Godspeed: Pretty Cure (Part II)



                                8 YEARS LATER

A lot of human years passed since I parted ways with Momo, even if we were together for a few days, I had always felt that we were meant to work together forever, we formed a pretty intimate bound and I got used really fast to the comfort of her house. I always wondered what happened to her in all these years so I asked the Council, they reluctantly told me that she became a single mother of two healthy sons and went to work on a marketing firm in Tokyo, she had a house of her own and … it seems that she still used the glove in order to transform and beat criminals, she apparently took them to the police just after, perhaps she felt that her power was being misused and wanted to do the right thing, she operated in many countries and surprisingly the crime rate in Asia lowered to the half of what it was before. Oh! I think I forgot to told you! I didn't manage to take back the glove to the Council, they got pretty angry at me and vanished me, I couldn't attend their meetings anymore, all for defending Momo, who didn't want to lose the glove, she wanted to keep doing heroic stuff with it, honestly, I knew that if the Council didn't take it by force, it was because they couldn't, I heard that Momo had gotten really good with her powers and there was no one able to defeat her, so the only option would have been persuading her to return the tool. However I couldn't bring myself to do that because, let's be honest, the tool was in good hands, also, she … she saved me from certain death that one time and I couldn't just take away what was rightfully hers, even if I was ruining the natural cycle of things, she deserved to have that power.

November the 3rd, that was the day when I decided to take matters by myself and escape Faerieland to visit Momo, I wanted to talk with her, I needed to. I escaped in the middle of the night, evaded the guards and crossed the teleportal to Tokyo, if I followed the signal of the glove I could find her. 

It was morning, 7:00 AM. I took my time to find her new home, it was a little detached house in a common neighbourhood of the Chiba prefecture, two floors, a little garden, diaphanous enough, it was a nice place to raise kids but I felt sad for her having to raise them alone, what happened with the father? He probably knew about her secret and left, scared of her power, or something like that, I couldn't know anyway and I wasn't going to ask. I watched through the window, using my invisibility, the two kids were 6 and 4 years old respectively and they were an energetic pair, they were watching a show on TV and imitating the hero on the screen, who was doing ridiculous poses, wow guys, if you only knew what your mother did a few years ago.

Then I finally saw Momo … she was … gorgeous, like a flower blossoming in spring, her body grew just in the right places, now a 24 year old that had two sons, she had obtained an incredible supermodel figure, her beauty, far more delicate and pure in the past had become the archetype of a sexual bombshell, a goddess of lust, her breasts were enormous, obvious proof that she had to feed babies in the past, her legs were long and thick, strong but beautiful and aesthetic, her bubble butt was still the same and her face retained the magnificence from her youth but now looked more mature and wiser, she was a marvel to behold, she wore a dark smock over her beige blouse and tight blue jeans, her mahogany mane was collected in a cute ponytail and she wore glasses, which gave her a more mysterious appearance and somehow made even clearer that her blue eyes were a miracle of the Universe. Oh no, I wasn't in love with Momo or something like that, but anyone would recognize that she was smoking hot, and the people of her city knew it too. At this time, she worked on something different but the Council told me that before, when she was trying to get a quick buck for moving out of the city with the kids, she worked as a model for a lingerie brand, funnily enough, she wore underwear for women with "extra" size, and it showed.


Oh my … she must had married so young, and all to be alone again so soon … she needed my help more than ever!

- Shingo! Seiji! What have I told you of screaming so much? One of these days you are going to make someone go crazy! -she was very strict with her sons, appropiate, it was cute to see how she had become such a good and responsible mother, she was trying her best, and she was doing it alone while not cheating with her powers. - Come on, go play on another room, I have to clean the living room! -

- Yes, mom! -they said at unison.

