Castaway Claire, part 1


Claire woke up with the sun in her eyes and salt water in her mouth.


She coughed up the later and rolled over in the sand, trying to force her way through her headache to remember what happened. She was on a boat, and then a storm came, and then...


She sighed as she sat upright, staring out at the ocean. She's stranded here.


The island around her was a beautiful one, to be fair. A beach that was slightly marred by the wood washed up on it, and behind her a dense, lush jungle. There were some fruits she didn't recognize hanging from the trees, so at least she wouldn't have to look too hard for food. And rising into the sky behind it was a mountain, with the telltale dome marking it as a volcano.


By some miracle of miracles, her suitcase washed up next to her. Along with some now useless papers and electronics, she had a few bags of junk food and a few changes of clothes in it. She wouldn't last long on the food, but at least she could put on some dry clothes.


She was pretty confident she would be alone on the island, so she felt fine changing right on the beach, hanging her wet clothes hanging from some branches to dry in the sun.


But as she was naked on the beach, she heard a rustle coming from the jungle. She looked up and saw a person. A young woman, wearing a necklace with some trinkets made out of wood and what could be loosely described as a bikini made out of vines and leaves, with a complexion dark from a life spent in the tropic sun. Probably a local.


And she was staring at the naked stranger standing on the beach.


Claire saw that she was glancing back and forth between her chest and her crotch. And...yeah, she was a girl with a dick. So what? Plenty of girls have dicks these days. Maybe not on this island, so maybe it was an exotic sight to her.


But the stranger looked back up to her, and said a single word. “Nufari.”


Not a word she'd ever heard before, but before she could try to say anything to the her, she blushed and ran back into the jungle.


Claire extremely awkward. She's possibly the first contact this island has ever had with the rest of the world, and the first thing they saw was her dick.


A few hours later, and was dressed again and starting to think about survival. She knew that sooner or later she'd meet the natives again, but she was hoping to get off the island before that happened. There's absolutely no way they'd know English, and they probably wouldn't respond well to a complete stranger trying to get food from them. So she was on her own for now.


But as she was halfway through collecting the driftwood to make an SOS sign, she heard more rustling out of the jungle.


Three new women came out of the the trees. They were all a few heads taller than her, incredibly muscular, covered in scars, and wielding spears,. They were probably hunters or soldiers, and were probably friends with the other person who saw here. She stared at them, assuming the worst, but they simply motioned her to follow them. Not wanting to offend her new neighbors, she obliged.


She was half expecting them to hit her and drag her to their destination the second she stepped close, but they seemed somehow...nervous. Every time she looked up at their faces, they quickly looked away from her as if they didn't want to make eye contact. Every time she made a sudden movement, they flinched and moved away from her. And she was very aware that, despite them leading her, she was the one setting the pace.


They eventually led her to what must be their village, overlooking a cliff. The houses were simply made, but they seemed comfortable and sturdy enough. But she found it odd how there weren't any people around.


She found them soon enough. They led her into what was probably the central square of this village, with a big fire pit in the middle, and some kind of raised platform next to it, and there were a few hundred people standing around it.


She was expecting to meet her end here. Maybe they' just kill her. Maybe they'd tie her up and hang her from a spit. Maybe if she was lucky they'd do something cool like throw her into the volcano.


What she wasn't expecting was for them to be bowing.


There were a few hundred of them, wearing various revealing clothes made from natural materials. She noticed how there was an odd lack of males among them. When she glanced back at her escorts, she saw they were bowing too.


Well, her death seemed unlikely at this point, but she was just getting confused.


Someone started talking and she looked toward them. An older woman standing on some kind of wooden dais, with the woman she first met on the beach standing next to her. They were both wearing necklaces. Based on her age, her prime speech-giving location, and how she was the only one not bowing, she was probably the leader here. And the girl next to her looked similar and was wearing the same necklace, meaning...


...Oh dear. It wasn't just that her first introduction to this culture was her flashing them, it was that she was flashing their princess. As if this wasn't awkward enough already.


