Gamer to Goddess, Part 1


Part of a collaborative effort with Omniscribbler

Heads up, kinks in this story include:

Futa, Dub-con, hyper proportions, silliness, impregnation, hyper impregnation, macro impregnation, cum inflation (Seriously they get bloated up to the size of houses and stuff) and some other minor ones.


Part 1


Emilia Exponentia looked out the window of the car and watched the world zoom by. As her mom drove into the city, she looked over and smiled. “Thanks for taking me to the game store, mom and sorry again for losing my driver’s license.”

Her mother nodded, paying attention to the road. “Of course, sweetie… gah!” her mother made a disgruntled noise. Emilia blinked and asked, “Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?”

Her mother looked at her and went wide-eyed before returning her attention to the road. “Oh, no, Emilia, not at all. I just forgot something at work. Do you mind if we stop there first?”


Emilia shrugged. “Sure. You're taking me to GameGO so I can’t really complain, and it’s not like they will go out of business anytime soon. So take all the time you need.” Her mother thanked her and they drove the rest of the way in silence. After a few minutes, she drove up to the heavily armed gate and presented her ID to the armed guard. Then the car was let through into the parking lot of the Institute for Dimensional Study.

Curiosity filled Emelia's mind, as she turned towards her mother and asked “Hey, mom. Why are there so many armed guards?”


As they began walking towards the front entrance, her mother simply shrugged her shoulders, and replied in a nonchalant tone, “Bosses think we're doing something dangerous, so they paid for the extra security. Not sure why they would think that, I mean, we are only playing with the very fabric of existence, it’s not like anything bad could possibly happen with the device.”


Emilia scratched her head. “What device? What does it do? Why would it be dangerous?” Her mother looked at her with a concerned look and simply shrugged her shoulders. “It's a secret. I can't have you telling anyone.” Emilia looked around and in a slightly more hushed voice asked, “ You're doing it at the institute for dimensional study, right? Is it something to do with other dimensions? Come on, if you tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone.”


Her mother sighed. Emilia was very good at keeping secrets. After all, she had managed to keep the truth about her body a secret until a few years ago. Even today, only a select few know Amelia's Secret. Most of the kids at her school still think she's a girl. When, in fact, she is a futanari. A girl with both sets of genitals. A hermaphrodite. Fully fertile from both sides as well.


Most people thought that they were myths, when in fact, they were simply very rare. For all she knew, Emelia was the only hermaphrodite on Earth. So she conceded.


“Fine, fine. It's some project they're calling the “Broken Reality Entrapping Effect Dispenser” which dispenses dark matter entrapping waves that take the dark matter from alternate dimensions, from within a catalyst we have and locks into their energy to capture the essence of their universe within a portal to allow us to go-”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Emilia interrupted. “God almighty, I'm sorry I asked…!” her mother just laughed. “I'll keep it simple then. It's a device that lets us create portals to other dimensions, and worlds. The only problem is, because it's simply locks onto random universes, we have literally no idea where any given portal leads. Even if we did, we would not be able to definitely reopen the portal to the same universe consistently, meaning that if you go through it, there would be almost no way to return. least, we don't think. So it works, we're just postponing tests until we can keep the destination consistent.”


As they walked in the front door, the secretary at the front waved at Emilia’s mother. “Hello, Dr. Exponentia. I thought you had today off?”


She nodded back. “I do. I just left my ID here yesterday. May I have access to the 4th floor to get into my office?”


The secretary smiled and typed something on the computer, before the elevator went ‘ding’ and opened on the wall behind her. “There you are. Have a good day, doctor!”


Emilia and her mother climbed into the elevator and it closed automatically, taking them to the top floor.


As the elevator went ‘ding’ once more, they walked out, and something immediately caught Emilia’s eyes. At the far end of the hallway, two armed guards with machine guns stood outside of a glass door that led into a dark room. She assumed this must be the portable room, but she didn't really care.


Amelia and her mother made a right out of the elevator, and walked down the hallway for a few moments before arriving at a door with a name plaque on it, which read “Dr. Exponentia”

They both walked in and her mother opened her desk, pulling out some things before nodding. “Alright let's go.”


Suddenly, a man in a lab coat blocked the door. “Doctor! Oh great, I'm so glad you're here. I need to talk to you, it's urgent!” Emilia’s mother sighed. “Fine. But you owe me an hour of overtime for this. Stay here, Emilia. I'll be right back.”


Emilia shrugged and sat down at the desk, spinning in the chair while she waited. As she spun around, she noticed a full body length mirror in the corner of the office, and stood up to go check herself out in it. As usual, Her long, waist-length red hair was straight, and a vibrant rose color, but her eyes couldn't help but droop a little when she looked over her body.  While her hair was nice, silky, and straight, and her figure was slim, and beautiful, her chest was flat as a board. In fact, there was more of a bulge in her pants and there was in her shirt.

 It stung as she slid the knife right through her pride in admitting that. Still, having a massive dick was a benefit, and based on the internet porn she had seen, her cock was easily much bigger than the average man's. She kept this as a point of Pride, telling herself that if any man ever called her flat-chested, she would simply snap back that she had a bigger dick than them. Or at least, that's what she told herself.

Having the hormones of both a woman and a man meant that whenever she saw herself in the mirror she would more often than not get really turned on.  Her dick began to thicken, pressing tightly into her jean pant leg. She lowered her gray hoodie in order to hide it, but it didn't help that she was still looking at herself in the mirror.

 She shook her head. She needed to take her thoughts away from this. She walked out of the office and looked around, the sterile white hallways we're almost blinding, and with the overhead fluorescent lights, and the tiled floors, it looked more like a dream in the hallway than a scientific Institute.

He made a left out of the office, looking around to see if there was anything interesting to explore, when she noticed the two guards standing outside of the door from earlier were no longer there. Curiosity got the better of Amelia, and she approached the door with trepidation, before pressing the button right next to it.

 The door made a hissing noise as it slid open, and the lights inside were flipped on. It was the weekend, so not many of the scientists were working today, it was completely empty inside. When she entered, she saw a massive computer, which dozens of screens all looking at different sets of data, some even looking inside of the Next Room. There was also a door, that led to a room with a large archway.


 Emilia looked at all of the confusing computer screens, noting that the device was called the ‘Cosmic Operations Observation Monitor’ Her thoughts went back to what her mom said on the way here, about messing with the fabric of reality, and something about dark matter in Portals. She told herself that she probably shouldn't be here,But she stayed where she was. She was simply too curious to bother with reason.


 That was when a backpack laying in the corner caught her eye. The floor in this room was dark gray, and so was the backpack, which is why it didn't catch her eye earlier, but she wondered why it was here, considering that everyone was gone for the weekend. Curiosity, once again, getting the better of her, she made her way over to the backpack and opened it.

