Little Lily

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Ben opened his door and looked both ways down the hallway, making sure his step sister wasn’t lurking nearby. This was an important night, after all, the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, skipped classes, and long nights. He reached under his bed and pulled out a hard-sided case, setting it carefully on his desk, opening it to reveal several plastic containers filled with an amber liquid, along with notebooks, the topmost of which he took out and turned to the last page. He reached for his phone and set it to record.

“June 5, 2029,” he began, self importantly. “Tonight I will try the first dose of the enhancement serum. As noted in previous logs, I was only able to manufacture formula #34 in bulk the day before term ended, and the reagent is very difficult to come by. I was able to get a small amount by breaking into the high-security lab chemical storage locker and this supply has had to last me since formula #20, when I realized it was needed. Nevertheless, based on my animal studies, I am confident this will work.”

He pulled a small bottle of a blue liquid from the case and set it on his desk next to a test tube stand, already prepared with several tubes. Then he lifted a container from the case and carefully poured 50ml of the amber solution into one of the tubes. 

“It only takes a drop of the reagent, which is good, because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get my hands on a replacement supply.”

Ben delicately unscrewed the blue bottle and used an eyedropper to place a single drop into the amber liquid, and then quickly sealed it back up again. Then he stopped the test tube and began to shake it.

“I need to work quickly, because the formula will only remain active for about an hour. It only takes about a minute for the reagent to fully activate the sample.”

The liquid in the tube turned a fluorescent lightly glowing green.

“The formula appears to be ready. I will now take the next step in human development. Cheers!”

Ben sipped the formula and raised his eyebrows. It tasted like strawberries! Then he gulped the rest down.

“There appears to be no immediate effect, as is to be expected from the animal trials. However, within an hour my body should begin to respond to stresses by improving my, uh, physique. Step, by step, I, uh…” Ben fidgeted in his chair a little. “I should become the equal of, um, ooo. Of any olympic athlete. Ahhhh…” Ben stood and clutched his head, and then lay back onto his bed.

    “I’m feeling rather hot and, um, sexually aroused, Oooooooogh!” he groaned. He looked down his torso to see his dick harder than he’d ever remembered it, straining at the crotch of his jeans. Almost on autopilot, Ben reached down and unzipped them. Immediately his boner thrust forth, poking out of the top of his briefs. Ben shoved down the waistband to below his balls and then grasped the throbbing rod with both hands and began to pump as if hypnotized. All he could do now was pull on his prong and groan as the pleasure quickly built to a crescendo. He felt his ejaculation shoot up his dick like a lightning bolt, triggering violent spasms of orgasm throughout his body. Spunk shot from his rod in violent streams, far more than he had ever experienced, spattering all over his face and shirt. With a final spasm, every muscle in Ben ‘s body seized up, his back arching in pleasure to shoot cum up against his headboard. His face was contorted in a rictus and his eyes rolled back in pleasure, and then he collapsed back to his bed. His breath slowed, coming now in slow steady gasps, but he appeared unconscious.

Ten minutes passed with Ben passed out on the bed. Finally, with a quiet creek, the slatted door to his closet opened, and a cute, short, slight redhead with pale features and green almond eyes tiptoed out and looked over the unconscious boy in wonder. 

Tall, handsome, and slim, with long muscles pulsing underneath, Ben’s smooth coffee skin begged her to caress it. He had tight curls of brown hair atop an almost-elfin face with small features and a slightly upturned nose. And his eyes! Piercing blue like glaciers. Closed now, when he gazed at you, you felt like you were the only girl in the world. His dick, slowly deflating, was a long, thick eight inches erect. Born of an African-American dad, who was now cavorting with his second wife out West, and her stepmom, a tall blonde Swedish model, he’d definitely gotten the best of each.

She looked over at the chemistry setup, and then back at Ben, his flaccid dick now laying across his leg, cum dripping from it onto the sheets. With a smirk, the girl turned to the set and pulled out an empty test tube, hastily pouring an unmeasured amount of the amber fluid into it and squeezing a couple drops of the blue reagent in before sealing it and putting all the bottles back. Quiet as a mouse, she slipped out of her stepbrother’s room, locking the door behind her.

Lily was a couple years younger than Ben, having just graduated from high school. Valedictorian for her graduating class, she was bound for Stanford in the fall where she expected to major in physics or computer science, she hadn't decided. Five feet tall on her tip-toes, she was skinny in all the wrong places: no bust, no hips, no nothing. She even thought her face - which was objectively cute, even striking - was just too unusual to be attractive. With a Japanese father and an Irish mother who’d died when she was ten, she’d been gifted with long red hair, green almond eyes, pale smooth skin and a petite mouth and nose, all set off with a spray of freckles. Despite her face’s exotic beauty, her self consiousness about her body meant she had made her way through most of her teen years never having been kissed, let alone having had sex. Which was a shame, because Lily was secretly a massive pervert.

Lily just loved, loved, loved porn. She loved online erotica and would masturbate nightly to videos on her phone, devouring explicit manga and anime voraciously. She couldn’t even get to sleep unless she’d had herself a few orgasms first - or even a few more than a few. Under her bed in a box with her other toys lay her most recent acquisition, a magic wand she’d bought with her babysitting money. At fifteen, Lily had begun hiding in her stepbrother’s closet every once in a while to watch him get naked and go to bed, hoping that he’d masturbate first while she watched. 

Ben was everything she wasn’t. Born to his mother, now a literature professor, and her then-husband, a college basketball star, Ben was tall, athletic, and handsome with a ready smile. He had been the only really popular nerd at school. Whip smart but athletic, he had been on the high school basketball team, and although he had never been a star athlete he was never shy like Lily. Lily remembered the stream of pretty girlfriends he had brought home through high school. One or two times when their parents were out of town, she’d set up her computer to play some music and ambient sound in her room to convince him she couldn’t hear, and then hid in his closet. She’d watch him fuck his girlfriend, some cute blonde with a rockin’ bod, while Lily tried to stifle her own climaxes. Ben was quite good at lovemaking too, with a honking big dick that lasted at least twenty or thirty minutes before he would blast. He was able to give his girls plenty of pleasure, but he also got very drowsy after coming. This was a good thing for Lily, because it meant she could escape unnoticed.

And now, what was this? She looked down at the stoppered test tube as she walked back to her room. She hadn’t quite heard all of what he had said, something about enhancement and this being the 34th try? Well, it must have been a success because it certainly seemed to enhance his pleasure!

Lily closed and locked the door to her room behind her, and then put her finger to her lips, thinking. She stepped over to her laptop and turned off the sounds of snoring, and then went to a website that provided her with her favorite manga. She brought up one of her favorites, a story about a scientist that accidentially dosed herself with something that made her a raging sex maniac. As she fucked her husband and her neighbor’s son, she got bigger and bigger, stronger and more muscular. Her tits ballooned out so that her shirt could barely contain them, and her figure became the perfect hourglass. She grew to six feet tall, and then, after fucking the two men unconsious, went back to her lab wearing only a straining lab coat, where she cornered her female lab assistant. The scientist seduced her assistant and had her suck hard on her clit, the scientist climaxing over and over. Suddenly, her clit began growing! Soon it was so big it wouldn’t fit into the girl’s mouth. In the manga it looked like it was a couple feet long, sticking out of her lab coat lewdly. Then the scientist, now seven feet tall, reached down and with one hand tore the assistant’s jeans from her body. She plunged into the girl’s tight pussy and they fucked hard for three pages! Finally, the scientist ejaculated what seemed to be endless gallons of cum into the girl and collapsed on top of her. As they both slept, the scientist shrank back down to normal, but the assistant grew. The story ended with the assistant, now at least as big as the scientist had been, opening her glowing eyes with an evil grin on her face.

Lily was wet with anticipation. She stripped naked and brought out her new magic wand and a surprisingly large dildo. Already slick from watching her stepbrother, she drank down the potion, worked the dildo in, and turned on the vibrator, paging through the manga to her favorite part, where the newly gigantic scientist fucks her assistant. Her breath became quicker as she read through the pages, and slowly brought the vibrator down onto her clit.

As soon as it touched her love bud, Lily threw her head back in pleasure. Normally it took some time for her to reach her first orgasm, but the potion was obviously accelerating things drastically. She panted and grabbed a pillow with her free hand, burying her face to stifle her screams of pleasure. The stimulation ramped up so quickly that it almost caught her by surprise when the first climax hit her. She arched her back with the overwhelming sensation, her curling toes furrowing her bedsheets and her pussy clamping down hard on the dildo as it pulsed in unending waves of pleasure. After a minute, she slumped back to her sheets, but instead of passing out, as Ben had, she caught her breath and brought the still-humming vibrator back to her throbbing vulva. Again and again Lily brought herself to climax, her stamina seemingly limitless, countless orgasms entertaining her through to the early hours of the morning.


Ben woke with a start, the smell of stale cum harsh in his nose. He looked over at his box of serum in wonder. Had it worked? It had certainly driven him crazy with sexual stimulation, he thought as he surveyed the damage his massive ejaculation had wrought. He quickly stripped the sheets from his bed and wiped down his headboard before stepping into the bathroom for a shower. The one good thing about his mom marrying his stepfather was that the man certainly had money. No sharing a bathroom for him! Each step sibling had their own private mini-suite that afforded them some badly needed privacy, never needed more than today!

As he washed, Ben looked over his body for any changes. Nothing yet, he saw. That was to be expected, of course, since the formula only really did its enhancements when the body was stressed, but he was still a little disappointed that he didn’t wake up a superman, like in his fantasies. It was a shame that he’d passed out last night, since the formula seemed to have the greatest effect on his lab animals within the first three or four hours of ingestion, but the effect could last for up to a day, depending on body mass and metabolism. Still, he should hurry to the basement gym to see if he could eek out some improvements.

He dressed in his sweats and hurried downstairs through a strangely quiet house. His mom and stepdad had gone off for a couple weeks to celebrate their fifth anniversary so he and his stepsister had the house to themselves. He stopped by the kitchen to grab a breakfast bar and ran down the steps to the gym.

Everything was just how he left it last summer, untouched and dusty. He looked in the mirror. Not bad looking, tall and thin, he’d lost much of the muscle mass he’d built for high school basketball during his two years at college, too busy with his courses to work out much. He flexed his biceps and scowled. Arms, he decided.

Ben sat down and began curling a 25lb weight. He did twenty on each arm, and then, after a short rest, ten with 30lbs. His arms were burning pleasantly when he decided to push himself, and grabbed a fifty-pound weight and tried to lift it, managing three with his left arm and four with his right. Biceps at their limit, he moved on to the bench press, tricep extensions, and the remainder of his old upper-body routine. He certainly didn’t push any boundaries, he thought, but it was pretty good for someone who hadn’t worked out in over a year.

Finally, breathing hard, he walked back up to the kitchen with a towel draped over his neck. Sitting at the table was his stepsister, wearing a tattered bathrobe and with her hair a tangled mess around her head like she’d not gotten a wink of sleep. Before her was an empty box of cereal tipped on its side and a half-empty gallon of milk. She was busily shoveling breakfast into her mouth from a mixing bowl, so preoccupied she didn’t register his presence.

“Hey Lily,” he said. “Don’t eat too much, the pantry has to last us two weeks!”

Lily looked up, her green eyes almost glowing with intensity. She scowled and went back to her eating.

Lily was a strange one. He’d always found her a little off-putting, always staring at him or buried in a book or locked away in her room doing whatever. Whenever he’d come home with a girl, Lily’s attention would transfer to her instead, giving his girlfriends the willies with the intensity of her gaze. When she warmed up to you, she actually was a good conversationalist with an odd sense of humor, and cute in an exotic way, especially when she smiled, but always a little bit alien. Right now she was definitely not cute, giving off a vibe more in line with ‘homeless werewolf’ than anything else.

“Um. Ok, I’m going for a run. See you later Lily.”


Finally, after a box of cereal, two bananas, and a handful of beef jerky, Lily’s hunger was sated. After only getting three hours of sleep, she’d awoken surprisingly fresh, without any drowsiness, just incredibly hungry.

That was some night, she thought as she surveyed the damage in front of her. It was certainly the most intense sexual pleasure she’d ever felt in her young life. She’d been masturbating nightly for years, even ripping out a climax or two each day at school in the locker room or toilet, but this was just unparalleled. She had lost count after five, her previous record for multiple orgasms, and just kept humping her vibrator all night, each orgasm fresh - the sensation never fading. Whatever was in Ben’s secret potion was pretty awesome.

The potion. She just had to have more for tonight! How was she going to get it without Ben noticing? Thinking quickly, Lily slipped off her chair and rummaged through the kitchen cabinets for a couple plastic drinking bottles with sealable lids, She filled one with water, and then grabbed some food coloring. Practically skipping upstairs in excitement, she entered Ben’s room - she’d learned how to pick the lock years ago - and opened his case of solutions. She lifted the top tray to reveal three more containers of amber solution underneath. Taking the one from the far left, she opened the top and examined the color, trying to match it with the food coloring in the water bottle. At last satisfied, she transferred the magic solution to the empty water bottle and then put the amber water into Ben’s container. Finally, she emptied half of the blue solution into the first water bottle - Ben’s blue bottle was opaque so he was unlikely to notice the loss - and packed everything back just as Ben had left it.

