“If you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, the work becomes corrupted, impure, and ultimately self-destructive.”


--Babylon 5, “Comes the Inquisitor”




Author's Note: This story contains extreme content and elements of horror. It is meant to be read as a single work. However, if you wish to skip a scene, search for the phrase "Content Warning" and advance to the next numbered warning. Each scene is preceded by a Content Warning, and although the author cannot promise perfection in this regard, particularly if you are reading on a screen with more vertical pixels than horizontal pixels, there is copious whitespace before and after each scene so that you should hopefully not see any part of it until you have scrolled past the warning.


Content warning: Crush, Death, Embarrassed Naked Female, Familicide, Fart, Foot Fetish, Giantess, Mind Control, Non-Consensual Body Transformation, Non-Consensual Sex, Planetary Destruction, Scat, Sneezing, Torture, Vomit, Vore, Voyeurism, Watersports


It's been said that the three most damning words in the English language are "he meant well". Or in this case, I guess, "she meant well".


Though some other damning words here might be, "she meant no harm" and "she was just having fun".


But damning though they might be, I honestly believe that they are true. Whatever else might have happened, I don't think she ever saw it as anything more than harmless fun.


Because that's all it was ever meant to be.


Content Warning 1: Foot Fetish


I'm a little surprised I didn't see it at first. After all, poorer-than-dirt-poor-me Clara Smith suddenly walking around in designer clothes with on-label handbags and platinum credit cards?


Even though, as she later admitted to me, she'd put out a general command for people to come to other conclusions, I should've thought something was up when she started doing that and I hadn't seen anything about her winning the lottery.


Of course, that would also have been thrown out the window when she started changing her hair colour every day, as well as having a new, elaborate hairdo for each new colour. No way someone could afford that many salon trips.


It's especially surprising considering what sorts of porn I jill off to.


"Hey, wanna see something cool, Rach?" she asked me one day, about two weeks after she'd first started wearing her expensive clothing, while we were voice chatting while teaming up in an online video game, taking full advantage of the ultra-high-speed wi-fi that grad students got.


"Sure," I said, figuring she'd just show off some new tech.


"Promise me you won't faint or anything, OK?"


"Takes a lot to surprise me, you know that." Clara was the only person in real life whom I trusted to know about my fetishes.


"OK," she said, a slight giggle in her voice. A few moments later I heard a finger-snap in my headphones and the bullets coming toward our position stopped. Somehow, though, I was still able to shoot.


"Do you like it?" she continued, sounding very excited.


"What happened?" I asked as my gunfire mowed down some now-hapless character.


"I paused the game, Rach," she said.


"That's impossible," I reminded her. "It's an online game."


"Oh, I did more than just pause the game." More giggling. "Look outside."


It might have taken a lot to surprise me, but seeing a formation of birds frozen in mid-flight certainly did it.




"Rach?" a voice came from above me as I blinked my eyes, cold water splashing across my face. "Rach, you all right?"


"Clara?" I said, groggily, realizing that I was lying on my bed, my best friend sitting next to me.


"Oh, thank goodness you're OK," she said, relief in her voice. "I was afraid I overdid it. Would have hated to have to bring you back to life."


"Back to life..." My brain started whirring again. "Clara, what the hell are you talking about?" Her hand fully registered as it continued to splash water on my face. "And how the hell are you doing that?"


Clara grinned like a little kid with a naughty secret. "I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone else."


"You know I don't tell anyone about anything we talk about."


"I'm omnipotent, Rach," she said. "Happened about two weeks ago. Just, boom, woke up and I knew I could do whatever I wanted." As if to forestall what she knew I was about to explode with, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away, I just wanted to be sure I could control my powers. But I am now, so I want to have fun with them!"


"You... what... omni..." My brain started to shut down again.


"Come on, isn't this like, your biggest fantasy?" she said. "Ordinary person's best friend becomes all-powerful and goes about using their powers to do whatever the hell they want? And especially when they also use it to fulfill all their best friend's fantasies, too. I read your stuff, Omegarisen. Hottest stuff in the genre."


I raised an arm and weakly waved my hand at the water droplets that were still sprinkling on my face. I'd never told her my pen name but I supposed that if she were telling the truth about her new powers she would know what it was. She suddenly realized that she hadn't stopped trying to wake me up and water stopped falling out of her hand.


"Thanks, I guess. Glad you liked it." I stretched all my limbs while still lying down.


"So what do you want to try first?" she asked, excited. "I think since all these nasty ideas I've got came from your stories, you should get to decide what I bring to life when."


"Well, a little rejuvenation would be nice," I said. "Maybe just remove my need to sleep altogether. Or eat or drink or anything like that."


"Sure, easy. Well, everything's easy now," she said and put a hand on my boob. I didn't mind; we'd fooled around before and seen each other naked, sucked some nips, ate some pussy. A little grope was pretty tame even if she hadn't been apparently all-powerful.


But I could feel the power flowing from her into me, and all my aches and pains, my tiredness, just washed away. I sat up and scooted around to sit next to her, but she just pointed a finger, rearranged my room and created another bed that she could sit down on.


"Anything else? It's all up to you. Hell, I'd even make you omnipotent too, if you want, but I know that's not so much your thing. You'd much rather be the ordinary observer or powerless partner while the goddess uses her powers. More exciting for you."


I nodded. It was true. Any time I put a self-insert character in one of my stories it was never the omnipotent character; it was always someone who was watching them and getting excited by what they were doing. Already I could feel the telltale physical reactions coming on, and from the way Clara's eyes flickered I knew she knew that, too.


"How about..." I thought for a moment. "How about you get me naked? Without touching me, and without controlling my body to do it." I would probably ask her to take control of my body at some point. Maybe even my mind, make me like stuff I might not otherwise. But for now I wanted to see her do it with just her powers.


"Ooh, that's a fun one," Clara agreed. "Should I do it with telekinesis, or teleportation, or maybe just matter deletion? Oh, do you want to keep the clothes?"


I smiled and decided to make a bit of an audacious request. "You can do whatever you like with my clothes if you give me a designer wardrobe like yours!"


Clara smiled and clapped her hands. "Done." I glanced at my closet to see some very expensive stuff suddenly hanging in there. "Now, let's see..."


She held out her hand, and almost immediately I felt my breasts plop down on my chest as my bra appeared in it. It was a plain white thing, sturdy but not especially sexy, the sort of thing I wore to support my DD-cups when I was just sitting around my bedroom. I would have preferred to go braless, at least in private, the way Clara could with her perky Bs, but my semi-regular trips to the gym weren't enough to give me the back strength I needed to do that comfortably.


"Now, look down," she said, and I felt my panties peel away from my crotch. Doing as she asked, I saw them simply pass through my pajama bottoms, one fabric phasing through the other, until they dropped almost to the floor. I didn't lift my feet, wondering how Clara would handle it, and I wasn't disappointed as my underthings went right through my body and floated into Clara's other hand.


She held them up and took a whiff.


"This is really turning you on, isn't it?" she said, smiling.


I nodded. She didn't need my panties to tell that; my T-shirt wasn't all that loose and my large nipples were making noticeable indentations in it, and it certainly wasn't that cold in my room, plus of course she could just read my mind.


"Now, let's see those big tits and stiff nips of yours," she said, and with that I felt a light pressure encircling my abdomen as she began to pull off my shirt from the inside. The fabric peeled upward even as her mental touch roamed over my upper body, working its way past my tummy, and up under my breasts, before going around the protruding orbs. A jolt ran through me as she lingered just a little on my nipples, before I felt myself lose control of my arms so she could use them as if they were her own, lifting them in order to get my shirt off me entirely. It floated in the air for a moment before dropping into my lap.


"Want me to take care of your breasts? You've never liked having to wear this, I know," she said, twirling my bra around one finger.


"How about you focus on getting me naked?" I said. "Not sure if I'm ready to have you tinkering with my body." After a beat, I added, "Any more than you already have."


Clara smiled. "Well, there is one thing I've got to be honest about. I've never liked your taste in pajama patterns." And with that, my bottoms simply vanished, leaving my nethers fully exposed to my friend's view even as my lips moistened and my clit throbbed with excitement. "Oh, and one other thing," she said as she made my final piece of clothing, my socks, appear neatly folded on the bed. "I'm sorry I never told you before. I was a bit embarrassed by it, but..." She hopped off her bed and lay down in front of me. "I've got a serious foot fetish."


One hand went to my pussy and the other to my breasts, and I came to multiple orgasms between that and having my feet lavished by an omnipotent goddess.




When she had gotten her fill of my feet, Clara hopped up next to me. "You should have been a foot model," she said. "There's a lot of people out there who'd pay good money for a look at those." She tapped my foot with hers. "They're about as good as your smut, from what I've seen, and I've looked at a lot more feet than I've read erotic omnipotence fiction."


"'Should have been'? Not 'should be'?" I asked.


"Oh, you could still, if you wanted to. But what do you need money for when your best friend's all-powerful and is happy to do anything you ask?"


I shrugged. "You think so?"


"Oh, definitely. Hey, if you want we could go back in time and get them out then!"


"Changing history? You sure that's safe to do?"


"Wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think so. I can just hold this timeline in my memory and, if we don't like how the new one turns out, restore it. Nobody would be the wiser except us."


I thought for a moment. "Maybe, but not now. I've read enough time travel fiction to know that it often doesn't work out as well as the protagonist expects. Of course, none of them had infinite power."


