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5th of May, 2019

Location: My house

Cameron paused as he looked at what he just scribbled down in his new journal. He leaned back in his office chair at the desk, eyes spying around the closet he had to call a room. He placed a pen between his thin lips, humming aloud “Do you usually put the location in a diary? Naw.” His pen stroke across the top.

5th of May, 2019

Location: My house

To whomever it concerns, this is my plea to any sanity left in this crazy world. This diary will act both as an outlet to keep me sane, but also for documentation of what is happening around me. And what is happening around me needs documentation.

All I should be doing right now is living like any other twenty-year old should: living life to the fullest, starting my professional life, and maybe finally losing that annoying virginity which still haunts me. But no, this is impossible. Despite my normal body and personality, and both my parents being as exciting as soup crackers, I have one big problem.


His wall shook as something big hit the other side, rattling his little-league sports trophies like a coming stampede. It was most likely accidentally but it grated him all the same. He grinded his teeth before putting his pen back on the paper with vigour.

My sister Lily has been the centre of attention since she was born, and before, it was perfectly reasonable. She had always been a sickly ch1ld from day one, and once she became a teenager, everyday became a struggle. Everyone in our small family put in the time to help her to live a normal life, but we were running out of ideas on how to save her increasingly diminishing health. I still strongly remember how feeble and thin she looked in those days .


But then things improved in the strangest way. Our religious grandma had given us a moss-covered stone from the ‘old country’ and asked us to put it in a water jug. It was strange but we gave this water to Lily every night before she went to bed. Everyone was skeptical, but more shockingly Lily started getting better. We’re still not sure if it was actually the rock, maybe the new medication was finally kicking in, but you couldn’t argue with the results. Within a month, Lily passed for a normal, albeit underweight, teen.

And that’s probably where the story should have ended.


Cameron groaned at his ceiling, pounding his fist against the wall. “Lily! Stop it!”

Of course, there was always a chance for a relapse, so the medicine/rock-water regime continued. During all that time, Lily has been getting healthier and healthier, or more accurately stated, better and better. Puberty long denied to her struck with a seeming vengeance, smiting every inch of her with blossoming womanhood. This is something which I would have been happy with earlier, but the circumstances are oddly… suspect.

For example (and I hate talking about this but it’s such an obvious example), my sister seemed to be developing perfectly fine (you know, up top) but then she came home one day, complaining about some girls making fun of her bra size in gym class. Since that day? Her breasts have been ballooning!

Now this could just be a funny story about karma, but then the same thing happened with her height after her run in with the woman’s basketball team, her hair and face after the rich prep k1ds, et cetera. Hell, I think she was just upset about some Instagram photos when her legs and butt grew.

And then-


Another distraction rattled him, this time a different clatter, shaking the floor like San Andreas. He stood up with tense shoulders and tightened fists, knuckles white, fingers grinding. Social anxiety about this issue aside, his sister had to learn that she wasn’t the only person in this house, no matter how much mom and dad ignore it. Last time he complained about things, of course, they just gave her his room, but he couldn’t simply sit there listening. He needed to act and regain control.

This sense of empowerment quickly diminished though, once he was faced with what was causing the racket.

Using a diary to describe the current status of his sister’s… rear keister, to safely state it, was a real difficulty as it really was beyond conventional comprehension. Imagine the nicest butt you’d seen in a picture online, even the air-brushed ones that ladies can spend hours editing. Think about those shapely heart cheeks which jiggle symmetrically in anything, and expand them two sizes past the biggest asses you’d seen. It was both a behind of pure expansive muscle which were frankly of livestock-scale, which gave it that flawless and desired bubble women work a lifetime for, but also having a thin layer of smooth fat, so every little gesture would cause a stone-skipping shimmer in the skin, all right before rippling back into smooth tanned skin that literally sparkles at any angle.

And he didn’t think she had done a single squat in her life.

This was the behind, the one he’d probably accuse of being photo-morphed if it wasn’t teasing him all the time, which was currently shaking right outside his doorway. Mashing up and down against the floor, each flop creating a deep-bass, his sister was doing stretches in a tiny pair of baby-blue panties which disappeared between those twin tanned orbital moons. And stretch she did with legs like those, those thick but long thighs somehow keeping her body proportionate despite such an overdeveloped and powerful badonka-donk which now shook the house.

Crossing his legs, Cameron deepened his voice best he can, despite the urge to squeak at the sight. “Lily?!” His arms waved to the bouncing behind, “Do you mind, like, not doing that?!”

“Bro?” That flawless blonde mane finally swayed around, glittering as its mid-shoulder length flipped over to the opposite shoulder. Her face looked honestly surprised he had come out of his own room, the girl still in a world of blissful ignorance about the world around her. “What’re you doing here? Do you need to get by?”

He was instantly at a loss of words upon seeing her face. His sister was still in this walking farcical monument to sexuality. Those cute wide eyes with glimmering blue pupils and a button nose was the sister he knew! But now they had been somehow enhanced to be cuter. Blue eyes now deep oceans which reflected like a mirror, and her nose got even button-ier.

Most girls would be happy with such natural beautiful features, but it was not enough for her unstoppable puberty. Her cheeks became more angular, her ears somehow shrunk to perfect proportions to her nose. Her eyebrows, once normal, now had a natural dark sharpness to them, an effect which most women had to have weekly visits for. But attention usually wasn’t drawn here when addressing that angel face, as big, puffy, pink and soft lips were in a permanent pout, a natural gloss which made them always seemed soaked and even hypnotizing.

Lily shrugged and went back to her stretching, pull one leg up over her head so her knees touched her shoulder. It took her brother a couple more of her grunts to regain composure. “Lily, w-why are you stretching in the halls?” Between his legs became like a vice as he crossed tighter.

“I can’t stretch properly in my room now!” She purposely pouted this time, those lips curling to almost reach her cute little nose and creating a fire-storm of dirty thoughts in Cameron’s head. “Every time I try to put my leg up, I hit a wall. My legs have grown too much!” She turned around and nearly bounced to her feet, meaning Cameron, in order to see his sister, would have to look up.

And up.

And up.

And up.

It wasn’t enough for her to be as tall as the basketball team, or even a bit taller. She had to utter dwarf those already tall ladies with a height which put her in the record books. She might have not have been literally the tallest woman in the world, but she was easily the tallest still-growing-teen and probably the best proportioned one at that. The doctors had said that as long as she didn’t have any discomfort she was fine, but every month, it seemed as if her legs grew more fine. They remained so firm and thick, and yet, they even had that much desired thigh gap permitted by constantly widening hips.

He was trying to make heads or tails of how tall she would be at the moment, but something blocked his view. Lily leaned forward at her hips to point at her legs with two fingers. The unintended side-effect of course being that her chest was put dead centre of Cameron’s view, the t-shirt fabric rubbing his nose.

His sister had the kind of chest which made it the first feature you’d see when she was coming or going. Even from behind, the outline of two round orbs dominated one’s focus when they were in the room, and he had even seen them cause a couple of car crashes when Lily was merely reading on the front lawn.

Of course, he wasn’t the only brother in the world in the world with a sister with large breasts, and he supposed he could’ve adapted to them better if it wasn’t for one torturous feature. Lily refused to understand that she had outgrown some of her favourite tops, meaning that most of time, she was showing such magnificent underboob that it really should have been criminal. This, combined with her confusion why anyone would need a bra with tits that perky, meant he was usually ducking not to get his eyes poked out by nipples protruding against the tight fabric every time she was around.

“See?” She patted her thighs and pressed his head further between her twins. “I told you they were long.” All her heard was muffled tremors though, as he was faced with the farcically warped words ‘Wonder Brat’ stretched over this mountain range of tanned flesh.

When she pulled back, Cameron’s face was like a beet, having almost forgotten how to breath momentarily as his brain cells took an early retirement. He shook his head and gasped for air, “I-I couldn’t see how long they were, because-”

”Oh!” She gasped with a hand over her open mouth, her nails looking the same they had two years ago, the one and only manicure she had ever needed since getting on this puberty wild ride. “Sorry Cammy! Sometimes I forget how much booby I have now!”

He hadn’t been bothered by being called that diminutive before when she was his tiny sister, but now that she was so much taller, it made him feel almost like her little pet. He stuttered as his face got somehow redder, “J-just do your stupid stretches somewhere else, okay!?” His fists shook, already cursing how easily he had lost his temper, but this was a typical case as of late.

“Ooookay, Cammy!” She gave a dopey smile which exposed each pearly teeth in their shining glory. “But first, I wanna show you what I learned yesterday!” She bounced her oversized butt back to the ground, quaking the foundation again, and stretched those miles of legs out before pulling them up. Before Cameron could even properly react, she had both those thick, throbbing calves behind her head, her palms lifting the rest of her body as she did a perverse walk which pushed those big tits to her chin. “Cool huh? I found the more advanced stuff online and it turns out my body is, like, super flexible!” She then lifted one hand up to carry her entire body upon one fingernail, posture stiff as steel. “Oh, Cool! Count how long I can do this! One. Two. Three. Fou-”

She had done her first yoga class yesterday, but she was already licking her elbow like a pro. He slammed the door between him and the hall, knowing that using reason would likely melt his brain. Cameron sat his butt back into the office chair and rubbed his head.

Yoga had proven to be just like violin, painting and juggling. After just one short class, she had the teacher crying at her instant brilliance. He had heard of natural talent, but any attempt to convince his parents of perhaps something more ridiculous going on and he was quickly dismissed. After all, everything happening to her was merely a gift from God in the eyes of the community, and people don’t want to lose their little miracle. He sighed and went back to the page.

And then

I have my own theories on what the causes of such rapid transformations are, but I want to make a few trips to the library after coming up blank from my searches on Wikipedia. What are the origins of this stone? I’m forbidden to touch it, but what if it isn’t actually some religious mumbo-jumbo and is something much more dangerous? And if it’s something else, then-

“Oh Cammmmy?” A sing song tone in perfect tune hummed through the grate which linked their room, Lily probably pressing her mouth against it for maximum annoyance. “I need your help with something!”

Cameron grumbled a bit, rattling his fists into the air “Lily I-”

“Oh but big brother,” her voice did that turn which he hated, the impossible tone she could do where it was half a seductive growl and half innocent plea, “you simply must help me. Please help your little sister with her big problem.”

He shuddered, two shots of electricity racing through his body, one firing up his spine, and the other one firing in a place best left unmentioned. Futilely, he threw his pen in the corner and rubbed his temples. He looked at the clock, feeling he had been resisting his sister’s charm for minutes when it actually had only been five seconds.

“Oh my big bro-”

“I’m coming!” He called back too eagerly to her, adjusting himself and slipping into the next room to see something deeply troubling for the poor boy.

The worst part of Lily’s great transformation had been, in many ways, the loss of his big brother role.

Not that he would ever wish for his sister to return to her sickly state, but he couldn’t deny the intense sense of duty when it came to helping his sis. Grabbing things off the highest shelf, getting her the TV remote when she was on the couch, setting things up on her smart phone, all were things which caused the sweetest thanks he had ever heard.

Now though, there wasn’t a thing which could hide from her immense height, her legs seemingly evolving to any height much like a giraffe’s neck, which meant it was he who was begrudgingly asking for help off the top shelf. Not to mention, there was nothing to be done when fifteen thousand boys in town were too eager to offer their experience to any of Lily’s questions. She seemed so oblivious out how they looked at her though, with her treating them more like slobbering puppies than potential bachelors.

So every time his sister called out for assistance, no matter how minor, he felt as if he had a weakness to the request. Whether it was to reclaim a simpler time in his life, or a genuine desire to serve her, he couldn’t put a finger on it. However, the urge to come to her was strong, almost primal, whenever that sing-song voice beckoned.

Then again, maybe he just wanted to be back in his old bedroom. The dark blue wallpaper was still the same as he left it, even as Lily outgrew this room as well. He honestly wondered if their parents would offer their bedroom next as Lily continued to gain in size, as they seemed to bend over in every other sense. She had a new computer on her desk to the left, a large aquarium of exotic fish on the right, and each corner was stuffed with either video-game consoles or musical instruments, whatever caught her fancy that week. He always knew that daddy’s little angel would get her way, but since blossoming like she did, it was pretty unbelievable how loose their dad was with his credit card. They were probably going into debt over this!

But he was incredibly relieved when he arrived into her room that she had put on a pair of jeans-shorts. As tiny and positively wedging up those enormous cheeks they were, at least it covered more than the panties before, with almost half of the twin jiggling masses covered by denim before being swallowed by her cavernous crack. He was lucky enough to get that much covered lately. Even as it got colder, Lily seemingly unperturbed by the increasing chill in the air, wearing less and less as the winter ticked by.

“So,” Cameron put his hands behind his head, stealing glances at his sister’s impressive backside as she faced the other direction, “What’s the problem?”

She didn’t turn around as she gave a blushed giggle, “Okay, you have to promise not to freak.”

“Freak?” His mind rushed to make some guesses of what she meant. He internally prayed for a pimple or some kind of over-exaggerated teenage drama, just to have simply one imperfection to prove her humanity. Perhaps his earlier fears had been overblown, and she’d prove to be just a normal, albeit overgrown, teen after all. “We’ll love you no matter what, Lily. You don’t have to worry about that.”

”Hmm, I know…” She cocked her big, wiggly booty left, sighing, “But it’s big, you know?”

A little warmth filled his soul. This was the kind of comforting he had missed. He was about to be that big brother she loved and needed again, and he was starting to feel bad for having any doubts otherwise. How could he be so insecure? “Look, Lily. Just show me what’s troubling you, and I promise I won’t react negatively.”

She looked back, pushing her long blonde locks from her face to ensure those big blue eyes could look him in the face. “Really?”

“Really, really.”

“Alright…” she paused as she slowly turned around to reveal her front side. Beach blonde hair that sparkled, clear blue eyes which pierced, glossy lips which pursed, slender body which curved like the coast, breasts so expansive that an entire turkey could be hidden beneath, long legs which climbed like ladders and…

His jaw dropped and he immediately fell to his butt as he scrambled back.

“Cammy!!” She gave a high-pitched whine, “You said you wouldn’t react like that!!” Her stunning face probably looked pissed at the moment, but he couldn’t be bothered to look up there.

He wouldn’t pick up his jaw, he couldn’t. His eyes were locked on her crotch, an erect hammer swinging back and forth which consumed his mind.

She has a penis.

Your sister has a penis.

Your little sister has a penis that’s the biggest you’ve seen.

His gulp was so hard that he was afraid he had swallowed his adam’s apple. He put a hand over his eyes, knowing he couldn’t willingly look away without help. “S-Sorry.”

It’s much, much, MUCH bigger than yours.

”It’s ugly, isn’t it!?” She pouted and sat her big bum on her undersized bed, springs groaning overworked.

“N-No... I mean-” He didn’t know how to finish that sentence, so why had he begun it? He didn’t know an ugly penis from a pretty one, the only point of reference he had was his own, and the deep repressed flashes of other flaccid guys in the locker room. This one was erect though. This one was erect, hairless, steely like a rocket and reminded him instantly of a fleshy two-liter bottle in it’s length and girth. The way it was protruding from her jean-shorts fly reminded him of artillery ready to fire, it’s uncircumcised head already glossy and twitchy. Even her new testicles were feminine, as little sense as that made: smooth, wrinkle-free and in perfect proportions to everything so maxi-sized on her.

“What!?” Her fists tightened, face darkened as she stomped her feet, causing it to jiggle around like a fencing sword at the Olympics. “What do you mean?”

Even when he closed his eyes he saw it. Bobbing, throbbing, releasing its musk stained with semen. How was she standing up right? He supposed if her butt wasn’t so incredibly full on the other side she’d be tipped over right now. But that’s how things seemed to work out with his sister’s ‘puberty’ at the moment. He took a deep breath, opening his eyes and taking it slow as if it hadn’t deeply disturbed his very soul. “When did it start to grow?”

“Uh…” She rubbed her chin in one hand, while her other hand went to the underside of her flesh hose to stabilize it’s waggle. “Well, honestly, it grew last night, out just above my… flower and I thought it was a little weird. But after my stretches and seeing you, it got like hot and hard and-”

”Wait. This grew last night and you didn’t say anything?!” He ran a hand in his hair, trying his best to focus on the carpet, the ceiling, or anywhere which wasn’t straight at his sister’s bobber. He couldn’t see how he could have missed such the bulge this thing would have created when he saw her in the hall. Admittedly, he wasn’t looking at his sister’s crotch for obvious reasons, but he supposed the only way he hadn’t noticed was if her chest was in the way, and that was a very likely possibility considering her size.

“Look bro!” She crossed her arms and tilted her head, “Mom says I’m, like, developing really fast and since everything else was big, I didn’t think it was a big deal…”

“How…?” His jaw slowly descended on this word, almost to the carpet. His sister could be a tiny bit ditzy at times, but there was no way she was failing basic biology this hard. “I mean, you’re my sister you know. Does it seem normal that you have some big male… junk between your legs?”

”No.” She huffed and leaned over her legs, the flesh cannon now throbbing between the cannonballs on her chest. “But how many of your friends have a sister who is over seven feet tall? Is that normal?”

It was a good point. Why was this development suddenly a step too far when the other growth were just as suddenly supernatural? Of course, Cameron didn’t focus on this. “I don’t really know…” He meekly said to the side with an arm rub. How could he possibly invite any male friends over with you-know-who bouncing around in her underwear at all times of day. It made comradeship difficult when he had to be on the defensive about creeps hitting on his curvy sister.

“Exactly.” She gave a celebratory cross of her arms, her smirk suggesting as if everything had been solved.

He had to shake his head until he heard rattling, one or two concussions should suppress these troubling thoughts. “Uhm okay. I guess we can call mom and maybe-”

”The penis isn’t the problem, Cammy” She shook a finger, which of course, shook everything else.

“What?” He missed the days when they’d quarrel over who got the red Nintendo controller.

“Mom’ll freak when she sees this, you know how her new church friends can influence her thoughts. I called you here because I want it to be soft like it was this morning.” She physically pushed down her erection with her palm, the thing only giving slightly before springing back with a wet flop on her chest, white fabric now blotted with moist dark spots. “Ooo~” She shuddered before continuing. “I need some advice, since you have a dick, right?”

That sounded much more like a question than a confirmation for Cameron’s liking, but he ignored it for now. He tried turning his head 180 in response just to not look at her straight. “It’s a weird to question to ask your brother, Lily. But…” He held in some air, “I guess you could look online on advice on how to ‘jerk’ it. Just keep doing it until some stuff come out.” His face blushed deeper than a beet. “C-Can I go now?”

“But bro!” Lily gave a frustrated shake of her head combined with a shrug. “I’ve already ‘jerked-it’!” She pointed to her dresser, “See?”

He was confused by what she stated, hesitant to look but once he did, all he saw was a water-balloon. His head tilted, “What does a wat-” He paused, realizing that wasn’t a balloon. It was a condom. A mostly filled Magnum which was bloated bigger than most pornstar’s tits. And the liquid wasn’t water either. “Lily?” His lips moved slowly. “Is that… Is that all you?”

You couldn’t do that amount even in a month.

“Oh jeez…” She looked at the floor. “Is that bad to do?” She reached behind her and pulled out another sloshing globe of latex. “I made two! Is that bad!? I-I just couldn’t stop it from coming when I started. It was like I was peeing but it felt really fucking good!” She shut her lips. “Sorry.”

“Why are they in condoms!?!” He started to shout.

”Mom and dad told me that’s an important part of safe sex!” She exclaimed back.

“Not when you’re masturbating!”

“I’ve never done it with a dick, okay!?” Her arms flailed. “I just took the condoms dad gave me and pumped!”

His jaw slumped again as he looked at the sloshing load suspended in her hand, “They’re so big too… Why do you have such big condoms?”

”Uh,” She turned her head and blushed. “W-When dad finally gave me the talk last year, he said I might attract the big kind of man for being such a growing girl.”

“Gross.” Cameron crossed his arms and eyed the door. “So can I go? I feel you brought me here to do some weird bragging, or something…”

“Bragging?” She finally stood up and came over, dick inches from thrusting into his rib-cage. “I just want your advice! I thought you became soft after… you know, but I’m still hard.” She knelt down a bit, pointing at his pants, “B-but maybe I’m doing it wrong? Can you show me how you do it?”

Dude, she’s going to see how much bigger than you she is. She’ll probably laugh.

“N-No!!” He scrambled back all the way to the closet on the wall, chest panting with his arms outstretched. “I-I can’t do that! You’re my sister!”

“Who’s grown a penis. Yes, I think we’ve covered that.” Despite her inquisitive tone, that smile was of pure mockery as she nodded. “But maybe I could learn a technique from a jerking master like you?” She leaned in slightly more and her eyes got a sinister slant, “Don’t think I haven’t heard you ‘practising’ on your computer some nights…”

“Ugh, no!” He felt like fainting his face was so hot. The world was spinning, but he kept himself upright refusing to be caught by his sister’s jiggling rack. “There’s…” He grunted out, “There are other ways.”

”Really?” She jumped up excited, the cock rocketing up as well and missing Cameron’s nose by a hair. “What is it? Is there like a cream like you keep in your room?”

”No…” He looked to the ground, “lubricant won’t help. But I have an idea of what might.”

”Can we do it right now?”

”Do you promise to put your penis away and stop bothering me?!”

“Yup!” She looked down and tugged at the zipper of her miniscule jeans-shorts, the fly not even moving. “Uh, I might need to change…” Lily glided to her closet and effortlessly pushed her smaller big brother aside. Reaching down, she tossed and sorted through every type of tight clothing known to man, finally settling on skin tight yoga pants to slide over her bulging calves, thick thighs, eclipsing buttocks and erect girlcock. She posed, erection pointed down at her knee as if she was shoplifting a soda bottle.“There! Now you can’t see it!”

“Oh… Much better,” he grumbled as it twitched against her leg, trying to move on to explain what was next.

“Stop pinching my boobs, bro!”

Cameron’s face supremely soured upon this comment, as once again, Lily had squealed out the exact opposite of his big brotherly intention.

“I’m just trying to adjust your shirt!” He grunted out as he once more pulled his focus from the road, taking a hand from the wheel of his silver Camry to reach over to pull down Lily’s very insufficient white tank-top to at least cover all of her chest. He couldn’t handle the honking and hooting from the other motorists anymore, every red light seeming like an eternity with his sister giving innocent waves back. “Why didn’t you wear, like, a sports-bra or something?”

”Um, do you have a sports bra that fits?” Lily rolled her eyes, such a tiny motion yet again rolling her shirt up enough to show some smushed together under boob which looked as full as the cleavage on top. “I mean, I know you don’t wear bras, bro, but they’re a pain in the ass, or should I say chest, for big boobs like mine.” She gripped her chest dramatically, pooling them out under her palms, bouncing them up and down alternatively, their largeness enough to touch her soft chin. “Not to mention, my girls seem to do fine without one, right?”

“HEY WATCH IT BUD!!” A honk woke Cameron back to reality, his sister’s question distracting him long enough to almost drive into the middle of the fourway without stopping.

His blush was deep, as his eyes were forward and focused, but his peripherals still picked up the distinctive roundness wobbling and jiggling at the corners of his eyes. Damn the potholes of these underfunded streets. He stammered, “J-just I’m worried about the negative attention your receiving.”

“Oh please.” Just on cue, a white Mercedes pulled up beside gave another honk, the guy in shades winking over to a giggling Lily. “It’s just harmless fun, Cammy. Guys just like to stare at me.”

He pushed on the gas. “Yeah it starts like that, until they don’t want to just look anymore.”

Are you talking about other guys or are you referring to yourself?

“Oh.” Lily nodded. “Are you acting like this because of my big cock?” She rubbed her right pant leg, the throbbing meat train trailing to knee, yoga pants even showing the outline of those powerful veins which pumped her steely erect.

He pressed on the break again with a screech, forcing more honks at his driving. “N-No! I mean... Yeah, but…” He wanted to dump a bucket on water on his head to stop the shameful blushing and swelling below. He took a deep breath to keep himself and his car moving. “I refuse to call it that.”

”Right…” Lily’s eyes-rolled as she crossed her arms in a huff relatable to most teens. “It’s my ‘feminine anomaly’.” She said with air-quotes, tongue sticking out as her head, and breasts, wobbled most displeased.

