The Goddess' Annual Breeding



October 3rd 5133


At 6 a.m. sharp, Alice Namer quickly jumped awake, and started to get ready for work. She dressed herself in a slutty business woman outfit, and an embarrassingly short skirt. Obviously, since they were against the law, she didn't put on any underwear. After she put on her shoes too, she took a look at herself in the mirror. She looked absolutely beautiful, but so did everyone. Ever since the Futanari Goddess Lana replaced Humanity's weakest genes with undeniably far superior ones, everyone started to look better. Alice herself sported a pair of massive breasts, F-cups, which threatened to break apart the threads of the tiny blouse she was wearing, and she wasn't even that big, compared to her coworkers. However, by the goddess’ decree, all of the clothes that any woman wore had to be extremely skimpy. Still, everything wasn't so bad. The new and improved human body that the goddess had crafted was basically a work of art. The shortest women were around 6’ and some even got as tall as 7’6” However, this was done for her own pleasure above all else.


Alice herself was 28 years old, 6’3” and had long, blonde hair that went down to her knees. Ever since the goddess decided to take over, Everything improved, but only in ways the goddess wanted. The goddess herself had black hair, and hazel eyes. This slowly turned into the standard of beauty, but other styles were incorporated as soon as the goddess voiced approval. At one point, she had stated that she liked the look of blondes. Hours later, the entire planet had run out of blond hair dye. Then she said she likes redheads. It always a phase.


Alice was careful not to wake up anybody else in the apartment building as she made her way down to the first floor. Easily 10,000 other women lived in this building, and each of them had a job that the goddess had given them. Sure, her apartment was small, but the space had to be taken into consideration. The goddess liked to keep the population high.


The jobs that each lowlife mortal was given were equally important to the goddess. Many were builders, and many were mothers, women who raised the goddess’ children for her. She was far too busy enjoying her own

existence to raise them all, of course. There were also plenty of bankers. Managing everyone's money was their secondary job, however. Their primary job was managing the several million dollar donations the goddess received for existing.


The goddess highly valued all of these professions, so much so that everybody's last name was just their profession. As one of the  people who are tasked with naming the goddess’ children, Alice’s last name was Namer.


This was usually a very difficult job, considering that the goddess made anywhere between 400,000 and 32,000,000 children a year. Annually, the goddess would host an orgy in her throne room. Usually, somewhere between 1000 and 1,000,000 women were chosen from around the globe were selected to be the lucky girls who would bear the Divine children of a goddess. They would always give birth to anywhere between one and eight children. But naming Lana’s children was only part of the job.


Before the goddess effortlessly conquered the world, people used their family name as their last name. However, the goddess changed this soon after taking the throne. Furthermore, Lana was the greatest scientific mind of every generation. She had managed to strengthen human immune systems, and fix many problems, like cancer. She had even managed to crack the genetic code, and she even went as far as to alter it to her liking. She inserted genetic code that made people taller, more beautiful, Stronger, Faster, smarter, and more.


This was, to put it simply, the reason everybody was far greater than they were 10 years ago. Even their life spans increased, and people were considered to still be young adults well into their 80s. Most would live to be 300, and would pass away while still looking 40. The luckiest would reach upwards of 800 years.


As Alice walked outside, it was still fairly dark despite being about 6:30 in the morning. The reason was simple, the goddess’ Palace was so absolutely massive that it blotted out the sun until about 10 in the morning.


The office she worked at was just down the street. Due to her massive high heels, she was basically forced to adopt a sexy gait every morning on her walk to work. Though, to be fair, she would have done that anyway, due to her motherly hips. She hadn't married and had children yet, but her genetics made sure she would have perfect, childbearing hips.


But, on her way to the office, she saw something. On the sidewalk, walking towards her, was a 9-foot tall woman, easily one of the most beautiful women Alice had ever seen in her entire life. Alice immediately fell to her knees in admiration, and began masturbating openly at the sight of this woman. She had long, silky white hair that reached all the way to her knees. This woman was a Demigoddess.


Once every four years, lucky women would be selected by the goddess to carry her children. But, aside from having the most virile sperm in existence, the goddess’ cum had other properties as well. It was so powerful, that whatever spills out of the woman after impregnation, continues to slither all over her body, making changes that the goddess would prefer. Their breasts would grow larger, their asses would grow fatter, they would get taller and change in several million subtle ways. By the time they would recover from her godlike breeding, they would be permanently changed into the single most beautiful creatures in reality. So beautiful, in fact, that anybody who saw them would be unable to resist the urge to stop whatever they're doing and begin masturbating immediately.


Everybody who saw the demigoddess walking down the street what have the same reaction as Alice, even if they were straight.  and this would happen to every woman that the goddess would breed.


Once Alice had recovered, she continued on her way to the office, waving to everybody she
knew. It was there that she got to work for the day.


She would spend the day at her computer, inserting names into the system for children who had been born recently. Not all of the children were directly related to the goddess, as Alice's Department was in charge of naming every child born on the planet. Nobody was allowed to have a name that displeased the goddess, so they were heavily regulated.


Truthfully, there was so much control over people's lives in the name of the Goddess that people sometimes wondered why nobody truly revolted. The answer was simple.


It was because her demands were absolute. As the only hermaphrodite on the planet, she had been gifted with both sets of genitals. No one was sure about the science behind it, but one thing was for certain. The goddess Defied reality. Everywhere you looked, there would be thousands of rumors about the true powers of the goddess. But time and time again, each and every rumor was always proven true.


