Grant Your Own Damn Wishes



Demi  sat doing her math homework. It wouldn't take long, as she had a near preternatural knack with numbers, despite it being the most advanced math class that her high school offered. She listened to some  lo  fi jams in her headphones and was in the zone, cranking out solution after solution while half of her mind wandered.


She had turned 18 a week ago, and had expected that she would feel like the adult that she legally was. But she didn't feel that way. She still felt like the awkward, shy girl that wasn't  quite  sure about her ability. She paused for a minute, and inspected her reflection in the darkened window: her jet black hair held in place with a dark  scrunchie, her blue eyes behind a set of conservative glasses. She wasn't ugly, just forgettable. She sighed, and got back to finishing up her homework.


It was just past eight in the evening,  Demi  had finished her math homework and was on to world history, the last subject she needed to study before turning in for the night. She had only gotten a paragraph in when she felt odd. There was someone in the room with her.  Demi  took off her headphones and turned around in her chair, expecting to see her mom or some other family member she still lived with. Instead, she saw a woman.


The Woman was standing in the middle of the room, looking around and inspecting the posters that adorned the walls. She looked slightly older than  Demi, but not by much. The Woman's face looked almost exactly like  Demi's, but with a different haircut that was decades out of date. She  was dressed  in what looked like a silver cocktail dress, made from some seamless material that reflected much of the room around her. She  wore  matching silver earrings and a set of silver platform heels, which mostly made her like an extra from a 60's sci-fi show.


The Woman's gaze floated around the room and then met  Demi's  eyes. “Just like I remember it.” She looked at  Demi  and smiled.


“Uh, hello?”  Demi  ventured. “What are you doing in my room?”


“Well” Said The Woman with a smirk, “Technically, its my room. I lived in it longer than you have.”


This confused  Demi  more than scared her. Sure, there was a strange woman in her room who looked a lot like her, and felt familiar. Still,  Demi  reasoned it could be a particularly glamorous home invader, which seemed as rational explanation as any.


The woman was taller than  Demi, even after factoring in the heels. And  curvier. The woman had large, C cup breasts, along with wide, athletic hips that flowed  up  into a narrow waist in a near perfect hourglass figure.  Demi, by contrast was thin and flat as a board. She hoped she was just a late bloomer.


“What do you want?”  Demi  asked, debating whether she should scream and hope her parents heard her.


“Well” the mysterious woman began, “I didn't actually mean to end up here, I was trying to get to 1966. I don't dress like this normally.”


Demi's  confusion reached it's breaking point. “Look lady, I don't know who you are or how you got in here, but you need to leave before I call the cops.”


The woman made an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “The cops  cant  do anything to me. Besides, that's not how tonight goes. This is the best day of your life. Happy birthday, by the way. I just had mine too.”


There was a pregnant pause.  Demi  became aware of how quiet it suddenly was. The music had stopped, the ambient noise from the street and the TV downstairs had ceased as well.


Demi  was getting worried, and decided to stall for time, “Uh, Happy birthday? How old are you?”

The Woman gave a knowing smirk “Twenty five. But it doesn't really matter, I don't age. I unlocked immortality two years ago.”


Demi  was now sure she was dealing with a lunatic. She continued to stall, keep the strange crazy  lady  talking while she formulated a plan of escape. “Uh, that's fantastic. How did you manage to do that”


“Well, that's a long and exciting story. But I don't want to spoil the surprise for you. It all starts with this”


The woman made a flourish with her fingers and a small piece of paper appeared between them.  Demi  had seen stage magicians do that trick dozens of time. “This woman must be a hoot at parties” She thought to herself.


“Actually, I am popular at parties,  as a matter of fact. But this is for you.” The woman gestured with the two fingers that held the paper.


Demi  thought or a few seconds and formulated a plan. She stepped out of her chair and took a pace to the strange woman. She had held her body at an angle that let her pick up her phone discreetly with her left hand as she reached for the paper with her right. Maybe, she hoped, she could dial 911 without the woman noticing.  Demi  gingerly took the paper and backed away slowly. She sat back down at her desk and opened it. On it scrawled in pencil was a mathematical equation. It wasn't long, perhaps eight or nine digits. Underneath it  was written  in a handwriting that looked a lot like her own where the words: “Solve for Infinity.”


Demi  looked back at the woman who was now looking at a smart phone. It took  Demi  a second to realize it was her phone. She looked at her left hand and saw that it  was indeed  gone.


“Ugh,” woman groaned “The old interface is such a pain. Thank me these got replaced”


For whatever reason, this was the  final  straw for  Demi. She wasn't scared anymore, she was angry. “Hey, that's private! You  cant  just barge into people houses and look through their stuff! Who the hell do you think you are?”


The woman looked at  Demi  with a coy smile as she tossed the phone on the bed. “ I hoped you would have figured it out by now.  Jeeze  I used  to be  so thick. Look at me. I am you. From the future.”


