Gamer to Goddess, Part 2


“Looks like… four of them.” Max said, setting down the spyglass.

    It was one week later. Once they had recovered from the intense orgy, they immediately headed back to the guild and looked for their next job. They had to carry Becky back in a wagon because of her immense, bloated size. It took almost four days for her to get back to normal size and when she finally got out of the infirmary, she didn't seem that upset. Max, however, seemed even more sheepish than before.
     All she did was walk up to Emilia and point at her, saying she would pay for that. Once Becky’s pride had been given a chance to recover and she stopped complaining about losing her position as party leader to Emilia, she was told that their next job was to kill some lesser vampire spawn in a town on the fringes of the Kingdom. 

    “Four of them? What level do they look like? Are they too strong for us?” Emilia asked. Max nodded. “Maybe. Becky and I wouldn't stand a chance, but I think that if we simply distracted them while you take them out, I think we could do it.”

    Emilia nodded. She was still unsure why she had levelled up so fast. Not that she was complaining, she was just curious. Now, however, she was thankful as it meant that she would be able to complete this job without too much risk to her or her friends.
     Emilia led the way down the slope and into the village. Max and Becky stood behind her, as she approached the Town Center where the four vampire spawn were waiting for them. It seemed as if they were guarding the area, or, not even that, they seemed more like they were simply look-outs.
    “Leave now!” They said, once they were in earshot. “Or else we will be forced to kill you! Go!” They screeched. Emilia smiled as she looked at them. 

LEVEL 42 (+8 XP)
HP: 2500/2500

“E- Emilia…” Becky said, with a not-so-subtle touch of fear in her voice. “I don't think we can take these guys on, they're way too strong for us. They're even too strong for you. We should leave.” But Emilia smiled. She knew they were no match, despite being 3 times her level. Emilia simply pushed Becky away, and walked up. “Alright. Hit me with everything you’ve got!”

    The Vampire Spawn, Seeing this as a challenge, immediately ran at her with their claws raised. All four of them get a running leap at her, screaming “Claw Rush!” as they use their abilities. Emelia was not concerned. Bear attacks hit her unarmored body head-on, and did full damage without being mitigated.
CRIT! -420
    Emilia smiled, and looked at her HP. 
HP: 24,517/25,300

“Oof.” she said, mockingly. “That tickled. My turn!” She pulled up her skirt, and her cock immediately grew to full hardness. The massive, 14 inch meat throbbed as she pointed it right at them. They seemed confused for a moment, until…

“Orgasmic Climax!” Emilia shouted, encasing her body in a white, and yellow light. Her cumslit dilated as a massive stream of sperm erupted from her cock, with a deafening blasting noise. The ‘attack’ hit the monster with a smack, and you could hear it’s bones shattering as it was literally ripped in half by the attack


The other 3 spawn panicked when that happened. She had just instant-killed him so hard, that the damage could have been divided by 10 and still kill him in one hit. The other 3 immediately lost morale and ran.

    A smile covered Emilia’s face. She noted that she seemed more confident that usual. Was that just because of her abilities? Or maybe she felt more at ease in this setting than at home. Then another pressure built up in her body. “Oh... “
    “Hey!” Becky yelled. “She didn’t gain any XP! Hah! I bet you can only ge-”

    Her taunts were interrupted by a glowing, green light that filled the abandoned town. “Oh… god…! It’s… a big one! A big one’s coming!” Emilia moaned. Pressure filled her as she fell to her knees. “Ah…! AHHH!”

+512 XP

+45,000 HP

Emilia moaned as the pressure in her chest and balls suddenly increased. She knew why, the amount of Mana stored with her was too much for the tiny size to handle. She immediately pulled up her character information, and scrolled to the bottom and began putting points into ball size and breast size as quickly as she could. 

Another moan, this time of relief, Escaped her lips as her breasts bloated up to the size of, and her balls grew to the size of basketballs. Suddenly, the pressure was gone, and she felt like she was no longer going to explode. Max and Becky ran up to her, concerned looks on their faces. They were now level 4.

“DAMN IT!” Becky yelled in frustration. “Why do you level up so fast?! Why do we only get 8, and you get 500?! You’re cheating! STOP CHEATING!” 
“Becky!” Max interrupted. “She’s not cheating, this isn’t a game. Now be quiet and help her stand up.” They helped Emilia to her feet and she sighed. “Th- thanks…” she looked at her info.