Momo suddenly checked with her eyes if someone was watching and when she was certain of it, she put on the glove, but she didn't transform, not entirely at least, she only made her right hand change and then used it to lift the heavy couch with ease, one-handed, in order to use the vacuum cleaner, it was incredible how advanced her mastery of the transformation had become, enough for her to be able to transform only certain parts of her body into Cure Unity. She put the couch again on its place.

- Cincirino, I know you are there! 

- B-but how? I was invisible! There was no possible way for you too … - she sarcastically shown me her glove while smirking, she was happy to see me again.

- I missed you so much Cincirino, I knew you would come to see me again one day! especially with the things the Council tells you. -Momo took me with her hand and somehow I could pass through the glass of the window without breaking it, the room felt different, it was like everything was covered on a strange pink filter. - With this barrier on, the kids cannot see us talk, don't worry about them though, I stopped time outside of the barrier. -

- W-what? How do you know those things? Stopping time? Pretty Cures cannot do that! -this made no sense, these abilities, the way she was smiling, like she knew something I didn't.

- You have been informed very well, you did an incredible thing when you created the glove, thanks to the power of my ancestors now I can combat crime more efficiently than anyone else, really, anyone. Its powers are so great that with time I have mastered … - she made a pause, ready to drop the bomb on me, she was so enthusiastic, like she had been waiting years to tell me this. - Omnipotence. -

- W-what?

- Yeah, you don't believe me? When I transform into Cure Unity I become so powerful that I can do anything I want and I'm practically invincible and the best in any front, it took time to get used to it but now that I got the hold of it there's nothing I cannot do. For example, stopping time and freezing this frame of space was such a trivial task, it doesn't even waste magic power. - I couldn't believe this, Cures were powerful, but this was ridiculous, she was telling me that my mistake basically transformed Momo into God, how could this be?

- Yes, you could say I'm God. - she was casually reading my mind. - But it doesn't matter, I clearly surpassed the evolutionary potential of every lifeform in the Universe, but still I don't want to play on easy difficulty, living a quiet life with my sons in Japan is fine by me, and I can still combat crime and not get caught because of my powers. -

- When you say it like that, it sounds like a really good life.

- It is, especially since I got the full custody of Seiji and Shingo, I wouldn't dare to ruin this day talking about their father, so please understand me. -it was pleasant, being able to talk with Momo like that, she had become a wonderful person and didn't abuse her power, I was totally right in my decision of letting her keep the glove.

Suddenly I watched everything move outside of our little pink room, it would have been uncanny valley enough just as that, but the fact was that it was moving backwards.

- What is this?

- The Universe is going back in time half an hour, but we are not being affected, I noticed that I was going to be late for work and I also had to leave the kids in daycare, now that I cleaned the living room in the future I will have time when we go back into the past. - she was talking about casually playing with time for doing petty things like this, she was so powerful, so much that I started to feel really small in her presence, and I was already small enough.

- Incredible, you can turn back in time … what else can you do …?

- Anything, you can go combat crime with me this night if you want to see for yourself how powerful I have become, what do you say? Wanna relive the old times together?

- I would be honored!

- Then all is said and done, come, stay with us today, my children will love you! - she was so cute with her goofy smile and her fingers intertwinned in such a feminine way, but that didn't sound good at all, I predicted I was going to be used as a toy.

Time and space returned to their normal state in the room and Momo took the glove off, I passed a wonderful day with her happy family, the little one, Seiji, was so sad for not being with me and having to go to daycare that he cried. Anyway, they came back and we played together. I also talked with Momo while drinking her delicious tea, about her life until now and her godly powers, she kept getting more impressive with each sentence and I wondered what she had in store for me that night.

It was 9:00 PM after dinner and Momo put the kids to bed, they were sleeping like angels after an entire day of pulling my cheeks and throwing me around, I was tired but still eager to watch Cure Unity in her full splendor. When we were outside the house and no one was looking, she put on the glove again, but this time she transformed completely, the pink fireworks were much more intense than the last time, I would be worried for someone peeking on us it if I didn't know that Momo had no power limits, so she could freeze space and time to perform her transformation in peace. It was such a beautiful explosion of pink and magical hearts that it probably could be seen from space and her aura was so vibrant … but I couldn't prepare myself for the vision that I had in front of me.

