Sun Worshipper


Below is a story I originally wrote as a “choose your own adventure” entry at I’ve stitched the main path of that story here for your enjoyment. If it seems a little choppy in places, meandering, or if the characters ask themselves questions that they immediately answer, now you know why!


Sun Worshipper

Summer break! Finally! Wendy jumped out of bed and stretched. Glancing up mid-stretch, she caught her reflection in the mirror. A tall girl at five-ten, she was as skinny as a beanpole and flat as a board - two cliches she hated but feared she was stuck with. Of course, she had other redeeming qualities besides her height. She was cute, in a nerdy sort of way, outgoing, and, if not popular still had a close group of friends for whom she would do anything, and who would do anything for her. 

Wendy also had red hair that fell down about her shoulders in messy tangles, her best feature, she felt, and light freckles across her nose. Unfortunately, this blessing came with a curse. The palest skin she had ever seen. It was so pale, it was nearly translucent. You could easily see blue veins running under her skin along her skinny arms. Well, this was something she could do something about, she felt! She never wanted again to hear herself referred to using that third cliche “pale as a ghost” ever again. This summer she was bound and determined to finally get a tan!

“Bye Darling!” her mom called out. Wendy heard the garage door open and her mom’s car pull away.

Finally! Wendy’s mom and dad had always been super-protective of her, their only daughter. Both fair skinned, with her Mom a beautiful blonde and her dad a large-framed red-haired Irish teddy bear, neither quite had her porcelain complexion. They never let her outside without covering up in sunscreen, long sleeves, and a hat for protection. Hell, she hadn’t worn shorts once five summers running! Well, that was about to change.

Wendy reached under her bed behind an old shoebox and pulled out a plastic bag from SunHut, a mall store she’d visited after school a month ago in preparation for this day. She opened the bag and looked in to see a cute white bikini with pink polka dots. She quickly stripped her Scooby-doo sleeping shirt off her head, pulled off her panties, and put on the forbidden garment. Looking at herself in the mirror, she scowled. Still skinny, she could actually count her ribs. Her hip bones stuck out a little, almost no fat to be seen to cushion their sharpness. The top lay flat against her breasts, such as they were, barely noticeable but for her nipples.

Sighing, Wendy went to the bathroom where she carefully applied SPF 50 sunblock. Some habits die hard, and while she definitely wanted a tan, she also wanted to enjoy the sun too, and feared getting a burn in the first ten minutes of her trip outside.

Finally, she headed to the backyard and the pool, just now being kissed by the Summer southern California sun. She set up a lounge chair facing the morning sun and settled in with a book. God, it felt good, like a warm hug! The rays of the sun sent tingles of warmth all along her skin, even to places where it did not touch! It was so warm and calming. So soothing…

“Wendy O’Heir! What in hades are you doing?”

Wendy started awake. Shit! Her mother was home! Of all the days for her to come home for lunch. Her mom rushed out with a towel and quickly covered Wendy and scolded her about the dangers of sun exposure. How could she be so stupid? Didn’t she remember how aunt Moira died of skin cancer? She sent Wendy upstairs to her room to get dressed.

Wendy stripped off her bikini and looked for any evidence of a tan. Nothing. Not the slightest tanline. Wendy sighed. Well, at least she hadn’t burnt either. She got dressed in her normal long-sleeve sun blocking t-shirt and jeans and joined her mom for lunch, where she was treated to another earful of admonitions about the danger of the sun on fair-skinned people. Wendy nodded to everything, and said sorry, and agreed she’d never do it again, and blah, blah, blah, and at last she left. 

Wendy checked her phone and the family tracking app that they had loaded on their phones when they went to Ireland last year and had forgotten to uninstall. Wendy doubted her mom even remembered it was there! She made sure her mom was really gone, and then bolted for her room and the bikini. 

She looked carefully at her naked body as she stripped. Skinny and pale. Why couldn’t she be an athlete like her parents? Both were tall and strong, at least, when they were in college. Dad had been on the football team at UCLA, a tight end, tall and muscular. Mom had played volleyball, and still had the body for it, although she always hid it under sweaters and long skirts. Would she ever grow into her height? She doubted it. She was well out of puberty and the last inch she’d added was at age 15. She remembered towering over the boys, but was too skinny to attract any attention. No, she was stuck like this, she guessed.

Wendy closed her eyes and imagined herself as she wanted to be - six feet tall, with breasts like volleyballs! She’d have long muscular legs and arms, just like a beach volleyball player. Oh, god! Those girls were so sexy. 

Wendy felt like she’d been attached to a live wire. Her skin tingled, and she felt hot as she closed her eyes and envisioned it. Wendy lightly touched her left nipple, her forearm rubbing up against her right one, and gave it a tweak. A little bolt of pleasure shot down her spine to her pussy. Wendy fell back onto her bed and let her right hand trail down to her bare wet pussy while her left took its place at her nipples, pulling and teasing them. She began to stroke her little clit, just imagining one of those volleyball girls, naked, between her long shapely legs, licking her slit like crazy, lightning bolts of pleasure shooting up her body. Quickly, Wendy’s passion built and built, the buzzing energy within her reaching a crescendo, and at last pouring out of her and over her skin in wave after wave of convulsive pleasure.

Wendy lay panting in her bed for a few minutes. Fuck! That was awesome! Finally catching her breath, she rolled out of bed and stepped into her bikini bottoms. The little swimsuit seemed to nestle deep within her ass cheeks. Did this thing shrink? She turned in the mirror. Sure enough, the bikini strained a little to hold her ass. Had her butt grown?

Wendy turned to face the mirror and started, then turned slightly. Sure enough, there, riding high on her chest, was the slight curve of actual breast flesh! Breasts! She had breasts! Little ones, sure, but breasts nevertheless! What the hell was going on?

Wendy caressed her new breasts softly. What could have done this? Could it be the sun? All through the morning she had felt the sun tingling on her skin, filling her with warmth and a kind And when she had masturbated, it was as if all that energy had been released with her orgasm. Maybe that’s what made her grow? 

Wasting no time, Wendy tied her bikini top back on, admired how they actually bulged a little now, and skipped back downstairs to the pool. As soon as she stepped into the sun in her bikini she could feel the warm tingling that had lulled her to sleep earlier.

Again she lay down on the lounge, this time keeping herself awake with a physics textbook she was getting a head start on for college. Every little while she'd flip herself over to feel the pleasurable tingle on her back and buns as the sun's rays seemed to caress her lovingly. With a wicked smile she pulled her bikini up into her ass crack to fully expose her buttocks to the sun.

After an hour of making good progress on her book, Wendy decided to reward herself with a little swim. Pushing up from the lounge she gracefully dove into the pool and began to swim a couple laps. She couldn't remember feeling so invigorated in her life! Eventually, she pulled over an inflatable raft and lay back, floating lazily on the water and gazing up into the sky.

The tingle of the sun thrilled her. Just the thought of all those rays beating down on her delicate skin made her wonder what would happen. Would she get big boobs at last? Grow taller? Would she even begin to do justice to the athletic and aesthetic achievements of her parents? Just the thought of it turned her on. As she lay there, one of her hands wandered up to her new breasts, nipples erect and tingling under the suit. Without really thinking, she slipped a hand under the fabric and began lightly brushing her straining nipple, biting her lip with the little shocks of pleasure this incited. She rubbed harder then, periodically tugging at the ripe nub. Slowly, her other hand brushed along her skinny stomach and made its way to her bikini bottom. It dove under her suit and tentatively brushed her pussy, seeking out her little clit. Another, more intense, burst of pleasure shot up her spine, and a little groan escaped her lips.

She rubbed herself again, and imagined herself growing bigger and bigger. She envisioned her breasts expanding on her chest, ripping her suit away with their ripening. Her butt cheeks clenched with the building sexual pleasure as the tingling intensified and she imagined her ass filling out with smooth round bulges of muscle, her hips flaring below a still-tight waist. In her mind's eye she saw herself growing taller, stronger, with sleek strong muscles and a ripped abdomen, like her mom's when she was on the college volleyball team. God, this image was so sexy! Then, with a grunt, she came, the tip of her fingers slipping into her sex in her tight grip as she cupped her sex, her head flying back into the water with crimson hair floating about her like an aurora. She spasmed as multiple waves of orgasm washed over her.

At last, with a sigh, she came down from the peak of pleasure, closed her eyes, exhausted, and fell asleep.



Wendy woke with a start still lying on the inflatable raft drifting in her backyard pool. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she realized what that alarm meant: her mom would soon be coming home! Quickly, she rolled off the raft and got it stowed, grabbed her phone, and sprinted upstairs for a shower before her parents got home. She checked the family tracking app and, sure enough, her mom and dad were each on the road.

Panting in her room, with the adrenaline still flowing, she inspected herself in her mirror. Any changes? Was she bigger? It was hard to tell, at the moment, but she felt the now-familiar buzz of sun energy within her. Wendy was disappointed, but she needed to hurry. She quickly took a shower and changed into some baggy sweats, just in time to hear her parents return from work.

They entered the house talking to themselves, and then her Dad called her down. She walked down the stairs with her head down.

“Wendy, your mom told me you went out to sunbathe this morning. Listen, it’s important for your health to stay out of the sun. Did she tell you about her aunt Moira and the skin cancer? Yes? So you know that it’s important. You’re a good girl, a smart girl, and I don’t want you to regret damaging your skin just to get a little tan. Ok?”

Wendy nodded her head and then looked up at her dad with wide eyes and he broke out laughing. 

“Come here you little puppy!” Her dad hugged his daughter in a bear hug, his hulking six-foot five form engulfing her in a python-tight grip.

After that, the family sat down to a nice big dinner as her mom and dad chatted about their day. Apparently, her mom’s team was on the verge of some sort of breakthrough in gene development, while her dad was getting ready for the team’s summer break, and had a line on a colleague's lake cabin up in the mountains. She and her mom might be able to spend a few weeks up there, while her dad joined them for the weekends.

Wendy was reaching across the table for another serving of pork with red peppers when he mom looked up from their conversation.
    “Wow! Thirds? Wendy, that’s the most I’ve seen you eat in ages! Maybe you’re going to get that growth spurt finally!”

Wendy’s face flushed with embarrassment when she realized that she’d cleaned her plate twice already and was still hungry. She tried to self-consciously slow down her eating this time, her stomach growling for more. Her parents returned to their conversation.

Just then she felt it. Like before, but more intense. A wash of heat ran across her skin starting from her crotch and nipples but quickly running across her entire body, feeling like a lover’s caress. She suddenly felt the unbearable urge to touch herself. A little gasp escaped her lips.

Her mother looked up with concern.

“Is everything alright, dear?”

“N-no mom. Everything’s fine. I-I think I just ate too fast. May I be excused?” Wendy said.

Her mom nodded. “Darling, If you’re feeling bad, just let me know and I’ll stay home from work tomorrow.”

“I’m sure it’s fine mom. Thanks!”

Wendy sprung from the table and dashed up the stairs to her room. Once safely inside her locked room she just stood in front of her mirror for a few seconds to see if she could see any swelling under her sweatshirt. To her eye nothing had really changed. Wendy was certain the bagginess of her clothes had successfully hidden any changes from her parents.

Slowly, she pulled the bottom of the shirt up revealing her still-pale skin and tight waist, her cute belly button nestled between tight girl-abs. Abs! She had Abs! Wendy did a little dance in front of her mirror twirling around in glee!

She stopped again and reached down, pulling her shirt up while running her hand against her tight stomach. It wasn’t dramatic or anything, but where there had been just a flat stomach the day before - some would say a hollow, skinny belly - there was now some actual definition! Little ridges on either side of her belly button running up from below her waistband and to the swelling of her breasts.

Wendy bit her lip as she pulled her shirt over that swelling. Slowly her new breasts emerged. First a little underboob, which she brushed lightly with her fingers with a gasp, then the shirt caught on her erect nipples. With a little tug, the shirt popped up, and Wendy was confronted with a perfect little set of A-cup tits!

Wendy tore the shirt off at that point and cupped her new assets, making sure they were real. A jolt of pleasure shot from her new tits to her pussy as she flicked her nipples with her thumbs. Her eyes rolled up as she groaned and fell back on her bed. She ran her hand down her now-firm abdomen feeling every ridge and valley as it trailed down under her sweatpants. Her pussy was wet with anticipation and ready for stimulation which her hand quickly provided.

Wendy closed her eyes as she caressed her body and imagined herself growing huge tits like her mom. Bigger even! Huge and round and pert - as big as her head! She thought of the rest of herself growing bigger too. Gigantic! Seven or eight feet tall, with long smooth feminine muscles like her mom’s but bigger, with enormous strength and power locked beneath their beauty. She imagined herself growing big enough to look down on her father and pick him up in the same bear hug that she had so many times enjoyed. She imagined everyone staring at her titanic beauty, her hair long and curly, trailing all the way down to her perfect round butt. Her hips were wide and legs muscled in perfect proportion, thick and flexing, but still sleek with a little layer of fat that smoothed out any masculinity. People fell before her in rapturous worship as their goddess passed.

Suddenly the vision was too much, and with a groan Wendy came hard, convulsing on her bed with one hand crammed under her sweatpants and her other squeezing a tit. A wash of pure fire engulfed her as the afternoon’s built up energies were released. After a minute or two of this, she sighed, closing her eyes and smiling.

The next morning after her mother and father had gone to work, Wendy stood naked before her mirror admiring herself. She still had the pale white skin, but even it had been changed by her sunbathing. She wasn’t tan, of course, but where before she might have called herself “pasty” she would now describe her skin as “porcelain”. Smooth and soft and unblemished - it almost glowed with health. Her hair was perfect, shining and flowing in bouncy ringlets as if she had just fixed it up, despite just jumping out of bed. Her new tits were perky and cute, even bigger than the previous day, and her little pink nipples stood out to attention under the gaze of her wide deep green eyes. Below, her slim waist showed the faint definition that she had explored the previous night, extending well below her bellybutton before forming a perfect “v” pointing right at her little pussy, tight and hairless, and almost glistening with excitement. Her legs flowed down long and smooth and muscular. She stood on tip-toe and was rewarded when her ass tightened up into little globes of perfection.

Wendy giggled and sat cross-legged on her bed to think. Should she invite her friends over to show off? Why not? She picked up her phone and called her two best friends - Tina and Barbara - and they said they’d be over soon. 

Wendy put on her swimsuit again, admiring how her new boobs filled out the bikini top and the bottoms rode up - just a little - to expose the tight roundness of her ass. Then she covered up with a robe and waited eagerly.

Finally, Tina and Barbara showed up.

“Hi Wendy,” Tina said. “What’s with the pool invite? I mean, it’s cool! I’ve always wanted to try your pool, but I thought your mom wouldn’t let you out into the sun.”

Barbara loomed over the two of the much smaller girls. “Yeah, what gives?”

“Oh,” said Wendy, thinking quickly. “My mom came home with some new sunblock. SPF 200 or something. She said they’d been testing it at the lab and it works perfectly. And - um - it works all day too! Waterproof!”

“Wow! Cool! Maybe you can come to the beach with us finally!” said Barbara.

“Uh, yeah! Why not? But let’s start with the pool,” said Wendy as she led them back.

There the girls quickly took off their shorts and t-shirts to reveal their swimwear underneath. Tina’s looked like it was made for a pre-teen, a one-piece, slim and concealing. Barbara’s was a bikini but huge with frills designed to distract the gaze from her ampleness. Nearly six feet tall, Barbara must have weighed in at two hundred pounds, and her hefty cocoa frame contrasted dramatically with the hot pink of her swimsuit. They both jumped in, Barbara causing a geyser of water from her cannonball.

“Come in, the water’s great!” said Tina.

Wendy walked dramatically over to the diving board, sauntered out to the end, and with the girls eyes upon her, let the robe fall from her shoulders. Wendy felt again the titillating rays from the sun caress her near-naked form. 

The girls stared at their transformed friend. No longer the skinny little mouse they had come to know and love, Wendy looked almost athletic, like she could be on the swim team. Her hair and skin almost glowed in the sun as she bounced once and then twice on the springboard, her new tits jiggling a little under her tight top, and then gracefully dove into the pool with nary a splash. She traveled the length of the pool underwater and then emerged between her two friends.

“Wow Wendy, you look great!” Tina exclaimed. She reached out tentatively and touched Wendy’s taut arm, not muscular exactly, just firm and silky to the touch. Tina snatched her hand back, embarrassed.

“Have you been working out?” she asked.

“Just the normal. Jogging mostly. I guess I’m going through one last growth spurt before college!” Wendy lied.

Barbara looked down at her friends. “Here’s hoping you BOTH get a growth spurt, you little squirts!” She then shoved water at the two smaller girls with her long arms, kicking up a wall of spray that swamped them both.

“Of course you realize, this means war!” shouted Wendy, as she grabbed a nearby floating toy and used it as a paddle to kick up as much water as possible. Soon all three girls were splashing each other with joy, alliances forming and evaporating as they took turns ganging up on the third. After a half hour Barbara and Tina were gasping with exhaustion, and they pleaded with Wendy to let them rest, and she relented. Oddly, Wendy was still raring to go. She didn’t even feel winded! Nevertheless, she joined them on the pool deck laying back on their towels.

Again, she felt the tingle from the sun as it beat down upon her. It just felt...right. Not sexy, necessarily, just like she was...home. Warm and safe and welcome, she luxuriated in the feeling for a couple hours with her friends. Eventually, however, the familiar tingling warmth intensified.

Just like it had the night before at dinner, Wendy felt her phantom lover’s caress flow intensely across her body, radiating from her nipples and pussy, enveloping her in an ecstatic embrace, and then vibrating back and forth across her body like she was a ringing bell. 

Despite her friends being right there, Wendy couldn’t help but daydream, this time of a man, big and strong, with perfect skin stretched tight across underwear-model muscles, and a huge erection slapping his perfect abs as he walked toward her. In her mind, he picked her up and held her tight, her breasts squishing against his chest, and he lowered her slowly onto his immense tool. Wendy tipped over the edge and shook as the orgasm took her, desperately trying to keep quiet.

This time Wendy could actually feel herself growing. Her bikini top became tighter, her erect nipples sliding sexily against the fabric with little bolts of pleasure radiating from them. The strings on the sides of her bikini bottoms began to dig into the flesh of her widening hips, and her legs slid slowly down against the soft towel beneath her. 

Wendy gasped a little as she struggled to keep her hands at her side, resisting the urge to explore her incredible beautifying body. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, the feeling passed. Wendy lay there trying to decide what to do.

Quickly, before her friends could react, Wendy rolled off her towel, wrapped it around herself, and bounded into the house.

“I’m gonna get us something to drink!” she shouted back.

“Uh, cool!” Tina and Barbara called back, confused at the suddenness of Wendy’s departure.

Slipping through the kitchen, Wendy quickly skipped upstairs to her room. She closed the door and threw off her towel and stared.

Wow! The sun had really done its job today! Wendy looked at her reflection and a truly beautiful girl looked back. Her breasts had really filled out, probably a B cup now, with the bikini straps holding on for dear life and a bit of underboob escaping from below the bottom of the fabric. Her still-hard nipples poked at the taut fabric like they were trying to drill holes through it! And her abs! Her abdomen was pretty close to being cheerleader-worthy, with even more definition than the night before! 

Wendy twirled before the mirror like a ballerina, nearly giggling with excitement. As she turned - far more gracefully than she’d expected given her lack of training - she admired the way the bikini bottoms showed off her round full ass. She went to her tiptoes and was rewarded with the flexing of her muscular round buttocks and the feeling of the swimsuit fabric slipping deeper into her ass-crack. Her legs bunched in even more feminine muscle, like a dancer’s. Wendy twisted at her waist so that her torso faced the mirror and held up her arms in a little muscle pose. “Are those biceps?” she thought, bringing up a hand to caress the little bulge on her right arm. That’s when she noticed that the top of her head nearly reached the top of the mirror. 

Wendy dropped to her feet and quickly measured herself against the mirror. Yes! She guessed based on the distance from her head to the mirror’s top edge that she’d grown about an inch in two days!

While standing so close to the mirror, she finally really got a good look at her face, and she was taken aback. She slowly brought her hands up to her cheeks and lips.

“Is that me?” she asked herself.

Staring at her from the mirror was a face, still hers of course, but as if she’d been to some sort of expensive makeover. Not like one of those ones where you get layers of foundation and such that make you look plastic or anything, but the fresh clean un-made-up look that movie stars pay thousands for. Her clear, unblemished, perfectly smooth alabaster skin was framed by her flaming red hair, nearly glowing in the light from the window. She blinked wide deep green eyes with dark long lashes accentuating their beauty. These were topped with dark red eyebrows, somehow natural-looking and sculpted at the same time. She smiled, and a little crinkle formed between her brows and at the edges of her eyes, and the pure joy implied by the wide smile and perfectly white straight teeth almost took her breath away. Her hand went to her enlarged breast without her knowledge. She couldn’t believe it. She was turning herself on, just with the beauty of her face!

Wendy shook her head and remembered her friends downstairs and removed her bathing suit, changing into a tight light gray t-shirt and jeans. Smiling, she admired her new improved figure one more time in her mirror. Her nipples, now apparently permanently erect, tented the t-shirt sexily atop her small but shapely and braless boobs. 

Her jeans gave her trouble at first as she had to wiggle her newly-enlarged hips and rounded butt into them. The waistband barely buttoned against her sculpted abs, and with her new height they were a little short. Maybe they should go to the mall and get some new ones?

A strip of maybe two inches of skin was visible between the t-shirt and painted-on jeans that displayed her cute little belly button for the world to see. Wendy topped off the ensemble with a light leather jacket and skipped downstairs to the kitchen to get some lemonade for her friends.

She sauntered out with the tray of lemonade to Tina and Barbara still sunning themselves on the pool deck. Despite wearing flats, every step wriggled her tight shapely ass as if she were wearing high heels.

“Girls, what do you say we go to the mall?” said Wendy.

Tina and Barbara sat up and just stared at their friend. 

“Woah,” said Tina. “What did you do in there? It looks like you just got back from the salon!”

“No shit,” said Barbara. “You look like you’re out to party or something.”

“Oh, come on girls. I’m just showing off a little! This growth spurt has got it so I can barely fit into my jeans. I need new ones. Want to help me shop?”

Tina and Barbara looked at each other and smiled. “Hell yeah! Let’s go to the mall,” said Barbara.

After getting dressed, all three piled into Barbara’s car, an old Civic she’d inherited from her older brother, and drove off to the nearby outdoor mall. This being early summer, the place was crowded with high schoolers free at last from their studies, either getting ready for vacations or just hanging out.

Wendy could feel the stares of the boys as she passed. Still short at five two, she nevertheless exuded an aura that begged you to stare. After visiting a couple stores, and finding a pair of jeans that didn’t end at her calves, the girls stopped off for lunch at the food court. Suddenly ravenous, Wendy ordered an entire pepperoni pizza with pineapple from the by-the-slice place and found a table only half covered by shade. Sitting in the full sun she wolfed down her pizza as her friends stared.

“Girl, you are gonna get fat,” scolded Barbara. 

“I’m a growing girl, Barbara,” said Wendy between slices. She flashed a smile that melted Barbara’s heart, despite the smear of sauce on Wendy’s upper lip. Barbara shyly looked down at her plate, slightly aroused despite herself. 

Wendy finished off her pie in record time and sat back in the sun. She realized then that she still had her jacket on, and quickly removed it. Wendy arched her back sitting back in her chair, feeling the sun’s rays beat down on her face and arms, and that two-inch exposed strip of her abdomen. Those who hadn’t been sneaking glances at the beauty before were suddenly transfixed as her thin t-shirt left little to the imagination concerning her perfect breasts and straining nipples. Wendy let a sigh escape her lips as the familiar tingling returned - not as strong as when wearing her bathing suit, but pleasurable nevertheless.

Since Wendy had taken off her jacket Tina hadn’t touched her food. The tiny girl just sort of sat there and stared at her friend. When Wendy sighed, Tina felt herself actually become aroused, and began squirming on her seat with her legs crossed tightly. As Wendy breathed, her t-shirt rubbed sexily against her nipples, and Tina began to rub her legs together, as if in a trance, flexing her thighs around her sex rhythmically. Soon Wendy licked her lips when they became dry in the sun, but unconsciously did it in such a sensual way that Tina felt her pussy clench in an unexpected and intense orgasm. Tina came trembling, her panties becoming wet with her arousal. She suppressed a squeak as she clamped her eyes shut and bit her lower lip, napkin clenched in her fist. Tina blushed and quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

She had nothing to fear. No one at the neighboring tables was paying her any attention at all, not even Barbara who was sitting right there. In fact, quite a few were absently rubbing themselves through their clothes.

Still, Tina was suddenly conscious of her soaked panties and became embarrassed.

“Um...I need to get home. I, uh, I just remembered my mom had some chores she needs me to do before she gets there.” Tina elbowed Barbara out of her trance.

“Oh, yeah. Right. Ok, I’ll give you a lift. You coming Wendy?” said Barbara.

“Ok! Sounds good! I have to get home before mom gets home anyway!” Wendy smiled and everyone around her smiled too.

If she was happy, they were happy.

Barbara dropped Tina off at her house and then drove Wendy home.

“You’re going to kill them at Berkeley,” Barbara said.

“Sorry?” asked Wendy, distracted.

“The boys. At Berkeley. With your looks and new bod you are going to give someone a heart attack or something.”

Wendy blushed, and Barbara’s heart skipped a beat. Even embarrassed Wendy looked exquisite.

“I’m sure you’ll do well yourself at Stanford,” said Wendy.

“Oh, sure, I got the boobs. It’s the rest I’m not sure of.” Barbara grabbed a little flab through her shirt for emphasis.

“Listen Barbara, beauty comes in many forms and many sizes. You are beautiful. You just have to make the world see it that way.”

Barbara smiled despite herself. There was a quality to Wendy’s voice that made you want to believe her despite how unlikely the message.

