Growing world of Lustilia


Part 1

"Sigh. I've already played these games countless of times. I need something new, something unique!" I grunted as I closed Beatsaber. I owned countless of Virtual reality games, but I've eventually grown bored of them, which I didn't think would actually happen.

My name is Nicholas. Friends call me Nike as I own over ten pairs of their shoes for some reason. I'm 5'8 tall nerd with round glasses, platinum blonde hair and grey eyes. I'm a vr game pro, even would call myself a Master as I am excellent at each and every one of them. I got my first game at the age of seven and have been a huge fan of them ever since.

But nowadays, I rarely get excited when I see a new vr game released. The boredom in them started growing three months ago for me and today was the day I reached the top of it. I lied on my bed and started questioning my life.

I've always been hooked into vr games, especially Beatsaber. I don't stream anything as I mostly get my enjoyment out without people watching me. I rarely went outside and if I did it was only for school. I've now graduated college with a degree in digital designing, as another thing I love is drawing.

I crossed my fingers, rolled my thumbs and stared at the ceiling. *What am I doing with my life?* I questioned myself for the first time. *I really don't know...* I looked at my drawings. Nearly all of them were characters from the games I played, but I did have a few characters of my own. That was also when I realized I was a loner. Almost every one of my friends hada significant other and here I was, stuck at home, playing videogames, a virgin.

I never was that interested in having a relationship until now. I stared at one of my OC's (original character) named Maya: long purple hair with turquoise eyes wearing a bright dark purple dress. A very revealing dark purple dress... Revealing... 

That was when I woke up. While I did watch porn occasionally, I didn't really think much of them. Same was with porn games. But now I got into a mood to try something I had never done before: vr hentai games!

Before that though, I checked my DeviantArt, as that was where I uploaded the pictures of my OC's every time I created them. My own personal favorite character after Maya was called Daraxianus, malicious Queen of darkness who lusts for power. It seemed like she was the most popular of my creations as it had over 200 likes. I personally had a little over 300 followers.

I hopped onto my chair and rolled in front of my computer. I searched for vr porn games. I came across quite a few of them. I spent the next few days trying different games, but none of them were that amusing to me, no matter how hard I tried to get interested in them. That was until I came across one game that stood out to me the most: Growing World of Lustilia.

I opened the tab for more information. I eyed the pictures on the site and my eyes widened as I recognized the characters: they were my OC's! *Who the hell dares...!* I angrily scrolled down to see who made the game. Team Penny Groth. I clicked "contact us" and sent them an angry email.

I got a response surprisingly quickly. It was from my friend Elias, though he had a different email. "Hi Nike. Surprised to see a response from me? Well, I am a founder of this company with three other friends of ours. Anyway, yeah, we should've asked you first if it was ok to use your drawings, but we wanted to tease you as we knew you might grow bored of regular vr at one point."

I was flabbergasted. How the hell did he know I would grow out of the regular vr when he never saw me bored with them. I continued reading. "As you probably saw, the game has no downloads yet and we thought about contacting you to try it, but it seems you did it for us." I laughed at the irony and finished reading.

"Feel free to download it. Would be greatly appreciated :). Elias". Without waiting a second I closed the email and downloaded the game. It was 1 gigabyte in size so I left it to run as I checked on my wall. I had never drawn anything without clothes, but now I imagined Maya without her dress. Cute perky C cup breasts and pink vagina having a little purple pube shaped like something he couldn't get in mind.

Without noticing I had gotten hard. My penis was nothing to be impressed about, thin 5 inch rod that any girl would laugh at. I closed my eyes and gave Maya a kiss. I had never masturbated in my life but now my hand slid down to my shorts and wrapped around my thin shaft, starting to jerk off. I imagined her lips kissing mine and her naked body pressing against mine.

My dreams were distracted as my computer blinged and opened my eyes. I looked at Maya being so close and then looked at my lips. I shook my head and took my head off the paper. I noticed I had come to my boxers. I took my hand off with a face of disgust. I headed to my computer, put the vr set on and opened the game.

I grabbed the controllers in my hands as there popped up a screen where I had to put my name on. I played with a name of NikeTheVRMaster, but this time I wanted to try with my regular name, so I typed Nicholas and pressed Ok.

Instead of "Loading the game" the screen read "transferring Nike" which got me super confused but then I got sucked into a portal and as if to go with the flow I felt something dragging me through the floor. That was when I realized I was quickly sucked through the floor. Vr set fell off my head as I fell through a bunch of different colored tube. Then I fell on my stomach to a grassy ground.