HP: 70,300/70,300
MP: 1,612,520 / 1,612,520

“Ah… come on, let’s follow them.” The party of three immediately gave chase to the creatures, chasing them into the deeper parts of town. After following them into a large Warehouse, Emilia stopped them. “It’s a trap!”

    Becky rolled her eyes. “They can’t be that smart.” She said, walking right in, and immediately getting hit on the head with a bucket of water.
“OH COME ON!” She yelled. “There’s not even a point to that other than to just annoy me!” 
After sifting through more traps in the warehouse, they came out the other side, and saw a large mansion. The mayor’s hall.

    Becky had played enough RPGs to know this was a Vampire’s manor. Who else would have a spooky mansion in a town like this? She sighed. “This is getting generic. I mean, really? A vampire manor?” Max looked at her. “Generic? How is this generic?” She just sighed. “Follow me, let’s take a look.”

    Emilia knew, from her knowledge of RPG games, vampires were usually boss enemies. If anything, her knowledge of other games should have told her not to go to the mansion. Instead, she felt like she was overflowing with more confidence than she should have for her level. There was something that was simply telling her not to worry, that it would be a joke of a battle. Almost as if it was destiny, or something.  As if she was the protagonist of this game, and this was the final boss or something. Then again, what kind of RPG makes you fight the boss at level 27? And for that matter what kind of game only has three combat encounters? 

     Max, Becky, and Emilia approached the front door, and knocked loudly on the cast-iron knocker that hung from the door. After a moment, the door opened by itself, and revealed a well-lit foyer with a red carpeted staircase, and a few statues of metal armor in the area. Stain glass windows dotted the walls depicting gruesome scenes of vampiric slaughter and supposed superiority. Cobwebs and dust were almost as prevalent as the candles that were everywhere from the banisters to the chandelier to just randomly on the ground in places

“Yeah. Like I said. Generic.” Emilia  Walked into the Foyer  without too much concern, and Max and Becky were following close behind her. “Hey!” Becky said. “Why are we going in?  It doesn't seem like anyone's home, and we're just intruding in this mansion?”

    Emilia giggled. “Don't you know anything about vampires? I didn't think we would actually be fighting a full on vampire, just his spawn, but it looks like we don't have much of a choice.”
    “W- Wait!” Max called out. “Vampire?! Emilia, can we handle that? I don’t know a whole lot about vampires, but I know they’re crazy strong! Even with your bullshit stats, are you a match for one?”

“Well, you’d better hope she is, uhu~” A sing-songy male voice rang from the top of the staircase as a man in a black cloak, and a dazzlingly red tuxedo walked through the open door. “Hello, dearies! I’m Count Reddvac. What brings you to my manor?”
    Emilia gasped when she saw him. That was a vampire, for sure, but not the kind of Vampire she was hoping to meet.

LEVEL: 500 (XP: 200)
HP: 1,000,000 / 1,000,000

    Emilia narrowed her eyes. Doubt filled her mind for a moment… but, no. She knew she could do this. She wasn’t sure why, but she knew! Becky, meanwhile, was lost. “NO!” She screamed, seeing him. “Emilia, you idiot! We can’t win! I knew letting you be party leader was a mistake!! No!! Now he’s gonna suck our blood and… and…!”
    “Meh.” The good Count scoffed. “You two don’t interest me.” His words visibly wounded her. “What?!” Becky demanded. “I’m a pureblood noble cleric! My blood should be delicious! Why don’t you want me?!” She demanded, and Emilia just facepalmed.
    “I’m not into your kind.” The vampire spoke. “Now… HIM… mmnf~” He looked right at Max, with a lusty smile. Max went wide-eyed and jumped behind Emilia. The Vampire, finding this amusing, laughed flamboyantly and walked down the stairs. Emilia sighed, again.
“Seriously? He’s gay AND flamboyant? That’s so generic!”
    “Who are you calling generic?” The vampire asked. “The boy seems to find you to be his sanctuary, dear. So let’s go, then. You and me… winner keeps the boy. Loser dies.” He held up his hands with a smile. Emilia, accepting the challenge, walked up and smiled. “Bring it on rainbow dust.”

    “Emilia!” Max and Becky both called out, concerned. She didn’t listen, she just walked up, and pulled up her dress, revealing her huge cock, and bloated, basketball-sized nuts. The count suddenly called out, excitedly. “Oh! A trap! Perfect! I shall keep you as well, sweetie.”

