Scire Volo

By yearends

Set in the Super Goddess universe made by Akane

With contributions from delta7447



Ellie Kare is an eponymous original character of Ellie Kare, used with permission.

Dusk and Kaelan Myr are original characters of OroDawn, used with permission.

Nesariel Saelinoth is inspired by Niraneye Silinthar, an original character of Ambrosa Avery.

Content warning: Consensual violence, sexual and otherwise.


May 25, 2167


Ellie Kare didn't mind not being ultipotent. After all, it was hers for the asking if she wanted it, but she didn't want it. She'd tried it out. It was boring.


"You know," she told Britney and Bianca as she sat between them, wiggling prehensile cocks into their asses, "this'd feel a lot better if you'd give yourself prostates."


The two ultipotents nodded and Ellie nosed the heads of her dicks around to massage the newly-formed organs.


"So how does it feel being retired?" asked Ellie's long-time lover, Britney.


Ellie shrugged. "I'll probably miss it, especially getting to boss Paula around in public. But I'll probably go back to it eventually. Sooner or later there'll be too many people she's working with who'll be afraid of her and will need to see her put in her place."


"It's a good thing she likes it when you put her in her place," Bianca said, panting just a bit.


"She asked me to do it," Ellie reminded the Amazonian ultipotent. "And it's good PR generally for all of you, seeing that you're willing to take orders from someone with no powers. Or someone whom everyone thinks has no powers, anyway. And who might as well have no powers compared to you."


"Why haven't you taken up the offer?" Bianca asked. "Every Super Goddess seems to be chomping at the bit to make you ultipotent."


"Why should I want it?" Ellie said, tapping her temple. "I've got my own universe up here where I am already, and it's honestly just boring. Oh, look, I want to do it, I can! No effort, no reward. As far as I'm concerned, anyway." She smiled. "Now, how about you two grow some nice fat cocks of your own for me." Her own shafts redoubled their efforts on the others' innards.


Britney and Bianca obliged the green-haired immortal and sprouted massive shafts from their crotches, which Ellie reached around to start stroking.


"And some balls," she continued. "No point having a big dick without some huge balls to go with it." She grew out another pair of arms to massage her own scrotum, which currently contained four tennis ball-sized nuts to go with her twin cocks.


Losing themselves to the pleasure of Ellie's ministrations, Bianca and Britney created huge, sensitive nutsacks which Ellie's third pair of arms began to fondle.


"But if you were ultipotent," Britney said, around heavy moans, "you wouldn't have to ask us to do all this. You could just change our bodies as you liked."


"We'd let you," added Bianca.


"Most of us would," agreed Britney.


Ellie's smile turned vicious as she grew a fourth pair of arms, these ones with mouths on their hands, and positioned them to catch any potential cumshots.


"True," she said, and abruptly squeezed down hard with her third pair of hands. Bianca's and Britney's testicles burst in a bloody mess, and the two ultipotents screamed in excruciating pain and overwhelming pleasure as cum rocketed out of their tips and into Ellie's hand-mouths.


"But why do I need that when you'll all do anything I say anyway, and let me do whatever I want to you?" Her third pair of hands reached down to begin viciously mauling their pussies, including pinching their clits painfully, while more arms grew out to twist their nipples. "Now make your hair an erogenous zone so I can treat that properly, too."


Britney and Bianca could think of nothing other than obeying Ellie Kare and indulging her sadistic whims.




Lying on the bed afterward, with Ellie shrunken down to snuggle up inside her cavernous pussy, Bianca turned to Britney. "How did you ever find her?"


"Got lucky, I guess," Britney said, stroking Bianca's still-sensitive hair far more tenderly than Ellie had, sending shivers of pleasure through the overgrown demigoddess and consequently gently massaging Ellie all over. "Right place, right time."


"I wouldn't let Yomi near me, but Ellie..." said Bianca. "If I had to choose someone to be a Super Goddess without the empathy, I think she's proven she's the only person who even might be able to handle it."


"It's what makes her such an effective cop. Just and merciful to the criminals, but loving and caring with the victims. And with Paula knowing exactly who the perps are, is it any wonder Nueva Caracas was rated the safest place to live every year for the last four decades?"


"No, it's not," Bianca agreed. "Still, all things considered, I'm glad they can't make anyone else a Super Goddess. And it's even more hypothetical than that when it comes to Ellie."


Britney shrugged and started growing slowly. "It is. And speaking of her, care to get comfortable like she is?"


Bianca chuckled and reached a hand down to Britney's pussy to start fingering it. "I wouldn't mind, but before I do, I was wondering if I could borrow Summer and Autumn for Suzie's next stream. I have a few ideas I want to try out on her."


"Of course! Can't wait to see what you do with them," Britney replied as she surpassed Bianca's height.


Britney had, in the course of her travels that had ended forty years prior, found five people who had been willing to be absorbed into her consciousness, to give up, for their own various reasons, their autonomous existence and have every aspect of their being dictated by her. She had preserved who they were, their memories, personalities, senses of self, but they existed only as she willed.


It was not dissimilar from what happened with a Super Goddess when they absorbed someone through various means, though a Super Goddess would find it more difficult to preserve what Britney had. A Super Goddess's personality and sense of self was so strong, so powerful, so overwhelming that those who were absorbed into one effectively ceased to be, their personalities all but destroyed in the process, and intense concentration would have been required not to do so, with a single slip potentially undoing centuries of careful work.


But for an ultipotent like Britney, her sense of self was still that of the mortal she had been. She was, essentially, a mortal to whom infinite power and immortality had been gifted; she had not been born with them. Consequently it was far easier for her to keep such personalities alive, as she would have to deliberately will their destruction, not their preservation.


Much to the pleasure of her fellow ultipotents--and to the pleasure of at least Kaelan and Dusk, who reveled in the idea that nothing of them was theirs to control--she had found that she could pass around her carefully maintained personalities. At Jennifer's suggestion, she did not do so with any of the Super Goddesses, the chance of destruction being too high, but most of the ultipotents, save a few of the Sakimori, had thus known the feeling of carrying another person so fully within them.


When Britney was about twice Bianca's height, the bed having expanded to keep up, and was about to ask just how the other, now resting her head on Britney's pillowy breasts, wished to enter, Bianca found herself alone in the gigantic bed, her head on the sheets, her pussy empty.


"Hi," came a soft, shy voice to her left, and Bianca rolled over to find herself looking the highly reclusive Super Goddess Irina Volkoba in the eyes.