She took the water bottles, now filled with magic solution, back to her room and hid them in a shoebox under her old comic books. Satisfied, she took her time in the shower. Her body buzzed, full of energy, like she just needed some physical activity. Afterward, she slipped into her swimsuit and paused at the mirror, scowling at her skinny physique, and then ran downstairs to the backyard pool. Barely hesitating, she dove right into the warm water and started doing laps. It was calming, really, being able to switch her humming thoughts off and just letting go to the monotonous rhythm of swimming - stroke, stroke, stroke, breath, stroke, stroke, stroke, breath…

“Hey! Lily! You ok? You want some lunch? Quesadillas ok?” She heard Ben call from the deck.

Lily paused and looked up. Sure enough, the sun was directly above. She’d been swimming for three hours straight.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll be right out.”

Lily swam over to the side of the pool and popped out like a dolphin. She wrapped herself in a huge beach towel and went upstairs to shower and change, the scents of leftover carne asada and onion wafting up from the kitchen. In addition to being a handsome young man, her stepbrother was not a bad cook.

She skipped downstairs in her traditional baggy clothes to a plate of quesadilla waiting for her, dollops of sour cream and guacamole on the side, and she realized she was ravenous again. Ben laughed as she dug in.

“Jesus Lily, you keep eating like that and you’re going to get fat!”

Lily looked up and glared at him, and then laughed. “I don’t know what it is, I’m just starving today,” she said through a mouthful of food. She continued chomping away.

“Well, it looked like you got a pretty good swim in this morning. Listen, I’ve invited Judy - you remember Judy? - I’ve invited her over to swim this afternoon. You don’t mind, do you?”

Lily’s tummy fluttered. Another girl over! Her pussy moistened in anticipation.

“Uh, no. That’s fine. I have some reading to do anyway. I want to be ready for Stanford!”

“Cool.” Ben looked at her empty plate and pushed over his half-eaten meal. “Here, you can have mine.”

“Thanks, bro!” she said, and dove in.


Within the hour, Judy arrived. A tall blonde with big tits straining at her bikini top like they wanted to escape, her sleek muscled torso showed how much she worked out for the cheerleading team. Her firm round butt was squeezed into some cutoff jeans, a little cheek showing below the tattered hem. Lily hastily went upstairs to prepare. She put down her blinds almost all the way, and then closed her curtains the same amount, leaving only the tiniest rectangle of view. The window was open only a crack, and she knew from checking that it looked from the pool deck like the window and blinds were tightly closed. This was another little trick of hers. Whenever Ben had a girl over for a swim, or a pool party, Lily would try to be in her room watching from above. She would sit naked in her chair, backward, legs spread against the chair back and chin perched on a pillow balanced at its top. Then she would pinch her nipples and rub her pussy as the older girls and boys froliked. A pool party was just an excuse to rub up against other nearly-naked bodies, after all. Why not take it that one step further, she thought?

Lily striped naked and rubbed her already-stiff nipples, sitting astride the chair just as Judy and her stepbrother walked out arm-in-arm. Ben had made them some kind of cocktail, she saw. Judy stepped out of her skin-tight cutoffs to reveal the skimpiest thong bikini Lily had ever seen. The taut round globes of her ass bunched with athletic definition as the girl turned and looked coquettishly at Ben. Lily could see Ben’s rod begin to stiffen in his speedo. Judy lay back on a pool lounge and sipped her drink. Lily could hear the girl’s giggling at something Ben said. Lily started playing with her clit, already rigid within her lower folds. 

The couple finished their drinks and jumped into the pool, swimming around each other and splashing, circling closer and closer, until Ben dove under and then popped up right in front of Judy, rubbing his long body along hers as he emerged from the water. They began kissing, and Ben reached around the girl to cup her round butt in his big hands, lifting her up and rubbing her pussy along his hard cock. Lily could hear the girl’s groan from her room.

Lily was so close now, just on the precipice of coming, and she rubbed furiously to push herself over the edge, but she just couldn’t quite get there. It was very frustrating. She’d never had any problem with climaxing before, quite the contrary, she sometimes had to suppress the urge at socially inappropriate times, but now it eluded her for some reason. Fuck! It wasn’t the view - the girl was fucking hot and her stepbrother handsome, and she’d fuck either one of them given half a chance. No, it was something else.

At last the pair walked up the steps of the pool hand in hand. Lily could see Ben’s hard-on poking over the waistband of his speedo, and she figured they were headed to his room. As quickly as she could, Lily hurried over to her hidden stash of serum, mixed up a dose, and downed it. Then she shot through the hallway to Ben’s room - she could hear them in the living room, moving toward the stairs - and slipped into the closet, burying herself in the clothing he’d left piled on its floor. She peeked through the slats just as Ben and Judy entered, lips locked and pawing at each other. Ben reached around the girl and pulled the string to her bikini top free as Judy reached down under his speedo to grab his ass. She pulled back, letting her top fall and exposing some truly spectacular breasts, and knelt before Ben, pulling his swimsuit to the floor in one fluid motion. His eight-inch prong sprang free and slapped her in the face, and she laughed, and then licked it from balls to tip before sucking it into her mouth.

Lily’s pussy was on fire. She quietly stuffed some old jeans into her mouth and lightly ran her knuckles against the now-protruding knob of her clit, and nearly instantly came, only maintaining enough composure not to make much sound. It was a struggle. Ben’s moans drove her to another orgasm within seconds. Lily watched as Judy’s perfect tits wobbled and slapped Ben’s thighs as she sucked, wishing she could reach out and caress them herself, suck on their rigid nipples, and again Lily came. Lily could see that Ben was getting close, and Ben suddenly pushed Judy away and pulled her up again so he could kiss her. Ben’s kisses ran down Judy’s neck and to her ripe ready breast, and his hand massaged her pussy through her thong bikini. Judy gasped and pulled him closer as she stepped back and fell onto the bed. Ben slid down her length, a trail of kisses dotting her tummy, and pulled her bottoms down.

“Oh god Ben, I love this,” Judy whispered, as Lily watched him spread her legs and lick her sex greedily. His throbbing cock rubbed against his bedspread as if driven. Judy came hard within minutes and pulled him up.

“I need you in me,” she begged.

Ben positioned himself over her, teasing her slick pussy with his cockhead, and then thrust slowly into her sex. Within seconds he was pistoning endlessly into the girl, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes hard and sometimes gentle, but relentlessly, and the girl squealed as she reached her second orgasm. Then a third. He pulled her up and flipped her over and then began to ram into her from behind, using her shapely derriere as a shock absorber, and Lily watched as Judy gripped his bedspread, her hard nipples just brushing the soft fabric as Ben thrusted, and as the waves of pleasure broke over her. All along, Lily’s pussy throbbed in nearly-continuous orgasm. 

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Ben came hard into Judy, pulsing over and over and overfilling her womb, until he finally collapsed upon her, his stiff cock still embedded in her dripping sex. Within seconds, Lily could hear him lightly snoring, soon followed by Judy. Lily stood, her pussy still begging for more, and slipped out of the closet. She stared at the beautiful bare naked couple for a bit and then silently left the room.

She practically tore open the box she kept her vibrator in when she retrieved it, such was her urgency. Soon she was thrashing on her bed, imagining it was she who was plunging into the blonde and not her stepbrother, endowed with a gigantic prong of her own. Unlike her stepbrother, though, she wouldn’t stop after just one ejaculation, she’d just keep going and going and going. She pulled on her nipples, imagining her breasts ballooning out to rival the blonde’s and her body becoming the epitome of athletic beauty. She imagined her clit springing from her pussy lips like a third arm, cum dripping from the tip despite her lack of testicles. She’d make that blonde slut scream in pleasure all night and through the morning, coming over and over and filling her with her seed.


There was a pounding on her door. “I’m ordering a pizza,” her brother said.

Lily opened her eyes, suddenly fully awake. Pizza sounded good.

“Ok. I’ll be down in a minute,” she said. “Order two! Make mine with everything.”

“One with everything. Got it, oh Dalai Lama.”

Lily rolled her eyes, then sat up, put away her toys, and jumped into the shower, washing off the chlorine and sweat and pussy juices that had accumulated on her body that morning and afternoon. She soaped up her long muscles in the steamy water, removing every bit of grime, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy.

Wait...muscles? Breasts?

Lily nearly killed herself scrambling to the mirror to get a better look. She flexed her arm and, sure enough, a little muscle definition appeared. Nothing anyone would notice, but for someone who had body issues like her, just that little bit was amazing. She cupped her barely-there breasts next and let out a laugh. Barely there was more than flat-as-a-board, which is what she had been. Lily did a little dance, watching her new breasts jiggle a little and her butt muscles flex, and then pulled out a t-shirt and shorts from her closet, deciding to go commando, as she sometimes did.

She skipped down the stairs, her body buzzing with excitement and caught Ben finishing the order.

“What movie do you want?” he asked.

“Duh, Dirty Dancing.”

Now it was Ben’s turn to roll his eyes.

She queued up the movie and flopped onto the couch, reveling in the feeling of her nipples sliding across the soft cotton of her shirt. They watched the program in silence, Lily’s piercing stare soaking up every second of the film. Her pussy began to tingle, as it often did, as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray practiced the lift in the lake. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Lily raced to the door to grab the pizzas. 

Suddenly ravenously hungry, Lily devoured her pizza while watching the rest of the movie with the pizza box on her lap and a roll of paper towels beside her. Ben, for his part, had only two slices before falling asleep, his head slumped on her narrow shoulder. Still hungry, Lily started in on his pizza after polishing off her own. Finally, the movie ended, and the only sound was Ben’s soft snoring.

Lily looked over at her stepbrother, remembering his passionate sex that afternoon with Judy. She stared her unearthly stare at his crotch, imagining his hard throbbing rod in her stroking hand. She imagined sitting astride him and guiding it into her pussy. Almost unconsciously, Lily reached over and touched Ben’s dick through his shorts, pulling back suddenly as Ben snorted, and then caressing it again when his breath steadied once more. Slowly it hardened beneath her touch, the cockhead crawling down his leg until his sex was stiff and hard, the head just peeking out beyond the hem of his shorts. Her breath came in gasps. She lightly touched his soft pliable cockhead, watching his dick pulse and strain at his clothing - her first time actually touching a real penis. A little bead of precum formed at its tip, and Lily brought it to her lips and tasted it, as if in a trance.

Lily suddenly shook her head and jumped off the couch, sending pizza boxes tumbling, and ran for the door. 

What the hell am I doing?

She stepped out onto the front porch and breathed in the cool breeze. It was a very pleasant late-spring evening. Without even thinking, Lily jumped down the stairs and started running, jogging at first but gradually picking up the pace, hoping to burn off some of the limitless energy she seemed to have recently before she succumbed to the urge to jump her stepbrother’s bones. 

It felt...nice, actually. Usually she’d become winded within a minute or two and have to stop, hands on knees, trying to catch her breath, but for some reason that point never seemed to come. She got into a rhythm of inhaling every two strides and the usual gasping never emerged. She also used to get horrible cramps in her side and calves, but they never seemed to appear this time either, not even an ache. Not even the big hill nearby could stop her. She just ran and ran and let her mind wander.

The wind of her passage pulled her long red hair back in a streamer. Her new little tits bounced lightly, her nipples stimulated by the soft cotton, but never to the point of pain. The seam in the crotch of her shorts slowly worked into her pussy, giving her a camel toe, and began to stimulate her still-erect clit. God, it felt good! She imagined herself growing larger, taller, taking even bigger strides, picking up the pace, her leg and torso muscles bunching under her clothes. She imagined her breasts adding mass and size as they bounced, always firm and high on her chest, but ballooning bigger and bigger, her nipples scaling up, stiff as nails, eventually tearing little holes in her shirt. She imagined the feeling of the cool night air on her exposed nipples and became even more aroused. Her washboard abs were now exposed with her shirt pulled up so far. She pictured herself as an athletic sex bomb that stretched her imagination.

 But Lily wanted more! She thought back to the way Ben had fucked Judy earlier and she imagined her tingling clit growing larger and larger, pushing back against that seam in her shorts, eventually growing up and over her waistband. Thick and veined and hungry, she imagined it pulsing larger and larger, beyond anything possessed by any man and rivaling the largest dicks in her hentai. Her clit stretched higher and thicker, crawling under her shirt and developing a hole at its tip, looking more and more like a cock with every pulse. Soon it was thick as a can of beans and long enough for her to lick the cockhead as it nestled between the enormous globes of her new breasts. Her precum tasted like Ben’s! Finally, the weight of this monster became too heavy for her clothes and it tipped forward, ripping through her shirt and shorts in its passage, swaying back and forth before her with every stride, so stiff despite its mass that it stuck up at a 45 degree angle.

Oh god! Lily wanted it so badly! She was just at the edge of a massive orgasm but...but it just wouldn’t come! Lily stuck one hand into her shorts and fingered her bulbous clit wildly as she ran, but to no avail! Dammit! She balled her fists and stopped and screamed to the heavens in frustration.

It was then that she actually paid attention to her surroundings. The sky had become a little lighter in the east, and she looked at her watch. Three thirty? Had she been running for six hours? She looked around herself and realized she was in a mountain pass ninety miles from home. She wasn’t even winded.

What the hell is happening to me?

Lily turned down the hill and ran, paying attention this time rather than succumbing to her fantasies. She entered a small town in the foothills and stopped at a cafe, where she ordered the farmers breakfast and a tall stack of pancakes and an omelette on the side, as well as a pot of coffee. While waiting for the food, she went into the bathroom to take stock. Her shorts were wearing thin where her thighs would periodically rub together, and her t-shirt was tight against her tits and getting threadbare at the nipples. Her shoes were a disaster, not intended to endure ninety miles of intense running. She’d have to get some new running clothes, she thought. She flexed her arms, and saw that they were bigger than before! Noticeably more muscular. Her breasts were bigger too! Lily did an excited little dance, and then returned to find her meal ready.

