Mizuki Nagano

(Story that was written by MrGreyMan, adapted from one of my past RP logs)

She was having the dream again.


Blue fire arced across her skin, etching aether-real runes on her body. The feeling was exhilarating, like the embrace of a familiar lover. But, like any embrace, these sigils were ultimately confining. They wrapped themselves around her form, hugging her, binding her.


Half-heartedly, Mizuki Nagano struggled against those blue symbols in this recurring dream. But her resistance lacked true resolve. She understood part of her wanted to be bound, to be reduced. If for no other reason than to allow her to slowly break free from this envelopment. As if the very act of reawaken to her greater self was a drug. But an addictive surge she needed to savour, not rush. The destination was unbound, ultimate elation. But the journey contained a mix of other sensations. Sensations Mizuki needed to first swill like a fine wine. In order to fully experience the delight of expanding, Mizuki would have to deny herself. Paradoxically, the satisfaction of growing was worth first wilting.


If one is already omnipotent, one cannot become more. And, to become more was Mizuki greatest desire.


In her dream the blue runes won, settling on her huge, muscular body. As they did, the futanari amazon opened her faintly glowing blue eyes. The bewildering dream already fading from Mizuki’s waking mind. Mizuki always felt she had a perfect night's sleep, remembering it filled with all sorts of lewd and arousing dreams. Even as she woke from such a wonderful dream, she knew it wouldn't matter because the reality was even better. Wasn’t it?


The tan beauty sat up. As she did, she pushed over two worn-out supermodels, which had been sleeping on her expansive chest. The 7-foot-tall brute stretched in the morning light filtering through her mile-high palace’s huge windows; her enormous muscles bunching and shifting as she did. Biceps bigger than medicine balls flexed ominously as the imposing amazon casually stretched, the sunlight reflecting off her wondrous auburn hair. She knew her perfected body had been building more of her ultra-dense muscles even as she slept. Thanks to her superior anatomy, Mizuki was always gaining, always becoming more.


The futanari amazon looking down passed her massive breasts (they had the circumference of monster-truck tires) at her raging 3-foot-long morning-wood. The obscene veiny shaft could easily be seen under the thin sheets, as it was 24 inches in circumference and 36-inches in length. There was another slumbering supermodel with pitted-eyes clinging to Mizuki’s fat redwood of a cock. It was clear the submissive blonde had been trying to pleasure her auburn-haired ruler even while she slept. That was the kind of absolute commitment Mizuki could appreciate. She would fuck this girl’s brains out as a reward.


From her opulent mega-palace, Mizuki Nagano owned this world. But she let others concern themselves with the tedium of running the place. Mizuki cared only for the power, not the responsibility of rule. She got out of her goddess-sized bed, more unconscious supermodels spilling to the floor as she did. Looking down at their used-up forms, Mizuki smiled her radiant smile. All beings on this planet now served her. Every single hair and cell in these girls’ lewd bodies had been specially designed to service Mizuki in whatever ways she desired.


How many had she fucked last night? How many had she filled with her mind-bogglingly potent cum? Mizuki had perfect recall, and could’ve remember, if such tallies meant anything to her anymore.


At one point, how many girls she’d fucked in a day was important to Mizuki. But, after subjugating every woman on the planet with her raging sex, the point had become moot. Mizuki could literally have as many sluts as she wanted. Thus, keeping track of the number wasn’t meaningful. It was like the Olympic gold medals she’d won in the early days of her conquest. After you win every single event two decades in a row, what did matter?


These women had been genetically engineered for the sole purpose of sexually pleasing Mizuki. Their bodies were lithe, supple, and always ready to take Mizuki’s ever swelling shaft. Mizuki stretched again. As she did, she could hear her muscles growing. Even something as simple as stretching stimulated her perfect body into making more of her super-dense muscle fibres.


In a rare mood, Mizuki quickly did 25 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and 50 squats. Such an easy act took her no time at all, and—of course—she didn’t even break a sweat. But her muscles exploded in growth from the simple activity. Her fibres doubling and redoubling with each small excretion. Mizuki swelled with power from basically doing nothing at all. Some of her sex-slaves had roused themselves as she did this. They watching with slack jaw wonder at their mistress’s quick routine. They were acting as if it was spectacular, beyond imagination. Mizuki smiled, knowing watching her was just that. Two of the supermodels even orgasmed from just watching their goddess’s light workout. Others were trying to not pleasure themselves, as masturbation was a sacred rite reserved only for Mizuki.


