Godspeed: Pretty Cure (Part I)



Hi everyone! My name is Cincirino and I will be your narrator today! Why would you care do you ask? Well, in case you didn't know me, I am the world-famous mascot of the strongest Pretty Cure in all of history! I am cute as a button and I have all the ladies charmed, I am so popular I even have a toy line with plushies and action figures. Sadly, people tend to confuse me with a normal chinchilla because of my appearance but for your information I am one of the most powerful mages in Faerieland, everyone trembles before my might! No, don't laugh! It's true I promise! I may look like a small gray rodent but I can make people realize their wishes, I can give them the power of the Cures.

What is a Cure you say? Oh, I thought everyone in the world knew what a Pretty Cure was, isn't it taught at school nowadays or something? Nah, perhaps, dear reader, you may not be in touch with reality but I'll explain anyway. Ahem.

Pretty Cures are legendary warriors infused with the power of magic, friendship and love, whenever a villainous villain from Penumbra attacks the real world, me and my companions, the magical mascots must follow suit and prepare three young women from your dimension and bestow incredible powers upon them that help them combat the evil hordes that threaten to suck all love and compassion from Earth! They are beautiful maidens with an attitude, we choose them based on their purity and predisposition to do the right thing, if they have a strong will and heart, they are perfect to handle the responsibility of having such a great power, they also need to be friends and love each other to work properly as a team because as great as their power is, their enemies are also gifted with great might and nothing to lose!

The powers of a Pretty Cure are selected to prepare them for enduring countless battles and taking damage while still dissing out a lot and they change their physiology to the point that the tools we provide for them to transform technically replace their entire body at a molecular level. They have incredible strength, stamina and speed, equivalent to that of a hundred human strong males each, varying in intensity depending on which cure of the trio we are talking about. They also have many other powers that may prove useful in fighting against evil, like talking to animals, telepathy, divination, the ability of flight and the use of energy attacks, they can condense this energy in their magical tools and use it as a weapon, each Cure tends to name these attacks in a childish way but we mages know them for what they are, energy blasts that are created by the unadulterated love for all life that resides in their hearts. This same love is the one that inspired the first and most important rule in the non-written Cure's rulebook: "Never kill, if someone can be saved, he or she will be saved by the power of love and friendship." There had been many times where an enemy has been converted into a Cure this way, we mages can authorize the existence of a fourth Cure if we consider that they are truly needed to combat the villains.

We tend to choose teenagers as Cures because this is the part in life where humans feel stronger emotions and so it helps them fight for the right cause, while most Cures in history have been considered conventionally attractive from a human point of view, their transformed form usually takes that beauty to a new standard of perfection while keeping their original features almost intact and dresses them with an attire and regalia proper of magical warriors, hence why we call the Cures "Pretty"

Cures usually reject their powers once they defeat the villain because they prefer to live a normal, quiet life without danger and they pass the torch to the next generation of magical girls. My case, however, was a little bit different. I'm the latest guardian magical mascot of the Pretty Cure lineage but my superiors made a mistake when they linked me to the source of the magical power that Cures feed upon from. This power is taken from an energy well that stores the leftovers of the love the Cures from past iterations left in their tools, we mix the energy together and take a reasonable amount of power from it and infuse the new tools with it! Let's say that … in my case … they linked me by mistake to ALL the power in the well, I couldn't contain so much magic and I infused only one tool with it, this tool had the form of a beautifully crafted glove covered in rubies and diamonds, with the other tools now useless I couldn't prepare three maidens for the ritual, it was horrible! However, my superiors went easy on me because they were to blame too for this mistake. Now, I had only one magical tool in my hands so I could only transform one human with it, would it be enough? Assuming that the power of all the hundreds of past Cures was inside, I didn't even know how it would work without tearing the poor little girl that was supposed to wear it apart! Should it work though, I guess it would give my assigned Cure enough power to deal with the crisis by herself, this was unprecedented though and I was very nervous, the villain this time was Count Diabolikus, this very ugly vampire lord that wanted to conquer the world and drink the blood of all the children on it so he could always stay young and powerful, for how hideous he was, he had always been a narcissistic madman, and now he leaked into the human world, he had to be stopped whatever the cost!

