Dancing With Myself


Dancing With Myself


In a deep cave far from society, a deep sigh echoed through an immense library. It stretched for miles in every direction, and was immaculately clean despite it's size. A small army of automated 'librarians', resembling small clay golems, floated from here to there, organizing books and cleaning all traces of dust.


Despite their tireless work for the greatest trove of knowledge in the world, there was only a single patron. And she was currently staring at a closed book and frowning.


Her name was Andra, and she was the greatest witch the world had ever seen. She remembered being little and telling her grandmother that she wanted to be the greatest witch the world had ever seen, and to learn every spell...and her grandmother telling her that there was only so much one witch could do.


That was 495 years ago. She had stopped aging somewhere around her 25th birthday. She could go months studying without needing to stop to eat. Even breathing was below her, as you could tell from how many treasures and books she had found that had been forgotten on the bottom of the ocean.


Her body was as close to perfect beauty as a human could get. After all, what witch wouldn't use magic to augment their beauty? Though she went even farther than them, as the few succubi she had summoned admitted to being jealous.



Her library was filled with almost every spellbook, study note, and idle daydream ever made by any magical user. It had taken her a long time to collect all of these, and not everyone was okay with it. Some rival wizards that wanted that knowledge for themselves, some holy crusaders that thought she was getting too dangerous. They tried attacking her. Tried. She could fight an entire army without putting herself at risk at all. The surrounding countrysides still had scars of her many battles.


This...led to her getting a bad reputation. One interesting side effect of getting such a reputation, and living through so many generations, is that you start seeing history books written about yourself. Most of them didn't have nice things to say about her. A few magical spells on the books here, a bit of 'persuasion' on the authors there, and she was suddenly being remembered as a hero, protecting dark knowledge from people who would waste it.


After a few generations, she started getting more popular, and respected. Between her now good reputation and her power, her library was considered a nation in it's own right, even with it's population being a whopping one. She did it. She had become the greatest witch the world had ever seen.


And yet...she didn't want to admit this. But she hadn't been able to improve at all in a century. She'd been stuck at the same benchmark. And even worse...she'd started forgetting things. It felt like every book she read was another she couldn't remember details from. She'd reached her limit. Her grandma was right. It may of taken her a few hundred years to get to this point, but there really was only so much one witch could do.




“What if I wasn't just one witch?”


She wasn't quite sure where that idea came from, but it was maybe the best one she'd ever had. If she had hit her limit, if she wasn't able of stuffing any more magic into one body...She'd just have two bodies! That's genius!


She got to work on inventing a new spell. All of her other studying was forgotten as she started drafting up notes about how this spell would work. What kind of materials she would need.


It took her...a long time to prepare it. A few months. Most of the materials were common ones that any self respecting craftsman would have handy. Wood, gold. Some of them were rare, but were long since piled in her library, like various alchemical flowers. Others...She had to work for. Well, “work.”


With her immense magical power, she was practically a nation in her own right. And if she says she wants something from you, you listen. A sacred flower that blooms but once every 50 years, considered sacred by the elves. A stone of immense magical power, hidden under the caste of a remote kingdom.


All it took was a bit of intimidation, and they were hers.


She had some practice creating autonomous minions. But she didn't want a simple clay golem only able to follow basic commands. She wanted to create life. She wanted to create herself.


Over the next few weeks it started taking shape. Changing from a pile of materials to a lifelike human body. It would of taken anyone else far longer, but she doesn't need to waste time with things like 'sleeping.'


The body was finally complete. It was a perfect copy of herself. It was a little eeire, seeing herself...not breathing. But that wouldn't last much longer.


For the final touch, she decided to dress it up. She took a single string, and enchanted it. It started wiggling and moving on it's own, and she placed it against her copy. It hung in place for a moment, and then it started replicating itself. Changing from one string into two, then into a whole piece of fabric. It kept twisting and turning as more fabric appeared as it started sewing itself. Taking the form of a red robe that exposed so much of her impressive cleavage that the only thing keeping her nipples concealed was her own will, and of course the wide brimmed, pointy hat.


