By yearends

Set in the "Super Goddess" universe created by Akane

With contributions from delta7447





August 22, 2042


The temperature in Toronto wasn't setting records, but it was hot enough that even the Enhanced Carol Tremblay felt slightly uncomfortable in her skimpy top and short skirt as she walked alongside her best friend and benefactor, the omnipotent Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette, who showed no signs of discomfort in her button-down top, her massive breasts straining the buttons beyond the point where they would have broken had Jen's magic not been keeping them intact.


"Hey, Jen," said Carol, "mind if I just go topless? Though I don't want people staring. Too much, anyway. Not much more than they already do. Of course, that's mostly at you," she rambled.


Jennifer laughed. "I'll make you a deal. From now until classes start, full nudity will be acceptable on campus... so long as you show it all off until classes start."


Carol pondered for a moment. "What's the weather forecast for the next week and a half?"


"Super Goddess whim, of course," Jen reminded her. "But in all seriousness, we're gonna have great weather. Hot enough for people to think about going underdressed if they could, perfect for tanning and I'll make sure nobody burns."


Carol didn't have to think much longer. After all, she was quite comfortable with people seeing her naked. Going nude for that long wasn't something she'd done, but...


"As Britney reminded me, there's a time and place for everything, and it's called college," Jen reminded her.


"Britney," said Carol. "She seems nice. Are you ever--" Carol cut off abruptly, reality itself not letting her contemplate the notion of Britney Atwater joining Jennifer Martinette's growing harem. Her train of thought skipped a track. "--going to invite her to visit?"


"She knows she's always welcome wherever I am," Jen said, her mental discomfort hidden behind the calm words.


If Carol had been able to think the thoughts, her hypercharged libido would have gotten her incredibly aroused at the thought of fucking the superstar athlete who'd raised her best friend.


"OK, do it. Might as well show off this hot body anyway."


Jen snapped her fingers and instantly the two were wearing only transparent open-toed low heels, every bit of smooth, sensual skin on full display.


Carol felt something different between her legs and reached down to find a soft foot-long cock and matching balls above her smooth pussy. "Hey, this wasn't part of the deal!"


"I am altering the deal," Jen said, fake-ominously.


"I'll pray you alter it further, then," said Carol.


"Do you now?" said Jen, fondling her own fourteen inches as it slowly hardened to its full two-foot erect length.


Carol didn't mind. She enjoyed going naked, feeling the soft breeze touch her in all the right places. She loved the natural bounce of her breasts, slightly larger than her head, and also watching Jen's, which were at least half again as large as her head. Her eyes kept darting between where she was going and Jen's enticing nipple as her own dick approached its full twenty-one inches.


"Oh, go ahead," the omnipotent young woman said. "It's just a nice, harmless PDA, after all."


Carol immediately latched onto Jen's nipple and began sucking, the Super Goddess putting her friend's body on autopilot as Carol had one of her favourite drinks.


Even as she did so, she suddenly found that her vision was not only filled with Jen's boob flesh, but also the path ahead of her, though from a lower vantage than she was used to. Taking a guess, she put her fingers up to her own nipples--which were now sliding around her breasts to keep them stable as her tits swung in time with her steps--and even though they felt normal she realized Jen had turned them into a second pair of eyes.


"You're not gonna want to miss this," said Jen as a mousy, reserved student who looked to be about a year older than them walked hurriedly in their direction.


She, too, looked uncomfortable in the heat, but as if seeing Jen and Carol were the trigger to know that she could just strip off without consequence, she shrugged her shoulders, put her backpack down, took her clothes off and neatly folded and packed them. As she passed the pair, Jen moved ever so slightly so brush up against her.


"Oh!" the woman said as who it was she'd jostled registered fully with her. "I'm so sorry... Jennifer Martinette?" Her apology trailed off as she realized who she was talking to, Jen being a famous face at least around southern Ontario.


"The same," said Jen. "And no apologies are necessary. I was a bit distracted by Carol's expert nipple-sucking, veered off course a bit."


"Still, I... I..." said the woman, reeling more from the realization that the person drinking from Jen's breast was none other than her main backup singer and regular duet partner Carol Tremblay.


"What's your name?" Jen asked to refocus the young woman.


"Oh, sorry. Francine Peters. All my friends call me Franny, though." Her face dropped a bit. "Or they would if I had any," she mumbled.


"Well, Franny," said Jen, "how about we go to my dorm room and Carol and I can put that hot body of yours through its paces? I just upgraded to a room for four."


"Hot... body..." Franny said in a daze as she realized she was going to be living with--and, presumably, fucking--Jennifer Martinette and Carol Tremblay because the Super Goddess had just decided it. She ran her hands over her new curves, realizing she was every bit as erotic and alluring as the other two.


"Now, how about I get you moved in," said Jen as Francine's backpack vanished, "and we'll pick up Alice," she finished, plucking the name of Francine's former dormmate from the school records.


"Can you not?" asked the no-longer-mousy woman. "She's kind of a bitch and I'm just as glad to get away from her."


"She won't be once she's met me." It wasn't a boast, or a threat, or anything of that sort; it was a simple statement of fact from the outgoing Super Goddess. "Besides, it wouldn't be fair to make her pay for a single when she was only planning to pay for half of a double. Her scholarship only goes so far."


Franny nodded. She knew that part of the reason Alice Stephens was so bitter was because she'd had a tough life and she'd had to work her ass off to get enough scholarships just to be able to afford university.


"Now come on, let's get to the student building so Carol and I can check in. Alice is eating lunch and we'll be all signed in just in time to meet her as she finishes." Again, Jen was simply stating a fact.


Francine latched on to Jennifer's other nipple, and immediately got her second taste of Super Goddess power as Jen modified her vision the same way she'd changed Carol's.




Franny had already taken care of her registration, so she hovered between Jen and Carol's legs, ate out their pussies and jacked their cocks as the two enjoyed an erotic make-out session while waiting in line, the Super Goddess changing their nethers to accommodate her desires.


"You just gonna keep making everyone here super-hot?" Carol thought, knowing Jennifer would pick up that the thought was meant to be overheard by the perfectly telepathic woman.


"Only the ones who're willing to show off what I want to give them," Jennifer responded.


A bit of cum squirted from Carol's dick. She was definitely looking forward to the next four years if Jen was going to keep that up. Sure, she knew she'd never find a sexual partner to surpass the Super Goddess--though Park Ha-neul, herself a Super Goddess, certainly matched her--but she was definitely looking forward to fucking her way through the entire student body. After all, Jen had given her the strongest Enhancement of anyone currently in her harem, including an extremely boosted intelligence and a perfect memory. She didn't need to go to university for the academic angle--nor did Jen, of course--she was just there for the "college life" experience, which Jen was promising to make better and better with every person she saw brave enough to shuck their clothes.


The two broke off their kiss as they reached the front of the line. "ID and acceptance letter, please," the old woman who beckoned them over to her desk said tiredly. There were a lot of students to process and Carol could tell that all the registrar's assistants were fatigued. Even though classes weren't starting for a week and a half, Jennifer had explained to Carol that the near-miraculous nature of her mother's pregnancy had somehow combined with Jennifer's nascent powers to spark a small baby boom in Toronto, with a lot of kids being born not long after Jennifer was. Now that they were all entering university, every school was like this even now, slammed with students trying to check in.


Carol reached down between her breasts to pull out her acceptance letter, passport, and driver's licence as Jennifer did the same. She appreciated that particular power Jen had given her, since it meant she didn't have to carry anything in her hands or on her back. It wouldn't have been much of an encumbrance if she had to, since Jennifer had also increased her strength massively, but this kept her hands free. Besides, her "hammerspace" (as Jen called it) was more convenient to access, was infinitely deep, was actually completely weightless, and always had whatever she wanted on top. A small glamour the Super Goddess had applied kept anyone from thinking it was strange that she was always reaching into her cleavage for stuff.


The woman processed the paperwork and handed back the IDs and letters, along with a pair of forms. "Take these over there to get your student IDs. You'll need that to access the library and all our wireless services." When Carol heard the person's perkier tone, she actually took a look at the other woman to see that she looked twenty-five years younger and extremely attractive, wearing clothes that tastefully accentuated her new curves without simply baring them. Looking under the clothes (another power Jen had given her) she could see that the woman was in prime physical condition, and she looked around the room to see that everyone staffing the tables had been similarly affected.


"They weren't shucking their clothes," Carol mentally projected.


"Nobody should be that beaten down and dispirited when there's a Super Goddess around," Jen replied.


As Jennifer and Carol got into the long line for ID pictures, Jen triggered their climaxes, the two blasting cum and pussy juices all over Franny.


"I've already got my ID," she said as she got up, licking her lips. "Mind if I go back to my dorm room, pack up my stuff so I can move in with you as soon as possible?"


"I already moved you in," Jen reminded her.


"Oh, I thought that was just my pack."


"Nah, why should I make you do work when it's no work for me at all? Now go get lunch, whatever you like, put it on my account, they'll let you. And don't wipe the cum off, it's sexy and everyone thinks so. Alice'll get hers same time as you get yours, meet her there and we'll join you as you finish."