He sighed. “Look, I don’t mean to insult, but it is a little ‘abnormal’ that you’ve grown so… big down there.”

”I’m big everywhere, Cammy!” She sighed as she tried to adjust the passenger seat once more to fit her enormous figure and long legs better, but no dice. “When are we going to get there anyway? This boner is driving me crazy!” She started to rub her leg up and down, giving a bit of a groan, “C-can I just beat one off before I-”

”Oh we’re here!” Cameron gave a massive sigh of relief, having just smelt a familiar musk starting to fill the car before he spotted the gym’s parking lot. “Now we can finally get some of that tension out!”

Who needs to kill their boner more, you or your sister?

“So…” Lily sprung out the moment they parked. “I’ve never been to a gym before. What do you actually do inside?”

“What do you think?” He shrugged as he locked his car, pulling his gym bag over his shoulder. “It’s probably exactly that.”

”I don’t know…” She shrugged as she ducked under the front entrance’s frame, finding an underwhelming round reception room with a desk. “I just assume a bunch of shirtless guys lifting weights while checking out the girls’ butts on the treadmill while everyone takes an infuriatingly amount of selfies?”

“Like I said, exactly what you were thinking.” He smirked as he walked towards the desk. “Now wait here while I pay for us, I assume that you’ll-”

”Hold on a sec, bro.” Lily scoffed, “Why should we pay?”


“I mean,” she put her hands on her yoga pants hips and explained while rolling her wrist, “this doesn’t seem like a very exclusive, top-tier place, so they should be excited to have us come here.” Her wide-eyes spied around the place, every detail noted, even the bubbles from the water cooler.

”Do you…” Cameron put two fingers on his temple. “Do you not understand how the world works? They supply a ‘service’, and we ‘pay’ for this ‘service’ and-”

”I swear I wonder who the bigger sibling is…” She passed him by, big boob nudging him to the side before she snickered at him, “I mean in a figurative sense of course. Obviously, I’m bigger. I’m bigger in every other way.”

Was she talking about her dick?

“Shut up brain…” Cameron mumbled to himself as he wondered why his thoughts had been going so rogue today, especially upon learning of his sister’s new development.

“Excuuuuse me.” Lily gave an overdrawn coo, sounding like a desperate damsel in distress despite her positively towering over the muscular man behind the computer. “Could you help me?”

The bald gorilla in a yellow shit finally looked up from his important work of liking photos of tight butts on social media and had his eyes almost fall from his skull when he saw who was addressing him. He may have been a big burly man, but that didn’t stop him from sheepishly stuttering with shaky eyes. “Y-yes?”

”Are you the manager?” Lily leaned over, her cleavage now dangling tantalizing in front of the face of this bundle of nerves, each eager breast begging for an excuse to bounce out and bop him in the nose, her top seeming seconds from bursting.

“Y-Yes!” The man gave a squeak unfitting from that mouth before he cleared his throat. “That’s me…”

“Yes.” The teen of epic proportions now dug her nails into this reception desk, properly dropping her breasts from his main view so he could focus only on her glittery, plump and juicy fat pink lips, perfect for getting to the centre of a Tootsie pop in one vacuumous suck. “Let me ask you, mister…”

“J-just call me Jake…” It sounded like this was a line this man used at the bars but it became flaccid in front of such womanhood.

”Yeah Jake… Let me ask you something.” She stretched her shoulders back to full height, straining fabric heard as it was placed dead centre of this man who was close to six and a half feet from Cameron’s quick estimation. “Do you think I get a lot of looks?”

“Um…” It was odd seeing such a clearly man’s man blushing so shyly. “Yes?”

“Uh-huh, that’s right.” She gave a thumbs up with her flawless nails. “And you can imagine that they’re thinking, desperately so, on what I like. What are my interests are and such…” She checked her nails and sighed. “So how much, Jake? How much are we talking?”

“F-f-for a membership?” He was already fumbling around with his hands for some paperwork, while his eyes were glued forward on slowly shifting orbs.

“No Jake.” Her palm came down hard and fast on his desk, her lips playful but her body language firm. “How much are you going to pay me to wear your merchandise and come in and out of your doors every week?”

”Oh my god…” Cameron rubbed his temples, interrupting his sister’s hard sell. “I-I’m sorry sir she’s new to this and-”

”How does three hundred dollars a month sound, six-months of free membership included, of course.” He winked with a sweaty palm forward.

Cameron’s mouth hit the tiled floor with a clunk. “What?”

“Make it five-hundred and a two-years membership for me and my brother.” She winked, “And I’ll wear your stuff on Instagram.”

”Deal!” His hand gripped her outstretched hand, shaking so firm that her entire body jiggled. “Now just to get some paperwork signed.”

”I’m in a madhouse…” Cameron mouthed out as he blushed ever deeper, his sister’s confident giggle continuing as she got more gym swag on the left as she signed papers with her right.

“I don’t see what the big deal is…” Lily sighed upon finally exiting the woman’s changing room, seeing Cameron’s distant look with a continued burning blush on his face. “See?” She pulled on her new XXL white sweat-top, stretching the words ‘Jake’s Gym’ real wide over her breasts. “I finally have a top which covers my breasts like you wanted!” It still didn’t change the fact that the top was super low cut, and that the fabric clung on so tight that not a single curve of her mountainous chest was missed.

”I see it, Lily.” Cameron rubbed his blushing face as his stare was focused elsewhere. “B-but did you really have to switch your yoga-pants for yoga-shorts?” He probably would have preferred things the way they were before, as at least with the breasts he was somewhat used to the sight. Now though, instead of her ‘extension’ running down one of her legs, it was all bundled up right at her crotch behind fabric not much thicker than a man’s speedo. It was like she was smuggling two softballs and a prize-winning squash in the least subtle pants made for man.

“Why?” She thrust her hips forward closer to him in order for her to get a better look herself. “It’s surprisingly more comfortable this way, believe it or not!” She gripped her package to adjust, fingers lifting and pulling her bulge to make it somehow more pronounced, “But you’ve gotta tell me how to stop my balls to sticking to my thigh! That’s really annoying! What’s the trick? I mean at least my boner isn’t as strong now but-”

”I-I-” He wanted to puke, he wanted to die from embarrassment, he wanted to just abandon his sister here.

I wonder what it feels like? Is it a heavy and soft? Could I feel her pulse if I-

“L-let’s just start working out shall we?” He pointed behind him with stammering lips.

“Oooo exciting!” She gave a little clap before getting her ‘game’ face on, lifting her pink hat higher on her forehead, “my first time in a big manly gym! And some of these guys look pretty strong too! That’s-”

”Why don’t we start in the corner and move from there?” Cameron spotting the most isolated place in the gym, already getting too many stares for his liking.

“Sure!” She tilted her head. “But shouldn’t we stretch first?” She pointed to the mats set up in the middle, pretty much a guaranteed show for the muscle men using the machines.

”Uh...” Cameron would have been uncomfortable with these many looks on him in general, always preferring to keep a low profile when by himself. But with his too tall sister here, he noticed every little glance from the muscle-brains on the weight machines. He threw a sweat towel on his sister’s breast, like a towel rack. “Stretching is for after Lily, everyone knows that!” He pointed to the unattended leg-press in the corner, “L-let’s go there.”

“Oh, really?” She scratched her head. “I ‘member our gym teacher pretty much telling me the opposite in school, but I guess it’s been a while since I had to do gym class and things can change I guess.” She slapped both palms on her generous buttocks, the thunder of the twin smacks radiating throughout the gym to draw more attention. “Alright I’m ready.”

”Sure, sure…” He tugged at her hand eagerly to put them away from slobbering mouths and eyes. Even the women looked hungry, and he knew full well that this attention wasn’t for him. He pointed to the contraption to where she would bend her legs to push to extension and explained a bit. “And then you just push your legs out until the machine stops you.”

She put her behind down, her big backside pooling on the metal surface until it oveflowed her seat. He grabbed a new sweat towel just from seeing another example proving the sheer expansiveness of her booty. She quickly boosted up to full extension, pouting. “It’s not very difficult, is it?”

“That’s because you’ve got to put the weight in first.” He smiled at the dorky attempt, glad that he could actually show his younger sister something. Going to the other side of the machine though, he saw that the weight actually was in, the pin stuck in about half-way through. He gave a nervous smile, “um, come down for a second?” He took the pin out immediately upon her descent, showing it to her, “see you’ve got to put it in and then you can push.” He put it in a little lower, the slot numbered ‘85’. “Now try.”

Again she flew up with ease, shaking her head. “Nothing. I might as well be like, standing up from my bed.”

His nervous smile continued, surely she wasn’t that strong. He slipped it in at 100lbs. “Try now.”

Up and down. “Nope.”




“C’mon bro! What a silly machine this is! Let’s do something that’s actually a challenge!”

Shaking his head, he shrugged and threw caution to the wind. He inserted the pin at the very bottom, all 300lbs now being utilized on the machine. For a moment, he bit his lower lip, not sure one what would happen next. Much to his relief though, she grunted a bit, only able to raise it an inch by her shoulders. “Ooo! That’s heavy!” She poked her head up. “What do I do now?”

“Um…” Of course the obviously answer was to tire out on a lower weight, but it was nice to see her actually struggle with something for once. “Just keep trying to push it up. If you get sore, give up and find me, alright?”

“Okay!” She nodded and pulled the brim of her hat lower, a determined look on her face taking over.

Cameron felt the most relief he had all day. He was actually smiling as he boarded the nearby treadmill, confident that things could actually be reaching some equilibrium for once. He just had got a good pace going, turning on a nearby TV to watch some sport he didn’t care about when there was a thunderous screech.


His head snapped to his left, mouth dropping as he saw that the sound had indeed come from the direction of his sister. She had fully extended her legs, much to his fears, but she had also warped the metal with her humble sneakers, the platform beneath her feet curling at the corners like grass in the wind.

Her face was a pout as she stood up, looking rather crushed that she crushed the machine. “I-I’m sorry… I was trying to push against the weight so hard, that…” She sniffed. “Did I mess up?”

”Yes…” He nodded, seeing all eyes on them from such garbled mess, but he noticed another thing. Her calves, which before were as spectacular as the rest of her, now were pulsing with energy which caused veins to visibly throb to provide all this added strength to his sister.

“Oh I’m sorry!” She gave a dramatic coo at her brother, hugging him tight against her sweat free body. “I didn’t know what I was doing!” Her tone was sweet still, but she did sound genuinely upset about this.

Of course, all Cameron could think about was how she hadn’t noticed a single change to her. She had some of the most buff calves around, had broken an exercise with merely her legs, and yet all she could feel was anguish for her little mistake. It became clear at this moment that what she was experiencing wasn’t just some freak puberty, but something truly divine. She wasn’t just ‘naturally good’ as most suspected, but it appeared she could literally do anything she wanted. Most amazing of all though, is that she didn’t even notice.

And this fact scared the shit out of big brother.

“Should I try to fix it or-?

“No!” He bounced back, hands out, “W-we’re simply going to do something else… Something much more…” He looked around, desperate for a machine to distract his sister without making her the most powerful being on the planet.

“Like this?”

Lily gasped out as her tiny white shirt scrunched, the poor sitting chest fly machine unable to properly press it’s bar against such major boobage. The machine may have been able to lift up to 300lbs, but it wasn’t built for such busty patrons. She could barely get the 25lbs weight a quarter way up before her oversized chest put up too much of a barrier to continue.

“Perfect.” Cameron put a thumbs up to his sister’s annoyed grunts, complimenting himself on his quick thinking. From what he had observed before, she could have put a hole in the treadmill with each step, or bent dumbbells in half, or even set the rowing machine ablaze with her pace. She seemed to be only one who could struggle against exercise machines and win. However here, her chest, advertising more space than many actual billboards, worked against any potential workout to be gained.

“Uuuuh!” Those soft cushions on the bar pressed against her softer chest pillows again, their circumference sticking past her legs, “I-I just don’t get how this could be serious exercise! I just feel like I’m pushing my boobs in and against each other again and again.” To demonstrate, she gripped both amazing buoyant tits and caused them to pool until they nearly popped out of the low collar. She let go and watched them wobble. “Am I really doing this right?”

”Well…” He shrugged, “you are, but it’s a…”

Your lies would be more convincing if you could take your eyes off those fleshy yoga-balls on her chest.

“Yup!” Cameron looked up to the ceiling, “You’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.”

”UHHH!” She grunted deeper still, most likely trying to imitate the sounds she expected to come from someone getting a workout. She blew air from her mouth, pushing back some hair behind her hat before pumping again. Her entire body tensed up, once again attempting to push the bars further out in front to no avail, breasts actually bumping into her chin as she squeezed those magnificent mammaries harder.

“Shit, man…” Cameron heard a not very subtle whisper behind him. “Do you see those big titties on that girl?” His head turned ever so slightly to see the two shirtless bros talking at rowing machines over his right shoulder.

They looked to be in college, the kind of jocks who lived at the gym in high school and only doubled their commitment since graduating. The one who had made the irritating comment was in a backwards hat as dark at his black bedhead mane. Like his friend, he had a ripped body nearly statue perfect, silky but hard looking biceps with the occasional bulging vein, mixed with a midsection studded with ab muscles as big as Cameron’s fist. His only rogue hairs were the chin strap which framed his firm jaw, and the way the lights cast down on his body made it look like he was ready for a cover shoot.

His friend with bigger amber helmet hair and somehow bigger, buffer body nodded. “Oh yeah, I spotted her when she first came in! They’ve gotta be fake, right? Those fat funbags are way too perky.”

The other bro brought his dark shorts to his defined pecs and cut abs as he pulled his knees in. “Naw. Look at them, they’re like, all soft and sexy. I’ve had my feel of both types many, many fucking times and they have those slight droop which means they’re real.”

“Shit man, she’s not even wearing a bra. Look at those fat nipples poking through the shirt. I’m telling yeah, if they’re not, ‘fake-fake’, they’re some kind of not natural thing.” The hatless friend was practically slobbering onto his bulge in grey shorts.

“How ‘bout this, dude.” The other bro dropped the handle of that machine. “We’ll find out together if they’re real, and if you’re right, I’ll give you first dibs on chicks for the next month.”

“Fine, but we’re doing her at the same time. I don’t want fucking sloppy seconds like the last time we checked that black babe’s ass.”

Cameron’s fists clenched. What he wouldn’t do right now to give them both a piece of his mind. They were talking about his sister as though she was nothing more than deli-meat! He would’ve marched right over and decked them if they hadn’t stood up and proven how much taller and bigger than they were than him.

“AAHHH!” Lily grunted a final time, shirt lifting enough to yet again pop out the bottom half of her breasts, hiding little more than a tiny strip across two tanned mountains of pillowy flesh, which could hide Cameron’s roaring cranium of conflicting emotions. “Is this really working?”

”Can you keep it down a bit, sis?” Cameron tried his best to keep his voice low as he waved his hands. “I think others are starting to notice.” He heard chuckling and high-fives from behind him, and he desperately begged that his sister was the one woman who wasn’t attracted to incredibly confident dude bros with great abs and smiles.

”Who cares?” She rested her arms out with another gutteral grunt. “I mean, if you’ve already forgotten, I’m kind of here to get noticed. Remember the whole sponsorship deal?” She looked down at her shirt, adjusting it out to stretch the logo as much as possible across her mind-numbing chest, pulling her hat off to wave her flowing blonde hair, and Cameron just pretending he wasn’t staring when she did whatever she was doing with her shorts’ bulge.

He gritted his teeth. “I know about that, Lily, but those guys over there. I heard them talking about you.” He had learned fifteen new words for incredibly large tits just from what he overheard in the last few seconds.

Tilting her head a tinge to the side, her eyes widened upon seeing the two guys ogling her. “Those two?” Her nails pointed over to the two shirtless men stretching their long buff torso left and right, eyes locked on her chest.

“Yeah so-”

“Those two hunky dudes?” Her lips curled into a smile. “The ones with super cut bodies, nice smiles, and killer sexy asses?”

”Well I didn’t check out their butts but-”

”And they’re-” She started to gasp a little bit, moaning as her legs wiggled a bit. “They’re staring at me?” She smiled and cooed, giving a wink back. “They really want to talk to me?”

Cameron face-palmed, knowing he had been far too optimistic before. “They were talking all about how hot your boobs were and saying really nasty-”

”Oh c’mon, Cameron. I know how flirting works.” Now she was practically rumbling in her seat. “My boobs are just a conversational piece to open the door, but then we get to talking. I betcha they know how to have a really good time though.” Her legs started to shake and rattle as her mind raced. “They probably know a lot of fun parties to go to, and probably have cute friends too!” She turned to Cameron with a smile, “do you think they have a boat? I betcha they have a boat!” The machine started to creak as her arms shook more.

Again, Cameron looked down at her crotch, the stirring beneath unavoidable. He had been amazed at her shorts’ ability to keep her decent so far, the descending bulge the size of her head coming half-way down her leg had been mostly settled besides the occasional twitch. But now, he saw that it was definitely rising, the material becoming unsustainably thin and stretched as tiny little tears appeared up the fattening dong. Cameron took a step back and cleared his throat. “Um maybe you should get up from-?”



The duel sounds of destruction hummed in distasteful harmony as all eyes were drawn to Lily. The chest fly machine was brutally slain, the grey metal bars hadn’t been disconnected as so much torn off like a chocolate bar, sharp jagged edges now of the floor as Lily quickly dropped them with a thunderous crash. Of course, most people really weren’t staring at the ripped metal, as they were more content on staring at the flesh beam now sticking out past her legs.

Immediately, Cameron’s nose was hit by his sister’s incredibly powerful musk, an uncharted scent of equal parts salty and sweet, but all consuming his senses. Thinking quick, he threw the towel around his shoulder between her legs, but this did little to solve the issue. Her shaft rose almost a foot above what the towel covered, and its girth guaranteed that what was covered was shown in impeccable detail, every vein, curve and pulse on display for the viewing public.

Seeing how little his towel was doing, Cameron jumped in front of his sister’s crotchless shorts with wide-arms and pointed in the opposite direction of Lily’s blushing face. “A-Alright guys. We’ve all had wardrobe malfunctions in the past and had some good laughs. N-Nothing to see here that we’ve-”

Cameron felt his body pushed to the side suddenly mid-speech, his sister pushing past him. She ripped off the remaining parts of her shorts to stand bottom-less in front of the two jocks who had been eyeing her up before. She was still a head above these ‘big-boys’ and posed with hands on her bare hips, all womanly wideness wiggling back and forth while something quite masculine bobbed pointing at their abs.

“I heard you were checking me out?” Lily’s smile was beaming, throwing some of that long sparkling blonde hair behind her head with some much stronger looking arms. “Do you like what you see, or something?”

”Uh…” Dark hat bro just gave the most intelligent grunt he could muster from his gaping mouth.

“How about you two? What are your names?”

“David.” Slowly the bigger friend said before pointing to his friend. “A-And this is Tanner.”

“Nice to meet you boys.” She actually patted them both on the head, mere puppies to her. “You two are pretty cute and I was wondering if I could buy you coffee tomorrow?”

“Uh, me or him?” David straightened his back, but his voice still shook with a lamb’s confidence.

“Both.” She smirked as she leaned over, flashing them a good look down her shirt, each head size teat moving close to their stunned faces. “Or maybe you think that I’m not womanly enough for you?” Her fingers danced up from her thighs, circling up some new abs on her stomach before ending right on her thick bulging nipples.

Cameron swore he heard two ‘pops’ coming from their brains as both bros vigorously shook their heads, a synchronised ‘duhs’ coming from their lips as they both got their phones out to jot down her number.

“Thanks, cuties.” She winked before turning around. “And by the way..” She smacked her bubbly otherside, a roar of jiggling asscheek echoing in the large gym space. “This is all real and all me, but you’re going to have to be real nice and impressive to find out for yourself…” She passed by her brother. “C’mon Cammy. I wanna shower and clean up.”

Her big boner bobbed all the way to the change rooms before Cameron unfroze himself from twitching and shivering. He had to reboot his brain to comprehend what he had just witnessed, smelling smoke come from his ears as conventional wisdom flew out the window.

“You know, bro… I’m not gay, but I’m totally going to try to hit that.” Tanner said with a blush.

“Seriously the prettiest dick I’ve ever seen.” David crossed his legs to cover his arousal. “A-Am I in love?”

If I just stare into this corner, everything will be fine.

Lily’s unbelievable body confidence aside, there was a problem with her getting into the change room now with her enormous male appendage bounding around sternum height. She knew full well that she would probably make some ladies uncomfortable with her evident monument to male arousal, so she stayed clear of the women’s changing room in respect to them. However, that didn’t exactly mean she’d be going to the boys changing room either, as her new throbbing meat caused a whole different kind of discomfort in males.

There was a solution however, as Jake’s Gym was kind enough to offer a third changing room for individuals who had some special needs, and his sister certainly was needing something special. The only problem was there was no divider inside. There was no walls to divide the room between the showers, and with his sister strongly insisting they change together, Cameron was stuck standing in the corner while his sister refreshed herself with a shower she didn’t need. She hadn’t broken a sweat after all.

“Ah!” She gasped as nice warm water poured onto her face, having to naturally duck under to actually fit, the water splashing from the nozzle around her mammoth-boob-height. “What are you doing in the corner, bro? Don’t you want to shower up?”

”I-I’m good.” He meekly waved back with a shake of his head. What he really needed was some time to process what was going on. He was starting to become fearful that if he didn’t do something soon, his sister would become something absolutely beyond mortal. Well, she already was kind of that, but he didn’t want her to get beyond-er than she already was. Passing a quick glance back again, he noted very well the outlines of strong biceps which trailed up both arms. Lily still had soft arms, but they were no longer delicate looking, and even unflexed they looked welcome on a woman’s fitness magazine. The way she had ripped that machine like cloth was honestly terrifying and made him fearful of her touch.

But her body’s just becoming sexier and sexier!

“Oh, don’t be a wet blanket!” She cupped her hands under the shower, before showing what felt like a bucket full over Cameron’s head, soaking him to the bone(r).

“Lily!!!! What the fuck!?!” He waved and slashed his hands of dripping warm water. “Now my clothes are all wet! What am I going to wear now?”

”Calm down, bro.” She pointed behind her shoulders to the bench of the gym bag she just got. “I’ve got enough clothing for about a month in there. So come over here and shower already. It’s not like we have to share a tap or anything…” She turned on the next shower just in arms reach and waved her hand.

She appeared to be one of her moods where she wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted so he relented, though to be fair, she had been like that almost all day. He sighed and slopped off his sticky clothing to the floor, dragging his foot across the wet tiles with every step.

At least with the water, you got rid of your boner.

Like clockwork though, Cameron felt his cock return to full-humiliating-mast anew upon getting under the admittedly rejuvenating stream, his sister’s body once again in easy view of his peripherals.

“Man, I felt pretty damn cool back there.” She hummed as she massaged her scalp, wet blonde strands bouncing. “When I heard that those cute guys were eyeing me up, I got so excited and hot, feeling like the shy girl I was before. But the more I thought about it, and after overcoming my embarrassing outburst there, I realized what’s the worst that could happen. Then once I was talking,” she chuckled, “I was on a roll. By the time I patted my butt for them, I felt like the adult and them the little kіds!” She shone that grin over to her brother, her teeth effortlessly reflecting light. “That actually happen with a lot of things now that I think about it, I worry so much about it, but when I actually try, I’m better than I could even dream!”

Cameron took a step to the side, slopping some shower gel onto his palm. “I know.” He said blankly at the bronze drain on the floor. “I was there.”

“Right.” She chuckled again before slathering her tight stomach with more suds, tanned skin glistening over newly made subtle abs. “Anyways, I wanted you to shower with me for a reason bro!”

Here comes the humiliating size comparison. You’re the older brother, yet you have a dick of an ant compared to her elephant’s trunk.

Consciously he clenched his legs together and turned more to the side. “Why? To splash water on me?”

”No silly!” She laughed as she turned fully towards him, water splashing in all directions off her shoulder as she hid nothing between them. “I mean, I was just thinking how I have more to clean, if you know what I’m saying. It’s all new to me.”

”So?” He tried looking straight up, so her fat flesh pipe wasn’t in his sight, but it bobbed all the same in his peripheries.

“Well, could you wash it for me?” She gripped it firm at the base and ran a finger down it. “It’s just, like, I mean,” she blushed. “You know, it’s got foreskin and all, so what do I do?”