    Emilia sighed. She looked at her spellbook, and recoiled. There were tons of new spells! Almost 20 of them! She started searching for one with just the highest damage output but something else caught her eye..

Summon Jizzbeast - Sex Magic - Cooldown 2 minutes
Base Damage - 0
Mana Cost - 100,000
Effects - Spawn a number of Jizzbeasts to fight for you. Number summoned increases with Virility, and Ballsize. (Currently - 4)

She nodded. “Summon Jizzbeast!” 

    Suddenly, an incredible pressure built up inside of her balls. “GAH!” She yelled, thrusting her immediately-hardening cock forward. From the outside, It looked like there were a pair of anacondas swimming around inside of her nut sack. Then, they pointed right at her dick, and began traveling up it, towards the exit. Emilia screamed as, suddenly, a dog-sized sperm erupted from her cock, and then another, and then two more, until four dog-sized sperm cells were sitting on the ground in front of her.

    Before Emilia could be confused, they turned towards the vampire, and leaped at him, as he screamed in surprise. The four massive sperm were quick and powerful, slamming into him, causing a ton of damage with each hit.

One after the other, they slammed into him painfully, as he used magical bursts to hit them, and send them away. Emilia, seeing the bizarre scene in front of her, raised an eyebrow.
“Who comes up with this crap?”

    She then pulled out her cock, once more. Pointing it right at him, as he was distracted fighting her, uh, ‘summons’ and prepared another spell. “Terraform, cumwave!” Suddenly, a massive blast of sperm erupted from her cock, splattering all over the walls and floor. Now that her sperm was everywhere, the area was marked no longer as a Vampire Manor, but as a “Sperm-coated battlefield” which weakened the Vampire, somewhat, and made Emilia stronger. Then, she pointed one more at him. “Jizzmissile!”

    Another load erupted from her cock, firing right at the vampire, and caught fire from the air pressure as it slammed into him. He fell backwards, and coughed up blood, before sending another blood-wave at the Jizzbeasts, and finally finishing them off.

HP: 70,300/70,300
MP: 985,500 / 1,612,520

Count Reddvac
HP: 425,018 / 1,000,000

The Vampire looked concerned. She was so strong, for her level. And she was only 1/3rd empty of her mana pool. He shook his head. “The boy isn’t worth my life! Fuck this!” He turned to run, and Emilia grit her teeth. “Oh, no you don’t! Prizzon!”

    Casting the “Prizzon” spell suddenly encapsulated them in a dome of sperm from Emilia, which then crystallized into a rock-hard cage. He was stuck. “You’re not running away, monster! Now die!” She pointed her cock at him, and smiled. “Ooh, this spell looks strong… I wonder how powerful it is!” A cocky smile covered Emilia’s face as the Vampire looked at her with fear.

    Emilia smiled, as her cock throbbed, and her balls churned. “Cumnuke.” Suddenly, a light stream of sperm squirted from her cock, and began gathering in the air in a ball. A sphere of semen gathered over their heads as Emilia literally used hundreds of thousands of Mana to build a sufficient attack. She used 850,000 of her remaining mana, almost half of her total, to summon this concert beach ball sized swirling sphere of sperm. Then it began to glow red, before building energy and making unsettling humming noises. Then, it flew at the speed of sound at the Vampire.

    An enormous explosion of sperm filled the Prizzon as the vampire screamed in agony. The spell covered him in burning, boiling sperm as he took the hit right on.

CRIT! -100,000,000!

    And it was over. Max and Becky, stood in awe, wading through the knee-high pool of jizz that flooded the room. Both of them had +200 XP appear over their heads as their levels jump from 4 to 15.

“And that’s that.” Emilia sighed, happily, as she saw the vampire turn to dust.  Max smiled. “Wow… Emilia, that was incredible! There’s no way we could do half of what you just did… but why are you still following us around?”
    Emilia smiled. “Because I like you, Max. And you too, Becky. You guys might be kinda weird, but you’re the only people around here who… ungh.”
She bent over in pain.