Once Franny had left, Carol asked, "Are you OK with just dictating the future like that?" It wasn't the first time Carol had seen Jen do something like that.


"For a good cause, sure. And Alice could use my help."


Carol thought she'd done well to get the photographer taking her picture hard with just a smile, but next to him, Jennifer's had to excuse herself and rush to the bathroom to handle her sudden urgent need to bring herself to climax.


"Think this is a good picture of me?" Jen asked, showing Carol her new student ID.


Carol came slightly, and noticed others doing the same as Jennifer made sure it crossed the vision of those they walked past on the way to meet Francine and Alice.


"Your ID makes people orgasm?"


"I'm a Super Goddess, it's practically my job to spread happiness and joy to everyone I see," Jennifer replied.


"Then how about we double that?" a familiar voice said from behind them as Carol felt an arm reach around her boobs, and she looked down to see, as she expected, galaxies dancing along it.


"Hey, Ha-neul," the Super Goddess and the Enhanced said in unison.


"Hey yourself," the Korean replied as her sports bra pressed into their backs. "But I think I'm a little overdressed here." Instantly Carol felt an erect nipple pressing into her back as Park Ha-neul simply deleted her clothing from existence.


"So what brings you here?" Jen asked, another Super Goddess being literally the only other being of whom she couldn't just instantly know the answer to that or any other question.


"What, I can't drop in to say hi to my friends on their first day of college?"


"University," Carol corrected her. "You've spent too much time down south. Should've visited us more often."


"Pfft, I'd change it if I didn't know Jen would never shut up about it until I changed it back. Anyway, what's up? You get any fun new powers?"


Carol reflected on that. She knew Super Goddesses could give out superpowers, of course, but so far Jen at least had pretty much only given her anything beyond a few normal things for her harem, like invulnerability and immortality.


"If you haven't," Ha-neul whispered in Jen's ear, knowing Carol would overhear, "you should."


"Well she did give me this one thing," said Carol. "A minor form of telekinesis." Immediately Ha-neul felt as if mouths were sucking her nipples and clit while vibrators plunged in and out of her pussy and her ass.


"Seems a little more than 'minor' to me," said the older Super Goddess, her climax building rapidly. Jen was uncharacteristically silent.


"I can't move a paperclip but I can give you a few good orgasms," Carol said.


Jen cut in. "We're meeting with a few new friends, Ha-neul. Mind double-checking my dorm room, making sure I've got everything right?"


"Anything for you," said Ha-neul, reaching around further to give both of Jen's breasts a firm squeeze before vanishing.


"What did she mean about you giving me more powers? I think I've got enough," said Carol.


Jennifer shrugged a bit uncomfortably. "Let's meet Franny and Alice, OK?"


As Jen had ordered, even with Ha-neul's interruption the two were finishing up lunch as Jennifer and Carol sat down.


"Hi, Alice," Jen said gently.


Alice Stephens was not an especially good-looking young woman under the best circumstances, and the course of her life had left her somewhat malnourished. Not only that, but she'd gotten into more than a few fights in her day, the bruises and scars quite clear to someone who could see her entire body despite her attempts to cover it.


"You must be Jennifer Martinette. I've seen bits of your concerts when I've been walking past stores."


Jen slid a slip of paper across to her. "Here's a lifetime pass for them."


Alice pocketed the gift. "Thanks," she said, sounding appreciative but not enthusiastic. 


"What do you think of me?" Jen asked.


"I think you're a nice person from what I've heard. Wouldn't mind the occasional chat now and then. Don't have the money to travel to your concerts, though."


"Don't worry," said Jen, "it's a special pass, it'll transport you to whichever concert you want to attend. But just you, and maybe a few friends who want to come along."


Alice actually looked a touch crestfallen at that, and Carol realized that she'd been planning on renting the pass out for some extra cash.


"I can help you with that," said Jennifer. "I can give you the life you deserve. No need unmet, no want unfilled. No pleasure denied." She looked into Alice's eyes and projected honesty and trustworthiness, holding out a hand.


When Alice took it, all four instantly vanished.




"Look you long enough," said Ha-neul, lounging on the single huge bed in Jennifer's dorm room.


"Wasn't that long," Jen retorted.


"It was when I got horny enough that I had to stop time and get Shizuka over here so that I could have a proper fuck!"


"Sorry, I don't think we've met..." Francine said timidly.


"Francine, Alice, this is Park Ha-neul, another Super Goddess," Jen said, hugging Franny close and not finding Alice on her other side. Ha-neul frowned momentarily as well as she realized Carol wasn't behind her as Jen had deposited her, either.


"What's happened to me?" Alice's voice came from the luxurious en-suite bathroom.


"Jen's Enhanced you, like she did me and Franny," Carol replied.


"I look... gorgeous."


"We all do. It's the second-best benefit of being a Super Goddess's friend."


"What's the best benefit?"


"The amazing sex," Carol replied, and Alice gave a little yelp as Carol tweaked a nipple, the presence of two Super Goddesses already having made her lose any hang-ups she might have about casual sexual activities.


Alice walked back out, having finished examining herself, and Francine's eyebrows rose at her roommate's new look. Gone was the underfed, beaten-down Alice; this Alice was a tough, sexy vixen with huge curves whose scars and lingering bruises now just added to her alluring image. Even her permanent black eye just made her face even more smoky, and her determined, almost aggressive gait made her body move extremely erotically.


"So... what can you two do?" she asked, sitting in one of the comfortable chairs with which Ha-neul had furnished the room. Carol crawled back into the bed and started playing with the Korean's breasts as Jen had intended she should.


"Anything we want," Jennifer replied, projecting her voice around the room even as she had her head buried in Francine's crotch. "We're omnipotent. If we want something to happen, it happens."


"We generally try to make people's lives better," Ha-neul added. "Whether that's new technologies, like the perfectly efficient wireless power transmission here, or new medical treatments like the one that cured your mom's Alzheimer's, Franny, or your dad's ALS, Alice, that's what we do. And, of course, we make sure to have a lot of incredible sex with as many people as want it."


"So, do I have to do anything to keep this body?" Alice asked, obviously still suspicious of their motives. "Sign over my soul or something?"


"Nope," Jen projected. "Body's yours to keep. So is the bank balance."


Alice found her bag had been deposited next to the chair and reached in to find her old smartphone, already losing market share, especially in the Toronto area, to thought-operated computing devices which she couldn't afford. She opened up her banking app and her eyes bugged out at the number of digits she saw.


"But if you do leave," said Ha-neul, "while I'll certainly pay a visit every now and then to get a taste of Jen's handiwork, if you're willing, you'll miss out on the amazing sex you could be having all the time."


Alice's eyes narrowed.


"Just give us one night," Jen added. "That's all I ask. One night, and decide in the morning."


"How do I know you won't just alter my mind while I'm sleeping or something like that?"


"That's not what we do. Just... trust us. Please," said Ha-neul. "One night."


"Can I change my mind later?" Alice asked.


"The door's always open," said Jen.


"Has anyone gone through?"


"Not yet," Ha-neul admitted. "But they could."


Alice thought a moment longer. "All right. One night."


Francine came to a screaming orgasm. "You know, Alice, you look really hot when you're angry now." Alice just glared and Francine had another small climax.


"So, who wants to see a fun trick?" Jen asked as Ha-neul and Carol disentangled themselves, the Super Goddess growing her own huge dick.


Carol smiled eagerly. She'd seen plenty of Jen's tricks already, but she was always excited to see something new. Of course, given that Jen currently had two fingers pointing right at her, she was suddenly a little less eager to be the subject of said trick.


Jen split her fingers apart, and Carol turned her head to look at herself.


"You cloned Carol?" asked Francine even as Carol said, in stereo, "You cloned me?"


"Nope," said Jen. "I gave her two bodies for her single mind to control." She shot a sparkling bolt of light at Carol's heads while the Enhanced struggled to make her bodies move separately. "There, that should solve that little issue."


"I don't think I ever quite realized..." one Carol began.


"...just how incredibly fucking sexy I am?" the other Carol finished.


"How about you make out with yourself while we show Francine and Alice why Super Goddess-made cocks are the best?" Ha-neul said, twenty-three inches of hard omnipotent meat jutting from her crotch.


"Those things are huge!" said Alice, starting.


"And we're omnipotent. They'll fit and it won't hurt a bit, I promise," said Jen. "Now, you did promise us one night."


"It had better be the best night of my life."


"Don't worry about that. Now, which cocks do you want in which holes?"




Jennifer slowly stroked her hand up and down Ha-neul's shaft as Carol, Franny and Alice slept, the two sophomores resting their heads on the freshman's pillowy boobs. "I don't know."


"She can probably handle it," Ha-neul pointed out.


"If anyone can, it's her. Well, Britney probably could, too, but... And there's a local interviewer I've got my eye on, though he might need a little more convincing."


"So why not just do it?"


"Because I barely trust myself to have these powers. How can I trust someone without Super Empathy?" Jen said.


"We can't make them as powerful as we are," Ha-neul reminded her. "We know that, at least."


"True, but still. I'd hate to have to take it back."


Ha-neul nodded in commiseration.