 Inside, there were a few things you would expect. A few notepads, some pins, a few books, and…  porn magazines? Her eyes went wide. “ Oh, s***, no way, this guy has the latest five issues of ‘Excessive Orgasm Monthly!’ she began flipping through the magazines with drool dripping from her mouth, and soon it was impossible for her to hold herself back anymore.

 Emilia pulled Down her zipper, and pulled her oh, 17 inch erection from her pants. He knew her mother would return soon, and that she had to be fast, or else she wouldn't be able to read these. Her hand went straight to her crotch and began jacking herself off as fast as she possibly could. Even while standing in the middle of the room, and staring directly into the magazines, she couldn't last long against her own expert handjob. Just at that moment, mercifully, her orgasm arrived and she fired a load of sperm across the room.


 A loud ‘DING!”  noise was heard as she suddenly looked up, spooked by the sudden, loud noise. She had accidentally sprayed her sperm into a container on the other side of the  monitoring device, into a container marked ‘Catalyst’

Emilia,  worrying that she might be caught, decided that she needed to clean it up. There was a lever standing right next to the Catalyst container, so she pulled it, thinking it would open the box. She was wrong.

 Suddenly, the room began to shake violently as the device in the other room began to activate, And a white, and yellow portal opened in the chamber. Emelia began to panic, they would surely have heard her activated, by accident. Why was the activation lever right next to an openable box, anyway? Worrying that she might get in trouble, she ran over to the door that led into the portal chamber, hoping to find the off switch. The moment Emilia opened the door she succumbed to sudden gale force winds as the portal sucked her in.


 She was no longer worried about getting in trouble, now she was afraid for her life, as the world around her disappeared and turned into a mixture of  white and yellow swirls, which began coalescing into blue, and green. Suddenly, a second portal appeared in the direction she was being sucked in, and she quickly found herself  being forced through the second portal.


At the portal at the other end of the Wormhole opened, she suddenly found herself being pulled forward by gravity, and falling between a couple of stone buildings with thatch roofs. She landed on a pile of wooden boxes, splintering them with the weight of her fall. Tons of dust and splinters were throwing all around the alleyway as she crash-landed on them.

 It took Emilia a few minutes to recover, laying there in the boxes, groaning in pain, from the long fall. Eventually, however, she regained Consciousness, and looked around. The ground below her, covered in splintered wood,Was made entirely out of cobblestone. As were the houses next to her. It was dark, considering the narrow alleyways, and the fact that she was in between two taller buildings. She tried to stand up, thankfully none of her bones were broken from the fall. However, she did feel very bruised and battered.

 She walked towards the exit of the alleyway, hoping to find out where she was. But, as she walked out into the open street, she saw a myriad of people walking along the road with the occasional horse-drawn carriage pushing people out of the way. Along the streets, there were people in light and heavy armor, being pushed goods by merchants at wooden stands. The scene before her looked straight out of a Renaissance Fair but…  As she looked around even more she saw no sign of modernity at all. Not one cell phone or regular dressed person. Not even one pair of sunglasses.

Her heart skipped a beat. Had she gone back in time, or something? If so, she wondered where she was. It must have teleported her somewhere besides America, because then there would be no civilization anywhere. Instead, she was standing in the middle of a street of a bustling, busy city. Then again, for all she knew, she was just in the middle of a large reenactment camp.

 She certainly hoped that was the case, because if she had gone back in time, there was almost absolutely no way of her going forward in time again. The chilling thought that she may spend the rest of her life here terrified her.  She needed to know, she resolved to ask someone what year it was, and where she was.

There were plenty of people nearby, and she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Approaching the nearest person, a man sitting at a stool on the side of the road, Trying to Peddle off cheap, metal swords and shields to passers-by. Emilia approached this man, and said hello. The man looked at her, kind of confused, mostly because of her clothing. She did notice that her gray hoodie and denim jeans were probably not going to blend in very well, considering the surroundings. Everyone around her was basically wearing rags that had been loosely stitched together. Certainly not the level of clothing you would see in modern times. Even if it were a re-enactment.

“Hello, there, stranger. You must come from a different land, because I've never seen clothing like yours. Where are you from?”


 Amelia, confused, shook her head and tried to answer his question the best she could. 

“Um… I'm from Denver…?” she said, unsure of how best to answer his question. The salesman, a little bit confused, nodded at her answer. “Never heard of that Kingdom, must be pretty far away. How long have you been on the road? And, I see you don't have a weapon. Did it break on the way here? Do you need a new one?”


Emilia took her hands, and laughed. “Oh, no, I don't need a weapon. Besides, I've only got $13 on me. ...wait, kingdom?” The salesman seemed confused at her words. “Daw lers?”  He asked, confused. “Sorry, I don't take whatever money you use in the Kingdom of Denver, I only take Kiyuumian coins. 


Emilia blinked, confused. “Uh… thanks for your time.”

She walked away, concerned. Kiyuum? No place like that existed on earth… ever. Was she even on earth? She briefly remembered something her mom said about alternate dimensions, and smacked her forehead. Surely, the scientists would have noticed their machine being activated. Her mom had to have had some way to come and rescue her, right? She sighed. She had no acceptable money, and no place to sleep, except out in the streets. But, just like on Earth, it was winter season, and she knew that she would need a place to sleep inside.


Emilia took stock of her situation.  She needed money. She was not on Earth. She was... somewhere else. her mom, she told herself, would eventually come rescue her. Until then, she had to find…  a job. The thought horrified her, for a moment. She didn't have any experience, and she was certainly not an active person. And something told her that a medieval Kingdom did not have office jobs. “ Oh, no, crap. What the hell am I going to do? I'm going to freeze out here, working isn't in my character…”


A sudden beep interrupted her complaining. The moment she said the word “character”  a large, blue screen appeared in front of her, like a hologram. At the top, it read “Character  Information” And, below that, it displayed a myriad of information. Her eyes went wide as she looked at the screen that suddenly appeared. Despite being in the middle of the road, none of the people nearby seemed to care or notice the glowing, blue screen in front of her.


She warily looked over the information written on the character information screen before her. Suddenly her eyes perked up and she was filled to the brim with confidence.


Character Information

NAME: Emilia Exponentia


CLASS: None (Select)


KARMA: 0 / 0 - Neutral



ARMOR: ???


XP: 0



HP: 100

MP: 200









She noticed a scroll bar, too, which she just had to flick to go through.



HEIGHT: 5’7”


BUTT SIZE: 31/100



VIRILITY: 13/100


She might not know where she was. She might not know how exactly she got here. But an RPG user interface is one thing that Emilia could recognize anywhere.  Looking around, she saw a couple of people looking at similar screens. Some people have their information hidden, but she could still see them looking at their character information. 