”N-N-NO!” Cameron took as step back on the sudsy floor, but slipped on his toes, falling to his round butt. To his great regret, that only got him a better view of the shlang he was trying to avoid. “Y-You wash your own dick and get it-”

”Cammy!” She stomped a foot and boomed her voice, Cammy shutting up real quick. “You’ve been acting super strange since this morning, stranger than normal!” She crossed her arms, water spluttering down from her towering form,“I’m starting to think that, like, you’re jealous of my dick or something weird like that!”

He got up from his wet bubbly butt and tried his best to deflect the comment. “I-I’m not jealous! I’m…” His lips buttoned up as his mind burst into a fury of thoughts.

Totally confused in the face of your new cock, the core basis of my sexuality is challenged not to mention my identity as a brother. I don’t want it on me, but I’m still questioning on whether I like it or love it.

He cleared his throat. “I’m j-just worried, is all, Lily.” He crossed his arms. “You look happy with it, but I can’t help but worry that it might be some side-effect of something.”

”Well, whatever it came from…” She shrugged before handing him some soap. “I think it should be cleaned properly. I know you’re my brother, but who else should I trust with this?”

Taking a deep breath, he nodded. He had to get a grips on his maniacal thoughts which kept putting images of him cleaning this thing with mouth. His sister would only be 100% correct if he failed to do this, so he had to try his best. If he thought of this as a medical thing, as something purely logical, maybe he could scrub that powerful musk off, the musk coming from his sister’s cock which was seriously fucking with his mind. The only question though was what he could imagine he was cleaning instead.

Concentrating, he put a hand on the underside, feeling her slow but forceful pulse immediately as he brought a bar to the cockhead. He was merely cleaning a large tanned squash though, so he didn’t mind in the least. It did seem a bit odd to wash it though, seeing how this squash seemed perfectly fine and healthy without a imperfection. Nevertheless, he gave really quick strokes from its base, the running water doing a fine job to obscure the sound of his sis moaning. He gave a shaking hum as he worked closer and closer to the tip, very aware of the growing smell of arousal filling his nostrils. Quickly, he rubbed the purple tip which caused a rumble up its entirety. Yet the scent continued to make him light-headed, so he pulled back the stretchy skin near the top and ran the bar around the mushroom like tip.

Yes, it was mushroom, a strange oversized mushroom twitching at him. He rubbed and twisted around trying to get that smell off, but every little movement just make it stronger, his mind telling him to work harder until his IQ reached zero. Cameron huffed as he slowly worked the bar of soap around the slit, white ooze now coming out with such a powerful whiff that he couldn’t even smell the soap, his sister’s moan so loud he couldn’t hear the water.

His eyes went wide. He was cleaning his sister’s dick and his face was right against the tip.

Suck it dude, she doesn’t seem to mind.

It was downright hypnotizing him, filling his mind with such devious thoughts.

Run your tongue all the way down to those big sexy balls. Get her growing dick real clean.

What curse had been placed on his sister to give her such a possessed beastly shaft?

Maybe you can put your hard cock into hers like a pussy, pumping until you cum in-

“A-And we’re done!” He practically bounced back, thankfully staying on his feet this time. Immediately after, he dipped his head under the shower nozzle, turning it to cold all the way and sighing as he shivered his dirty thoughts away.

Lily had been biting her lips the entire time, her blushed body shivering as well, but for very different reasons. “T-Thanks…” She cleared her throat, still doing some cleaning of the shaft of her own. “C-Can I have a little privacy now though? I need to do some… Uh feminine things which I-”

“Say no more!” He burst from his mouth, turning off the shower and grabbing some new clothing her gym bags in no time flat. “Y-You take your time! I’ll just be in the front.” He scurried out the door with sneakers in hand and the moment upon exiting, gripped his chest. It was actually becoming dangerous to be in the same room as her, the stale air of this gym actually refreshing compared to whatever he was breathing in there. He started thinking on how he could solve this issue, keep himself safe, when he heard noises from the other which kept his feet moving to the entrance.


“Oh yeah…”


“Fuck yeah…”




“Sh-Shit don’t clog the drain!”


Finally, Cameron settled on the best idea on how to handle things next, pondering his thoughts in the pink shirt he grabbed in a hurry. It may not be the absolutely perfect option, but he certainly couldn’t retain the status quo, he needed to find a way out of this extremely uncomfortable personal hell thrust upon his lap. He just wished Lily would come to the entrance already.

“Ready?” Lily jumped out in front of him with a smile, surprising her brother with her change of outfit. After all, it was actually not showing off an obscene amount of skin, her white t-shirt actually managing to go down to the hem of her blue sweatpants, obscene bulge gone. They were tight, certainly, but besides the her gym bag’s strap going between her enormous breasts emphasizing them more, it was actually the most conservative she had dressed in a while. “Let’s go now, as I kind of made a mess of that change room and I think I might get blamed.”

”Sure.” He felt as if things were looking up and optimistic until he realized the obvious. She had done the oldest boner hiding trick in the book, and although more subtle than a bulge, it certainly wasn’t hidden. He saw the outline up her white shirt, Lily merely pointing her arousal up to fruitlessly hide things in her shirt, but it was easy to make out each tanned detail of the dick he got to know so intimately by washing. What he had assumed was the bulge for her oversized wang was actually just her balls, a pair which looked positively full at how they twitched beneath the fabric.

“So what’s next?” Full of energy, Lily lifted her arms in the air the second they got outside, erection bobbing out the second her shirt was lifted, dong flopping free. “Whoops! I’ve got to get rid of this boner soon or else you’ll be cleaning it again, huh bro?!”

You should just accept you like it. You both could be so happy if you accepted your roll as brotherly dick cleaner

“I-I’ve got another idea actually!” He blurted out with waving hands.

“But broooo…” Lily whined from their front driveway, feeling positively kicked out of her brother’s car. “What do I do about my boner until you come back?”

”I don’t know.” Cameron gripped the steering wheel staring forward with his steely gaze, keeping his meditative thoughts off of his sister best he could to keep his sanity. “Try Porn-Hub. It’s what I do…” He shuddered at his sister’s stamina, erect cock still bobbing beneath her white shirt. “…A-And bring a bucket to clean up.”

He pushed down on the gas, speeding his silver Camry away from his sister, who clearly was not pleased with his answer. His excuse to get his ass to the library for research was weak honestly, but he didn’t care. Despite his desire to be a ‘nice’ brother, her proximity to her was doing something to him, something profound.

His eyes watered upon her graceful form, driving his brain mad with its abundant femininity, but paradoxically very masculine part. Her voice was changing as well, her sweet heavenly tone of 120% innocence was still there like when she was little, but the next moment her words would dip into something breathy, heavy and dripping in sexuality like lingerie before shifting over into charismatic and energized the next second. Her tongue was becoming like a swiss army knife of utility as the moment it hit his ears, he felt his mood change from adoring, aroused, energized then back to adoring in a second.

And the less he talked about her natural musk, the better, the girl like a walking bomb of mind-scrambling odours, one moment sweet, the next, raw sexuality which burned the nostrils.

What if you kissed her on those sweet and plump lips?

The images were refusing to leave his head, no matter how fast he drove his car, his imagination chased. Even when she wasn’t beside him, he still had these angsty thoughts dance around his skull, little ideas of touching her bare thigh, smelling her hair, licking her shoulder, patting her big bum.

Give her a handy while driving, grip that glorious cum cannon with a steel grip and watch it blow. Lick your hand and keep going, she can cum and cum and cum and cum and-


He almost rear-ended the guy in front of him, screeching his brakes at the last minute, probably almost breaking his neck, but it hardly phased him. Feeling like he was losing his mind, he focused his hardest on the road as possible but he just couldn’t. Every light reminded him of his sister’s shiny smiling, each passing blonde her hair, and he saw about a dozen hoses being used, which was just karmatically cruel.

Realizing that he couldn’t get sex off the mind, he tried an alternative approach. He thought back to another girl he worshipped back in high school, Mary Campbell. There was that summer by the river where he conveniently was reading a book where the popular k1ds also were taking a dip. Every guy in school knew Mary like the back of his jerking palm, her natural beauty and sexual confidence making her quite the popular fantasy. Cameron obviously thought he never had a chance with the sandy blonde, but stared at her from a far all the same, watching her smile bright in her red striped bikini, tanned skin glistening wet.

But she was barely a full C-cup! She can’t even compare to Lily’s full and succulent breasts. You can hide a watermelon in those.

Yet, on that day, she actually came over to say hi, sitting down beside him and proving Cameron wrong by actually knowing his name and showing him nothing but kindness. They laughed and shared some ideas about school before she went back to her friends. He thought he was in love that day, a love which was a fantasy, but one which he wanted deeply nevertheless.

Then she stood up and you stared at her ass. A tiny ass. A boy’s ass, tight but flat. Lily’s butt is the ideal fantasy, the perfect panties swallowers, the mind-numbing lap warmer. If you could teach her to twerk, your mind-

Cameron thought hard back on those fantasies, the friendly, romantic and even the masturbatory ones. How they’d hold hands, laugh at each others jokes, the walks in the park, the love making by the fireplace. What powerful desires on what never was. However, most of the time he would just picture her back in that itty-bitty striped bikini before going to bed, imagining snapping those bottoms off.

T&A is one thing, but the Biggest thing she’s missing is a nice bulge in those bikini bottoms. Pussy is nothing compared to a nice big, hard dick to suckle on. You could bring Lily to that same river, get some suntan lotion and rub that cream all over that huge cock. Maybe even Mary will be there, and she can see how insignificant she is now compared to your big, busty, well-hung sis-

“Argh enough about dicks!” Cameron growled with his fists raised, knocking him from his erotic trance.

But he wasn’t even in his car anymore. He had been on such autopilot that he was already inside the large local library, standing in front of the reception, a couple of eyes on his blushing face.

“Uh…” The cute raven haired girl behind the desk with big black thick-rimmed glasses looked up, thin eyebrows furrowing. “You want a book about dicks?”

“N-No.” He rubbed his cheeks, feeling he should visit the funny farm after the library. “I-I want some medical books, particularly on human anatomy?” He blushed further, knowing now that he would look like a pervert unless, “I-I’m studying for a medical test… to be a doctor… to do doctor things…”

“Suuure…” A little smirk came on her bright cherry lips, giving a look back at her computer. “I’ll type some suggestions for you.” Her fingers went to typing furiously, but she had the skill to look up at him while typing. “Say, do I know you from somewhere?”

Cameron racked his brain a bit. She was cute so probably not, though there was something a bit familiar with her silly smile. “Um I don’t think so…”

”Oh yeah!” She snapped her fingers, smirk growing. “Cameron Vinogradov, from high school! You used to come into the library quite regularly!” She leaned back, letting her gaudy red Spider-man shirt into full view. “It’s Nelda Hawkins! We’d talk sometimes when you were checking out books?”

Memories came rushing back, remembering Nelda quite well from school. She was probably a bigger dork than him in those days, a nerd without fashion sense, always wearing big glasses and outfits which looked like her gym gear, even wearing shorts in the dead of winter. She had been a mousy girl, spending most her time in school helping the librarian, but it looked like puberty had hit on leaving high school, looking more womanly than he could remember, mastering subtle make-up, and the outline of two large breasts unmistakable. Her fashion hadn’t changed, her outfit today being a horrendous combination of a red t-shirt with yellow short-shorts, but he supposed that was just hipster fashion now, so she got away with it.

“Oh hey…” Suddenly he felt especially stupid for his introduction. “How’re you doing, Nelda?”

“Living it big as you can see.” She smirked as she put an elbow on her chin. “I left school, took this job while I worked on writing a book, but I haven’t written a page in two years.” She closed a dusty old tome on her desk and shrugged. “What about you? Where have you been for the last two years?”

In the inescapable shadow of my superior-in-all-ways sister whose body seems determined to drive me insane with her body and huge co-

“Oh you know,” he smiled, “here and there. Honestly I haven’t been doing anything too exciting.”

”Well, I’d say becoming a doctor is pretty cool.” She hit enter on her keyboard, before leaning in closer. “Unless that was just you nervously said to cover your little fetish?”

She knows!


”You know, looking at dead bodies?” She gave a giggle and a snort. “Don’t worry, I do the same thing when I’m bored. Dead bodies are cool, right? Especially the weird ways they die!”

”R-Right..” He nodded before refirming his spine and shaking his head. “A-Actually, I’m doing some research on puberty. My sister’s body is… Um, changing so I wanted to do some research to find out more about it and see if I can do anything to help.”

“Awww.” She tilted her head and pouted. “That’s adorable! What a nice brother!” She stood up. “Can I help?”

He looked around the desk. “Um sure, but don’t you have to watch the reception or something?”

”Pfft.” She scoffed as she bounded over the desk in a single bound. “You kidding? People only use the library for the free wifi, and even then, they’re just on social media looking at girls’ butts.” She pointed over to the far section. “As long as I can see the reception we’ll be fine.” She took his shaking hand and yanked. “Look alive Cam, we’ve got some vaginas to look at!”

Time passed quickly doing research with Nelda. She was such a fascinatingly weird person, and such energy was exactly he needed to get his mind off of his situation. Slowly, he felt comfortable enough to explain a lot (but certainly not all) the conditions around his sister, and Nelda simply nodded and helped, almost too accepting of this knowledge. They didn’t find anything about spontaneous penis growth in females in the medical journals, and once he explained what happened in the gym, she pointed them towards history and mythology, looking at perhaps other women which would have such features.

Suddenly she looked up at the clock and shook her head. “Well, my shift is over.” She closed a dusty tomb of Norse mythology. “And I promised my friend I’d go dumpster diving tonight with her. Apparently the muffins this one place throws out are to die for.” She stood up and stretched.

“Oh…” He nodded, disappointed that he was losing his new study buddy and the one he trusted with this information. “Um.. Okay.”

“But hey, I had fun.” She bent over and bopped him on the nose. “I’d love to study weird shit with you again, if you’d like this be a regular thing.”

“Uh sure!” He sparked up, only now realizing that three hours had passed since they’d started studying, his mind tired but somehow refreshed after getting some time away from his occupying thoughts.

She ripped out a page of a probably priceless book without shame and scribbled out a number. “This is my pager if you want to reach me. I find cellphones oppressing, so don’t think of texting me. Anyways, message me if you wanna hang out or something, and good luck with your Mary-Sue problem.”

”Mary Sue?”

“Oh you know, when a lady in a story can do everything because the author doesn’t know how to write women? Maybe you should look that up too!” She started walking before turning around. “Seriously call me though. Sometimes I get so bored at three in the morning I want to sleep!” She gave a final wink before kicking the door open and shouting. “I’m free!”

“Huh…” Cameron shook his head while looking at his number. That girl was weird with a capital ‘W’, but it was kind of what he needed to keep his head sane throughout this. He’d definitely call her, or whatever somebody does with a pager, but considering how late in the afternoon it was, he felt it was time to head home and ensure that his sister hadn’t picked up a book and become a genius or grown an extra pair of arms to open a jar of peanut butter. It was just nice to joke about this now with a calmer demeanour.

“Holy shit dude. Do you think its real?” Cameron heard over his shoulder from some teens probably around Lily’s age.

“Those tits are definitely fake man. They’re way too big and, like, stiff under that tiny shirt.”

”I’m not talking about her tits, man, I’m talking about her dick!”

Cameron felt an intense bit of vertigo, rushing over to the two boys huddled over a computer screen. He tried to subtly glance at their screen, but they were leaning in real close, so he dared to speak up. “Um, c-can I see?”

”Oh good, we can get another opinion.” The chubby boy on the left said, forehead ripe with grease.

“Dude, so tell us.” His lanky ginger friend leaned back. “This girl, does she have an actual dick or not?”

”I’m telling you that would be, like, the greatest photoshop pic ever if it wasn’t real.”

“Yeah but how does a hot chick have a dick? Plus if it was real, why would it be allowed on Instagram?”

”Damn it…” Cameron gripped the side of his face and gave a grunt. It was exactly what he feared. His sister was giving a seductive selfie in her bedroom mirror, dick comfortably tucked between her breasts as her thick shaft pointed straight up her torso. He squinted closer and groaned, seeing that she was using his underwear to emphasize her oversized balls, heavy nuts just barely contained by the tight briefs. He looked over to the comment with dread.

-So, does anyone know any good underwear 4 a girl with a lot down there? My bro’s don’t fit me! :D


“Damn, got to be embarrassing for the brothers, huh?” There was a snicker from the fat one, but Cameron had already left the screen to make things right. Not before he headed over to the outlet and unplugged all the computers of course, his detour only making him feel a bit better.

He scampered out of the library with a couple mythology books under his arms, not even properly checking them out in his rush. He started his car and whirled out of the parking lot, speeding on the road for whole different reasons this time.

Taking a couple of deep breathes, he told himself again and again on what he would do. Just a simple request that he doesn’t think that she should be advertising her abnormal crotch-growth like that. He’ll just calmly ask her to take it quickly down, maybe even offer to take another one. Just a friendly suggestion from a brother.

She’s showing the world that awesome dick. Now every guy in town is going to know about her bulge below and asking for some. Imagine every night a new guy in her bedroom, sucking and pumping that dick that you want to taste and lick and worshi-

Just a simple call for her to calm things down, making her realize the importance of posting more restrained selfies online. He could really be a good mentor on this, telling her the safest way to enjoy the internet, and maybe showing her how to use a camera and photoshop.

Yeah, you can take her photo, right before she starts ramming her cock in a harem of boys lined around the block. You could have been the first, but now your just going to be desperately regretting you didn’t suck when-

The pedal was firmly on the metal, passing cars like a maniac on a Nascar track as his thoughts grew heavier and heavier. He was starting to think that he shouldn’t drive in such a state, but then he saw his neighbourhood and felt determined as ever to charge inside. His littler Camry screeched and left hot tar in its wake.

He bounded up the front steps and practically jumped through the front door to rush up the stairs. He turned the corner past the washroom and took a deep breath. If he came into her bedroom, he would have to be calm and collected, lest he make her suspicious. He adjusted his shirt, wiped some sweat off his brow and gave a knock on her closed door. “Uh sis?”

There was a flurry of sheets, giggles and shushes from the other side, Cameron wasn’t a hundred percent sure of what was occurring on the other side, but he boiled at the revelation that she wasn’t alone. Who could already be in there? Who would dare to sneak in on his little sister to play in the sheets? How could she have already found a dude in only three hours she’d left?

Who was the lucky son of a bitch taking her hot dick?

Taking a firm grip of the door knob, he was thankful for the lack of the lock on the door and he swung it open. “What’s going on in here?!”

”BRO!” Lily barked loud enough to immediately make him fall to his knees, shaking in a little bit of fear. “Why’d you come in like that? I-I’m busy!” Lily was under her blue bedsheets, hand and sheet over her nude chest, thick nipples poking through. Her long blonde hair was a bit messy, face a bit blushed, a poking indent in the sheets which proved her continuous arousal. Beside her, there was a giant lump under the sheets, moving and shifting without subtlety. There continued to be some giggling from the two, and Cameron stood back up.

”Who’s that?!” Cameron’s finger pointed out the obvious figure under the sheets. “I-I mean did you invite someone over while mom and dad were out?”

Lily sighed, blowing some blonde hair from over her eyes and looked over to the lump under her sheets. “The jig is up, Alex, come up…”

Cameron felt his fists tense, wanting to punch this dude right in the noggin the minute his head popped up from the sheets. The lump rose up and he noted on the flowing chestnut hair, fit tanned body, beautiful white smile, plump pink lips, gorgeous made-up eyes, full DD-breasts. His furious steam became confusion, as not only as ‘Alex’ an incredibly sexual girl, she was a face that again gave him some serious déjù vu, but she was way too smoking for him to know her personally.

“Cameron, this is Alex.” Lily put her hand onto of her shorter, but certainly older, woman. “W-We met online.” She pressed her sleek tanned body into hers, the teen girl dwarfing this young woman in every way, almost unnaturally so considering how smoking Alex would be in compared to any other female but Lily.

“What?” Cameron rubbed his tired eyes, a little run-down from doing all the reading in the library, but the two busty gals were still there after he opened his eyes again. “How could you even do that?”

”Okay so,” Lily took a deep breath and counted on her fingers. “I went on Porn-Hub like you suggested, but, like, there was just a lot of… Ugh no… But it said horny girls were in my area, so I thought that maybe they were like me, or something.”

Cameron snapped his fingers, a massive eureka relieving a stress from his brain. This girl was a popular live cam-girl he always saw at the bottom of videos, the one which had that stunning face and crazy hot boobs. He tilted his head. “Wait, you live in Maryland?”

“Baltimore.” Alex gave a weak smile, cover her face a little bit with her manicured hand.

“Anyways, we got to chatting a bit, and she wanted me to prove who I said I was so-”

”Yeah.” Alex said with a giggle and a blush. “I couldn’t believe what she was saying, so I asked for her to give me a picture. She gave me a video instead and I almost lost it. I thought it was some prank or something, her sitting down in the seat with huge tits and a dick which looked like an arm sticking out of her crotch. Now I’ve seen a lot of people jerking their dicks in my time, it comes with the territory, you know? But man, your sister’s dick was just amazing! So big, smooth, hard, powerful, virile! I must have seen her fire off three or four loads before I decided to get an Uber over here and see what the big deal was.”

“And she’s super helpful bro!” Lily giggled with her new friend. “She knows lots about sex, and she’s trying real hard to get rid of my boner!”

“Ew.” Cameron feigned disgust as he shook his head. “But you shouldn’t be just hooking up with random people you met online!” He looked at this incredibly hot babe absolutely smitten with his sister, her head leaning on her shoulder as her hand danced below the sheet, doing who knows what. “E-Even if she is an incredibly hot sexual woman who offers to come to you.”

Don’t imagine them doing it. Don’t imagine them doing it.

Alex bent over on her hands and knees, taking it doggy style as Lily proves her superior womanhood by grabbing her nice hair and-

…Damn it

”Oh come on, bro!” Lily cooed, her hand cupping beneath Alex’s miniscule by comparison but still wonderfully full tits. “You know, I bet Alex has a bunch of cute looking girlfriends she could introduce you to. We really both could benefit from this!”

”Definitely, Cameron!” Alex grunted, the sound of slick pumping refilling the room. “I’d love to help Lily’s little brother get laid if I could continue to play with this wondrous thing.” She inhaled deep. “Something about that musk drives me crazy! I just want to live on this dick!”

“Yeah, and don’t worry, Cammy. You’ll still be the number one man in my life. Nothing’s going to change that!” Lily bit her lower lip, definitely feeling the hand playing with her shaft down below.

“I-Uh…” His mind was fighting against himself in order to find the words. On the one hand, it was probably good that his sister was a lesbian like this, no worries about guys sneaking into her window when she had a girl that hot on call. On the other hand, they were treating him like a tiny boy rather than the older brother, a mere pet rather than a man. On the other foot though, there was the offer of hot friends. On the other finger, maybe he didn’t want to share his sister with others, was she ready for a relationship? Then on the other tit, wasn’t not having her around what-


He’d never been so pleased to hear the front door in his life. Cameron turned around, “Sorry ladies, but I need to get that!” He rushed back the way he ran in, bounding down the stairs, not caring in the least who actually was there at his home if it meant he could procrastinate another moment.

Swinging the door open though, he was rather surprised to see who was standing there.


Cameron hadn’t wanted that to be the first word out of his mouth, but he was rather impressed who was standing at his door. It almost was like he had opened the pages of some fashion magazine and saw two jaw-dropping models for the latest May fashion posing just for him. Both women had bold dark pixie haircuts, confident poses, fine slim bodies, and even finer outfits, but they certainly weren’t twins.

The one who had rang the doorbell was an African-American in a white mini-dress that tied behind her neck, the fierce eyes combined with neutral ruby lips gave her quite the powerful stare which froze Cameron in place, unable to think of a good follow-up to his blurted profanity. Her friend, leaning behind her, was much more white-punk alt-model, tattoos stretching from both hands to a collage on her bare back. The strap-less halter-top with suspenders was not leaving much to the imagination, but he supposed with tattoos like that, who would want to wear much clothing?

“Hey, nice shirt.” The one in the white dress finally smiled, walking past him and into the house.

