Little sister goes to a luxurious big penis school while brother goes to little penis school...and eventually it ends with Earth going to war with Futa space pirates


Most Girls have penises then get bigger, then big brother gets sent to a ratty, small penis school while little sister goes to a luxurious big penis school and gets even bigger.

Inspired by chikahii’s art

In this world about a decade ago, girls started to develop tiny penises. People were of course shocked. Pollution, evolution or the falls of moral standards were blamed but the cause was never determined. Some parent arranged operations to remove these aberrations from their daughters but as time passed and more and more girls grew penises, people started to accept this state of affairs as normal. They accepted that girls had a decent chance of having a small penis and didn’t consider it that strange.

What was not commonly realised was that girls were getting bigger and bigger penises as time went by.

Their penises not only grow but girls born later grow at a faster rate.

The girls who had tiny penises a decade ago got bigger as time went by until now they are almost as large as boys.

However the girls who developed penises five years ago grew penises which were close to a boy’s size almost right away and have grown to be significantly larger than the average boy’s penis by now.

The current crop of teenage girls is bigger than boys their age (about fourteen) within a month of the penis developing and continue to get bigger very fast.

The public is not aware of this, perhaps because the media and government don’t like to ask teenage girls about their penis size. Only a few unlucky teenage boys find how large teen girls are to their embarrassment. Most people assume girls have small penises if any.

Koboshi hid under a mat in the gym and gazed down through the large window at the swimming pool. He was horrified. He didn’t like girls having penises and it seemed clear that almost every girl in his class not only had them but were hung. He’d snuck into the gym to peek at the girls’ private swimming class. He’d being hoping to see some firm young breasts filing out swimsuits and he had but… But not one girl had that divine area of feminine flatness.

Every single one was packing a fat bulge running up, sideways or even wrapped in a little circle.

His favourite animes were nothing like this. In them all the girl were gentle and sweet and had nice flat panties areas. They didn’t have those… MONSTERS!

The worst thing wasn’t that the smallest girl there was twice as long flaccid as he was erect.

The worst thing was that his beloved sister Mika… his dear sweet little blonde haired (A few years ago she’d asked mom for one of those new hair color change procedures), angelic little Imoto -chan  had … the biggest babymaker of all!

The girls ran and dived and chatted and stretched with each other happily. Miss Konomochi the swim teacher had a bulge too though hers was much smaller than even the youngest girls.

Mika had started to develop when she was fourteen. She had been quite upset though sex education class had taught her that the majority of girls had penises now. She had hoped that she could have been a “true girl” like in fairy tales and in anime. She was shy and hoped that it would stay as small as possible and hid it from her brother.  Unfortunately it grew and swelled by the week and one day after catching a glimpse of her big brothers winkie coming out of the bathroom realised she had gotten bigger than him. She felt terrible. She bound her flopper up with bandages and tight panties but as she grew it got tighter and tighter and more and more uncomfortable.

One day she was trying to avoid going to the beach and her brother told her he knew about her penis

“Mika. I… know about you have a thing. Everyone in class is talking about how yours is the biggest It’s ok. Lots of girls have them now. You should go out and not be embarrassed.”

“Oh. I’m sorry Oni-chan. It’s just it’s gotten so big…”

“Ha. Girl penises don’t count. Anyway my penis is growing very fast. Soon it will be so big that it will make yours seem like nothing at all”

This was a lie.


Koboshi’s penis had not grown much at all compared to Mika’s development.

He was not much smaller than average for a Japanese boy his age, but there was simply no comparison to his little sister’s long dangling flaccid meat.  He had phimosis like an infant but  after just a months of growing his three years junior sister’s cock head had  filled out and whenever she got an erection her fat cock head immediately pushed the skin right back displaying the gorgeous full, ruby red head.


Mika started to get erections in school. She was several centimetres bigger than any other girl

(And much, much bigger than the boys of course), fat and thick. She would try to hide it with her bag or her hands but girls would just KNOW. They would get wet and the ones with penises would get their own erections. It had a strange effect on girls. They would dream of Mika’s dick. They longed to touch it/ stroke it/suck it and have it ENTER into them. Even when Mika was flaccid they would stare at the spot under her skirt. Fully grown female teachers obsessed over Mika’s package, bought photo’s which had being secretly taken of her and fantasised about meeting with her, while masturbating about her. The girl’s bathrooms were filled with girls, old and young, dickgirl and non-dickgirl relieving themselves (masturbating) after thinking about Mika’s magic meat.

Girls would unthinkingly spread their legs when talking to her.


Conversely no one was interested in Koboshi or his pitiful slug in any way at all.


Mika with her pure heart, sweet smile, tight bottom, perfect small breasts, graceful movements, long flowing golden hair, rose bud lips, slender wrists and ankles, perfect pale skin, immaculate uniform and of course her enticing dangling fat sausage was undeniably the super-idol of Houto middle school.

As she Grew she started to have trouble fitting even her flaccid meat into her panties and started to buy bigger and looser pairs.

She was also getting hornier and hornier. Though she tried to resist she ended up masturbating  ten times a day. Though she tried not to, she thought of cute girls and boys and how much bigger she was that anyone in her class. Her cumshots were huge and went *everywhere*. She had to carry tissues and changes of clothing everywhere in case she accidently came onto herself.


But this all changed one day. Koboshi woke up and his penis was huge like a python. His parents were delighted and he went to school with a massive erection sticking out of his pants. All the girls crowded around him and Mika went up and said sadly “Oh Big brother my big penis is gone”

Koboshi laughed and said “Do not worry Mika-chan my penis is big enough for both of us” And they all laughed.


And then he woke up from his dream and he still had a tiny slug struggling to get morning wood and his sister was still three times more man than him in length and seven time larger in volume.

“Oh well” He thought to himself “ It’s not like dick size is important”


Next day the government announced that students would go to separate schools based on the size of their penis.

Miss Kuawasa had being one of the first girls to have a penis. She had being one of the biggest girls back then (but of course even though she had continued to grow, she hardly compared to the modern girl). She was beautiful, tall, strong willed and intelligent and had formed a “Healthiness” party. She led it to power on a promise to throw out immigrants and avoiding the mysterious scandals that had disgraced the leaders of the ruling government. The symbol of her party was something very like a huge penis. Many of her party members  were Futanari with unusually big penises and there were also many well endowed men. They had lots of secret orgies.

A few months after she came to power there were several murders. It seemed some boys were jealous and emasculated by a Futanari’s size had resorted to violence and had killed some dickgirls.

The prime minister Miss Kuawasa had used this as an excuse to institute sweeping reforms in the schools. Poorly endowed individuals would go to some schools and bigger teenagers would go to different schools. There would be different levels based on the size of ones penis. Those girl without penises (about 25% now) would be placed based on breast size instead.

As the top schools were filled with super-hung Futanari and most boys were sent to the lower rank schools this was the first time the general public realised how big teenage girls were getting.

Koboshi and Mika went to school and right away they had to line up for health inspections (even though they had had the annual health inspection just last month).

The students lined up. He went into the room and they told him to pull down his pants. The doctor had smirked and made some notes and the nurse had measured his puny size.

Then the nurse had pulled back her uniform to reveal impressive breasts. This was enough to give Koboshi an erection. The doctor and nurse had both stifled laughter and she had measured it and he was given a card and told to go to a particular room.

 Mika went into the room and was asked to lift up her skirt.

The doctor and nurse both gasped.

This caused Mika to get an erection. She filled out in seconds and the Doctor and nurse were awestruck yet again. The doctor tried to hide his erection. Reverentially the nurse measured Mika’s Full Size.

They bowed, gave Mika a special card and asked her to wait outside for a special car to pick her up.

Koboshi was taken in a bus with a load of other “under 5cms”. They arrived at a building that was basically a large shed. A scrawny man explained apologetically that this was to be their new boarding school. They sat down on the concrete floor. The man then tried to teach them for a few hours but they had no textbooks and he didn’t seem to know much about his subjects. He went home after a few hours promising to get better equipment.

They found a security guard was outside to keep them from straying and they had to sleep on the ground without food.


Mika was driven to a large building which had previously being a fancy boarding school for rich kids. It was huge with trees and beautiful gardens around. There were small groups of attractive students in gorgeous uniforms. The few boys had conspicuous bulges in their dark pants and some of the girls had gigantic breasts filling out their silk blouses. Mika was lead into the huge hall. It was huge with an expensive scarlet carpet, statues, flowers, large staircases, maids and the banner (that looked like a penis) was hanging everywhere. Mika was led into a sunlit room where a maid helped her put on a perfect tailored uniform. She looked wonderful in it except it was perhaps a little tight in the … crotch.

A short pretty woman standing with two other woman greeted her.

“Oh Manakasi Mika! I am Benasa Tolbi the principal of the seventeenth Super High Healthiness Academy of Great Japan. May I say how delighted I am to have a student of your… calibre at our humble establishment. I hope you are not too stressed. We will lead you to your overtwentyfive class apartment presently. But first let me introduce your personal secretary Miss Anazima..”

The pretty brown haired women bowed.

“And your… relaxation maid Koytomo”

A quite beautiful young girl with black hair in a pure white maid uniform curtsied. She seemed a little excited and kept staring at Mika’s crotch.

Mika was quite confused

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure what is happening. Can you tell me where my brother is?”

The principal smiled politely

“Your brother? Oh I’ll try and find out. Don’t worry about it. Just let Koytomo lead you to your apartments”

Still a little worried Mika followed the maid to an upstairs room. It was huge. The bedroom was ten times the size of her old room and she had a T.V room, bathroom, and balcony. There was lace and antique furniture everywhere and huge screens on the walls. Apparently it was lunch time as a maid entered with a trolley and presented a full dinner. It smelled wonderful and Mika sat down a large table to have her meal.

It was fine rice and freshest vegetables and a huge cut of beef. Mika was quite hungry and tucked in. It was delicious and savoury and so good she could just feel the nutrients flowing through her whole body. She could swear she could feel protein and vitamins rushing to her dick. She started to get a little hard. Her maid Koytomo had been quite close to her this whole time. She kept offering Mika a bath or massage.

 Just then Mika’s secretary came in and presented her class schedule. Her classes started tomorrow. Again Koytomo asked if there was anything, anything at all she could do for Mika but Mika just wanted to be alone. Koytomo who seemed a bit disappointed at something left and Mika lay on the bed. She worried about this strange place and what had happened to her brother.

She grew a massive hard-on. With all the excitement and everything her penis seemed bigger and thicker. Horniness surged through her body and she started to masturbate.


Next day a large angry looking woman came in to Koboshi’s “school” and lectured them on their new status. Apparently having a small penis was a crime because you used the resources of the nation and refused to be mature and healthy. Therefore from now on the underfives would be expected to work to contribute to the state. Immediately after this they were walked to a subway station handed brushes and ordered to start cleaning. They had to work at a frantic pace or be beaten. At the end of the day Koboshi was exhausted and starving. Their meal was a thin vegetable stew and some mouldy bread. He ate it all but he could feel he just didn’t have enough nutrients.  His body stressed and hungry he could barely move or concentrate on the scrawny teacher’s paltry lectures. He seemed to be talking about junior high grade maths. Later he regarded his paltry penis. He was too tired to even think of sex. He thought if he grew a little he might get into a better school but he wasn’t feeling good at all.  He had lost weight today and perhaps it was the stress but his bit of skin seemed smaller and more pathetic than ever.


Koytomo made no response to Mika’s thrusts except to perhaps drool a little more from the mouth and leak a little more from her snatch. An expression of delirious ecstasy was frozen on her face and it would probably be like that way for hours along with the other two relaxation maids and the short redhaired student lying on the floor. Mika carefully dumped her fourth load of the day into Koytomo’s lovehole. She pulled her massive length out and her penis slowly became fairly flaccid. Hopefully it would stay like that until she could get to class and dump some more into her admirers. Four screens  on the walls were displaying information on physics, chinese, history and other subjects at  a rapid pace and Mika had being memorising it all as she had taken the edge off her morning horniness.

The last three month had being amazing. The school facilities were incredible and the new lessons, teachers, superb food, learning techniques and equipment had allowed Mika to unlock her full potential. Her classmates had adored her partially because of her beauty, intelligence and kindness but mostly because she had been a “25plus”- She had a 25cm penis one of the biggest in school. In this school in this new government this made her one of the elite. She was considered superior to anyone with a smaller cock and was entitled to the best of everything. She had been recognised as the star of the Tallgirls- the inner clique of the Seventeenth Super High Healthiness Academy of Great Japan.

 The members of the Tallgirls were the three most well-endowed Futanari in school, the bustiest non-Futanari and the most well-endowed young man (Although he didn’t compare to the girls of course). They were all gorgeous and clever, though they might have been a bit cruel if Mika had not led by a good example. They hung out in private baths, expensive restaurants and used their genius intellects to carry out worthy or crazy schemes.

Mika had always been smart but with the new facilities she had quickly become a genius in several  fields. She was now more than the naïve school girl she had been. Her grades had surpassed everyone’s and she had been given her own special learning program. She had a special diet, multiple tutors and had screens and earphones to pass information to her every second. Every second that passed her mind became sharper, larger, faster, more powerful.