Bianca had only seen Irina once before, right after she became ultipotent almost eighty-five years prior, but she had interacted with her at a distance on a number of occasions, particularly through the gynoids she'd created for the purpose (well, ostensible purpose) of studying Dusk and Kaelan. Irina was generally too shy to engage in carnal acts in person--at least with anyone other than her fellow Super Goddesses, if what Jennifer and Paula said was true--but Bianca had experienced Irina's sexual side through interactions with Brianna and Michelle. From how Irina was dressed, though--a severe, high-cut black dress that attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to downplay the Russian's outrageous curves--she doubted this was meant to be quite so social a visit.


"Hi," she replied.


"I..." Irina paused, and Bianca could feel the Super Goddess gathering power about herself, as if she were preparing to flee suddenly. "I'm sorry about Britney and Ellie. I just... wanted some privacy. They know. They understand." A giggle almost seemed forced out of her. "Brianna and Michelle aren't complaining!"


Bianca quirked an eyebrow--just one, something she'd never been able to do before ultipotence allowed her to rebuild her musculature as she pleased. "I take it you're not here to indulge in such matters with me."


"No. I'm here... I need to tell you something."




"I need to tell you... why you're the way you are."


Bianca shrugged. "Jen told me. My mom was exposed to an extremely high concentration of your pheromones while she was pregnant with me. That made me grow up like, well, this." She swept a hand down her own outrageous body while sitting up, dangling her legs over the side of the bed, still naked.


"She... didn't tell you everything." Irina's voice had become extremely hesitant. "She didn't know everything. It wasn't an accident that you were exposed to those pheromones."


"What do you mean, not an accident?"


"I mean..." Once again Bianca was sure Irina was going to run away. "I needed to know. So I asked your parents." Suddenly her voice took on the slightest hint of mockery. "Where do you think they got that money for your trust fund?"


"My parents, they agreed to let you overexpose me to pheromones while my mom was pregnant with me? What did you think would happen?" Anger flashed behind Bianca's eyes.


"I thought... you'd be generally pretty attractive. Nothing like... what you ended up being."


"Well, it happened. So. Thanks for letting me know."


"That... isn't all. I knew what Jen had in mind if I didn't show up for that interview," Irina admitted. "I knew--we all knew--you could handle the power you have now. You've validated our confidence. One of us probably would've done it eventually anyway. But... I didn't show up. Not just because I didn't want to be on camera."


Bianca was quiet for a moment. "You didn't show up to be interviewed, stalked me while I was there, in order that I would get this power?"


"Yes," Irina said.


Bianca's voice was very soft. "Do you have any idea what it's been like for me for the last eighty-five years? I know, Irina. Before that I only suspected. But now I know everything they thought about me, and I never really understood the saying that 'ignorance is bliss' before then." Scorn tinged her voice. "But I guess you never understood that."


Bianca went on. "Every day, ever since then, ever since everybody knew that I had the power to warp reality to my every whim, I've felt their thoughts. My old classmates. Most of them are still alive, by the way, thanks to the life-prolongation treatments you've been ever-so-slowly putting out there. And do you know what they think of me now, Irina?" She bent down, looking the Russian straight in the eye. "Fear. I feel the fear, the personal fear, about me, myself, of thousands of people every single moment. Oh, I know that plenty of people fear all of us. We can't be controlled. If one of you snapped, there's nothing any of us could do about it, and if one of us does, well, then, that depends on what you think of what we're doing. But this is personal, Irina. It's specifically a fear of me, a fear that I know everything about them and I will decide to do something about it. That I'll take my revenge in some way." She took a deep breath. "I don't want revenge. They were stupid kids saying stupid things and at least half of them only mocked me because they wanted me. But they'd never believe that. So instead, I've felt eighty-five years of fear, of existential dread. Do you have any idea what that's like, or is what you mostly get all the adulation directed at 'Christina' for her discoveries that have made everyone's lives so much better? If you let yourself feel any of it."


Irina met Bianca's gaze. "No, I don't know what that's like," she admitted.


"Do you want to?"


The Super Goddess took the ultipotent's hand and gently cupped it to her cheek. "Show me," she whispered. "I want to know."




"I'm sorry," sobbed Irina Volkoba from the canyon of Bianca's cleavage, where she rested, having shrunken down to be as physically small as the guilt over what she'd put Bianca through made her feel.


"You didn't know," Bianca said softly, her comparatively-huge finger stroking the Super Goddess's body. "You thought it would be different."


"The knowledge..." Irina said between sobs. "I could... you wouldn't have to feel it anymore..."


"Don't you dare," said Bianca. "Didn't you see the rest of it? This is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I wouldn't give it up for anything."


Irina chuckled weakly. "Nor would I. I guess... I want to know more." Highlights from Bianca's memory flowed back to her. "Personally."


"Oh? Which parts?"


"All of it," said Irina, teleporting out from between Bianca's breasts to appear beside her, resting her head on the other's shoulder. "Sooner or later."




There was something to be said, reflected Irina Volkoba, for simply letting go and letting others have their way with your body.


Especially when you didn't need said body to exist and could create a new one whenever you liked.


So it was purely pleasure she felt, even as her body was in substantial pain, as Britney and Bianca stuffed her mouth and ass full with gigantic dicks and Ellie fucked her pussy with three, all while her other erogenous zones were being clamped, whipped, burned and electrocuted--the two ultipotents having made Irina's body's sexually sensitive in most places.


Of course, she wasn't the only person in the room being treated that way, as Britney had Ellie tied up on a medieval rack and was slowly pulling her apart even while she pierced and maimed the currently-ex-cop with all manner of vicious-looking weaponry, and Bianca was having fun randomly transforming and partly erasing bits of Dusk, Kaelan, Brianna and Michelle's bodies.


Irina knew she would have to try all of it--from both sides. She had to know what it was like.


"Well, this was a few million years sooner than I thought it would come," chuckled Britney.


"Yeah, but what's a million years for you?" Bianca pointed out. "I mean, I know I'll live that long, but I'm only a little over a hundred. Remind me just how ancient and decrepit you are?"


Britney playfully created a third body behind Bianca's, popping the red-haired woman's head off her body to jam it onto her unused dick. Bianca just grew another head, this one facing backward.


"Ancient I'll grant, but decrepit? I'm every bit as fit and healthy as I was a few trillion years ago!"


"Oh? Then why can't you stop me from doing this?" Bianca tugged on Britney's nipples, and her breasts exploded with growth, swiftly enveloping the foursome in obscene cleavage.


Britney tweaked Bianca's nose, pulling it right off her face. "I can do something you can't do," she whispered, and, drawing on a memory from one of her visits home during her sojourn, started sending carefully-modulated blasts of pleasure through Irina's body.


Reality itself seemed to quiver in the bedroom, Irina's very being suffused with ever-mounting pleasure as Britney delicately stimulated her, reaching into Irina's innermost self even as her mind reached out to invite other Super Goddesses to join in. She felt two come, merge their essences with Irina's, and she got a quick flash of a name even as she isolated the bedroom from the rest of the reality it occupied, hoping that her power would be enough to keep everyone safe.


