Apotheosis: Alternate Version


By yearends and delta7447

Set in the "Super Goddess" universe created by Akane

Ellie Kare is an original character of Ash Kare, used with permission.


December 7, 2174


Britney Atwater appeared in Jennifer Martinette's private lab, the Super Goddess moaning in pain in her arms.


"Jen, what's going on?" Britney asked, worried. There shouldn't be anything--well, nothing physical, anyway--capable of causing a Super Goddess this much discomfort.


"Get... someone..." Jen forced herself to say. "Irina..."


Britney nodded. For all that every Super Goddess was theoretically every other one's equal in all endeavours, each had their own preferences and proclivities, which informed their various fields of expertise, and when it came to pure science, as well as understanding a Super Goddess's powers, none of them came close to Irina Volkoba.


Putting out the mental call, Britney laid Jen on a padded table, created a chair, and sat down, holding her hand.


"It'll be all right," she said soothingly. "Nothing we can't fix."


"I... can feel... it..." Jen whispered. "Everything... I can see... everyone... change... anything, do... anything..."


"You can do that already," Britney reminded her.


"No... anything, Britney... anything at all..." Jen passed out.


A few moments later, Irina appeared. "This had better be important, Britney. I was just about to unravel the time paradox around the Avi--" She cut herself short as she sensed what was happening with Jen. "What'd you do." Her voice was flat and hard.


"We were playing around, cheat codes from old games," Britney explained.


Irina nodded impatiently.


"Anyway after the first few just gave us massive orgasms, I decided to enter a 'God mode' cheat from an old game. Thought it wouldn't do anything. Instead, well, you can see for yourself."


"Well, obviously that's not what happened," Irina pointed out needlessly. "I'll have to drain off the excess power."


"And put it where?"


Irina reached into her cleavage and pulled out a flask made of pure Super Goddess power. "I've been experimenting with storing bits and pieces of my own power, to see what uses it can be put to. Haven't come up with anything that it wouldn't just be easier to do myself, but..." She thought for a moment. "I'm going to need your help."


"My help?" Britney was quite surprised. She couldn't think of anything she could add that Irina's greater power couldn't already accomplish.


"All that other magic you picked up while you were gallivanting about other realities. I think this would be safer if you formed a tube out of that through which I can siphon the excess. Remember when you tried passing some of it to Jennifer?"


Britney nodded. Not long after she'd gotten back she and Jen had looked at what would happen if Britney tried to put a little "foreign" magic in Jen's system. As it turned out, a Super Goddess's power was so strong that it simply rejected any such "invasion". If that held true even when it was being moved from one place (such as it was) to another, Irina might well be right.


Focusing, Britney set aside the power that she'd received from Jennifer, drew up the other magic she'd absorbed. Thankfully her own power hadn't rejected it, and made it fully self-replenishing, so she had no worry about losing it. She rather enjoyed the randomness it imbued to her abilities.


With the supernatural tube formed between Jen's essence and Irina's flask, the Russian Super Goddess began probing at Jen's very being, attempting to separate the other Super Goddess's own power from the excess that had been forced into her somehow, slowly draining it away until she determined the key property that differentiated them. Moments later, the flask was full and Jen was sitting up, looking as hale and chipper as ever.


"OK, now that that's over," Irina said, getting up to place the bottled power carefully on a shelf, "could you please explain just what you were thinking?"


Jen smirked. "Maybe it'd be easier if Britney just showed you."


"Not if you're gonna do whatever you did to Jen to me," Irina said.


"Don't worry, I know not to do that again any time soon," Britney said, pointing a finger at Irina to change her clothing into what Jen had worn for her stream. Tapping the shirt in the same way she had for Jen, Irina swiftly was overcome with a powerful climax.


When she recovered, she said, "Well, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting that. Does open up some new avenues for research, though."


Jen, once again, had that incredibly smug look on her face.


"Unless you've already done it all and didn't tell the rest of us about it," Irina said, a hint of accusation in her voice.


"Maybe," Jen said, her mind as closed to another Super Goddess as it was to any ultipotent.


"You're gonna make me do all the hard work myself, aren't you."


"You mean the fun work," Jen corrected.


"I'm not especially interested in playing video games, Jen. I've got world-changing discoveries to make."