There were rumours that Mika had being mentioned as a possible successor to the Prime Minister.

A crowd of besotted fangirls followed her whenever she walked about and she was kind to them all.

Of course she was used to this from her old school. These girls were more beautiful though and of course more well-endowed.

Her diet and being surrounded by hot students had made her even hornier. She had masturbated on an hourly basis. Her relaxation maid Koytomo  had constantly trying to take baths with her and had continually offered to help Mika  “In any way. In any way at all”

Eventually she had caught Mika masturbating and had offered to help.

Filled with lust and finally understanding a little a relaxation maid’s purpose Mika had accepted.

She had quickly gone on to full sex with Koytomo, then later with more maids and then with willing students of all genders. Now it was considered normal for Mika to have sex with anyone at almost anytime. Maids. Students. Teachers. Parents. In class. At lunch. In the garden. Going into town for shopping. Everywhere she went girls’ penises went hard with anticipation. Mika could get most of her work done at her massive personal computer. She just went to class to hand in her work, socialise, help the other students with their work and get the bulk of her daily sex done with.

It was common sight to have a teacher at the board talking about his subject and ignoring the sounds of Mika working her way through the back row, her long blonde ponytail swinging back and forth. Sometimes she would look up and  ask the teacher a very insightful question without even slowing down.

A lot of girls who by accident or design didn’t take contraception were pregnant with Mika’s children.

With all the exercise and excellent diet Mika was filled with incredible healthiness.

She had gotten taller.

Her boobs were bigger.

And her penis…

Her penis just drank in all the nutrients and proteins and swelled and stretched and GREW.

She was now a 35 Plus.

The closest other student was nearly 30cm

Before they had adored her, now her nickname was Goddess.

Her orgasms were legendary, both copious and with an extremely fast recharge time.

And her cock head had grown so much she had trouble entering some of the tighter girls and fully stretched the vaginas of regular girls.

The sensation of Mika slowly passing the full long, long, long length of her shaft into a pussy, and out, out, out again and then gradually, slowly, patently increasing her rate, building up speed and power like a piston until she was her hips were a blur was mind-blowing. Girls had orgasms just being touched by Mika. They would have dozens of orgasms by the time she was finished with them and Mika wouldn’t even have come yet. The record was fifty-three orgasms for one girl who was in a bliss coma for a week afterwards.

 It usually took her two or three partners before she finally unloaded. The person who received this would instantly become several pounds heavier.

This combined with her massive stamina meant she was wearing out her playmates and they had to bring in girls from other regions to take some of the stress off the student body.

She often felt bad about her immensity when she thought about her poor brother. She felt he could handle the unfairness of his poverty and her luxury. But knowing that his Mika-chan cock’s mass was now comparable to a significant proportion of his whole body-weight would have crushed him.

She had figured out his general situation and was working on a plan to help him and send him back to their family. The problem was she was constantly distracted by her horniness.

Also while she was now brilliant the whole of society was now geared towards Glorifying huge Penised girls and humiliating tiny-penised men. Indeed there was signs that the appearance of Futanari was not just an isolated event but part of a huge evolutionary trend that would eventually led to women being flawless, reality-kinetic, infinitely-endowed giantess Goddesses while men were reduced to barely sentient microscopic slime particles.

 Protecting her brother would not be an easy task and for the moment the government would keep him alive. They wanted to humiliate him not kill him.

Thinking of her brother’s microscopic penis had made her diamond-hard again.

Sighing she sent a quick text to her personal secretary to send in some of the 20pluses and 25pluses waiting outside her door.




Mika waited inside her private chambers.

She was nervous and a little horny. She felt her cock harden in her panties and mentally forced it to soften again. Knowing that this task might take a while she had spent the whole afternoon unloading her giga-prick into series of girls and boys. However she had had seafood this morning and this always made her horny and she had been waiting almost an hour.


The past two years had being good to Mika.

Her work in school had been beyond perfect.

M.I.T. professors came to visit, to ask her about papers she had done on a whim in five minutes.


She had started a series of healthy fast food restaurants that had already made tens of millions in the few months they had been open..


She had developed Asimora, a new form of therapy based on fucking someone with a giant dick which cleansed the energies of the body and had being shown  to improve general health and cure allergies.

It basically involved careful sex, using thrusts at precise angles to hit nerve points and using the electromagnetic field of the Futanari’s penis to overpower the electromagnetic field of the recipient’s body in order to create a higher level of orgasm.

This meant it would take quite a bit longer than regular sex.

Receiving  Asimora was by all accounts a life changing experience.

At the peak people would cry, suddenly make confessions about their childhood and see visions.

Afterwards they would be kinder and happier people who would make up with family members, they had hated for years or start new careers.


Sadly only people with a well-trained 30cm+ dick could perform it. That is to say only the latest generation of Japanese Futanari.

 Mika had taken on a team of apprentices and was teaching them.


It was being more and more clear that Mika was being groomed to become the next Prime minister of Japan.

And with its amazing Futanari Japan was quickly becoming the most powerful nation on Earth.

She had being selected for Japan’s new troubleshooting corp: the Futawa Kamadachi.

This was a team of diplomats that the Prime Minister Miss Kuawasa had set up based on the principles of the “Healthiness party”. The work of the Futawa Kamadachi Involved a lot of displaying their giant penises, seducing people (never a difficult thing for any Futanari) and having vigorous sex and then withholding more sex until their demand where met.

The Futa Kamadachi had gone to Israel for peace talks and Mika had personally held tough negotiations with Israeli diplomats, high ranking members of the government and the prime minister.  

After about an hour and a half, the prime minister had agreed that the Gaza strip would be given up to the control of Japan, Israel would issue  formal treaties with several Arab nations and Israel would form several favourable trading agreements with Japan, in return for Mika “doing him just one more time”.

Other members of the Futawa Kamadachi were at the same time carrying out similar negotiations with other Arab nations, American diplomats, representatives of international corporations, attractive passer-by’s and some large farm animals.

To ensure good-will the Futawa Kamadachi agreed to return every year to “reaffirm bonds”.

Perusing her notes, she saw the Israeli prime minister had asked to be allowed to lick honey off her dick next year. Mika hoped he realised just how much honey it would take to cover her dick. One of her girlfriends had tried to cover it with chocolate sauce and had only gotten halfway down when she ran out.

Her penis had continued to grow to a world class 42 cm (16 and a half inches) and had at its widest point a circumference of 22 centimetres (8 and a half inches) as thick as a can of coke. That added up to a LOT of surface area.

Luckily she had acquired a Futanari’s knack for squeezing it in and with a little concentration fit up to the hilt into the tightest ass.

In that year Mika had gone with the Futawa Kamadachi  girls to have negotiations in the Congo and the United States.

They took some time to show people that the Congo did *not* as had been claimed have the biggest penises in the world.

Also they rode some elephants.

In America ate burgers and had their own sandwich named after them.

The foot-and-a-half-long.

Mika got to meet the president.

Her resourcefulness, charm and huge slong meant Mika was made the leader of  the Futawa Kamadachi just a few months after she had joined.

This had made her an international idol admired and lusted over by boys and girls the world over.

She had appeared on the cover of Time magazine wearing glasses, holding a clipboard and with a full erection straining her panty hose.

The title had read “Japan’s growing power”

This referred to the fact that while girls the world over were becoming Futanari, Japan had the most and the biggest.

Mika had enjoyed this but it had being tempered by the fact that her brother was trapped in a school that was practically a work camp. This was simply because he had a tiny, tiny penis.

Her penis hardened a little and Mika had to concentrate again to get it to soften.

Now she was waiting for some government officials to hand him over.

She couldn’t just ask for him to be set free.

Letting it be known that she had any sympathy for any under5cm would be seen as against the philosophies of the Healthiness party and any request based on concern would be refused in any case.

If the government ever found out, Mika might not be punished, but  Koboshi would certainly be dealt with severely for tainting one of Japan most amazing Futas with sympathy for the  people with small penises.


It had being hard, but she had found that any boy under 5cm could be requested as a sex slave by any girl over 20cm.

The fact that he was her brother had apparently made her request more believable rather than less.

She had made a request on the basis that she had a minor urge to humiliate her pathetic older brother with her glorious tower and the Futanari in charge of the under 5cms had accepted that.

And so she stood there waiting to see Koboshi for the first time in a year.

Finally a man and a woman hauled a pathetic figure into Mika’s drawing room.

Mika made an effort to look unconcerned.

“Oh. My new pet. Good. Go. I want to try him out.”

The man and women looked a little uncertain but they bowed and left.


The past year had being like living in the Underworld for Koboshi.

He had being worked like a slave, living in a series of hovels, given barely enough food to survive and beaten when he had tried to escape.

Mika could barely recognise him as the healthy, confident boy she had known.

He was filthy, with arms and legs like sticks dressed in tattered rags. He was shorter that her now, which was strange. There was no trace of his old confidence in his dull eyes. He smelled of rotting things.


Koboshi looked up at this tall girl.

She was gorgeous with a perfect face, an amazing body and incredible flowing blonde hair.

She stood with supreme confidence.

She was dressed in an exquisite scarlet uniform.

She smelled of cherry blossoms.

She seemed somehow familiar.


Mika crouched a bit and hugged him

“Oni-chan!” she cried.

Koboshi was confused.


“Oh Oni-chan. I was so worried. How was it. You look…

Please… come down to your room”

She led him through her luxurious room and led him through past a closet and down some stairs to a basement room.

There was some straw, a small television set, some chains on the wall and various uncomfortable-looking devices.

Mika looked a bit embarrassed.

“Let me get you some food “

She got him a box lunch from her lunch fridge and he wolfed it down.

After eating filth for so long it was wonderful.

Koboshi was amazed at how beautiful Mika looked while she was slightly horrified at how he looked.

“Oni-chan. I am so sorry. I tried to get you out, but it was difficult to even find you.”

She asked about his time and he told her leaving out the most humiliating bits.

He asked her about her year and she told him avoiding mentioning penises and leaving out the most embarrassingly wonderful bits.

Mika remembered the time.

She didn’t need a watch. She just always knew the time. She had acquired the ability sometime to just sort of subconsciously count each second.

“I am so sorry, Oni-chan. The only way I could get you out was to say you would be a slave”

“A slave?” Koboshi said weakly.

“I will find a way to get you to our parents and then hide you. But now you must pretend that I am… using you. If then find out I care for you at all you will be taken away. Pretend I am cruel to you. Do not talk to anyone. Do not try to leave.”

Mika snapped a shackle on Koboshi’s arm.

“I promise I will make everything ok”

She turned on the T.V. and left closing the door with a clang.

Koboshi sat in darkness lit only by the light of the television.

A slave.

He was tired and scared but too battered to be defiant.

However somehow he found the idea of being Mika’s slave oddly exciting.

He felt a tingle in his barely-there-at-all-penis. The first tingle he had felt in many months.


Mika stood by the door to the slave-room, breathing heavily. There was a ripping noise and her giant cock sprang to its full size blasting her panties to shreds. As the fragments of cloth fluttered to the floor,her cock head filled out to rock hardness in front of her face.

“Oh god! Why am I so… HORNY!!!”

An image flashed through her brain of her pathetic brother and his tiny dick.

Mika groaned as her cock grew even more and veins formed over it as it became diamond hard.

It throbbed visibly in time to her heartbeat.

She tried to run her hands over it but after a year of having sex with hot girls masturbation felt like nothing.

Desperately she went to her intercom and called Koytomo to send in all the people she could right now for sex.

After few minutes that seemed like hours for Mika. Five maids entered and bent over in a row displaying their pantyless-bottoms. Mika grabbed one and started thrusting in one immediately.

It took her 30 seconds before she realised her speed and strength was about to cause serious damage to the maid. Her thrusts were like the pistons of an out of control steam engine.

This was not Asimora therapy sex, this was raw almost animalistic sex.

 It took her three minutes to work her way through the maids’ vaginas and asses and she still hadn’t reached climax yet.

She would grasp them, enter them in one huge stroke and quickly accelerate her thrusts for a few moments until she was moving so fast that she was about to harm them and then switch to their asses and repeat.

Then she would switch to a new maid and let the exhausted maid drop to the floor. The onslaught was so intense that Mika would be doing the next maid for several seconds before the previous maid’s body had time to process the sensations and erupt into multi-orgasms.

Some of the maids were Futa and so squirted out some cum from their own cocks which spilled on their dresses and on the floor.

 Each time she did a one of the girls, Mika came a little closer to the climax she so desperately needed.


Abandoning the maids twitching on the floor, she called her head relaxation maid Koytomo to send more volunteers.

After working her way through about four more sex-maids, seven students, two teachers, three members of the cleaning staff and Koytomo, Mika finally dumped a massive load in the school’s champion sumo wrestler. Luckily he had lots of  stamina and she was a little tired by now so he could handle her super-fast, super-hard, super-big thrusts long enough for her to cum.

And he would welcome gaining twelve pounds in his digestive tract.

That wasn’t it but now she had taken the edge off she could be a little less intense and she could use some people who had recovered.