"What about you? Anyone you think might?" asked Jen.


"Well, that soldier I met a few years ago."


"Who, June?"


"It's not just women who could handle it, you know!" Ha-neul said with a chuckle, slapping Jen lightly on her boob. "No, Blake. June is much happier now, but I don't think she has the temperament for it. But Blake..." Ha-neul's voice got a touch dreamy.


"Don't tell me you're in l-o-o-ve..." Jen said teasingly.


A blush crept up Ha-neul's face.


"Ha-neul and Blake, sittin' in a tree/K-I-S-S-" Jen's voice cut off as Ha-neul deleted her mouth.


"It's... not... he's special. But I'm not sure if he's ready to accept that I can't be only his."


"Do you think he'd be only yours, anyway? You know what these powers do to us. Besides, you Enhanced him, that carries part of it already anyway."


"Yeah, but... it'd be special. I'd want it to be right, but I can't not be who I am."


"And part of that's being a horny thot who wants to fuck everyone she sees?"


Ha-neul's hand shot out, grasping Jen's neck almost painfully, forcing her head around so that they faced each other directly.


"Pin me down. Fuck me senseless," Ha-neul whispered.




August 23, 2042


"Wakey wakey, sleepyhead," Carol heard Jen say in her mind as she felt her best friend eating her out. She stretched her four arms and clamped her thighs around Jennifer's head so that she'd stay there while the Enhanced sat up.


Carol did a double take as she realized she had four arms.


"You did ask me to alter the deal further," Jen giggled mentally. "I'm going to give you one transformation every day until we start classes."


Carol didn't say anything, but just used her upper arms to play with her breasts and her lower arms to grind Jen's face into her cunt.


"You can transform me any way you like if this is how you wake me up each morning," Carol said, panting.


"I'll remember you said that," Jen replied, wiggling her nose to stimulate Carol's clitoris.


That pushed Carol over the edge, and she blasted juices over the Super Goddess's face. Unclenching her thighs, she rolled out of bed to see Ha-neul lying on the floor, her breasts and ass bloated to an extreme degree, cum gushing from every hole.


"What did you do to her?"


"She asked me to fuck her senseless, so I did. Don't worry, she's fine. Still, she's got an appointment to demonstrate just how useless even more weapons are against us, so..." Jen reached down and took hold of Ha-neul's hand. Instantly the older Super Goddess's eyes fluttered open.


"Fuck, Jen..." she muttered around the cum still pouring from her mouth.


"Aren't you supposed to be demonstrating--again--just how useless weapons are against us? You'd think they'd have learned by now, but I guess there's no accounting for some things. Still, you don't want to bias the results by having my cum in there too."


Ha-neul laughed, and cleaned and dressed herself with a thought, her assets shrinking down as her clothes appeared. "Oh, they've learned their lesson all right. I'm just helping them get through their stockpiles. You have no idea how good a nuke feels when it goes off in your pussy."


Carol raised an eyebrow. "That sounds... unsafe. Even for you."


"Carol, what part of omnipotent do you still not get? Even you could easily withstand that," Ha-neul reproved her. "In fact, how about I do a little demonstration right here." She pointed a finger and a large, nasty-looking bomb appeared on the floor. "Open wide," she said, forcibly spreading Carol's legs apart and jamming the nuke into the Enhanced's nethers.


Carol squirmed a bit as the weapon went in.


"Now, five... four... three... two..." Ha-neul counted down.


Carol screamed in pure pleasure as the fusion bomb, its power amplified far beyond anything ordinary humans could make by Ha-neul's infinite power, strong enough to vaporise the galaxy in an instant, the blast carrying far faster than light simply because a Super Goddess willed it, did nothing more than give the immortal, invulnerable Enhanced an incredible orgasm. No trace of the shockwave or the radiation escaped Carol's twat, the explosion only fueling her climax, sending her into a paroxysm of sexual pleasure.


"June loves that sort of thing," Ha-neul commented as Carol writhed on the floor.


"I'll bet she does," Jen said. Seeing that Carol was showing no signs of recovering, the younger Super Goddess knelt down, sealed her mouth over Carol's slit, and sucked out the ongoing explosion.


"What'd you do that for?" Carol whined as she came to her senses.


"I didn't feel like stopping time just so you could finish your orgasm a hundred billion years from now," Jen explained.


Carol pouted, but hugged Ha-neul. "Thanks. Maybe next time... you can make it a little stronger?"


Ha-neul smiled. "Have fun at school!" Then she vanished.


"So where are Franny and Alice?"


Jen cocked her head toward the bathroom. "I think they wouldn't mind us joining them." She vaulted the bed and walked straight through the bathroom door, Carol scrambling after her.




Some time--and many more orgasms--later, the four lounged naked around Jen's dorm room.


"So, Alice," Jen said, "what do you say to becoming part of my harem?"


"Yes," the gorgeous street tough said, "if..." She drew out the word.


"If?" prompted Jen.


"If you promise that it'll be that good every time we fuck."


"It gets better every time," Carol said.


Jen shot a few blasts of light at Franny and Alice. "OK, there's a few standard enhancements," she told them. "Now, I am going to insist that you go naked until classes start. Course, if you want to keep going naked after that, go right ahead. So I've made you immortal and invulnerable, given you a bit of a strength boost so you can carry your new assets easily, and your cleavage is now a hammerspace so you don't need to carry any bags. Just don't go stuffing any bodies in there. Well, unless someone wants it."


"A hammerspace?" asked Franny.


Carol reached between her boobs and pulled out a pen. "Pocket dimension for storage space. Completely weightless to us. And Jen's made it so that it always has exactly what you want right on top."


"No shoplifting," Jen told Alice, picking up on the formerly-poor woman's instinctive thoughts. "If you don't have the right to it, you can't even put it in there."


Alice chuckled. "I guess I'll have to get used to being able to buy whatever I want. You... won't tell anyone, will you?"


"Don't worry," said Jen. "As long as you don't do it again, I'll make the appropriate adjustments. But that does mean I have some legal responsibility to keep you out of trouble."


"I won't let you down," Alice said sincerely. "You're already the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm not going to give that up." Jen smiled.


"I know you won't. Now, I think you did have some plans for the day?"


Without another word, Franny and Alice left.


"So, what do you think we should do?" Jen asked Carol.


"You're asking me?"


"Sure. If I could think of absolutely everything all the time I wouldn't need others to keep things interesting."


"How about we check out the bookstore? They should have everything in and we should at least keep up appearances of being good, diligent students."


"As long as you diligently suck me off every night," Jen chuckled.


"Oh, don't worry about that. That's the one class I know I'm going to have to really do the work in to get a perfect grade."




The university's average bust, ass, and dick size crept up further as Jen and Carol strutted to the bookstore, the Super Goddess also handing out a few other transformations, like long, perfect hair, or fit bodies, or even the occasional height bump--or in one case, a decrease for a particularly uncoordinated and gangly young woman.


"Meet me tonight, Georgia," she whispered.


Just as they neared the bookstore, Jen popped a pair of glasses onto her face.


"What're those for?" Carol asked. "It's not like you need them, Miss I See Everything In The Universe At Once."


"They're cute. Don't you think?"


Carol had to agree.


When they got to the bookstore, they each picked up a basket and made their way to the stacks, both having memorized the entire book list for every course.


As they walked by the science texts and Carol picked up ones for chemistry and physics, Jen said, "Remind me to highlight all the errors."


"What's wrong with them now or what'll be wrong with them once you're done altering reality to make them wrong?" Carol asked with just a touch of snark.


"Maybe both," Jen said.


Moving quickly through the store, they reached the apparel section. Jen shook her head.


"What's wrong?" Carol asked.


"Well, just, all of these are radically undersized compared to what they're going to need soon," Jen said. Sparkles shot from her outstretched hand and the women's clothing shifted, becoming larger in the chest and the butt.


"And they really should have an underwear section," she continued, creating that out of thin air with another bolt of sparkling light. Carol went over to take a look.


"Are you really planning to leave nobody here with less than a D-cup?" she asked, holding up the smallest bra she could find.


"Of course not. That's only there so that they'll have something to wear while they grow."


Carol continued to browse through the newly-created underwear. "I'm not seeing anything in my size. I'd overfill all these bras and snap all these panties."


"Are you saying you want to wear underwear?" Jen asked.


"Well, I wouldn't," said Carol.


"Good, because nobody else I make as big as you will want to, either."


Carol sighed and reminded herself yet again never to argue with someone who could literally dictate logic itself.


"Now, let's make a few more improvements." She shot another bolt of light at the men's clothing, all the medium-sized clothing vanished, and all the pants gained a lot more room in the crotch.


"Let me guess," said Carol. "All the guys are either going to be huge, muscular, hung studs or petite, slender, hung femboys."


"That reminds me," said Jennifer, and she shot another blast of power at the women's pants, which split into two sections. "There, now the futas won't have to try to cram their huge asses into men's pants."


"So, you done making sure this place can serve the needs of the student body once you're through with it?"


"Hmm, maybe I should combine the students into a single body and fuck them all at once," Jen mused.


Carol hung her head to try to hide a smile.


