Gamer to Goddess, Part 3


Part 3


Becky groaned and tossed the chest piece to the ground. There was no hope of it fitting anymore. Her breasts were simply too big. She stared at her new, thick body in the mirror and couldn’t help but feel a little turned on, which tempered her annoyance somewhat.

Of course, her old armor simply didn’t fit. It’d been 10 months since the fight with the vampire, and Emilia’s sudden level up to max level. Becky, with a groan, looked at her character info panel. She was now level 525 after constantly birthing Emilia’s children, of which they now had 29. Thankfully, they had the maids to take care of that for them.

Ever since her spike in power, Emilia only took the most dangerous jobs across the planet. A pack of Elder Dragons here, a swarm of bloodthirsty vampires there, even a war or two between rival countries. Emilia was overpowered in every sense of the word. As a result, not only were they free from their guild contract, but they were now filthy,stinking rich. Becky found herself fantasizing about her new life, in Emilia’s mansion.

Which brought about Becky’s new body. Being locked in the hospital with a baby bump the size of a wyvern wasn’t helping her XP gain. She, instead, only gained trace XP from Emilia’s children. She’d levelled up quite a bit, but seeing as how she was now useless in combat, compared to Emilia, she put every skill point she had into breast size, height, butt size, and fertility. With her newfound fertility, she was afraid to get pregnant again, even if they did have the space for it, in the mansion.

It was where the party headquarters was, as well as the place they raised their children. Becky’s fantasies, however, were soon interrupted as the house shook once more. Becky almost fell onto the floor, her beach-ball sized cowtits almost making her fall forward as she lost balance. The 10’4” Cleric immediately moved to the basement door, and opened it.

The door, a yellowish, disgusting miasma blasted her, the air pressure suddenly shifting as the Dank, humid stink of the basement came up. Becky loved it. She took deep breaths as she climbed down the stairs, and entered the large dungeon underneath the mansion. There, she saw Emilia, who was currently balls deep in Ashlyn, an adventurer who had thought that she could be one of the greatest warriors in the world, who was now reduced to a living condom for Emilia. As she came in Ashlyn once more, her poor womb bloated to the size of a wagon, the excess cum spilling out of her pussy, and splashing onto Cammie, who was currently passed out With her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her tongue sticking out, weakly lapping up the white residue that dripped from above. It must have been 110 degrees in that basement.

She wasn’t the only one. Three more adventurers, Rebecca, Tina, and Tamaryn, her personal jizztank polishers, were all currently bloated to the size of watermelons with cum, and continued to lick, kiss, and praise Emilia’s nutsack as it emptied into Ashlyn. Surrounding them were even more women, about 120 in total, each one bloated to the brim with cum, and laying on the concrete ground in a coma, their eyes rolled into the back of their head, and their tongues hanging out on top of each other, as Emilia’s cum fermented on their unconscious bodies. Some of them may not recover, some might. Becky wasn’t sure.

Emilia sat in the center of the dungeon, on a thoroughly cum-soaked velvet throne, her balls so massive, they hanged off the front and rested on the ground. Behind Emilia were 19 untouched women. They sat there, their tits bouncing, to put on a show for Emilia, trying to entice her into choosing them next. They would all end up pregnant, it was just a matter of who went first.

“Emilia.” Becky said, trying to speak over the moans and orgasms that filled the room. She took a deep breath, and yelled louder. “Emilia!” After another orgasm, Emilia tossed away the cum-ballon that was now Ashlyn, into the pile of other unconscious, bloated women.

“Becky.” She said, causing all the girls in the room to instantly orgasm. “Did you come to bear your next set? I’ll be honest, I’m excited to see what your womb is capable of.” Becky’s eyes immediately grew slack as she was almost entranced by Emilia’s pungent pheromones. Her mind screamed at her to bear this woman’s children. But she needed to talk.

“Oh GOD, yes, please…! I- I mean no! Emilia, my armor doesn’t fit anymore! I need you to have it refit!” Emilia only laughed as she tossed the water balloon that Ashlyn had become into the pile of already-pregnant women, and grabbed another toy from behind her, impaling her on her massive futanari fucklog. The woman screamed so loudly, she had to be screamed over, in order for them to hear each other.

“Becky, your body is of no use to me when in armor. Just wear some lingerie or something, it’ll turn me on and make my spells stronger.” Becky turned red and she gripped her fists. “B- But I want to help! I refuse to be one of these… these… baby factories! Nggghhh, oh FUCK! I need to get out of here before I lose control.” She moaned. “L- Look, Emilia! I’m… I want to be a… a good fighter… or, wait… what was I talking about? Ohh, god…!” she quickly ran up the stairs as the wet slapping, screaming, and the sploshing could be heard until she shut the door again. Becky started breathing very hard as she made it up the staircase. “Oh, my god! She’s… F- Fuck! I can’t control myself…! It’s so unfair!” Becky’s pride had yet to be permanently defeated.

That was when Max noticed her. Still only 4ish feet tall (Emilia didn’t allow him to upgrade his height) the paladin quickly ran up, and put his hand on her thighs, which were eye level with him. “Are you okay? I know, it’s pretty rough down there…” She coughed again.”How… how does Emilia stand the smell…?! Ugh… M- Max! My armor…”

He smiled. “I know, Becky. I asked the blacksmith to forge you a new set that would fit you. I knew you wouldn’t give up trying to level up.” She shed a tear. Jealousy filled her mind as she began to cry. Max, having been able to accompany Emilia, was now level 821, but despite being a tank, his HP didn’t even come close to 1% of her total HP. Although that may be on account of his stats. Not a single one going into endurance, instead, every point he had went into dick length, and virility. Even still, he had not yet been able to impregnate Emilia. He wanted to, he simply never asked why he had yet to be able to. 

“Come on.” Max said. “We need to take your measurements for your new armor.” He led her into a room, and had the maids pull out tape measures, The one going around her waist nodded, and pulled it up. “Waist is 28 inches.” Soon, the one measuring her hips raised her tape. “56 inches!” However, the one going around her breasts had trouble. “Uhm…” She said. “This… isn’t long enough.”