It was then that she noticed the option, next to where it said she did not have a class. When she clicked the select option, an error appeared in front of her.




“Fair enough.” she thought to herself, and looked around. She couldn't really see any building that looked like a guild, or anything, so she simply walked up to a nearby Town Guardsmen and asked him. As expected, he was able to easily Point her in the right direction. Two buildings down, a left, and finally at the third building on her right she walked in the front door.

 There were all kinds of people in the room, People wearing light armor, to people in black garb with a plethora of knives, to two people wearing expensive-looking platemail, hoping to be Warriors. That's when she noticed the woman in the robe, decorative staff in the corner. She almost looked like a sorcerer. Was magic a thing that existed in this universe? She had to know.

 However, before she could approach and ask the woman, she was quickly carried away by a few other people. She would simply have to find out later. Emilia walked up to the counter, and spoke to the receptionist, with a smile. “Um…  I was told to come here to select my class?” The lady at the counter nodded, and pulled out a glowing, blue card. 

“Yes! You can get one free guild class voucher by agreeing to sign this 1 month contract with us! The stipulations are simple. Just take at least two jobs in your first 30 days from the post board over there, and you don’t need to pay for it!”


Quests? Classes? This was perfect! Emilia tried to hide her excitement as she signed the contract, and was led into a back room, behind the counter. The receptionist led her into what appeared to be a small broom closet, except with a large, magical monitor. Once she scanned the voucher card, a ding Was Heard oh, and the receptionist nodded at her. “The machine is now unlocked, and is available for you to select your class. Once you select, it should automatically equip you with the starting equipment of your class, and get you started.”


Emilia  Walked into the closet, and shut the door behind her. The choices on the screen were pretty clear-cut. 











 What confused her was the strange error option at the bottom of the screen. Why was that one there? If this was a game, it was a very poorly coded one. Mage! She could actually cast magic, in real life! She eagerly selected the option, with a smile. Then, something interesting happened. The screen slid to the right, and showed her a list of mage sub-types.













And the list just kept going on, and on, and on. Going back, she noticed that every class had several hundred subtypes, not just mages. After looking through them for a bit, she decided that lightning magic would be kind of cool, so she selected that. 



-Use powerful lightning magic to stun and damage enemies from afar.

--Available to: Male, Female


But when she did, the screen turned red, and displayed a large error.




 Looking over it once more, some of the options were gender locked. The flowermancer, for example, was female-only. However, lightning was gender-neutral. Either gender could be a lightning mage. Why was it saying invalid?She passed it off as a bug, and tried fire. But got the same error message. She decided to try Flowermancer, since she was female, but it gave her the same error. Then she remembered, she wasn't really a female. Or a male. She was kind of both? But then, that should just mean that she had access to every class, right?


 At first she became concerned that she would not be unable to select a class, at all. But, then she noticed there was an option to the right, a checkbox that said “Hide Unselectable Classes”  which she promptly clicked. Confusion filled her mind as the only option left on the list, revealed itself. “ERROR_D241_NOVALUE” was the only thing there. Selecting this option revealed the sub-class menu again, with only 1 option.




--Available to: ???


With great trepidation, she pushed  confirm. Then, the screen clicked, and turned off. Suddenly, Emilia  was encapsulated in a glowing, white light. When it cleared, she found herself dressed in a white, skimpy robe. If she had breasts, it would be revealing her side boobs to the extreme. Below the waist trailed off into what looked like little more than a loincloth, at best. It was far too small to conceal the prominent bulge coming from her crotch. It only went down to her thighs, and didn't cover the sides of her legs. She wanted to complain about how skimpy it was, but she saw that it was giving her a +5  to her intelligence, so she decided to live with it. Then, something appeared in front of her.


+1 XP


+80 MAX HP

+200 MAX MP




 She was suddenly encapsulated in another glowing of white light. Her character information screen appeared in front of her, and prompted her to level up. When she pressed the button, it pulled up her stats again. She was now level 1, and could allocate a single skill point into anything she wanted. Figuring intelligence was the way to go, she put it into that, and  moved to close it, but noticed a new option.




 Had it made her a mage anyway? She pressed the button, out of curiosity I want to see what she knew. Confusion filled her mind as she saw the only spell she had.


Preblast - Sex Magic - Cooldown 1 second

Base Damage - 120

Mana Cost - -15

Effects - Seduction: 100% chance - Duration: 1 Hour

Effects can stack. Damage increases with Dick Length, Ball size, and virility stats. Use when mana is low to replenish.


Emilia Raised an eyebrow. Sex Magic? 120 base damage? Didn't Emilia only have 100 health? Dick length, ball size, and virility were all stats she could increase? And what was with that name? “Preblast?” she asked out loud.  suddenly, a jolt of energy shuffled through her entire body. Emilia’s cock immediately shot to full hardness, and began to pulse. She moaned in pleasure as she accidentally cast the spell, blasting a fat glob of pre at the wall. The fluid impacted the wall with such force that cracks were left spider-webbing out from the point of impact. Just as quickly as it had hardened, her cock was suddenly flaccid..


“Gah…! What the fuck!” She yelled. After she had finished freaking out, Emilia tested if out one more time, for science, and determined that if she wanted to cast a spell, she just had to say the name. With a good amount of her slime still leaking down her legs, she adjusted her  robe, pulling it down as far as it would go, and walked outside.


The receptionist, who was waiting for her outside, blushed as she saw Emilia walk out. Her silky red hair contrasted perfectly with the white robe. It was very obvious, considering it's only cover was a loincloth. The receptionist looked away, her face glowing red. “Th… that robe looks good on you. N- now! You need to party up with up to two other adventurers who have also signed contracts. Th- the other adventurers are just over here in the next room.   P- Please follow me.”


Emilia followed the receptionist down the hallway, suddenly feeling uncontrollably horny.  She felt almost like an exhibitionist, wearing robes this revealing. But, when the door was opened into the back room, she only saw two other people in there. “Ok…” the receptionist said. “I’ll uh… leave you to this. I have to, uh… go take care of something.” She quickly ran away to the bathroom, leaving a trail of wet drips on the ground behind her.


Emilia tried to focus on the two people. They were sitting apart from each other, so they must not have known each other. To her left, there was a small boy. He looked like he was only 10 or something, because he was barely 4 feet tall. He wore chainmail, and carried a greatsword that was easily bigger than he was. Although Elimia remembered that you had to be at least 18 to sign the contract, so clearly he was older than he looked.  Glancing down at her distinct lack of a chest she felt pangs of empathy for the boy as she remembered all the times she had been carded when going out.

