”

“Ah, well, I was thinking about that. We need something that would have retarded technological development somewhat, so that a lab like this is unlikely. Something that happened in the past.”

“So, you mean something like America losing the Revolutionary War?”

The Professor thought for a second. “That might work. We’re in New York, so we’d probably still be in English territory, and the change in culture probably wouldn’t be too severe. Let’s try it.”

Polly nodded, and the Professor walked to the keyboard and began to type. After a few minutes he turned and said, “Are you ready?”

“Let her rip, Professor. If something goes wrong, well, it was good knowing you.”

The Professor hit the enter key, and the machine began to hum in a slightly lower tone. Then there was a “snap!” and a bit of ozone smell and Polly seemed to jump before his eyes. As he watched, her clothes began to change to a tartan skirt with a frilly white blouse and black patent leather shoes. Polly’s hair began to grow longer and longer and curled into ringlets until it cascaded down to her waist. Her head was topped with a matching tam. Otherwise, she was pretty much identical to the girl who was in there earlier, right down to the bloody nose.

“Polly, are you all right.”

“That – that was odd,” she said. The Professor could hear the Scottish brogue in her voice.

“I – my memories are the same as before, but I have this recollection of a different life, like I just woke from a very vivid dream. This is my first year of school here and,” she looked dejected. “I work in this lab as your night intern. Bollocks! I’m still trapped!”

The professor sighed. “Do you have any other suggestions?”

“Try having England lose the Hundred Year’s war to France, perhaps?” she said.

The Professor nodded and turned back to his keyboard. Once again, the apparatus hummed loudly and snapped sharply as Polly began to change again. Her tartan clothing morphed into a stylish black short dress. Her hair slowly uncurled, and as if a film was running in reverse, retreated until she had a short pixie cut. Her face was perfectly made up with bright red lipstick.

“Mon dieu!” she said, searching her memories. “Non, I am still employed in your laboratoire.”

The professor wrinkled his brow in thought. “It appears that the multiverse is forcing some sort of conservatism here, making the minimum change possible consistent with our requests. I think we’re going to have to go much further back and make much more drastic a change.”

He suddenly raised his head. “Let me try this,” and begins typing.

Again the hum, much louder this time, then a snap, then Polly’s form began to blur. This time, the changes were much more drastic. Polly’s hair began to grow once again much longer, but bound up in a ponytail that trailed down her back. That back began to grow much wider and much more muscular, as the black dress slowly morphed into a rough bearskin skirt. Polly’s skin darkened considerably as she began to grow taller. Thick, lean muscles bulged under her skin as biceps that would please a male bodybuilder pushed out from her arms. Her breasts, now fully exposed, were pushed out and flattened somewhat with emergence of huge pectoral muscles. Finally the changes stopped.

Polly stared at Professor Williams as he stared at her.

“What did you do?” she said in a low voice, a strange accent creeping in around the edges of her English.

“I – I changed history at the last ice age. I, er, made it so that the age lasted a little longer.” He stared at her exposed physique.

Doctor Williams had a little secret. He had always been attracted to athletic women and had a secret fetish for women growing out of their clothes and becoming strong, powerful, and dominating. He could barely take his eyes off of her.

Polly, for her part, noticed the expression of naked lust on the Professor’s face and looked down to examine herself.

“Eeek!” she squealed, quickly bringing her thick strong arms up to cover her naked breasts. This only served to emphasize the sheer size of her biceps, and pushed her pectorals up so that now there was some cleavage between them.

“What the hell Professor,” she said. “What did you turn me into?” She looked back to the professor to see him trying to hide a bulge in his tight jeans. Was she turning him on?

“I – I don’t know. What can you remember?”

Polly concentrated. “I live in a village. Our house has stone walls and thatched roof. My brothers and I go out hunting every day for – oh my! We hunt wooly mammoth! My father was killed last year by a saber-toothed tiger! Dammit Professor! I’m a fucking cavewoman!”

“Uh, well, there probably is no danger of turning off the machine now.”

“Don’t you DARE!” she screamed with a roar, her fists bunching up and falling to her sides in anger, once again exposing her muscular breasts.

“This life sucks! We get enough to eat, but everyone’s dumb as rocks. There’s nothing to do but hunt and eat and – fuck the neighbor boys.” She realized then that she was once again exposed and blushed, quickly covering her breasts once again. Still, there was a tingle of sexual arousal. While in her “real” life she was still a virgin, in the alternate universe she had been fucking the village boys for the last two years. She was one of the biggest people in her village, so she could pretty much dictate the terms of her couplings, and she had to admit that that part of her alternate life was fun. She looked back at the Professor’s expanding tool with growing lust.