While eating, she texted her brother to say she had gone out for a little early-morning run so he wouldn’t get worried and then thought about what the hell was going on. She was no dummy. This transformation, her incredible feats of athleticism, and maybe even her inability to orgasm, had to be connected to that stuff Ben had brought home. She’d thought that it was meant for sexual enhancement, but maybe...maybe he had meant something else. Physical enhancement? That certainly seemed to make sense, given the evidence. But what about her orgasms? What had happened there? Why couldn’t she come unless she took the serum, and then why did she go nuts? Was she somehow...addicted? Dependent on the chemical for sexual pleasure, like some kind of junkie?

What happens when I run out? Can I steal more from Ben? What happens when he runs out?

Lily thought hard and began to formulate a plan.


Ben awoke to his phone’s buzzing. He looked and saw that his stepsister had gone for a run. Weird. She’d never been at all athletic. He shrugged, and then realized that this would be a good time to try out his formula again. The last time it had seemed to drive him wild with sexual need, and when he came he’d passed out - like normal. He hadn’t seemed to get too much benefit from his exercise afterward either, perhaps because of the delay. What he needed was a stimulant.

Coffee? Nah, he’d probably become desensitized during his late-night study sessions in college. What he needed was something stronger. Hmmm...when he was a kid they diagnosed him with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. He doubted he’d actually needed it, since he had no difficulty paying attention to his science now, but he had been a spirited child and he guessed his dad couldn’t handle him. He wondered if his mom still had some of those pills lying around.

Ben sprang up and ran up to his mom and step dad's room, and into their bathroom. After ten minutes of searching, he finally found a box at the back of the bottom cabinet drawer with a mix of old and expired drugs. Some Oxycontin from his wisdom tooth extraction, some leftover Azithromycin (Bad mom! Take the full course! He thought), and at the bottom a half-full bottle of Adderall. He took the bottle with him into his room.

Let’s see...this stuff is basically meth, right? I should probably only take two.

Ben whipped up a new batch of formula, stripped, and stepped into his shower, hoping to contain the damage when he ejaculated. Then he swallowed the two pills and washed them down with the formula. He waited there for a couple minutes feeling silly, and then felt a strange buzzing in his head...a manic energy. He needed something to do! Just then he felt an overwhelming urge to touch himself, and he looked down to see his erection, now somehow longer and harder than he had ever imagined. He grabbed his prong with both hands and yanked for all he was worth, the pleasure building rapidly until, with multiple convulsions, he spurted stream after stream of hot cum against the glass door of his shower. The usual drowsiness fought against the stimulant, but he was able to remain conscious, still with a rock-hard erection that begged for more. He kept pumping, the pleasure taking a little longer to rise to a climax, but he was able to come again, albeit a much smaller amount this time. Finally, his cock deflated to half-mast, and panting, he turned on the shower and washed himself off.

Not wanting to waste a second, he skipped out of the shower, pulled on some boxers - now bulging with his semi - and ran downstairs to the weight room.

This time he was really able to push himself. Whether it was from the formula or the stimulant, he easily worked up to two sets of ten 50lb curls and then pushed it into a set of 75 pounders. He kept going with his upper-body workout for an hour, and then realized that he had done his upper body just the other day and began doing squats and thrusts and other leg exercises. Even after the second hour, his body was buzzing, so he grabbed the pull-up bar and did leg raises and pullups and even upside down weighted crunches. He was a machine!

Finally, after three hours of intense weight training, he ran upstairs and, stripping off his boxers, jumped into the pool and began to do laps. He didn’t even think about the possibility of Lily coming home and finding him skinny-dipping, such was the intensity of his focus. Lap followed lap, and his mind began to wander. 

Fuck, yesterday with Judy had been awesome! He just wished he could keep going after coming the first time. He should try fucking her after taking the serum and Adderall! He bet he could just keep going over and over! Just the thought of it aroused him again, his dick becoming rock hard despite the water resistance of his swimming. He imagined himself standing there, an adonis of a man in all his naked glory, bulging muscles cut as if from marble, with a throbbing foot-long cock drooling cum. Judy knelt before him begging him to ram it in her. He would lift her up, her big boobs pressed against his chest, and, grasping her narrow waist with his big hands, piston her up and down on his enormous dong with his incredibly strong arms until he came over and over again inside her, filling her, distending her abdomen with gallons of cum.

His swimming strokes became erratic, and just as he reached the edge of the pool, he came hard, ropes of cum shooting through the water and floating to the surface. Now suddenly exhausted, Ben pulled himself from the water and stumbled toward the house. He almost made it, when overcome with fatigue, he collapsed naked into a pool lounge and fell into a fitful sleep.


Finally full of pancakes, eggs, and meat, and buzzing with a pot of coffee, Lily decided to call a taxi rather than run home on a full stomach. After a fifteen minute wait - it took a while to get one out in the sticks, apparently - a driverless humming pod of a car pulled up to the restaurant and she climbed in.

She thought over her plan. She needed to sneak up into Ben’s room and take pictures of all his notes. Then she needed to find the ingredients to make her own supply of serum. Hopefully the manufacturing process wasn’t very difficult. She might have to sneak into a lab.

The ride into town only took a couple hours, and she stopped in at a sporting goods shop to get herself a sports bra and some shorts and some good running shoes, and broke them in running home the rest of the way. By the time she got there it was nearly noon. She walked into the house and called for Ben to see if he was home. No answer. She looked into the back yard and found him naked by the pool, deeply asleep.

Fuck he was hot. He looked...pumped? More fit than the previous day when she watched him fuck Judy from the closet anyway. And his dick! Even flaccid, the thing snaked over his thigh a good six or seven inches. It was all she could do to tear herself away, reminding herself that she had a mission.

Lily quickly ran up the stairs and into her stepbrother’s room and opened his secret case. On top of the bottles of serum were a small stack of notebooks. She figured the one on top would include his most recent formula, and she worked backward from back to front, taking a pic of each page with her phone. Reading a little bit of each page as she worked, she saw tables of notes on lab animals that he had dosed. He hadn't noticed much of a libido increase in most of them, not that they had a chance to mate in their individual cages, but they all displayed varying levels of muscular development, with the largest lab rat growing to 200% of mean rat length and 400% of mean mass, with seemingly unlimited endurance, no need to sleep, and with much stronger muscles for a given cross-section - making him far, far stronger than the typical rodent. Ben even had to put the rat in a special reinforced cage, because he kept bending the bars of standard cages, trying to escape. The rat had even somehow picked the lock twice, but Ben had found him trying to mate with some female rats in a different cage, so his escapes were thwarted.

Finally she got to the point where the production procedure was written out, and her heart fell as she read what was necessary. Gene sequencing? Gamma rays? Hydrofluoric acid! She continued taking pictures anyway, even going deeper to a couple of previous attempts. Finally, she packed everything up just as she had found it. Then she noticed the bottle beside the case, and picked it up, curious. Adderall. Was he taking this too? Was this part of the treatment? Just in case, Lily slipped four of the capsules into her hand.

Back in her room, she looked over the list of chemicals and puzzled over the terminology Ben had used. Lily realized she didn’t have quite the grounding in biology and chemistry necessary to accurately decipher it. Eventually, she pulled out her notebook and started scanning the web to help her with the definition of terms, but that led her to have to look up other things she wasn’t familiar with, and so on, and soon it was three in the afternoon. Time for a break.

She skipped downstairs, and peeked out the back door. Ben was gone. Up in his room, she supposed. She prepared herself three chicken sandwiches - she was hungry again - and went back to her room. When she got there she ate her sandwiches and studied. She felt a bit of despair that she’d ever be able to synthesize the formula. She sighed and sat back in her chair. Her eyes fell on the still-open box in her closet. A good old fashioned orgasm, that’s what she needed. 

Now a routine, Lily prepared a dose of the magic elixir and then stripped naked. She looked at herself in the closet mirror and smiled. The food baby she’d developed at the diner was gone, and she could actually see some muscle on her tummy. Nothing dramatic, but it was there! Also, her breasts appeared bigger than even in the diner restroom. She cupped them and let them go, and they bounced a little! She shivered and ran her hands down her sleek, lightly-muscled body, to her pussy, where, to her surprise, she felt her clit press firmly against her fingers. She pulled back her pussy lips and stared at the nub in the mirror. The thing must have been almost a centimeter across! She skipped back to the bed excited, pulled out her vibrator, and downed one Adderall with the serum.

Within minutes, Lily felt a buzzing in her head, followed by a buzzing in her loins, and soon she was thrashing on her bed, writhing with untold pleasure as she came over and over and over. God it was so good! Her imagination ran wild. Once again she became an unstoppable colossus of ravenous sexual power, fucking countless partners of both sexes sensless. Growing thirty feet tall and flexing muscles like a bodybuilder’s, she smashed her clit-dick through the walls of concrete buildings and pumped them with cum until they burst! 

At some point, Lily let the vibrator fall off the bed and began to jerk off her clit like a cock, imagining it growing to fill her hand, and she came again and again at the thought of it.

At last, after what must have been hours of orgasm, Lily lay back, sated. Sated, but not tired. Still alert from the Adderall, Lily went back to the notes, flipping back and forth between them and the internet, filling in gaps in her knowledge with surprising speed. It all seemed to make sense! Sure, the chemicals would be difficult to procure - and how could she get the equipment to bombard one of the precursors with gamma rays? - but the theory seemed fairly simple. She even read through some of the earlier experiments, and saw that some of his false starts would likely have born fruit, had he pursued other strategies for synthesis. They might even work better than the current formula!

She looked up. It was ten, and she was still buzzing with energy. Despite having run a hundred miles the previous night and not getting any sleep, she was restless. Naked, she skipped downstairs, not even thinking of the possibility of Ben being there, but Ben was gone, either in his room or off fucking Judy, she figured. Suddenly she remembered that Ben had a weight room in the basement! Lily headed down.

She surveyed the room full of exercise equipment. This should burn off her extra energy, she figured. Lily headed to the bench press, still loaded with weights from Ben’s workout. Not even checking how heavy they were, she sat down, her naked body sticking to the vinyl a little, and pushed upward with all her might. The thing didn’t budge, but Lily felt compelled to keep going, and after a minute, the bar actually started to lift off its stops! Finally, her arms fully extended, she tried to slowly lower it to her chest. The thing came down more quickly than she expected though, and her collarbone creaked as the bar finally came to rest. Now with renewed urgency and adrenaline flooding her veins, Lily pushed upward with all her might, straining at the cold steel bar. Gasping for air and desperate, her body finally responded. Her breathing slowed, and her muscles burned, but they seemed to fill with an unearthly energy. Finally, after minutes of continuous pressure, the bar started lifting! Slowly, but surely, the heavy weight rose higher. It actually seemed to get easier the further it went! Finally her arms were fully extended, and she racked the bar. Sitting up and breathing hard, she finally read the weights. Forty-five, forty-five, forty-five, ten, times two. She had just lifted two-hundred and ninety pounds, not counting the bar. 

Is that a lot? It seems like a lot.

Still filled with energy, Lily moved on to curls, which she undertook in a more methodical fashion, starting with ten pounders and working up to fifty. She loved the way her new biceps bulged (biceps!) when she watched herself in the mirror. She had to deduce how to use the equipment, not being that familiar with weight training, but she moved on to work out with squats, and presses, and pullups and pretty much anything else she could think of, with weight totals she could not have imagined were possible.

Finally, just beginning to feel a little fatigued, Lily went up to the kitchen and drank a gallon of milk and ate a leftover half roast chicken.

She suddenly heard a jingle of keys at the door, and she ducked down behind the kitchen island. 

“Shhh! Judy. Be quiet. We don’t want to wake Lily.” Ben’s voice was a little slurred, as if drunk, and Judy did not sound any more sober. She giggled, and Lily could hear her slap Ben’s hand away.

“C’mon, I’ve got something I want to show you in my room,” he said.

“I think I’ve already seen that,” Judy giggled.

“No, really. It’s really important and I think you’ll really like it!”

“Oh, you know I can’t say no to you!”

They headed upstairs, and Lily, curious, followed. She waited at the bottom of the stairs until she heard a giggle and the click of Ben locking his door, and then she padded up silently into her own room. She was about to press her ear up to her bathroom mirror - their bathrooms adjoined each other and Ben never closed his bathroom door - when she noticed she could hear them faintly through the wall just fine. Lily perched her newly-rounded ass up on her marble counter and listened.

<So, what do you got, big boy?>

<Two things. You know how I was telling you about my research?>

<*Giggle* Making he-man monster mice?>

<Rats. Yeah. But that’s not all. So, I whipped up a batch for myself and, let me tell you, it makes you mega horny. You know yesterday?>

<How could I forget? *kiss*>

<Ah, well, um I took some then, and some today too, and that’s how I can show you my second thing.>

There was a zipping sound, and then a gasp.

<Is it real?>

<Fuck yeah, it is, and I want to fuck you with it all night long.>

<Oh, honey. You know how you always get tired after you cum.>

<Not this time! I got a workaround now! Get naked and wait for me on my bed.>

There were some clanking sounds. Ben preparing his serum, Lily guessed.

<Ok. Take this pill and drink this down.>

<Are you sure I’m not going to become some sort of monster?>

<Just a sex monster!>

There was the clinking sound of a test tube being set down.

<*Gasp* Oh my god! It’s so big!>

Another louder clink as Judy’s test tube fell to the floor.

