Ryan's Ascension


Ryan’s eyes snapped open, and the world descended into chaos. The force of his eyelids opening made the air erupt around him, his house and family vaporising in an instant. Houses throughout his neighbourhood were just as fortunate, a blast of force projecting from him that rendered anything in its path to dust. The most powerful bombs humanity could conjure had nothing on that careless action.

Most were lucky not to even comprehend such an explosion of energy, as people caught in the initial burst were simply evaporated in place. The city turned lifeless around him as nothing more than a widening crater formed beneath, and as it rolled across the landscape, its movements began to slow, the damage lessening to simply bringing buildings down, blasting bodies off their feet and sending them cascading across the landscape in a horrifying hail of corpses, while the ground itself ripped up and billowed outward, crashing down in a wave of rubble in an arc that exceeded the horizon.

The Earth beneath him turned hot as it accelerated downward, a crater forming with such speed that the entire planet shook violently. Those not purged in the initial wake had only seconds of suffering as the ground shook itself apart, whole landmasses bulging, then breaking, until eruptions of magma flew out at speeds only serving to heat it up even more, scolding the land and boiling the oceans in moments. Ryan watched in awe as everything below him began to crumble, and he smiled.

In that instant, he understood what had happened. He had felt each split and crunch of mineral across the planet, every helpless, mortal life that suffered in the brief rush of power his mere waking caused, all life on the planet snuffed out in seconds. The grave of a planet span wildly out of orbit as it soared off into space without him, spitting chunks of land and sprays of magma into the cold depths of space. It was a wondrous sight, filling the eighteen year old with awe as the sheer mass of space became known to him in an instant. Whole galactic histories spread through his mind, births of stars and destruction of systems, the rise of life and falls of empires. The same sensations he felt in his dream tingled across his entire body, and growing more intense by the moment.

Naked, horny, and floating in a vast vacuum that had no apparent effect on him, he was in a power-crazed bliss. The sheer potential behind every tiny action he made gave him a thrill beyond mortal comprehension, each twitch of a muscle sending forces that propagated through space, distant worlds shattered with every motion. He slowly lifted a hand in the mildest, purposeful test of his newfound power, and simply swayed his hand across his vision, willing everything his hand passed over to simply vanish. Tiny specks millions of lightyears away disappeared in an instant. Entire civilisations ceased to exist, distant, alien worlds condemned to non-existence by an unseen force, a smear of total darkness left under his gaze.

A small thought crossed his mind as he took in what he’d just done by accident. “How do I fix this? I want to fix this.” Compelled to obey his will, the universe responded. The chaos reversed, rapidly reforming and repairing in seconds. The gash he’d ripped through the cosmos flittered back into view, whole galaxies returning to their place in an instant. Huge rocks came soaring back toward his feet, magma swirled and splashed back into the centre of the remerging landmasses, dense clouds of steam fell and crashed into enormous oceans once more. Dust pulled back toward itself, sealing together with others back into human construction, with cities, vehicles, people all reforming in place. With nary a blink, the universe was reset to its original state.

Ryan slowly took in a breath, the walls of his room bowing inward slightly, relaxing with a slight wobble as he exhaled. Every action he took, he had to concentrate on not ripping apart the universe around him. Even his thoughts, as the sheer number of possibilities raced through his mind, had to be carefully curated so as not to warp reality. He blinked again, this time focusing on that movement, keeping it simple, infinitesimal. A thump, like someone had taken a heavy step, shook through the upper floor of the house. A couple more tries reigned it in enough to seem normal. Annoyed shouts from his family echoed through the house, but the mildest thought evaporated any concern they may have, instantly erasing their memory of the heavy thuds.

His next actions were a blur, as if time only loosely had a grasp of him. He wanted to be washed, his body drifting right through walls, phasing through them into the shower. Another blur of colours had his clothes wrap around him, casual jeans and t-shirt settling into place around his body. His family shuddered as he descended through the floor into the kitchen, his feet thumping down with house-shaking force as he lazily went about his morning routine. His older brother Mark was especially shocked to see several images of Ryan seeming phasing in and out around the kitchen, and within a few seconds the aroma of fried egg and toast filled the kitchen, Ryan happily sat at the table eating it.