She made a single thread stitch itself into a perfect copy of her outfit.


It was time. The spell should create a perfect copy of her own body...that had the same capacity for magic and learning as her own. And more importantly, she could share her own mind with it.


It would function as a kind of external bank of knowledge. Anything new she learned or gained magical abilities would be 'stored' in her second body, but she could use it as if it was her own. Sure, it might be a little weird having a living, breathing copy of herself that stayed perfectly still on a bed in her basement, but it was worth it.


She gathered up the materials she needed to share her life with the body, and her staff. She closed her eyes, focused on the copy and started chanting. The bodies started glowing with magic. The copy started moving and twitching as it was flooded with magic...


...Something went wrong. And she blacked out.




When she came to, she realized something was wrong before she even opened her eyes. She could feel the floor she fell on...and she could feel the soft bed she'd created her copy on. And she opened her eyes...And she opened her eyes. She saw the cold stone floor, and she could see the ceiling. She groaned in discomfort, and she heard herself twice. She made a mistake. They were just supposed to share knowledge and power, not senses.


She decided that she should stand up before worrying about the consequences and philosophical implications. It was...surprisingly easy. She was scared that it would be difficult to coordinate with two bodies, but her original body still had perfect control. Despite how half of her vision was staying stationary at the ceiling, she could tell exactly what she needed to in order to get back on her feet.


Looking at her copy was weird enough on it's own, but looking at her copy and having it look back at her was...strange. She tested her control on her new body by having it climb out of bed, and controlling it felt as natural as her first body.


Despite her split, it felt like she could control each body as easily as she could control one. She decided to experiment. She tapped her staff on the ground, and a graceful ballad started playing from nowhere. With more grace than she thought was possible, the two bodies fell into eachother's arms and started to dance.


It was a slow, romantic dance, that she had practiced some number of years ago for a fancy ball. The noble she was forced to dance with was...Clumsy. It wasn't a very fun evening.


But with herself? Even dancing with twice the feet, she was perfectly coordinated. Like it was as natural as walking. It was effortless.


After the dance, her original plan for the day was forgotten, as she realized if she was able to control two bodies so easily...why stop there? Why not three, or four, or a hundred?


Of course, there was the problem of getting the materials again...Or, as a test of her powers...


Creating something from nothing was easy. (Well, for her.) But even she could only make simple materials like wood and iron. But if she had two bodies. But she was putting a plan together.


Her two bodies shared a kiss. A magical kiss. Sharing her power with herself. She already had two bodies, which had all the magic power she had on her own...but now they were sharing their powers. It felt amazing.


Two bodies, with twice the power. She focused on a table...and created everything she needed. Even the rare, magical materials. It was almost effortless! Not wasting any time, she kept focusing, making the materials shape itself into form as another copy of her...and into another body, and casting a spell to give her life. What took her all day before was able to get through in a few hours.


Slightly disorienting to suddenly have yet another body, but she was starting to get used to it. Three was just as easy as two. So why stop now?


She went through it again, putting all of her power into creating another copy. And another. Her exponentially increasing power let her do it faster and faster. By the end of the day, she'd created over two hundred copies of herself, able to create another in a matter of seconds.


It was obviously starting to get a little bit hard for her to fit 200 copies of herself into the same room, so they started spreading out. Spreading out around the library and reading the seemingly endless books she had amassed, speeding through research that would of taken her another century to complete, if her old, single brained-form could process it at all.


At this point, she didn't even need to create the materials to create her bodies. Her first few hundred bodies were raw materials turned into live bodies. Now she could create new bodies out of thin air. Creating life from materials was a challenge, but creating life from nothing had never even been considered before. Well, not counting the usual way you make life.


