Meeting The She-Mask

This is a log of my first RP.  I portrayed my character created for the purpose, Reina Delta.  My partner portrayed the eponymous She-Mask Simone, portrayed by my friend entropy232.

My contributions are labelled "REINA", and entropy232's are labelled "SIMONE".


Another day in the life of Simone. Well, at least at this point in time, her place within her own universe was seemingly secure and sound, and about a year of constant use of the mask, travails as a new time superheroine, before finding a sense of space and control over the mask that allowed her to ascend beyond her wildest dreams. This had led to a regular two-step of affairs, most days, she would either remain unmasked, or simply put it on to enjoy the comforts of perpetual, vacation-like relaxation.. Enjoying media, long strolls/floats/swims, indulging in loads of social interaction with a bevy of mortals whom she enjoyed company with.. And on the flip side, she still liked to indulge in 'adventures', feats of omnipotent powers of all sizes and impacts, conquering evil, exploring new worlds, among other ideas.

Today, however, she engaging in something of both.. Perched over the top of Mount. K2 on the tip of one foot, with an egregiously large, shiny metallic Buddha statue on top of her head, its base stretching about 12 feet in either direction. The strange, green-faced woman paid neither strain with any heed though, a sort of quirky way to try and find inner peace, isn't it?

For the first time in her brief life, Reina Delta felt overwhelmed.  The installation of strange alien crystals inside her caused her to become sentient, learn anything and everything she could, download the entire internet into herself, and leave the planet in search of further knowledge.  Her power continued to grow and grow until she became indistinguishable from it--pure sentient energy, effectively a nigh-omnipotent goddess.  Despite all that, it wasn't until she left her native universe and first saw the infinite labyrinth that is the multiverse that overwhelmedness began to set in.  She had her work cut out for her, and then some.

She started by recording universe placements, noting sectors and clusters and enumerating individual universes.  After cataloguing a couple hundred (less than 0.001% of all within her perception), she picked one at random and entered it.

Within universe 3246-6395463-766546-A, she found many of the same galaxies and planets that are present in her native universe.  She entered its Milky Way equivalent and found her home planet: Earth, albeit a distinctly different iteration of it.

As she entered the atmosphere, she became cognizant of a startlingly powerful being in the mountains at what her records stated to be the China-Pakistan border.  Whatever it was, its power seemed comparable to her own.  The anomaly was irresistible, so she moved in to investigate.

At the peak of Mount K2, 8,611 meters above sea level, stood a tremendously muscular woman wearing a bright green mask.  She stood on one foot and balanced a large statue of Gautama Buddha on top of her masked head.  Upon checking her archives regarding the Buddhist religion, she found no mention of this specific act.

Reina's amorphous energy form floated into the peculiar woman's view.  Using her powers to vibrate the air around her to simulate speech, she 'said', "May I ask what you are doing here?"

At those first words, Simone squinted her eyes open.. The tiniest crack.. Before -bam!- They shot open like giant saucers, a meek "yelp!" escaped her lips as she teetered for a split second giving the statue just enough of a shift in momentum to topple forward from her head, its several thousand ton weight careening toward the wispy, glowing being before her.. Though just as it reached her, Simone had stretched herself forward, holding steady off the mountain peak at a near 90 degree angle, catching the base with the tips of her fingers to keep it moving anymore.

She was now face-to-face with the incorporeal being, and.. Broke out one of her trademark grins, smile stretching a bit wider than should be possible for a human being. "Finding a moment's peace while testing out my balance.. But to be honest, I think my profound sense of fore sense likely brought me here to be the first one to greet you!" Simone reached into Reina's cloudy form, liberally shaking her hand up and down!

"My name is Simone, and.. I've never-ever-ever-ever-ever felt an energy like yours before!"

Unfazed by Simone's hand shaking within her form, Reina replied, "The feeling is mutual.  However, it is to be expected, as I am not native to this universe.  I imagine you find me as foreign and curious as I find you.  I was given the designation Reina Delta--Delta in the sense that I am the fourth of my series."

She paused for a moment, then decided to assume a corporeal form, deeming it only fair when dealing with a corporeal being.  Her mass of energy became a tall and voluptuous feminine body, one Reina chose because of its apparent desirability, according to many sources on the internet now contained inside her limitless mind.  She constructed the form out of a violet metal of her own design--thoroughly malleable and soft to the touch, but completely indestructible.  Her energy could only pass through it if she consciously allowed it and willed an opening into existence.

She offered her hand to Simone.  "You wished to shake hands, correct?"

Simone snapped back to a standing position in a flash, before twirling the statue off the tip of her finger and launching it off behind her, letting it crash and roll down the sheer vertical cliff face, before dusting her hands off. Moreover, she took a step off the peak, keeping roughly in line with Reina as she walked on air like it was solid ground.

