The New Way of Things


(My commissioned story written by Reddhaeht)


The New Way of Things

“Jayi, Who Sees Beyond,” the instructor called, standing at the head of the class. She was a shorter woman and, while not fat, certainly had some meat on her bones.


“Present,” responded a cool voice belonging to a waif of a girl. 4'6 with curly black hair and dark brown skin. Her eyes were a strange green colour, dull and glowing all at once.


“Jeania, Who Stands with Mountains.”


“Here.” This voice was gruffer, as was the person it belonged to. She didn't need to speak for the teacher to have known she was there. With a casual glance, anyone could see that it seemed the class had moulded around her, popularity seeming to radiate from her core and fade the further away from her position one sat.


She was a blond giant of a woman, easily six and a half feet tall. Her body was a testament to physical acumen, muscles rippling across her form with little fat to speak of. Her bust was equally impressive, a pair of I cups situated on a 40 inch chest. If one were to glance below the desk she sat at they would find her equipped with a member and set of balls fitting of one with such stature. Outside of her social standing, it was clear what many of the halo of hangers on were drawn to.

The teacher offered the woman, this Jeania, a demure smile, and received a knowing wink in return, before continuing with her list.


“Nagano,” she said. No epithet. Not a first name. A direct and pointed insult directed at the one who bore the name.


“I'm here,” Mizuki replied without the anger such an insult deserved. By now she had grown used to it. Used to being the failure. The anomaly. The weak one. At twenty-one years of age, Mizuki Nagano's leylines had still not shown themselves. At this point it seemed that they would never come in at all. One with no leyline was one with no power, they said. And this was, for the most part, true.


Anyone, with a sufficient amount of work, was capable of casting simple spells, or wielding a sword. Of basic arithmetic or chemistry. Leylines, however, differentiated those who could wield some basic levels of knowledge or strength and those who were powerful. Anyone without them, it was thought, had no business going to a university. They had no hope in keeping up with the workload, and they were taking a spot away from a more deserving student.


Mizuki's existence flew in the face of conventional wisdom in many ways. At her age it was almost a certainty that she would never develop any lines. This in itself was bizarre. While it wasn't too uncommon for women to never manifest a leyline, and even less so for men, Mizuki was neither. She was a futanari, a hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodites always, always manifested at least one line. So in this way, she was set apart from her people.


Secondly, despite her 'disability' she was sitting in this class, at the very outskirts of Jeania's sphere of popularity, through hard work and effort. Despite her lack of an innate power, Mizuki could spellcraft with the best of them. Lineless, she was still at the head of her classes. She'd earned her body in much the same way. Save for the flowing red hair, as opposed to wavy blonde, Mizuki was Jeania in miniature. She stood at 5'6” and was covered from head to toe in tight cords of muscles. She obviously put work into her physique. But it was difficult matching hard work to powerful natural magics.


“No one cares,” called someone near the center of Jeania's little bubble. Lita, Who Hears All Whispers. The harem of students waited for confirmation from their master, and when the oversized hermaphrodite at the center of the tempest let out a guffaw, so did the rest of the class. The teacher, with obvious contempt for the magically disinclined student, allowed the ridicule to play out.


“You're just upset I turned you down,” Mizuki shouted to her classmate, finally starting to become annoyed.


“Bitch, what did you say to me!?” Jeania shot up from her seat. A red symbol, like a star burst, ignited on her forehead, spreading from it were three lines traveling up to her hairline and two that travelled around her eyes, forming something like a mask. The teacher smirked when Jeania looked to her.


“Oh don't worry, Jeania. I will not stop this. Teach the ingrate a lesson about her betters.”


Jeania turned back to Mizuki who had shot to her feet in preparation. The students between the two hermaphrodites cleared a path, taking their desks with them. A combination of excitement and fear. Jeania's array was the most intricate in the class, meaning she was easily the most powerful of them all.


Even with their own lines, they didn't want to face that down. Mizuki, on the other hand, had had enough. Even if Jania was bigger, Mizuki just had to win, they would respect her then. Jeania kicked off her shoes as she approached her rival, they would only get in the way. With each step she took towards Mizuki, she grew another inch. With each furious breath, her muscles grew thicker. With each lustful thought, her cock grew larger, and not simply from arousal.

By the time she stood in front of Mizuki, she'd reached a height of just about seven feet. Her pants strained to contain her girlcock. She looked down at Mizuki and licked her lips.


“This time I won't ask.”