I raised my head from the ground and noticed my glasses had broken. *Oh great! Now I can't even see what I'll be doing...* I tossed my glasses against the tree next to me. I blinked a couple times and noticed I could see just fine. *Does getting sucked into a game cure a blurry vision?* I questioned myself rubbing my chin.

"Oh sweet semen! That looked like a very hard fall! Are you hurt?" Soft voice behind me asked. I turned around and saw a 5'5 girl with dark purple hair, turquoise eyes and dark purple dress. "Maya?" I asked a little dizzy.

Maya smiled. "Ah, Nicholas Mickelson, this world's creator! You kissing me right before entering this world got me really hot..." Maya noticed a bulge in my pants. "We could both use some relieving." She got on her knees, dug out my penis and started blowing me.

I was baffled by those words. These characters can feel through a piece of paper? Maya's mouth action was awesome, her tongue twirled around my glans and made me feel awesome. I then felt like I would release. "Maya, I'm..."

Maya looked into my eyes and smiled. "Go ahead, cum. I'll take it very gladly" I nodded, bent my neck backwards and released. The amount released was nothing to be proud of but Maya still swallowed it with a smile. My penis went flaccid.

"Well, now that the prologue section is over, it's time to show how this world functions" Maya grabbed my softie and gave it a squeeze. My cock went hard again and almost orgasm like feeling came to me again, but this time it drew out a screen that showed different things: level I was at, health, stamina and dominance over the world. There was also a locked grey screen that showed a penis with arrows pointing to the glans. My level was 1 of course, health was 100/100, stamina was 16/20 and dominance was 0.00%.

I tapped on the locked image. "Penis expansion: locked. Unlocked at level 10" I rolled my eyes. *This just defeats the purpose of PE subreddit...* I rolled my eyes. Maya seemed to have read my thoughts as she pointed at my penis. "Take a look at it yourself." I looked down and raised my eyebrows. My penis had grown, though only a half an inch maybe, but it had grown. Now it was 5,5 inches, but testicles remained the same size, small grapes.

"You will grow half an inch after each fuck with a new girl until level ten, after which you can modify the length of it yourself!" Maya explained. "Your dominance grows once you defeat girls in battle and some will even become your company. You just got your first one" she smiled and kissed my lips. I blushed but then smiled back. I checked my dominance. It was now 0.10%

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's head on our adventure!" I said and headed towards the darker woods, but Maya stopped me. "That's where we cannot go. There are way too powerful opponents waiting and there's no way you can defeat them in this stage" she said in a serious tone.

I raised my eyebrow. "What lies in there?" I was new to this world so I wanted to know as much of it as possible.

Maya went silent for a moment. Then she whispered: "Queen Daraxianus' castle. She rules everything in this world! She's a very malicious dictator who only cares about herself and getting fucked by as many men as possible."

I paused for a moment. Daraxianus was another one of my OC's. Her Scarlet red hair and eyes as well as pitch black dress were things I remembered about her. I had indeed planned her as a final boss if I had ever made a game myself. *Damn, Elias really put research into making this...*

I put my hand on Maya's shoulder. "Don't worry. I will take on any opponent standing in our way and get strong enough to take on and destroy that evil Queen of darkness!" I said determinedly.

Maya smiled brightly. "Awesome! I knew I would get your approval! Let's head on our way, but this time I will be the one showing the way!" She laughed and we headed deeper into the light part of the forest.

End of part 1



Part 2

I walked next to Maya holding her hand. My heart was pounding hard on my chest as I took in her lovely rosy smell. *I'm living a dream!* I smiled. I felt like I would be ready to take on Queen right now, but knew it would be impossible.

Then we suddenly heard a scream coming from further away. "Someone is in trouble!" Maya said and we ran towards the voice but got ambushed by hooded women with no eyes visible to us tackling us to ground. I recognized them from my character sheets. *Hoodigans!* Daraxianus' minions, who did most of her dirty work.

Hoodigans were Daraxianus' minions. They all dressed in a light brown hoodie and kept the hood on their heads to cover their eyes. I had designed them as Queen's minions and it seemed Elias was following these "orders".

"This is where your trip ends, younglings..." One of them said ominously and put her hand on my throat. I did a quick movement of combat and kicked her on the stomach. This sent her flying in the air and she landed on her back, breasts bopping with the impact.

"I'm not afraid of you! I'm ready to fight!" I shouted at her. Hoodigan got up slowly, grunting her vulnerability as Maya squeezed my penis again. I moaned as my stats appeared in front of me, but this time it was different. There were level bar and health like usual, but now there were two new options: combat and sex.