“Uh… Ryan? You, um… You okay buddy?” Mark asked, cautiously approaching what had just been an ethereal haze zipping from one place to another, so fast his little mortal mind couldn’t comprehend it.
“I feel better than okay,”
Ryan replied, Mark clutching his ears in pain and falling to his knees, the voice of God too much for his puny, mortal eardrums to take.
“Aaaah-ooooww… What the hell?!” Mark managed to shift back across the floor away from his younger brother, but suddenly felt a hand on his back, spinning him round to face the youthful grin. He gawked in disbelief, turning his head over his shoulder to see Ryan still sitting there eating, then back to see him staring him down.

Ryan looked different. The usually meek smile had warped into a wide, confident smile, his body full and toned, pushing out against once baggy clothes. His shaggy brown hair swayed from an invisible force, flowing in gentle waves around his head. His green eyes seemed to glow and swirl, the irises glistening with the power of the universe behind them, his gaze alone making Mark’s body feel weaker by the second.
“Do not interrupt my breakfast. Sit and wait until I’m done.”

The words hit Mark’s mind like a freight train, Ryan’s command rooting him in place on the kitchen floor, as the image of his brother vanished. He couldn’t even shiver in terror, just sitting silently as he heard the loud, greedy munching of his brother, every slurp and gulp shaking his head, until he heard the clinking of plate and fork. A satisfied sigh preceded a nauseating sensation of moving, the world warping around him until he was sat opposite Ryan at the table.

Mark was staggered. Ryan looked so calm and tranquil, nothing like the nervous wreck he’d always been. He just stared across the table at the majestic being, a mixture of confusion, awe, and outright terror awkwardly contorting his expression. It turned to simple shock as Ryan finally broke the silence.
“Sorry for controlling you like that. I’m still getting the hang of this.”
“W-what do you mean? What the hell is going on?”
“What do you mean ‘what do I mean’? I’m God, dumbass!”
Mark just lifted an eyebrow, leaning back in his seat a bit. He almost laughed at the absurdity of the statement, writing it off as a silly joke and about to retort, until a renewed cacophony of words slammed into his ears like hammers.

“Really? I’ve just made breakfast in seconds, commanded you into sitting still on the floor, and teleported you onto a chair. Now my voice is breaking your fragile little mind, and you think I’m making some sort of joke?”

Mark shook in the seat, wordless noise uttering from his mouth as he hunched inward, mindless babble matching his internal panic. He felt so utterly small before his younger brother, who just exudes sheer, unadulterated power, and Ryan only grinned wider at that.
“Aww… Does my big bro not feel so big anymore?”

He stood up from the chair, both it and the table bursting into dust and blowing into nothing within the air of the kitchen, his rising body seemingly unstopping as Mark began to descend downward, his perspective warping as Ryan rapidly grew to enormous scale before his eyes. He fell backward, his own chair vanished from under him, laying back and gawking in fear of the power-crazed boy now utterly dominating his vision.
“Don’t you feel like such an insignificant little speck before me?”
His voice only seemed to get louder, Mark gritting his teeth as his entire body felt like it was being punched by every syllable, bruises forming across his flesh as his skeleton was rattled by the words.

Mark’s eyes widened as he caught movement ahead, a foot big enough to raze entire buildings slowly unflattening and lifting from the tiled floor. The surface looked rough and bumpy, despite its clear, pale perfection as dust and fluff faded away, every bump and crevice loomed over Mark clear as day. Individual toes audibly flexed overhead, the noise of tendons tensing and skin creasing tickling his ears, the smallest of them more than capable of smothering his entire form, the biggest easily capable of squashing him flat.
“Oh… What a fantastic idea, bro-bug!”
Mark finally let out a terrified scream as he finally realised Ryan was delving into his thoughts, the revelation finally letting him break his self-imposed rooting and turn to flee. His legs pounded the tile hard, arms flailing as he pushed forward with all his might, but the dark shadow of that foot just continued to shift forward faster than he could run. His gait slowed, and he began to turn once more, lifting his hands over his head in a futile attempt to catch the descending weight.