She reached for the lineless student, but Mizuki attempted to brush her hand away. Attempted to, because the instant they made contact, everything changed. In an instant there was a blinding blue flash, and what felt like a psychic sledgehammer came crashing down on the minds of everyone present. Everyone, that is, except Mizuki. In that instant, Mizuki felt a comforting warmth in her body. In loops around her arms and legs. Across her belly. Up and down her back on her cheeks. Not everywhere, just in some places. Like some kind of pattern.

The feeling didn't last long for Mizuki, just until the blue light cleared and she found herself looking at a class all gripping their heads in agony. Some of them seemed like they could barely maintain their balance. Even Jeania seemed out of it.

“What the fuck?!”

“Unnn... ugh. That's it. Class is over for today,” came the teacher's voice.




Home at last, Mizuki found that she felt great. Better than she'd ever felt in her life. That sensation of warmth from earlier still lingered ever so slightly on her skin and her body bubbled over with energy. And god was she horny. A hand came up to one of the C-cup breasts sitting firm and high on her torso and without thought she began to massage the pillowy mass of flesh. A low moan brought her back to reality. No, if she was going to do this, she might as well get comfortable.


A few minutes later, the statuesque beauty found herself alone under a warm shower, free now to indulge herself. Her left hand picked up where it left off, grabbing its fill of her tit and working it in small circles, paying special attention to her dark pink nipple. Her right hand slipped down first to fondle her nuts then back up to wrap around her hardening cock. As she stroked, her mind conjured images to fuel her lust. Her chubby little teacher being pounded up against her own blackboard, forced to declare Mizuki's superiority 100 times in chalk as she was reamed out. Kya, who races the wind, with her lithe runner's body using her leyline-gifted speed to fuck herself on Mizuki's spire to orgasm after mind-numbing orgasm. And Jeania, bereft of her magically endowed height and muscle, taken in front of the entire campus.


Mizuki's heart raced and her skin burned even more intensely than it had earlier, though not in an unpleasant way. Each stroke from head to base felt like it took longer than the last until finally her hand left her breast to join its opposite on her cock. Each stroked up and down about half of the length as she drove herself closer and closer. In the back of her mind a thought occurred that something was off, but she had no time to indulge it, she was too close. Mizuki's balls swelled to the size of peaches as they filled with sperm and then, with a guttural grunt from Mizuki, contracted, launching a deluge of ejaculate and plastering the wall opposite herself with more cum than she'd ever produced.


Mizuki panted, out of breath from the new sensation. With her mind clear, it was now able to go back to that nagging feeling from earlier. Something was bothering her. Something about her hands.


Two hands. Two!


Mizuki looked down at herself to find that her already admirable dick had almost doubled in size, necessitating the extra grip. And it wasn't the only thing. Her balls had grown when she came, but they had not shrunk back down.




While she was looking down she noticed something else. Her forearms, her biceps, her calves and thighs. All of her muscles had increased in size. She stepped out of the shower to get a look at herself in the full body mirror. Along with the increased muscle mass she'd easily gone up three inches.


And, most importantly, encircling her body where the pleasant burning had been now glowed a huge array of leylines. It was the most expansive set she'd ever witnessed. The kind only heard of in legends.


And they belonged to her.




Mizuki entered the hallowed halls of her chosen institute of learning as though it were any other day. But she knew it wasn't. She had grown a little more last night, now standing at just under six feet. She wore the blue tank top that matched both her eyes and now her leylines. Her change in height had caused the shirt to no longer cover her mid-riff, leaving her well toned abs exposed. Her pants were tight and anyone trying could trace the outline of her virility, now over ten inches even soft. She'd chosen to go without shoes, as none of her old ones fit any longer. The school, after all, didn't require they, or any other clothing, be worn. It simply had been too dangerous for one such as herself to go without. But no longer. Today was the day she would take the respect she'd always deserved. She would show them her superiority and turn their contempt into reverence. And she knew just where to start.


The morning's first class would be with Yahri, who commands all blades. Weaponry wasn't a first choice for Mizuki when it came to classes, but it was a required course. The faculty took particular joy in this fact as it was one of the few classes wherein even a particularly gifted lineless could not hope to excel amongst their peers.


She'd seen Jeania consulting with their instructor this morning, clearly still annoyed over yesterday's events and plotting revenge. Yahri, as with all of her instructor, seemed all too happy to accommodate the prodigy's every whim. So when the class was told they would be running duel drills, Mizuki was not surprised. And when she was paired against Jeania, she was elated.


The gargantuan woman had shrunken down from yesterday's confrontation to her usual resting height of six and a half feet tall. She eyed Mizuki up and down, her lust obvious. But then she noticed something strange. Their heights were closer than they'd ever been. Jeania hadn't shrunken down beyond normal, so how...


“Confused? Of course you are.”


Jeania scowled. “I will try to take it easy on one as frail as yourself, Nagano. I'm sure you'll need the assistance.”