“Hey, come on now.” Becky said, walking up. “Don’t get a stomach ache, it’s ruining the moment.” But she groaned. “Oh, god… it’s not a stomachache…”
Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Crackling bolts of green energy began crackling all around Emilia. Max and Becky took a step back. She began to float off the ground as her body throbbed. Her cock grew hard and began squirting pre.  Just a few dolops at first but then into a near constant stream that almost reached the ceiling. Steam began pouring off of her body as the room began to glow green, and the walls began to crumble. “F- FUCK!” Emilia yelled.
“It’s… IT’S HAPPENING…! I’M… AAHHH!!!” Max and Becky quickly ran out of the Manor and not a moment too soon as the entire building exploded. Rock and glass and candles went flying everywhere around them. Max threw up a shield to protect them from the majority of the heavy rubble. Once it stopped raining debris, all that remained of the once imposing manor was a thick green mist which still crackled with ominous green tendrils of power. All they could see through the mist were words… and they looked at them in awe.

+8,000,000 XP


They just kept coming. One after the other, for almost 10 minutes straight, the words “LEVEL UP!” spewed from the glowing, green rubble of the Manor, while Max and Becky stared at it in awe.

“What is she?!” Becky cried, tears streaming from her face.
“She’s… oh my god…” Max said, in awe.

10 Minutes later, the green glow stopped. Max and Becky quickly ran into the rubble, and pulled the Futa out of the pile of splintered wood. When they finally found her, they gasped.

HP: 181 trillion / 181 trillion
MP: 17 Octillion / 17 Octillion
LEVEL: 999

Emilia moaned and opened her eyes. “Ahh… hey, Max. Why are we outside?” She climbed out of his arms and onto her feet, before he could answer. “Whoa! What happened…” she looked around at the destroyed  manor, for only a moment before she felt the pressure. “Anggh… oh, god… the pressure…!” She quickly pulled up her information screen, and moved to put her points into ball size and breast size, but paused in surprise when she saw her level.

“Ah…! What happened! My level…! Ngh…!” She ignored it for now, and began mashing the button repeatedly. The pressure was relieved as she felt her balls and breasts expand. After a few minutes of tapping, Emilia sighed. She had maxed out the stats, and now her breasts were the size of beach balls, hanging down from her chest all the way to her waist. Her balls, churning with more sperm than ever, had to be dragged across the ground behind her as she walked, since her entire sack was the size of a dumpster.

    The sudden shift in weight in her chest made her fall forward. She started increasing her strength, until it was maxed out. But she still had 800 more points to put into everything. So she continued to put in points. All her stats filled up eventually, but she could still put points into body stats. Moans of pleasure came from Emilia as Max and Becky watched her begin to grow taller, bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, prettier... Eventually, she had used them all.

NAME: Emilia Exponentia
LEVEL: 999
KARMA: 100 / 0 - Paragon

ARMOR: Skimpy Robes (+10 Int)

XP: 8,000,731

HP: 489 Quadrillion / 489 Quadrillion
MP: 305 nonillion / 305 nonillion

STRENGTH: 100/100
DEXTERITY: 100/100
ENDURANCE: 100/100
CHARISMA: 100/100
HEIGHT: 12’4” (100 Points allocated)
BREAST SIZE: 100/100
BUTT SIZE: 100/100
COCK LENGTH: 6’3” (100 Points allocated)
BALL DIAMETER: 5’3” (102 points allocated)
VIRILITY: 100/100

    Emilia Finally sat down with a sigh of relief, simply staring unbelievingly at her current level and stats. She was in all, her allies, killing the exact same enemies that she had, and doing the exact same things, we're only level 15 now.  Whereas Emilia,  at her current level, was so far ahead of them for no discernible reason, that she had no real reason to stick with them, other than that she likes them. She turned towards them, everybody staring at her and all, and simply Shrugged her shoulders, making her now enormous breasts jiggle.

    “I’m sorry.” She said. “I’m totally lost. I don’t know why i’m flying so far ahead! They had no answer. Emilia just shrugged, and bent down to grab her enormously long, flaccid dick, and slung it over her shoulders. “Let’s go back to camp.”
Max and Becky stayed quiet as they walked along Emilia. Her titanic testicles gurgling as she dragged them with her across the ground. Emilia’s now-massive breasts, which could be seen bouncing on her chest from behind, distracted them both. Not to mention, she had literally doubled in height. Even Becky, at almost 7 feet tall, only came up to her crotch.