"But no, I'm just gonna do this." Another wave of irresistible will washed over the ever-expanding clothing section, and left in its wake a massive lingerie section, designed to suit all body shapes and sizes, at least as long as those shapes and sizes met the requirements of "busty", "big-assed" and, possibly, "well-hung".


"Now I'm ready to check out," she said, pulling out her Bank of Prosperia credit card.


Carol quirked an eyebrow at Jen as she let two customers go before her once they'd reached the front of the long line, but Carol understood why when the next cashier to come available called them up.


"Oh my god, Jennifer Martinette and Carol Tremblay?" the young woman all but squealed. "I was at your concert last week! Your performances of 'I Can See the Love' were amazing! If you sing a few bars I'll pay for all your books myself!"


"That won't be necessary," said Jen, "but..." She waved a hand and the bookstore was filled with the instantly-recognizable opening riff of her record-breaking smash-hit duet with Carol.


"I can see the love in your eyes," Jennifer sang, the words carrying perfectly through the store.


"And I can feel the power within you," Carol replied, her singing voice equally powerful.


"And if we're apart, I will always find you," Jennifer continued.


"And once we're together, I will never leave you," Carol finished.


Carol didn't need the omniscient sight of a Super Goddess to know that, as always, live performances of that song often had embarrassing consequences for the listeners, which was why Jennifer always offered a free, rapid clothes-cleaning service to ticketholders, at least the ones who didn't mind standing around undressed for a bit.


"I never get tired of hearing that song," the cashier said. Carol hid a smirk from her face, but she knew that part of the reason that song got so much play was because Jen had made it literally impossible to get tired of hearing it.


"I never get tired of performing it," said Jen. "Here's a backstage pass for my next concert. I promise we'll perform it at least three times."


The cashier was positively giddy at that, and rang them through as fast as she could, not even stopping to wonder why the corset Carol had decided to get on a whim rang up perfectly when she knew full well that the store hadn't been selling corsets half an hour prior.


"So the books are on me, and the corset is--"


"I told you, Leslie," Jen cut in, "that won't be necessary." She furnished her credit card, the special design indicating that the card had absolutely no spending limit and no fees. Carol had one, too; they were available only to Super Goddesses and the more powerful Enhanceds. Carol didn't really consider herself that powerful, compared to what she'd seen Jen do, but she was grateful for the card nonetheless. The best part was that she never had to pay it off, as M'Wela had arranged to leverage Christina's inventions into a viable stream of legitimate funds for Super Goddesses to use when they thought it would be better to spend money than to just use their powers.


"You know my name?" Leslie squeaked.


"Of course I know your name. I know everyone's name, but I especially make a point of remembering everyone who comes to my concerts."


"But there must've been half a million people there! How do you even fit them all in?"


"Well I'm not about to turn away fans who want to see me perform."


The payment processed and as Jennifer and Carol packed away their purchases, Leslie took a closer look at the backstage pass.


"Hey, your concert's tonight?"


"Yup," said Jennifer. "Already have three hundred thousand fans coming."


"Why didn't I hear about this until now? Especially since it's right here on campus?"


"Because I only announced it five minutes ago."


"And why is backstage a dorm room here?"


"Come by and find out." Jennifer blew a kiss at the cashier and left. It was only once she had that either Carol or Leslie noticed just how much the cashier's assets had grown during the brief transaction.


"See you tonight," said Carol, before she turned to hurry after her friend.




"So you were saying something about futas?" Carol asked, her own dick at half-mast.


"Well, sure," said Jennifer. "Why should only we get to have that kind of fun?" She gestured at a trio of young women whom they'd seen when they went into the bookstore. They'd been clothed then, but having seen Jennifer Martinette naked, they'd decided that if she could show off all the goods, they could too.


Jen's transformational magic washed over them and they were left, as was typical of her changes, huge breasts, massive asses, and long, thick hair, but each also sported a ten-inch cock, the equal of any dick the Super Goddess had given a man.


Looking around, Jennifer saw a fourth woman looking on with desire, and so she put the idea in their heads that public sex was completely acceptable--as, of course, it then became. Another transformation gave the fourth woman a body every bit as attractive as the newly-fledged futas, and soon they were putting their gifts to good use stuffing the other's holes full.


"Fuck it's hot when you use your magic," Carol said, a hand on each breast, a third on her dick and a fourth fingering her pussy.


"Do you think you'd want to be able to?" Jennifer asked.


"I mean, yeah, who wouldn't," said Carol, "but you explained to me about all that 'Super Empathy' stuff and I don't have that. So maybe I shouldn't have powers like that, I'd probably try to do something like take over the world."


"Well, I wouldn't let that happen."


"I know."


The rest of the day went about as normal as a day could have when there was a horny omnipotent teenager with few compunctions about using her powers to satisfy her sexual lusts walking about. Jen recruited another few members for her harem (telling Carol that she did intend on bringing in the entire campus, just not yet) and both of them had plenty of opportunities to fuck and be fucked, including going back to the three futas, Jen temporarily rearranging some anatomy so that they could kiss while pounding each other's pussies.


By the time Jen and Carol got back to their dorm room, there were about fifteen other women there, including Leslie.


"All right, how many of you know my songs?" Jennifer asked. Everyone raised their hands; it was rare to hear any music in Toronto that wasn't a Jennifer Martinette piece.


"Good." Jen snapped her fingers and time stopped outside the room. "Now, before my concerts, I always warm up with a good orgy."


With a Super Goddess's lusts fueling it, Jen's orgies could last essentially indefinitely. At one point, Carol felt a titanic pair of breasts pressing into her back and craned her neck around to see Shizuka Hirose just as she felt a gigantic dick slip into her ass.


"Shizuka?" Carol asked, a bit surprised.


"Call me Shizurin tonight," the Super Goddess said quietly. "I'm just here as a backup singer. Thought I'd try it out." Carol looked around some more and saw the tall, athletic figure of Park Ha-neul, tuning a double bass while Leslie, lost in lust, sucked her cock.


When Jen came to her final climax, she released another wave of magic, this one simultaneously unfreezing time and turning her new harem into her backing band and singers. A door appeared, replacing an outward-facing window. "Ready to go?"


"But, shouldn't we have outfits?" one of the futas, Holly, asked.


"Don't worry, the audience won't have clothes either."


As indeed they did not. Nobody did, and without preamble, Jen walked out on stage, cued both her band and the full symphony orchestra in the pit to start, and launched into "I Can See the Love".




September 2, 2042


Over the next week, Carol had woken up each morning to a new transformation from Jennifer: variously four breasts, two heads, three bodies, catgirl, centaur, lamia, and even a mermaid "swimming" through the air. Always, of course, a futa.


Yesterday had certainly been the strangest, though. When she woke up, Carol almost panicked, realizing she had no control over her body, but when she turned her head, it became clear why: her head was attached to Jennifer's body, with Jennifer's head right next to hers.


"Just come along for the ride," her omnipotent friend had said. "Get a taste of what it's like to be me."


This morning, Carol was both relieved and disappointed to be back in her own body.


"So how'd you like it?" Jen asked while the twenty other women she'd brought into her harem slept around them.


"Is that how you feel all the time?"


"Every single moment," Jen confirmed.


"No wonder you can't resist using your powers."


As Carol had discovered, whenever Jennifer used her powers, she had what would be a universe-shattering orgasm if it hadn't been contained within her immeasurable essence. It had nearly made Carol black out when Jennifer had levitated a pencil, never mind give some random woman larger breasts or create lunch from nothing. Carol had had a little experience with it, having a small orgasm whenever she looked under someone's clothes, but she had assumed that was because of the voyeuristic thrill of doing so.


Jen had held a concert every day for the last week, except yesterday. Shizuka and Ha-neul had shown up for all of them, of course, and at each one Jennifer had debuted a new piece, duets with Shizuka and Ha-neul, trios with two of each of them and Carol, and even a trio for Carol and the other two Super Goddesses, with Jennifer taking over on bass. The last concert, where Carol had two heads, had debuted a piece for the four of them, though it required five voices.


"So, feeling up to the recording session tonight?" Jen asked.


"Yeah, except that performing that quartet's going to be a bit trickier if I'm the one who has to provide the two voices. And forget about live performances from now on," Carol pointed out.


"You never think through the implications of my being omnipotent. I'd already thought of that. Here." Jen blasted some magic at Carol's throat.


"What?" she asked, starting as the word came out in four distinct tones.


"You can sing in four-part harmony now. I just let you speak the one word so that you could tell," Jen said with a bit of a smirk.


Carol coughed a bit, then sang a perfect diminished seventh in D-flat. "Holy shit."


"Feeling better about that recording session?"


"Yeah. Yeah, I am."


"Good! Now let's rouse these sleepyheads and get dressed. No more normalized nudity--for now."


Carol rummaged through her clothes. Jennifer always wore the same outfit, simply willing it on and off herself as she needed. Carol decided, by contrast, to wear the corset she'd got at the bookstore, cinching it tight, along with a lacy demi-cup bra that barely covered her areolae and a short skirt that made it pretty clear she had nothing on underneath.


"You can at least make this acceptable?" she asked Jennifer.