Mika came about fifteen times and used about fifty people that night.

She continued to be extra horny the next day and the same thing happened when she went to talk to Koboshi the next day.

She gave him lunch and talked about their childhood and all the time she had to supress a massive erection and the urge to grab him and just Do him right there. Then she would leave and have to call in several dozen volunteers for sex.

She felt terrible. She knew she was a horrible person for being so turned on by her own brother’s teeny tiny. It was so wrong to be turned on by her massive superiority to him and wanting to perform…  incestuous anal rape? So wrong. But she just couldn’t help it

Koboshi was a bit confused but he was was mostly just glad to see his sister and get decent food. He remembered his sister’s warning and tried to act like sex-slave.

Acting submissive was not hard. He was submissive after spending a year being beaten if he disobeyed his  school’s  supervisors

She decided to visit him less, but that had its own problem.

She had to pretend to the Futanari maids that she was keeping him only to humiliate him.

And so when the fed him they only gave him leftovers and dogfood.

And when they visited they would sneer at him and mock his tiny penis.

At best they would come in swinging their long penises to tease him and at worst they would dump the food over his head.

Mika came in to apologise and explain, but of course this made her super horny again and she had to have another bout of frenzied sex with the student body and staff.


Then the Prime Minister, Miss Kuawasa  came to see Mika.

They sat across from one another in the drawing room.

The Prime Minister was a typical beautiful Japanese dressed in an expensive suit.

Mika looked incredible with her flowing blonde hair and in her expensive scarlet school uniform that only Futawa Kamadachi  member wore.

A number of girl students licked their penises to keep them both constantly erect as was the protocol. One licked the Prime Minister’s 16 cm dick and as befit her Size, four girls licked Mika’s dick.

Mika didn’t really need that of course, even before she became obsessed with her brother’s body she could become fully erect at will.

But it was the party’s custom.

 Miss Kuawasa greeted Mika and asked about her school work and restaurants.

The she explained that she wanted Mika and the Futawa Kamadachi to go to the United States on another diplomatic trip.

Miss Kuawasa had a sip of tea and then said

“I hear you’ve being unusually… vigorous lately, my child. I was very impressed to see the numbers. It is most commendable but perhaps you should try to show a little restraint for reasons of … practicality.”

“Of course, Prime Minister” Mika replied

“Oh I heard you called your own brother as a toy. Unusual”

Mika didn’t show even a tiny a trace of concern on her face.

“Oh Mam! It is So delightful.  He is SO tiny and I have gotten SO Big. The look when he sees my immensity and then looks down at his own speck is just priceless. I’m just so glad I had the idea of recruiting him. I mean, I’m his “little sister”. Isn’t that hilarious?” Mika lied.

“Oh so you don’t feel sorry for him?”

Mika gave a look of confusion.

“Well nevermind” said Miss Kuawasa.


Mika prepared for her trip.

She tried to tell the the maids to be nice to Koboshi in way that seemed to be cruel and dominating.

“Make sure he is well fed. I will have an extra-long session with him when I come back and I don’t want him to die halfway through”

The Futawa Kamadachi went to the U.S. and had an enjoyable and successful trip.

The only snag was when the plane was kept in a waiting formation over Washington and the girls ran out of sex maids. The ended up seducing their way through half the passengers and stepped off the plane off with their penises at full erection.

The Futawa Kamadachi met Congress and gave them their reward for a year of good relations.

It went well and afterwards the congressmen agreed to turn over Alaska to Japan as part of the japan/U.S. Super Hot Big GirlCock act.

To celebrate The Futawa Kamadachi had foot-and-a-half-longs.

Then the Congressmen had foot-and-a-half-longs.


As Mika’s plane flew back to Tokyo, she looked out the window and saw they had finished the giant Futanari statue that now towered over the city in what seemed to be a Futawa Kamadachi  uniform and with its 50 foot penis standing tall.


She took a helicopter to her school and bracing herself went to visit her brother.

She brought him some candy bars and told him about her trip.

Then Koboshi paused



“How big is your penis now?”

Mika froze.

Last time Koboshi had seen her penis it had been 20cm and it had being four times bigger than his.

Mika doubted that malnutrition had helped it grow any bigger while on the other hand her penis…

It was now even bigger, more than twice as big as it had been back then.

“I know it is bigger than mine…but I want to see it”

A little uncertain, he pulled down his pants displaying his scrawny body and a penis.

Mika squinted.

It was like single grain of rice on his crotch.

She felt an almost uncontrollable surge of lust.

“Please” said Koboshi.

Mika dropped her panties and her cock barely swung once before it hardened.

It lengthened, rose to horizontal and then upwards and then up and up and up.

It rose to Mika’s forehead and was thick as her arms and probably hard enough to deflect a bullet.

It throbbed and precum flowed down the shaft.

Forty-six  centimetres.  Eighteen inches of grade-A Girl-Cock.


Koboshi stared in almost religious awe.

Then he quickly turned and displayed his ass.

“Do me” he said breathlessly.

In a nanosecond Mika had her cockhead pressed against his tiny bumhole.

She was going to do her tiny big brother.

She felt so happy.

She slowly eased herself in, relishing every second.

Mika didn’t notice, but Koboshi came.

It was a single microscopic droplet.

It felt pretty good to him though.

Mika finally got her penis in him up to the hilt.

She didn’t thrust. She just let it slowly grow and shrink rhythmically stretching Koboshi’s ass more and more.

She smiled and blew a strand of her golden hair out of her eyes.

“Oh God! Imoto-kun! You are so… big!” gasped Koboshi.

“I know”

So slowly she pulled out and slowly entered again.

Her brother’s ass felt so wonderful, that she could only manage three thrust before she came.

She let out a little sigh and her brother’s belly swelled with her cum.

She continued her slow sex and dumped two more loads inside him swelling his belly to bursting.

Realising he was full she continued, pulling out just before she came, to spray cum over his back.

She took some time to undress both herself and him, setting the clothes neatly in the corner

She had more slow sex, and came on him eight times until he was covered in her cum and lay in a huge puddle of it.

Later she crouched casually on a stool, her semi-flaccid dick standing almost horizontal, almost touching the puddle.

Her body was completely clean of cum.

Her Oni-chan was face down and covered in it.

He raised his head from the slime.

“Oh Imoto-kun. Can we do this every day?”

Mika smiled an angelic smile and tossed her golden locks.

She reached out her perfect foot and poked him on the nose with her toe.



It became a lot easier to pretend he was a sex slave because he practically was.

Mika just had to remember to toss in a few insults-

“You’re soo tiny”

“Do you wish you had *Mine* little boy?”

“Oh does it hurt big brother?”-

-and make the sex a bit more rough if maids or some of her colleagues came to visit.

Koboshi got to play some videos and even continue his education though he was a moron compared to Mika.

As she was having sex with him anyway Mika did some Asimora therapy with him so the Orgasm would help to heal the painful memories of Koboshi’s  days of confinement.

The stress free environment, love, sex and good food that Mika shared, helped him to recover and look healthier.

Several weeks later he asked for a ruler.

He measured his tip.

“Oh Imoto-kun. It has gotten bigger. I’m sure it must be your juice. It has helped me grow.

A whole millimetre!”

With a straight face Mika looked at the speck. She mentally measured her own penis flaccid in her panties and calculated that her penis had grown five millimetres bigger… since this morning.

She smiled at Koboshi.

“Well done Oni-chan!”










Time passed.

It was becoming clear that more and more of the next generation of girls were Futanari (about 90%) and their penises were elongating even faster.

Only about 30% of babies born were boys.

When Futanari mated with non-Futa women or each other the baby born was always a Futa.

They were also smarter, prettier, stronger, more motivated, taller and ate massive amounts of junk food all the time without ever gaining an ounce.

Many were becoming full doctors or lawyers at age fourteen just for the challenge.

The next generation of boys had tiny limp penises.

They were dumber, uglier, punier, lazy, shorter ,ate junk food all the time and got pudgy.

They tended to just sit around watching T.V.


The male leaders of the world freaked out.

They were not looking at just the rise of strange women but the end of the dominance of men altogether.

They were helpless to resist even the charms of Futa from their own country.

Decisions about policy in government and business were becoming entirely about which faction could get the girl with the biggest dick to negotiate for them.

Alabama legalised marijuana simply because one of the guys in the pro-marijuana group had a 22yr old cousin with red hair and an 11 inch dick. She agreed to go to the governor, Alabama supreme court and Alabama house of representatives and swung her cock in their faces until they gave in.

They then had to try to hide the fact that they had basically changed the law in return for girl-cock.


The leaders of Saudi Arabia had refused to believe that the Futanari could seduce them.

A Team of Futawa Kamadachi had spent a month proving to an endless stream of arrogant men that they could. Being done up the ass by a slender Japanese girl ruined a Saudi Arabian man’s reputation for life.

They were so traumatised they couldn’t even boss their wives around anymore and with a new generation of Saudi Arabian Futa girls growing up they did what any woman told them to do- even little girls.

Thus Saudi Arabia became a feminist paradise.


With an IQ of 350, beauty that meant that the Miss World contest organisers had cancelled the contest and just sent her a new tiara every year, sexiness that meant that 30% of all porn was just pictures of her, a personal fortune of over 250 billion (she now owned a part of pretty much every corporation in the world), an 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, a max benchpress of over 400 lbs,  Nobel prizes for Peace, Literature, Physics and  Economic sciences, a worldwide bestselling platinum single “I can’t hide my love for you”, three books in the best seller lists, an Oscar for best actress and best motion picture, receiving several thousand marriage proposals a day, being fast tracked to becoming prime minister of Japan and with the biggest penis on Earth: a Fuck-shaft with an erect length of 63cm (25 inches) and a circumference of 61cm (24 inches) Manakasi Mika was idolised by Futa girls all over the world.


Given that the Futagirls dominated the rest of the world and that Futa almost always defer to the biggest Futa, Mika was very close to being the unofficial ruler of the world.


After being  pounded by his sister for a year or so her brother Koboshi was delighted to have grown a 5cm penis (2 inches).

She had gotten him an X-box and he spent his time in his basement trying to finish Call of Duty on it.


Terrified of losing their grip on power the Non-Futa leaders of the world tried to find ways to get bigger penises.

Hormones and genetic engineering was tried on the world leaders and selected loyal Futa girls. It worked a little but slowly on Futa girls but on men it had no effect or shrank the penis.

The science just wasn’t advanced enough.

Furthermore the were some accidents such as men having their penis drop off or when the Russian prime minister secret Futanari gene therapy turned him into a cute Futa girl with long black hair.

The president /girl did have a slightly bigger penis though.


 It was almost impossible to reach Futawa Kamadachi sizes by any means.

America’s premier Futa Shelly Long from Texas was delighted when she finally reached 16 inches which was the reported size of Houchi Yamada, the smallest of the Futawa Kamadachi  members.

Miss Long was crushed when she learned that Yamada had stretched up another five inches in the last month, giving her a dick of 21 inches.

What was worse was that Miss Long had taken the most expensive hormones and genetic therapy in America , while the Futawa Kamadachi  never took penis enhancement drugs or gene therapy.

It was against the principles of the Healthiness party.

The Futawa Kamadachi were huge and continued to grow steadily.


Mika had had a meeting with a top Chinese diplomat.

He had walked in smugly with an apparently huge erection and made some outrageous demands.

Mika had grabbed the head of his penis; given it a tug and the fake penis had come off.

As it fell on to the floor and the Chinese diplomats’ tiny real penis was revealed, Mika had smiled, erected her own dick and made some outrageous demands of her own.


Japan blocked any open attempts made to reverse the Futanisation of the world, such as venting chemicals into the atmosphere.

Surgical attempts to de-Futa girls showed that their penises had incredible regenerative capabilities and could grow back in matter of months.


“Look doctor my penis grew back!”

“Should we try surgery again doctor?”

“Oh God! It’s so hard!!”

“We’ve tried six times Nurse Angelina! I think we’ve proved this is just not going to work”


Eventually the world leaders decided the only way to prevent Big Penis Japan from taking over the world was to eliminate the Futawa Kamadachi  girls.


Mika was sending e-mails to all her business managers. She had a raised terminal that allowed her to type as she stood and rammed a cute African girl with a big ass.

She was wearing her scarlet red Futawa Kamadachi uniform and her bright blonde hair was in a ponytail that fell down to her ankles.

Standing beside her was her business assistant, governmental assistant and her chief relaxation maid Koytomo waiting until she had time to give them attention.

 Two relaxation maids were holding the dark-skinned girl up as Mika reamed her.

A queue of five naked Futa girls were staring at Mika as she drove her 63 centimetres cock into the dark-skinned girl over and over.


These girls waiting to be done by Mika were one group of many that morning.

Several hundred girls were waiting in a room close by for their chance.

The full waiting list for sex with Mika numbered in the millions.

Their dicks (about 30 to 40 cm) were all rock hard and they had expressions of awe and arousal as they watched Mika give the girl a Futawa Kamadachi Class seeing-to .

Mika stopped thrusting and closed her eyes for a second as she had a mini (for her) orgasm.