I thought Cures retained their teenager body type whenever they transformed, but I was proven wrong, her body was just as spectacular and voluptuous as the motherly and healthy appearance she had before the transformation but now she became even more slender and sharp without losing her incredibly large breasts, I had to close my eyes, she was showing too much meat, because, surprise! She wasn't even wearing her old attaire, she instead had chosen to dress in a skimpy outfit that left almost nothing to imagination, a small pink bikini with underwear pieces that weren't even big enough to contain her godly and sexy frame. It was incredible though, as revealing and unchaste as that outfit was, it somehow went to illustrate how powerful she was? It's hard to explain, she was a woman with a supermodel body in a pink bikini with heart shaped accesories and earrings, big ribbons and two giant pink twintails and I still felt that a goddess was in front of me, she was 5' 5'' but for all I knew that petite and busty mother of two had just become the strongest person in the Universe, as easy as that. Her smug smile and confidence while in those clothes gave me a precise forecast of what was about to happen, then she noticed I was there, she had been enthralled in a power rush for a few minutes. She put her arm under her giant, perfectly firm breasts to sustain them, it didn't matter because they defied gravity anyway, but they made a rhytmical and natural bounce that spoke leagues of their softness. I opened my eyes again and witnessed her body again, starting with her neverending legs. She suddenly blushed and played with her earrings nervously.


- Well … how do I look?

- Absolutely pristine and gorgeous Momo, you have grown into such a beautiful woman, I'm very proud.

- Geez, you keep saying those things, you embarass me!

- And why did you ditch the old uniform? Don't you feel cold in the middle of the night with only that on?

- Ah … I don't know, I just feel better in this one, is there a problem with it? Want me to change?

- No, no, I wouldn't dare to tell you what to do … mmm … so, what are we going to do tonight?

- We are going to stop some interdimensional criminals your dear Council doesn't even know about, a dangerous overlord called Buri Buri and his henchmen have escaped Penumbra and want to conquer the world, and I will stop them! -with her abilities fully matured, It was no wonder why she had so much confidence in herself, also, her knowing that meant … - Yes, I visited Penumbra and Faerieland, I prefer the latter though, I have an eye on most criminals from your dimension and I know when they enter Earth at any time, I'm far more efficient that the Council, don't you think so? -

- It seems that way, and where are these criminals you speak of?

- In a dark tower with four floors but we will need to go to the Mojave Desert in the United States.

- But that's really far away! Without a teleportal we would need tens of hours to reach …

And then I was proven wrong, without saying anything Cure Unity hugged me and jumped so incredibly high that I almost passed out from the extreme speeds, she cut through air with no resistance at all and when I wanted to inspect our surroundings, I found myself in her arms with outer space as our background, I marveled at the beauty and infinity of the Universe, which was now Unity's playground. From here, Earth was beautiful, I could see all of it; continents, oceans, islands, everything. We were out of orbit, free from Earth's gravitational pull, which didn't seem to bother Cure Unity anyway. We stopped though, Momo and I landed on the Moon's surface with so much force that part of it was destroyed, it was a huge blast and many kilometers of rock were vaporized but I could only see this from far away because a second later we were already charging right into Earth's atmosphere. Yes, Momo only used the Moon's surface as a complex and baroque way of propelling herself, now I knew that we could have reached the Mojave without all that overstylish paraphernalia but she wanted to impress me, it was cute in a way, watching Momo laugh as we entered Earth's atmosphere at astounding speeds. She was in fire right now but not even that could hurt her in the least.

We finally reached the desert, even if we were falling at thousand of miles per hour, Momo didn't destroy everything when she placed her might feet on the soil, she landed with the elegance of a swan, clacking her heels and started walking with me in her arms until we were in front of the tower. She put me in the floor. The tower in front of us wasn't too tall but it had the demonic etchings that made Penumbran architecture so somber and scary, still, with Momo, I felt protected.