This girl, the soon to be new Cure was called Momo Hanamura, a beautiful name for a gorgeous girl in her preparatory years, a little bit old for Cure standards but I was told she was really beautiful and had a wonderful soul, so fine by me. It always amazes me that almost all Cures come from Japan, is there something special with that place on Earth or what? Well, it was my first time guiding a Cure, but the manual said I should pay her a visit first and explain the situation to her in a way that doesn't make her spaz out, a difficult task indeed!

I used my magic to open a portal to the real world, carrying the glove in my hand, apparently it was so powerful my level wasn't enough to contain the tool in a compressed form, I also took care of making myself invisible to normal humans so only Momo could see me. Eventually I found her soul signature, it was so powerful and beautiful I couldn't ignore it. I saw her through the window of her door, this 16 year old girl, still in high school, was wearing the uniform of her school; a white blouse with a gray jacket and a short blue scottish-patterned skirt, her legs were covered in a black pantyhose. She was combing her hair in the mirror and I appreciated her features.

She was incredibly beautiful and elegant, her hair was long, reaching to the end of her back, with a beautiful and unusual color for a japanese, mahogany, her sapphire eyes were like gemstones, like the giant ones we had back in home and granted wishes.

- Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute! Who put you there?

I was so lost in this vision that I didn't notice she was already next to the window, watching me, incredulous. She opened the window and took my little body in her hand like a vulgar plushie, I screamed and then she got scared and let me fall on her comfortable bed, her room was incredibly girl and it smelt like cinnabar.

- What are you? A new toy or something? Jeez you scared me. -her voice sounded really good even when she was disturbed. She could be an idol if she wanted but perhaps she was too young?

- I'm not! I'm Cincirino, your magical guardian mascot! I'm here to guide you through the world of the Pre …  

She fainted, after she woke up I talked with her for a bit. I understood why she was scared of me, humans are not used to deal with magical creatures from other worlds like myself, humans live very mundane lifes with little interaction with magic and supernatural powers in general, so if they see a cartoon rodent talking they will obviously freak out.

When she calmed herself, I talked to her again about the Pretty Cures, she listened reluctantly to what I had to say, I thought she would not believe me but at least she stayed there with me while I was talking. I explained to her that we needed her to save the world, she was the only one able to have the power of the Cures and restore the natural order to this world. She accepted that I needed to live with her to guide her through her perils, she didn’t immediately give me an answer and I had to insist a lot but after telling her that I didn’t need food she accepted it. She was really popular and loved in her school and tended to her classmates, it was obvious that she was a good person and could bear the load of being a soldier of justice and love.

- Momo, we have been together for a week already, have you thought of putting on the glove? You have to stop Count Diabolikus! -I said while we were walking home from school, me being in her shoulder.

- Oh fine! I will try here in this alley!

I handed her the glove, she looked scared and I tried to comfort her, it was a great responsibility and we didn't know what effects such a powerful tool would have on such a young girl, normally it wouldn't matter because the usual magical tools don't have so much power but still, we had to try or we were lost.

- I believe in you Momo, you can do this, these days with you have proven me that you were the right decision. -these last days Momo had been really kind with me, she didn't even treat me like a mascot, but like the intelligent person with real feelings that I am, most humans wouldn't have shared their ice cream with me after mine fell to the floor, that and many other little things that she did for me are enough to believe in her.

- I-If you say so, I'll try!