The part of her dick not wedged into the girl’s vag swelled visibly as a mega-wad of girl-cum passed into the fuckee.

The black girl fainted and she slid off Mika’s dick and slumped to the floor.

Mika massive bazooka sprang loose and was revealed.

Four or five spurts of cum shot out (A half litre of liquid in each spurt) onto the black girl and onto plastic sheeting that had been laid on the floor.

Even at an angle it‘s head was as high as Mika’s chin.

A dark haired girl in the queue shot her load and fainted

Not looking up from her terminal Mika used her amazing dick muscles to swing her dick down in one swift movement to shake off the remaining cum and pussy juice.

She humped a little, impatiently.

The relaxation maids led the next to girl, a Chinese girl with long black hair, into position to be impaled.

With most of her attention still on the terminal, she felt for the new girl’s vagina and slowly entered her.

She could have gone much harder and much faster but the girl would have fainted with pleasure and excitement almost instantly. She was already experiencing a series of vaginal and penile orgasms just from the touch of Mika’s penis.


Mika was incredibly fertile and if a girl didn’t use contraception (and sometimes even if the girl did) she would almost always get pregnant. Mika had gotten over a million girls pregnant and was the father/mother of almost two million Mika-babies. She tended to give girls twins or triplets.

Mika had arranged a system for sending gifts and e-mails of congratulations.

She planned to have a massive party with the mothers in few months and try to meet all her daughters.


 Mika respected her fans and felt she owed it to them to give them a good three minutes pounding each. Also if she cut loose the relaxation maids would have to switch the fangirls constantly which would cut down on the time she would have a girl actually on her dick.

Using a Futa’s natural ability to stick her huge dick into the smallest of openings, Mika pushed her full length into the black haired girl.

The Chinese girl gave a high pitched moan and began a series of rapid gasps.

As Mika reviewed the latest government reports and her thrusts began to build up speed, she thought about the current situation.


She was going to become the next prime minister of Japan at age 22.

It was practically certain.

A cabinet reshuffle was coming up.

The prime minister’s resistance to the sheer sex appeal of the Futawa Kamadachi girls was waning.

Many times she had zoned out while having a discussion with a Futawa Kamadachi member and ended up staring at their glorious girl-pricks.

She was constantly on the cusp of being accidentally seduced by these young goddesses and had more and more trouble resisting the urge to drop to the floor and beg to be taken.

She had maintained her authority over girls with penises three times longer and fifteen times bigger in sheer volume (length x radius x Pi squared =volume)by sheer force of will.

Now however they were getting too big and too sexy for her to possibly resist the Futa urge to submit to the biggest dicks.

Not to mention they had become more beautiful, more confident, more energetic than her, smarter than her, more forward thinking than her and taller than her.


Even seeing a Futawa Kamadachi girl walk by in the corridor made the prime minister’s dick hard and her pussy wet.

To save herself embarrassment she was resigning.

This meant a new cabinet would have to be selected.

The Prime minister as her final act stated that Mika and the other Futawa Kamadachi girls were now viable to enter the cabinet.

The general idea may be that as younger women they would receive a junior positions but in the Healthiness party the selection process was rather different.

They would have a giant orgy as had being done every year for the past seven years.

Initially it was just another orgy held before the cabinet selection, but Futa psychology meant that one’s “performance” in the orgy invariably determined one’s rank in the cabinet.


Inevitably the Futawa Kamadachi girl’s would easily outlast all the Futa women in the government.

Probably by days.

The Futa-woman chancellor would instinctively know how much potency each girl had shown and then fill the government posts based entirely on this.

The Futawa Kamadachi  would take their places in the top positions of the Japanese government.


Mika routinely out-fucked the whole Futawa Kamadachi  at their private orgies.

So unless she just didn’t turn up, she would definitely be made Prime minister.

“It is an awesome responsibility” Mika thought as she off-loaded her thirty-first wad of the day into yet another oh-so-willing girl.


She had taken some time off to straighten out her financial affairs and give some special rewards to well-performing employees in her companies.

She made 60% of national policy herself already.

She had memorised 20,000 years of political history, read countless volumes of economic and political theory and improved upon those theories.  

She was ready

But it still made her nervous.

Mika accidentally thrust too hard into the next girl and the girl orgasm-fainted immediately.

Mika made a mental note to let the girl have another go tomorrow.

It was only fair.


The leaders of the non-Futa worlds began as series of assassination attempts.

There had being a wave of attempted bomb attacks, attempted poisonings and ninja attacks.

However Japan’s security and intelligence was as superior as everything else from Futa Japan.

The world leaders got used to receiving disarmed bombs in the post with polite notes.

Futa’s were amazingly tough.

A gunman attacked a group of Futawa Kamadachi at a conference in Yemen.

He fired three shots.

Fortunately  the Futawa Kamadachi  members were five minutes from having sex with some locals girls and were fully erect.

With their awesome reflexes they instantly positioned their dicks just so and the bullets bounced off their super-hard dicks harmlessly.

The gunman was confused, when he saw the bullets had no effect.

As the Futawa Kamadachi walked casually towards him, he fired again.

One girl tilted her head slightly to avoid a bullet and another behind her casually swatted it aside with her dick. Their iron-like baby-makers swung to deflect the rest of the bullets and as he pulled the trigger on the empty gun uselessly.

He suddenly found the tips of their dicks at his throat.

They made a circle around him and raised him up by the throat with their dicks.

He grabbed at their penises as the tips pressed into his neck and he flailed with his legs.

Then they let him go and he dropped to the ground.

He sat up and one red-haired Futawa Kamadachi  moved her hips slightly and smacked him in the face with the side of her dick, knocking him unconscious.

They had him locked up for the day.

Later they turned him. He was a double agent for a while and later they gave him a job cleaning up their spilled cum.


Poison had almost no effect.

A poisoned Futawa Kamadachi  would sweat for a while and then ejaculate cum with all the poison in it. One poisoned with radiation had glowing balls for a while.


Trying to out-ninja japan was ridiculous of course.

Japan had a group of trained Futa ninjas who would sneak up on inferior ninja and strangle them with their penises.


Eventually the world leaders gave up on violence and just sent in the biggest Futa diplomats they could get.

There were all smaller that Futawa Kamadachi  but they did better than non-Futa diplomats.

Congonese diplomat girls did well because they had sizes closest  to the Japanese.

A Swedish Dickgirl got some good concessions because she had an amazing pair of breasts to go with her decent sized cock.

And the French Futa-diplomats got the Futawa Kamadachi to sign a few good treaties through sheer enthusiasm.

Nevertheless the corridors of power were constantly filled with little Japanese girls humping people.


The day of the cabinet reshuffle came.

Mika stood in the main hallway of the Japanese  parliament talking with the top members of the Futawa Kamadachi about matters of state.

A crowd of several hundred girls watched in adoration.

The talk turned to showing off.

The girls were very competitive but none of the girls could match Mika for sheer size.

But one girl called a dwarf woman over to show off her ability to squeeze her dick into tiny spaces.

She plunged her whopper all the way into the dwarf woman and they both smiled.

The next girl picked up someone’s poodle and carefully inserted her gargantuan member into its girly hole.

Much to its surprise.

The third girl stormed off and came back a few minutes later came back.

She had gone to a pet shop.

She pulled a mouse from her pocket.

She carefully positioned the mouse over her tip and slowly brought the mouse down so it seemed her penis vanished into its mouse vagina. The other girls stared in disbelief as she held the mouse with one hand, moved her hips ever so slightly and it gave squeaks of ecstasy.

The Futawa Kamadachi members looked at Mika.

Mika sighed and tossed her pure long blonde hair.

She grabbed a fly out of the air gently.

Mika erected her penis to its full mouthwatering size.

She placed the fly on top of her penis and frowned with concentration.

Then slowly her penis seemed to disappear into the tiny insect’s back.

After several minute it seemed as if Mika’s penis had gone.

She held the fly to her crotch

She seemed aroused.

The girls were dumbfounded.

Then Mika began to move her hips ever so slightly, slowly at first then ever faster.

A minute later Mika stopped and showed her orgasm face.

She paused for a few moments and let the fly slip off revealing her huge flaccid penis once again.

The fly took off.

It buzzed over the heads of the crowd…

…and then exploded showering barrel loads of cum over the crowd.

Mika was quite embarrassed, but the crowd seemed amazed and delighted.


Later after everyone had cleaned up the Futawa Kamadachi and government members entered the parliament building and took their seats.

Mika had skipped sex this morning in preparation. This had probably been a bad idea.

She was extremely horny .

Everyone was erect and impatient to start the orgy.

A short thirty-two year old woman beside Mika had an 11 cm erection.

She kept stealing glances at Mika’s 63 cm meat tower.

Some boring speeches were made.

Finally the chancellor finished.

She cleared her throat.

“And now before the cabinet selection we will have a short relaxation break”

There were scuffles as girls tried to stick their penises in vaginas and avoid being the one who had a penis stuck into their vagina.

Generally in orgies Futanari want to penis-cum first and then get pussy-orgasms later on.

Even if you are having great pussy orgasms it can be frustrating if your dick hasn’t had any action yet.


Mika was amused to see that the woman beside her had leapt onto her penis and was hugging it like a koala on a tree.

Involuntarily Mika’s penis twitched and the woman was thrown ten feet across the room.

Fortunately she seemed to land without hurting herself.

The woman landed on some seats with her butt in the air.

Mika figured she might as well start with her.

She walked towards her with a full erection.

“Miss Kasina the secretary of education is it?” Mika asked as she carefully pulled down her panties.

“I liked your work on reforming the teaching of languages”

“Oh thank you” Miss Kasina replied obviously a little flustered “I… Oooooooooooooooo!!!”

Mika forced her cock head in and the woman was no good for conversation after that.


As the orgy continued, most of the Futa moved from the seats to the wide central area of the parliament building. Several large mattresses and pillows had been set down. There were about fifty people in various sexual positions, moaning and huffing.

The Futa usually took up the traditional orgy position of the healthiness party.

One fucked a girl in the pussy while a third girl took her penis. When one penis-came they would switch positions.

Every so often someone would shoot a huge spray of cum into the air which would leave a trail of sticky goo across the parliament seats.

The government members were older and less endowed than Mika’s team, but as Futa they were still more beautiful and youthful than regular women. They could have passed for models. There were a few good looking or well-endowed regular men and women in the parliament. They were mostly assistants.  They didn’t last long in comparison to the Futas.


Mika found that while coupling with a minister of the Arts was interesting, few of the government members could last for any length of time with her.

So she focused on working her way through her fellow Futawa Kamadachi.

They made an effort to resist being taken by Mika.

They knew coupling with Mika meant she would stay with them until they lost consciousness, meaning they would be out of the orgy, which would end their chance to take more partners and get a better rank but inevitably, none could resist Mika’s charm.

Some over-fucked participants were removed or staggered off.

After three days only the Futawa Kamadachi were still going, stopping only to wolf down some rice cakes and miso soup. They were all naked by now.

Mika was enjoying herself immensely.

She rarely got a chance to really go all out, and go as hard and fast as she could with her friends who could last for days at a time.

She pounded and pounded and pounded cheerfully for seven days.

She pumped so much cum into one girl she turned her innie belly button into an outie.

She didn’t send the Futawa Kamadachi into bliss comas, but one by one she wore them down and exhausted, they would decide to drop out.

Of course the Futawa Kamadachi were working on each other the whole time as well.


Seven days later there were two girls left besides Mika. They seemed a bit tired, though Mika seemed to be pumping along just as the same as when she started.

Yanaguchi Taya watched as Mika continued *whump whump whump whump whump* with Godouya Anna.

Her own 58cm cock hardened at the sight. It was bit sore from seven day of fucking.

They had had a chance to do Mika for a while.

It was amazing to do Mika.

Her pussy was tight and warm and sensitive and she made the cutest noises.

Her pussy muscles teased with both delicacy and power which made it extremely hard not to immediately cum.

The only downside was the huge pillar in your face.

Even when you were deep in Mika you couldn’t help but think of what it would feel like to have what was an inch away from one’s face deep in your own pussy.

The dominating effect of Mika’s penis wore away at the will until inevitably you came, pulled out, lay down and spread your legs.


Taya looked up.

“Mika would it be ok if we finished now? We have to select the cabinet and I’m a little tired.”

Mika paused.

An expression of regret moved across her face.

“Yes. Yes. Of course”

Her penis swelled as she pumped one last load of girl-cum into Anna.

Anna’s belly swelled and cum leaked out from her pussy.

Mika pulled her length out and a flood of cum passed from Anna’s pussy covering Mika’s feet.

Hundreds of maids rushed into the parliament hall and began cleaning up the cum.

They helped Ana and Taya up and cleaned the biggest cum splashes off their bodies.

The maids gave the girls dressing gowns and they made their way to their room for showers.

“Mika. It is amazing. They say we Futawa Kamadachi are the greatest lovers in the world, but you are greater than all of us!”

Mika blushed.


Later after everyone had cleaned up and rested, the parliament building was once again full of the government members and the Futawa Kamadachi.

Mika took some time to look at her plans for running the government on her touchscreen.