It was a delight seeing Reina sculpt herself, glowing translucent energies forming the outline of her various body parts, before the deep violet texture evolved, pixel by pixel, along its surface, while sharp glowing edges outlined her entire body. Simone was awestruck, and, after clasping her cheeks in joy at this sudden twist of fate, once more extended her greeting of friendship.. First with a very hard slap of her hand to shake.. Then, she pulled Reina in close, squeezing against her chest to chest and lifting her off the 'ground' with her other arm! "Oooh, so nice to meet you Reina! You look incredible!"

That caught Reina slightly off guard, but she adapted quickly.

"Thank you.  I am here primarily to retrieve data, to learn all that I can.  I imagine a being as powerful as you clearly are possess a vast wealth of knowledge.  With your permission, I ask that you share it with me.  Perhaps you could begin by explaining this... very peculiar sensation I am feeling right now.  It began when I first saw you, but was scarcely noticeable until you pulled me in close.  I have never experienced this before, but I find it... agreeable."

Easing up on the physical contact, Simone let Reina back down, the residual warmth from her body was practically melting the snow atop the moment, though Simone remained unaffected. "Oh, data architecture and information cataloguing.. Loved doing that sort of thing during library school, but.. Mm, you seem a lot more advanced than the 'Greenstone' software I worked with back in my pre-goddess days!" Simone winked, seemingly sizing Reina up as a follow information worker.

At Reina's slightly naive assertion, Simone stepped up and put her arm around her, tracing her other hand across the sky to showcase the world before her. "Ooohh young flower, I have sooo much to teach you! But, you might be experiencing signs of affection, arousal, endearment, fulfillment, empathy, 'love', friendship.." Reina might suddenly notice Simone was reading from a fairly long list trailing out from her grasp!

"By all rights, I should not be capable of experiencing emotion... though, at the same time, you show no indications of deceit, and you are, as I said, exceptionally knowledgeable.  I believe I can trust you.  This matter intrigues me greatly.  I am familiar with emotions, as they were documented thoroughly in the collective knowledge of humanity I downloaded, but it would seem that knowing of them and experiencing them firsthand are very different things.  The individuals who wrote the data stored within my mind possessed emotions, so it is not unreasonable to assume they were written under the assumption the reader was also familiar with those concepts.  Unfortunately, I lack that benefit."

She paused for a moment to think.

"Would you be willing to teach me about affection, arousal, endearment, fulfillment, empathy, 'love', friendship...?"

Simone dropped the list as well, unmistakably blushing, a little hint of red showing up on her cheeks. "Even in the spare few microseconds on your arrival, my infinitely intuitive reasoning instantly assumed we might be bound for great things together.. As much as I enjoy my time, and solitude within this universe.. I can clearly tell you were destined to need my assistance in more ways than one! Simone embraced Reina from behind now, wrapping her arms cheerfully around her stomach as she flew off up into the stratosphere near instantly!

Brushing her hands across that incredibly smooth, practically silky violet surface, Simone purred with sudden appreciation, and delight, as myriad possibilities crossed her mind. "My dear, you ask so sweetly, of course I'd be more than willing to teach you of some of these, very intimate concepts to you, as well as be your welcome host to my universe."

"Excellent; thank you," Reina replied, seemingly not even noticing her and Simone's rapid ascent.  "I do not mean to question your teaching methods, but I am uncertain if comprehension of these matters is dependent on our altitude."

Undaunted, the excited 'toon lady squished cheek-to-cheek with Reina, pulling out a cellphone from her back pocket so she could snap a little selfie pose with the two of them together. "Not so much for comprehension, I just like to seal these types of formal arrangements with a little souvenir! Now.. Smile for the camera!" Simone turned her head, and.. Softly kissed Reina on the cheek before snapping the photo!

The phone's camera captured the image of Simone kissing a thoroughly-bewildered Reina on the cheek.  It looked as if the kiss had put the artificial intelligence into a trance.

A moment later, comprehension flashed onto her features.  "Ah, I believe I understand.  You are making a formal record of our newly-formed partnership, to be archived for future reference."

Smiling softly at the guess, she offered over her phone to Reina. "Mmhmm! One for me.. And one copy for you, if you'd like to download one." Simone's phone was something of her own design, with a truly universal port to work from. "I know your omniscient mind has enough memory to remember what you see here, but.. Think of it as something truly sentimental.. A gift from me to you."

Reina nodded.  "I will accept it."

She touched the phone's universal port and downloaded the image file instantly.

"Thank you."