The other 3 looked confused. “That tape goes up to 100 inches… how…” She just shrugged. “Best I can do is an estimate. 115 inches? Looks about right.”


Once Max had recorded the measurements, and sent them off to the blacksmith, Max had the maids tie a shower curtain around her chest so she could at least be decent. Just then, Emilia emerged from her breeding pits, the sounds of waterfalls erupting from the room as she closed the door behind her. She was back in her robes, finally decent again. She walked into the room, smiling. “Hey, guys. Sorry I took so long this morning. I was super pent up. Max, did you get the stuff for Becky’s armor.” He nodded eagerly, smiling. “Yeah! Already sent them out.” She smiled back, prompting Becky to look at her, dumbfounded.

“W- Wait… I thought… you only saw me as a breeding toy…” She said, and Emilia smiled at her. “I understand your thoughts, and why you’d think that. Sorry, I say mean things when im in the middle of my 193rd daily orgasm. You’re my friend, Becky.” 

Becky shed a tear is gratefulness. “Now” Emilia interrupted. “What say we go get a drink?” Emilia grabbed her money and she and Becky ducked to leave out the front door, while Max followed behind them.

It was about 7 PM and the streets were slowly emptying. With Emilia to Max’s left, and Becky to his right, he felt nervous. If he closed his eyes, he’d bump into them. If he looked left or right, he’d see some godlike thighs. If he looked forward, he’d see their tremendous breasts. If he looked back, he’d only see Jiggling asses. If he looked at any, his cock would harden, and considering it was bigger than he was, he was keen on trying to distract himself. Seeing this, Emilia and Becky giggled to each other, as they turned into the bar.

For 4 hours straight they drank mead from mugs, and sang songs into the night. People inside recognized Emilia and couldn’t help but get her rocks off a few times, while Max and Becky took turns betting who she’d grab next.


They enjoyed their good times while they had them.


But, far away, in a temple far, far below the surface, in a temple buried for literal millenia beneath the world, a dark mist rose. A large, stone coffin, locked with a single, magical padlock, faintly glowing with dim, yellow light sparked… it had finally died. The lock shattered with destructive force, and the coffin opened. When it did, black smoke poured from the cracks as the top slid away. What resulted was the beginning of a series of tornadoes, thunderstorms, and unnatural, black fires. From the coffin, emerged a woman with long, jet black hair and a black and purple dragon-pattern kimono stepped through, wading through the black fire without issue.

“Clever.” She said, stepping slowly from her confines. “How annoying do you have to be in order to do something so pathetic in your final throes. Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it? Hehe…”

After 10 billion years, the demon Goddess of darkness and despair, Verastasia emeged. Her ample hips bounced sultrily as she stepped from the coffin with a smile. She could feel this world was without hope. The one who had defeated her so long ago no longer existed. Finally, she could freely finish what she set out to do, so long ago. With a smirk, she pointed her hands at the roof, and flicked her fingers. The resulting force of impact blew open a 10 foot wide hole.

Verastasia flew upwards and flicked her fingers again, clearing more dirt as she slowly dug her way upwards. Deep in a lost forest, the trees went flying away as she had freed herself from the tomb. She flew thousands of miles into the air, and looked down on the world below her with a grimace.

No war. No suffering. Even the monsters, dragons, vampires… all of the things she loved like her own children, were reduced to pitiful states where they feared humans, and curled fearfully in their lairs. Black fire dripped from her eyes as she cried corrupt tears. This world would pay. The nearest human capital to her was Ruyim. She flew there at a leisurely 500 million miles an hour.

She arrived in 2 minutes, signalled by an enormous banging noise as she displaced existence around her from her relativistic speeds. Below her, the citizens of the kingdom that neighbored Kiyuum were celebrating something. Using her flawless, ultrasonic hearing, Verastasia easily found the reason. A nearby Darkness Dragon had been slain by an adventurer from the kingdom of Kiyuum. Another grimace spread across Verastasia’s face. She held up her hands to the city she flew over, and gave them a spiteful stare as her eyes caught on blackened fire and her hands glowed purple. “Shadowblaze.” She stated. Suddenly, a massive gout of corrupt fire spewed from her hand, and covered the entire city in a raging firestorm.

She spit downwards in anger, hearing the screaming and begging as she thought about what to do. Conquering this planet would be easy, but she’d need to teach humanity a lesson first. Surely whatever killed a Darkness Dragon would have to be the strongest human on earth.Defeating him would show just how powerful she was. She may not even have to waste her time slaughtering the innocent.

She would do that anyways, but at least she could do it at her own enjoyable pace, without the need to shock nations into surrender, as she did in ages past. That was why that despicable goddess had trapped her. The Goddess of Light, however, no longer existed. She was gone. Which meant…


This world belonged to Verastasia, and nothing could stand in her way.


Emilia woke up several hours later. She moaned as she lifted her head from the wet, squishy pillow. Another bloated womb that she was laying on. It fit nicely with the other 20 bloated women in what remained of the bar. Even Max was lying in the corner, two beautiful adventurers curled up next to him, smiling. Becky, however, was nowhere to be seen.

It wasn’t until Max and Emilia woke up and left that they would find her. The streets seemed empty, comparative to the other times she was around. It was about 3 PM, so she had slept in. However, as they walked in the front door of Emilia’s mansion, they found her.


She was busy consulting the maids, but it didn’t seem to be about work, it was almost as if Becky was calming them down. Then, as Emilia walked in, they all looked up at her, relieved. Happy that she had returned, Emilia couldn’t help but ask what happened.


“Have you not heard of what happened to Ruyim City? I’d think the news had spread to everyone by now.” She stated. Emilia responded with a shrug. “I don’t know, Max and I only woke up an hour ago.” Becky sighed. “Figures… Ok, so here’s the deal.”


Becky explained to Emilia about how Ruyim City had been completely obliterated with a corrupt shadowspell. The mages who had been outside the city found it completely in ruin, with only shadowfire and rubble, remaining.