Thankfully, it didn't seem like they minded. The leader was giving a speech passionately, and though she didn't understand a single word of it, it sounded like she had some respect for Claire. But she kept using that one word over and over, “Nufari.” First thing she'll have to do when she learns out to translate is figure out what that words means.


After the speech, everyone seemed excited about her, but they still kept trying to avoid eye contact. Every single woman in the village came to her and kissed her hand. She didn't want to be rude and tell them to stop (and was maybe even enjoying it a little), but damn if she wasn't baffled by it. A few of them tried talking to her, but they could tell she couldn't understand. They seemed disappointed by that.


Afterwards, she was led to a feast. There were dozens of fruits she didn't even know the names for, and a wide variety of seafood. She'd figured out that they were worshiping her, and they insisted she eat first. The fruit was some of the sweetest she's ever had and the fish was seasoned with something that made it absolutely delicious.


Everyone started celebrating her arrival. Singing, eating, and dancing into the night. She had no idea why these people loved her so much, but she wasn't going to tell them to stop. She had no idea what she was eating, but it was probably the best meal she's ever had and exactly what she needed after being shipwrecked.


The one thing she didn't like was some odd red drink that was extremely bitter. She didn't like it, but they were insisting that she have it, so she forced it down anyway. The crowed seemed to cheer after she did it, so it was probably important.


But before long, she got tired. They must of caught on to how tired she was, as they led her away from the party and to one of the huts. It was the biggest one in the village, and it seemed comfortable enough. Then the princess let herself in.




Claire stumbled a bit. There was still the language barrier, but if someone's naked and pushing theirself to you there's only so many things it could mean. She couldn't say anything, but pulling down her pants and showing the tent in her panties spoke for itself.


“...I'm dying. I'm dying, and I'm dreaming, and I'm still floating in the ocean, and any second now I'm going to wake up in front of saint Peter.”


She had to tell herself that, because if she didn't she'd feel like the scum of the earth for taking advantage of them like this. She must of accidentally tricked them into thinking they were their deity, and now they were so happy to have her here that the princess is offering herself to her.


Utterly convinced this was just a dying dream, she decided to enjoy it while it lasted, and led the princess to the bed they had given her.


The next day, Claire was surprised when she woke up. Mostly because she wasn't expecting to wake up at all.


But she was still where she was last night, in the hut in the village on the surprisingly comfortable bed made of vines and leaves...with the beautiful island princess she met yesterday still snoozing in her arms.


It all came flooding back to her. Arriving on this island, being hailed and revered by the locals, and the way the daughter of the leader pushed herself onto her.


She didn't understand why they reacted to her like this. Were they just that excited to have a visitor? She's possibly the first person they've ever met from off their little island. Maybe they were just so surprised to see a lady with a dick? Those kinds of hormones probably weren't super available here.


She decided that, as great as snuggling up with her island princess is, she probably wouldn't find many answers there. She carefully untangled herself from her lover and snuck a kiss on her cheek before climbing out of their bed. She decided to get dressed, though she realized that simply staying in her skimpy lingerie would help her fit in with the local dress code a bit better.


As she stepped outside, she noticed how the village was facing the beach to the east, and only the first hints of sunlight were coming above the horizon. She didn't have a watch, but she could tell it was pretty early. She found that kind of odd. Between getting shipwrecked, hiking who knows how far, that feast, and her adventures in the bedroom, she thought she would have been absolutely exhausted, and probably would of stayed in bed well into the afternoon, yet it somehow seemed like she was the first one awake, and as well rested and full of energy as ever.


Well, her and the amazonian women who escorted her to the village. They were walking around the village, presumably on petrol. What would they be worried about? Wild animals? A different tribe on the island? Another question she wishes she could ask them.


The warriors noticed her awake, and promptly abandoned their watch to come over to her. They started talking to her, and she yet again found herself frustrated at the language barrier. However, based on their expressions, tones, and the way they were lowering their heads to her, it felt like an apology. An apology that got more profound when her stomach rumbled.