"Sure," said Jennifer, at the same time creating a pile of lingerie and racy underthings for all the others.


Neither Carol nor Jennifer actually needed any orientation, but they dutifully trooped along with their group, Jennifer amplifying her presence so that the other ten students, along with the leader, got the full benefit of the companionship of a Super Goddess, even if only for a few hours.


After that, there was a school-provided lunch, which somehow never ran out even though people kept going back for more.


"Your doing?" Carol asked.


"No, actually. I'd thought about it, but honestly, this is just delaying the start of the dean's address," Jen pointed out.


No sooner had she said that than the endless food began to dry up, everyone managing to get one or two more small sandwiches before it was all gone.


The various orientation groups formed again, and each variously made its way to the campus's main stadium.


The dean's address was nothing special: welcome to university, make the most of your time here, get involved in the community, etc, etc. With every incoming freshman assembled, Jennifer decided to send out a wave of power, giving all of them a boost to their various sexual attributes. None of them walked out without, at minimum, F-cup boobs and a 40-inch ass for the women, or a soft 8-inch cock (though very few were actually fully soft) for the men, and she further adjusted sexual attitudes to ensure that everyone would be more open to new experiences and metabolisms to keep everyone fit and healthy.


Carol looked around the room. "I can see why you got rid of all the medium-sized men's clothing."


Jennifer smiled. "Hey, sometimes you want a big hunk of a guy to play with your body, or a cute petite guy whose body is yours to play with. In between? Not so much."


"And what is it with you and futas? They must make up a fifth of our class, now." The futas were especially well-endowed, with all of them sporting at least J-cup tits and 10-inch-soft dicks.


"Boobs are great. Pussies are great. Cocks are great. So why not have all of them on the same body? Sounds really great to me."


"Yeah, but, I mean, you just did it."


"Sure. I checked and made sure they'd be happier this way."


Carol nodded. She knew Jen was always right about these things and besides, she liked futas, too--being one or being fucked by one. And Jen's transformation hadn't left her unaffected; she was still the second-bustiest woman in their class, and, as Jen quickly confirmed, quite uniquely could grow her own cock or not as she chose, a monster that was, at maximum, sixteen inches soft and thirty hard.


"Now come on, let's get to the studio. I've got seven more songs for us to record, plus a special seven-voice arrangement of 'I Can See the Love'."


Carol grinned as she let Jen whisk her away. She never got tired of performing that song.




At the studio, Carol was a little surprised to see only Shizuka and Ha-neul.


"Looks like Jen decided the new class wasn't sexy enough," the Korean said as she turned off a holographic projection of the assembly earlier that day.


"I'll arrange for the entire sophomore, junior and senior classes to meet soon enough," Jen chuckled. "They're not sexy enough, either--and besides, half of them can't fit the clothes at the bookstore now."


"Just half? Seems like most of the women are too flat-chested for the bras."


Jennifer shrugged. "They can go without."


Carol followed the Super Goddesses' lead in stripping off. She was used to that; Jennifer always preferred recording in the nude. "Hey, are the backup singers and the band coming?" she asked.


"Not this time," said Shizuka. Both she and Ha-neul had joined them for some of their previous recording sessions and performances, though the previous week had been the first time both of them had been live in concert with Jen. All three Super Goddesses began filling the room with copies of themselves, all ready to play various instruments or standing at microphones, including, for the first time Carol knew about, a full orchestra live with them in recording.


"I guess you can give a room perfect acoustics regardless of its shape," she commented.


"Maybe one day you'll understand better," Jen said.


As always, the first song they recorded was a standard version of "I Can See the Love". It had been Jennifer's lead single from her first album, and now she always led every album with it. At the end, Shizuka and Ha-neul were squirming in their seats.


"Hey, I thought Super Goddesses weren't affected by Jen's little command," Carol asked.


"We aren't," Shizuka said.


"Jen just amplified what the song already does on its own," Ha-neul explained further.


That prompted a brief time freeze to work off the arousal so that they were all in a fit state to carry on.


After that came all the new pieces Jen had debuted at her concerts, and then the new works.


"Ah, yes, the 'I know you're here for Jennifer Martinette but listen to some of my friends first' section of the album," Carol laughed as Jen put the songs in their heads. Jennifer had, on her own, revived the art of the album in a time when almost all music was sold and listened to as single songs. Artists still made albums, more due to tradition than anything else, but they knew that people would latch on to only one or two songs from them and those would sell, while the rest would only get listened to by their true fans.


There were solo pieces for Shizuka and Ha-neul, and a duet for them, which had Carol, as she always did when not singing, whether lead or backup, playing piano with six arms. Jen had also written a solo piece for herself--the only one on the album--along with duets for Carol with each of the Super Goddesses. The second-last piece they recorded was a solo for Carol that called for all four of her voices.


"And that's the perfect lead-in for my new arrangement of 'I Can See the Love'," Jen said as all four stood around the large recording mic. That was another Jennifer Martinette album tradition: it started with a standard version of that song, and ended with an exclusive new arrangement that you had to buy the album in full to get. Not only that, but Jennifer always locked her albums so that listeners actually had to listen to the full thing to get to hear the new version. Carol had pointed out that that was, in a sense, cheating when it came to reviving the album, but Jennifer had just shrugged her shoulders.


"I've not kept it a secret how my albums sell so well. I'm already helping a few small acts come up with some pieces that will be good enough for it to be feasible for them to do the same," she'd said. The first part was certainly true; everyone knew that the reason they couldn't skip to the end of Jen's albums, or clip out the piece and share it, was because of Jen's commands. She still hadn't seen much with the second, though.


This time, at the end of the recording, they all needed a good millennium-long time freeze just to get them to the point where they could think about something other than sex.




September 30, 2042


"And that," said the tall, fit professor as he pulled all fourteen inches of his hard dick out of Jennifer's ass to let his cum dribble out, "is how you can bring a woman to multiple screaming orgasms through anal sex alone. Any questions?"


Not needing to actually learn anything in any of her classes, Jennifer had decided to turn them into advanced sexual education, putting the knowledge that they should have gotten directly into students' heads. To anyone looking in, it did appear to be a normal lecture, but in truth every class was Jen, Carol and the instructor demonstrating some new aspect of sex. Jen made sure that there were lessons relevant for men, women and futas--the futas she'd created had drawn roughly equally from the men and women in their class, and they'd already been recognized as another gender distinct from either men or women--and she'd carefully arranged her and Carol's schedules (with a bit of abusing her powers to let them be in multiple places at once) to ensure that every freshman had at least one class with them.


Partners disengaged slowly around the lecture hall while Carol administered an expert blowjob to get the professor's final orgasm for the day out.


"You realize this isn't what they're paying for, right?" Carol projected at Jen.


"It's better than what they're paying for," Jen pointed out.


"I don't think any of them would argue with that, but if anyone else knew what you were up to, I don't think they'd be that pleased."


"Then I'd just point out that they're all learning everything anyway, which would silence most of the objections, and you know that M'Wela, Shizuka and Ha-neul all drop in on occasion, too."


"What would Britney think if she knew this is what you're doing?" Carol asked it as a purely intellectual matter, unable to think that Britney might get somehow involved in the sexual depravity that had become commonplace on campus.


Jennifer shook her head. "If she knew I was having sex? She knows that. If she knew I was doing this?" She shook her head. "She's not going to find out."


Carol hugged Jen close. "I know you can protect her from almost everyone and everything, but there's one person you can't protect her from."


Jen nodded. "I think... something inside me... I can protect her from myself, Carol. If I can't..."




October 20, 2042


Jennifer teleported back to her gigantic dorm room with a scowl on her face.


"What's wrong?" asked Carol, disentangling herself from the now-constant orgy among whichever of Jen's dozens of harem members happened to be off class were always engaged in.


"Britney's such a spoilsport," Jen grumped.


"What was it this time?"


"She made me put BD+20594B back."


"That lifeless planet you blew up? Why?"


"Because she got out of me that there was a minuscule chance of primitive single-celled organisms forming."


"How minuscule?"


"Small enough that it basically wasn't relevant. Any actual scientist looking at it would've said it was within experimental error."


"Except you don't make experimental errors."


"Exactly. That's the problem," Jen groused.


She looked around the room and perked up slightly. "This place is getting a bit overcrowded. The shower especially."


"So, create another shower?"


"Nah. I think it's time I lived the Greek life."




October 21, 2042


"Alpha Gamma Mu Omega?" Holly Mitchell, the head of student housing asked.


"You are aware of who and what I am, and what I can do," the omnipotent Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette replied calmly.


"Yes, I'm aware that you're omnipotent--or claim to be, but I'll accept it as given--and so I get the Alpha and Omega, though I imagine a good chunk of the student body won't appreciate the allusion. But why Gamma?"


"There's no 'J' in Greek," Jennifer explained. "And anyway, my name is the Cornish form of Guinevere, or Gwenhwyfar if you prefer the Welsh."


The bureaucrat nodded in understanding. "Do you have any particular site in mind? We are a little cramped for space, after all. And construction will take about a year..."