Emilia blinked. “Shadowfire? Corrupt?” Emilia nodded. “Yeah. Legend holds that an evil goddess once sought the ending of humanity, to spread her celestial corruption. The corruption supposedly blotches out light and brings out the evil in the hearts of those who are touched by it. The Goddess of Light, who created us to fight the Darkness Goddess’ minions, are the only creatures that cannot be corrupted. That being said, we can still become infected by her corruption, but instead of becoming evil, it just kills us, unless we’ve been blessed by the Goddess of Darkness, herself.”

Emilia blinked. “Okay. I follow.” Max suddenly spoke up. “Oh, yes! And the Goddess of Light did battle with the Goddess of Darkness a very long time ago. We don’t know what happened to either of them. We think they both died in the battle.”

Becky nodded. “Possibly, but she must still have a following. They say the spell was cast by an evil Sorceress. If she’s using Corrupt Shadowfire, then she has to be a Darkblessed sorceress. As for the reason people are panicking… well, she’s called us out.”

Emilia raised an eyebrow. “Us?” Becky shrugged. “I think so. She wants to fight ‘humanity’s greatest warrior’ and said that she would destroy Kiyuum in a week, if she were not stopped. I think she means you.” Emilia sighed. “Possibly… but how would she even know me?”

“The dragon!” Max exclaimed. Becky and Emilia looked at him. “Remember the Darkness Dragon we killed last month? Those dragons have pieces of the Goddess of Darkness within them. Killing it meant killing a piece of her. She may seek revenge for our killing of a part of her Goddess.”

Emilia smiled. “Oh. You guys seem to know a lot about this Goddess war thing.”

They looked at her like she was stupid. “...What?”

“I’m a paladin.” Max said, trying to be respectful to his leader. “My power is derived from Worship of the Goddess of Light.” 

“And I’m a Cleric.” Becky said, condescendingly. “Same exact thing except magic. We SHOULD know at least this much.

Emiia giggled and scratched her head.”Right, fair enough. Say you said this girl was a Sorceress, yeah? Is she hot? Is she fertile?” Becky sighed. “Think without your dick for once, you perverted monster.”

“I wholeheartedly refuse.” Emilia said, looking down at her with a gentle smile. “So let me get this straight. I killed this crazy dragon thing, and now some lady is mad at me? So she destroyed an entire city? She must be pretty powerful.”

Becky looked at Max, who shrugged. “We’re not exactly sure how strong Darkblessed Sorcerers are.” 

Emilia scratched her chin. “Well, there’s no way she can be stronger than me, right?”

It was true. Emilia, standing there as a level 999… something, was easily the strongest thing on the planet. Not only was she max level, she was also far above anyone else in terms of stats. She was incredible. There should be nothing on this planet capable of defeating her in a 1 on 1 battle. 

“Where is she!” Emilia exclaimed. “I kinda want to meet this girl.” 

Becky nodded. “She said she was going to wait for you at the peak of Mt. Grope.”


Emilia grabbed Max and Becky and walked out the door. The mountain she mentioned was only a 1 day walk to the base and 1 day to go up the mountain trail to reach the peak.


Just as they made their way out the door to begin the trek, they heard a deep voice call from down the road. Surprised, they all looked up, interested that someone hadn't run away yet.


Max recognized them immediately, it was the blacksmith. “Hey, Zefgee.” he said, and the blacksmith waved. Emilia didn't recognize the man, after all, she was a spellcaster. She had no need for metal armor.


The man was carrying something huge. When he arrived, he set down the large, metal breastplate that looked like it was fit for an ogre.


“Here you are, Becklyn.” he said. “Fitted perfectly to your… unique style.” Becky nodded and put on the metal plate armor, slipping it around her massive mammaries with ease.


“Fits good. Thanks!” After nodding in confirmation, he turned to Emilia. “So. You're gonna go stop that crazy lady?” he asked, with a smile. Emilia nodded in response, and he laughed. “Well, good luck. It'd be bad for business if the whole city were destroyed. Good luck!”


So they began their walk. 


Emilia pondered herself on the way. She had certainly changed since coming to this world. She used to be a jobless, skill-less and experienceless nerd. She was even a virgin, and that all changed less than all week after coming to a world where video game logic ruled.


She wondered what exactly turned her into a horny, impregnation-addicted super-stud.


Maybe she had just always been that way, it just awoke when she arrived here.


The next 2 days passed without issue. They finally awoke on the day that they were scheduled to make it to the top of the mountain. Finally, Emilia thought she'd finally find a challenge in this woman.


As she made her way over the crest of the hill, she found herself on the peak of the mountain. There was a large open clearing at the top, and at the other end, a woman in a gilded Kimono stood at the edge, looking down the mountain. That must be her.


“You showed.” she said in a surprised, yet flat tone, without looking at Emilia.


She was about 5’6” and very thin. Her arms and body were covered in a shimmering kimono, primarily black, but covered in golden patterns shaped like oriental dragons. Her jet black hair reached down to her knees, and her arms and legs were covered by her clothes. She also had a very flat chest.


She turned to look at Emilia, before raising an eyebrow. “You seem disappointed at my appearance. Were you hoping for a challenge?” She then giggled to herself, and held out her hands, a black portal opening. “Don't worry, human. This will be over soon.” from the black portal, an corrupt, metal staff 

came out, almost as tall as her, it looked ornate, especially at the top where it was emblazoned with purple gems, from which black fire dripped like lava. 


“I am Verastasia.” she continued, smiling at Emilia. “Am I to understand that you are the strongest human alive?” her staff dripped black corruption onto the ground below, causing it to lose its luster, and turn gray as it died.

Emilia nodded. She looked at the woman with a nervous look in her eyes. Becky and Max didn't recall Emilia ever being nervous. With a concerned look in her own eyes, Becky turned to Emilia. “W- wait! You can beat her, right? She says she’s going to destroy the city if you don't stop her…”


Emilia looked at Verastasia with concern.


Verastasia (BOSS: ???)

Level: 999,999,999 (+100,000,745,000,200 XP)

HP: 1.3 Decillion


“City?” Verastasia said, with a sight giggle. “Dear me, it seems my warning was lost in translation. No, girl. If Miss Emilia dies here, this entire planet will fill with corruption. No more will the goddess of light stop me from spreading my essence. Only my perfect essence will remain.”


