Commissioned by Kahla. Thanks to CrypticCollaborator, madokaaaaaaaaaaaa, OmniScribbler, and Ultra Bra for beta reading and additional contributions. Additional thanks to WunderWoods for providing standard domino measurements, which I scaled up proportionally. (That'll make sense in context.)

To clarify, I have no ill will towards any of the cities, landmarks, or people destroyed in this story. It’s all in good fetishy fun.


It was undeniably an uncommon choice for a honeymoon, but Rachel had found a fascinating ghost town online where they could set up camp and explore around. She and her new spouse Ashley were immediately enthralled.

Once at Colorado’s abandoned Capitol City, nothing could keep the two women apart. They slept together, they bathed together, they ate together, they hiked together.

The total lack of anyone around was great, but it left the two women alone with their thoughts fairly often. During one of their aimless hikes, Rachel said, “Hey, can we just sit and talk for a bit?”

Ashley replied, “Sure, what’s up?”

Rachel sat down on a large fallen tree and Ashley next to her.

“I know we’ve talked about this before, but... well, it’s been kinda bugging me. I want to let it out, you know?”

“Yeah. Go ahead--I’m happy to listen.”

Rachel took a slow, deep breath to collect her thoughts.

“I love this ghost town, this wilderness. The only things to hear are the quiet ambience of nature and you. No one’s pressuring me with religious proverbs and hymns... I feel like a world of stress has been lifted off my shoulders just from my leaving all that to come here with you.

“I looked up ‘Blood is thicker than water’ the other day. Did you know that isn’t the original quote? The whole thing is ‘The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’ The bonds one makes themselves--platonic and romantic ones--are stronger than that of one’s family.”

“Nurture over nature, right?”

“Not exactly, but that’s the right principle. Either way, the version they insist on treating like indisputable fact is absolute bullshit. I didn’t choose my family! I certainly didn’t want to grow up with those assholes! I hate the obligation of family. Like, if I’m to spend my developing years with a certain group of people, then it would make sense that they be kind and respectful, so I grow up to be a good person.”

“But instead, I dealt with daily fucking suffocation: constant reprimanding for my ‘damned sinful soul’ and all that... it felt like I was drowning. They kept trapping me and making me doubt myself, to the point that I started to wonder if maybe they were right--‘maybe I am going down the wrong path.’”

She sighed. “I’m so glad we’re doing this. I had to leave that damned place, or else... I don’t really want to think about what could’ve happened otherwise.”

“Can’t blame you there.”

“And I’m so happy you came here with me. I’m so happy you showed me the love I never could experience if I kept listening to their hateful, ignorant bullshit and kept on listening, like a ‘good girl.’ I didn’t fit their mold, and I don’t want to. Because if I had let them indoctrinate me too, not only would they have won, but I would’ve wound up no better than them!”

Rachel quickly stood up and began shouting. “I can’t fucking help who I am or who I love! I am Rachel Larson, not Patterson! And I love my wife, Ashley Larson! What gives you the right to tell me otherwise?!” She paused to let herself catch her breath.

“Okay... I guess I got a bit carried away. Now that I’m here, I can finally breathe. I probably could have conveyed that idea without shouting, sorry.”

“No, don’t apologize for being passionate about being treated with respect! You deserve it! And besides, it’s good to let stuff like that out. Well... I suppose if you’re gonna apologize, maybe you should to the birds?”

“Oh, right.” Rachel called out, “Sorry for disturbing you, bir--”

She trailed off as she realized there were none around anymore. She turned back to Ashley, who had a silly grin on her face. Rachel’s features reacted in kind.

“Thanks, I could use a mood lightener after all that.” She hugged Ashley. “I love how good you are at making me feel better.”

“That’s not all I’m good for, I trust.”

“Not even close, but I can tell you want to keep moving, so let’s get to it!”

They continued their aimless wandering. The couple eventually found themselves at the mouth of a cave.

“Hey Rae,” Ashley said, indicating the cave, “Check this out!”

“Wait... is there even supposed to be a cave here?” She took out her phone and attempted to figure out where they were. Meanwhile, Ash turned on her flashlight and proceeded in.

