Sophya and Niky

Niky was better than her older sister Sophya. Strictly better, at everything.
This was not to say that her sister was bad at anything, but was to say that Niky was amazing at everything. It had always been this way. It was, in fact, prophesied to be this way. The second child born of Niky and Sophya's household had been foretold to be favored by the gods, and Niky and Sophya's parents had prepared themselves for the day when Niky would be born. While they did love both their children, it was clear that Niky was just better than everyone, and they treated her as such.
It was quickly clear the prophecy was correct. Unbelievably, at 4 months Niky was already running around the house; by 8 months she already had a good grasp of sentence structure. She had excelled at everything. When Sophya was 13, and supposed to be going through her growth spurt, her 10 year-old sister had already surpassed her in height and development. By the time Sophya was 15 she seemed to have stopped growing and her sister towered over her. At age 12, Niky was by far the most beautiful women the village, and by now it was probably the world. At 14, Niky was stronger than most men in the village; now she was far superior to all of them.
Niky was 16 and more than a two feet taller than her five-foot tall, 19 year-old sister. At 7'2" Niky was stunningly sexy and superbly strong. She already had graduated from school, having skipped 3 grades. She would have graduated even faster, but the school had been reluctant to put her ahead of her older sister, so had kept them in the same class. Niky had gotten bored from that and easily finished at the top of her class, getting perfect scores on all of the tests. She could read a book just by flipping through it and had a photographic memory. Additionally, she seemed to have an intuitive understanding of the world, and oftentimes did not even need to study or even come to class to get an A.
"Can I have some more?" Niky asked her mother in her melodious voice, having just finished her second helping of dinner. She flipped her long red hair as she asked; her bright silver eyes shining in the dim light of the room. Her massive mammies jiggled slightly from the sudden movement. Everything about Niky was mesmerizing. Her tan skin, her wide hips and perfect butt, her E-cup breasts, her impossibly long legs, even her smell.
Sophya was a slight girl with brown hair and brown eyes.
"Of course, my special girl," her mother replied. Niky had a special plate just for her that was twice the size of any of the other plates in the house. Everything of Niky's had been specially made for her, from the chair she was sitting on to the clothes she wore. Her mother filled Niky's huge plate again with her delicious dinner. Niky normally had four or five helpings before she was done, and her mother, always happy to accommodate her special daughter, cooked accordingly.
"Now that you girls have graduated, have you given any thought to what you'll be doing?" their mother asked.
"Well," said Sophya, "I did graduate second in the school for wizardry, so I thought I would continue my studies in that field."
"Oh that's right," said their mother. "The teacher said she had not had a student as bright as you in a long long time… well, besides your sister, of course."
Niky just flipped her long shining red hair again at that, and crossed and uncrossed her perfectly toned legs. Her eyes changed from silver to dark green.
"What about you, Niky?" he mother said.
"Well," said Niky, "since I had so much free time from not needing to sleep, and from being excused from most classes at school, I've mastered archery, magic, blacksmithing, pottery, joisting, fencing, alchemy, history, wresting, healing, hand to hand fighting, axe work, math, stealth, trap making, cooking, knife throwing, and animal husbandry, or at least as much as anyone in the village could teach me. So I thought maybe I would go kill the dragon that's been rumored to live in that inactive volcano on the other side of the forest.
"Oh," said their mother. "Well, normally I would be worried about my daughter doing something like that, but I am sure the gods would never let anything bad happen to their chosen, so I guess that's alright with me."
Sophya sighed. Her mother always let Niky do whatever she pleased.
Niky just flashed a dazzling smile her eyes changing from dark green to a vibrant blue. "I will leave in the morning then." She stood to her 7 feet 2 inches height and looked down at Sophya. "You can come too if you want, Big Sis, there might be a spellbook in the dragon's lair or something."
Sophya hated when Niky called her 'Big Sis,' but nodded anyway. She acknowledged that there had always been something about Niky that made it very hard to tell her no.
Niky went over to the wall and took the 7 foot-long crystal-inlayed gold greatsword that she had forged herself. Her muscular arms did not even seem to need to flex as she slung the heavy weapon over her back. The sent of lilacs came off of her as she gracefully moved around the room on her powerful legs.
"While you sleep, Big Sis, I will train; see you at breakfast." With that she walked out. She did not even own plate mail and was clad only in a chain-mail bikini that barley covered her huge chest. She had also forged it herself. It was rumored the gods had blessed both the weapon, and the armor as well.
Sophya sighed and took her spellbook to bed to do some light reading before falling asleep. She did not even now why her sister even bothered training. Niky did not seem to need to workout to add muscle and always did everything perfectly the first time.
The next day both their parents wished them luck as they set off into the wood. The sun was shining; it was such a beautiful day it was as if the gods themselves were smiling down. Sophya had to trot to keep up with her younger sister's longer strides.
Niky could probably run the whole way if she wanted, thought Sophya, but obviously she wants me to come along on this journey for some reason.
They still made good time as they went into the dark, forbidding woods. It was about a day and a half journey to the volcano.
They traveled the day uneventfully, but as the sun was setting on the darkness of the forest, orc raiders feel upon them. Orcs were fairly common in these parts, so this was not unexpected. The orcs, a dozen in total, made no attempts to be subtle and simply walked out of their hiding place.
"You're a big one," said the leader to Niky. "You half giant or somethin'?"
"No," said Niky, hefting her greatsword, her eyes changing from blue to red, "but if you know what's good for you you'll leave us alone."
Sophya moved back.