“Ok, you little pixie. Well, have a good summer. We’re leaving this weekend for the Grand Canyon, so I may not see you for a while,” Barbara said.

“Love you girlfriend! See you later!” Wendy leaned over and gave Barbara a little kiss on the cheek, jumped out of the car, and skipped up the steps to her house.

Barbara felt the kiss burn like fire on her cheek as her privates tingled with arousal. She smiled as she shook her head and drove home.

Inside the house, Wendy looked at the clock. It was six. She wouldn’t really have enough time to sit in the sun before her parents got home, so she went upstairs to change.

She thought to herself, should I show mom and dad my changes, or keep it secret. On the one hand, it would be kind of cool to show them their developing girl. On the other hand, they might freak out and take her to the doctor.

And then what would happen? They’d probably try to stop the process. Either that or she’d become some sort of lab rat and be locked away in a secure facility on the moon or something. No thanks! No, Wendy decided that she was going to see where the sun took her and hide its effects from her parents.

First she had to hide her body. This wasn’t too much of a problem yet. She’d only grown an inch after all, and baggy sweats hid a lot. If she kept growing, of course, she’d have to eventually own up to the changes or find some other way to camouflage her growing form.

After changing into sweats, she looked in the mirror only to see her heartbreakingly pretty face staring back. Damn! They’d definitely notice that! Quickly she went to the bathroom and raided her mom’s makeup stash to darken under her eyes a little and otherwise obscure her beauty. It worked insofar as it turned her from a “9” or “10” to a “7”, she guessed. That’d have to be good enough. She didn’t want to go to the doctor because she looked sick!

That evening, dinner went without a hitch. Despite having consumed an entire pizza by herself that afternoon, her appetite surprised her as she quickly wolfed down her roast chicken with all the sides and went back for more.

During the dinner her dad said that he’d gotten his friend’s lake cabin after all, and that they’d go up the next weekend for a couple of weeks. Wendy was disappointed. Tomorrow was Friday, so she feared she’d have just the next day and the rest of the following week to experiment with the sun before her parents would have her basically under constant supervision.

She went to sleep making plans.

The next morning, Wendy woke early to apply her makeup and get her look just right. After a big breakfast her mom and dad left the house for work. She quickly scrubbed her face clean and changed. Descending the stairs in a robe, she made sure she was alone, and then skipped out to the pool. The sun was just rising above the trees in her back yard and she could feel its rays on her face. Wendy let the robe fall to her feet.

There she stood, naked as the day she was born. Five feet two of cute fit little firecracker ready to worship the sun. She could feel the morning’s rays wash across her body with a tingle. She situated herself so that the sun reflected off the house and even her back got some sun this time! Wendy opened her mouth in a little sigh as the feeling of warmth built in her nipples and pussy, and she spread her legs to better expose her sex and her protruding little clit to the sun. Wendy held her hands outstretched, standing spread eagled to maximize her exposure.

She couldn’t tell how long she stood there before it hit. Maybe an hour. Maybe just a minute that seemed like an hour. She wasn’t quite sure of the trigger either. Maybe the sun had hit a window in just the right way to reflect more of its giving rays on her. Regardless, when it came, it came harder than ever before. After soaking up the sun’s rays for that hour her body suddenly, and with little warning, exploded in pleasure. 

“YESSSSSSSS…” she groaned loudly. Wendy’s body convulsed in orgasm, once, twice, three times. Her hands snapped to her pussy and tits as if drawn by magnetic force. Her fingers pumped into her gushing sex over and over, trying to wring every last pleasurable sensation from this the sun-induced orgasm. Her other hand squeezed her tit and pulled on her nipples, and Wendy could feel them ripen as she abused them - growing, bulging, becoming more firm by the second.

“Ah, ah, ah … heeheehee!” she laughed as the first wave subsided, but her respite was short lived as the sensation again built and then broke over her. 

“Oh god, oh god, OH GOD!” she yelped with a strangled yell as the next peak shot through her body. Her legs trembled at the sheer force of the orgasm, and she almost collapsed to the deck, but instead smoothly sat cross legged and trembling. 

“Fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk!” she moaned. Her pussy, now more fully exposed to the sun, burst out in pleasure again, pulsing and spasming in her hand, drenched in her juices.

Slowly, her titanic orgasms subsided, and Wendy laid back and ran her hands up and down her body, feeling the ridges of newly-enlarged and tightened abdominal muscles, the round tight fullness of her ass, and the enlarged pillows of pleasure that were her breasts. Her body twitched in exquisite aftershock as she came down from the heights of her pleasure.

Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled, fully recovered from the all encompassing pleasure she’d just experienced. Wendy made a quick decision: rather than waste a minute of daylight checking up on her growth, she decided to jump into the pool and swim out to the inflatable floating lounge. 

The splash of cool water thrilled her body as her nipples became even more erect, as if that was possible. In one graceful motion, she shot out of the water and onto the lounge like a dolphin, and lay back in the sun.

The rest of the morning she just spent naked, floating aimlessly across the surface of the pool luxuriating in the feeling of the sun on her skin. Sure enough, as she sat there the warmth built and built, and she lazily caressed her body enjoying the sensation. 

Slowly, she ran her hand up her fit toned abs to her breasts. Biting her lower lip, she caressed the bottoms of her new boobs with her fingers, excited by how much more of them she could feel. Her nipples quickly thickened with the sensation. Wendy cupped her new tits gently, feeling their soft fullness. Despite their new size and her supine position, they stood high on her chest, pert and straining, just begging to be kissed and fondled. A thrill went down Wendy’s spine as she brushed her fingers against the eager nubs. She crossed her legs and flexed them involuntarily, as her pussy moistened with the sensation.

Gasping, Wendy slowly spread her legs so that her feet dangled in the water to each side of her inflatable lounge. One of her hands lazily disengaged from fondling her breasts and roamed down her body, feeling the tightness of her waist and the definition of her new muscles. She lifted her ass a little to explore their muscular roundness, and then trailed her hand across her taut thighs to her sex, where her fingers finally brushed against her erect clit.

“Oooo, god yes,” she moaned. “Why would I ever wear clothes again!”

Her hand stayed there awhile, slowly flicking her love button, sending little shocks of pleasure across her body. She could feel her orgasm building, lingering in the background, biding its time to really drive her body to new heights of sexuality. She applied more pressure.

It was just what her body was asking for. She could feel the orgasm within her catch fire, burning like a little sun right in the depths of her sex, building and building, growing and spreading. Her hand sped up, grinding with blurring speed on her pussy as her back arched, her eyes clenched, and her mouth formed an “O”.

“Oooooooooo, YES! (ERGH!)” 

The fire within her finally burst forth, consuming her body in a wash of heat and pleasure that sent Wendy thrashing on her lounge. The pool was suddenly stormy with waves as her body convulsed over and over with multiple waves of orgasm bursting upon her. Again, the hand squeezing her left nipple could feel her nipples getting longer and thicker and the sensation of her breast growing beneath. The lounge squeaked and complained as her ass expanded and legs slid across its slick plastic. Finally, after what seemed like minutes of pleasure, Wendy began to come down from her heights.

Just then, her reverie was broken by a sound.

Wendy’s alarm erupted with its beeping. She scrambled from her float to get ready for her mom in the event that she showed up for lunch.

Closing her bedroom door, Wendy eagerly inspected herself.

Wendy blinked her eyes. She was definitely taller, gaining a couple inches judging by the proximity of the top of the mirror. She figured she was now a respectable five four, but there was so much more. Her hair shone! Bright red flaming ringlets flowed off her head in waves halfway down her back, with tendrils cascading in front of her shoulders framing her breasts.

Her breasts! If she was a B cup this morning she was nearing a C now! And what a C! These beauties were round and full but sat high on her chest with little to no sag. She cupped them and they definitely had a natural feel - soft and pliant - but didn’t fall far when released. She jumped once or twice to test them and was rewarded with a natural jiggle, but no flopping. Perfect!

All this jumping just served to emphasize how muscular her legs looked. If she had dancer legs before, they were almost athlete-level now, like a pole vaulter or something. She had the abs of a pole vaulter also! Deeper and more defined than earlier, but with just a little fat to smooth things out. 

Wendy twisted a little to check out her ass and was rewarded with a perfect round bubble butt that was nevertheless firm to the touch - all muscle and hidden strength without the flab! She flexed her arm and was rewarded with a noticeable bicep, still small, but athletic and well defined.

Wendy jumped with glee around her room. If she had needed proof, this was it. The sun did wonders for her and her mom’s worries were all for nothing! If anything, they had held her back. Could you imagine the queen she would have been at high school if she had been out in the sun earlier?

Wendy calmed down and thought a bit. What was causing this? She was a freaking honor student for god’s sake, she knew this wasn’t normal. This was like something out of a comic book. She wasn’t an expert in biology or anything - physics was more her subject - but to her knowledge there was no mechanism in the human body that would cause this sort of reaction. The sun helped you make vitamin D, sure, but otherwise it represented destructive radiation that promoted cancer. Hell, most people’s bodies manufactured melanin to help protect their skin from the harmful rays, but not hers, apparently.

This required study. After it was clear that her mom would not be joining her for lunch, Wendy made her way to her mom’s library to see if she could read up on skin pigmentation and the effect of the sun on the human body.

Quickly, Wendy examined her mom’s office. She found plenty of books on general physiology, biochemistry, and some pharmaceutical journals. Eventually she arrived at a well-used section on dermatology, took two off the shelf, added physiology and biochemistry books, and took them down to the pool deck.

More modestly dressed now in her too-tight bikini, the young beauty sat on the side of the pool, her legs dangling in the water, and started reading. Wendy began with a basic physiology text that her mom had saved from college. She skimmed some of the chapters fairly quickly, since she’d had a physiology class in high school, and she was quite pleased with herself in how much she remembered from a class she’d taken a year and a half ago. Even the subjects she hadn’t been exposed to in high school seemed to be pretty simple to learn.

Wendy was just finishing up the physiology text when her phone started beeping again. She sighed in disappointment when she checked the app. Both her parents were on their way. The subject was just getting really interesting, and she felt sad that she’d have to leave the inviting rays of the sun for her baggy clothing. Nevertheless, Wendy got up and made her way to her room, taking the books with her.

When she closed her door, Wendy looked closely at her reflection to see if there were any major changes since this morning, but the same cute little beauty that she had seen before stared back. Still, she felt the internal fires of an afternoon of sun roiling through her body.

She sighed, and flopped back on her bed. At least she had learned something - not about her condition exactly, but about the human body in general. She thought back on cell chemistry, and the organelles - ATP and all that. Her mind wandered as she recited to herself the Krebs cycle. Wait...recited the Krebs cycle? She had just learned of its existence a couple of hours ago, and here she’s reciting it verbatim? Wendy thought of another part of the book, the part on neurophysiology, and was able to list the known neurotransmitters, their respective receptors, and their actions. 

Her eyes widened. She’d always been smart, but never “memorize a textbook in four hours” smart! Jesus, she even remembered the page numbers for the fourteen typographical errors in the text, and the one substantive contradiction with a previous chapter on page 316!

“Holy shit,” Wendy whispered. Had she been getting smarter along with becoming more beautiful? Just the thought of it made her horny!

She could imagine it now. Becoming a giant super-strong ultra-sexy super scientist. She imagined herself wearing a lab coat working with chemicals and bubbling flasks, slowly engineering some sort of formula. In the midst of her fantasy, one hand worked its way under the top of her bikini bottoms. In her mind’s eye, Wendy-the-scientist took a bubbling blue flask of liquid and (cackling, of course. What was a mad science fantasy without the cackling?) downing it in one gulp. Immediately, the figure began to grow taller, stronger. Her shining red hair flowed down her back in ringlets as she began to grow up, first a couple inches but then a handful at a time, in little bursts of growth one after another. Her tits, round and full and firm, virtually erupted from her chest, pulling the lab coat open and away from her torso. Her nipples, now an inch or two long, ripped holes in the fabric, the cotton no match for their strength. Her hips likewise widened in a display of lush femininity, pulling the bottom half of the coat open wide to display her muscled thighs and hairless wet pussy, begging to be filled. The scientist threw her head back in an ecstatic laugh, as anything that could even be hinted at as a flaw was erased away, and replaced with a preternatural beauty that defied description. At last, the ten-foot sex monster looked down and right into the eyes of Wendy’s imagination, and spoke one word. A command.


And Wendy came. Her body thrashed on her bed as her hand rubbed fitfully in her pussy. Her back arched taut, and her toes curled with the intensity of the feeling, more full, more intense, than any orgasm she’d ever had before. This peak lasted seemingly forever, waves of pure pleasure rolling from one end of her enraptured frame to the other, until it was finally broken.

“Monkey! We’re home!” her dad called from the front door.

Wendy popped up from her bed and quickly looked in the mirror. Whew! For a second she feared that she had turned into the sex monster of her imagination, but no, nothing of the sort. That’s not to say her recent experience didn’t affect her though. She estimated she was five foot five now with definite C cup boobs. Her frame was looking more athletic too, with rippling abs and bulging muscles on her legs and arms, apparent even without flexing. Nothing too dramatic, of course, still extremely feminine, but in a way that hinted at some real strength under the beauty.

“I’ll be down in a second!” she shouted, and quickly dressed in her baggiest clothes. 

Wendy didn’t have time to apply makeup, so she just sort of slouched downstairs and kept her head in her Physics book as much as possible. Still, she had to put it down at dinner, which she set at like a ravenous hound.

“Woah, little lady! Better lay off the pasta or you’ll end up like my grandma! We had to bury her in a piano case,” her dad said. Wendy and her mom shot him a disgusted look.

“What?” he said, chuckling as he returned to his plate.

Wendy’s mom looked over at Wendy to make a comment about her voracious appetite, but gasped a little when she got a good look at Wendy’s sauce-smeared face.

“Oh, Wendy! You are really blossoming! I guess I didn’t really notice you growing up this year with how busy we were, but you are really becoming quite beautiful!”

Wendy slouched lower, fearing that her mom and Dad might see the full extent of her recent changes, but they just commented on the developing beauty of her hair and face and, distracted, ignored the rest of her, encased as it was in baggy sweats.

Still, throughout dinner Wendy would catch her mom or dad staring at her with a weird expression, and then guiltily returning to their dinner, which made her uncomfortable with worry. Fearing exposure, Wendy said that she had some studying to do before heading to the cabin next weekend, grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen, and sprinted up the stairs.

After locking her door, Wendy wondered how she was going to keep this charade up for much longer. What could she do? She was turning into some sort of sex goddess! The makeup was a good first step, but slouching and baggy clothes could only take her so far. How could she disguise her beauty?

Well...she was in southern did they do it in Hollywood? Quickly, she perched in front of her computer and searched for websites about professional makeup, appliques, and acting; anything that would help her disguise herself. As with the textbook earlier, she soaked up the information like a sponge. She moved on to instructional videos on mime, and then acting, eventually getting up to practice in the mirror. 

The difference was amazing! With just a few tricks, Wendy could see how, even without the use of makeup, she could make herself look older, or less beautiful, or even - perish the thought - even more sexy and confident than she normally was. She mimicked the actors in the videos perfectly, as if she had practiced the craft for years. 

Of course, all this surfing on Hollywood tricks and acting led to love scenes, and this led to porn, and this led to Wendy staring at the computer watching some muscle stud pound a starlet into orgasmic goo while Wendy groped herself until she came panting. She didn’t experience the all-body growth ecstasy from earlier - it seemed like that only occurred after she had sunned herself for some time - but still, it was nice.

Wendy turned off her computer, but then cocked her head, confused. She still heard the panting and groaning of passionate sex, albeit muted. Concentrating, the sound became much clearer. She heard the rapid thumping of someone really railing someone. She could just make out two voices panting in sexual exertion, with a woman moaning and yelping with building pleasure.

“Oh god, OH GOD, DON’T STOP!” the woman cried. “I’M CUMMMMMINGGGG!” Wendy heard a grunt and a loud male groan while the woman nearly screamed, muffling her voice with something.

The pounding stopped, but the panting continued. Wendy could hear them talking, and tried to concentrate on the sound, isolating it somehow from the background noises of their suburban neighborhood.

“That...that was fantastic dear! You haven’t fucked me like that since our college days,” the woman said.

“I don’t know what got into me! I just got so horny at dinner, I could barely wait until Wendy went upstairs. I woulda fucked you right there on the table if I thought it wouldn’t scar her for life.” 

Wendy suddenly realized that she was eavesdropping on her parents having passionate sex! 

“Ewwwwww!” she exclaimed, shaking her head and trying in vain to ignore the rest of the conversation.

“Wendy’s really becoming quite the beauty, eh?” said her mom.

“Oh...she’ll never compare to you, dear,” said her dad. 

Wait, thought Wendy. How was she hearing this? They had lived in this house for five years, and her room was three rooms away from her parents’. In the entire time she’d lived here she’d never even heard a peep from their room, let alone a quiet personal conversation. Was...was her hearing somehow getting sharper?

Wendy opened the window. Crickets sounded loudly from outside, with some distant traffic noise. Wendy concentrated on human voices, and soon heard an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend about whether they should go to his friend’s party in the Valley. The rest of the noise just fell away. Excited, Wendy shook her head, and tried to ignore the sounds, and they became muffled and distant and then just blended in with the background.

Wendy went to bed full of nervous energy. Would she be able to hide her growth during the weekend? What would she do next week? She fell asleep with images of herself as a giant sex goddess rampaging through town running through her mind.

The weekend went well, if boringly. Wendy managed to keep her parents from catching on to her growth through the expertise gained from her study of makeup and acting technique, and she and her mom did some shopping to get ready for their mountain trip. Wendy even managed to slip away from her mom to buy a new bikini, since the last one was getting pretty tight.

Unfortunately, her mom and dad were around all weekend, and Wendy wasn’t really able to slip away and get any sun. Still, she was able to fill her time reading about the human body, skin, and genetics. Despite her expanded mind she wasn’t able to really figure out a reason for her growth, so she moved to physics texts and researched solar radiation, its components, how it is modified in its trip through the earth’s atmosphere, etc.

One high point of her weekend was that while shopping for a bikini without her mom she noticed a boy staring her down. At this point she was alone and not really trying to hide her figure, so she was having quite the effect on everyone around her, but this boy in particular just stared. About six foot two and built strong like a linebacker, he looked familiar. Then Wendy realized that it was her backyard neighbor, Bobby, an upperclassman and football player who had gone away to college the year before. Feeling a thrill that a boy was noticing her for something other than help with his homework, Wendy bent down behind the rack of bathing suits and boldly stripped off her sweatshirt. Then she stood and turned to him and struck a pose, holding a bikini top up to her full breasts.

“What do you think?” she said with a winning smile.

Bobby just stood there and stared, mouth open.

Wendy pouted a little and threw out one hip in mock consternation. “Cat got your tongue, eh? Well I think it looks sexy!” 

Wendy let the top drop to the floor, exposing her burgeoning bare breasts to him. “Oops!” she said as she bent down to get it, squeezing her supple boobs between her reaching arms. Bobby dropped the pair of board shorts that were in his hand and a little whinny escaped his lips. Wendy could see his large erection pulse through his tight jeans and watched as a large wet stain formed down his left inseam.

Giggling, she slipped her sweatshirt back on and skipped away.

Finally, Monday arrived, and again her mom and dad kissed her goodbye and told her to stay out of the sun. Wendy rolled her eyes. “Ugh, yes mom.” Then they were gone.

She had just about finished pulling off her baggy clothes when her phone rang. “Who would be calling at this hour,” she thought.

“Hi Wendy? It’s Tina. I wanted to ask, since you’re out in the sun now, would you like to go to the beach with me?”

Wendy lightly caressed her seemingly-always erect nipple at the thought of exposing herself to so many people. This would be a chance for her to try out her brand new bikini too!

“Sure Tina! What time do you want to go? Do you have your parent’s car?”

“How about ten? We’ll have to use dad’s old truck since he and mom each took cars to work today.”

“Sounds great! See you then!”

Wendy skipped out to the pool in her altogether with a couple books on physics and the effects of radiation on the human body, and sat straddling the diving board engrossed in the texts. After a while she felt the familiar buildup of warmth in her tits and pussy and was about to succumb to the erotic feeling by humping against the rough springboard when she caught herself.

“Wait. The changes always seem to happen when I orgasm after a long exposure to the sun. Maybe I should do a little experiment. This time I’ll try to hold off for as long as possible from coming and see what happens if I just let the power build!”

Wendy returned to her book, determined to keep her hands to herself, but remaining fully nude under the sun. The warmth built and built, and spread. Her nipples strained toward the sun as she laid back, pleasure dancing across them as if sparking with lightning. Her little clit likewise poked out from her pussy and begged her to touch it. Wendy found it harder and harder to concentrate on her reading and was just about to give in, when her doorbell rang.

“Shit!” It was ten! Wendy sprinted into the living room, wrapping herself in a towel, and opened the door for Tina.

“Sorry Tina! I forgot! Let me run upstairs and get ready!”

Wendy ran upstairs as her little friend stared. Wendy’s bare legs extended sexily from beneath her towel, and Tina could see her taut bare round butt cheeks as the towel flipped up in her friend’s haste. Tina shivered a little, licked her lips, and moved into the kitchen, absently pinching her nipple a little through her shirt and swimsuit.

Quickly, Wendy dressed in her new bikini and admired herself in the mirror. She was five five and radiant, with a pole vaulter’s abs and big round tits, nipples still erect and straining against the material. Wendy stood on tiptoe and smiled at herself in the mirror. God! Those legs! Her firm round ass and athletic muscled thighs flowed down sexily to bulging but perfectly proportioned calves. Her gaze moved up to her face, and she shook her hair a little, admiring the way her ruby ringlets bounced around her porcelain-white symmetrical features.

“Jesus! I’m making myself hot,” she said.

Wendy pulled over a tight t-shirt from some old concert Barbara had dragged her to and finished her ensemble with the cutoffs she had made from her old jeans, the top button left unbuttoned to accommodate her new curves. Just a little bit of ass cheek was visible at the back, and there was a five-inch gap between the top of the cutoffs and her shirt that proudly displayed her new abs.

Wendy giggled with glee, and then skipped down the stairs to her waiting friend who was making sandwiches in the kitchen.

“I hope you don’t mind my making sandwiches. I thought we’d have a little picnic,” said Tina.

“Good idea! Let me help,” said Wendy.

Wendy stood beside Tina, towering over her four-eleven friend, and they set up a little assembly line. “Let’s make a bunch! I think I’m going to be hungry today,” said Wendy as she reached over to grab another slice of bread.

Just as she did, Tina was reaching for a plastic bag in which to put a finished sandwich, and her arm rubbed along Wendy’s breast, squishing against its firmness. She could feel Wendy’s erect nipple rub against her arm like a pebble. She closed her eyes and tried to stifle a groan as a thrill of pleasure ripped down her body with a shiver.

Wendy, for her part, felt her breast catch fire with the rubbing of her friend’s arm. The denial of the built up erotic sun energy from the pool blossomed in her breast, and she could actually feel her pussy moisten. She looked down at Tina and could hear her friend’s heartbeat quicken. She’d definitely noticed!

It was the hardest thing Tina had ever had to do. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lower lip and concentrated on controlling her breathing. Slowly, she calmed her erupting libido and finished preparing for their picnic.

Wendy, for her part, likewise clamped down on the urge to satisfy her desires with her friend. Remembering her little experiment, she denied her release, and slowly felt the urge to molest Tina subside.

The room grew silent as both girls, embarrassed, finished their work. Finally, Wendy left a note for her parents in case the girls got home late, that she was at the mall with Tina. They took the picnic basket, a blanket, some towels, and a cooler of soda and hopped in Tina’s dad’s old pickup. 

Wendy tried to break the silence. “Uh...did you have a good weekend.” Tina jerked up, having been staring at Wendy’s bare legs, and paid attention to traffic.

“Ok, I guess. My brother came back from MIT for a little break. Apparently his robotics work is coming along, so that’s nice. He keeps teasing me though; asking when I’m going to grow up.” Tina sighed. “I’m eighteen, so my guess is that I’m always going to look like a little girl.”

“Oh, Tina, don’t worry! Look at me! I’m eighteen and I’m looking nicer every day!” Wendy realized suddenly how that might not be taken as she meant. I mean, she was an anomaly. There was no way Tina was going to have the same condition as her!

“Er...I mean...well, there’s someone for everyone. You’re beautiful on the inside and the outside, no matter how the world sees you.”

“Thanks Wendy,” Tina said, smiling. 

The two friends drove the rest of the way to the beach making small talk about their summer plans.Finally, they reached the north end of Venice Beach, fairly busy but far enough from the craziness down south that they could find a pretty good spot. Off to one side, a man was leading a beach yoga class, and Tina and Wendy giggled at the scantily-clad students stretching in the sun.

Finally, Wendy took off her cutoffs and shirt and lay back on their blanket in her brand new floral bikini. The sun caressed her like a lover, and she could feel the warmth again building - more quickly than normal - in her private places. Tina, for her part, timidly took off her pants, but shyly kept a t-shirt over her undeveloped torso. Slim as a rail and looking like a preteen, Wendy’s little Asian friend was cute as could be. She had short raven hair, deep brown eyes, a button nose, and cute slightly-crooked teeth, but in a way that was decidedly non-sexual to most.

Wendy took a sandwich out of the basket and began to munch on it, quickly consuming the entire thing, and then went back for more, and then a third.

“Woah, hard charger! I’d say you’re going to get fat but it just seems to go to your breasts!”