Becky suddenly looked concerned. “Y- your essence? That filthy corruption is a disease of the goddess of darkness. Just as it kills and corrupts our planet, it also kills and corrupts those who use it! Do you really think the Goddess of Darkness will care about you if you defeat Emilia?”


“Yes.” was Verastasia’s reply. Her answer was delivered flat, with the utmost confidence and no hesitation. Becky was taken aback by her reply.


In the past, Becky had seen her allies take on cultists of darkness, and when asked the same thing, their only response was that they would happily die for her. Even when her coven fought a Darkblessed Sorcerer, her answer was simply that it didn't matter. 


The followers of darkness knew their lives were expendable, but believed so hard in the propaganda, religious drivel, and zealous dogma that they really did not care if their lives were ended. They would happily give their lives pointlessly if asked to. Why, then did this witch say the Goddess of Darkness cared for her?


“H- How can you even say that with certainty?!” Becky demanded.


“Because I AM the Goddess of Darkness.


Max and Becky both went wide-eyed. At first they didn’t believe her. After all, why would the Goddess of Darkness even bother coming here herself? But as soon as they looked at her stats, their jaws dropped. Her stats were magnitudes above even Emilia’s. Comparing the two, one would see that Emilia’s, despite being the largest stats among known humans on the planet by a magnitude of 100 million, at least.


Emilia Exponentia

HP: 489 Quadrillion / 489 Quadrillion

MP: 305 nonillion / 305 nonillion


But this Woman… her health pool was easily 10,000 times larger than Emilia’s. To add to that, her level was almost 1 billion. That number should not have even been possible. Even if it were, it would take literal millenia to reach that level… 


There was no better proof.


“Satisfied? Indeed, Goddesses have no level cap. We truly are so far above pathetic mortals, that you can’t believe me. Do you believe now? Good.” Verastasia said. “Now, Emilia. Show me your full strength. Everything you’ve got in one, large attack. Show me your power…!” Emilia grabbed her dress collar and tugged on it, revealing her hardening boner. Over 6 feet  of hermaphrodite meat rose from her hips. Seeing this, Verastasia dropped her cocky smile for just a moment, gasping at the monstrous erection, before quickly regaining her composure. “Hah. And just what are you trying to d-”


“FERTILE ECSTASY!” The unbelievably powerful shot of sperm flew from her cumslit at the speed of light, flying towards Verastasia faster than she could have imagined. Her entire mana pool was drained in one shot, as she packed every last drop of mana into this one blast. Time and space bent around the massive load as a thunderous explosion sound caused birds to fly away for thousands of miles around.


And as if it were a slow, weak attack, Verastasia simply stepped to the side, avoiding the attack with ease as it flew into the sky behind her. She covered her mouth with a gilded fan and giggled. “Oh. Not bad, for a mortal. Yes, I must say that attack housed more force than anyone on this whole planet could ever output across a lifetime. Alas…”


Max and Becky suddenly gasped as she flew towards Emilia, faster than light. Emilia threw a punch, expecting her to charge, but the woman easily dodged the slow punch, and pointed her hand at Emilia, from below. “Shadowfist!” A large, shaded fist erupted from her hands and hit Emilia in the gut, sending her into the air, and flying backwards, where she landed next to Max and Emilia.


“Oh my god!”

“Emilia, no!”



Emilia Exponentia

HP:1 / 489 Quadrillion

MP: 100,000 / 305 Nonillion


Verastasia giggled as she walked up to the woman. “Pathetic. This was a little anticlimactic as a final obstacle between me and endless world domination… but I won’t complain.” She smiled sadistically as she reached down and grabbed Emilia by the neck, lifting her up and holding up her hand for one final blow. “Now, let the reign of darkness begin! Darkshade Oblitera-”






Suddenly, before Verastasia could deliver her final blow, a massive screen appeared in front of her. It was so large, it split between Verastasia and Emilia. The dark Goddess raised an eyebrow. “Update? What the hell is an update?”


Emilia, moaning from her utter defeat in one spell, was equally confused. It had to update? Update what? Verastasia lost her patience, and pointed her hand at the screen “Oh, piss off you magical entity. I have no time for games, I have a world to corrupt! Shadowblade!” A large, dark sword came from her arm and slashed the screen, inflicting several quintillions of damage to it, but it was as if it didn’t care. It just stood there, between her and Emilia as the little progress bar filled up.


Then, it was full.





Emilia moaned as the screen disappeared, and was replaced by her status screen once more.

NAME: Emilia Exponentia

GENDER: Futanari

CLASS: Goddess

LEVEL: 999

KARMA: 100 / 0 - Paragon



ARMOR: Skimpy Robes (+10 Int)


XP: 837,972,837,842,418,000,731

XP TO NEXT LEVEL: -837,972,837,842,416,000,731


The class and gender now displayed correctly. 

Goddess? Emilia had picked… Goddess as her class? Why was it an error before? She wondered briefly if she was some variant of the Paladin class… but no. She no longer had a level cap. Instead of displaying 999 as Max Level, it said she had negative XP to gain before levelling up.


Then she felt it. A pulse.


She had been accumulating XP by killing many types of max level monsters for money in the last 10 months. Darkness dragons, Eternaliches, corrupt Tentacle monsters, Divine Chimeras, and more. All of the most dangerous monsters on the entire planet, and each had given her millions of XP which were multiplied by the power of 3, to give her more than she ever needed. Until now, she had assumed this XP was pointless.


She was wrong.


Another pulse came from her body as it sat on the ground. Even Verastasia took a step back as she felt the power flow from Emilia. Another slight pulse, which shook the trees. Max and Becky looked at each other and quickly turned to run down the mountain, screaming. They knew what was coming.


Verastasia seemed confused. Why did they scream and run only now? She grit her teeth. “That’s enough, bitch! I’m going to kill you now and this world will know true despair.” She walked over and picked up Emilia, holding up her fist. Then, another pulse emanated from Emilia as she began to spew green mist. This energy the other Goddess like a truck and she shook in discomfort, dropping Emilia. “Ghh- Wh-? What’s going on… What are you doing to generate that much power?!”