The orcs just laughed at that and attacked. Niky swung her sword and cleaved three of them, her weapon just slashing through them like they were nothing. As the other nine lunged at her she nimbly dodged out of the way.
Sophya started to cast a spell.
Niky swung her sword again, killing three more. The others tried to attack her, but their blows could not touch the deft girl. She easily and gracefully sidestepped them.
Sophya continued chanting. She wanted to make sure her sister did not get in the way of her spell.
Niky's weapon came again, and three more orcs were cleaved completely in half. Blood now covered Niky, her huge breasts slick with it. The ground was also covered with it and the orcs were having trouble moving, but not Niky. At this point, the remaining three where trying to get away. As they fled, Sophya was about to cast her spell when Niky whirled around, her hair flowing behind her like a crimson streak and cast a spell of her own. A fireball - the very spell Sophya was going to cast - came flying out and engulfed the remaining 3 orcs.
"That's what I was going to do," sulked Sophya.
"I know, Big Sis," said Niky, daintily wiping the blood off her large, scantily clad self as the burning orcs fell to the ground, "I leafed though your spellbook when you were asleep last night, and thought I would try a quicken cast."
Sophya wanted to protest, but had learned it was normally pointless to do that when dealing with her younger sister's abilities. Every time in her childhood she had argued that her sister should not be able to do something, it always turned out she could. Her sister seemed able to do anything she wanted all the time, and that was just the way life was. Sophya had always felt redundant. She consoled herself to her lot in life, and let out a heavy sigh
"You get some rest," said Niky as her eyes changed from red to a golden yellow; "I'll keep watch, Big Sis."
In the morning Sophya awoke to the smell of roast boar. Niky had apparently killed a huge one last night and was busy eating breakfast. She had already almost eaten the entire large animal. She offered Sophya a small piece, which was all right with Sophya. Sophya never ate much anyway.
"Did I miss anything last night?" Sophya asked.
"Nothing really," said Niky. "There was a werewolf of something; I took care of it, Big Sis." Niky had also apparently bathed, and her body that was wet with blood yesterday was now perfectly clean. Her hair, which was never out of place in the worst of time, flowed like a river over her perfect shoulders down to her toned butt. Her skin seemed to shimmer in the morning light, and she smelled of roses. While she gorged herself on boar, her huge barely-covered beasts shook a little. Her eyes were a light silver.
Sophya just signed and sat down to had a few mouthfuls of boar.
The day was also uneventful, and they made it to the cave were the dragon was rumored to live. No one had seen it for years and people speculated that it was either hibernating or working on some long-term plot.
"So, what's the plan," asked Sophya, knowing that they would do it the way that Niky wanted anyway.
"I thought we might sneak in and see what was inside first," Said Niky.
Sophya was a little surprised by that and, while she was, Niky cast a spell of invisibility and silence on both of them. Sophya wanted to protest that, if she had a silence spell cast on her she could not use her magic, but she realized it was doubly pointless now, since they could not hear or see each other. Niky took Sophya by the hand and lead her inside.
They entered the cave. Niky quickly disarmed three traps while they went down and soon they were inside a colossal cavern. It looked like the dragon had been conducting magical experiments. Books and dragon-sized beakers were scattered everywhere. The books were mostly normal sized, but one huge one seemed to be the dragon's spellbook, which seemed to be etched all around with crystals. In the center of the cavern was the dragon himself. Huge; his translucent lavender scales glimmered in the faint light. Gems were everywhere and he was sleeping on a bed of them. He had apparently fallen asleep while writing in his spellbook.
Niky led Sophya over to the book, and Sophya was shocked as her sister let go of her hand and the massive tome rose and started to move toward the cave entrance. Sophya guessed that Niky had picked it up, and she was forced to follow it out, not wanting to get out of range of the silence spell. This feat of strength impressed even Sophya, who was a little jaded with her sister's abilities at this point in her life.
Soon they were in the daylight and the spells were dropped. Sophya could have kicked her sister she was so mad. "What did you do that for? He is going to come out here and kill us when he wakes up."
"Oh, I don't know about that, Big Sis," said Sophya looking through the book with her now white eyes.
Sophya seemed disinterested in her sister's mood as she leafed through the massive spellbook. In the light Sophya could see its pages were not made of paper, but a flaky rock of some kind. Niky was turning the pages too quickly for Sophya to get more then a brief understanding of what was on each page.
"Those are psionics," Sophya finally said, after getting a look at a few of the pages.
"Well, that was an Amethyst Dragon in there, Big Sis," retorted Niky. "They are psionic creatures. This one seemed to be very busy working on new psionic powers, mixing them with magic. This Siphon Power variant looks very interesting," she said, turning to the last page and then closing the book. "It looks like he was going to test it soon."
Sophya was again surprised by her sister, something she had thought she had gotten over at a young age. "How do you know about psionics? It's very rare."
"Yes, Big Sis," said Niky looking at her with her white eyes that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, "only a few select creatures have the ability to utilize them."
Sophya sighed. "Figures," she said under her breath.
Niky went over to Sophya's pack and pulled out a scroll brush, then she pulled out her huge greatsword that Sophya was sure was magical, and started drawing runes on it with the brush.
"What are you doing, sis!" Sophya almost screamed. "That dragon is going to wake up soon!"
No sooner were the words out of her mouth when they both heard the sound of the dragon crashing out of his cave, clearly upset.
"Humans!" he shouted, looming above them, his shinning purple wings blotting out the sun as his gemmed body shimmered in the morning light.
Niky looked up at him, unafraid. Sophya was sure she had wet herself she was so scared. "I sound have known my sister would get me killed," she whispered to herself.
