Power of Pink - Part Five

Daniel awoke lying on the sandy bluff with the morning sun just beginning to clear the hill. A chilly breeze blew in gently from the ocean, raising goose pimples on his exposed skin, but most of his body was covered with a pink blanket he had never seen before.

He sat up and looked around himself for Katie, but she was nowhere to be seen. Sighing at the amazing night they had shared, he got up and bent over to retrieve his shorts. That’s when he noticed the nearly foot-long cock hanging between his legs.

“Holy shit,” he whispered. He stared at the new hose running along his muscled thigh nearly to his knee. Quickly, he pulled his board shorts on and looked around furtively as if worried someone had seen him. He shook the sand out of the blanket he and Katie had made love on and folded it and the mysterious pink blanket and placed them in his van, chucking his old one into the back and placing the pink one on the passenger seat, hoping to give it back to Katie. His new dong slapped against his leg with every step.

He climbed into his van and drove off the bluff back into town towards the house he shared. He parked in front of an old two-story house a block away from the beach. The place was in mild disrepair and needed a new paint job, and could have probably been profitably torn down and replaced by apartments, but it was owned by an older couple who didn’t seem to care too much about money and hadn’t raised the rent in years. Daniel shared the place with five others, four students and another beach bum like himself. All were gone, except for a mousy graduate student who kept to herself, and the beach bum, a ripped blonde surfer girl in her late twenties who was dating one of the absent roommates.

Daniel grabbed the pink blanket and entered the house and ran straight into Jasmine, the surfer, bouncing off her ample bikini-clad busom, falling awkwardly onto his ass.

“Woah! Hey Dingo, late night? Hey, surf’s up! Wanna go with me? Oh!” She looked down at Daniel sprawled out on the porch and gasped. In his tumble, his shorts had ridden up, exposing the first two inches of his grotesquely enlarged penis to her.

Daniel looked up. Shit, Jasmine was hot. She stood there as if cut from granite, muscles sculpted from countless hours of surfing. Long blonde hair, lightly tangled from the salt air framed a cute face that he had stared at longingly countless times while the roommates had smoked weed together. Of course, she was going out with a basketball player, Johnson, a six foot seven specimen of prime beef, so Daniel had no chance. It was fantasies of Jasmine that he usually masturbated to when alone.

She moved like a symphony as she gracefully extended her hand to help him up, her biceps bulging with the effort. His hand brushed against her breasts again as she completed the maneuver and he stared at her hardening nipples. Suddenly, he felt his dick jerk and begin to stiffen, poking out beyond the hem of his shorts and pulling them taut. Quickly, he let the pink blanket unfurl to hide his boner.

“Um, no thanks,” he said. “Uh, long night.”

“Ok. I’ll be at the beach if you change your mind. See you later!”

Daniel nodded and shuffled up the stairs awkwardly. Jasmine turned to watch as he desperately tried to hide his arousal.

Closing the door to his surprisingly-roomy bedroom, he leant against the door and let the blanket fall to the floor. His dick, now fully erect, had extended nearly a foot from the hem of his shorts, pulling the material taut. He stared at the pulsing cockhead as it dribbled precum onto the floor. Tentatively he reached down and gripped his girth with both hands through his shorts and began to pull up, exposing more and more of his magnificence. A thrill of pleasure radiated from the friction, sending lightning bolts of sensation up and down its length and making his cock strain for release. Images of Jasmine combined with memories of Katie ran through his head as he imagined both perfect women, naked and groaning, licking the flanks of his tool right there in his room. He stroked his smooth cock with increasing vigor until he reached a climax, both in his imagination and in reality. Like magma rising up from the depths of the earth, gouts of cum raced along the length of his cock and erupted from his pulsing cockhead. Finger-thick ropes of semen shot downward, splattering against the hardwood floor and flying all over. Then another, more intense and voluminous spurt followed, and then another and another. After a minute of near-continuous ejaculation, Daniel slid gasping to the floor.

Slowly regaining his senses, and his breath, Daniel looked up to assess the damage. Pooling on the floor, and for ten feet around him, was a slowly expanding flood of semen creeping toward his bed. Beyond that, and extending even further, were random splatters of cum covering most of his possessions.