Still a bit unsure, the teenage girl put on the glove and wondered at its beauty, the rubies and diamonds shone when it fit perfectly in her delicate fingers and her eyes reflected on it. A glowing light explosion blinded us both and when I could open my eyes again, I saw what was probably the most beautiful Pretty Cure I had ever seen in my life, I mean, I only knew about the last ones in portraits but she was just so radiant, emitting this colourful aura of purity and beauty. Her eyes still had that magnificent blue color, now looking at them was like watching directly into the sea, her slender and compact frame was now contained inside a pink dress with white details. She had many ribbons around her attire, one in her chest, another one in her headband and two small ones in her wristbands. Her hair, even the one on her eyebrows and eyelashes, became totally pink too, but of a lighter shade than her attaire, it grew even bigger and tied itself into two incredibly long twintails that almost reached the floor, it looked so silky and perfect that I refrained myself from touching it to feel if I was correct, I didn't want to ruin it with my clunky paws. The glove transformed into a heart gem just over her chest ribbon, it had a powerful blue color and symbolized the infinity and everlasting quality of her majestic power, she had become an actual warrior of love, it happened, this confirmed that if all had worked normally she would have become the leader of the group, her earrings and other accesories were hearts after all, she was the incarnation of the concept of love, friendship and hope.


She appeared to be really aware of her, by earthly standards, strange appearance and touched her frilly, girly skirt to check if all of this was actually happening and it wasn't a dream. Me? I couldn't help but stare, marvelled at what was easily the most beautiful and powerful Cure in history. As much as I was charmed by this incredible vision, I didn't take long to think about the monumental responsibility I had now, in front of me I had a new heroine in the making, and I had to guide her as best as I could. I handed her a mirror to look at herself, she blushed, incapable of believing the girl on the polished crystal was her. She touched her own face, everything was so soft, and at the same time in the place it should be, she looked like she just had applied make-up and lipstick but it was all natural, that was her appearance after the transformation and she would look like this in all her fights from now on. I let her a moment to digest everything but she felt so lost, I knew she was also struggling with the sudden spike on power she was feeling, the metabolism and energy of her body changing at incredible speed and feeding her a sense of greatness she never felt before. I could feel the power growing for each second in her little teenage body, by now dwarfing even the strongest mages on the Council of Faerieland.

- Is this me …?

- Yes Momo, you have become a Pretty Cure, a warrior that fights for love, justice, friendship and the well-being of the weak and unprotected, your task is clear now.

- It … feels so strange and cheesy but … right now I think I could do anything I wanted if I tried …

- While that may be truth Momo, you have the responsibility to beat evil now, the people of your planet need you, they can't do it, but now you can.

- But … I don't know where to begin. -of course it would be hard to explain this to a high schooler, but that was luckily my job.

- You will have to hide this from your friends and family, we don't want them to be put in danger and risk your status as heroine! So by now, you will use this name when using that form.

- W-what name?

- Henceforth, you shall be known as … mmm … Cure Unity! The savior of the world!

- That's too cheesy! Give me another name please, not that one!

- It's a fine one, just so you know you are more powerful than other Cures because your power comes from all your ancestors, so Unity is a fitting name.

- Mmm … more powerful? -Cure Unity held so much energy inside her body that she felt the need to let it out somehow, she started ballet a few months ago so she tried to do some moves just to vent that energy, not only she realized that she was able to do every dance move she had tried to do before, but that she was doing them at an incredible speed. - Wow I feel so light! -

Dust particles and wind started to form a current around the spinning body of the dancing heroine until she went too far and created a tornado around her, street animals run in the opposite direction, terrified of her casual display of power, the floor broke, and the tiles in the roofs of the neighbourhood flew away as well as the leafs on the trees which were being shaken violently. I grabbed to a lamp post with my paws, unable to resist the waves of wind that were driving me away.

- Unity stop! That's enough! You have to control your power! -she stopped and looked at her surroundings and covered her precious pink lips with her manicured hands, scared.

- Oh wow … I did that … ? Sorry …

- Yeah you are definitely more powerful than a regular Cure so you will have to train to control your powers better in the future! Don't worry though, that's why I'm here, to help you.