Clara chuckled. "And even then, if it doesn't," she added, "the fact that we'd still remember it after I reverted the timeline would be a change. You're probably right. But anyway," she went on, clearly excited to continue using her powers, "what else do you want to try?"


"How about you get naked first?" I suggested. "Seems only fair."


"I'm an omnipotent Goddess," Clara said, "I don't have to care about fair." Then she laughed and her clothes vanished from her body.


"I know what I said about you tinkering with my body, but I guess that's probably the next thing to try." I looked down my best friend's body, noting that she'd clearly used her powers to touch it up. It was very nearly unnatural how it had no flaws, how everything looked smooth and perfect. Her face was still the same mildly attractive one she'd always had, but her body had become one that anyone would find irresistibly arousing even if they preferred other body types.


And for myself, Clara's body type was certainly one I had already preferred. My hands roamed over her body, and she gave no objection as I felt her up all over, examining the body I'd been close to so many times before. We weren't lovers as such--certainly not girlfriends in a romantic sense--but our friendship had always come with a lot of benefits. She levitated off the bed a bit as my hands reached her crotch and ass, and I squeezed her firm butt a few times and fingered her pussy a little before running my hands down her smooth legs, finishing with her feet. A wicked grin formed on my face, and even knowing Clara could read my thoughts, I knew I had to try something, at least.


My hands darted from her ankles, lifted up her left foot, and began to tickle.


Clara screamed, squirmed, kicked and giggled. Thankfully she hadn't increased her physical strength and didn't put her new powers into it, or I probably would have been flung at least through the wall. As it was I was pretty sure that without some intervention on her part, I'd be sporting a lovely bruise just above my left breast.


After a few more moments, I relented and sat back on the bed, Clara still laying flat, recovering from my sudden attack.


"You know," I said, "you could have just read my mind. Or peered into the future. Could've stopped me if you really wanted."


"I could have," she replied, "but I'm blocking out your thoughts from my mind, and I'm not going to look into the future. I want some surprise in my life, and I especially want it coming from you."


I nodded. "Anyway, as I was saying, I'm willing to let you try a few things with my body." I stood up and twirled. "How about making it so I never need to wear a bra again, like you suggested?"


"No problem," she said, eager to do what she'd already suggested. Before she did, though, I felt a warm feeling suffuse my entire body. "A protective field, of a sort," she told me. "I've found that unless I focus, my powers have a tendency to make everyone think that all my changes are normal--that's why you hadn't thought that anything was all that weird when I started showing up in designer clothing and all that--so I've reversed that with you. You'll see all the changes I make."


"Unless you decide otherwise?" I pointed out.


"I won't unless you ask," she promised. "Now, one pair of perky tits coming right up." This time I saw what I could only describe as a bolt of reality alteration, appearing to rend not just the air, but whatever it was that allowed the air to exist in the first place, shoot from her own boob and hit mine. Instantly I could feel a new strength in my back, and my breasts pulled upward, their weight simply vanishing. I did a few jumping jacks in place and was pleased to see that they bounced naturally and caused me no pain.


Clara clapped in delight at her own handiwork. "Anything else?" she said excitedly.


"You've read my stories. You know what I like in this part."


"I do," Clara said, "but I want to do this the way you want it. I want this to be as fun and pleasurable for you as it is for me."


I nodded. "Well, if you're comfortable with it, how about you make me taller?" Clara had stood up facing me, and our height difference was pretty evident. I'd always been substantially taller than her, but one thing I enjoyed writing in a story like the scenario I found myself in was having the omnipotent character make her friend look like the powerful one.


But I also suspected Clara had always been a little jealous of my height.


"Sure," she said. "As you've pointed out, at least with some of your characters, once you're omnipotent you know you're the most powerful anyway, so there's really no need for an ego."


I tilted my head in confusion and tapped my temple. Hopefully she got the point that I was inviting her to read my mind, at least my surface thoughts.


She did. "Yeah, I'd been jealous of you," she admitted. "But why should I be now?" And with that reality was torn again, this time as the "beam" shot from her crotch to envelop me, and I felt myself stretching all over, everything becoming larger proportionally, my muscles growing a bit, until I figured I towered over her by at least two feet.


"Could you make a mirror, please?" I asked. Clara obliged and I looked my front up and down. I was about to twirl around and peer over my shoulder when she stopped me. Another blast of reality alteration caused my reflection to turn about, dancing a little, showing off my new body to me.


"Traditional bra sizes don't really make sense for someone built like me," I said, hefting my enlarged breasts, "but I guess these'd be, what, F-cups? G?" I shrugged. "Doesn't really matter, I guess, because the next thing I'd love to have is a pair of hooters way bigger than my head."


"I figured you would," said Clara, smiling. "One pair of huge honkers we can both enjoy coming right up." I knew Clara had a big-breast fetish, given that she could never stop playing with mine given the opportunity.


This time it was her outstretched hand that worked her magic, and my boobs grew, and grew, until, still sitting proudly on my chest with minimal sag, I sported twins well over twice the size of my head.


Hefting them as best I could, I asked, "You said you'd make me omnipotent if I wanted, right?"


"Yup," Clara affirmed. "Exactly equal to me. I could make you powerful enough that I couldn't remove your powers even if I wanted to. But not more powerful." She laughed. "I guess that answers the burrito paradox."


I laughed along with her. "Well, I don't want that, but you'd still be willing to give me a few powers?"


"Anything you want," she said, nodding.


"Okay, well, how about you let me stretch my arms so I can reach around these things."


Another blast of reality alteration later, and I was happily playing with my nipples, which Clara had thoughtfully made exquisitely sensitive.


After coming to a few more orgasms, I asked for my next change. "How about an ass to match these tits?" I said, twirling around and bending over. I knew she wasn't quite so much of an ass person--but then I hadn't known at all about her foot fetish, and another thing I sometimes wrote was how omnipotent characters generally found themselves, sooner or later, freed of most of their sexual hangups.


Clara put her hands on my butt and shot growth into the cheeks directly. I felt my hips getting wider as the protruding rear expanded, becoming paradoxically both firmer and softer as it went, so that it would sway almost entirely just side to side as I walked, but still allowed both Clara and I, once I got my hands off my tits, to knead it as if it were soft putty.


Soon enough I had a huge, glorious ass, and Clara nuzzled her face in it for a bit before getting back up. "I think I know what change you want next."


"Do you?" I said, knowing exactly what she was thinking, simply because I knew she'd read all my stuff. "Well, then, in that case, I want a prehensile tongue."


Clara shrugged. "And I also knew you'd change your mind once I said that. I just didn't know to what." I opened my mouth after Clara casually rent reality asunder yet again, and my new, hugely long tongue spooled out, dropping into my canyon of cleavage.


"Oh," I said, able to speak normally with a long tongue just as my characters could, "could you also change my body the way you've changed yours? Stuff like fixing the little imperfections and removing all the hair." Clara nodded and when my tongue got to my clit, I was perfectly bald down there. Running my hands down my torso and legs, and along my arms, confirmed that those were also completely smooth.


"Now will you get to what we both know you wanted to ask?" Clara said.


"Just for that I'm tempted to ask for something like X-ray vision," I laughed, "but you're right. I'd love to be able to grow my hair as much as I'd like, and have it be prehensile."


There was a broad smile on Clara's face as she granted that request, and I immediately exercised my new power, growing out ropes of hair, making them hover above us like some sort of halo.


"Did you like this part of my stories?"


"Every single word," Clara said, shivering with excitement.


My hair shot out, wrapped around her body, and pulled her up between my boobs for a kiss. Her body went limp in my grasp as climax after climax shot through her.


"Fuck," she said once I released her. "I'd always found those parts hot, but I had no idea how hot I'd find it in real life." She shook her head. "I think I've developed my new fetishes faster than any of your characters."


"'Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn't,'" I reminded her.


"You write about characters for whom the possibilities are completely unlimited and you're quoting that?"


"Hey, within the constraints of the genre you know I try to be at least somewhat realistic."


Clara nodded. My hair reached down to tease my nethers. "Anything else?" she asked.


"Just how far have your fetishes gone?" I asked.


"Pretty far," she said. "I mean, there's some stuff I just won't do at all, and a few more that might take me a bit to warm up to, but... well, ask away. I promise the most I'll do is refuse. I won't get mad. I know what your limits are."


"Well, in that case," I said, "how about a nice big dick? With balls to match." I hesitated for a moment. "And give yourself one, too. Same size. Absolute size." As much as the thought of having a huge cock for myself excited me, the thought of someone so much smaller having one every bit as big turned me on far more.


"Only if I get to pound you first," Clara said. Then she thought for a moment. "But I think I want my version of this. I hope you won't mind."


I shrugged. "Go for it."


Clara smiled, and instead of each of us growing a single dick, we grew two, one atop the other, perfectly positioned to penetrate both a cunt and an ass when hard. Four titanic balls dangled between my legs as my shafts dangled almost to my knees, and I could see a matching set behind my friend's cocks, which reached about halfway down her shin.


I started to get hard realizing what she had in mind, but she simply used her powers to bring herself to her full erection. I goggled as I realized that I would get just as big, and twin four-foot thick shafts pointed straight at me.


"Turn around," she ordered, and I did. "Bend over." I did that, too. "And pucker your butthole."