“Ryan please no, don’t do thi-” He barely had time to beg as that smooth, divine sole slammed down on top of him. His body thwacked the tile hard, rattling his brain in devastating fashion, his entire skeleton creaking while his muscles tensed their hardest to keep from simply shredding apart under the weight. The sheer weight of the foot’s ball pressed down and sealed him in total darkness, every little breath growing hotter and clammier. He tried to move, but the skin was unyielding, only contorting as much as it needed to not kill him instantly, but otherwise totally immobilising him. Even just getting his lungs to inflate was tough, Ryan allowing just enough to keep him conscious. All he could muster were muffled screams and choking coughs, desperately trying to escape the godly being that used to be his brother.

“Used to be? I’m still your brother, you runt.” Ryan sneered down as he twisted his foot to the side, the motion pulling at every fibre of Mark’s body, pushing it beyond its limits. Bones shattered in a chorus of cracks and splits, while muscles ripped apart under the tension, blood bulging and bursting out from various points in his skin. Ryan let out a slight gasp, still smiling happily as the life of his brother was snuffed out like a common insect, a second grind for good measure reducing whatever remained to an awful smear on the floor. He lifted up his foot, able to feel the minuscule puddle pull apart, gummy bits of body clinging to his skin, then dripping down with minute splashes on the tile. A second step smashed the pulp further, and an errant thought made the mashed corpse vanish.

Ryan bit his lip, enamoured by his own strength, panting softly in place. He had just killed his brother like a bug, and it felt amazing. The sheer dominance his body had in those brief moments thrilled him, every part of his body looking so vast, powerful, deadly to his brother’s eyes. In the back of his mind, he knew he’d have felt just awful if this happened any other day. He never wished death on his brother, as annoying as he could be sometimes. All with zero repercussion, with every possibility of just popping him back in an instant whenever he wished. He wanted more. He craved more...

The house began to shake, the walls cracking and crumbling down as all structural integrity vanished. The rest of his family were quickly screaming, his parents and sister shaken in their bedrooms by his body rapidly surging upward, blasting through the ceilings, then the roof, walls collapsing in billowing clouds of dust. The neighbourhood began to shudder as his body burst out, his bare feet spreading across the debris and grinding it to dust. He sensed his family perished in the sudden outburst, uncaringly fueling his body with continuous size, clenching his fists and letting out a guttural moan in delight at the sensations he willed throughout himself.

”Hhhhrrrrrnnnnnnnhh…” The ground split around him, roads splintering and jutting upward in tipped up piles in a wide arc. The nearest neighbours were similarly obliterated as the soundwaves ripped through the walls, collapsing their homes on top of them, while many dozens more were shaken off their feet by the sudden quake. He was a mere hundred feet tall, but exuded the destructive force of a being many magnitudes greater, standing proud and nude over his neighbourhood as he watched it crack and crumble to dust around him.

“Oh dear. I really must reign in my power around you mortals,” he teased, lessening his voice to better match his size, retaining a loud, booming tone that didn’t immediately pulverise anyone in his vicinity. He felt more eyes fall on him as people cautiously left their crumbling homes to see the commotion, soon catching sight of the hundred foot tall stud looming over everything nearby. Ordinarily something like this would have put him in a nervous frenzy, the mere thought of one person catching him in less than a t-shirt and shorts enough to shy away from all social interaction for the day. But the power he wielded was changing his personality, a few people who knew him gawking at his proud stance, hands on his hips while gleefully showing off his beating erection, his straightened back pushing out that toned torso, puffed out chest gently rising and falling as each exhale made winds tickle down through the streets.

He sensed the confusion fade and transform into horror as people realised what he had done, several houses utterly demolished around him, plenty more broken beyond viability. Screams began to rise out, and he couldn’t help but feel great about it. They were fearful of him, his enormous, unimaginable power.
“You think you’re scared now,”
he utters, a hand reaching out in front of him. A random woman from amongst the frightened crowd suddenly launched into the air, deftly snatched in his fingers and turned to face his glaring gaze, warm air blasting from his lips and hammering her body.
“I haven’t even gotten started.”