"You don't have to play them, just research their cheat codes."


Irina sighed. "Maybe another time. But why did a 'God mode' cheat do that?" she wondered. "We're already as powerful as we can be."


"Not really," Britney pointed out. "You're all equally powerful, but in theory any one of you could become more powerful. It would basically make that one the equivalent to the others what you are to ultipotents like me. That Super Goddess would be able to strip any of the rest of you of her powers, or elevate you, in whatever hierarchy she pleased, or even put non-Super Goddesses above Super Goddesses."


Jen nodded. "We like to say we're omnipotent, and it's a fair approximation, but we're not, since there's more than one of us. So it is a bit of a conceit to call ourselves 'Goddesses,' at least depending on your cultural perspective on the matter."


"All right," Irina said, "so by activating this 'God mode,' Jen started to ascend beyond the rest of us?"


"Sure felt that way," Jen said. "Except that I couldn't control it. It was like I was having some sort of seizure from the excess power flooding me. It was all I could do to not let my subconscious simply reshape reality the way the part of me my Super Empathy normally keeps firmly repressed would want."


"Like how?" Britney asked, curious.


"Well, for starters, I'd probably fix whatever's wrong with Sofia."


Britney and Irina shrugged. That didn't sound so bad.


"And then I'd probably depower Yomi and block Shizuka from powering her back up."


That drew a more nervous nod from the other two. They had both always been a little uneasy about Yomi Shirogane enjoying ultipotence, but as a general rule Super Goddesses didn't second-guess other Super Goddesses on most matters, and besides, they all knew Shizuka would just re-empower her.


"And then I'd probably make Britney a Super Goddess, and then lead us all to the sort of universal domination I'd likely believe we deserve," Jen finished.


"What?" Irina exploded.


"Why wouldn't I want the woman who raised me almost from birth to be a Super Goddess? I feel as strongly for her as I do for you, Irina, after all. And as for the other, we're omnipotent and omniscient--and in this instance, that would be quite literally true of me--so, I would think, why shouldn't we rule? We know what's best for everyone better than they do, after all. I could just look along all the possible futures and see which one turns out best, and force everyone down that path," Jen pointed out.


Irina got up, marched over to the flask, and shoved it back in her cleavage. "Never use that code again," she instructed Britney firmly.


"Hey," said Jen, "I didn't say we just couldn't use it. We just have to make it safe, so that the extra power doesn't circumvent our Super Empathy."


"And doesn't send you into the equivalent of a seizure," Britney added.


Irina glared at the pair. "And just how do you intend to do that?"


"Stabilize it. Imbue it with a reinforcement for Super Empathy." Jen chuckled. "Make sure it doesn't get us drunk."


"And what would be the point of taking such an incredible risk?" Irina pressed.


"We know there are Super Witches out there," Jen said. The Super Goddesses had long known of the possibility, of course, but had tried to keep anyone else from finding out until they discovered that Britney had come to the same conclusion independently. "And while we've made a few contingency plans, we couldn't actually drive one off if she didn't want to leave. All we could do is try to make it as boring as possible for her, but that would still leave everyone else stuck as part of Ha-neul. Not the worst fate, mind you, but not great. But if we had a way, a safe way, of making one of us more powerful, then she could send the Super Witch away for good, put up a barrier against her that still lets anyone else through, and we can all live in relative peace."


Irina nodded. All of them thought that it was pretty unlikely a Super Witch would bother a reality with over a dozen Super Goddesses, but they also knew that being omnipotent and immortal meant that they could plan for any and every contingency, however remote.


Besides, some realities--realities with people they cared about--weren't so lucky.


"How do you propose to do it, then?" the Russian asked.


Jen smiled. "Well, we're gonna need a few ingredients."




February 14, 2175


It had taken some time to figure out just what all would be necessary to make the "Ascension Formula", as they'd all come to call it, safe for Super Goddess consumption.


"What if one of us took it?" Britney had asked at one point.


"Brain death, probably," Jen had said as she probed the mixture of raw omnipotence and a little of Britney's otherworldly magic. "I think the only people who could handle it are the ones who are, fundamentally and in origin, pure magic."


"And that means a Super Goddess."


Jen had smiled, a bit sadly. "I'm afraid so. Sorry. You're just going to have to trust us."