They went off and started rousing the villagers, and one stayed with Claire to escort her to the area they ate last night, motioning her to stand on the dais the elder gave her speech on last night. As she stood there, she started musing on the language. Though she definitely doesn't know how to speak it, now that she's rested and has more time to think, she's realizing that she has heard it before, but she can't remember where. Maybe there was a documentary on tv about this place she saw once?


She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn't notice the crowd gather around the dais. Everyone had just stumbled out of bed and straight here, but the princess-ugh, she has to learn her name!-was front and center in front of the dais, naked except for her necklace, holding a bowl that looked like it was carved out of a coconut, full of that red, bitter drink they insisted on her drinking last night.


“Nufari! Nufari!” At this point, she'd figured out that that's their name for her. But the entire crowd was chanting it, and they were bowing. It was one thing to be excited about a new guest, but at this point it felt like they were outright worshipping her. She liked it. It made her feel powerful and important. It kind of turned her on. She looked over the crowed, and at the naked princess offering her the mysterious red drink in one hand, and a decorated necklace like the ones she and her mother were wearing in the other. She lowered her head and saw the obvious tent in Claire's panties, and she looked a little flustered over it.


Claire took it and stared at it for a few seconds. This was obviously some kind of ritual. They were worshiping her as if they thought she was a god.


It dawned on Claire the weight of the situation she's in. The first time these people have ever seen anyone not native to their island, and they think she's a god. A god they want to worship with both their words and their bodies, based on last night and how the princess never got dressed.


It couldn't be just because she doesn't quite look like them. She's probably the first time they've ever seen a lady with a dick, and by some insane coincidence, that must be something that she and their god has in common. And this red drink, gross as it may be, must be a part of a ritual worshiping their god.


Half of her felt dirty for deciving them. But the other half...she couldn't explain why, but it somehow felt right to be worshiped by them. Beyond just the good food and the great sex she had last night, it felt like this was an important part of her life she'd completely missed up until now.


She made up her mind. She's ridden this train of their devotion this far, she decided to take it as far as it would go. She resolved to down the bitter liquid, but as she brought it to her lips she thought about how much of this stuff they'd probably offer to her and silently wished it would taste a little better.


It was the single most delicious thing she's ever drank. Claire didn't even know the words she would need to describe the flavor.


The crowd's chanting got more excited. The princess came up close to her and gave her a gentle hug before sliding down to her knees and pulling Claire's panties down, exposing her cock right in front of the congregation.


Claire'd never considered herself a exobitionist before, but it was exciting to know what she was about to do to one of the most important people in this tribe right in front of everyone who lives there. Claire moaned as the princess pulled down her panties, gave her some gentle kisses on her cock, and bent over for her in front of her entire tribe.


Maybe she was just imagining it, but the princess felt tighter than she did last night.






Over the next few days, a few things happened.


Claire's first priority was learning the local language. She decided that she was going to stay on this island and continue living off of their worship for as long as she could, and it wouldn't do to have the language barrier in the way. She expected this process to take months, if not years, but it was somehow easy, and not to mention fast. With in a few hours of listening and attempting to copy them, she'd figured out words and phrases, and she could hold a simple conversation by sundown, and before long it felt like she'd been speaking it her whole life. In some odd corner of her brain, it felt less like she was learning it and more like she was remembering it.


Now that she could talk to the locals, one of her first questions was “Who am I?” They seemed as if they had expected that question.


A long time ago, a woman named Nufari lived on the island. She was known for her beauty and strength...and her massive cock. Everyone was concerned about her, especially when she started taking all of the women as her own lovers away from the men. But on the day the villagers wanted to do something about her, the island's volcano erupted.


But as the lava came down the mountain towards the village, and everyone thought the end had come, Nufari had simply walked up to the flow of lava and told it to stop. And it did. And then she told it to go back where it came from, and it did. As if time itself was rewinding, the lava flowed back up the mountain, and all the trees destroyed by it instantly regrew, and the animals killed by it came back to life.