For the Professor’s part, this was nearly a fantasy come true. He had seen a petite college student transform into a goddess of muscle before his eyes. The only problem was that she had lost much of her femininity in the process. He made a suggestion.

“W-well maybe I can change things a little?” He turned back to the keyboard.

“WAIT! No more of this fucking around over there without telling me what you’re going to do!”

“I just wanted to undo what I’ve done and reset the ice age.” He turned back to the keyboard and quickly typed out his changes. Instead of changing the end of the Ice age, however, he instead tweaked the birth ratio of women to men to one-hundred to one. He figured that this would boost her sexiness significantly.

“Here we go,” he says, and pressed the button, turning to watch Polly’s transformation.

The machine hummed and snapped, and Polly began to change. First, her hair became once again unbound and curled into ringlets that tumbled down her body to the bottom of her ass. Then Polly’s eyes widened as she felt her arms being pushed apart by her expanding boobs, inflating like balloons until they were the size of watermelons, firm and proud and sitting high on her chest with thick inch-long nipples. Polly’s body soon followed, growing taller – quickly passing six feet and approaching seven – while her waist narrowed relative to her expanding shoulders and hips. Her abdominal muscles bunched and heaved as they developed into a cobbled road leading from the bottoms of her immense breasts to her hungry pussy. Polly began to exude a raw sexuality, as the pheromones she produced were evolved to attract men from a huge distance.

Unbeknownst to the professor, Polly’s mind developed with her body, becoming much more intelligent than him, probably at least twice as intelligent as anyone who has ever lived, in our universe.

Finally, the machine wound down, and Polly smiled. Oh, yes, this was nice! She looked down at her body, now completely naked, but felt no shame since she was perfection itself. She searched her memory for her alternate history. In this new timeline, the world is divided into queendoms, each ruled by a woman who enforced her will with an iron fist. She was one of these queens, with three-thousand female vassals and slaves, and a harem of a hundred fine men. While she was certainly not the master of this alternate world, she was still quite high in its hierarchy.

With her enhanced mind, she could tell what had happened. With so many more women than men, they had become the protectors, the strong ones. Each one had competed for sex since the beginning of humanity, with only the strongest, most beautiful women having children, causing each generation to become sexier, stronger, and more intelligent. The evolutionary pressures were really quite simple to deduce.

She looked at the professor, who stared at her with a bit of drool at the corner of his mouth.

“Do you like what you see, Professor?” she said, tweaking a nipple with her long elegant fingers and sliding the other hand down her perfect abs toward her sex. The Professor began to absentmindedly rub his cock through his jeans as he nodded.

Polly considered: did she want to go to this alternate world? She would be like one of those cheerleaders in high school, a queen to be worshiped. On the other hand, she would always be fighting with her neighbors to maintain that power, and would be beholden to an Empress who reigned over hundreds of kingdoms.

No. She wanted it all to herself. Polly let the competitive nature of the girl she was in this alternate world wash over her as she decided she wanted this world, the world outside her bubble. She would be the only one here! She’d be the most sexy, strong, and intelligent person on the planet! She would probably rule it within the decade.

But how to escape? She idly caressed her sex as she thought, and then had an idea. She would have to be careful here, lest the Professor catch on and terminate the bubble before she was ready.

When she looked up, she realized that that would probably not be a problem, as Professor Williams had given up all propriety and dropped his pants around his ankles, frantically yanking on his impressive cock and staring at her perfection.

Polly giggled and blew him a kiss causing her breasts to bounce dramatically, and he ejaculated on the spot.

“Oh Professor, what you’ve done here is quite lovely, but don’t you think we could do more?” she said, batting her eyes.

“M-more?” he asked warily.

“Well, in the world you’ve created for me I’m a –slave. Beholden to a powerful warlord. Men here are twelve-feet tall and abuse their women terribly. I was hoping we could make one more change before you collapsed the field.”


“I promise to make it worth your while! I think you’ll really like what I have in mind!”

The Professor nodded. As she spoke, his dripping penis returned to full arousal.

“Set the controls so that the women of this world have used a breeding program for the last twenty-thousand years where only the most beautiful, powerful and intelligent women are allowed to procreate using the best male breeding specimens. They would select for beauty, sexuality, strength, intelligence, health and healing factor, longevity and –“ she thought for a moment. “—and mental powers. You know, telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, all that stuff.”

“Uh, I don’t know. Do mental powers really exist?”