This revelation just made  Demi  angrier. “Bullshit. You're just some crazy  lady  dressed like a reject from The  Jetsons.”


The woman put up her palms in a “calm down” motion. “Alright I'll prove it to you. Everything you know, I know. Ask me anything.”


“Get out”  Demi  demanded.


The woman sighed condescendingly. “Your name is  Demi  Masters. You once had a hamster named Duke that you told all your secrets to. You get sick after eating black licorice. You told Bethany that you had sex with Evan Peterson at his house party last year. You actually didn't. He passed out drunk. You're still a virgin.


Demi  stopped in her tracks. These where all true. “Who are you?” She asked again.


“I told you. I'm you from the future. Seven years  to be  exact. By working out that formula, I unlocked the secrets of the universe. The more I learned, the more control I had over reality. I just now unlocked time travel, but like all powers, it takes a little practice to master.” The Woman sat down on  Demi's  bed.


“So you're basically God?”  Demi  asked sarcastically.


“Pretty much.” The woman replied. “Get used to the “Demi God” joke. Almost everyone thinks of it.”


“Prove it”  Demi  demanded.


“I thought you would never ask.” The Woman stood up and strode confidently. Standing in front of  Demi, she stood with a wide stance and arced her back theatrically. The lights in the room dimmed dramatically. She held out her hand in front of  Demi's  face. With a twirl of her wrist, suddenly she was holding a deck of cards. The woman shuffle them dramatically, like an expert gambler, the cards leapt from hand to hand. The Woman fanned the cards out in front of  Demi  face down.


“Pick a card” the Woman commanded.


Feeling let down,  Demi  selected the card closest to her.


“Look at it and memorize it. Don't let me see it. The Woman said while looking away and covering her eyes with her other hand. “Okay, now put it back in the deck”


Demi  did as she  was asked. It was the eight of diamonds.


The Woman shuffled the deck. “Now for the magic” She  made a motion  like when was rolling up a pair of nonexistent sleeves. “Alakazam! Now we're on the moon”


And they where.  Demi  looked around. She was no longer in her room. She and the Woman where on the surface of the moon. The stars stood still in the sky. They did not twinkle for lack of an atmosphere. Next to them sat the Earth, brightly lit as the sun shone on the western part of the Pacific Ocean and parts of Asia. She felt the weak gravity of Earth's only natural satellite.  Demi's  feet felt the regolith beneath them through her socks. It was cool to the touch, but not freezing. She spun around, and saw only the cratered horizon in every direction.


The woman still stood next to her. She pulled a card from the middle of the deck and held it up. “Is this your card?” It was the eight of diamonds.


Demi  was dumbstruck by what was around her. She fumbled for words but managed to force them out. “How are you doing this?”


The Woman smirked. “Easy. All the cards in the deck are the eight of diamonds.” The  threw  the deck into the air, and they lazily floated back down in the moon's light gravity. The ones that landed face up where indeed all the eight of diamonds.


“No, I mean...” Words failed  Demi  and she gestured broadly at the lunar surface.


The Woman made a small gesture with the upturned palm of her hand, and the dust of the moon rose up and formed itself into a crude throne. The woman sat down and crossed her legs. “I keep telling you. I'm nearly Omnipotent. In seven years, you will be able to do anything I can do. Which is practically anything you can imagine. Are you ready to go home?”


“Demi looked up at the earth. “Um, yeah.”


Demi  blinked, and the earth she was looking at suddenly became the moon. They where back in her room. The Woman was still sitting on  Demi's  bed.


Demi  sat in her chair, and saw the scrap of paper she had been given. She opened it up and looked at the formula again. It hadn't changed. “Is this what you where talking about? What gives me super powers?” she inquired.


“Yep” The Woman replied. “It's the reality equation. As you work to solve it, you will unlock more and more powers. Its slow going at first, but your powers will increase exponentially. By the time you are me, you will pretty much control the universe.”


“Pretty much? Are there things you can't do?  Demi  was confused.


“Well, I'm not infallible. Yet” The Woman replied. “It still takes me a little practice to maser a new power when I get one. I didn't mean to end up here,  for example. I'm still working the kinks out of time travel. But at this point, there is only one power left for me to unlock.”


“What power is that?”  Demi  asked.


“Omniscience. Right now I'm all powerful but not all-knowing. I don't know if I want to unlock that power. Seems like it would spoil every surprise. And If we're going to live forever, I want there to still be surprises.”


“What can you tell me about the future? Do you rule the world?”  Demi  continued her questioning.


“Do you want to rule the world? I didn't think so. I'm only seven years ahead of you in the timeline. I haven't visited the far future yet. In the near term cars start getting boxy again, they keep making Fast and Furious movies, and robes come back into style.”


“Can you grant wishes?”  Demi  was getting excited.


“I can but I'm not going to. Work your way up to omnipotence and grant your own damn wishes. And be careful what wishes you do grant. People rarely know what will actually make them happy, giving what they think they want usually does more harm than good.” The woman patted the bed next to indicating that  Demi  should sit down next to her.