Within seconds, Lily could hear Judy wailing as loud as if she was in the room with her. Lily brought her feet up to the edge of the counter, and she sat with her back against the mirror, legs spread. She looked down to her shaven pussy to see her clit, erect and throbbing, poking out from her folds nearly an inch! Lily began pulling on it rhythmically, alternating between hands, begging, pleading with God to let her reach climax like Judy was! 

Lily imagined how big Ben’s cock must be now to elicit Judy’s exclamations of wonder, and figured it had to be at least ten inches. Oh, to have ten inches herself! She imagined it once again, fucking Judy in Ben’s place with an immense clit-cock. Coming over and over into the girl, but then, having her grow too! Every time she came in Judy, Judy’s boobs got bigger, her muscles stronger, she got taller, better in every way! Then she’d feel something press against her abdomen, and she’d look down and realize Judy was growing a cock too! It would grow and grow to rival her own, and then they’d switch places and Judy would fuck her, and Lily would grow as Judy filled her and, OH God!

After nearly an hour of pulling on her clit, Lily finally came, hard, without the help of the serum! Not only that, it was different from usual. It felt like a bolt of fire was streaming from her, and she looked down through eyes filled with tears of joy to see her little clit, now not so little at an inch and a half, spurt little spurts of a pearly fluid! She came! Not just orgasmed, but actually ejaculated! She kept pulling, and then another orgasm nearly as good as the first racked her body, and she came again, a little pool of fluid forming between her legs and dripping to the floor. Now getting drowsy, Lily fought against it, yanking away until at last she came a third time, cum shooting out over the edge of the counter, nearly making it to the shower’s glass door six feet away. 

Finally, Lily slid to the floor into a pool of her own cum, and fell asleep to the sounds of her newly-improved stepbrother and his girlfriend fucking like wild animals.


After seeing Judy off in a taxi the next morning, Ben headed downstairs to the weight room. Somehow the Adderall had had a synergistic effect with the serum that boosted both. Not only did he and Judy fuck for hours last night, he was able to ejaculate five times, and even afterward kept his boner so as to keep Judy writhing in climax. Even after all that he felt full of energy, despite the lack of sleep!

He started with the bench press, taking some of the weight he started with off, leaving a hundred. It felt like he was lifting fifty. He added more and more until he started feeling some real resistance at close to his old max at 250. Still, he ripped out ten reps without too much difficulty. Excited, he added ninety pounds, 340, and got under the bar. His arms straining, he managed two reps before he decided it was foolish to do more without a spotter. Still, improvement!

He went on to do more exercises, finishing his arms and moving on to core, spending three hours in the basement. Then he went out for a swim. Finally a little tired, he realized he was famished and went into the kitchen to find the fridge mostly empty.

Damn! Where had all the food gone?

Rummaging through the pantry, Ben found an old jug of protein powder and made himself a smoothie - had to feed those muscles! - and then went up to bed.


<Hi Judy? How you feeling? Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Well, I still had a bunch of energy so I worked out a little and went to bed. You? You’re still awake! What have you been doing? Studying. You do know, Judy, that term is over? Yeah, I know, getting a head start, I get it.>

<Soooo, what’s up for tonight? Oh. No, yeah, I get it. Well you stayed out all night last night, so I can see how they might be worried. Yeah. Ok. Me too. Bye.>

Judy woke with a start on the cold stone of her bathroom floor, sticky and sore. She listened to Ben’s conversation with Judy and then got up to use the shower, nearly slipping in her own spunk.

Last night! She looked down between her legs. Nothing. Was it just a dream? Then she looked in the mirror and marveled. No dream.

The visiage that looked back at her was similar to her old self, but better, way better. Her face, for one thing, once round and moonlike, now seemed thinner, with some definition in her cheeks, like she had just had a very expensive makeover. Her pale almond eyes were bright rather than hooded, strikingly framed by her red eyebrows. Her hair, now lightly tangled, shone brightly, and hung halfway down her back, a full five inches longer than she remembered.

That wasn’t the only thing that had grown! If her face had undergone a regime change, what had happened below her neck was a revolution! Lily cupped her growing breasts in her hands, now full B cups, she judged, flicking her sensitive nipples. And her muscles! Lily ran her hand down her now-washboard abs, watching as her long arm muscles seemed to throb with the motion, bunching smoothly under her skin. Her hand continued down now-shapely thighs, bunching with well defined muscle, and she giggled when she turned to find her butt now two perfect globes of smooth firm roundness. 

Excited, she jumped into the shower, having to adjust the nozzle up a little. Was she taller too?

She quickly soaped up, making plans for the day. First things first, if she was going to jack off with her newly-improved clit like last night there could be no more hiding in Ben’s closet. Her spunk would be hard to hide or explain. She needed to set up a camera in his room so she could still get her live sex show fix. Next, she needed to make some more formula. She had some ideas on how to improve it from last night but she needed to make sure it would work. She couldn’t really do animal testing here at the house, so she would have to experiment on herself, and for that she needed to be sure, like really sure.

Lily considered. She only really had two doses left, and she felt raiding Ben’s stash again would be pushing her luck. She thought back to her reading yesterday and how things seemed to make more sense after a dose and some Adderall. She was obviously sharper, but was she getting smarter too? Maybe if she prepared, got a bunch of biology and chemistry material together, and then went nuts with the formula and her new dick, she could push that farther. Maybe improve the formula?

It’s as good a plan as any, she thought, drying herself.

Lily walked over to her closet and considered. Should she try to hide her improvements from her stepbrother? Her dad might have gotten worried and sent her to a hospital, were he around, but with just her and Ben in the house...well, what was he going to do? She supposed that if she kept growing he might figure out she was using the serum, but you know what, fuck him! She was going to flaunt what she’s got and let him try to stop her. Maybe she’d get him all sexually frustrated too! That’d be sweet!

She tried on some jeans. Her legs were now so muscled from all the running she couldn’t get her thighs in! She settled on a floofy summer skirt, which fit fine around her still-narrow waist, but her newly-rounded glutes filled out the back so much that it now ended well above the knee. She twirled in front of the mirror, the diaphanous skirt rising to expose her still naked pussy. Still nude up top, she laughed when she saw her boobs, firm and perky and about orange-sized, bouncing naturally as she spun, and her nipples got hard at the sight of it.

Not now. I have too much to do today.

She chose a matching white cotton top. Sleeveless, to show off her arms, loose and airy, but just a little sheer so that when the light hit just right people around her would be able to see her hungry nipples through the fabric. She giggled at the thought of all the hard-ons she’d be causing today. Lily brushed her hair a few strokes, but really it fell perfectly into place just running her fingers through it, and shone like the setting sun it was so shiny. Another perk of the magic formula!

She put on a pair of sandals, grabbed her bag, and headed downstairs. She could hear Ben banging cabinets in the kitchen.

“Have you seen the peanut butter?” he called.

Lily walked in and stared intensely at her newly-muscled stepbrother, shirtless and in cutoffs that wrapped his upper thighs like sausage casings.

He stared back, startled at his stepsister’s appearance.

Lily finally broke her unearthly stare and walked over to the cabinet next to the refrigerator.

“It’s up here. Your mom got on a health kick last month and decided it was fattening, so put it on the top shelf.”

She opened the cabinet and stood on tiptoe reaching for the jar. Her leg muscles bunched up under her skirt, and she wiggled her butt a little to make sure he got a good view. She worked the jar to the shelf’s edge with her fingertips and then tipped it over, catching it deftly with her left hand.

“Here you go,” she said, handing it over with a sultry smile and half-lidded eyes.

“Uh. Um, thanks. Y-you know we’re out of food for some reason.”

“Oh really?” she said in mock surprise. “I’m going out shopping now. I could pick up some food if you like.” Lily swayed back and forth ‘innocently’ with her hands clasped in front of her so that her boobs swayed a little.

Ben stared, mesmerized, and then closed his mouth before it could drool. 

“Uh. Ok. Cool. Thanks.” He stammered.

“I’m going to take the car, ok?”

“Uh. Sure. I’ll use a taxi today,” he replied dazedly.

Lily skipped out the door like a schoolgirl, letting her skirt flip up a little to expose her naked bottom as she bounded. She jumped into the family’s Mercedes giggling for a moment. And then set it into a ‘private mode’ that she had hacked into it last year so her Dad wouldn’t be able to tell where she had gone. It had been more of a theoretical exercise then, since she didn’t have much of a social life for him to worry about, but she was glad she’d done it because she didn’t want her stepbrother seeing where she’d gone today if he started getting suspicious.

Her first stop was a specialty electronics store she’d gone to sometimes. She’d noticed that they had a sideline in ‘spyware’ - prosumer-grade mini cameras and microphones and such you could use to spy on your housekeeper, or nanny, or...for other things. The car drove her there without complaint. Once there she bought a bluetooth pinhole camera that would fit just perfectly in the screw-hole of Ben’s bedroom’s overhead light.

Then she went to the local university and its life sciences library - still open for the summer term and to which she had a card from her AP classes. She spent an hour collecting the books she needed, and then went to the chemistry library and did the same thing. 

Next, she went clothes shopping, picking out a couple of flattering outfits and a new bikini that would emphasize her newly-athletic physique and big boobs - hopefully all just at the start of their expansion!

Finally, Lily had the car drive to Costco where she loaded two carts full of meat and chicken and rice and cookies and...well she basically took one or two of everything edible.

Everywhere she went she attracted looks from men and women alike. Now, not only striking and cute, she was actually beautiful! Not only that, she began trying out all the flirtatious little tricks she’d read about in trashy romance novels or saw implemented by the femmes fatale on TV. She had these people eating out of the palm of her hand. Fuck, she’d prefer they were all eating out something else of hers!

Anxious to get back home, and getting horny, she loaded the car, hopped in, and casually caressed her pussy as it drove. She felt her clitty pushing out of her lips a little, and gasped at the sensation when she ran her finger across it. Fuck! She wondered how big it was now when fully aroused! She could hardly wait to jack it off again. 

But she had to get things ready first, so she reluctantly restrained herself. Once home, Lily unpacked, hoping to tease Ben again some more, but he seemed to be out. She grabbed the flat of Clif bars she’d purchased and brought them, her library books, and the new camera to her room. After reading the camera instructions, she slipped into Ben’s room and unscrewed the center screw holding his bedroom light fixture together, and then brought it down to the garage to drill a little hole in it. The camera was only a couple millimeters thick, and it fit snugly into the newly-drilled hole. The decorative screw was black and shiny to begin with, so the tiny lens fit right in. This was a new-ish technology, and came with a rechargeable battery that fit in the hole behind the screw that would power the camera for weeks of heavy use. She screwed the light fixture back together and lay back on Ben’s bed, staring at it. Seamless!

Lily skipped back to her room and paired her phone with the encrypted signal from the camera next door and was rewarded with a full-color view of Ben’s bed from above. Perfect!

She stood and twirled once more in front of the mirror, watching her skirt fly up to expose her moist pussy again. Was she bigger? She stripped and examined herself. Maybe!

Time to cum!

Lily prepared herself a dose of serum - it looked like she only had two left, so she’d better make them count - and sat at her desk with her pile of books and laptop. Did she forget anything? She thought back to her shooting spunk across the bathroom. Fuck, it wouldn’t do to shoot the sticky stuff all around her bedroom! She ran downstairs to get a suitable container, grabbing an empty milk jug from the recycling, and then just to be sure, an empty water bottle with a wide opening. Just then, the front door opened and Lily slipped into the pantry and closed the door, just peeking through a crack.

Twice in two days? Can’t a girl walk naked through the house without being interrupted anymore?

“It’s upstairs, Maddy. I swear it’s pretty cool!”

A short, cute, brown-haired girl followed him in. Not as statuesque as Judy, Maddy was the girl from Ben’s chess club who came over to study chemistry with him every once and awhile. She remembered hiding in Ben’s closet in anticipation of one of those special “study sessions” only to sit there for three hours while they actually studied. It had been very frustrating. Short, but slim, the main thing Maddy had that Lily was interested in were her enormous tits. She always hid them under baggy sweaters, but you could tell that the girl was awfully top heavy. Lily felt sad she’d never gotten to see them, but maybe today was her chance.

“This had better not just be an excuse to get me in your room, Ben. You know I don’t swing that way.”

Ooooooo! Interesting, Thought Lily.

“This is serious science, Maddy.”

Lily watched them climb the stairs, and she hurried over with her bottles to follow them. She slipped into her room, locked the door, and turned on her phone. Lily watched as the two figures stood at Ben’s desk by the window, half-cut off by the edge of the sensor.

    <So, this is it? This is what you were so excited about?> Maddy said exasperatedly. Lily could hear them through the wall in her bathroom, even though it was more than fifteen feet away. 

    Wow! My hearing is getting really good!

<Look Maddy, at the end of term a week ago, I was a beanpole, OK? I’d basically lost any bit of definition I’d gained in high school. Now look at me!>

Lily could see him step closer to the bed and take off his shirt and flex. He really was kinda cut now.

<Ben, if you’re trying to impress me you’re barking up the wrong tree.> Lily could see Maddy inspecting her stepbrother. < you say you got these muscles in one week?>

<Really just a couple of days. It’s amazing!>

<Huh.> Maddy stood contemplating. <You try this stuff on a girl yet?>


<Well, let me have some! I could do with a little muscle mass!>

<Uh...that may not be a good idea, Maddy. You see, um, there’s a side effect.>

<And that is…>

<Well, it makes you really horny, is all. I mean, like, super horny.>

<Ffffft!> Maddy broke down laughing. <Seriously? You afraid I’m gonna jump your skinny bones, Ben?> 

<Really Maddy, you don’t know what this stuff does to you until you’ve experienced it first hand. It’s nuts!>

<I think I can handle your little ‘aphrodisiac’, and if I do get horny, I think I can hold myself together long enough to get home to handle things myself. Serve me up, bartender!>

Ben shrugged and moved to mix two doses of the stuff, forgetting about the Adderall. He handed her a test tube and said “Cheers” and they drank it down. Lily took an Adderall and chased it with the serum, and settled in to watch.

