Silver, Ember, Magic

"New day, I feel like a change for today" Renee mumbled to herself in her regressed form, which doesn't resemble anything human like, her essence form is more like a silver ember swarm that are gravitating toward their hive.

She has her own place on Earth, Far below ground, close to the core, humans would disintegrate instantly at this depth. Nothing of this world can hurt Renee, she has almost limitless powers, that are growing, other rivals have to thank for that. "I happily oblige to to that." Renee winked, knowing you are reading her story. 

Wanting to get changed to go out to civilian life, her ember silver essence formed a tornado like pattern, materialising a blank humanoid shell that she can control body motor functions that harnesses her magical essence. From there, moulding her curves perfectly to what she felt like expressing today. Moving on with her outfit, a blank white extra layer formed over the top of her moulded curves almost giving her a finished but uncoloured art piece look, that boasted her modest but impressive breasts, that are perfectly round and slightly pushed up in her one piece bow tied laced latex corset with a frilly mini skirt, that she decided to wear latex leggings that reached to her ankles in favour that the corset skirt was far too short for public consumption. "Wouldn't want the women and men drooling too hard, would we?" Renee said with a smirk. 
Following with her pretty face, that she feels doesn't need makeup, except for a slight silver eye shadow which is composed of a potent form of her magic essence, one particle of that is enough to give someone godlike powers. "I wouldn't do that though. Power corrupts, besides there can only be one goddess, me." Moving on, blonde highlighted brown hair quickly sprouted from her scalp that scaled impressively thick and reached almost to her hips. Pair of open high heels formed from the bottom of her feet moulding perfectly with each other. "Time to colour, I think I like red for the corset, hmm.. not red, how about black? Nah, I think that won't go well with my leggings which I want black. Green? oooh, I like this." Renee looking through a mental snapshot mirror of herself, she created in her mind and magically flipping through different colours of her corset and settling on green for her top and black for her leggings. Next up "Of course black finger, toe nails and heels. Brings out my dark side." Her finger, toe nails and heels, flushed a shiny black colour, inspecting her fingers as they are very important to her, as she uses them frequently to focus her magic. Finishing up, she lightly bronze tanned her whole body. "I think I am done here." With a confident smile and hands on her hips.


"Time for civilian life, its coming out of Summer in Australia, I think I want visit there." Renee with a video playing in her mind of place called "Gold Coast" showing the land marks. Beautiful beaches, developed city and a modest population.

Renee clicked her fingers and vanished and teleported to a safe position that wouldn't attract attention, finding a empty alley, currently its night time on a Friday, club life is vibrant around the weekend, she can feel the music and nightlife booming throughout the alley. Using her super speed to quickly leave the alley, she decided to blend in and walk on the sidewalk, her heels clicked as she walked, she loves the sound they make when hitting the pavement. 

Not being aware of crossing the road, she walked in blind across the road and a speeding sports car slammed on the breaks and ploughed into her, severely mangling the front end of the car as it hit her as a immovable object. Not even flinching she carried on walking like nothing happened. "oops." Looking back at the mess she made when she got to the other side of the road, she clicked her fingers together returning the car, driver and bystanders to their pre-crash state, memories and all, after that everyone moved on like nothing happened.

On the beach walkway, Renee can't believe how pretty these women are, every third woman is wearing a bikini, Renee blushing slightly crossing eyes with them. Summer in Australia even at night is very hot and humid, perfect weather for humans to wear these. Making her way on the beach, she walked over the soft sand like the weight of a feather while in heels, the other people looked over in amazement over that. Getting closer to the shore and wanting to go for a swim, waiting until no one was watching her, she morphed her corset into a cute green bikini top and slightly expanding her breasts to fit extra snug. She was content with her black leggings also her heels receded back into her feet. Diving in felt amazing, this was the first time she has ever been swimming in the ocean, crashing herself through the waves as she was paddling herself further out to sea, diving underwater interested in what she can do, she created massive amounts of energy behind her feet, causing her to rocket like a torpedo through the water at break neck speeds, eventually skimming and ploughing herself deep into the ground and destroying a uninhabited beach in Chile in the process. Chile is over 12000KM away from the Gold Coast and she did it in less than a minute's time. "I better clean this up, the waves are tsunami's." Renee clicked her fingers and the beach and waves were as is before, also noticing that it was almost midday for Chile. She teleported herself back to the Gold Coast waters walking out of the water instantly dry and morphing her old outfit back slowly piece by piece as she reached the soft sand, without undoing the breast expansion which made her breasts spill out more slightly from her corset and also a nice little jiggle as she walked.

Vibrant nightlife has its downsides, violent crime and highly intoxicated people are a regular occurrence. A group of drunken females are making a disturbance as they are walking on the sidewalk, yahoo-ing and yelling, swearing left right and centre. Renee and the group are walking towards each other, Renee can sense a bit of hostility in them, "Maybe I should turn around to avoid a confrontation?" Renee dislikes, using her magic on people who are completely defenceless to her and in this case they are non magic and highly intoxicated. Reading their brains, she knows they want to attack, The four of them had smiles on their face, clearly enjoying this 'drunken state'. This was too much for Renee, she decided to turn around and walk the other way, as she did the Alpha of the group said "What's wrong? hmm, scared to get your nails dirty." 
Renee turned her head slightly towards the woman and replied "While I crave to be the best, I don't fight weaklings, I am sorry Jade.". 
"How do you know my name? Besides that, I'll make it easy on you, I'll beat you only by myself, you don't stand a chance in those heels and your little frame alone." Jade arrogantly boasted. 
"I wouldn't touch me, not without permission anyway." Renee replied.
"Empty threats, how trivial!" as she reached out and grabbed Renee's arm to turn her around, instantly Jade felt a chill come over her, followed by shock as her body left her control, moulding itself into a skin coloured sphere shaped liquid blob levitating off the ground around the same height as Renee's hips. 
"What am-am I? And h-h-how can I talk?" Dawning on Jade as she realises she messed with the wrong woman. 
"I am deciding on what to do with you and you can talk because I let you." Renee in thought, shifting through her options.
"I see you love high heels and have good taste in my opinion, from looking through your brain. I think I'll just have to keep you as that for a week." Renee smirked while she pointed her right index finger at the skin coloured blob, instantly the blob hit the pavement *plop*, gravitating briskly towards Renee's heels, soaking in, amending and weaving in and out of Renee's feet, making Renee's already beautiful heels slightly higher and slender. "Wow, you really have a good eye jade." Renee said after using Jade's mind to improve her heels.

Renee turned to the rest of their group, they were in shock and looked at each other and bolted the opposite way. Renee with a smirk on her face while they legged it away from her, Renee tugged her left ear lobe, clearing their memory and their mental state of the events and forgetting that jade was with them to begin with.

Moments later... Out of the blue "What are you doing sticking your nose in this Lavine?" Renee sensing her presence, also coming across with her speech with a slight disgust. "just stirring the pot this time, hehe" Lavine replied, shortly Renee sensed a *click* from Lavine's fingers, but she couldn't pick what she did, in a state of shock she looked down at her feet and saw a pool of her silver essence originating from her eye shadow being soaked up by her heels "Oh, this is trouble." Renee fearing that Jade now absorbed a good portion of her power.


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