Jennifer laughed. "Space and time are two things that I don't need to worry about." She snapped her fingers and the two of them were instantly teleported to a beautiful green sward she'd just created, creating a small pocket dimension near Greek Row to allow it to fit without displacing anything else, and surrounding it was a huge, gorgeous, pristine forest with clear trails and some areas to sit quietly and study. Another snap created the sorority house, practically a palace, sitting radiant under the clear sky of Jennifer's new private reality.


"Will that suffice?"


The official nodded dumbly, then recovered her wits. "I'll need to get it fully inspected before I can approve this."


Jennifer created a stack of papers in her hand. "By an independent third party, Ms. Martinette." The papers vanished.


"Of course. I understand fully."


"I also need to know how people are to get in and out of here. This doesn't exactly fit on campus."


Jennifer pointed at a shimmering gate. "Its counterpart is at the end of Greek Row, where any new house would go," she assured her companion.


"Yes. Good." Holly turned to leave.


"Just one more thing," Jennifer said.




Jennifer blew her a kiss, and instantly Holly Mitchell found herself with a body very nearly as sexy as Carol's, and as scantily clad. She had already been affected by the changes Jennifer had strewn across the campus, but now she found herself greatly improved, including the fifteen-inch dick swinging between her legs. She felt her turbocharged libido roar to life at the sight of the sexually irresistible freshman.


"For entertaining my request," Jennifer said, and vanished.


The head of student housing walked back to her office alone. She wasn't too worried about finding someone who could relieve her arousal. If there was one thing that was never in short supply on campus, it was a willing sexual partner--or three.




October 24, 2042


"You know, one thing that I'm kinda curious about, Jen," said Carol, "didn't you tell me you were going to live with Britney while you were at school?"


"I am," said Jen. "I just also wanted the full student experience, and for better or worse, that means student housing. It's little hardship for me to be in two places at once, and even then I don't need to be all that often."


The two sat in the massive dining hall of the sorority house Jennifer had created. Officially, Alpha Gamma Mu Omega wasn't open yet, since the building was so large the inspectors were taking a substantial amount of time to verify what Jen already knew. But minor bureaucratic details like that weren't going to stop the Super Goddess from enjoying her new place.


"I wish Holly had let you speed up time here so that the inspection could be over."


"Holly Mitchell knows her job well and wants to do it right. I'm not going to override such dedication," Jen explained.


"I guess. Just seems like sometimes you bend over backwards and act contrary to what you are just in order to not disrupt things."


Jennifer shrugged. "If I know I can do something, what need have I of demonstrating that? Holly knows full well I could just alter the records--and her mind--to get my way. But I also know that this place cannot possibly fail any inspection. So why go about tampering with her free will and circumventing the rules and all that when I know I'm following all of them to begin with and it's more fun to see people act independently?"


Carol shrugged. "I guess being all-powerful gives you a different mindset. I'm not sure it's one I'll ever fully understand."


"Maybe some day," said Jen.




November 2, 2042


"And I declare Alpha Gamma Mu Omega officially open!" said Jen to cheers from the thirty or so students whom she had hand-picked to join the sorority. The cartoonishly-large scissors moved seemingly of their own accord to cut the huge ribbon, then vanished.


The sorority house had been open since the previous Wednesday, but the society itself only technically existed as of today. The inspection had finished on Monday, but even with Holly fast-tracking the application both out of gratitude toward Jen for her new body--and letting the ordinary processes of inspections run their course--and a bit of fear for what would happen if the Super Goddess had to wait, the bureaucracy had still taken some time.


The members of the sorority were a healthy mix of women and futas--given that she was responsible for their existence, Jen was also helping an all-futa society get started, but futas were allowed to join both fraternities and sororities--and the proximity to Jennifer had already meant it was clear what the main activity was going to be during off-hours.


As most everyone charged back into the palace (nobody disputed that that was the proper term for the place) Carol stayed behind, having spied a trio standing off to the side.


"So what brings you here?" she asked Shizuka, Ha-neul, and M'Wela Mutegaraba.


"We just want to see Jen living her life. None of us exactly had a normal one, you know," M'Wela said.


"I wouldn't exactly call going around giving people bodies like this"--Carol waved a hand down hers--"and creating palaces out of nothing 'normal'."


"What she's done is more normal than what any of us did," Ha-neul pointed out. "She could've moved out, finished multiple doctorates and be doing concerts simultaneously in every city in the world right now, and instead she's going to university at the age when everyone else does."


"And it's a good thing, too," Shizuka added. "She's made friends, lived a more normal life. She can relate to all of you better than we can."


"I've never heard of anything that would indicate to me that you've had trouble relating to people. Jen explained 'Super Empathy' to me," Carol said. "Anyway, are you just here to watch or are you going to join the fun?"


"Just here to watch," said M'Wela. "We'll show up plenty later, don't worry! But for tonight, this should be special for Jen. We're just honorary members, after all."


"Don't be strangers," said Carol, and the three Super Goddesses vanished. The Enhanced freshman walked into the palace, cock grown and hardening.




"Are you sure that's safe?" Carol asked Jen, as her latest album "Together" played on full blast, the recorded voices (which nonetheless sounded like a live performance) of Jennifer and Ha-neul overpowering most conversation. Of course, the Super Goddess was under no such handicap.


"Yeah, don't worry so much," the Super Goddess said, blasting more and more magic into her cup of punch. "I can make the regular stuff perfectly safe for everyone else but it doesn't do much for me. I figure I should get drunk off my ass at least once to really get the full Greek experience."


"Isn't that a little dangerous for someone who can erase the universe with a thought?"


"Now you sound like Britney," Jen muttered. "Don't worry, I promised her that if I got impaired, I'd put in a failsafe to stop me from using most of my powers until I sober up. And specifically I won't be able to stop any of you from calling her if necessary."


"I just hope that works the way you intend," Carol said. "I don't mean to sound like such a buzzkill but I think she's right. This is too dangerous."


"If the worst happens I'm sure M'Wela, Shizuka and Ha-neul will set me straight somehow." Without further conversation, Jen downed her cup in one go.


Instantly Jennifer's powers went out of control. Her mind was overwhelmed by thoughts of sex--that being the activity of choice for at least half the room--and magic blasted outward, boosting libidos, transforming people. Nobody went untouched. Carol found herself with three pairs of breasts, eight arms, and four cocks, and as she looked around, she realized she was one of the milder cases.


There was one girl pinned to the ground by her titanic bust, and another by her massive ass. There were long, prehensile dicks, centaurs, lamias, spider-girls, and just about every other erotic transformation an omniscient being could think of, all packed onto thirty or so relatively ordinary young women. There was one entirely new girl, whom Carol quickly realized must be Franny and Alice merged into one person, while Georgia had been split into two bodies.


Apparently the only member to be unaffected was Leslie, but Carol's hopes that at least one of them had remained normal were quickly dashed as Jen produced a palette from her cleavage and brushed it against Leslie. Immediately the woman's body collapsed into pools of paint, and Jen swirled them around on a huge brush, collecting all of it. She began flicking the brush in the direction of a wall.


Carol had had experience with a raging libido, and as such was able to resist being pulled into the developing orgy. She put a hand on Jen's arm. "Jen, what are you doing?"


"Painting, of course!" Jen giggled. She swung her arm again and Carol went flying into a wall. Before the invulnerable Enhanced could recover, Jen exhausted the paint she'd turned Leslie into. "I think I want Jackson Pollock's opinion on this piece." With a wave of her hand, the section of wall vanished.


"You're drunk." Stating the obvious wasn't something Carol normally did, but she felt it might help in dealing with the current situation.


"I know! Isn't it great? That other Jen was so uptight and concerned about how her powers could affect others. But now that she's let me out I can just have fun!" She dived headlong into the orgy.


Without a second thought, Carol ran out of the room.


Jen frowned as her command to close the doors and pull Carol into the depravity didn't work.




Britney Atwater scowled as "I Can See the Love" started playing once again over the supermarket PA system.


It wasn't that she disliked the song, precisely. It was a good song, one of the best she'd ever heard. Good lyrics, catchy beat, memorable melodic line. But she heard it everywhere she went and was just tired of it. She wanted a little variety, but Jennifer Martinette got listeners and so Jennifer Martinette was almost all the music services played, especially here in Toronto.


Jen had told her how she'd made it so popular. It wasn't even a bad strategy, all things considered, though Britney had told her that it was outright cheating. Jen agreed, but reminded her that it wasn't like she was cheating to make bad stuff seem good. Besides, she didn't release albums that frequently, so the real Jennifer-Martinette-only pushes only came in the few months after one did. If past experience was a guide, Jennifer would only be about 80% of airplay by January.


A chime went off in her mind, and she picked up the incoming call with a thought.


"Hi, Britney?" came a familiar voice. "It's Carol Tremblay. There's a... situation. Can you get down to Alpha Gamma Mu Omega ASAP?"


"What kind of situation, Carol?" Britney replied, the thought-operated hands-free phone translating her thoughts into the appropriate signals so that Carol would hear her normal voice.


"Jen's drunk."


"Fuck," Britney muttered. "I told her not to do that. How bad is it? Apparently she hasn't erased the universe yet or I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be having this conversation."