I knew each sex thought the other had the best orgasms, but there was no way either could compare to having both at once.




After a while, and a lot of cum shot into both of us--Clara had thoughtfully given me a completely unlimited supply of jizz--we were resting on my bed again, Clara impaled on my dicks and resting between my boobs.


"So, want to go out and have a little fun?" she asked.


"Wearing what?" I asked. "It's not like fashion designers make clothes for futas built like me--or you."


"Hey, I'm a fashion designer now," she pointed out. "Best there is. And I make custom clothing to fit whatever body my best friend wants to have." She smiled. "Or we could just go naked."


"I've always been a fan of the notion that what's hinted at is more alluring than the obvious," I said around a moan as I shot another load into her. Lifting her off me, I used my hair to position her so that my last few cumshots would coat her body. She didn't mind. "So, Miss Fashion Designer, have you redesigned that clothing you made for me to fit my new body?"


"As we went," she said. I rifled through the closet, finding a long black dress with a plunging neckline. I let Clara down, and she stretched out her own tongue to lick up all my cum. "A little help getting this thing on?"


"Sure," she said, but instead of moving to help me, I instantly knew that she'd given me another supernatural ability. With a thought, the dress disappeared from my hands and reappeared on my body, fitting perfectly.


I walked over to look at myself in the mirror, and my reflection began to twirl and dance again. It was perfect, I thought. It only just covered my areolae while exposing all of my cleavage. My ass lifted the skirt so that it only barely hid my fat cockheads. And somehow, it was strapless, obviously being held up by something beyond ordinary human possibility.


"Taking the Theiss Titillation Principle to the extreme?" I asked as I turned around after seeing my completely bare back.


"Hey," she said, "what's the use of being able to ignore reality if you don't abuse it at every opportunity?" With a snap of her fingers, she was dressed in an outfit akin to mine, along with some body alterations to give herself head-sized knockers and a matching butt. But where I'd chosen to make my hair short again, to show off my back, she grew hers out after giving me a good look at hers, thick locks dangling to her ass.


"Oh, one other thing," I said as I felt my shafts stirring a bit. "I know you've said your fetishes have expanded, but..."


Clara nodded, knowing where I was going. She held up her hand solemnly, as if she was a Goddess about to bless her faithful follower and absolve her of her sins--which, in a sense, she might as well have been. "If you want to stick your dicks in a hot chick," she said, breaking the solemnity, "go for it."


I wouldn't say that was the beginning of the end, but it was the end of the beginning.


Content Warning 2: Embarrassed Naked Female, Mind Control, Non-Consensual Body Transformation, Non-Consensual Sex, Voyeurism


We didn't venture too far afield for our first night out as an omnipotent being and her friend, exempt from society's rules and punishments. Clara did use her powers a bit as we walked, generally to hand out some physical development to a few people she thought could really use it, though we did spot one of our university's snottiest, most stuck-up cheerleaders. I whispered in Clara's ear, and she giggled.


A moment later, the cheerleader found herself naked, with every attempt to cover herself met with a gigantic orgasm that left her unable to move for some time. "I definitely want her later," I said.


"And you'll have her," Clara promised. I grinned. If Clara now had as few hang-ups as I did, this was going to be damn fun.


"You know," I said as we kept walking, "it occurs to me that I might want to make some changes to the people I'm screwing."


Clara looked ready simply to give me that power, too, but I forestalled her. "Not like that. You know what I like to write for this."


She nodded. "Right, right." Splaying out her hand, she leaned her head toward mine and touched her thumb to her temple and her pinky finger to mine. Instantly I felt a telepathic channel form between us, allowing me to send thoughts straight into her mind without her having to be actively reading mine.


"Of course, I doubt I'll say no to anything you ask," Clara added, "speaking" down the channel this time.


"I figured," I replied in kind, "but if you want this to be a turn-on for me, too, the thought that you might is way hotter."


She sent the mental equivalent of a shrug. "Honestly, I'd love to see what you do with omnipotence. But that would probably just make you less happy, and I want that even less."


I nodded in agreement as we neared our destination, the most high-class strip club in town. It was the sort of place that rich old men who all knew each other went to in order to get a thrill out of touching a young woman's boobs as they slipped bills into her cleavage, and since they were generally at least hundreds, the strippers and managers let them get away with it.


Not the sort of place you'd have expected to see people like Clara and me, at least not before today.


I didn't need to do anything to try to intimidate the bouncers; Clara had simply pulled a wallet out of her cleavage, opened it to flash a wad of bills with a lot of numbers in the corner and a few black cards, and that was that.


A few heads turned as we walked in, the early arrivers clearly thinking we were new performers who'd showed up at the wrong entrance, but a glower and flex from me was all it took to get them to look away.


Clara, still holding the wallet, turned back around, swishing her hair to let everyone get a good look at her back, and brazenly handed the bouncers a few bills. "Anyone wants to come in, they can, got it?" she said, making a kissy face. I shuddered a little as I realized she'd just taken over their minds, and had a pretty good notion of where she meant this night to go.


Next she walked over to the bar and slapped down one of her credit cards. "Anyone except one of those rich assholes wants something," she told the staff, not caring who heard her, "they get it and you charge it to me. Got it?" She didn't need mind control for that one.


I'd found a booth to sit down in and Clara walked over to join me. "Fuck that was hot," I said.


"I knew you'd like it. But come on, let's get a look at the appetizers." She grabbed my hand and yanked me through the table.


"What do you mean, the appetizers?"


"The strippers," she said as she pulled me through walls and into the changing area in the back. I looked down and realized that we were probably invisible given how transparent our bodies were to my sight. "Come to a strip club and not fuck the strippers? But that's not why we're really here, of course." She smiled, and I smiled back.


Given the amount of money the club's patrons threw around, the club itself attracted only the best talent, and that was certainly on display as the performers changed into their outfits for the night's show. Every single one of them was limber and flexible to go with breasts and asses averaging around what mine used to be.


My cocks stirred under my dress at the thought of so many hot women to screw. Looking around, I saw one performer putting on a bikini top. "Hey, are those fake?" I asked Clara.


She casually forced reality to bow to her will once more. "Not any more they're not. Same goes for all the other cosmetic surgery here."


I looked around again. "Mind giving them all a bit of a boost before the night starts? You know I'm going to be asking you for that anyway."


Clara nodded and around the room, breasts and asses expanded while hair lengthened. Soon enough no performer had boobs smaller than E-cups or hair shorter than mid-back.


"And nobody will stop me when I hop on the stage, cocks out and hard?"


"Nope. They might not react all that well, but nobody's going to stop you from fucking every last stripper here."


"Those aren't the only people I'm looking to screw tonight."


"Oh, don't worry. Unlimited cum, at-will erections and no refractory period. Should be all you need." I felt a little more power race through me as Clara spoke, and then she pulled me back through the wall and out into the main area of the club.


As we sat back down at our booth, which Clara had evidently made sure nobody else would take, given that the floor was rather busier than when we snuck backstage, I spotted a friendly acquaintance of mine from one of my classes. I waved.


"Hey, Laura!"


The other grad student turned around. She was pretty enough and I had had a few daydreams about getting her in bed, but never anything I was going to try to act on. Until now, at least. "Oh, hey, Rachel." She turned and nodded to Clara. "Hey, Clara." I was pretty sure Laura had no idea who Clara was before the last few weeks, but becoming a bit of a minor celebrity on campus as she had meant everyone knew her name, and thanks to her powers making people think her changes were normal, she was still recognizable even in her changed body, just as I was.


"So what brings you here?" I asked as I scooted over so Laura could join us if she wanted. She sat down next to me.


"Word got out that this place was apparently letting everyone in tonight. But that meant that there was enough of a line that the bouncers started picking and choosing who got in. From what I can see they were choosing people who look like the strippers." She rolled her eyes. "I'm not sure whether to feel complimented or insulted. Or both."


I asked Clara silently for a slit in my dress's skirt so I could free my hardening shafts, then pulled Laura into my lap, ripping her pants as I did so. "I'd probably have felt a little of both, too," I agreed. Given the cramped quarters, Clara agreed to make my dicks prehensile, and soon enough I had my heads nosing at Laura's holes. She moaned as I slipped them in after a quick thought to Clara to ramp up her sensitivity.


"Excited for the show?" Clara asked.


"Not sure, really," Laura admitted. "I've never been to a strip club before, just thought I'd check it out after this place went viral. Still," she went on, starting to pant as I picked up the pace and asked Clara to start making her assets grow, "I think I'll probably enjoy it at least a little, if from nothing other than the perspective of appreciating athleticism."


Thankfully, the laugh Clara and I shared was entirely silent.


"Well I hope you do find it entertaining," I said as I started to blast cum into Laura. "I've never been here but I always found the shows I took in at some of the seedier places to be pretty OK, so I bet it'll be darned good here."


"Well, then I'm definitely looking forward to it."


As Laura's bra burst and her shirt tore from her growing boobs, I blasted my last load into her. She was completely unperturbed at finding herself fully nude, with a massively expanded body and cum leaking out of her holes. Clara's power, I supposed.


"See you in class tomorrow?" Laura asked.


"Hopefully," I said. I wasn't sure if I was going to attend class any more. After all, I could just ask Clara to give me all the knowledge I was missing, and I was sure she'd oblige.