Sighing, and more than a little grossed out, he wished he had a super-absorbent sponge to wipe up the mess. Immediately, the sopping pink blanket at his feet turned into a bone-dry pink sponge, about a foot long and six inches wide. The semen around it seemed to be sucked right up. When he lifted it off the floor, the hardwood below was bone dry and perfectly clean. Daniel started pushing it through the thick pool of cum and watched as the sponge just sucked it up, never becoming any more moist itself. Within a couple minutes, he had cleaned up the entire room, the sponge sucking semen off of even soft goods like his comforter and clothes. Even his shorts, which had been drenched when he slid to the floor, were completely unstained after he’d used the sponge.

Daniel sat at his desk, staring at the sponge, and thought back to the prior night. Didn’t Katie put a pink condom on him before they’d had sex, and wasn’t it after that he’d experienced unending repeated orgasms with her, his cock expanding crazily to fill her up? And this morning, the blanket covered him to ward off the chill. Maybe...maybe this thing becomes what you need. Or even…

Daniel slowly stood and kicked off his shorts, marveling at his gigantic cock as it slowly stiffened under his gaze to nearly twenty four thick inches. Daniel reached for the sponge and imagined that it turned into a cockring, which it immediately did, and then slipped it over his glans and down to the base of his shaft. It fit snugly but felt quite pleasant. Daniel slowly gripped his pole with both hands once again and began to stroke. He closed his eyes and imagined that it would slowly grow longer and thicker with every stroke. Sure enough, when he opened his eyes his erection was slowly crawling across his desk, longer and longer, expanding in girth as well. Soon it was over three feet long and as thick as his forearm. The monster cock pulsed with restrained desire.

Daniel shivered. He needed some female company immediately! Too bad Jasmine was gone, although she’d probably freak out at his monster if she saw it. Fuck, great as it felt, every woman would freak out!

But...well, if the pink thing could transform his dick like this, could it make him...irresistible? Fuck, Daniel could just imagine it now. Him walking out into the street naked, three-foot-long dick bouncing before him, every woman who saw him compelled to approach, to yearn for him, to...lust for him? He imagined a harem of beautiful girls surrounding him, tearing off their clothes, and throwing themselves at him. Each was trying to tit-fuck him or kiss him or give him head. One even tried to fit his fist-sized cockhead into her sex, and Daniel imagined she’d stretch to fit it in, and then his cock pulsed and surged as he bucked forward, sinking as much cockmeat as possible into her. Soon an unstoppable tide of orgasm rose once again, and his cock burned with pleasure as he sent gouts of cum into his lover.

Daniel opened his eyes as he ejaculated like a firehose against the wall of his room and began to collapse with the release.

“No!” he moaned. “I want to keep going!”

He imagined his cock staying hard and his libido, energy level, and endurance increasing endlessly as he bucked his hips against the desk again and again, sliding the huge dick across its now-slick surface. His dick stood at an angle, nearly slapping him in the chest with every thrust. Again a titanic gout of cum gushed like a torrent from his dick’s gaping hole.

Daniel opened his eyes. An animal lust now consumed him as he looked around wildly for a real woman to fuck. Groaning with desire, the naked boy pulled his spewing pole tight to his chest and stumbled into the upstairs hall. Jasmine was gone, he remembered in his sex-fogged brain, but Gail might still be here, studying. He walked over to the door across the hall and knocked.

“G-gail? You in there,” he said with restrained lust. His cock pulsed in his arms. No response. Maybe downstairs.

He stumbled down the stairs, his dick bouncing off the walls leaving little smudges, but he didn’t care. Daniel’s libido had been increased so much that he could barely hold a rational thought beyond finding a girl. He looked through the entryway and the living room, and then heard a noise from the kitchen. He turned toward the noise as Gail emerged, munching on a peanut butter sandwich.

Gail stopped, mid-chew, when she saw Daniel. Five-six, with black hair and chocolate skin, Gail was a little chubby and self-conscious about it, prone to wearing sweaters even in the summer. She was quite cute, however, with a pretty face and large brown eyes framed by thick-rimmed plastic glasses. She was like the cute geek in the movies no one noticed, who became a knockout after a makeover. She also had huge tits, which filled her sweaters to bursting, bouncing enticingly with every step.