Both Maddy and Ben started breathing heavily, and she sat down on his bed, absently pawing at her enormous bosom. Ben was practically panting, and Lily could see the tip of his cock start to breach the waist of his jeans. Lily reached down and began massaging her pussy, feeling the nub of her clit expand under her fingers.

Maddy suddenly took off her sweater, revealing an industrial-sized bra encasing her ample assets. How could such a slim girl have such enormous tits, Lily thought. Maddy began to unzip her jeans, and then plunged her hand under her panties as she gasped for release. Ben likewise undid his jeans, letting his twelve-inch monster spring forth. Seeing the writhing, nearly-naked girl before him, he fell on her, bucking his hips, searching for somewhere to put his prong.

Maddy, with impressive strength, shoved him off and to the side.

<Get off me you jackass!>

The two of them lay, side-by-side masturbating furiously. Lily joined them vicariously, yanking on her now-erect clit. It must have stuck out five inches now! It looked like an actual dick, complete with cockhead and slit, pulsating with precum. She brought the water bottle up and inserted the tip of her dick into the opening and then looked back at her phone.

The two of them were really going now, their breathing coming faster and faster, groaning out their pleasure as they were lost in their respective sexual fantasies.

<Oh god, let me suck on your tits.>

<Fuck you’re good!>

<I’m gonna pound you all night!>

<Eat me, eat me, eat me…>

<Oh god, oh god! I’m coming, I’m coming!>


They both said that last one at the same time as Ben came like a firehose, shooting thick ribbons of semen over his head and across his bedspread and Maddy arched her back in untold pleasure. 

Lily did likewise, feeling her cock spurt over and over and over into the bottle, like it would never stop. Each pulse was a searing bolt of pure pleasure that radiated out from her clit into the rest of her body, combining both worlds of pleasure - male ejaculation and female contractions - different flavors of the same thing, but each with its own special quality.

As she came down from her first orgasm, Lily watched as Ben and Maddy exchanged glances, confused that they both called out Judy’s name. The confusion was short-lived, however, with Maddy compelled to yank her panties down and undoing her bra so she was completely naked. She grabbed one of Ben’s pillows and began humping it wildly, chasing the dragon’s tail once again. Ben watched, his dick spurting again from the show, albeit much less than the first time, and then closed his eyes, fast asleep.

Lily checked the level of her water bottle. Half full, with sixteen ounces of spunk! How was that possible? Her clit dick rose to full erection at the thought of it. Then she looked at the screen, at Maddy humping her pillow, her cute little butt flexing over and over driving her pussy into the fluffy impromptu sex toy. She had to have her!

Lily jumped up and raced over to Ben’s room, flinging the door open, her clit slapping her lower abs as she ran. The brunette looked up with wild eyes, in the last throes of her second orgasm.

“Lily?” she asked, confused.

“Maddy. Come with me. I need you.”

Maddy stood on wobbly legs and collapsed on the bed atop her clothes. Lily jumped over her comatose stepbrother to scoop Maddy into her arms, lifting her with ease and grabbing the girl’s jeans and sweater in the process. Lily could smell the scent of sex on the girl’s body, and she bent a little and sucked one of Maddy’s long nipples into her mouth, twirling her tongue around it. Maddy groaned. Lily could feel the tip of her cock just touching Maddy’s ass, as she made her way back to her own room. She set Maddy onto her bed, and then locked the door. Lily stood there, stroking her cock, staring at the naked brunette writhing on the mattress, legs splayed invitingly, and then knelt before her.

Taking pointers form the last fucking she’d watched Ben give Judy, Lily started from the bottom, kissing a trail up from her pointed toes up her shapely thighs, and then to Maddy’s pussy, where she stayed long enough to elicit two violent orgasms from the girl. Then, unable to wait any longer, Lily slid up to Maddy’s wobbling tits and sucked one huge nipple into her mouth. Maddy groaned.

“Oh god! Lily! You’re so good! So much better than Judy!”

Lily smiled, “Let me give you something Judy can never give you then!” and guided her clit-cock into Maddy’s tight wet snatch.

Maddy arched her back again, now in throes of pleasure beyond her experience even before Lily started pumping. When Lily began to move her hips, Maddy’s orgasms went into overdrive. She screamed out Lily’s name over and over as the newly-becocked girl pumped into the smaller girl. Then, suddenly, Lily came, filling the slim brunette to the brim, cum squelching out where it could onto her bed. And then Lily came again, and again, and again, each climatic ejaculation blending into the next as Maddy was rendered speechless and gasping from the pleasure of it.

After an hour and a half, Maddy passed out, her brain overloaded on endorphins and her pussy gushing with cum. Lily was nowhere close to being done, though. With the Adderall buzzing in her system and her cock hard as ever, she guzzled water quickly from the bathroom faucet and sat back down at her desk. There she plunged her dick into the empty gallon milk jug, and opened a book. 

It was easier than she would have thought, reading while masturbating. Actually, she felt she absorbed the material faster and more completely than she had while clear-headed! The milk jug was just overflowing as she finished the first chemistry book. After taking a second to empty it and rehydrate, she resumed with an advanced biochemistry book, and continued in this vein, coming and reading and coming and reading through the afternoon and into the evening. 

Eventually, her insatiable need to come subsided, and her cock retracted back into her shaven pussy, but her mind was still buzzing with stimulant and information, and she was still focused on her work. She broke open a case of cliff bars and began eating, one following the last in an endless parade.

At about seven, Maddy’s phone buzzed, and the groggy girl sat up, saw the naked goddess at the desk and giggled, flopping backward with the memory of the afternoon.

“Who’d have thought little Lily would grow up to be such a bombshell?”

Lily caressed her now-even larger tit and pinched its nipple. “Just a growing girl, I guess!”

Maddy returned the call. It was her Mom, asking if she’d be home for dinner. Maddy looked at Lily, who gestured at her books.

“Yeah, actually I’m really, really hungry tonight. I’ll be over in a half hour. Thanks, Mom.”

Maddy motioned to the bathroom. “Mind if I take a quick shower?”

“Be my guest,” Lily said, turning back to her books.

Maddy soon returned, a towel wrapped around her, and started getting dressed.

“Did you, uh, get my bra?” she asked.

“I musta missed it when I scooped you up,” said Lily.

Maddy considered for a moment whether to go back and get it, and then just decided to go braless. She quickly got dressed, her formerly-petite ass just squeezing into her jeans, and made her way to the door. She turned.

“Um...can we...can we do that again sometime?”

Lily stood up and took two long strides to the now-shorter girl and wrapped her strong arms around her, cupping her ass and drawing her in for a long kiss. She rubbed up and down against the girl, and then pulled back, caressing Maddy’s wobbling tits through her sweater. Maddy still had her eyes closed and groaned softly.

“Any time you like, lovergirl,” said Lily.

Lily stared down at the smaller girl as Maddy looked up into her piercing eyes and shivered with desire.

“I-I gotta go,” she whispered, and slipped out the door and down the stairs.


Ben woke to a big mess. Fuck he came a lot nowadays! He stripped his sheets for the third time that week. Took a quick shower, and dressed, and then wadded up his bedclothes to take them to the laundry room. Something fell out to the floor. He looked down to see Maddy’s bra, but could find no other sign of her.

He loaded the washer and then knocked on Lily’s door.


“Yeah?” she responded through the door.

“Um...did you see Maddy leave?”

“Yeah. She left an hour ago,” she said, omitting the marathon fucking they’d done first.

“Ok, thanks. Was she, uh, ok?”

Lily smirked, still naked at her desk. “She was spec-tacular.”

His face contorted in confusion, then looked at his watch. Eight-fifteen. Fuck, he was hungry.

“Do you want some food?” he asked.

“I could go for another pizza,” she responded. “You pick the movie this time.”

“Yeah, OK. Same order?”

“The same order we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!”

He chuckled at the non-sequitur, and ordered two large pizzas, one with pepperoni and pineapple, and one with everything. A half hour later, he was clicking through the movie options and was just queuing up Live Die Repeat when the pizzas got there. He was halfway to the couch when he saw his step sister walking down the stairs wearing nothing but a yellow polka-dot bikini that left very little to the imagination.

The first thing that struck him was that she was tall, much taller than when he’d left for his sophomore year at college. She was about five feet tall then, but now she was four inches taller - maybe five. Was she that tall when they ate pizza the other day? It was hard to remember - he had been preoccupied by his formula and Judy.

The next thing he noticed was how fit she looked. She had muscles, real muscles. Her abs were lightly cobbled, trailing down all the way to the top of her low-cut bikini bottoms. The rest were long and smooth and feminine, but they moved prominently under her skin every time she took a graceful step.

The last things were her tits. Jesus, they rivaled Judy’s! Lily must have gone through a growth spurt during her senior year because they were big as grapefruits, with erect nipples poking divots in her top, wobbling around in mesmerizing patterns.

“Ahem. Ben, my eyes are up here.” Lily pointed at her tits and then slowly moved her finger up to her face, which was smooth and symmetrical with high cheekbones, and perfectly framed by her long red hair.

“W-why the, um, swimsuit?”

“I thought I’d go swimming after the movie. You don’t mind, do you?”

“N-no. Of course not.”

She strode over to the couch and sat in the middle. He tried to sit as far as possible away from her on one side, his pizza box on his lap to hide a developing boner. He started the movie and they both grew quiet and watched and ate. 

When they got to the point where Rita was doing her yoga in a room filled with spinning blades, balancing only on her hands while her body was horizontal to the floor, Lily grabbed the remote and paused the movie.

“Can you do that? I noticed you’ve gotten really muscular when you were away at college.”

“Uh, I don’t know. I’ve never tried,” he replied.

“Well try it. Let’s see how strong those big manly muscles are!”

“Oh, uh, I don’t want to…”

“C’mon! Humor me!”

He reddened, and then stood up, wiping the pizza grease off his hands on a paper towel. He knelt down on the hardwood floor and then did a pushup. How hard could this be, he thought. He shifted his weight forward, bringing his hips to the floor and his torso forward, like Emily Blunt did, and then tried to balance on his hands. He misjudged the weight of his torso, though, and sort of tipped forward onto his face.

Lily broke out laughing, almost dropping her pizza onto the floor.

“Well, you think you could do better?” he said. “Why don’t you try it?”
    Lily said, “Sure! How hard could it be?”

She set her pizza box on the coffee table and stepped around so she stood next to Ben. It was striking how tall she was now, her head up around his chest, and he was six five! She looked up and grinned at him, and then fell forward, body stiff, her strong arms easily arresting her fall before she smashed into the floor. He stared at her muscular round butt cheeks as the bikini rode up a little between them. She likewise positioned herself like Emily Blunt, but unlike him, she easily found her balance and was soon supporting herself on her hands alone, just like Rita from the movie.

Holy shit! She looked just like Emily Blunt, except Asian and red haired and almost naked. Ben got a little defensive.

“Very impressive, well that’s just all about balance. It doesn’t have anything to do with strength,” he scoffed.

“Oh, I’m sure you’re right,” she said, springing lightly to her feet. She grabbed his upper arm.

“Make a muscle.”

Ben smiled, and flexed his bicep, and her fingers spread until she couldn’t quite contain it. Lily repositioned her hand and squeezed. His muscle was very firm, but still yielded to her grip, compressing enough that he let out a little yelp of pain.

“Wow! You’re really muscular!” she said.  Now try me.”

Lily turned around, her back to him, and took a step back until she bumped her ass lightly into his developing hard on. Then she curled her arm and did a bicep flex. Her bicep popped up like a little lemon. Ben was impressed. When did she develop these? He reached up and squeezed, determined to do to her what she’d done to him. Easier said than done. What greeted his hand was smooth silky skin over a thin layer of feminine fat, but underneath that the muscle was like granite. At first, he was being careful not to hurt her, but he kept adding more and more pressure until his hand ached, all without the slightest dent in her muscle.

“Have you started squeezing yet?” she asked, innocently, although her face - unseen by him - was a smirk.

“Um. Wow, you’ve really been working out!”

“Oh, you know. Off and on during the year. The weights were just downstairs gathering dust,” she said. “Want to do a little lifting?”

“Um...Ok,” he said, warily.

She led the way, swaying her shapely butt back and forth as she walked gracefully down the stairs. Before he could say a word, she lightly hopped up and grabbed the pull-up bars, doing pull-ups one after the other, while facing him.

“Come on, Ben, show me what you’ve got! Do some bench presses. With that upper body I’m sure you have a pretty impressive max!” She said this without pausing for a second her relentless exercise.

He stepped up to the bar, still loaded with 340 pounds, and then after a moment added twenty to each side to bring it up to 380, then thought about how she’d embarrassed him upstairs and took them off and added two 45’s to bring it to 430. Then he lay down and grabbed the bar and pushed. The bar rose a little, but he could tell this was going to be near his max. He let it come back to its stops.

“Um, could I get a spot here?”

“Sure, bro,” she said, and hopped down from the pull-up bar and walked over, not even out of breath.

She positioned herself slightly behind his head, her crotch right in his eyeline, and her eyes just peeking over her sizable boobs. It was now or never.