“Hmm, I think the signal is bad here, I’m not getting anyth-- hey!” Rachel looked up, saw Ashley heading into the cave, and hurried in to follow her, scrambling to get her flashlight out and on as quickly as possible.

“Wait up, would you?! I’m the one with the map, you know!”

“You just said it wasn’t working! I dunno, this is exciting! We’re like explorers, you know?”

“I suppose, but explorers have plans! They keep track of where they’re going! I’m not sure this is a good idea....”

“You know,” Ashley said, “they used to say if people could fly, they’d have wings. But they did fly eventually--the Wright Brothers, NASA, us getting here. Do you wish we hadn’t come here, that we hadn’t eloped? I know you don’t want anything to do with your parents, and that you’d rather be anywhere else but with them. You’re right that there’s the potential for danger here, but just think of what we could discover here! Sure, it’s a risk, but risk is our business! That’s what life is all about! That’s why we’re here in the first place!”

“Are you seriously paraphrasing a line from some old TV show?”

“Um... no?”

Rae smiled. “If I didn’t love you, that ridiculous spiel wouldn’t have worked. You know that, right?”

“I don’t need to, because you love me! Now let’s go!”

Ashley took Rachel’s hand and progressed further into the dark, twisting cave. She spent no time considering which way to turn at a fork. The air felt progressively more and more stale and stagnant. It was very believable that no one had gone exploring in here for a very long time--maybe even centuries.

Eventually, the two found themselves in a less claustrophobic chamber. It was mostly empty, save for one thing.

“Hey Rae?”


“What do you see here?”

“A... a naked woman. She’s floating in the air, motionless. I... think she’s staring at us, but she could be frozen.”

“Okay, good,” Ashley sighed in relief. “I was worried I was hallucinating for a moment there. How did she get here...?”

“I somehow doubt she just felt like chilling here in a dark cave, far away from any semblance of civilization. Maybe she was trapped here?”

“By who? For that matter, how is she floating like this?” Ash attempted to wave her hand underneath the levitating woman, only to find that it stopped before getting there. It was as if the floating woman was encased in glass, like a museum exhibit, except the glass felt entirely insubstantial and looked invisible.

“Wait, what? There’s something here, and yet...”

“I don’t see anything. You don’t mean there’s a force field or something there, do you?”

“I don’t have a better explanation.”

Rachel stared at the floating woman, trying to rationalize her being in this seemingly unknown and exceptionally remote cave. Without warning, she started to move, which startled Rachel.

“A-A-Ashley...? Sh-she’s moving.”

Ashley didn’t respond. She was frozen by a combination of awe and horror. The woman’s movements seemed groggy at first, as if she was just waking up. She surveyed her surroundings, raised her arms, and thrust them outward.

Ashley and Rachel flinched in response, expecting shards of glass to eviscerate them. Nothing of the sort happened, however. All that impacted them was a brief gust of wind. The floating woman gently stepped on the ground and looked down at the two cowering before her.

Ah, I am pleased to see that I am among friends here. Rise; you have nothing to fear from me. And you need not use those peculiar devices to illuminate this chamber--I am quite capable of doing so myself.

The cave walls themselves started glowing a gentle blue color, providing enough light that Rachel and Ashley could put away their flashlights.

“Wh-wh-who are you?” Rachel managed to utter.

Indeed, it has been quite some time since I last graced this world--centuries, it seems. My name is Catherine. With your assistance, my name will be known around the world as I had desired long ago.

Ashley asked, “Your lips aren’t moving. How am I able to hear you?” Getting worried, she asked Rachel, “Wait, c-can you hear her?”

Rachel nodded, somewhat vacantly.

Catherine smiled. I am merely projecting my voice into your minds. I assure you, neither of you are mentally unwell.

“You said you last ‘graced this world’ centuries ago,” Rachel said, “so, what are you, if you’re still alive?”

I am what you would consider a witch, as in the Salem witch trials. They occurred a few decades after I was outcast here. I was the most powerful witch on the planet... I wanted to use my powers to bring humanity to a new renaissance. But, of course, forward thinking was contrary to what they decided their god wanted for them, so I was indiscriminately despised and my power feared. The townsfolk seemed to prefer a dark age of religious superstition over the possibility of improving all life.