To her right was a woman in white platemail, with a cross outlined in gold across her ample chest. She seemed confident, but she only just signed the contract so she must have only been level 1 like the rest of them. 


She decided to try talking to the boy first. She walked up to him with a smile, and sat down on the bench next to him. The boy, who appeared to be lost in thought, only noticed her when she moved to sit down next to him. He missed the bulge in her crotch. The boy, immediately becoming nervous, quickly looked away from Emilia.

“Don't be like that, just say hi.” Emilia said, nonchalantly.  The boy, quite visibly nervous now, turned towards her. He said nothing as he looked at her, and just looked away again after a few moments. Emilia sighed. “Come on. How are you going to get a party if you can’t even talk to people?”

He touched his index fingers together, and looked at her again. “I uh… h- hi.”

“There you go!” Emilia laughed. “What’s your name, kid?” His face turned red, half in anger, half in embarrassment. “I- I’m not a kid! I’m 23!” He quickly looked away again. She sighed. “Come on, man. You’re 3 years older than me, then. I can’t treat you as an elder if you’re sitting there blushing at everything I say. How about this? Just tell me about yourself. Anything.”

Once more, he looked forward instead of directly away. “Uhh… I’m a paladin.” Emilia smiled. “Cool! Anything else?” He blushed. Goodness, this boy was butter in her hands. Emilia just giggled. “Why don’t I tell you something about myself? My name’s Emilia.” She smiled again, hoping to make it easier.

The boy nodded, and said. “H- Hi… I’m Max.”


Max the Paladin. Normally, in MMOs at least, Emilia would hope her party has at least a tank, a healer and a DPS. Simply put, Someone to ‘tank’ enemy damage, someone to heal allies at low health, and someone to do massive amounts of damage to the enemy. Emilia, looking at her character data panel, saw that her class was still confusing.


NAME: Emilia Exponentia






Which one of the three was she? Well, at level 1 she had a damage spell that replenished her mana and did a status effect. But what kind of class uses their dick as the Arcane Focus? She shook her head. It was probably a mage subclass or something. But why did it show as an error? It’s not like she had a choice, either. Maybe the world was being weird because she didn’t belong here?  Another thing that had been bothering her was that she had 100% good karma. She should ask someone what that meant. It could be anything from this world’s version of a luck stat to just another bug.


Surprisingly, Max interrupted her thoughts by talking first. “Uhm… s- so, what’s your class?” Emilia blinked. She wasn’t sure how to answer. “Uh… I don’t know.” She answered. Max seemed confused, understandably. “You haven’t picked yet?” Emilia shook her head. “N- No, I have, I just… when I went in there, it wouldn’t let me pick anything besides that weird glitchy class. If I tried picking anything else, it would give me an error message.”


Max blinked. He was lost. “I, uh… I’m sorry, an error message? Glitchy? What does glitchy mean?” Emilia shook her head. “Uh… nevermind. Look, when you went in there, did you see this weird choice at the bottom? Max nodded. “Yeah, but I didn’t think Barbarian fit me…” So he didn’t even get the option. Was it exclusive to Emilia? “Hey, I don't know if you know this… and this is gonna be a weird question, but… is there a mage subclass that uses their cum as a spell focus?”

Max shook his head. “Sorry, not that I know of.” A strange question, and he didn’t even seem weirded out by it. It supposedly warranted the same reaction as asking if there was a class that used fire or something. “I’m sorry,” Max continued. “You still haven’t told me about your class…?”

Emilia shrugged. “I don’t know what my class is.” A scoffing laugh was heard across the room. The blonde girl in the gilded plate stood up and walked over. Good god, she was tall. She must have been almost seven feet tall or something. There was a strange, dark metal strip over her eyes, but it apparently didn’t hinder her sight, as she moved towards them, while her blonde, straight hair was so long, it dragged across the floor as she walked over.


“You randomized your class?” The woman asked, walking up, a cocky tone dominating her voice. Emilia looked away. “No! I just… I didn’t get a choice. I had to pick this weird one.” she shook her head, grabbing her hair and pulling it into a ponytail, which still dragged on the floor. The woman pursed her lips. “Mhmm. But you still don’t know which one you chose? ...Well, since you two are the only ones left, we might as well party up. I’ll be taking the lead of course.” Emilia smiled. “Well, if you want, but why ‘of course’?” She scoffed, and brushed her hair out of her eyes, sending a shockwave across the yellow locks all the way down her ponytail. “Because you don’t even know your class” she pointed at Max. “And you’re a little pussy.” Max seemed hurt by her words, but was also too sheepish to complain.


“Here.” the woman said. “Accept this. If you do, I can at least see your class…” Suddenly, Emilia’s character info screen flashed in front of her. A message popped up.



Becklyn. That was her name. Not that she had bothered to introduce herself. After accepting, she saw that Max also accepted the invite. Suddenly, their info appeared as well, next to Emilia’s.


NAME: Maximillian Laurice


CLASS: Paladin


KARMA: 0 / 0 - Neutral


NAME: Becklyn von Dowager

GENDER: Female

CLASS: Cleric


KARMA: 0 / 5 - Mischievous


Their character information was pretty normal… except their stats. Max had 100 HP and 125 MP, while Becklyn had 80 HP and 150 MP. Why did Emilia, at the same level, have 180 max HP, the same amount as both of them, combined? And her MP, 125 more than both of them combined…


“You weren’t kidding.” Max said. “Error… d241 no value?” He and Becklyn looked at each other as if expecting an answer. “Well.” Becklyn said. “I’m interested in seeing what you can do, then… Whoa! What the fuck! What are these stats!”


Emilia scratched her head. “I dunno…” She suddenly felt sheepish. Becklyn seemed somewhat annoyed. “And what’s up with this? How is your Karma 100 already? And… your gender…” Confused, Becky looked at her. While she had no breasts, the long legs, wide hips and beautiful face told her the person before her was female.

While the unfairly massive bulge in her crotch was screaming that she was male. She decided to drop the issue for now.


Rolling her eyes, she pulled up Max’s stat screen, and looked over it, before her face turned red. “...oh my god.”


Emilia and Max looked at her. “What is it?” Becklyn cleared her throat nervously. “N- Nothing! Nothing at all… come on, we should go let them know we’ve partied up, and get a job.”


Emilia walked with them with the stat screen up. Looking at Max’s stats…








Ouch. 1 Charisma? 15 Endurance probably helped… then Emilia noticed the scroll bar. There was more to the screen. She had forgotten that!



HEIGHT: 4’9”


BUTT SIZE: 5/100



VIRILITY: 21/100


Emilia’s face turned red as she clenched her crotch. Becklyn, who was still red in the face, looked at her and smiled. She slowed her walk in order to whisper. “Look at that! The boy’s enormous! He… heh. Maybe this won’t be such a bad party after all.”


