“Name?” John kept an impersonal gaze fixed on the petite young blonde woman across the table.

“Maya Summers,” she stretched back in her chair and yawned, “Yours?”

He scribbled on his pad, “Detective John Mason. Age and profession?”

“Twenty-one, and college student,” she answered without a hint of hesitation, “You look kinda young to be a detective.”

He put on his best bad-cop face and ignored the question, “Do you know why you’re here, ma’am?”

She nodded with a smile, “Because you asked me to come. Didn’t think you’d be so serious about it, though,” she yanked on the handcuffs locking her right arm to the interrogation room table.

He ignored her, “Where were you on the night of Saturday, June 26th?”

Maya raised an eyebrow and laughed, “Two months ago?”

John did not share in her mirth, “Don’t remember?”

Without so much as a pause, she replied, “No, I remember. I was out in Wesbrook, eating fast food.”

“Is that all?”

“Yup,” she grinned, “Mind un-cuffing me now?”

John scrawled more notes, then produced a few pictures and tossed them on the table, “These satellite photos from that night tell quite the different story.”

Maya’s smile dropped, “...Satellite, huh?”

He nodded, “According to these, where you stood was the epicenter of some kind of... explosive charge that leveled the entire town.”

She turned her head, smiling again, “What? But the town’s fine, I was there this morning.”

“I know that. What I want to know is what you had to do with it.”

She cocked an eyebrow, “So, you’re saying that I blew myself up, and the whole town blew up too, but I’m fine, and the town’s fine?”

“...Something like that, yes.”

She giggled, “And that’s more plausible than some kind of computer error, in your eyes?”

He glared, “I am certain that you had something to do with this, and I will not rest until I find out how you did it.”

“Wow,” she leaned back in her chair, “I am impressed by your dedication. Alright, I’ll come clean. It was me. I caused that explosion.”

“Wait, really?” He backed up in his chair, like a surprised otter, “How?”

She nodded, “I have a special power. If I want something to happen, it happens, like magic.”

His eyes rolled, “Do you expect me to believe that?”

Maya giggled, “Of course not! You’d be a lousy detective if you believed everything a perp said. How about I give you a demonstration?”

John thought himself a reasonable man, and every reasonable part of his brain saw what this was: some kind of silly game that this girl was playing, pretending to be some kind of wizard or superhero to screw with a cop. But in the back of his mind, a tiny, hopeful voice prayed that it might all be true.

“At this moment, I want a dove to appear in my hand,” Maya closed her eyes for a moment, then closed her right hand around a little baby dove that had manifested there. She let it go, and it flapped its way out the door.

John’s eyes widened like a schoolboy’s, “Amazing!”

“Now, I want ten thousand dollars.” Her hand closed again, this time around a stack of bills totaling exactly ten big ones. She giggled at John’s astonishment before opening her hand again, as the money burst into flames in her palm, burning away to ash.

“Now,” she continued, “Give me a knife.” As commanded, a common bread knife appeared in her grip.

Maya stood up and, in a single movement, jammed the knife into her gut. John gasped in fear and his mind reeled... until she giggled and pulled the knife away. She was completely unharmed, save for a new hole in her tank top, but the knife had bent against her skin like an accordion. She didn’t even notice that she had shattered the handcuffs on her arm, and he was too awestruck to care.

“Is that enough of a demonstration, detective?” Maya smirked again, tossing the knife to the ground at her side.

“That’s incredible! You’re like a superhero!” John babbled, “How could you- No, when did- Wait, why are you-”

“Settle down, I’ll answer all your questions,” Maya cut him off, “I got these powers about four months ago. At least, that’s when I first used them. I was cramming for an early-morning exam, and I drank a bunch of coffee to stay awake. I kept thinking ‘I need more coffee’, and I kept drinking, but I never needed to refill. Took eight cups before my hands started shaking and I realized something was up. The cup was as hot and full as ever. Didn’t take long from there to realize just what I had, and what I could do with it.”

John was so engrossed by her words that he hadn’t noticed that she had started floating in the air. Maya lifted her arm, the contents of the room flew into the air and spun around the room. The knife, the table, the chairs, and John’s little pad of notes whirled around her like a hurricane.

“Namely,” she continued, “whatever the hell I wanted. I must have tried hundreds of superhuman feats, and every one of them worked perfectly. I’ve lifted skyscrapers with one hand, and passenger trains with nothing but my mind. I’ve soared among the clouds and among the stars. Caused global disasters just by hitting the ground hard enough. I made a seven-bedroom house for myself with a thought, right down to the finest details. I can see everything, down to the atom, and without pesky things like walls or distance getting in the way. Last month I read every book in the Library of Congress in an hour, without leaving my bed.”