Jennifer was right, Britney heard in her mind. A most special and resilient ultipotent indeed, Tatiana chuckled.


Everything went white.




Even in a confined space, recreating reality itself was always a bit of a pain. At least, that's what Paula Estévez thought about what she had to do before it would be safe--even, quite possibly, for the ultipotents caught in the backwash of the uncontrolled Super Orgasm she'd just experienced--to bring anyone else back into existence.


Which wasn't entirely correct, since they existed, just in a dormant state, forced there both by the power of what Britney had somehow unleashed and their own shock at what had happened. She'd certainly never intended that anyone who wasn't a Super Goddess would meet Tatiana--or Juanita, and she wasn't too keen on them meeting Sonia, either--but now there'd be explanations to be made, and goodness only knew what that might lead to.


Making the room safe for physical bodies, she created one for herself and sat down on the edge of the reconstructed bed, casting her mind out to snag onto one consciousness in particular that she knew would be most negatively impacted by its current state of existence. Levitating a few inches off the bed, she smiled as another body popped into existence underneath her, twin cocks buried in her holes.


"Mmm, just like that, boss. Fuck me just like that," said Paula, wriggling around on Ellie's lap to nestle her dicks in her pussy and ass just right.


"One, hi to you too, Paula," said Ellie, her extreme confusion leading her not to be fully erect for what felt like the first time since she came to this reality, though Paula's perfect muscular control was certainly working to alleviate that minor malady, "two, I'm not your boss any more, and three, what the hell just happened?"


"You can boss me around whenever you like, Ellie," Paula said as she guided her former chief's shaking hands to her gigantic breasts, her omnipotence keeping her supremely horny even in such unusual circumstances. "As for what happened, just give it a moment, we'll explain soon."


"We?" asked Ellie, but at least part of her question was answered as Jennifer Martinette and Irina Volkoba appeared flanking Paula.


Jennifer shook her head as she took in what Paula was doing. "You two just can't keep your hands off each other, can you?" she chuckled.


"We... need to get Britney and Bianca back," said Irina, her fear at what might happen very evident. "They might not know how to get back themselves, and if they stay like this..."


Jennifer nodded, and she and Irina sent out tethers of a sort, touching the innermost parts of the ultipotents' consciousnesses, anchoring them to something real so that they could find their way back. Soon enough, Jennifer and Britney were embracing each other, while Irina was flat on the bed underneath Bianca's huge frame, the redhead quickly getting up and apologizing profusely.


"What just happened, Jen?" asked Britney. "And, for that matter, are Brianna and Michelle okay?" she followed up, not quite in control of her powers again, so that all of them were feeling the raw panic Dusk and Kaelan's personalities were pounding into her mind.


Irina gestured and her two gynoids popped back into reality. "Up-to-the-moment memory backup," she said even before they said, in unison, "What was that?"


"I think we all want to know," said Bianca, embracing the two gynoids protectively along with Dusk and Kaelan as Britney gave them new bodies.


"That," said Jennifer, "was quite possibly the most powerful Super Orgasm I've yet experienced."


"I figured it was a Super Orgasm," said Britney. "But why the extreme reaction? From what you told me about them, Jen, they don't cause reality to come apart at the seams. And, for that matter, who was that, right at the end?"


"To answer your second question," said Paula, "that was Tatiana, a being who only exists when Jen, Irina and I merge our very selves into a single person. We haven't done it since we first discovered we could merge like that. But since you know..." Paula snapped her fingers and she and Britney switched places, the ultipotent moaning as she suddenly found herself penetrated by two once-again-hard cocks. Everyone looked on, most in amazement, as Jennifer and Paula dissolved into each other, leaving behind a new person, only a little shorter than Bianca and by far the bustiest in the room.


"Hi!" said the newcomer. "I'm Juanita. Didn't really expect to meet you all, but I guess Jen and Paula decided that now's the time. So, anything you want to know about me?"


"Can we just ask Jennifer and Paula instead?" asked Ellie, her dicks once again somehow deflating. "Sorry, I'm sure you're a lovely person, just, this is a whole lot to wrap my mind around."


"Sure," Juanita chirped. "I understand. Still, I hope to meet you again, I definitely don't want to miss a chance to fuck those nice big cocks of yours." And with that, Juanita vanished, leaving behind the much more familiar forms of Jennifer and Paula.


"So, you can just... become different people?" asked Bianca.


"Sort of?" said Jen. "Juanita is just what happens when Paula and I become a single person. We're still quite fully aware in there, of course, and we can split apart whenever we like. We've experimented a little. The first time two of us try merging, it helps to have another one around to pull us apart, but after that, we're used to it and can just merge and split as we please."


"Could we merge?" asked Britney as she bounced on Ellie's cock. "I mean, we're pretty much as powerful as you are."


"I'm not sure," said Paula. "After all, we are more powerful than you, ultimately." She smirked and illustrated the point by taking away Britney's ability to make Ellie's overgrown shaft fit in her pussy, causing the ultipotent to wince in pain until Jen restored her friend's full powers. "It might be safe, but it's entirely possible that you'd just end up subsumed in whoever you merged with."


"Should be safe for you to merge with each other, though," Jen added.


Bianca and Britney looked at each other. "I'll need someone to look after everyone up here," Britney pointed out. She sent out a soft, inviting mental signal, and Carol Tremblay appeared.


"Of course I'll help out," she said, having already been filled in. She and Britney kissed, and Dusk and Kaelan came as more decisions were made for them without their being consulted.


Britney hopped into Bianca's lap. "So, how do we do this?"


"Just focus and relax," said Irina, snuggling up to Ellie. "Let your power suffuse your very selves. Become one with it. Reach out with it, to touch the other. Focus on being with the other, on being one with the other, on being the other..."


Where the two ultipotents had sat, a single person remained, a cross between a superstar athlete and a big-bust model, and somehow with hair longer and blonder than Paula's. She rubbed her head as she got up.


"Hi," she said, sounding a bit confused.


"Hi," Irina replied. "Do you... know who you are?" To Carol and Ellie, she projected telepathically, "When we merge, the new being immediately knows who she is. She's fully aware of everything about her and about the nature of her existence. It's an absolutely amazing experience, both for those of us who merged and for the new person created. If she doesn't know who or what she is... and especially what she can do..."


"I..." the new being began, then paused. "I know... that I am."


"Do you have a name?" Jennifer asked gently, walking around to sit on the other side of the being into whom her old friend had been apparently submerged.


"I... don't know. Maybe... if you tell me yours..."


"This is bad," Paula projected. "She has all their power and none of their knowledge." As if on cue, the bed began to hover a few centimetres off the floor.