- There are four people in this tower. I will have to defeat them one by one, we will have a lot of fun. -she winked at me and we entered, it was dark and cold, the humidity was entering through my bones. I clung to Momo, who giggled playfully.

- How do you know these things?

- Omniscience, I know as well that there's no one here that can even hurt me, but it will be fun still, don't you think? Hahaha!

Drops of water fell from the ceiling, I could feel them from afar, suddenly, light was cast on us, a lot of foci on the ceiling displayed the arena in which the first one of the henchmen of Buri Buri was going to "fight" Cure Unity. And to follow such a surprise, it started to rain, the enemy used a water spell inside the building, what was his plan? Momo smiled and twirled one of her twintails, she wasn't even getting wet.

- You will have to fight me now Cure Unity, we know that you were spying on us, do you think my lord Buri Buri is stupid? Oh no dear, now brace yourself, for I, Fan-man, am unbeatable in this kind of terrain. -he stepped out of the shadows to show his ugly and comical frame. A literal dark blue giant fan with beady, cartoonish eyes, he had a cruel smile on his face, paired with big, red lips and the voice of a smoker, a clear example of an undesirable inhabitant of Penumbra.

- Of course, I let you bunch of useless idiots know that I was coming, now this is truly going to be funny!

- What?! -he was angry. - Well, you won't be so confident when you get frozen to death! -Fan-man, doing honor to his name, started to rotate his blades, the rain did hit Momo this time though.

I noticed how the air that Fan-man created started to get colder, oh no! Now I understood! He was trying to freeze the water! Fan-man laughed as the rain started to become ice but it wasn't normal ice, it looked like some kind of crystal that was growing on Momo's half naked body.

- You won't be able to move with those parasite crystals crippling your body, you have lost hahahaha! And all because you were so cocky, Cure Unity! My lord will love a crystal statue of your spectacular body though, that's the good thing with my victims, they become art! 

And then his dreams were instantly shattered. Momo broke the crystals like nothing just by flexing her muscles a little, then, without saying anything, started to walk in Fan-man's direction. This shouldn't have been possible for anyone else and I saw that in our enemy's desperation, his eyes were filled with fear, of course, he thought it was impossible to break the crystals but he didn't know that 'impossible' was not a word that affected Cure Unity, the most powerful magical warrior in history. Each clack of her heels was like a countdown to the moment of his beating, he was scared for his life and, in a pitiful display, he used the propeller on his back to escape as fast as he could to reach the stairs to the next level of the tower and reunite with his comrades.

- You cannot catch me! I'm the fastest man ali … -but Momo was already in the stairs, waiting for him, she was so fast no one watched her move.

- No, you are not, sweetie.

He couldn't stop on time and was about to crash with the wall but she stopped him with one finger, and then flicked him against another wall with such strength that he almost broke.

- T-this is not the end, you cannot beat the storm that are my blades! -he tried to cut Cure Unity with the wind created by his fan, she wasn't hurt despite all her surroundings being cut into pieces by the violent air currents.

Cure Unity smiled in a cute way and used her glossy pink lips to inhale a little, and then, she exhaled a hurricane, her little mouth producing such a powerful gale that Fan-man's storm looked like an actual house fan in comparison and eventually got beaten. Momo perfectly controlled her mighty breath to play with Fan-man's body, making him crash against things, beating him at his own game. Then she decided to stop and show him what real lung power was, as easy as you and me could eat spaghetti, Cure Unity inhaled with a little more of power this time and, incredibly, she sipped the entire body of her enemy like it was liquid. I was in awe, I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. Everything went silent and Momo licked her lips.

- D-did you just eat … I mean … drink an entire 8 feet metal monster made of blades with your lips?