His finger and thumb push on her arms, compressing either side of her torso, her panicked screams suddenly turning to horrified shrieks as pain flooded her shoulders. Her ribs quickly caved, her arms snapping inward, his fingers wrapped around her legs tightening to squeeze her into his palm. Mortified observers couldn’t help her as the giant brutally squashes her body in his fist, relishing the way her voice strained, then gradually turned to gurgles, feeling every little crunch and squelch of her body in his fingertips as he ground her to bits. Pieces of her body began to fall from his fist, thick drips of mangled muscle adorned with boney protrusions raining down between his feet, the awful noise only lessened by the divine groans that escaped Ryan’s mouth as he snuffed her life out.

“You’re so weak,” he uttered, lowering his hand to his side, the crumpled mess of a body sliding off his fingers as he brought his palm to his thigh, wiping off any remains into a greasy red stain across the firm skin.
“But no matter…”
His hand barely tipped upright before two more figures simply vanished from the ground, a couple clutching each other now scaredly kicking back in his palm, a thumb coiled over their hips.
“There’s plenty more of you to play with.”

Never in his life had Ryan thought of harming anyone so viscerally, carelessly ripping apart bodies for a simple, sick thrill, but the power had awoken some deep-rooted lusts in the boy. He finally took full notice of that beating dick jutting from his waist, an idle thought of wanting people to see how great he felt forcing them to loiter around in terror rather than run away screaming. His handful of couple swiftly moved in, the air around them thick and humid with his arousal, mashing them into the tough flesh of his erection, both crying out in pain as those fingers easily crunched through their skeletons. Everyone else merely watched, wishing, praying for the gruesome sight to end quickly, as he dragged them up and down his flesh that seemed to swell even longer and thicker with each glide of his fingers.

“Huuuu… Hhaaahh… Hhhrrrr…”
The air moved with increasing vigor, pulling inward in all directions toward him, then billowing outward in powerful gusts, pushing on the rooted watchers’ clothes and bodies with every intense breath and pant. He grinned to his audience, hissing breaths whistling through the air, holding himself back just enough to let the crunching and squelching of his two victims ring out audibly overhead. His cock began to develop a reddish sheen to it as their pulverised bodies fell apart, serving the titan’s growing pleasure as it slicked his shaft up.
“You’re all so puny…”
His growl trembled through the ears of everyone, almost like a command was sapping their strength, bodies feeling slightly looser in their clothes as their muscles shrank and softened. His pleasure was letting through careless whims, that restraint slipping as his voice began to intensify.
“Hrrrrnnnnn~ I just…
Wanna fuck you all up… Nnnnnnggh…”

Onlookers fell to their knees as once more his incredible voice cracked the ground, hundreds of people around him bruising up greatly from its force, still unable to move as his silent demand for them to observe kept them in place, staring up at his glorious form. A scream from behind came from a man who had just been snatched up by a hand, a second manifestation of Ryan appearing behind him, a cruel smile filling his vision as strong fingers pinched and twisted his limbs slowly out of place, delighting in the little crackles and pops his body made. A woman cried out as she was suddenly pushed onto her front, callously twisted down into the asphalt by another copy’s pale foot, her body bursting into a mortifying spray of blood that struck a few nearby people, her brief pleas ended with a loud scrunch.

The crowd began to scream up to him, demanding, begging, pleading with him to stop. But this only spurred him on further, more copies of the enhanced nerd appearing and clutching up new toys. Their words meant nothing to him, this was less than even stepping on insects in his mind. They were beneath even the smallest microbes in his mind, utterly unworthy of his care, their lives condemned to satisfy his godly whims.