She had made some plans to try to stop the decline of the male gender.

The chancellor started naming positions in order of ascending importance and as soon as she reached the top positions, it was clear that they would all be filled by Futawa Kamadachi .

Not a single original member retained a top position.


Finally the chancellor reached the final announcement of who would be Prime Minister.

Mika was halfway up out of her seat when the chancellor announced.

“and our new Prime Minister will be… Yanaguchi Taya!”

Mika sat down.

There was a rumble of confused voices.

Mika wasn’t sure if she felt confused, hurt or relieved.

Yanaguchi Taya stood up uncertainly and bowed.


The chancellor raised her hand for silence.

“And finally our Emperor of Japan has informed me that he has decided to abdicate in favour of one he believes to be more worthy than him of the position of Imperial Ruler”

One man stood up and bowed. Mika recognised him now. He had being in the parliament earlier and had being one of the men in the orgy.

“Henceforth the absolute ruler of Japan and all vassal nations shall be Empress Mika of the Empire of Big Penis Japan!”

They chancellor got down on her knees and bowed.

Everyone else got down and bowed.

Mika to her embarrassment started to get a hard-on.


Traditional female Japanese dresses are meant to display meekness and obedience and submission.

They resemble delicate flowers.

The Healthiness party rejected such notions utterly. The dress the healthiness part y had made for Mika resembled a cross between a sci-fi warrior and an exotic dancer.

She had armour shoulder pads, a Hud display over one eyes, a working gold-plated grenade launcher, a huge green/sliver sword on her back, high heels, a huge coat/dress thing that left her breasts and dick bare and was covered with images of the Japanese flag and masses of lace and frills.


The seamstresses were trying to place a single pink ribbon around her erect cock but when they tied it on when Mika was less hard it would snap when she got bigger and when they fitted when she was at maximum size it would slip down as soon as she relaxed.

They had asked her to stay hard for the ceremony which was easy for Mika to do.

However it made her horny and they had to lift girls onto her penis to satisfy her.

She could barely move without tearing her costume which made sex much less satisfying.

She hoped she wouldn’t get so horny she ejaculated in front of the world press.


A massive ceremony had been arranged.

Most of the world’s royalty, ten-foot tall security mecha, world leaders, hundreds of exotic dancers, sculptures of huge penises and erect Futanari (Most of Mika), heads of world religions, genetically reengineered dinosaurs and the Japanese government were all enclosed in a huge dome half a mile high which had been built just for the occasion.

Mika arrived through the main entrance on a self-propelled forty-ton throne made of solid platinum and the crowd cheered.


The coronation ceremony was televised worldwide.

At the beginning of the ceremony there were precisely twelve people in the world whose feelings toward Mika’s dick were not utter adoration.

Halfway through the ceremony it was down to one: One preacher living in a cave in Iran watching on a black and white television with bad reception.

Then when he watched as Mika’s baby-maker snapped the pink ribbon on international television, he was broken.

It would take him weeks to admit it to himself, but he ended up buying tons of Mika porn and writing gushing fan letters.

Thus all of Humanity became subservient to Mika’s divine Wang.

Mika eventually became Empress of the world with the Futawa Kamadachi as deputy leaders of the world’s nations.

The world leaders were demoted.

Mika’s tens of millions of children became the new nobility.

All Futanari kept getting bigger and more numerous and better.


Part 4


Ninjas vs Pirates


In April of 2013 there was a worldwide celebration of Mika’s dick finally surpassing the one metre mark (39 inches). She was the first human to have a metre long penis, but with a new generation of Futa teens with dicks growing like bamboo, it was a close run. Even as she had sex at the height of the ceremony, hundreds of girls all over the world were reaching a metre and were passing her out as well as growing balls the size of apples.

The past three years had being glorious as The New Futa empire had eradicated world hunger, terrorism, global warming and pollution. 99% of this had being accomplished entirely by Futas stupping people with their enormous wangs.

Mika ran the world while living in an enormous Emerald-crystal palace, while waiting to move into an even larger Ruby-crystal palace that was still being built. She spent a lot of time at a computer console running the world’s affairs and having three video meetings at once. It was a lot of work and sometimes Mika only had time to have sex a hundred or so times a day.

A monorail system that encircled the globe had being built.

Schools had being set up to train “Clans” of Futa ninja to keep the peace.

Skyscrapers had being built. Lots of really, really tall skyscrapers.

Lots of really huge buildings in general, actually.

Democracy had being replaced by Dickocracy.

That is, absolute obedience to whoever had the biggest penis.


The only people not happy were those few men who still hoped to regain some of the power they had before the Futanari took over. They had little chance as every year less and less  male children were born and the ones born were dumb, ugly and lazy.

A few months after The Futa empire had being officially set up one Japanese Futa had gone into NASA’s head offices. She had set to work donnering the female nerds as well as the more attractive guys, but after a week or so she paid attention to the actual task of exploring space.  Within a month she had built a set of several efficient rockets out of spare parts.

By the next month she had set up a base on the moon.

Then she contacted the Tech-Futanari in Tokyo and asked them to come up with some advance propulsion technology and huge guns.

For some reason Futa always felt they had to attach one huge cannon onto the underside of every one of their spaceships. It was odd to attach such weapons, almost longer than the ships they were on, onto ships intended for peaceful exploration, Futanari just felt uncomfortable being on a ship with small or non-existent armaments.

The techs had delivered a new power source called Power of Penis or PoP for short.

When a Futa inserted a certain part of her anatomy into the device and thrusted repeatably, immense amounts of power were generated which could be used to accelerate a ship close to the speed of light.

NASA (or as it was now called Space’s Imperial Zero Explorers or SIZE) went out with a small fleet and defeated the secret communist base on Mars.

Furthermore as the tech developed a method to take advantage of the distortion or wake that the Sun leaves as it moves through space. This allowed ships to move into the wake of the sun and emerge out of the wake of a different star light- years away, in mere moments. This was named Starjumping.


The SIZE ship Matsuda Starjumped into the Alpha Centari system and headed for a suitable planet. All of the twelve Futa on board had to work pumping their Power of Penis into their PoP consoles for hours, thrusting their dicks into the stretchy material in the insertion holes over and over. The massive amounts of Power of Penis propelled the Matsuda at incredible speed through space leaving a glowing energy trail behind them.


Eventually they arrived in orbit around a green planet covered in misty forests.

Most of the crew started an orgy of pumping and humping. The PoP consoles were stimulating but prevented orgasms so after many hours use Futa would be desperate to cum four or fifteen times. The ship used its VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing) jets to land in a clearing. The captain Hosuhi and the head Scientist Docku would normally have joined the orgy, but they were so eager to see the new planet they ignored their throbbing metre long erections and headed right outside. The Matsuda’s security ninja, who also had an erection like an overly tense boa constrictor, followed them. The ship’s ramp descended and they walked into the long grass.

The captain was a tall gorgeous girl with long black hair in a SIZE uniform. Dr Docku was short, dark-skinned and was wearing a lab coat. The security ninja was dressed in a lavender ninja uniform. Dr Docku got out a Geiger counter and various other sensors. For a moment they stood appreciating the significance of this moment. They were the first Earthlings to stand on an alien planet outside the solar system.


Just then a short humanoid figure stepped out from the trees. It was a pretty girl with Forest-green skin and hair a slightly darker shade of green.

“Mogoo!” She said in a scared voice.

The crew members gasped. An Alien! First contact!

Then they saw she had a penis. A cute erect penis about thirteen centimetres (five inches) long

The girl stepped forward and with dazed expression reached out to touch the captain’s huge fuck rod.

“Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo!” She chanted breathlessly.

“Oooo! Her tiny hands feel so good” thought the captain.

Making cooing noises the alien began to fondle the big thick shaft and then started licking it with long strokes of her little green tongue.

Then abruptly she turned around, dropped to her hands and knees and displayed her green butt.

“Magooo!” She cried desperately.

The captain could no longer resist.

She moved forward to give the alien babe the seeing-to of a life time.

But just then the security ninja stepped forward and stopped her.

“What?” said the captain.


“Oh yes. Yes. I guess protocols do state security should take the lead in cases like this. Very well” Said the captain with regret.

The ninja grabbed the alien girl’s hip and entered her.

The alien girl let out a long loud moan as the ninja started to plough her little vag with metre long thrusts that ran at incredible speed from tip to base. The Alien Futa continued to moan, stopping only to take gasps of air. It was clear she was having a long continuous orgasm. The ninja had lifted her off the ground the better to control the rate.

“Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoooooooooooooooooooo!”


Then slowly more green Futa emerged from the trees, dozens of them. They walked over and some stared at the Ninja girl Pounding the first alien and other walked over to stare in awe at the Doctor and captain’s metre long, leg thick erections.

 “Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo! Mogoo!” They whispered

First two, then more of them turned around and bent over hopefully. Not needing any more invitation the captain and then the doctor grabbed the two with the choicest asses and plunged to the hilt into their tight green pussies. As they set up their awesome rhythm the fuckees went limp with ecstasy and the onlookers grabbed their cocks and began to pump frantically at the awesome sight.

Having needed a release for a while and knowing they needed to service a crowd, they and the ninja let themselves cum almost immediately, pumping litres of hot sweet girl-cum into the green aliens girls’ insides.  At the sight the green girls’ dicks let loose shots of cum, which were lime-green. Some fainted. The fuckees fell to the ground barely conscious, the cum pouring from their pussies making little puddles.

The away team continued to work their way through the oh-so-willing aliens.

Cries of “Mogoo!” filled the air. More and more aliens arrived and the crewmembers had sex with a few hundred before they the captain decided to call back the other nine crew members.

The other crew members initially protested at having to cut short their own orgy but quickly changed their tune when they realised the Capitan had found such a vast supply of sweet nookie.

The crew worked their way through the population of that planet (hundreds of thousands) and were acknowledged by the natives as absolute super-god-dick-queens. The native’s stamina was not as great as Earth Futa’s and their penises were (snigger) tiny, but it was always nice get some fresh pussy.

Also they found minerals and things.


Leaving every inhabitant of that planet pregnant they flew off to explore other planets.

They Starjumped to another system and were approaching the inner planets when they were hailed by a ship. A huge alien-looking ship loaded with advanced weapons.

An angry-looking pale-skinned woman with weird bumps on her forehead wearing an elaborate outfit appeared on the viewscreen.

Captain Hosuhi stood up to speak to the alien.

“Unidentified ship” The Alien captain shouted “None may enter the territory of the Uudotii! For this you will be… “

The Alien caught sight of the captain’s dick. The Earth crew needed to be able to thrust into their PoP devices at any time so their uniform left their dick and balls hang outside their pants. The captain’s flaccid dick hung almost to the ground and was a thick as a beer can. Her balls were shiny and the size of two oranges.


The alien captain cleared her throat.

“I mean… perhaps your… captain would like to cum… I mean… come over to discuss the matter with us”

 She shifted her dress in an attempt to hide her raging hard-on. The other members of the alien crew were in a similar state of disbelief at the sight of the Earth captain’s enormous endowment.

The two ships docked and the captain entered the Uudotii ship. The various Uudotii crew members got sweaty at the sight of captain Hosuhi’s gigantic sausage.


She was led into a meeting room where the Uudotii leader was sitting alone at the head of a table.

She was surprisingly short and had short black hair.

Captain Hosuhi stood and said “So. We entered your territory. Are we going to be punished?”

The Uudotii captain tried unsuccessfully to avoid staring at Hosuhi’s length of cock meat.

“What? Oh! Oh no! No! We just meant we have to welcome you. Welcome you.  Please sit down. What are you doing in our part of space?”

“Well” said the captain and she sat down, ran her fingers through her long shiny black hair and placed the majority of her dick length on top of the table. “We’re explorers and we also hope to do some trade”

The Uudoti captain gulped.

“Well we’d be delighted if you explored us, I mean our world. What are you trading?”

captain Hosuhi picked up her dick and casually waggled the eighteen cm (seven inch) length that protruded from her grip.

“I’m not sure. We have water, metals, animals, foodstuff and such”

The captain turned to one side and let her dick drop between her knees. It was starting to get hard.

“Mostly we have a lot of people. Lots of people. Highly talented people. We could arrange a deal where we provide services in exchange for technology”

Captain Hosuhi watched dispassionately as her dick achieved its full hardness. The metre-long rock-hard shaft jutted out from her body. The captain got up.

The Uudotii’s face went red and to the captain’s surprise a single purple bubble shot out from under the Uudotii captains skirt. It drifted upwards and then popped. Captain Hosuhi guessed that it was how Uudotii showed arousal.

Hosuhi walked over and stood before the Uudotii so her dick head was inches from the Uudotii’s face. (Have you ever had a dick head inches from your face? It looks massive particularly if it *is*massive and you can clearly see that the rest of the person’s body is pretty far away.)

“S-sucky..”  Another bubble popped out from under the Uudotii’s skirt “I-I mean that sounds good. We can give you some tech... ”

Her fingers moving clumsily the Uudotii captain set up a relay sending thousands of years’ worth of research to the Earth ship.

“ …And in return could you let us make examinations of certain details of your species’ anatomy.