She had an IQ of over 180 million, and could run four times faster than the speed of light. Since no one could truly see her running at that speed, they had to use complicated scientific methods to measure her speed. But in the end, it was proven true. As for her strength, it was almost impossible to determine that. Nothing that they could possibly give her would challenge her strength in any way. She had once punched the ground and caused an earthquake, and she said that she had barely used any effort to do so. There was nothing that was out of her weight limit. She even had other, special powers that nobody truly knew about.


Some were even beginning to wonder if she was literally a goddess, and maybe the title she gave herself wasn't just for show. Every day, it seemed that was more true.


Alice gasped as she suddenly realized she was daydreaming. She tried to shift her thoughts away from the goddess, and focus on her work. She was trained in understanding what sounds in a name would be the most pleasurable to listen to, and use that training to give names to all of the children of the world.


Around noon, the work day around the world was suddenly ground to a halt. An unbelievably loud moan of pleasure was heard across the entire planet, originating at the royal palace, as the goddess had just finished masturbating. Since she had the most Angelic voice imaginable, It took about 10 minutes for everyone to recover from hearing that orgasmic moan, and when they did, it signaled the beginning of lunch. Alice often wondered just how much pleasure she felt doing that, if she was screaming that loudly.


The goddess would masturbate every 2 hours, and cum at the very second it hit the beginning of the next hour. Since this was the case, nobody really needed to use a clock. They could simply use the goddess’ moans to keep time.


Atlas would grudgingly make her way to the mess hall, with her juices dripping down from her skirt. As she sat down to begin eating, her friend Gail would sit down next to her and smile as she said hello. Gail was somewhat taller than Alice, standing at 6’9” with perfect, tanned skin and black hair that reached down to her back. Her bust was smaller than Alice's, but her ass was something to be feared. It spilled out of the chair as she sat down next to her.


“Wow! You look like a mess! I know the moans from the goddess are very loud when you live this close to her Palace, but you look really pent-up.”


Alice had trouble responding. “No, Gail, I'm used to it by now. But, it didn't help that I saw a demigoddess on the way to work today.”


Her eyes went wide. “Whoa, for real?! Damn, no wonder you look like such a mess. I don't think anybody could lay their eyes on a demigoddess and recover in only a few hours. Fuck, I wish I were as lucky as you.”


Alice raised an eyebrow at her friend. “What? I'm not that lucky.” and Gail laughed in response. “No way, sweetie. Have you ever been paying attention to anything that has ever happened to you? You're probably the- no, you ARE easily the luckiest person I've ever met in my life.”


Alice had usually been fairly lucky in the past, it was true. But she didn't ever really notice. She thought maybe she was just focusing on the good luck, and ignoring the bad.


After work that day, Alice found herself daydreaming once more about the goddess. Truly, she didn't really mind all of the control that The Goddess had over her life. Lana would always know better anyway. As she climbed the stairs back to her apartment, she was suddenly surprised at the door.


A letter! She had received a letter, for the first time. But this was no ordinary letter, it was a strong, expensive paper wrapped in silver and gold flaked ribbons. And, sealing it shut was the wax seal of the Goddess herself. Alice began panting with excitement, and she took the letter inside and opened it, wondering what she had done to deserve the attention. Her eyes went wide at the letter inside.


“Dear citizen N480-6492, “Alice” - Namer. Congratulations! As you know, the goddess’ annual orgy will be beginning soon. Several randomly chosen women have been sent letters to inform them of the honor. And you are no exception!  That's right, you have been invited as one of the lucky women to bear the children of the goddess. The orgy is scheduled to begin on November 1st, at noon, exactly. You are expected to arrive with this letter in hand around 8 in the morning to begin preparations for your impregnation.”


She was speechless. This couldn't actually be happening, could it? The chances of being selected for this were astronomically low.  She had a better chance of winning the lottery twice in her lifetime rather than being selected for this once, especially considering the several trillion other possible women. But there it was, in plain text. This has been delivered to her house, and even had her name and designation number on it. It was the truth, Alice was going to become a demigoddess.


She immediately pulled out her phone, and opened up her text messages to send a message to Gail.




Huh? What's up? Take back what?-




Yeah OK lol-


She quickly sent her a picture of the letter.









Alice looked at the letter for several hours afterwards, and laughed herself to sleep with a massive smile on her face in anticipation of what would happen.


She had thought it was a dream when she woke up the next morning, but when she saw the letter laying on the dresser, she knew that it wasn't.


An entire month passed, with Alice waiting for the great day. She was the talk of the office for several days, some people spoke with jealousy, others with happiness. Truthfully, the fact that one of their co-workers was going to become a demigoddess was amazing. Her pregnancy was all but guaranteed, so she spoke with her boss about maternity leave.


This, however, was a special occasion. Since this was maternity leave to take care of the goddess’ children, Alice's pay was permanently quadrupled, and she was given the next 10 months off. These were the minimum terms, required by the law of the goddess.


the rest of the month went by in a Flash, and before she knew it, the day had arrived. She awoke several hours earlier than she was supposed to, and was finished getting dressed in her skimpiest dress, before she made her way towards the Royal Palace. She wore a red silk dress that covered her front, but left her back exposed. It also only went down to her thighs.