"You have to use brute force until your opponent has low enough health. Then you can go for sexual acts and do anything you want to her!" Maya explained. I nodded in understanding, ran towards the hoodigan and punched her in the face hard, to which she responded with punching me in the face.

I continued throwing punches at her as it was the only thing I could do and did my best at dodging hers until her health reached 50%, which was in this case 25. Then I saw sex option being available. I looked at what I could do. The only option so far was 69. *What is that?* I looked at further details. *Man puts his dick in woman's mouth while eating her pussy...* It even showed a short animation for it. *If that's what you're offering me...*

After throwing one more punch at hoodigan I grabbed her by shoulders and threw her at the ground. "Take this, you moron!" I shouted, whipped my penis out of my shorts and shoved it in her mouth. Hoodigan mumbled something with me in her mouth. *I've never eaten a girl out... But I have to do something to get out of this!* I started licking her clitoris while she tried to get something out of me.

It didn't take long before hoodigan's health reached 0 and she orgasmed. Letting out a loud moan her vagina squirted out some kind of liquid. For the equality, I shot my sperm on her face with my hands. "Whew, that was cool." I smiled as I reached level 2 and my penis grew another half an inch, now to 6. Testicles remained the same size.

We walked forward and kept facing other hoodigans on the way. Each of them ranged from levels 1-4 and I kept defeating them while also taking some breaks in the shadows to not be seen, grew half inches each time without learning any new powers until I got to level 5 where I got notified "learned Missionary" and the lock in front of penis growth was gone. I now was 7.5 inches long with balls of small mandarins.

After walking with Maya deeper into the forest the road got blocked by a light blue haired girl with even lighter blue eyes and indigo dress. She had bent down, facing against us and she was looking for something. "That ring has to somewhere around here..." I heard her mumble.

"I don't know if we are ready to take on her yet..." Maya whispered to me. I nodded in silent agreement and we tried to sneak from the side of hers. It all went smoothly until Maya stepped on a stick on the ground and a loud *crack!* could be heard.

Maya gulped as the girl turned to face us. "Well well well, what do we have here? The biggest traitor of the kingdom and a newbie who thinks he can control us just because he created us!" I raised my eyebrow and looked at Maya. She was a traitor? Maya covered her face. Then I looked at the girl with a better view now. I remembered her name now: Millicent.

I stood in front of Maya. "I don't know what she has done to you, but I will protect her at all costs! What are you even looking for in here?" Without waiting for her answer I immediately ran towards her with fists ready to punch. She dodged and I was barely able to slow down before crashing into a boulder.

"You're so pathetically stupid you wouldn't even let me answer" Millicent sighed. "Well, I'll tell you: we are looking for the Enlargement ring here. It will give Queen even more powers!" She said as she threw a punch at me, hitting me in the ear.

I closed my eyes as it did hurt a little, but not much luckily. "Pathetic." I threw an even harder punch at her, landing in between her breasts, making them jiggle. She let out a puff as her health dropped from 100 to 75. *That much from one punch? Must've been a critical hit or something* I thought to myself.

Millicent glared at me and laid down on the ground. "Giving up, huh?" I laughed as I stood in front of her feet and started to fall down, but she smiled back and announced "fool" and kicked me right in the stomach. This sent me flying against the tree. My health dropped from 200 to 150 by that hit.

*She was right... I shouldn't have let her fool me like that...* I grunted as I stood up and ran towards her. We continued throwing punches at each other until she tried her fooling again but I didn't fall for it this time and kicked her right in the crotch.

Millicent screamed as her health bar dropped to 50 and her dress broke. "Now then..." I checked the animation of missionary and got down on her, pushing my penis into her, though hesitating a little, thinking *is this rape?* But then remembered that this is only a game so it wouldn't matter.

The length of my shaft really took Millicent off guard and she screamed, pushing into her dealing 33 points of damage. *Damn, she really is a weak boss...* I thought as I started thrusting.

5 minutes passed until she orgasmed. She released liquid I was unfamiliar with but decided not to touch it. I then released my load on her belly and she started crying and ran forward. I got notification "learned new attack: give up kick". I then continued my journey into the woods with Maya.

"What did she mean by "the biggest traitor of the kingdom" back there?" I tried to ask Maya but she didn't answer. She kept quiet the whole time as we kept walking through.

We kept facing hoodigans, but none of them were as hard as Millicent was. This time I only grew after each level up, which felt awesome but also made me a little frustrated. *Why am I growing so little?* I asked myself frustrated. I now had noticed my body hadn't changed at all, only the penis.