Those that watched and didn’t automatically cum cooed in frustration. Her sex-slaves were barely able to contain their wanton lust for their imperious mistress. They kept going to pleasure themselves; just barley stopping, knowing it was forbidden.  The genetically perfecting women writhed in sexual frustration, begging with every part of their being to be used and violated by the swelling mass of savage might before them.


Along with her brutally burgeoning muscles, Mizuki’s monstrously mammoth balls also seemed to swell from the adoration of her servants. Those bulky menacing spheres had filled themselves to busting over the night, and were gorged with genetically perfected semen. Mizuki decide she’d wasted enough time exercising her already atrociously gargantuan muscles. It was time to exercise her atrociously gargantuan package instead. Her balls were literally aching for release. While Mizuki’s self-control was unparalleled, she saw no reason to use it.


Spotting the blonde that had taken her fancy earlier, Mizuki issued a simple command, "You...now..." It wouldn’t even occur to the wanton sex-slave to disobey, even if ever fibre of her salacious being wasn’t already calling out to be used and used-up by the bawdy, domineering creature before her. They had been trained and bred for this exclusive purpose, to be cumrags for Mizuki.


Remorselessly, Mizuki’s hand reach out and grabbed the blonde by her hair and shoved her mouth down on the pulsating cock. Pulling the hapless girl back and forth. The blond closed her pitted-eyes with their smoky mascara in total bliss. To suck her mistress’s overwhelming cock was all she’d ever wanted out of life, even if the over-huge shaft was choking her. She’d die happy.


Mizuki knew that the sheer size of her vast cock should be too much, even for one bred and trained for this exact purpose. But she had faith in this blonde who’d shown so much spunk earlier. She’d give the girl the opportunity to experience this honour, and mercilessly slid her unbending steel-rod down the suffocating girl’s overcrowd oesophagus. The genetically engineered neck visibility bulged to accommodate the unyielding, overstuffed ram.


As the woeful blonde sucked and choked in equal measures, desperately proving her worth to her mistress, Mizuki pointed at a brunette and redhead. "You two, suck and worship my package,” she commanded. “I want to cum at least a hundred times today,” she joked.


It was a joke because all knew Mizuki would cum as many times as she wanted, be it a hundred or a thousand. She could even cum continually, if she willed it. Under the right conditions, her stupendous body could continuously produce the efficacious, enslaving semen she’d used to subjugate a world. She was the unquestioned Alpha of Earth, as only females now populated it. Seven billion sluts and sycophants serving their ultimate sexual goddess, the Imperium of Potency.


Unthinkingly submissive, the two girls went on their knees, like the loyal bitches they were, and started suckling Mizuki’s massive package. The sex-slaves expertly used their lips to gently bite and kissing lovingly all over the swollen, oversized, alpha nuts that produced untold amounts of Mizuki’s sacrosanct sperm. Her large balls gurgling and rumbling with activity as they readied the fresh new batch of cogent cock cream, easily the world's most addictive drug to date. As they did, Mizuki used the blonde go-getter’s mouth on her cock, bobbing her back and forth, using her like the mere toy she was.


The goddess groaned and grunted as the three sex toys preformed their life’s purpose: to excessively service Mizuki Nagano. Her overriding balls gurgling and rumbling with activity as they processed a fresh new batch of potent and thick cock cream, easily the world's most addictive drug to date. Mizuki allowed her orgasm to rise. She could feel the pressure building within her deific groin, a dull aching pleasure rising up from her balls and towards the tip of her shaft as it twitched and bucked. Even its perfection struggled to contain the explosive tidal wave raging within. But, Mizuki used her unremitting strength to do what only she could do: hold back her power. As she wanted to, she would savour this moment on the brink.


As Mizuki experienced this extended pause before release, the chocking blonde’s blissful eyes went wide with terror. She had felt the impossible surge of cum coming. The girl knew Mizuki's indomitable strength was such that even her cum-shots could tear down walls, if she willed it. But she also knew Mizuki could easily control the strength of her cum-shots, otherwise her entire house would be destroyed each day (as it had been once; a demonstration of Mizuki’s sexual dominance). Yet, would her mistress hold back for a mere slave?