Max decided to speak, finally. “I’m still trying to figure something out…” Emilia turned towards him. “Well, I’m trying to find a lot out as well.” Max recoiled from her words, turning away as she turned red. “What?” Emilia asked, as Becky also blushed. She never acted sheepish, so she knew something was up.
    Max quivered. “Y- Your… face, and voice. They’re… distracting.” Emilia blinked. She HAD just MAXED her charisma out. That’d explain why they had trouble concentrating. “Sorry. Go ahead.” Emilia said, looking away.
    “Well…” Max continued. “That vampire gave you, like… 8 million xp? And the Spawn, worth 8, gave you 512? It’s like everything you kill has it’s XP multiplied by itself, twice.” Emilia raised an eyebrow. “Huh? What do you mean?”
    Max looked at Becky. “Well, the slimes were worth 1, so 1 time 1 times 1 is 1… but 8 times 8 times 8 is 512… i think. And the Vampire, worth 200 to us, gave you 8 million.”
Emilia thought for a moment. 200 x 200 x 200 was indeed 8 million. She was impressed at her ability to know that. Suddenly, she started doing power properties in her head as fast as a calculator would. “Whoa. 110 Intelligence means 110 intelligence.” She shook her head. “Yeah, I think you’re right, but why am I getting that multiplier?
    “Your guess is as good as mine.” Max said as they made it back to their camp in the woods. “But my guess is, since this is something that doesn’t usually happen, It’s probably your class.” Emilia looked at him. “My glitch class?”
    Max still didn’t know what that word meant, but he dropped the issue. “All I’m saying is there’s a lot of unknowns. I don’t know any mage subtypes that use… what you use. I’ve never heard of those spells, and I’ve been going through tomes in the library all week while Becklyn was being drained.”
    “Hey, shut up!” She yelled at him, embarrassed. Emilia giggled as she looked at the fireplace. “It’s a bit late to head back. Let’s just sleep here for the night.” Emelia walked over to the nearby tree, and snapped off an entire Branch, before snapping it in half, again, and throwing it onto the fireplace, before setting it on fire. Max and Becky were in awe of her tremendous strength, being able to rip an entire Branch off of a tree. Still, they were tired, and it was getting late, so they all decided to head for sleep.
     2 hours later, Becky was sitting next to the fireplace, keeping watch for the first couple hours of the night, when she heard something.  At first, she thought it sounded like a wild animal, growling at her through the darkness, threatening her for food, or something. Soon, however, Becky realized that it wasn't an animal at all, it was Emilia’s enormous fucktanks.
    Becky turned red as she looked at Emilia,Two had to sleep outside of her tent, on account of the fact that she had literally doubled in height. She laid out the dirt,  gently breathing as she slept the night away. Becky, looking at her cock,  which was, while flaccid, hanging off the side of her crotch, and leaking pre all over the forest ground.Becky had been dealing with these cravings since last week.
     Ever since Emilia fucked her  into unconsciousness, she had been having dreams, and cravings, that dominated her mind. She tried to keep quiet about it, as she was too proud to ask for another cum load,  but it was becoming harder and harder, and it was especially hard now, seeing the thing that she wanted more than anything, literally being wasted into the dirt.
     She turned away, and looked out into the darkness of the forest. “I don’t need it…  I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it.”  Was what she kept telling herself, but she was just lying, trying to make herself get through her watch without having to admit what she wanted. However, after another hour, her cravings got the better of her.
    She quietly snuck up to Emilia’s  sleeping body, trying her best not to make any noise, and got down on her hands and knees next to the prodigious puddle she was leaking. She leaned her face in clothes, and took a deep sniff.
“Unnngggghh…”  Her whole body convulsed in pleasure, like a dying man, thirsting for water in the middle of a scorching hot desert, finding an oasis. She almost stuck out her tongue and lick the dirt under her face, before she took control of herself, and shook her head. Then she looked at Emilia’s leaking cock, the dickhead slick all the way across with the pre that her balls churned up. Her eyes dilated as she leaned in, and began drinking down the sticky precum.
    “Mmnnggghhh…!” She moaned to herself as she swallowed down each gallon. Her belly began to slosh as she swallowed it all down, groaning as her addiction was finally sated. She wanted more…