The Palace of the Goddess was absurdly huge, the interior was built into the mountain, and several stories rose above the surface in a glorious, crystal walled palace. There was also an impenetrable force field surrounding the entire mountain, and nobody was allowed to go through without the goddess’ express permission.


Alice, of course, was able to walk straight through without any complications. She briefly wondered how the goddess had invented such technology. Perhaps it was easy when you had an IQ that was 9 digits long. But then, her thoughts were interrupted by the staircase.


A single, 30 ft wide staircase was the only thing that led to the front gate of the godlike palace. With 2400 steps, Alice would have to climb a hundred stories just to reach the front gate.


This wasn't going to stop her. There was no way she was going to let a little physical exercise stopped her from bearing Lana's children. After an hour-long climb, she was happy that she had started coming a bit early. By the time she reached the top it was about 7:30 a.m., 30 minutes before she had been instructed to arrive.


There were thousands of people waiting for her at the front gate, but 3 stood out. One was just a normal looking woman, with fair skin, dressed in an expensive looking blue dress. She had short, black hair, and green eyes. She must have been one of the other lucky recipients.


Also waiting for her at the gate, was a busty, voluptuous woman in a black bikini, who had large, demonic wings sticking out of her back. A Succubus. These girls, being the only ones capable of looking at the goddess or hearing the goddess speak without fainting from pleasure overload, would be the ones to relay information to her maids. When they weren't busy doing this, they would use their supersonic speed, gifted to them by The Goddess herself, to travel across the planet and gather the tributes that the goddess deserved. These women were gifted not only with speed, but also insurmountable strength. Even one succubus was capable of lifting six buses at once, with some difficulty. They would also act as bodyguards, not that the goddess would ever need any. Although, while they were more beautiful than the average woman, they didn't hold a candle to a demigoddess.


This one, however, was meant to guide the lucky women through the castle, to prepare them for their lucky day.


The third person was simply one of the goddesses Maids, one of the several million women in skimpy french maid outfits that the goddess kept around to clean her palace, cook food, and even occasionally surrender themselves to her, when she felt angry.


The palace itself was immaculate. From the outside, the only thing you could see were the walls so shiny that they basically functioned as mirrors.


Over the course of the next 30 minutes, more women arrived, and 2 made a more noticeable arrival than the rest. First was the woman who arrived before Alice. Her name was Cindy. Arriving after her was a dark-skinned Woman by the name of Maggie. Alice was impressed with her beautiful body, accented with curves too amazing to be held by her short jeans, and t-shirt. Right after her came an Asian girl named Yumi. She was relatively flat-chested with mere DD-cup breasts, but she was easily the tallest among the four, standing at 7’4” she was truly imposing. Then, when the Clock Struck 8, the time had finally arrived.


“Right this way, please.” said the succubus. She, and the maid, led the crowd into the front gate. Inside the palace, they were amazed. The floor was made purely out of marble, and so were all of the support beams. Each pillar that held up the ceiling was several hundred feet high, and decorated top to bottom with custom engravings. The walls themselves were covered in an expensive blue wallpaper, that gave the room a serene feeling. Directly in front of them, was a massive red carpet that stretched to the end of a large hallway. At the end of the hallway, stood an imposing door made out of pure platinum. The door was easily three stories high, and engraved into the expensive metal across every square inch of the door were words. The words that were written across them were the speech that the goddess gave the moment she conquered the planet. It was forever etched into the door as a reminder of her infinite superiority.


Instead of leading them forward, however, the succubus pulled them to the left and down a flight of stairs. They were then pulled into a dressing room that was partitioned off to the side, so that they could be instructed as to the proper etiquette when meeting the goddess, and to be given the proper clothes, as well.


Most of what they were told it could have been assumed, really. It was just basic common sense about showing the proper respect and whatnot. What truly interested Alice, however, was when they were told about the clothes.


“Uh, well…” the succubus started nervously. “The truth is, The Great Goddess Lana forbids articles of clothing in the throne room.


They all looked at each other. Of course, this meant that they would have to meet the goddess stark naked, which was honestly fine. After all, they were going to end up pregnant with her children.


“This law also includes blindfolds and earmuffs.” the four women seemed confused.

“Why would we need blindfolds?”


The succubus blinked, almost as if she was surprised. “Well, have you ever met a demigoddess?” she asked. They all looked at each other for a moment, before Alice stepped forward and said “Uhm, I have.”


The number of people who had were slim, it seemed. “And what happened to you when you saw her?” the succubus continued.


Alice clinched her legs together at the thought. “Oh, goodness. It was amazing! She was the single most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life. No doubt about it.”


“Yes, obviously.” she said. “But what happened to you? When you saw her?”


Alice blinked. “O- oh… oh no…” she said.


Yumi’s eyes went wide with concern. “Hm? Wh- what happened?”


Alice rubbed her legs together in embarrassment. “S- she was so unbelievably beautiful, then I fell to my knees and immediately started masturbating… i- I'm not even a lesbian!”


The succubus gave a nod. “Exactly. That's what happens when the goddess impregnates a woman, and leaves her soaking in her cum for a few hours. Now keep that in mind, and I want you to imagine what the goddess herself must look like.”


Suddenly, they all understood why Alice had said oh no.


“But what about the earmuffs you mentioned? Why would we need those?” Maggie asked.