"I... can do this..." the being said.


"Can you put it back down?" asked Irina.


"Can you cut off her powers if you have to?" Carol projected worriedly.


All three Super Goddesses sent back affirmations. The bed slowly, hesitatingly, dropped to the floor. Ellie scrambled off it to stand with Dusk, Kaelan, Brianna and Michelle.


"What do you remember?" asked Jennifer.


"I remember... I remember being here, with you."


"Do you remember Bianca?" Irina pushed.


A ripple went through the reality of the room.


"What about Britney?" Jennifer continued.


Another ripple. Ellie vomited, and Carol pulled her into a close, protective embrace.


"Documentaries?" Irina. Ripple.


"Championships?" Jennifer. Ripple.


"Bullying?" Irina. Ripple. More powerful.


"Stephen and Margaret?" Jennifer.


With an anguished cry, the unnamed being flung Irina and Jennifer aside, lashing out with her infinite but untamed power, attempting to silence the turmoil in her mind by removing the apparent source of it. Raw magic pushed at the two Super Goddesses as the person Britney and Bianca had become tried to cause them to cease even to exist, ever to have existed, not knowing the consequences to herself were she successful.


But emotion and ultipotent power were no match for a Super Goddess, never mind three, however surprised they might be. Leaving the others to Carol to protect, knowing her power could at least match and withstand, though not dominate, that of this new being in such horrible mental pain, Irina, Jennifer and Paula focused on containing the outburst, turning the power back in on its source, changing it from a wave of erasure to a wave of remembrance, trying to awaken the apparently-dormant consciousnesses of their friends so that this new being might know who she is.


"Go!" Jennifer shot at Carol, the force of the command strong enough to instantly trigger the ex-mortal's flight instinct, and Carol teleported herself and the other, more vulnerable people to safety just as reality once again ceased to be.




A Super Goddess simply exists. She is. That she exists is a fact transcending all else, above physics, above logic, above any notion of reality itself.


"Do you think that had to do with all that other magic in Britney's system, or is that just going to happen whenever two of them merge?" asked Jennifer, logic itself ignoring the contradiction of her existence in a non-place of nonexistence.


"I'm not sure I want to find out," said Irina, cradling a cocoon woven of pure omnipotence in which the being Britney and Bianca had become existed, safe in the remnant of the reality Paula had previously created.


"I think we should," said Paula. "We can look at just what happened as they merged, see whether Britney's magic interfered at all, and help guide them through it the next time so that this doesn't happen again. Just think of all the new people we'll meet!"


Irina shrugged. "I think I'm fine with just meeting one for now. If you'll oblige?"


Paula nodded. It was best that she rebuild that pocket of reality once more so that the fragment of her first effort still contained within Irina's bubble would be sure to be compatible. The well-appointed bedroom popped into existence around them as they shifted from unreality into reality once more.


Jennifer poked at the weave and it collapsed, leaving the other lying on the bed. "Do you know who you are, now?" she said softly.


"Yes... yes, I do." A smile came over her face. "Jen."


Jen quirked an eyebrow to signal her to continue.


"I am the being that results when the ultipotents Britney Atwater and Bianca Jaime Aria Jensen-Campbell y Laren-Fowler y Cudna-Wyrwal merge into one. Please, call me Beatrice. Bea for short."


Jen sent out another signal, and Carol reappeared. Dusk and Brianna were cuddled together against their fear, as were Kaelan and Michelle, in part lingering reflections of the fear Carol and Irina had felt, but Ellie scrambled out of Carol's embrace and as far away from the bed--and the creature of whom her long-time friend was now simply a part--as she could.


"Ellie!" Bea called, a touch of sadness in her voice.


"Who... you're not... just..." Ellie's own shapeshifting kicked in and she began to shrink, trying to hide from a situation utterly beyond her comprehension.


"Britney is a part of me. I know all she knows." But Ellie wasn't listening, her terror having led her to cut off her sight and hearing. Carol picked her up and gently cupped her in a palm.


"Maybe she would feel better if I weren't here. But..." Bea looked helplessly at Irina, Jennifer and Paula. "Are you going to have to give me a Super Orgasm?"


"Given the instability of your creation, I think that would be... unwise," said Irina after a moment's consideration. "You know who you are and who you were. Focus on that. Focus on being Britney and Bianca again. Focus on Britney and Bianca. Be Britney and Bianca," Irina continued softly.


Bea smiled, and her form rippled, blurred. A few moments later, the two ultipotents sat on the bed, Bianca dwarfing Britney. All of them breathed sighs of relief at the successful separation, and another as they determined that Bianca's magic was still what it had been before. It was certainly a source of constant interest to see how Britney's powers would behave in any given situation, but no Super Goddess or ultipotent was particularly inclined to want two ultipotents like that.


"Proof of concept, I suppose," said Bianca as Britney got up off the bed and walked over to Carol.


"Thank you," she whispered as her five passengers were returned to her. She reached out to touch Ellie's mind.


"It's me, Ellie. Britney." She made her mental voice and touch as gentle and soothing as she could. "I... won't be doing that again any time soon."


Ellie merely sent back a sense of desiring safety, comfort, protection. Love.


Britney and Carol looked at each other, then Carol shrugged and inserted the miniature futa into her lover's vagina. Immediately Ellie's mental torment calmed and she relaxed, contentedly slumbering in the safest place she knew.


"What are you going to do, give birth to her in nine months?" asked Jennifer, a chuckle behind her words.


"What makes you think I haven't done that already?" Britney replied. "For that matter," she went on, essentially confirming that she had, "what makes you think I haven't arranged to have her do this for me?"


Jennifer shook her head. "I thought M'Wela was the only one who did that. She takes that whole 'Mother' thing pretty seriously, after all."


Britney shrugged. "I prefer the accelerated schedule, too. But Ellie will be ready when she's ready. No use in forcing it."


"I... think I'd like to try it. At some point," Irina put in.


Everyone turned toward her. "Really?" asked Paula. "Which side?"


"Either. Both." Irina's laugh had a manic tinge to it. "I don't care. I just... I need to know what it's like. I need to know what everything's like. I want to do it with you, and you, and you, and you, and everyone else if I can!"


"I'd offer now," said Britney, "but, well, I'm not sure if Ellie would appreciate that."


"I understand," said Irina. "If I hadn't already had experience with merging, I would've been pretty freaked out myself at what happened. Especially if I weren't omnipotent."


Britney smiled. "But she's fine with it. Do you want to join her?" Britney's smile widened. "She says you're all welcome, except Bianca." Britney turned her eyes a bit downcast to the Spanish ultipotent. "Sorry, she just thinks... she kinda blames you now for what happened with Bea."