I was beaten, tarred and feathered, drowned, shot, hanged... nothing they did could kill me and keep me dead. I did actually experience death each time they tried it, but I always came back some time later. They eventually sent for a holy man to exorcise me, and when that didn’t work, I was banished. I headed west until I found this cave. I told the natives who lived here at the time that I wanted to take up residence on their land. They had no objections, especially since I’d be out of their way. So I sealed myself here. Not physically, mind you. Obviously--you were able to come in here.

It was beneficial for me to wait, since I knew people like you would eventually find me and I could gain the glory I deserve and more, which is where you come in.

“Wait, people like us?” Ashley asked. “What do you mean?”

You do not fear and hate that which is different. I may appear human like yourselves, but I possess extensive supernatural powers. Despite all that, you do not scorn and resent me as a result. Likewise, you yourselves have been outcast by your loved ones because you are different--you do not love as they do. You know what comprised my days prior to my imprisonment here.

“I can imagine....” Rachel replied. “You also said you needed our help?”

Yes. I am not capable of acquiring the glory I envisioned centuries ago alone... but I am not alone anymore.

“I’m... not sure I follow.”

I wish to reward you with bliss beyond your comprehension, and together we will take over this cruel, homogenized world and reshape it in our image.

Silence fell in the cave as Rachel and Ashley let that statement sink in. Eventually Ashley broke it, uttering, “Are you serious?”

Indeed I am.

“What would this even entail?” Rachel asked.

I would absorb you both into my form. We would be a single unified mind, but your individuality would remain. Therefore, as I become more powerful, so would you, since my power would be equally yours. You would be experiencing things just as I would.

Ashley remained silent for a long moment. She finally said, “I’ve spent a good portion of my life feeling powerless. The world is full of cruelty, apathy, injustice. What good can I do against something as enormous and uncaring as that? At least... that’s what I regularly thought. But now... I think this is a perfect opportunity. I’m in.”

It took Rachel a moment, but she nodded. “Me too.”

Excellent! Thank you both! Now for your rewards.

Catherine outstretched her hands towards Ashley and Rachel. Their bodies dissolved into light which suffused into her. She sighed in satisfaction--the new Ashley and Rachel portions of her greatly enjoyed the feeling of simply being Catherine.

With that out of the way, we have grown quite sick of this cave.

With a bit of concentration, power roared within her, causing her to cum harder than Ashley or Rachel ever had before. Catherine smiled, knowing that was only the beginning. She exerted that power in all directions as she rose into the air, blasting the cave apart, giving her room to continue rising. Her previous orgasm was put to shame by the following one.

Before long, she reached the light of day and fresh air for the first time in centuries. She took a long moment to enjoy it alongside the afterglow of her first of many, many powerful orgasms.

There is a ritual to our ascension. The more people aware of us, the more eyes on us, the more fear we produce, the more powerful we become. That’s all there is to it, really. But, as we are now, we might not invoke much fear. We would benefit from an... improved body....

Catherine’s 5 foot 6 stature may have been impressive in the early 18th century, but not particularly in the modern day. She thought it appropriate to change that. The tallest person to ever live stood just shy of 9 feet, but she intended to put even that record to shame. Limitations of the human body made growth on the scale she wanted difficult to accomplish at best and painful at worst. Fortunately, she had an idea of how to get around that.

Physiologically, Catherine caused her pituitary gland to produce and release more growth hormones in her body, artificially inducing acromegaly in herself. Her control over her body was surgically precise, allowing her to shape her body along her desires. Her body became internally consistent with that of a teenager’s, in that it was prepared and ready for growth--effectively a continuation of her puberty after 300 years. Her body was like clay made wet by supernatural power, allowing her to mold her body and add to it as she saw fit. Her desire for more strength alone caused her muscle cells to multiply like never before. Her waifish frame grew bigger, thicker, taller.