“Oh professor, please? I promise you won’t be disappointed!” Polly began to caress herself at the thought of the goddess she would become if this worked. She slipped two fingers into her wet sex and began to caress her clit moaning.

The Professor stared at the spectacle, jacking off furiously at her pleasure. Within moments he came again as she bucked on her hand groaning in ecstasy. Polly looked straight at the Professor as she brought her wet fingers up to circle her nipples while she licked her lips seductively.

Images of female perfection ran through the Professor’s mind as he turned to the controls once again, typed a bit, and then hit “Enter”.

This time the hum that pervaded the room was more of a howl and the snap was more like a gunshot, as much more power was needed to make the necessary changes. Polly stood in the center of the field with a big smile on her face as she awaited her ascendance. She watched as the Professor’s eyes widened, his boner back as hard as ever.

After a few seconds, she found she could read his mind and see her changes through his eyes! Her entire perfect frame began to swell and stretch as layer after layer of inhuman impenetrable muscle grew under her skin. Her bones became neigh-unbreakable, and she could remember her experimental youth when she replaced the normal matrix of her skeleton with bond-enhanced diamond. Her breasts pulsed and pushed out until they were the size of beach balls, nipples three inches long. She grew to eight feet, then nine and finally had to sit and double over to fit into her confines. This exposed her pussy to the Professor’s bulging eyes, and she watched as her clit stood proudly three inches from her sex. Polly’s long hair began to fly around her, sexily caressing her overdeveloped body. She remembered learning this technique from her mother in order to emphasize her beauty and power to all who saw her.

Suddenly, her connection to the Professor was broken as the sensory overload of her beauty finally drove his heart to failure. Polly quickly reached into his mind ransacked it for all the details of how the apparatus worked. As a parting gift, she overloaded his pleasure centers as his consciousness faded.

Polly was alone in the faintly humming room. She now knew everything the Professor knew about the machine, and while her alternate world had not developed some of the theory that her old world had, it was now simplicity for her to grasp the concepts. Polly turned her attention to the computer and to the equipment racks and closed her eyes, probing their workings with senses other than sight.

Polly smiled as she realized what she needed to do. The computer screen began to type out line after line of apparent gibberish as she reprogrammed its most basic workings from the ground up. At the same time, the wires and equipment in the racks behind her began to restructure themselves into a much more efficient and subtly different configuration. At last, she was ready.

With a gesture, the walls and ceiling of the Physics building exploded outward. Polly made sure that none of the debris fell back onto the equipment, as the emitters lifted themselves from the floor and began to pull back from the former building.

Polly could feel the field gradient lessen as the emitters flew back from the center and out into the quad. Soon the emitters were fifty feet apart, and continued to pass stunned students as they stood and stared at the spectacle. Every time a female student passed into its circumference, she began to grow larger and more beautiful, with those closer in experiencing much more of a change than the ones at the edge. Girls of all ethnicities found themselves improving, becoming sexier and stronger than they could ever have imagined as they fell within the machine’s influence.

Polly’s pheromones, trapped within the field for all this time, drove those who fell under their influence into a sexual frenzy, and the much-improved girls quickly sought to fuck what they now saw as a precious commodity: Men!

Finally, when the emitters had pulled back a hundred yards from what had been the Physics building, Polly rose from the ruins in all her perfect naked glory, and flew out, pushing against the now-trivial barrier into the real world. Once clear, she terminated the connection to the alternate universe and watched as the collapsing field ripped everything within it into the other dimension, the newly improved students from the quad screaming as they were sucked in.

Polly smiled at the crater her birth had created. In the silence of the night, she closed her eyes and sensed the millions of inferior souls who would soon be her slaves. This was right. This was the universe she was meant for. She floated off to her destiny.



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I'm a big fan of the concept of alternate timelines and such, so I've loved this story since I happened to find it on a different site years ago.

Two things I think are a little weak, though: first, the "Doctor Williams had a secret" portion (instead of telling us about an existing fetish, why not have Polly turning into a cavewoman suddenly awaken this heretofore-unknown interest?), and the fact that he dies near the end (why not have him disappear into the bubble and spend the rest of his life in the combination dream/nightmare dimension that Polly created?).

“Set the controls so that the women of this world have used a breeding program for the last twenty-thousand years where only the most beautiful, powerful and intelligent women are allowed to procreate using the best male breeding specimens. They would select for beauty, sexuality, strength, intelligence, health and healing factor, longevity and –“ she thought for a moment. “—and mental powers. You know, telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, all that stuff.”

I love foreshadowing ^^