Then I reached level 10 and I got notified "learned: doggy style!". I tried to tap on the growth, but I got a message "missing an item: enlargement ring". *So that's what these guys are looking for here. Awesome! Where the hell do I find that?* I had learned to swear in between level ups and was scared of it first, but the more levels I gained, the more natural it came to me.

"We don't have time for searching it. We need to save a life!" Maya said strictly. I sighed and ran with her towards the voice. We ran through bushes without encountering any more hoodigans luckily until we reached an open forest area. There was a dark skinned man taking advantage on a much smaller girl, forcing himself into girls vagina.

"Ok Nike, we should probably..." Maya started speaking, but I couldn't just watch the act. "Hey!" I shouted at their direction and ran out of the bushes. Maya facepalmed. "Let her go! She's not a toy!"

The man turned around angrily and dropped the girl. "And who do you think you are?!" He grunted at me. I took a quick look at his crotch. Penis was a little over 8 inches long. I cleared my throat. "I'm Nike and I'm here to save this world!" I declared, voice shaking a little.

The man laughed. "A hero? You? Just let me laugh!" He then got a look of my crotch and gulped. I smiled widely at his horrified expression. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Man was stumbling backwards but then he squeezed his penis, making it grow to 13 inches. "You won't get me alive!" He shouted and ran towards me.

I quickly managed to dodge his fist. *He must have the enlargement ring I need!* I dodged another punch and kicked him in the balls. The man let out a puff as I threw a punch in his stomach. "Leave her be and give me the ring!" I said as I watched his health bar drop to 0 and he spurted semen out with a grunt and collapsed. I picked up a ring from the semen pool and cleaned it on my shirt.

"Hold it right there, newbie" new voice called me from the woods. Maya quickly ran towards me and dragged the unconscious girl to the bushes right as a new girl appeared. She had pink hair, emerald green eyes and lime green dress. "That ring belongs to Queen!"

I got into my battle position. "I defeated it's owner in a rightful way and am now a new owner of it!" I said, taking a couple steps forward towards the girl. I then remembered her name: Adriana.

I squeezed my penis to see her stats. Level 10 and 200 health like me. *Great. Was getting tired of those weaklings already... Though Millicent was a bit of a challenge...* Adriana laughed at my words. "That ring doesn't belong to anyone! He didn't own it, he was supposed to bring it to the castle!" She looked at the unconscious man. "But looks like he got carried away and used it on himself. Now it's time to claim it back!" She dropped her dress, revealing her perky DD cup tits and trimmed vagina. Then she attacked.

She moved fast and I tried my best to avoid her hard fists which hit surprisingly hard, but then she hit me with a punch in the chest that left me unable to move and then kicked my stomach to send me backwards. I had barely done any damage to Adriana, having only done 27 points of damage. I had 60 HP left.

"You're so pathetically weak!" Adriana laughed as she stepped closer to me. "Killing you and taking the ring will be way too easy!" She jumped up in the air and was ready to crush me with her weight but then I managed to gather enough strength to perform the Give up kick. I waited for the right timing and kicked her in the stomach and send her flying against the tree.

Adriana yelped as she slid down the tree and onto the ground. "Now you'll get the taste of your own medicine!" I yelled and jumped on top of her, now seeing her health bar at 50. *Another crit? Awesome!* "There we go..." I smiled as I chose sex and Doggy style. Animation showed how it's done, I rolled her to face her bottom against me and pushed in.

My penis' length surprised Adriana and she let out a surprised moan. "Yeek! What are you doing, bastard?!" She screamed and tried to throw the flinching punch at me again, but she was too weak. "You'll get a taste of what the real man would give you!" I whispered in her ear and sucked her neck and started moving. Adriana tried to squirm out but it was worthless.

Adriana screamed as her health reached 0 and she orgasmed, soaking my pants. I pulled out and tasted her juices. *Not bad...* I smiled as grew to level 11 and penis expanded to 9.5.

My penis looked manlier than it had before when I dropped from the sky to this world. It was 9.5 like I said before, thick as an arm and my testicles were now small mandarins. Small veins decorated it, but they were nothing that impressive. I had now noticed my other body still hadn't changed a single bit.

Adriana shook her head and stood up. "You may have won this time, newbie, but next time you won't be so lucky!" Adriana said sharply as she gestured Millicent and hooligans to follow her towards the dark forest.

I got notified "learned: Flinch punch" and "new position: spooning". I then headed to bushes to see how Maya was doing with the hurt girl. I sighed in relief when I saw the girl sitting up looking at me with beautiful yellow eyes, orange hair waving in the wind, dress yellow as the sun being torn, revealing her intimate parts, but not completely. "Thank you for saving me." She pulled me in for a kiss.