The nearly suffocated blonde looked up at her mistress through tear smeared makeup. Uncharacteristically, Mizuki looked down at her servant while she revelled in the extended sexual crescendo. In those blue pitted-eyes, Mizuki saw a host of emotions. She saw this girl would gladly give her life for her mistress’s sexual pleasure. If her mistress willed, she would die just so Mizuki could fully experience one more unrestrained orgasm among the countless ones she’d already experienced and the infinity of ones she would experience. This girl would gladly be destroyed if it meant that Mizuki could experience an extra drop in the endless tidal wave of pleasure that was her life. But, in dying, she would regret not being able to serve Mizuki further. She didn’t want to die simply because she knew she still had much more to give her mistress.


The two locked eyes as the super-surge of churning cum built to dizzying levels. Mizuki smirked, her super-senses understanding all this about the blonde. The slave knew her life was expendable at any point in time with a single flex of Mizuki’s tremendous cock. There were countless of other sluts to easily replace her, she was just one of the billions of women at Mizuki’s disposal. Yet, there was something about this one.


Sighing with slight regret, Mizuki held back just enough to let the girl live. Then her inscrutable mind shifted back to the all-encompassing pleasure she felt, the aching need for release. With a roar, her churning balls clenched upwards to her oaken cock. Without further warning, Mizuki suddenly pumped the first thick jets of cum through the blonde bombshell's straining mouth, down her overtaxed throat, and discharged the deluge into her tiny tummy. The torrent flooded the girl’s stomach in the first shot alone. But, Mizuki didn't stop. She continued to unload the hefty load into the diminutive blonde. The precious potency pouring out of the overfilled and almost unconscious servant.  Minute after minute ticked by and Mizuki’s raging organism was STILL going strong. But, finally, she did let up, pulling her still-hard, towering cock out of the overused and misused girl. Mizuki gestured to the two other servants to lap and clean up the mess. The powerful sperm from this one release alone could be used to impregnate millions, if not billions.


Despite what they’d just discharged, Mizuki’s balls still gurgled with potential as the amazon looked down at the spent girl. The metahuman could see the girl was breathing, barley. Good. The blonde slut could serve her mistress another day. Mizuki made a mental note to look into the girl’s genetic past. Mizuki was always eager to build better slaves, and the girl had proven herself.


The other slaves were cleaning their goddess, and eyeing her still-erect cock and gurgling balls. Mizuki Nagano knew the girls were always unsure what the sounds from her balls meant. It gave her the opportunity to spin it to however she wanted. Some days she would tell them they were not pleased and demanded more pleasure. Other days, Mizuki told them they were hungry for sustenance, meaning more food to improve and replenish her spent loads. Either way, all that weighed in her slaves’ minds at all times was Mizuki and her long, fat, throbbing battering-ram of a cock.


Today, Mizuki decided it meant she was ravenous. Her workout had given her need to replenish. If she wanted to grow bigger, she needed to feed. She started to walk to the palace’s dining hall. Sex-slaves scampered before her, as her imposing rock-hard dick swung like a pendulum between her legs as she walked.


Again, even the simple act of walking caused the growth of her ultra-dense muscles to go into overdrive. They didn’t even necessary become bigger, but would become harder, thicker, and more plentiful with each step. Just walking caused her legs to become ever more tone and powerful. But, all this growing and cumming really was making Mizuki famished.


The dining hall was longer than two football stadiums set end to end, and serval stories high. Only one place was set in the 1,000 foot table, which was laid out with enough food to feed a small country. The food would have been replaced every few minutes to keep it fresh for when Mizuki deigned to eat. The barley covered serving staff (populated only with big-breasted bimbos, naturally) stood at attention as Mizuki went to her throne of a dining chair. The massive seat had been specially crafted for Mizuki’s bulk, but—as she was always getting large—it was always too small.


The over 7-foot tall amazon (she’d grown a little from her workout) squeezed into the tank-like seat, which groaned and bent under the unrelenting mass of Mizuki. The futa’s balls hung down over the side of the seat. As big as beanbag chairs, they were already full again, even after the minutes she’d just spent vigorously cumming. They gurgled ominously with their potent payload.


Mizuki looked at the voluptuous and vivacious wait staff, all of which were practically popping out of their too-tight maid outfits. Their tits and ass lewdly bulging in the strapped-on aprons (which is all they wore). They looked back, scared, knowing Mizuki needed to tell them if she wanted food or a fucking first, and would act upset that they didn’t already know the will of their fickle mistress. Such was the ritual when she came to eat, be it pussy or food.


