Kimmy’s Plaything

It happened in an instant. Our senior physics club was touring the giant MaWSI facility at Caltech in a room filled with superconducting magnets and lasers. Most of the kids were barely paying attention because Emily, a previously-mousy brunette who had returned from summer vacation with a new wardrobe, a new hairstyle, and, most importantly, new breasts, was wearing a tight sweater and no bra. Most of the boys were crowded around her, staring while they tried to come up with some way to talk with her. The tour guide was just shutting off the lights when it happened. A loud “pop” sounded as some circuit overloaded and several valves on the superconducting magnets quenched, flooding the room with vapor. Then a blinding green flash that left afterimages on my eyes shot out of the equipment like a lance toward Kimmy, my neighbor and best friend who was standing by my side. We all ran out of the room, of course, and didn’t realize that Kimmy hadn’t come with us until our eyes had cleared. We finally found her, unconscious and slumped against the wall in the darkened lab. 

The ambulance got there quickly and the EMTs bundled her away to the hospital. The rest of us were bussed there also to make sure that we were OK, but we were quickly released while poor Kimmy was still unconscious. 

It was a rough week. Kimmy’s parents were always at her side, only coming home periodically. At one point I overhead my dad talking to Kimmy’s dad from my bedroom window.

“I don’t know Bill. The doctor’s say she’s fine. Blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, hell, they even did an MRI on her head, but apart from the little scar on her forehead she’s fit as a fiddle, just...unconscious. They say her brain waves are active, like she’s dreaming or something, but she won’t wake up, no matter how hard Elaine or I…<sniff>...we read to her…” Kimmy’s dad broke down crying. I closed my window as quietly as I could.

Physics club was cancelled, of course, while the school tried to figure out if they were going to get sued. I got back to school work, trying to ignore the pall that had fallen over each class, but things got back to normal surprisingly quickly.

Two months later I was doing homework in my room when I noticed my neighbor’s car pull up in their driveway. Kimmy’s parents got out, happier than I’d seen them in ages, and opened the back door. Kimmy jumped right out, hugged them both, and then practically skipped up the front steps. I watched as the lights came on and the pizza delivery guy arrived, and I could just see their dining room, Kimmy’s hair shining, much longer than her usual bob cut, while she wolfed down slice after slice.

The next day was a Saturday. At breakfast, I mentioned to my parents that Kimmy was back, and we all went over to visit that afternoon. Her parents greeted us with a smile. My mom had baked cookies, of course, and they invited us in. Kimmy was there in a sundress, smiling, looking amazingly good for a girl who’d been in a coma for two months! The only sign of her trauma was the faint scar on her forehead right between her eyes. She descended on the cookies when my Mom set them down. 

After a bit, our parents continued talking while Kimmy led me upstairs to her room.

“Wow, Kimmy! What happened?”

“I don’t know Billy. One minute I was in that lab, when all hell broke loose and then...then I woke up in the hospital the other day. I-I don’t really remember much in between.”

“They said you were dreaming the whole time. Do you remember anything?”

Kimmy closed her eyes and scrunched up her forehead in concentration. The scar on her forehead scrunched up too, and I noted that it was faintly green, as if someone had colored it in with a green marker and she had tried to wash it off, or like the blue veins under a pale person’s skin, except green.

“I don’t know,” she said with a sigh. “Just...I remember a feeling”

“Well, I’m happy you’re back! My calculus grades have been suffering ever since you’ve been gone,” I joked.

Kimmy giggled and punched me lightly on the arm. Her little breasts jiggled with the effort, her sundress tight against them when she extended her arm. I tried to quickly look away, and was saved by a call from my parents downstairs.

After another week, Kimmy joined us in school again, and things brightened considerably. She took her usual spot next to me in class, when we had them together, and my grades improved in math as I would glance over to her page when I got stuck. At least, I did until she started turning in her tests so quickly.

It seemed that Kimmy had an answer to everything. Every time the teacher would ask a question, it was her hand that would shoot up. That never used to happen before. Kimmy had been smart, but not our valedictorian or anything. The second week back, she corrected Mr. Jameson on a calculus problem he had messed up on the blackboard. That same week, she recited what seemed like half of the Iliad from memory without a mistake. She got a standing ovation from Ms. Emmett for that. 

It didn’t help that, well, Kimmy appeared to be, um, developing. Her breasts, barely visible at the beginning of the school year, began to fill out her sweaters. I couldn’t tell if the sweaters were getting tighter or just her breasts getting bigger, but they were certainly showing! And she never wore a bra either, like she didn’t even notice the effect she was having on people. One day in Chemistry, we were lab partners, and she reached over for a test tube of something or other and brushed her breast against my arm. I could feel her hard nipple rake across my bicep as her pliable mammary squished up against me. Fuck! I spent the rest of the class trying to hide my hard on from her!