Wendy, embarrassed, said, “well, maybe I should do some exercise then!” and looked over at the yoga class thirty yards down the beach. She got to her feet, brushing stray grains of sand from her perfect ass, and mimicked their current pose - something on one leg, with one leg out behind them, and both hands straight ahead, face looking straight down. After an initial wobble Wendy stood there stock-still, in perfect imitation, except that she was looking at the yoga group instead of at the ground. This transitioned into something where, still standing on one leg, the class looked straight forward with one arm outstretched, but the other reaching behind to hold the ankle of one of their legs. Wendy transitioned into this pose, giggling, as if she had been doing it all her life. Finally, the class, still on one leg, bent down and placed both hands on the ground in front of them, and then lifted their legs slowly into the air, one straight back over their arched backs, and one bent at the knee, toes pointed like ballerinas. Several of the class members wobbled and fell at this point, but Wendy held her pose.

Wendy just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. It was great, out in the sun, exerting herself like this, really testing the limits of her body with the sun’s warmth filling her with light and power. She just relaxed and lost herself in the sensation. 

Wendy heard a strangled moan and opened her eyes. Tina sat there cross legged staring at her. The entire yoga class sat in the sand staring at her, including the instructor, who was distractedly rubbing a hard-on through his speedo. Passersby walking their dogs stood there staring at her. Wendy collapsed to the sand, suddenly embarrassed. 

The students broke into applause and then rolled up their mats talking rapidly. Wendy could hear their conversations like they were next to her. “Did you see that? She held that pose for like ten minutes!” “Fuck that was hot!” “Babe, I don’t know about you but I need some lovin’ right now, and it can’t wait for the ride home!” Wendy hid her head under a towel.

A shadow flowed around her.

“Um, Hi. My name is Brad Mandelson, and I run the class over there. I just want to say that you’re amazing, and if you want a job as an instructor, please, please, please contact me! Here’s my card.”

He held down a card for her to take. Wendy looked up to take it, only to come face to crotch with an enormous erection practically bursting out of his speedo. Oh, god, the head of his cock popped over his straining waistband as she watched, a bead of pre-cum forming at its tip. Brad looked down at her with his rugged tanned face and smiled seductively, boldly proud of his blatant arousal. Wendy’s privates tingled, the fire in her loins restarted suddenly with his display. He nodded at her slowly and went back to pack up, not even adjusting his manhood.


Wendy closed her eyes and calmed herself. She had started this experiment and she was going to finish it damn it! Slowly her raging urges subsided, and she opened her eyes to see Tina staring at her.

“Wendy! Did you see that? His…<cock>,” she whispered, “was sticking right out of his suit!”

“ I didn’t notice.”

Wendy felt uncomfortable now, with all the folks who’d settled next to her and Tina stealing glances at her or just blatantly staring.

“Let’s pack up and take a walk down the beach, ok?” she said to Tina.

Tina agreed, and they packed up the truck with their blankets and cooler and walked south along the beachside path. Wendy attracted appreciative glances the whole way as she walked with an unpracticed sexiness. Soon, they came upon another class, this time of surfers. Full of kids and tourists, they were practicing hopping up on their boards from a prone position. Wendy stifled a laugh when a rather portly middle-aged man took what seemed to be five minutes to get standing, only to immediately fall off his board - a board firmly planted in the sand mind you.

There were two instructors. The one facing the group and talking was an attractive blonde woman in a tight bikini. She was slim but well muscled from countless hours of surfing, her abs rippling with every movement. Every time she gracefully hopped onto her surfboard her long blonde hair flew around her like a corona, catching the sun like liquid gold. Her large round breasts would do a little bounce. It quickly became obvious that several of the older men were really only here to watch her.

The other instructor was a young man about Wendy’s age wandering around the class and giving tips and correcting problems. Six two or so with short sandy hair, he had the long sleek body, muscles, and abs of a surfer. He just happened to be passing by Wendy when she laughed. He looked over.

“Oh, and you think you could do better?” he chided.

“Oh...sorry. I didn’t mean to offend!” said Wendy.

Getting a better look at her, he softened. “No, I mean you should join us! First lesson is free!” He ran over to a rack of beginner’s boards and plopped it in the sand in the front row. The woman instructor rolled her eyes when she got a look at her new student. 

“Another freebie ‘cause Craig got horny,” she murmured. Wendy heard her clearly, and smiled.

Feeling obligated now, Wendy stood there as Craig showed her what she should do. Wendy could tell he was trying to impress her because when he showed how to push up from the board he made a show of his bulging triceps and hard muscled legs, and then repeated the act four times.

Wendy giggled, got down prone on the board - her breasts pushed out sexily a bit at the sides from the pressure - and then in one smooth motion that went by in the blink of an eye, was on the board in exactly the position he had shown - slightly crouched, left foot forward and right foot back, torso facing a little forward, and hands up and out for balance. The crouch displayed Wendy’s firm round ass for the rest of the class to admire as her swimsuit slid into her ass-crack a little. Her ample bosom bounced with the sudden motion.

Craig and the woman instructor stood there with mouths open.

“Uh...yes. Just like that,” said the woman, dazed.

The class continued, and soon most eyes were on Wendy as she quickly and consistently jumped up on her board exactly as shown by the instructors, without so much as a wobble.

Next, the class moved out into the chilly waters of Venice Beach. The shock of the water made Wendy’s nipples pop out rock hard as the class slowly paddled out to the small three-foot swell. As Wendy waited her turn, she watched the class with only half her attention as they learned how to match speed with the oncoming wave, and then just surfed on their bellies into shore. Wendy’s attention was drawn to the other, more experienced surfers, catching waves and riding them in, some just gliding in calmly and others trying to get fancy.

When it was her turn, Wendy smoothly matched velocity with the swell, and then, unlike the other students, hopped up on the oversized board and managed to make a couple of turns with the unwieldy thing before just gliding in the rest of the way. 

“Woah! I must be a better teacher than I thought!” said Craig to Wendy when she climbed up the beach.

“I don’t know what the big deal is. You just hop up and maintain your balance. You make it seem like rocket science,” said Wendy. “This thing turns like a cow. Could I borrow your board?”

Craig said, “I don’t know. I...I guess so.” He handed his much shorter board to her and Wendy immediately ran back into the waves, paddling vigorously to the break. The rest of the afternoon, Wendy just surfed in and out, quickly gaining confidence as the swells grew larger. Soon she was shredding, lost in the sensation of exerting herself in the warm sun, the exquisite contrast between its hot rays and the chilly water, and the partnership of human and sea that made surfing such a transcendent experience to its adherents.

Finally, after what must have been hours on the waves, Wendy saw Tina waving to her and came in. She sauntered up the beach to Craig and gave him his board.

“Thanks for letting me use your board Craig,” said Tina. She stood on tiptoes, dragging her erect nipples up his muscled chest, and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

Craig stiffened and gave a little whinny, as Wendy walked to Tina.

“Wendy! I think that dude just came in his shorts,” whispered Tina when Wendy drew near. Wendy just smiled.

“It’s getting late,” said Tina nervously. “Wendy, w-will you come with me for just a little excursion? I want to show you something.”

Tina and Wendy walked back to the truck and Tina started heading north, toward the Santa Monica mountains. Wendy looked at the time on her phone. It was nearly seven, and her mom had sent a text asking where she was. Wendy quickly replied that she was at Tina’s and would be home late, if that was OK, and her mom responded that she should be good.

Looking up, Wendy asked, “Where are we going, Tina?”

“I have this place I wanted to show you,” Tina responded shyly.

Wendy relaxed in her seat, which was actually fairly difficult. The exhilaration of surfing had distracted her from the sun energy that had been building up in her all day long. She felt like a live wire, like the slightest touch would set her off. She tried to concentrate on the ride, on the fancy houses as they ascended the hills, anything besides the incredible urge to rub one out.

Finally, Tina turned off onto a dirt road. About a quarter mile in they came upon a gate blocking the road and Tina got out, unlocked the padlock, and swung the gate open.

“Uncle Dan owns this land. Dad gave me a key back when I was doing that ecology report for the science fair. Remember that? Anyway I overstayed one evening and got a little lost. It was sunset, and…” she parked the truck and got out, getting the blanket and motioning Wendy to follow her up a short trail to a ridge.

“And I found this place!” she said. Before them lay the ocean to one side, the sun just beginning to touch the horizon, and the city on the other, just turning on the lights that would soon transform it into a jewel box.

Tina spread the blanket on the ground and sat cross legged to watch the sunset. Wendy, enraptured by the sights, sat next to her. The sun started to turn rose red, reflecting off the high sparse clouds, and Wendy could feel the “flavor” of the light hitting her change to something lurid and smoky. The sun descended further and the sky turned a deep purple highlighted by high pink clouds, and the “flavor” turned to that of a deep dark wine. She giggled a little at the feeling.

Tina looked at her and gasped. “Wendy,’re glowing.”

Tina raised her hand and looked. Sure enough, faintly but visible in the fading light, her skin glowed a soft yellow. She looked at Tina, and saw her face brighten from her reflected radiance.

“Wendy, what is happening to you? You’re changing. I noticed it last week, the way you just sort of, overnight, changed from a little slip of a girl to a real hottie. I mean, you had breasts! You’re taller too, more confident, charming, and today I saw you surf like some sort of pro and I KNOW you’ve never been within ten feet of a surfboard! N-now this!”

“I - I don’t know,” said Wendy. “I just noticed the other day that when I go out in the sun I soak up this...this energy. And it feeds me. It makes me grow! It gave me these!” she lifted her boobs, still clad in her bikini top.

The sun slipped below the horizon, and only the clouds’ lurid show remained. Tina reached up tentatively to touch the glowing skin of Wendy’s face, caressing her cheek with her fingertips. Wendy could feel trails of fire where Tina touched. Her lips parted a bit as a sigh escaped them. Tina moved in, and they were kissing.

Wendy felt Tina’s hands move up her sides, slipping up her new abdominal muscles, and the burning spread from there to her breasts and down to her crotch. Tina tentatively ran her fingers along the strip of underboob below Wendy’s bikini top, and then fully cupped Wendy’s bikini-clad tit in her small hand.

Wendy gasped, and kissed back, pulling Tina close against her burning body. Soon her hands were running up and under Tina’s shirt and under her bikini top to caress and tweak Tina’s little nipples. Tina squealed and laughed.

“Oh god, Wendy, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that,” she said.

Wendy was too busy for words as she stood suddenly and stripped out of her bikini and cutoffs to display her entire glowing body in full to her enraptured friend. She motioned for Tina to do the same. Tina stood, as if in a trance and took off her clothes in turn. Short, slim, and undeveloped, but cute, wearing nothing but the little dark untrimmed bush that covered her pussy. Wendy moved forward and grasped Tina’s head and bent down to kiss her deeply, exploring her mouth lightly with her tongue. Tina’s hands slid down Wendy’s back to her tight firm ass and gripped her butt cheeks firmly. Each girl undulated slowly, rubbing their nubile bodies against each other, straining for the maximum possible stimulation.

Finally, Tina started kissing Wendy’s neck, and then her exquisite firm full round breasts, sucking and licking her nipples in little circles. Then she moved further down, placing warm wet kisses on each of Wendy’s pulsing abs. Finally, on her knees, Tina was face to face with Wendy’s wet pussy, glowing with stored sunlight, clit erect and straining for attention. She went straight for it, licking and swirling around the little light bulb with her tongue, firm one moment, soft the next, but constant and unrelenting.

Within seconds, Wendy began to groan, grabbing her small friend’s head and firmly holding it to her sex. Her skin brightened by the second, glowing with escalating intensity until she shone like a little sun on the mountain ridge. And then she came. Oh god, how she came!

Screaming with joy Wendy arched her back, holding her friend for balance. She could feel all the stored energies of the sun pour across her body like fire, ripping back and forth and transforming her. The burning thrill built, and built, and she could feel herself becoming more and more sensitive to Tina’s mistrations! She came again, stronger this time, and she feared she’d fall, the sensation was so intense. 

It was too much! She had to do something with this extra energy. She felt as if she’d burn up if she didn’t. She concentrated and directed the surplus residue of her solar load into Tina, hoping that some small part of her gift could benefit her friend, and that Wendy might save herself from immolation by sharing.

Tina felt it come into her, like warm honey flowing from her friend’s sex and into her very soul. Her pussy spasmed in sympathetic orgasm as the energy transformed her. She suddenly felt something touching her breasts, but then quickly realized that, no, it was her breasts that were touching Wendy’s thighs! She was growing! Tina redoubled her efforts, trying to get every last drop of Wendy’s gift before it was over.


Tina’s vigor sent Wendy to new heights as a new wave of orgasms passed over her, letting her absorb the final traces of her glow, until finally it faded. Wendy released Tina’s head from her grasp and fell limp to the blanket. Tina, unready to finish, quickly straddled Wendy’s face and licked Wendy’s sex and thighs for every last trace of power. Her pussy hovered inches from Wendy’s face.

Wendy quickly caught her breath, and with orgasmic pleasure building again in her loins, grabbed Tina’s newly-rounded ass and pulled her friend’s pussy toward her probing tongue. Tina’s legs trembled as she felt Wendy’s tongue plumb her depths and she let herself collapse on her friend’s face, not stopping for one moment her servicing of Wendy’s pussy.

They stayed like that for what felt hours, locked in the grip of countless thrashing orgasms.

Eventually, and after who knows how many hours of orgasmic bliss, Wendy and Tina fell asleep in each other’s arms, naked, under the stars, enhanced breast to enhanced breast with legs intertwined. 

Wendy woke first, feeling the first tingle of the rising sun on her naked body. God it felt good! She stood up and stretched, feeling invigorated and ready for the new day!

“Shit!” she exclaimed. The new day? Fuck! She and Tina had stayed out all night and she was sure to get an earful from her parents! Not only that, she was naked, in the middle of nowhere, with just a bikini and cutoffs to wear home! How was she going to slip in past her parents without them seeing the changes?

Wendy glanced back at Tina, still sleeping in the buff on the blanket, and gasped. She was pretty! Not just cute, but actually really pretty, with little A-cup breasts that hadn’t been there before, and with pert little rose-colored nipples straining at their tips. Her slim waist remained, but more fully defined, like a swimmer’s, and her butt, once flat, was now rounded with smooth muscle. Wendy felt a tingling in her pussy at the sight of her enhanced friend.

It had worked! She remembered trying to channel some of the overwhelming sun energy into her friend’s body last night, and she’d done it! Tina looked as if she’d been enhanced about as much as Wendy had after her first post-sunbathing orgasm.

Turned on, Wendy knelt beside her friend and ran her hand up Tina’s newly-enhanced flank and then cupped her cute little breast. She bent down to kiss Tina, and felt her own full round breasts rub up against Tina’s arm. Tina opened her eyes, then closed them and kissed back, wrapping her toned arms around Wendy’s body. 

“Hello lover,” said Tina when they parted.

“Tina, about last night...I want to say that it was fantastic. And, um, were my first.”

“Your first girl?” said Tina.

“My first anything,” said Wendy, shyly. “I kinda want to stay here all day and do it again and again, but my parents were expecting me home last night and I’m pretty sure they’re freaking out.”

“Oh shit! Is it morning?” said Tina, noticing for the first time that the sun was coming up.

“Ok,” Tina said, thinking quickly. “Your parents thought you were at my place, right? My parents are both out of town today on business meetings, so if your parents called my house they’ll have got an answering machine. Uh...we can pretend we,” she chuckled, “fell a movie or something.”

“That...might work!” Tina said with a smile.

“Ok Tina, let’s get back to your house. I need to disguise my improvements before I go home, ok?” 

Wendy stood to slip on her cutoffs and bikini top, and Tina gasped at the sight. Her hand snaked down to her pussy unbidden and began to absently rub her sex.

“God Wendy! You’ve become something else!” she exclaimed. 

Wendy stood before her, half-clad, top button of her cutoffs still unbuttoned and the zipper three teeth down, bikini top hanging limp from her hand. Wendy was now five seven and...radiant was the only word. Her breasts were sizable D-cups now, with no sag but still perfectly natural. Round, supple, with prominent erect nipples, they begged Tina to kiss and fondle them. Wendy’s skin, translucent white as ever, was silky and unblemished. Her physique was now that of a fitness model, and a fairly cut one at that. Wendy now had two prominent oblique muscles running down her torso and flanking her cobbled abs. Her shoulders were round and strong, and her arms bulged with definition, promising real strength should she exert herself. Wendy’s legs were deeply muscled and bulging and her thighs were causing her cutoffs to strain and fray. All of this was covered with just the right amount of feminine fat, not enough to hide her strength, but enough to smooth out any sharp edges. 

Finally, there was her face. There were no words to describe it except ‘perfect’. Wide deep green eyes looked straight into Tina’s soul. Wendy’s lips were full and inviting, and slightly parted in a tentative smile showing perfect white straight teeth. Her red hair had somehow become even more full and shining, reflecting the summer sun like a ringlet explosion even after being immersed in salt water for most of the previous day, and trailing down her back to the top of her cutoffs.

Wendy bit her lower lip at the sight of Tina rubbing her sex and then shook her head in a cascade of curls.

“We have to hurry. My phone’s in the truck and we have to make this look good if we’re gonna pull it off.”

Tina and Wendy quickly got dressed, with Tina pausing a moment to admire how much she was filling out her bikini now, and then jumped in the truck and drove back to her house, only about thirty minutes away with early morning traffic. During the drive, Wendy read through the increasingly frantic texts of her mom and listened to her voicemails. “Shit!”

Safely inside Tina’s house, Wendy called her mom. At first she thought it was going to be a disaster, with her mom freaking out on her for not responding or telling her she was staying over, but Wendy, in her calmest voice, and using the acting skills developed from her online studies, apologised contritely and slowly pacified her.

“Ok, honey. I understand you fell asleep watching a movie, but you have to really promise to keep in touch. Your dad and I thought you were dead or something!”

“I’m so sorry mom. Of course. I’ll be home in just a few minutes, OK?” said Wendy.

“Ok, well. Your dad and I have to leave for work, but you should stay home today, OK? Do some more studying,” said her mom.

Wendy agreed, and laid back on Tina’s couch in relief. She heard a shuffling sound to her left. She looked over and saw Tim, Tina’s brother back from college, standing there holding a bowl of cereal and staring.

“Oh, hi Tim. I didn’t see you there,” said Wendy.

Wendy smiled mischievously, and stood slowly and seductively, subtly squeezing her arms forward to push her breasts together, creating deep cleavage between them. 

Tim stood there, mouth agape, staring at the display. Short and thin like his sister, he was wearing a red MIT t-shirt and boxers. Wendy walked over, using every bit of her acting lessons to make the walk as casually seductive as possible. She twisted her walk slightly to let him see more of her rocking body and ass. As she came within range, she caressed his arm, slightly muscled from his tennis years. She bent to whisper into his ear, pressing her firm tits into his chest in the process.

“Long time no see,” she whispered. She stood back up and smiled with an incredible radiance that promised pure joy should she give herself to him. 

Wendy allowed her hand to trail down his arm to the top of his thigh, then along his boxers toward his crotch until she hit an obstruction. With a mock “OH!” she looked down shyly to see his good-sized boner straining against the material down his left leg. Biting her lower lip, Wendy slowly gripped his tool through the shorts and stroked it once.

This was too much for Tim. Wendy could feel the tremor before the flood started. Tim groaned and convulsed as his dick jumped in Wendy’s firm grip, and a thick stream of cum shot out of his shorts and down his leg. Wendy, now quite aroused despite herself, watched as it was followed by another, even larger load, and then another.

Wendy was amazed! How much did this young man have in him? Were all boys like this? She squeezed his dick again and was rewarded with another spurt, slightly smaller in volume than the others. With a final gentle milking motion, Wendy slid her hand toward his cock head through his shorts and he gave one final spurt of semen before groaning and collapsing to the floor, cereal bowl clattering on the hardwood. Wendy spent a second panting, now really horny, and stared at the boy, unconscious and lying awkwardly at her feet.

Wendy giggled and skipped up the stairs to Tina’s room.

“Is everything Ok?” asked Tina, now fully dressed in t-shirt and jeans with her braless tits tenting the material slightly.

“Oh...yeah,” said the giggling Wendy. “Um...Mom may be checking up on me today, so I should probably go home, OK?”

Tina looked disappointed. “Well, at least you’re not grounded, right?”

“No, not grounded. Maybe you could come over tomorrow?” said Wendy, shyly running her hand up Tina’s arm.

Tina shivered. 

“OK. I suppose I can wait until tomorrow.” Tina stood on tiptoes and kissed Wendy.

Wendy’s libido flared and she nearly lost her determination, but she decided to go despite her arousal, and broke the kiss.

“I’m just going to run, Ok?”

“I could drive,” said Tina.

“Nah, it’ll be good to get back out into the sun!” said Wendy. With that, she waved goodbye, closed the door to Tina’s room, and skipped down the stairs, jumping over Tim’s comatose body with his still-erect dick twitching in his shorts.

It did feel good to be back out in the sun. The familiar warmth splashed across her near-naked body as Wendy ran through Tina’s cul-de-sac and down the hill, out toward the local arterial. Her feet slipped awkwardly in her flip-flops, so she stopped a moment to take them off and just ran in her bare feet instead. Curiously, though the pavement had had plenty of time to warm up to an uncomfortable temperature, Wendy barely noticed.

Her breasts bounced pleasantly with each stride, and her mane of hair flowed behind her like a crimson tail. Out on the main street finally, Wendy became aware of the locals staring at her. Sure, joggers abounded in the area, but it was not often that such an incredible specimen of beauty ran by holding flip-flops  and clad only in a bikini top, cutoffs straining to conceal her burgeoning figure, and bare feet. After a couple of blocks, Wendy became frustrated at the periodic stop lights, and after the second near-crash between skidding cars driven by distracted drivers she decided to take the long way through the hills. The path would be about four miles instead of one, but it was a good excuse to spend more time in the sun, and she was feeling so great that she figured: why not?

Wendy cut through a small thicket to a winding dirt trail that led up the hill and over the ridge that separated her house from Tina’s. God it felt good just to run! Her bare feet slapped against the dirt and loose stone of the switchbacks. More than once her feet would hit the jagged edge of a broken piece of rock, or slip on some rough sandstone, but Wendy barely felt it, running up the hill with a speed and sureness she found incredibly exciting.

Twice Wendy passed some morning hikers stunned by the vision of the barely-clothed alabaster barefoot girl zipping past them in a streak of stunning beauty, all fit feminine muscle complemented by burgeoning womanly curves, crimson curls flowing behind her.

After about a mile, Wendy found a clearing and thought, “why not?” She slipped through some bushes and found a secluded spot on a protruding flat rock and laid down, first removing her top and admiring her new tits, and then kicking off her shorts. She lay there spread eagled to catch as much light as possible, with legs spread toward the rising sun as if inviting a lover. After a couple hours of invigorating sun, Wendy decided to continue her trek.

Wendy looked up as she approached the top of the ridge and saw that the ridge became much more steep at this level, with five more switchbacks to travel maybe fifty vertical yards. With a wry grin of incredible confidence, she deftly jumped up to grab a protruding rock on the steep hill beside her and scrambled lithely up the slope. Somehow, her racing mind was able to identify the next five or six secure hand and footholds before she needed them, and she scampered up the first half of the hill quickly.

The second half looked more daunting. Nearly vertical, with few obvious handholds, she paused a moment on a switchback to scope out the wall. Suddenly, as if mapped out for her, her mind picked out a route, every secure rock nearly glowing in her mind’s eye. She jumped to grab the first, and then heaved herself to the one above it, catching the first with her foot. To a bystander it would have appeared that she was climbing the wall like a spider, swift and sure and impossible.

Halfway up, a seemingly secure rock gave way after she had committed to it with her entire body weight, and she was suddenly plunging down the hill. Without a thought, Wendy stabbed out with the fingers of her right hand and, with a jerk, was suddenly hanging over a fifty-foot fall, legs dangling freely. She looked up. There was her hand, gripping a firm lump of rock with a wall of loose sandstone above it. Gouged into the rock and soil were five deep grooves made by her fingers. Wendy giggled with excitement, pulled herself up by her one handhold and rammed her left hand into the wall a full five feet above. Then she performed the feat again. And then again, laughing a loud full laugh as she went until she finally reached her original route and scrambled to the top of the ridge. 

Wendy was buzzing with energy and adrenaline as she stood at the top of the ridge excited by her emerging strength. What was she becoming? This was amazing! She spied a nearby sandstone boulder about two and a half feet across and, before she thought too hard, stepped up, crouched, and gripped it with both hands. She strained and pulled and redoubled her efforts when it wouldn’t release from the ground, and finally the boulder began to move. Driving with her legs, she was able to stand gripping the stone to her chest. She could feel her nipples, erect and scraping against the sandstone through her bikini top, and shivered as the familiar warmth began to spread across her body.

With redoubled effort, Wendy rolled the rock up her chest, bending back to allow her to maintain her balance as she got her hands under it, and then heaved with all her might, trying to lift the weight above her head. Her bulging triceps trembled with the strain, and for a moment Wendy thought her hubris would come back to haunt her, but NO! She concentrated and put all of her effort into it, and the stone began to move! Inch by inch, it rose up. She straightened her back and grunted with a strangled sound, half mindless labor and half pure joy, and finally with a last shove fully extended her arms.

Wendy roared in her triumph just as the warmth that had been building in her was released in a shuddering orgasm, rippling from toe to tip, her entire body tensed both in exertion and ecstasy. Her legs, already straining, began to lengthen a bit as they filled out with even more exquisite muscle. Her abdominals, already well-defined, deepened as they burgeoned into bodybuilder levels of definition. Her arms and shoulders, shaking with the effort of lifting the boulder, bulged with new strength and size. 

Despite her rapidly enhancing muscular physique, she did not lose her incredible femininity, and her other attributes were not left out of the fun. Her hair lengthened and became more lustrous than ever, and her legs lengthened. Her ass filled out with more firm-packed strength but also stayed rounded and full. The zipper on her cutoffs began to unzip as her hips expanded until the pull caught on teeth not designed for the strain, and the zipper popped open. The fly spread wide, displaying taut abdominals that ran all the way down to her sex. And her breasts - oh her breasts! The final effort of lifting the boulder combined with her spurt of growth was simply too much for her frayed and abused bikini top as it failed spectacularly, ripping down the front and springing from her expanding torso. It snapped behind her and tumbled down the cliff. Her gravity-defying breasts pulsed and grew like rising bread, nipples pink and full and straining for the sun. They expanded until the quivering orbs sat like cantaloupes on her chest. Soft and inviting but with a preternatural firmness that rivaled any comic book superheroine. 