Bianca nodded. "I understand. Truth be told, I think I could use a little time apart from you, as well. I just... don't want to risk creating her again. Not now."


Britney laughed. "Nor do I." Bianca vanished.


Irina, Jennifer, Paula and Carol looked at each other. "I can take as long a leave as I want," Paula said. "Not like they'd actually fire me."


Carol pressed up against Britney. "Looks like you're having quints... Mom."




February 29, 2168


In the event, it took Ellie a full forty weeks to recover from her trauma, even with Irina, Jennifer, Paula and Carol all around her to comfort and soothe her.


Brigitte had carried Britney's "guests" during her pregnancy. It wasn't the first time Britney had been pregnant, of course, or even pregnant in the way only someone with her power could arrange--with someone already born, already grown up, the experience more a mystical and spiritual one--and certainly a sexual one--than a necessary physical one. But it was the first time she'd been pregnant with five people at once, three of whom were even more powerful than she. Under the circumstances, everyone involved agreed it was better to reduce any possibilities of other complications.


Park Ha-neul had agreed to take over Irina's "Christina" persona for as long as necessary, including the care of her gynoids. From what Kaelan had told her (that was strange, talking to Kaelan without knowing literally everything about him), he and Dusk certainly enjoyed the different dynamics in their relationships, especially since both Ha-neul and Brigitte were much more inclined to join the fun in person.


Jennifer had cancelled the world tour she'd planned, but in exchange every ticket holder had their lifespan extended by a hundred times the length of her absence, so that they'd get to see her when she was back--a substantial extension considering that all of Irina's treatments released to date had only added about seventy-five years to the average human lifespan. Of course, no Jennifer Martinette show ever sold out anyway, since she always just expanded the venue's interior to accommodate the entire audience. There were many people who had dedicated their lives to doing nothing but attending every single one of her shows.


In Paula's absence, Shizuka had agreed to let a few volunteers from among the Sakimori serve in Nueva Caracas for the duration, ensuring the city's continued safety and prosperity. She'd had to put in quite a few personal appearances to assure everyone that this was in no way an annexation or any other sort of takeover, and that the Sakimori would depart once Paula returned from her leave. There were, of course, a few people who wondered why an immortal, omnipotent, tireless being like Paula would need a leave of absence, but by and large the people accepted the situation.


Carol had stepped away from teaching some time prior and consequently hadn't had anything to miss anyway, aside from being one of Jennifer's backing singers, as well as her opening act. So with the concerts cancelled anyway, she was free.


Britney wasn't the only ultipotent to be mystically pregnant, either. Some time prior, Naomi Labelle-Hirose, Shizuka and Brigitte's daughter, had asked leave to live in Prosperia for a time, and she had been welcomed with open arms. Naomi excelled at everything she set herself to, being the ultimate in what were becoming known as "peak humans," ordinary humans, apparently untouched by magic aside from having been parented by a Super Goddess or an ultipotent, who operated at the height of human ability in all endeavours. And as the daughter of a Super Goddess and a future ultipotent who had already spent years as a glamorous Enhanced in Jennifer's harem constantly exposed to her pheromones, conceived through truly magical means (and not just Shizuka growing a cock to fuck Brigitte), Naomi was at the peak of peak human ability, setting what would have been records in everything were it not for the persistent effect of the aura Jennifer had given Britney so long ago that kept her marks protected against all challenge.


So it came as some surprise when Naomi asked M'Wela to impregnate the elf Aisha with her, but Naomi was adamant: she wished to know what it was to be part-Elven, having experienced, she felt, all she could as a human. M'Wela was happy to oblige, however, preserving Naomi's memories and personality, splitting her genes between a sperm she'd generated specially for the purpose and splicing the other half in with one of Aisha's ova, so that the reborn Naomi would manifest Elven features, as she wished.


And so it came to be that Britney and Aisha lay next to each other on a large, well-appointed bed, surrounded by every Super Goddess and many ultipotents (Ellie having since forgiven Bianca for what happened).


Birthing, for an ultipotent or a Super Goddess, was a painless affair. Carol, Jennifer, Irina and Paula simply slid out of Britney's womb as full-grown as when they had entered, and Ellie emerged a moment later, growing back to her proper size as she did and snuggling up against her lover.


Naomi, meanwhile, had asked for a lengthy gestation, so that Aisha had been pregnant with her for twenty years, but she, too, slid out as easily as anyone else had. A look of wide-eyed confusion crossed her face for a moment before M'Wela restored her memories and sense of self, and then Naomi pulled all four of her mothers into an embrace, her body different but her personality every bit the same.


"I'm so proud of you," Shizuka said softly. "You're everything I could ever have dreamed you might become, and more. We have a gift for you." All eight of their hands glowed with a soft white light. "Will you take it?"


It had been difficult sometimes for Naomi, growing up with parents who could alter reality to their will and then living in M'Wela's court with the Queen-Mother and her ultipotents. And while she wanted to be strong, to be content with who she was, to be like Ellie... she was not. "Yes," she whispered.


Power suffused Naomi's very essence, granting her ability she had both craved and earned, which she'd proven herself worthy to possess. She sank to the floor, taking in the new experience of simply being, simply knowing, all her dreams of what she might do flooding back to her.


"Maybe I should just take you all up on that offer," Ellie mumbled in Britney's ear. "I would probably understand everything that you get up to if I did."


"Well, we're all here," Britney pointed out. "There couldn't possibly be a better time."


"I know," said Ellie. "I know."


Everyone else pretended they hadn't heard.


"You know," said Jen lightly, "I think I should push Earth's orbit out a bit so I can have two birthdays every year."


"By that standard," Britney pointed out, "you should be celebrating Ellie's and my birthdays every day."


Jennifer laughed, and snapped her fingers. Instantly the room was festooned with birthday decorations, with the centrepiece a hologram of Ellie and Britney emerging from each other's vaginas. Circular text around it read "CONGRATULATIONS ON 1,934,475 BIRTHDAYS!"


"I think I'll just leave that there," Jen said, grinning broadly. "Of course, tomorrow that'll read 7,320,348. Can't be putting up the wrong decorations, now can I... Mom?"


"I liked you better as a sister," Britney retorted.


"Ooh, is Mommy going to punish me for being naughty? Maybe you'll punish all of us?"


Britney rolled her eyes and reached out with her mind to spank Jen's voluptuous ass. "That's not a punishment," the Super Goddess pouted.


"Don't talk back to your mother, dear."


Jennifer looked over at Brunhilde, who smiled. "I would very much like to join your family, and to have you join mine," the German Super Goddess said.


"Looks like you've started something, Britney," said Paula.


Britney was about to protest that doing this too often would detract from how special it was supposed to be--never mind that she and Ellie had done it for each other well over two and a half billion times--when Irina piped up with a complete non sequitur.