By the end of the third week at our Calculus midterm, Kimmy finished in ten minutes, and then practically skipped out of the classroom smiling at me, her breasts bouncing the whole way, nipples nearly boring holes through her sweater. I can tell you, my grade on that test was pretty bad, for a variety of reasons.

That evening I went over to her house and up to her room to ask what was going on.

“I don’t know Billy. Ever since the accident I just sort of soak up information like it’s nothing. Here, watch this!”

Kimmy threw over her Chemistry book.

“Turn to a random page and tell me the page number,” she says.

“Um, 244.”

She closes her eyes and begins. 

“...ring obeys Hückel's rule, where the number of π electrons fit the formula 4n + 2 (where n is an integer), it attains extra stability and symmetry. In benzene, the prototypical aromatic compound, there are 6 π bonding electrons (n = 1, 4n + 2 = 6). These occupy…” 

She rattled off the entire page, verbatim, and then began the next. She scrunched up her forehead and I could swear the little scar glowed a faint green. She began to rock gently on the bed, squirming. I could see her breasts bounce under her sweater as she rocked, her nipples more pronounced than ever before. She began to breathe hard, as if in arousal. I coughed and touched her arm, lightly, and she opened her eyes, staring into mine hungrily. She bit her lower lip as if deciding what to do next. My dick began to get hard in my jeans, and I shifted the chemistry book to hide it.

“Kimmy! Dinner time!” Her mom called up the stairs. I don’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t, but I got the impression that Kimmy might have jumped me right then, had she not.

That weekend I wasn’t able to visit Kimmy at all. I had a college tour that took me out of town until Sunday, but when I got back Sunday night I made a beeline to her house. I was met by her father at the door.

“I’m sorry. Kimmy’s a little under the weather,” he said, looking a little confused.

“Is she OK?”

“Oh, yes. Just a little cold. Nothing to worry about.”

I left and went back home, disappointed that we couldn’t continue from where we left off on Friday.

Kimmy was absent the next three days at school. I took her homework over, but was always met at the door by her mom or dad, looking dazed.

That Wednesday night, I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth, when I noticed that Kimmy had left her curtains open, and she was sitting on her bed with the lights on. I reached over and turned off the lights and stood to watch.

She just sat there, motionless, legs criss-crossed and wearing a t-shirt that used to be way too big for her, but which was now tented out with breasts the size of grapefruits, erect nipples poking out lewdly. Suddenly, her eyes opened, and she jumped up to do something beyond my line of sight. Then she bounded back to her bed, and resumed her position. Her unrestrained boobs bounced wildly, and I immediately became erect in my boxers, dick threatening to pop over the waistband.

I continued watching as she concentrated, breathing hard, her nipples sliding across the soft cotton of her shirt. Within a minute, she again bounded across the room and then leaped back onto her bed.

This time, she sat there for only a few seconds before she clapped her hands in excitement, but, instead of getting up, she just resumed staring hard across the room. She stared for at least five minutes, her breath coming harder and harder and her breasts seeming to inflate with every gasp. Then her eyes went wide and her smile broadened into a grin of relief and elation, and she fell back onto her bed panting, looking up at the ceiling.

Kimmy finally caught her breath, and then bit her lower lip mischievously in that cute way she did. Her hands reached up to caress her full breasts and she closed her eyes. I slowly pulled my boxers to my knees and began to stroke my never-harder dick. She pulled up her shirt, just a little, over legs that I had never remembered being so long and lithe, and exposed her shaven sex, slowly caressing her pussy lips while I watched.

“Billy! Everything OK? It’s a school night so get some sleep,” my mom called from downstairs. 

I quickly pulled up my underwear and ran to my room, leaving Kimmy to her pleasure. I jacked off three times to her the memory of her masturbating before I was able to fall asleep.

The next day, she still wasn’t at school, and when I went up to the bathroom to get ready for bed, a little early this time, her curtains were closed tightly. I went to bed disappointed and horny.

Friday night was different. I went into the bathroom and didn’t even turn on the light, hoping against hope that Kimmy would be in her room again. Her curtains were open! This time, she was dancing around her room in her panties and a too-tight top she used to wear to school, listening to something playing on her phone. Her breasts had grown to the size of cantaloupes, bouncing around under her shirt in time to the music. Her flat tummy was fully exposed, now with visible abs like a fitness competitor, all ridged and strong. Her long toned legs were bare, with only a pair of too-tight panties to cover her modesty. Her now firm rounded butt gyrated sexily, the stressed panties bunched up between her muscled glutes. I stiffened, and pulled my drooling prong through the fly of my boxers, quickly ramping up to the verge of coming.