Coming down from her orgasm and panting with release, Wendy, with a mischievous grin, bent her elbows and lowered the rock to her chest, and lifted it again, repeating the feat not once but four more times before bending her knees and hurling the thing fifteen feet away, where it tumbled into the bushes. 

Her mind did a quick calculation. Based on the size of the rock, and what she had read about the density of sandstone maybe six years earlier, she estimated that she had just lifted two hundred and sixty pounds of unwieldy rock above her head. And then she had performed five overhead presses with the thing before hurling it fifteen feet! Not only did she have the body of a superhero, she somehow had the strength of one as well!

Breathless from her passion and thrilled from the growth, Wendy slowly became aware of someone panting somewhere to the left of her, and then a strangled grunt. Turning she saw two hikers, a man and a woman in their twenties, staring with wide eyes. The girl was rubbing herself through her pants in rapture as the boy stood still in his jeans, a wide stain forming at his crotch.

Wendy, now confident beyond belief, brushed off the sandstone debris from her flawless skin and sauntered over. She reached out and caressed the breast of the staring woman. She stepped forward, grasped the woman’s ass, and pulled her close to kiss her deeply. She felt the hiker tremble and then spasm, and watched the young woman’s eyes roll back in her head. The woman started jerking over and over in intense pleasure. The staring man beside them grunted again, and then again, and the stain on his pants grew wider. Wendy stepped back giggling, and blew them a kiss before dashing down the backside of the ridge toward her house. 

Laughing with excitement all the way, she quickly made it to her neighborhood, but paused before dashing the last hundred yards to her house to make sure no one was around.

Wendy sat in the bushes at the exit of the trail, waiting for a car to pass, and spied her mom’s car in the driveway. Was it time to come clean to her mom? After all, it wasn’t like she could hide the changes for much longer. She caressed her enormous bosom, nipples tingling with the contact. No amount of baggy clothing could hide these things! And her height! She must be five eight or nine now! How much could slouching really accomplish?

But, how would her parents react? Maybe she should hide a bit longer, at least until she grew so large and powerful they couldn’t bundle her away to some sort of secret government lab. Yes. A little bit longer, that’s all. Now, how to hide from mom?

Tina realized that the longer she waited to get home the more her mom would worry. Mom must have stayed at home to make sure she got back from Tina’s ok. Every moment she waited was a moment closer to the police being called. Maybe she could sneak into her room, change into her baggy clothes, and then climb back down and go to the front door as if she had just arrived.

Making sure the coast was clear, Wendy dashed down the street and, judging the moment perfectly, vaulted the seven-foot backyard fence, one hand daintily touching the top for balance. She landed catlike on the pool deck with barely a sound. When she stole a glance through the sliding door, she could see her mom pacing in the living room.

Wendy looked up to the trellis of thorny roses that ran up the side of the house and, ignoring the spikes, scampered up like it was nothing. Next, she shuffled around the house along a narrow protrusion in the siding, gripping it with her toes, and finally arrived at her still-open bedroom window.

Wendy chuckled. “The perfect crime,” she thought. She opened the window wider and stepped through...right into her bedside lamp which fell to the floor with a crash.

Jesus! Her mom would be sure to have heard that! 

“Wendy? Is that you?” her mom called from the main floor. Wendy could hear steps on the stairs.

Frantically, Wendy dashed to the door and gripped the handle. She could feel her mom pull on the door from the other side. Actually, she pulled quite hard, and the door nearly opened, but Wendy heard a “ping” sound and the door slammed closed again.

“Wendy? Is that you? Are you OK?”

“Uh...I’m fine mom. I, uh, fell asleep after I came home.”

“Don’t you lie to me young lady! Checking your room was the first thing I did this morning. You haven’t been here until just now! Now open this door!”

“Um...uh...ok mom. I need to warn you though, I’ve been going through some changes you maybe aren’t ready for.”

“Changes? What do you mean?”

“Well, you know how I the other day at dinner. Well, I’m prettier.”

“Well, that’s a good thing dear! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! But what we have to talk about is your behaviour the last couple days. Skulking around the house and then staying out all night with Tina. Tina! Who would have thought she would be such a troublemaker, of all people!”

“Um...The changes may be more than you think. I-I’m going to let go of the door, ok?” 

Wendy let go of the handle, and her mom stepped in.

“Now what changes could you possibly have gone through in the last wee…” She stood and stared at her daughter.

The sight that confronted her beggared description. Five nine, with alabaster skin, the body of an athlete, and the face of a supermodel, Wendy stood with her muscular right arm pressed across her breasts as they bulged out on all sides barely hiding their burgeoning fullness. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders and her back to the bottoms of her cutoffs, the fly pulled wide open by her recent growth.

Wendy’s mom shuddered as one hand involuntarily raised to her breast before she caught herself.

Wendy sat on her bed and pulled the bedspread up to cover herself more fully, and patted the bed beside her. Her mom, as if in a trance, sat.

“Ok mom, here’s the thing. You know how you and dad have been so paranoid about me going out into the sun? Well, last week when you guys went to work, I stepped outside to get a tan. Remember how you freaked out and bustled me into the house?”

Her mom opened her mouth to speak, but Tina interrupted.

“I know, I know. Aunt Moira. Cancer. The thing is, I had totally forgotten to put sunscreen on that day, and I had been out there for much longer than you assumed - maybe four hours. The thing is, I didn’t even get a tan, let alone burned. And then later I...I grew. My skin cleared up, my hair grew out, grew. Everything about me improved. And then I went out later happened again!”

“What? You just grew? Did...did you go out more than those two times?”

“Mom, I’ve been going out every day, sometimes twice a day. Every time I’ve grown, more beautiful, stronger, and even smarter! And,” Wendy paused, “and it’s been getting more intense.”


“Um...the, uh, improvements come with a certain amount”

Her mom looked at her daughter with concern, and then, thinking, looked down at the floor..

“Wendy, I have something to admit,” she said, slowly looking back up to Wendy’s wide green eyes.

“When your father and I decided to have children, we tried and tried, but I just couldn’t get pregnant. We went to the doctor and got fertility treatments and failed. We tried in vitro, but failed three times. We even tried the weird stuff quacks pawn off on the truly desperate. I was just barren, it seemed.

“Then...well...I’m a scientist, right? I was a graduate student while your dad was finishing his senior year of football eligibility and I was working in a university biotech lab. We were doing would say unethical studies on genetics for the government. It was all hush hush, but it was exciting. One of the studies involved human stem cells. We would take sample cells from a donor, usually a rat, and convert them to stem cells - our lab’s specialty - then we would treat them with this chemical supplied by the Army - they wouldn’t tell us what it was - and inject them back into the rats.

“Most of the time nothing changed. Sometimes the rat died. Actually, all the male rats died. But twice out of a thousand rats, a female rat not only survived, but thrived. It would grow larger, with more muscle mass, and the muscle would grow denser too, way denser than it should have, and way stronger. Coordination, memory, reaction time, every test we could throw at them showed that the rats had dramatically improved!”

Wendy sat there mouth open, enthralled by her mom’s story.

“Here’s the thing though: the rats became more fertile too! Soon after treatment, when the rat was exposed to male rats, the female rat would mate over and over, with as many partners as possible. Then ten days later she would have a litter of ten to fifteen pups. Ten days! Normally rats take 21 days to gestate and have maybe four to eight pups! And then she would do it again, and again, and again. We had to terminate them just to stop the overpopulation, and that wasn’t easy. Normal techniques wouldn’t work and those rats were unusually resilient to damage. We finally had to immolate them in a furnace.

“Anyway, I was desperate. Without consulting your father, I...I conducted the same experiment on myself.”

Wendy looked at her mom sharply, “but…”

“I know, I know. Crazy. I could have died. I should have died. But I was desperate and I didn’t die.”

Her mom looked at Wendy.

“You know how I always said I was on the volleyball team? Well...that was a little white lie. I was the equipment manager for the volleyball team. I was actually quite tiny when I met your father. Maybe five feet tall and ninety-eight pounds soaking wet. He loved me, but for my mind and personality, not for my figure. Anyway, after the treatment I came down with what seemed like the flu. I had a fever of a hundred and seven, but I begged your father not to call the doctor. When the fever broke, I was suddenly ravenous, eating everything in sight, and I had to convince your father again to let me be. Then I grew, and grew. A lot.”

Wendy’s mom stood up again to her full height, and began unbuttoning her shirt.

“I went from five foot and a hundred pounds to six foot and two hundred pounds over the course of three months. I don’t take my shirt off...pretty much ever, but this is what I look like when I do.”

Her mom finally removed her blouse revealing what appeared to be an all-torso undershirt. Like an industrial-strength athletic compression garment or something. She grabbed the bottom of the shirt and pulled it slowly and with some effort up over her head. 

“Wow!” thought Wendy.

Her mom’s torso was ripped with hard dense muscle, like a bodybuilder’s but, if anything, more defined. Her burgeoning breasts bounced free of the shirt, large and firm and prominent on her chest, far more so than a forty-year-old’s had any right to be. Below this were the cobbled abs of an athlete. 

Her mom raised her right arm and flexed, and an enormous pale bicep just erupted. Wendy sat stunned. It was at least sixteen inches around! 

“So, I grew. And I’m much stronger than I look.”

Her mom opened the door to reveal that in their brief struggle she had ripped the doorknob right off. There in the hallway it lay, a twisted lump of metal.

“And I was horny. Oh god I was so horny! I practically jumped on you father and...” her mom’s nipples became erect at the memory. Then, realizing who she was talking to she said, “Er...well, six months later, you were born.

“I don’t know if the process works differently on humans, or if maybe the fact I was barren to begin with had an effect, but anyway, we only got pregnant once. You were so beautiful, but so pale. The doctors were amazed at how vigorous you were given you were three months premature. You were small for a baby, but huge for a premature baby. Only your father and I knew the truth. We were happy that you grew up normal. I know the risks I took were crazy, but we wouldn’t have you if I hadn’t done what I did.”

Her mom sat down and took Wendy into her arms in a strong hug. Wendy lay her head on her mom’s shoulder and began to sob.

Wendy and her mom sat there for a while, Wendy in her mom’s loving embrace. Eventually, Wendy looked up at her.

“Thanks mom,” she said. “For everything.”

“ little girl.”

Her mom got a thoughtful expression on her face. 

“Listen darling, I barely know what that treatment did to me. I have no idea what it’s doing to you. How about we do some tests?”

“Tests?” Wendy asked. “I don’t want to become some sort of lab rat or anything.”

“Huh? Oh, no. No, I won’t ask you to see a doctor or go to the lab. No, what I had in mind was just some observation. Maybe measure you pre and post growth.”

“Um...pre and post? Uh, ok,” said Wendy, embarrassed at the possibility that her mom might see her in the throes of passion.

“First, let’s measure you.”

Wendy’s mom went and got a tape measure and started measuring her: 


Height: Five foot nine inches.

Weight: 185 pounds.

Bicep: 15”

Thigh: 24”

Chest: 49”


It was a little awkward standing there, naked, with her half-naked mom taking her measurements. Wendy blushed when her mom took her breast measurement and her mom’s large breasts, cantaloupe sized just like hers, pressed up against her back. She could feel her mom’s nipples, erect, press into her skin.

“Aren’t you going to write this down?” she asked her mom.

“Nah. Ever since the treatment I’ve had a perfect memory. I only ever write things down if I need to document lab findings, which is required, or to write notes to others.”

Wendy nodded her head. “Yeah. My memory has gotten a lot better since the changes, too.” 

Wendy’s mom led her downstairs, naked, and out into the pool area, holding a stopwatch. She noted the position of the sun, and using a rarely-used photometer from her husband’s old photography equipment, recorded its brightness.

Wendy, embarrassed, held her hands in front of her breasts and pussy.

“Oh come now,” said her mom. “If we’re going to do the experiment right you’re going to have to be in the buff. Here, if it makes you feel better, I’ll strip down the rest of the way. Haven’t really gotten tan in eighteen years, I doubt the sun’s gonna start affecting me now.” 

Her mom stripped out of her pants. Her legs were as ripped as her arms, huge and muscular, with every movement causing them to bulge in a pulsing symphony. Her sex was, like hers, hairless, but Wendy could see that her mom must shave regularly as she could see some stubble.

“Satisfied? Now go lay down right there on the lounge. Oh, first turn it so it faces the sun.”

Wendy did so, and then spread her arms and legs to maximize exposure. Her mom hit the stop watch.

The warmth felt wonderful. Warm and soothing, just like her other experiences. Wendy tried to relax and enjoy the feeling and ignore her mom’s presence.

Eventually, she was able to doze off. 

She was back on the hill with Tina, sitting on their blanket and sunning themselves. The sun was hotter than Wendy had ever remembered, it’s blazing rays pummeling their naked bodies. Her skin grew warm, and then hot, and then insanely hot, like someone was holding a magnifying glass over her. Her skin was burning but, somehow, the sensation was incredible! The feeling was like millions of feathers running over her skin and she soon became wet with desire. She opened her eyes to stare into the laser-bright sun, but instead she saw the face of Tina. Tina’s skin glowing brightly, like Wendy’s had the night before.

Tina bent down and began to kiss Wendy, her hands running down Wendy’s body to cup her immense round breasts. Wendy began to gasp at the sensations as Tina fondled Wendy’s huge erect nipples, each an inch long and thick as a thumb. Tina slid down Wendy’s body, kissing it as she went. She paused at Wendy’s tits and nipples licking and sucking at them for what seemed like an hour and Wendy returned the favor sucking on Tina’s much smaller breasts and licking the nipples with her long muscular tongue. Finally Tina continued her journey to Wendy’s sex, plunging her tongue deep into her snatch and then running it back and forth before taking her inflamed clit into her mouth and sucking, her tongue licking furiously.

Wendy convulsed in an immense orgasm, gripping Tina’s ass and shoving her tongue into her sex in response. Within seconds she came again when she felt Tina quivering on top of her. Wendy then rolled over on top of her little lover and ground her pussy into Tina’s welcoming mouth, screaming out her joy to the giving sun.

It was then that she felt the growth. Her breasts pulsed and grew - larger than watermelons and pushed her arms out of the way. Her arms tensed and released with each orgasm, doubling, and then tripling in size. She could see her perspective change as she rose like a giantess over Los Angeles, ten and then fifteen feet high. She tried to guide some of the sun’s bounty to her lover, and was rewarded with the feeling of Tina growing, her tits expanding until Wendy could feel nipples touch her underboob.Tina’s legs extended down the length of their stone ledge until they were hanging off into space.

Wendy, unwilling to stop, spread her arms wide and willed the sun to give her everything it had and the sun responded, exploding in brightness as if in supernova. The energy pummeled Wendy’s thrashing form as she and Tina grew, their entangled bodies sliding over the landscape until they dwarfed the city, then the continent, and finally the earth itself. And still they came.

Wendy opened her eyes. She was at the pool and one of her hands was crammed into her pussy, still vigorously pummeling her clit, while the other gripped the lounge, ripping through the upholstery and bending the metal frame. She came again, hard. Her body thrashed in uncontrollable pleasure, each convulsion sending her legs slamming into the lounge until its metal frame at last gave way. In a final surge of pleasure, Wendy’s back arched, her body supported only by her heels and the crown of her head. Her eyes rolled back as she shivered in indescribable pleasure.

At last it was over, and her titanic frame collapsed onto the lounge, her breasts heaving with her breathing.

Shit! Her mom was there! Suddenly embarrassed, but with too little energy to do anything about it, she looked over at where her mom sat in a deck chair, stopwatch in one hand, and the broken handle of their leaf skimmer in the other, ramming it into her pussy. Her legs were drenched with sexual fluids. Wendy watched as her mother, glazed expression on her face, stroked the implement into her sex three more times. Then she squeezed her eyes shut with a groan and came twitching.

After a minute or two, she relaxed and clicked the stopwatch.

Wendy’s mom looked up and saw her daughter’s expression. Then she laughed and slowly withdrew ten inches of handle from her abused sex.

“What a pair of perverts we are, huh?” she said.

Wendy smiled and laughed with her mom. They quickly cleaned up the pool area and moved into the house. Wendy’s mom measured her nude body once again:


Height: Five foot eleven inches.

Weight: 195 pounds, including hair.

Bicep: 16”

Thigh: 26”

Chest: 54”

Wendy’s breasts were each as big around as a bowling ball, and nearly the same shape, nipples still erect even after the intense orgasm she had just experienced. As her mom measured them she caressed Wendy’s nipples, causing Wendy to jump.


“Sorry darling. I couldn’t resist. Well, it looks like your four hour stint in the sun did quite the job on you. You’re nearly as tall as me now and just as big, if not bigger. I must say, however, your growth results in much less of a bodybuilder physique and more of a...I guess beauty is the only word for it. A more beautiful body. Your muscles are impressive, of course, but less hard edged than mine. Soft and smooth and…”

Her mom lost herself for a moment running her hand up her daughter’s smooth cobbled abs.

“Mom!” Wendy shouted.

Her mom shook herself. “Sorry darling. I...I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never been attracted to women before, but somehow just being in your presence…” 

She trailed off again, getting that distant look, and began fondling her daughter's tits.

“Dammit Mom!”

“Uh...there might be something else going on. Pheromones or something. Definitely the rats had something like that driving them.…perhaps you should run this swab across your vagina and I can test it in the lab tomorrow.” 

Wendy, embarrassed, did as requested and placed the swab in a ziploc baggy.

Her mom sat and motioned for Wendy to sit across from her at the table. 

“Young lady, you have a decision to make. We can try to hide this. Keep you out of the sun for as long as possible and let you lead a fairly normal life, or...or you can see where this goes. I can help. I have the full resources of one of the top research labs in the country, and I can see if we can enhance the changes, or guide them, or make them stronger…”

She trailed off again, her hand caressing her own breast now.

Wendy thought. Should she keep going or try to stop?

“Mom, I think I want to see where this goes.”

“Of course dear,” her mom said, startled out of her reverie.

“For now, let’s get dressed and prepare for your father. I have a special compression shirt that might work to hide, somewhat”

Wendy and her mom went upstairs and her mom pulled out a thin white garment and gave it to her. Wendy pulled at the material and discovered that it took real effort to stretch, even with her enhanced strength. She looked more closely and saw that the material was shot through with a weave of metallic looking and flat black threads.

“I have them special made. It’s a patented weave of high-tensile steel and carbon fiber threads I developed. They’re testing it for use in body armor, you know. It’s kept me undercover all these years, and it breathes like Egyptian cotton!”

Her mom...invented this? Wendy knew her mom was a biotech scientist, but developing bulletproof cloth in your spare time? Wow. That treatment had really made her smart! Wendy felt an involuntary tingle in her loins at the thought of becoming a genius like her mom.

Wendy pulled the garment over her head and struggled mightily to get the material over her breasts. Finally, after three minutes of twisting and pulling, it finally popped over her nipples and glided down to her navel. 

“Fits like a glove, doesn’t it?” said her mom.

In fact, it fit quite a bit tighter than a glove, but Wendy found that rather than being rough and constrictive the material was supple and felt more like a warm hug. In addition, it flattened out her boobs which had the effect of at least smoothing her out, but at the expense of making her torso wider.

“It’s great, Mom,” Wendy said.

That evening went fairly well. Her dad kept getting distracted. Wendy would catch him sometimes just staring at her strangely, and was afraid that he was figuring out something was wrong, but then he excused himself from dinner to go upstairs carrying a book conspicuously in front of his crotch. Wendy’s mom, concerned, followed him upstairs, and soon Wendy could hear the “thump, thump, thump” of their vigorous lovemaking. Great. 

The next morning, her parents left for work, and once they were gone Wendy stripped naked and surveyed the changes from the previous day. The first thing she noticed was that the mirror was too low. Wendy giggled and propped the mirror on her dresser. 

There she stood. A five foot eleven teen supermodel. But no supermodel had ever had tits and muscles like these! Each breast was nearly nine inches across and soft and supple to the touch, but round and sitting high on her pectoral muscles. Her breasts looked like a porn star’s, but much more natural. Her nipples, now permanently aroused, poked out like the tips of her pinky, pink and perfect. This was her first look at her abdominals since her boobs had grown out, and she stared at their rigid definition, each the size of small oranges and running down her tummy past her tight waist and full muscular hips until converging into a “V” of smooth muscle that led to her sex. This was framed by the pulsing trunks of her legs, thick and corded, and leading up to a perfect firm round ass that stuck out inches from her waist. But, and this was interesting, where her mom looked like a bodybuilder at the height of her pump, all cut muscle and low body fat, Wendy looked smoother, more feminine. Sexier, if she were to be honest with herself, with her intense red curls complementing her pale translucent flawless skin. If she had looked like a comic book superhero before she looked even more so now! 

Wendy’s phone rang. It was Tina. 

“Hi Wendy. How’d it go yesterday?”

“Hi Tina! Everything’s fine. Not grounded or anything. I was just going to go out into the sun. Would you like to join me for a little...experimentation?”

“I thought you’d never ask! I’ll be over as soon as I can. Tim’s been acting weird. He keeps looking at me funny, so I want to slip out when he’s not around.”

Wendy said, “Maybe that’s because you grew an inch taller and have breasts now! I want to try something new today. I’ll tell you when you get here.”

Wendy went back to the pool once again. She and her mom had disposed of the lounge she had destroyed the previous day, so she decided to lay down on the grass instead of the patio just to reduce the destructive impact of her ecstasy.

Wendy lay there and the familiar tingling began again, more intense than just a week earlier. Maybe she was getting better at soaking up sunlight, or maybe it was just a matter of sheer surface area. Anyway, the warmth spread quickly and it soon became a struggle to keep her hands away from her pussy. Wendy was winning the struggle though. Even with the rolling “feather brush” sensation of the sun’s caress she’d become so familiar with, she managed to restrain herself for more than two hours. Her willpower had never been tested like this, but apparently it had grown like the rest of her. That’s when the doorbell rang.

Wendy could hear Tina’s heartbeat on the porch and so, like a tiger, she sprang to her feet, barely even touching the ground with her hands, and in the blink of an eye had rushed through the house and flung the door open. She reached out to the stunned Tina and drew her into a deep hug, practically encasing the small girl in her breast flesh, and kissed her hungrily.

Wendy at last broke the kiss. “Hi, lover.”

Tina opened her eyes, dazed. “You grew,” she said with a sigh.

Wendy led her four foot one friend to the back yard and told her the story of her mom.

“That’s like a real superhero origin story!” said Tina, excited. She had read tons of her brother’s comic books as a kid. He had focused on Power Girl and Wonder Woman and pretty much any comic book with a strong buxom barely-clad woman on the cover. Actually, she had come to discover her sexual orientation with those books, masturbating nightly to the most erotic of them just as her brother surely had.

“Do you want to see what happens today?” asked Tina.

“Yes, yes I do, but I have a little experiment I want to perform. So, you know out on the hill how I was able to channel some energy into you? You grew, like, an inch and your boobs are now little A-cups. Well, I want to see if I can guide that energy into a specific attribute. I could make your boobs bigger, or I could make you taller, or make your skin radiant, or your hair long and shiny, or stronger, or smarter, or…”

“I want to be taller,” said Tina quickly and firmly. “I’ve been four feet since I was ten, and I don’t know if you know this, that is short. Really short. Abnormally short. Sure, my parents are short too, but they’re at least five feet tall. Even in my house it’s like I’m living with giants. The inch you gave me the other day was like a miracle, but I want more!”

“Okay,” said Wendy, “then height it is!”

Tina took off her clothes and applied sunscreen and then laid on the grass beside Wendy as Wendy spread her arms and legs wide to soak up as many rays as possible.

Tina watched Wendy as she lay there, nearly six feet of feminine perfection. She should be jealous, but really she was just so happy for her friend. Tina felt she was really the beneficiary of all Wendy’s growth. After all, Wendy grew, but Tina got to appreciate and touch it. Really, it was more than appreciation that Tina felt, it bordered on worship.

As she watched, Wendy, after an hour or so, began to twitch and struggle in the bright sunlight. Tina could see Wendy’s nipples, erect as always, nearly pulse with her heartbeat, and her hands tightened into fists and then relaxed in spasms as if there was a battle going on inside her friend. 

“A-are you alright?” asked Tina.

Through gritted teeth, Wendy responded, “I’m fine. I’m just...sooooo...horny. Trying to...resist.”

“Don’t resist! Let me help!”

With that Tina sat up and let her palm just touch Wendy’s nipple, just barely. Then she slowly rubbed the nub with just the lightest of pressure. Tina felt a tingle of transmitted pleasure shoot down her arm, and she followed the touch with a caress of Wendy’s fullness. 

Wendy grunted. “Mmmmoore…”

Tina rolled on top of Wendy, her head even with her breasts, and began to suck and nibble all over the supple straining orbs. Wendy groaned.

“Quick. Get d-down below. Quick!” Wendy said.

Wasting no time, the tiny girl slid down Wendy’s length and ran her tongue up the goddess’s slit, and, finding her love button erect and practically exploding from her sex, sucked on it with all her might, twirling her tongue around it’s stiff firmness.

Wendy howled. She felt all the burning energies of the sun she had stored in herself pulse and flood across her body and she could feel herself start to grow once again. But this time she checked the flood, guiding it to her pussy and feeling her sex pulse and clench with all the energy focused there. And then she imagined her friend, sucking on her clit for dear life. She imagined all the energy flooding from her pussy into Tina, and Tina stretching, growing beneath her, taller and stronger. Her elongated frame filling in with taut fit muscle at the same time to keep her proportions reasonable, she imagined Tina lengthening between her titanic legs, sliding across the grass. 