The process--especially at the speed she was going at--should have caused her intense pain, but it was easy for her to heal injuries as they materialized while simultaneously flooding her body with a cocktail of magically-enhanced pleasure hormones. The tearing and nigh-instantaneous healing of flesh felt like a powerful full-body orgasm with every intention of overstaying its welcome.

She finally brought her transformation to a head at 27 feet tall: much taller and stronger than even the biggest and toughest humans.

Thoroughly enjoying the rush of her still-ongoing orgasms, Catherine smirked. “Much better. Now, we’re a bit far from society out here. Let’s fix that and get to work.”

She charged up a concussive blast and shot herself into the sky, hurtling northeast, towards Colorado’s most densely populated city: Denver.

Her calculations were flawless. She propelled herself with just the right amount of force to land in the middle of the city in under a minute--not far from escape velocity.

She didn’t feel the need to check for any airplanes that could have been along her trajectory. A plane managed to see her coming and take evasive maneuvers to avoid her. The plane’s passengers quickly became panicked both as their plane suddenly banked hard left then the sight of a gigantic woman hurtling through the air like a missile. Frantically-typed messages were posted on social media seconds before Catherine reached her destination.

Of course, they wouldn’t be an adequate warning for her arrival. Nothing short of time travel to before life first appeared on Earth would be adequate warning.

The Colorado Convention Center was a large and flat building in the middle of downtown Denver. She decided to use it as her landing pad. She stuck the landing with ease, but the convention center didn’t fare so well. It collapsed in on itself and then some as the force of her landing turned the convention center and the surrounding blocks into a crater about 2,000 feet in diameter and 400 feet deep.

The impact also kicked up a tremendous amount of dust and smoke, thoroughly obscuring anyone’s view of what just happened. Catherine took advantage of the mounting suspense and fed off the city’s collective fear, compounded by a light earthquake felt miles away.

Denver’s population fell silent, staring in horrified anticipation at the smoking crater. A figure gradually emerged. Instead of climbing and walking out of the crater, it simply levitated and rose straight up. The smoke surrounding it made it into a silhouette. It thrust out its hands and the smoke shot away in every direction, clearing the view.

Catherine smirked as some people immediately quaked with fear, while others turned around and ran.

“Hm? What’s wrong, everyone? We were expecting more fanfare with our arrival. After all, we are this planet’s new goddess!”

She glanced at her body. “Oh, this? Yeah, we hear ya--we’re not quite goddess material quite yet. We have a ways to go before we get there.”

She examined a nearby building. It was a fancy hotel, tall and narrow--no doubt placed here to serve as lodging for people attending events at the convention center. About a third of the building had collapsed from the crater, while the remainder was pretty obviously unstable. It wouldn’t take much force to cause it to topple...

“Gee, look at this building here,” Catherine said, indicating the unstable hotel. She floated over to its southeast side.

“This thing should really be reinforced. We mean, just a little push...” She pushed against the building, causing it to collapse and topple onto the street below, also causing heavy damage to the building across the street. Several cars in the parking lot were flattened.

“When you rebuild this city, make sure you make it tougher than this!”

As more people screamed and police cars approached the scene en masse, Catherine moaned in ecstasy and laughed. The rising fear felt positively delicious! Plus, her body continued growing larger and stronger, tapering off at just shy of 49 feet tall.

She spotted a building of similar proportions to the one she just knocked over. It was too far to have been affected by her push, but it gave her an idea. Her arrival in Denver and toppling of the fancy hotel alone produced enough fear in the populace to boost her size and power enormously, which opened the door for all sorts of fun, terrifying new powers.

Using nothing more than her will, she pulled buildings out of the ground like a telekinetic farmer in a carrot field. She stretched them to a consistent scale of 500 feet tall, 250 feet wide, and 83 feet thick--optimal proportions for dominoes.

She continued ripping buildings out of the ground and warping their shape into massive dominoes without a care in the world. She happily sang to herself, inadvertently shattering glass and eardrums alike around her for miles around.

“So you say, it’s not okay to be gay. Well, we think you’re just evil. You’re just some racist who can’t tie our laces. Your point of view is medievalllllll... fuck you! Fuck you very very much! ‘Cause we hate what you do, and we hate your whole crew, so please, don’t stay in touch!”