"It's... not great. I'll meet you at the entrance. You know where it is?"


"Yeah. I'll be there as soon as I can."


Hanging up, Britney packed her shopping into her bottomless bag. Thankfully, most stores had moved completely to a tracking system that eliminated the need for checkouts, so she could simply take her purchases and run. She crossed her fingers and made another call.


"Hey, what's up, Britney?" Cassandra Jenkins asked.


"Jen. She's done something stupid and apparently needs me to fix it. How fast can you get to me?" Britney's phone interfaced with Cassandra's cab's computer to put in her precise location.


"Three minutes. Two if you start running. I'm in between you and the university."






Carol hung up the phone and went outside, waiting anxiously by the gleaming entrance to Jen's private reality. Even though she'd managed to avoid getting dragged into the orgy, she was still incredibly horny, and decided to kill time by jerking out a few orgasms.


Her eyes widened in alarm as the shining gate began to waver, but it soon stabilized, only to begin wavering again.




"Fuck!" screamed Jennifer Martinette, the expletive further intensifying the orgy, though it was meant in a different sense.


What the fuck was wrong with her? she thought irritably. She was a fucking goddamn Super Goddess, omnipotent and all-powerful and all that. Why couldn't she do something as simple as keep Carol Tremblay from calling Britney, or closing off this reality so that Britney couldn't get in and ruin her fun?






"I'm not sure if it's safe for you to come in," Britney told Cassandra as the cab pulled up on the other side of the portal between realms. "There's no telling what Jen might do at this point."


"She's my friend, too," Cassandra reminded the superstar athlete. "I can't let you take all the risk."


Britney nodded, and the two got out of the cab and walked across the interdimensional threshold.


"Hi, Carol," Britney said, greeting the beautiful young woman. She didn't notice Cassandra's eyes go wide.


"Oh, hi, Britney," Carol said after a moment, her voice strangely breathy.


"What's Jen done this time," Britney said, letting her irritation come through in her voice.


"She got drunk, as I said," Carol explained, "and her powers have gone a bit nuts."


Britney took a deep breath. "All right. Might as well see if there's anything I can do about this."


Carol's gait was a bit odd as she walked into the sorority house, leading Britney and Cassandra, but Britney figured she was just in a bit of shock from whatever Jen had been doing. When she got to the party room, she had a better idea of what was going on.


Physics was very much out the window.


It appeared like it was just a gaggle of college-age women sitting around and chatting about all the hot men and women on campus, except that they were doing it while hovering in mid-air or sitting on the walls and ceiling. Britney waded through the crowd, not unused to how Jen could play with physics as if it were a toy, and found her friend.


"Jen!" she said over the sound of the new version of "I Can See the Love". She shook the Super Goddess.


"Oh, hi, Britney," Jen said. "Isn't this great?"


"You should probably put the physics back to normal before someone gets torn in half by some random gravity change," Britney said.


"Don't worry. Everyone's safe. You know me."


"I know you don't normally mess with reality like this."


"I said don't worry." Britney felt some sort of pressure on her mind but shrugged it off.


"Jen." Britney grabbed her by the shoulders. "You're drunk. Listen to me. You need to fix this."


Jen let out a small moan for some reason. "How many times do I have to tell you that it's fine!"


Britney shook her head. Jen wasn't listening to reason, but she owed it to the Super Goddess to make one more attempt. "I thought you were going to block yourself off from your more dangerous powers."


"I have, don't worry!"


"You're messing with physics. Doesn't look all that safe to me."




Britney shrugged. If reason wouldn't work, perhaps something else would. She steeled herself to do something she'd never done before--and hoped never to feel the need to do again.


Britney Atwater drew her arm back, marshaled all her considerable strength, and punched Jennifer Martinette square in the centre of her face.


Jennifer's head exploded and her body dropped lifeless to the ground.


Everyone but Carol, Cassandra and Britney was instantly on the floor, unconscious.




Carol--suddenly no longer aroused or with a sexually freakish body--recovered her wits first. Britney was standing still, as if shocked by what she'd done. Cassandra was patting herself all over to make sure that the transformation that had begun to overtake her--four arms, four breasts, and angel wings--was thoroughly reversed.


Carol grabbed Britney's shoulders and tried to spin her around. "What the hell--"


Britney heaved backward and, for the second time in an hour, Carol went flying and slammed into the wall.


"She promised!" Britney yelled in frustration. "She promised she'd block herself off from her more dangerous powers and here she goes messing around with physics!"


When Carol looked at Cassandra, each realized that for some reason they simply could not fathom the thought of telling Britney what they'd seen.


"Britney," said Carol, "I think you need to calm down a bit. Everything's fine now."


"Everything's fine, except that we don't know if there are any lingering effects of whatever the fuck she was doing and are we sure all of the other women here are OK?"


"They're OK, and the place is back to normal," a familiar, calm voice said behind Britney. "And thank you."


Britney turned around again and sighed in relief to see Jennifer Martinette, looking thoroughly sober.


"Thank me? I killed you."


"And it did what you thought it would--by getting rid of the body that had gotten me inebriated, I was able to purge myself of the ill effects. And I assure you, everything's back to normal."


"What were you thinking, though, getting drunk like that?"


"I told you, Britney, I'd block myself off from most of my powers."


"You had physics going wacky all through this room. People were hovering in midair, sitting on the walls, sitting on the ceiling."


Jennifer raised an eyebrow. "Physics manipulation isn't that dangerous," she said. "No, what I had to block myself off from was stuff like history alteration."


Carol finished a head count of the sleeping sorority members. "Hey, Jen," she asked, "where's Leslie? Didn't you--" She cut off, unable to form the words.


Jen looked around in a bit of alarm. "Oh, right." She turned back to Britney. "I did turn one of them into paint, though. Splattered it all over a wall. Sent it back in time to get Jackson Pollock's opinion."


"I thought you said you couldn't alter history."


"I was also drunk. So I overshot. Turns out that painting inspired him. Stable time loop--if I hadn't sent it back in time, that would have changed history." She waved a hand and the section of wall reappeared. The paint flowed off and reformed into Leslie, fully unconscious.


"I know you've got places to be, you two," said Carol, hefting Alice over her shoulder, "but would you mind terribly helping me get all of them into actual beds? I'd ask Jen but..."


"I've used my powers enough for one wild night," Jen agreed. "I can still lift and carry plenty, though." She picked up two more of the sleeping women.


"I don't think I'll be much help next to you three," Cassandra said as Britney lifted another young woman. "You going to need a ride anywhere, Britney?"


"Yeah, back home would be nice," she said, looking squarely at Jen to tell her not to just teleport her there. "The tab big enough for that?"


"As long as you pay it off with interest it'll always be big enough for anything. Get me a float car and I'll drive you to Australia for the money you give me." Cassandra turned and left.


"One thing I'm curious about," said Carol. "It seems you didn't much like the thought of your fun being stopped, Jen. So why was I able to call Britney, and she could get in and all that? I saw the entrance flicker momentarily."


"That was another of my failsafes," Jen explained. "I put a specific bar on my drunk self's powers to stop her from doing anything that would impede anyone from getting in touch with Britney. And the reason it had to be you, Britney," she went on, addressing her former caretaker, "is because since that aura I gave you was one given to you by my sober self, and my drunk self was less powerful than my sober self, drunk me would be affected by your aura. So you ultimately couldn't fail in doing what you intended. Didn't expect you to be quite so forceful, though."


"Let's just forget it happened, OK? Promise me that you'll ask me for help before you get that drunk next time."


"There won't be a next time, Britney. From now on I'll just have to accept that the best I can do is win every drinking contest I get into."




February 19, 2043


Carol fingered herself to another orgasm as she rewatched Jen turning Jacques Larocque into Brigitte Labelle. She'd been alternating between jacking her cock to the scene and pumping her pussy as she viewed it over and over again, and it was still every bit as hot and arousing as when she'd seen it live from just off stage.


"I'm glad to see you're taking this better than Britney," Jennifer said, sitting next to her as Brigitte was on her knees eating the Super Goddess out.


"Oh?" Carol asked, pausing the recording. "What'd she have to say about it?"


"Oh, you know, the usual. Chewed me out for not asking Jacques. Didn't especially like it when I explained what happens in the more extensive forms of Enhancement."


"Worth the trade," Carol said. "I'm quite happy to be dedicated to you if it means I get a body as hot as this and I get to ask you for the occasional supernatural favour."


"You only get the occasional favour because you only ask occasionally," Jen said with a small laugh. "It's not like I'll get tired of listening to your ideas!"


"Well, OK, then," Carol said as Jen moaned in orgasm, coating the interviewer's face with her pussy juices, "how about you get Brigitte over here sucking me off?"


"You know there are limits, Carol. I'm not just going to override free will to that extent."


"It's not overriding my free will if I'm happy to do it!" Brigitte chirped, kneeling between Carol's legs. "Though it'd be, like, way hotter if you just popped her dick off so I could suck it while we all watch."