"I always do," Britney had said, hugging the other, "and I do."


The hardest ingredient to procure had been Paula's Super Empathy. Not because Paula was unwilling to help, but because it didn't manifest as strongly as Paige's.


"Sorry," Jen said. "I know that was more difficult than it should have been, but even Paige can't quite substitute in this."


"It's all right," Paula said. "I know how much this means to you, and mine's the strongest, after all."


The mixture now was a hodgepodge of all sorts of things, Britney thought, examining it. She could see strains of her own power, of course. Jennifer had realized early on that she would need to dilute the bottled power somehow, cutting it with other magic, making it less potent than it might be but, she hoped, more stable. She asked other ultipotents for a sample of their power, also: Blake, the only man raised to ultipotence; Aisha, the Elf; Naomi, as a hybrid. All of them had unique properties that altered their magic in some unanticipated way.


After that, Jen and Irina had decided that they needed a thorough dose of Super Empathy, and that meant two people: Suzie and Paula. Paula, for her part, had the strongest Super Empathy among all the Super Goddesses, though it didn't always manifest as strongly as Paige's due to Paula's enjoyment of certain activities. Suzie, for her part, was the only ultipotent to have what was effectively an implanted form of Super Empathy, Paige having been careful to foster that within her friend as she slowly elevated the other to ultipotence.


Now all the people who'd worked on the project stood around the workbench, looking at the concoction.


"I give it fifty-fifty," Irina said.


"Fifty-fifty for what?" Naomi asked, a bit impatient to get back to Kareland. It wasn't that Nadia wasn't perfectly competent and, of course, equally powerful; it was just that her realm was her responsibility.


"Whether it makes whichever of us drinks it even more powerful or deletes her from existence."


"What?" Britney said. "You didn't mention this before!"


Irina, Jennifer and Paula sent out a blast of power, fixing the timeline in place, forcing whatever all of them had done to remain so, even if the drug failed and caused its user never to have existed.


"So which of us should take it?" Jennifer asked.


"You're the only one with experience," Paula pointed out.


"Such as it is," Irina added. Jennifer shook her head and smiled a bit.


"Happy birthday to me, I guess," she said, and downed the vial.


Jennifer Martinette vanished, as if she had never been.




The two Super Goddesses and four ultipotents looked at each other.


"Is she still here?" Blake asked.


"Considering that I still remember her," Aisha said, "I'm assuming that if she no longer exists, at least that's only the case going forward."


"Not quite," Irina said. "If she had ceased ever to have been, you would have two sets of memories now. Rather confusing to reconcile, probably."


There was a soft giggle in the air, but not heard, or even thought. It was as if reality itself was giggling.


"Jen?" Britney asked tentatively.


There was no answer, but Irina's hands began moving, quite clearly against her will, to her crotch, and she began to masturbate.


Paula, meanwhile, lost control of her body entirely, and began doing a striptease, projecting to the others not to worry about the pheromone buildup; she could tell that some greater force than her was locking those in.


As Britney looked around, she saw Paige McDowell appear, stroking a massive cock in and out of Park Ha-neul, while Elza Sabini also popped in.


"Jen's making me do this," she said in a gorgeous, melodic voice that almost brought all four ultipotents to their knees in orgasm. "I just want to say that I love all of you, except maybe Irina, because you exposed Bianca to so many pheromones that I have to look up to look her in the eyes. I hate looking up!" Elza blushed harder the more she spoke.


"You know, Elza, you have a lovely voice," Naomi said. "I'd love to hear more of it."


Elza blushed even harder. Britney could feel that she was trying to teleport away out of embarrassment, but something was preventing it.


More Super Goddesses appeared as Jen demonstrated how powerful she had become. Zheng Mei and Lei popped in, kissing like they were lovers who had been apart too long, groping each other's bodies in all the right spots. M'Wela Mutegaraba and Shizuka Hirose also appeared, in the throes of furious lesbian sex.


Brunhilde von Wittgenstein then appeared, in the middle of a hardcore orgy with her own clones while cameras floated about, taking pictures from every possible and impossible angle as the photographer violated herself repeatedly. And Britney's stomach leaped into her throat as Sofia showed up, but she relaxed as she realized the Super Goddess who wished she weren't was sitting on a stool naked, bound and gagged, wearing a conical dunce cap.