The terrified Denverites could barely think, let alone retaliate--not that there was anything they could do to stop her.

Once she had 200 buildings (about all of Denver’s skyscrapers) warped into enormous dominoes ten times her size, she set each of them down on the ground in sequence. Before she could finish however, a rocket impacted her breast. She stumbled a little, inadvertently flattening half a city block under her heel, but was otherwise unscathed.

“How rude! Can’t a girl play dominoes in peace?” She squinted in the direction of the missile and saw a swarm of more emerging over the horizon. She couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“Okay, okay, fine, we can take a hint. If the people want a juggling act, then a juggling act we will perform!”

Alright, what are we dealing with here? Looks like a barrage of 64 hypersonic missiles. At what looks like Mach 14, they’ll be here in just shy of five seconds. We’ll need to be fast to catch them all and juggle them without them detonating in my face and making a fool of myself before the people of this fine crater-to-be of a city. We think we can drain the first few missiles of their kinetic energy on contact. That boost should be enough to make this work.

4.774 seconds later, the first of the missiles were on top of her. She made her situation very simple in her head.

Just catch them, then start juggling them. But use a light grip, otherwise they’ll literally blow up in your face.

She had never actually juggled before, but she was confident her vast powers would allow her to precisely regulate her dexterity and application of force.

The first missile was within her grasp. With the delicate touch one would use to handle an eggshell, she placed her fingers around it, halting its momentum. She siphoned its kinetic energy and tossed it into the air. The next missile was already on top of her, so she repeated the process.

Grab, absorb, toss, repeat. Before long, the tossed missiles were starting to flutter down to the ground, causing her to revise her pattern. Both of her hands were occupied catching and tossing the incoming missiles, so she produced another pair of arms to catch and retoss.

The process was initially chaotically fast, even for her, but absorbing each missile’s kinetic energy both improved her speed and slowed down her perception, making the impossible feat nearly effortless.

After less than a second, she was juggling all 64 missiles as if someone had thrown her bowling pins. The shock and horror of the townspeople below at seeing her treat weapons of mass destruction like harmless toys only further empowered the titaness. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, her control over them was absolute. They never touched... though she made a point of getting a few of them close from time to time. Even if it wasn’t clear to her audience, it was clear to her that if two of them even grazed each other, they would detonate.

She slowly grew larger as she continued juggling. Televised news reports, filmed from insect-like helicopters, made her known to millions more, resulting in plenty more fear for her to thrive on.

Before long, she had grown to just over half the height of her building dominoes. At this point her props were reduced to little more than specks of dust--specks she could still deftly juggle, but it would be silly, especially with powerful lust rising inside her.

She let each missile land in the palms of her hands, which she then slammed between her legs. Admittedly, the missiles’ collective explosive force was pitiful compared to what she was capable of outputting now, but she found she was enjoying the showmanship involved in this ritual. She compounded their explosive force with the equivalent of one second of an average hurricane, which produced an immense shockwave, shattering glass and eardrums all around her.

The energy of the blast produced a cock on her body, just over her vagina. A huge one, in fact, even for someone as massive as her: 120 feet long and 20 feet thick.

“We were going to simply push over my dominoes and watch them fall... but all this excitement has me... well, excited! Granted, I’ve only had one of these for a few moments now, but I’m relatively confident you mortal dicklets can’t get this hard! Anyway, now that we have this... we want to use it.

She crouched down and practically pressed her face on the ground, mere inches away from a few tiny, terrified Denverites.

“You catch my drift?”

Most of them ran at that moment, but one was frozen in place. He involuntarily came in his pants. Embarrassment and terror in equal measure were apparently too much for him, as he passed out immediately after. Catherine reacted involuntarily herself, letting out a spurt of precum.

Mind you, a ‘spurt’ from someone 250 feet tall was close to a thousand gallons. Not quite enough to drown a person on a city street, but enough to wash away an unconscious body, which is precisely what happened.

“Oh, whoops! Didn’t think fear alone would be enough to arouse me, but here we are! Yeah, this guy gets it! We wonder if he’ll pick up on the fact that he’s lost at sea before he drowns.... Anyway, we should knock over our dominoes now!”