"I want to go somewhere else."


"Then just go?" Elza projected to the room.


"No," said Irina, clarifying. "Somewhere else. Another world. Another universe. Another reality." She looked at Britney. "I saw glimpses, fragments... I need to know."


"Isn't that dangerous?" said Nesariel Saelinoth as she popped into existence, manifested by Britney so she and Ellie could have some sadistic fun after receiving her back from Brigitte. "I was told you didn't travel because your magic is so strong that one brief loss of concentration and you would simply suck all the magic out of whatever reality you were in. Even Britney couldn't help but absorb a lit--" Her words cut off as Ellie tore out her larynx.


"With only one, that would be a concern. Very few other realities have beings equal in power to ourselves," Zheng Lei pointed out, "and it would require one of such power to anchor that world's magic and make it safe from us. But if it is all of us, or even were it just some of us, it should not be cause for concern. Witness." Another hologram appeared, this one of Lei sitting on a dumbbell bar while her twin sister Mei lifted the weight with her pinky.


Suddenly a woman came into the image. By modern standards, she was quite average for someone of East Asian origin, but since that region had long been suffused with the pheromones of at least four Super Goddesses in direct proximity, she was utterly breathtaking by the standards of when Britney had grown up.


"As you can see, by chance, she impacted us at the same instant, and we had both forgotten to repress our tendency to absorb ordinary human bodies." The reminder of that little power made Ellie snuggle against Britney even more fiercely. "But instead of being absorbed, this happened."


Over the following few instants, as both Mei and Lei's beings attempted to absorb the woman whole, their conflict, each trying to prove worthier than the other, had quite an unintended, though hardly unwelcome, side effect on the woman. In attempting to prove worthy of absorbing her, attempting to make her worthy of absorption, perhaps, the woman was instead subjected to the same forces, the same magic that Enhanced a person, and she walked away from the encounter, quite unharmed and very much the better for it.


"She's since become the head of the Super Goddess Church's Chinese branch," Mei groused.


"If this applies to magic as it seems to do to people," Lei continued, "it should not be so that, as long as more than one of us is present, any of us would absorb any of that world's magic. Indeed very probably it will instead be left stronger for our presence."


Everyone looked at Britney. "You're the expert," Paige reminded her. She lowered any defenses she had up against the ultipotent. "Take us wherever you think best."


Britney looked at Ellie.


"No," the green-haired futa said as she impaled Nesariel's decapitated head on her cock.


"Oh, yes."


"No. Please."


"You know it's the best choice."


Ellie grimaced. "Can you at least--"


Everyone vanished.




"--not make me wear one of those ridiculous dresses?" Ellie said as they all reappeared in a forest clearing, except Dusk and Kaelan.


The dresses everyone wore were indeed ridiculous and impractical, with huge hoop skirts suspended by metal rings, sleeves that left the forearms bare and outrageously puffy shoulders, and an almost painfully tight corset with a neckline that put all of even Shizuka's copious cleavage on display.


"The men wear stiff, uncomfortable tuxedos," Britney informed the group.


"We're not middle class here, Your Grace," Ellie pointed out.


"Do you want everyone recognizing you right away, Your Majesty?" Britney queried.


Ellie huffed, but had to concede the point.


"Mind filling those of us who aren't all-knowing in?" Brianna said.


"This is the Ram Forest," said Ellie, "on the outskirts of Sunville, capital of Kareland. Her Grace apparently decided that we should not have clothing befitting our station."


"I found this universe early in its existence. No life, and no possibility of it. But I tweaked a few things so that life could develop, and we guided it so that, in time, we ruled this place. So you are now speaking with Her Majesty Queen Ellie the Eternal, and Her Grace Britney, Duchess-Protector of the Realm. In addition to any number of other titles, styles and honours."


"So what does the aristocracy wear?" Ha-neul asked, examining her arms to make sure that, though Britney had hidden her tattoos, the universes were still safe and sound.


Britney waved a hand at Ellie and the other relaxed as her clothes changed into her old dress uniform, completely undecorated. "The dresses were my little joke. Still, people adapt." Another wave and Ellie was back in her dress. "In private, leggings are perfectly acceptable for us, of course."


Ellie lifted a handful of long, jet-black hair. "You could at least have let me keep that."


"Do you want to be recognized?"


Ellie huffed again.


"So who's in charge since you've been away?" asked Naomi.


"Should be a Council of Regents, if they've kept to what we told them. I did mean to come back at some point to double-check."


"Well, no time like the present, Your Grace," said Jennifer. "But what about all the magic? Why did you absorb most of it when you first arrived?"


That made a lot of them start, but rapid examinations of both Britney and the universe's distant past quickly proved Jen's claim.


"The ambient magic of this place was an impediment to the development of intelligent life. A little is necessary, of course, whether free or embodied in someone, and since I didn't intend to stay, I left a little loose. But without constant forcing, all this universe might've known of life was bacteria. Maybe. Self-replicating molecules would've been unlikely enough."


"Well I don't know about all of you, but I want to see a little more of this place," said Suzie, starting to turn toward Sunville's main gates until Britney casually stripped her of her unerring sense of direction.


"I'm with Suzie," said Paula, and this time Britney had no choice but to shrug her shoulders and move quickly into the lead, the rest of the group chatting among themselves as they trailed behind.


"You didn't change my face enough. Or at all," Ellie complained as she examined herself in a hand mirror Brigitte had given her. "I'll be recognized even without the hair."


"So then the people will be overjoyed to see you."


"It was fun while it lasted but you knew I was done with this place. Let the regents run it."


"You're assuming the council is still in charge."


"Well are they?"


"No," Britney affirmed, "but we'll have to see if that's for the better."


The gates of Sunville stood open as always. After all, what fear did a city have of invasion when it was protected by someone who could alter reality itself?


Sunville was a sprawling metropolis, though at the standard of pre-industrial Earth. Wide streets and large houses accommodated middle-class fashions, at least for the humans, as various other species walked in harmony. Most wore the same clothing that Britney had described, except for those who required modifications, some less extensive, like the angels, and some more, such as the centaurs.


"Quite the eclectic collection," Irina said, looking about.


"Ellie's idea. I just implemented it."


The centre of the city was dominated by a gray stone structure. "The Ash Palace, seat of the Eternal Queen," Ellie said, a tinge of disgust in her voice.


"Who'd you leave in charge anyway?" asked M'Wela.


"A regency council. People we trusted. Of course, whether the people they chose to succeed them were as trustworthy is another matter. At least the wards I put on the city have held," Britney said.


"Go, look around the city," she continued. "Nesariel can guide you, if you want." More copies of the elf popped into existence. "Ellie and I should see how things are getting on with the governance of this place. Can't be that bad if it's this prosperous, though, I guess."