He looked down and silently cursed himself for not changing since the gym. He pulled on his pink top. “Um, thanks. Who are you?”

This woman seemed completely unperturbed by such tiny concepts like ‘property-rights’ or ‘personal-space’ as she picked up a family album on a end-table, looking it over. “I’m Summer and that’s Autumn. Don’t make the jokes ‘cause we’ve already heard them all.” She put the picture frame down and signalled Autumn to come in with her suitcase. “We’re here for your sister.” She stretched her hand way up. “Around this high.” Then she mimed beach balls. “Tits around this big.” Finally, she gave an exaggerated length of a shark. “Dick for miles?”

”Did Alex ask for you?” His forehead furrowed as he watched the petite Autumn struggle to carry in a suitcase suitable for a family of four.

“Oh yeah. She said this was a special job us girls couldn’t miss out on, so we brought our asses and our tool-kit.” She leaned on the case with wheels, inviting round behind swaying for Cameron’s viewing pleasure before she pointed her finger upstairs, commanding Autumn to start struggling up them.

“I assume…” He rubbed his tired eyes. “I assume that there’s not like, yoga mats, or… meditation balls inside.”

”Fuck no.” Summer jabbed him in the ribs, those defined arms of hers not joking around, “we’ve got an entire sex-store in that case, straight from our library! Toys, outfits, and tons of lubricant.” She made a gross squish from her lips and she mimed squeezing a tube.


”Yeah, us cam-girls in town started a little union of sorts which shares all the fun stuff, and when Alex asked for the whole shebang, we rushed over!” She put her arm over his shoulder in an over-assuming chummy way, arm squeezing the back of his neck. “Is it true though? Does your sister really have a boner which refuses to quit?”

He threw off her arm and huffed. “Just… Just go ask her yourself, okay?” Were all cam-girls this perverted, or did his sister just have this effect on women now?

”Alright, alright.” She shrugged, before running a hand through her tight tidy black hair. “What happened to hospitality and charity, eh Autumn?”

”Um.” Autumn gave another grunt as she was only on step number five. “C-Could you help me?” Tone was surprisingly meek for her loud outfit and skin art. “This is pretty heavy.”

“No one wants to help anybody else anymore…” Summer passed Autumn on the stairs, hips wiggling more exaggerated with each step, her head shaking. “Such a shame.”

”I-I’ll help.” Cameron said blushed but determined, grabbing the other side of this ridiculously large thing. They got up two more stairs before he gave out a similar grunt as Autumn. “Whew, this is heavy!” He was about to ask how much lubricant actually was in there, but he thought that he’d rather not know.

“Should I ask your sister to see if she can help?” Autumn shrugged with her helpful suggestion, her sparkling eyes were amazingly hypnotizing, almost as deep and cyan as his sister’s pair. Combined with such adorable freckles, it provided an arousing contrast with her piercings and many iconography on her skin.

“N-No, no…” He shook his head and re-firmed his spine. “I’m the big brother and we’ll get this done fine without her.” He threw his shoulders back, but his fingers were begging for relief.

”Really?” She started pulling again, giving a most sexual of grunts each time. “Because from the pictures and descriptions I saw, I assumed you were, like, the little brother.”

”Yeah, yeah.” He averted his eyes from her confused look. “I’ve been getting that a lot lately. Let’s just hurry this up to her room.”

Through a combination of sliding and wiggling, they did manage to get it up the staircase and down the hallway with minimal dents and Cameron didn’t get a hernia. To conclude, it was the best thing that had happened to him that day. Finally, they had set it down outside Lily’s room, seeing that Summer had already gone it, leaving the door ajar.

“Lily?” Cameron gave a knock. “I don’t want to burst in like last time, so can I come in?”

”AH, AH, AH, AH. YES, YES, YES, YES.” The grunts and elated pounding came from the room, but all the ecstasy was coming from Alex’s mouth, the wet slopping making it hard to pin down exactly how she was reaching nirvana at the moment.

Autumn took this as a sign to continue bringing it in, and Cameron reluctantly helped, though he wished he hadn’t. Inside, his sister was laying back down on the bed, completely in the nude with her massive quaking tits unable to settle due to the girl currently sitting on her face. Alex, tan blushed body a deeper shade, was currently ridding tongue like a rodeo bull, squirming and bouncing as she ran her hands on her chest and through her hair.

“Oh yes!” She oozed from her mouth as her strong thighs tightened around Lily’s lapping face. “Th-There’s no-no way you haven’t do-done this before! This is the b-best head I’ve ever gotten!” She gave a guttural grunt to the ceiling, pulling at her hair. “Y-Your tongue! It’s so long! S-S-So warm and thick and- ERNNN!” Her body shudder and clenched over at the stomach. Not a graceful porn orgasm which Cameron had previously watched, but the real ungraceful ones which could almost knock a person out, and by the subtle mutterings from her lips about waiting for ‘round four’, it was hardly her first.

Meanwhile, Summer’s eyes and lips were doing a scene from a science-fiction movie, the stunned scientist finding their dream in front of their eyes. Both hands glided up the cock, the heavy thing walloping against Lily’s flat and glistening stomach like a caveman’s club, her smile grew. “Shit.” She shivered as she stepped even closer to the shaking bed. “I can feel it pulse, and the smell… Oh god the smell!”

Alex collapsed forward, head flopping first into breasts as she gave a sigh of relief. Lily’s head, face coated with juices flipped her head to the side and smiled at her newest guests at the door. “Oh yaa! Alex’s stuff is here! Now the real fun can begin.” Her eyes locked on her brother. “And Cammy! Why didn’t you tell me eating pussy was so fun and tasty? I could lay down all day as girls sit their sexy butts on my face!” She stuck her tongue out, a little pink blip at first, but then it surged forward past what should have been humanly possible. Eight-inches past her lips, meaty and wide as Cameron’s fist, and a wiggling tip which showed the dexterity of a finger. Her tongue snapped back before she giggled. “Woah, my tongue is getting long!”

“I-uh… You-er…” Cameron felt himself pointing in all directions as he watched the hedonic scene descend further into arousal. Alex muttering something about a new addiction, Summer now weighing each heavy and sloshing nut with the intensity of a scale, and Autumn had skipped over to kneel beside her, intent on seeing how real those breasts really were by mashing her face right in them. He crossed his legs, feeling seconds from climaxing from the sight alone. “I-I’m just going to go in the other room to read…”

”No stay, bro!” Lilly deftly positioned her left hand on her cock and started to idly play with its immense mass as Summer juggled with her balls. “You should watch and-”


A second more of her sweet voice and he might have actually stayed. Thankfully, he collected just enough energy to shut that door right behind him, rushing off to his car. He needed to get his mind on something else, anything else to stop his primal urges from taking over.

He collected the books he had gotten from the library and gritted his teeth. There was no denying the burning desire to be one of those hot babes crawling over his sister. She was so effortlessly proving herself to be the alpha-mate in the situation, and that just drove him crazy. It was almost like he had never been attracted to another before, that only now he understood what his libido had been really wanting.

Rubbing his head, he headed into the house and threw his books on his bed. He laid down beside the books and turned to a random page, hoping to learn what he could from this text about heroine and godesses of myth. He took some deep breathes, turning to his side just to avoid his boner from painfully bending between his body and the bed. He started to read.

Since the earliest days of civilization, the desire of the feminine form-

A rumbling crash shook the wall as his sister’s coitus seemed to come into his room, at least by the sound of it. There was a steady pounding, like a running treadmill, except every boom was followed by a squish, clearly something oversized being shoved into a tight hole.

“Oh yes! Deeper, deeper! God I’ve never been so fully stretched like this before! I-I can’t believe I- OOOOooowwwwhhhh!” Alex’s voice groaned like a sow.

Racing his fingers across the words, he furrowed his brow further.

-the feminine form has attracted men to not only obsess about her depiction-

“Oh mmm yeah yeah!” This wet slopping sound came through the grates, the sound of suction popping and wet slapping almost dripping into his ears. Something heavy was flopping against some soft and thick skin again and again.

He read aloud, louder as every second the sex increased decibels by leaps and bounds, sounding like overexcited bass in only a few seconds.

“-her depiction, but her implementation of-”

“Oh, what are you doing with your fingers!?!?! It-It’s incredible!” A rapid slippery flurry now joined the pounding rumble and slapping, a whole orchestra of slamming wet bodies joining for maximum noise pollution.

“-implementation of-”


“-OF HER FIGURE INTO THEIR-” His yell was barely audible to even his own ears.

Dude, what are you doing? You’re missing the best sex show on the planet over there. You take that boner over and watch, you’ll have enough spank material to last you a lifetime!


Or here’s a better idea, why don’t you go over there and finally get laid? Lose that pesky virginity which has been buggering you for how long? There are three girls who are out of their mind horny there, and you’re just laying here with a book like a nerd. You could probably bend one over Lily’s big and sexy nude body, and they’d THANK you.

“N-No…” He gripped his head, unable to tame these thoughts as Lily’s grunting now filled his ears. A wet splurting sound now slamming against the wall, liquid cannon balls rumbling the house, the light on his ceiling actually flickering from the impact.

Yeah, right. Because all you want is your sister’s rocking body. Nothing can compare right? Well, you lost your chance at ever enjoying it, because she’s going to completely forget about you now. How could she ever remember such a puny older brother when she has harems coming over to pleasure her? Now you’ll just have to settle hearing the greatest sexual stamina on Earth, unless of course, you actually DO something about it. Be honest, stand up and walk into that room to take charge like a man with some balls! Why-


After his sister’s seeming latest climax, things calmed down and quieted ever so slightly, to the point where he could hear himself once more, but he was still surprised he was able to hear the knock at his door. He was appreciative to anything which distracted his mind, so he sat up on his bed, but the knocker at his door wasn’t content on waiting politely.

Slipping into his room and popping the door behind her booty, Summer gave a little flirty wave with her long purple nails. “Hey you.” She rubbed her ears as the walls pulsed like booming bass. “My my, no hiding what’s going on next door, huh?”

”What do you want?” Cameron shook his head, eyes averting from that strong gaze Summer, an instant intense flood of insecurity bubbling up. “Shouldn’t you be next door with Lily?”

”Your sister certainly is fascinating.” Summer bit a finger nail, giving a little moan as her legs clenched. “But I’m not a fan of waiting my turn.” She put one of her long legs forward and traced a finger up. “So, when I remembered the cute boy next door, how he slobbered when he first saw me, I thought,” she paused to unhook her dress secured around her neck, dropping her top over to expose two dark caramel mounds of full round size, delectable Hershey Kisses on each, “why not see what he’s doing?”

There were topless tits in his room. There had never been naked big tits in his room, outside of his computer screen that is. Weirder still, they were pointed at him, her nipple’s stare almost as intense as her eyes. He realized he’d been down right gaping at them, so he turned his head, biting his lip. “I-I’m just reading is all.”

“That’s good. A healthy boy needs a healthy brain.” She slowly dragged a fingertip between her breasts, once through the cleavage circling each soft milky mammary. Then she cupped them to let them bounce, before giving a confident pose with her hands on her hips. “But could I interest you in perhaps doing something else?”

Jump on in that! Jump on in that! Jump on in that! Jump on in that!

Just ignore that she’s going to be thinking of your sister’s big dick the entire time and-

“I-I don’t really get what you mean…” He blushed, not being that ignorant of course, but such bluntness caught him off-guard.

“Oh.” She gave a smirk, crossing her arms. “I shoulda figured it out with that pink shirt and how you’re cool with girls coming over. You’re gay.” She raised a left fist and gave a silly grin. “I understand with you, brother. LGBTQ brothers and sisters coming together and all that.”

”I’m not gay!” He jumped to his feet, fists clenched. “C-can’t a guy just be nervous or whatever!?”

“Uh-huh.” She gave a chuckle, and placed her black smartphone on his desk before walking over. “Haven’t you heard of a little teasing, little guy? I’m just trying to get your rocket fuel going, hun.” She put a hand on his shoulder, and pouted her red lips. “But admit it, you haven’t been with a lot of girls.”

It’s as you feared! She can see right through you!

“I-I’m not a virgin!” He tried to step back, but forgetting his bed was right behind him, he stumbled back on his ass. He looked up at her, her looking down him not helping his confidence. “I mean, I’m not, like, a complete virgin. I-I’ve gotten some head or-or something.”

”Either you are a virgin or not, little guy.” She looked him up and down, a tongue coming across her lips as she inched her luscious tits an inch closer to his cheeks. “All I know is that I’m topless in your bedroom and I’m waiting for you to reciprocate mother fucker.” She winked giving him a slight push on the shoulders.

His eyes focused right on her chest, giving her nipples some damn fine eye-contact. “Reciprocate?” He scratched his head. “You mean, like, take my shirt off, right?”

“If you think my sweet chocolate tits are just worth a little pink shirt, then you really are a virgin.” She leaned over and placed her fingers on his crotch, feeling full well what was beneath.

“R-Right!” He fumbled with his fly, his fingers shaking to make this basic task like defusing a bomb. Once he got the zipper down, he stood up, his spine a bit more firm, flashing his pants down to his ankles. His boxers were still on but from the earlier show, his cock was already hanging loose of his fly, dangling around the hem. “Like this right?” He gave a weak smile.

“That’s your dick, cutie?” She leaned over ever so slightly, hand feeling underneath the semi-hard cock.

Shit, is it too small? How could any dick compare after Lily!? I-

“Y-yeah. Why?” He gulped.

“I’m just thinking.” She gave the base a good squeeze. “You’ve got good genes in this family. Your dad’s a horse?”

He felt a bit of stress release of his shoulders. “Really?”

”Oh yeah, big boy.” She slowly worked herself to the edge, dabbing the arch of her hand in his generous pre-cum before she gave it a taste. “I mean, it’s not especially long.” She again rubbed it up and down it’s entire length slowly. “But when girls say they want a fat cock, this is what they mean.” She licked her lips, sinking lower into his room’s carpeting. “Like holding a coke can of cock!”

“OH FUCKING HOW?” The screaming resumed from his sister’s room, sounding as if Autumn was getting a turn on the meat train now. “How does it feel this good?!”

“Let’s get this bad boy hard…” Summer slunk back up to her feet and spun around, body weaving to the bass Lily’s thumping made. Her hips swirled and swerved as her dress fell further down, an avalanche of white clothing revealing more and more perfectly smooth, creamy candied skin. A bend at her knees, and her booty was inches from Cameron’s face, wet pussy folds peaking from beneath as the wiggling increased. The crumpled fold of her dress dropped to her feet, and with a graceful trip, she fell back onto his lap with a full-bodied giggle, wrapping her arms around his sweaty neck as she grinded a bit.

“Y-you…” He winced as he tried his darnedest to suppress those zoo-like moans from the other room. “You smell nice.” Her skin smelt as if it had been dipped in green apple, her sweat pure sweet juices.

“Hmm.” She ignored him as she lifted his semi-erect cock, still slightly limp. “Still not hard.” Summer slipped off his lap and spun around, sticking her breasts right in his face. “Maybe your more of a tit man? You want a taste, little brother?”

There was a electric tinge which ran threw him on that word, but his focus on her hypnotic rack was again interrupted.

“Oh your DICK!” Autumn seemingly prayed to the heavens, a sloppy spank echoing through the house like a gun shot. “It’s the biggest, mindfuck ever! I-I-I don’t even remember my name!”

“Why aren’t you getting hard, boy?” Summer gripped his dick before releasing and letting it fall beneath his legs. “Something the matter?”

“OH FUCK LILY! How can you fuck us both so good!” His walls rattled.

“Uh…” He gripped his own dick, trying to focus only on himself and the hot babe demanding some cock.

“Ah ah ah! Let me live on this cock, stud!” Prayers continued from next door.

“Yes! We’ll do anything for this big-”


Summer rolled her eyes as the cock refused to stand to attention despite its impressive girth. “Really? Am I really not doing it for you?’



“C’mon!” Cameron grunted through gritted teeth, cock just kind of flapping around.

“-Did we say big-?”

“-Fucking cock!”

“Don’t worry.” Summer shrugged as she got up to walk over to his desk, “I’ve got an idea.” She turned around and winked, slipping a sock onto her hand and wiggled back over. “Just hold still while I tie this around your head.”

He didn’t resist, too confused as to what were her exact motives as she managed to secure the long black thing to blind him. The sounds were unfortunately not as obscured as his vision, but he truly couldn’t see anything but pure darkness in any direction, this Summer knowing how to slapdash a blindfold real well.

“Perfect.” He heard her snickering as surely she made a lewd gesture to ensure he truly was blinded. “Now, let’s talk about your sister…”

”What? Why?” His voice squeaked as his head jerked in all directions.

“She’s in the room right now, and she wants to play with brother.”

“AAAAAWWW SO MUCH CUM COMING FROM IT!!” The two girls from next door screamed in unison as they no doubt took their white bath.

“What? There’s no way she’s- Ah!” He only got half his phrase out before being pushed onto his back on his own bed, two strong arms easily forcing his unexpected body down.

“Oh my god,” there was more chuckling from Summer, “I think she wants to straddle your face, brother.”

In the dark, there was no time to react to such a comment, the two hands on his shoulders became soft legs and his head didn’t have a chance to even lift before he felt something warm, puffy and wet on his face. Cameron foolishly thought these were those ruby lips momentarily until he suddenly felt surrounded and it was hard to breathe. There was some adjustment as he was soon able breathe out of nose slightly, but all he smelt was sex. Hot, wet and musky sex which overwhelmed him momentarily.

”Oh goodness! You should lick her hot pussy, little man. She wants her brother so bad!” Summer gasped almost with a yelp.

This is so fucked! Why does she think I’ll-

Fuck, I’m hard as fuck.

He gulped and dived in, tasting pussy for the first time and pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t good or anything, but there was something about the smell and taste aspect which made incredibly arousing. He hadn’t a clue exactly what he was doing, his tongue more or less slopping up and round her fig until he was sure he found the hood of protruding clit.

”Oh-oh!” He felt the thighs around his head tighten, “Lily really likes that! Yeah yeah!”

His tongue was already sore, but then he started to actual let his guard down a bit to enjoy things. After all, he had a hottie riding his face like a saddle and he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t loving it. He tried to imagine what it looked like from the doorway as he gulped down wet pussy, his legs and hard cock sticking out as his face was occupied. He gripped he bedsheets, trying to imagine Summer’s hot black body on him, but just getting that image replaced with something hotter, the exact situation she was describing.

“Oh yeah, brother.” He felt the hips over his head switch, the pussy on his face changing the opposite way. “Now I’ll suck your dick as your sister cums from your awesome tongue.” He quickly felt his lips envelop his dick, and god did it feel amazing. The interior of her mouth was warm, tight and wet, her tongue not content on simply resting as it swirled and swirled round like a vanilla cone.

Yet, all he could think, despite the hot sixty-plus-nine going on, was how good it would be for his sister’s hot body on his. He reached up and put his palms on her bobbing black behind, imaging how much better if this ass was even bigger and jigglier.

“This cock is unkillable!” The voices continued to rattle through the vent, the sounds of slopping popping and moans blasting like a synchronized concussion’s section. “Use more of those toys! And get more buckets or we’re going to drown!”

Cameron’s mind was thinking of solely of his sister’s body now, her magnificent ass sitting upon his face as more and more gorgeous babes came to worship her body. He felt a twitch down below, almost too distracted in a wave of bliss to notice that his climax was coming. His behind clenched as he felt lips gave their final slurp at his bloated cock head, finally unleashing the ghost in a spiralling wave which was promptly sucked down with saliva.

There was a wet pop, his cock getting a hero’s rest as it gave some remaining twitches resting on his thigh, the wet pussy on his face removed as felt some fresh air filter through his juice soaked face. He took some deep breaths in relief, feeling blushed both from the climax and the shameful path to that.

Summer doesn’t have to know that she was right, that you are straight up addicted to your sister’s ass. Just get up and-

He lifted his head and finally free his eyes from blindness, eyes readjusting from the darkness and back to the now empty room. Cameron’s eyebrow raised as he shook his head in his search, even checking under the bed. The door was open, but he hadn’t heard her leave, yet what was to be his conclusion when her nice ass and phone from the desk was gone?

Of course she went back to Lily, who could stay away from a REAL cock for that long? Hell, Lily probably sent her over just to distract you.

His eyebrows furrowed. Lily wouldn’t have done something so underhanded, would she? He didn’t doubt her ability to actually think up such a plan, but she was still too wide-eyed and innocent to do such a thing, right?

Determined not to sit by and ponder these questions, he exited the room tucking away his dick to find his sister’s door open ajar once more. The excited moans were at a fever pitch once more, but he had burning questions which even burned more than his loins, so he entered.

What was inside was nothing short of a sexual circus.

The suitcase which Autumn had dragged in had exploded out its contents in all directions, a cacophony of kinky items lain about. Dripping condoms were draped from the light fixtures, high heels of various sizes and designs littered the ground like spikes, and lubricant mixed with white goop soaked into the carpet like the house had flooding, clumps dripping from the ceiling. Of course, it was hard to concentrate on these rather insignificant features when he got to counting how many women were actually in here. Where had they come from?

He quickly spotted an unconscious Alex in the corner, her eye-make up running down her face from gagging so much, and beside her, a naked sweaty Autumn sucking down a bottle of water as she fingered herself to Lily’s work, but that was just a start.

Lily was currently looking like some kind of fertility idol with the amount of women around worshiping her. She was comfortably sitting still on the bed, eyes closed and moaning, but there was a dozen women around her, all smoking hot and in some kind of fetish gear to please her every desire. It was like half of Pornhub was here. Two tall redhead twins, naked but for their towering heels, were rubbing Lily’s strong shoulders, licking her ear-lobes as they whispered how amazing she was. On her breasts, she had two busty babes utterly dwarfed by her dominating chest, licking and massaging the tits deserving of a goddess. Underneath her at the edge of her bed, she had two petite Asian girls lapping and probing toys in Lily’s wet folds, having to also play with such enormous balls to properly please the hungry lips. On her dick though, the remaining six women were currently working up and down her shaft in all forms of matter, a rainbow of diversity as her throbbing cock was covered in lipsticks of a variety of colour, the girls giggling as they would apply a flesh coat every so often before they went back to smooching and licking cock.

At the edge, some blonde with a rather titanic ass, by non-Lily standards naturally, was dressed up as Powergirl and had her body pressed into the floor as she used her ass to wobble and massage the cock head, moaning how hard she wanted it in her ‘Super-ass’. Cameron rehardened instantly upon the sight, honestly inches from climaxing again just from the mere presence of his sister’s sweet sweaty smell stained onto the walls. However, his sister’s secret of staying strong was the neon green cork in the tip of her cock, echoing down her rumbling piss slit to hold back the constant torrent of dominant seed.

“A-ah Cammy!” His sister’s left eye opened as she panted, hips buckling as her body was massaged by hot babes. “I-I’m sorry ab-about invited more girls over, b-but Summer said you could have fun while more girls came to my room. Sh-She said that you wouldn’t-wouldn’t mind me playing as long as you were ‘g-getting some’.” She re-closed her eyes, biting those fat lips. “I-I told you we b-both could have fun!”

“I…” There was a small side of him who felt hurt by this admission, but honestly his brain was working well overtime just to keep his knees from buckling, sinking to the carpet of cum and lubricant and just jerking off to the literal stunning sight.

“Oh, don’t apologize, my goddess.” Summer took the water bottle from Autumn’s thirsty maw and walked over to the tip of the quaking dick. “Why don’t we just show him what we were working on?” She smirked over to Cameron. “I think he’s going to love it.” With that, she unsheathed the beaded toy from his sister’s urethra, making her scream and grip her cock, the whole thing firing like a firetruck’s canon, hitting his chest like a bullseye.

It knocked him off his feet, pinning him to the wall and simply so much warm seed blasted him in the face and chest. He thought it was momentarily finished after the first twenty seconds when a second blast came, almost just as powerful as the last, plugging his mouth and nose once again with nothing but his sister’s spunk. A third blast was followed quickly by a fourth round, his body only free from such volume after the twelfth or thirteenth volley, the cum still coming by the bucket load but not able to reach across the room.

A hand pulled over his mouth as he coughed up cum by the fist-load, each nostril packed as if he had been dumped into the ocean. He gripped his stomach, feeling an intense feeling of fullness slosh around, almost hearing his sister’s seed splatter around inside his guts with each tiny movement.