“Well,” the amazon thundered, a smile on her face, “don’t just stand there, you useless sluts, feed me!”  Then, still smiling good naturedly, she added on a whim, “and, bring the head cook out here to suck my cock!”


The staff hopped to comply, almost falling out of their aprons as they did. Their uniforms designed as such to specially excite Mizuki. She delighted in watching them try to keep their bawdy bodies in the aprons as they waited on her. Trying their best to serve their sexual goddess as they brought the first of the endless parade of extravagant dishes. The provocative waitresses bowed under the weight of the massive plates of succulent food.


As they did, the head cook (a curvy raven-haired woman) came out from the castle-like kitchen to fulfil her capricious mistress’s flighty command.





The special today was lobster egg benedict. Mizuki simply tilted her head back and opened her cravenness mouth, and spread her massive legs. Two of the wait staff brought the first of the fully loaded gold-alloy plate up the set of stairs built into the throne. They started spooning the decadent, exuberant meal into their lounging mistress’s waiting mouth.


Simultaneously, the voluptuous cook started simulating the thick, towering flagpole that was Mizuki’s cock. The busty babe’s whole body was used on the super-organ. The raven-haired woman literally doing everything she could to the too-large, too-hard shaft. Yet, no matter how vigorous or earnest, one woman couldn’t fully simulate the monolith of perfected flesh that was Mizuki’s dick.


Mizuki gestured for other master-fluffiers to help the over-worked cook, who audibly signed in relief as the boobacious blondes joined her in the sacred duty of fellating Mizuki. Mizuki also gestured for the food to come faster.  As her mouth was filled only with the tastiest and most nourishing food ever conceived and her cock was simulated by supermodels who’d trained their whole life for this one task, Mizuki closed her glowing blue eyes in pleasure.


The immoderate food was basically being poured into her waiting maw, but her enhanced senses allowed her to experience each taste sensation, as her flawless nerves picked up on each caress of her colossal cock. All parties in this display of absolute abasement knew if everything wasn’t perfect, Mizuki would punish. Yet, after decades of conditioning, the possibility of error was minuscule. Greater was the probability Mizuki would act punitively ‘just because.’ Yet, it seemed their mistress was in a magnum’s mood this morning.


Mizuki let out a sign of pleasure as the hearty meal refuelled her vast body’s immeasurable growth stores. The nectareous, oversized meal was expertly designed to do just that, and her whole body seem to swell from it, especially her tits, ass, and balls. It had been forever since she’d felt even slightly close to depletion, but she liked being full.


Of course, her flawless body could have drawn nourishment out of the very air, or normally inedible substances. But what was the point of subjugating the planet if she couldn’t partake of only the best? Her body ballooned as the fest flowed into her.


As if to prove the perfection of her metabolism, Mizuki ordered only the most fatting substances brought to her next. Choc-chip Ice cream made out of genetically enhanced dairies, which would have killed a normal human, was brought for dessert.  Mizuki’s body would store all those countless calories until they were needed. Needed to make her muscles bigger, her cock larger, her beasts more massive, her legs longer, her balls bigger, and her body titanic. There could never be enough of Mizuki. She always needed to become more.


Her planetary package swelled larger and larger as her throbbing, bulging cock was kissed, licked, rubbed, squeezed, and otherwise molested. Yet, only Mizuki’s beating heart could move the prodigious rod of adamantium that was her phallus. More and more of the staff had been called to simulate the twitching temple. A stupendous steeple the world was taught from birth to worship at: Mizuki’s tremendous tool.


These sluts would’ve made the most experienced porn star look like rank amateurs as their techniques had been honed and passed down for generations of serving their futanari goddess. Any normal male, had there been any males left, would have cum simply from watching this pornographic display. Any male actually subjected to these master-sluts would’ve cum their brains out before their hearts gave out. But, Mizuki’s will was such she could hold back, if for no other reason to prove she could. The lustful tableau increased in indelicate intestacy. Anxiety could be seen on the panted faces of the lecherous ladies as they frantically tried to make their gaining goddess orgasm. Everything about Mizuki waxed as the inhuman debauchery became desperate. Faster and faster the pace built as Mizuki herself became even more built.


The frantic tempo was contagious, and the waitstaff feeding the growing god also increased their rate as if trying to keep up with the fanatic fellators.


Finally, as both sets of whores were about to despair in spent exhaustion, Mizuki deigned to cum.


This time there was no holding back, and lives might have been lost as Mizuki Nagano’s first volley brought down the ten-story ceiling.