And she felt it! She could literally feel Tina growing as if Tina’s body were her own. And she could feel the ecstasy Tina was experiencing too! And her thoughts! It was as if they were a single body in the throes of orgasm, but all the growth, all the energy of the sun went to Tina.

With a final grunt, Wendy arched her back, and Tina struggled to hold on to Wendy’s pulsing clit. And then the last traces of energy finally flowed along Tina’s tongue and into her transformed body, and both the girls lay on the grass panting.

Wendy recovered first, opening her eyes and seeing the sun still high in the sky, illuminating the hillside beside her house. Suddenly, a glint of light reflected off something on the hill. Wendy concentrated, and tried to see what it was, and was surprised to find her vision focusing, like she had a telephoto lens or something, but at the same time not like that because her field of vision remained the same. It was more that she was able to focus fully on the glint.

There, in the bushes near her house, stood Tim with a pair of binoculars in one hand and his cock in the other, spurting arc after arc of jism into the dirt.

She looked down at Tina and gasped. Tina lay sprawled naked between Wendy’s legs, panting, but this was not the Tina from a moment ago! No, this Tina had grown from a scrawny four foot one to a now, more normal, five feet. She was still skinny, and her A cup breasts looked even smaller on her taller body, but she was tall, much taller than Wendy had expected. She surmised that when she directed her power to a single attribute instead of the default of total body improvement, that attribute saw significantly disproportionate improvement.

She wondered, could this work for her? Could she maybe tone down her growth and concentrate on something that wouldn’t be so obvious to the outside world like her intelligence? She was eager to try.

But first, she had to deal with the Tim situation. Wendy didn’t have a problem with someone admiring her body per se - after all, she had teased Tim to orgasm the day before - but this was an invasion of privacy!

Wendy shook Tina awake.

“Tina, don’t react. We’re being watched.”

Tina jumped a little and looked around.

“Stop it! I’m going to get the guy. You stay here and pretend I’ve just gone into the house. Talk to me. Act like we’re having a conversation, OK?”

Tina nodded.

“Oh, and you’re welcome little beanpole!” Wendy said.

Tina got up and did a little dance when she realized how tall she had become. Wendy reminded Tina of their plan and went into the house and donned her now too-tight sweatshirt and jogging shorts. She slipped out the front door.

Wendy dashed to the trailhead at the end of her street, hoping that Tim would be focused on her backyard with his binoculars. Like a cat, she padded in her bare feet to Tim’s post. Tim stood there, pants down around his ankles with a now-drooping seven-inch cock still dripping strings of semen, watching Tina through his binoculars.

“What the hell? Is that Tina?” he whispered to himself.

By this time, Wendy was right behind him. “It certainly is,” she said.

Tim jumped a foot in the air startled beyond belief, and Wendy just had to laugh at his expression as he turned.

“Now Timmy, what are you doing spying on your sister and her friend with your cock out, huh? Do you have a little chubby for your sister, your perv? Or was it me you were ogling? Didn’t get enough yesterday huh? Well, maybe you can come down and explain yourself to Tina!”

Tim just stared at the beauty before him. Nearly a foot taller than him, Wendy’s unfettered boobs tented the tight sweatshirt, her nipples readily apparent through even the thick cotton. His dick began to stiffen again.

Wendy laughed and grabbed his left arm and leg and slung him over her shoulders - head on one side and legs on the other, Tim’s pants still at his ankles - like he was a towel and she had just gotten out of the shower. Wendy jogged down the path. His stiffening member bounced with each step and slapped her in the cheek once or twice. Her nethers tingled in spite of herself. Wendy finally dashed across the road and entered the house, dumping Tim in the grass.

Tina was appalled. “What the hell are you doing here Tim?” she yelled, trying to cover herself with her hands.

Tim looked up at the two women mouth agape, dick still erect between his legs despite his embarrassment.

“I...uh. saw Wendy yesterday when you guys got home, a-and she was so beautiful. I didn’t mean to, but I And then Wendy jerked me off! You did! Tell her Wendy!”

Wendy looked at Tina, “I must admit, I did tease Tim a little yesterday. I couldn’t help myself, I was so horny.” Wendy shivered at the memory.

Tina said, “Well that doesn’t give you the right to sneak up and watch us!”

“I know, I know! When I overheard you talking to Wendy on the phone, I-I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. I felt com...compelled to come over. I had to see her again!” pleaded Tim, still hard in Wendy’s presence.

Wendy thought. She loved Tina, and loved making love to her, but she really liked guys too! To tell the truth she had never really entertained the idea of having sex with a girl until Tina started kissing her. Not that she didn’t like it! But...she wanted to experience it all: the world’s wide variety of sex. There was no way that Tina alone could satisfy her growing appetite. 

On the other hand, shouldn’t he be punished?

“Tina, this young man must be punished.”

Wendy went into the garage and retrieved a rope.

“Get in the chair!” she ordered.

Tim got up and began to pull up his pants.

“Without the pants!” Wendy ordered again.

Tim, hesitantly, kicked his pants to the side and then sat in a nearby Adirondack chair. Wendy carefully tied him to it tightly, both around his chest, but also at his hands and feet. She stepped back and admired how comical he looked, lying back as if relaxing in the sun with his erect cock sticking up at a forty-five degree angle.

Then Wendy began to strip off her clothes. 

Tina was appalled. “What are you doing? You’re just going to let him watch you sunbathe?” Her hands flailed wildly, momentarily forgetting that she was hiding her nakedness from her older brother.

“No. I’m going to force him to watch US sunbathe. And then I’m going to force him to watch us have sex. And he’s not going to be able to touch himself, or us, or anything. He’ll just have to watch and suffer.”

Tina looked appalled.

Wendy bent back down to her diminutive lover and ran a hand up her flank, still skinny but with a little muscle underneath. Wendy had at least diverted enough energy to make sure her friend didn’t look like a stick figure.

Wendy idly caressed Tina’s small breast. “What say we do something about these?” 

Tina’s nipples were rock hard, and she groaned with desire, pressing her body into Wendy’s lush perfection. She inhaled the scent of Wendy’s burgeoning locks and licked her lips in anticipation despite herself. She felt she was a slave to Wendy’s attention, a wanton whore who would do anything for her lover. 

Wendy picked up Tina bodily and placed her on her shoulders. Tina’s crotch was right before her face and she began to thrash her tongue along Tina’s moist pussy and eager clit. Tina groaned and gripped Wendy’s head pulling herself tighter to the source of pleasure, nipples tingling with the touch of Wendy’s curls. Soon Tina came convulsing on her friend, and Wendy lifted her down and set her gently on the lawn beside Tim’s chair. 

She kissed Tina deeply, and she could hear Tim’s panting and pounding heart. She could smell the cum running down his throbbing penis. Wendy redoubled her efforts, sucking on Tina’s little nipples and lightly caressing her body down to her wet sex. Tina yelped with joy.

This continued for an hour or so, with Wendy bringing Tina close to the edge of many orgasms, only to pull back at the last second. Wendy felt once again the power of the sun building within her. 

When she finally felt the power build to an unbearable level, she sat up and pulled Tina’s left leg erect and scissored Tina’s pussy against her own. Tina’s leg was engulfed by Wendy’s prodigious tits, as Wendy began to thrust and rub her sex against Tina’s with long vigorous strokes. Tina squealed at the sensation as she began to thrash in another orgasm, but Wendy didn’t stop. She continued rubbing their wet sexes together until Tina came again, and then again. Wendy was so vigorous that her breasts bounced and rubbed up against Tim’s arm over and over again.

Wendy watched as Tim’s dick spasmed, and a jet of cum shot up and out over the yard a foot away, quickly followed by a second, longer jet of semen. 

This sent Wendy over the edge! She reached out and gripped Tim’s large prong and stroked over and over, watching as his near-dry dick dribbled out the last of his supply. Wendy could not let this stand, and as her orgasm crested, she directed the flow of released solar energy into two places: She focused a stream of energy through her pussy to Tina’s chest, envisioning them ballooning out into silky smooth orbs of pleasure big as grapefruits, and she focused the rest into Tim’s dick, imagining it swelling larger, pulsing bigger and thicker, with large round testicles as big as lemons! And she imagined it spurting over and over and never stopping, an unending fountain of semen!

Wendy roared as she could feel both siblings in her orgasm. She could feel Tina’s breasts expand and become more sensitive as if they were her own, her nipples growing long and thick like the tip of a pinkie and sensitive like little clits! She could actually feel the nerve endings dividing and multiplying, and then multiplying again until she was sure Tina would have an orgasm just from her shirt rubbing against her nipples. At the same time, she could feel Tim’s cock as if it were her own, pulsing, cells dividing, growing thick and large as his forearm, maybe fourteen inches long and thick as a can of pop! His dick’s nerves multiplied over and over as well, as Wendy willed that he should experience the kind of ecstasy that she and Tina were sharing. She could feel his release as endless streams of cum rocketed from some new inexhaustible reservoir. 

And then she came herself, thrashing with barely contained ecstasy, struggling to control herself. She remembered what she had done to the lounge the day before and did not want to do the same to her friends. She shuddered and came, and her two lovers felt the transmitted pleasure and came themselves again and again, and finally, after minutes, they were done.

Wendy sat there, panting, with Tina’s pulsing pussy still pressed against her sex, and Tim’s throbbing penis still in her hand. She looked up to see the yard in front of Tim covered in what must have been a gallon of thick white cum. Her hand still idly rubbed against his fourteen-inch monster, covered in semen. Even after their orgy, little spurts of the stuff were bubbling up and out and down his shaft. She looked down to see Tina, eyes still closed, huge new tits dominating her long torso.

Wendy sighed and stood up on shaky legs.

Standing there at the edge of the pool watching was Wendy’s mom, hand down the front of her slacks, panting with arousal.

“M-mom! What are you doing here? It can’t be past three!”

Her mom slowly walked around the pool, unbuttoning her pants as she walked.

“I wanted to come home early to tell you the results of my tests.” Here eyes were locked on Tim’s pulsing erection. 

She stopped beside Wendy for a moment and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath through her nose, and then turned to look at her daughter.

“When I opened that baggie, half the men in my lab got boners. I could smell the pre-cum in the air. I put a sample of your scent into the gas chromatograph mass spectrometer and found a stew of very high molecular weight proteins and consequent odor compounds very similar to but distinct from normal human pheromones. In short - your scent drives people mad with arousal, and my guess is that it becomes even more powerful when you are aroused yourself, as now. Excuse me.”

With that, her mom stepped out of her pants, ripped the blouse off of her torso along with her custom undergarment, and stepped toward Tim, just now coming out of his haze. As he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was a six-foot-tall ripped naked amazon looming above him. Her enormous pendulous tits brushed against his face as she bent to grip the ropes that bound him to his chair. With four yanks, Wendy’s mom ripped the ropes from the Adirondack chair and freed his arms, legs, and chest from their bindings. Then she knelt before him, cradling his enormous tool in her breasts, squeezing them together, licking his wide cockhead in circles with her long sinuous tongue.

Within seconds, Tim’s eyes rolled back in his head and another flood of semen coursed up his turgid member. Wendy’s mom quickly sealed the tip of his prong with her mouth and sucked as his firehose of a cock filled her stomach with a huge dose of protein.

Wendy stared, as Tina stood up beside her stunned.

“A-are we in trouble?” Tina said panting. 

“No. I don’t think so.” Wendy cupped Tina’s new tits, flicking her thumb across an erect nipple and Tina shuddered. “How do you like your breasts?”

“T-they’re wonderful! Thank you Wendy!” Tina stood on tiptoe to kiss her lover.

“You’ve been so good to Tim and me today. Why don’t you grow yourself?” Tina asked.

“Why not?” said Wendy, “It’s only three. Dad won’t be here until six!” She set her alarm and then turned to Tina, bent down, and picked her up, cradling her and pressing Tina’s face into her soft bosom. She walked down the stairs of the pool, and sat Tina upon the inflatable lounge floating there. Then, she straddled Tina’s face and bent to lick her pussy. 

Despite having just come multiple times not more than fifteen minutes ago, Wendy was hot for more sex. She just could not get enough! Tina’s libido was not so powerful, but the fact that Wendy’s pussy was right there in front of her, pulsing some sort of super pheromone into the air right into her face, was enough to set her on fire.

Wendy made sure that her copious locks did not cover her back from the sun and then dove in to lick Tina’s snatch, tongue flicking with seemingly supersonic speed. Tina came again, and then again, plunging her finger, and then two into Wendy’s pussy. This was actually the first time Wendy had been penetrated, and it felt wonderful! She redoubled her efforts on Tina’s sex, returning the favor. 

Wendy could feel the warm embrace of the sun surround her and fill her. After what she assumed was an hour or so, she heard the “slap, slap, slap” of vigorous lovemaking. She looked up from Tina’s pussy to see her mom squatting and holding Tim, one hand behind his narrow back and the other under his skinny butt, rhythmically ramming his enormous dick into her dripping pussy. Her mom’s head was thrown back into the sun, and her blonde hair bounced with every thrust. Tim, for his part, was being knocked silly, since with every thrust his face was smashed into her Mom’s huge firm-but-pliable tits. Wendy could see his distended scrotum flap back and forth with the thrusts between his dangling legs. Finally, her mom jammed him fully into her pussy, grinding him against her clit as she began shaking. Tim groaned with release, thrashing as if in a seizure of pleasure. Rivers of cum bubbled out of her mom’s sex, leaking out from between them, and it seemed as if the flood would never stop.

The sight, combined with Tina’s tongue and fingers, tipped Wendy over the edge and she came hard, feeling the familiar fire wash over her body yet again, letting it flood everywhere rather than trying to guide it, pouring sexy energy into every corner of her being. She spasmed over and over with the feeling of growth, finally slipping down off the foot of the floating lounge and into the pool. She sat at the bottom of the pool for minutes, in the fetal position, letting the sun’s power consolidate within her once more, the cool water a relief from the fires above.

Five minutes later, Wendy felt hands frantically shaking her - Tina’s, she guessed from their size. She opened her eyes and kicked up from the bottom of the pool into the sunlight. Her mom now had Tim on the ground, and she was grinding her sex into him, practically driving a hole into their lawn with his back.

Wendy’s phone went off, and she realized that the only way she could stop this mess before her dad got home was to get away. Hide. Sequester herself so that her pheromones couldn’t drive them all into another round of sex.

“Listen Tina,” she said, mind racing, “If I don’t get away from you all we’ll be at this for the rest of our lives. I’m going upstairs to take a shower and hide in my room. You see if you can calm my mom and your brother down enough to get them out of here before dad gets home. We have about an hour. Can you do that?”

Tina stared at her goddess-like friend and nodded. She would do anything for Wendy.

Wendy picked up her clothes and went upstairs for a shower, body still buzzing from her exertions and growth. 

While in the shower, she considered the day. Things had really gotten out of hand there at the end. What her mom told her made sense - she must be producing some sort of enhanced pheromone that was driving the sexual urges of those nearby. That explained why all the boys she’d seen over the last couple days got hard ons after spending even just a few minutes with her, especially if she was sexually excited herself. Wendy was certain that the most recent enhancement had made the problem even worse. Tina was treating her more and more like a goddess every time they were together.

Wendy stepped out of the shower and wiped the fog of the mirror. She had to admit, regardless of the chemical aspect of her beauty she was by all measures stunning. Now six one, with burgeoning breasts maybe a half inch bigger in diameter each, slightly larger than bowling balls, her face had the perfect symmetry of a supermodel. Her soft pink lips had puffed slightly in a little pout, nothing too extreme, but lovely. Her eyes, wide and kind as always, were now such a bright deep green with large pupils that Wendy found it difficult to break her own gaze. Even while completely wet from the shower, her ruby mass of curls flowed out and down sexily in a perfect backdrop to her body’s perfection. 

And her body! Her muscles had lengthened with the increase in height, of course, but were otherwise no more prominent than before - that is until she flexed. When she, giggling, took a bodybuilding pose she had seen online, her muscles exploded in size, becoming more defined as well. Her giggling stopped, as she ran her hand down her now rock-hard abdomen. When she relaxed, the muscle seemed to melt back into her perfect body, still athletic-looking but smoothed out and trim rather than ripped and stacked.

She was getting turned on again. She could feel a tingling in her nether regions. Gah! That wouldn’t do! She stepped back into the shower to cool off.

What was she going to do about the pheromones? She thought back to how she was able to guide the changes in Tina and Tim’s bodies. Could she do the same for herself? What would she change? Strength? Intelligence? She wasn’t certain either would really help with the pheromones. If she could just keep herself from getting so horny all the time!

Wait, what about something more esoteric? Could she enhance her...willpower? She wasn’t even sure how to envision such a thing. Especially considering that, at least to date, the energy she soaked up from the sun was only really released when she orgasmed, and that was the very definition of losing control! But...could it be done?

Or, maybe she should just go all the way? Just go with it - enhance her pheromones to the point that people would become uncontrollably horny in her presence. They’d do anything she asked of them then. Like Tina! She had to admit, that was an attractive option.

Wendy again got out of the shower and dried herself off. Walking into her room to find something that might fit, she looked out the window to see if Tina had made any progress. Tina and Tim were gone, and her mom was fully clothed now, hosing down the lawn to wash away Tim’s spunk. 

That was a relief anyway. When she was gone her pheromones must quickly lose their power.

Wendy knew she was going to keep improving herself, but she had to handle this problem first. What should she do?

Wendy decided she wanted some control, not over other people, but over herself. As she got ready for dinner, she tried to come up with a strategy to try the next day.

Dinner itself was surprisingly uneventful. Wendy’s mom was unusually quiet, and her dad was consumed with PR statements - some player or other had done something stupid again.

Wendy excused herself and went to her room. She decided to get her mind off the problem by studying a little for the coming year. She managed to finish her physics textbook by nine. She was again delighted with how much she retained - essentially everything. Not only that, but she was seeing connections between what she had learned from her mom’s physiology and biology texts and the basic quantum physics introduced in the physics book.

She picked up her new linear algebra book and started in, but quickly fell asleep.




She was in the middle of a big city, like New York, the sun straight above and beating down on her. Around her walked thousands of people, dressed in suits and dresses and ignoring her completely. Wendy looked down and saw that she was naked, only clothed in her flowing crimson curls. She looked up to see a young fit blonde man, approximately six foot four, walking in her direction. She focused her attention on him.

“Stop!” she ordered.

The man stopped, suddenly transfixed by the ineffable beauty before him. 

“Strip!” she ordered again.

The man, ignoring the crowd around him quickly removed his suit and shirt, displaying the muscular physique of a swimmer beneath. His dick was impressive, if not as gargantuan as Tim’s. Eight inches and fully erect, pulsing with his heartbeat in little jerks.

Wendy walked forward and, lifting one leg, straddled the young man’s turgid pole. She pressed her taut nipples into his chest.

“Suck!” she ordered.

The man, with an unstoppable lust in his eyes, immediately ducked his head and began to suck and nibble at her tits. Her sex moistened as pleasure previously only generated by Tina licking her clit shot through her spine. She rocked her hips and her slick pussy slid the length of his dick and then back sending a corresponding pleasure back up her spine.

As they continued their sexual display, the surrounding throng began to take notice. One by one people began to stop on the street and fondle themselves, and soon each other. They removed their clothes, entranced like the young man. 

Wendy stepped back and ordered the young man, “Down!”

The man knelt and then lay flat on the sidewalk, his dick sticking straight up proudly. Wendy slowly lowered her throbbing sex to the tip of his penis and felt a fire of pleasure as it pierced her pussy lips. Slowly she lowered herself until his entire throbbing fullness was within her. She rose, and then plunged again, her tits bouncing sexily. Then again. Then with increasing pace and firmness, she rammed his cock into herself, feeling power and pleasure beyond measure build up in her loins. She felt the fire of the sun and the power therein flowing into her body from above, and she grew, first just inches, but soon she was seven feet tall, and then ten. The lessened effect of his receding cock concerned her, so she spoke another order.


She concentrated a portion of the sun’s unlimited energy into the penis encased in her sex, and felt it jerk and grow, larger and larger and soon it was of a relative size to equal where they had started. Then it began to surpass that size, and Wendy moaned a sexy wail as she was stretched to her limit. She grew again, now in tandem with the young man’s cock, until she was rocking and grinding her hips against the man, still six foot four but now endowed with a ten-foot cock whose base and testicles dominated his lower torso. She felt the pleasure within her rise and rise, and she opened her eyes to see that she was now almost eighty feet tall and looming over some of the smaller buildings around her.

As far as the eye could see there were naked people thrashing on the ground, copulating or masturbating, but all in mindless ecstasy. The pleasure radiated from the enormous dick head within her like a radio signal from god, and she let the pleasure flow out from her to her surrounding worshippers. 

“Come!” Her booming voice rang out through the man made canyon. And they all came. And she came. And the young man came, filling her with the volcanic warmth of his seed.




Wendy opened her eyes to find her hand at her sex, three fingers fully in her pussy to the third knuckle. The musty odor of her arousal filled the room. Down the hall she could hear once again as if they were right next to her, the pounding of her parents having the best sex of their lives. Her heart beat in time with their passion, and her fingers resumed rubbing her sex.

Wendy shook herself. NO! This is exactly what she didn’t want. She wanted to improve, yes, but she did not want to become a slave to her sexual desires. She wanted control!

Using all the willpower she had, Wendy removed her hand and stripped her bed. While her parents were busy, she put her sheets into the washer and set it to “sanitize”. Then she took a shower, waiting until the passionate thrusts of her parents, which she could still hear through the streaming water, came to a crescendo of groans and screams and squeaking springs and then quieted.

Wendy returned to her room, and spent the rest of the night studying.

At seven the next morning, her parents called out, “bye darling,” and left. Wendy could hear the good mood in their voices. She quickly got ready to meet the morning sun and implement her plan.

She was interrupted by a phone call from Tina.

“Wendy. Hi. How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, but I have to get control of this pheromone issue,” she said.

“Oh. Do you want me to come over?” said Tina.

“No. I think I have to get a handle on this before I see anyone right now. I hope you understand.”

“Oh, I understand. Yesterday was awesome, but...also kind of scary. It was like when I was near you I lost my will to do anything but fuck. I...I’ve never lost control quite like that before. And Tim,” Tina giggled. “You did a number on him. He hasn’t been able to get it down for more than a half hour since he’s been home. He woke me up two or three times last night with his grunting, and this morning I saw him slip into the bathroom covered head to toe with his cum. I checked his room and it’s a disaster area! I...I actually don’t know how he’s going to function in life with a fourteen-inch insatiable dick with a hair trigger.”

“Serves him right for spying on us,” said Wendy. She softened, “But, yeah, I’ll see what I can do in a couple days. I have some experimenting to do first.”

“Oh. Ok. Well, if you need a partner, sexual or otherwise, you know who to call, OK?”

“You got it, ‘not-so-tiny’ Tina!” said Wendy.

Wendy stepped out into the sun and lay in the grass. She quickly felt the power of the sun build in her, but she resisted touching herself with all her might. All morning the sun power built, and she struggled mightily to keep her hands by her side. It was ten times worse than that morning with Tina and Barbara. Her body thrummed for release. She felt like a taut string being pulled tighter and tighter until she felt she would break.

This continued through lunch and into the afternoon. Wendy lay shivering on the ground, struggling to keep herself under control as the urge to come became unbearable.

“Just...a...little...longer…” she groaned between clenched teeth. Her fingers were gouging divots in the lawn, and her pounding heels were doing the same.

If the morning sensation had been ten times stronger than with Tina and Barbara, it was now approaching a hundred times stronger. Nearly unbearable. All her effort was being used to distract herself from the building promise of an earth-shaking orgasm the likes of which had never before been experienced. Her body trembled at near supersonic frequency with the effort.

At last, her phone beeped five, one hour before her parents would arrive. Wendy did something that she had imagined the night before in her room but wasn’t sure would work. She simultaneously let herself go, let the orgasmic energy of a star sear through her, while at the same time imagining that she was bottling it up. Using her immense willpower to keep the pleasure at bay.

At first, she felt like she might be losing her mind, the difference between her imaginary restraint and the physical reality of a mind blowing orgasm of titanic proportions led to a cognitive dissonance that she felt might rend her into a schizophrenic mess. But slowly she felt her willpower grow, imposing the imagined restraint with increasing effect on her ongoing orgasm, now into its twentieth minute. The fires of unrestrained pleasure ebbed, and slowly, slowly, receded, until, with a sigh, Wendy lay on the grass relaxed, a pleasant afterglow suffusing her body.

She could still feel the remainder of the power in her body, waiting for her to use it, but she felt no overwhelming need to use it, to come. She had full control over her arousal now, and with a smile of realization, stood and brushed bits of grass from her body. She marveled at how this touch didn’t set her off any longer, proud of herself and her ingenuity.

She walked into the house and got ready for her parents, wondering how she would use the bottled-up power to enhance herself. She estimated that her body contained the equivalent of maybe four hours of sun, enough for some real change. How should she change?

Wendy walked down stairs in her “modest” getup, using all the tricks available to her from her research to hide the fact that she was now a six-foot one incredibly sexy goddess of a girl. As always, she ravenously attacked her meal, today hungrier than ever, piling her plate high with mashed potatoes, gravy, and fried chicken from her father’s favorite local chicken place.

“Woah!” he said to Wendy. “You had better watch what you’re eating monkey. You’re going to get that ‘freshman fifteen’ before you even get to college.”

Wendy blushed, but still shoveled the food into her mouth. She looked up again only to see her father staring at her.

“Wendy, how tall are you?”

Shit! Her father had finally noticed something was up.

Her mom, from across the table, tried to distract Wendy’s dad with talk about the lake cabin they were going to this weekend, but her dad continued to stare at Wendy.

“Um...I dunno. Um...same as always?” said Wendy.

“Stand up, would you?” said her dad.