"You can have your book back," said Niky to the dragon not even looking up as she worked on her sword. "I'm done reading it."
Then, Niky seemed to have finished panting her sword. Standing up her eyes went from white to blue as she rested her greatsword on her broad shoulder.
The dragon blinked down at the big human in front of him, and then said: "They were not meant for your eyes, and though I am loath to do it, and doubt you could even understand what you read…" A blast of force breath launched out of the dragon's mouth.
Sophya, this time, was quickest to act as she cast an advanced shield spell. The force of the breath shattered the spell, and Sophya fell to the ground as her spell crumbled. But, the spell did its job and both girls were protected from the blast.
Niky was already in the air, her sword before her, her bright red hair trailing behind in the morning light. Her weapon crackled with power as she drove it into the dragon's chest; the scales shattered under the mighty blow and the weapon bit deep, plunging up to the hilt. The dragon cried. Niky also let out a sound, but it was one of ecstasy.
Sophya, from her viewpoint on the ground, could barely understand what was happening. It looked almost as if the wound in the dragon's chest was causing it to be enervated and drained. In contrast, her sister seemed to becoming even more spectacular.
Sophya watched in astonishment and horror as her sister absorbed the dragon's strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and finally charisma. She was growing larger as the dragon shrank until nothing was left. Niky's legs lengthened with the rest of her until she was over 12 feet tall. Her magical chain mail bikini could not contain what she was becoming and shattered as her gravity-defeating breasts spring free. Those massive orbs seemed suspended before her, growing even faster than the rest of her. Her eyes were now a vibrant glowing purple; her hair was like a red fire. Her body was now filled with massive sinewy muscle; the strength of an old dragon rippled through a body that was still incredibly feminine.
Sophya's brown eyes were wide. If there was any doubt before, there was none now: Her sister was far beyond human.
Niky looked down at herself, and let out a laugh that almost made Sophya cry it was so beautiful. The corpse of the dragon was like a mummy, completely drained of everything. It's once purple shining scales were dull and cracked. In contrast, Niky's skin seemed to give off a lavender light and looked much harder than any human's. The effect of the shimmering was somehow very sexy.
Niky looked down at the great-sword, which now seemed small in her hands; its runes were smudged. With one of her nails, which were now almost like the claws, and she began to etch the runes back into it. Before she had even really started, she stopped and looked lost in thought.
Sophya could not get over how pretty her sister now looked. Everything that had already been perfect about her sister now seemed magnified and exaggerated. This 16-year-old girl seemed to have the wisdom and intelligence of the ages in her, in addition to the strength and force of personality of a dragon.
"What... what did you do?" Sophya finally managed to stammer.
Niky looked down at her shaking 19-year-old sister. Her voice was both wonderful to hear and commanded respect from those that heard it. "Oh, I absorbed that old dragon, Big Sis. All of his powers and abilities are mine. He was working on that psionic power but had not gotten to use it yet. However, now that I have a better understanding of it, I wonder if I can't improve it."
"Why?" was all Sophya was able to say at that.
Niky just tossed her fiery red mane at that, as if in exasperation. Her prefect breasts moved hypnotically as she did, and Sophya almost felt as if she was falling into a trance watching her huge sister. Niky looked down at her and said, "None of that." And Niky snapped her long fingers.
Sophya shook her head as she felt as if cotton was removed from her head. Niky said a little sympathetically, "Sorry about that Sis, I seemed to have been unconsciously emitting some low level psionics. I guess I really don't know my own strength." She flexed a little at that, her muscles ripping with power. She went back to etching her greatsword. Sophya saw that it was similar to the old pattern, but the rune for addition seemed to have been replaced with the one for multiplication.
Finally, she said: "There, finished." Then she turned to Sophya, her naked glory unabashed before her sister. "Come along, Big Sis, I don't think you'll want to miss this next part." Suddenly Niky rose into the air and grabbed Sophya as she did.
Flabbergasted Sophya shouted, "You can FLY!?!"
Niky laughed, "Of course. The dragon could."
"But, it had WINGS!"
"Oh, those were mainly for show, Sis. I have all of that dragon's abilities now, including its flight speed."
Not knowing what else to do, Sophya decided to go back to sighing.
They flew for most of the day. Sophya wanted to know where they were going. She had expected her sister to take them home in time for their mom's famous dinner. Where are we going? She thought to herself, not sure she voice could carry in the wind.
We are going to see the oldest Amethyst dragon, Big Sis. The location of his lair was in that book, replied Niky in her sister's mind.
Sophya was started by this intrusion into her thoughts. But, her younger sisters voice in her head continued: Don't be alarmed, Big Sis, really I've been able to know what people were thinking around me for a while, its just more potent now that I have the power of an old gem dragon.
Sophya decided not to press the issue. Sighing to herself Sophya asked, Why are we going there? in her head.
Oh, well, I wanted to absorb oldest Amethyst dragon stats and powers too, but I've modified the spell so it should work much better now, her sister's voice in her head replied.
What, so the spell could give anyone the power of the dragon? Sophya asked incredulously.
Well, sorta, said the voice in her head.
So, could you maybe let me... you know? Sophya asked a little plaintively.
Niky let out a musical laugh that was easily heard over the rushing wind, and than continued, Even if you could pick up my sword, it's a psionic power, not a magical spell.
Well, I thought... since you're already so powerful...
 Sophya let the thought trail off.
Niky laughed again, Don't worry, Big Sis, I'll not forget about you. When this is all over you can be my emissary, how does that sound? You can be my chosen.
Sophya thought she would rather be an equal, and her sister seemed to have nothing more to say, just laughed again.