Suddenly, Kimmy stopped, tuning halfway to the window, as if startled. I froze, afraid she could see me in the darkened bathroom not twenty feet away, but she just smiled and turned away and took out her earbuds. She reached out her hand to an unseen corner of the room, and a small embroidered pillow with a tasseled edge jumped into it as if thrown from an unseen roommate. I gasped. Was there someone else in there with her?

All thoughts of that nature disappeared as she pulled down her panties, exposing her perfect rear end to me through the window, and then turned, showing me her exquisite shaven pussy, little clit sticking out hungrily from her delectable lower lips.

Kimmy set the pillow on the bed, and slowly straddled it’s embroidered edge. Facing the window, she pulled her tight t-shirt over her head to expose her breasts, straining nipples almost touching the glass. She slowly began to hump the pillow, breasts bouncing. She threw her head, long shining blonde hair cascading down her back, and opened her mouth as if groaning. Kimmy reached up, and began to pull on her nipples, which responded by somehow becoming even harder as she ground into the pillow. I began to stroke my stiff cock in time to her rocking, grunting softly as we both got nearer to climax.

Kimmy clenched her eyes closed in her mounting passion, and I could again see the scar glow, much more obviously this time, as she got closer and closer to climax. Her humping became erratic, as did my stroking, right on the edge of release, and then she began to convulse in ecstasy as I came like a firehose, spattering the window with the largest load of my life. 

I stood there panting as Kimmy came down from her orgasm, spasming a little from the aftershocks. Then, catching her breath, she looked up directly at my window and smiled a huge smile as she pulled her curtains tight.

I scrambled to clean up, and spent a restless night dreaming of the spectacle.

I awoke to the sounds of a car being loaded. I looked out my window to see Kimmy’s parents, still clad in their pajamas, loading their car with suitcases, seemingly half-dazed. Within a half hour, the family’s SUV was packed and they jumped in the car and, with a confused look on their faces, drove away.

My phone buzzed. It was a text from Kimmy.

<Hey, could you come over today? I have something I really want to show you.> She followed this up with a bashful-face emoji.

I sent her a thumbs up, and then told her I’d come by after breakfast.

She sent me an eggplant.

I could hardly eat. Images of her naked body flashed through my mind and made my breakfast a confusing ordeal. What was she going to show me? Why did her parents leave in such a hurry? Could we maybe...have sex? My heart was beating quickly as a jackrabbit’s and my dick kept wanting to burst out of my jeans.

At last, I told my parents I was going for a walk, and slipped out, making a show of walking down the street before doubling back down the alleyway to Kimmy’s back door. She was there to meet me.

Stunning is the only applicable word for her. Kimmy used to be five-feet even, flat chested, and blonde, with a short bob cut. Cute, like a pixie, even pretty, but nothing like the girl who stood on her back porch.

Kimmy was at least six feet tall now, with huge breasts the size of volleyballs riding high on her chest squeezed into a way-too-tight shirt. Her cobbled abs were fully exposed, each deeply cleft, just softened by the slightest bit of feminine fat. The cutoff jeans she wore must have been her mom’s, but even then her hips were so wide the top two buttons of the fly had to be left open. Her long toned legs were well muscled and flexed slightly as she tapped her bare foot on the wood impatiently. She frantically motioned with muscular arms to come in.

“Kimmy, what happened?”

“Do you like my new body?” she asked, turning slightly to emphasize her perfect ass. “I think you do, judging by the amount of spunk you left on the window last night.”

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Better than ever Billy!” She skipped to the couch, her breasts almost bouncing out of her shirt, and patted the seat beside her. I followed, almost afraid of her.

“Let me tell you what I’ve learned! So, you remember how I had memorized my textbook last week? Well that’s not all! Ever since the hospital stay things have been easy, and getting easier. When you went to visit colleges last weekend I began...feeling something from my mom and dad. Like, their emotions. It was weird. Then on Sunday it was like they were an open book. Every emotion they had just flashed into my mind, and then...thoughts. They were thinking about me! Worrying. They had noticed that I was getting bigger,” Kimmy cupped her breasts and I shivered. “And were wondering if I needed to go back to the hospital. I didn’t want to do that! Whatever was happening to me, it was the best experience of my life! I tried to suggest that it was better if I stayed home, but they caught on pretty quickly and were going to call the doctor. That’s when it happened. I was wishing against hope that they would change their mind and then they...just did! It was like flipping a switch! I could just sort of “push” any old idea into their heads and they would do it as if it was their own.