The neighbourhood shook harder with each duplicate, the shaking growing harder to pinpoint the steps as they wandered around. People shuddered and collapsed beneath his feet, standing tall and proud as he stamped them out into perfect foot-shaped craters in the road, while others were plucked up like dolls and toyed with by brutish fingers. He could feel the chaos spread, and with it he followed, larger bodies emerging from thin air to crash down on buildings, entire houses swallowed up beneath perfect, pale-skinned soles, everything within crunched away into nothing as he wandered.

“More…” His voice rumbled ominously, the entire city feeling his words rattle through every person’s mind, taller buildings swaying, windows shattering from the winds his voice projected. While the copies continued, a dark shadow began to spread across the ground, a rising figure blocking out the sun as a horrendous noise roared through the sky.
Everything shook as a moan escaped his lips, the clouds rapidly shifting and swirling many miles in the sky. The destructive beings in his neighbourhood were nothing compared even to the two feet posed lazily on their sides, slim calves resting across what used to be thriving streets and roads, stretching off into the distance as his thighs circled the core of the city. Even with the vibrant cityscape in the way, there was no mistaking the heavy tescticles slumped down between them, huge dust clouds still rising up from where they had suddenly settled atop of, while a monolith beats and throbs, looming proud and utterly dwarfing the pitiful little twigs of skyscrapers standing before it.

The entire populous simply fell over from the force of that voice, hands clasped to ears in horrified pain, bodies hunched over as they rapidly bruised and bled, powerless beneath the voice of God. If he were mortal, he wouldn’t even see the microbes through the thin veneer of cloud drifting across his gaze, but he closed his eyes and simply felt their existences start to fade as the weaker pests fell victim to his sheer, raw strength.

A huge, ominous rumble made the sky visibly shake, another guttural moan escaping the deity as his fingers deftly snatched that beating member, wrestling the throbbing beast into submission. He grinned down in lustful frenzy, his movements so huge and slow, really letting the universe try and enact what little control it had over him to make him appear so grand to these germs, minutes passing as his fingers so slowly drift down its length, then back up again, every shift of weight against his skin projecting immense claps of flesh, shockwaves shooting out from around his entire body with every slow jerking motion.

He knew that was a bit of a lie, as individuals had already perished by his hand and foot. But individuals were nothing to him. Even this puny mass of supposed life before him was barely worth his consideration, but he felt he needed to put this city specifically in its place. He wasn’t exactly unpopular, so there were plenty of eyes down amidst the crowds who might recognise him. His face at least, his body was beyond comprehension, but the wicked smile looking through the crowds was clearly still him, and friends and family who had yet to be consumed by his divine, lustful whims could only look up in horror as they watched what they knew as a meek, shy, utterly powerless nerd make moves to wipe them out. He was throwing off the shackles of his mortal life, proving to them that their history and shared experiences, their friendship, their love, all of it meant nothing to him now, the same way a man has no relationship with the bacteria on his skin.

He felt a rush of viscous fluid soar a mile up his dick, the tip of his helmet yawning wide to unleash a thick torrent of pre, the clear liquid ejecting out and slowly spreading across the sky, while a few strands gently oozed their way down his fingers. His eyes lit up as he watched those sticky globs make contact, so heavy and thick that nothing could stand up to them. Whole city blocks shattered beneath the impact, and the sheer amount let it noticeably crash and wave and splash outward, a bomb-like impact ripping a crater through the centre of the city and emanating outward in true, deadly force. Whole streets were washed away beneath it, tens of thousands of lives lost in an instant, hundreds of thousands more in jeopardy as their futile attempts to run were swallowed up by the approaching wave of precum, ensnared in its viscosity and left to drown within the spreading lake as it overtook the core of the city.

He couldn’t hold himself back, just wanting to obliterate them all too much. His moans continued to drift out of him, horrendous, almighty bellows of cacophonous noise that carried far beyond the city he was tormenting, much of the country able to hear his call at this point. His body seemed to contort and shift, floating into a new position, many miles of toned legs, torso and arms now spread across the sky, facing downward as he continued to beat himself off. The new position utterly shrouded the city in darkness now, a twenty mile silhouette of a human covering them, only the glint of his eyes and teeth visible in the shade.