The succubus smiled. “If laying your eyes upon the goddess caused you to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure, then all her maids would need to do is not look at her as she gave them orders. Right? Except they can't.”


Alice remember a detail about the succubi. The maids weren't allowed to speak with the goddess, only the succubi were, and they were to relay the goddess’ orders to the maids. Alice suddenly realized why the maids were not allowed to speak with the goddess. It was the same reason why she never spoke directly to the public, at least, not since the worldwide orgasm that happened when she gave her first speech.


“Her voice can only be described as an orgasm in the form of sound.” the Succubus explained. “Lana's beauty is basically infinite. The sight of her, the sound of her, the smell of her… she simply transcends basic human senses.  That's why we relay the information to everyone else. She specifically evolved us in a way to be resistant to her. This is why you would need ear muffs, if you were allowed to wear them.”


Everyone in the room slowly began to get more and more worried, but they were quickly reassured. “There's nothing to worry about.” the succubus said. “She does this every year, and even though we encourage people to attempt to keep a clear head, it's usually impossible. Every single time we send somebody into the throne room, they're unable to form even a single, coherent word.”


The women were feeling very intimidated, but they were constantly reassured by her that no matter what, as long as they showed up for the breeding on time, it would be impossible to offend to the goddess.


The next few hours went by in a Flash, and before they realized it, the clock struck noon.


Alice, Maggie, Cindy and Yumi were all lined up, horizontally in front of the throne room, surrounded by many others, completely naked. Several Maids gathered around them, and stood in front of them at the doors, before equipping their earmuffs and blindfold. Once everybody was ready, a succubus ordered them to open the door.


A loud crash was heard as the throne room was unlocked, and the colossal door swung open slowly as the throne room came into view.


A plethora of emotions ran through the minds of the women as the image of the Goddess came into view. They couldn't even take a moment to consider what they were looking at, as the moment she entered their sight, they all immediately began to spontaneously orgasm.


She was at the far end of a 50 meter long room, sitting on top of a velvet cushioned Throne made of pure platinum. It seemed that simply being in this room would enhance your beauty. Despite the walls in this room being exactly the same as the walls in the main foyer, they were far more Immaculate than them. It was like they sparkled with Divine energy that they couldn't even comprehend. That was saying nothing of the woman on the throne.


Within the first few seconds, they noticed quite a few things. First, they noticed that the rumors were true, she did indeed have a dick. But it wasn't ordinary, certainly. Even sitting on top of the incredibly tall throne, and despite being completely flaccid, it was still long enough to reach the floor, and leave small droplets of pre. Her balls were behind it, and most of the women had to do a double take to notice exactly what they were looking at.


They were enormous. There was no word to describe exactly how beautiful they were. They were so massive that even when goddess Lana stood up from her throne, they still rested on the ground. She took a couple of steps towards her designated breeding toys. When she stood up, they were surprised to see that she stood at an amazing 14 feet tall. Even Yumi, the tallest of them, was only as high as her waistline. Her dick still only hung an inch off the ground, it must have been 6 feet long. But her balls…


Despite the fact that she was standing up, she still had to drag them behind her. The enormous, godlike giganuts were so massive, that even the goddess herself could stand inside of them, and hold her arms out to her sides, and still not touch the walls.


The goddess herself was impossible beauty incarnate. Her face was so amazingly orgasmic that it was as if it had been painstakingly perfected over billions of millenia by a team of perfect genetic scientists. There was no good way of describing what she looked like, other than to say that she was objectively the single most beautiful thing that ever could possibly exist. Even the demigoddess that Alice had seen earlier that month would pale in comparison to the divinely beautiful, and objectively perfect Goddess before her.


Besides the unbelievable face, the goddesses hair was so long that it piled up on the floor behind her, it was jet black and perfectly silky smooth. Her eyes were a deep, beautiful Hazel that pierced your soul, and simply looking into them would cause you to be enslaved.


The maids who had on blindfolds began to moan. Her divinity was bleeding through the mask. Although, they had managed to keep their sanity, unlike Alice, and the others.


They had collapsed instantly. Nothing on the planet could have possibly prepared them for this. The vision before them defied reality. It was just impossible, and yet there it was. Mortals were never meant to look at something so divine.


It was impossible for them to stay sane in such a situation. But, what happened next, would turn the most pleasurable thing that they had ever experienced, into something greater.




She spoke. The goddess Lana had given them an order. She did not take offense when they did not obey immediately, after all she was quite used to this. Nobody would ever obey her the moment she gave an order, they would need a few minutes to recover from hearing her voice directly. But that was the succubi, Mortals took far longer to recover from such a feeling.


The maids in the main hall fell to their knees, before quickly shutting the door. Once it was shut, they took off their blindfolds and earmuffs, and began furiously masturbating. Even hearing the fringes of Lana's voice was far, far too much. They would have to sit here masturbating for several hours before they can recover, and return to work.


But, once the door was shut, these women were locked in a room with a literal goddess.


Lana approached them and smiled at their writhing forms. As she approached them, the sweat dripping from her balls left a greasy mark across the marble floor. They simply couldn't handle it. Even the sound of her booming footsteps, and the rumbling, sloshing noises as her nut sack dragged behind her were far too much for them to handle. The women were all mindlessly masturbating, and if nothing was done, they would do this for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, once she was close enough, the irresistible, addictive smell of her sweat permeated their bodies and enslaved their minds.