“I figured that I wanted to stay home that week and see what else I could do, so I had them call in sick for me! I concentrated on improving my body, and it slowly responded, growing into the girl you see before you,” she stood and twirled, and then stood, arms akimbo, hip to one side and abs flexing sexily.

“Oh, it was so much fun! I’d stay up all night and all day - oh, I don’t need sleep anymore - and practice. On Wednesday, I had a breakthrough. I could move things with my mind! At first, it was little things - knocking a pencil off my desk from across the room - but then I could even put the pencil back. Then it was bigger things! Like...pillows,” she winked.

I blushed, and my dick got hard.

“Lemonade?” she said.

I jumped in my seat as a tray with two glasses and a pitcher of lemonade floated into the room. The pitcher poured the lemonade smoothly into the glasses as Kimmy examined her nails, feigning disinterest. A glass floated to me, and I took it. Kimmy took hers and downed it in one gulp. The tray floated back to the kitchen. I sat the glass down, unable to drink, what with the butterflies in my stomach.

“I’ve been practicing all night, Billy. Improving myself.” She looked me right in the eyes. “All for you!”


“You’re my best friend, Billy. I’ve always loved you, and now I can be the kind of girl you always wanted! Oh, Billy! Be my lover!”

Kimmy stepped back and extended her arms and legs, spread eagled. She closed her eyes and wrinkled her forehead in concentration. Her scar began to glow an intense green as she rose from the floor. Then, I heard the sound of fabric ripping, and gasped as her whole body seemed to expand, ripping out of her borrowed clothes. First the arms of her t-shirt ripped open as her shoulders grew big and round with feminine muscle, then her nipples tore through the front, the cotton no match for their hardness. As the shirt fell away, the last button popped off her cutoffs, exposing the very top of her moistening pussy. Her legs grew through the seams of the jean shorts like sausages bursting in the microwave until she was a seven-foot naked glowing goddess hovering in above me.

She opened her eyes, now glowing green like the scar in her forehead.

“Fuck me, Billy!” she ordered.

Well, what was I going to do? I stripped off my clothes as quickly as I could, dick bobbing and straining harder than it's ever been. She lifted me from the floor with her mind and cuddled me against her warm bare breast.

“This will never do!” she said, looking down at my relatively-pitiful tool.

She reached down and grasped my dick in her huge fist and stroked. Her arm glowed green and I came, semen spurting up and raining down onto her pumping hand. She giggled and continued stroking, my dick stretching and thickening with each caress until it was a foot long and as thick as my arm. I came again as she gave it a final jerk. When she removed her hand, I was still hard. My balls were both like grapefruits now, gurgling with cum. She straddled me midair and pulled me slowly into her perfect pulsing sex, groaning with the sensation.

“Oh, God! It’s so good! Better than I ever hoped!” she gasped. 

Then I was pulled out with her telekinesis and then slammed back in, over and over until I came buckets full. I almost blacked out with the sensation, but I felt her invade my mind and tweak my consciousness somehow so I could never again pass out, or even sleep, for that matter. Then she smiled and pulled my face into her cleavage and did it again and again.

I don’t know how long we fucked. It must have been all day. The best day of my life, that’s for sure! She kept growing, of course, taking my dick up with her. I’m sure you saw her house after, completely smashed to splinters. Urrrrgh! Fuck! Excuse me! 


Billy’s dick jerked as he came again, one of countless ejaculations since that fateful day a week ago. Three-feet wide and twelve feet long his enormous penis pulsed over and over as he came gallons of semen from his beanbag-sized testicles. He groaned at the ecstacy. It seemed to happen every twenty minutes now, much less frequently than when they found him in the ruins of Kimmy’s house. Scientists rushed away with the collected ejaculate for testing.

“And do you know where Kimberly Jacobsen went?”

“I’ve no idea. She just got bigger and bigger, and glowed greener and greener until she faded away, leaving me with a twelve-foot cum beast. I don’t know where she went after that, although I wish I did.” Billy’s eyes glazed over a little at the thought.

“Do you know of her plans?”


“Mister Jones, we’d like to keep you here for observation. We’ll be in touch.” The man flipped his notebook closed and began to leave. He stopped at the door and turned.

“If Kimmy comes by to visit, you’ll let us know?” he said.

Billy smiled at the thought. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll know when it happens. Everyone will.”



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