Emilia looked away. She wondered if he would be okay with a futa…?




“Okay.” Becklyn said. “Just as they said in the contract, there’s three of them.” she sighed, and shook her head. “Three green slimes. Why can’t it be something more glorious?”

Max blinked. “Uh, shouldn’t we be grateful for such an easy job? Seems about right for our skill…” Becklyn scoffed at his answer. “Whatever, kid. Maybe you don't understand just how important glory is, but I know that it's vital to getting more, better paying jobs! Plus, I'm better than you. These enemies will be nothing to me!”

Emilia smiled, and looked at her. “You’re level 1 just like both of us…” She said. Becklyn got angry. “Look here, miss 180-health, maybe you’re so dense that you think skill doesn’t mean much, but I know better- OUCH!”


Max gasped as he moved his foot. He had accidentally stepped on her ponytail. “S- Sorry…!”

Becklyn grit her teeth angrily. “Look, what really matters is skill! Watch and learn!”

Max and Emilia gasped when she ran at the farm, mace held over her head. “Hey, wait!” they both called, chasing after her. Immediately, she was noticed, and attacked by all three slimes. One oozed up and threw a slimy limb at her. Emilia noticed that the damage appeared over her head, in red numbers. “-13” it said. And Becklyn’s HP dropped to 67/80



LEVEL: 1 (+1 XP)

HP: 25/25


Emilia sighed, and held up her fists… she had tried to grab a sword at the shop earlier, but couldn’t use it. Something about not being for her class… but she wasn’t allowed a staff, either. So she went without one.


Emilia walked up, and saw Max jump in between them, pushing Becklyn out of harm’s way, causing him to take -12 and -10 damage, respectively. Max then held up his hand, holding his greatsword. It glowed yellow, and he held it up to the slimes. “Holy Protection!” The next attacks they threw at him only did -3 and -1. He then thrust his sword at one, and a white number appeared over it’s head. “12”


She had to hand it to him, the little guy might not be able to hold a conversation with his reflection, but he was brave enough to rush into battle to protect the girl. Then, the third slime ran at Max. Becklyn stood up and threw an attack. “5”

Becklyn panted, and glared at him angrily. “You idiot, I was fine! I don’t need your help with such weak enemies!” Emelia saw them fighting and wanted to help, but… her only spell was… embarrassing. Still, she didn’t want to lose her only friends by not helping to fight. With a blush and a sigh, Emilia moved her robe out of the way to reveal her massive, yet flaccid cock.


“Okay… here goes nothing…! P- Preblast?” Suddenly, a jolt of pleasure rocketed through her and her cock hardened, suddenly. A blast of pre rocketed out of her cock at the speed of sound, slamming into the side of the slime, obliterating it instantly.


“134” appeared over it’s head. Max and Becklyn looked at Emilia with amazement, until their attention was drawn away by the other two slimes. Emilia quickly pointed her dick at the next one. “P- Preblast!” And again, a sonic boom was heard as the quart of sticky liquid hit the slime. “134” In the time Emilia spent one-shotting two of them, Max and Becky had finished off 1 slime with several attacks.

Finally, the battle was over, and Emilia saw green numbers appear in front of her.

+1 XP

+1 XP

+1 XP

Suddenly, all three of them were enveloped in white light.


+120 HP

+120 MP



Max and Becklyn ran up, amazed. “How did you just do so much damage…?!” Max asked. Becklyn, her face red, looked away and spoke. “Y- You… p- put that monster away!” Emilia, realising she was still hard, quickly tucked it between her legs. “S- Sorry! I don’t know! It just does that much damage!”

“I’ve never heard of that spell before…” Max said. “Bullshit!” Becklyn yelled. “There’s no way you’ve only just hit level 2! That spell was at least level 15! A- And those stats! What the fuck-” Suddenly, they were interrupted by a slamming door noise. They looked over at the farmhouse that they had been sent to clear of monsters. Max, deciding it was best to make sure they were safe, walked over to the farm, with Emilia and the pouting Becklyn behind him. He walked up to the door, and opened it…

Empty. The kitchen was a mess, but it was clear. Becklyn shoved him out of the way. “Move, brat. Look, there’s nothing h-” Suddenly, as she crossed the threshold, a large pot was dropped from a triggered tripwire trap, and hit her head. “OW!”




Becklyn rubbed her head, and looked over. “Fucking traps! ...Oh- OH MY GOD!” she quickly ran out of the farmhouse. Before Max or Emilia could ask, something walked out of the house, after her…



LEVEL 20 (+6 XP)

HP: 400/400


Max quickly jumped in it’s way. They couldn’t beat this thing… right? “Emilia!” Max called out. “Hit him, I’ll keep him distracted! Holy Protection!” Once more, he glowed as the Orc tossed an attack with his axe at Max.


“Gah!” Max screamed in pain having just lost almost half his health, even with a spell that halved the damage he took.


MAX: 61/120


Emilia suddenly let her dick go from between her thighs, the leaking appendage splattering pre all over the place as she aimed it. “Preblast!” Suddenly, a sonic stream of pre smacked the orc, sending him backwards, until he fell over. 


And it was already fully charged again…! “Preblast! Preblast!” The massive beast didn’t stand a chance, it couldn’t even attack a second time, before it was defeated. After only 3 hits, it fell to the ground, dead.


Emilia smiled… she had beaten it! But why was that spell so strong…


Suddenly, a strange feeling enveloped Emilia. While Max and Becklyn, who were both in bad shape, had the normal +6 XP appear over their head, Emilia got nothing for a second. Her body seemed to pulse in pleasure as, suddenly, a glowing green light filled her body and the XP was awarded to her


+216 XP















+25,000 HP

+100,000 MP




Emilia, overwhelmed by the pleasure of so much power filling her, immediately orgasmed, blasting almost half a gallon of cum all over the grass in front of her.  A sudden wave of exhaustion rolled over her and she tumbled backwards, unconscious before she hit the ground.


Max and Becklyn walked up to the unconscious futa, with fear. “S- She’s a guy?!” Becklyn screamed. “No…” Max said. “Look…” Becklyn grit her teeth as she gestured to Emilia’s barely visible lady bits just behind her massive nuts. “She’s got both?! What the fuck happened?! Why does she get to be both?!  Why is she level 14 now?! I’m only level 3! A- And her stats! Look at her HP!”


HP: 25,300/25,300

MP: 100,520/100,520


They were both confused and amazed. Even if they ignored how she levelled up so fast, her stats would rival the max mana of a level 999 Archmage with a full set of mana-increasing magic items, and she was only level 14. Her health pool was also ridiculous. It’d almost rival max level tanks!