Mizuki offered her most bored smile to the giantess.


“No, Jeania, I have everything I need.”


Mizuki gave her hair a casual toss as the leylines across her body ignited. While most were covered by the clothes she wore, the ones present on her arms, face, and neck covered an amount of flesh comparable to, or possibly even exceeding, Jeania's.


“It turns out I was just a late bloomer. It seems the universe knows to save the best for last.”


The whispers started almost immediately. Nagano... no, Mizuki. She wasn't lineless. Did you see them? As many as Jeania, Who Stands with Mountains. Maybe more!


Mizuki basked in the low tide of adoration that was starting. Jeania, on the other hand, was furious.


“Don't you dare compare her to me! I am Jeania, Who Stands with Mountains! I am the most powerful person on this entire campus! So what she's finally gotten lines! I can still destroy her just as easy!”


Mizuki smirked. “Really? Destroy me? You couldn't even outgrow me.”


There was a gasp and then a hush in the crowd. They were serious words. For someone to claim they were better at another's line-gifted ability was the greatest of insults. Sure, maybe excellent spellwork could replicate a result similar to a line-gift, but to outdo the original? Impossible.


“You run your mouth too much,” Jeania growled, looming over Mizuki.


“I do more than that. I challenge you. You've always wanted a piece of me, yes? Well, beat me at your own game and I'm yours. Completely. And I won't even demand much for your defeat. When you lose, all I need for you to do is get on your knees, here, now, in front of everyone. And you worship my cock. Understood?”


“Rules,” Jeania snarled.


“One minute. And since it's your pretty mouth on the line, let's see how we measure up, inch for inch where it really counts.”


“Fine by me!” Jeania knew Nagano had made her biggest mistake. Even if she could imitate her ability to increase in size, even if she could match it exactly, it wouldn't matter. She may have gotten a little bigger over night, but she still wasn't packing like Jeania was. At equal growth rates she'd still come out on top.


The pair grabbed one another by the wrists. Their leylines glowed in their own colour and then, briefly, switched to the other person's, making the challenge official and binding.


“By all means,” Mizuki offered, “feel free to go first.”


“Want to get your loss over quick? Okay.”

“Yahri, if you would be so kind as to time our competition.”


The instructor jumped in surprise at the command, having been mesmerized by the stand off and lost in her own thoughts. Privately she hoped Mizuki would be defeated, after all these months of rudeness and insolence Yahri had showered upon the formerly lineless student, she could only imagine the retribution that would befall her now. Still, she snapped to at the command of her superior charge.


With the clock started, Jeania flexed every muscle she could, straining at the seams of her already tight clothing. The meat pipe running down her pant leg strained against its prison. The leylines on her forehead ignited in a flaming red as she began to grow.


Or, at least, tried to grow.


For three seconds the array on Jeania's forehead glowed, but no changes occurred in her body. For the next ten seconds the burning red symbols Jeania had borne nearly all of her life began to fail her, sputtering in and out as she willed herself to grow larger.


For two seconds they shined as bright as they ever had, one last show before the end. Over the next fifteen seconds, Jeania's leylines began to grow dimmer and dimmer, and as they did Mizuki's lines ignited. Like the first time it brought her no end of pleasure, driving her to openly moan, to close her eyes and massage her chest as her long time rival burned out. While Jeania spent her remaining 30 seconds in stunned silence at the failure of her powers, Mizuki indulged herself.



“T-time...” Yahri was shocked into near silence. She couldn't comprehend what had happened.


“Oh,” Mizuki said, finally coming back down to reality. “Is it my turn?”


Mizuki stepped forward, and with each step her calves and thighs thickened, just a little. “Well, I guess it's best I warm up.”


She rolled her head on her neck and sent a cascade of muscle rippled down her torso, causing the shirt she was wearing to quietly protest with the sound of tearing. She stretched her back, and as she did added inch after inch to her height. Mizuki rotated her shoulders, first the left, then the right, sending waves of muscle growth into what could now be called few names other than “pythons.” With each step she took to reposition herself, her legs continued to expand. Along with her chest muscles, her breasts began to grow, first spilling flesh around the open areas of her tank top while growing from C to II, just bigger than Jeania's, but eventually the strain was too great. All at once her entire outfit gave in, tearing to shreds and falling to the ground at her feet. Revealing the truth. Even if Jeania's powers were functioning at one hundred percent, it wouldn't matter. How could anyone hope to conquer someone with that many lines?