Lily sighed, wiping her brow, body shimmering with satisfied sweat. “Sorry, bro, did I get some one you?” Her oozing cock which had gone momentarily softer, bobbed back up with renewed steel the second that Powergirl cos-player kissed the tip and started to re-lather up some strawberry lubricant on it.

Humiliated with girls laughs yelling out the number ‘SIXTEEN!’, he crawled out with his own cock dripping in a demeaning mix which was around one percent of his own to her ninety-nine percent of cum.

He was going to the shower, naturally, hopefully to not only scrub every inch of his skin of her squirming seed with steel-wool, but also to exorcise the gallons he swallowed up. However, he took a detour to his phone, getting to his feet as he looked at the screen. He felt a burning need to do something which didn’t prove he was a mere victim of his sister’s growing and crushing sexual prowess. She may be able to defy the rules of biology and physics, but there were still rules which couldn’t be broken in this world.

What could he do with a mere phone though?


“That’s good, get it all out.”

Walking into this scene in the Vinogradov’s bathroom, one could be excused in imagining that the toilet had eaten poor Cameron’s head, only his neck being visible as he held his smart phone prostrated on these toilet tiles in his boxers.

Just big, white clumps were being coughed up into the porcelain bowl, his distended tummy returning to relative normalcy as he just watched his sister’s seed fill up this bowl. He rubbed some toilet paper on his tongue just to get rid of the taste. The shit was sweet like vanilla ice-cream, but that didn’t eliminate the paranoia which Nelda had put into his mind.

He had called her immediately after showering, finally getting enough of his sister’s hot gooey gunk from his ears to hear clearly once more. But after he explained to her surprisingly understanding ears, she made a simple statement which made his eyes bulge.

“And you’re okay with having swallowed?” A sound of tapping on a payphone scratched while she responded. “If she’s changing like you say she is, you could get pregnant or some shit, right?”

Thus, head in toilet, finger in throat, tossing up some of the most delicious stuff which had gone in his mouth in either direction. He turned his head to the speakerphone and gave another pant. “I-I think that’s all of it.” He looked back down into the water, swearing he saw little spermatozoa paddling along like it was a pool party.

Those dozen-plus girls were probably all pregnant with triplets now, and considering that Lily was the parent, they’d be happy to have it.

“You must be lying about the dick size.”

Cameron shook his head as if this strange woman could actually see his gestures. “No way. It seriously reminded me of like a cannon on a Spanish galleon. And the way it fired…”

Delicious. Hot. All over your face.

“Absolutely unbelievable.” He sighed, getting to his feet and grabbing a white towel from the rack behind him.

“And is it crazy to ask why you couldn’t just, I don’t know, go to another room instead of bursting in like that? It’s not like you couldn’t hear what was going on.”

“Um, I guess I wasn’t really thinking things through.” He was thinking of the post-orgasmic glow which brought him in there. He blushed and paced at remembering the affirmation he had wanted from his sister at that moment, wanting to know that he was still important to her and not a nuisance to the growing sexual black hole which was her body now. However, was there something more primal which was the real reason he went there? He bit his knuckle.

“So hey…” There was the sound of full-mouth chewing on the other side. “Don’t shoot the messenger here, but is it possible you might have some kind of attraction to your sister? You know, sexually?”

His vivid memories of his sister spraying voluminous and more voluminous jism onto his body from her double-decker meat-bus was cut short by that comment. “What? That’s crazy!”

“Now hear me out. You said you nursed your sister back when she was thin and sickly growing up. Maybe you got some ‘Nightingale effect’, where you entangled some of your emotions with your relationship.” She swallowed. “Why don’t you just march into that room and just tell you how you feel? You might surprise yourself in how she reacts. It’ll be a lot better than things are now, right?”

”Yeah, I’ll get right on that once she exhausts her 12-pack of bikini babes…” He rubbed his eyes.

“Or you know, it could just be some sexual tension you need to relieve. Maybe a good fuck is all that it’ll take?” She took another doughy bite. “Let’s just meet tomorrow and fuck. See if that helps.”

His eyebrows bounced from his face. “What?!” He gulped. “I-I mean if you’re serious then yeah so-”

“But you should know, I don’t bottom.”

”Uh..” He shrugged. “That’s alright, I can get on top and-”

”I mean I don’t get anything stuck into me, alright?” The tone was dead serious. “I just like getting kissed all over my body, rubbing my crotch all over you…”

”That doesn’t sound so ba-”

”Then I get my strap-on out. His name is Chappy and he’s big as he is pink!” There was the sound of loud crackling on the other side.

“Oh…” There was some fear in his mind, but he wasn’t exactly rejecting it right away. “Well-”

”Oh shit.” She yelled off the receiver to another person. “Sorry, our dumpster diving kind of became a little fun game of arson, but as usual, little Monica here took things too far.” She yelled out again. “Do not mix shrooms and Molotov cocktails, let me tell you. Alright, peace.”

He didn’t even get time to say goodbye as he was left hanging with a raised eyebrow. Taking a deep breath, he looked into the mirror and collected himself before diving back into the world of insanity. Surely the second he opened that door, he’d be bombarded yet again with some of the lewdest sounds around.

Yet, he opened that bathroom door to the hallway and it was rather quiet, silent even. Sneaking down the hallway to his room, he still heard relatively little noise. He closed the door to his bedroom and sighed, almost in shock. Had Lily truly slowed down? Had she even gotten tired after so many climaxes that she passed out? Such options were beyond the most logical option, but this was Lily he was talking about.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth though, Cameron nearly immediately hunkered down with his books and started to flip through the pages. Reading about powerful women of mythology probably wasn’t the best way to get his mind off Lily, but he did find the whole topic fascinating. Something about women being able to bend reality with a flick of her wrist turned him on honestly, but this was all related to the fact of how hot things in the bedroom could become.

It was especially interesting at the part about Abrahamic religions. Cameron, like all good boys growing up in Maryland, had been properly taught about the absolute confusing map which was monotheism within Christianity, but he was shocked to find out that it wasn’t so clear cut in its mythology as he thought.

The Virgin Mary, for example, is well-known to be worshipped the world over. However, what her status as an icon was hotly debated for generations, Mariological debates which continue to this day. While most churches eventually accepted the canonical idea of the Virgin Mary, the chaste woman who was way more moral than any woman had the right to be, many churches in the East advocated for a different version a ‘Mother of God’ definition.

It was an interesting logical argument that the one who gave birth to ‘God’, without sex no less, would therefore blessed with much more than your average woman. Her stunning beauty endured far after her own son’s death, and she didn’t so much die as merely ‘sleep’, laying low to the claimers of this sect of religion until she would wake again.

This sect of Christianity was slaughtered in the Crusades, since it was closer than Arabia and a sect of the church dominated by women was disturbing, but rumors of its survival remained. In fact, many places blessed by Mary can be found in Northern Ukraine and Southern Belarus today.

Cameron rubbed his chin, knowing full well that this was his ancestral homeland so to speak. He was about to turn the page, when his door was ripped open and closed, a familiar pretty face waving back.

His brow furrowed. “Oh Summer.” He closed his book and sat up straight, barely phased by her nudity as arousing as it was. “Don’t you know how to knock?”

“Please.” She gave a simmering smile, stretching her arms up. “If you wanted to keep this fine ass out of here, you would have locked the door.” She licked her her full brown lips. “Maybe I’m just here for round two?”

”I’m not falling for that.” His arms crossed. “You sucked my dick to distract me while a bus-load of babes came by the door. That wasn’t very nice.”

”Oh poor baby-boo.” She pouted and fluttered her eyelashes. “You got to nut in a hot cam-model’s mouth while your sister actually had some fun.” She rolled her eyes, “that girl’s a fast learner, but she’s still rather repressed for her age and body.” She swung two steps over and stuck her chest out into his face. “I heard you had a lot to do with that.”

”You don’t know what you’re doing.” Cameron growled, incredibly frustrated by this woman’s words but even more by how much he desired to dive his head in her tits once more. He wanted to taste every little inch of her candy titties and it was making his legs shakes. “She changes every time-”

”Yeah.” Summer smiled and put a finger up. “I’m not blind, boy. I measured her before and after and that cum-cannon grew two inches between our marathon sex session. Tongue became like a serpent too!” She clasped her hands together, taking a deep breath as she bit her fingers. “Isn’t it magnificent?”

”Mag-” He choked on his syllables. “How is anything you saw in there normal or good!? She’s my sister for God’s sake and now she looks like…”

A goddess of virility? The peak of human evolution? The second coming? Your masturbation fantasy until you die?

“Oh c’mon baby boy.” She gave a little pat to his hair and giggle. “Of course it’s not ‘normal’ but why question something so positively delicious.” She shuddered, rubbing a hand down her chest and toned tummy. “If you think she’s hot now, wait until I have her for a week. She’s going to be…” Her thighs clenched, the aroma of juicy arousal spritzing with a burst. “Indescribable.”

”Week with you!?” He was already getting tingly goosebumps across the skin, just the manipulative way this woman acted made him shiver. He wanted some distance between her and him right away.

“Oh, right.” Summer tapped her chin. “I should explain. I sent all the other basic bitches home. I’m going to be your sister’s number one fan from now on, teaching her all she needs to know for her to properly ascend into goddesshood.” Her fingers rubbed her cheeks, eyes closed. “I’m going to be by her side as she-”

“Shut up!” Cameron stood up with a red face, but it became a shy blush once he realized his nude chest was properly pressed into hers. “My-My parents won’t let her date anyone in a million years while she lives here. And I think-”

”Why do you think I’m here, dumbo?” She tittered and tapped his nose. “You’re cute when your mad.” She took a step back and cupped her breasts, making a most arousing line of brown cleavage with the sexiest of bras, the hand-bra. “What if you could have access to this body whenever you wanted? We could go on walks in the park, go to fancy restaurants, and even show me off with friends.”

“What are you getting at?” He crossed his arms and blew some frustrated air from his lips.

“You’re going to tell your sweet and dumb Christian parents that we’re dating, thus giving me an excuse to come over all the time and… Well..” She cracked a grin. “Cum all over your sister’s growing bod.”

“So a fake relationship so you and Lily can bounce next door, ensuring that I don’t get any sleep for the next…” He furrowed his brow. “Well, not that I got much sleep before but I’m going to have to make a hard pass on your ‘kind’ offer.”

”Oh but I’m not finished, Cammy.” She leaned in, whispering deep baritones into his ear. “I’ll also make sure you can watch. Think about it, little bro, you’d never have to go online again. You’d just walk next door, drop your pants, and be utterly consumed by the sexual hurricane which is your sister.” She tapped his earlobe with her tongue. “And because I know you’d totally be into it, you can lick out what your sister pumped into and on me until your tongues sore. All that tasty girl-seed can be yours to gobble up and chug down. All that yummy warm cock milk dripping down your throat, hmm? You like that idea?” She leaned back. “And all you have to do is tell everyone we’re dating, kay?”

Cameron’s face was an inferno, even his ears were blazing as his tenting shorts were a mystery to no one. “Well, I…” He couldn’t form a sentence, feeling he was leaping from platform to platform and barely getting by. “I mean I couldn’t… What?”

“You heard me, boyfriend.” She winked and grabbed his hand before a dominant figure ducked under his doorway.

It seemed too implausible to believe even with what Cameron already knew, but Lily had somehow grown more impressive since the last time he’d seen her. The most immediate change were those dense legs of hers, so femininely thick and yet they had gained bounds of inches from Cameron’s perspective, the teen now able to easily place her breasts on the head of even the tallest adult. And those breasts had grown rounder as well, not only larger than basketballs, but most likely able to hide one between their soft and fleshy mass. This breathtaking pair were cradled between two strong looking arms of a fitness model, not so bulky to distract, but unable to hide their sleek strength even unflexed. Since these spectacular tits were now stretching out her ‘loose’ white top like it was rubber band, this left her smooth tanned tummy completely exposed, mild abdominal muscles a brick wall of definition which surely would count up to eight if her breasts didn’t obscure the top half of her impressive body.

Her smile was beaming, almost bright enough for Cameron not to be utterly hypnotized by the nipples nearly popping through her stretched-shear top, each sensitive tip nearly the size of his tiny clenched fist. “Did I just hear the word ‘boyfriend’?” She leaned over with her hands on her knees, blonde hair cascading down with incredible volume to the floor. “Are you two hitting it off?”

”Oh for sure!” Summer clapped her hands and swung her arm around his waist before squeezing his tight butt to make him yelp. “We’ve decided to start going out, because he’s such a little cutie.” She started to positively mash her hands against his butt, winking the entire time. “Isn’t that right, Cammy-bear?”

He took a deep breath, wincing slightly at how much Summer was (wo)manhandling him. “Actually Summer, I have to say-”

”Cammy-bear?” She squealed with her hands pressed together, melons of such mass inching lower in her top, big booty wiggling in jean-shorts. “That’s so cute! You’d make such an adorable couple!” She locked eyes on him and bit her lip. “Let me just say, Cammy, that I know first hand how well Summer can take care of someone, so you’re a lucky guy!”

“All that tasty girl-seed can be yours to gobble and chug down.”

His eye twitched, images and thoughts overwhelming his thoughts as his sister stood up to full height.

“I mean look!” She pointed to the jean shorts hugging her crotch, her obscene bulge only normal if what was below was the aroused erection on a porn-star. “She finally got me soft! I can finally wear pants normally again. Cool huh?” She gripped her crotch, but then gave a moan. “Oooooo… C-Can’t do that or else we’ll have to call the girls over again, huh Summer?”

“Hello?” There was a call from downstairs before anyone could raise the sexual tension anymore, their parents giving a unified call up the stairs. “We’re home!”

“Well.” Summer put on her best angelic smile and pushed past the Vinogradov siblings. “I’m going to put my best foot forward with your parents and introduce my charming self.” She stopped mid-step before turning around, gripping Cameron on the shoulders and shoving her thick tongue deep down his moist throat. She basted every corner with her spit and Cameron felt his knees buckle. It was a passionate kiss, sure, but her spit was marinated in his sister’s cum, and he immediately knew that she understood this as well by the look in her eyes as she said goodbye.

He massaged his eyes with his palms, sitting down as his sister continued to beam. “Great kisser, right? Summer has been showing me so much cool stuff and I can’t wait to learn more!” She giggled before turning around, her ass and hips of such enormity that she unknowingly knocked down his full wardrobe, the entirety crashing to the floor.

“Oh god…” Cameron turned to his side, and yelled into his pillow, wanting this day to just end.

Cameron was the first person who would tell someone that his parents were idiots.

Bad people? Hardly, but their histories prove his point rather well.

His mom, Tetyana, appeared to be a professional ‘party-gal’ from her photos, hardly a picture could be found without a martini glass or beer bottle in hand, smile drunken. Cameron was pretty sure she hadn’t even finished high school before she got drunk and knocked up. He couldn’t be blamed for not knowing her age, it was a close guarded secret of hers, and she had looked around the age of 20 with the thin waist and legs of a French model for as long as he knew her. But her Eastern European accent, sharp beautiful features and surprisingly full bust on that thin body would have made her a popular lady on the block, if not for being completely overshadowed by her overdeveloped daughter.

His dad, Harry, was just the dumb guy with the big enough heart to date a single mother, or at least that’s how he tells the story. Cameron was pretty sure it was Granny Vinogradov and her rifle that actually made him stay past the casual sex. He took her last name after all, something about tradition or something. At least he finished high school, barely, but his construction company had been struggling since the recession. They never seemed to have to worry about money though, which was something beyond Cameron’s reasoning, but he was always told not to question it. A big guy with tattoos, Cameron supposed he was just lucky that his daddy hadn’t gotten a motorbike in his midlife crisis and left him as the only male between two rather unreasonably attractive ladies.

Like he said though, they weren’t bad people. Their hedonistic pleasure seeking, ch1ld-neglecting cycle ended when it became clear how sickly Lily was becoming. Feeling out of options, they turned to God and begged for a solution, and when Lily started to get better, to everyone’s surprise, they actually devoted their life to Christ, giving time and money to the local Orthodox church. Lily doesn’t even remember a time where his parents weren’t so pious and he prefers to keep this history from her. However, he could still see little sparks of their old selves, and sometimes it came out at the darnedest times.

Stirring a thick pot of borscht with two long black manicured fingers, Tetyana brushed her short black bob and furrowed her eyes darken by heavy make-up. “Damn… what I wouldn’t do for a beer right now…” She mumbled to herself in a stripped white and blue shirt clinging to her every curve, tight blue jeans emphasised her miles of legs and popped a booty which refused to go into retirement. She spilt a red dot onto her top and groaned. “Lily, could you pass me a towel? First no drinking on Sunday and now this…”

“Sure mom!” Lily was at her mother at a second, Tetyana short enough to be eye to ribcage as her daughter quickly dived down.

She blushed as her daughter pressed her own fleshy rippling chest into her face to dab at her chest, soaking up the red stuff real well, not realizing that she was wiping her own mother’s face with her permanently erect nipples. “Uh…” Tetyana cleared her throat. “And you still don’t feel like you need a bra?”

“Oh c’mon, mom.” Lily stood up straight, physically dominating her older parent with a mere pose at her hips. “How could we ever find one which is good enough for this amazing pair?”

”Хорошо…” Tetyana sighed as she turned around to her soup, face twisted a bit. There was something different about the daughter that she left this morning, but she put it down with being tired from working with Jesus-freaks all day.

“Now Cameron.” The son had his arms crossed as he had to listen to his father chastise him about manners beside his ‘girlfriend’ Summer at the dinner table. “Normally I’d be quite upset about you bringing a girl over while we’re not at home.” His tone was as fake as the recent ‘dad’ moustache he’d started growing. “But this Summer girl is an absolute delight! So sweet and charming!” He threw her a wink which she took with such modesty. “And fine looking too.”

“Oh I can see exactly where Cam gets his good looks from too.” Summer threw a wink back, the disingenuous praise from her lips being eaten with dual spoons by past-his-prime daddy. “But tell me more about how excavators work, Mister Vinogradov, I could listen to you talk all day.” She cooed. “Maybe it’s just my love of moustaches though.”

His dad just had opened his mouth when Cameron made sure to speak up the second before another story about some popping wire caused fours hours of repair. “Actually dad, before you recount your tale, I was wondering if I could ask about what sect exactly Grandma comes from.”

”Pffft..” He pointed to his right. “Ask mom about that. She’s the expert on that crazy lady.”

“Ask me about what?” Tetyana sat down placing the borscht across the with Lily sitting her massive booty on the two chairs placed beside Summer. Even with the extra room, her big firm butt overflowed at all sides, the wooden chairs giving a tired grown as she continued to tower over the family.

“About that crazy sect of belief your mom has.”

“Oh.” She placed a bowl full of red soup in front of an eager Summer. “Well, we aren’t supposed to talk about what grandma believes since going to our new church.” She gave a dismissive smirk to her son. “Just a crazy church run completely by a bunch of zealot nuns, you know?”

“Yeah but…” He paused as Lily flew back up and to the fridge, grabbing a big bowl of coleslaw from a family-sized bucket before returning to the table to chow it down by the spoonful. It was her ‘pre-dinner’ and it helped ensure that the rest of the family had enough food for themselves. “But do you know if grandma worshipped, like, the Virgin Mary and stuff?”

”She did…” Tetyana’s eyes narrowed, spooning the last of the soup out to papa before placing the remaining three-quarters of the pot in front of Lily. “But she’s crazy, Cam. The women in her church are hardly Christian if they worship a woman above Christ himself. Plus, their second coming was always, like, some woman who would institute some matriarchy or something.” She twirled a finger by her ear. “Your babushka is tough, but not enough up there, да?”

“But she was the one who gave you the stone, right?” Cameron’s accusation continued, everyone willing to give him the attention as Lily had polished off the coleslaw bowl at frankly terrifying speed.

“Look bud.” Harry put up his hands up in classic ‘Dad-explanation-mode’. “The stone your grammy gave us is locked up in the safe in our room. It might have some magic, religious mumbo-jumbo with it, it might not. But, since using it, your sister has been incredibly healthy and we’re going to keep using it. You ever hear to not look a gift horse in the mouth?”

The scrawny young man sighed. “Of course, but-”

”That’s enough of talking about boring old rocks, am I right?” Summer spoke up with putting a hand on his lap. “Let us thank not only the beautiful young Tetyana for this meal, but also the Lord.” She put her hands together. “Let us pray.”

”Oh jeez…” Cameron groaned as he saw his parents fall hook, line and sinker for it, closing their eyes and clasping their hands.

“Yes Cameron.” She opened her eyes and grin. “Jeezus would certainly want to pray for this mighty bounty.” She reached to her right, and positively squeezed at Lily’s bulging crotch in denim.

Her leg twitched, Lily giving Summer a confused look at her until that massaging got more grabby and she tilted her head back to moan a silent gasp.

Cameron dropped his jaw as she saw her slowly unzip her jeans with that eager fly jumping down on that bulging crotch. Flesh piping immediately popped up to the table, shaking it slightly, but it was hard to say, with her girth and length, where the base and tip was.

”Dear father in heaven.” Summer hiked up her own dress and slid off her seat and onto Lily’s lap. “Blessed are we to receive such a wonderful largess in pleasure today.” She pulled out Lily’s shaft completely and let it slap against her bare diving neckline. “Thank you Lord for letting meet all of the vibrant members of this family.” She worked her palm on Lily’s cock head, the thing already turgid and burping up fistfuls on her chest like a fountain. “Ooo yeah. This well of love is so deep in this family.”

“Oh god…” Lily groaned, big hands of feminine fingers gripping Summer’s booty as she started to grind her crotch into her. “Don’t s-stop.” A hand pumped at her hard nipples, her whole body shivering.

“Yes, Lily!” Summer yelped back, lapping at the cock head inching towards her chin between each word, the cock head looking like a soda cap on a rumbling bottle already about to burst. “God is watching down on us right now.” Her bouncing turned to vibration. “And he won’t stop watching down on this family.

Cameron closed his eyes, unable to properly vent his frustration into proper words, only puffs of aghastness coughing up with wild hand gestures. But no one noticed. Lily and Summer were doing their lewd act all while his parents were calmly nodding to Summer eccentric ‘praying’. He felt frozen in his chair, the growing absurdity making it hard to breeze as the undeniable stench of arousal filled his nostrils.

“Let us be thankful for such THICK, BULGING and VIRILE morals which have kept this family ever so warm and close.” Summer might as well been charming her sermon with snakes, juggling Lily’s cock like a pro between taps, licks and teasing nibbles. Their vibrating bodies quaked with increased intensity, their hot coitus heating the room. Then things got down right boiling when Summer put her two fingers together and started fingering Lily’s tight gasping urethra, echoing it with a wiggle.

“I-I’m cumming, S-Summer.” Lily groaned softly as her foot started to stomp, table bouncing as her cock’s rumble shook Summer’s booty to the edge and back.

“Yes, Lily! We’re all coming closer to God at the moment, feeling his warm embrace!” Summer, with the deftness of a gymnast, slipped from the lap to stand bow legged in front of her crotch. “Let the climax of this prayer be truly wholesome!” In a truly perverted display, Summer wrapped her lips around and somehow, quite amazingly, got her jaw to positively stretch around it’s mighty girth, slowly swallowing it down her throat like an anaconda with her meal. Summer’s booty shook and grinded against the table, her throat bulging out as her mouth squished down halfway, drool pouring down like Niagara.

”M-Mom!” Cameron finally choked out, seeing his sister’s O-face one too many times today.

“Uh honey.” His mom’s eyes were still closed, but both his parents faces were scrunching from the strange disturbances sloshing their soups.

“Mom!” Lily was grunting through her teeth, her cock going dark red and somehow widening even more, the sound of sloshing testis actually audible. “S-Summer is pr-praying to-to-to… Oh my God!”

Tetyana put her head back down, her daughter’s voice so commanding that it clearly shook her momentarily. Meanwhile, he just had to watch as Summer moaned like a sow as made an obscene sucking sounds, thick white goop, like marshmallow fluff, dripping out of the corners of her mouth. She released the tight grip of her knees and cradled her stomach. Cameron just watched as her fit smooth stomach actually distended, mimicking a caramel balloon on a tap as it swelled out ahead and closer to the floor. Instant pregnancy it seemed.