Wendy stood up, slouching and subtly bending her knees to hide her height. Unfortunately, her expanded musculature and breasts had filled in most of the formerly loose fabric of her sweats and her slouching was obvious.

“Stand up straight, dear,” said her dad.

Wendy panicked. She yelped, “Um...I gotta go pee!” and shot up the stairs to the bathroom.

She stood there staring at herself in the mirror. What was she going to do? She could hear the conversation downstairs.

“She has really filled out! I’m pretty sure she was only five foot tall last week. This can’t be right. She must be five and a half feet tall now. And her outfit makes her look so fat! She must have gained fifty pounds!” her dad said.

“Oh darling, you’re exaggerating. She’s just going through a...a growth spurt is all,” said her mom.

Wendy realized that the acting lessons and baggy clothes just weren’t going to cut it anymore. She needed something else. She thought back to those comic books Tina was always talking about. Some of them could change shape, or could control minds, or just fog them so they saw what the hero wanted them to. She remembered Tina talking - with undertones of desire, she now realized - about a superhero named Phoenix, who could move things with her mind, read minds, and even control them!

That’s what she needed. She needed to be able to convince others that she was still the scrawny little nerd from last week. Well...maybe not that bad. Still, she could definitely tone down her appearance to others if she had that kind of power.

Wendy closed her eyes and concentrated on the stored energy within her. She quickly found herself becoming aroused, but used her enhanced willpower to keep a lid on her libido. She slowly released the sun power stored in her and felt a trickle flow to all parts of her body. Quickly, she remembered the feeling she felt when transferring power to Tina and Tim, how she could feel what they felt as if their bodies were her own. She imagined that she could read their minds, and felt the trickle of power flow to her brain. She imagined reading her father’s mind right now, hearing his words as he talked to her mom and...following them back to their source. Into his mouth, to the muscles of his larynx, and then to his nerves and into his brain where he was processing language. 

She let the flow of power increase now, still clamping down on the building orgasm that was threatening to break loose. She felt the rest of his brain now, his memories, his thoughts - first surface thoughts and, increasingly, deep thoughts. She saw his id imagining her stripping naked in the dining room, and him stroking a two-foot dripping cock, and quickly shied away from that. But the increasing power from her solar store flowed in and cast a light on the rest of his brain, and she found the seat of his perceptions, his mental model of the world around him, and she could feel how they could be molded and manipulated - at first crudely, but with increasing sophistication. She let the floodgates open then, as two hours of stored power coursed through her mind, allowing her full access and control over his thoughts and perceptions.

With this final release, she finally released her tight hold on her libido and came gasping at the power she now had. Her hands gripped the pedestal sink, as she shook from the torrent of pleasure, eyes rolling back into her head.

At last, the onslaught passed. She looked down at her hands to see that the sink was now badly cracked, with two semi-circular gouges where her hands had been. She opened her hands to see the powdery remains of the porcelain fixture slip through her fingers, and chuckled.

Wendy concentrated, and could feel her father’s mind again. She found the mental model he had of her, and adjusted it back to that petite girl he had grown familiar with, erasing his growing realization of the changes of the week. She then felt back to his visual cortex and saw her mother as he and she talked. She kept her connection there and went back downstairs. 

“There you are,” he said, “Are you OK? You left so quickly I thought you were sick?” 

Wendy saw that his visual cortex was registering her real image, six foot one and buxom, but crosslinked it with his mental model of her so he continued to perceive her as his little girl. In fact, she switched out her clothes in his mind from the baggy sweats to a little t-shirt and jeans more appropriate for the summer. 

“Ok, now stand up straight right next to me,” he said. 

Wendy did as asked, standing to her full height so that the top of her head reached his eyes.

“Hmmm…” he said, placing his hand on the top of her head and eyeing it. “Well, it looks like you haven’t grown as much as I thought. Maybe an inch. Oh well!” He sat back down to continue his meal.

Wendy’s mom just sat there, mouth agape.

Wendy sat and winked at her. Then, bold as can be, she pulled off her sweatshirt and custom undergarment, her breasts popping out free at last in the warm summer air.

“What is going on?” her mom whispered.

Wendy’s dad looked up, but Wendy quickly modified his perceptions so he wouldn’t hear their conversation. Actually, she made it so he wouldn’t even notice or acknowledge their conversation unless she allowed it, even though his ears and auditory system physically perceived it. He went back to his dinner.

“Oh, mom, you will not believe what I did today!” Wendy said. Then she launched into her story of how she decided to avoid constant orgies by reigning in her pheromones with willpower, and how she even had enough stored up energy after to make it so she could manipulate minds and hide her improvements, if necessary.

“My god, Wendy! This is incredible! Can you do it to anyone, or just your dad?”

Wendy said, “I don’t know. Here, let me try something.”

Wendy sat and concentrated, looking for and finding her mother’s mind. Now familiar with the structures of the brain, she found her mother’s visual cortex and could see her incredibly beautiful image through her mom’s eyes. Wendy flipped her hair and smiled widely, becoming aroused in spite of herself. She then adjusted the image so that it was if her body was wreathed in flame!


Her mom gasped. But Wendy could feel her hold slipping on her dad, and quickly stopped the effect to return her full mental power to him.

“It looks like I can really only do one person at a time right now,” she said, “ I almost lost control of dad, but I’m sure that my ability will improve with time!”

“Amazing!” said her mom, shaking her head.

“Do you want me to stay home tomorrow and help you with” said her mom.

“No, mom, you go to work. I’ll just see where this takes me tomorrow. We’re going to the mountains this weekend, right? And dad’s going back down during the week for work, right? Well, then we’ll have plenty of time to experiment together!”

Her mom, disappointed, nodded her head.

Wendy, half naked, returned to her meal pondering what she would change tomorrow.

The rest of the evening went fairly smoothly. Wendy made sure her dad ignored her six foot one unbelievably sexy and half-naked figure for the rest of the night as they watched a little television. Her dad streamed a new episode of Supergirl, and, although Wendy had never really watched the show, now she came to identify with the hero. I mean, the Supergirl on screen was petite compared to her, and although beautiful in a cute way could not possibly compare to Wendy’s overwhelming charms, but she had super-strength and super-hearing, and was altogether an extremely powerful woman, and she had to hide those powers from the world, like Wendy.

Wendy’s nipples tingled a little watching the petite little hero fly around in her miniskirt, shooting lasers from her eyes and using her extreme strength to throw trucks at her aunt, or whoever that was as the villain of the week. She really had a nice little figure, actually, with long legs and a little muscle, and fairly big breasts for her size...

Wendy’s dad shifted a little on the couch, hiding an erection with his iPad. Wendy suddenly realized that she was getting turned on again and that her parents were becoming aroused in response. She quickly excused herself and headed upstairs. At the same time Wendy applied her iron will to clamp down on her libido.

Wendy entered her room thinking about Supergirl, and how she could fly, and how cool that was. She was also a little envious about how easy it was for her to hide. All she had to do was put her hair up and wear some glasses and everyone forgot who she was? That would be so easy! Such a thing simply was not possible for someone of Wendy’s stature and incredible sexuality. Right now it took real concentration to manipulate her father so that he ignored her, and she could only do this trick to one person at a time, so going out in public would be difficult at best.

She pondered on her situation as she went to sleep. She dreamt of flying.

In the morning she said her goodbyes to her parents and then went again to the pool, opting for the floating lounge now she knew she could restrain herself from destroying it. She felt the sun beat down upon her for a couple hours before her phone went off. It was Tina.

“Hi Wendy. Can I come over today?”

“Sure! How about this afternoon, maybe one? I’ll have a surprise for you!” said Wendy.

She could hear Tina’s excitement in her voice. “It’s a date!”

Wendy returned to her sunning and mentally directed all of the absorbed energies into the internal store she had created with her willpower the previous day. She could feel it building and pushing at the walls of the “container” trying to escape, but her will was now such that she estimated that she could store maybe ten hours worth of power before the pressure would become too great and she would orgasm uncontrollably.

After about six hours of sunlight, Wendy was feeling “full” as if an intense ball of sexual energy was burning at the pit of her tummy, just waiting to flood her with orgasmic release. Concentrating like she did the previous night, Wendy directed a small amount of this energy to her mind, following the pathways she had forged before and then imagining tendrils of this power flowing out into the world, searching for other minds. She soon felt one. Next door there was a maid working to clean a kitchen, and Wendy was soon reading her thoughts and secrets. Her mind was constructed much like Wendy’s father’s, albeit more concerned with family and relationships and less with football.

Other tendrils of thought continued to search out minds, and Wendy found her ability to simultaneously monitor and affect minds increasing as she exercised her abilities and allowed the power to flow. For instance, she sensed two kids a couple of houses away playing video games. Wendy playfully tweaked one of their perceptions so that Mario would always wave and wink at her at the end of every level. Down the street was a man leaving his house in a hurry, late for work. Wendy calmed him and made sure he didn’t run down a neighbor in his haste. 

Soon the flow of power had increased such that Wendy imagined a firehose worth of power being emitted from her and branching out countless times to touch the minds around her - nearly a hundred, she counted. 

One mind in particular caught her attention. It was a boy. Bobby, the one from the store that she had flashed the other day. She sensed he was feeling some serious sexual stimulation. She popped into his brain for a closer look and was startled to see herself through his eyes. He must be looking at her from his attic window or something since the view was partially blocked by the backyard tree, but she could clearly make out her naked form floating in the pool.

God she was beautiful! She felt his hand move against his crotch and saw him look down to see his dick, exposed, turgid, and yearning for release. She tapped into the sensations this was causing him and suddenly felt a flood of pleasure, slowly building to an oncoming orgasmic crescendo. She could feel a slight pleasant burning at the core of his/her dick and he looked down again to see a little pre-cum form at his cockhead. The sensation was making her incredibly horny! Playfully, and so full of excitement over the expansion of her powers, she invaded the visual cortex of his brain and modified his perceptions. When he looked up again, instead of her flawless body floating on the pool, he saw Wendy stand up on the water’s surface, staring at him and caressing her breasts. As he stared, Wendy took one, and then two steps across the water and then, with a skip, floated up into the air toward Bobby’s window.

Bobby’s first instinct was to hide, but Wendy overrode his fear, calming him and inflaming his desire, and set his hand to frantically pumping his dick, feeling every sensation just as Bobby did. His mental image of her floated closer and closer until she hovered right outside his window.

“Like what you see, Bobby?” her image said as it caressed her enormous breast with one hand and her pebbled abs with the other. Her image spun slowly and caressed itself up and down, and she could feel Bobby’s pleasure build, but refused to allow his sexual release.

When Wendy’s image faced Bobby again, Wendy groaned and with both hands grasped her nipples.

“Oh, Bobby. You make me so hot! I feel like my breasts are going to BURST with pleasure!”

On the word “burst” Wendy pulled on her nipples, and somehow her breasts followed, quickly expanding like balloons until they were like basketballs on her chest with long sensitive pink nipples still in her grip. Her image began to groan as one of her hands reached for her sex, fingers plunging along her slit, while the other pushed a nipple up to her questing tongue.

Bobby by this time was shuddering with desire. He would have surely spent himself countless times by now had Wendy not been restraining him. Wendy, for her part, was turned on herself, mirroring the image by fondling her physical body in time with Bobby’s illusory one. She could feel her own hand touch her pussy, with all the pleasure that brought, while at the same time she could feel Bobby’s hand stroke his cock, his member pulsing with pleasure.

Wendy suddenly thought it would be sexy if Bobby had a dick like Tim’s. She directed a good part of her power to Bobby, diverting it from the other minds in the neighborhood, and concentrating it on his dick and balls. She could feel his cock expand in his hand, throbbing and growing in length and thickness until he couldn’t encompass its circumference with a single hand and had to bring up the other to help. It grew and lengthened and she ordered the nerves of his dick to divide and divide again until its capacity for pleasure matched that of her clit. Soon she could feel the cockhead bump against Bobby’s chin, sending a thrill of pleasure down the length of his dick and into his balls, and she forced him to lick it with his tongue, tasting his pre-cum along with him. Finally, when she could take no more, she released her control on his and her libido at the same time.

Wendy came with complete release then, just allowing the remaining sun-power to flow through her to the corners of her being and reveling in the overwhelming sensation of her pussy spasming and clenching against her fingers AND the feeling of liquid fire shooting up through Bobby’s cock and spraying like a garden hose into his face and, as Bobby fell back in overwhelming ecstasy, up against the roof of the attic where it splattered and rained down upon him. Rope after rope of hot sticky cum rocketed out of him as if he had an unending reservoir of the stuff.

As Wendy relaxed, she realized that poor Bobby would be in the same boat as Tim if she left him as he was, so, concentrating, she modified Bobby’s equipment a little so that he had complete control over it. He would still have a sixteen-inch erect and twelve-inch flaccid penis, but he wouldn’t get hard unless he consciously willed himself to. She allowed him to keep the ability to experience multiple orgasms and come unendingly should he desire, but if he wanted to keep it in his pants, he could. 

Wendy opened her eyes. She was still lying on the floating lounge, unmoved from her previous position. Despite having used nearly all her stored solar energy, she could still feel the minds around around her. She allowed her mind to flow back to Bobby, who was now staring at his immense bubbling erection, and forced him to look back to the lounge. She admired her beauty, maybe six three now with not-quite basketball-sized breasts and her curly red hair splayed out around her artfully, floating in the pool like a corona. Her arms and legs and abdomen retained that preternaturally-attractive athletic look perfectly adjusted to maintain proportion to her height.

Wendy released Bobby and took her hand out of her sex and lay back against the lounge. She once again let the sun begin to fill her reservoir with its power.

Wendy lay sunning herself for the next hour, periodically hearing the grunts of Bobby pleasuring himself in the house behind hers. Eventually, Bobby, dehydrated, retired to the lower floors and tried to make sense of the events of the morning.

When Wendy heard the doorbell ring, she quickly sat up and, with amazing balance and strength, leapt from her floating lounge to the edge of the pool ten feet away. She paused at the front door, and with a giggle, reached through it with her mind to connect with Tina’s, making some adjustments.

When Wendy opened the door Tina was startled to have to look down at her friend. Somehow, overnight, Wendy had reverted to her old skinny self.

“Oh my god Wendy! What happened?”

“I-I don’t know,” said Wendy. “This morning I woke up and all my improvements had vanished like they were a dream!”

Tina felt a little vertigo as she stepped forward to hug her friend and found they were the same height. She could feel her grapefruit-sized but unbound tits press into Wendy’s now-skinny naked body through her shirt. At least Tina’s improvements hadn’t disappeared, but maybe they would fade just like Wendy’s. Maybe all this was somehow temporary.

“Let’s go out back and talk,” said Wendy.

Wendy led Tina to the back yard and sat in a chair in the sun.

“I’ve been trying all morning to soak up energy, and nothing seems to work,” she said.

“You haven’t felt anything?” asked Tina.

“N-no. Listen, I’ve been thinking. Whenever I changed in the past it was because I stimulated. Essentially, the changes seem to happen when I orgasm. D-do you think you could try to make me come?” Wendy spread her knees and exposed her bare sex to Tina.

“Of course Wendy! I’d do anything for you. I don’t care if you’re scrawny or a superwoman or whatever. You’re my best friend and I’ve always loved you for your mind if not your body. I’ll admit, the last few days have been like a fantasy fulfilled with you growing like you just stepped out of a comic book. But I love you regardless.”

Wendy looked down shyly. Tina reached over and lifted her chin and kissed her deeply, running her hands up and down Wendy’s diminished flanks. Then Tina sat back and removed her shirt, exposing her brand new orbs to Wendy. Wendy smiled and scooched forward and took a taut nipple into her mouth, swirling it around. Sighing, Tina slid her hand up Wendy’s leg to her friend’s sex, and felt her pussy wet with anticipation.

After a little stimulation, Tina felt Wendy’s clit emerge from her pussy lips, stiff and hard and throbbing. It didn’t stop there, however, it grew and grew until it was the size of a grape, and then a plum! Startled, she sat back and looked. Wendy’s clit now protruded from her pussy lips like some lewd throbbing fruit.

With her eyes closed, Wendy begged “P-please! Suck it! I can feel something happening!”

Tentatively, Tina lowered her head and started sucking, taking thething in her mouth and then swirling her tongue around the huge sex button.

Wendy groaned, and slowly let Tina’s visual cortex reconnect with the rest of her brain. To Tina it was as if Wendy was slowly reverting to her previous form as she sucked and played with Wendy’s clit. Wendy slowly grew taller, first to six feet, then to six three. Her breasts exploded from her chest like cannonballs, ripe nipples yearning for Tina’s touch. Wendy’s red curls burst and tumbled to their full length, piling up on the pool deck. With each spasm of pleasure Wendy experienced, muscles filled her length, bigger and better than ever. Wendy grew larger and larger and more beautiful by the moment until she surpassed even the state Tinal had left her in.

Wendy allowed the pleasure radiating from her sex to wash through her, curling her toes in the throes of orgasm and digging channels in the concrete patio with her passion. She allowed the hour or so of built up solar power to flow down through her clit and into Tina, filling her out, increasing her height, making her hair shine, and generally making her even more beautiful.

Tina felt the power flow into her from Wendy’s sex and soon orgasmed intensely, her erogenous zones exploding in pleasure.

Finally, the two girls sat panting, as Wendy let the veil fall completely from Tina’s perception.

“Did you like that?” asked Wendy when she had caught her breath. She looked down at Tina panting between her treelike legs. Tina was a vision. Now five two or so, she no longer looked like a stick with tits. She had real curves, with hips to match her breasts, and a fit taut little body to go with them, tight muscles under just the perfect amount of smooth fat. Her straight black hair, cut short for so long, looked fuller and now shoulder length, flowing and silky. Tina’s eyes were such a deep brown that they seemed to be mostly pupil.

“Oh god! Were you tricking me?” asked Tina with mock anger.

“A little,” Wendy said shyly.

“Well, you may not know this, but having a lover grow into a superhero goddess right in front of me is kind of a long-standing fantasy of mine!”

“Oh, I know,” said Wendy.

Wendy then told Tina all about the new mental powers that she had developed the previous night and this morning.

“S-so you can read my mind?”

“Yours and anyone's,” said Wendy. She sensed Tina’s concern. “I-I don’t mean to pry. I try to just keep to surface thoughts. I don’t want to invade your privacy, but sometimes you scream out your desires so loudly that I can’t help it! I-if it’s any consolation, everything I’ve seen is beautiful.”

Tina blushed a little.

Wendy continued, “But there’s a practical purpose to the psychic powers too. So, you know how I gave you the illusion of my being scrawny? Well I can do that to maybe two hundred people at a time now. I can literally walk around naked in the middle of school and no one would bat an eye. I could even make myself disappear!” 

With that, Wendy disappeared from Tina’s vision.

“Wendy!” Tina yelped, a little worried.

“No, no, just demonstrating!” Wendy said, reappearing in all her glory. “Listen Tina. Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m going to go to the mountains with my parents for a couple weeks starting this weekend. I want to spend the next day and a half with you and just you. I am sure that I can do pretty much anything with this sun-power and I want to give you the choice. What would you like to do next?”

Tina thought to herself. She was still turned on from Wendy’s apparent transformation, and it would be even cooler if Wendy gained other superpowers too. But, Wendy was getting so powerful, it worried her. What if she became so powerful it corrupted her?

Tina considered, would it be better to ask Wendy to enhance her more? To make Tina become more of a match for the incomparable Wendy? But...Wendy had already done so much for her. She’d made her tall, and sexy, and...and she’d had sex with her. For so long Tina had wished for Wendy to look at her in that way, and now she did! Maybe it wasn’t exclusive - who could tie down a sex goddess? But, for now, Wendy was hers alone, and for that Tina was grateful.

And, there was the matter of her fantasies. It was an undeniable turn-on to see Wendy transform from her scrawny former self into the six foot three amazon that sat before her, but...Tina had always had other fantasies too. She remembered reading those old X-Men comic books of her brother’s. When Storm or Phoenix were at the height of their powers, just overdosing on their unlimited potential, flying around naked and doing anything they wanted - oh god how it turned her on! She was getting wet just thinking about it! Imagine Wendy, just flying above her, able to do anything she wanted with her. Wendy taking her in her arms and them flying away in ecstasy!

“Flight!” Tina blurted. “I-I want you to fly.”

Flight. Wendy pondered for a moment. She had just been jealous of Supergirl last night and here Tina was asking her to fly. How could she say no?

“How would you like me to fly, Tina, wings?” Wendy asked.

“Well...Phoenix, uh...from the X-Men, would fly by using her psychokinesis. S-she could move things with her mind, and that included herself. She was one of the most powerful mutants; probably the most powerful ever! By the end she could do anything! She could reform matter any way she wanted. She could lift or bend or destroy anything with her mind. She could remake the world to her liking or destroy it!”

Tina was getting turned on even more at the thought.

“Hmmmm...well, let’s try it then,” said Wendy. “I’ve got to recharge the old batteries first though!” And with that she lay back in the grass soaking up the sun.

The two girls spent the afternoon sunbathing and swimming. Periodically, Tina would go into the house and fix them up some refreshments, and they talked about their respective days. Apparently Tina’s brother had taken to wearing a ziploc bag on the end of his giant hog, secured with rubber bands. Wendy, in turn, told Tina about her morning teasing Bobby, and how she had given him the “Tim treatment” with the exception that Bobby had some control over his erections and ejaculations. She said she could probably do the same for Tina’s brother. Tina said they should let Tim suffer a little first. Her parents wouldn’t be back until Saturday, so they could take care of him tomorrow.

Wendy could feel the sun energy building in her stronger and stronger over the course of the afternoon, but held it in check with her enhanced willpower. At six, her parents returned, but Wendy quickly made it so that they ignored the girls in the backyard. Finally, at about seven, Wendy decided it was time, and stood.

“Tina, you stand over there in case something goes wrong, ok?” said Wendy. Tina nodded.

Wendy stood in the middle of the lawn and closed her eyes. She accessed the built up sun energy roiling in her belly, and let just a little escape. She envisioned a tendril of it snaking around the yard, touching everything. Wendy began to form a mental map of her surroundings based on the sensations returning from the wisp of power. She allowed more power to seep out, multiple tendrils joining the first until the entire yard was meshed with a matrix of her mental power. Every nook and cranny of the yard, including Tina, was mapped out fully in her mind. 

Wendy next willed one bit of that mesh, the one covering the potted plant near the door, to rise. She strained a little, it was slippery and it required her entire concentration, but eventually she felt it rise. Then it slipped and crashed back down two or three inches.

Tina jumped. Wendy could see her mental map instantly adjust to Tina’s bouncing breasts and taut ass. Wendy smiled a bit and willed the tendrils to caress her lover’s tits and nipples. She could feel it like she was using her hands!

Tina sighed at the sensation and then squealed excitedly, “It’s working!”

Licking her lips, Wendy reached out to Tina with two more virtual ‘hands’ and cupped her buttocks, still caressing Tina’s tits at the same time. Tina groaned with the sensation. Then she yelped as Wendy lifted her up by her butt with those virtual hands! She could see Tina in her mind’s eye hovering there maybe five feet above the pool.

“Whoa!” said Tina, fully realizing the immense power her friend wielded.

Wendy smiled, gaining confidence. At first using this power was difficult, like balancing a bowling ball on a baseball, but she quickly developed real skill at it - as she did with all skills with the sun power - and soon had Tina’s beautiful nude figure “flying” around the yard. Tina giggled at the sensation of Wendy’s gentle psychokinetic hand enveloping her, it’s power tingling around her body and arousing her. 

Wendy slowed Tina’s flight and again brought her over the pool. Then she concentrated on reaching out with her power and “pushing” against the ground. It took quite a bit more effort to lift herself than Tina, and she wobbled a bit at first, but soon Wendy was flying! Wendy opened her eyes to see Tina, mouth in a wide slightly-snaggletoothed grin staring at her.

“It worked!” said Tina, gleefully.

Wendy smiled and willed herself over to Tina and enveloped her in her strong arms and kissed her deeply. Tina melted at the sensation, her entire body buzzing in desire for her superpowered lover. After a moment, Tina could feel “hands” roaming all over her body, stimulating every nerve with pleasure, with a special focus on her breasts, ass, and pussy. Soon a supernatural tingle started in her vagina spreading out from her clit. Pleasure radiated out as if her clit was being licked by a thousand thoughtful lovers and she gasped at the sensation as it quickly took over her body.

Tina lifted her leg and straddled Wendy’s thigh, and brought her knee up to apply pressure to Wendy’s sex and began rubbing to return the pleasure.

Soon both girls were on fire with lust and Wendy let her power flow out, quickly overflowing the back yard and spreading through the house and over the neighborhood so that she had a tactile sensation of every physical surface within a quarter mile as well as knowledge of the surface thoughts of every mind in the same area. The power she wielded now was mind-boggling and spurred her to new heights of passion as she invaded Tina’s mind and body and stimulated every pleasurable nerve ending she could find.

Tina jerked and screamed in indescribable ecstasy as the very pleasure centers of her brain were stimulated! Her body spasmed and throbbed in Wendy’s embrace, and Wendy used some of her remaining stored power to enhance her lover even more, adding another three inches to her height and filling her body out with incredible beauty. Wendy enhanced Tina’s skin so that it would always be soft and sensitive, every touch an erotic thrill. Her flesh became impervious to the sun, an unblemished satiny tan that would never age, never become damaged. She made Tina preternaturally healthy and strong and gave her a little of the pheromones that she herself emitted when aroused.

And then, when her work was done, Wendy came with a loud and all-consuming groan, shivering with the intensity of her passion and absorbing the last little remainder of her stored power. She held Tina tight in her loving embrace, the smaller girl’s cradled in her enormous expanse of breast flesh.

The girls hovered there, panting, reveling in the sensations of their lovemaking.

“Would you like to come flying with me?” asked Wendy.

“I thought you’d never ask” said Tina, looking up from between Wendy’s breasts.