She spun around at a few hundred miles per hour and teleported to the start of her dominoes, timing it precisely so her cock swung against the first domino like a baseball bat, which caused the array to begin falling.

The force of the impact stung slightly, but also caused her to unleash hundreds of thousands of gallons of actual cum. She tossed her head back and moaned to the heavens--loudly enough that they could probably hear her up there. She may have looked distracted, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She wasn’t physically looking at her display, but she could sense it. The image was perfectly clear in her mind’s eye. A little telekinesis kept her tidal waves of ejaculate from disrupting her colossal display.

The sound of her dominoes falling was quite unlike the typical plastic or wooden varieties. The exponentially larger scale produced blasts of noise like cannon fire followed by devastating explosions, syncopated like the delay between the flash of a firework and the sound of its detonation.

Her domino setup wasn’t as visually impressive as what people online have been able to construct, but visual flair, while fun, wasn’t her primary objective. Fear was. The literally deafening noise and repeated lethal explosions one after another ensured fear was the only thing felt across the Mile High City.

By the time her display ended, most of the people unfortunate enough to be downtown at the same time as her had perished in the chaos. The few survivors were either begging for a quick end, aimlessly sobbing and calling out for their probably-absent mothers, or unconscious due to injury or fainting.

This has been a good start! We’ve more than made my mark here, and we’ve definitely made an impression! So many cameras recorded me and transmitted our image across the nation! But a threat seen on TV is easy to ignore. People right now are thinking ‘Oh, that couldn’t ever happen to me!’ Prepare to be proven wrong.

To the survivors, it seemed like she had simply vanished, but in reality, she leapt into the air with unfathomable speed, easily producing the biggest earthquake the state had ever experienced in its entire recorded history.

As Catherine flew northwest, she watched as the grey blobs of city faded into brown rocks and mountains.

We can’t possibly have gotten away with decimating their city scot-free. We wonder what they have in store for us next...?

The question was largely rhetorical, as her dramatically augmented senses gave her a good idea, even while hurtling at 7.4 miles per second. She sensed satellite cameras high above her, watching her. People and computers were analyzing that footage to determine as quickly as possible where she was going to land.

The impact of her landing on the ground in a remote part of Wyoming produced an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale. She imagined that sudden burst of seismic activity would help triangulate her position.

Let them.

Something new was above her: several metal-cased projectiles. Catherine was the smartest human alive by an order of magnitude, but she certainly didn’t need to be to figure out what those projectiles were.

Nukes! That’s the logical course of action after going to the trouble of determining precisely where we landed! Aren’t they such hard workers, getting these to us so quickly! We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Shortly after, a nuclear hailstorm surrounded and enveloped her. The searing hot energies scorched and disintegrated everything it touched, with a maximum radius of over 8 miles.

A mushroom cloud 13 miles tall fully obscured her, no doubt causing the military to celebrate exterminating a threat to their very existence quickly and efficiently, with minimal casualties. They were admittedly right about the casualties--there were very few people living in this part of Colorado.

She stood at the center of a fireball spanning just shy of a square mile. By all rights, the forces of the weapon should have utterly vaporized her... but, of course, she not only survived, but thrived. After taking a few moments to revel in just how amazing it felt, she absorbed the fireball and was empowered leagues beyond her previous state. She was brought to her knees by the sheer intensity of it. The pleasure of her orgasm as she knocked over her dominoes was infinitesimally less than the feeling of simply existing now.

The military, however, was convinced they successfully destroyed her. The thought of an enormous woman with strange powers who could demolish a city with as much effort as someone playing with dominoes was undeniably horrifying... but fortunately, a single blast of nuclear fire was enough to exterminate her.

The cloud gradually began to clear. What they saw wasn’t a charred crater or a collapsed corpse ripped apart by third-degree burns.

They saw an ankle. The war room was dead silent as they looked up... and up... and up... and up...

With a satisfied smirk, she let out another growth spurt, doubling her height from 3000 feet to just over a mile tall, doing so quickly enough that the thin remnants of the mushroom cloud rapidly dispersed.