- He passed like water but tasted horrible hahaha! - and she was so natural when saying these things, Momo had become a beautiful, perfect monster of raw power that couldn't be beaten in any front, it was like a fever dream. - Let's go to the next level, okay? -and so I followed her up the stairs.

This floor of the tower was clearly different, it was gigantic, I couldn't imagine that this tower could hold such a place inside it, but here we were Momo and I, in a well illuminated room which extended past the horizon and was covered with enormous rocks. A roaring laugh stroke from the distance, it came in the form of a harsh and uncaring voice, characteristic of a beast that was lost in its own bloodlust. One rock, big enough to squash anyone in one hit appeared in the air, thrown with incredible strength at us but it was to no avail, Cure Unity detected it with ease and destroyed it with one kick. Next thing I saw she turned the color of her pretty sapphire eyes into a vermillion red and shot magical laser beams from her eyes, they were thin but really powerful, enough to blow up an entire block of stone that simulated a mountain. The room was filled with dust but Momo didn't bother to close her eyes, she smiled, completely calm, she had already seen her opponent. A literal pile of muscles with a tiny head in a wrestling costume appeared between the mess, he was at least 15 feet tall and towered over us, the veins on his powerful arms pumped blood so fast that you could see them pulsating, each step of the giant made the floor crack under his increible weight.

- Cure Unity! Brute-man recognizes your strength! Now fight me! - he said what needed to be said, he didn't seem like an intelligent guy, judging by his small, bald head, he looked like a total ignoramus.

- You are not interesting as you think you are, insect, I propose you something. -the insult made a vein pop out of his head, he didn't like to be ridiculized, especially by a little pink girly girl like Momo, but unfortunately for him, he wasn't even remotely aware of her actual power. - I will surrender if you manage to displace me, I won't even do anything, you have all the time you want … until I get bored of you that is …

That was the last straw, Brute-man roared and charged against Cure Unity, but when he collided with Momo he stopped in a dime, even when pushing her shoulders with all his strength, the monstrous behemoth couldn't even make her flinch, she smirked, sure of her physical superiority, their sizes weren't important, she was just so much stronger it wasn't even fair, but she humored him anyway. Brute-man tried many angles to try and lift or move Momo's lithe body but it was futile, her sheer power was too much to overcome and it didn't took long after he stopped trying, panting and sweating like crazy from the effort, his face all red. Cure Unity however was perfectly fresh, it wasn't even a good exercise for her.

- Is that all? Guess It's time for me to …

- No! Please, I will …!

- Don't ever interrupt me. Ever. Again.

Faster than Brute-man could react Cure Unity grabbed his arm and squeezed it within two of her delicate fingers, the muscular monster started to scream as if he was in the slaughterhouse, you could tell that it hurt a lot because Momo's fingernails were denting his skin and he was bleeding, his arm turned blue after a while and then she twisted his arm to make him scream more, it was obvious that Momo had no respect at all for these beings, maybe she had a sadistic side to her that I didn't know about?

Finally Cure Unity released him but before he could react she took his other arm and lifted his entire body just to start spinning him like a dummy, after a while she threw him into the ceiling from which he fell. This gigantic musclehead was sobbing with his face planted on the floor, then he started punching and breaking it with the rage that he knew couldn't even flinch Momo before, like a child throwing a tantrum.

- I am Brute-Man! I can lift the tallest skyscrapers, even mountains! This doesn't make any sense! Why can't I win against you?

Momo didn't say a thing. The magical girl approached him and, again, lifted his monumental frame, this time by the chin with only one finger and put him against a wall. I noticed that he closed his eyes, trying to hide he was crying and probably praying for someone to save him, his body was bruised and he was totally defeated, but Momo still wanted to prove her superiority. Not wasting even one minute Cure Unity used her powerful but soft breasts to push Brute-Man's body against the wall, trapped between the two hazards he watched helplessly as his bones started to crack with the pressure of those two big, meaty spheres on her chest, with his body totally ruined, Brute-man fell again, his right arm was the only thing he could still move now but he couldn't talk and was about to faint from the pain.