In the girls’ heads, their lust obliterated minds attempted to piece together what had just happened. However, considering they were currently experiencing 180 simultaneous orgasms, it was impossible.


Lana simply shrugged at them. “let's see here… Yumi Cleaner.” she said her name, and the resulting cascade of orgasms made her cry for mercy. Of course, with her mind being so assaulted, it was impossible for her to form words. So, instead all she said was “NUHHHMMMMAAAHHAHHAHA!!” Hearing the goddess speak her name directly brutally forced her to experience 18,000 simultaneous orgasms instantly.


Lana, however, wasn't reading from any reference. She simply had this woman's name, face, date of birth, family information, ancestral line, genetic makeup, DNA sequences, and future actions memorized. In fact, Lana had this information memorized for every single human being on the planet. It was a rather trivial task when you were literally omnipotent.


“Maggie Stocker.” another orgasmic moan, and incoherent yelling.


“Cindy Banker.” once more, the same result.


More names. More words. More orgasms. It was hard to tell how long they stood there just listening to her talk.


“and… Alice Namer.”

Alice's response was somewhat different, however. “Gggaghhhahhhggagghhhaa!! L- LAAAAAAANNNANAAA!!!”


“that's all 10,000 of y…” She stopped dead in her tracks. “ What? Say that again!”


She incoherently screamed the goddess’ name once more.


“...ohh, my. Interesting. Number 43!”

The moment she had ordered succubus number 43 to appear before her, the girl sped into the room at the speed of sound. She almost orgasmed the moment she laid her eyes on the goddess, but dutifully saluted her and asked “Y- Your will, my Lady?”


“I want you to document this one. Alice Namer.”  

43 raised an eyebrow. “I obey, Mistress of Perfection, but… may I ask why?”


Lana chuckled, and turned her back. “Over the course of the last 3000 years that I've ruled this planet, never once in my life have I met someone for the first time who could still remember my name. She interests me.”


Once she had gathered the information, she left the room to allow the goddess to continue with her duties.


Lana raised her hand towards the women, and they gave them an order. “Stop cumming!” and immediately, their bodies obeyed. Almost as if she had taken direct control of them, they stopped having orgasms and were able to recover for the first time. Looking directly at the goddess still continue to make them feel incapable of resisting the urge to masturbate right then and there, but they could suddenly think again. Unfortunately, if their orgasms weren't being supernaturally blocked by her god-like power, hearing her voice would have set them off once more.


“If you can't even listen to my orders without dying of pleasure, how are you supposed to bear my children?”


Those words forced them to their knees again, as they remembered their purpose for being in the throne room.


She then approached Yumi. With no sign of effort, Lana picked her up with one hand and spoke to her. “You may resume cumming.” but, before she could even do anything, there was a blinding flash of light that only lasted for a split second. The other women gasped as they saw what happened. Yumi was absolutely insensate. She had been bloated with cum in a fraction of a second. Suddenly, the others noticed that they were standing in a waist high tide of sperm.


Alice went wide eyed. She had somehow impregnated Yumi, and shot out enough sperm to flood the entire throne room in a fraction of a second! No one had even seen her move. Before anyone could even express their amazement, she tossed Yumi to the ground with a wet splash, leaving the immobile girl who was now just a bloated bubble of godcum in the pool.


“Y- Yumi?” Maggie said, Concerned.

“don't worry.” Lana said. The response would normally have forced Maggie into an unending Loop of pleasure, but Lana had not given her the order to resume her orgasms.

“She's alive. She might recover within the next 10 years, maybe.”


Maggie's eyes filled with fear as Lana slowly approached her. Then, Lana spoke. “resume cumming.” and with another flash of light, Maggie's body was replaced with an unconscious, round ball of brown skin, filled with cum. However, the tide had finally managed to wash away, so Lana dropped her to the floor carelessly. “Her constitution was far weaker. It'll be 40 years minimum before she returns to her senses.”


Lana continued. Woman after woman, one at a time. Alice shook her head. This was impossible. How was she breeding these women so fast?  Even if she could thrust her hips at the speed of light, there should have at least been the sound of her breaking the sound barrier, or even any noise or movement at all. But there was none of that. She defied all logic and sense. Lana continued to breed and breed without stopping. 9,998 pregnant women were behind her. Her balls looked bigger than before, and she was still hard.


Cindy was next, and she was begging for her life, almost. There was no way she was getting out of this without getting pregnant, but she could still ask her to go easy.


“P- please my goddess, h- have mercy!!”


Lana picked her up and smiled, the look in her eyes was almost sadistic. “I refuse. Resume cumming.”


Once more, there was a flash of light, and complete silence. Once more, Alice found herself in a knee high pool of extremely thick cum.


Alice gulped nervously as she dropped Cindy into the pool and started walking towards her.


She wanted to say something, anything. But she didn't want to give the impression that she did not want to bear the goddess’ children. In truth, she wanted nothing more, but she wanted to say something.


“ahh… uhm… h- how long until… until Cindy recovers?”


Lana merely gave a gentle smile to Alice, and with the sweetest voice she could possibly have conjured up, The Goddess said, “She won't.”


Her heart stopped. It was her turn. Behind the unstoppable god were thousands of bloated, unconscious cum balloons. And now it was her turn. She could not even consider resisting as she was grabbed with a single hand and lifted High into the air, until her eyes were equal to Lana's.