Of course, even for a wanton pervert like Summer with her amazing jaw was quickly overwhelmed by the mere cubic volume which such balls were able to produce at the speed of a stuffed Chinese factory, globs dripping from her button nose in no time. Giving the most audible pop imaginable from her lips, she gasped free and satisfied as Lily’s turgid member still slopped up straight up into the air like a fountain.

Always the quick one, she twisted back like rubber and snapped the licked clean coleslaw bowl right at the edge of Lily’s bubbling urethra, catching the majority of Lily’s steaming clumps of jism, though Cameron definitely saw some lose drops splatter on the table. Before long, the twinging member had stopped its immaculate milking, actually falling limp to Cameron’s surprise, but it still had managed to fill the family-sized tub to the brim, Summer placing it delicately back where she found it.

“Ah…” Summer wiped her mouth and sat back down, the gurgle from her sloshing stomach sickly in Cameron’s ears. “Rub-a-dub thanks for the grub. Amen.”

Finally, after all that commotion, their parents’ meek heads raised up, Lily tucking herself back into her shorts with a loopy smile, the scent in the air drenched in sex. Yet, all Tetyana was able to muster was a weak smile. “Thank you for that… uh…touching prayer, Summer.”

Their father looked down at his soup and over to the bowl. “I thought we didn’t have any sour cream..” He looked over to the full coleslaw bowl.

“We didn’t.” Tetyana’s look on her face was puzzled, but she shrugged as she dipped a spoon into the frothy goop and directed it to her pursed lips.

Cameron, pulling some strands of his own hair free from his skull, made a strange groan and whine combination which pitched to an ear-scratching screech. “W-Wait!” He put his hand forward, leaning forward to snatch the spoon but Mama Vinogradov was too fast. “Don’t eat that!”

“Why?” She raised a sharp eyebrow before popping the spoonful into her mouth, making Cameron gag. Her thin cheeks swished momentarily before swallowing. “Well, it’s not sour cream…” She shrugged before smiling. “But it’s damned good whatever it is!” She scooped a whole spoonful this time, lips completely licked as not one drop of goop was missed on the spoon. “It’s like… sweet cream rather than sour, but it’s so thick and with just a little hint saltiness!” She dropped another full spoonful into her soup. “What is it?”

”Oh I churned it myself, Miss Vinogradov.” Summer chuckled as she licked her finger tips. “I would have gotten more, but it seems the reserves are a little low from being so worked today.”

”Let me try!” Harry grabbed his own spoon and leaned over to start dipping it inside.

“STOP!” Cameron stood up, hands flying everywhere and managing to knock the spoon free of his dad’s hand, cum blot flying to the wall and slathering to the floor. “You don’t even know where that came from!”

“Son…” Harry sighed and crossed his arms. “What did I say about gift horses and mouths?”

“Argh, darg, larg…” His eye was twitching, his fists tensing and relaxing. Was nothing sacred? Could he not even have a pleasant family meal without Lily’s divinely perverted body poisoning things? He wanted to cry to the heavens of his thoughts of Lily, Summer and his dumbass parents. He wanted to toss this table like a deck of cards, brutally exercise this frustration out of his mind and body.

Just calm down and eat your sister’s hot cum. You know it’s delicious and will make you feel all warm inside. Drink like a keg at a frat house, drench yourself in the flavour of bukkake.

Just ignore the fact that it’s seemingly addictive and you’re sweating like a crack-addict now.


Come on, grow some balls. Tell your parents what’s happening to Lily.

OR, you could just start sucking Lily’s cock right now, morals be damned as you get that sweetness from the source!

“My stomach is upset, will you excuse me?” Cameron almost swallowed his own words as he dropped his napkin and scurried out of the dining section of the kitchen and around the corner to the hallway. Finding himself in his closet of a room again, he fell onto his bed, and closed his eyes, pondering what the hell he could do next to end this terrifying angst.


“Go. To. Sleep!”

You can never sleep when you want to. The human body is given this wonderful ‘reset-switch’ that seemingly melts troubles away while making time sail faster, but when you need it the most, it never works right.

He threw the covers over his head, his jeans sprawled on the floor as he wiggled his boxer butt left and right as he tossed, quickly getting to hot. He couldn’t get rid of his erection and it seemed to bend at the worse angle no matter how he laid. Again, he tossed the bedsheets off his tingly body, giving another grunt as he pounded his head into the pillow. His mind was just trolling him now.

Why are you staying miserable in bed? Accept your fate and submit to your sister’s giant cock. You could be happy, you could be a cock-sleeve but instead you deny what you want and remain miserable!

He could still here Summer laughing downstairs, no doubt giving his parents a buttering up which drenched them insincere compliments and laughs. This, of course, would occur as she gave Lily’s unreasonable woman-dong a spanking from under the table.

Imagine it throbbing in Summer’s firm grip. She’s probably filling that bucket back up since your mom, the cum-guzzler, asked for more. Hell, probably your mom is getting in on that hot shit before her slut-son does, submitting to the superior woman of the house.

Spinning over again on his side, he stared at the boring wall in a dismal effort to distract himself. His teeth grinded as his stomach growled. He hadn’t even eaten anything since this morning, but since eating would require him to go downstairs, he instead resigned himself to grumbling into his pillow.

I know something delicious you could eat. Warm and high in protein as well!

Seeing no chance of rest for his continually wicked thoughts, he filled his sight with the blue glow of his smartphone screen, finally able to concentrate on something which wasn’t his sister. However, only after a couple of seconds of his mind unwinding itself, he yawned and closed his eyes, happy for this day to end.


Snorting a graceful snore from his nose, Cameron awoke to find his door assaulted by a firm knock. He rubbed his eyes and already expected the worse. “Who is it?”

”It’s Lily.” Her voice was surprisingly reserved, a humble harmonic murmur which brought to mind a simpler time.

His eyebrows furrowed, knowing better than to just fling the door open to embrace her impossible form. “Are you alone?” Summer could be milking her cock as he spoke after all.

“Yeah and I… I just need to talk, okay?” Her voice almost was trembly.

“Alright, come in.” He rolled upright on his bed in a hurry, rather curious by his sister’s change of attitude as he sat up to face the door, only now noticing the sun had gone down outside. What time was it?

It creaked open and once more Cameron was grounded by the mere mass of his sister. She not only had to duck that heavy set of blonde hair beneath the door frame, the shoulders which looked so slim comparatively on her body, had to be twisted to fit in the width of the door. Carefully too, as her breasts stuck out so bombastically now that she could easily get caught at the chest while turning. Once she had her upper body inside, this process which pushed her epic curves inside was repeated for her hips and butt.

Cameron sat with his boxers tenting once more watching his sister slightly struggling to her thick behind through the frame, momentarily getting it stuck between her crotch’s bulge and booty before she actually ripped at the white border off as she ripped her ass free, chunks of the wall crumbling to the floor. His mind was filled with the oddly arousing realization that she would soon be too large for this house, either her height, muscles or curves making it impossible to reasonably move about. What would they do then? Would their parents start knocking down walls in order to ensure she wouldn’t be hindered? Or would they simply buy her a warehouse in which she could grow at her leisure, surpassing the size of an elephant with a trunk-sized cock?

“Uh bro?” Her naturally glossy pink lips sparkled as she gave a slight pout, face in a delicate red blush as she held her hands behind her head.

He gulped as he looked up from the pulled blue-striped socks pulled over her pulsing calves, eyes trailing up some new ‘loose’ grey sweatpants which were actually ripping in some places as her muscular thigh, and third-leg-dick fought for very limited room, the waist band as well clearly snapped in her attempt to even get half way up that bum, the base of her shaft slightly teased as she swung her hips in waiting. His gawk only grew going above her lower-half, her waist was impressively slim, his arms still probably able to hug around it, but those fist-sized abs made her sturdy as a wall, and she needed such strength to hoist up such a rack. Her breasts actually obscured the obvious fact that she had an eight-pack, her impressively high breasts still containing such a magnificent volume that they rounded out down past her belly button but still had enough fullness to pool out of the grey top which was unfortunate enough to be chosen, tiny straps struggling to contain this industrial-sized cleavage which could tit-fuck a steel-beam.

“Yes?” He finally realized that her lips were moving for his response.

“I…” She looked to the side, red blush consuming her face. “I have something to ask.” Her lips pursed adorably, eyes furrowing with heavy thought.

“Hold on…” He managed to pull his opiated stare from those blue galaxies of profoundness which were her expansive eyes. “Where’s Summer?” He crossed his arms, not even knowing what he’d attempt if that little horny nymph came out from behind.

“I sent her home.” She quickly blurted from her lips before giving a huff. “I thought she was cool, but once she jerked me off the table, and then what she did after made me, like, gave me a new opinion.”

”What did she do after?” How the hell did she top managing to get his mom to eat her own daughter’s hot cum? Did he even want to know?

Lily pulled her epic mane behind her head, swearing that sparkles escaped from between the thick strands as she sighed. “Like, it was just the way she was acting. I’d talk to her, but all she seemed to be interested in doing was making me cum and putting more sex toys in me.” Her bubbly lips soured and scrunched. “I don’t even think she was listening to my opinion on Star Wars as I sat on her face…”

“Uh..” Even Cameron, with his burning dislike of that woman, couldn’t blame Summer for that. “So she just left?”

“Not immediately, but…” A little smile came on her face. “You’d surprised how persuasive you can be when you reach my height.” She posed with her hands on her hips and took a deep breath, swelling her lungs to a degree that her left strap snapped over the altar which was her rack. “So, to summarize, I don’t think you should be dating that woman.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” He smiled back at her, feeling a bit of warmth returned to his rattled mind. “Thanks for looking out for me, Lily.”

”No prob, Cammy!” She stuck her thumb up and winked. “What are sisters for, right?”

He nodded. “Right. So, is that what you wanted to ask?”

”Actually no…” Her face re-soured, nostrils flaring as she harrumphed over to his bed and sat beside him, her butt forcing him a full foot over as she sat down, now leaving him face-to-tit with his younger sibling. “I was thinking…” She took a deep breath, but tears started to well up in her eyes. “A-Am I freak?”

His stomach dropped to the floor from this comment, along with his heart and other organs. Lily’s transformation has been so otherworldly, both her overt outwardly appearance and her gradual personality change, that he hadn’t even once thought how this all seemed to her. Was she not actually happy with her clear ascendency to a superior being?

“O-Of course not!” He blabbered out in a hurry, throwing an arm around her and carefully ensuring that he avoid brushing against her all encompassing chest. “I-I mean, what makes you think that?”

She blew a whiff of air from her lips to brush some blonde hair from her eyes, a tear trickle down her cheek. “I mean… Like, I’m pretty sure I’m the tallest person in town now, and its weird looking down on everyone when you’re still a teen girl, you know?” She tilted her head as her eyes fell to her chest. “Plus my chest is developing so fast that no one even bothers looking up.” She sighed. “I mean, it’s really cool that people seem to do whatever I say, and everyone seems to love me.” Her head whipped over to look at him. “But is it the real Lily they love, or is it…” She grunted from her lips. “I don’t know, maybe I’m talking crazy.”

“No.” He patted her back and nodded. “I mean, with your… form, you can imagine that most people are going to see how you look before they actually talk to you. Maybe have some… feelings and assumptions before you can even open your mouth.”

“Right…” Her eyes focused on her feet, her titanic legs almost stretching to his dresser across the room. Before there was any more silence though, she smiled and put her arm around Cameron, smoshing his cheek into her pillowy chest. “That’s why I like you Cam! You’re like, the only person who actually likes me!”

“What?” He said muffled into her grey top. “Lots of people like you.”

”You know,” she tapped on her lips with her fingernail, “before I got better, you were the only friend I had for about ten years of my life. You’d come home from school and tell me stories and make me laugh despite me having to stay in bed all day.” She sighed as her eyes watered again. “B-But since I’ve gotten better, I-I feel my freaky changes are pushing you away and-”

”Oh stop that.” He pushed back against her grip, quite pointlessly considering her strength but she released him. “I’m just adjusting to them as well! I certainly don’t think you’re a freak!”

”Really?” She stood up with a pout. “Look what I can do though!” She bent down ever so slightly, hooked her fingernail on to the wooden frame of his bed, and lifted it up with not much of a shrug of her shoulders, Cameron tumbling to the far end before she dropped it with a large crash. She huffed her arms together and rolled her eyes. “Plus, I have this huge dick now, which I’m pretty sure most girls don’t grow overnight.”

“Oh you don’t want to be normal Lily!” Cameron flopped his hands to the bed. “That’s so boring, and the last thing you want to be is boring right?”

“I guess…” She let out a heavy exhale before popping her hands behind her back and getting a smile back on her face. “But for my question. Sorry but.. could I sleep with you tonight, bro? Like old times? I-I know we’re too old for that but I feel… I don’t know. Could we please?”

Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do i-

“Of course I don’t have a problem with it.” He yelped a bit too eager as he stood up before blushing. “I mean… If you really need to sleep with your older brother tonight.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess I could do you that favour.”

Favour? Beg her to make a regular thing! This may be your only chance!

“Ya!” She launched a fist in the air with her smile, underestimating her height and punching a hole in the ceiling, dust raining down. “Oops!” She put her ceiling covered knuckles behind her back. “Uh… I-”

”It’s fine.” His blushed face just nodded. “I-I wanted a hole there anyways.” A yawn erupted from his mouth, “do you mind just going right to sleep? I’m still beat.” He laid back down, but suddenly had a sharp realization. How was this going to work with his overly-tall sister? This bed was barely a single!

”Of course! I’ll start cuddling right away!” She bent over his bed frame and slide her body through the full extent of the bed, her head of hair locked between her body and the wall, most of her legs still spilling off onto the carpet. Before Cameron could make a suggestion, a casual kick and swat of her legs completely splinted his headboard and footboard, allowing her to inch her head up ever so more, and with a manoeuvring of her legs, she got her socks on the bed and under the covers.

“Uh…” He murmured as he felt her body consume his form in all ways. Right at his head, twin soft mounds were cushioning his upper body more comfortably than his pillow ever did, almost the perfect temperature to feel comfortable. Her hand came over his stomach, rubbing his torso gently as her enormous thigh twisted over his hips as something warm and firm rubbed against his bum. “Comfortable?”

”Very.” She said with closed eyes, nestling her head into the pillow resting under her arm, the thing looking more like a tiny throw pillow on her head. “You?”

”I-” He felt a throb at his butt, knowing full well what was being pumped there. “Y-Yeah.”

”Good night then, bro.” She brought him in closer to her body, curvy body enveloping him further, making him no different than her teddybear. Her breasts might be covering half his face, and every so often her cock would twitch, but he wasn’t lying when he said this was comfortable.

He closed his eyes, and momentarily almost felt on the cusp of sleeping, when his sister spoke up. “Um…” She gave him a little poke in the belly. “You’re awake right?”

”Uh yeah.”

“I was just wondering…” She started to pet his hair a bit. “Like, it’s not normal to break workout machines, right?”

”I can’t say it is…” He remembered how she just ripped the metal like tissue back in the gym, his best attempts to keep her strength in check rather dashed today considering what he’d seen.

“And… Like, cumming that much semen isn’t typical right? I like, could’ve filled a pool tub today.”

He shuddered. “No Lily. Normally you cum once or twice and you’re good for the day.”

”Have you noticed…” She twirled his hair with her thick finger. “Like, I do certain things, and I get really good quickly?”

”Um Lily?” He hoped he wasn’t blowing her mind right now. “You instantly are good at everything you even give a 1% effort at. You ever noticed how you can pick up any instrument and play it? Beat anybody at any video game? You can draw better than a camera’s picture and didn’t you teach yourself Japanese two days ago?”

”Hai.” She nodded as her face scrunched ever so slightly, eyes almost rolling back as memories flooded to her. “Huh… You know, I’ve never thought of it.” His eyes rolled. “But I guess I am pretty good at stuff huh?”

“Yeah.” He grinned. “That’s an understatement.”

”But if I’m good at everything…” Gears were grinding. “I could, like, do anything I wanted! I could be like, a super academic sports star who does modelling or something!”

”But…” He gripped her hand, his voice getting a bit shaky. “You’ll always be my sister, right?”

“HHHHHHUUUUAAAAANNNNKK!” A snore came from behind him, his sister awake the one moment and sleeping the next.

Cameron thought she was joking until he realized that she really was good at everything, as even if she wanted to sleep right away, she’d instantly do that as well.

“HHHHHHUUUUAAAAANNNNKK!” Her mouth roared open once more before murmuring soft little notes with her burbling lips, her grip on him tightening.

Obviously he couldn’t take much more of it if he wanted to get any sleep tonight, so he rolled over and tried to think of a solution as he got a face full of tit. He was sure that you were supposed to roll someone over when they were snoring, but considering her mass, that wasn’t happening. Perhaps he needed to wake her, but what would his pitiful strength do to her densely packed muscles? Unless of course, he hit a sensitive place.

Shrugging, he reached up to his face and felt around her fabric until he made contact with some unmistakable spongy nubs which stuck out from her breasts. He tightened his hands around these nipples and gave them a little yank, hoping that would arouse her awake.

“Mmm… Cameron?” A slurred moan came from her lips, her body rolling over ever so much.

He assumed she was awake, but she had simply rolled onto her back, hands only giving a slight twitch over when he touched, her fingers hooking onto one of her nipples. He watched as her other hand started to move from beneath the pillow and down her stomach.

“Y-Yeah…” She whispered from her lips. “L-lower big bro…”

”Fuck.” He parted from his shaky lips, pupils glued to how her hand trailed lower and lower to between her legs. Could she really be dreaming about him? He couldn’t tear his gaze from the sight, hypnotized as he noticed her rod was slowly being raised, reminding him of a falling oak on rewind.

“Hmm?” Her angelic face scrunched and nodded. “What’s that? No girl… will date you?” Her hand gripped the base of her shaft. “T-That’s alright. I’ll be your girlfriend… until the right one comes along.” Her cock, already straining the fabric, ripped through the fabric like foam as she aroused herself to full mass, the glossy and dripping cock head slapping to her rib cage as her left leg was completely exposed from the knee.

“No… Not now..” He fretted as he watched the sweet smelling cum dribble slowly from golden abs and to his white bed sheets, a small pool forming from the pearly glob. Of course, if she had a cock now, she’d probably start having wet dreams, and if he was sure of anything, she was going to be real productive in her typical Lily way.

“Y-Yeah… I’ll be the best girlfriend ever…” Her hand on her breast moved down ever so slightly to pet her cock head, the slit spewing cum forth in more concentrated blots, coating the underside of her breasts before dripping down. “And if any… girls hurt you… I’ll just…” Her voice trailed off again, the next part inaudible, but boy did the cum production increase to a stormy trickle.

That powerful musk was back into his nose, that lingering taste which stained his tongue now soaking his mattress through. He might have been able to put off the awfully distracting snoring, but he had certainly unleashed something which was about to make it much more difficult to sleep. Not that he could sleep with his tendency to drive himself mad with his thoughts.

She’s asleep and is clearly imaging you and her dick together in some way. If you suck it now, she’ll never know. Even if she wakes up, you could easily just say she’s dreaming.

He bit his knuckles, knowing that these rogue thoughts were 100% right about all this. There would be no better chance than this to try it out, to take the risk to do such an obscenely lewd act, to finally push the fantasy into a reality. He would make sure not to go too far of course, but maybe a simple sample would soothe his soul so to speak.

Despite her body being down right mountainous, he managed to put his around her waist and saddle himself on her thick and firm thigh. Looking down at her form, he shrunk at the realization that he was looking across an actual human right now, his sister no less, when her torso extended like a golden beach, her breasts round insurmountable mountains with her cleavage a canyon and her hair a field of blonde. Then there was that thick trunk lying across it all, a pipeline across Lily which was delivering cum up between her breasts like a carving river to dribble down on the sheet beneath her.

Slowly, hesitantly, he inched his butt in a desperate attempt not to wake her and slowly laid himself upon that fat piece of fleshy steel, itself the length from his neck to his hips. Delicately he slipped his arms beneath it in an embrace and slithered his face closer to the warm opening at the tip. He felt the fumes exit from chimney of the virile factory and shook his head.

He couldn’t actually do this, could he? This was his sister for heaven’s sake and even if she had feelings for him, it was up to him as the older person to have some actual restraint. Supernatural hotness or not, he couldn’t afford to make any silly mistakes with-

You’re already gulping down, dummy.

His eyes aroused from their tired lull as he saw his cheeks were already bulging to gulp down whatever batter this fuck cannon was volleying, his mouth locked on the slit as it was a feeding tube. This cum conveyor rolled blob after blob across his tongue and down his throat, each taste bud chattering excessively on this new exotic flavour rocking their world.

It was hot, but not too hot. It was salty and sweet, but still had the tang of semen. It was a lot, but he managed to keep down the chugging pace aside from the odd drop which would fall from his nose with a snort. It was lewd, and it was extremely inappropriate, but this just made him squirm ever more, giving very little care that his dick was rubbing against his sister’s churning balls.

“O-Oh y-yeah Cameron…” She squeaked from her mouth. “You think I’m…. the greatest lover… of all time? Hmm you should… hear my opinions.. about Star Wars…”

He was getting full, stuffed even, but he didn’t want to stop. He felt comfortable, safe and warm suckling on his sister’s glans, giving him both a physical and mental security that he longed for. More and more goopy seed was running down his chin, but he wanted every available drop into his tummy, he wanted his sister to fill him up with her delicious seed, consequences be damned.

Maybe he would become addicted, begging to have his stomach as descended like Summer at the table today, but who cares. All the more reason to stick close to his sister, his crush, his goddess. She truly did love him after all, and no matter how many ladies and guys she might go through in a day, each one disposable under her unstoppable libido, he knew in his heart that she’d always have time for him.

Nevertheless, somehow some way, she still thought of her virgin, internet dwelling, perverted brother as that cool older sibling, so how could he tell her his real feelings for her? That he both wanted to help her get ‘better’, cure her of this strange ailment before she ascended fully from mortality, but was also willing to be her pet if she did truly pass into full-on goddess mode. He couldn’t even explain to himself his feelings, but how much more could his brain handle? He’d end up in a mental ward if he had another day like today, resisting his powerful urges, yet what kind of life was suckling on a siblings dick when they’re sleeping, sopping up their nocturnal emissions like a mere sponge one could hug like a teddy bear.

His eyes gave a tired blink, kind of closing his eyes a bit as he continued to suckle away until he heard another tap.


The sound frightened Cameron that he had been found out, but there was still no one else in the room, and only now did he realize that tap came from outside. He dismissed it as a branch until his window once again rattled.


He got to his feet, wondering what kind of beast would want his attention this late at night, and opened the window to see someone familiar.

“Hiya.” Nelda posed in that same gaudy superhero shirt she had on at the library, except the design was all blurry and illegible. She lifted her glasses and sighed. “So where were you?”

“Where was I?” He pointed at his pink shirt. “Inside. Sleeping. In bed. It’s..” He looked at the clock but it too was blurry. Had his sister’s cum affected his vision? “Yeah, it’s late.”

”I said to call me at 3:30, you know.” She shifted her hips in booty shorts to the left and pouted. “I was worried that you’d already become a slave to sister cock or something.”

His cum-filled stomach dropped, starting to stutter as he blushed. “Well, I mean, how do you define slave for example and I mean, what about-”

”I’m joking.” She smirked as she crossed her arms. “What you do with your sister on your own time is not my concern.”

”We’re not…” His brows crossed. “Never mind. What’s up?”

”Can I come in? I’m bored.” She licked her lips. “I was reading some old Wonder Woman comics and I got some inspiration of some fun we could have…” She winked. “Come on, let me in.”

He leaned back, seeing his sister massive slumbering form. “Well… I mean, now isn’t a good-”

She was already at the window ledge though, pulling herself up and tumbling into the room, consent be damned. “Thanks, I was-” She paused as she looked over to the bed, hearing the murmurs of his sister. “Ho-ly Macaroon-y. Is that her?”

”Yes, it is.” He put a finger over his lips. “So if you could keep it down, that-”

“Fuck she’s a big one, eh?” Nelda had her neon nails poking at her breasts, biting her lower lip. “How does she even stand with such tits.” She smirked back. “No wonder you’re fucked up in the head over her body.”