She had gotten so powerful that she didn't even need to focus on making her bodies anymore. She created a 'persistent' spell. One that would keep working without any observation. Every few seconds, a new body, new clothes, and new consciousness was created.


She didn't need the 'librarians' anymore. But it would have been a waste to just demolish them, so she tested something new: turning the golems, otherwise simple automatons, into more bodies. As they became her, she didn't just take their bodies, she took their memories...Not that any of them had any interesting memories. Just dusting and organizing books.


The library was starting to get cramped. As big as it might be, there's a limit to how many people you can fit into one building. Technically, it might only be one, but somewhere around the 1,209th body she started competing with herself for elbow room. She needed to change something.


A dozen bodies stepped out to the surface and started surveying the land around the library. It was...a bit of a wasteland. Not a lot of plant life, and a lot of cracked and cratered land thanks to the battles she'd had around the area. Not the most attractive place.


She decided to change that. She had thousands of times the magic power she had earlier. Something like terraforming should be easy. The idea of 'casting spells' was beneath her at this point. Her thousand bodies sharing such an absurd amount of power had made an ambient magic that covered the entire landscape around her. She simply had to will it, it would happen.


The earth shook as the library lifted out of the ground, the rocks falling from the moving ground reforming itself. The cave transformed into a palace. No point in hiding herself in the ground anymore. But she wanted a better backdrop, as life sprang from the blasted ground, becoming lush and beautiful.


But it was one thing to just have some nice things to look at, she needed more real estate. Whole buildings sprung forth from the ground, fully furnished and decorated. The empty space between them smoothed itself out, becoming roads. She was creating a whole city, with her library as a palace in the center.


Andra's copies started spreading around the city, populating it with herself, adding little details. Decorating it with...herself. Adding paintings and pictures of herselves in various evocative poses, and creating massive statues of herself as the centerpieces of fountains and squares.




A few days passed in this new city. It's 'population' passed 10,000. She divided her many copies into 'groups'. Every body could feel every thing the rest were doing, further amplified by how many times she experienced each thing.


Some kept researching her collection of books, but that became a moot point as she ran out of reading materials. Some had created a restaurant of sorts, preparing food from the many cook books that fell into her collection, experiencing so many different flavors at once. She created a casino, for the sake of gambling and partying. And of course, she started a massive orgy.


Her thousands of bodies making love to each other, using her powers for as many things as possible. Some were just doing things she was capable of before, a lot of scissoring and oral, but others got more experimental. Growing massive cocks, multiple pairs of breasts, contorting herself into poses otherwise impossible.


She was experiencing so many types of joy and pleasure at once, amplified across thousands of times. The joy of winning games, exotic tastes and flavors, hundreds of orgasms a second. It was absolute bliss.


At some point, she stopped thinking of herself as “me” and started thinking of herself as “We”. They weren't just a person anymore. They were...a city. A hive. An army. They were beyond just being one person.


But their numbers kept growing, now past 50,000. They kept growing the city, just so they could make more of themselves. They didn't see any reason to stop, but they realized that other societies might object to their new neighbor.


“But what if...they were a part of us too?”


Sure, creating copies was fun and all, but why should Andra stop at just copies? Turning golems into theirself worked. Why not other people?


One of her bodies left. Flying to the nearest settlement she could find; a small farm in the middle of nowhere.


She sized up the farmer. He seemed a little scared. If you were just tending to your potatoes and the world's most powerful witch appeared next to you, you would be too. The farmer...seemed fairly unremarkable. He was in decent shape from working in the fields his whole life, but that was like saying 'the world's strongest ant'. Technically an achievement, but who really cares?


He panicked, and try to defend himself by swinging his hoe at her...but she didn't wan to get hurt, so she couldn't. Steel and wood shattered, falling in shards to the ground like they were made out of glass. Cute.


She focused on him, and he started changing. His muscle mass disapeared, his hair grew back in, he grew taller and her impressive breasts, and his clothes turned into her robes. A new perfect copy of her. His mind tried to resist, and failed as she gained control over his body and senses as easily as she could control her thousands of clones.


