Selections From a Bug Tracker

#1: bootstrapping to omnipotence too straightforward for new users

Look, I know we said in the spec that users would be able to do anything but it's currently too straightforward for a new users to immediately apply the "godly" trait to themselves and immediately overtake the program. We've already seen a number of our test-harness multiverse runners come up with that strategy immediately, and it's no fun.

#302: Fonts look weird on older machines

#303: Improve lo-res interface design

#575: Can't click on target anymore

At some point after revision a34b26, we lost the ability to interact with targets using the mouse to dress/undress them, prod erogenous zones, etc. There's nothing in that commit itself that looks like it'd cause that, so we can assume it was an earlier regression that was only noticed at that point. We're adding a set of universe-preconditions to catch that going forward.

#992: No longer launches on 32-bit systems or low-carbon universal substrates

#1563: User interface defaults to Farsi / user language detection error

#2843: Atmospheric Climate Editor interface crashes application when opened

This one's actually worse than the title sounds; because of the underlying hooks into the reality substrate, a crash at this point in the program deletes the atmosphere of the planet currently hosting the program, resulting in user asphyxiation in most (but not all) circumstances. This should probably be refactored to more safely interact with reality.

#3243: "Equalize Sexes" macro gives all female targets horsecocks

Probably a copy-paste error from the "furry world" macro. The universe logs from the build cluster are worth reading for the reactions.

#5101: Female user sexual preferences overwritten on boot

Unclear why "lesbian with aggressive misandry" macro is being applied upon first user interaction.

#5102: Male user sexual preferences overwritten on boot

See #5102; for men, it's auto-applying "confused bisexual" on first interaction.

#5943: Font size on Biome Editor tutorial page too small

#6723: Task: rebuild test multiverse

A runaway test corrupted the multiverse last night during the test suite run, using the program to escape causality and pop up a layer into the overarchitecture, wiping out the rest of the universes currently undergoing validation in the process. We've hired the incipient godling onto the QA team, since they show promise in finding previously overlooked privilege-escalation points in the application, but we also need to re-instance a multiverse so automated testing can resume.

#7920: Support non-physical users

#8540: Implement Afterlife API for new "historical clone" feature

#9934: Command-line interface build failing

#9938: Default view for all loaded targets dresses them in clown outfit

#1009: Newly created entities always have "full bladder" trait

This should be user-toggleable at best.

#1430: Does not boot if Master PC or World Processor are also running in same local multiverse

Even if we don't officially support a universe running in this configuration, we should at least try and avoid deadlocks and contention for the underlying reality with these two competitors. Added to the test suite, even if interaction between them and us on the same target is undefined behavior

#1659: Measurement overflow

It's not much of an "omnipotent" program if it overflows at the 64-bit boundary, is it? Discovered when a user attempted to give themselves a cock longer than 264 inches; it underflowed, resulting in a localized singularity, annihilating the user.

#1805: Cannot make any changes on October 31th due to dec/octal conversion bug

Even a team of omnipotent programmers can't keep from making type-conversion errors, huh?

#2002: Create-An-Alien interface too similar to "Spore"; legal is involved

#2453: Interface shimmers when mouse is moved in and out of "New..." button hotspot quickly

#2563: Move "Add New Gender..." to top of list-picker

#2700: "Catgirl" macro broken

Although making targets look like Emma Peel is nice, it's not what this is supposed to do.

#3205: Change "Ork" to "Orc" throughout application

#3406: Beta release fails to implant on universes smaller than 10100 Parsecs wide

#3423: Update boot screen to always display localized year, not year in compiler universe

#4100: Cut 1.0 release

Pop the champagne!


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