Mizuki emerged from the rubble of the dining room sucking on an after-dinner peppermint, a glowing deity of sexuality. “I really am in a rare mood today,” she said to her only peer, herself, as her servants scampered this way and that trying to mitigate devastation their whimsical mistress had wrought in her wanton rampage.


Still acting atypical, instead of paying a visit to her mega-harem, as was her normal habit after a meal, Mizuki took a left at the ten-foot platinum statue of herself with the ruby-dusted hair. This spacious hallway was lined with pictures of her progressive ascendance.  Every ten feet, on both sides, there was another full-length picture of Mizuki taken whenever she had decided she’d reached a milestone in her ever-present growth. Her long strides took her quickly through her eventful adolescence into her amazon adulthood, and finally to the futanari goddess she was today. Mizuki took note that it was only the last few pictures that her eyes had started to glow blue. Though that progression, unlike other aspects of her ascension, was very subtle.


This hallway terminated at one of many of Mizuki’s private laboratory. Some of her laboratories were dedicated to perfecting Mizuki’s food stuff, others where dedicated to producing ever more honed sex-slaves for Mizuki. This one studied the most prestigious of problems: further perfecting Mizuki Nagano. In this world getting a job to enhance Mizuki in every way was considered the most profound profession anyone could possibly hope to achieve, comparable to becoming a top doctor, CEO, or statesman in the more pathetic former world. However, such a high ranking job also came with high expectations. Mizuki decided she felt it had been far too long since a significant breakthrough in her continuing perfection.


She was about to throw open the large double doors to make a grand entrance for her surprise inspection, when someone coming the other way beat her to it.


The sexy, diminutive blonde researcher clearly wasn’t looking where she was going as she crashed into the solid wall of flesh that was Mizuki. This hot little number was wearing nothing but the lab coat uniform, and—of course—couldn’t budge the goddess. She bounced off the amazon like she’d hit a brick wall, and fell on her tight little ass.


Jumping to her feet, the bubbling blonde exclaimed in a swirl of paper, “I’m so sorry, mistress! I was just coming to see you!”


The spunky blonde with the pitted-eyes didn’t seem to know if she should bow, knee, or try to clean up her papers as they scattered. Mizuki probably would have been pleased if the girl had done anyone of the three individual choices. But the scientist attempted all three at once, making for a humorous display.  Mizuki wanted to angry, but found herself inwardly smiling. She also felt like she’d met this hapless girl before. The fact she didn’t KNOW if she had, what with her perfect memory, aroused her curiosity in the blonde further.


“Have I seen you before?” She decided to ask as the girl failed to bow,


“I don’t think so, mistress.” Then the girl became thoughtful, “but I have been using some of my own genetic material working on your sex-slaves. Maybe you are mistaking me for one of them?”


Mizuki than realized this girl was a dead ringer for the blonde fellator she’d spared this morning. Inwardly she amused by this, but decided she would be outwardly annoyed. She was planning on punishing this division for their lack of resent progress, after all. So, Mizuki narrowed her eyes and said “I don’t make mistakes.”


Mizuki expected the pitted-eyed scientist to cower, but saw the absent minded professor was instead staring hypnotically at the futa’s swaying 3-foot phallus. Mizuki sighed. This was not an uncommon problem when she met one of her servants for the first time.


Knowing it really wasn’t the girl’s fault (Mizuki had tailored pretty much everything to illicit this kind of reaction, after all) she decided to again take pity on the blonde’s insubordination, and simply snap her out of the trance with a simple snap of her substantial fingers.


The thunderclap that followed did the trick, and the girl came, blinked, and emerged from her lust induced trance.


She everted her pitted-eyes, “I’m sorry mistress.” She said in a cute bashful way, “You came over me.”


“Yes, I have that affect.” Mizuki stated. “You said you were on your way to find me?”


“Oh yes mistress!” The blonde’s shame forgotten and her exuberance returned she continued. “Do you remember when you told us to find a way for you to innately drain abilities from people, but get 5 times more than what I drain."


“Of course, you remember.” The girl blushed, “a simple figure of speech mistress.” Then she became bubbly again, “Well, I did it.”


“You did it?” Mizuki was genially astounded. She’d made that a request as a lark. Mizuki knew all of the laws of physics that prohibited something like that. But, looking down at the bubbly blonde before her, the futa wondered if anyone had bothered to fully teach this girl the laws of physics.