- Really? Thank you! W-what do I have to do now? I feel so out of place, but at the same time my body feels incredible, like I could do anything!

- Mmm … and that's because you probably can … still … you see that lamp post? I want you to test your strength, a Pretty Cure should be strong enough to dent metal with a well placed punch or kick.

She was surprised with the petition but Momo didn't waste a moment, she felt powerful enough to do it, her doubts and insecurities were disappearing fast. Using a bit of her leg's strength Cure Unity kicked the lamp post that I was grabbing to just before and it didn't dent at all. No, because what it did was melt, Unity's kick cut through the metal like butter, a few drops of the molten mess fell on her body but they weren't able to burn her skin or her clothes at all. Cure Unity stopped almost at the end of the post and watched as the 30 feet tall lamp post feel like a tree after being cut by a chainsaw, luckily it didn't fall over anyone's house. We both were so impressed with that casual level of strength that we couldn't even speak for some seconds. Instinctively she let herself go again and embraced part of the fallen lamp post, testing her incredible strength my sweet Momo pressed her body against the metal and it yielded instantly, taking the form of the body that was denting it, she even played with the metal in her hands and deformed it with incredible ease, all while looking curious and confused, it was obvious she wasn't putting any effort into it.

- I was told Cures had the strength of a hundred warriors but this …

- I-I'm very, very strong … -I could see that.

- Oh I can see that, dear. Don't worry, I will fix this mess. -with my magic I succeded at fixing the damage that Momo caused and restore the alley to its previous condition, I was sure she could do that with far more ease than me but I didn't want to fill her mind with too much information now, I could still see in her eyes the rush of power of the first time a girl becomes a Pretty Cure. - No need to worry about dress, it will be in mint condition after you activate the glove once again! -

- These things make no sense. 

- That's why we call them magic!

When we were heading out of the alley I couldn't predict what was about to happen, a car was in the way of hitting us, my reaction time was horrible and I couldn't do anything, I knew that Momo was going to be okay, but myself? Not so much. Suddenly, Momo took me in her arms and jumped, oh and she jumped a lot, very high, so high that we broke through the clouds in the sky, I screamed, scared of the fact that we were at two thousand feet over the sea level. I could see the entirety of the city from there, it was glorious, we were higher than even the tallest skyscrapers but … we weren't falling. I took notice that Cure Unity, my dear companion, just saved me from certain death and that she could fly.

- I-I can fly too? - I tried to calm myself after this experience, the council didn't prepare me for these thrills.

- It seems you can, and that you are incredibly overpowered, that glove is ridiculous. For instance, Pretty Cures should be able to jump high, yes, but not this much, let alone be able to fly like this, yet you are flying.

- It's incredible, this is the greatest feeling ever … everything is so beautiful from here …

- Momo we have to go back home, I will help you control this power, we must train … a little … - and we needed to do it before the enemy arrived in a few days, I didn't have a doubt that Cure Unity would be able to defeat Diabolikus with ease, but still I didn't want her to cause too much collateral damage.

- O-ok! -and then we went back home flying, I used an invisibility spell on us so no one could see us.

Naturally, the time went by and in a few days, a dimensional portal appeared in the middle of the sea, near Tokyo Bay, the council informed me that Diabolikus' troops were already being deployed, legions of blood sucking vampires that wanted to ruin this beautiful city and use it as a dark tower, a headquarter to plan the invasion of this world. It was saturday so Momo had no high school, we were lucky I guess. I woke her up and she understood what she had to do in the moment. We trained for days to control Unity's ridiculous power, now she could somehow measure her strength when fighting, and her speed when running, her reflexes were optimal too and she learned how to fly and summon blasts of pure magical energy. Normally Cures took months to manifest those advanced abilities, let alone control them, and with much less raw power than Momo, but she was a prodigy. I also learned that Momo used Cure Unity to boost her intelligence and memory and study for the exams so that she could get straight A's. Momo thought I didn't see her but I was always there, watching Unity reading through pages and pages of books like nothing, devouring their knowledge in a matter of seconds. Sometimes it was scary to think what would happen if Cure Unity got out of hand, her power was seemingly growing every day and affected all of her natural and magic abilities.