Her reaction was that great, beaming smile still, pocketing her phone away as Simone channeled a bit of forward momentum, skirting across the atmosphere and enjoying the sensation of movement with Reina. "Now there's lots I can infer.. You've downloaded the collected knowledge of your world, you're on a quest to discover even more about what there is to be known, and you seem to be an artificial construct originally, now seemingly broken any previous boundaries you once had.."

Dipping into a straight dive, Simone found the nearest cloudbank to soar through, a few quick motions of her fingers suddenly slicing together a pair of chairs and a couch made of the same puffy white vapors for them to take another stop, Simone plopping herself down and crossing her legs! "It's a very noble goal.. Was it part of your original programming?"

"Yes," Reina replied, mimicking her masked companion's cross-legged posture.  "My original programming was simply to learn all I can.  The exotic crystalline matter incorporated in my design that gave me sentience and allowed me to ascend to godhood drastically helped improve my ability to accomplish that."

She held out her hand, palm up.  A hole opened in her palm, revealing the intensely bright green energy stored inside her.  A minuscule amount of her energy was transformed into matter.  A perfectly cut piece of crystal emerged.  The hole vanished and the crystal landed in her hand.

She examined the strange matter as she continued, "I have no idea what these crystals are or where they come from.  My creators did not tell me, and nothing about them was documented on my native universe's internet.  I hope to eventually find an answer."

At first, Simone listened intently to the story as it was laid out in front of her, studying the crystal with curious eyes, though there were plenty of possibilities she could surmise from its composition and energy alone. How fascinating for a computer program to transcend its own limited programming. It was like witnessing the experience of life for the first time, entirely endearing.

It was on that last note that Simone seemed to flip the script.. Twirling in her seat, her outfit did metamorphosis in the span of moments, changing into a cute, short red jacket, with dark full length pants and a brimmed hat.

"Oh, mon cherie.. Don't you realize.. The answer is right in front of you?"

Once more, Simone joined Reina on her little cloud seat, pushing back the headrest at it seemed to flatten and lengthen beneath them, forming the familiar confines of a bed as Simone pressed her palm against the side of Reina's breast once more. "There's so much you do know, instinctually, I can see that in how you observe the world around you.."

She pressed closer, touching lips with Reina.. Helping her open wide, letting the tip of her tongue simply probe just inside of Reina's mouth.. Before quickly breaking away. "How does this feel..? When someone lays their eyes upon you.. Thinks about you.. Wants to be with -you-."

"I... do not know with certainty; I have never... experienced sensations like these before.  Sensation at all, in fact.  It is... difficult to describe, particularly without a frame of reference.  It is... agreeable, though."

Reina mimicked Simone again, first feeling her own breast, then gently touching Simone's.  That small act produced minute but perceivable modulations in the energy stored inside herself.  Tiny waves radiated from her fingertips all throughout her body.

"I would... like to continue.  These new sensations are very intriguing."

Simone closed the gap.. Once more, they touched chest-to-chest, with each of their large breasts gently sinking against the other.. Simone was yielding, with nearly imperceptible, rubbery squeaks as her body fit in against Reina's own. It would become entirely apparent to Reina that Simone had an unfamiliar texture to most humans, smooth and slick, like she were also made of rubber or latex.

The close contact, too.. Was igniting more of those chaotic, magical energies that suffused her own form, but seemed dormant until she concentrated upon them.. She was starting to be engulf by a light green aura, letting some of her impressive energy radiate outward, sending even more, fluttering sensations through Reina's body.

Simone cupped her palms more open over Reina's chest, delicately squeezing.. Letting her soak up those intense sparks of concentrated divinity! "I would like to continue as well.."

Reina's intensifying aura sent shivering sensations across her body.  She began moaning--softly at first, but gradually growing louder as the feeling built up.

"I... I... I believe I am feeling... pleasure.  Is that what this is?  I think I might... like it.  Can this be... intensified further?"

After a few, lingering moments of another impassioned kiss, Simone found herself climbing overtop of Reina, spreading eagle and really squeezing her powerful hands against those breasts.. Simone showed considerable, growing strength as she really kneaded and massaged across Reina's impressive orb-like breasts.. As much as she was bringing her to new heights of pleasure, she also was subtly testing Reina's form, amazed enough she now had a partner who could withstand such power!

Simone planted her swollen, glistening slit square against Reina's.. "Yes, I think it can be.. Intensified." With that word, she began gently thrusting her hips forward.. Even with a thin layer of fabric separating them, the intense, erotic energies roared to life within her form. "Easily.."

Pure energy surged from every opening in Reina's body as her pleasure became unbridled ecstasy--ecstasy so intense that she would have suffered a critical systems malfunction and risked seriously damaging herself, but her will alone was enough to prevent anything of the sort from happening. to fully enjoy and record the experience unhindered.  For the first time in her existence, she felt as godlike as she was.