"Do we have to?" Ellie all but whined as she and Britney walked slowly toward the palace. "You know I hated ruling this place. I only did it because you thought it was funny."


"I won't leave you in charge again, don't worry. Hopefully the council is still active and we can prove who we are, then appoint a replacement for you."


"And what about for you, oh ultipotent Duchess-Protector?"


"Well, my wards still hold, so I'm not, strictly speaking, necessary. But I'll talk to everyone later. Maybe somebody here is worthy of it."




The palace gates, contrary to the city gates, had always had at least a ceremonial guard, but they always opened for any visitor. As Britney and Ellie neared them, however, the ultipotent stopped her lover in her tracks.


"Something's not right. Look at the guards."


"They're armed," Ellie said.


"Exactly. We never had armed guards. There shouldn't be any need for armed guards. I need to know what's gone on."


Britney closed her eyes for a moment, delving into the past, filling her mind with the knowledge of history. "Something is wrong. The council only lasted about a thousand years. Then someone claiming to be you overthrew them and rose to power. The current incumbent still calls herself 'Queen Ellie the Eternal,' but she's actually the twenty-fourth of the line." Britney's voice dropped to a whisper. "And she wears a strap-on to hide that she doesn't have a cock."


Ellie couldn't suppress a giggle.


"Who goes there?" a guard challenged at the gate.


"Miranda, the ambassador from Waterford, and her chief aide, Frances," said Britney smoothly, producing from her voluminous petticoats diplomatic credentials from a country she'd just made up on the spot. "We seek an audience with Her Majesty to present them."


"This is most irregular," the guard noted.


"We ourselves did not expect to be here for another week, but the winds were favorable and so we are here. Will you so insult Waterford as to prevent us from even seeking audience?"


The guard, it was clear, was not especially bright, and had no idea whether Waterford was a real country. After a moment he put up his halberd. "You may enter. Present your credentials to Her Majesty's private secretary and Her Majesty will see you in due time."


"Thank you, sir," said Britney, dropping a perfect curtsey. Ellie did the same after Britney jogged her memory of when she'd taught her court etiquette.


The guard saluted in response and the pair went on their way.


"Still up to that old trick with the papers?"


"Why, do you think I should stop?"


"Of course not," Ellie said, smacking Britney lightly on the upper arm once they were out of sight of the gates. "After all, it's how we met."


Britney smiled back and walked up to the majordomo. After presenting her credentials once more, she was directed to the appropriate office. "Looks like these 'Queen Ellies' have been rearranging," Ellie said.


"Nothing we can't fix," Britney reminded her.


To Britney's surprise, after she presented her credentials to the secretary, she was told to go to the private audience chamber immediately. "Her Majesty is most eager to greet her newest envoys."


"Queen Ellie" sat atop her throne, her hair a bit longer than Ellie would ever have worn it, her black roots showing under the green dye. Her uniform, though exactly the proper cut and even showing the right bulge along the pant leg, had a single decoration. On her head she wore Ellie's old tiara. The scepter of the Duchess-Protector sat in its seamless crystal case from which only Britney--or someone similarly empowered--could remove it.


"An interesting pair of visitors," the Queen said. "The guard might be an idiot but my majordomo is not. There is no such country as Waterford. Who are you?"


"The better question, I think," said Britney, "is who you are." With a thought she and Ellie were in proper uniform again, including Ellie's hair--Britney saw no need to hide from someone who had seen through her mild charade. "Because whoever you are, that medal is proof positive you are not 'Queen Ellie'."


"I decided I should be a little closer to the people, not be so high and mighty as to have earned the right to remove all decorations. I take it from that little stunt that you're the fabled Duchess-Protector--or someone pretending to be her? And if this isn't the actual Queen Ellie, you have found--or, perhaps, made--a most convincing facsimile." The pretender walked around the pair, examining them closely.


"I am the Duchess-Protector," Britney affirmed, "and this is Her Majesty. And your ancestors usurped the council we left in place."


"The council was weak, the city mismanaged. Under my rule, after I returned, it has grown strong again." She sat down in her throne once more. "But even if you are who you say you are, and I am not who I say I am"--her smirk gave away that she knew perfectly well that she was, too, involved in a charade--"you will never be able to prove it."


"I won't?" said Britney.


"Oh, no. For if you are the Duchess-Protector, then surely you have the power to make any poor woman you like into an indistinguishable image of 'Queen Ellie the Eternal'. But you might not even be the Duchess-Protector, for if there are other beings with powers such as those you are reputed to possess, they could impersonate you just as well."


"We can go through the records," Ellie pointed out. "We left ways of proving who we are."


"Ways that anyone with the Duchess-Protector's power and knowledge would easily subvert. No, you cannot prove who you are. There are writings in the old records in which the Duchess-Protector claimed to be omnipotent. If that is so, then proof of what was true is impossible, for the truth would be utterly malleable." She smiled.


"I could make you, and everyone else, accept my claim," Britney pointed out.


"No doubt you could!" the usurper laughed. "And I admit I cannot overcome your wards, such as that against anyone but the two of you wearing unadorned uniform--but then anyone of similar power to yours could break such a ward. But while it is in your power to forcibly change my mind, do you have the will? The Duchess-Protector, it is said, held herself to the highest of moral standards. Would forcibly changing someone's mind, even to accept what is true as truth, be something she would stoop to doing?"


Britney shook with suppressed rage, but then let it out with a long, hissing breath. "No. No, I would not. But you have made yourself an enemy this day. And, if you have read the old records, you know that I cannot lose."


"Perhaps so! But can you defeat me without defeating yourself?" This time the impostor laughed.


Even as Britney turned to leave, Ellie walked toward her would-be replacement. She looked up at Britney. "You know, I never did want to be omnipotent."


A single tap of her finger was all it took to reduce the pretender to subatomic particles.




Ellie placed the tiara on Naomi Labelle-Hirose's head while Britney put the scepter in her hand.


"All hail Empress Naomi, Protector-Eternal of the Realm!" Shizuka, M'Wela, Brigitte and Aisha chorused in unison from the palace balcony.


The people cheered. Naomi lifted the scepter, and the final sign of the ruler's and the Protector's return showed: plants bloomed through the city, plants that had withered away in the absence of Britney's magic, brought back by the equal power of the new Protector.


The group retired to the audience chamber, and Naomi sat primly on the throne.


"I'm so proud of you. Again," said Shizuka. "Just, please try to visit more often than Britney did!"


Everyone laughed.


"I'll visit, Mom," said Naomi, pulling the Super Goddess into her lap to give her a fierce hug. "But these people are going to need to learn to adapt to the new conditions. Thank you all for helping to unify this world; I fear for what it might have become otherwise."