“Resume cumming.” that was the order that Alice was given, and she immediately obliged. 400,000 pent up orgasms immediately surfaced, and she began screaming uncontrollably as the pleasure drowned her brain. But, outside of her head, Alice noticed that the color had been drained from everything, except for Lana, and herself.


Instead of the usual flash of light, Lana instead grabbed her cock and begin leisurely pumping it up and down. The light slapping noise forced Alice to enjoy another 80,000 orgasms.


“Double your pleasure.” she ordered.

Alice's current orgasm total doubled from 500,000 to 1 million simultaneous orgasms. The feeling of multiple orgasms was almost impossible to explain. Suffice to say, they were debilitating. Juices were splattering all over the place, as she uncontrollably let loose all over the throne room. That was when Alice noticed Lana's fully erect dick.


Earlier, she had estimated it to be about 6 ft long. She was wrong, as she didn't account for how much it would grow during the orgy. The Godlike, gargantuan, womb-shattering Fucklog easily surpassed 10 feet. But, Alice’s curiosity got the better of her. Why was there no flash of light? Why was she not instantly rendered unconscious buy a goddess who could move several trillion times faster than the speed of light? She tried to ask the question, but all that came out of her mouth was, “GGGHHKKKAAAHGGGHHHKKAKAAAOOOWWW???!!!”


Lana smiled. “It's a good thing I can read your mind, subject. You truly do interest me, you know. No other woman who has ever been invited to my throne room has ever maintained the mental capacity required to be curious. If you truly wish to know, I created a quantum time rift, effectively pausing time outside of this little bubble. Until I end it, time will not pass for you, or for anyone else. Time will, however, pass for me. Except, since I am Immortal, time holds no meaning to me. This means that you and I have as much time together as we would ever need.”


Alice couldn't believe the powers that this woman held.


“They get better.” she responded, reading her mind. “If you want to know how long the other girls spend in my time rifts, that varies. After breeding with me long enough, you could die.” Alice choked on her own spit, as her simultaneous orgasm count surpassed 3 million.


“However.” Lana continued, as she jacked off. “I can spend longer with you, if you can handle it. For example, Maggie had an extremely low Constitution, which meant that I could only breed her for 6000 years.”


Alice choked again. That was the minimum?!

“No” Lana said, reading her mind again.


“I'm sure they know I can read minds by now, you've said it 3 times already.” Lana said, somewhat annoyed. “Anyway, the minimum is 1000.”


THAT long?!

“Yep!, Well, sorta. It's kind of hard to think of them as ‘years’ when time is stopped. But you don't need to worry, Alice. If you can still maintain a thought while within my presence, then you must have the single highest constitution of any woman I've ever met. This means we can surpass my record of 752,465 years. We may be able to even reach a million! Ohh, I'm so excited to fucking destroy you for a thousand millenia!”


Despair and pleasure filled Alice’s mind. No doubt, she would spend thousands of lifetimes here with the goddess.


And after the million years was over, only a fraction of a second will have gone by.


“Now.” Lana said, raising her fully hard, 13 ft long gargantuan womb-obliterator. “Let's get breeding.”


Alice had no way of denying the goddess. She still hadn't even truly showed Alice the extent of her abilities, and it was clear that she was far beyond mortality. Alice’s mind filled with praise and compliments directed at Lana, as she lined up her overly large tool with Alice’s pussy.


Lana slid her cockhead across the entrance and smiled as she watched the reaction. Even the most gentle and basic of touches forced Alice to overlap even more orgasms into the ones she had already. Over 9 million orgasms blasted her nerves at once. If Lana had not willed her to remain conscious, she would pass out. Still she continued. Lana continued to rub her cock all over Alice’s body, giggling as she convulsed with pleasure.


19 million. 34 million. No mortal could reasonably handle it, and she was merely being teased by the goddess.


“I'm putting it in.” Lana said. With a mild, gentle thrust, she broke through Alice’s vaginal lips, and rested only the tip within her depths.


The pleasure from before was nothing now. 100 million. 600 million. 1.1 Billion.

Then Lana forced it deeper.

13 Billion.


It would be difficult to describe how she felt at that moment. The human brain couldn't process that much pleasure, so the dopamine flood filled the rest of her body. The best description one could give is to tell you to imagine having an orgasm, while every nerve in your body twitches like you're scratching the perfect spot for your itch, immediately after beating a hard level in a game you spent several hours or even days on. Immediately, you are told you won the lottery 6 times, while being asked to marry every demigoddess on earth. All of this happening at once, multiplied by 100 is how Alice felt.


But Lana could fuck harder. And she did. She found herself soon at the end of Alice’s pussy, merely 13” deep. Lana was barely 1/10th of the way inside. And this would not stop her. She thrust once more, penetrating Alice's womb.


Lana was so deep inside of Alice, that her godlike dick was ramming straight through her fallopian tubes, and against her ovaries. But Lana was absolutely determined to go balls deep. And it was not as though a goddess had to obey the laws of physics, or anatomy.


With one more devastating thrust, Lana rammed in as hard as she could, without killing Alice. The result was absolutely devastating.


Over 31 billion orgasms destroyed Alice every second. The overlap was simply overwhelming. Alice would have passed out, if Lana didn't want her to stay awake.