”I”m not fucked.” He rubbed his head. “I-I’m just-”

She pulled her shirt over her head, bouncy black waves bouncing as her naturally perky puppies came into full view, this maniacal pixie hardly needing a bra for her surprisingly full chest. “Hey, wanna fuck on her body? I bet she’s a heavy sleeper and is super soft and warm.” She winked. “Like a water bed!”

This girl gets you man! Wouldn’t it be hot if you both became Lily’s hot cock sleeves? I bet she’d be into that, and you could have a fun fuck buddy to worship dick with!

“N-No!” He stepped back, his head furiously shaking, his carpet gelatine under his trembling legs. “What’s wrong with you?”

She pressed her bare chest into him, licking his cheek. “Don’t think I’m quirky and dumb, Cam. I smell her cum on your breath. Let’s taste her together, shall we?”

”I-I-” He fell on his ass, looking as she smiled wider. “You got it all wrong, I-I don’t- I can’t-” His stuttering got more frenzied as he noticed the colossal silhouette rising from behind Nelda, his bed sheets slipping from her form.

In an instant, a hand slung forward mightier than a giant squid’s tentacle, feminine but ever so powerful fingers gripping the back of Nelda’s neck and making her yelp. “Who the fuck are you?” Her sister’s voice was terrifyingly deep, almost demonic compared to her usual harmonious tone.

“J-Just a fan!” Nelda squeaked out, eyes nearly bulging from her head. “Your brother opened the window and-”

Snapping her arm back, Lily had Nelda pinned against the opposite wall in a heart beat, the girl’s booty shorts pressed against a video game poster, her tiny c-cups lost against the avalanche of tit which Lily had. “What are your intentions with my brother? Do you love him?”

Nelda’s face was blushed as she stared hypnotized down into the mile of cleavage pooled at her chin. “W-Well of course not, but-”

”And why not?” Lily growled. “My brother is perfect and doesn’t need some boring girl.”

”H-Hey, calm down there, Lily. I-” Cameron tried to stand up, but a mere toe pushed back from his sis had him back on his ass in the corner.

“I’m hardly boring, little lady.” Nelda bobbed her neck. “But why don’t I just show you how exciting I can be.” She reached forward and grabbed some of that impossibly luscious blonde hair and yanked it closer to her. With Lily’s face within distance, Nelda stuck her tongue between those fat lips and popped inside to greet his sister in a kinky lingua-shake.

They moaned, their tongues twirling outside each others lips as Cameron stared on completely aghast. These were his objects of his lusts clashing, and they were interacting just as he fantasized! Lily’s tongue, a foot-long behemoth compared to most, now danced its tip between the aroused nipples on Nelda’s chest, the girl mewling and shuddering at every expertly judged tickle that this fat mouth-muscle could provide.

“Maybe you’re not boring,” Lily gasped from her lips as her tongue retracted, several strands of saliva trailing between her mouth and Nelda’s soaked chest, “but you’ve still been a very naughty girl for coming so late. I think you’ll have to be punished long and hard for breaking in and talking to my bro.”

”Oh yes…” Nelda gave a breathy groan. “I deserved to be punished by your fat cock, Lily. Dominate my hot pussy, use my holes as a cum-dump and fuck me senseless. I’m willing to submit to a superior Mary-Sue.”

Cameron pawed at his boxers, mesmerized by this dialogue straight out of the pornos he enjoyed to watch. The big dicked stud about to punish such a naughty wet pussy, practically ripping her short-shorts off to plug her completely up to the brim with a train-load of cock. Cameron moaned with the girls as Nelda was laid down, begging for dick like a slut.

But wait, didn’t Nelda say she didn’t like to be penetrated? Was Lily really that irresistible or was he merely dreaming?

“Of course you’re dreaming, dumbass.” His sister said in a voice most cruel, her tone sounding stingingly pessimistic more like his own thoughts. “Nelda doesn’t even know where you live.” Despite the revelation, his sister still plowed herself in, the outline off her bottle-pop cock running all the way up to Nelda’s stomach, an impossible distension which made her scream enough to cause the walls to wobble. He’d worry about his parents, but considering this was now a dream, he didn’t know what to think.

“I mean..” He tried to justify his thoughts to his own perverted mind. “She could’ve looked me up or something. It’s not that crazy.”

”She doesn’t use the internet.” The Nelda said between bounces which pressed her head against the wall. “Plus beside, you literally just met. Do you think she’d really come over to just fuck you? You ain’t exactly stud material, you know?”

“Well..” He crossed his arms. “Yeah I guess, but still-”

”Even if she did come over, she’d be pulled in by your sweet sis’ irresistible allure, becoming a cock sleeve like all the other babes.” The Lily pressed her hands on her ass, the melons for cheeks working as good handles to guide her blurring hips. “Face it, you’re excited for her to meet your sister only to be corrupted like everyone else.”


Nelda cupped her breasts as she got slammed harder, giving the motions of a woman in coitus but her voice sounding contrastingly sober. ”You notice she’s different, but you can’t imagine a life without Lily in the centre of it. You simply desperately want to prove that no matter the personality, everyone will submit to Lily’s amazing body, which proves that you’re normal and everyone else is just as perverted as you.”

”I don’t think-”

“What’s even more fucked.” Lily gritted her teeth, mashing her breasts as the bed groaned harsher as he put more weight onto Nelda’s womb. “Is that you want her to be even bigger.” The moment that word came from her mouth, her body exploded out in all direction, blonde head smashing the roof, muscles bulging like an eighties movie and her curves looking planetary even comparatively on her body.

“I mean, I might imagine it but-”

“You don’t care how inconvenient it would be for her.” Her cock thickened until it was like an oil-drum, sticking out from her crotch over four-feet. “You don’t care how people would react.” Her biceps looked like the rocks of a cliff as her shoulders spread like the Rocky-Mountains. “You don’t think about how it would utterly crush every damn person and what such power would be like in the hands of an under-mature teenager.” Her height ascended further, but the roof not having to give way as the room grew with her, appearing as if Nelda and Cameron were the ones shrinking. He was barely past her ankle now, and Nelda was clinging onto Lily’s dripping dick like the underside of a train.

“I care!” He was tired of being told what to think by what was clearly himself. “But it’s new to me, it’s-

”Tell yourself what you want.” Now his mother was walking into the room, her giant form kicking his mousy body to the side before she got on her knees, hands covering her fine perky mom tits. “But until you come to your sister with the truth, these doubts will still remain. You’ll still desire for everyone to be an addict like you just to prove that everyone is as crazy about your sister as you.” The taps were turned on, Lily’s cock firing out load after load all over their mother’s Tatyana’s head and shoulders, her face ecstatic, sweet smelling goo rolling down her chest, dripping to the carpet off those hard nipples.

“What is the truth though?” He pulled at his hair, ready to leave this dream once he had actually received some actual insight. “What should I say to her?”

”Hey man.” Lily looked down at the ant which was her brother, arm reaching to pick him up like a dildo. “I’m just your brain trying to make of this. I just making you admit you might have a problem.” Her lips smirked. “Now… Which hole?”


”Asshole it is!” Her laugh was baritone as he felt his body fly through the air on her palm, his head promptly smushed between those glorious ass cheeks, feeling the sweaty heat fill his lungs before entering the moist throbbing hole which was his sister’s behind, laughing filling his ears.


Cameron’s eyes open with a start, his mouth gaped with a weak grunt coming from his mouth, still smelling his sister in his nostrils. He looked around in a hurry, finding himself thankfully not up on the lower end of his sister’s large intestines, but in his bed.

Something was different though…

Cameron loved himself a big, American-style breakfast.

The stack of pancakes dripping profusely with syrup crowned with a cube of butter. The grease-drenched bacon which sizzled crackles and conjured smells orgasmic for the senses. Eggs of all styles, whether the cheesy scrambled eggs, expertly done sunny-side up or the meticulous omelette, started the day off right. Even the fruits, so dull for most snacks, was explosively tropical with slices of magical mango, playful papaya and heavenly honey-dew.

It was such an amazing experience that most of the time he had to go back to bed after such a feeding, but it was all worth it for the sweet feeling of absolute sated fullness.

That’s why there was so much joy immediately sprung to his face when he saw the breakfast tray filled to the brim with morning delights right by his bedside, seeming like the breakfast fairy herself sprung it beside him. Warm feelings of breakfasts from his childhood tingled over his body, his eyes amazed as he saw all his favourites, stacked so aesthetically pleasing.

He sniffed as he sat up, not even remembering what he was dreaming as he smelt the mouth-watering maple syrup tickle his nostrils. Of course, that wasn’t the sweetest sight in the bedroom.

Standing in the corner by the door, Lily sweetly waited with her hands behind her back, the spatula hardly noticeable from behind her wide bum. She looked like quite the busy cook from where he sat, her blonde hair pulled back into a clean pony-tail, which was actually visible from between her legs it dipped so low, an orange apron which certainly didn’t cover much beside the tips of her nipples and crotch thanks to her size. But in a shocking bit of professionalism, she was actually wearing some boxers which supported her monster junk, presumably so she wouldn’t add any more batter to the pancakes.

She beamed as she saw her brother’s first authentic smile in a while. “Morning bro! Happy Monday!”

He gave her another look up and down, and smiled brighter. “You did all this? All this for me?”

”Of course!” She winked and made a circle with her finger and thumb. “I took what you said last night to heart. I really am good at everything I do, so why not use that for our advantage?” She swung forward those hips, bent over and patted his head. “So I got up early and did a little studying and practise, and boom. Breakfast.” Her beaming smile almost became blinding with how white her teeth were. “I know that you miss the big breakfasts we used to have as a family when we were younger so I thought you’d like it! Plus, I can cook like a pro now, so just ask and I’ll make it!”

He was hit by warm nostalgia, remembering how their hungover mother would cook up massive breakfasts for them before they reformed and ‘turned healthy’. However, those sweet memories in his mind was replaced by sweeter mammaries as he was hypnotised by the swinging knockers by his face. Easily over a foot of cleavage parting these two magnificent breasts, he imagined diving his head beneath like one of those ocean trenches, not caring if he got lost.

And what if you sucked those fat nipples?

“Uh..” He shook his head of such unfortunately regular lewd thoughts. “T-Thanks for that, Lily. I love it. But I-”

”Ah!” She held up a finger. “I was also having fun with how I can change my body too. For example…” She trailed off to undo the strap behind her neck, gleaming the entire time. They dropped, much to the suffering of poor Cameron’s heart, revealing those marvellous breasts which sent his morning wood into a frenzy. He crossed his legs as she picked up a glass, his eyes bulging as she held it up as if her teat was a bar tap. Then his mouth dropped as she didn’t even squeeze her breast but merely flexed to make that nipple squeeze out something white and frothy, then handed it to him.

Yesssssss. She’s become a damn sexual ideal! Submit to her! Love her! Fuck her milk-shooting tits!

He looked deep down into the bubbly liquid, finding this Freudian arousal terrifying but all-encompassing. Keeping his Id from shooting forth a question, or something else firing off in his shorts, he gulped. “W-What is it?”

”Milk!” Her smile faded a bit. “I wanted it to be something cool, like, mimosa or something. But I can only make my milk-glans make milk as for now.” She did her apron back up and winked. “Though I can make it different flavours and a bit chilled, which is cool!”

Coffee flavoured? He couldn’t tell right away from his first sip, but it was thick and he had a hell of a milk moustache after his first greedy gulp of the cool cup. “T-Thanks.” It was strange, but the gesture was sweet.

Tell her to bend those cow udders over and suck from the source. You’ll be her baby brother any day as long as she milks your cock ever so often.

“No problem!” She cupped her hands to her face and gave a giggly coo as she saw her brother’s continued smile. “Now, eat up!” She placed the tray right on his lap and tapped the surface with her long, white and unbreakable nail. “We’ve got a busy day!”

”We do?” She was right of course, but he only knew about his plans to find out more about that moss-rock in his mother’s bedroom, and he certainly had no intention of letting her help. She might stop him after all, seeing all the cool stuff it was allowing her to do.

”Yes.” She picked up a fork and knife, cut off a big piece of pancake and stuck the cutlery in his hands. “Like I said, we’re going to improve both our lives with these abilities, and I’ve got a plan for you.”

Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex slave. Sex-

“L-Like what?” He said with a bunch of pancake pieces flying from his mouth, lips smeared in syrup as he took another oversized bite.

“Oh you know…” She crawled onto the bed and knelt behind him, hands going on his shoulders and massaging his shoulders. “I was thinking about what you needed, Cameron. What a good sister would do for her perfect brother.”

His shoulders felt like clouds all of a sudden, her fingers dancing on his built-up knots, undoing stress which probably started when he was in grade-school. All this relaxation though was just causing more blood to pump between his legs, making it all the harder to enjoy his food when his pecker was bumping into the tray, threatening to flip it over. “O-Oh?”

Dude, she’s going to ask for you to submit and you have to say yes! It’s your destiny!

“Yes. You do need a girlfriend after all.” He nearly spat out some bacon before she continued. “I’ve gotten you a date for tonight. She’s a friend of one of the models I had over yesterday. You apparently have similar interests, and I hadn’t had sex with her so there’s less pressure to perform.” She giggled a bit. “I can imagine there’s a bit of nerves after climbing Mount Lily after all!”

”O-Oh… Thanks.” He swallowed with furrowed brows. He was pleased by that response, but it was the maturity of her words which surprised him. He woke up yesterday to find her asking questions about her new found penis because undoubtedly she’d never seen one before, and now she was already acknowledging the sexual prowess she contained. This wasn’t even mentioning the fact that she was trying to repair her older brother’s life.

“But don’t think you don’t have to change either.” She pushed her breasts into the back of his head as she tickled his chin. “We’re going to use my eye for fashion, the sense I’ll develop really quickly once I pick up a magazine on men’s fashion, to get you a new wardrobe and haircut. We’ll get you on a new workout plan too, but I’ll have patience with that.” She laughed. “Not like everyone can get six-second-abs like me!” She leaned over and flexed her biceps by his munching face, giving a chuckle as her brother’s eyes bulged anew from the bombastic poundage she now could hide in each arm.

“O-Okay…” His mouth sputtered as he swallowed another mouthful, docile. She was changing him, sure, but this was exactly what he should be doing with her powers. Instead of fretting about what she was doing to him, he should be concentrating on what she could do for him. “Anything else?”

“Yup.” She snapped her fingers. “I did a little looking online, and most twenty-year-olds have jobs, even if they live with their parents rent-free.”

He blushed feeling immature around his sister. “I-I’m going to college and I’m-”

”You take one class, Cameron.” She tutted before pinching his cheek. “But it’s okay. I found you an interview to go to this afternoon. It’s a paid internship at a new online advertisement company. It’s not glamorous work, but it pays well and has flex-time.” She grabbed the fork from his hand and guided it to his mouth. “And if you don’t like it? I’ll just find you a new one.” She gave a little hushed whisper. “Honestly, you’d be surprised how many doors open if you just show a little cleavage in your profile pic. It’s perverted but who’s laughing when you get an offer for an interview?”

Tell her you just want to do some bone-work.

“This is all amazing, Lily.” He nodded back and took a big satisfied sigh as she went back to massaging. “You’re a really good sister for doing all that for me.”

”Again, my absolute pleasure, bro.” Her dancing fingers on his spine danced a little more frantically as she continued. “It’s a lot and really great of me, so I was hoping I could ask a tiny, little, insignificant favour from you.” Her fingers went to pinch his skin, making him wince.

“Yeah, sure?” Was she getting nervous or was that just his imagination?

“Well.” She moved from massaging his back to sitting beside him, arm around his shoulder. “I got all these ideas from a dream last night. How I needed to be a better sister to you and all. But there was also this other thing in my, like, dream that, I don’t know, I thought we could do…” Her skin started to blush as she rubbed the back of her head. “I mean, if you’re cool with it, right?”

”Um what is it?” His chewing of bacon slowed as his ears perked for the favour.

“Well, so I was thinking, and this is just my thinking right?” She did exact hand-gestures. “I was wondering… If it was possible… just maybe… Um… If you would…. sometimes… whenever most comfortable…” She took a deep breath and spoke each syllable slower than the last. “Suck… my… dick?”

His mouth dropped, a little fleck of pork flipping from his mouth as his mind raced to confirm what he just heard.


“Uhh….” He let his open gob give a long dumb gurgle as his mind danced around the concept. Did she really just ask him that? Had she done all this to get her dick sucked? Was this all transactional? It suddenly made this breakfast much less palatable despite the images flashing in his brain choking on sis-dick. “What?”

She sighed and tilted her head, still smiling. “I know. I know. You’re probably thinking, ‘hey, why does someone who can get anyone at their beck and call to suck her dick asking her bro’ and I get that. But, this dream was really great with you suckling on my dick.” She sighed as she pinched the nipples leaving a wet spot on her light apron. “And honestly I can’t get the image out of my mind, so I just decided to ask.” She patted his back. “So what do you say, bro? I’ll literally do anything you want, you just have to suck my dick a little…” She gave her teat another squeeze. “Well, you know, a few times, but we’ll make a schedule which works for you.”

His eye twitched numerous times as she pointed at her crotch and bounced her slim eyebrows. His mind was screaming to dive to his knees and lap her up in all ways possible, but his spirit felt different. Putting aside the fact that there was a certain i-word for what she was suggesting, he felt a bit dirty by the request. Exchanging sex for favours was… well not what he saw himself doing at twenty and especially not for his sister. He sighed and shook his head, trying to ensure that he turned her down carefully. “Look, Lily. I like you and I think you’re great.”

Her head tilted and nodded with a smile. “Mmmhhm?”

“But… Well, to say I’m a bit uncomfortable would be an understatement.” He rubbed the back of his neck, only too aware of her arm around him. “I mean, I’m your brother, you know?”

She laughed. “Oh c’mon! Don’t make it weird, bro. I’m just asking you to this little thing.”

There was nothing little in reference to the tank barrel she had swinging between her powerful thighs. “Look, maybe we can talk about it later.” He sighed to the side, not exactly wanting to kick the can down the road, but he was talking about a dick that could dislocate jaws after all. “It’s not like it needs to be sucked right now so-”

”Actually?” She tightened her arm around his shoulder and pressed him in real tight, face pressed against her aproned-knockers, his ear sensing the actual sloshing going on in those kegs of milk on her chest. “I was really hoping you could. I’ve been aching since I got up early to make you breakfast this morning, and although I hope it becomes a regular thing, I’m not exaggerating when I say I need it now.” She patted her boxers with a smirk. “So if you don’t mind, I’ll get ready and-”

”No Lily.” He took a deep breath, ignoring his imagined future as a jizz-sock for his sister’s loads and headed to the door, intent on ensuring he took away temptation for both of them. “Thank you so much for what you did, but I’m going to take a shower and give you some time to think about this.” He turned the doorknob and started to open the door.


Lily had her thumb on the top corner of his door-frame, sealing the door shut with darkened eyes. Cameron’s heart was beating up to his brain in panic, as he hadn’t even seen his sister move from the bed. One second she was on the bed, the next at the door. How fast was she now? Either way, his attempts to actually pull the door free of her mere thumb was completely fruitless.

”I know what I want, Cammy.” She was still giving a smile, but it was shaped differently. It had lost its playfulness, its lightness, instantly reminding Cameron of a dog with its hunt between its teeth. It was a smile of hunger. “Don’t you understand that I see the way you look at my body?”

He gulped, those words cutting deep as the memories of his dreams came back to him. These thoughts tore him up, certainly, but he had hoped he kept them deep within, away from Lily’s observation. “Lily, I-”

Her smile grew ever wider and sinister. “You look at my boobs. I get that, what boy doesn’t like boobs?” She squeezed them together and gave a little moan, those nipples splattering their milk from their girthy length to deeply soak the upper half of the apron with darker streams. “But you don’t just think about my breasts, Cam.” She trailed her other hand down to her boxers, and snapped the band off.

Much to his shock, Cam not sure if he was horrified or not yet, she actually didn’t have male genitalia down between her legs! A simple slit glistened back, aroused but certainly feminine. His mouth started stuttering, “Lily, your-”

“I learned this trick for you, bro.” She gave a grunt, her legs flexing as those lower lips parted ever so slightly before there was a popped explosion which burst forth juices to the floor. Her cock was back and with a fury, angrily red and twitching, ascending high over her bowling ball testis like the bow of an old galleon. It smeared his bare chest, Lily taking care that her urethra dripped on his little pointed nipples, which tingled like mad basted in her seed. “I saw how much my gigantic bulge distracted you so I managed to retract it at will. But now?” She gripped the base and gave it a large fwap to his chest, speckling pre-cum as far up as his hair. “I see how you miss it. How dare I take away the thing you fantasize about, right? You love my dick.”

“Lily, I don’t-”

”Shut up, i-idiot.” Her fists flexed as her entire body swelled with muscles, going from soft sexy into body builder fit in a millisecond before she exhaled to smile again. “Don’t you realize how insulting it is when you say you don’t want it? I mean, I see even on your face now that you want to suck it like a lolly! Don’t be in denial, Cammy.” She got on her toes and ensured it dab his neck with hot blobs of cum, poor Cam already looking like he had a bukake on his chest just from her faps.

Cameron gritted his teeth, getting frustrated that she just wouldn’t take no. “We’re brother and sister, Lily! We shouldn’t-”

”And I’m saying that shouldn’t apply to us because we’re so different! I’m tall now, but I’m going to be the tallest, sexiest, richest, most famous, smartest woman ever, you know. Real soon too!” She put her hands together and actually got down on her knees. “Please, Cammy? Don’t you see how happy I can make you? You think that a girlfriend and a job is all I can give you? Just give me time, I’ll get you a car, a house, a plane, a-anything you want if you just listen to me.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Dude just suck her dick, she’ll literally make you a king.

“I-I said no!” Cameron started to bang on the door. “Let me out of here!”

”M-Maybe I’m not giving you a choice though, huh?” She got back to her feet and snapped up his wrist. With a quick gesture with her knee, she scooted his feet off the floor and had his back half-way up the door. “The way I see it. I’m bigger and stronger than you.” She growled with her teeth. “Why the fuck am I even asking?” Her cock grew more turgid, feeling like a rifle laid across his tummy about to go off.

“D-Damn it, Lily!” He shook his head, breathes short as his feet longed to touch the floor once more. “You’re not that kind of person!”

”Oh yeah?” She smirked. “Just watch me, bro.” She threw him back to the bed, his body flying like a throw pillow as he bounced against the wall and tumbled to the sheets with only his feelings hurt, but afraid a lot more was going to hurt soon.

“Lily, please…” He put his hands together, unable to do anything but beg against the behemoth of a sister. “This isn’t you right now. You’re just overwhelmed with testosterone or something.” Her smirk continued and he shook his head. “Where’s my sweet little sister?”

A little bit of tears welled up in her eyes, stopping her aggressive stomping to his bed with her cock bobbing, and she sighed. “Y-You’re right, Cameron.” She looked at her hands and sighed deeper. “Are you alright?”

He rubbed his head as he sat up straight, the relief of her relinquished quest to pound him overwhelming any potential ouchies on his body. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He poked his body over, but noticed that the ruffling had caused the breakfast tray to flip over the floor. “Just a little food casualty is all.”

“Oh jeeze.” She bit her fingers and dropped to the floor to scoop up the greasy sticky mess from the floor back into the tray, movements frantic and shaky. “I-I’m so sorry, I-I’ll make you another one bro. Anything you want.”

”It’s alright, Lily.” He patted his stomach with a blushed face, trying to put what just passed behind him. “That was much more food than I needed and I definitely got my fill.”

”S-Sorry.” She blurted from her mouth as she covered her face with her non-sticky hand. “I guess I just don’t take the word ‘No’ very well, huh?” She gave another little laugh. “I-I mean, I don’t think anyone ever says it to me besides you.” Her laugh ended with nibble of her lips, looking down at her bobbing cock resting so content between her lactating tits. “But bro…”

His eyebrows furrowed. Had she really not learned her lesson? “No Lily. I’m not sucking your dick...” He trailed off with a huff, but his lips quickly added. “t-this morning.” Why did he add that?

Because you want it, you dreamt it, and you’ve already DONE it, dummy.

“Y-yeah, I know, but,” she started jerking it right in front of him, her eyes with a new steely focus on the glossy tip, uncaring that she was getting it dripped in sweet syrup. “I’m really hurting here. My balls are literally aching. I-I think they might be overproducing cum or something.”