Demi  got up from her desk and sat with The Woman on the bed, She smelled like a spring day. “What I can tell you” The Woman continued, “Is that you become the greatest lover that ever existed. You spend a lot of time loving and sexually satisfying thousands of women.”


Demi  jerked up from the bed. “Women? I'm not into girls!”


“You are now.” The woman announced smugly.


Demi  looked at her dumbfounded. “You can't do that! I'm not a lesbian!”


The woman shrugged seductively. “Don't worry. Once you unlock your mental powers, you can change it back. I just never got around to it.” The Woman stretched out seductively. She gestured to her dress and it vanished. Underneath she wore a bra and panties that barely concealed her perfect breasts and mound.  Demi's  train of thought was completely derailed by this. She felt a fierce burning in her loins and a nearly irresistible urge to kiss the Woman.


“Look, I know it's a big change, but trust me you will thank me soon. This is the second best thing I give you tonight. I know, because I was where you are seven years ago. I gave myself this perfect body, and you will eventually have it too. But for now, come have a taste. The better you do tonight, the better it will be when you are me”


The Woman stood up and with a flourish of her fingers, the bra and panties disappeared. She placed one hand on her hip and motioned “come here” with her other hand.


Demi's  panties where soaked. She had never felt the level of lust she was feeling. She stood to embrace the woman.  Demi  kissed the woman's breasts and worked her way up to The Woman's lips. She thrust her tongue into The Woman's mouth, who gently sucked it while leaning back on to  the bed.  Demi  climbed on top, and pulled her hoodie and blouse off in one smooth motion.


Demi  continued to kiss the Woman all over her face and breasts while straddling her on the bed. The woman reached and gripped  Demi's  sweatpants and panties and with a firm jerk pulled them off like a magician pulling the tablecloth out from under a plate on a table. This should have been impossible, and Demi wasn't sure if the clothes had passed through her body or they had simply been unraveled and  reknitted  very fast, but what she did know was her exposed vulva was now sitting directly on top of the The Woman's own vulva.


Demi  had not watched a huge amount of porn, and only  a fraction of  that was girl/girl, but she remembered enough to begin to rock her pubis back and forth over The Woman's own. The feeling of the friction was electric on Demi, her juices co-mingling with those of her future self. Demi came harder than she had in her life.


The Woman smiled, the cocked an eyebrow.  Demi  felt some unseen force lift her off the bed several feet. She hung there confuse for a second, as The Woman rose up after her, rotating around to embrace her in a  mid air  sixty nine.  Demi's  face  was inches  from her future self's delicate folds. The smell was intoxicating. Demi began to lick inexpertly, but enthusiastically. The woman, by contrast began to expertly eat  Demi's  pussy with precision. She bit, teased, licked and sucked with perfect timing, bringing Demi to a second shuddering climax, and let out an immodest groan.


They floated back down to the bed. “I hope my mom didn't hear that.” The said as she caught her breath. “Not possible” The Woman assured her. “Time has been stopped since a few minutes after I got here. Make all the noise you want.”


With that, The woman stood up and spun around. When she had completed the spin, she was suddenly wearing a strap on harness with a large silver cock that matched her shoes and earrings. “You still have a lot to learn about pleasing a woman.” She said coyly.


Demi found that with time stopped, it was hard to know how much time was passing. Technically, none was passing, but she felt like she had made love to herself for hours. Eventually, after exploring every facet of her newfound sexual orientation, she  was exasperated  and begged to stop.


“I suppose." The Woman condescended. "I mean, you're only human.” The Woman had literally not broken a sweat. “I suppose I should get going. I'm supposed  to be  a at a party that Andy Warhol  threw  almost sixty years ago.” She stood up, and with a gesture, was again dressed in a space age cocktail dress. “I'll pop in every once in a while and see how you're progressing.  Sayanara!”


There was no flash or smoke or slow fade out. One second the Woman was there the next, simply gone. There was an audible “pop” as the air around her rush in to fill the space she had occupied a half second before. The ambient noise of the household returned, The tinny music leaking out of her headphones, the muffled TV dialog through the walls, a dog barking down the street. Time had resumed  its usual flow.


Demi sat on her bed. She  was naked  except for her socks, and sore from what had felt like hours of Olympic level marathon fucking. Still, she wondered if it all really happened and she had just had a particularly vivid hallucination. She pulled her socks off, noting that there was still lunar dust all over them.


Now, completely nude, she went to the closet to find her pajamas, future god or not, she still had homework to finish. As she sat back down to her desk, the paper her future self had given her sat in front of her. She thought for a few minutes. Did she even really want  to be  a god? It sounded like a lot of work. She decided it sounded like a better career plan than her previous first choice: veterinarian.


She sharpened a new pencil, opened up the folded paper, and set to work. “Okay” She said to herself out loud. “Lets solve for infinity.”





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