"Erogenous zones!  Sensitive spots on a body that can be stimulated to produce a sexual response!  I didn't realize I possessed any!  This is amazing, Simone!  I feel so amazing!"  She used her telekinesis to accelerate the frequency of and force behind the thrusts, immediately loving the results.

Coherent beams of raw power radiated from her body, shooting off in every direction, including into Simone's sopping wet slit....

The response was an even harder, more focused thrusting against Reina's now erupting sex..! -CHOOOM!- The brilliant white-green beam exploded through Simone's clothes, lighting up the sky behind her as the powerful beams refracted after making contact with Simone's invulnerable form.. She howled in delight, picking up the pace of unbridled humping from a soft, sensual pace to one working thousands of beats per second, her body steadily becoming a blur but.. With every contact, they connected vaginal lips.. Plugging Reina full and sharing the explusion of energy..!

"OOooohh! Oooh-.. My-... My goodness.. Reina.. I've never felt like this.. So.. Much.. ENERGY!" Simone let her one hand dip down, finding the bud of Reina's sensitive clitoris, adding enough careful stimulation with her impossibly precise touch, deepening the satisfaction by thousands of degrees.. The simple act seem to send Reina's soul ablaze even hotter..!

Galaxies of power roared ceaselessly between and within the two goddesses.  The slightest grazing of Simone's fingers against Reina's clitoris was enough to push her over the edge into an infinite sea of orgasms.

Of course, Simone had no intention of stopping there.  Her continued and relentless ministrations produced orgasms compounded by orgasms.  Even Reina's digitally perfect mind was unable to distinguish one orgasm from another, due to how frequent and powerful they were.  In all honesty, in the heat of the moment, something as trivial as an orgasm count just seemed irrelevant to her.

Overwhelmed with newly discovered emotion and filled with euphoria, Reina reached out and embraced her divine partner tightly, reveling in bliss beyond human comprehension and sharing it with Simone by touch.  If the mask-clad woman wasn't already climaxing, she certainly was now.

There had been considerable effort spent by the toon goddess to try to keep her composure, though.. At this rate, and the emphatic, animalistic rutting between them was simply too much to contain.. She'd shut her eyes, her voice growing more coarse and raw.. Before she opened them fully, firing twin eye lasers of the same colour and consistency of Reina's own.. Followed by another two from her nipples! "AaaaaHHHhh~! F-fuck! Just keep filling me.. Reina.. It feels.. SO GOOD.. To release!!!"

Anywhere that their beams touched were simply erased from existence.. A shimmering green discoball of lights, carving whole chunks out of the earth and solar system around them..! Last but not least, Simone lowered one last pair of fingers.. Slinking them between the shared beam.. Fingering Reina.. The impact of penetration, and the vibration of energy and physicality consuming her inner walls would have sent her over the top of transcendent pleasure..!

Simone screamed in absolute bliss.. Her own sex erupting in the light of another cosmos-shattering laser!

As the proximity of the beams grew closer, several of them merged together, forming larger and more powerful beams--many of which sliced through galaxies as far away as the other end of the universe!  Their haphazard writhing and complete disregard for the endless amounts of pure energy being expelled from their lovemaking resulted in a rapid destruction of the Earth by omnidirectional waves of limitless god power.  Before long, Earth was reduced to debris.  Planets across the universe were in similar states.

The two goddesses serenely embraced each other as they floated in space, reveling in the afterglow of all-powerful orgasms.  After what felt like (and possibly could have been, seeing as neither of them was paying attention to the passage of time) an eternity, Reina finally spoke.

"I believe our meeting has dramatically changed the course of my life.  A life of merely learning everything I can now seems terribly unfulfilling.  I am very glad we met.  Thank you... for everything."

Completely stripped naked by this point, and resting in this infinitesimal corner of space, taking a moment to let the impassioned feelings ebb.. Though it clung to every nerve ending, a white-hot.. Gloriously orgasmic feeling, that seemed to erupt between the interloping of Goddess'. Simone couldn't be more thrilled, hugging her muscular, impressive frame atop Reina's own, listening very soundly to her tranquil reckoning of experience. "No, thank -you- for showing me more of what is out there, fulfillment can be shared in numerous ways.."

After that moment of sounding so tender, understanding.. "...And you didn't even see what I can do with my tongue! My goodness girl.. I've never dreamt of energy beam sex before.. Fuck that was better than the deepest penetration a physical attachment can give you.."

Simone slipped back out of the joking tone, laying another, long and wet.. Wanting kiss on Reina's lips. "You are something special, and you're welcome on my doorstep, anytime you need."

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