Max scratched his head. “She must have worn herself out… L- Let’s get her to camp so she can rest.” Becklyn furrowed her brow. “B- but what about me! I’m at like, half hp here! She’s still full!” Max just ignored her, and picked up Emilia, and carried her away. It was starting to smell like cum here, anyway. Becklyn moaned at him “I don’t buy it. I bet she’s really a high level and hiding it! How else…” she trailed off. Max looked at her. “Why is she here, hanging out with us, then?” Becklyn just looked down, and sighed.

Although it was pretty funny to see Max carrying her. He was so small, but still strong enough to hold that girl.




Emilia awakened to streams of light pouring in from the shady treetops. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, looking around. She was laying in a sleeping bag, at the camp they had set up not far from the farm. She felt pent up. Her balls began to gurgle noisily under her dress, as she thought about what happened. Despite blasting out so much weaponised precum plus that final blast right after leveling up, her balls were still totally full and backed up.

As the feeling of her pent-up nuts filled her body, her dick began to harden considerably. She tried to focus on something else, and looked around. She didn't remember everything immediately, but it slowly began coming back to her as she remembered  seeing the level up notification appear several times in a row. Curiosity got the better of her, and she opened her character information menu.

 Emilia gasped when she saw that she was level 14. Was she supposed to level up that fast? it would seem like the early levels are basically pointless if you leveled up that fast. But she remembered, from the same enemy, Max and Becklyn only got 6 XP.

Why did she gain so much? Why did she not gain the same amount of XP from killing slimes? As these questions wracked her brain, she noticed that she had several skill points to spend. She wondered what she should put them into. How did her abilities level? Did they do more damage, the more intelligence she had? She opened her Spellbook.

“Huh…?!”  Her eyes went wide as she saw the spells within. Along with her preblast spell,  Which now stated that it restored 2000 Mana each time she used it, instead of the 15 it used to, she had gained a large portion of other spells, as well. 


Orgasmic Climax - Sex Magic - Cooldown 45 seconds

Base Damage - 25,000

Mana Cost - 5,000

Effects - Impregnation: Chance increases with Virility stat (Currently 27%)  - Duration: 9 months, only works on humans

Effects can stack. Damage and status effect chance increases with Dick Length, Ball size, and virility stats.


Factory Refresh - Sex Magic - Cooldown 24 minutes 17 seconds

Base Damage - 0

Mana cost - 0

Effects: Refill user’s mana completely, cooldown reduces with ball size.


Enhance Fertility - Sex Magic - Cooldown 1 day

Base Damage - 10 (+70% Weakness to impregnation)

Mana cost 40,000

Effects: Increases target’s vulnerability to the ‘impregnation’ status effect, based on caster’s ball size and virility.


Musky Miasma - Sex Magic - Cooldown N/A (Passive)

Base Damage - 0

Mana Cost - 0 (Passive Ability)

Effects: Exposure to caster’s sperm increases passive desire and causes permanent addiction to it. This ability stacks indefinitely with constant exposure.


Why was she only learning Sex Magic? Why couldn't she learn a more traditional magic spell, like Fireball or lightning bolt or something? What the hell was this the class that she was forced to pick? With a defeated sigh, she decided that she didn't know what to put her skill points into so she put a couple into intelligence, a couple into strength, and one more into charisma, but she wasn’t sure what to do with the rest. After all, it wasn't like she could just allocate them to dick size or anything, right?


Just to make sure, Emilia scrolled to the bottom of her character information panel, and her eyes went wide as she saw the option to allocate points next to her body stats.  She totally could! She could put skill points into dick size. But she noticed that she could also put them into breast size. With a blushing smile, she reached for the button. It would probably be better to allocate them to dick size, to increase her damage, but she did enough as it was, right?


She tapped the button, and moaned as she felt her pressure building in her chest, her flat-as-a-board chest immediately began to balloon outwards. They were definitely bigger, even if they weren't up to a-cups yet. With a frenzied lust, she mashed the button until she had no more points left to spend. Another moan, and another Spurt of growth, as she felt them Reach b-cups. They were still small, but if she kept leveling up, she could get more points to put into them. But something else was strange about that... 


MP: 100,520/112,520


She had gained 12,000 maximum MP from allocating those points.


“You DON’T need more mana!” Becklyn suddenly yelled from behind her. With a startled scream, Emilia suddenly jumped up, and held up her fists.  When she saw that it was Becklyn, she breathed a sigh of relief and then lowered her Fists, with an angry look in her eyes. Becklyn Was carrying a bundle of firewood, and Emilia noticed that the fireplace was dying down a little.


“Don’t startle me like that! What do you mean, more mana?” Emilia asked. Becklyn just raised an eyebrow as she dropped the firewood. “What? Don’t you know? Making your tits bigger increases your maximum mana. Are you that dense? Oh, Goddess of Light, why must THIS woman be gifted with insane power? Why, oh, why?”

Emilia shook her head. “Wait, making my breasts bigger… gives me more mana?” she blinked. It had a PRACTICAL application? She was surprised. “Plus!” Becklyn continued, as Max walked back to camp from the woods, also with a load of firewood. “You gained like.... 1000 from each point! I’d only gain like… 25, or something. Emilia looked at Max.


“What?” was his response. 

“Do… guys also work like that?” Emilia asked. He dropped his firewood, at the subject, and turned away, sheepishly. Becklyn sighed, and answered for him. “Of course not. Men don’t get tits. Only girls store mana in their tits.” Emilia scratched her head in confusion. “Then… where do guys store their mana?”

“In the balls.”Max quickly jumped in. “S- So Emilia! Do… you, uh… feel better? You kinda passed out back there after killing that orc with just a few… spells?” He was unsure what to call them. Emilia ignored the subject. “I, uh… it’s just the spell I learned when I picked my class. I don’t know why it’s so strong… and, judging by my new spells, that’s not going to change anytime soon…”


Becklyn exploded. “WHAT?! You’ve got MORE?” She walked up, and grabbed her skimpy robe, pulling it up, and revealing the flaccid futa cock beneath it, prompting a squeal from Emilia. “This!” She yelled. “Are you a guy or a girl, or what?”

Emilia turned red. “I’m a futa!” She answered, as Becklyn took the massive, footlong beast into her hands.

“A futa?” They both asked at once. Emilia turned more red. “W- Well… I’m kinda… both? I dunno… I guess this world doesn’t know how to classify me...” Their confused stares pointed right at her. “What do you mean ‘this’ world?”

She shook her head, and waved her hands. “I’ll explain later.”


Max, who was obviously trying to avoid looking at Becklyn inspecting’ her dick, asked another question. “Then… where is your mana stored?” she responded with a shrug, followed by a moan of pleasure.