The now 6'6, herculean young lady had, in five seconds, grown to match or exceed her rivals proportions. Mizuki looked out over the grouping of her peers, allowing them to take in her magnificence. More than a few lacked the self-control to resist openly fondling themselves. Jeania, for her part, had the good sense not to say anything. If she allowed her rival to become caught up in this adulation then maybe, just maybe, she could win by default. The foolish ex-lineless had grown her tits, height, and muscles, but she'd left her cock untouched. At twenty inches, it was quite the tool she was wielding, but still came up short by two inches. If she could just stay distracted a little longer.


Mizuki, however, was no fool. With ten seconds left in their competition, she looked over at her competitor who she now stood even with. Her hands trailed down her body, along her hips then around to her protruding masculinity. She licked her lips and threw her head back as one held the base and the other began to pump up and down. One. Two. Three. And with each cycle another full inch sprung forth.


“Time...” Yahri's voice trailed off as the result became clear to anyone with eyes. Jeania had lost. She had been defeated effortlessly by an opponent who'd only deigned to attempt to compete in the last possible seconds of competition.



Everything was going to be different.


Jeania was aghast. This couldn't be happening. She'd lost. She'd lost everything. And to Nagano. How?


“Are you ready,” Mizuki asked.


Jeania wanted nothing more than to swing at the arrogant bitch and teach her to speak to her betters like that. But she couldn't. She'd willingly bound herself to the terms of the challenge. She couldn't go back no matter how much she wanted to. And it wasn't really true that she was Mizuki's better, was it? Not anymore. By the same standards she had always measured herself against those beneath her, Mizuki had visibly surpassed her with ease.


“Remember,” Mizuki said, closing the small gap between them with more than a little swagger in her step. She stopped when her titanic cock pressed hard into Jeania's abs, leaving a sticky splotch of pre-cum where it made contact. “I said worship.”


On contact Jeania's legs nearly dropped from under her, only her fierce will keeping her from collapsing completely. Still, she couldn't fight the bond, only lessen the intensity. She sank first to her knees, then placed her hands on the ground and bowed her head. Prostrate before her victorious opponent. She could feel herself being compelled. Her mouth watering. Her body heat rising.


“Your cock,” she began, “is truly wondrous.” The words tasted bitter in her mouth but felt so good to say.


“And me?”


Jeania scowled, but didn't look up. She said nothing. She would honour her word, she had no choice, but she was only bound to worship Mizuki's cock. Not the woman attached to it.


“In time, then.”


Jeania looked up to find Mizuki's member resting on her face. A line of drool ran from the edge of her lips as her heart raced.


“May I...”


“If you must,” Mizuki responded casually.


Hands trembling, Jeania reached up and wrapped them around the dick that was, for the time being, the center of her existence. Together both hands could just barely fully encircle the elephantine appendage. She pulled down on it, pressed her face into the flesh, and inhaled deeply. Her eyes went cross and she felt a torrent of feminine juices release from pussy. Her own cock was the stiffest it had been in some time.


Jeania dragged her face down until she'd buried herself in Mizuki's sack. She sucked in another deep breath, the oppressive smell of ball sweat overwhelming her senses and shattering her grip on herself. She licked away at the scrotum before opening her mouth as wide as she could manage, doing her best to take in one of the swollen, apple-sized nuts. Wet, sloppy sucking sounds could be heard across the gym as the fallen student, once the epitome of human achievement, sacrificed her dignity at the altar of her replacement. While she pacified herself on, first, one ball and then the other, her hand jacked away at the underside of the better futanari's bone. The head had grown slick with streams of pre-ejaculate.


“Get on with it, now,” Mizuki chastised.


Jeania complied, licking her way all the way back up to the tip. Her hands together could no longer enclose the entire length, and it seemed to be even longer than before. She planted a kiss on the wide piss slit, practically making out with it before starting to ease herself onto it. Her jaws creaked in protest trying to fit the head inside of her face.


Mizuki didn't have the patience to allow her to adjust. Her hand went to the back of the blonde's head. Grabbing a fist full of hair she began to push forward to the sound of Jeania's half-hearted, feeble protests.


“You're a big girl, Jeania. You can handle it,” the red-haired domineer almost laughed. Still, applying pressure to the back of the blonde's head, Mizuki thrust forward. There was a moment where neither side gave, pressure building up between the two, before, finally, Mizuki once again was the victor, pile-diving nearly a yard of hard of hot meat down her rival's throat, sending saliva exploding from the orifice as the space was completely filled.




“Yesss. How's that, Jeania. It feels good, doesn't it? It feels right. This is where you belong. At the end of my cock. You've always known it, haven't you?”


Jeania was a mess. Her eyes, wet and leaking, remained crossed in unimaginable pleasure as her throat was skewered. Her face was covered in spittle. Her throat was obviously distended by the foreign object embedded all the way down it.