We would like to do that for… scientific purposes. Yes. In particular the reproductive organs. In fact...”

She stared at the gigantic cock-head in her face. More bubbles floated up.

“… could I start making an examination right now? Please?”

Captain Hosuhi shrugged.

“Go right ahead”

The Uudotii captain lunged for the dick and demonstrated the elasticity of her species’ mouths she took a remarkable length of dick into her. A cloud of bubbles floated up and started to fill the room.

The Uudotii took Hosuhi’s cock like a drowning person sucking oxygen. Her hand moved over the shaft frantiacally. Eventually the actions of her mouth, hands and tongue were sufficient to bring the captain to orgasm. She CAME. Within seconds she overloaded the capacity of the Uudoti’s mouth, pushing the head back and spraying her right in the face with blasts hot Futagirl cream over and over for two minutes straight. The Uudotii was covered head to toe in sperm and let loose a final cloud of purple bubbles. The captain offered vaginal sex but it turned out that Uudotii were so sensitive that just touching their pussy with their cockhead set off a blast of bubbles and instantly rendered them unconscious. The Uudotii traded pretty much all the data in their ship and everything else of value in their ship in return for allowing the rest of the Uudotii  crew to study the Earth Futa’s reproductive organs in detail.

The Uudotii offered very generous trade agreements if the Earth Futa agreed to come back.

The captain put that mission down as another success.


The Matsuda went to one more system and found it had no planets, just an asteroid belt.

For the sake of completeness the crew landed on an asteroid to take samples.

After half an hour of this they were surprised to see a naked pearl-white girl with full lips, her face against the glass looking in at them from outside, humping the outside of the ship.

They let her inside and she seemed ok with being a cum-dumpster for the crew. Finding no other life on the asteroid the crew of the Matsuda decided to take her along. The white alien seemed ok with the oxygen atmosphere but was admitted into sickbay after three days from too much sex.


The Matsuda returned to Earth. After the crew of the Matsuda told command about their sexy adventures a fleet of several thousand ships was quickly built and sent out to start further exploration.


Exploring the universe SIZE operatives were amazed to discover that the universe was filled with intelligent life and what was more,  that life invariably took the form of cute girls with plump dicks swinging between their legs. There was barely a single rock floating in space that didn’t have at least one Futanari on it. Futa scientists suggested that this was because the Futa form was the natural peak of the evolution of life in the universe and that all life would naturally move towards Girl-dicky-ness. In fact Futa without pussies  (men) and Futa without dicks (women) were unheard of in all of space. It was theorised that the evolution of non-Futa genders on Earth had being a mistake and that Earth Futa were now growing so rapidly because Futa energy had being building up on Earth for billions of years without release until it had finally forced the female humans to develop in to Futanari. When Futanari had finally developed on Earth, all the stored Futa energy had surged forth causing Earth Futa’s dicks to grow at incredible speed.


SIZE continued its exploration of space.


Whole races of Futa were discovered.

There were winged Futa living and fucking in cloudy peaks.

There were tiny two-inch tall Futanari with five inch dicks.

There were slender fifteen foot tall Futa with four inch dicks.

There were Futa that swam in oceans of cum produced by their own never-ending orgasms.

There were invisible Futas, cat-eared Futas, crystalline Futas, cyborg Futas, Futas who were like mythological gods, (I am Thor. I am so thore I can’t even thit down) blue Futas, Futas with glowing eyes, Futas with silver skin, Futa races with a collective consciousness so that if you had sex with one everyone on the planet had an orgasm, Futas with invisible dicks, telepathic Futas who expressed their feelings as floating pictures (Huge dick, sex?, pink explosion, pink explosion, pink explosion), Futas with flowers growing out of the top of their heads, Futas that lived in caves, Futas that lived in incredible flying cities, Futas that lived in cities that covered entire planets and Futas that lived on isolated desert planets with two suns.

None were even close to size of the Earth’s new generation of Futas who day by day continued to lengthen and get thicker.


The Terran empire grew at an incredible rate as whole galactic empires surrendered absolutely in return for some mega-cock. Alien races gave up all of their technology and Futa scientists used that tech in brilliant ways to invent even more advanced technology.

It was common for ships to lose crewmembers who just couldn’t resist the temptation to just stay  on a planet filled with hungry pussy and cute little dicks and go fuck-wild. The ship would find that someone was missing and after a search, give up. Then the deserter would come out of hiding and attempt to bone the entire population of the planet by herself often with considerable success.


Then a ship exploring a the far reaches of the Galaxy was attacked by a ship that appeared out of nowhere. A really cool looking ship with a pile of guns, huge engines, spikey-bits, a wooden Futanari figurehead and for some reason sails. On its prow it bore a skull and crossbones marking.

Space pirates!

Their huge cannon fired a blast of pink energy that shut down the SIZE ship’s systems.

Attack pods launched from the main ship and attached to the SIZE ship’s hull with magnetic clamps.

Then a horde of Futa-girls with eyepatchs, peglegs, hook hands, ray pistols, sonic cutlasses, electro-parrots, fake beards, gold earings and those handkerchief things that you tie around the head broke into the ship and assaulted the Size crew.

The Earth crew fought bravely but were outnumbered and unused to hand to hand combat and were soon all captured.

They couldn’t help but notice that the pirates’ penises were almost as big as theirs. They had impressive busts as well, ranging from a C-cup to a H-cup.  The Earth captain, a cute girl with short brown hair was dragged before a fiery red-head Futa wearing the big black pirate captain hat. Her hands were tied behind her back.

The Earth captain was surprised to see the size of the pirate captain’s dick. The Earth captain was particularly big, a metre long even when flaccid (longer than two metres erect) but this pirate was almost ¾ metre longs flaccid much bigger that the average alien dick.

The pirate captain stroked her chin.

“What have we here?  Looks like we hit gold. Arrrr. A brand new ship and…”

The captain picked up the front part of  Earth captains long cock and felt it’s weight appreciatively.

“…look at the meat on these little birds. The admiral shall be pleased with this haul.Hmmm. I think I shall take this one’s bounty for meself. Arrrrr”

The pirates laughed. The pirate captain picked up a tiny red disc and placed it on the Earth captain’s dick halfway up the shaft. It glowed red and attached. The Earth captain was confused.

“What’s going on?” she thought.

The pirate captain sneered and stuck a green disc on her own penis.

Then a red glow spread along the Earth captain’s dick.

“What?” she said

Slowly to her horror her penis began to shrink. Smaller. Smaller. Smaller.

The Earth captain was very proud of her dick which had being growing rapidly since she was twelve.

Seeing it get smaller was very upsetting.

It was now only thirteen centimetre (five inches) long and her orange-sized balls were also getting smaller . She looked up.

As her penis was shrinking, the pirate captain’s was growing. Bigger. Bigger. Bigger. It was glowing green. Not only was it growing she was also getting harder, probably just from the feeling of getting bigger. It was already longer than two metres and thicker that the Earth captain’s legs. The pirate captain’s apple-sized balls were swelling as well. Her tremendous cock stuck out at an angle casting a growing shadow over the Earth captain.

The Earth captain looked down just in time to feel her once mighty cock shrunk down into a 3cm pinky. Her ball were like two rice grains.

She moaned.

She looked up.

The pirate captains had finished stealing her size. The pirate now had a monster that shot out three and a half metres with balls like melons.  Her dick was twice as tall as her body. It was clearly as hard a diamond. Despite herself, the Earth captain wanted it.

The pirate laughed. Her foreskin popped back and her massive cock-head flared.

“Now THIS is nice. Arrrrrr. Looks MUCH better on me. Arrrrr. Take this little girly to the brig. She needs to be nice and rested for her stay in the grog mines. Arrrrr.”

She laughed again long and hard.

The Earth captain was dragged to the brig.

The pirates proceeded to drain the dick size from the whole Earth crew and transfer it to themselves.

They were delighted at the amount of dick the Earthers had possessed and kept stroking their newly enlarged peckers. The Earth crew were devastated. They huddled together in the cells in tears and to their horror found that with their Power of Penis drained away THEY DIDN’T FEEL LIKE HAVING SEX!

The pirates had a huge orgy, then put a small crew on the Earth ship and took it back to their base.

What they didn’t notice was the ship’s security ninja who had hidden after the fight. She had gotten a few pirates with her shuriken, but had realised she had to hide or be captured with the rest. Unnoticed (naturally) the ninja boarded her personal penis-powered escape board and set off into space to warn the Empress.


Later, far, far away the main pirate Armada floated in space. It was in a system midway between several systems it was currently plundering. Ships and crew were constantly bringing in gold, jewels, captured ships, art, food and the most precious resource of all: penis size. The Armada was far too powerful for any world to resist and most worlds agreed to pay a tithe of treasure, food, materials and penis-size rather than be stripped clean.

The pirate Armada consisted of hundreds of thousands of ships ranging from state of the art starfighters to the  rusty freighters that held cargo and captured slaves and which didn’t even have engines and were just towed everywhere, from tiny personal spacescooters to the largest ship in known space, the immense flagship of the pirate Armada, Big Marie.

Big Marie had previously belonged to a proud warrior race until the pirate queen had stolen it. She had then used it to blow up all their other ships and had plundered their world.

The warrior race had given it a long name with lots of “z”s and commas but the pirate queen had felt it needed a new, more suitable name. It had being extensibly modified with even more guns, more cargo space, larger living quarters, hangers for attack craft, a black, red and gold paintjob and a Jacuzzi.

In the middle of a massive command centre at the heart of Big Marie sat the pirate queen Alicia on her throne. She was a petite lady with long curly blonde hair and a cute face. She was dressed in an absolutely enormous pirate hat and a uniform with huge shoulder pads and tight shorts. The coils of an immense soft pink cylinder as thick as a tree trunk led from the front of Alicia’s shorts, over her gigantic balls onto the floor and then crisscrossed and looped covering most of the central area of the command centre with its mind-blowing length. This was Alicia’s dick. Fifty metres long and a metre wide at its widest point it was the largest pecker in the known universe and getting bigger every day. She had balls like two pink wrecking balls that she liked to rest her feet on. Every day captured Futa would be brought to her and transfer discs would be used to move their dick-size from them to the queen.

The pirates also used other discs to transfer bust-size, ass-size and height but these were rarer.

The pirate queen had never used these. She was flat-chested, tiny-butted and short, but she had used the transfer discs over and over to give herself the biggest pussy pumper in the known universe.

 There was a continual debate about whether the biggest gun on the Big Marie was attached to the hull or between Alicia’s legs.

Alicia possessed so much stolen Power of Penis she could control her gargantuan prick perfectly and it could move like a terrible sea serpent, harden into an adamantium-hard fifty metre tower or simply lie limp around her taking up huge amount of space.  The pirate queen always had a rather smug expression and who could blames her. Alicia liked to manipulate the tip to rest on her lap and she would stroke it gently like a giant pet python.

Every five minutes or so Alicia would slide the front half of her cock into a hole in the command centre floor and send the tip down to several rooms full of sex slaves and spend a minute or so pumping sperm into several Futa until they were at bursting point. Any Futa has the ability to cram their cock into tiny area, but Alicia could fuck a girl with the tightest pussy with a dick hundreds of time bigger than the girl’s entire body. She went through tens of thousands of sex slaves a day. She didn’t want kids so they were all dosed with powerful contraceptives. Being directly fucked by a penis with so much concentrated Power of Penis sent them into a bliss coma, that would last for months. After she came in them, cum would spray continuously out of their pussies for weeks.


Around Alicia were hundreds of computer technicians, tactical analysts, accountants and engineers sitting at terminals monitoring the status of both the main fleet and the eleven other fleets roaming the universe. Alicia’s Power of Penis was so high that whenever she was aroused being within a hundred metres of her felt like having sex, even if she wasn’t touching you.  The girls monitoring the terminals had throbbing erections and dripping pussies even when Alicia was entirely flaccid. All of them took drugs to quell the effect but even so few could take being close to her for more than a few hours. Fortunately there were plenty of volunteers to replace those who had to take a rest.


Alicia spent most of her day in the command centre, but she also had a special bedroom and a bathroom. When she walked she sent her penis ahead of her so the tip reached her bedroom before the rest of her body had left the command centre. Her huge bed room had a four-poster bed and thirty other four-poster beds to cover her penis. Five beautiful sex slaves stood at the far end of the room and were constantly replaced whenever Alicia dicked them into unconsciousness. Often looking at a laptop she used the end of her dick as a tentacle, picked up a girl, and did her with the end of her penis while a loop of penis held the girl up off the ground. Sometimes she looped her penis around five girls at once, just because she could. Even this contact was enough to start streams of orgasms for the girls being picked up.


Sometimes Queen Alicia wanted to do it properly and after putting in the tip would stand up in her pink skull and crossbones nightie and walk over the mattresses of the four poster beds closer and closer pushing more and more of her monster dick into the girl’s pussy with each step. By the time she reached the girl and pressed her body fully against the other girl’s body with the full extent of her dick inside the girl, the recipient was invariably already unconscious.