    “Enjoying yourself?” Emilia asked, making Becky suddenly scream, and cough into her cumslit. She pulled away, her entire face covered in pre, her mouth full of it, and with it dripping all into her armor and down her breasts and even pooling in her lap. She couldn’t explain it away, so she just sat there, unable to keep her pride in check anymore.
    “D- Don’t tell anyone…!” She begged, tears suddenly streaming down her face. Emilia smiled, and grabbed her, holding her close to her chest, and patting her head. “It’s okay, Becky. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone… on one condition.”
    Becky became nervous. This couldn’t be good. “Wh… What do you want?”
“I want you to be honest with me. Tell me what you want.”
She looked away, her face glowing red. “I… got what I wanted.”
Emilia shook her head. “Tell me honestly. Or else…”
She looked annoyed. “I want… you.”
Emilia smiled. “Better… but what about me?
Becky pulled her own hair, which was spilling off of Emilia’s body and getting wet in the puddle of pre below. “I want… you. Your… your cum…”
Emilia smiled as she felt her cock harden. “Hmm? My what? Becky, speak up.”
Becky grit her teeth and stood up, angrily slapping Emilia before grabbing her by the skimpy robe, and pulling her into her face.

“I want…! I want…! Nghhhaaahh!!” I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!” She yelled, loudly, as Emilia looked happy. “Fuck me like you did last week! Fill me with all your cum! Your delicious cum… I want it in me! I want you to thrust those hips and bloat my womb until I’m the size of a building! Fill me with everything you have, anything, just FUCK ME!!” She began to cry as her pride was defeated, and she fell to her knees, weeping at Emilia’s beauty. Emilia smiled.

    “Was it hard to be honest? Don’t worry, now you get your reward.” She sat up, and got to her feet, towering over Becky’s body, and taking off her armor. “Wh- wait! No, I was just kidding…!” She said, taking a horrified look at Emilia’s now-fully-hard 6 foot long dick, which was almost as tall as her entire body.. “Sorry.” Emilia responded. “It’s already too late for that.”
    Becky, suddenly feeling like she’d made a mistake, whimpered in fear as Emilia stared at her with a look that could be described as sadistic. She took a step back. She wanted this, that much was certain, but her massive cock… not to mention, even standing up, her balls, resting on the ground from their sheer size, were as tall as Becky was. She could swear, her tent was smaller than one of her testicles.
Emilia grabbed her with one hand, and lifted the 160 pound girl, now naked, with one hand. Becky’s pupils became tiny as her feet left the ground, and Emilia lifted her to eye-level. A shadow fell over her face as her fear became more pronounced. Emilia shoved her cockhead at Becky, who began to whimper even louder with fear as the cockhead, which was almost as big as her own actual head, throbbed a little. 

That horribly massive, extremely thick monster was going to kill her! “P- please, Emilia! It… that… it's gonna kill me!” she said, holding onto it desperately. Emilia couldn't tell if she was trying to say no or not. She didn't want to rape her, so Emilia decided to test her resolve.

“Oh, well, I don't want to kill you. Sorry!” she sat her down and turned around to go back to sleep. 
“Wh- NO! PLEASE!” She yelled, running up, hugging Emilia’s huge asscheeks. Emilia turned around with a smile, her erection still jutting imposing from her body. “But what about killing you?” 
She looked down, concerned. “I… but…! But, I… I… nggh…?!” it was like she was fighting herself. Emilia just laughed. “Don't worry, dear Becky. I have a solution. Here…”

She held up her palm, pointing it at Becky. As it began to glow, Becky swallowed nervously, and held up her hands. “Wh- whoa! Wait, don't do any-

“Mallebody!” Emilia yelled, and Becky screamed as she felt her skin, and in fact her whole body start to feel strangely numb. She suddenly realised what happened when Emilia picked her back up. She squeezed Becky’s waist so tightly that it should rightly have crushed her bones and organs, but instead of that, instead of even hurting her at all, her body simply squeezed like play-doh in her hands.

Becky looked down at her squeezed body, which returned to its original shape when Emilia let go. Then Emilia grabbed Becky’s face, and hooked it in her fingers, stretching her face until it was 5 or 6 feet long, itself. She wrapped Becky’s stretched face around her dick, and squeezed it, before letting go, and letting her face fix itself. “Ggblblkkcchh…!!” Becky gargled out. “Wh… what was that?! What did you do to me?!

Emilia smiled and held her hand to her mouth. “I made an adjustment. Now you won't even be hurt when I unload my entire load into you.  Becky blinked, in concern. When she last had Sex with Emilia, her balls were only the size of apples. Even then, Emilia’s load was enough to immobilize her, and fill her to the size of a trader’s wagon. Now, those overpowered balls were bigger than Becky was… but, it should be fine, right?