"You'll make sure everyone does notice once the real fun begins?" I asked my omnipotent friend silently.


"Don't worry, they will. No fun if they don't. In fact," she said, directing my eyes to the entryway, "the show should be starting just about now." And as I watched and caught the first stripper stepping out onto the stage in the corner of my eye, the exterior doors vanished, at least from the inside. People were still coming in, but nobody could get out.


"You've got those assholes primed and ready?" I asked, jabbing a thumb at the old guys who all had their wallets out, ready to stick hundreds between tits when those boobs got close enough.


"Naturally," Clara assured me. "Course, I'll be taking some for myself. But the crowd's fair game." I noticed then that Clara had been careful, both about how she controlled the bouncers' minds and about how viral the news of this place's sudden general opening went. Every person there who wasn't a regular or on staff was a woman, at least moderately attractive, and all eminently fuckable.


The performer on stage was clearly a bit awkward with her new bust, but she was a professional and her dance and movements still oozed sex. Once she had discarded her top, Clara and I nodded at each other, and I made my move.


Pushing through the crowd, I hopped up on stage, grabbed the stripper from behind, fondled her breasts, and tore off her bottoms so I could plunge my twin shafts into her holes.


That sent the crowd screaming and trying to find an exit. But of course there were none, and Clara's mind forced the performers to each come out and try to perform even while she started raping and changing the patrons, and I pounded every single stripper silly.


Of course, there were far more patrons than there were dancers, which meant that once I was done pumping them full of my cum, I too took to the crowd. Nobody escaped unscathed. Everyone who'd shown up ended up fucked silly, their bodies expanded to be outrageously sexual.


As I went, Clara let me feel the emotions of those around me. Fear. Terror. It was more exquisite than I'd ever imagined when I wrote stories about scenarios like I was now living out. The raw panic surging through the teeming mass of our victims drove me, fueled me, and I laughed as I followed Clara's command, trusting in her absolution.


Once we were done with the crowd and the staff (Clara had thoughtfully left them able to run the bar much more efficiently now that they all had massive tits capable of lactating any drink their customers might want), we turned our attention to the real reason we'd come here.


Starting from opposite ends of the horseshoe of chairs around the stage, Clara and I got to work fucking up all the old perverts who came here for their thrills.


Thanks to Clara's priming, one touch was all it took to turn each rich, ugly snob into a young, trashy stripper who'd clearly had too much work done and was probably more plastic and chemicals than flesh, at least in the places I cared about. Naturally they fared no better than anyone else who'd showed up, especially once they started trying to bribe us to pass them over, offering us all the money they had just to stay who they were.


That just led Clara to make any of them who were that pathetic even trashier, lowering their intelligence and forcing their speech patterns into ones that would make sure nobody would ever take them seriously, even as a stripper.


Once we were done with everyone we'd come here to fuck, all of them moaning in anguish and pain, naked with no clothes that would fit, forced to deal with hypersexualized, exquisitely sensitive bodies for the rest of their lives, cum leaking from every hole, Clara restored the exits and we teleported away.




"So, what'd you think of that?" my omnipotent, perverted friend asked me as we each jacked the other's cocks to yet more orgasms. "Was it as good as you thought when you wrote stuff like that?"


"Better. It was... thrilling. Being above the law, above propriety, above morality like that... I didn't think I'd get that much of a rush out of it."


"Well, it's a good thing your best friend dictates morality now, isn't it?"


That made me shoot a huge load. That was one of my deepest fantasies, an omnipotent woman who not only saw no need to play by society's rules, but assumed the responsibility, as was her right, to dictate society's values to it, to declare that what she did was right by definition. To permit anyone else to do as they pleased with no threat of sanction, and yet also to punish others for the exact same acts when she had not given permission.


Clara was helping me live out my every fantasy, and I loved it.


"So, have any thoughts for tomorrow?" she asked.


"How about we let tomorrow wait for tomorrow," I said. "Right now, I just want to be the little spoon as you fuck me silly."


Clara smiled as we lay down in bed, slipping her dicks into me as she finally overtook me in size.


Maybe I should've seen it coming, but at the time, at least, I didn't care. Clara was starting to fulfill every fantasy I'd had, and was clearly excited to do so. And I felt safe. Protected. So long as we stayed together, I knew that nothing could go wrong for me.


Content Warning 3: Crush, Giantess, Scat, Vore, Watersports


I don't know if Clara had forced her way into my dreams, or if her mental presence was simply so strong that she was practically an independent character in them, or if she had taken me into her dreams, but I didn't really care. They were full of all sorts of nasty scenarios that I hoped we'd get to live out in real life, too.


"Wakey wakey," said Clara behind me as she fired another shot of cum into me. Of course, neither of us needed sleep, but it was pleasant to rest for a while after fucking hundreds of women silly. I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window to see that the sun was just starting to creep over the horizon.


"Mmm," I murmured, grinding against her crotch to try to coax another cumshot. Instead, Clara pulled out, rolled onto her back and levitated me above her body, hosing me down as she rotated me in midair.


"Well, this is certainly the most pleasant shower I've ever had," I said as she finished.


"Want me to dry you off?" Clara asked, a teasing note in her voice.


"Only if you drain me dry first," I responded in kind.


Clara smiled, then opened her mouth wide, distending her jaw to fit both of my hard shafts. Between my hands sliding all over my body and Clara's expert tongue on my cocks and hands on my balls, I came pretty quickly, filling her with my own spunk.


That done, Clara made good on her end, growing out her tongue to wrap all around my body, scrubbing off her cum and leaving me as clean, warm and dry as ever.


"So," my all-powerful friend asked excitedly, "what do you feel like doing today?"


I shrugged. "I'm not sure. Maybe we could become giantesses and wreck the city?"


"Ooh, that sounds like fun. I know you haven't written much of that but, well, it's not like yours is the only stuff I've read. You had a power fetish growing on me even before this."


"And now?"


"Well now it'd be kinda hard for me not to have one." We both laughed.


"So which city do you want to wreck?" I said. "I mean, we know a lot of people here. Maybe we should go somewhere else."


"Pfft," said Clara. "It'll be fine. Not like there's much love lost between all of us anyway and besides, I can just fix everything afterward. No limits, no consequences."


I nodded, accepting that. The way Clara had embraced her power, and its implications, was hitting more and more of my fetishes, seemingly by the hour.


"How tall do you think we should be, though?" she asked. "I mean, I've read some, but I know you've read a lot more."


"If we're going to be right here? I think about the size of the office buildings downtown should be good. Big enough to crush crowds, small enough to potentially get up close and personal."


"And where shall we start?"


"How about the limits on the other side of the city?" I suggested. Our university was on the outskirts of the city, and I liked the notion of letting all the snobs who looked down on us know what was coming and feel the terror as they realized the futility of attempting to escape.


"All right," said Clara. "Two giantesses coming right up!" She paused before using her powers. "No puns intended."


"Oh, don't give me that. All your puns are always intended."


The city was spared our devastation for another few minutes as Clara recovered from her giggle fit.




We were in a largely residential area when we reappeared, towering over the landscape like titanesses. There were a few small businesses but nothing major. Not many people were home, it being a weekday and all.


Nonetheless Clara took the first step.


A BOOM! reverberated throughout the area as her huge foot came down on a row of townhouses, reducing them to splinters and crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be inside. A second thunderclap followed as she crushed the small commercial area in the neighbourhood.


I walked in the opposite direction, leaving Clara to her wanton destruction. I went on tiptoes, trying to stay on reasonably empty streets, though I couldn't avoid stepping on at least some cars.


Then I saw what I was looking for: a young man, about my age, out for a morning walk. Nobody I recognized from university, though. That gave me mixed feelings.


I squatted down near him, my cocks crushing some more vehicles and my ass backing into a few houses. "Hey."


It was immediately apparent that my voice was simply too loud for him. He screeched in pain, putting his hands to his ears, and I could see blood dripping out from around them. A quick thought to Clara restored his hearing and let him withstand my voice. The windows that had shattered for blocks around remained so, though.


"How are you?" I asked. Clara also made my hearing acute enough to understand his reply.


"I'm well," he said, terror etched on his face.


"Good, good. Do you know what I'm thinking of doing to you?" I smiled, showing a little teeth.


"N-no," he said, even as my index finger cast a deeper shadow over him.


"Can you guess now?" I said as I tapped the top of his head, causing his knees to buckle.


"Oh, please, dear God..." he said as he realized what I intended.


"God's not listening to you," I told him quietly. "But she's already absolved me of all my sins."


The feeling of having someone so completely within my power was intoxicating. Heady. Exhilarating. There was nothing he could do to avert whatever fate I chose for him. I could let him go. I could break his limbs, or sever them. I could tear him in half, tie him in a knot, or even just eat him alive.


Instead, I simply pressed down harder, crushing him into a bloody paste on the sidewalk.


The thrill that went through me as I killed a human being--another human being, part of my mind told me--knowing there were no consequences, could be no consequences, to my action, that the only moral arbiter in existence approved wholly of what I'd done, brought me to orgasm almost immediately. Cum rushed from my dicks, sending a torrent of white spunk flooding through the area, sweeping away houses, vehicles, and a few other people who happened to be out and about. In my ecstasy of pleasure, my hands went to my breasts, squeezing them, pinching my nipples, and milk too flowed out, joining my other juices, making me climax again at the thought of that life-sustaining substance now being responsible for snuffing it out.