I smiled as we pulled off. "What's your name, sweetie? What were you doing here this deep in the forest," Maya asked, but I knew the answer to the name question already. She was Flora, a forest Nymph I had made. 

"I was here because I live here. I protect Lustilia's greatest treasure this forest holds: the Enlargement ring. It's important that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands or it'll be a catastrophe!" She gasped. "And I would've been doomed if you didn't come to help. I'm ever do thankful! How could I pay it off?" She asked me, making puppy eyes.

I had to think for a moment. Maya was looking at me intently. "You could start by relieving me" I whipped my 10 incher out. Looking at her torn dress made me the hard again.

"With pleasure!" She took it into her tiny mouth and started licking me softly. Maya joined in and licked my testicles. The double pleasure was all it took to get me to release into her mouth. She pulled off halfway so Maya could get some too. I was now 10 inches hard, then I fell flaccid again. "Welcome to the team, Flora!" I smiled as Flora's eyes shined.

I then took the Enlargement ring out of my pocket. "Now how is this used?" I asked, not really sure if Flora would be the right one to ask it.

Flora did give me the answer though. "First, you put it around your dick." That's what I did, and it immediately fell off. "It needs to be HARD!" She demanded and dragged her dress down, fully showing her tits now. My penis reacted to it and got hard again. Then I pushed the ring all the way to the base. Then it vanished.

"Don't worry, it just means you're a trusted partner to it and knows you have a good heart." Flora laughed after seeing my half confused, half panicking face. I let out a sigh after hearing that.

"Now, put your hand around it, pull forward imagining the size you want to be and let go!" Flora explained. I did what she asked me to do. I didn't want to go overboard and only thought "just one inch is enough." I felt the growth orgasm coming as my penis extended to 11. *It really works!*

"Not only that, it will stay hard forever from now on! And you won't experience any pain from it!" Flora said cheerfully. Maya looked suspicious but I was excited. I tossed my shorts and shirt away and flexed my arms. From now on, I decided to never again wear any piece of clothing. I checked my normal stats and saw that I had conquered 5% of this world

On the other end of the forest, in the depths of a pitch black castle, Millicent and Adriana were on their knees in front of a big throne. On it sat a 7 foot tall redhead with blood red eyes wearing a dress same color as the castle. "You mean you FAILED to get the ring to me?!" She yelled and slammed the armrest with her fist.

"Y-Your Majesty, w-we can explain!" Adriana started with a shaky voice. "We would've succeeded if George didn't..."

"I know what George did in there" Queen said coldly. "He's no longer with us for betraying me like a fool he was..." She pulled out a monitor to show a man lying in his cell. "You really can't trust men these days..." She rolled her eyes. Girls nodded in fearful agreement.

"Now then" Queen continued. "I would execute you right here and now, but I have a better plan. Nike was his name, correct?" Both the girls nodded. "If he somehow manages to get here, he will have to face all of you fools at once. If he still manages to survive to my castle, you will all be DEAD!" She spit out the last word and girls shivered in fear. Then the girls left.

Queen sighed as the door closed. "Only bad news today. I need to relieve some of this stress..." She dragged her dress down, G cup tits bouncing out of it. Then she walked upstairs to a room with a large door. Inside the room, in the middle, stood a large multi colored Crystal. "Crystal of Lust will be the one to help me out!" She dropped her dress to the floor and wrapped her hands around the crystal.

From the crystal spawned a large chunk of penises, wrapping around and pushing into her holes. *Just wait, Nicholas. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into...* Queen moaned as she came along with the penises and she grew in size. Now 7'2 with H cup tits and much bigger ass. "Just wait..."


End of part 2



Part 3

Our journey continued forward and we finally got out of the woods without encountering any more of Queen's minions. Maya and Flora had decided to follow my example and not wear their dresses anymore. They said it felt more free for them.

We arrived in a small town, or at least it was a town before according to Maya. Now there were only ruins of the buildings. Every building was burnt to the ground and the ground was covered in ashes.

Maya looked around in horror. Flora looked restless, which I figured was because she hadn't been out of the forest either in a long time or never. I looked around to see if there were any hoodigans lurking around and I was right: there were countless of them under the ruins of the buildings, but this time there were also other creatures in as well, ogres.

I pinched my nose and almost puked from the God-awful smell. The ogres were at least 8 feet tall, skins were puke green and they only wore a shredded piece of clothing to cover their penises. "What the hell are they looking for in here?" I whispered to girls. Both shrugged.