“Well, ‘we’ did, but it was mainly me. The other scientists said I should try on my own, so the credit could be mine.”


“Both the credit for the success, or for the failure.” Mizuki replied. It was a statement, not a question.


The girl blushed again, “They mentioned something like that,” she muttered.


‘So,’ thought Mizuki ‘that’s how they planned on handling my impossible request.’ She decided this hapless girl’s failure wouldn’t be laid at her feet, but the feet of everyone else in the lab.


Knowing it was likely gibberish, Mizuki took the girl’s proffered notes. They were out of order and many seemed to be hand written. But, Mizuki’s intellect was a towering as her physique. In short order the goddess had reordered them, and was reading.


At first, they really did seem like gibberish, but as the amazon continued to read page after page, Mizuki saw them for what they were: pure, unrefined genius.


No one had taught this girl the basics of physics, so she’d learned them on her own. Mizuki also realized that it was extremely unlikely that anyone—besides this girl before the futa—could have understood the brilliance of this mess of notes. The other scientist had clearly dismissed this work as that of a madwoman and had sent this blonde out on a fool’s errand. But, Mizuki was no fool, and nether—it seemed—was this girl.


Enwrapped by what she read, Mizuki eventually did look down at the girl before her. She expected the girl to be fidgeting or otherwise nervous as she read. But, Mizuki saw in those pitted-eyes the same determination she’d seen this morning. No one had told this girl what was or wasn’t possible. So, she’d done the impossible.


“This will work.” Mizuki said.


“I know, mistress. I have the device built inside!” The overwhelmed girl exclaimed.


Mizuki didn’t wait a moment longer. This would give her everything she’d ever thought she wanted. She nearly broke down the double doors into the lab, the excited blonde trailing behind.


Mizuki was greeted by another scientist, who seemed to be expecting an angry demi-god to storm into her lab.


“We told her it wouldn’t… work….” Mizuki’s cold stare could freeze lava, and the scientist wilted before it, barely able to get out a whisper “mistress” before she fell silent.


“This way, mistress” the bubbling blonde with the pitted-eyes couldn’t contain herself as she nearly sprinted to the transdimensional transfer device she’d apparently rigged out of what little resources the other scientists had allotted what they’d clearly deemed a doomed project.


Mizuki was so rarely impressed. Sure, if she’d spend time working on something like this, instead of constantly fucking a planet full of wanton whores, she could have come up with this device. But, still, she found herself impressed by this blue-eyed girl. She decided to do something she’d literally never down before.


“What is your name, girl?” She asked the girl with the interesting eyes.


Surprised the girl could only whisper, “Lisa”


Mizuki nodded, and walked into the machine. “No mistress! It’ll not work!” was the last thing she heard from the other insubordinate scientists as Lisa flipped the switch.


Not even Mizuki could withstand the sensation that followed. The huge futanari amazon fell to her knees as blue fire enveloped her. The power seemed to form runes of pure energy that danced across her tan skin. The power seemed to take the form of blue body markings that merged perfectly into her skin, glowing and pulsing to the beat of her heart. Mizuki felt almost as if these runes were restricting something, as if they were trying to hold her back instead of propel her forward. As if they’d always been there and only now, when they were needed the most, were letting themselves be seen.


She remembered her dream.


The transdimensional transfer device ripped itself apart as the flaming futanari goddess emerged, emitting an indigo luminescence.


The blonde with the pitted eyes squealed in delight, while all others stood agog. Mizuki looked at the naysayer that had met her at the door, and instantly drained her of everything she was, had, or ever would be.


Even a being like Mizuki was elated by the first feeling of absorbing five-times a lesser creature. The feeling was beyond addicting. She couldn’t stop herself as she gained over 25-feet in height. One person was all it took to make her a giantess with a dick that could level redwood forests. Without restraint, she caused the mega-palace to explode in an overabundance of futa flesh as Mizuki absorbed all the other scientists, sparing only Lisa.


Blue fire raced across the god’s ever expanding skin. But, this overindulgent of immoderate draining was clearly too much for the blue runes that had, in fact, been holding back Mizuki Nagano’s true power.


This dimension was absorbed and destroyed by the omnipotent being’s reacceptance into the greater part of the unbound Mizuki Nagano. This avatar re-remembered its purpose was to allow Mizuki to experience omni-growth over and over. For, if you are already everything, how can you can become more?


This avatar’s only regret was that it hadn’t drawn that last bit out longer.


Oh well, there was always next time.



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