It was a sensation that was difficult to comprehend, the inability to lose Consciousness simply because someone doesn't want you to. Her powers were god-like. No, Beyond Godlike. Nothing that could possibly exist within reality could hold this much power, beauty, and authority.


And yet here she was. Baffling reality by continuing to bend it. Immortality, true invincibility, and no one who could even hope to match her power would guarantee that she would be the undisputed Queen of the Universe for all eternity.


A bulge in the shape of Lana's huge fucking dick stuck several feet out from Alice's stomach. And as Lana thrusted deeper, it grew larger. Then it grew thicker. Alice choked on her own spit as she failed to scream in mind-erasing pleasure. It was way too thick, big enough that Alice wouldn't be able to wrap her hand around it.


Finally, after her dick stuck out of her stomach 11 feet, did Lana actually hit balls deep. Lana smiled down at Alice, as she slowly stroked the dump-truck sized balls behind her, as they made obscene churning noises equivalent to ocean waves crashing against a rocky Beach.


Then, Lana pulled out her entire dick in a single motion. All 13 obscene feet of veiny, thick cock came out in a single pull.


The number of orgasms Alice was forced to have sped up and intensified. Over 190 billion orgasms. Her pussy was like a sprinkler, unable to spray her juice any further. The intensity so high that it spurt across the entire throne room, and cracked the wall with the force of her spray, before going down the drains.


But Lana had finally given her a second to breathe.


1 second.


Immediately after she pulled out, Lana slammed the entire 13-foot weapon of ass destruction deep into Alice, once more going balls deep. That entire monster going in in a single thrust was simply too much for any mortal to handle.


834 billion orgasms.


Then Lana forced it out once more, waited a second, then rammed it back in.


Alice was a mess. A twitching, screaming, spraying, babbling, mindless, pleasure nuked mess of a fuckdoll.


Nothing could save her now. She would become pregnant. Lana thrust once more. She sped up until she was pulling all the way out, then forcing herself balls deep, all in 1 second. Then she sped up to 2 thrusts per second.


Her hips became a blur as she sped up, faster and faster. 3 thrusts per second. 4 thrusts per second.


Once Lana surpassed 5 thrusts per second, Alice’s body began to break apart. Lana was forcing her cock into her like a saw, and Alice was being ripped in half by a cock, and her own orgasms. Once she hit 1 trillion orgasms per second, she was about to die. But she didn't.


It was hard to see it, and hard to notice considering the situation that Alice was currently going through. Lana was slowly feeding divinity into Alice's body. After a few minutes, Alice became more durable. More and more. She was almost on the verge of death, and even as Lana increase the intensity and speed of her fucking, she remained merely on the verge, never passing away, and growing more durable as her body needed it.


7 per second. 8. 9. 10.


The goddess was literally a blur at this point, her body was moving so fast that you couldn't even see her. She was beginning to make moans of her own, the pleasure she was feeling was equivalent to 100 trillion human orgasms per second, but it was merely a casual masturbation to the goddess herself.


Simply existing as of the Goddess must have been the single most pleasurable thing. Alice’s mind filled with nothing but unending praise for Lana, even has her orgasm count surpassed 120 trillion.


And then, Lana stopped. Balls deep in Alice she simply stopped. She had her tongue stuck out, and her eyes were rolled into the back of her head as she spoke. “C- CUMMING!”




That was what finally broke Alice. Her thoughts were no longer coherent, and that disappointed Lana. Still, no woman had ever remained coherent at all once she froze time. Alice was special. Furthermore, she could still feel pleasure, so Lana wasn’t done. She wouldn't cum until Alice stopped screaming.


But as the years dragged on, with Alice endlessly screaming in pleasure, Lana moaned. She had reached 700,000 years, and was finally reaching an orgasm. The millenia long fuck, with Lana thrusting in and out of Alice in a billion different positions, made her smile.


“agh… Alice, I know you can't understand me, but… you're the first woman in millenia to make me cum, instead of me forcing myself. Congratulations!” Then, finally making good in her promise, Lana thrust into Alice, balls deep.


There was so much cum. Lana only unleashed her load for a split second, before teleporting them to an alternate dimension. Lana had taken her to somewhere where her balls could empty in peace, with infinite white space to fill, without worrying about destroying the world. Over 1 quadrillion gallons of cum was shot through Alice's womb, and subsequently flooded the infinite empty around them. Every single drop contained trillions of sperm, and each one was extremely virile. Each sperm had 3 heads, and 3 tails.


She didn't stop. For 150 years straight, Lana came. Her balls never wavered. Her cum flowed. It lasted for so long, that Alice couldn't stop. Her overlapping orgasms per second began going down. Lana was concerned that maybe she wouldn't break her record of 752,465 years.


She was wrong.


Once Lana's orgasm was over, they were back in the throne room, still frozen in time. Lana's balls were finally empty. Drained of every drop. And then they weren't.


The godlike jizznukes refilled in a fraction of a second. Her ultimate virility was on display as her nuts grew to the size of entire houses, and the goddess herself became taller, as well, reaching 14’3.


Alice was amazing. Even as the fucking continued, and Alice began to weaken, she kept going. Alice continued screaming.


As year 752,465 came to an end, Lana laughed. “that's it! You did it Alice! New world record!” but she wouldn't be satisfied with that. Neither of them would.