"Not going to do anything to us, Jen?" Britney asked.


The purpose of reality seemed to shift, from simply allowing existence to articulating a certain message. Why should I? it now communicated. I can do that any time I like. But this... this is new. This is fun.


"This is dangerous," Britney replied. "You're out of control again."


No I'm not. Reality seemed petulant. I'm completely in control. Of everything.


Britney looked down as her hand moved up to grope her boob. "Where are you, Jennifer?" she asked, beginning to gasp as her fingers pinched her nipple. "What are you?"


I'm everywhere. I'm everything. I'm everyone. I'm all that ever was, is, or will be. There is nothing except me.


"Jennifer," said Aisha even as Blake slipped his cock in her ass and Naomi began eating her out, "you have to let us fix this. This isn't right. We're not simply your toys to do with as you like. And especially not them."


But I don't want you to fix this. Reality pouted. I like being this way. This is what I was meant to be. I know that now.


"That's the power talking, Jennifer," Aisha said. "Not you."


I am my power. Power is my reality. Reality is me. Everyone in the room found themselves unable to do anything but laugh along with reality. More ultipotents appeared as Jen pulled them in, all engaged in various sorts of sexual activity. Even Sofia's monstrous ultipotents were there, clustered around their mistress, restrained just as she was.


Britney looked around the lab as Aisha fell silent. Every single Super Goddess and ultipotent had been dragged in there, forced into sexual activity or otherwise too embarrassed by what they were doing to be able to act. Even she found that she could not entirely cease what she was doing, though she could move between breasts, or down to her pussy if she preferred. She could no longer sense Jennifer's direct presence, though, and felt no block on her powers.


Jacking the twelve-inch cock she'd just given herself, Britney teleported away.




Jennifer was high on the unrestrained power of true omnipotence.  How did she ever put up with such constricting limitations?


Her mind roared with possibilities. Since her mind was now indistinguishable from reality, every idea she had came to life.  Bolts of lightning shot from one end of the universe to the other, manifesting even her brain’s nerve impulses.


She produced enormous fistfuls of the building blocks of life and tossed them haphazardly into the void of space, instantly producing trillions of vibrant galaxies teeming with life of all sorts, including several that hadn’t existed before now: macroscopic and sentient bacteria, an avant-garde species composed of a new form of matter, even a galaxy populated entirely by sentient celestial bodies--there were no limits!  She could even reach back in time billions of years and create a certain race destined to evolve into beings of pure energy--so, of course, she made it happen.


On a whim, literally everything became an erogenous zone.  Any sort of movement anywhere, on any scale, stimulated her beyond comprehension.  Super Orgasms rushed through her entire omnipresent being as beams of infinitely powerful and equally orgasmic energy.  As one such beam struck a cluster of galaxies she made, their inhabitants were hypersexualized into an overwhelmingly fecund race of succubi, all innately gifted with Jennifer’s sexual mastery.  A flash of light between their legs produced intricate tattoos over their wombs, enhancing their fertility, sensitivity, magical power, and, of course, marked them as hers.  They were extensions of her will and senses. She experienced anything and everything they did, allowing her to enjoy the centillions of orgasms of her succubi worshipping her infinite glory in the only way appropriate for a goddess as supremely erotic as her: eternal and relentless orgies.


Without any input from her, her succubi went out of their way to ensure their fucking was enjoyable for their goddess before anything else, which actually touched her.  She spread her gratitude to her demonic worshippers with another Super Orgasm-scaled blast of pure erotic energy, augmenting their orgasms to a truly unfathomable degree.


On Earth, pandemonium reigned.  Humans, peak humans, and Enhanceds alike were paralyzed in the throes of orgasms more powerful than anything they had experienced before.  Every ultipotent and Super Goddess was thoroughly locked away and not worth her attention.  There were entire universes of lesser beings who did not yet know the true extent of her magnificence!


Over a century ago, young Elza experimented with her invulnerability in several universes of her creation.  One of them caught Jennifer’s omniscient eye.