Standing up as my climax subsided, I looked around to the nearest area not impacted by my sexual release. With a wicked smile, I made my way toward a nearby park, where there was apparently a well-attended protest rally--against what, I neither knew nor cared.


What mattered is that there were a lot of people there. And that my feet needed a little scratching.


I was a little more carefree in making my way over to the park, crushing a few more houses and cars on my way, but stopped before I got there, picking up the sounds of the protest rally. Something about a local ordinance restricting something or other. From what I heard, I wouldn't have cared before this, and certainly didn't now that the law no longer applied to me.


"Hi!" I boomed, walking to the edge of the park. "If you want something to protest that actually matters, how about you protest the fact that my foot is about to step on you."


That, of course, sent them all screaming and trying to find a way out, but I swiftly took care of that with a few hard stomps to open up some pits that they had no chance of crossing. A few of them fell down, but I'd made the pits deep enough that the fall was simply impossible to survive. They were, of course, the lucky ones.


The rest of them milled about. A few considered jumping anyway, but none did. I guess they thought they might have a chance at surviving whatever I might do.


"Hey, you should feel lucky. You're the first tinies who get to be crushed under these perfect feet." As indeed they were--Clara had declared them so after another bout of pleasuring them, and her declaration made it objective fact. Just remembering that made a drop of precum leak from my lower cock. It fell right on the stage, demolishing it.


With exquisite slowness, I lifted my left foot and began to hover it above the crowd. I moved it around, lowering and raising it slightly as I did, just to see the panicked reactions whenever it looked like I was about to drop it to the ground. Of course, it wouldn't do to give them so much time to get out of the way.


The first stomp changed me from an incidental mass murderer to a deliberate one. But that didn't matter, not any more. What mattered was how incredible it felt to have so many people squished against my sole, living, breathing people reduced to nothing but blood and flesh smeared across my foot, their lives snuffed out in an instant simply so that I could experience some temporary pleasure. I asked Clara to hold back my orgasm so that I wouldn't accidentally kill any more of them with my cum.


My right foot got in on the action next, crushing another group of protesters underneath it. I rolled it around in the blood-drenched grass and dirt, enjoying how the demolished bodies slid against it.


Another stomp of my left foot did for most of the rest of the crowd, and I decided that I didn't just want to try out stomping. Bending over--my lower cock incidentally smashing some more of them flat--I swept a huge hand into the terrified mass, catching up a group and bringing them to my face. A few tried jumping off. They were, again, the lucky ones.


"You know what you look like?" I mused. "You look like candy. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about watching my weight any more."


The screams as I tilted my head back and tipped my handful of humans into my open mouth were joyous music, and the pops and crackles as I chewed a perfect percussion accompaniment.


After that, I lowered myself further to the ground, letting many of the survivors know what it was like to die under two of the softest, most sensitive parts of a woman's--or futa's, I supposed--anatomy, and that left few enough that I was able to scoop up every last one. I used one hand to point to places on my other, ordering them into four groups. By this time they were too terrified to think that disobedience was even possible.


"You," I told the first group as they walked onto my other hand, "I'm going to put in my upper urethra." Down my top cock they went. The second group went into my lower dick. The third went inside my slit, and the fourth I held up to my mouth.


"Let me cum when I chew?" I asked Clara. She sent back an affirmative answer, still content simply to crush her way through the city.


When I bit down, my pussy clenched, crushing the people inside, their blood and guts slowly trickling out down my thighs, and the two groups that had gone into my cocks flew out in the midst of my powerful cumshots, their bodies an insignificant addition to the tsunami of cum that wiped out most of the rest of the city that Clara hadn't already gotten to.


With that done, I stomped my way over to where Clara was just finishing up her own urban landscaping project.


"I like what you've done with the place," I commented.


"I'm a simple girl with simple needs," she said. "You're the one with all the perverted fantasies."


"Yeah, but you love it."


Clara just gave my tit a quick squeeze. "Downtown?" she asked.


"What about the university? Surely they'll all have escaped by now. For that matter, wouldn't downtown also have evacuated?"


"Nah. I slowed down time there. They know what's happened, in broad strokes, at least, but for them it's only been minutes since we started crushing." I looked at the wristwatch Clara had thoughtfully grown along with us. It was already noon. I supposed my orgasms must have taken longer than I thought; it certainly didn't seem to take very long to kill a crowd of people.


"Well, can I at least make sure they can't get out?" I asked, eager to stomp more pits into the ground.


"I'd rather do it my way this time," Clara said. I shrugged. If she wanted it her way, that's what she got.


After a wave of her hand, I could see a shimmering barrier surround the city core.


"Incineration?" I asked.


"Confusion, basically," she said. "Anyone gets close, they kinda lose track of where they were going and turn around. It's not a conscious thing, either; it just seems like the natural thing to do."


That sounded like a handy way to keep everyone contained.


"Don't worry, you'll have your chance to stop escapees once we hit the university," Clara assured me.


I shivered at the thought as we crunched our way across the destroyed cityscape toward downtown.


Like any downtown at midday, the streets were teeming with people going for lunch. Which just made it more fun to stomp our way in there and spark yet another mass panic.


I peered at a building about half my height. "I always liked stories where the giantess used a building as a dildo," I said, spreading my legs to straddle it before lowering my crotch over it. My legs splayed out, pushing through other buildings, as I did the splits, the building going straight into my suddenly-enlarged pussy.


"Thought you might want to be able to take it all the way," Clara said. "Want a little more pleasure with that?"


Before I could ask what she meant, I came to yet another climax as the building began to vibrate.


Of course, that also meant that the building was not long for the world, as the quivers and contractions of my cunt muscles ground it to powder and its occupants to paste.


"You'll need to make it sturdier next time," I pointed out, clambering up.


"Well, we could test the sturdiness right now," she said, ripping up a pair of buildings about three-quarters our height. Given how much shorter than me she had been before all this, that put them at about the same length as her cocks. "How useful do you think these will be as condoms?"


"Not much at all. But the people inside will make great lube, I bet."


Clara laughed, pushed me over, and impaled the two buildings on her cocks before fucking me silly yet again. As I predicted, the buildings were pretty terrible as condoms, but from how smoothly she went in, the people did indeed make great lube.


As we lay on the ground, recovering from our climaxes, I scooped up a small group that had just gotten turned around by Clara's barrier and popped them in my mouth. "Have you tried any?" I asked, spraying a little as I spoke.


"Nah. Much more focused on the infrastructure than the people. Always thought most of this place was ugly."


"You should," I advised her. "Better than any candy I've ever had."


Clara quirked an eyebrow, knowing full well that there was generally some sort of sweet treat to be found in my room. Never too much, of course, since I was careful about my weight (I chuckled as I thought about how much I weighed now), but enough that she had remarked more than once that I was a veritable candy connoisseur.


Picking up a handful, she popped them into her own mouth and began to chew. "I mean, they're pretty good," she said.


I shrugged and dropped in some more. "I guess part of it's that their lives are literally less important than my pleasure. Temporary pleasure, at that."


"Mine aren't even dead yet," Clara said. "They're in bits and pieces, but not dead. Maybe that's why I'm not quite seeing it your way?"


If there was one thing Clara had said so far that tempted me more than any other to take her up on her offer of omnipotence, it was that. I wanted to be able to do that.


But instead, I just said, "Well, maybe let just some of them die?"


Clara cocked her head, then nodded slightly. Instantly she felt it. I knew that the exact same look had crossed my face as had just crossed hers: the certain knowledge that your pleasure was more important than another's life.


Once we'd had our fill of people, I got up and looked around. "Hey, how about you shrink that confusion field of yours to get everyone into that area?" I gestured to the one part of downtown left that hadn't been completely obliterated by our smashing, falling and fucking. Clara obliged and soon enough everyone who was still alive found themselves in there.


"What'd you have in mind?" she asked.


I just smiled and let my cocks go half-limp. Spreading my legs, I relaxed certain muscles and let go with three powerful streams of piss.


The effect was, if anything, worse than my cum. My urine simply smashed through everything, splashing around and blowing craters in the ground. Those who managed to survive but fell into one of the holes found themselves desperately treading it, but always at risk at being dragged under by the countless vortices created by further blasts of the stuff, something I couldn't have done with my cum due to its higher viscosity. When Clara joined in, the buildings and people simply no longer stood a chance, and those who weren't lucky enough to simply be flayed off their bones by one of our streams found themselves drowning in it.


"I hadn't seen you write much of that sort of thing," Clara said, curious.


"That's because I never published much of what I did write of it. You never thought to look at my external hard drive, did you?"


Clara just smiled and shook her head. "No, I didn't," she admitted. "Didn't figure you for someone who'd like that sort of thing. But I can see the appeal now."


I smiled. "Well, if you think that was fun, let's head over to the university." I sent another thought at Clara, and she smiled. As we walked, it started to rain lightly over the campus.


Clara brought it out of its slowed time, and immediately panic ensued as we neared. People rushed out of buildings, scrambled for vehicles. Buses filled up, cars jammed the roads out. Everyone knew what we'd done downtown, and everyone wanted to get away.


But, of course, that was exactly what we wanted.


I'd had no desire to destroy the campus itself. It was gorgeous, with an eclectic mix of architectural styles and landscaping that would have made walking around it a joy if it weren't for the people there.