Ben pushed with all his might, and the bar lifted from its stops. Slowly, he fully extended his arms, and then lowered the bar to his chest. Exhaling, he pushed upward, arching his back a little trying to gain leverage. Slowly, slowly, slowly, the bar rose, his arms trembling, until halfway to full extension they gave way, the bar falling back to his chest.

Fast as a snake, Lily’s hands shot out and grabbed the bar. It felt like the weight was almost eliminated from his hands, although that couldn’t be the case, could it? Her biceps bunched bigger than even upstairs as, together, they lifted the bar back to its rests.

“Wow, Ben. You’re really strong! I wish I could be strong like you.”

“Uh...well, keep working out and I’m sure you’ll get there,” he said, quietly.

“Cool, bro!” She playfully hit his upper arm. It hurt. “Well, I’m going for a swim. Join me?”

“ I think I’ll go upstairs. I’m kinda tired.”


Lily waved and skipped upstairs, and Ben followed. He heard a splash through the open patio doors, and glanced at her gracefully swimming the length of the pool and then flipping over and doing a dolphin kick all the way back underwater. He shook his head and headed to his room. How had she gotten so athletic? She must have joined a couple of teams that year. Funny he hadn’t noticed when he got home. And her boobs! Who develops like that so long after puberty? Maybe she was just a late bloomer?

He could hear her splashing through his open window when he got to his room. Ben kept the light off and looked out. Lily was just getting out and heading to the diving board, where she climbed up and then bounced fifteen feet in the air, before doing a double somersault and slicing into the pool with nary a splash. She climbed out and headed for the ladder again, but then stopped and undid her top and pulled her bottoms to the patio. Now gloriously naked, Lily climbed the ladder again. He watched her exposed breasts bounce jauntily as she ascended, and then again as she bounced once, twice on the board, and then did a jackknife into the pool. His dick got hard and poked him in the stomach. 

Ben bit his lower lip and then gave up. He quickly mixed himself a batch of serum, took an Adderall, and washed it down. Pulling his shirt and shorts off, he positioned himself body down, face forward, with his head propped on a pillow on the windowsill. Lily did another naked swan dive into the pool, again cutting into the water without a splash, and swam its length underwater.

Ben felt the buzz and began bucking his hips against the pillows. 

Lily dove deep and then shot out of the water like a dolphin, high enough to step lightly onto the patio. 

How can that be possible! He wondered, and then the pleasure overwhelmed him as he spurted rope after rope of hot cum into his pillows.

Lily sauntered over to the pool house and grabbed an inflatable orca they kept there. She threw it into the pool and then dove on top, her bulbous breasts squashed against the head of the black and white creature. He watched as she slowly began bucking her hips against the slick plastic, groaning softly as her butt cheeks clenched.

Ben came again, even more voluminously than the first time. 


Lily could see Ben’s head bobbing above his windowsill as he thrust his raging dick against his bed, and chuckled. Amatuer. Couldn't even hide himself properly!

She imagined his athletic form humping the bed fitfully and thrust her sex hard against the Orca. The seam that ran along the top rubbed roughly on her clit, which was growing harder as she thrust. Lily imagined Ben’s hard cock - it had to be more than a foot long now - thrust into her pussy from behind as her own cock grew larger and larger. She imagined him ejaculating gallons of cum into her as her own dick rained semen upon them both, and then she came for real. She spurted stream after stream of her girlcum onto the back of that orca, the semen dripping off of it and forming a spreading pattern on the pool.

Lily looked up. Ben’s head was gone, but she watched as a spurt of something shot out the open window and onto the pool deck. He must have rolled over onto his back, she thought. Lily gently rowed over to the edge of the pool and retrieved her swimsuit and made her way back to her room. Her cock, still erect, bobbed in front of her, nearly eight inches of beautiful veined meat. She did not feel tired in the slightest. She stroked her prong idly as she thought.

She needed a plan. From her studying after fucking Maddy sensless, she figured that an improved formula might be developed from Ben’s next-to-last try. She’d realized, while perusing a chemistry book, that a plasma of nickel ions might be used early in the process to catalyse a precursor reaction, and that would obviate the need for the gamma ray bombardment or the hydrofluoric acid later. That was the good news. The bad news was she still needed access to a lab and the proper chemicals, which meant that she needed a complex protein that could only be found in certain plants from South America. Where was she going to get that?

What about the university greenhouse, she thought. The horticulture department had tons of exotic plants in their collection. Why didn’t she just break in and steal one?

Lily stroked her cock as she typed with one hand on her laptop. The department website didn’t really list the plants in their greenhouse anywhere. Hmmmm...she did have an account on one of the school’s systems. It was running Windows, she knew, and she also knew a few backdoors for Windows if the IT guy hadn’t updated the system in a while...

Taking her hand from her throbbing clit, Lily concentrated on breaking into the department’s servers, quickly and deftly pwning their system, gaining full access. She scanned their database, and found that they did, in fact, have several examples of a rare orchid that would do the trick. 

She doubted the school would be appreciative of her decapitating their prized plants, or abusing their chemistry labs, for that matter, so she’d have to break in. For that she’d need two things: a catsuit - which she couldn’t wait to buy - and muscle.

She grabbed her cock again and smiled. 

Well, we know where to get that second thing, don’t we little girl?


Ben awoke, groggy, to a familiar sight: a bed covered in his ejaculate. He looked out the window to see the sun low on the horizon to the west. Wearily, he rose and began to clean up the mess he had made of his room. There was even cum caking his windowsill! He shuddered to think of what the pool deck might look like now.

Shit! Had Lily noticed?

He looked down and saw the inflatable Orca in the pool, and then straight down to see ten or eleven streaks of dry cum on the patio, radiating from his window like a fan.


Ben finished up in his room, took a shower, got dressed, and headed down to hose off the evidence, but as he walked past the open basement door, he heard the “clank, clank, clank” of someone working out.

“L-lily?” he called.

“C’mon down, bro!” she said.

Ben walked slowly down the stairs and stood, stunned, on the bottom stair.

Lily lay naked on the bench press lifting what looked like five-hundred pounds over and over and over. Her tits were huge! Like volleyballs with rigid nipples that pointed to the ceiling, on top of pectorals which bunched and pulsed with every rep. Both long arms were thicker than his at full flex, and her abs, just barely visible beyond her mammoth tits were cobbled like a road. Something else bounced there - she had something lying on her torso but he couldn’t tell what it was.

The floor was wet with something that coated every square inch of the room. Most of the weights had pearly beads of fluid dripping off them and the entire room smelled powerfully of bleach or ammonia or something. Lily must have been on her twentieth press of the enormous weight, she was breathing pretty hard now. She suddenly crunched forward, and the thing on her torso was thrust up between her breasts, and as she groaned a stream of fluid as thick as his thumb shot across the room to splatter at his feet. Over and over it shot out, covering Lily’s face in something pearly and sticky, and the smell of chlorine was overpowering. At last, after thirty seconds of wild thrusting and groaning, Lily calmly racked the bar and stood up facing him.

“OOooooo...I just love when that happens!”

Lily cupped the ejaculate dripping from her chest and began to massage it into her tits and muscles, grinning at him through the pearly sheen on her face.

What he saw nearly broke his mind. There was Lily, still the red-haired Asian cutie he’d spent the last five years living with, now standing well over six feet tall - nearly as tall as himself - covered in pulsating bulging muscles of steel. Completely naked, her body was a symphony of power, her ivory skin radiating health and promising endless ecstasy to anyone deemed worthy. Her face was even more beautiful than he could have imagined it being, perfectly symmetrical, shining and inviting, both cute and cunning at the same time, still sporting the freckles she’d always had. Her long red hair fell down an immensely-muscled back, now much wider than even yesterday evening, lats spreading wide when she lifted her arms.

But that wasn’t the most flabbergasting thing. There, springing from the top of the most beautiful pussy he could have imagined, was a cock that would put any porn star to shame. It must have been sixteen-inches long and was thick as his wrist.

Lily smiled again and reached for the appendage, still stiff, and began to stroke it slowly.

“You like?” she asked. She bent her head forward and tongued her own cockhead, squeezing out a tablespoon of spunk with her hand.

“Maddy sure liked it,” she commented, smirking. She turned to the pull up bar giving him a view of her bowling-ball glutes. She faced him and hooked her pinky on the midpoint of the bar, and began to pull herself up, gripping a 45 pound plate between her ankles as she did simultaneous pull ups and crunches. At the height of every crunch, she would dip her head and take her cock into her mouth, opening her mouth as wide as it would go to do it.

Ben stood there on the bottom stair, speechless. 

“Mmmmm...tastes good.”

 She continued in this vein until she squeezed her eyes shut and convulsed, shoving a good five inches of cock into her own mouth and coming so hard, he could see pulses of it going down her throat. The convulsions finally ended, and Lily let her cock slip out with a slurp.

“Can’t let any of that yummy protein go to waste!” she said, falling lightly to the floor.

“L-lily, what happen…” he suddenly realized that there was only one way she could have developed this quickly: the serum!

“Did you go into my room?” he demanded.

“Oh, do you mean those little bottles you brought home from school? I was curious. What could cause my big brother to suddenly become a fuck-stud that could ream a girl all night long? How could he get soooo muscular, when by his admission, he was a hermit at college? Then I saw your little stash, and with a little experimentation I was able to do...this!”

She waved a muscular arm at her vascular form and caressed her clit-cock.

“W-what have you done to yourself?” he asked, incredulous.

“Well, let me tell you. At first I was just playing. I saw how crazy horny you got when you took the serum - I was spying on you, by the way - and I wanted that for myself. Then I noticed how much more fit I was getting, how much smarter, how much more…” she jerked her cock up with her fist, “erect! Oooo, I just had to keep experimenting! You know, I think your stuff responds to more than just stress? In my experience it responds to your wishes - your desires - too.”

She walked toward him, swaying her hips and flexing her thighs with each step. 

“You see, I was jealous of you. You, the popular kid with all the girls at your beck and call. You know, until the other night I never even had sex? I’m eighteen, for God’s sake!”

She picked up a preacher curl bar loaded with over a hundred pounds, did a one-handed curl, and then tossed it casually across the room. Ben jumped as the sound rang through the basement.

“And then I watched you fucking Judy, all night long and I said, ‘You know what? I want that! I want to be the one fucking Judy!’ and I started imagining myself growing this,” she stroked her cock again, “Well...not this. Something more than this. Something truly spectacular! But your formula took my cue and my little clitty grew into the monster you see before you! You know, I’m smarter too. Much, much, smarter. I’ve read your notes. I know how to make more, Ben, and I’m going to do it. Tonight. This morning, I went into your room and I mixed up the rest of your serum, guzzled it down, and popped five Adderall. All day while you’ve slept, I’ve been in here, working out and beating off.” She flexed an arm that had to be twenty inches around. “I think it worked out pretty well, actually.”

“You’re insane!” he said, taking one step up the stairs.

“That’s the spirit! I’d been hoping you might have that reaction. The truth is, I’m so powerful now I thought there would be no challenge at all tonight! So, big brother, what I want you to do is...”

She sauntered up to him, standing just below him at the stairs, and looked up at him with that alien stare she had, and said, “Stop me.”


“You have to stop me Ben. I’m going to go upstairs right now, get dressed in my best serum-making outfit, and make some more. I’ve figured out a way to make it at least five-times as powerful as yours, what with my expanded intellect and all. I’ve no idea what I’ll become when it’s all over, but I can’t wait to find out. So, you have to try and stop me!”

She took a step forward, pushing her dripping tool against his t-shirt. Losing his balance he grabbed her round the arms and torso in a sort of bear hug.

“Going to try to restrain me, huh? Well, there’s always a chance!”

Rather than just break his grip, Lily closed her eyes and thrust herself against his torso. Ben could feel her gigantic rod rub up against his abs and redoubled his grip. Lily smiled, pulled back, and thrust again. She kept going, picking up speed, faster and faster, rubbing her clit-cock against her step brother until her thrusting became uneven and she groaned, and her dick let loose with a torrent, as if from a firehose, and the cum splashed against his jaw with the force of a punch, knocking him back against the stairs.

Lily’s cock continued to pulse, raining semen down on them both, and then she smiled and looked down at him.

“Nice try, bro.”

She stepped over his prone form and walked up the stairs.


That was fun! She thought.

She headed back up to her room and resumed her research. There were some interesting genetic options she wanted to pursue. As she studied, she absent mindedly jacked off, letting the cum spatter violently against the wall under her desk. Someone will clean it up, she thought. It wouldn’t matter for much longer anyway.

When she had left the pool and taken the last dose of the serum she had stolen from Ben, she’d barely been able to think straight; it made her so horny. Once again, she had imagined growing a cock, but one longer than she was tall, spurting gallons and gallons of cum, filling swimming pools with the pearly fluid. She imagined Judy and Maddy and countless pop and movie stars, both men and women, jumping into that pool and emerging improved. Massive mammaries and muscles competing for her attention, the men with foot-long cocks begging for her touch, the women slathering over her tool. She envisioned impaling herself on the most well-endowed boy - Timothee Chalamet - while she in turn impaled Zendaya, each filling the next with both ecstasy and cum, herself growing larger with every pump until Zendaya was like a water-filled balloon with a too-large hose shoved in her.

Regaining her senses, Lily had realized that there was no reason to stop now. She was already stronger than Ben, and she doubted he could do anything about her ascension now. He was probably too much of a wimp to put up any real resistance anyway.

While he was half comatose with orgasm, she had just walked in, picked up his case of magic juice and the rest of his Adderall and gone back to her room, but not before shooting a titanic load over her step-brother as a parting gift.