"Come on uglies! We've got to find the Height ring or Queen will kill us all!" Sharp voice shouted ahead. Ahead of us stood a Black haired girl with black eyes and indigo dress. Her voice was very naive and demanding. She was standing in the middle of the ruins, concentrating on giving commands, not noticing us at all.

Flora's eyes widened. "Height ring! That is what you need for the growth of your body to start taking place!" She whispered with a shaky voice. My eyes widened as I didn't know you had to collect other loot to take the full growth. "You take care of the ogres, I'll handle hoodigans and the commander" I whispered to girls. They nodded and got to work.

"Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here?!" I heard an ugly grunt coming behind me. One ogre had stopped me. Girls were occupied already so I had to fight this guy on my own. *Here we go again…* I sighed.

The ogre moved slowly but judging from it's build he would hit very hard if he landed a hit on me. I checked the stats. 210/210 health for me and 160 for ogre, who was level 11 like me. I also realized I could see my other stats. Power: 55. Defense: 48. Speed: 69 (nice). Power of orgasm: 27.

*Cool. Decent power and nice speed. I like it* I thought as I waited for the ogre to come closer. I then rolled my fist and performed Flinch punch on him. The ogre stopped for a second with a surprised gurgle and then I performed another hard punch on its stomach.

The ogre stumbled backwards, losing 56 health points. It was so slow I managed to dodge all of its attacks and eventually take it down, it's penis spurting out semen along with a loud gurgling grunt which I assumed was a moan. Then I went to beat the shit out of hoodigans.

With each defeat I expanded my penis one inch each time, reaching 19 inches by the time I reached level 15. That was when I walked towards the mid boss, named Raven. "You do realize that we have been sabotaging your plans here all along, don't you?" I asked with a grin.

Black haired girl winced and turned around. "By the Queen's name don't you ever do that again!" She said angrily until she realized who was talking to her. "Oh, well fuck me…" she grunted and engaged in a battle.

I had 250 health, while Raven had 300. Mu stats had increased, but not by much: power was 74, defense 57, speed 88 and orgasm power 40. *I hope I get some kind of items to help me grow further…* I grunted as I laid down on the dusty ground.

"Pfft, this is too easy. I'm not foolish like my sisters!" Raven rolled her eyes and kicked me in the crotch. The pain was excruciating as my health dropped to 190. *How is she that strong?* I questioned myself and got up. "Fine then! How about this!" I rolled my fist and performed the Flinch punch, which landed and Raven's movement stopped. Punching her in between breasts resulted an even harder hit as it sent her flying through the whole building.

Raven shook her head after standing up, but rather than being angry, she looked excited. "This is what I've been looking for! A full on battle experience that doesn't make me feel like a champion!" She ran towards me to throw a punch, but I managed to block it. She had 130 HP left after my handling.

*Feel like a champion? Does that mean she has always won the fights she was in?* I questioned as I blocked both of her wrists. 

"Are you ready for this?!" Raven shouted as she gathered enough strength in her legs and jumped up in the air and made a flip. I got a glimpse of her pussy, which managed to distract me and forget I was about to be attacked.

I was unable to dodge in time and she landed on my shoulders, making me fall on the ground. Then she made another flip jump and landed on my stomach, making me lose even more health. I was now in critical condition, only 52 HP left. 

"I... won't… give up… yet!" I grunted but I was unable to move fast enough as Raven threw herself at me. I didn't have enough power for Give up kick and she landed on my stomach with her full weight. My health dropped to 0 and I orgasmed, spurting out semen from my ever hard penis, shooting out the Enlargement ring as well. I passed out. 

"You're a lot weaker than I thought. Pathetic…" Raven huffed as she took the Enlargement ring from the ground. Maya and Flora looked at my direction and panicked, finished their battles quickly and ran towards me, not bothering with the fact that Raven got her hands on the Enlargement ring.

I woke up in our hiding hole near the entrance to the town. My head was hurting real bad and my penis was pulsating in pain. That was when I realized I was flaccid again. "Oh no!" I shouted.

Maya pushed me softly back to ground. "Relax, you're still not fully recovered…" but was interrupted when Flora ran in. "I can't find the blackhead who took the ring! This is going to be disaster!"

Now Maya was stressed too. "Ok, this is quite a problem. If Raven runs off to Queen and gives her the ring like last time, it's one step closer to Queen being impossible to defeat!" She said panicking, then realized what she said and covered her mouth.

"Last time?" I raised my eyebrow at her, now even more curious what this beauty was hiding from us. "Nevermind what I said! We have to go after her!" Maya said sharply and stood up.