Suddenly, the sky went dark as another pulse of energy, exponentially bigger than the last, flooded the mountain range. Verastasia was almost knocked onto her knees as the thundercloud formed, and turned day into night. She even felt her hair stand on end as a bolt of green lightning seemed to strike Emilia directly. However, with her incredible senses, Verastasia knew that she had not been struck by lightning, but was expelling lightning from her body as it overflowed with power.

Soon the ground began to shake, a massive earthquake started shaking the mountain as she felt the ground beneath her shatter. Hurricane force winds began to rage around the young futanari, lifting her massive, 15 foot frame off the floor as her eyes began to glow and tornadoes began to form around her. Trees were uprooted as the winds ripped their roots straight from the dirt and the gale-force winds eviscerated her robes.. 

Pockets of lighting shooting from the girl blasted the ground around her, causing rampant explosions. A literal maelstrom of destruction and disaster and power raged around Emilia. Verastasia simply stared as she was lifted into the air by the green glow. Eventually, the power gathered into a vortex as it climbed in towards Emilia, flying into her mouth, ears, and nose. Eventually, the pressure built up to be too much, and went quiet before suddenly exploding from Emilia’s body in a single, climactic explosion of level ups.


The world suddenly stopped. Frozen in time for a moment, Emilia looked around. Even the Goddess of Darkness was locked in time as the universe itself failed to process what had happened. Locked in place for a moment, Emilia stared forwards. “Is… is the universe lagging?”


Then, everything resumed.




The green “LEVEL UP!” text began overlapping itself as it all happened at once. Her level only updated once every few seconds, jumping up 5 at a time then 10 then 50. Overwhelming brightness filled the top of the mountain as a final, massive explosion blew the top of the mountain up. Boulders the size of houses, trees dozens of feet tall, and every foolish man and creature were sent flying for miles. When the dust settled and the mist cleared somewhat, all that remained was Emilia, who was resting on one knee still crackling with excess energy and a disheveled looking Verastasia. Then, Emilia stood up, rising from the ashes.


NAME: Emilia Exponentia

GENDER: Futanari

CLASS: Goddess

LEVEL: 110,637,903

KARMA: 100 / 0 - Paragon





XP: 837,972,837,842,418,000,731

XP TO NEXT LEVEL: 2,000,000,000,000,000,000


Emilia stood up and looked at Verastasia.



HP: 15 Decillion / 15 Decillion

MP: 500 Decillion / 500 Decillion


Verastasia sneered at Emilia, angrily. “Geh… I don’t know what you did to become that powerful that quickly! But I swear, I’m not letting you stop me, not now!” Now angry, she held up her fans at Emilia and channeled dark energy into the, “Everlasting Eclipse!”


Emilia finally recovered from her power up, just in time to see the spell, which took the form of a beam of moonlight, flying at her. She held up her hands, quickly blocking it with a Spermshield spell.




Emilia grimaced as she suddenly took 1 decillion damage, knocking away 1/15th of her new health pool. She was still so weak, compared to her. But now, she felt as if she could win. Emilia immediately held up her hands and started casting spells, as Verastasia did the same.



“Dark Feather!”



“Spunk Meteor!”



Spell after spell flew between the two, as they each sat there, taking the damage, and exchanging blows. Verastasia didn’t bother to dodge Emilia’s attacks, foolishly believing she wasn’t being hurt, when in fact, she had actually lost almost half her health, after a 10 minute brawl. Emilia was much worse off though. 

She had once again been brought down to about 3% HP, and was sitting there, trying to regain her breath, when she realised that it was over. There was simply no winning, Verastasia was just too far ahead of her even with the powerup from the update.


Verastasia finally smiled, satisfied. “Finally. Not bad, mortal. Not many could battle me to the point of exhaustion. Why, if I didn’t know any better I would think you were a Goddess, yourself! Haha!” She straightens out her back, and walks up to the prone futa before her. “Now.” she said. “No more. I win! Moonlight Starpierce!”


With that, a razor-sharp beam of energy came straight from the moon, and blasted Emilia right in the chest. There was no way to resist it. It hit Emilia square in the heart.  Her mouth filled with a metallic taste and she coughs up blood. She could feel her life ebbing away. Darkness and despair crept into her heart and mind. Verastasia had won.

And then.

Emilia Expotentia died.


Verastasia moaned in pleasure as she felt the XP fill her body. “Ahh… wonderful! I can’t wait to see how the world… reacts… to…” her voice trailed off as she saw Emilia’s body was encased in a gold and white light. Her corpse lifted into the air as it repaired itself, sealing the hole in her chest and restoring her to full health and mana. 


Emilia, gasping at her sudden revival, suddenly looked up at Verastasia. Her expression was filled with anger. “How?! How are you a… of course. A reincarnation Ankh! You sneaky wretch. No matter… my HP has refilled. My mana has refilled, and I’m stronger than I was before! You don’t stand a-”


“Surrender.” Emilia interrupted.

Verastasia blinked in surprise, then giggled. “Surely, you must be joking. I wiped the floor with you! You can’t win, whore! You’re nothing! If anything, you should be surrendering to me!”

Emilia smiled. “You don’t surrender?”

Verastasia, becoming a little annoyed, swiped her hand across the air, angrily. “Of course not, stop trying my patience! I know reincarnation Ankhs only work once, and they have a cooldown! Even if you used one, you can’t use another for a month!


Emilia shrugged. “Then I guess you can’t be angry at what happens when I win.” Verastasia became annoying, and pointed her hand at Emilia. “Shadowblade!” A sword erupted from her arm and took a swing at Emilia, which she promptly dodged.


“I only made 1 misake when I challenged you.” Emilia said, keeping a close eye on her. Verastasia grit her teeth, annoyed. “Only one?! You made more than that, bitch.” Emilia ignored her and spoke. “My mistake was that I was treating this like an MMORPG, but it’s actually an ARPG. Slight difference in how you handle boss fights.”

Verastasia raised an eyebrow. “What? What are you talking about?”

“Patterns.” Emilia responded. “Your attacks come in dodgeable patterns. Pretty shitty ones, too. All I have to do is pretend I’m fighting Ornstein and Smough, except with less lightning.”