"I knew there was a reason I wanted you," Jen said, smiling. She pointed a finger at Carol's crotch as Brigitte tugged lightly on the appendage in question, and Carol's huge cock and balls came off smoothly and painlessly. Brigitte hopped into Jennifer's lap, and Carol began panting in pleasure as Brigitte ran her tongue all over the shaft before slowly teasing the tip into her mouth, fondling the balls gently.


Carol unpaused the clip and began playing with her prominent clit.


"I love Britney," Jen said, "I just wish she'd understand more about who I am and why I do what I do. But if I made her do that, then..."


"I know," said Carol. "You don't want her involved in this."


"I'm doing my best, but it gets harder every day."


"Still, she'd just be here as some sort of harem mother, wouldn't she? Honestly, seems kinda unfair to the rest of us. We could use a motherly figure like her around here."


Jen smiled slightly. "We could... but my answer is still no."


"And I hope it stays that way," said Carol before she screamed in orgasm, blowing a load into Brigitte's mouth.




August 22, 2043


"Holy fuck," said Alice, stepping out of the transformation closet on all four legs, four huge breasts bouncing on her chest, six arms each moving perfectly, massive cocks swinging between each pair of legs. "Holy fuck."


"I know, right?" added Franny, quickly walking into the closet and slithering out as a lamia. "Goddamn."


"Shit, this is amazing!" Leslie put in, emerging as a spider-woman, eight legs in a circle below her torso. "How can we ever thank you for this, Jen?"


"You can thank me by fucking me silly," the Super Goddess said, pointing at Franny and Leslie's crotches to make them sprout multiple dicks, as did Alice. "Stuff my pussies with all those monster dongs," she went on as she cloned herself repeatedly. "And that tail." Jennifer clearly had penis on the mind as she turned the tip of Franny's tail into a cock.


"Hey, like, save some for us!" Brigitte shouted as she and Carol dashed out of the universe simulator where they'd just gotten done fucking every single being in the reality they'd created together in which they could try out being omnipotent.


"Hm, nah," Jennifer said, smiling. "I think that if I've got to be here to supervise any of the more extreme stuff, I should get to reap the fruits of that time."


"You've only got to be here because you set it up that way," Carol pointed out. "You could just trust us."


Jennifer smiled wider. "Yes, but when you're the omnipotent Super Goddess, you get to make the rules," she said. "You two just got done having fun with that, after all."


Jennifer had expanded her core harem substantially since founding Alpha Gamma Mu Omega, and a pretty clear pecking order had emerged. Jen was the head, of course, but after her were the two people she'd most significantly Enhanced, Carol and Brigitte. Some of the original members, Alice especially--the personality that had grown such anger and malcontent inside her emerging once more--resented Brigitte's position when she wasn't even a student, but nobody was willing, or even especially inclined, to argue the point. Especially not when Brigitte could cause her kisses to induce massive orgasms.


"So, anyone you've got your eye on in the new class?" Carol asked, starting to finger herself at the sight of Jen being screwed by the mythological creatures.


"All of them, of course," Jen said.


"That was a silly question, silly," Brigitte pointed out.


"I hope you bring in more of the juniors this year," Carol said. "I know your focus is on the seniors but some of the juniors are smoking hot."


"Well that's partly because I made them that way," Jennifer reminded her.


"I know, and the fact that they're not here for me to fuck is driving me nuts!"


"Patience," said Jen. "And speaking of fucking, don't think I'm heartless enough to leave you two out in the cold." A wave of her hand changed both into mermaids, Carol sporting a titanic shaft. Brigitte "swam" over to her and slipped the monster dick into her twat, then pulled Carol into a passionate kiss.


Carol screamed back into Brigitte's mouth, her cock shooting its first of what she knew would be many, many loads that day.




February 14, 2045


"I can't say I especially like how you did it," Holly Mitchell told Jennifer as Brigitte ground her ass on the coordinator's huge cock, "but it does save us money and space. And you've helped us convert all the old dorms and other living spaces into new classrooms and labs. So perhaps I owe you a debt of gratitude for making my job easier."


"I'm glad they found a new position for you," said Jennifer as Carol did the same for her. "It's what I was most worried about, that you'd lose your job due to irrelevance."


"Oh please," the new Super Goddess liaison said. "Given my new job, I'm pretty sure you arranged it specifically for me!"


Jen smirked. "I may have had a small hand in arranging it."


"What you call a 'small hand' is what the rest of us would call 'doing the completely impossible,'" Holly pointed out as she painted Brigitte's innards white with a massive load of cum. "The only things I'd heard until today were that they were about to cut my position as you made our housing more and more unnecessary. I've half a mind to take you right now and give you a good, hard, rough fucking for all the stress you put me through!"


Jennifer thought for a moment, then snapped her fingers. Carol and Brigitte vanished, and Holly's office became what looked like nothing so much as a medieval dungeon. "Tie me up," she said, making Holly strong enough to do just that, putting perfect knowledge of all sorts of BDSM and torture techniques into her mind. "Beat me senseless. Fuck me silly. Let it all out, Holly."


Holly Mitchell let a sadistic smile cross her face as she grabbed a whip and some manacles.




July 22, 2045


"I'm gonna do it," Jennifer sobbed into Shizuka's chest as Ha-neul held her from behind. "Eventually. Not now. But I'm gonna do it."


"I thought you didn't want to," said Ha-neul.


"It's the only way. I can't... she's..." Jennifer's words broke off into bawls.


"I know," said Shizuka gently. "I know. Sometimes my libido gets in the way of what I want, too."


"Has it ever gotten you to turn your best friend into a goddamn sex slave?" Jennifer looked balefully up at the Japanese woman through tear-filled eyes.


"No," Shizuka admitted. "But we're here for you, Jen. And she seems to be adjusting."


"At least I was able to explain all the weird reactions she'd gotten when she completely failed to notice the crazy sex going on here," Jen said.


"So who else do you think you might do?" asked Ha-neul. "I know you said Carol and Brigitte."


"Probably those three," Jen agreed. "I don't know when, but yeah. Carol, Brigitte and Britney. They can handle it."


"Whenever you do it, if you want us there, we'll be there," Ha-neul promised. "Though, come to think of it, we're gonna need a term to describe them. After all, they'll be less powerful than we are, and so 'omnipotent' doesn't really work."


"What about 'ultipotent'?" Shizuka suggested. "Ultimate power versus all power. They would be the ultimate we could do, after all."


"I like it," Jen said.


"Good," said Ha-neul. "Now, how about I cheer you up a bit?" she continued, sliding her body lower along Jen's.




June 1, 2046


The commencement ceremony was certainly the strangest Britney had ever seen.


On the one hand, all the parents and friends of the graduating students, she knew, saw a typical convocation. Students walked across the stage in gowns and caps, received their diplomas, shook the dean's hand, and left. If it hadn't been for the events of a little less than a year ago, Britney knew that's what she would be seeing, too.


On the other hand, all the students and staff saw what was truly going on: students receiving diplomas in about as sexually lewd and explicit a manner as possible, all of them essentially naked, performing various sexual acts on each other as they waited and fellating the master of ceremonies as thanks.


"It's a good thing I gave Holly the stamina to last through this!" Jen said from her spot shrunken down inside Britney's ear, from which she was narrating things for her friend, explaining what all was going on to the still-somewhat-confused athlete, still adjusting, even now, to the notion that the sweet young woman she'd raised was in fact a goddess presiding over all things depraved and sexual that she could imagine.


Another copy of Jen stood near Holly as valedictorian. To normal eyes, she was delivering an extended speech as the students walked; in truth, she was administering some additional changes to every student by way of congratulations for graduating and performing well in the sex classes she'd turned everything at the university into.


"I still can't believe that you turned this place into your own personal harem recruiting ground," Britney thought. "And all the classes were actually just fuckfests where you just gave everyone the knowledge of what would have been taught."


"A horny omnipotent goddess is gonna do what a horny omnipotent goddess is gonna do," Jen pointed out. Britney accepted it. After all, she'd seen Jen's libido up close and personal many times now. She didn't want to think about what might happen if she tried to bottle up that powerful force.


"I'm glad you could see this," Jen told her.


"I'm glad I can, too. But no more lies, Jen. No more deceptions. No more secrets between us."


"No more lies, no more secrets," Jennifer promised. "I wish it could have been otherwise, but..."


"This is the hand we're dealt," Britney told her. "All we can do is play it as best we can."






February 14, 2061


"You sure about this?" Paula Estévez asked as Jennifer Martinette prepared to teleport into her bedroom and bring Carol, Britney and Brigitte to meet her there.


"Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure. It's time. Seems to have worked out for Shizuka and M'Wela, after all."


"Do you want us there?" asked Ha-neul, placing a hand gently on Jennifer's shoulder.


"No, I'll be fine. I expect that we'll get into some pretty crazy sex fast, which should alleviate most of the tension."


Paula smiled. "Well don't keep them all to yourself! Let the rest of us have a taste."


"Don't worry," Jennifer said. "They'd probably end up hating me if I didn't."


Ha-neul smiled. "You can do this. Just make it quick. Nothing fancy."


"Yeah. Nothing fancy. Just, one favour?"


"What?" Paula asked.


"Don't tell Shizuka. I want Brigitte to surprise her."


In unison, Ha-neul and Paula said, "Like, totally."



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