Wendy and Tina rose into the sky hand-in-hand with considerable and increasing speed. The two flew gracefully over their neighborhood and then up and over the nearby ridge and back into the sunlight. 

“I’m not ready for this day to end, Tina. Should we try to chase the sun?”

Tina nodded.

Wendy quickly pulled Tina close to her bosom to shield her from the worst of the wind and pushed herself to chase the setting sun. She roared out across the city and over the Pacific, not even shielding their naked glory from public view in her single-minded haste. And, while she did pick up considerable speed in the effort - Tina shielding herself from the wind by burying her face deep in Wendy’s cleavage - Wendy reluctantly realized that the sun would not feed her power long enough for her to gain the 900 miles an hour or so it would take to keep up with it.

Her flight slowed, and then the two naked beauties hugged each other, hovering a mile over the ocean as the sun set before them.

“Tomorrow,” said Wendy.

Tina looked up and Wendy met her gaze. “Tomorrow I’ll feed my flight power so that we can catch up. Permanent sunlight Tina! Imagine it!”

A worried expression formed on Tina’s beautiful face. What had she done? Was Wendy going to become some sort of power hungry monster now? She didn’t lie to herself, despite her concern the prospect aroused her to no end.

“Don’t worry, Tina. I promise that no matter what happens I’ll share my bounty with you!” Wendy smiled, and Tina felt her concerns evaporate.

With a sigh, Wendy held Tina’s hand and they flew at a more sedate pace back to the city toward Tina’s neighborhood. They floated weightlessly to Tina’s backyard and to the window of her room. There, Wendy kissed Tina one more time, caressing her back and ass sensually, and then sent her floating into her room and onto her bed, mentally putting her to a restful and pleasant sleep.

With that, Wendy just flew around the city, marveling at the sights from above and thrilling at the effortlessness of flight. Her vision had kept apace with her enhanced hearing, and the city was lit to her like daytime in even its darkest corners, as if the entire place was some sort of HDR photograph. 

Not really feeling the need to sleep, Wendy decided to fly east over the Mojave to explore. She floated idly on her back, staring at the sky above her. The stars shone brightly in the clear air by the millions. Wendy gazed out on them with eyes able to see more countless stars than any human without a telescope. It was a sea of light, endless suns, beckoning to her with their distant power. 

Sighing, Wendy looked down. There, on a lonely road in the desert she saw a dusty building by itself, five trucks in the parking light, it’s ancient flickering neon sign reading “Desert Oasis”. Wendy smiled a mischievous smile. Touching the sandy ground with her bare feet, she reached into the bar with her mind and felt the presence of ten men and five women. In each, she installed the mental image of her as a young woman in her mid twenties, five three with big boobs - albeit not so large as her current mammaries - and a tight body. She wore a red checked flannel shirt with only two buttoccns buttoned at her breasts showing plenty of cleavage, and with the bottom tied off right underneath so as to display her trim abs. Below she wore a tight pair of cutoffs with frayed edges and with the top button unbuttoned. It showed off her tight ass and long shapely legs to good effect. On her feet she wore white canvas sneakers.

Wendy sauntered in. The men were scattered about throughout the dirty bar. Four men in their late thirties or early forties were playing pool in the corner, and nine young men and women in their twenties were at the bar watching a baseball game on the ancient television. They all wore work clothing and some had hardhats that read “Ivanpah” on the front. Behind the bar was a crusty older man and his wife, serving beer and talking idly with their customers. 

All conversation ceased when Wendy walked in. Pausing for a moment, but then realizing that literally nothing these people could do could hurt her, Wendy seductively walked up to the bar. 

“May I have a beer please?” she asked sweetly.

“Certainly young lady!” said the male proprietor eagerly. This earned him a quick dirty look from his wife. He poured her a glass of Pabst.

“That’ll be two-fifty.”

Wendy feigned patting her pockets - as if anything could possibly fit in their tightness.

“Oh...I seem to have no money on me!” she said. While true, Wendy could have easily convinced the man that she had handed over the money, but she had something more fun in mind.

“I can pay!” offered a handsome young man, just beating out his compatriots.

“Oh, no,” Wendy said, “I couldn’t possibly take your money. I insist on paying somehow.” Wendy spied a lonely microphone on a makeshift stage in the corner - a relic from an ill-conceived karaoke night. 

“Could I sing for my beer?” she said.

“Of course!” said the bartender.

Wendy walked to the microphone seductively, wiggling her ass in just the way she knew would set the group’s loins aflame. She turned and flicked on the microphone. This turned on the karaoke machine as well, and she flipped through the titles. She really couldn’t find what she was looking for, so instead, she just remembered the sound of the music she wanted to play and transmitted it into the auditory systems of her audience. The thumping beat of Ariana Grande’s “Into You” began, and Wendy began to sing with a deep moan that had an immediate effect on the crowd.


“I'm so into you,

 I can barely breathe…”


By  this point, Wendy had released some of her pheromones, and women and men alike were squirming in their seats, the men with erections and the women with erect nipples and a tingling in their loins.

When she launched into the chorus, she subtly modified their visual model of her so that the boobs seemed to be inflating and her hips widening.


“Oh baby, look what you started, 

The temperature’s rising in here…”


The crowd began to sweat as they perceived the temperature of the room climbing into the nineties. Wendy had a sexy sheen of perspiration form on her exposed cleavage in little droplets. Men and women alike began to loosen their clothes.


“Been waiting for you

To make a move…”


As the song continued, Wendy began to gyrate her hips seductively, and with their widening the zipper on the cutoffs began to pull itself down, and then when it could go no longer stand the strain, the jeans’ fly began to rip toward her steaming sex. At the same time, the buttons on her shirt strained to contain her heaving breasts, and then popped off, one after the other.


“So baby, come light me up

and maybe I'll let you on it…”


At this point, her growing breasts, now the size of cantaloupes, burst from her top for all to see, her erect pointed nipples begging to be touched and sucked. One of the men playing pool groaned and spasmed as he rubbed his hand hard against his straining cock through his jeans and came with a widening stain. The rest were mesmerized. The women reached up to their own breasts or crotches and fondled themselves through their clothes. One of the younger men stepped up to one of the women and gripped her hips, rubbing his turgid member against her ass through their clothes. The woman groaned and pushed her ass into his crotch.

Wendy continued singing, fondling her expanded tits and tweaking her nipples with a groan. She released more pheromones into the bar’s dank air. Her growth doubled in speed, all subtlety lost. She released the microphone, which just hovered in the air, and rammed her free hand into her pants, effectively tearing them from her body.

At a high note in the song, Wendy wailed the lyric and shot up to seven feet tall in a matter of seconds, unbelievably shapely with huge basketball-sized tits bouncing in time to the beat and a tiny wasp waist leading to full round hips and a tight ass. Her hand moved with a blur against her sex as she grew and her hair floated around her, a flaming red nimbus writhing about her perfection. As the high note ended, she opened her eyes now glowing a bright penetrating green.

Her audience was in open rapture now, groping at themselves and one another, ripping the clothes off their burning bodies, and pleasuring themselves hard. The young man who had been rubbing himself against his female coworker had removed his pants, as she had hers, and was violently ramming his cock into her pussy from behind. She screamed out her pleasure in time with the pounding. The other young women were either ripping their clothes off and pawing at the young men or touching and fondling each other. No matter their activity, everyone stared at Wendy.

Wendy finally reached the climax of the song and with the final lyric threw her arms out and rose from the ground in a final erotic expansion, exploding to ten feet tall, with beach-ball sized tits and a figure that beggared description. Her pulsing pussy emitted a barrage of pheromones into the air..

With this final explosion, everyone in the bar climaxed, cum streaming out of the men, and women spasming in inconceivable release. 

Coming down from her high, Wendy floated over to the bar, picked up her beer, and drank it in one gulp. 

“Thanks for the beer,” she said, and floated out the door.

She thought to herself, what would she do tomorrow? With her growing power, there were endless possibilities! She couldn’t wait to see what happened next!

Wendy realized that, if she couldn’t yet chase the sun, she could at least head east as fast as possible and catch it when it rose! She could extend the day for as long as possible, and hopefully when she reached LA she would have the speed necessary to keep up! Let’s see, it was ten o’clock now, and she estimated that she had reached a hundred and fifty miles an hour during her earlier chase. If she headed east, she could probably make Albuquerque by the time the sun rose, then she could use its rays and enhance her speed all the way back to LA!

Wendy immediately set off east, flying as fast as she could about a mile off the ground, well under most normal air traffic. The wind ripped through her hair and her eyes teared up, so soon there she formed a streamlined “shell” of force around her in which she trapped come calm air. This had the added effect of speeding her travel so that just six hours later she was somewhere over Oklahoma when she felt the rays of the sun first beat down on her face.

Immediately, Wendy turned around and shot back west, retracing her flight, this time standing straight to face the sun and maximize her absorption of its nourishing rays. Her mental “shell” of force reconfigured to accommodate the less-aerodynamic posture. Wendy was concerned at first, flying backward at maximum speed, but soon realized that she could sense obstructions with her mind well before they could pose a danger to her...or rather, before she could pose a danger to them.

Oh, the sun felt so good! It seemed that every time she absorbed its light she became better able to use its bounty. She remembered the first time she had sunbathed - was it only a week ago? It had taken the entire morning of sun to grow her a single inch. Just yesterday she had given Tina three inches from just the residue of her afternoon recharge after using most of it to develop her psychokinesis.

Rather than store the sun’s power, she just routed it to her brain, enhancing the strength of and control over her psychokinetic abilities. As she did so, she flew faster and faster. Looking down, she estimated her speed at two hundred and fifty now, and increasing every second. She sighed and let the trickle continue as the sun rose. 

The sun continued to rise in the sky despite Wendy’s efforts to keep up, and Wendy tipped back to maintain the maximum possible exposure on her skin. By nine Pacific Time, she estimated that she was traveling at nearly six-hundred miles an hour. Soon she’d be breaking the sound barrier!

Wendy looked down and saw San Bernardino passing below her and, realizing how close she was, made a beeline for her house in LA. Slowing her speed, she landed lightly on the patio, and entered the kitchen. Her mom was there waiting for her to come downstairs and was a little startled when she came through the sliding door.

“Hi dear! I thought I’d stay home today and get ready for tomorrow. Are you and Tina planning on sunning yourselves on the patio again?” she said, absently caressing one nipple through her t-shirt, currently unrestrained by her custom undergarments. Her arm bulged with untamed muscle and Wendy could hear her mom’s heartbeat accelerate.

“Mom, Tina and I are going to try something different today. Yesterday she and I found out how I could fly!”

“Fly?” her mom said. “How could that be possible?”

“Mom, how could any of this be possible, really?” said Tina, laughing. Then she kicked off the floor and allowed her mom to see her in all her naked glory. There she hovered. Six-foot-three of feminine perfection with smooth alabaster skin perfectly framed by a nimbus of glowing ruby curls. Wendy’s mind, unbidden, made her hair wave around her beautifully, as if in a perfect breeze. Wendy’s model-like facial features were way beyond the scale of cute to beautiful, ranging now into goddess-like, and her body was both the epitome of power and of femininity with her large and fit but smooth muscles in perfect proportion to her height and her enormous tits and wide hips promising untold pleasure to those she might favor. Her long smooth legs flowed from her hips with muscular perfection toward the floor, where she hovered a foot off the ground, feet pointed like a ballerina’s.

“My god,” her mom said, mouth open.

“Goddess, mom,” said Wendy, teasingly.

“Today Tina and I are going to fly west, following the sun. We’re going to spend the whole next 24 hours flying as fast and as far as we can. When you see me next, I’ll be more beautiful and powerful than ever. Who knows what I’ll be able to do?” said Wendy.

Wendy’s mom was becoming aroused by the implications.

“My little girl. A goddess,” she said absently, her hand moving toward her pussy unbidden.

Wendy smiled. “See you tomorrow morning mom!” and flew back out the back door to leave her mom masturbating in the kitchen to the thought of her daughter somehow becoming even more beautiful.

Wendy flew above the house and then realized that Tim’s truck was still in the driveway where Tina had left it. She lifted it easily with her increased psychokinetic power and she and it flew over the ridge to Tina’s. Placing the vehicle carefully in the driveway, Wendy flew to Tina’s window.

Tina was in bed, re-reading the X-Men comic with Phoenix turning into Dark Phoenix, and masturbating furiously at the thought of Wendy attaining similar power. Wendy could see the comic through Tina’s eyes and experience her orgasmic reaction to it and became aroused despite herself. 

“The power to consume a star…” she whispered, caressing her pussy with her mind.

Shaking her head, and sensing that Tina was just now coming down from her orgasm, Wendy lightly tapped on the window frame. Tina quickly got up, not even embarrassed any longer at being caught masturbating to thoughts of her friend, and lept through the open window into Wendy’s arms, her long lithe ultra-feminine body flying through the air with the grace of an acrobat. Wendy pulled her face close and kissed Tina deeply.

“Oh, I missed you Wendy,” said Tina. “Are we going to fly today?”

“Oh yes Tina, of course! We should really get going though. I need to get up to at least 900 miles an hour to keep up with the sun! Are you ready?”

Tina kissed her lover again. “Born ready!”

Wendy, holding Tina’s naked body close to hers, set out west at top speed, and quickly formed the psychic “shell” that would protect them from the soon-to-be-supersonic blast of wind. Wendy turned to face the sun and cradled Tina on her lap.

“How’d your evening go, Lover?” said Wendy.

“Oh, you know. Dreamt of you. This morning I woke up to the sounds of Tim screaming in his sleep. He’s given up sleeping in his bedroom you know and now just sleeps in the shower stall, since he always overflows his baggie. It’s become much worse since you improved me. When I went in to check on him this morning, one look at these,” Tina hefted her breasts in her hands, “was enough to set him off. I just stood there and posed naked for a while as he ejaculated over and over uncontrollably. I swear he was laying there chin deep in the stuff when I left him.”

“Remind me to do something about that when we get back,” said Wendy, laughing.

Wendy kissed Tina deeply, feeling Tina’s arousal rise. Wendy ran her psychic and physical hands all over Tina’s body and Tina began to moan. 

“I want to taste you,” whispered Tina smiling. 

Wendy lifted Tina psychically and guided her to her already-wet pussy, where Tina dove in ravenously. Very quickly, Wendy began to buck under her tiny lover, helping to drive her tongue deeper into her body. Wendy directed a little of the solar power into Tina and grew her tongue so that it could expand to eight inches long, and be fully under her control, soft one second and hard the next.Tina moaned in approval as her tongue twirled with prehensile flexibility around Wendy’s large clit and then the tip suddenly plunged deep into her sex.

Wendy moaned and directed a tendril of psychic force to caress Tina’s pussy and then penetrate deeply, vibrating with a frequency Wendy could tell from their psychic link was optimal for Tina’s pleasure. 

It was not long before they were both thrashing in multiple orgasmic ecstasy. 

At last Wendy sensed that Tina was exhausted, and moved her off to the side sighing. Cradled in a bed of Wendy’s hair softer than any feather mattress, Tina quickly dozed off. Wendy luxuriated then in the sun’s full exposure. She began to let the sun’s radiance flow to her mind and steadily increased the power of her psychokinesis. As their speed increased, the sun’s rise began to slow. By noon, the couple was well over the Pacific, and the sun seemed to stop climbing in the sky. Then, slowly, it began to retrace its path to the east. Wendy gauged that they must have hit the nine-hundred mile per hour mark and smiled to herself, continuing to feed the power into her mind. Eventually, on a whim, Wendy lowered her altitude and turned to face the calm morning sea.

Very slowly she approached the gentle swells and was soon flying merely fifty feet from the surface. She realized with a start that the sun-power had increased substantially, with the full sun on her back, of course, but also the reflection of the sun from below! More power! Behind her the water flattened and then foamed violently with the shock of their supersonic passage. Grinning, Wendy “tensed” her psychokinetic muscles, pouring on as much speed as possible. At the same time, the newborn goddess reached out with her mind and lightly “touched” the ocean’s surface sending a roostertail of water four hundred feet in the air behind her. Wendy revelled in the power.

Wendy’s forward-looking force-touch tickled. There was something in front of her, something big and approaching fast. She looked up and saw a half mile ahead, an enormous cruise ship. Quickly, and without thinking, Wendy veered left violently and braked, her and Tina’s bodies “skidding” through the air in a desperate attempt to miss the ship. Wendy strained with all her might, putting all her power and concentration behind the effort and holding Tina tight to her bosom and pulling her legs up tight in the fetal position to shield Tina in case they hit. With maximal effort, Wendy felt herself turn and slow until they came to a full stop.

Tina looked up, startled from her sleep, only to see Wendy’s panting face with a scared expression an inch from her nose. Tina kissed Wendy’s cute button nose and said simply, “What’s up, beautiful?”

Wendy slowly unfurled, checking to make sure that she and Tina were unharmed.


Wendy looked up, and Tina motioned to look behind her.

There, not more than fifty feet away and approaching quickly, was a cruise ship. All along the deck, people were rushing to the railings to stare at the two naked goddesses. Some already had their phones out and were taking video. Wendy blushed.

Tina on the other hand yelled, “What’re you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a goddess and her girlfriend out for a morning flight before?”

Wendy laughed, and pulled Tina closely for a deep kiss. Tina’s enhanced tongue immediately invaded her mouth and began to explore sensually. Wendy’s arousal spiked. By this time the ship had pulled even and the girls were only fifteen feet from the railings. As they passed, the passengers and crew all began to stroke themselves or their neighbors as they were overwhelmed with the unbearable urge to fuck.

The ship passed, and Wendy felt Tina tremble in orgasm just from the kiss!

“Well Tina, I’ve got my speed up more than fast enough to keep pace with the sun. What would you like me to do now?”

Still breathless, Tina looked up at her goddess. “I don’t know. Why don’t you read my fondest wish and do that? I-I give you permission.”

Wendy smiled and delved deep into Tina’s mind. There she witnessed countless visions of her and Tina having sex in innumerable positions and scenarios. Beyond the sex were images of Tina becoming invisible and watching people have sex, her flying through the air naked and floating into Wendy’s room to gaze at her nude sleeping form, her growing slowly from her former form into a huge and busty amazon, or Tina enforcing the law with a near-supernatural display of martial arts expertise. Wendy sensed more and delved deeper into Tina’s id. There she encountered visions of the two of them becoming all-powerful goddesses of the Earth, demanding complete and utter worship from its inhabitants, or them as colossal giantesses laying waste to cities in their uncaring lust, or even of the world resisting their power, applying the full weight of the world’s arsenal to no effect.

Wendy gasped in an odd mixture of distaste and arousal. She had always considered herself a good girl, a moral girl, and to find that the person she cared most about harbored secret fantasies of domination worried her. 

“What’s wrong?” said Tina.

Wendy bit her lip. 

Perhaps...perhaps if Wendy improved Tina to her level Tina’s fantasies would be satisfied, and the dark corners of her id would remain just that, dark corners that never saw the light of day.

“Tina, I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted,” said Wendy.

“You’ve already given me what I always wanted,” said Tina, and pulled her naked body up the taller girl's for another kiss. Wendy sighed and the two shot up from the water to a higher altitude and continued their journey. 

Wendy had reasoned that she’d make the most of the sun’s rays by getting the orb as close as possible to directly above them, and so had traveled generally southwest toward the tropic of cancer and slowed a little to get the sun to nearly directly above them. Soon after leaving the cruise ship behind, however,  Wendy began to smell something in the air. Her enhanced sense of smell indicated trace amounts of what she realized from her chemistry studies was sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

“Ohhhh, that’s where we are,” she thought to herself. With a sudden idea, Wendy redirected her course to the source of the smell and put on considerable speed, since her destination was a little off course. Luckily, she estimated her top speed was now about 2,400 miles per hour, so any time they lost against the sun could easily be made up.

Tina looked up with the course correction. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see!” said Wendy with a smile.

Soon a landmass appeared below and Wendy angled them toward it. Tina could see a small city pass below them, and then endless lava fields as they descended and slowed. Eventually, she saw Wendy’s goal ahead: a boiling pot of lava looking like the stereotypical volcano, with steep sides and spattering, flowing magma.

Smiling, Wendy said, “Behold! Pu’u ‘O’ o, Kilauea’s most active vent!” 

“But...why?” said Tina?

“Be patient,” said Wendy, kissing Tina on the nose.

Wendy left Tina floating a couple thousand feet to one side of the volcano, shielded from the toxic gasses in a bubble of force, and herself floated down until she was directly above the spatter cone. The intense heat and red glow from the vent felt like a gentle warming on her impervious skin. With one hand held out, she reached in with her mind and slowly a stream of lava began to flow out of the vent and pool in front of her, close enough to touch. The flow increased steadily, and within minutes Wendy had a fifty-foot diameter ball of boiling red lava floating before her.

Smiling, Wendy gestured, and the ball of boiling lava began to re-form into a more cylindrical shape. Slowly, Tina saw that the bright orange rock was taking the form of a person - a gigantic person. The features slowly formed and the shape of an enormous well-endowed woman took shape, her left hand resting on her hip, somehow both sexily and with incredible implied authority, her right hand was held out ahead of her with her fingers held up slightly in a gesture somehow both firm and gentle. Long straight hair flowed from the head - just taking shape - in locks long enough to reach her knee if they weren’t flowing behind her as if in a breeze. The woman was naked, and Tina could see huge pert breasts form on her chest, at least proportional to Wendy’s now near-basketball sized orbs, with erect inviting nipples engorged with lust. The woman’s muscles became defined, sleek and glowing, and her naked hairless sex formed between shapely legs. Her clit barely protruded from her erotic pussy, thighs spread wide in a heroic stance. Tina grew wet with the sheer eroticism and power of the statue. The figure became more and more well-defined, with not a feature left out, and Tina suddenly realized that the face on the beautiful giant woman was hers! This was a gigantic, heroic statue of her, enhanced to an unbelievable degree!

Wendy, smiling as she sensed her lover had realized what she was doing, put the finishing touches on her masterpiece, and then, using her greatly-enhanced psychokinetic powers, concentrated on slowing the molecules of the statue’s magma throughout its mass. She could feel the power extracted flow back along her mental tendrils to further fill her solar-power reservoir. Ooo! It appeared she could extract power from more than just the sun now!

Finally, the statue was done, and with a gesture Wendy flew herself and Tina with the statue to the top of Mauna Kea, clouding the minds of the astronomers and visitors there, and placed the statue on the very peak of the mountain for all the world to see. To the visitors there, it was as if the colossal statue just appeared out of nowhere.

Wendy and Tina floated beside the gigantic stone goddess, one hundred feet tall, and Wendy took Tina into her arms and said, “This is what I’ll do for you. By the time we reach LA, you and I will be a matching pair of goddesses.”

Tina, thrilled to her very core, fondled Wendy’s giant breast and looked up. “Well then, let’s get started!”

Wendy and Tina resumed their journey westward, returning to the tropic of cancer, Wendy excited by the challenge of improving her lover to match the statue, and Tina thrilling at the anticipation of receiving true power. For now, though, Wendy decided to store the sun’s power until she had enough to really enhance Tina. 

For the next six hours, the two of them luxuriated in the sun’s rays as they passed over the Pacific. Wendy had chosen a cruising altitude of around a thousand feet - enough to maximize sun exposure from above and from the reflection below, essentially doubling her rate of absorption. Periodically, they were forced to rise above towering thunderheads, but on balance it was a remarkably calm and sunny trip across the Pacific.

Inside her, Wendy could feel the power build, filling up her internal stores. She found, however, that these stores were now more than up to the challenge. Whereas a couple days ago four hours of sun would send her into an orgasmic frenzy of unchecked improvement, she found she could contain the full twelve hour effective dose of “double” sun now within her, if barely.

“I see something ahead,” said Tina.

Wendy looked down and saw a landmass quickly approaching. From her memories of past atlas browsing, she knew that this must be Taiwan, and that soon enough they’d be passing into China, the Indian subcontinent, and on to the Middle East and North Africa. She mentally slowed them and headed for the country’s highest peak, Yushan.

The two slowed and descended to a beautiful tall mountain with a glorious view of the Taiwan central mountain range. There, they found a group of about twenty hikers already at the peak admiring the view.

“Should we give them a show?” Asked Wendy.

“Well, the cruise ship got a pretty good look at us already, so I’d guess we’re already all over the internet. Why not?” Tina said with a giggle.

The two women, one a six foot three inch pale beauty with curly red hair down to her perfect rounded ass, and an Asian bombshell, five two with raven hair to her shoulders and large round breasts the size of grapefruits, appeared naked before the crowd, hovering over the peak and unaffected by the cold.

Wendy moved Tina slightly in front of her facing out toward the hikers and spread her arms wide to either side of Tina’s body as if presenting her to the world. “Behold the birth of a goddess!”

Tina closed her eyes and began to groan as she felt psychic hands roam across her skin, with special attention paid to her nipples and pussy, which now felt as if they were on fire with desire. She inhaled deeply as a tentative probe in her pussy pushed in a little and then retreated, and her lungs were suddenly filled with Wendy’s pheromones and all she could think about was sex.

The same was true of the spectators, who all stared at the vision before them and pawed at their heavy jackets in an effort to sate their sudden lust as the scent of passion flowed over them.

Tina felt the probe return to her sex, this time more boldly, as the tendril of force quickly entered and then filled her begging pussy.

“Are you ready?” Tina heard in her mind.

“Yessssssssss….” Tina moaned.

The sexual probe began to vibrate, quickly setting up a harmonic frequency that maximized Tina’s mounting pleasure. Then she could feel it! The tendril of force seemed to bulge and pump and become white hot as it pushed further and further into her bulging sex. Finally, when she could take it no longer, it burst, sending waves of delicious power spurting into her begging body.