“No more power. Just a lineless little nothing now,” Mizuki began to withdraw before pumping back into to the cock-happy slut. “You realize this is the only thing you'll be any good for now, right? Just a hole for cocks. You don't have any other skills now that you don't have power. Don't worry though, I'm benevolent. I'll make sure they let you stay in school. I think I'm going to like having a little suck-slut on call.”


Once more Mizuki's azure leylines ignited across her body and the pleasure she drew from her rival's tight, clinging gullet intensified. She closed her eyes and moaned, feeling the confines of the herm's throat grow tighter as her cock increased in length. Suddenly, her angle of penetration began to lower. Her eyes opened to investigate the puzzling turn of events. What she saw brought her the last bit over the edge.


“Swallow it, whore,” she demanded. Her balls clenched and pints of femme-sperm flowed from her, traversing the direct conduit from her testicles to Janeia's belly. Spurt after spurt filling the used herm's gut, pushing against her toned stomach muscles until they formed a slight dome.


Mizuki exhaled as her orgasm came to an end. Without the slightest hint of care or concern she withdrew from her cum dump's oral pussy and let her collapse to the ground. Mizuki smiled before breaking out into a quiet chuckle.


Jeania lay in a heap, cum running from her lips, and coating the ground around her where her own orgasm had hit. All six feet even of her. Mizuki's angle of penetration had changed because while being fucked in the mouth, she had begun to shrink.


Mizuki stood over her conquest, cock drippings falling into Jeania's hair, her leylines still glowing bright. The place where Jeania used to have leylines glowed the same blue before it, too, faded, their bond broken with the fulfilment of the contest's terms.


“I guess by the time I've finished with you, Jini, we'll see just how big you really are without your powers.




Mizuki, Who Walks All Paths, she had been dubbed. Granted the ability to use the line-gifts of anyone she saw fit. And not just duplicate them, but because of the greater power granted by the scope of her array, her version would be exceedingly more powerful than the original. On top of all of that, if she so deigned, she could strip them of their gift and permanently incorporate it into her own.


Jeania's powers had been stolen from her by the former victim of her ire. Her life was in tatters. She'd lost her station as the most powerful person to walk these halls. She'd fallen all the way to entirely powerless. Mizuki had been true to her word, using her new-found status to keep Jeania in classes, she was in a worse position than Mizuki had been. She'd never not had her powers. She'd never needed to learn how to function without them. Her body felt weaker, and not just from the decreased muscle. Her mind felt slower. She was never all that great at actual spell crafting, but now she wasn't sure if she could do it at all. She didn't belong in this school. The only reason she was allowed to stay was to play cock warmer to the new big thing.

And that was the worst thing. Without her powers maybe, just maybe, she could find some work in labour that required strength. Maybe the military would still take her, though certainly no longer as an officer. Or possibly even modelling, she looked good enough for that. But the only reason she maintained even this much of her physique was the magics still flowing within her from the power she once had, and Mizuki had proven capable of siphoning even that from her. Cowardice wasn't in her nature. She wouldn't run from her place in this school, but Jeania was afraid. The only thing that kept her here was something she couldn't allow to happen.


Deep down, though she didn't want to admit it, she was conflicted. Her hesitance, her resistance, her fear. All of it went against what society had told her was right for years. What she'd believed her entire life. Mizuki was her better. Even if she'd still had her lines, Mizuki's array was something no one had ever seen or heard of outside of myth. That's why no one had stopped or objected to her behaviour. It was her right to do as she wished by virtue of the power she held. It's why she could never stand Nagano. She didn't hate her for having no lines, hell, she'd offered to take her as a favoured pet. It was her disdain for the way of things that infuriated Jeania. So why, now that things had changed, did she do the same?


“Deep thoughts, Jini?”


Mizuki stood behind her former rival, the hint of a smile on her lips, her array visible despite not appearing to be using her gift. She wore not a stich of clothing, displaying the body she'd developed since that day for all to see. Her cock hung flaccid before her, comparable in this state to Jeania's own when fully erect, and slicked with someone's juices. With her were familiar faces from her past. Jayi, Elina, Lita, several others. Girls who once orbited Jeania, who'd competed for her favour and her attentions, now circling a new sun. As well as several people she'd never met before.


“What do you want,” Jeania asked.


“How dare you? You speck. Have some respect.” Lita shouted, even more boisterous in her ass kicking than ever. She, more than any of Jeania's former fuck-buddies and followers had harangued Mizuki prior to her transformation and now feared what would happen if she couldn't get into her good graces.


Mizuki held up a hand, silencing the eager to please neophyte.


“It's been two weeks, Jini. You've been avoiding me.”