She’d poured all the remaining serum together into a big bowl, added the remainder of the blue reagent, and dumped the rest of the Adderall in for good measure. Swirling the mixture until it began to glow green, she had trembled at the thought of what she was about to do. Then she drank it all down. Every. Last. Drop.

Lily howled as the serum burned through her system, turning every atom of her pent-up desires into reality. Her cock stood straight up pointing toward the mirror and ceiling, and she stared as it visibly grew, first an inch, then another, the head larger than a golf ball, cock slit pulsing. Then she came hard, her semen splattering all over the bathroom. Then again, and again, and again, she didn’t know how many times (twenty two - she thought now, her massive brain already cataloguing her entire history so she could visit any moment in her past instantly.)

At last her mind had cleared enough for her to make her way downstairs to the weight room, where she’d overloaded the bars with all the weight she could find and just pumped and pulled and lunged and came for hours and hours, all through the remainder of the evening and next day, until at last Ben had found her.

Lily smiled, rerunning the episode in her head with perfect fidelity, and came hard again against the wall, tearing out chunks of sheetrock with its force. All this, her research, her fantasy, her recall, and her orgasm, swirled around in her head and sparked an idea.

Of course!

She redoubled her efforts, studying and coming until ten, when she was sure the labs at the university were closed. Then she stood up and showered, her eyes now level with the nozzle at seven feet, and closed her eyes. She concentrated on relaxing, remembering that yoga-and-meditation kick she’d been on two years ago, but really only understanding the technique fully now. Slowly, her dick retracted back into her pussy. It wouldn’t do to have that thing whanging around tonight! Besides, it would ruin the line of the catsuit she had purchased. Earlier, she had ordered an extra-large, super-stretchy, matte, full-body, black jumpsuit from a fashion website, and a black balaclava from Amazon, to be delivered to her home by drone.

She walked naked downstairs, to see Ben crawling up the stairs from the basement, where he’d just regained consciousness. She smiled at him and retrieved her packages from the front door. The black jumpsuit looked like it would never fit her new stature, but, true to the reviews, it was amazingly stretchy, although it became a little sheer as it pulled over her tits. Her feet were still bare, she had no shoes that could fit them, but she figured she could probably take anything the world could throw at them. 

Lily stretched, clasping her arms behind her back and thrusting her titanic boobs forward.

“Where are you going?” Ben asked, standing unsteadily on his feet.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out Ben! Well, I’m off to ascend beyond your comprehension. No cheating now.” She wiggled her finger at him, and then sprang out the front door, dashing away.


Ben rushed to the door and stared at her form, accelerating away like a car, bowling-ball glutes pumping with each stride, pulling the material sheer against their firm perfection. She was quickly lost in the darkness. 

Fuck! He had to catch her before she did something even more crazy! He rushed down the stairs and jumped into the Mercedes, and told it to go north, not sure where she might be going. 

Think, dammit! He pounded his head in frustration. Where would she go? She said earlier that she was going to make some more serum. Where could she do that? A biotech company? Yeah, there were a couple in town...but would they have the specialized equipment he’d used? It hit him. No, stupid! The university. Duh!

He changed the car’s destination, and it dutifully began to head east. He’d overshot the turnoff to the U a good six miles back, but he hoped the car might be a little quicker than Lily. Where would she go? There must be dozens of chemistry and life sciences labs that might serve her purposes, and she was wearing a catsuit, so she was planning on being sneaky. Hmmm...There was that genetics lab with the nobel laureate that was developing revolutionary life-extending treatments. It was in all the papers. It was as good a place as any to start.

As the car neared the university, it suddenly pulled over to the side of the road to let four firetrucks and five police cars speed by, sirens screaming. The car continued then to the lab, but he could see across the quad and behind a copse of trees the flashing lights of the fire trucks and police cars pulling up next to an enormous conflagration. Ben ran across the field to see what had happened.

It looked like the entirety of the horticulture building and greenhouse was aflame, fire raging out of control. The firemen seemed to be paying special attention to a shed off to the side.

“Get those hoses over to the fertilizer storage there, quick!” he heard one shout.

He wandered, trying to see if he could see Lily. She had to be the cause of this, but, did she make some kind of mistake? He passed by a police car and heard the radio.

“We have a picture of the suspect. One of the security guards was able to capture a bunch of them off the system before the fire started. It looks like she set off the alarms as soon as she kicked in the front door. Be on the lookout for a female, approximately seven feet tall, wearing a black jumpsuit with a black facemask, and - Jesus! No this is not a joke. The girl is built like a brick shithouse, so watch out. Pretty confident in getting away too, since she waved at the cameras. Holy crap! Look at those huge ti...zzzhrrat…” The radio cut off before the police officer got himself into trouble.

So. Lily came here first, but why? And why make it so obvious?

Shit! She was going to use the distraction to break into the lab!

Ben rushed back across the field back to the lab. The doors were locked, and nothing seemed amiss, but if Lily was really using the fire as a distraction it stood to reason she’d be acting like a sneak-thief now. He had to get in. He tried a couple windows, but they were sealed shut - a modern building. He’d just have to break in, make a quick search, and hope the cops took their time heading his way.

He went to the front door, all glass and chrome, picked up a nearby deck chair for the coffee shop, and smashed the door in with his new muscles. The glass shattered into pebbles satisfyingly, but stayed held together by the safety glass plastic. He hit it a few more times to widen the hole and then quickly slid in. Ben ran to the directory, found the lab, and bounded upstairs. When he got there, the door was locked, but he was able to bash it in with his shoulder. 

A cool breeze flowed across his face. He looked over and saw a seven foot tall, five foot wide window, casing and all, leaning against the wall in one piece. How had she done that? The sides of the modern building were sheer glass! Where did Lily get the leverage?

He looked carefully in the dark room, but no one was there. There was nary a sound, except a soft whirring in a corner. He approached closer, and as he neared, the tone got lower and lower, until a nearby centrifuge beeped three times. Carefully, Ben clicked it open. The spinning carousel slowed to a stop. There was a note on the top. It read, “MISSED ME, MISSED ME, NOW YOU GOTTA KISS ME!”


Ben heard shouting outside and the squealing of tires. He looked out to see the police cars peeling out of the horticulture lab parking lot and heading over toward him. They could have made better time just running across the field, but whatever. Ben dashed down the stairs to the emergency exit furthest from the parking lot, and ran out toward the chemistry building as fast as he could. He’d have to be more careful, this time. The chemistry building was full of labs, and she could be in any one of them, so he needed time to search.

Ben snuck around the much older building until he found a window someone had left open, and slipped in. It took him over an hour to search the building, but even then he only had time to give each room a cursory glance before he moved to the next. Still, he hadn’t seemed to raise any alarms!

Ben moved on to a biochemistry lab in the annex, but found nothing there either.

Where could she be? He considered several other labs nearby that made extensive use of chemistry, but the choices were too numerous to count. Think! Was there something in the formulation that needed special treatment? Gamma rays!

He ran to a nearby campus map, found his location on it, and then looked for a particle physics or applied physics lab. Bingo! There, about a mile away, was the APL! That had to be where she’d gone! He ran back to his car to find it boxed in by the police. Fuck, he’d have to run.

Ben tried to follow his memory of the map to the physics lab, but still took a couple of wrong turns, not being all that familiar with this campus. After a half hour, though, he approached the building - an old brick building of about five stories that had been modified and enlarged over the last eighty years so that it looked like a mad scientist’s castle. Ductwork crawled along the walls where ventilation was needed for some project or another. The building was a Frankenstein’s monster, with smaller additions snaking away from the main building, and with sheds to hold volatiles and liquid gasses leaning against it. High voltage power lines fed a veritable substation on one side of the building. On the top floor, a single room was lit by an eerie purple glow, fitfully flickering and periodically growing blindingly bright.

That was it! Ben broke through the doors, hoping to set off an alarm, and then stopped before the elevator.

A sign read, “Broken. I’m upstairs, Ben. Watch your step!” and there was an arrow pointing toward the stairway.

Ben rushed over and took the stairs two at a time, at first, but by the time he was at the top he was very out of breath.

“I’m dowwwwwnnn heeeerrrrrre…” He heard his stepsister moan eerily. He looked down the hallway to see a set of double doors, a bright purple glow shining through. He walked down the hallway to the sizzling and popping of eclectic arcs.

He finally reached the door and looked in. There sat Lily, bigger than even before, at least eight feet tall, still wearing her catsuit, or what was left of it. With her growth, the top half and the bottom half had ripped apart from each other. Huge globes of underboob for breasts the size of basketballs were exposed now, with only her immense rigid nipples holding what was left of the suit from sliding further north. The tatters of the bottom half hung about her waist, held up by the muscles of her thighs and glutes. What was still there was stretched tight against her muscles. He could see every detail, every crevasse of her muscle as it pulsed with constant growth.

Her smile was wide and she looked better than he had ever seen her, like his step sister had been replaced by a supermodel, albeit one who still looked like little Lily, just magnified a thousand times. Her balaclava was off, her red hair cascading down her back in waves. Ben got a boner in spite of himself.

Above her and the rest of the room sat a glass globe three feet across glowing an intense flickering purple. Ben could just make out faint bolts of power arcing from one end to the other. On one side of the room was a maze of tubes and beakers and other glassware, still dripping a purple fluid onto a worktable. The fluid was sizzling a hole through it. Lily had her meaty arm in a sort of vice in front of what appeared to be a laser, blasting a bright red light straight into the inside of her forearm. Wisps of smoke rose from her arm and the air smelled of burning flesh. In her right hand she held an industrial-sized syringe filled with the purple liquid.

“Oh, hi there! Just in time to witness my ascension! Good! I’m glad you figured out my plan, or at least a little bit of it!”

“Lily, what are you doing?” Ben asked.

“Oh, well you see, my skin has become really, really durable, and the new formula needs to be injected directly into my veins, so I repurposed this prototype military laser to weaken my skin enough to get the needle through. Hurts like the dickens.”

“No, I mean, why are you doing this? You’ve never seemed that unhappy or jealous of me, despite what you told me before. Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“Oh, well there’s a two-part answer. First of all, I really, really like getting off. Sex has always intrigued me, and over the years I’ve become obsessed with it. You cannot imagine the kinds of things I’m into now...or perhaps you can, based on earlier tonight. Anyway, I love beating off and orgasming, and when I started taking your elixir, that just ramped the pleasure up to another level! Then I discovered the improvement effects of your stuff, and I kinda went nuts, seeing how far I could push it. When I saw my clitty turning into a dick to reflect my fantasies, I was so excited - in more ways than one!” she said, lewdly.

“Then I got the chance to fuck Maddy. It was fucking awesome! She has the most spectacular tits, you know. Oh man! If you could only experience the heights I’ve reached,” she said dreamily..

“Oh, by the way, you know how I’ve been improving so much more than you? It’s because the formula is only truly activated when it mixes with the chemicals that flood your system when you orgasm. You, being a man, can only really come once before you get drowsy, poor boy, but I can come over and over and over - I’m multi-orgasmic, by the way. I was able to fully maximize the power of your serum, while you barely scratched the surface.”

Ben thought back to his experiments. She could be right. That would definitely explain the dichotomy. Shit! He gave that stuff to Judy and Maddy too! What did they look like now?

“Oh, they’re probably both six-foot tall athletic bombshells. I doubt either of them were into futanari hentai, so they probably don’t have my ‘little extra’ down there.”

“How did you…”

“Something I developed just tonight! When I concentrate really hard, I can hear your thoughts! I’m getting better and better at it.”

“W-what was your second reason?”

“Excuse me?”

“The second reason for doing this to yourself.”

“Oh,” she said, ripping her arm out of the vice and blowing on the blackened skin of her forearm. “I want to become a god.”

In one lightning-fast movement, Lily plunged the syringe into her arm and pushed the plunger all the way down.

Lily dropped the syringe and flexed her arm a little. The burnt skin quickly healed itself, Ben saw as she flexed her forearm.

“Well,” she said. “That was anticlimactic.”

Just then, she screamed and collapsed onto her knees, gripping her head with her hands. Ben rushed over to help his sister, marveling at the sheer size of her, at least as tall as he was while on her knees. Her muscles bunched and pulsed with a rapidity that made them difficult to see. Lily’s eyes were shut tight in pain...or passion?

Lily opened glowing purple eyes. “YES!”

    She grabbed Ben in one hand and tore his clothes off with the other, exposing his now rock-hard thirteen inches and began to rub him roughly against her body, shredding what was left of her catsuit as her nipples fought with his hard-on as they rubbed together. Lily’s other hand went to her crotch, where it became a blur of motion too fast to see. 

Ben arched his back in ecstasy. He could feel his cum rising like an unstoppable tide.

“NO!” Lily commanded, her eyes glowing even more intensely with the command, and his cum stopped, his urethra clamping closed, and Ben howled on the edge of the greatest climax of his life, but one that would not, could not arrive without Lily’s permission.

Her rubbing became even more intense. Ben could suddenly feel something on his back, big and thick and bulbous. It crawled up and up, and Lily’s hand blurred along its length, until the cockhead of her clit towered over them both, sixteen feet in the air and as thick as a garbage can. Lily moved him to the underside of his appendage and continued to stroke, sliding him along its length, covered in precum. Ben felt his bones creek with every stroke, sure he was to meet his end as a sex toy for his step sister.

Then he felt two more appendages slapping his back, and Lily adjusted him again so that he was rubbing up against three titanic cocks, then four, then five. Then he lost count as lily spasmed in building pleasure.