Lei had been right: the presence of so many Super Goddesses had enhanced the small amount of ambient magic that Britney had left after taking the rest so that life could develop, and to the point where anyone in this reality could perform seemingly-supernatural feats at least with the ease and proficiency of a mid-tier Enhanced. Everyone agreed that they had a responsibility to make sure these people didn't destroy themselves, and so Naomi had agreed to remain and replace Ellie and Britney as rulers.


"Don't you usually get more decorations the higher rank you are?" Jennifer asked, playing with the medal over her left breast and the ribbon over her right.


"I never had any decorations as a police officer," Ellie pointed out. Everyone was in proper dress, but only she, Britney and Naomi had completely plain uniforms. "So since I was the highest-ranking person in the realm, Britney thought that it would be amusing to set up a situation whereby receiving honours removed medals and such--once you'd earned the honor it was for, you could take it off your clothes and display it in a case."


Jen shook her head in amusement.


"You sure you don't even want Nesariel to keep you company?" Britney asked.


"No, she belongs with you. Oathsworn, she kept reminding us," Naomi said. "Besides, I'll visit plenty! You all worry too much. Being the daughter of an Empress and a Queen-Mother has to count for something when it comes to ruling."


Shizuka gave her daughter one last kiss on the cheek, and then Brigitte, Aisha, and M'Wela did the same. "I trust you don't mind if we decide to hang around the city for a bit?"


"Of course not! Sunville is open to all, as it always has been," Naomi affirmed.


Most of the group dispersed to explore this new world a little more, leaving only Britney, Ellie, Shizuka and Naomi behind.


"Don't be afraid to ask me for advice, dear. I have been doing this whole 'Empress' thing a little longer than you," Shizuka said.


"Mom! Do you want to rule this place as well as Japan?"


"No, you're right. One country is enough for me," Shizuka conceded. "Do well by them, and remember: if ever they do not want you, or if your rule harms anyone, you must step down."


"I know, Mom." The barest hint of exasperation entered Naomi's voice. She'd heard all of it before.


"A mother is allowed to worry about her daughter," Shizuka said primly, and before Naomi could retort, she vanished.


"So, how does it feel being a princess?" Britney asked Ellie.


"It's great. Now I get to have fun again."


"Not if your Empress puts you in charge of something or other," Naomi pointed out. Before Britney could launch into essentially the same talk Shizuka had just given, Naomi said, "And yes, I'll ask you for advice if I need it. But I know everything you know about this place, now. You'll always be welcome, but I must rule, now. And your presence would, for now, only complicate matters."


Britney and Ellie nodded. They'd all known that already, of course. "Then until later, Your Majesty," Britney said with a curtsey, and Naomi returned the gesture as the other two vanished out of that reality.




March 7, 2168


Britney sat with Paige McDowell and Suzie Gallagher in a small room.


"Are you sure you want to do this, Suzie?" Paige asked worriedly.


"We have to know," said Suzie. "And if I end up absorbed by you... that wouldn't be so bad. I'd be happy, and I'd be with my oldest and best friend. Forever."


"I'll help as I can to preserve her personality in case you can't merge outright," said Britney, "but I'm not sure how effective that will be, considering the differences between our powers."


"You've shown me what you could. Just, give me the framework, and I'll try to reinforce it if anything goes wrong," said Paige.


Suzie held out her hands, and Paige took them. Immediately the Super Goddess could tell that something was wrong.


"Britney!" Paige called as she realized that they weren't going to merge, that her friend would simply be submerged into her, quite possibly losing herself entirely.


Britney quickly began tracing out the frame around Suzie's mind that she'd used to preserve her five passengers' personalities. "Do you see?"


Paige applied her own power to the lattice. "She still wants to be absorbed," the Super Goddess said as a look of pure bliss spread across Suzie's face. "She wants to be a part of me."


"But does she want to lose herself?" asked Britney, even as Suzie's body vanished entirely.


A tear rolled down Paige's cheek. "She's in there, and she doesn't want to leave. If I let her go..."


"She'll just come back, and you might not be able to preserve her next time," Britney finished.


Paige focused, and Suzie popped into existence again. "Oh, fuck," she said, embracing both of them, "this is amazing! If I knew that this is how Summer and Autumn feel all the time, I'd have asked you to absorb me decades ago!"


Paige focused again, and a manic smile came over Suzie's face as her will was overridden, forcing her powers to activate, changing her body to grow a second pair of arms so that she could be forced to play with her nipples and her pussy at the same time. "Do that again!" said Suzie, in between pants. "Do whatever you like! Use me like a toy, Paige!"


Paige looked helplessly at Britney. Britney just shrugged. "I think this is the happiest she's ever been. Would you deny her that?" asked the ultipotent.


Paige's smile was faint. "No," she said. "No, I wouldn't."




Ellie sat between Jennifer and Paula on the large bed.


"You know ultipotence is out of the question now," Jennifer said, sadness in her voice.


"I know. I knew that when I killed her," said Ellie. She didn't say that that was part of why she'd done it, but she didn't have to, and it was better left unsaid anyway.


"You can keep the powers you have," Paula promised, "and if Britney wants to give you a few more minor ones from time to time, that's fine."


Ellie shrugged. "I never wanted omnipotence or ultipotence or whatever you call it, anyway. If I can keep that little universe I've got up here, that's enough for me."


"Of course!" Jen assured her. "Britney set that up well enough and it's yours to do with as you see fit."


Ellie smiled and extended her arms to reach around the two Super Goddesses and begin playing with their nipples. "I really do appreciate the way you've all accepted me. That's not something I'd ever really had before."


"You'll always be welcome here, Ellie," said Paula, beginning to moan slightly. "With any of us."


"Always," Jennifer affirmed.


"Thanks," said Ellie. "Now, how about you two grow some nice long, thick cocks? I'm in the mood to give a blowjob or two." She grew another pair of arms and began playing with the pair's other nipples.


Jennifer and Paula complied, while Ellie morphed her breasts to grow lipples.


Both Super Goddesses shivered and moaned in pleasure as Ellie slowly lowered her new mouths to their dicks, tongues flicking out to tease their tips.


"And how about some balls so you can give me some really good cumshots?"


The pair each grew a gigantic scrotum, and Ellie soon tasted their hot, salty seed filling her breast-mouths as she smoothly slid their entire lengths in.


Ellie grew another pair of arms in order to play with their balls. "Another," she said.


The second shot came just as she slipped in their full lengths.


"But as I've been saying," said Ellie as she suddenly squeezed their balls so that they exploded, twisted off their nipples, and bit off their cocks, leaving the two omnipotent women gushing blood as they writhed in exquisite agony, "what do I need omnipotence for? All of you do everything I say anyway."



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