Still, if there were people stubborn enough to remain there when it looked like we might well demolish it, I would have had no hesitation about stomping it flat and asking Clara to recreate it afterward.


The immediate problem, though, was that there were too many roads out of the campus. Nobody was bothering to try to escape on foot, which kept them nicely contained to squishable vehicles and packed streets, but unless I asked Clara to let me be in multiple places at once--the changes she'd probably have to make to my mind to keep that from being too overwhelming an experience weren't something I was all that comfortable asking her for just now--they'd have to be corralled into a single area.


Thankfully, this was not at all difficult for two giantesses who could create pits hundreds of feet deep with a stomp.


Soon enough only one road off the campus remained accessible. Vehicles turned around to try to get to the building traffic jam there, with a few fender-benders along the way due to the rain-slick surface. Nobody cared about which side of the road they were supposed to be on, since everyone was going in the same direction anyway.


We'd specifically chosen the least-used road in and out of campus, so that there wouldn't be anyone heading for it, at least initially. That meant that by the time we'd smashed up all the other ways out, it would be simple to be waiting for the first few cars to burst onto it.


I nodded at Clara as they did, and she smiled.


The ground temperature dropped to just below freezing, and simultaneously the drivers of the lead cars, along with other random ones, found their wheels locking, sending them into a skid, causing yet more accidents as even the cars that could still move normally were dealing with decreased traction.


Clara lifted a foot to stomp much of the jam flat, but I held up a hand to forestall her.


"You didn't read my flash drives, either, did you?" I asked.


She shook her head no, a curious look on her face.


Turning around, I squatted over the perimeter of the area, spread my titanic ass cheeks apart, and squeezed.


The panic that ensued as a fourteen-foot-high log of crap dropped from my butt was greater than anything I'd seen before. The turd fell to the ground, crushing a few vehicles on the periphery and raising a stink that sent people fleeing in the opposite direction, many getting out of their cars, and a few of those being run over by those who still thought they could escape that way.


My laughter boomed as I slowly walked around the group, my crap still coming without pause, encircling the crowd with a barrier that, while in theory not impassable--it might have been possible to scale it, or push through it, or dig out of it--was so rank and foul that nobody wanted to get near it. Once I'd closed off the loop, then, everyone crammed into the centre. The fear seemed almost palpable to me; I could only wonder what Clara was sensing.


"You are one hell of a kinky, disgusting, fucked-up bitch. You know that, right?" my omnipotent friend asked.


I shrugged. "Why, is there something wrong with that?"


"Not at all. Shall we fill it in?" I could feel her magic refilling my bowels.


Needless to say, nobody who had been unfortunate enough to be on campus that day escaped alive, or even had a particularly pleasant death.


I stood up after finishing covering the area in a second helping of feces just to be sure nobody had survived and looked out over the devastation we'd wrought.


"I think I'm as fucked up as you are," Clara said. "Because now there's only one thing on my mind."


As it turned out, Clara had to use her powers to restore the university anyway.


Maybe I should've stopped there. Convinced Clara to use her powers for more private, personal fun. Something that wouldn't harm other people. But was it really harm when she could always just bring them back, even decide what they did or didn't remember? Was it really harm if she could make them like what we did?


But I was also having too much fun to stop.


Content Warning 4: Crush, Familicide, Fart, Giantess, Planetary destruction, Scat, Sneezing, Torture, Vomit, Vore, Watersports


Somehow, my bedroom had become our "base of operations". Maybe it was because it was where Clara first revealed her powers to me, maybe it was because she liked the look better and couldn't be bothered to change hers. Maybe she thought familiar surroundings would make me feel more comfortable.


Even though we'd spent the entire night screwing each other silly, both before and after Clara reversed all the damage, I was still incredibly aroused by what we'd done. Snuffing out so many lives in such violent and vile ways had brought out a part of me that I thought I was only pretending to have when I wrote about it, not something I'd actually find myself enjoying in reality. Maybe that should have scared me, but with Clara snuggling me I felt too safe to be scared by anything.


Even myself. And even her.


"So, what are you thinking for today?" she murmured in my ear.


"Yesterday was really intense," I mused. "I was thinking girls' day in." A part of my brain told me that I had a midterm to proctor, but I told that part of my brain to shut up.


"Really?" Clara said, sounding a bit disappointed. "I was thinking I could change society's mores so that we could play a little game, run around and screw as many people as you can find. Free use."


"Clara, you know why I'll do almost anything with you except play board games," I reminded her. Clara shook her head ruefully. She didn't bother to hide the fact that her ethic on those was that it's not cheating unless someone catches you.


"Fine, fine. Movies? I could slow down time, let us do a huge movie marathon. Hey, we could mess with the cast, rewrite the movie on the fly."


"Nah. I want to stay in, but I still want to do the sorts of stuff we did yesterday. I just don't want to go outside."


"So what are you thinking?"


"Pick a city," I said, hopping up and clearing a space on the floor. "Have it appear right here, shrunken down to fit. And of course make sure people can't run onto the carpet or anything like that."


Looking back at my friend, she quirked an eyebrow before a beam shot out of her pupil. When it faded, a shrunken city sat where I'd just been moving stuff. I squatted down to take a look at it.


"Hey, this is my home town!" I said.


"I know," Clara replied.


"My mom, my dad, sis..."


"Yeah? What of it?"


"I don't want to..."


Clara realized that I was having misgivings. "Don't worry, I'll bring them back later. Besides, we're so huge, they won't even know it's you. And anyway, doesn't it give you just a bit of a thrill that it is your family?"


That brought me down hard on the other bed. Clara was right. Damn I was fucked up, but the thought of killing my family only made this even hotter.


"Maybe we should just have that movie marathon," I said. "If nothing else it'd be interesting to see what would change if all the actresses were tall, muscular, big-breasted futas."


"Oh come on," said Clara, getting up and walking over to the miniature city. With a single stomp of her foot she crushed most of it. "Don't tell me that didn't turn you on just a little." A wave of her hand restored the buildings and people. "Or that."


"It did." I didn't add, "that's the problem."


"So then why worry? Go on. Do something."


Resolutely I shut off my inner voice that told me not to, that told me to walk away from this. Instead I listened to the other voice, the one saying that I could quit any time, but it didn't have to be now.


I squatted over my home town, peering closely to find my old house. Having found it, I turned around, making sure that my anus was as close to centred over it as possible.


Then I let out a long, loud, smelly, and slightly wet fart.


The gale-force winds flattened buildings across the city, and the gases displaced the breathable air, asphyxiating most of the residents. A shudder went through me as I realized that I'd just killed more people and done more damage in one go sitting here in my own temperature-controlled room than I had at any point yesterday as a giantess in the great outdoors.


Of course, I supposed it helped that this time the tallest buildings couldn't even crest my little toe.


"Ugh, that smells vile," Clara said, restoring the city again. "What did you have to eat yesterday?"


"The same thing you did," I reminded her. "People, cars, buildings and shit, with piss and cum chasers." That had been an especially perverted bit of our lovemaking: scooping up our own feces and force-feeding each other with it. That it was so gross had only made it more arousing.


Clara let out a fart of her own. "You must've had a slightly different mix than I did, because mine doesn't smell anywhere near that bad."


"Maybe," I said, lying down on the floor, my head hovering over the city. I wondered what it was like for the residents. Did they see my huge face hovering over them? Could they even tell it was a face? What must it be like to see the sky replaced by the ceiling of my bedroom, or was that simply too far away?


"Hey, I've got an idea," Clara said, and I rolled over onto my back to look up at her. A glowing orb appeared in her hand, and it hovered to rest roughly above the city. Then she created a magnifying glass. "It just occurred to me that what we basically have here is a mound of ants who might as well be immortal." Her smile turned wicked, and as I rolled back over she held the glass between the orb--which I just realized was in fact a star--and the city, holding it at just the right distance so that it looked like it was focusing the light on a specific point.


Suddenly my vision became telescopic, and I zoomed into the spot where Clara had focused her beam.


Right on my older sister, walking outside to try to figure out what the hell was going on.


I almost burst out with, "What the fuck d'you think you're doing!" Almost.


Instead I watched, and my hand slipped to my cunt even as I rubbed my dicks against the soft carpet to satisfy my building arousal.


The light and heat were so intense that my sister didn't get hot, or catch on fire; she simply started melting, as if she were a wax candle and Clara's beam the flame. Her body deformed, and her mouth contorted in agony as she sank to the ground before it, too, was lost in the puddle of boiled flesh she was swiftly becoming.


When she was no more than a stain on the sidewalk, I came explosively.


Even as I was shuddering from the experience, Clara tossed me the glass. It hung in the air for a bit until I reached up and took it. "Here," she said. "You try it."


My hands shook as I took the innocuous tool that was now a weapon of pure destruction. I remembered what it was like to kill a man, to have him completely within my power and choose to snuff out his life.


I knew I wanted to experience that again.


But simply killing a random person wouldn't be enough. Not this time. The first time had been a thrill because it was the first time. I needed something more than that, and with my sister dead that left only one target.


The next thing to be attacked by the stellar laser was my family home.


I could hear, I suddenly realized, the screams of my parents as their house dissolved around them, as the air became unbearably hot and their clothes disintegrated. The floors and ceilings gave way; the roof caved in. Even before they themselves began to melt as their other daughter had their bodies were already broken from falling through the floors and hitting the collapsing walls. The pattern of their melting made it, in a sense, more a mercy than it had been for their child.