“What?” Verastasia’s confusion mounted further. “Who are these people you refer to? Were they strong? I’ve never heard of them.” Emilia shrugged, smiling. “Oh? Too bad. Either way, they weren’t that strong, comparatively. They were like the 3rd hardest fight of my life.”

Verastasia giggled. “Well, I’m glad I could be your #1 challenge-”

“You’re not number 1.” Emilia said bluntly.  Verastasia took it as a challenge. “Oh? And who IS then?! How badly must I defeat you before you lose all hope?!”

Emilia shrugged. “I don’t know, but compared to #1 you’re not even close to making me have that bad of a time.” With another shrug, Emilia continued. “Anyway. I’ve already won, and you won’t surrender. Don’t blame me for the inevitable result.” Verastasia was only annoyed. “Grh.. think you’re going to win?! You think confidence is all it takes?! Fine! I’ll show you true darkness and despair! Dark Feather!”


A large, black feather-shaped magical force formed above Emilia, and Verastasia lowered her hands, causing it to fall and slam right on top of where Emilia had been standing a moment ago. She had jumped out of the way just in time. Verastasia once more lifted her hand, causing the feather to rise once more, and brought it down at her, but missed again as Emilia jumped out of the way. 

“Jizzmissile!” She had no time to dodge the attack, taking it right on and gasping as the blow was dealt to her. Gritting her teeth in anger, she held up her hands once more. “Shadowbeam!” A black laser flew from Verastasia’s hands and flew at Emilia, who promptly dodged out of the way, with a roll. Verastasia then moved the beam to the right, and she jumped over it. “Jizzmissile!”

After taking another blow, she moved the beam back to the left, and up to try to trick her, only for Emilia to suddenly slide below it, and once again “Jizzmissile!” the attack easily connecting and damaging Verastasia immensely. Emilia could only laugh. “Your patterns are predictable, nerd! Mix it up!”

“Gh… bullshit! I won’t accept this! Shadowfall!” A dozen shadow meteors suddenly fell from the sky, turning towards Emilia as they locked onto her. Easily, Emilia jumped between spots where they locked onto her, and jumped away just as one was about to hit the ground, not giving  it time to change directions before hitting the ground.

Verastasia was becoming visibly frustrated, and pointed her hands at her once more. “Enough games! Shadecrush!” An enormous, black cube formed above Emilia. This was something she couldn’t dodge. Emilia understood this and held up her hands as if to catch it. “Spermstrength!” Gallons of Futa jizz erupted from her cock and began covering her arms, causing her arms to become off-white masses of cum. They took on the shape of a bodybuilder’s arms as the block suddenly came down and landed on Emilia. She held up her hands and caught the block with ease, her already incredible strength further boosted by the spell.

“Gah… Die! Be crushed under my power, weakling!” But she held the block, smiling as she lifted it. Emilia’s only answer was to lift the block, and toss it back at Verastasia. Her response was quick, as she held up her hands and stopped the massive cube of power, and tossed it away. With a sneer on her face, she pointed her hands at Emilia once more. “Enough! I’ve had more than enough of you, mortal! This ends now!”


Then her hands began to glow. At first it was subtle, then it became more intense as corrupt fire began to pour from her hands and eyes, and she screamed like a banshee. Her entire body was engulfed in fire. “Shade Burst!” She yelled as the energy accumulated and turned into fire. The darkness gathered in her body as she prepared to cast this spell that had proven to be capable of killing gods, and destroying the-


“FERTILE ECSTASY!” Emilia yelled. Suddenly, her dick expanded and fired a glowing, white burst of sperm at Verastasia, so thick and fertile, and as wide around as a tree trunk, that Verastasia could easily have dodged it, had she not been immobilized by her Shade Burst spell. The massive battering ram of sperm flew at Verastasia, and she gasped. She quickly stopped charging her spell, and jumped out of the way, landing on her stomach as the spell flew over her head. “Hey! You were supposed to brace for my spell, not fire back!”

Emilia giggled. “It’s a simple rule not to let the boss use her strongest moves! Attack when they’re charging. Do enough damage, and they stop.” Verastasia quickly stood up, and scoffed. “Funny. But I know that spell drains your mana, mortal! You can’t compete with me now!” Emilia rolled her eyes. “Yeah I can. Your mana is at 0, as well.”

Verastasia’s heart skipped a beat. “What? How could you possibly know that?!” she demanded. Emilia shrugged. “Who knows? Anyway. Surrender now, and I’ll let you go. How generous am I, giving you another chance, after you refused once? Hah!” 

Verastasia’s eye twitched. “You bitch! Even if I don’t have mana, my power is far and above yours! You don’t stand a chance against me!”


“You asked for it.” Emilia said, putting her arms behind her head, and thrusting her hardening cock forward. “Factory Reset!” Her nuts bloated to twice their current size as her entire mana pool refilled instantly. Verastasia’s jaw dropped. Emilia then raised her hand. “Spermstrength! Spermspeed!” Her arms and legs were quickly enveloped in an off-white sludge that morphed into a massive set of legs and arms, temporarily multiplying her speed and strength by 100. She jumped at Verastasia, and before she could react, grabbed her by the throat and lifted her in the air. She began gasping for air, as Emilia smiled and poked the struggling Goddess’ stomach with her dick.

“You lose.” Emilia said simply. “Enforce Arousal!” Verastasia suddenly pulled her legs together, and started sputtering from the mouth as her pupils morphed into the shape of hearts. A strange, confused smile wrapped around her face as she stared at Emilia, who then tossed her to the ground, cracking it as she coughed up a little blood from being tossed down so hard. She wiped her mouth as Emilia sat down on her chest, cracking her knuckles. She pulled back her sperm-strengthened arm and delivered a blow right to Verastasia’s face with her right fist. Verastasia cried out in pain.  Her face was sent to the right and then back to the left with another blow from Emilia’s other hand.

Emilia had a sadistic smile on her face, as she brutally beat the Goddess of Darkness. “Surrender!” She demanded, and the Goddess below her only moaned in pain. “This… can’t… be happening… Kch…” and she received another punch. “Surrender!”