After withstanding the full force of a planet-busting space station’s main weapon, Elza destroyed the entire moon-sized station by simply inhaling, sucking the whole thing into herself.  That universe served her purpose and she moved on, but she left it alone.  Over the following century, plenty of other planet killers were built and destroyed--almost like it was a long-spanning trend.  The government that built the superweapon Elza ultimately destroyed thought so highly of themselves, treating themselves like they ruled the universe.  Despite that, they didn’t see the flaw in their logic of simply rebuilding their destroyed planet killer.  Jennifer couldn’t resist the urge to teach them a lesson in humility.


Despite being the dominant superpower in their galaxy, they still thought it necessary to have excessively tight security and be as stuffy and stern as possible at all times.  Even the slightest negligence of a single officer meant severe punishment for their entire platoon.  Jennifer had to admit it worked, but it was certainly not healthy.  She decided to start remedying that.


An armored security guard noticed her uniform was getting tight.  Her body was growing larger and more voluptuous, to the point that the plastoid armor was getting bent, displaced, and ultimately falling off herself.  It was designed to protect against laser fire, so it was light and not particularly sturdy--good thing, otherwise she would have suffocated before her armor gave way.  Her body glove was better designed, remaining intact despite her new enormous form.


She tried to run for the nearest armory to get new armor for her enlarged form and hopefully figure out what was happening to her, but her hair was growing rapidly, filling her helmet and stifling her ability to breathe.  She had to take it off to keep from asphyxiating.  As she did so, the airtight seal in her suit was opened, letting the flood of pheromones that caused her sudden growth out and into the room, quickly finding their way into the station’s ventilation systems.


At that same instant, her superior entered the room and immediately froze in his tracks.  He was about to chastise her for being out of uniform while on duty, but her new and profound allure caused him to swiftly disregard protocol.  He dropped his pants as she unzipped her body glove and the two began fucking right then and there.  Their lust produced more pheromones, enhancing their sexual attributes and getting them hornier and hornier.  His cock grew larger, her body grew even more Junoesque, to the point of resembling a pair of fertility gods.  The bigger they got, the more sensitive their bodies became.  The rush from growing almost outweighed the experience of actual sex.


Meanwhile, pheromones rushed through the station, affecting everyone on board before long.  A few particularly defiant individuals attempted to fight it, reroute the ventilation system, attempt to purge them of the pheromones, or even put on a personal respirator to save themselves, but they all ultimately succumbed.  Of course, once they had, their opinion on the affliction changed completely.  They all experienced their first rampant, out-of-control sexual experience of their lives and were all instantly hooked.  They had no idea how it started, but every instinct they had demanded its origin be worshipped, who or whatever it was.


In under an hour, the station’s normal operations were universally ignored in favor of a 2.5 million-person orgy.  Just like the first guard, everyone affected by the pheromones became sexual titans with insatiable libidos.


Jennifer’s pheromones didn’t just affect the station’s crew--it also affected the station itself, though the effects took some time to manifest.  The latent power within her pheromones caused the entire station’s design to shift.  Over the course of a week, it went from a spherical menace to an enormous and curvaceous sexbot, looking very much like its crew.  As their lust grew, so did the station’s.  Before long, it had no choice but to release all the pent-up sexual energy it built up so rapidly.  The station’s main weapon transformed into a colossal penis, which promptly fired an intensely powerful beam of pure orgasmic energy.


The beam was sustained for years without end.  The station’s energy reserves should have been depleted, but they never wavered in the slightest.  Thanks to the unrelenting orgies of the crew within, the station gained not only enough power to function indefinitely, but also become sentient.  It was just as confused as its crew upon their transformation, but it quickly put together a plan: sexually subjugate the galaxy and present it to its benefactor as tribute.


Jennifer’s focus was diverted to the galaxies with her hordes of succubi worshippers, since she intended to give them an experience they’d never forget.  She was pleasantly surprised and amused by what had happened with the space station.


Accepting its tribute would have to wait, however, as her attention was abruptly torn away by an unexpected visitor.




Britney cast her senses around what Jen had created in the instant it had taken for her to teleport from the lab to where she could tell Jen was most focused. It was, she had to admit, quite impressive, but then for someone who literally controlled the very purpose of reality itself she supposed something like this was only to be expected.


"Jen?" Britney asked. "Where are you?"


I'm here. And there. And everywhere. Jen once again turned reality's purpose toward communication.