- Say, if you are so strong, let's see how you handle this. - Cure Unity removed one of her little heart shaped earrings from her ear and then threw it into Brute-man's hand, suddenly, he couldn't raise his hand to ask for mercy anymore, even if he could use his full strength, he still wouldn't have been able to lift the heavy weight of such a tiny little earring, it was humiliating.

And that wasn't all, his body and the entire floor started to sink under the earring's massive mass, it was a sight to behold, such a little thing being that heavy. Momo smiled triumphantly and let Brute-man sink more and more with the earring until he fell to the first floor, breaking its ceiling in the process, and then, he sank more, until I couldn't see him anymore, the hole was too deep. Momo sighed.

- Hmpf! What a weakling, normally, the heart earrings I wear weight as much as tens of thousands of galaxies stacked upon one another, but you see, I reduced the weight of this one to 'the heaviest object on Earth' and he couldn't even lift it, I'm disappointed. -how strong was Momo right now? If what she was telling me was true, she was now wearing incalculable tons of weight in each ear and she wasn't even fazed by the fact, she could even move at blinding, faster than light speeds with those on, it was ridiculous. - You see Cincirino, nobody can beat me in a strength constest, no matter the size or the technique, so it really pisses me off when someone dares to challenge me! Well, let's go! -

And with that last bravado we took the stairs to the third floor, where the last of Buri Buri's henchmen was waiting us. Momo took me in her arms.

The room was filled with strange black artificial tentacles and an ethereal, purple light source gave the place a creepy quality. I didn't want to be here. Momo caressed my fur and I relaxed a little, she was always so kind with me, even when she was in the middle of a power rush. We could see from whom the tentacles and the light came from, it was a giant brain, compressed in a robotic helmet made especially to contain it, the wearer was a really cute girl with soft and pale skin, a menacing violet color shone in her eyes, filled with power. She was a witch from Penumbra, a really powerful one, whose talent was her mighty mind.

- You are correct, little guardian, but worry not, both you two won't be alive in time short, the magical warrior, this Cure that travels with you, her powers are great enough to defeat my lesser associates, however, mine are of greater magnitude. How ironic and melancholic, to come so far, just to die in here, I shall weep for you after your death, brave heroes. 

The psychic witch ordered a nest of insects that were waiting in the tentacles to attack us in a gigantic swarm, I covered my face but nothing happened. When I opened my eyes again I saw something that rivalized my sighting of the Earth a few minutes ago. Momo turned all the insects into pink butterflies made of pure magic. This, of course, angered the woman.

- Your magics are strong, Cure, but Psycotrix is not one to surrender against mere vagrants, you may be versed in the arts of illusion and delusion, but I won't concede that you have just altered matter in front of my fair eyes.

- That's just what I did, I altered reality, I transformed your hideous pets into something more in line with my style. In the end of this battle you will have to concede that my mind is stronger than yours. I have the power to bend everything that exists and doesn't to my pleasure, petty witch, you can't compete with me, nor in magic, neither in intelligence. -this was a battle of the minds, so it was hard for me to tell what was happening but I guess I could follow them a little thanks to what they were saying. - What's wrong? You are angry because you cannot enter my mind, me being unpredictable really makes you uncomfortable, my mind is so mighty that your lesser brain doesn't have enough psychic power to bypass my mental barriers, yet, I can tell you everything your limited brain is thinking right now, you have no secrets for me, and you know it. -

Psycotrix was sweating, she knew that what Momo said was true, she felt her presence inside her head, she was reading her like an open book, this was unacceptable for her, given that no one had ever done that before. Her brain was so powerful, that Buri Buri had to construct this machinery around her just to control her evergrowing physic power that, however, was useless against Cure Unity's crushing abilities.