Just like the automatons, she took his memories into herself. Taking over his father's farm, getting married, having kids, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes...Absolutely nothing interesting to someone who had as much information as her. But still, it worked.


She made up her mind. She wanted everything. All of the pleasure, all of the wealth, and all the knowledge in the world...it would be hers.


A few thousand of her copies who weren't doing anything as important warped into various population centers around the world. One of her bodies went into the castle of the biggest, most important kingdom in the world.


The king was startled, and who could blame him? Not that it mattered to Andra. He pointed, yelled, and the guards attacked. And...Nothing happened. Whenever one of them got within a few steps of her, they stumbled and fell to their knees, moaning.


“Wh...what did you do? What's happening?”

Andra simply smiled at him as she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder.


He tried to scramble to his feet and run, but he tripped as his center of gravity changed mid-step. He felt himself changing. She felt him changing. With the last of his own will, he looked back at his guards and saw that they had all turned into perfect copies of her.


He tried to resist. He held his hands on his chest as if that would somehow stop breasts from growing, but all he accomplished was giving himself an orgasm as he pressed on his new sensitive breasts, and his life and memories were assimilated into Andra's hive mind.


And then, the new Andras in the castle scattered, chasing down anyone and everyone in the castle. From the other Andras sent elsewhere, her numbers had increased tenfold, and her power had increased a hundred.


People had tried resisting. A few lucky runners who escaped the initial wave tried to put together an army to fight back. But Andra simply decided that one, just one of the soldiers should be her, and then he was, and then she started spreading like a virus through the army.


At this point, there was so many of her, and they were all so unbelievably powerful, that the line between 'her' and 'not her' started getting fuzzy. She started learning things about people she wasn't even seeing. She didn't even need to manually transform people anymore, she just had to think 'That person's me now' and then they were.


She didn't even need people to transform anymore. She could summon additional copies of herself out empty space. At this point, even if she wasn't there, it was still her. She was everything. All she had to do was decide that she needed a body there, and there was one.


Before long, she was everyone. Every last person on the planet had become another perfect copy of her. Her 20 billion bodies had every last piece of information. She was in constant pleasure from millions of bodies that would have destroyed her mind a few days ago.


But she wanted more. There were still books, paintings and statues of people who had been in the world before her, who were objectively nothing more than the dirt beneath her shoes. So she decided to change that.


All it took was a brief moment of focus, and an impossible wave of power overtook the entire world. Words in every book rearranged theirselves to turn into stories praising her; and she was alive in the stories, actively changing and experiencing them. Every statue became a detailed, beautiful rendition of her that would of put any old sculptors to shame, that she could control as easily as her physical bodies. Every painting became a lifelike image of her, and she could feel herself inside of them.


But something happened that even she couldn't of predicted. Her spell kept going, and going. Changing the very structure of the world to be her. Every single concept and structure that held the world together became a part of her.


She blinked. She had a new body. That didn't mean much, but this one was different. It was somewhere new.


She was in a white room that stretched to infinity in every direction. Every few feet was a black orb, floating in place with a beautiful swirl of stars inside of it. She realized that those were other worlds. She had just changed the rules of the world she was in to be her, all the way down...and she became the whole world.


She could still see and feel the world inside of her. She still had control over all of her bodies inside of it. But she was more than that now. She was the whole world.


She pulled one of the orbs closer to her, and looked inside. It was like trying to investigate dust at her scale, but she could see every detail.


It wasn't her.


She's made it this far, why should she stop now?


She summoned a few million bodies into the new world, and watched as she started spreading around it. Taking every last body as her own. Before long, she had repeated the process, and turned the universe into another copy of herself. And another. And another.


She kept bringing every single body, every single mind, every single universe into her hive mind. She would obtain every possible ounce of power, every possible ounce of pleasure, and every possible ounce of knowledge. Nothing could ever stop her.




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