Her bathroom had something like a Jacuzzi for her body and a section like a swimming pool for her dick. It took a team of twenty to wash and dry her cock every day.

Alicia had the largest penis in the pirate armada but pirates are naturally democratic (amongst themselves) and dick size was shared out to all pirates. The lowliest deck swabber got a few centimetres extra while the admirals of the other eleven fleets had dicks twenty to thirty metres long.

The admirals almost never met in person because it was hard to find a room big enough to hold all that cock-meat.

The worlds terrorised by the Space pirates had to give up inches of their penis while most pirates were hung like space horses.

A senior technician got up from her terminal and walked into the middle area clutching a touchscreen.

She climbed over the coils of Alicia’s penis to make her way over to beside the pirate queen and then she cleared her throat.

Alicia finished a bottle of Cidona and then tossed it aside.

“What be ye be wantin’ Yestina. Arrrr!” she said in her sweet girly voice.

Yestina pushed her glasses up. She was wearing a small pirate cap and a purple dress with a metre-long erection tenting the fabric.

“I’ve noticed something interesting you majesty. A patrol ship in a distant galaxy is reporting large amounts of exceptionally endowed individuals. If we can ascertain the source we could tap huge amounts of Power of Penis. Arrrr.”

She handed the touch screen to Alicia. The queen glanced at the details.

“A ship full of girls with giant willies? Arrrr! And you say there could be a whole planet of them? Arrrrrr!!”

The queen started to get aroused.  Yestina could see the dick loops around her get fatter and harder and what was more, she could feel the queens swelling power like a pressure in her pussy. The technician let out a little moan. The technicians in the command centre felt it too and rubbed their thighs together in arousal.

“With that much dick I could have a johnny the size of a starship! Inform the fleet! We must set sail for those coordinates. Arrrrrrr!”

“The entire main fleet?” Asked Yestina “But your Majesty, We are right in the middle of pillaging these worlds. Arrrrr.”

The queen stood up and hefted her massive balls.

“At once! Those dicks will be mine! Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”


Within months the pirate fleet had descended upon Earth’s galaxy. None of the alien civilisations could match the power of the pirate’s really, really cool ships. They would come out of a star’s gravity well, rush to the planets, blast any defending ships to atom with their huge cannons, rockets and lasers and then plunder the planets of treasure and dick-size. Always they would ask the  prisoners taken over and over if they knew where the planet of the huge-dicked girls could be found.


But Empress Mika (She had a four metre dick now. Running a Galactic Empire had meant she couldn’t have sex as much as she wanted and her dick had grown like crazy from the stress) was ready. The lone  ninja who had escaped the first attack had warned her and she had assembled the resources of the Terran Empire to build a huge war fleet. The Terrans met the Pirates on the rim of the galaxy.

 It was a huge battle with giant lasers, huge rockets, swarms of fighters, giant robots, armored suits and really big ships. Futas on both sides pumped their Pop consoles furiously sending every bit of Power of Penis they could muster into their engines, guns and shields.

The Terrans fought bravely but were defeated.

They were simply no match for the pirates’ larger ships, superior battle skill and ferocity.

The pirate captured the Earth Futa, stole their penis size and interrogated them to find Earths location. This did no good as the details of how exactly to get to Earth were extremely technical and kept inside computers which were destroyed whenever the ships were captured.

The pirates continued their search, system by system through the galaxy

Queen Alicia packed on another few metres from the stolen dick size and the rest of the pirates were several centimetres bigger too. However he longed to take the penis size of all the Futa of Earth. One night she got a hard-on dreaming of it and her dick erected , punching through the ceiling of her bedroom, smashing through a kitchen, an armoury and a storage cupboard. 

However a counter was found to the pirates overwhelming power: Ninjas.

In the first battle, Futa Ninjas were able to use their powered boards to sneak onto the pirate ships, dick-choke enemy captains and blow up ships. There were only a few dozen but they crippled or destroyed  seventeen ships.  However the pirates had a hundreds of thousands of ships and Alicia could always promote more pirates to replace the captains killed.


Empress Mika had observed the failure of her fleets. However she noticed the success of the ninja.

She stood wearing a white flowing dress with a big naked four metre hard-on in the war room at the top of the highest crystal tower of her Ruby-crystal palace with her head Ninja (whose smaller erection (three metres, twice  the Ninja’s height ) was covered in lavender cloth.

“Our ships cannot defeat the pirates. They are too powerful” Said Mika


“We must use indirect methods. I want you to train a force of ninja that can begin to destroy the pirate fleet from the inside. Only in this way can we hope to weaken them”


“Thank you.  Yuriko. I know I can count on you”



 Yuriko set about training an army of Futanari space ninja. Furthermore as the fate of the galaxy was at stake, Mika gave her generals detailed instructions as how to run the war, she left her position and went to train with the Futanari ninja herself.


As Queen Alicia’s pirate fleet worked its way through the galaxy, they were assailed by a Lavender tide of space ninja. Every day another high ranking pirate would die. Every hour or so another ship would be blown up by carefully hidden explosive charges. This was despite high security.

 The ninjas lurked in the shadows and hidden corners of the pirate ships unseen by the pirates and when the moment was right struck out with their negative-energy Katanas, Nun chucks, Shuriken and their deadly penises. Many a pirate girl was knocked out from behind by a blow to the head from a swinging penis. The ninjas tried to assassinate the pirate queen but the overpoweringly sexy aura of her cock was so distracting that no ninja could maintain her Ninjitsu stealth. Every few days Alicia would discover another extremely horny ninja humping one of the loops of her dick. Annoyed, she would crush them with a subtle movement of the coils of her cock.

Alicia set about training anti-ninja pirate futanari. However these were unskilled and only managed to kill a few ninjas.

Some ninja led a mission to rescue captured Futanari from the cargo ships where they were being held. They attacked some capital ships as a diversion and then other ninjas disguised as pirates piloted the cargo ships filled with prisoner to a Terran ship hiding behind a moon. The mission was successful, but when they arrived home, it was clear that the prisoners were shamed by the loss of their dick size. They did not want anyone to look at them with their tiny cocks and seeing their other Earth Futas’ big healthy dicks just reminded them of what they had lost.


Three months later the pirates discovered a semi-intact navigational computer in the wreckage of a Terran ship and were able at last to get the coordinates for Earth.


The pirate fleet came out of the wake of the Sun and were met by a barrage from Earth’s defence fleet. Thousands of ships had being destroyed and thousands of pirates had being killed by the Ninja lurking in their fleet, but it was not enough. There were still too many pirate ships and the Big Marie was in the lead.

Inside the Big Marie, Queen Alicia had connected her immense penis to her own gigantic PoP console and was sending her tremendous power into the Big Marie’s shields and guns. Each Titanic thrust of her Giga-cock send power equivalent to a nuclear explosion into the Big Marie’s Defence Systems. The ship glowed with energy.

No attack could pierce her shields and her gargantuan under-cannon destroyed dozens of Terran ships with each blast of white energy.

The Terrans were determined and it took the pirate fleet a day of constant battle to reach the Earth.

Queen Alicia stopped her Thrusting and activated her communication relay.

“Terrans! You are no match for my might! Surrender now or Die! Arrrrrr!”


Then a squadron of purple and black fighters flew up out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

They flew straight towards the Big Marie, dodging and weaving to avoid the battling ships, explosions and energy beams.

One by one the ships were destroyed until the last one made it to the Big Marie.

A laser shot forth from the flagship and blasted it but not before a figure wearing a jet pack shot out of it. It was a ninja in a lavender uniform modified for space, carrying a black katana. She flew in to hover above the dome of plas-glass on top of the Big Marie that covered the command centre. She removed her helmet letting the suit’s force field protect her head and her long flowing blonde  hair sprang loose. It was the Empress Mika. Letting her penis achieve it full erection of five metres (Ninja training had encouraged its growth) she spoke through head phones to the Big Marie.

“Evil pirate! I am Empress Mika of the Terra Empire! I challenge you to single combat… if you dare”

Alicia looked up from her throne at Mika.

“Challenge me, ya scurvy swab? I’ll crush you and your microscopic dick, so I will! Arrrrr!”

Alicia removed her dick from her giant PoP console. She summoned two servants to bring her rocket boots, space helmet and power cutlass.

“Soon all of your dick-size shall belong to us! Arrrrrr!”


She activated her rocket boots and shot straight up on blues flames. She smashed through the dome with a swing of her dick and rose up. She approached Mika and her sixty metre cock moved around her petite body like a sea serpent.

Mika was stunned. She had heard of the pirate queen’s size but seeing such an enormous  amount of girl-meat first hand was awe inspiring. Even now the urge to break down and beg to be fucked was strong, but Mika knew Earth was depending on her.

There, floating in space above Earth, explosions and laser fire from the two fleets to be seen everywhere around them, they faced each other


Suddenly the tip of Alicia’s cock went for Mika with incredible speed. Mika dodged the first thrust but it turned instantly in mid-air. The empress found herself moving at full speed and dodging left, right, forward, back, up and down with Anna’s cock head chasing inches behinds her with incredible speed and perfect dexterity. The rest of Alicia floated perfectly still with a bored expression. Mika turned and took a swipe with her katana but it bounced off the unbelievably hard surface of Alicia’s invincible cock.

Mika tried to trick Alicia into tying a knot with the enormous penis but Alicia was far too cunning and Mika narrowly avoided being trapped in a loop of penis which tried to close on her, before a whole section of dick swung at her.  Alicia then used the front, middle and back parts of her dick-length to come at Mika from different directions. Only by manoeuvring her jet pack with all her skill and concentration could Mika avoid being hit.

Mika flew back out of range of Alicia’s uber-wang.

Alicia put her cutlass behind her back and with a feminine grunt wrapped her dick around a passing piece of space wreckage that must have weighed several tons and hurled it with deadly accuracy.

Mika used the full power of her jet pack to avoid the mass.

Alicia used her boots to move forward, her dick moving left and right, taking immense swipes at Mika.

Mika threw a trio of shuriken right at Alicia and the pirate queen batted them aside with her cock.

But as she did so Mika flew to attack Alicia from above. Moving like lightening she worked her way around the defence of Alicia’s rapidly moving cock, only to have her Katana blocked by Alicia’s cutlass.

Then Alicia’s dick tip went for Mika’s midsection. Mika blocked it with her own erection barely but it sent her flying and knocked the wind out of her.

Just in time she recovered and narrowly avoided another cock swipe.

She flew out of range again.


The impossibly endowed pirate sneered.

“You be makin’ me horny! Hahah! Lets see how you be handlin’ some artillery fire!”

Alicia flew back and her immense cock straightened to point right at Mika.

Her wrecking-ball-sized balls seemed to double in size.

Then they tightened.

A Hot spiralling torrent of liquid with the volume of a river vented from Alicia’s cock toward Mika.

Mika had somehow sensed what would happen or else she would never have avoided the Titanic ejaculation. The stream continued past Mika and off into space.

Alicia sheathed her cutlass and placed her hands on her vibrating balls. Awkwardly she directed her emission stream towards Mika who had to move at top speed to avoid being hit by it.

This continued for several minutes leaving a circle of clear fluid orbiting the Earth.

Then it stopped suddenly.

Mika stopped flying and took a moment to check her jet pack’s fuel. She was running low.


Alicia laughed.

“Whas ta matter lass? Surely yer not bothered bit a bit of… pre… cum? Be a shame if were to actually… oh! Here it comes!”

Alicia’s took on a lewd expression as her  balls enlarged to three times their size and tightened again as she CAME!

 A second torrent four times larger than the first, pure white and pulsing as if it was a series of spaceship-sized cum spheres strung together shot out at supersonic speed from Alicia’s Uber-cock.

The stream of hyper-cum widened to several dozen metres in width the instant it left her jizz-hole.

Her cock bulged fatter and more veined as it continued to pump hundreds of tons of cum a second in Mika’s direction, the blast-line slowly but surely moving toward the Ninja-Empress trying to avoid it.

Mika had to use all of her Ninjitsu and jet pack power to avoid an instant ultra-orgasm, followed by instant pregnancy and then instant obliteration.

Alicia’s hot stream moved towards the Earth for a second. The atmosphere slowed it enough so it did not kill, but she impregnated half of Northern India.

Alicia increased the rate of cum generation. White lightning flashed continually around her cum stream

“Ye getting tired? Cos, I can keep this up all day” She said giving her gigantic balls a pat.


Just then the stream hit of a large piece of space debris and a smaller stream was redirected from the main stream and hit Mika.

She was not killed, but she was covered in cum and her jetpack seemed to go out of control and she crashed through the plastic wall of a pirate cargo container.

She found herself in a pile of size-transference discs.

Mika was so tired her dick was flaccid.


Alicia let her Giga-orgasm stutter off, sending intermittent shots that became less powerful until she produced a few spaceship-sized blobs of wobbling white cum  that just drifted off the end of her dick.

Alicia set her cock still oozing cum straight up and slowly jet booted towards the container.

She used her dick to rip the side off the cargo container.

Mika picked up a disc and separated it into a green and red disc and feebly threw a red disc at Alicia but Alicia just batted it aside with her dick.