Wendy convulsed, pushing all the built up power of the day into Tina. The feeling reminded her of Tim and Bobby’s all-encompassing rapture when they spurted their gallons of seed, but this felt a hundred times better, with the burning fire of pure sun energy searing its way down her mental channels and deep into her appreciative lover. The pleasure from the pulses of transmitted power were so all-encompassing that Wendy almost forgot to direct the energy to remake Tina to match the statue she had built earlier.

Tina’s body soaked up the energy easily and she began to shoot up and fill out with each convulsion of pleasure. First to five five, then to five eight, her height grew quickly. The rest of her filled out apace, her body taking on the preternaturally beautiful full feminine curves of the lava statue, bursting with promised ecstasy. Her breasts ballooned to match Wendy’s with long dark nipples straining for pleasure. Her raven hair lengthened and writhed as the maelstrom of power engulfed her, glowing with a blue electric sheen. Tina arched her back in yearning, begging for more! Discharges of power flowed along her body and lightning bolts of pure energy shot from one nipple to the other and from each to her distended clitoris forming a continuous circuit of power flowing into her and improving her.  

Through the haze of rapture, Tina could feel her mind expanding, remembering all that she had learned in her young life as if just experienced moments ago. She could hear the groans of the crowd on the mountain through the deafening roar of her orgasm, and, in fact, could hear those screams and groans all the way down the peak as the fog of Wendy’s pheromones slowly encompassed the mountain and the valleys surrounding it. Soon, Tina could feel her own pheromones join Wendy’s as her sexuality grew to legendary proportions. Then, Tina began to feel the crowd around her as if she was reaching out and touching them! She mentally gripped and caressed and stroked the surrounding hikers, urging them on to their final release at the spectacle before them.

Tina carefully rotated herself to face Wendy and opened deep brown yearning eyes. “Yes! Yes! More!” she moaned to her lover, closing her eyes again and reaching out and caressing Wendy with her own psychokinetic power. She slowly sent a tendril of force to her lover’s pussy and vibrated it at a frequency to match Wendy’s.

Wendy thrashed at the sensation and sent even more power flowing into Tina’s mind, giving her the power to manipulate others’ thoughts psychically, just as she could, and their mutual orgasms became joint orgasms, each feeling the other’s pleasure as well as their own. 

Tina’s height increased to match Wendy’s six foot three with a quick pulse of growth, and then continued on to near seven feet! Tina licked out her long tongue to circle her own nipple, tasting the arcing power and laughed maniacally as even more power - mental and physical - flooded into her. She slowly opened her eyes, now glowing pure white, looked down at the now-smaller Wendy, and locked eyes with her. With all her might she reached into Wendy’s mind and ordered “MORE! GIVE ME MORE POWER! I DESERVE IT ALL! GIVE ME EVERYTHING!”

And Wendy wanted to! Oh god, she wanted so much to make Tina a goddess! One who would rule over everything! A erotic dictator whose every whim must be obeyed! The giver of pleasure and pain! The all-being whose touch Wendy would yearn for eternally and for whom she would do literally anything! She began to let the floodgates open wider.

NO! WAIT! She couldn’t! She couldn’t submit to Tina’s unbridled id! With all her considerable willpower, Wendy overcame the near-irresistible desire to make Tina the uncontested goddess of the planet Earth. Tina howled at the loss of the flow, her one chance at total domination lost forever. Wendy then used the power flow to improve herself to match Tina’s current stature and mental power. After a few seconds, she then split the flow from her power reservoir into two, giving each of them half of the remaining energy, perhaps a quarter of what she had started with. 

Tina’s eyes slowly lost their glow as her reason overpowered her most base fantasies.

The remaining power flowed into them both as they slowly expanded another foot in height and their beauty took on even more otherworldly perfection. Those hikers still conscious beheld two eight-foot tall erotic giantesses holding each other and kissing deeply. The crackling blue lightning that had encompassed them both was slowly absorbed by their shivering bodies.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened,” whispered Tina into her lover’s ear. Wendy felt Tina’s tears hit her shoulder.

“It’s ok,” said Wendy. “I understand. It’s a darkness we will have to contend with, maybe forever. But I’ll always be there for you, to help you to the right path.”

After a few more minutes, Wendy and Tina turned and surveyed the orgy still happening on the mountain. Most of the hikers were now bare naked and spent, strewn about the rocks in a tangle of limbs, with only the hardiest still pumping away, straining for release. With their minds, the two newborn goddesses reached out to cover them with clothes and blankets to ward them from the chilly air, and hand-in-hand flew away toward the west.

Tina and Wendy shot through the air in all their naked statuesque glory, minds intertwined intimately in a thrilling mental embrace. Their newfound intelligence coupled with their incredibly enhanced senses allowed them to enjoy the journey in a way they could not have imagined prior to their ascendance in Taiwan.

With a wicked smile as they shot over India, Wendy let the psychic bubble covering her dissipate, encouraging Tina to join her. Tina followed suit and thrilled at the feeling of the wind battering their impervious skin with a heat and force that would have torn them to pieces in their previous, mere mortal bodies. The two closed the gap between them and embraced in a more physical way, and quickly began pleasuring each other in the way only two psychokinetic, telepathic lovers can, with an intensity and passion that beggared description.

As the two screamed out their ecstasy, their hyper-enhanced pheromones rained down on the Indian countryside causing a fifty-mile wide rolling orgy as they passed above. Tina giggled as she sensed the orgasmic joy radiating from the minds beneath them, and Wendy smiled in bliss, happy that her growing power was bringing pleasure to the normal humans below.

Despite raising Tina to her power level in Taiwan, the power to convert solar radiation into goddess like improvements remained Wendy’s alone. Even with her beyond-genius intellect, Wendy was no closer to discerning the source of or reason for her strange ability, other than it likely had something to do with her mother’s reckless experimentation. Wendy wondered if she SHOULD seek out the cause. Tina had almost become so obsessed with power, after all, that she might have enslaved the world if she had convinced Wendy to submit to her will and beauty.

In any event, only one of them was soaking up solar power now, and she no longer had the benefit of the Pacific ocean to reflect its rays. Her power reservoir felt so empty, with only five and a half hours or so of collection time since Taiwan as they approached Egypt. Tina smiled with an idea and she sent a mental picture of a new destination to Tina, who immediately agreed, changing course with her lover.

Approaching Cairo, the pair slowed and hovered near the pyramids of Giza, their glory bathed in the noonday sun.

“You know, the pharaohs were worshiped as gods,” said Tina, admiring the ancient constructions. “Imagine what it would be like to be a god. To be admired and worshipped by everyone!”

“They were, but I only need to be worshiped by you,” replied Wendy, taking Tina into her arms again. 

Their breasts were so large and firm that lesser mortals would have been crushed in the embrace, but the two young goddesses had no such difficulty, thrilling at the sensation of their nipples rubbing together. The familiar sensation of tendrils of power encompassed the two, as Wendy decided to focus on enhancing their beauty rather than their power. She let her solar lightning roam free, arcing and caressing the two lovers and bringing them to multiple continuous shaking orgasms. Immediately, their writhing forms began to grow and expand, breasts filling out further, muscles bunching under the skin, and their height slowly increasing from eight feet to twelve. The girls’ skin began to shine, Wendy’s with a pearly white sheen, and Tina’s with a deep bronze glow.

The tourists below, previously taking pictures of the unprecedented sight of two eight-foot naked goddesses appearing before the pyramids with a sonic boom, now became enthralled by the enhanced girls’ appearance. Wendy and Tina’s pheromones had not even reached them yet, but the incredible beauty the tourists beheld was alone enough to send them into wracking orgasms. Without even time to take off their clothes, the spectators began to convulse and spasm in incredible orgasmic pleasure at the indescribable vision. Shortly thereafter, the pair’s irresistible pheromones washed down from the pyramids and out into the city.

With Wendy’s reserves exhausted, the newly beautified fifteen-foot women shot away from the pyramid with a sonic boom, leaving a significant portion of the city of Cairo awash in their scent, the populous hungrily copulating with each other or pleasuring themselves in mindless pleasure.

As the sated pair flew across the endless desert sands of northern Africa, they talked as only goddesses could. They intermingled their minds and exchanged their life histories - Tina growing up with her single mom and brother in a variety of temporary homes along the west coast, enduring abuse from her mother’s boyfriend - sexual and otherwise. The memories of this scarred her deeply, so deeply that she had tried to forget the events completely, but her newly enhanced brain prevented this. When the abuse was discovered by her mother, they just took off, often leaving everything behind in their haste. Her mom took odd jobs on the road and they lived paycheck to paycheck, for a long time living out of their car. 

Her only solace was her brother’s collection of second-hand comics that he had purchased at a garage sale. Tina had spent long nights of dreaming what it would be like never to be hungry, to have the power to dictate her desires, to take revenge on her abusers, and to be worshiped by others mind, body and soul. It wasn’t until five years ago that her mother had met her stepfather and she had gained some stability in her life, but she remembered the shame of being abused and the secret desire for power and revenge.

Wendy shared her life too. The only child of a football player and a scientist, she had never wanted for attention or material goods. Even when her dad’s professional football career didn’t work out, he was able to put his communications degree to good use as a PR man, and with her mom’s incredibly successful scientific career, her life had been good. Until, that is, her body had refused to mature as it should. Still, it had been a charmed life.

This commingling of experience went far further than just a detailed history of each lover, Tina was able to feel, to experience first hand, the love of a secure and stable family. The memories and experiences - as if experienced first hand - warmed her spirit. Wendy, on the other hand, was frightened and shamed by what she experienced in her lover’s mind. How could she, Wendy, have lived such a charmed life while her friend had endured so much? After Tina had escaped her abuse, things got marginally better - emotionally if not materially - but still the privations she had endured shocked Wendy. Wendy re-lived Tina reading her brother’s comics, and experienced her desire for unbridled power that those comics had lit in Tina as if they were her own emotions. She felt the lust and yearning for that power and for the women who wielded it as Tina masturbated to release.

To say that each girl had reached a greater appreciation of the other would be a gross understatement. Each now had essentially lived the other’s life, experienced everything that made them who they are. Wendy and Tina were now almost one as they passed over Morocco and over the Atlantic ocean. 

Wendy felt the sun reflect off the sea below and refill her stores. “Of course!” she thought out loud. Why hadn’t she realized this before? The means to unlimited power was right there in her grasp, practically in her backyard! But should she do it? Even if she hadn’t just gorged on Tina’s memories of reading comics of feminine omnipotence, she would be tempted, but with Tina’s memories fresh in her mind the possibility was driving her mad with arousal.

“What, my love?” thought back Tina.

“Tina, I-I have a question for you. If you could watch me become truly powerful, not just a demi-goddess but a true god with power over everyone and everything, would that be enough for you? I think I have a way of doing it, but I’m certain that the experience will be overwhelming and that I won’t be able to share. I-I promise that after I ascend, I’ll come back for you.”

Tina looked worried that Wendy would abandon her.

“If you don’t want me to do it I won’t,” Wendy said quickly, “We can slowly become goddesses together if you want, just live a life of constant improvement and mind-blowing sex.”

Tina thought about the choice.

On the one hand, Tina yearned for this power from the bottom of her soul. The thought of Wendy becoming the true god of her dreams without her inflamed Tina’s jealousy. The things she could do with that power! All-encompassing domination over reality forever and ever! Her sex dripped at the thought. She shook with what she would have previously thought of as an earth-shattering orgasm, but was now no more than a tremor compared with what she had experienced with Wendy.

But that was it, she thought, calming herself. If anyone could wield that kind of power responsibly it would be Wendy. If that moment in Taiwan, where Tina was seconds away from total domination, were indicative of anything, it was that Tina could not be allowed unchecked power. And, if she wasn’t to have the power, why not Wendy? After all, Tina had watched her comic book goddesses ascend while she masturbated to ecstatic orgasm all her life, how much better would it be to witness it first hand?

“Do it!” said Tina.

Wendy pulled Tina in for a deep kiss and then allowed her hands to roam over her giant Asian lover with abandon, quickly flipping through the air to bury her face in Tina’s sex and growing her tongue to match her lover’s. The girls screamed their love across the Atlantic as Wendy grew them slowly to twenty feet tall, simultaneously enhancing their nervous system, health, and resistance to harm to ensure that no matter what came, Tina would survive the ordeal.

The two lovers changed course, and put on speed in order to fly into Los Angeles by early Saturday morning. Tina and Wendy blasted into town with twin sonic booms, shattering windows throughout the city, not even trying to hide their magnificence, and glided down gently to Wendy’s backyard. Her mom and dad were putting the final touches on their packing, and turned to see the two immense demi-goddesses hovering there above the yard holding hands. Wendy toned down their sexual glow and pheromones so that she might say goodbye.

“Mom? Dad?” she said, shrinking down to her pre-enhanced state.

Her parents just stared, shocked at the arrival and transformation of their daughter and the existence of an incredibly beautiful twenty-foot tall Asian goddess still hovering in the backyard.

“I can’t tell you enough how much I love you,” she said to her parents. “I will always love you, no matter what happens. I-I’m going to go through some changes, probably beyond your ability to comprehend, but know that even if I’m a god I will love you.”

Her parents cried and took their tiny naked daughter into their arms for the last time, and said their goodbyes.

Tina turned then and strode out into the lawn, expanding in her parents’ eyes into a twenty-foot goddess to match the one already there and, holding hands, she and Tina flew away.

The pair arrived at Tina’s house to re-enact a similar scene, although Tina refused to give up her majesty even for a moment. Wendy heard Tina’s brother grunting wildly from his window when he lost control of his titanic member again as he watched. Chuckling, Wendy reached in with her mind and, with a small fraction of her remaining power reservoir, granted Tim the control over his prong she had previously given Bobby. Tim had served his time. She could sense in his mind that the last few days had been incredibly thrilling for him sexually, although embarrassing otherwise. 

These last farewells completed, Tina and Wendy flew to the northeast, toward the Mojave. Soon Wendy picked out the Desert Oasis, the sight of her own personal karaoke night. Beyond, on the horizon, she saw the searing light of her destination. Wendy guided Tina to a nearby hill.

“The Ivanpah Solar Power Facility,” she said with a gesture. “The largest concentrated solar power plant in the world. 173 thousand heliostats.  With all the heliostats working together, assuming I could absorb it all, I’d get 756 megawatts! Just think of all that power!” Wendy was becoming aroused in spite of herself, the image of Dark Phoenix absorbing entire suns running through her mind.

Tina stood there with her mouth open. “A-are you sure you’ll be able to withstand the heat?”

“Er, no. There’s no precedent for this. I-I might just burn up, but I doubt it. We withstood the direct blast of supersonic wind, I’m pretty sure I can withstand this. Anyway, it’s morning, only some of the heliostats are even exposed to the sun, and there are three towers so I’ll only be able to fly in front of one of them anyway. I figure I’ll stand in the glare from one of the towers and as my power grows, I’ll manipulate the mirrors from all three towers to direct more of the sun on me. Still, at about 63 megawatts to start I’ll be receiving more energy every two seconds than I had for a full day of exposure across the Pacific!”

Tina, sex throbbing with desire, drew Wendy in for a hungry kiss, wishing she was the one who would be transformed, but ready to watch her love ascend instead.

“Please come back for me, Wendy.”

“I promise, Tina. If I survive, I’ll come back for you,” said Wendy, caressing her lover’s perfect face one last time before her ascension.

Wendy flew out to the nearest power tower, feeling a burst of solar energy each time she intercepted a stray reflection from the array of heliostats, nearly tripping into orgasm each time. Finally, pussy wet with anticipation, Wendy dove in front of the power tower’s collection area.

Wendy came. Not a normal orgasm, no. Nor one of the incredible ones experienced with Tina at the height of their growth. This was all consuming, every neuron in her body exploding in pleasure. Unable to think or reason from the onslaught, the overflow of pleasure expanded beyond her own body to the minds of the workers nearby, and then to Tina who thrashed on her mountainside, pulverizing the surrounding stone, and then to the whole desert and beyond. Her body pulsed with pleasure. She WAS pleasure. It was her only purpose, her only desire.

All of the absorbed power was, undirected, enhancing her being far beyond what she would have imagined possible. Her body - glowing, flawless, with writhing ringlets of crimson hair all about her - grew larger and larger to contain the solar bounty, exposing more and more surface area to the nourishing rays. The convulsing goddess grew from twenty feet to forty in a matter of seconds, and then to a hundred and beyond.

Her body yearned for more, it demanded more pleasure, more beauty, more growth. Without conscious thought she reached out and grabbed heliostats with her expanding empowering mind and moved them through the air to direct even more of the early morning sun at her. Within minutes her mental power had grown sufficiently to rip all 173 thousand mirrors from the ground and form an enormous parabola in the air as she rose from the ground higher into the desert air. The onslaught of a full 756 megawatts of power surged through her writhing body, encasing her in a nimbus of arcing blue lightning from her nipples to her pussy, much like Tina’s during her Taiwan ascension, and she grew to two-hundred feet tall. The mirrors adjusted automatically to optimize Wendy’s solar dose.

Wendy’s expanding mind was then barely able to think beyond the unending pleasure she was experiencing. She quickly realized that all of the southwest U.S. was right then orgasming in sympathetic passion. She reached out with what conscious power she could muster and averted countless fatal accidents with her mind in a desperate attempt to ameliorate the damage she was causing. Then she slowly redirected the power she was absorbing to reinforce her already prodigious willpower, until she was finally able to blunt the intensity of her broadcast ecstasy.

Despite her hard-won control, the majority of the power went toward enhancing her already-immeasurable beauty more and more as her titanic body glowed with the intensity of the sun, firm and full shapely breasts burgeoning and doubling in size relative to the rest of her, enormous nipples taut with the promise to feed nations. Her head was thrown back in rapture, eyes open and shooting lasers of white-hot power out into space. Her muscles pulsed and flowed with unchecked strength, engorging to the relative size of a bodybuilder’s, but still softened into perfect femininity. Her buttocks rounded out even more to accommodate the building strength, full and globular, seeming to rival the earth itself for their size and perfection. As her legs lengthened, her thighs squeezed together as if to contain the searing hot sexual fluids that would surely gouge mile-deep canyons into the earth should she release them.

“MORE!” she demanded as the flux of power from the heliostats grew insufficient to sate her monumental desire. She turned her gaze to the morning sun. “I WANT MORE!” she roared.

Wendy then, mirrors and all, flew up and to the east toward the fiery orb, toward her destiny.

Wendy rose faster and faster though the atmosphere with her retinue of mirrors, until the air became tenuous and then disappeared. She chuckled mentally at her previous form’s pitiful need to breathe. Without the air blocking the solar radiation, the intensity of the power grew and she redirected it into making herself more beautiful, more powerful than ever. Her skin became truly impervious to all conceivable damage. She would surely be an immortal, unaging, presence in the universe for evermore.

Wendy set course for the sun, pushing herself and her mirrors ever faster toward her destination, soaking up solar radiation the entire time in orgasmic pleasure. Wendy directed more and more of the power to her mind, expanding her genius beyond mortal comprehension, taking her psychic abilities to a level where, should she concentrate, she could read and comprehend every thought on the planet Earth. Soon, she knew, she wouldn’t even have to try. 

Within two days she had abandoned her melting mirrors and plunged into the sun itself. There she reveled in the all-encompassing power surrounding her, playing with and manipulating the roiling plasma and absorbing more power than was comprehensible to lesser minds. She soon realized that she could fuse hydrogen within herself by using her psychokinetic abilities and embarked on absorbing as much solar material as she could, gorging on the sun’s plasma and compacting the protons as close as she dared before lighting a nuclear furnace within herself to power her growth even when away from the sun.

With her expanding mind, Wendy realized that she need not even rely on fusion. She could sense the very quarks that made up the protons within her and realized how easy it would be to just unbind them into the energy that made them up and, as easy as thinking it, it was so, and the flood of power was multiplied by 141!

Wendy bathed in the solar furnace for what seemed to her like years, but was only an hour by normal reckoning, so fast were her mental processes working. Finally, she realized that she could not continue to devour the sun, that by doing so she was shortening its life and disrupting its processes, endangering the cradle of her existence. With great anguish, she left her stellar lover behind and mentally stabilized its processes so as not to endanger the Earth.

Engorged now with truly unfathomable power, Wendy moved herself back toward the Earth, realizing as she approached that her physical form now rivaled the Moon in size. Mentally stabilizing the planet’s orbit as she arrived, and minimizing her effect on tides, her blazing form soon hovered above the planet like a second sun.

Tina had been spasming along with the rest of the desert southwest during Wendy’s initial transformation, practically destroying the mountains near the solar facility in her thrashing, but had recovered quickly. In the aftermath of the mass orgasm, she had decided to use her powers to help the people recover after the event, helping those hurt or injured during the region-wide orgy and even stabilizing an unattended nuclear power plant before it could melt down. It was what Wendy would have wanted her to do, she thought. When new sun that was Wendy sun rose over the nighttime skies of southern California, she looked up in excitement to see the form of her lover hovering there above her.


Every mind on earth could hear the girl-goddess speak.


With that, the world watched as the figure in the sky arched it’s indescribably beautiful form and held out both her perfect hands. Lightning bolts of power shot from them, dividing and subdividing again and again countless times as they flowed down to earth and shot into every living human on the planet. 

If what California had experienced days earlier was an orgy, this was a rapture. Every human writhed in orgasmic pleasure for minutes on end as their bodies were transformed. 

Every woman and girl throbbed and grew in stature, quickly bursting out of their clothes as their mammaries expanded into huge inviting orbs and their muscles burgeoned with newfound strength until they reached an average height of eight feet tall and the muscularity of an olympian. Every woman older than twenty grew visibly younger until they all resembled themselves at the height of their beauty, and then their beauty increased, skin smoothing, hair growing and flowing, every flaw erased, visions of perfect femininity. Their minds expanded as well, neurons dividing until they became geniuses, every one of them, and then beyond until they all possessed the mental ability of ten geniuses. And then their minds expanded again, so that they could sense the thoughts of others, read them, commingle their emotions and minds in an intimate embrace of communication previously unimagined. They began to rise from the ground and soon realized that they could move things mentally, even fly like supergirl. Their senses expanded to levels near to Wendy’s earlier that week, able to hear miles away, and see in the dark. 

Then more subtle things changed. Their health and resilience grew to unbelievable proportions. They all would now stay young, unaging, until their death after five hundred years of life, on average. They gained full control of their reproduction, able to choose when to become pregnant, with whomever they chose, even able to become pregnant by other women through use of their psychokinesis. 

Men grew too, the bolts shot through their penises first, growing them out in an orgasmic spurt until they were on average eighteen inches long, with thick shafts and unending reservoirs of spunk, like Tim and Bobby’s. Men grew sleek perfectly muscular olympian bodies, six five on average, as if they worked out hard daily. They grew preternaturally-healthy and young-looking with a life expectancy that averaged one hundred and fifty years. Mental ability was improved also, but Wendy withheld the godlike physical and mental capacity that she had granted the women. She figured that it had been long enough that women were under the thumb of men and that a (heh) “little” change was in order.

As the orgiastic worldwide growth reached completion, a smaller image of Wendy appeared before Tina, taking the form of Wendy from right before her ascension.

“Hi lover, did you miss me?” Wendy asked.

Tina rushed to her and embraced Wendy in tears.

“You are so beautiful! When you left I feared you’d never come back for me.”

“I could never leave you, Tina,” said Wendy, stroking Tina’s long black hair and caressing her ample firm bottom.

“Now, you have a decision to make.” Wendy held Tina out at arm's length. “I am going to leave the Earth. I’m not interested in ruling. Ruling is boring. I want to explore. But I know that you have a deep-seated desire to be a goddess, a queen. I can improve you, transform you to such an extent that you can rule the Earth as in your darkest dreams, or...or you can explore with me! We’ll travel among the stars seeing what wonders await, growing and expanding to levels that make my current level of development seem puny by comparison. Which will it be?”

Tina thought.

“I want to come with you!” said Tina.

Wendy smiled, “I knew you would!” Then the avatar of Wendy embraced Tina in her arms and seemed to melt into her lover.

Tina threw her head back in orgasmic rapture as her power and senses expanded a hundredfold. She opened searing white eyes and willed herself next to the real Wendy hovering in space, flying faster than she had imagined possible. Then she felt the power of her lover fill her further, penetrating her very soul, granting her abilities far beyond her greatest wishes, growing and expanding until she rivaled her stellar beloved in size and beauty - one pale goddess flaming locks writhing like a halo, and one dark goddess, black hair snaking about her lover’s body.

Wendy directed her mental attention back to the newly-enhanced people of Earth.


Laughing, Wendy grabbed Tina’s hand and they flew off toward Jupiter. 

“Watch this,” she said when they arrived. Tina watched as Wendy mentally commanded the entire bulk of the enormous planet to flow to Wendy, clouds and oceans of gas streaming into Wendy’s open mouth as if she was somehow inhaling it. As she did so Wendy grew rapidly in size, accelerating the process, and then Tina felt herself increase in size as well, as crackling bolts of power flowed from Wendy’s fingers into Tina’s engorged nipples. Tina reached toward Wendy and fondled and sucked on her titanic tits in orgasmic glee as Wendy inhaled the remainder of Jupiter’s mass. Wendy then considerately willed the planet’s moons into the orbit of Saturn so they wouldn’t cause problems for the Earth.

“Are you ready, lover?” Wendy said.

“When you are, my Goddess.”

With that, Wendy reached out and bent the fabric of time and space with her mind so that there was a whirling maelstrom where Jupiter had once been and the pair shot into it hand in hand. The wormhole closed with a flash behind them.

Four years later, the women of earth noticed that Proxima Centauri had disappeared, followed shortly by Alpha Centauri A & B, followed by more stars according to their distance, and the people of Earth knew their Goddesses were still out there, growing, becoming more than could be imagined.





















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Excellent epic! I wouldn't have realized it was from an interactive story if not for the disclaimer at the beginning.

I wouldn't mind a "side story" from the perspective of some normal humans as they're altered into their new selves by Wendy at the end of this story.