I could tell you that what happened that day was a battle of epic proportions. In their first encounter with the villain, the Cures were always pummeled and they had to beat a number of henchmen first to show that they could take on the big one but here Diabolikus did predict the incredible strength of my protégée. Before I could get ready to assist Momo she had already left her home. I flought at my maximum speed to where I thought Momo went and I was right. Tokyo Bay was full of powerful vampires destroying buildings and battleships with their superior magical technology, mounting their dark flying bikes, they could terrorize the JSDF with no problem whose missiles couldn't even penetrate the magical shields of the enemy, people were being told to run to the shelters in droves, everyone was screaming and crying in this maelstrom of chaos.


However, love wouldn't be defeated today, Cure Unity, the savior of the world, wouldn't stay put in front of such malice and destruction, she would end this sadness and bring a smile to everyone's face. She appeared in front of the main ship and her aura exploded around her in a show of pink fireworks. Count Diabolikus manifested in his ship's deck, surrounded by a cloud made of bats and raised his hand while letting his black long cape float, addresing the super powered teenager that was challenging him.

- Stupid Pretty Cure! It's too late, I prepared myself for this and I'm not alone, unlike you! You cannot end the reign of Count Diabolikus! My vampires will suck everyone's blood and will fill this world with cruely and darkness, but, knowing that you cannot win, I still offer you to be my queen, of course you will have to surrender and betray your world, mmm mmm!

- I will never do that! I have to protect the people I love! -she was already talking like a true Cure.

And then it happened, what nobody, not even me, expected. Suddenly most of the vampire biker gang had their machines rendered useless, Cure Unity was blowing them up with her powerful kicks and punches, she was so fast that you couldn't see her, really, it was like something invisible and impossibly fast was destroying millions of bikes, killing the vampires in the way, these invincible beings of pure magic which could withstand Japan's best artillery and tactics like nothing were being eliminated in seconds by this overpowered magical teenager that wore pink like the heroines on saturday morning cartoons. Count Diabolikus stared in fear at the work of his enemy and he realized that he couldn't stand a chance against such force. No matter how many blows she received, how many magical blasts her body absorbed it all, even the vampires that tried to jump on her to suck her blood saw themselves literally being vaporized by her potent aura.

In less than a minute his entire army existed no more and Cure Unity appeared in front of his battleship, an enormous flying vehicule with the shape of a monstruous bat and made of impossiblum, a mineral that resisted and reflected magical power.

- You may have defeated my legions but that doesn't mean you can win! -but Diabolikus was incorrect, just a single punch from Unity was enough to crack the strong material and break the ship apart, the explosion could be seen from space.

And as easy as that, Diabolikus, a threat to humanity itself, was destroyed in a minute by this wonderful Pretty Cure, that had the power no mage or monster could rival. Everyone was cheering and celebrating at the victory of this heroine, no one knew how she looked because she was too far for everyone to see, but from years to come japanese people would come to venerate her as a heroine.

Momo appeared right next to me, oh, apparently she learned how to teleport too, or maybe she was just that fast. She changed into her normal appearance, she had her fun and her smile full of satisfaction made me laugh unexpectedly.

- Well, I guess you didn't need me after all, Momo

- Don't say that Cincirino, if it weren't for your training, I could have killed a lot of people with collateral damage, thanks to you I could perfect my powers and have enough finesse to do what I did. -she became more intelligent and coherent in a few days, the way she talked was composed and elegant, Unity's superior intellect changed her I guess.

- Your powers are incredible, you did really well, I'm sad I couldn't spend more time with you, normally this takes months, or even a full year, but you were so efficient …

- So, you have to return to the Council and inform them now?

- Yes, Momo, and I need you to return the glove to me, sorry I have to leave you …

- Ah …



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