After a few minutes of brutal punch after brutal punch, she looked up at Emilia, still with a stare of desire in her eyes. “You… will need to do more than… that to… break my will! You’ll have to kill me!” Emilia rolled her eyes at her response. “Idiot. Fine. I’ll do something worse, then. But killing you will be a waste. If you won’t surrender, then I’ll have to breed you.”

“Wh-?! No! Stop! Don’t… no!” Verastasia immediately began to fight back, thrashing around and trying to punch Emilia as she watched her cock harden in her face, throbbing as it grew to its full size. Verastasia’s resistance grew as she watched her grow harder and harder. Soon, the full 8 feet of enormous cock throbbed in her face.

“Wh… What…?!” Verastasia was shocked beyond words at its massive size. As she was distracted, Emilia raised her hands at the Goddess of Darkness below her. “Enhance Fertility!”

Verastasia thrust her hips forwards with a cough as she felt her ovaries throb, being affected by the spell, unable to resist it because of her current state. “N- NOO! You bitch! I won’t… I can’t… Y- You…!!”

Emilia kept her neutral expression. “Enhance fertility!” she seethed once more as she felt her body warp. “Enhance fertility! Enhance fertility! Enhance fertility!” She began to cry as her womb throbbed with the need for Emilia’s seed. She began to thrash in place and cry as she felt her body slowly warp. “P- Please! No more! I surrender! I won’t destroy the planet, I Won’t destroy anything! Please stop! I lose, you win, okay?!”

Emilia shook her head. “I gave you two chances to surrender earlier. I told you that if you want to surrender later, you’d only have yourself to blame. The time for that is over. Now I will breed you. Enhance fertility!”


Emilia then pulled her cock back, lining it up with Verastasia’s slick, narrow pussy. She didn’t resist. She just closed her eyes in preparation. Emilia kept her massively thick cock lined up for a moment, before pulling back, and thrusting forwards at full strength.

There was no mercy. None. She thrust forward at full strength, immediately hilting her cock in, to the hips. Verastasia screamed as loud as she could into the sky, the high pitched shriek echoing all over the forest. Emilia’s massive cock was treating her body like a condom, stretching her entire midsection. Unlike with Becky, however, she didn’t have a stretch spell on her. She only held together because of her incredible endurance and divine healing ability.

“Enhance fertility!” Emilia continued to blast her with the spell as she thrust her hips in and out of the Goddess of Darkness. “NO!” She screamed again, as she moaned in pleasure. Verastasia wanted this. She really did. But at the same time, the humiliation of defeat was so incredible that she wasn’t going to admit defeat, even as the victor rammed her pussy and boosted her fertility.

Then, Verastasia heard something. Underlying the loud, jarring slaps of hip-to-hip contact, was an ominous gurgling noise. A rumbling, bubbling flood of thick glue sounded as if it were about to come down the mountain at them in an avalanche. Emilia closed her eyes as she felt herself getting close. Her cock throbbed, unleashing a basketball-sized droplet of precum. Verastasia screamed into her own teeth as she felt her womb bloat with the mere ‘drop’ and became even more panicked as the gurgling increased in volume.

Emilia’s balls were churning loudly, now. Her face was flush, and she was sweating bullets. Her cock throbbed as she thrusted in again and again. She was lost to the outside world as she bred the Goddess’ pussy with abandon. Verstasia moaned without shame anymore, as her inhibitions were literally fucked out of her. She moaned as she reached up to Emilia, drooling as her eyes lost focus and she slowly became mindless. Still, the gurgling grew louder. Bubbling, churning, and sloshing. The noise in Emilia’s balls became tremendous as the breeder’s pleasure came to a peak. From the tip of the mountain, Emilia stood up and flipped over Verastasia onto her stomach. “Gh… gonna cum!” Emilia moaned, slapping her hips against the Goddess’s asscheeks. “Gonna… cum! GONNA… CUM! FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK! GONNA… CUM… GONNA BREED YOU! GONNA CUM INSIDE OF YOU!! CUMMING! CUMMING! CUMMINGCUMMINGCUMMINGCUMMINGCUMMING…!!”


At the bottom of the mountain, Becky and Max looked up the mountain trail. “Do… do you think she won?” Max asked. Becky didn’t respond, only holding her hands to her chest, praying that her girlfriend would save them all… then they saw it. From the top of the mountain, they felt a shockwave so powerful, it knocked them to their feet… then it happened. Sperm began to flood down the mountain as they witnessed a belly, from the top of the mountain. The growing orb at the top grew, and grew, and grew… It was almost bigger than the now destroyed mountain top had been before Becky and Max smiled. Still, the sides of the inflating womb spilled over the size of the mountain as she continued to cum, her flow uninterrupted for hours…




Emilia moaned from on top of her velvet throne. Her suckslut blowjob-giving whores strained themselves as they tried to make their Goddess feel good, and they somewhat succeeded. Emilia was back in her breeding pit, surrounded by cumbloated spermballoons, and moaning as she unleashed another load down the nameless breeding slave’s throat. Just then, the door opens and Max runs in. His smile tells Emilia what’s happening. Once she was done, she tossed the slut away and climbed the stairs with Max into their newly decorated, brand new mansion. They walked into the nursery, a massive room with thousands of beds, and smiled as she saw them, her two favorite women.


Becky was brushing Verastasia’s hair, and they giggled as they spoke to each other. Becky’s massive tits digging into Verastasia’s back as she responded by jiggling her own massive pair as Emilia walked into the room her cock still rock hard. “Verastasia.” Emilia said. “I trust your birth went well?” She nodded happily and eagerly. “Yes, Mistress. I birthed over 1200 children for you from my defeat nine months ago.”  Learning this, Emilia nodded, and looked at her again. “And your decision?”

Verastasia looked at the floor, and blushed. “I’ve… decided yes. Now that I am living how I was born to live, as your fertile breeding slave, I have no more use for it. Shall we begin the ritual immediately?”


They made their way outside, into the large, magical circle that had been set up. Emilia stood in the center of this circle, completely naked, and smiled. “Do it.” Verastasia walked up to the edge of the circle, and held up her hand. “Shadowblade!” A large sword formed, and sliced open her own hand. She gripped it hard, and dripped the blood into the center of the ring, which began to glow a magnificent pink color.