Even though Alice's pleasure was slowing down, it was doing so very slowly. Even as they passed 800,000, she was still holding on.


It wouldn't be until 1,672,569 years into the fuck, that Lana moaned again. It surprised her. “wh- what? ...I'm cumming? I can't believe it… Alice, hold on for another hundred years, okay? You're not only the first woman in so long to make me cum without forcing myself… but you're the second, too! I don't believe it!! Alice, take it! Take… my… c- CUM!”


Just as the goddess said, she came right then, teleporting them to the empty dimension once more.


For the next 100 years, Lana came, and never stopped thrusting. And then, once it was done, Alice went totally numb. It was finally over.


Lana dropped the time distortion field, and dropped the over inflated cum balloon called Alice. One of the succubi flew up and kneeled down. “And that makes 10,000! Good work! How long until this one recovers?”


The goddess giggled, making the succubus cum. “she'll be back at it again by tomorrow.”


“gh… that's impressive, goddess… uh, are you taller?”


“don't worry about that.” Lana said. “how long did that orgy take?”


The succubus nodded. “ah… about 30 minutes, why?”


Lana simply smiled and sat down on her throne, soaking her legs in the knee high pool of cum as the women were carried away, to the maternity floors.


It would be 4 in the afternoon the next day when Alice awoke. She sat there, conscious but immobile. Her mind was blank for a few minutes, until her pussy felt empty. A small moan escaped her mouth.


She still felt mildly stressed, laying down with her eyes closed. She wasn't being fucked anymore. Suddenly she moaned louder, as she remembered she could move her limbs.


Her whole body still felt numb, and all she could see was pink. It had literally been a million years since she last moved her limbs of her own will. Her brain, slow but recovering, realized the pink she could see was her own pregnant womb. It stretched all the way from her stomach, to the ceiling. She couldn't react, though. Her body was too numb.


Eventually, after 10 minutes, she realized that it was over. She had no idea how long it had been, but she did remember Lana saying that her time record had been broken. Her lips curled weakly, with pride.


Then she heard voices. It had been a while since simply hearing something didn't make her orgasm. But considering how numb she was, she might simply have not noticed.


Her senses slowly began to creep back to her. Her vision was blurry. All she knew was that she was in a white room. And she could tell she was laying on a comfortable bed. Laying on cum-soaked marble for 16,000 millennia would start to hurt anyone after a while.


She heard a door open. Then, footsteps. Her eyes, although hazy, turned to the right to see someone walking up to her. They focused, and finally saw her. It was one of the maids, currently blindfolded for some reason. Alice didn't worry about it. The maid then walked over to a computer, and took her blindfold off.


“Subject, Alice Namer.” she said. “status, pregnant and unconscious. Expected to recover today, according to Her Omnipotence. Still not sure about that one, though.”


Alice tried to say something, but her mouth didn't move, and her throat was closed up. She figured she must have been out for months, until the maid kept talking. “Day 2. Breeding stage 1 of 3. Expected number of offspring… 18,520. New record. Goodness, the goddess destroyed you, didn't she…?”


It took all of her effort, but Alice managed to make a noise. “...uh huh…”


Surprised, the maid turned around and looked at Alice. Then she gasped and clenched her legs before falling to her knees. She covered her eyes as a pool of juice dripped down her legs. She grabbed her blindfold and put it back on. “incredible… awake already. P-please be careful, my eyes weren't prepared for your beauty. Don't forget y- you're a demigoddess now.”


Alice once more felt happy. “...g…” the maid clenched her teeth, and put her hand over Alice's mouth. “don't bother, just focus on recovering. I suspect you'll give birth in 4 months. You should be okay before then.


The maid then left to inform her superiors of the first to wake up. Alice spent the next 4 months in bed, slowly recovering. She regained control of her limbs and voice within 1 month, but it was still hard. She had spent 99% of her existence in perfect pleasure. It was then she noticed just how big she was. It seemed like she swallowed a house, her stomach flying 20 feet tall, and spilling off the bed. Walking was out of the question.


Then she saw herself. She had been accustomed to the looks of Lana, which is why she didn't cum from the sight of reality-defying beauty. She even got taller, now measured at 7 feet. But it didn't end there.


The maids informed her that she would continue to become more beautiful, only stopping once she gave birth.


She received emails informing her of her work situation. As promised 10 months of paid maternity leave, as well as a raise.


She spent the remainder of her time in the lap of luxury. By the time she gave birth to all 18000 of Lana’s spawn, she would grow to be 12’3” and bear beauty that caused the maids to orgasm through their blindfolds. Her voice was also objectively perfect, forcing the maids to their knees whenever she spoke.


The children would grow up in the palace’s nursery, and Alice would never see them again. She was a little sad, but Lana needed to control the population, and would send them around the world, to places that needed them most. Alice tried to justify this, by saying she couldn't raise that many anyway. Regardless, the goddess’ orders were absolute.


Eventually, Alice would go free, back home. On the walk home, everyone who saw her would orgasm on sight. She laughed as they did.

She had to duck in the elevator on the way up to her floor. When she finally made it back, she saw the mailbox had a letter… wait. It was a strong, expensive paper wrapped in silver and gold flaked ribbons. And, sealing it shut was the wax seal of the Goddess herself. She opened it in confusion. Was it sent twice?


Soon, it became obvious. It wasn't sent twice.


This was a new letter, for next year’s orgy.






































































































































































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