High on a mountain peak they found the entrance to the lair. The opening was much much larger than Sophya had expected. Niky put her sister down. Sophya was shivering from the cold. Despite the fact she was naked, the cold did not seem to bother Niky one bit.
"We could go into his lair, but I think I'll just call him out instead," said Niky.
Putting her perfect hands to her perfect mouth she cried something in draconic. The mountain shook with the sound.
Sophya, who spoke draconic was a little upset she could not understand it. "What was that?" She asked indignantly.
"His name, Big Sis," said Niky simply.
Soon they heard movement inside of the mountain, and shortly a colossal Amethyst dragon could be seen lumbering out of the mouth of the lair. It was almost too big to fit, and stopped at the entrance. It looked down at the two humans, clearly puzzled.
"What are you doing here? I was expecting Zatherin," it said in ancient draconic.
"I killed Zatherin," said Niky answering in draconic.
The ancient dragon scowled. "Did you now? Then you came here to die." Its claws swiped out faster than Sophya could follow. Niky pushed her sister out of the way and took the full brunt of the blow on her prefect muscular back. The claws would have easy killed a normal human, but they just gave her sister a glancing blow. Niky's skin, it seemed, was now as hard as a dragon's scales. Still, the swipe drew blood, and Niky cried out as she got her sister out of the way. "Stay here, Big Sis," she said, "he'd only kill you."
Drawing her sword she spun around. She leapt at the dragon, who was surprised that she was not dead. The sword came for his heart, but he defected the blow. He was very agile for something so large. The dragon tried to trip Niky with his long deft tail, but she jumped. The dragon seemed to have anticipated that and his claws went for Niky's perfect face. His talons racked across it, but instead of trying to protect her face she just took the scars and continued with her leap. The dragon again was surprised as her weapon bit deep. Niky buried her sword into its body.
"I improved the spell," Niky cried. "It does not add abilities anymore, it multiplies them."