I stood up as well. "I will find that Raven again, have a rematch with her and get the ring back!" We ran out of our hole and got back to the town ruins. There we saw Raven, beaten down at the ground, bruised and badly beaten. She grabbed onto Maya's hand "I made a mistake… forgive me, sister…" she coughed.

My eyes widened as both I and Flora stared at Maya. She looked at the ground with tearful eyes. "You two are sisters!?" I questioned loudly, very confused.

"We were…" Raven started but started coughing again. "Give her your cum. Good-hearted men's sperm works as a medicine in this game" Flora explained to me. I nodded and pushed my half hard shaft into her. After a few thrusts Raven let out a quiet moan and ejaculated. I then took my penis out and ejaculated on her face and chest. Her wounds healed almost instantly.

"Thank you" Raven nodded and started talking as Maya started crying. "We were sisters, until she" she pointed at Maya "betrayed our mother. She was one of the commanders, but when given opportunity to steal a Power ring after a successful mission she refused to do it." Raven's tone of voice was not accusative but Maya still cried. *This must be a sensitive topic to her…* I thought.

"Mother could've killed her straight away after it happened for the fifth time when she didn't buy her "I must've accidentally dropped it somewhere" excuse anymore, but instead she did a much worse thing: disowned her." Raven finished looking away from us.

Flora was almost in tears too, but calmed down enough to comfort crying Maya. I had some questions for Raven that needed answers immediately. "Where did you put the Enlargement ring?" I demanded.

Raven turned to face me with a blank stare. "I don't have it anymore. The main boss here, Karla, got greedy and took it from me, forcing the ogres to beat me to a state of death. I somehow survived, but my dress…" she looked at it.

"Just take it off. We accept naturality more than covering the beauty" I said smiling as I tore Raven's dress off, revealing her DD cup breasts and a black landing strip above her vagina. Raven blushed and tried to cover herself, but then realized it wasn't necessary.

We moved forward and kept battling ogres and hoodigans while Raven stood in shadows. I realized halfway through I hadn't gotten Raven's attack and asked her to teach it to me.

"Very well. First, you need to learn how to do a flip" she jumped in the air, flipped around and landed on her feet. I tried along with her but the result was always a faceplant. I asked Maya and Flora to hold my both hands. Then I jumped and made an assisted flip, landing on my toes.

"Good. Do that a couple more times and then try without assistance" Raven said after our fifth flip.

After eighth one I tried jumping without help. I managed to do a successful unassisted flip on my third try. I tried many times until I made five successful flips in a row. I even managed to do a double flip on my last try before Raven asked me to stop.

"Very good. Now try jumping forward while doing it." I did it successfully. After that I jumped higher, then I took a fallen tree as my target and managed to break it with force of the landing of the second one. "Learned: Flip break" message popped on my penis screen.

*Awesome! Now things got way easier!* I thought as I ran back to battle field and continued leveling up to level 20, penis growing to 23 inches. *I need that ring back quickly or I'll go crazy!* I ran towards the edge of the village while Maya and Flora continued with the ogres. That was when I noticed Raven was gone.

*Maybe she found a better place to hide* I thought as I looked around to see if Karla would appear from somewhere. "You're a complete fool if you think she would appear out greeting you!" Raven shouted from the tree. "I will defeat you do that she can get out more of here easier!"

I was confused at her change of attitude. "Raven, I thought you were…" but my sentence was cut by a clear voice from the distance. "There's no need for it, sister. You did an excellent job at defeating him, but it seems he has recovered."

I turned to face up at the boulder and saw a shit brown haired girl with azure eyes and chocolate colored dress. "You know it's rude to tear a girl's beautiful dress that was made by the finest dressmakers in the kingdom?" Karla glared at me and jumped down to the ground.

I got in my fighting position. "Let me guess, you are the one who has both Enlargement and Height ring?" I ask with a sharp tone in my voice. I took a look at Raven and she winked at me. Now I was sure she was just acting.

Karla put her hand hand in her pussy and dug out two rings: white, which was the Enlargement and gray, which I assumed was the Height. "Wow, look at you smartass realizing things!" She laughed and threw them to Raven who caught them in her hands. "If you want them, you have to defeat me, which won't happen as Raven was too powerful for you!" She ran towards me to attack. 

I smiled and dodged her attack. Then I checked her stats. Level 20 and 400 HP. Unfortunately losing the Enlargement ring had its cost and I had 275 HP instead of 300.