<You may come now bro!> He heard in his mind, and he came and came and came, more spunk than he had a physical ability to produce, he was sure, from a dick that was now three feet long with balls the size of grapefruits. He came until a pool of semen slicked the floor, and then was released, and Lily began stroking her thicket of cocks, all growing up to the ceiling, with both insanely-muscled arms.

<You had better go now, Ben. Some things are not meant for mortal eyes.>

Ben felt himself pushed toward the door by some otherworldly force, and then toward the stairs, where he was able to collect himself and his two-foot-long flaccid dong, and stumble down to the ground floor. The sounds of Lily’s passion rang throughout the building and through his mind as it built and built to some kind of otherworldly crescendo.

He stumbled outside and was confronted by five police cars, lights flashing with officers behind open doors pointing weapons at him. 

“Hands up! Don’t move!”

He dropped his cock, which swung between his muscled legs, still dripping from its recent mammoth ejaculation. Some of the cops stepped back in confusion.

“Listen, we have to get away from the building,” he shouted. “Something’s going to happen!”

The police all suddenly knew with complete conviction that the boy was right. Two of them ran up and lead him to the nearest car and threw him in the back seat and they all drove off a quarter mile away, and then stopped to watch.

The purple glow that had been fitfully sparking through the top-floor window became steady, and then intensified. It almost seemed they could see through the bricks, as in an x-ray, the purple light rendering them somehow translucent. Then the intensity somehow doubled, and a very low vibration pulsed through their feet, which soon became an audible rumble as the police gripped their cars for balance. Then the purple light intensified again, and a scream of indescribable joy ripped through the air. Suddenly the building exploded, a purple-white pearlescent fluid bursting through every wall as if the building were a rupturing water balloon. The sticky wave gushed out of the structure as it collapsed, scouring all the nearby buildings with its passage.


The next few days went by in a blur. Ben gave his statement to the police, but not before calling a lawyer his step dad had on retainer. He told them very little as a result, except at the scene. Distraught and in tears, he had told the police that his sister had been in the building and might be buried in the rubble. Ultimately, the police had little to charge him on except for trespass. He was out on bail by the next day.

The rescue effort was swift. The purple fluid seemed to evaporate quickly, and the hazmat workers were unable to find anything worth concerning themselves about, so the search teams were able to get started by the next morning. It took them two days to dig down to the basement, now filled with tons of broken concrete, steel, and brick. They found Lily, reverted to her original tiny body, at the very bottom lying in a fetal curl. She was still breathing, and seemed perfectly unharmed but comatose. They rushed her to the hospital and put her in the ICU, at first, but finding nothing wrong with her, they quickly put her in a private room.

It was the third day before Ben, his mom, and his step dad were able to visit. They stood over the unconscious girl and cried, and her dad consulted the physicians who said she could emerge from her coma at any time. After two weeks of near constant vigil, they were told to go home for rest. Exhausted, they complied.

Meanwhile, Ben had to adapt to his new anatomy. With a two-foot long flaccid cock and huge testicles, dressing was difficult. He had to resort to strapping his dick to his leg and wearing parachute pants, which were luckily coming back into style, albeit in fabrics and weaves besides nylon and satin. He had constant dreams of his recent experiences, Lily’s titanic breasts and muscles, her maniacal focus on enhancing herself, and he always awoke with a raging hard-on slapping him in the face, which he took care of in the shower. It took upwards of an hour of near-constant ejaculation to get it to relax, but at least he did not fall unconscious afterward as he used to.

A week later, Ben went to the hospital alone to talk to Lily, to see if his voice would wake her. He went to her room to find it empty, and asked a nearby nurse where she’d gone. She mentioned that Lily had been moved ‘upstairs’. It wasn’t until he got there that he saw that ‘upstairs’ was a suite reserved for the most important VIPs, who required security details or publicists or what have you. The orderly finally let him into the most opulent room he’d ever seen in a hospital; perhaps top five for opulent rooms he’d ever seen. In the center of the large room was a bed, and in it was Lily’s tiny form.

Ben pulled up a lounge chair and sat next to her. He stroked her pale hand. There seemed to be no equipment surrounding her any more. He assumed that she’d stabilized sufficiently for such treatment.

Suddenly, he realized that her eyes were open. She stared at him with her normal intense stare, but now her eyes were a brilliant violet instead of green.

“W-what happened,” she stammered in a whisper.

“Lily, you’re awake!” he said, standing up.

“W-where am I?”

“You’re in a hospital, Lily. You’ve had an accident. What’s the last thing you can remember?”

“I-I was in my room, about to drink…” She looked up at Ben again with an embarrassed expression on her face. “I’m sorry Ben, I stole some of that formula you brought back from school! Is that what did it? Is that why I’m in the hospital?”

So, she didn't remember anything? That was good!

“Yes, Lily. It wasn’t meant for you. You sort of went crazy and then a building collapsed on you. You’ve been in the hospital for weeks.”

Lily lay back and closed her eyes. “Oh, god! I’m so sorry Ben. A-are mom and dad here?”

“No, it’s just me. They don’t know about the serum, just that you’ve been in an accident. They’re very worried.”

She sighed, and then looked very tired. Lily motioned him closer.

“C-could you help me to the restroom,” she whispered.

He nodded and then stepped close and stripped off the blanket that covered her. There, erupting from her crotch, sprang a three-foot long cock to rival his own. It slapped into his face, hard, and with an ‘unh’ Lily began coming into his face and mouth, sending him flying back onto the floor.

Lily laughed and laughed, her voice ringing through the room and in his head.

“Oh Ben, always a sucker for the ‘lost little girl’ routine!”

She swung her petite legs out over the edge of the bed and hopped down. The immense erect tool looked freakishly wrong on such a small person, let alone a girl!

“B-but the coma! You reverted back to normal!” he gasped.

“Ha! I wasn’t in a coma. That was part of my metamorphosis into something beyond your ability to understand. While I was in that ‘coma’ my serum was rebuilding my body from the inside out to a plan of my own design. You know that serum I made? It wasn’t some simple enhancement to your own, it was a formulation designed to remake me into a goddess of unfathomable power, to create within me a gland that would supply my body with any new formula I might conceive of. During that time asleep, I’ve rewritten myself so many times, each time finding new improvements and capabilities that I integrated into my next iteration. Look at this!”

She stared at the lounge chair he had been sitting in and it rose from the floor. With an evil smile from her, it compacted itself a pile of leather and wood no bigger than a yoga ball, and then dropped to the floor with a thud.

“I can read your mind too! Your confusion is delicious. I can even control minds!”

With that, a young nurse walked into the room, not even pausing to close the door, and stripped naked, her lithe body that of a dancer’s. She walked up to Lily cooing and wrapped herself around Lily’s pulsating dick, trying to consume the cockhead in her straining mouth as she rubbed up and down.

Lily’s eyes closed and soon, with a loud grunt, she began shooting rope after rope of cum into the hungry mouth of the nurse, who was obviously orgasming herself. Finally, the nurse collapsed on the floor unconscious and convulsing in pleasure.

“Watch,” said Lily.

Ben watched in horror as the woman’s naked body began pulsating and reforming itself, becoming smaller, her hair changing to red and lengthening in long straight locks. Suddenly, her pussy bulged, and a giant clit pushed out of her folds, quickly growing to match Lily’s. Soon, she was an exact match for Lily, perfect in every way.

Her eyes opened, a brilliant violet. She stood, stroking her dick, and said, “See? A brand new me!”

The first said, “That’s not even a copy either. That’s me. My body. Two bodies with one mind. Pretty cool huh?”

“W-why?” he stammered.

“I told you at the laboratory. I like to masturbate! This way I can masturbate and plunge myself into a nice warm pussy at the same time!”

“You, you mean, you are going to make more bodies?”

“Oh, way ahead of you bro.”

She motioned, and the wall separating them from the room next door disintegrated into dust, revealing a room full of Lilies, daisy-chained together, each plunging their rock-hard dicks into the pussy of the next, all groaning and coming.

“It’s great! Even now there are two-thousand and fifty of my bodies out there in the world, fucking and making more of me.”

The Lily that had been a nurse a few minutes ago stepped behind Ben and began stroking his chest and reaching down to caress his tool. He felt the straps of his dick restraint untying themselves. 

“Why? What is it you want to accomplish?”

“I told you the other day. I’m going to take over the world, Pinky,” the former nurse whispered into his ear. She stepped around him and he was startled to see the spitting image of the first female president of the United States.

“I mean, why not?” said the first Lily. “It’s going to be fun! Can you imagine bathing in the fires of a nuclear explosion? I can, and soon I’ll be able to do it! Actually, I’ll be able to do everything!”

“What happens when everyone is converted into copies of you? Won’t that get boring?”

“Don’t be stupid, Ben. I’m not going to do that. What good is it to be a goddess if you don’t have worshippers? No one will be able to tell who’s me and who’s a ‘not me’. I’m quite a good actor. With so many bodies - it’s over four thousand now by the way - I have four thousand times the mental capacity, and with my magic gland I can expand my capabilities endlessly. I cannot wait to see what I think of next, but I’ll get plenty of new ideas from my still-independent playthings, I’m sure!”

The first Lily came up to him while the former nurse joined the other Lilies in the next room, joining the daisy chain.

“And now, Ben, it’s time for the main event!”

“And what’s that Lily?”

Her clothes disintegrated, as did his, and he watched as her breasts ballooned out until her nipples were touching him. Then he felt those thumb-sized nipples drag up his chest as she grew taller, and more muscular, her cock expanding to tower over them both. He got hard, his three-foot-long dick nestling itself between her legs. He could feel her pussy slicken the top of it. Soon she was a replica of the girl she’d been in the lab, eight feet tall and stacked and his cockhead was nestled between her lower lips.

<I am going to lose my virginity, Ben, for my original body, at least, and I’ve chosen you to do it.> She said directly into his mind as she arched her back moaning in anticipation.

Lily and Ben lifted from the floor, and he could feel her mind grip his muscled ass and pull him closer, shoving his cock into her wet and grasping snatch. It fit like a glove, gripping and pistoning up his length in throbs that sent his brain alight with indescribable pleasure. His body was smashed up against her cock, wider than he was, thrust after thrust bringing him closer to his orgasm, until he groaned and gushed up gallons of cum into her as she screamed her psychic scream of pleasure. 

Fully expecting to fall comatose, Ben was surprised to find his prong still erect and buried into Lily’s pumping pussy.

<Oh, that last blast in your face? That was a little compound that is gonna keep you hard and awake.>

“Oh god,” he groaned. “How long...AAARRRGH!” He came again, smashing his face into her dick.

<How long will you stay hard and coming? I’m thinking….forever!”> Her psychic laugh chilled his bones as he suddenly came again, his cum filling her womb.

< about we add a little something extra to this party?>

Another nurse walked in, oblivious to the spectacle. Lily turned a little and let loose with a torrent of her cum, grunting hard. Covered in spunk, the nurse was completely obscured in a cocoon of semen. 

Ben came hard two more times, losing track of time in a fog of pleasure, when suddenly he heard a crack. When he looked over, he saw the cocoon crack open and a large muscled arm reached out. A facsimile of Lily followed, but as she stood, Ben could see that she wasn’t staying still. She began to develop, larger and larger, soon resembling Lily from the lab, but then growing even larger and more muscular, with tits the size of cars. Very quickly she reached the ceiling and then burst through into the sunlight. The falling debris missing the fucking couple as if guided by a phantom hand. The Lily grew so large, in fact, that only her legs could fit in the room.

The rest of the roof basically disintegrated then, and the giant Lily stepped over them.

<Up, up and away little Ben!>

Ben felt himself and Lily rising into the air and looked up to see Lily’s cock plunge into her other self. Bands of psychic steel held him flush with the smaller Lily’s dick and soon he was immersed in warm wet darkness, his entire body squeezed by his step-sister’s vagina while he himself was plunging into it. 

And the pleasure continued.


Ben awoke in the middle of a bustling city, fully dressed in a business suit. He looked around to see the world much as he had left it, although he didn’t recognize most of the car models zipping through the street. He had apparently been in the process of walking down the street, umbrella in hand. He looked up at a street sign. It was in Japanese, and what was more, he realized he could read it. Marunouchi, the word popped into his head, a business district in Tokyo. He stopped dead on the sidewalk. A mobile billboard passed by advertising a pop concert featuring LILY in huge flashing letters, his step sister’s long red hair and violet eyes staring at him with that eerie gaze she had. It seemed to follow him. The rest of her body was barely covered by the slightest of painted-on schoolgirl outfits, and she wore white thigh-high stockings. Three of them, he saw - two on her legs and one on an enormous cock that stood erect between her legs, pulling her skirt up lewdly.

He looked down quickly and walked to the nearest coffee shop. As he walked, he heard a wolf whistle directed at him. A beautiful Japanese girl who must have been six-four wearing a stylish skirt and blouse leered at him lewdly.

“Nice ass, sweetcheeks,” she yelled appreciatively. It was then he noticed the enormous flaccid cock hanging down between her legs to her knees, a sleeve matching her stockings covered it, but it was sheer enough he could see its veined enormity. He looked around himself and saw that at least half of the women on the street had a similar appendage swinging around, and they all seemed to be tall, none less than six feet tall, and muscular. No one seemed to pay attention or care. They all strode with confidence on their errands.

Ben finally made it to the cafe and ordered a large drip coffee and stared out the window. He started when his phone buzzed. It was a news item telling him that President Zendaya had just won a second presidential term. He looked at the date: November 4, 2048! Had he been fucking for nineteen years?

A pretty girl, thankfully without a swinging dick, came and handed him his coffee. She paused and stared eerily at him with violet eyes, and then winked and walked away.


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