Catherine let out a moan as she felt the energy settling into her body. The enormous boost in pleasure and size sent her to the tipping point. Her erect member sent out a gushing spout of white fluid with the force of a dozen tsunamis. The stream shot almost 200 miles west before colliding with the Sawatch Range, transforming it into the Sawatch Valley.

Oh baby, we hope they have more of those ready to drop on me! If that’s what our pre is capable of, we can’t wait for the finale!

Given the amount of nuclear weapons America had spread across the country, it was easy to frantically send several more her way. Instead of showing any indications of fatigue or weakness, their target laid down on the ground over the crater of the first explosion (now barely noticeable compared to how colossal she was) with her legs spread.

As the bombs dropped, she telekinetically held them before her until all of them were dropped. They she directed them between her legs and inside her vagina. Given that she intended to crush what were effectively specks of dust inside a vagina with some 19 million cubic feet in volume, she had to apply some extra force to actually cause them to detonate.

The first bomb was put to shame by comparison. She tripled in size as she came all over the rural, fallout-ridden landscape. Lost in ecstasy beyond human comprehension, she hugged her gargantuan cock--850 feet long!--as it unleashed more and more cum relentlessly like a fountain. Simultaneously, her vagina was practically numb from the blast, resulting in a haphazard spraying waterfall of discharge. Her breasts even began to produce milk. The unexpected let-down reflex further enhanced her euphoria, causing a few tears of unbridled joy to fall.

She was giddy with the high of her ascension, with every second passing making it feel better and better. It felt like it would never end...

At the very least, it wasn’t finished yet.

Deeming the nukes ineffective (not to mention sending an abundance of fallout with the wind), the military opted to unveil its top-secret project: a satellite laser system. A series of 128 geostationary satellites armed with highly-experimental and unimaginably powerful projected energy weapons surrounded the Earth, able to strike at any point on the surface with minimal preparation.

The satellites were armed with more than enough power cells to fire at full power for hours at a time--a couple weeks at most. At maximum power, each of them could unleash a beam producing energy comparable to the most powerful solar flares. The array was a last resort, largely because the power it was capable of outputting would decimate the planet. The hope was that focusing the energy on a single point (fortunately in a remote location) would minimize casualties.

Praying that their actions today wouldn’t lead to the annihilation of their species, the military sent the relevant signal to the satellite array, causing them to aim at the massive, orgasm-laden goddess of a woman and fire on her.

Catherine knew all this thanks to how powerful her senses became with all the power she gorged herself on. Even while reveling in the throes of divine ecstasy, she was still cognizant of the world around her, orders of magnitude more so than any living thing or machine on the planet.

It took only a few seconds for the nine satellites closest to her to aim and fire. Only 119.4 milliseconds passed between firing and impact. She perceived that blink of an eye as exponentially slower. She had time to run. She had time to find something to protect herself. She even had time to destroy several of the orbiting satellites via several different methods.

But no. She remained still and let them fire on her.

We wouldn’t miss an opportunity to absorb this much raw power at once for anything!

The beams were larger and more intense than she expected. The profound heat radiating from them vaporized the smouldering earth around her--what wasn’t already annihilated from the nukes, anyway. She was enveloped within nine massive beams of energy, emanating from high above the planet.

The beams initially fired at their standard power settings, sending down energy of a similar order to the nukes dropped earlier, but without any worries of lingering fallout and radiation.

Just pure concentrated death.

Considering that what few people who were in the unincorporated community were vaporized in the first nuclear blast, the only fatality now would be their target.

In theory, of course. In reality, Catherine telekinetically redirected the beams straight into her vagina, using them like a goddess’s sex toy. They increased the power, hoping desperately to find her upper limit and finally inflict pain on her at the very least. Naturally, all it did was make her bigger and her orgasms even more powerful, causing her ever-growing flood of cum and milk to span dozens of miles--nearly reaching the ruins of Denver. She wasn’t sure what she’d do once the military reached the extent of the firepower they were able to throw at her.

No, that’s not true. By the time they’ve exhausted all the firepower in their ludicrous arsenal, we’ll have more than enough power to revel in pleasures beyond the orgasm--beyond human comprehension!