Karla was underestimating the power I had learned from my defeat. "That's what you think!" I shouted as I jumped up in the air, did a flip and landed on her shoulders. This made Karla stumble but she didn't fall to the ground. I however was too slow to perform another flip jump and instead landed on my feet.

"Where the hell did you learn that?!" Karla growled as she got her balance back. She then shook her head. "Doesn't matter! You're not ready for this!" She jumped forward and straightened her leg in front. I tried to grab it and throw her over my head, but I wasn't strong enough. Instead I flew with her against a ruined wall. Then my back hit the boulder.

"Ahahahahaa! You're as weak as Raven told me! I can easily crush you right here!" She had 360 HP while I had 190. I managed to gather enough strength for Flinch punch and sent her through another ruined wall. She hit a stone wall. "Who's laughing now?" I laughed and attempted another Flip break. 

I landed on her shoulders, but she managed to grab my ankles and raised me up in the air. "Do you really think I'm…?" Her sentence was cut by Raven kicking her in the back. This resulted Karla losing balance and falling to the ground. I managed to do another Flip to make her fall faster.

"Thought you needed a little help" she grinned as she stepped back, letting me finish the battle by myself. Karla tried to get up but I did another flip and landed on her shoulder blades to make her fall again and then another one on her back to finish the job, dropping her health to 174.

"There we go…" I smiled widely as I rolled the unconscious Karla on her side, tore her dress off and pushed my dick in between her thighs. "Just enjoy getting penetrated by this bad boy…" I whispered lustfully and started moving.

Karla woke up and tried to resist, but my grip around her was tight so she couldn't escape. Few thrusts later she forgot to resisting and started moaning. I managed to hold on long enough so she would come first and after squirting I came on her pussy but not inside. Karla passed out and I stood up.

After a few moments Karla got up frustrated at her defeat but then sighed and smiled evilly. "You may have defeated me, but we still have the rings. Raven just…" but when she looked at her "partner's" direction her eyes widened. "Wait…  it was YOU who made me fall to the floor!" She shouted.

Raven smiled and nodded. "Indeed I did. And I don't regret it at all!" She threw the rings at me. "I only joined you because Mother had to replace Maya. And now" she took her hairpin off and tossed it away "I resign. I don't care if she disowns me too, I'll finally be with my sister again!" She walked to the pin crushed the pin with her heel.

Karla was shocked but then it turned into anger. She looked around the ruins and saw the last standing ogre fall to the ground. "If you ever dare come back, you'll be executed immediately!" She grunted and ran back into woods.

Raven ran towards me and kissed me. "I'll be grateful forever for bringing me and my sister back together!" She ran towards Maya and they hugged tight. Then she came back to me. "How could I pay this?"

I smiled as I put both Enlargement and Height ring on the base of my shaft and they absorbed into it. I looked at Maya and Flora and they both nodded. "Welcome to the group!" I said spreading my arms.

Raven jumped up and did a flip in excitement. Then she calmed down and told me how to grow taller with the ring: "squeeze it and think about the height." That's what I did: *6 feet* and squeezed. I grew up to that height, feeling like my legs were cumming somehow. It felt amazing. Then walked up the stone wall to continue our journey.

In the shadow castle Karla was on her knees in front of Queen's throne. "I'm so sorry about this! Please let me live!" She begged, crossing her hands as Queen rubbed her pussy through her now too tight dress.

"Mm… I'll spare you for now…" Queen moaned. "You'll prove your worth in the all go trial if he gets…" she let out a loud moan as she squirted. Karla tried to get as much of her juice as possible, as in the castle it was considered a blessing if Queen came.

"And if Raven someday decides to come back, she knows what will happen to her. She's no longer my daughter!" Daraxianus grabbed the armrest and squeezed it tight. Then she stood up and walked upstairs to her crystal room.

"That Nicholas is something else…" she said ominously as she dropped her dress on the floor and summoned the penises to penetrate her. *I keep my fantasies a secret to others, but I would love to get a piece of that meat…* the thought of having Nike inside her made her instantly cum, penises shooting in her holes and making her grow yet again, now 7'5, I cup tits and bigger ass

*No… I need to be extra sexy to impress him when he gets here… I need to be bigger!* Queen summoned another set of dicks to penetrate. After two more fucks she was 8 feet tall, K cup and ass so full she barely fit in her throne. "Nike darling. I'm waiting for you!" She drifted into her lustful thoughts and moaned hard as she squirted, soaking the crystal, making it shine brighter.


End of part 3


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Since you asked for suggestions, I think it would be cool if he gets loot that augments his penis, like cockrings or the like. Maybe items that are just absorbed into his dick to give him special powers.