- You should cease right now, spouting nonsense won't defill me, your shallow tricks are beneath my notice, little Cure. -she smirked maniacally, but it was obvious she was nervous. - Yes, for some reason your mind I cannot unlock, but that is no problem, is it, heroine? I shall still dominate you with this! -

The witch concentrated for a moment and then launched a strike into Momo's mind, she kept her eyes connected with her foe's, trying to hypnotize the most powerful girl ever by rotating them but Cure Unity wasn't being affected by it, in fact, she yawned and strechted her mighty, sexy body to show Psycotrix that her attack was to no avail. Our enemy kept trying though, but before she could achieve her girl she started to feel dizzy, her head was spinning, the witch overdid it.

- That was all? Good, let me try then! - and then Momo did the same with her fantastic blue peeps, she only looked at Psycotrix's eyes for a moment, but she became instantly hypnotized, her beautiful purple eyes became glassy and she started drooling. - Say that my intellect is superior to yours. -

- Y-your intellect is superior to mine, m-mistress Unity. - she was completely broken.

And with that victory, Momo went and surprisingly kissed her in the lips, we left the poor witch there, babbling incomprehensibly, her previously mighty mind destroyed by a magical girl's smooch. Momo was caressing one of her breasts just out of satisfaction.

We had a talk while taking the stairs to the last floor of the tower.

- Ahhhh, that felt great, Cincirino, we only have to win against Buri Buri now, this is easy, don't you think?

- You have become so mind-numbingly powerful, I cannot describe how impressed I am.

- This is nothing, you should watch me fighting a cosmic entity. I did it once, I have come to surpass the limits of magical understanding.

- And do you feel good when beating your enemies like this?

- Oh, do you fear that I may be consumed by my power?

- No, It's not that, It's just that … I don't want to lose you, ok? You can do so much good, but I wouldn't wish for you becoming drunk with power and turning evil, my heart couldn't handle that.

- Mmm … - she thought about it for a moment. - Don't worry Cincirino, I'm the same Momo as ever! We'll just beat this idiot and go back home! -

- Yes ma'am!

Buri Buri's chamber was small and looked like a rich man's office. He was expecting us, sitting in his expensive chair and smoking a fat cigar. Buri Buri was one of the five barons of Penumbra and he looked like a pig, literally, he was the closest thing to a Pig-man you could think of. He talked in his putrid and corrupted voice, the place smelled horribly.

- Look who's here, if it isn't …

- Shut up Buri Buri, I defeated your henchmen fair and square. - Momo interfered, she was serious now. - I'm already bored of this tripe so if we could finish this right now I would be thankful, I really don't want to see your swine face again. -

- Bold girl, well, as you wish, have at you!

The entire building around us started decomposing, Momo jumped back with me in her arms and put me on the desert's soil. I saw how the entire tower was being transformed into a giant, dark mecha with a pig skull as a face, it was a sight to behold, Buri Buri was the pilot and he wasted no time trying to destroy Cure Unity, using a barrage of missiles and lasers. However, Momo stopped it all easily with a little barrier around us. Buri Buri cringed in fear at this display of raw power and his mecha followed suit, imitating his movements.

- This is your end, Buri Buri! - I screamed enthusiastically.

And I was correct, Momo blew a little kiss to the robot, creating a magical blast in the shape of her lips that literally erased the mecha's right arm from existence, the 200 feet tall metal colossus lost its balance and fell on its feet, Buri Buri couldn't make the machine behave like he wanted and he couldn't get up. Momo teleported next to the robot and tore apart an entire leg from it with ease, which she used to constantly smash its body, leaving it unusable in a few hits. Buri Buri tried to escape using the mechanism in the cockpit but Cure Unity was already there, about to remove him from this world with an energy blast.

- P-please, have mercy, I didn't do anything wrong yet, a Cure wouldn't kill someone that is defenseless. -he was pathetic, asking Momo to spare his life, but he was in the truth, and the way he covered himself pulled a string in my little heart.