“B- Becklyn, please…!” Emilia moaned. “Shut up.” She demanded. “And stop calling me that! Call me Becky.” She squeezed the dick harder. “Ghkk-! B- Becky, stop…! My… My cock…!” The tall blonde grit her teeth. “No! I’m inspecting this thing until I figure out why it’s so strong! Even if I have to wring it out by force!” She grabbed it again, taking off her visor to reveal her blue, shining eyes beneath. “B- Beckyyyy…!! S- S- Stop…! I’m gonna…!” A jet of pre squirted from her cock, smacking the tree next to Max, and making him dive into his tent with a scream. Becky winced when she saw Emilia lose 1000 mana from that. “Aha! So you don’t have mana! You just have sperm! And If your balls are empty, then you can’t cast anything! That means you’d lose a battle of attrition!”


Emilia decided not to inform her of her brand new ‘Factory Reset’ spell. “Fine!” Becky demanded. “I’m gonna drain your ballsack, and then we’ll see who’s stronger!” She took off her gloves, and grabbed Emilia’s dick, holding it against her face. “Now… I’m, uh… gonna drain your balls!” She suddenly seemed much less brazen than a moment ago. “Becky, please. I’m not claiming to be better than you, I’m just-”


“Shut up!” Becky demanded, again. “I don’t care! You’re gonna f- fuck my throat and drain those balls into me so you can see how weak you really are, okay?!” With a quick motion, Becky shoved Emilia hard in the gut. Emilia stumbled backwards but remained on her feet.  Her placating countenance gone, Emilia burst out in anger, “F- Fine! You want to empty my balls? Then I’m going to slamfuck your face and make your bitchy mouth shut the fuck up for once!” Emilia laced her fingers through Becklys voluminous hair and held on tightly She lined up her 1 foot, 2 inch long cock with blondie’s mouth. “W- Wait, I’m not read- GKHK!!” Emilia rammed her words back down her throat with her massive cock. Becky seemed at war with herself as she screamed down Emilia’s length, but also moved closer and making sounds closer to moaning between the frustrated cries. Emilia couldn’t tell if Becky wanted this or not but she didn’t care. She needed the relief and Becky brought this upon herself.


With a throat suddenly wrapped around her dick, Emilia was immediately feeling the call to orgasm. She didn’t want it to end so quickly, but she’d also never had her dick sucked before, let alone deepthroated to the hilt. As Becky’s tongue stuck out from below Emilia’s dick to lap at her balls, Emilia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and he cock began to throb. She tightened her grip on Becky’s head, and began pumping in and out of her throat faster and faster. Emilia moaned. “F- Fuck… g- gonna cum… Gonna cum all over your perfect little face…! Gonna…! G- GONNA CUM!! HHHHNNNNGGGGGG!!”

Emilia slammed down Becky’s face into her crotch, sending her splooge straight into Becky’s stomach. . Becky choked and gurgled, while her eyes went wild, each one frantically searching for something even Becky did not know. Emilia felt Becky’s hands firmly squeeze her prodigious rear end and then move to her apple sized nuts as she attempted to squeeze every last drop out of Emilia. Max, crouched behind a rock, watched with his red face. Emilia, after continuously orgasming for almost 2 minutes straight, and sending Becky’s stomach to the bulging size of a pregnant woman’s, pulled her still rock hard cock out of her throat, causing Becky to spew up a few quarts of sperm, and collapse forward, coughing and gasping for air. Meanwhile, Emilia continued to blast ropes all over the girl, moaning in pleasure.


After a minute to cool down, Becky giggled and burped. “Heh… N- Now, your balls are… emp…ty? Wh…?!” 



MP: 79,370 / 112,520


She had emptied her balls by less than a quarter of their load. Emilia’s cock throbbed as another glob of pre splattered over Becky’s bulging belly. “More…!” she demanded, desperately. “I want to cum… MORE…!” She grabbed Becky by the neck, and dragged her over to her sleeping bag, slamming her limp body down onto it. “Fuck! I wanna fuck you, Becky… please, let me fuck you!”


Becky looked afraid. She now seemed scared of Emilia. Her facade of bravado and bitchiness had disappeared in front of this terrifying enemy. Still, her body demanded it. She wanted it in her pussy. She wanted her womanhood filled to bursting with Emilia’s cock. She wanted, no she needed more of Emilia’s cum inside of her. She nodded, a flicker of fear dancing across her eyes, betrayed by her tone and words. “O- Okay! F- Fine! Drain your balls in my pussy, if you have to! J- Just know that when they are empty, you lose, okay?!”


Emilia smiled and grabbed her thighs, spreading them wide, and sliding her cockhead into Becky’s virgin pussy. She screamed.  It was a primal sort of noise, one of pleasure, fear, pain, and desire. And it only grew louder as more and more of the massive beast crammed it’s way into her. Becky’s hair was getting all over the place, the almost 7 feet of golden, luscious locks draped all over the floor as she was brutally deflowered by Emilia. That cock simply did not relent, as she continually shoved her battering ram through Becky’s tunnel of love, the blonde’s cries of pain twisted pleasure turned to moans and groans and she fell into more of a rhythm with Emilia. Emilia grabbed her by the hips more forcefully than before, and forced as much of her massive cock into her as she could fit, desperately trying to breed the screaming blonde beneath her. Emilia reached down, and grabbed a handful of the blonde’s massive bust, groping her as her thrusting picked up in intensity. Moaning in pleasure, Becky reached up and grabbed Emilia’s new, smaller bust. The incredibly sensitive mounds sent waves of pleasure through her body, making her cock throb and her body go into autopilot, thrusting into her, desperate to breed her.


Breed. Breed? Breed! She wanted to breed! Her body was screaming for it. Demanding it! Emilia found herself pointing her hand at Becky as she fucked, smiling as she cast the spell. “Enhance fertility!”


Suddenly, Becky’s pupils became pinpoints as she felt her party member’s magic penetrate her womb. Her ovaries overflowed with freshly generated eggs as the breed-hungry cock battered her cervix, trying to force its way in. “Th- That…?!”


Emilia suddenly stopped thrusting into Becky. Her moans of unhappiness were ignored as Emilia lazily turned her head towards the boy behind her. “Oh, Max~?” She called out, seductively. Her balls were quivering, but breeding Becky in the missionary position left her pussy exposed. She shook her ass in his direction, and gave him a ‘come hither’ gesture.


Max was hiding. He knew she knew where he was, and he wasn’t sure why he was hiding either. Maybe he was just so embarrassed at the thought that two beautiful women, one with a dick that nearly rivaled his own, were rutting just outside of his tent. “Maxy, baby~” Emilia called again. “It’s rude to ignore people calling your name, cutie…” Another loud squirting noise was heard, as he turned red again, and looked outside, averting his gaze from the copulating pair. “Y- Yes…?” He asked, trepidatiously.