Before long, the beams intensified to full power and adjacent satellites moved to add to the ‘onslaught’. Nine became nineteen became ninety became all 128. The collective power unleashed by all the satellites rapidly approached a supernova--decimating much of the United States.

No matter how much firepower they threw at her, no matter how many defenseless civilians perished in the attempts to extinguish her, she absorbed it all and became more powerful. Even the military was losing hope. It was observed that her ocean of cum, milk, and vaginal fluids remained intact. The ungodly heat from all the energy beams failed to affect it even slightly.

The best word to describe it was ‘pathetic’.

She pulled more and more energy out of the satellites, using the beams like the ultimate dildo, merging them together by hand and massaging it against her body--which at this point was entirely an erogenous zone. Anything and everything that could happen and was happening to her would only give her greater and greater pleasure.

She felt an energy build up inside her, quite unlike her sex toys in orbit. It was far greater than any experimental or even theoretical military weapon.

She had experienced powerful orgasms before.

She was brought to her knees by all the pleasure surging through her.

She even flooded the state of Colorado with all her cum and breast milk.

It was all nothing.

Worse than nothing, in fact--it was even painful.

Not in a conventional, physical sense. It was painful in the sense that it was so tremendously limited. There was a definite ceiling to how intense her orgasms could be, how much pleasure she could derive from them. Her finite power was to blame for this ceiling.

She was pressed so tightly against it that it was agonizingly painful. She could do nothing but suffer... until she found a way to use that pain as a weapon to break free.

Catherine had no idea what pleasure even was. Her omnipotence, just looming around the corner, was happy to teach her.

A momentary but omnipresent flash of light preceded that ceiling shattering from an endless flood of cum projected at a pressure so high that put the Planck pressure to shame. The joy of boundlessness intensified the sensation, allowing her to finally experience true euphoria.

All of a sudden, she vanished.

It seemed like it was finally over. The whole world had sustained intense damage... it would take years to rebuild all the damaged and destroyed cities... and any survivors in the general area were destined for a painful death from radiation poisoning... but at least it was over.




There was laughing. It didn’t originate from any one source--it was everywhere. All across the wasteland that used to be the United States, all across the world, across the galaxy, across the entire universe and beyond. It started quiet and ominous, before piercing every ear in existence.

Catherine’s apotheosis was complete. Her power was absolute. She was everywhere. She knew everything.

The most succinct way to describe it would be ‘She was God.’, but that wasn’t entirely true.

God was certainly a powerful being, but he was limited to his lone creation: the universe. Meanwhile, Catherine had literally destroyed the single barrier between her and infinity. Her command expanded beyond the universe, beyond the multiverse, the third dimension, the fourth, the fifth, and so on and so on ad infinitum.

Catherine willed an infinite palace into existence in the same space as her former prison, spanning into higher dimensions beyond human understanding and even beyond the concept of dimensions themselves--to the point that the English language and the author’s literary abilities are simply inadequate in describing anything like it with any degree of accuracy.

Her co-rulers, Ashley and Rachel, made love to each other with their newfound and limitless powers, subjecting themselves and each other to forces beyond human comprehension. They were exposed to sensations beyond pleasure, climaxes beyond orgasm, joy beyond any and all human reckoning.

When their mistress appeared before them, they immediately froze and bowed before her. They may have been her equals, but she was still responsible for their ascension.

Catherine sat down on her supreme throne as ruler of all existence and spread her legs, allowing her literally infinite cock to manifest and utterly entrance her saviors.

Her every whim was indisputable law, but Ashley and Rachel wanted nothing more than to share their freshly-discovered euphoria with their mistress.


In Catherine’s revised multiverse, she reigned supreme, completely and utterly. Free will still existed, but only since Catherine finds the occasional resistance amusing--especially how persistent they could be sometimes. It was her intention that her subjects would conclude that worshipping her was the objectively best course of action, rather than simply rewriting every mind ever to make it so.

After seeing even the smallest fraction of what she’s capable of, no one--short of the insane or stupid--would dare invoke her wrath.


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