All those screaming voices, unable to do a damn thing, turning on the God so absolutely. That shy personality had longed for power for so long, and now he had it in its most ultimate form. The thick shaft in his grasp flexed and struggled in his fist, fingers curling tighter to restrain it, to aim it, the still-oozing tip starting to yawn once more. The noise of his balls swaying and shifting with every quickening pump rang down on them, then the sound of almost gurgling, rushing fluid rapidly soaring the several mile length of that cock, eventually leading to the most explosive display of arousal.

The white colour was able to shine within the darkness, almost like a beam of energy shot down, such violent force rendering the city lifeless in moments. His eyes closed, just using his divine hearing to hear screams abruptly end, the first blast of cum hitting so hard the entire city collapsed inward. Buildings buckled and burst from the shockwave, the ground descended and condensed beneath the pressure of his hose, the first shot alone dwarfing the lake of pre he’d made. Then a second one struck, even harder, his silhouette starting to swell across the sky. Anything that had miraculously survived the first blast was definitely unprepared for the next, the entire foundation of his home city powderised and turned to sludge by the hot wad he fired upon it.

A third, fourth, fifth… Each one was harder than the last, and his body was swelling larger at an alarming rate. His desire to eradicate his city had faded the instant it was, and mid-ejaculation, he was spreading that to the country. His hand left his dick to continue pumping shot after thick shot of cum, more haphazardly streaming across the sky now as he released his grip, long lines of death and destruction torn through the land as his seed rained down. Both hands extended out, and with planet-fracturing force, his fingertips pierced the thin crust of the ground, those digits alone exceeding twenty miles in length. It was too quick for humanity to truly perceive, just a blur of enormous boygod getting bigger, the death toll rising so rapidly as he embraced the planet between his palms.

He felt it dwindle against him, his hands spreading across the landscape, swallowing up countless other towns and cities, while he curled his body down against it to feel so many more crumble against his chest and gut, his flexing, discharging member still pumping away as he humped into the diminsihing orb. The first was enough to wipe out life, once again exterminating earth, this time as nothing more than a meagre sex toy, an apocolyptic thrust sending shockwaves throughout that shook the ground and air violently enough to turn every scrap of life into a horrific mist of red. The ground soon splintered across the surface, the skies turning a dull red as dust and magma began to spew from every wound, forced out by the still-increasing shots of cum rapidly filling every bit of space the poor planet had to offer. His pleasure was as infinite as his power, pushing him beyond the point of ecstasy as he willed his orgasm onward, minutes turning to hours as he thrust his near-plantery weight back and forth, bucking his hips hard into the planet’s surface.

Fleeting moments for the god though, as his apocalypse soon came to an end, the planet simply bursting away from his shaft as it outgrew the little rock, splitting it apart in an explosive spray of dust that soared off into space once more. A final white stream of cum fired away from him, catching a few bigger chunks and splitting them smaller, wiping out any remnant of the planet as it all soaked in and clogged from his seed, some forming their own little micro orbits before him as he simply floated there in the afterglow. His chest heaved despite a lack of breath, his muscles relaxed despite his strength, his dick ached despite his infinite stamina. He was willing himself to have his perfect comedown from his perfect orgasm, enjoying the utter control he had over even himself. He casually plucked stars from the sky, lazily extinguishing the distant flames with pinches of his fingers, uncaring for any inhabited planets that rapidly turned cold as a result, laughing softly to himself as he just witnessed their demise at his distant hand, the poor germs having no idea why their star had simply gone out, why the universe had changed its rules so suddenly to condemn them to death.

After some time passed, he eventually decided to bring his little planet of toys back. It could have been several millennia since he destroyed it, but it was barely a blink to him as once more everything pulled back in. His body remained enormous, thousands of miles tall, just floating near it with a protective barrier shielding Earth from his presence as he followed its slow orbit around the Sun, his face still displaying the blushing afterglow as he refreshed the memories of everyone down there. Every person suddenly heard his voice, clearly and calmly filling their minds, speaking whatever language they needed to understand.

He was their God.

They were His toys.

Lord Ryan’s reign over the universe had begun.

And it would never end.


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