Emilia wasted no time in shoving her massive erection into Becky’s mouth. She had no chance to protest as the massive cock forced its way down, and easily tripled the width of her throat as it forced its way in. Becky’s only option was to choke out a few gagging sounds into the massive shaft cramming its way down her esophagus. It only got a third of the way into her body, before bottoming out in her stomach. But Emilia didn't care.

She kept shoving it deeper, using her insurmountable strength to lift the girl, and squeeze her mouth and throat around her dick like a living condom. To emphasize the point, Becky realized that Emilia was no longer lifting her and was merely supporting her body weight with her mighty shaft instead. Her cock reached the back of her stomach, and kept going, leaving a bulging impression of her shaft that was visible to anyone who may be watching. And there was, indeed, someone watching.

From his corner of the camp, awoken by loud screaming and choked gurgling, Max peeked at the two girls. He was an easily embarrassed guy, but he was still not one to shy away from something like this. Still, he was reluctant to show them he was awake, but at the same time, too turned on by the sight of Emilia’s fat, bouncing ass to stay hidden. Still, looking at Emilia, he felt inadequate, suddenly being outsized by more than 6 times, by someone who had, just that morning, been smaller than him. 

As Max quietly walked up to the two of them, he intentionally stepped loudly to make sure Emilia heard him. And she did, turning her head towards the boy who was only a third her height with a smile. “Oh, Max… I knew you had it in you! Did my new, and improved cheeks entice you to come out here?”

He just stood there, his face red, and his obvious bulge poking through his pajamas. Emilia smiled at him, knowing he would never do it himself. So she had to goad him. 
“Max, dear… come here.” she said, and he obeyed, walking up.

“Here.” Emilia said. She grabbed one of their mugs from dinner, and ripped her cock out of Becky’s throat. She pointed her cock at the mug and blasted it full of her steaming precum. Then, she handed it to Max.

“Drink it.” Emilia demanded. His face immediately shot her a look of confusion, or disgust. One of those. He looked at the mug, the thick pre leaking over the edge, “D- Drink? B- but… why?”

“Yeah, that's right. Drink my precum. Do as I say or I'm not going to let you fuck my ass, tonight.

Max looked at the steaming goop once more… and sighed, holding his nose and forcing it up, he drank it all down. Once it was all swallowed, he tossed the mug to the ground and started coughing, grasping at his throat. “Agh… khack! Wh- why did I…” 

+1 XP

Max blinked in disbelief. Then it happened again. +1 XP +1 XP +1 XP. As his XP increased, Emilia giggled. “I knew it! My cum is so strong that it's worth XP! I wonder how much you'll get! Max just sat there for several minutes, gaining XP and leveling up as he digested the pre. Meanwhile, Emilia ruthlessly mouthfucked Becky, moaning as she drew herself closer to orgasm. Finally,Max was done. Now level 47, he had several free skill points.

“ahh… good boy, Max! Now, put all those points into your dick.” Max looked at her with concern. He needed those points to get stronger… to increase his endurance… no. His combat skill didn't matter anymore. He hadn't told Emilia, but even for a level 999, she was way overstatted. The most unbreakable tanks in the world only had, at most, 10 million HP… and here was Emilia, who had more than 10 million times 10 million… as a mage! He couldn't hope to be that strong, ever. He put every point into dick size, moaning as he did. 

With a pleasurable moan, Max’s dick suddenly came through a growth spurt, sending his dick soaring to almost 3 feet long. With a desperate moan, he walked up to Emilia. She looked at Max, and got down on her knees, pointing Becky’s pussy right at him. “Here.” she said. “Fuck her ass while I cum in her mouth.

Becky protested suddenly, thrashing in Emilia’s iron grip. All she did, however, was grab her legs and lock them in her grip, so she was stuck in place. 

As Becky felt Max’s enormous cock split open her elastic asshole, she screamed in pain, and pleasure. They both started thrusting, pushing Becky back and forth. As Emilia’s cock slid out, Max’s also-huge dick went in, and as Max slid out, Emilia’s cock was buried. She was having a train run on her, and it had no brakes.

Suddenly, thick, slimy jizz filled Becky’s throat, for about 6 seconds straight, before Emilia finally pulled out. “Ah… that was a good amount of pre. But now, it's time to breed you, Becky.”