Jeania didn't respond.

“Oh, don't worry. I've been letting you. I thought you might need the time to adjust to your new place in life. But I think you've had enough, and I could really do with a fuck right now.”


Jeania looked at the crowd of mostly women surrounding Mizuki. She had her pick of any one of them. This wasn't about sex. It was about dominance.




The command rang in her ears. Lineless or no, Jeania had still had her...


“Don't get any funny ideas about pride, Jini. I took that from you when I took your lines. Come.”


Mizuki didn't wait to make sure she was followed, turning on the spot and striding confidently to the nearest restroom. Her crowd of lackeys parted, forming an aisle through which Jeania could pass. Jeania reached deep inside of herself and tried to muster any kind of will to resist.


Inside of the restroom, Mizuki took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. She'd always been decently built, but now she could be anything. She clenched her right fist and watched her thicken in a wave rolling up from her pollicis brevis to her deltoid. She extended her left arm and the wave continued, broadening her chest and passing down the outstretched limb. Running her hands down the sides of her body, her height ticked up another couple of inches.


The door behind Mizuki creaked open and she saw in the mirror Jini entering, averting eye contact with Mizuki. The larger hermaphrodite patted the countertop in front herself. Still not looking up, Jini walked over.




Jini did as she was told, first removing her long sleeved top, and then her baggy jeans. She'd been trying to mask how much she'd been changed by her last encounter with Mizuki. It wasn't only height she'd lost, but muscle mass as well. She was still had a very solid figure, but she looked less sculpted. Less like a body-builder and more like a swimmer.


“So, Jini, would you rather watch yourself get fucked, or watch me fuck you.”


Jini looked at the mirror, picturing in her head for a moment watching it reflect the sight of Mizuki taking her from behind. A hand on her waist and fist full of blonde hair she felt her penis stir and her pussy begin to moisten and tried to force the thought from her head. She didn't want to give Mizuki the satisfaction.


“Uppsy-Daisy,” Mizuki said, mocking. She knew what decision the girl had come to. Jini walked past Mizuki and clambered up on top of the shelf of sinks, pressing back into the mirror so she wouldn't have to see. It was bad enough that, while in her mind she was willing only in-so-far as she was socially obligated to obey her better, her body didn't agree. Her cock stood at complete attention, slapping up against her abdomen when it snapped to. As she spread her legs they could both hear the boggy sounds of Jini's underutilized cunt blossoming in anticipation of what was to cum.


Mizuki stepped forward, cock in hand, unbelievably engorged and glistening with the remnants of earlier encounters. The redheaded futanari situated herself between her smaller prey's thighs and let it drop. It landed with a loud *SMACK*, flattening Jini's own dick against her belly. Mizuki tumescence spanned the length of the other student's torso, running from her pussy, parting her tits, and ending just below her chin.


Mizuki grabbed her own breasts and massaged kneaded them in a circular motion to show Jini exactly what she wanted. In response, Jini wrapped her still impressive bust around Mizuki's pole as well as she could, fucking the titanic meat mast with her chest.


“I think,” Mizuki began, rocking her hips backwards. “Your pussy's safe for today.” She thrust forward, jabbing her cock into Jini's chin, rocking her head into the mirror behind her. Jini groaned, her cock, cunt, and breasts all stimulated at once with that single thrust.


“You like that, don't you?” Mizuki asked as she built a rhythm, fucking the girl's entire body.


“You're just a cock-hungry bitch. You know that right?”


Jini didn't answer. She didn't have it in her to argue, but she didn't want to believe it was true. She said nothing, instead letting her mind drift so her body could enjoy the fucking it was receiving. With each thrust, streamers of pre-cum lubricated her body, making her into an easier fuck.




Jini complied, opening her mouth. On Mizuki's next thrust, the head just met Jini's lips. And on the one after that, with some resistance, it popped in. Mizuki's thrusts hadn't gotten any longer, which meant, Jini realized, her size was being drained from her again.”


“That's the real reason I let you stay in this school, Jini. I'm going to give you every opportunity to escape the truth. But ultimately you'll realize what you are. And you'll beg me to take you. So your bitch hole is safe until you ask me to have it. Suck, whore.”


The blonde did as she was told, sucking on the head of the commanding amazon before her. Her mouth filled to the brim repeatedly with pre, forcing her to swallow down pint after pint. Meanwhile, Mizuki ground the base of her cunt crushing staff against Jini's pussy, frotting against her dick at the same time. Jini felt a tug in her mid-section as her balls prepared to unload.


“Your cunt's safe for now. But I'm taking something else for my troubles.”