- If I let you live you will spread hate and sadness, you will make the world an horrible place, your intentions were to make innocent people suffer, including my children. -oh … - No one will miss you, baron of Penumbra. -

- Momo! - I humped her leg - You don't have to do this, you are a good person, he fears you now, he won't try anything bad ever again, I promise! -

- Y-yes, he is right! Spare my life please!

Momo trembled for a bit but she ultimately chose to spare the baron and relaxed her combat posture.

- Only because I trust my partner.

- T-thank you! - but it wasn't going to be so easy, he was going to get off the hook, but he would pay the price still. Momo pointed Buri Buri with her index finger and casted a magic spell on him, he turned into a common mouse.

Momo stared at the rodent and, making little screeches, he run in our opposite direction.

- Considering what he planned to do with your world, that was pretty considerate.

- I'm sorry you almost watched me abuse my power, Cincirino.

- No, Momo! You did the right thing, let's go back home and relax, you looked unsettled back there.

Back in her place, I asked her why she lost her composed demeanor against Buri Buri, she explained to me that the thought of losing her children was her motivation for fighting crime. For her, people that actively work to make others sad, and especially children, should not be allowed to live. It was an extreme belief, but it wasn't far from what many Cures through story had come to think. Sometimes fighting against evil makes you choose, and It's not always that you can allow yourself to spare the villain. I was glad that she did it this time though, now I was really convinced that she was prepared to bear the responsibility of using the glove's power, she passed the test.

The next day I was going to return to Faerieland, the Council was probably going to punish me for crossing dimensions without their consent, but it was worth it, I managed to keep in touch with my old friend and I watched some incredible stuff. Perhaps, in the hands of this benevolent goddess, mankind would no longer need more Pretty Cures, she would protect them forever, and never lose. The mighty heroine of love and compassion, the champion that her world needed.

When I was about to leave I was stopped by her, she was sitting on the roof of her house, combing her hair like when we met for the first time.

- So you are leaving, eh, old friend?

- Yes, sadly, but it was fun while it lasted.

- You know you don't have to go, right? -it was true, but I didn't want to bother her.

Then I took a look at the sky, the Sun wasn't there, instead, there was a giant pink heart in its place, radiating natural light for everyone. It was … so majestic, obviously she replaced Earth's original Sun for her creation. But no one seemed to notice … oh … so she had rewriten reality … I understood …


- It will last forever, unlike that old and busted one, my work is finally done I believe.

- What? - and then she handed me the glove.

- But why?! You are better off with it! You could be the perfect heroine! Having it returned to the Council is a wasted opportunity!

- Madness. I want to live a normal life with my kids, I want to die and know that I've lived a full and healthy life, no more crimefighting, or pretending to be a heroine. These powers are too much for me to handle, even if you think me worthy of them. I don't want to be corrupted by power and lose all that I care for, so, would you do me a solid and reforge that glove into more adequate tools. I'm fed up on this responsibility.

- I … I understand, I hope everything goes well for you Momo. It was fun, I may come to visit again to play with the kids, if they don't punish me too hard. -we laughed at the same time.

- I would love that, goodbye Cincirino, you did your guardian job flawlessly, especially yesterday.

- Godspeed, Cure Unity …

And then I returned to my realm to hand the glove to the Council. I will never forget that woman, never, the gentle smile on her face, her pleasant voice and her sense of justice, love and responsibility, she truly was the best Pretty Cure to ever grace history, the next generation of Cures will have a hard time surpassing this. Last thing I learned about Momo was that she apparently got married again, this time with a better man that tended to her needs and took proper care of Seiji and Shingo, at least she got to be happy.

I feel very honored to have been part of this adventure eight years in the making, even as I write from Faerieland's jail. I can bear this punishment though, for it also gave me the time to write this epic tale on paper. I, Cincirino, was the guardian of the warrior of love, Cure Unity, the strongest Pretty Cure ever.



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