From Genius to Goddess


(Author's note: this is meant to be a spoof of badly written Mary-Sue stories. The ending is open-ended on purpose, so that sequels can be written by other members. With that said, I hope you can enjoy the story for what it is.)

"No, no, no! I almost solved the formula!"


That was the anguished cry of Ginger P. Tatsumaki, 18-year-old genius extraordinaire as she failed once again to solve Tskarvinzomin's 22nd Formula, known to scientists the world over as "The Impossible Formula". 


Ginger, you see, was gifted with a staggering IQ of 300 at an early age. Despite this, she was also very good at acting her age, and went through her education as a normal person would. Her astounding brainpower was eventually noticed, as she became known as the smartest girl in Japan, and later the world. She was not just brains, however, for she also had blonde hair that reached the floor, perky breasts, a freakishly thin waist, and a stunning backside, making a Jessica Rabbit-like figure that made both boys AND girls go gaga for her! As for physical strength… well, she doesn't have much. 


As for the formula, Ginger's friend Becky told her to solve it, saying that it would be too hard even for her! And now, here she was, sitting in her private basement laboratory feeling like she could go insane at any moment. Cables were spilled out everywhere, and you bet your ass there was collateral damage. "Oh, what's the use? Perhaps even my quiet, intelligent brain is not enough to decode a scientific equation of this magnitude. Well, It's 12:00. I say it's time to lay down and recharge my internal battery, so to speak." 


Ginger walked over to the exit hall, but suddenly, she tripped on one of those cables I mentioned earlier! The super-bright gal landed squarely on a shelf of unstable potions, which then promptly spilled off the shelf, and directly onto her. After regaining consciousness, Ginger looked down at what used to be her private potion shelf. "No! Those potions took six months to create! Who knows what will happen to me?!"


Suddenly, Ginger's mind underwent a strange sensation. Her head felt like it was crushed by a hydraulic press as the pain continued! Ginger clutched her lovely blonde hair as it soon subsided, and was replaced with raw knowledge! Facts, formulas and figures funneled into her brain at lightning speeds, consisting of every imaginable subject. Math, science, history, geography, physics, biology, you name it! She knew it all, and knew it well. Once Ginger's powerhouse of a brain finished changing her IQ to 5,000, her muscles were next in line. They ballooned to absurd proportions that seemed cartoonish to everyone but her, and contained strength that surpassed that of every superhero ever. Combined. Her breasts went from D-cups to Z-Cups in an instant, and her ass followed suit. The transformation was complete, and Ginger felt like she could take on the world!


"Astounding…. The potions not only solved my physical strength problem, but inflated my IQ to otherworldly proportions! Who knows how my little brother would react? …..Well, besides me, of course."


Then, a voice came from upstairs. "Hey, Big Sis! I'm Hooo-ooome!~" That belonged to her 15-year-old little brother Poco. While Ginger was gifted with her figure and intellect, Poco's special ability was that he was pretty much a living, breathing cartoon character. He was not as smart as Ginger, but still pretty damn smart in his own right. He also went on cockamamie rampages very often, and came back with treasure each time, often just to impress his big sister. Poco was the brawn to Ginger's brains, and they wouldn't have it any other way.


As he came down, he arrived with a sack of money he got from his conquest. "You ain't gonna BELIEVE what happened to me on the way heee-eere…" He froze in shock to see his big sister, turned into a superwoman! She spoke to him in her usual friendly, chipper tone.


"Hello, Poco! As you can see, I have accidentally enhanced myself to the realm of goddesshood! Before you showed up, I was about to enter the new dimension I created with my astounding power, to live a life of luxury! Of course, you would've been left here, alone. But I'm sure you can handle that?"


This sentence hit Poco hard. She was abandoning him?! There's no way. He loved his older sister, and she loved him back! (No, not that way, you perverts.) He started to tear up, and spoke in a quiet, broken tone. "*sniff* Fine. Y-you go on without me. I'll s-stay here, in solitude for the rest of my existence…" Ginger was shocked! She's never seen her brother act like that before! She realized, maybe that wasn't the best idea as he turned away to the exit, fueled by depression.


"P-Poco?" He weakly turned around, with a faint smile on his face. "Would you like to come with me, little brother?" Poco, back to his usual hyper personality, yelled "Would I?!!?!" 


And the two held hands as they stepped through the portal, to a brand new world.

Their world.















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