Jini's jaws wrenched further apart as she felt the cockhead grow even larger. Her orgasm finally hit her, but while it felt great, it didn't last nearly as long as she was used to. An audible churning emanated from Mizuki's basketball sized testicles. She redoubled her grinding into Jini, setting her pussy off.


“Cumming,” Mizuki stated.


Jini didn't have enough time to ready herself as nearly a quart of semen was jettisoned into her face hole. With so little room in the tiny orifice, the sheer force of the ejaculation catapulted most of the she-spend back out, some through the seal between Jini's lips and Mizuki's cock, and the rest up through her sinuses and out through her nose.


Mizuki was not yet finished, withdrawing from Jini's lips with a wet pop, the next shot rocketed Jini's head back, simultaneously painting her face and the mirror behind her in thick, white plaster. Mizuki allowed the orgasm to continue to roll over her, restraining the concrete cracking force of each big, powerful heap of jizzum she expelled all over the former queen bee. Discharging clump after sticky, gelatinous clump of her load until there wasn't an inch of her left uncovered.


Jini sputtered and hacked, adding her saliva and more of Mizuki's seed to the mess already covering her body. She tried to blink, finding her eyes pasted shut by the sheer density of Mizuki's load. Finally she was able to peel her eyes open. She looked down her body to see exactly what changes Mizuki's attentions had wrought in her.


Where before her feet could touch the ground from where she sat on the sink, now they dangled uselessly. She probably stood at no more than five and a half feet now, if even that. Her arms and legs still looked tough, but a different kind. They were no longer built so broad and solid, the muscles now appearing tight and compact, but still present in great number. She looked fit, like a runner. But it wasn't what she wanted to be. What she used to be. What Mizuki was.


Jini's breasts seemed to be untouched, smaller than they'd ever been, but still easily a pair of EE-cups on a significantly less broad chest. Her eyes continued downward, noticing her six pack had disappeared, now replaced by a toned belly, abdominals divided down the center, until landing on her crotch. Jeania's eyes shot open.


“No,” she moaned.


“Payment accepted,” Mizuki replied.


Mizuki had, indeed, spared Jeania the humiliation of taking her cherry, but what she had taken from the blonde hermaphrodite was, possibly worse. Jeania stared down at her now 4' fully erect cock and the coin-purse ball sack nestled beneath it.






“Uhnn,” moaned Mizuki as Jini did her level best to throat the colossal meat-pole, fucking her face back and forth on just the tip until she managed to shove it down her. Her saliva glands working in over drive, drooling rivers of spittle down her chin, in an effort to lubricate the passage.


“Suck that big salty dick. Show your captain how much you adore her. How do you like the taste of all that sweat I worked up during try-outs? God, your mouth feels almost as good as taking your spot on the team did.”




“Uaahhh,” Jini screamed, bent over a desk after class while Mizuki stretched her ass around her gargantuan schlong. She could feel it invading deep into her, straightening foot after foot of her digestive tract as it went along, her stomach bulging outward from the strain. Mizuki had told her she would be spared the torment of being staked up the shit chute if only she could manage to beat Mizuki on the test. Once upon a time this wouldn't have been so difficult, but even if Mizuki hadn't taken their instructor's gift of knowledge and made it her own, Jini now fell woefully short.




“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yeeeeaaahh... unnnngh.”


Jini could hear their voices through the wall of her bedroom, as well as them pounding against it. Had been able to hear it for hours. Mizuki had invited herself over to Jeania's home for dinner and had been fucking Miya, her mother, since they had finished.


“Wreck my cunt! Knock me up! I don't care what you do, just don't stop fucking me!”


“Careful, Miya, your daughter may hear us.”


“Fuck my daughter! I gave her the best years of my life and now she's nothing but a weak, lineless whore for your use. Please, Mizuki. Put a better one in me!”


“I can do that, but what will you do with your old daughter? I think I've grown to quite like her.”


“Then take her! She's yours! Do with her whatever you want, just fuck me first!”


“Honestly, Miya, I'm getting kind of bored. But, if you'd like to entice me, I could certainly be convinced to keep putting your pussy in its place for the whole set.”




This went on another hour, Mizuki banging the ever loving shit out of Miya and Miya selling both herself and her daughter down the river until, finally, all went quiet. In the silence, Jini heard her door creak open and knew what was coming.


“I'm sure you heard all of that. In case you ever wondered, your mother's a great lay. Now that you both belong to me officially, I might have considered allowing you a try, but honestly she wouldn't even be able to feel that pathetic little pecker you've got anymore.”

Mizuki hefted her battering ram rod and pointed it straight for Jini.


“Now clean your mother's cunt from me.”




Jini sat on the floor before Mizuki. Not a stitch of clothing adorned her body as she lowered her face to the floor, bowing completely prostrate.