Becky coughed as she started gaining xp, as well. “B- breed? L- like ‘get pregnant’ breed?! B- but…!” she protested, but who was she kidding? She wanted it. Emilia held Becky up, while sitting on her knees, so as to let Becky keep getting her well deserved ass fuck from Max, who was enjoying it based on the moans he was making. Then, Emilia pulled up her status screen, showing Becky a spell that she had learned at level 999.

Fertile Ecstasy - Sex Magic - Cooldown 1 month
Base Damage - 999,999,999,999,999 (non-lethal)
Mana Cost - All Remaining mana
Effects - Impregnation, guaranteed. Amount to of children increases with maximum mana and virility. (Currently - 109)

Becky swallowed nervously. “Th- that…!”
“I'm going to use it on you.” she said, placing the tip at the opening to her pussy. 
Becky sat there, and accepted her fate. “Fine. Breed me… Emilia.”

With that, she rammed the entire 6 foot fuckmonster in at once, stretching her elastic womb over her dick.

Over the next hour, Max came in Becky’s ass twice, moaning after the second, and pulling out. Emilia, who was absolutely dead set on impregnating Becky, smiled at him. “nf… good work, max. Now, let Emilia’s fat ass ride you into ecstasy…!”

He obediently laid on the ground under emilia, which gave her the chance to stand up, and bend her legs, lowering onto his massive cock like she was doing squat exercises. 

Emilias balls were on the ground in front of her, and she thrust into Becky, using them like a table. She fucked Emilia doggy style, ramming her face into the tops of her balls as she ravaged her cunt. Becky, screaming into Emilia’s balls, loved it.

For 2 hours straight, Max was ridden, and Becky was fucked. Emilia’s new endurance came into play, not even breaking a sweat during the fuck session. Then, just as she was about to pass out, Becky was startled awake by a light sloshing noise.

Her heart skipped a beat as fear filled her eyes. It was time. At first, the sloshing was quiet, only Emilia's and Max’s moans making any noise. Becky hoped it wasn't true…

It was.

Another slosh was heard, the sound equitable to someone shaking up a half-full milk jug. Then another joined in. And another. After only 60 seconds, the balls below her quickly deafened all other noise. Soon the only thing Becky could hear were the sounds of a wavy ocean crashing into a cliff.

“Becky~” Emilia spoke, sing-songy. “any last words? Becky moaned, sweat dripping down her body as she nodded. “Breed… me.”

Emilia smiled, as she bottomed her cock out in her pussy. “Good choice of words. Now, get pregnant.” Becky nodded.

Emilia held up her hand, and pointed at Becky. “Enhance fertility!” Becky gagged as she felt the spell affect her. Then…

“Fertile Ecstasy!!” 

For a moment, her balls went quiet. No noise, until suddenly, a rushing, splashing noise erupted from her balls as all of their contents were sucked out.

Becky could feel the load as it rushed up Emilia’s cock. Her pupils turned to pinpoints as the extremely thick baby batter made its way towards her.

“Oh, god…!” were her last words for days. The overpowered, hyper fertile sperm blasted into Becky with a flash of white light so blinding that it made even Emilia look away. 

Becky was defeated, utterly.

For a literal hour, the sperm flowed. Max continued to cum down Emilia’s cunt as she, in turn, did the same to Becky. Becky lost all forms of motor control and basic functions as she filled to the size of a tent, and kept going.

She became twice as big as the tent, then bigger. Emilia kept cumming. Soon, Becky felt her overflowing belly knock over nearby trees. She watched as her belly literally flew away, bloating to the size of a 3 story building before Emilia finally groaned, and pulled out, sighing.

“Max… I'm not satisfied!” she demanded, immediately riding him harder. “My balls are empty but my pussy needs more love.

Max continued to thrust upwards into Emilia, just like he'd been doing the last 3 hours, and moaned in his cute little voice as he finally came, again. His 24th load filled Emilia, and she moaned in pleasure as she continued fucking him for hours afterward.

 Finally, after several hours, she passed out, cuddling up to Max with a smile on her face.

To be concluded in Part 3...



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"+1 XP +1 XP +1 XP. As his XP increased, Emilia giggled. “I knew it! My cum is so strong that it's worth XP!"


Love the gaming mechanic. I'd like a few more adjectives like perfect, superhuman, milky or supreme.