Daniel released his pole, which bounced down and pointed right at Gail. Gail swallowed her bite of sandwich and stood there in shock, and then rising lust. She slowly walked forward and let the immense dick slide up under her sweater, under her bra, between her breasts, and up through the collar. The apple-sized cockhead pulsed before her lips. Gail opened her mouth wide and began to lick the glans wildly. She rocked her body forward and back, pressing the rod of flesh deep into her cleavage, her lust rising to unbearable levels. Frantically, she reached down to undo her jeans and pull her panties to the floor and thrust her pelvis forward, trying to find anything to rub against. 

Daniel could feel his newest climax rising, and looked down at Gail, her  mouth wrapped as far as possible around the tip of his cock. He could feel her tongue probing his pulsing cockhole. So cute! But he wanted more. He imagined coming hard, her consuming every drop, and his cum transforming her into a chocolate-skinned goddess, seven feet of strong slim perfection, with a face that would set any man aflame with desire and breasts the size of basketballs. Envisioning all this, he came again in a torrent.

Gail’s eyes widened as what seemed like gallons of semen shot down her throat and sat warmly in her stomach. Then the warmth intensified and seemed to spread throughout her body. Every part of her tingled as if in building orgasm. Slowly, her abdomen tightened, all the excess fat moving to her expanding breasts. The straps of her bra began to creak as her boobs expanded. At the same time, Gail’s muscles tightened beneath her sweater, becoming fit and strong. Her face tingled as if being brushed with a feather as it was sculpted to perfection, every blemish erased, her chocolate skin as smooth and perfect as if airbrushed. Her lips plumped and nose straightened and her face became preternaturally symmetrical and sexy with wide hungry eyes that flashed with desire. Rings of curly black hair exploded from the hair band she usually used to keep it back and surrounded her newly perfected face like a shadowy corona. 

Suddenly, she began to feel her sweater tighten and Daniel’s magical cock began to slip lower into the chasm between her breasts and with a final ‘pop’ the clasp gave way on her bra. Gail opened her eyes to see Daniel’s staring face fall lower and lower as she slowly surpassed his height. Soon rips and tears began to form at her shoulders and along the sides of her titanic breasts. Gail reached up and tore away the useless garment with a hungry roar, exposing her newly-perfect body to her lover.

Daniel looked up at the new goddess with her enormous round breasts swaying above him. He realized his poor cock was insufficient to plumb the immensity of Gail’s new cleavage and he imagined his already enormous pole growing again to be able to reach Gail’s mouth even with her standing. Then, once Gail was again sucking on his grapefruit-sized cockhead, he realized he wanted even more. He wanted to be able to fuck this irresistible goddess, and he imagined another cock growing out from the base of his current rod, slipping into Gail’s gripping pussy and filling her up. Immediately he was hit with the oddest sensation of being simultaneously blown and having is dick penetrate her sex, and his hips bucked with the sensation.

Gail’s eyes rolled back as Daniel’s dick began to fill her, his bucking hips bringing her ever closer to climax. Finally, she felt his expanding second cock spasm and then both dicks began to spew huge gouts of semen. Immediately, this triggered the most incomprehensibly powerful rolling orgasm she had ever experienced as she screamed in pleasure, releasing the first dick from her mouth and allowing a torrent of cum to rain down on them. She fell backward onto the floor of the dining room spasming in a seizure of pure ecstasy.

Daniel flopped forward onto Gail’s taut abs, face nestled between her pillowy breasts. Then, driven by his magically unstoppable libido, he stood for increased leverage and began ramming his double dicks into her once again, barely pausing long enough for Gail to recover from her last orgasm.

Climax after climax, Daniel and Gail fucked for at least two hours when finally Jasmine walked in, surfboard in hand.

“Stupid waves disappeared after only a couple runs,” she said, before stopping cold to watch the two lovers. Mesmerized, she dropped her board in the open door and undid her bikini as she walked toward them. As if in a trance, she athletically leaped over Daniel’s thrusting cocks, straddling them and facing him, pulling him in for a deep kiss. She ran her moistening pussy along the top of his branch-thick cock and groaned, and Daniel obligingly grew another rock hard penis where she sat to fill her needy sex.

Soon he was ejaculating into both girls, and all three screamed their unbearable pleasure, and Jasmine grew too into a huge blonde athletic goddess to match Gail.

But to Daniel’s now insane and growing libido, it wasn’t enough. Nothing would ever be enough. The cockring glowed a bright pink as another branch-thick cock sprouted and slithered its way out the front door and into the sun.





































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