With a single blow of her cock Alicia casually smashed the container, so the whole thing flew apart and discs were sent flying everywhere out of Mika’s reach.

Alicia’s dick encircled Mika tightly so her arms were pinned and with the rest of her dick length reached for a floating disc and grabbed it with her jizz-hole. Her dick head then moved over to her so she could take the disc from her jizz-hole with her left hand.


Alicia’s squeezed Mika a little harder with her dick. Mika felt a rib crack.

“Yer empire fallen. Yer fleet all but destroyed. Then ye be utterly humiliated in combat and then ya fall right into a container of transference discs”

Alicia separated the disc into its green and red halves. And brought Mika close, so she could slap a red disc on her limp penis. Then she activated the green disc and placed it on her own penis.

“That be what ya call destiny. Arrrr!”

Then a red glow appeared on Alicia’s massive penis and a green glow appeared on Mika’s.

A look of horror dawned on the pirate’s face and losing control, her penis loosened.

Alicia’s gigantic penis was starting to shrink and Mika’s was quickly getting longer

Desperate Alicia reached for the green disc, but Mika moved forward and grabbed Alicia’s arms so she couldn’t move them. Alicia wriggled frantically. She could feel her dick shrinking.


Mika smiled.

“I sent the Ninja hidden in your fleet orders to reverse the covers of your stored transference discs. Oooh! Oh my! You have just so much… dick!”.


Alicia’s and Mika’s dicks were now both thirty-three metres long.

Alicia’s dick was pointing to one side, touching Mika’s hip and Mika’s was pointing downwards so Alicia found herself astride Mika’s growing cock.

“Nooooooo!” Alicia moaned as she felt her glowing-red penis become merely huge and felt Mika’s Cock grew massive between her thighs.

Finally they floated there as Mika revelled in the feeling of slightly-bigger-than-wrecking-ball-sized balls and a sixty-five metre dick, while pale-faced Alicia watched her once mighty penis shrink from a huge dick to an average-sized dick to a small dick to a tiny little thing to something like a centimetre of spaghetti with two balls the size of pin heads. Finally Alicia’s micro-dick was too small for the green disc to hold onto the disc dropped off. The red disc disconnected from Mika’s Mega-cock.

Mika kept a hand on Alicia and jet-packed back to the Big Marie.

“My dick… It’s so… small” Alicia whined.


With a touch of her uber-dick Mika smashed through the glass of the Dome that had just finished self-healing and landed in the centre of the pirate command centre. Yestina approached and beheld Mika’s colossal penis. She looked up at its Sixty-five metres of  height and barrel-sized thickness and her pussy twitched a little.

“I have a massive cock. You will obey” said Mika

“You have a massive cock. I will obey” Responded Yestina with a dazed expression.

“Prepare the ship for battle”

Mika left Alicia sobbing on the floor and fitted her cock into Alicia’s old PoP console.

It was a little tight, but she managed to get all her cock inside.

She began slowly thrusting. The Big Marie’s power levels instantly peaked.

“Turn about. Target all pirate vessels and open fire with all weapons.”


The pirates fleet had being surprised when the Big Marie had stopped so that Queen Alicia could fight Mika.

However they had continued to move forward and had then continued to pound what was left of the Terran fleet.

When the Big Marie turned about and let loose a blast from its undercannon that disintergrated thirty pirate ships in one blast and let loose a swarm of rockets and lasers that hit ten more, the pirate crews were stunned.

Unsure whether to attack their flagship or run, they could not co-ordinate and dozens of ships at a time were cut down by the Big Marie’s blasts.

Of the hundreds of thousands of ships that had attacked Earth only a few hundred made it to the safety of the sun to Starjump away.

The War was over.


With her new dick Mika was immensely horny. She did a controlled crash of The Big Marie into the Baltic sea and spent a month or two humping a million or so oh-so-willing Swedes( Futas, girls and men).

Then Mika discovered she was pregnant from when she had being doused in Alicia’s sperm.

Alicia was in custody and in depression from losing her gigantic dick and armada but Mia convinced her to try to do some parenting for the child when it was born and also for the several million Futa that would soon be born in Northern India. Letters, mass storytelling, mass picnics and such.

Mika made sure captured pirates were forced to transfer dick size back to Futas whose dick size had been stolen.

Mika was eager to donate some of her own dick size. Having a Sixty-six metre (she grew another metre while she was fucking the Swedes) dick was cumbersome. She simply couldn’t fit into some of the rooms in her palace. She couldn’t even go for a walk in a forest without everyone seeing her dick poking up above the trees and knowing exactly where she was.

However for some reason whenever she donated some size, her size would quickly recover.

She had to donate three metres of dick a day to keep her size down to ten metres.

Of course she had no shortages of Futa  volunteers who were more than happy to receive a metre or two of dick.

The disc didn’t work on non-Futas. The Discs apparently worked with certain energies unique to Futanari.

Mika set to work rebuilding the Terran empire.


Sixty years earlier (Futa live really long and don’t age much), The planet Hirai:

Professor Tazma called Dr.Yeetch and the professor’s assistant Alicia into her office.

The professor was a beautiful woman with short snow white hair, well known  for both her insight into the science of “Liquid assets” the science of converting physical characteristics into tangible “substances” and her impressive twenty centimetre (8 inch) dick.

Dr Yeetch was a renowned specialist in penis growth. She was an elegant woman with long dark hair and it was known that she had an eighteen centimetre (7 inch) penis.

The professor’s assistant, Alicia had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing glasses. Alicia had a particularly bad case of micro-penis. This was why she had become the professor’s assistant, in hopes of someday getting a cure for her condition.

Professor Tazma stood up.

“My friends. I have just received orders from the board of our company to hand over our research data by tomorrow.” She said solemnly.

 The professor took off her glasses.

“As you know we have had no luck in developing a procedure to increase penis size. We have only managed to create a device that increases the penis size of one person at the cost of reducing another person’s endowment.  The board wants the device, but I cannot in good conscience hand over a device that could be used to steal people’s penis size. That is why I’m asking you, my most trusted colleagues, to help me destroy the device and all research material.”

Dr Yeetch smiled. “You don’t even have to ask Professor. Me and Alicia will stand by you all the way. Isn’t that right, Alicia?”

“Uh, yes of course”

Tears welled in the Professor’s eyes.

“Thank you, my dear friends. We have to start destroying the data immediately. Here. Take these stun- guns. We may need them if management sends some security to check up on us”


Next day the bodies of Professor Tazma and Dr. Yeetch were found in the burnt out remains of their laboratory. What was never made public was that their bodies when examined had extremely small penises.


A day later, on an interstellar passenger flight out of the planet Hirai:


A Stewardess walks by a seat and stopped to ask the passenger there if they want anything.

“Hello could I help…  WOW!”

The Stewardess did a double take.

Then she remembered she had to be a professional and pulled herself together.

  I mean… sorry. Wow! You’ve REALLY got one impressive penis there, Ma’am”

Alicia looked away from her bookpad and down at the thick thirty-eight centimetre (15 inch)erection, pushing up her skirt and straining her pantyhose.

“Hmmm? Yeah. I know.  I’m just naturally blessed, I guess “

“Well” said the stewardess pushing back a lock of hair “Let me know if there’s anything…  anything at all I can do for you”

“Maybe later. Thanks”

They stewardess left and Alicia ran a finger from base to tip of her enormous Girlhood.

She loved her new penis sooo much. Girls were practically throwing themselves at her.


Driving home from the lab, she had being unable to ignore the huge bulge in her pants any longer. She had pulled over and quickly undid her pants. Her huge new member had popped out and quickly hardened to its full size.  She had stared at it in awe. It came up to her chin. Just feeling its thereness filling up the space between her legs and beyond was like medicine for her poor self-esteem. She was such a freakin’ Girl-stud. She touched it gently, and it responded with pleasure way beyond anything she could have gotten from her old peanut-sized pee-pee.  She wrapped her hand around it. Her fingers couldn’t reach all the way around. It was too big. She laughed with a sound like tinkling bells.

 She began to stroke it. It was warm and hard. It began to throb with deep powerful throbs. The feeling was exquisite. It was so sensitive. She started to rub it with both of her pale slender hands. She became so excited and within minutes was ready to cum. Alicia’s micropenis had hardly even given her any amount of pleasure no matter how hard she rubbed it and it’s orgasms amounted to producing a drop of clear fluid on it’s tip. With a gasp Alicia closed her eyes and felt an Explosion of Pleasure from her cock. Hot white cum poured out of her dick and shot right into her surprised face. She moaned as her double-sized Futa balls pumped more and more gushes of cum in her face. Soon the intensity of the pulses dropped off so she was just pumping cum over her hand, onto her lap and down her legs, to puddle on the floor of her car.

The orgasm died away and Alicia took stock of her self.

“Oh my god!” She thought “I’ve covered myself”

She giggled and helped herself to a finger of her cum.

“It’s delicious and so thick. This is so awesome!”

Then she realised she was already hard again.

“Again? Again? Can I? Should I?”


After several orgasms Alicia had gone home, showered, withdrawn her life savings and booked the first flight off-planet she could get.

She had quickly learned how easy it was for a cute blonde Futa with a huge dick to get sex. She had already done a girl in the back of a duty free shop and four of her fellow passengers on her interstellar shuttle.


Now she had sated herself Alicia got to thinking about herself about her future.

She had achieved her dream of gaining a big cock but she couldn’t help but think of how cool it would be if it was just a little bit bigger.

She had the transfer device in her backpack as well as its blueprint. She could sell it and live off the money, but Alicia had other plans. Big plans.

She brought up her copy of her favourite book “Treasure of the pirate queen” on her bookpad.

She smiled and hummed a little tune.

“…we’re really bad eggs… drink up me hearties, Yo ho!”


“Have any of the scans revealed anything?” Asked Captain Anatov.

“Sorry captain. She’s hidden herself well” replied the science officer.

“And have any of the Valkir discovered anything”

“well um Ma’am. You can ask the head diplomat. She’s the one you’re doing right now.  She came to inform us of the results of the search by their government, but well you ended up having sex before she could tell us.”

The captain thrust her two metre cock fully into the pussy of the Valkir diplomat who was crouching in front of her over presenting her massive tanned ass before the captain.

“Diiiick!” The head diplomat moaned.

The captain slowed her epic thrusts.

“Oh so sorry I thought you were just a normal volunteer”

The Valkir were beautiful tanned eight foot-tall aliens with huge breasts and long blonde hair.

They normally wore golden armour that covered very little of their bodies.

They were known for being warlike, fighting many bloody wars with other worlds and had twenty centimetre (eight inch) penises.

However in the presence of Earth Futas’s incredible Sexpipes they became meek and compliant and hard.

“Soo” asked Captain Anatov  who had stopped pumping but had not removed her cock from the Valkir’s steamy pussy “Any sign of Ensign Djanin?”

“More? Please?” Pleaded the huge alien woman.

The captain did not move.

The Valkir shivered a little.

“I… I’m sorry. We couldn’t find anything. I’m sorry. Oh gods! Please!  Please! Just a little more cock!”

The captain was tempted to send her away unsatisfied. It was annoying to keep losing crew members like this. Sure they had a huge number of eager recruits waiting back on Earth. But It was a pain to have to break in six or seven new recruits every few months and Anatov certainly didn’t like having her authority defied. Any Futa would love to drop everything and go fuckwild on a virgin world but they had a duty to the Empress. Dammit.

More to make herself feel better about the thought of having to leave these Blonde amazons behind and head back into space than any sort of kindness the Captain slowly began to move in and out of the Valkir again.

The Diplomat let out a long high pitched moan and the captain felt the Valkir’s pussy vibrate as she began to orgasm again in response to the ever-faster movements of the captain powerful cock filling out the Blonde alien’s vagina.


A few days later the Captain had to give up the saerch. They had failed to find Djanin and the Size ship had a schedule to keep. They took off and headed to the System’s core for a starjump.


A dusky-skinned Young Futa took a step out of a cave shielded from scans by natural metal deposits.

She checked a hand held device to confirm that the SIZE ship had left. She then helped herself to double helping of rations (to keep her strength up), draped her cock over her shoulder and walked down the hill to the nearest Village. It was a small primitive place and many of the Valkir were dressed in simple tunics or just naked.

As Ensign Djanin walked toward the centre, Valkir walking around the shops or working  stopped and stared.

“Gods, it is an Earthling!”

“It is the one who stayed behind!”

“She is soooo big!!”

“Please enter into me!”

As Djanin walked into the town square a crowd of around thirty extremely horny eight-foot-tall, blonde, busty futa babes gathered around her.

With a calm expression Djanin let her cock fall down so it hit the dirt with a “Phump”.

The Valkir were dripping, their huge rounded breasts were heaving and some dick-squirted at the sight.

Then Djanin let her dick harden so it lifted off the ground and then raised higher and higher. It was an impressive sight. She was considered huge even by Earth Futa standards. Finally she stood in the centre of the crowd her penis fully erect. Three metres (118 inches)and balls like grapefruit. Some Valkir fainted.

Djanin recalled the population of the planet: four billion Valkir, all to herself.

She smiled.

She had better get started.



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