After that, she was hailed as the island's deity. Everyone worshiped her, as she only grew more powerful and beautiful. Her interest in the women of the island only got stronger, and she'd have constant orgies with the entire village. Legend has it that she singlehandedly sired the entire next generation of the village.


In the years she lived there, the village only got more prosperous. The harvests became more bountiful and delicious, their relationship with the rival tribes on the islands improved, and all illness vanished from the island. The more they worshiped her, the stronger she got. The stronger she got, the more she did to protect the island. The more she did to protect the island, the more they worshiped her.


Years later, she decided that that she was going to leave. She refused to explain where she would go or why she was leaving. But as she stepped out to the ocean, standing on the water as if it was solid ground, she gave the villagers a prophecy.


“I will return one day. I will have a new body, and a new life, and a new mind. But it will be me. And you will give me the same love and worship then as you do now in order to give me back my power.”


That was several hundred years ago. When Claire washed up on the beach here and the princess saw her dick, she realized that this must be the return of Nufari they've waited generations for.


Claire memorized as much of the story as she could and accepted Nufari as the name they gave her. Partly because it was an interesting story, but mostly because she needed to know as much as she could to play along. At least she had an alibi in case she messed up some element of their story...even if she somehow felt like she'd heard it before.


It also led to her realizing that she didn't need to limit herself to just the princess. All she needed was a sultry look and a polite question to get in bed with any of the villagers she wanted to.


And she had plenty of energy for it too. Maybe it was the fresh island air, or the delicious food, or maybe the weird red stuff that was part of their worship of Nufari had some steroids in it, but she's felt more energized, healthy and strong than she ever had before. She started working out with the amazonian soldiers that protected the village. Much to her own surprise, not only did she easily keep up with them, she could push herself farther than they could. She simply laughed and said “I guess I don't know my own strength.” But they had simply seemed humbled by her. “It is only natural that you would be stronger than us, Nufari.”


Something about their praise turned her on and they went straight from a workout into an orgy.


That part was odd enough, how someone who's never bothered going to the gym was suddenly able to lift more and run faster than these warriors who have been improving their bodies for their entire life, but what was odder was what's happened to her cock.


When she got here, her cock was 5 inches long. She'd always been comfortable with it, though she admitted that it was hardly that exciting. But in the few days since she's arrived, it's grown up to 8. At first she thought it was just her imagination, or something in the air...but it's definitely grown bigger. Even her breasts had started to swell, but not as dramatically.


And not to mention more sensitive. Even the slightest breeze across her body was enough to turn her on, and wearing even her underwear became impossible from the constant pleasure on her. Before long, she was constantly in the nude, wearing nothing but the necklace the princess; A'vo, she finally learned her name to be, had given her. And she was hard more often than not. With all the beautiful island women around her who were treating her as their savior and her newfound energy and stamina, she would become erect at a moment's notice.


She decided to take advantage of this. At any given moment, there was only a single word and a few seconds between her dick and the nearest mouth or pussy. Even if she wasn't really their god, she sure felt like it.




Over the next week, she fell into a comfortable rhythm. She'd wake up in bed by stuffing the princess; A'vo, she finally learned her name to be, she'd go out for a 'light jog' by running a lap around the whole island. She'd make it back to the village in time for the morning ritual, downed the mysterious red liquid which only got more delicious every day, had another round of sex with A'vo in front of the entire village. She'd go out to work out with the warriors, outlast them both while exercising and having sex, and the rest of the day would constantly flip between a feast and an orgy, sometimes at the same time.


She'd grown to accept her role as Nufari. One day, she was curious about the red drink, and asked A'vo about it. It's made from a fruit that's considered sacred, and it's considered taboo for other than Nufari to drink it's juice, and only A'vo is allowed to harvest it.