The dragon screamed as Niky moaned. Sophya could only sigh.
This time the draining was much more violent. The colossal dragon's whole being was being sucked into the sword, and into Niky.
All of its strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma were MULTIPLIED by Niky's already sizable scores. She grew and grew. She shot past 20 feet and soon was well on her way to 50. She was literally glowing with power, her eyes changing colors faster and faster. Everything about her became hard for Sophya to look at, and she passed out there in the snow.

When Sophya came to, she was lying in grass. Someone had brought her off of the mountain and out of the cold. As she opened her eyes she saw something so earth-shatteringly beautiful to describe it would be to lessen it, but we will have to try anyway. It was clearly her sister Niky, but every element of her was multiplied and magnified. She was about 50 feet tall; her hair was bright fire; her eyes flashed with colors unknown; her skin was sparkling like molten gold; her legs were long undeniably powerful and regally majestic; her face was so stunning one would weep to look upon it, yet it had within it wisdom and a deep understanding of the world. Her arms held the strength of a true dragon multiplied by the strength of a greater dragon, as did her perfect butt, yet both were so feminine. Her breasts, however, were by far the most impressive part of her. Mountains unto themselves their flawless hypnotic movement would reduce a man to a babbling babe. Greater monuments to womanhood could not exist. The very clouds and grass seemed to be paying Niky homage. The sun itself seemed to be shining just for her, but Niky shined brighter still.