"It's very impressive what you've done here," Britney continued.


Thank you. Britney found herself blushing in gratitude, and realized that Jen's emotions overrode those of any other being.


"Is this what you want to do with the rest of the universe?"


The universe. The multiverse. All multiverses. I am reality, after all. Everything exists as I will it.


Britney shuddered. Something had clearly changed about Jennifer. "Do I exist as you will it?"


I am why you exist.


"Do you wish me to exist?"


If I did not wish you to exist, you would not.


"And is this how you wish me to exist?"


How do you wish to exist, Britney Atwater?


"You know how I wish to exist, Jen."


Silence answered her.


"You still can't change yourself, can you? You can change everything else... but not yourself."


I could make you want this.


"But you can't make yourself want it."


Once again there was silence.


"If you're going to be changing reality to your will, Jen... start with me. I raised you. I've known you almost all your life. You tried to protect me, and you failed. So don't try now. Don't fail again. Change me first, make me what you want me to be, what you think you need me to be. I think... I think you owe me that much, at least. Do me the kindness of not having to see what you do and hate you for it."




"Do that. Then I won't be here to tell you not to do anything, will I? I won't be the one ruining all the fun you have by telling you how to be responsible, how to be a good Super Goddess."


A Super Goddess? I could make you one.


This time it was Britney's turn to be silent.


I could make you more than one. Would you like that, Britney Atwater? Would you like to be able to make Ha-neul and Paula and Elza and Sofia dance like marionettes on your strings?


Britney shuddered. The Jen she knew would never have said anything like that. "No, I wouldn't."


Maybe I won't give you a choice. Maybe I'll make you want it.


"You could do that. But then would I really be Britney any more?"


You would be if I said you are!


"But would I be the Britney you remember?"


You're already not the Britney I remember!


That set Britney aback. "What?"


Reality began to hiss, and Britney could feel an oppressive force around her, crushing her. Ever since you came back with... her. You love her. You love her more than me.


A sense of accusation slammed into Britney, as if she had been prejudged, found guilty of a terrible crime, sentenced to... she didn't know. Yet. "I love you also, Jen."


Not as much as you love her.


Ellie Kare appeared at Britney's side, looking lost, confused and utterly terrified. "What's going on?" she asked quietly.


Britney didn't answer her. "I love both of you."


You love her more!


"No, I don't. I love her. And I love you, Jennifer. I love both of you equally. I can't imagine my life without either of you. That's not a life I want to have. And if you're going to make me choose... choose for me. It's in your power. But I can't choose. I would rather cease to be than have to make that choice."


I could do that.


"Then do it. Choose for me, or end me. Because I can't choose."




"Do it. Or leave. Make your own reality, where you can be happy. Your own reality, with your own version of me and everyone else. Just the way you want it. No pre-existing bonds getting in the way."


Britney, I...


"You can't, can you? It's as impossible a choice for you as it is for me. Because you can't contemplate life without me any more than I can imagine life without you, no matter what else comes along with it."


Don't push me, Britney. A sense of anger pervaded reality, and Britney screamed in pain as existence itself tried to reject her, force her out. And yet she still existed. Still was.


"Do it, Jen!" she screamed around the pain. "Do it! If this is what you want, take it! It's yours to give and to take! So hurry up and do it!"


The anguish intensified. Britney could tell Ellie's mind was racing, caught in something she knew nothing about. Something she shouldn't ever have been involved in. With the last vestiges of her strength Britney forced Ellie away. "It's me you want! Not her, me! You want to be angry at someone, be angry at me! I'm the one who went away, found someone else! But you're the one who's making me choose!"


Britney... please... don't make me do this...


"I'm not making you do anything! This is your choice, your course!"


And I can't choose either!


Suddenly the pain vanished. Britney cast her mind about. Nothing. No sense of consciousness, of directed purpose, behind existence. She reached out to the lab. The forced debauchery had ceased, and she noticed then that she was no longer furiously stroking her dick.


And she couldn't detect, even at secondhand, Jennifer Martinette anywhere.




"Is she just... gone?" Carol Tremblay asked Britney a few hours later, as they played chess, both of them having shut off those parts of their minds that allowed them to compute all possible outcomes within moments.