Merciful or not, though, it was still enough to bring me to another orgasm as the house became a pool of bubbling mush.


"Watch this," Clara said, taking the magnifying glass back and making her miniature sun even more intense. The room didn't get any warmer--it hadn't when she had made the orb, either--but I had to close my eyes and turn away just to try to avoid the extreme light, until Clara realized that she'd made it too strong for me to bear and adjusted my eyes to handle it.


When I turned back, she'd already begun sweeping the glass across the city, the beam now so powerful that it practically exploded everything in its path, ripping a tear of destruction through the hapless town, gouging out craters with no care for the inhabitants.


After she'd ruined about half of it, Clara tossed the glass back to me, and caught in the orgy of devastation I finished the job, until my hometown was nothing but a melted puddle of civic infrastructure and flesh on the floor of my bedroom.


"Fuck that was hot," Clara said, and I could see that her cocks were as hard as mine. She restored the city yet again and banished her miniature sun. "What next?"


Instead of answering, I felt a sneeze coming on, and not being able to find a tissue, coughed right on the just-rebuilt town. Spittle flew from my mouth while snot and boogers shot from my nose, crashing down on the buildings, crushing whatever they touched.


Clara goggled at me for a moment, then said, "Oh my fucking damn that's hot!" She twitched her nose a little to induce a sneeze, then repeated what I had done, blowing gunk out her nostrils to crush even more of the city.


"Wait, I got a better idea," she said, hopping up. Pointing at my desk, a box of tissues appeared, but patterned strangely. I walked over to take a look and found myself forced down into my chair.


"Clara?" I asked.


"Wait, which animal's dander are you more sensitive to? Dogs or cats?" she asked hurriedly.


"Dogs, but--"


A beagle appeared in my lap, shaking off fur and scratching all over. Immediately I felt another sneeze coming on, and in the moments I had before my eyes became too watery to see I realized that the tissue I'd grabbed to dab them dry actually was another city. But then I sneezed, again, and blew my nose all over it.


The dog didn't stop shedding, though, and I guess Clara must've done something to my sinuses, because I ran through the entire box of tissues over the next hour or so, getting more uncomfortable with each blow but also more aroused at how many people were dying simply so that I could keep my head clear with the dratted animal in my lap. No matter what I did, he refused to budge, and I sat there in silent torment even as Clara watched excitedly.


Once I'd used the last tissue, the dog vanished. Ninety tissues sat wadded up on the floor. Ninety cities that were now coated in my snot and boogers.


"Fuck," said Clara, moaning. "If I blow like this I'll probably flood this place." She looked down at my crotch. "And you'd do the same."


With a snap of her fingers, four condoms appeared on our dicks. Each of them, too, was patterned, but this time each was a continent. I was about to wipe out Africa and Eurasia with my cum, and Clara was about to destroy South America and Oceania.


The inevitable happened.


As we were coming down from our high, I turned on my computer and found that despite all the devastation, basic services still seemed to be up and running. I guessed Clara was controlling that, now.


Of course, with so much of the world destroyed, all I could find for a news webcast was our own local news. I started to get aroused yet again at the panic and terror in the normally professional newsreader's voice as she informed everyone who was still alive to listen to her about what had happened.


Clara giggled and shot a bolt of reality alteration through my computer screen. Apparently whatever passed for Standards and Practices at the local station didn't currently care about such minor things as "full frontal exposure", since the broadcast continued despite the fact that the presenter suddenly sported hooters larger than her head which had just busted through her bra, shirt and blazer.


Suddenly, without warning, I felt my stomach rumble, and ripped a massive fart, filling the air in the room with the same putrid scent I'd used earlier against my hometown.


The suddenness of the gas made Clara retch, and she bent over the half-destroyed city and brought up the contents of her stomach.


As she did so, I flipped away from the newscast and found an up-to-date satellite image of the planet. The sight of the Earth, now mostly covered with water, with only North America, Antarctica and a few scattered islands left--and most of those, including much of the one remaining inhabited continent's coastline, being battered by the tidal shifts resulting from the sudden absence of most of the major landmasses--started to arouse me again.


"I need more than this," I said.


"More than flooding entire continents with cum?" Clara asked.


"I don't want to flood a continent. I want to jam my cocks into a planet and blast it to smithereens." I took a deep breath, not sure what Clara would think of what I really wanted. "I want to destroy this planet."


Clara paused, and for a moment I thought she would think I'd gone too far. But instead she laughed and snapped her fingers. "I've sealed our room off from any ill effects resulting from what we're doing," she assured me. Another snap put a collection of planetary bodies, large enough to be neatly impaled on my dicks, floating in front of me, the room having expanded to accommodate their size.


I couldn't hold back my destructive impulses any longer. I grabbed Earth and Mars, finding myself more than strong enough to manipulate them like stuffed toys, jammed each onto one of my dicks, and began pumping furiously. Clara did the same but with Jupiter and Saturn.


The thought of what everyone else must be thinking as their own planet shook with the fury of my thrusting turned me on even more. Precum leaked out as my head drilled through the crust and into the mantle, coming out of cracks and crevices in the surface. It didn't take long for the oceans to become more ejaculate than water, not that that was something the planet's inhabitants would have to worry about for much longer.


With a primal roar I pushed farther in, Clara constantly causing our dicks to grow so we could penetrate properly. I tried to hold back my climax until I could release it in a place where it would cause maximum destruction, total obliteration, and as my dick finally penetrated the hard inner core, I came.


The planets impaled on my shafts simply disintegrated, the force of my cumshots too powerful for anything so fragile to withstand. In depraved need I reached out for another two planets, and they flew onto my dicks--whether because Clara had allowed me to exercise such power, or because she had recognized my desire and made it real, I neither knew nor cared--but they, too, blew apart in moments. More planets appeared to satiate my desire for destruction, and also Clara's, and by the time we were finished I had long since lost count of how many planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and other such bodies we had simply erased from the universe.


But it still wasn't enough. My cocks were still hard, cum spurting from them as my prostate pulsed and my balls churned.


It clearly wasn't enough for Clara, either, as she gestured and a stack of cloths appeared. I grabbed one and quickly examined it before using it to try to dry my leaking head. A galaxy. Entire galaxies were good only as rags to clean up our cum.


But even so Clara was still unsatisfied. She pointed her finger at me and I felt a pressing need to use the bathroom. She tossed two of the rags at me as I rushed there.


"Make sure to wipe thoroughly," she reminded me before continuing to defile yet more galaxies.


I sat down on the toilet, a bit awkward since my massive shafts couldn't possibly fit in a way that would let me urinate from them. But then, I didn't need to piss, and instead an incredibly messy mass of shit exploded from my ass, splashing dirty water back up onto my cheeks. I could even feel a little bit dangling from my anus, refusing to be shaken off.


Grabbing a bit of toilet paper, I wiped myself, not getting much of what was there, but when I reached for a second one I realized why Clara had given me the rags, and quickly jammed them onto my dicks.


The toilet paper was the universe. Clara had taken reality itself and reduced it to nothing more than a tool to clean the most disgusting part of my body of its most vile waste product.


By then we were both too far gone to consider going back. Reality's fate was sealed: every day we would mistreat it, abuse it, use it for our pleasure, and Clara would restore it so that we could live another grotesque fantasy the next day.


But I should have simply stayed at her side, been content to be the one person she wanted to share this with, the one person she needed with her. But I had to know. There was one more thing that, in my foolishness, I had to know.


Content Warning 5: Death, Mind Control, Non-Consensual Sex, Scat, Vore, Watersports


I woke up to a restored universe, the only evidence of the previous day's depravity being our memories. The sky was clear, the birds chirped, people walked and talked as if they hadn't been buried in shit and had their planet explode beneath them.


"So," said Clara eagerly, "what do you want to do today? Maybe we could go to the beach, only become a little huge and have fun with the people there? Build a swimming pool for them and fill it with piss?"


"You're thinking of another author's story, I think," I laughed. "No. Today..." I took a deep breath. "Today, I want to live out my other stories."


"Your other stories?"


"Yeah. The ones where I'm not at the goddess's side. The ones where she's using me as a toy, as nobody special, as nothing more than something to be used and discarded." I looked at my friend. "I need to know what that's like. Just..."


"Just what?"


"Promise me one thing."


"Anything, Rachel."


"Promise me that you'll bring me back. Kill me... but bring me back."


"Always," Clara promised. "Always. The only person I couldn't imagine my life without is you."


"Then make me forget. Make me not know about any of this, about your powers, about what we've done, even what you just promised. I need to know what it's like on the other side. I need to know what those characters feel."


For the first time since she revealed what she could do to me, I saw concern in Clara's eyes. "Are you sure about this, Rach? There would be nothing stopping me from simply breaking my promise. From bringing you back again and again... and then killing you for good, the violation of your trust bringing me to a climax fiercer than any I've yet had."


"I know. But I trust you more than that. I don't think you'd do that."


Clara nodded.




The next thing I knew I was back in my original body, as was Clara. Looking back, the scene was largely the same as when she was about to reveal her powers to me, at least in person--she hadn't done anything to the online game we'd suddenly been playing--and this time it took her quite a bit longer to get to my suite after she logged off.


She rang the doorbell.