“Forces of Creation.” Verastasia said. “Hear the words of the Goddess of Darkness. I surrender. Let my total defeat at the hands of the Goddess of Light, Emilia Exponentia be known for all eternity and even to the universe itself.”


Emilia smiled as it was finally made official. It only took several days straight of neverending fucking to make her understand her place below Emilia. But now it was official. And now she could finally fulfill her goal.

“Let my defeat be immortalized in her eternal rule! I surrender my title as Goddess of Darkness!” Black smoke began to pour from her eyes and mouth and into Emilia’s. “Let my servitude to the New Goddess of All, Both Dark and Light be known! By my divine words, hear this! Let it become truth! Make Emilia Exponentia… into the Goddess of Creation!”


Everything seemed quiet for a moment, and Emilia smiled when she felt her powers change. No longer was she a mere goddess, but no she was the Goddess of all Goddesses. Nothing could even compare to her infinite power now, as a new multiplier was added to her XP, multiplying all her past, current, and future XP gains by the power of 5. Retroactively, she moaned and felt it begin taking place. She was able to contain the overwhelming power now, however, and soon it was over with relatively little destruction. She looked at Verastasia



Level: 1 (+1 XP)

HP: 10/10


Emilia smiled at her. “Good work, slave.” And Verastasia nodded happily. “Th- thank you, mistress! I’m so glad you’ve shown me just how superior you are to me in these last few months. Forgive me for not seeing it sooner! We should celebrate soon, and have you impregnate me and Becky… no! The entire planet! Now this entire planet is literally your property. It used to be that the Goddesses of Light and Dark would battle for rights to this sacred world… but now you are both! It’s all yours!”


NAME: Emilia Exponentia

GENDER: Perfect Futanari

CLASS: Goddess of All Creation


KARMA: 100 / 0 - Paragon



ARMOR: Indestructible Goddess Skin (+∞ Armor)



XP TO NEXT LEVEL: Doesn’t Matter





STATUS: Immortal






HEIGHT: 17’4” (580 Points allocated)

BREAST SIZE: 720/100

BUTT SIZE: 480/100

COCK LENGTH: 7’3” (5200 Points allocated)

BALL DIAMETER: 10’4” (102 points allocated)



“And it’s not enough.” She responded, prompting them to blink and drop their smiles. “What?”

“Not enough?”

“What do you mean?” The three of them all asked. Emilia only responded with a smile.

“I have some unfinished business. I’ll be right back.” Emilia then waved her hand, using her omnipotent powers to open a white and yellow portal. She floated through it, and smiled as she slowly reached the end.



Emilia’s mother ran into the lab. The machine had just been activated by someone. “What happened?!” she demanded, running up, and looking at the device. Two other scientists ran in and began messing with the controls. A quick look at the security cameras revealed what had just happened. “Emilia!” she screamed, running over to the device, crying. The guards who came in with her had to keep her at bay as she ran over.

“LET ME GO! My daughter’s in there! If that portal closes, we’ll lose the location and… and…!!” She watched in agony as the portal slowly closed, and was lost. That was it, it was done. She fell to her knees, crying. “NO!! NO!!”


Suddenly, as if they had reactivated it, the portal opened once more. A massive, impossibly enormous hand reached through, and pulled itself into the world, a sadistic smile covering her impossibly beautiful face as she emerged from the portal.



Emilia Exponentia stepped out, and smashed open the roof as she was far too big to fit. The 17 foot tall girl smiled at her mother before floating into the sky. The portal began to shimmer as reality began to blend into it.

“Wha… What is she…?!”




Reality cracked as the portal exploded open, sucking and spewing quantum particles or something all over the place. The realities on each side blended, morphed and shimmered until the entirety of planet Earth was merged with the one Emilia had just emerged from. Reality finally stopped cracking as the merging of realities was complete.


Emilia was now Goddess of Both Realities, and decided she needed a nicer palace to go with it. With a mere wave of her hand, Gemstones, marble, gold and more began to shape itself into the perfect, immaculate palace that Emilia deserved. Next, she held up her hands and summoned 4 people before her. Verastasia, Becky, Max, and her own Mother.


“Verastasia. You did well giving me this final piece of power. As a reward, I shall take you as my eternal breeding factory. Since we’re both immortal, I think we’ll be making… many.”

She nodded gratefully. “Thank you, Goddess! I accept! May our children fill the stars!”


“Max.” Emilia continued. “I know you’ve always wanted to be a great warrior. As a reward for being with me, you shall be granted immortality and I will remove your level cap. You will still have to earn your levels, but given infinite time to do so should be nice. Also, if you ever feel like being a father, hit me up.”

He nodded bashfully. “Th- Thank you… goddess.”


“Mother.” She said, looking at her. “Thanks for taking me with you to work today. If you hadn’t have done that, I might not have become this. As a reward… uh, well. I don’t know. Here, have literally infinite money and immortality.”

Her mother blinked in surprise and confusion. “You’ll figure it out.” Emilia said.


Then she walked up to Becky. “Becklyn. As a reward for being a good friend to me as I reached divinity… I shall take you as my wife. As the one in this now double universe with the ability to do so, I now pronounce us Futa and wife.”

Becky smiled and nodded. “Thank you… you may now kiss the bride.” 

Emilia smiled and leaned in, kissing her as stars began to fall, streaking across the sky.

Her mother, however, finally found words to speak. “Emilia.. What… what happened?!”


She pulled away from her wife’s loving lips and smiled. “Don’t you see, mother? It’s simply when you think about it. All I did was go…


From a Gamer, to a Goddess.”




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"Three more adventurers, Rebecca, Tina, and Tamaryn, her personal jizztank polishers, were all currently bloated to the size of watermelons with cum, and continued to lick, kiss, and praise Emilia’s nutsack as it emptied into Ashlyn. Surrounding them were even more women, about 120 in total, each one bloated to the brim with cum, and laying on the concrete ground in a coma, their eyes rolled into the back of their head, and their tongues hanging out on top of each other, "

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