The whirling objects all crumpled and broke to pieces around her. “It was a natural leap from reading books to reading minds, but that proved as easy as anything else. Started by reading someone’s mind by touch, then with distance, then anywhere in the world. And since that was so easy, I moved up to two minds, then a hundred, then a million, and then every mind at once. It was amazing; every errant thought, every dark secret, and every deep conviction from every person in the world flooded into my brain. To know more than anyone had ever known, more than anyone could ever know, was more thrilling than anything I’d experienced before.”

Maya waved her hand, and the flying debris paused in the air before smashing against her invincible form. “And that’s what it was all for, you know? New thrills, new sensations, new pleasures. I may be some super-powered super-human, but I’m still a woman with needs. So besides trying out new powers, I’ve been living out every hot, steamy fantasy I can think of. I find a hot guy or a sexy girl, transform into their perfect lover, we’d fuck like animals until I grew tired of them, then I wiped their memories and any evidence of our relationship and went on my way. It was fun, at first, but now I need more. People are great and all, but I found much more pleasure with some creative applications of my powers.”

“See this?” She touched the useless knife that was stuck to her hip and gently pushed it into her, and it sank into her body like quicksand. The rest of the debris, along with her clothes, soon followed, melting into her skin and leaving her nude and shining with confidence. “At first, I expected that taking things into my body like this would make it easier to learn and replicate their chemical makeups and structures. Which was true, but there was something I didn’t expect.”

John, cowering on the floor, was too entranced by her perfectly naked body to respond.

Maya twitched her finger, and the entire police building shattered into millions of pieces. Chunks of metal, glass, concrete, and much more hung in the air before hurling themselves into her naked, floating form, sinking into her without an ounce of resistance.

As calm as ever, she continued, “Absorbing something, feeling its energy, and making it mine is so fucking hot. It’s exhilarating, and beautiful, and addicting. Once I take something in, all I want is to take in more and more, until all that energy bursts out of me all at once. Fuck, it feels so good~

John shivered as the cold outside air hit him. Maya lowered herself to the ground with her hands on her hips and a confident grin on her face, “That’s what happened in Wesbrook back then, by the way. All I absorbed was a pencil, but one thing led to another… So, any questions left, Mister Detective? If not, then I should go work off all this energy, if you get me~”

John was shaking, both from the cold and out of fear of this powerful girl, but managed a response, “L-look, these powers you have, they’re truly amazing, and how you spend your days is none of my business. But you can’t go around destroying buildings and causing explosions! God, what if you killed someone?”

What if?” Maya laughed, and the ground shook, “I’ve probably killed every person on the planet ten times over by now. Even you, not that you’d remember. Blowing up cities is what I do for fun, in between the good stuff. If I couldn’t bring people back to life or make ‘em forget things, you’d have found me a lot faster.”

“...Fair point. But still, don’t you think this level of destruction is a bit too much?”

“Too much...” Maya pondered for a moment before laughing, “Too much, huh? Too much! Mister Detective thinks one measly police department, one measly city, one measly planet, is too much?”

A devilish grin spread across her face. She bent her legs for a moment, then leaped upward, leaving a crater behind as she rocketed into the sky.

There was quiet. John was alone, at least physically, for the first time that autumn afternoon.

He couldn’t help but panic. What was she doing? Did he piss her off too much? What kind of gruesome torture is a woman with all power and no boundaries capable of? Why was she confiding in him about all this?

John set his eyes idly upward, hoping beyond hope that whatever she had in mind wouldn’t be too painful.

By coincidence, this gave him the perfect view of the sun disappearing out of the sky.

John couldn’t speak, or even scream. Everything he knew about astronomy flashed before his eyes, but he needed none of it to know that having no sun was very bad. Plants would die, oceans would go crazy, and-

His mind stopped.

She was here. Her presence was too big to ignore.

He turned around, and saw Her. Again, but for the first time. Maya, hovering in the air, shining and burning like the sun. Her hair flickered and danced like a candle, shifting in color and length faster than his eyes could keep up with. Her body was blinding, but he found it impossible to look away. Her perfect body shifted and changed constantly, somehow growing even more beautiful by the second. A storm gathered around her, and the earth cracked and shifted in an effort to rise up to meet her. Every heaving breath she took seemed to pull the entire world in, then push it away.

John fell to his knees before Maya’s impossible beauty, “The sun...”

It’s mine now.” Maya’s whisper between breaths boomed in his mind, “It’s me.

“Are you… okay?”

Never done this much.” Her delicate hands slid up her magnificent form, and she shuddered, “Feels better than anything.