"Hey, Clara!" I exclaimed, holding out my arms for a hug. She returned the embrace. "How are you?"


"A bit sore that you got more kills than me today," she laughed. "Of course, that means you're treating me to dinner."


I chuckled. We always had that little bet. Whoever got more kills in a session did have to pay for dinner... but also got to choose what both of us ate.


Thankfully there wasn't anywhere in town that offered the ghost pepper challenge.


"Anyway, I need to use the bathroom," she said, stepping back.


I stood aside and waved her to the stairs. "You know where it is."


"No... I need to use it right now. Can't hold it."


"Well, I hope you can. Would hate to clean it up off the floor," I said lightly, thinking she was just joking.


"Don't worry. You won't have to."


The next thing I knew I was pinned to that same floor by some invisible force and Clara's anus was hovering over my face.


"Open wide," she said, a sadistic tinge to her voice that I'd never heard before.


Feeling strangely compelled to follow her orders, I tried to close it again as I saw the brown mass crowning... and couldn't.




That was my first death that day. I didn't remember it after she brought me back, of course. For all I knew, she'd used the bathroom and then we were having a normal chat over a few small snacks.


"I'm still a little hungry," she said.


"Well I've still got two-thirds of the crackers left, and plenty of cheese."


"No, I need something with a little more protein."


"Well you're in luck, then. I had a great little steakhouse in mind for dinner tonight. But we could go now if you'd prefer."


"No," she said, the same sadistic note in her voice, "I need something now."


I was incapable of objecting as she ate my body, piece by piece, pain shooting through my system as I felt her chew every little bit, until she finally swallowed my head whole, and I lost all sensation as it dissolved in her powerful stomach acids.




The next thing I knew, I wasn't at home. In fact, I'd forgotten all about my ordinary life, being a grad student, laughing with Clara as we camped and sniped everyone we saw. As far as I knew, I was a street prostitute, someone who scraped through day by day giving five-dollar blowjobs and ten-dollar vaginal to anyone who would pay. I was probably knocked up, too, with goodness knew whose child, considering that half my clients beat me silly if I tried to insist on a condom, and I couldn't afford birth control.


So I was standing on the side of a busy street, watching cars zoom past and trying to get some business, when one of them did stop and open the door. It's never the safest idea to just get in, of course, but I was pretty desperate for a client.


So imagine my surprise when it wasn't a guy already with his pants half off, but a reasonably attractive woman.


"You want your tits sucked or your pussy licked?" I asked. "Not my usual thing but five bucks for the tits or ten for your cunt."


"No," she said, her pants sliding down even while she had both hands on the wheel, "I'd like a blowjob."


The doors locked as I tried to get away at the sight of her massive dick springing out. Bigger than I'd ever seen on a man, for sure.


"Oh, and how much for anal?" she asked.


"I... don't do anal," I said, a bit hesitantly.


"Too bad." She flung a fifty on the dash. "For that you're gonna do whatever I want."


She took her hands off the wheel. The car kept going. She hefted me and flung me bodily into the back--I was too dazed to wonder how the hell a double bed could fit in such a small sedan--and followed herself, shedding her clothes as she went, then tearing off mine.


"Suck," she ordered. I did, and as she forced me further down on her cock, my jaw broke.


But she didn't care. After she'd finished fucking my face, she moved on to my cunt--tearing it up--and then my ass. And as she blasted a load in there, a place I'd never allowed anyone to go, the hands molesting my tits squeezed a little too hard, my boobs popped like sacks of flesh, and my chest was crushed under her powerful arms.




I woke up, not remembering any of that, in my dorm room. Clara had called me the night before to beg off our normal session. A bit disappointing, of course, but it wasn't like it was the first time. Besides, it meant that I wouldn't have to pay for her dinner. She'd won last time so she chose the place, and whenever we couldn't have a session the other person got to choose the restaurant, but each of us chose and paid for our own meals.


So instead I decided to tune into the news for a bit, catch up on what was going on, only for the broadcast to be interrupted by breaking news of a giant woman rampaging through town.


A copter managed to get a shot of her face before being destroyed with a swipe of her hand. It was Clara, and I wondered how the hell that had happened.


As it turned out, she was doing pretty much everything that I had done when we were giantesses together, except that for some reason she spared me. But still I had nowhere to go amid the devastation, and I felt a force pick me up, bring me in front of her face, twisted into a cruel visage as she contemplated my fate.


And then she broke her promise.


My memories came flooding back, what she was, what she'd done, what I'd done. I knew it all, again. I knew how much she'd enjoyed it, how much I'd enjoyed it. And I knew that she'd at long last violated my trust, cruelly gone against what I'd specifically asked her to do.


"Rachel, Rachel," she said. "Whatever shall I do with you? I thought you wanted to share this with me. You could have been at my side as we dominated the world, the galaxy, the universe--all universes. But instead you turned out to be every bit as pathetic and useless as the rest of them." Her smile showed teeth.


And in that moment, as it became clear that I had nothing left to lose, that Clara could not be trusted, would not keep her promises, I realized something about myself.


And I asked something none of my characters ever would have asked.


Because I wasn't my characters. I was me.


"Clara," I said hesitantly, "is that offer of omnipotence still on the table?"


I still don't know why she didn't kill me on the spot for such presumption. Maybe she'd forgotten she'd made it. Maybe it tapped into whatever part of her remained that was still my friend. But her face softened, her smile became radiant.


"It always was," she said softly, and kissed my body.


Content Warning 6: Vore


"And that," Rachel said as I sat astride her top cock, my pink latex-clad legs embracing it, leaning back into her pillowy bosom, my long red hair tickling both of us, "was the beginning of the end, Janet."


I nodded. I knew the history afterward. How the goddesses Clara Smith and Rachel Wainwright conquered reality, nobody able to withstand them. How Clara still lived her cruel fantasies on hapless populations, while Rachel was the more benevolent one.


"I didn't think she was right about being able to make me as powerful as she was. That wasn't something I'd ever written in any of my stories," Rachel went on. "But she was. Once she'd made me her equal, I couldn't take away her powers, nor she mine."


"So she wasn't really omnipotent, then," I said, "if she could self-limit her powers."


"Maybe not. But 'omnipotence' is a slippery term to define anyway. Even now the philosophers can't agree on it, and they've had trillions of years in which to observe it."


I laughed. "But why now? Why tell the story now, to me?"


"Because it needed to be told at some point. Even if it's never published, never read... it needed to be told. And why not you? After all, only someone worthy of the second cock could possibly be worthy of telling my tale."


I beamed. The second cock. I rubbed both my shafts tenderly. There were plenty of ordinary futanari out there, of course. But only rarely did anyone reach high enough in either Clara or Rachel's favour to earn the gift of a second. In fact, from looking at the histories, I was the first in over a million years.


"And you're the best writer that humanity has produced... well, since me, I guess. I still wonder if I could've been successful as a mainstream writer if my mind didn't keep pushing me to write porn."


I blushed, the glow spreading from my face and down my naked chest. My huge breasts tingled with pleasure. "Thank you, Rachel." That was an even rarer gift: to be allowed to address either Goddess by name, and one only Rachel had ever granted.


"In fact," she said, her mind scanning through my tablet, "I think you've earned an honour that I've never given anyone."


"Oh?" I asked curiously.


But she didn't tell me what it was. "I've read all your stuff, of course. As you write it, even. And I think you're more like what I thought I was than I ever was."


I shrugged. I'd read all of her stuff, too, though hardly as quickly as she did mine. Given what we often did together, I could see her point. But there was another question on my mind.


"Why does Clara still revel in her orgies of destruction?" I asked. "You enjoyed it as much as she did."


"I did," Rachel admitted. "But then I lived the other side of the story. She never did. She never felt the raw fear, the bare terror, of knowing your fate was entirely out of your control. That no matter what you wanted, no matter what was said, what was done, what was promised, there was nothing you could do to change what would be. And I knew I wasn't like that."


I relaxed further into Rachel's breasts. "No, you're not. And I'm glad of it."


"I am, too." I looked up to see her smile. "Now, what parts of you would you like me to eat today?" That was one of my favourite things: being an unnecessary snack for my Goddess, especially since I knew she'd always heal me.


But today I decided to offer something I never had before.


"My head... and my heart," I said.


"Are you sure?" she said, curious. "That would kill you."


"I know," I said calmly.


"I wouldn't have to bring you back. I could leave you dead, or just make you a part of me."


"I know," I repeated. "But I can think of worse fates. And besides... I trust you."


"I thought I could trust Clara," Rachel pointed out.


"She kept her promise, didn't she?"


"And I think she regrets it now. She wanted me to be omnipotent so I would destroy the universe at her side, as an equal."


"But she did it."


Rachel had to concede the point.


"So I trust you. I trust that if you want me back, you'll bring me back."


My Goddess smiled. "Then so be it, Janet Allen." And as I died in her body, I knew what her gift was.


--Dictated by Rachel Wainwright, aka Omegarisen, to Janet Allen, aka yearends, aka Omegarisen




I feel it is necessary to say one last thing, so that you who read this might understand that even this story was in part our typical propaganda to which you have all been so inured.


That I am the nice one, and Clara the evil one.


So know this: if the roles had been reversed, if Rachel Wainwright had been the omnipotent Goddess and Clara Smith the ordinary mortal...


...I wouldn't have done anything different.


--Rachel Wainwright



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