"I don't know. I hope not. I hope she found a place where she can be happy. Where she can simply order all things to her liking, without her emotions getting in the way."


"I didn't think that was within her. Part of her."


"I don't think it was. I think the power was simply too much. Too intoxicating for anyone to handle. The specifics might have changed, but I doubt it would have mattered who took it."


"Were you tempted?" Carol asked. "More than a Super Goddess, she said."


"No," said Britney. "Not for a moment. If I was meant to be a Super Goddess, I would have been born one. Since I wasn't, I didn't want to be one." She smiled suddenly. "Besides, Ha-neul's right. There's some things that are just easier for us ultipotents."


Carol laughed. "Remember how I was when Jen first gave us these powers? I probably would've gone insane if I had to keep forcing my breasts down in size!"


"I remember," Britney said, smiling, moving a rook. "Check."


Carol quirked an eyebrow. It was rare that Britney ever managed to put her king in check. She moved a bishop to take the rook.


Britney moved her knight from in front of her queen. "Double check."


Carol moved her king. Britney moved a bishop, and Carol pushed her king over.


"Maybe Jen did change you a little."


"Nah," said Britney, setting up the pieces again. "That's, what, our hundredth game this session?"


"Yes, but two of them were stalemates."


"Maybe I picked up a thing or two from Irina," Britney said with a shrug.


Just as Carol made her second pawn move, a small voice came from off to the side. "Hi."


Both ultipotents turned to see Jennifer Martinette, looking dirty, worn down, and shrunken.


"Hi, Jen," Britney said quietly.


"Britney. I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry..."


Britney jumped up to embrace her friend. "It's all right, Jen. I know that wasn't you."


"Except it was. Well, it wasn't... but it was. It's confusing. I don't know what was me and what was not me and what was something about me that I didn't know was there and what was the power talking and what was being the universe itself talking and..." Jen trailed off from her rambling.


"What happened, Jen?" Carol asked as Britney cradled the Super Goddess.


"Britney tricked me. I don't know if she meant to, but... I did as she said I should. Went away, to make my own reality. Except, once I left, I wasn't reality any more. All that extra power just vanished. Couldn't do what I wanted then. So I needed some time to think. And... I'm sorry. And it's not something I'll ever do again. Not something I think any of us will do again." Jen smiled weakly. "Thank you."


"What about everything you did?" Britney asked. "All the beings you created in an instant."


"They exist now," Jennifer said. "Whatever I might wish now... they exist. And nobody has the right to take that away from them."


"And what was that at the end? I didn't think there was anything that could make a Super Goddess betray her own like that," Britney said.


"I guess... I wasn't really a Super Goddess any more, right then. I was too caught up in being what I thought I'd become, what I thought I should always have been, to care about what I always was. And I wanted you to agree with me, no matter what it meant for anyone else. No matter what even I would have thought about it."


"Do you think the others would have done the same?"


"I don't know," Jen said. "And I don't want to find out. Irina was right. It's too dangerous." Her smile was stronger. "I think from now on we should avoid God mode."


"Dang. And I was about to try typing I-D-D-Q-D," Britney said mildly.


Jennifer laughed, a genuine laugh, one of joy and mirth. Britney hugged her tighter as she realized that her friend was back. "I think," said Jennifer, "that I owe you finding out what my code does to you."


Britney shot a sideways glance at Carol. "Together?"


Carol held up her hands as the Super Goddess and the ultipotent approached, smiles on their faces. "Jen, Britney? What are you going to do? It's not going to make me like... that, is it?"


"Don't worry," said Jen. "I know what this will do to you. It's perfectly safe."


"And pleasurable, I hope," Britney said.


"Of course," Jen agreed, freezing Carol in place. Britney stripped her of her clothing and grabbed a breast.


"Up, up, down, down..." the pair chanted in unison as they moved Carol's boobs around. "Left, right, left, right..."


"B," Britney said, poking one nipple.


"A," Jennifer replied, poking the other.


"START!" they both shouted, double-fisting Carol.


Immediately Carol's body exploded with growth, hair, tits, ass, and cock all shooting outward as Britney had seen only once before.


"You do realize," came Carol's voice from high above, "that this is exactly why I'm glad I'm not a Super Goddess?"



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