Niky turned her dazzling countenance to her sister and said in a voice that was so overpoweringly lovely it would have brought Sophya to her knees had she not already been lying on the ground: "Hello Sis. Glad you will be awake for this next part."
"What… what's happening?" stammered Sophya.
"Oh, well, you see I now have what I was to start plus the power of an old psionic Amethyst dragon multiplied by the power of the oldest and most powerful of all of the psionic dragons. My psionic ability is so great it is actually requiring effort for you to NOT to be enthralled by it, like every other creature with a mind is."
"Wait… what?" Sophya did feel a little clearer headed as she stood and dusted herself off.
"Oh right," said Niky in a voice like the choir of angels. "I forgot to mention, as a side effect of what I now am, everyone in the world is enamored with me. They are re-making everything in my image to try and please me. As we speak, people are erecting monuments to me and worshiping me as a god, and I'm not even trying to get them to do it."
"So, it's like with our parents, but now all over the world," Sophya tried to say under her breath, realizing to late there was no chance Niky did not hear it. Sophya quickly tried to change the subject, "But won't that upset the real gods?"
"Real…? Oh, yes, I am guessing it will."
"Well, um, back what we were talking about before, now that you're all-powerful, do you think you could maybe help me cast that spell of yours…"
Niky laughed, in a sound that seemed to come from everywhere, as if the whole world was, in fact, laughing with her. "I can't, Sis. Sorry, but when I used that power the last time I literally burned it out of existence."
Sophya upset said, "How does that even make sense?"
"Well, you see," her sister began, "It's like when you cast from a scroll, but when I used the multiplier it was like I was reading from all of the scrolls… oh, sorry Sis, this will have to wait, here they come. The 'real' gods."

From the heavens were descending the gods themselves. The true gods came to a rest on the ground before Niky. At 7 to 10 feet tall, they would have looked awe-inspiring to Sophya if she had not already run out of awe long ago. But even so, none of them looked as powerful as they should have, and all paled in comparison to Niky. Even the Goddess of Beauty seemed to wilt next to her younger sister.
The leader of the gods, who looked like a strong tall old man in robes, stepped forward and said in a voice that was attempting to be chastising: "Now see here. You can't go taken' our worshipers. You are our chosen; to you we gave everything."
Niky laughed again, and it seemed like the gods were uneasy from the sound. The 50-foot Niky said in her powerful voice, "Well, if you already gave me everything why was I able to take so much more?"

The old man was clearly angry and he shook his fist. "Now you listen here, mortal…" there was a squashing sound followed by a loud boom that shook everyone to their feet as a sparkling foot came down on the god's body, killing him.

Niky raised her elegant arms over her perfect head; her hair flowed up as a plume of crimson fire. "No, you listen." She said in a voice that shook the heavens and the remaining gods as they lay in disarray on the ground. "I'd like to use the siphon spell on each and every one of you. But the funny thing is, I don't need to. Your power comes from your worshipers, and they are now all mine. Every temple, every monument, every prayer is now to me. The very birds sing my praise, and soon," she looked at the gods that seemed tiny before her, "you will too. Get used to the idea."
"Now," she spoke in a magnanimous voice, "leave, or follow him to the underside of my foot."
The gods lifted themselves up and seemed to run back up into the sky.

As she watched them go, Niky said to her sister: "They will praise me too, Sis, even now they can feel my power working into them. The gods themselves will learn to have admiration for what I am. They will be forced to pay me homage, and not even really know why." At that, Niky paused and looked thoughtful.

After watching the gods go, Niky then turned to Sophya and said in a heartfelt voice. "Oh Sis, what will I do with you? I really was going to have you be my emissary, but with my psionic ability working even on the gods themselves, that seems more or less pointless now. Everyone will do whatever I want forever. Having you be my chosen seems a little redundant next to what I can do."
Sophya just sighed.




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