One day A'vo showed her the grove where the fruits grow. She told her the story (between moans as Claire fucked her against one of the holy trees) that Nufari once flooded this clearing with her cum, and within a week, these trees were starting to grow, but they only had reached maturity and started baring fruit decades after Nufari left.


“Hey, A'vo. Up till now I've only had the juice from these fruits. What would happen if I ate the whole one?”


“I-ahh, don't k-know! I've never heard if you did that with your old b-booodddyyyyyy...~”


Despite the immense pleasure Claire was completely composed and in control, even as A'vo practically melted under her. That definitely had changed since she'd gotten here. She'd always been decent in bed, but her new size, strength and stamina had made her capable of making her lovers completely lose their minds over her dick.


She'd fallen in love with this island, and her treatment as a god. She'd decided to play it up as much as she can. “If drinking it gave me this much of my power back...Then eating it would just make me stronger, wouldn't it?”


“H-harder, Nufari! Harder harder harder harder harder...”


A'vo probably wouldn't give her an answer either way. But as she obliged and pushed herself into the princess harder and faster, she thumped her lover into the tree with enough force to knock a fruit loose. With the reflexes that have gotten faster and faster from her time her, she snatched it out of the air...It was beautiful and a deep red color. It looked like a strawberry mixed with a massive apple. She couldn't explain what it was, but some deep instinct told her that she had to eat it right now.


She took a bite, and it was the single most delicious thing she had ever eaten. The juice made from it, while it was bitter at first, had somehow changed to be the single most delicious thing she's ever had. This was a thousand times better! She could use every synonym for 'good' and 'delicious' from every language on earth, and it wouldn't even begin to scratch the surface of how good this fruit tasted.


Every bite just made her feel stronger. Every last ounce of her senses just got sharper. The ambient noise of the jungle became impossibly detailed, but she could pick out every individual noise and tell the rustle from the wind of one tree apart from the thousands of other trees. She could see every bug on every leaf. The fruit was impossibly delicious to begin with, and it only got better and better every time she chewed.


And the pleasure from A'vo's body only got greater. It was as if someone pushed every single time she's pleasured herself or been pleasured by someone else into the same instant, and it was only getting more intense the longer she kept thrusting into A'vo. It caught her off guard, and it instantly pushed her to an orgasm-which only multiplied her pleasure a thousand fold-that was so poweful that when she thrusted forward into A'vo one more time, pressing her against the tree had started pushing the tree over.


She screamed with pleasure as she pumped cum into her lover, but as she tried to pull out, she realized that there were far more inches of dick coming out of her than she had ever put in. She had squeezed a foot of dick into her, but it had somehow expanded by nearly six inches, and was thicker than her thigh.



Claire-no. She couldn't call herself Claire anymore. She realized that the prophecy Nufari left the villagers came true. She was Nufari. She's Nufari's new form, and she's made it home to her island and is getting her power back...and becoming more powerful than she ever was.


Nufari stumbled back and leaned against a tree, her body still wracked by this orgasm, though she was faring better than A'vo was, who was twitching and moaning and barely seemed conscious. Cum continued spurting from her, even without her touch, splattering all over A'vo's body and the sacred tree she's leaning against. and she realized that her dick was starting to change beyond just getting larger.


She felt her center of gravity change as her balls swelled to double, no, triple...quadruple their size, reaching down to her knees. The color of her dick shifted to a strange deep brown color. The head flattened out and became flared. The foreskin somehow became thicker and receded down closer to the base- it turned into a sheath.


She realized as her orgasm finally died down, that her dick turned into a horse's.


That had never been a part of the story about Nufari...but it's what she wanted, so it's what she gained.


A group of villagers started coming towards the grove. She could hear them long before she saw them, able to tell with enough details from their footsteps alone how many were there. “Nufari? A'vo? We've heard weird noises, what's...”


They fell silent as they arrived, staring awestruck at their goddess.


“I am Nufari, and I have truly returned. Come, let me reward you for your devotion...”






































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