“Max!” Emilia called out, happy to see him. “Becky’s doing a great job of draining my nuts, but my little pussy is all lonely… and I know how big that fuckstick you’re hiding is~ So come on, dear. Show me what you’ve got…!” Her thrusting resumed, which made Becky sigh in relief before continuing her incoherently babbling.

The bulge in Max’s pants throbbed. His balls were screaming for release, and his arousal from the scene before him was overwhelming. His party, which he had just met today, was already trying to go for a three way… and who was he to disagree?

Nervously, he stepped out from behind his tent flap, the bulge quite pronounced even through his chain mail. He walked up to the copulating couple nervously, and watched Emilia thrust into Becky relentlessly. “Go ahead… nfh… take it out… and put it in me!” Emilia moaned, not looking away from Becky’s face which was caked in so much baby batter that it was a wonder she could even breath. Max nervously undid his belt, and lowered his pants, his throbbing, massively thick erection pointing right at Emilia. He was almost 8 inches longer than her, and was worried, with what was happening to Becky… would she be okay?”


“Don’t worry about me, stud…!” Emilia moaned. “I can take it… fuck me up, good! Thrust into me as hard as you can and breed me, Just like I'm doing to Becky! Ahh!!” Max’s face was burning red, yet there was an awkward smile on his face. He wanted it, even if he told himself he didn’t. His throbbing dick wouldn’t allow him to say no. He grabbed her jiggling asscheeks, and rammed his cock into her pussy, all at once, making Emilia thrust forward in pleasure, and scream in ecstacy.

Becky, moaning as she was, suddenly started screaming as Emilia burst through her cervix, and began fucking her womb directly. Emilia shoved her hand over her mouth, and stifled her screams. “Shut up and take it, slut! You wanted- GAH! Y- You wanted me to drain my balls, didn’t you?” She was much less composed now, with Max’s enormous cock buried into her pussy.

Max, thrusting into Emilia’s cheeks doggy-style, and with Becky being mounted in missionary by Emilia, they had made a running train of pleasure. Each one thrusting into the next, and with Emilia in the middle, it made it all the better. Suddenly, Emilia squirted a load of pre into Becky, bloating her womb to the size of a basketball. 

“BRGHK!” she screamed as it filled her. Max was still thrusting, and Emilia wanted to change positions. She waited until Max was at the back end of his thrust, and quickly thrust her hips back, sending him flying backwards onto his ass. Emilia pulled Becky back, and began thrusting into her from below, and hopped backwards, landing on Max’s cock, and taking the entire length of his monster. Emilia grit her teeth and seethed with pleasure as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. That might have been a mistake.

It took almost 2 minutes for her to recover from suddenly taking an extra 12 inches of Max’s enormous meat, but when she did, she grabbed Becky by her sides, and began pumping her up and down on her dick, while Max thrust into her ass from the ground.

Now, Becky was riding Emilia, who, in turn, was riding Max. The three of them settled into a rhythm, bucking up and down into each other for almost 20 minutes. Becky came countless times, on her own, and Emilia had a few dozen vaginal orgasms as well, but it was finally time to fully empty her balls.

“Becky~!” Emilia moaned, riding out another orgasm given by Max. “B- Becky… you’re about to win, cuz i'm about to drain every last drop into your little snatch! Gah! Gonna… gonna cum…! Harder, Max! Thrust harder! Deeper! Fuck me!” With her huge asscheeks bouncing up and down on his massive cock, Emilia grabbed Becky harder and began thrusting her up and down on her dick, like a ragdolling fucktoy. Becky’s arms lost feeling, as did her head as her entire body as she went limp from pleasure. Becky’s tongue lolled out of her mouth and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, shaped like hearts, started to go numb as her entire life was replaced by the breeding Futa below her.

A mysterious noise began to fill the clearing. Some amount of awareness  was temporarily restored to Becky as she heard it… it was quiet at first, but slowly began to get louder. It was hard to place. At first she thought an earthquake had started or something. The sound was akin to an explosive, rumbling, gurgling noise like a whirlpool or boiling lava. But, as it grew louder, Becky began to panic as she realized that the cacophony of thunderous gurgling was coming from the futanari's jizz factories. Emilia’s enormous nuts, which had swollen with the absurd amount of cum in them, were making noises so obscene that it almost made Becky cum again. Slowly, it began getting louder, and louder. Eventually, it sounded like a flood of slime was washing over the forest, the crashing waves threatening to bury them under an ocean of cum.

“Fuck… Becky! Becky!! BECKY!! YOUR PUSSY!! IS! SO! GOOD! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!” the speed of her thrusts doubled, until the entire futa was a blur. “I'M CUMMING! I’M GONNA… FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!

Suddenly, the dam burst. A huge stream of highly potent, overpowered sperm flooded Becky’s pussy, overloading her already overtaxed body and mind with a tidal wave of pleasure making her almost pass out. The woman turned into a human condom, as the cumload bloated her first to the size of a beach ball, then to the size of the tent. She kept going. Tons of sperm rocketed out of Emilia’s bitchbloating fucklog, filling Becky more than she knew she could be filled. 

Becky let loose one more high-pitched, desperate cry for help, screaming at the top of her lungs into the air, her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she tried to make as much noise as possible, hoping that somebody would come rescue her. Of course, no one would. Becky didn't truly think she was in danger, but at the moment, her mind was so scrambled with the pungent spunk blasting from Emilia’s fuck factories that she had lost all ability to reason within her own mind. Then it was over.


Becky, now with a womb bloated to the size of a horse-drawn wagon, slid slowly off of Emilia’s cock, and landed on the ground with a splat. Emilia moaned as she felt Max below her. She slowly climbed off of Max’s cock, which was twitching like it wanted to cum, before she slid the entire 21 inches down her throat. “Khum fo’ mhe” She said, mouth full of cock. Lust overpowered any other thought in Max’s mind as he lost his control, and his balls clenched, unleashing a fat load of sperm down Emilia’s throat.


Max’s load was huge for a normal guy’s, especially one his size. Emilia moaned as his cum filled her stomach completely, and when she pulled off, a glooping slosh was heard in her stomach as she wiped her mouth, with a refreshed sigh. “Mnn… such delicious cum, Maxy baby…” She moaned, as he panted heavily, leaning back with his eyes closed. Emilia laid against his chest and slept, right on the forest floor.  Max had passed out from his exertions and Emilia listened to his pounding heart.


You could say their sleep was calm, assuming you ignored the gushing, waterfall-like noises of cum jetting out of Becky’s bloated pussy. Soon, exhaustion claimed Emilia, too...


To be continued, in part 2


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