John knelt before her, entranced by her fingers dancing along her own body. Every gentle, needy coo and gasp hurled a fiery lash of energy out of her, and every brush across her nipples sent a crash of lightning through her body from the sky.

One hand arrived at the magic spot. Maya’s precious, delicate sex. When her fingertip brushed across her clit, the whole world seemed poised to explode, and it almost did. Instead, Maya’s body issued a single desperate command.


John’s body hurled itself forward to her, his hands scrabbling up to her perky breasts, and his lips dancing around Maya’s building wetness, building anticipation with every kiss.

Her body burned with the heat of the sun, and he felt it on his hands and tongue. It should have been painful, but feeling his goddess squirm at his touch, hearing her moan and gasp and need was well worth any pain. His clothing had melted away in an instant; if he had medical burns on his skin, he was too deep in pleasure to notice.

His fingers drew circles around her nipples, and he planted kisses up and down her inner thighs, coming ever so close to her perfect, needy pussy. Maya’s hands clenched around the fabric of space at her sides, pulling all of reality deeper toward her magnificence.

Perhaps John was finished teasing, or perhaps Maya subconsciously ordered him to get to business. Either way, he buried his face between her legs, kissing and licking and adoring her flawless entrance. Her wetness was like sweet ambrosia, and simply hearing her pleasured reactions was better than a thousand orgasms.

Around them, the ground had risen up to meet their queen. The entire planet gravitated inward, swayed by her natural attraction. The ocean swirled, and landmasses cracked and shifted in terrible ways. Cities around the world were engulfed and destroyed in planetary climax.

Time no longer registered between John and Maya; it could have been seconds spent playing with her excited little flower, or it could have been years. Either way, when she pushed him away from her and onto his back, he wished for an instant that he could have more time between her legs.

That wish melted away when Maya willed herself on top of him, his hard cock just touching the entrance to her immaculate pussy. She was now hotter, brighter, and more powerful than the sun had ever been. And more than that, she was happy. Happy in a way that John had thought impossible. Looking at her now, it was clear to him that he loved her more than life itself.

A simple smile from his goddess was enough to make him burst, covering her slit with his juices and falling limp. She glanced down at his member, and by divine command it sprang back to attention, once more finding her dripping entrance.

“I love you,” he wanted to say, but his lips were too busy meeting hers. They kissed with explosive passion, and she lowered herself onto him, taking his entire length.

Everything John had felt up to that moment, in his entire life, felt like nothing in comparison. Being inside the most beautiful, sweet, perfect, charming, sexy, gorgeous, powerful, explosive, glowing, perfect, heart-stopping, reality-bending, goddess of a woman that could ever exist was the most indescribable feeling. He felt good, in a way he had never felt before.

He exploded inside of her instantly, and harder than last time. He cried out in pure pleasure as she raised her body off of him. For a fraction of a second, he thought it might have been over, when…


She slammed her pussy back down on his cock, and he came again, somehow even harder. Such massive pleasure should have fried his brain, but Maya willed otherwise. John’s nerves all deadened, and he almost recovered his senses, when-


She came down hard on him, again and again and again. In his state of continual divine orgasm, all he could perceive was his pleasure, and the human work of art before him: Maya, the ultimate and everlasting.


She looked him in the eyes, with that same satisfied smile.


Her eyes closed, and her smile widened.


Maya was over the edge.


The energy within her had built up to its limit.


All she had to do was let it out.


She had been building for what felt like forever, but she knew that it was time.




Maya let it all out. Every bit of energy she had saved up crashed over her like a wave before exploding outward in all directions. Her lover beneath her was vaporized instantly, as was the planet. The goddess Maya’s pleasure poured across the cosmos. The local solar system was reduced to nothing within the first hour, and the pure cataclysmic destruction reached out to the edge of the galaxy over the next few years. Hundreds of billions of stars could not hold a candle to the power of Maya Summers’ divine orgasm.




John awoke the next morning to sunlight shining through his apartment blinds. He yawned and thought about the previous evening’s events. After the guy he interviewed turned up no answers, the Wesbrook satellite photos seemed like nothing more than a computer error. With a sigh, he decided to give up on pursuing the case altogether.

He turned back to Maya Summers, the fiery redhead that had shared his bed the last few weeks, and counted his blessings. How lucky he was, that a fumbled request for a coffee date had led to such a passionate relationship. She was everything he had been missing and more. Funny, sweet, flirty, and ravenous in the bedroom. Loved to be eaten out, which he didn’t mind one bit.

He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. Without opening her eyes, she laughed, “I’ve got something else under here you can kiss~”

And they made sweet, passionate love to each other for the rest of the day.


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