“I am a dumb weak slut, my goddess, and I have nowhere else to go and no one to protect me.”


It hadn't taken long for Mizuki to claim ownership over Miya and Jini, and therefore all of their possession, including their home. Nor did it take long for her to sell it all. Using the money, along with her growing power and influence, she purchased a place of her own, nicer than the apartment she'd been living in. With her came her harem, short Jini. Mizuki had given her the option to try to find her own way in the world, making it clear what coming back would mean for her. It didn't take her long to understand how grim her prospects were as a just over four foot lineless bean pole with a little cock.


And so, she returned. Not to ask for help from her mother, but to beg forgiveness from their mistress.


“I'm so so sorry for my behaviour. From before your superiority became clear and from after. I have been a disobedient bitch and am a fool to expect you to have me as anything.”


“Yes, you are,” Mizuki said. Draped at her hands and feet were various women, most of whom were once Jini's friends. “However, I may have a space for a personal pet.”


Personal pet. Jini would be the lowest girl on the totem pole, but no one other than Mizuki would be allowed to touch her, no one could kick her out, and she would have a place to sleep at the foot of Mizuki's bed, always at her beck and call. It was an honour.


Tears of gratitude welled in Jini's eyes as she continued to avoid her mistress’s radiant gaze.


“But, you know what I want, Jini.”

Jini looked up, rapidly nodding in response. Swiftly she turned away and raised her backside to Mizuki, remaining on all fours.


“Please, my goddess. Please take your pet's cherry.”


Mizuki smirked and gestured to the rest of the harem to disperse from her. Once they had, Mizuki stood on her knees behind Jini. Her cock shot up, smacking Jini in the cunt, and then was pressed forward. There was resistance, but Jini's body no longer had the strength to resist Mizuki's will, surrendering immediately. As soon as it did, the most intense orgasm of her life ripped through Jini's body, clenching her pussy down hard and causing her baby dick to fire a few streamers of the thin, watery excuse for cum that was now hers.


“Do you feel that Jini,” Mizuki asked as her cockhead penetrated the smaller woman's cervix with ease, stretching her womb around it like a cheap condom. Jini's body looked equally stretched around the monster girth trying to penetrate her.


For Jini's part, her orgasms continued to blast her mind and rack her body, even as she was stretched and distended to accommodate Mizuki.


“That's my power, Jini. I copy what I like. And I take what I want. And then I change it. That's what I'm doing to you, Jini. I'm going to mould you to my liking.”


There was a burning in Jini's chest. She reached up with one hand to answer it and then felt the changes taking effect as both of her tits began to expand rapidly. The change felt amazing and Jini moaned right along with it. Even as her cup size approached her original and then blew right by. At the same time she could feel her cock growing harder and reached to finish another load, only to find that her cock had grown almost back to its original size.


“Need you big for this,” Mizuki panted.


The amazonian hermaphrodite continued to pound the diminutive blonde for an hour before she finally pulled out.


“You're... mine... Jini,” She shouted.


Mizuki grabbed Jini's cock and pointed it back, touching it to her own piss slit before finally letting go. Most of her ejaculate covered the carpet and Jini's lower body, but enough went where it counted.


Jayi gasped as the leylines around her eyes lit up and then disappeared. Mizuki's own eyes glowed her azure blue as she watched Jini's balls swell in preparation for the coming battle. Utilizing Jayi's gift, Mizuki watched as her sperm flooded into Jini's testicles, seeking out an egg to impregnate and finding an environment with none. Instead they were presented with an army of smaller, inferior sperm and they knew just what to do. They set out to conquer.


“Ahh, mistress, what's going on? My balls are so hot! I need to cum!”


It was Jini's body trying to reject the warlike intruders who were, even now, attacking and killing the weak sperm. Mizuki grabbed Jini at the base of her cock and watched until the battle was all but over.


“Please, mistress. Please let me cum!”


“Go on then,” Mizuki said.


“Thank youuuaauugh!”


Mizuki watched as what remained of Jini's sperm beat a hasty retreat up the girl's urethra and spill uselessly onto the carpet below.


Jini continued to hump against Mizuki's hand, ejecting every last drop of her remaining essence where it could do no good. By the time she had finished, Jini was a jibbering, quivering mess, panting while lying in a pool of cooling herm sperm.


“Tell me how it felt to release the last bit of your own DNA that your balls will ever make. How it feels to waste your only chance at siring children. To know that from now on your nuts belong to my sperm.”


Jini could barely see through the blur in her eyes, but she searched for her mistress’s face. She smiled up at her goddess, the new center of her world, and said


“It was wondrous.”



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