As hesitant as he was to admit it, judging by her taut sack swinging below her giganti-cock, literally twitching, she might have had a point. Being this virile and sexy surely had to have some drawbacks, even if her back didn’t hurt from such large tits, and literally no one reacted negatively to her overwhelmingly arousing form.

“So..” She looked up, big eyes of shimmering colours of the rainbow sparkling to him. “Could you give me a hand job?” She seemed to be perfectly capable of beating herself off, especially at the speed her fist was flying, but he supposed that it wasn’t his fury nor firmness which she was interested.

This request didn’t seem as serious as a full-on blowjob, but he would frankly try to avoid giving any kind of ‘job’ if possible. He wasn’t a working boy after all and he certainly didn’t want to start a habit of beating her off every time she got a boner.

Just for now though, right?

“No.” He shook his head, not sure if he was referring to her or angsty voices in his head.

“Hmm…” She nodded. “What about if you finger-”


”Not even in my-”


”Fine.” She huffed, no doubt wanting to cross her arms, but one hand was fully occupied. “What if you just, I don’t know, held my balls while I jerked off?”

His eyebrow raised. He was showing steel-will so far resisting what frankly they both wanted, but considering she wouldn’t let up, could he compromise on this? “Well, I think…”

”Please?” She let her lips tremble. “I’m so close to climaxing, you wouldn’t even have to hold them for long.” She stood to her full height with her shoulders back, cockhead gasping inches from his sitting face as she grabbed it with her other hand, hips thrusting through the orifice she made with her palms. “They’re aching bro!”

“I-I’ll do it.” He inhaled with a finger raised. “For medical reasons.”

”Medical?” Her eyebrow and smirk raised.

“Y-You know,” he rubbed the back of his head before dropping to his knees below her cock, “to check for irregularities or something. It’s for your health, right?” Anything to make this lewd crotch grabbing as platonic-looking as possible. After all, what was wrong with a little sibling health-checks?

“Oh yes!” She grunted as she saw her brother dive below her dick. “It’s definitely for my health. I feel so built up from not cumming for so long! My dream only made things worse for my big, and heavy, balls.”

His eyebrow raised, almost certain it couldn’t have been more than an hour since her last splooge based on the smell of hot sweat and cum on the underside of this shaft. That musk was back in his nose though and he felt like fainting. How he hated to admit he missed it! He had his tongue out momentarily, leaning his face up to lick it before he shook his head.

He was playing a doctor, damn it, not a cum-slut.

Cusping, his palms raised beneath the smooth, hairless sack with hardly a wrinkle to take away how sloshingly full it was. Her testis continued to press quite the impact on the taut sack, their shape and cum conveyor tubes visibly pumping virile cream sauce which was rapidly filling up. His little digits clasped a bit, delicate as he felt fingers make the slightest indent on her ballsack, but was amazed how firm his sister’s nuts were. He tried to squeeze and lift them a bit, just to feel them up more, but he was immediate struck by two things.

One, his fingers could hardly flex, feeling he was trying to crush two coconuts with his mere hands. It was impressive as once he was pressing his full strength into them, they remained feeling soft but somehow steely firm. The second thing he noticed was trying to lift them was hard, his arms giving a little shake as his muscles burned as if he was moving furniture. How could anybody carry such a heavy pair between their legs? A quick glance avalanche of thigh muscles around him, and he had his answer.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” He hadn’t even noticed what Lily was doing with her hands in the meantime, so focused on her sack. Her hands were around her bulbous glans, gripping tight with all ten fingers as she flopped her amazonian tree-trunk like the world’s largest champagne bottle. “You massage my balls so good, bro… So good! Can you feel how much cum is struggling there?”

Squeezing as hard as he could, he couldn’t help but notice as she merely moaned at his touch, his tiny hands unable to bring anything but pleasure, no matter the abuse he through forth. Even in her presumably most vulnerable place, Cameron was no match for his sister’s massive form. This made his cock throb more than he liked to admit.

Dude, lick it, she won’t even feel it!

“Mmm…” It was him moaning now, his face in her warm cum hammock, sniffing and tasting her musk like free buffet night. He could feel it growing too. He had a hug around it, and certainly as it had reached semen capacity, her body adjusted, tight sack sagging lower in order to accommodate her coming cum blast. It was a spectacular sight, his sister becoming a more productive breeder in front of his eyes and he took another sniff. But he stopped himself quickly to pull his head back, realizing he went a bit on auto-pilot there.

Lily certainly didn’t notice though.

“I-I’m C-C-CUUMMING!” Her cry was triumphant, rattling the very light fixtures themselves shaking as her body rumbled, mighty ballsack seizing up to supply the arriving cum-train from nut-station. What came from the end wasn’t a hose, as Cam expect, but a full-on cum ball which smashed through the actual wall, a giant dripping hole in its wake.

Before he knew it, she had stepped over him with her shuddering body to shove her cock inside, giving her deep feminine moan as she felt her cock bloat,pump and fire again, now all inside of the drywall of his room. He looked at the growing dark trail as it stained through the wallpaper, no doubt making the wall as weak as foam as so much voluminous sis-sauce pumped down.

It was a sight worthy of a national park seeing his sister cum now. Her overjoyed face as each load swelled her massive veiny shaft, shaking it before she let out a giant cry as it blasted from the end of her cock. It was the length of time which was really impressive though, surely minutes had passed as he sat on the floor watching, but she continued to pump at such a speed, the dark stain of liquid almost spread to the entire lower part of his bedroom wall.

Finally, with a sigh, she flopped back to her butt and wiped her brow, smile bright. “Thank you so much, Cam. That was… incredible. I’m going to get you to massage my balls again as soon as I can.”

”Y-Yeah.” He said, his nostrils still stained as he took a line of ball-sweat straight up his nose and to the brain. “But remember that we didn’t agree to any blowjobs or-”

”Don’t worry.” She bounced to her feet, cock slipping back into her lower lips as simple as flexing her thighs, smooth down there once more. “I see the problem now, and I won’t repeat it.”

”Oh, that’s good.” He sighed relieved, a little chuckle coming to him. “I was worried there for a moment.”

”Yeah, my problem is that I came unprepared!” She snapped her finger and nodded. “Obviously you weren’t going to suck my dick because I merely wanted you to. I need to come with arguments and something to convince you why this is the best option!”

“That’s not-”

”Got it!” She turned on her heel. “So, I’m going to do some research on why my bro should just love sucking dick and I’ll be back later, alright?” She winked before picking up the ruined breakfast tray and wiggling her butt out of the room. “I’ll fix the holes in the wall, and the ceiling I made last night, when I find time to study about home repair. Bysies!”

“Wait, Lily!” He got to his feet with his hand out, but it was far too late. Sighing again, he sat on the bed and rubbed his cheek. He didn’t know how much longer he could resist. It was hard enough to resist just now, so the image of her sister coming back with any reason didn’t fill him with much hope. Hell, she could come back and lie about blow-jobs curing cancer and he’d probably spread his lips wide for her.

Picking up a piece of bacon from the sheets beside him, he crunched on it as he grumbled, doing the right thing was so hard when you had a boner. Getting up though, he realized probably the best place to go right now was the shower, getting the smell of cum and balls off him while he jerked a quick one off to ease the tension.

What was he going to jerk off to? Blowing his sister of course, he was far too gone to think of anything else, and he’d be surprised if anything else would even excite him enough to climax. He wasn’t disturbed by this, but it did press his mind to admit that he might want to hurry on trying to solve the mystery of whatever was causing this to his sister.


He was just about down the hall when he heard something crash in his sister’s room. He was almost certain that she had gone to the kitchen after his room, so he was a little curious by the disturbance. Carefully he opened the door, and let out a sigh of relief at the mundane sight.

His mother was currently bending over, picking something off the floor to put it in a cardboard box labelled ‘Lily.’

At least it was mundane at first.

She turned her body and he nearly choked up all her breakfast. His mother, Tetyana, usually as skinny as a rake except around her chest, was looking pregnant. This wasn’t a few weeks after the fact either. She was bloated bigger than he had ever seen a woman, her striped shirt unable to pull past her popped protruding belly button as she smiled brightly, not as perturbed by this as her son.

“M-mom?” He gasped as he fully stepped in the room, hoping this was nothing more than some kind of strange prop on her.

“Oh darling son!” She said sweeter than a sack full of sugar cookies, which was usually a tone she didn’t know. “Did you come to help mommy pack up some things?” She rubbed down her body with her hands, her lips pursed as she passed her inflated breasts almost triple the size he’d seen them last with crowning fat nipples before she sailed to the underside of her belly. “You know it’s harder to move now.”

There was around five billion questions flying through his mind, though it all pointed to another person for the answer. He settled on asking something easier. “W-What are you doing?”

”This?” She gave a little kick of the cardboard box before giving a melodious sigh. “I’m packing up Lily’s things. She says that she won’t be with us very longer since she wants to move out before she grows out of the house. We’ll use her room after she’s gone.” She smiled looking over to him. “She says she’s taking you as well, you lucky dog. What fun you two will have in your new place!”

”I-I-” His tongue was diving back down his throat he was so at a lost for words, unable to get even his thoughts straight before she continued.

“I’m sure you have questions about this.” She lightly rubbed her stomach and cooed. “Your sister, the sweetheart, told me that she didn’t want her parents to have empty-nest syndrome, so she put new children in me early this morning. Twins she said!” Her lips were bit. “I-I wasn’t sure at first, but your sister’s body has become… incredible. She told me it won’t be long until I give birth to your new brother and sister, able to start anew with them and-”

”Y-You let Lily put a baby in you!?”

“Yes!” She covered her face and slowly fell to her knees, belly taut with mass rubbing the floor. “I-I know it was wrong but… but… It was wrong but…” She looked up from her hands and smiled. “It was the best moment of my life! In an instant I felt as if this was my purpose, to give birth to her and then for her to give me children! I-I’ve searched to be filled and feel whole at the bottom of a bottle, or at the church or in other men, but it was your sister’s…” She tightened her grip on her knee. “fucking huge cock, which made me feel most happy.” Her eye twitched. “I-I love her… Just in a new way a mother can.” She gulped. “My head is still spinning, my body weak from the way she pinned me to the bed, touched my body all over. And when her hot dick was inside? Ooo~! It felt like it was deep enough to be fucking my throat!”

”F-fuck..” Why the hell did he have a boner right now, his mind was telling him this was so fucked up!

Dude, you and your mom should double team her. You’d make a great bunch of cock-sleeves.

Well, his mind should’ve been telling him that something was wrong.

“Anyways.” In a snap, her disposition changed, getting back to her feet and swaying over like she was walking on clouds. “Just because you two are leaving, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see you several times a week.” She smirked as she looked over his face, spotting something dripping from his ear. Her finger snatched the dollop and hold it in front of his eye just enough to demonstrate she knew what her daughter’s cum looks like. “You don’t think you can just hog her all you want, do you?” She growled. “I’m her little slut-mom after all.”

As she passed by him out of the room, Cameron’s eyes threatened to fall from his skull they were bulging so much. His mouth wouldn’t stop mouthing obscenities, his mind rewinding and watching what he just saw. This was getting damned dangerous now, and he needed to solve this mystery fully soon, or else he too would be caught in his sister’s lust.Yet, as his erection throbbed, he couldn’t help but shudder at the thought that this was what his sister was meant to do.

Cameron, brother of a new Goddess? The only question he had now was would he fight it? He’d decide after the shower, washing the dried cum on his chest first.


He put the key in the ignition, foot on the gas, his hair still wet from the shower and he sped off from his parents’ place, knowing he’d be safer any place but there.

Lily wasn’t at home thankfully, he’d called her name out but her impossible figure was nowhere to be found, but even then, he knew he couldn’t stay in the house. If there was a chance his sister could know where he was, she’d simply resumed where she left off and he’d be on his knees, mouth open, drool pooling in his cheeks to lubricate his mouth-pussy. She wasn’t playing around anymore, so much was clear after seeing his mother, and he couldn’t depend on staying strong in the face of an ever expanding, ever improving, ever sexier sister which truly threatened to consume all. God help whoever she was with now.

There was no peace for him without her. As usual, his mind was a constant garble of the lewdest thoughts of submission to her, not even hiding that it was it was a bad idea.

Fuck your interest. What is a mortal compared to your sister Lily? You should be picking out short-shorts to please her in, dressing like a total cocksucking slut to submit to her fully. This ‘free-will’ thing is only going to get you hurt after all. And remember it’s hot because it’s a bad idea!

His eyes narrowed on the road, desperately trying to distract himself with the rules of the road with little success. He turned to his car radio, hardly turning it on anymore but he wanted to hear some other voice rather than his own bickering lust telling him to submit.

As he waited at the lights, the latest awful pop-song dying off like some diseased bovine as the DJ came on the channel to claim it was his new favourite. Why did he ever listen to this station? However, his ear perked up on something a little personal before long.

“Hey hey hey, wasn’t that great? A real lovely song to ring in the summer. But I’ll admit this, listeners, while we were on a song break, I got a lovely request by phone from someone named Lily Vinogradov. What country do you think that name comes from?”

“Can’t say Bob, but what I will say is that she sounded hot. Hotter than anyone who has ever called here.”

”Yes and she made quite the convincing argument that we should play this song, even though it’s against the rules and regulation of broadcasting. However, she did say it was for love, so I say ‘fuck’ it and let’s do it. Cameron? If you’re out there, and she did say this was the radio station you listened to, this song is for you.”

Everytime I see your face
I think of things unpure, unchaste.
I want to fuck you like a dog,
I'll take you home and make you like it.
Everything you ever wanted,
Everything you ever thought of-”

“Jesus.” He muttered as he shut off the radio with a snap, ears still tingling from what he heard. This was getting heavy. His sister a black hole consuming all around her, collapsing them to their knees before they were lost to the individual known as Lily.

Fucking hot.

No, he couldn’t wait any longer, procrastination right now was dangerous, so he put his phone on his hands-free holder and scrolled to the contact who would hopefully have the answers.

Cameron didn’t see his grandma very often. Like many of America’s retirees, she had moved down to Florida for the lower cost of living and stayed for the beaches, but that was normal. Frankly, he didn’t think that she liked them to come down, hardly the kind of woman to get lonely. They used to come down once a year, but even when he was young and before Lily got too ill to travel, the second they got to Grandma Vinogradov’s retirement mansion, she’d find every excuse to get them out of the house and certainly staying for longer than a week was out of the question.

Maybe that had to do with the fact that she was the least ‘grandma-ish’ woman alive.Grandmas, after all, were supposed to be that sweet grey haired lady with hunched over back with hobbies which included crocheting, bingo and shuffleboard, and that was a terrible description for Emma Vinogradov.

His ‘granny’ looked beyond just ‘fine’ for the ripe age of sixty, or whatever age she actually was as it was a mystery like with all women in this family. She must have had some miracle worker for a cosmetic surgeon, though he’d never ask, as her face was dollishly smooth, dyed black hair, body fitness model fit, and honestly it looked as if she never had k1ds with breasts like that. His grandma, being completely honest, was smoking hot, and it wasn’t just him with that opinion, as one could ask her million-plus Instagram followers, and they wouldn’t say the memes about coffee. She didn’t keep that body cooped up either, as she was more active than most college k1ds in doing cool things. Being a DJ, going clubbing, doing boxing, and, of course, hosting parties in her mansion, the woman didn’t slow down, and literally until this week, Cameron didn’t connect such actions as supernatural, honestly putting the still sexually active lifestyle of his grandma to a forgotten place in his mind. Now though, he was about to find out if her ability to keep going and going had anything to do with that green rock she gave the family.


He looked at the picture he had for Emma in his smartphone as it began to ring her, an image he got from her instagram used. Like his mother, she had a short dyed-dark-black bob just past her ears, eyebrows so fine that they seemed drawn on her forehead. There was a faint sign of wrinkles by the eyes, but with the rest of her skin glowing so healthy from a Florida beach tan, combined with her naturally dark eyes with bright deep irises, it was hardly noticeable. Her lips were pink and glossy, slightly puckered for the selfie, as her shoulders bent to the side in a confident pose, letting a little caramel-tanned cleavage poke from her white blouse. While certainly not Lily-enormous, their roundness directed all attention in the area towards them, certainly would be quite the prize to ogle in a bikini.

You know, if she wasn’t his own damned grandma!

“Hello?” The deepish voice of Emma came on the other side, honestly reminiscent of a sex-line operator who smoked maybe a bit too much. Breathy, harmonious but firm.

“Uh hey…” It had been so long since calling her, certainly by himself when it wasn’t just wishing a happy birthday or merry Christmas. Did she even have his phone number? Would she recognize his voice?

“Oh hey!” Her voice lit up immediately. “Just the man I was hoping to hear from.”

”Really?” His head tilted as turned right in the intersection.

“Yeah…” She gave a sudden growl. “Did you bring the stuff?”

”What?” He suddenly realized she perhaps, maybe, might not realize who this was. “It’s-”

”Oh don’t play coy, Ben.” She gave a chuckle as the chatter of some guys was picked up on her phone. “Two guys are fun, but three makes a party, especially if you brought the coke and lube.” She gave a little moan. “Oh baby, I’m already hot thinking about your big, fat co-”

His eyes bulge. “Grandma. Please. Stop. It’s Cameron.”

”Oh.” She didn’t sound flustered or apologetic as a slight sigh came from the other side. “What do you want?”

“Me?” He gulped at the bluntness. “Uh..” Only now did he realize that he hadn’t prepared how to ask for this unusual information. “I’m c-calling to ask how you were.” He’d settle her in with some small chat before popping the really strange question about that green rock she gave.

“Cameron. Sweetheart.” She tsked. “You just heard how Granny is doing. It’s just another Monday for me here.” There was a sound of rubbing on the receiver, a muffled tone in a hush barely picked up. “Huh? No no it’s my dork grandson. It’s fine, pull it out. I want to see your excitement, boy.” She cleared her throat. “Now I’m going to hang up unless you’re going to be honest with me. I’m sure your mother, as big of a disappointment she is, didn’t raise a liar.”

Why couldn’t he have been born in a slightly less weird family? “Fine. I’m calling to ask about the green rock you gave us to help Lily.”

“Oh, of course!” Again some muffling on the other side. “Aren’t you a big boy? And who said Asians are small? So fucking veiny too. Do you taste as good as you look?” “And how is Lily? She’s drinking the rock in water everyday right?”

”Yeah and I think that’s the problem.” He shook his head, wondering if he shouldn’t have destroyed that rock instead, or at leastthrow the safe it was stored in right into the ocean. “I think it might be making her too healthy.”

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

The sound of someone stuffing too much banana in their mouth and trying to swallow it filled the other side of this phone conversation until there was a wet pop. “Ahhhh…” She gasped out. “Too healthy? Oh honey, how can anyone be too healthy? Sounds like it’s doing its job! What’s she doing?”

“She’s changing.” He thought of the best way to describe things, though it was nice that he didn’t need to worry about being too graphic in the lewd situation which was his sister. “For example, yesterday she grew a dick.” He paused taking a deep breath. Just saying that made his trembling and lick his lips, his stomach giving a little growl. “A-A big one.”

”Hey, stop being so shy and stick it in me! Why the FUCK is my thong still on? Are you going to rip it off or do I have to do everything here?” There was a sharp loud sound of slapped flesh, an echo of a spank echoing into the car. “Oh that’s normal in this family, Cam. Some of my many sisters for example, grew great meaty cocks above their pussies. It’s a self-correcting gene to ensure the bloodline lives on.” There was a scoff as the line got muffled again. “What are you looking at? Stop staring and start pounding!” She gave a chuckle. “After all, we Vinogradov women can’t always depend on a limp man to get the job done.”

“B-But…” His mother always stated granny was a weird one, but perhaps it was his mother who was painfully naïve. “She’s grow so strong an-and she’s grown sexual aggressive a-and-”

“And?” There was a moan from Emma as a wet slapping started to develop. “What’s wrong with a strong woman? And of course she’s got a strong sexual appetite, all Vinogradov women do! They’ve got to carry on the proud family name after all, and we certainly can’t expect the men to do their fair share. One second.”

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

He winced as the sound were filled with even lewder slurping than before, the wet slapping only getting louder. “Your daughter is knocked up by your granddaughter!” He practically cried out as he slammed his fists into the steering wheel, sending a honk onto the relatively empty road in a residential area.

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

“Sorry Cam.”

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

“I didn’t quite catch that…-”

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

“I’m just totally busy…”

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

“With something really hard…”

*Slrrrrp Glupppp Hkkkkkk*

“To deal with” She cleared her throat. “Hint, hint.”

Groaning, Cameron shook his fist to no one in particular. “I just want-”

”Honey, I’ve been trying to be polite, but right now I’m sucking really nice, big cocks from some boys visiting on a late-spring break.” Muffled voice returned. “And trying to get one to fuck my ass!! Is this the first time you’ve been with an actual woman, boy?” “But it sounds like you’re really concerned about this. The person you’d want to ask is your great grandmother, Eva.”

”Great grandmother? Surely she’s-”

”She’s very much alive, Cam. I see your mother’s been doing a great job of keeping our family history alive.” She sighed, another sound of a spank ringing out. “Look, she lives in Northern Ukraine but I’ll give you her address if you’re really interested. She gave me the rock after all and-”

”Isn’t there a phone number I can call?” Not only was a flight to Ukraine not sounding appealing, but he was hoping for some immediate answers so he could solve this problem today.

“No, Cam.” She sighed again. “Fucking dumbass daughter somehow tops herself with her son. Thank god Lily can apparently make me proud…” There was a slimy licking sound from the other side. “Mmm… Anyways, your great grandma has lived in an isolated communities all her life. No phones, no Wifi, no Instagram. A great place to worship the God-birther Mary, but a little slow for my liking, you know. You can only go in person if you want to talk to her. So if you actually want answers, you have your answer.”

”Wait, God-birther Mary? What can you tell me-”

”I’m going to hang up now Cam.” She grunted out. “Oh yeah, now you’re fucking me right.” “Ben finally came and I don’t intend on having a free hand or mouth for the next three hour. You take care now!” She let out a moan but quickly gasped back. “O-Oh and if you’re confused about Lily, it might be helpful to keep this mind.”

”What?” He nearly brought his ear to the phone, stomach churning for some helpful advice to combat these sensations.

”Don’t resist.” She moaned and groaned, not even bothering to muffle her phone. “Yeah, boys, don’t hold back, mama can take it better than you give it!” She grunted through gritted teeth. “Cam. I can tell you’re calling me because you’re having the ‘Vinograd guilt’ the boys in this family get. Just know what you’re seeing is inevitable, and if you are having those kinky thoughts that young men have, you should just give in. Let me guess? You want to suck her big creamy dick? Do it. Don’t let years of Catholic propaganda hold you back. A sister using her brother as a sex-slave -er sexual partner I mean, is as natural as a guy liking tits. A little sibling cum does the body good.”


“Yeah, yeah! Mm yeah!” The other end was just filled with fapping, slapping, snorting and squirting. “Let me do a line off your fucking big, shaft, then I call more friends! I don’t think you mere three will be enough to handle a true woman.”


“Fuck yeah. Call your girlfriends too, I want this to be a Roman worthy orgy like-”


He hit that red button on his phone, parked in a free place on the side of the road and laid his head upon the steering wheel. “I’m fucked…” He sighed and twisted his head to look at the street he was on.

Well not yet. You should go home, put on something cute, buy some rose pedals to lay around your bed, and then play some sweet jazz music, coiling up like some cute virgin hungry for sister’s big cock. In fact-

His dick was going crazy, actually making a wet spot in his shorts as his mind was filled with Lily dominating and the graphic fun Granny was having. He was seriously thinking of unzipping himself just for some quick relief to edge him over, but he decided against that. He didn’t think he could actually climax now without moaning his sister’s name. It would disturb him too much, so he needed to think of another way to get off before he went mad. Something completely different.

Thankfully, he knew someone who could help.

“You like that, slut?”

His face was eating pillow, rump high in the air, gasping as he felt completely plugged up. “Y-Yes…”

“Did you say you liked it, little bro?” There was a stinging slap on his behind, a wobble around the shaft up his ass as it echoed in this big abandoned apartment, a garbage bag fluttering over the broken window.

“F-Fuck!” His muffled cried vibrated the pillow, dripping cock twitching from the abuse, smearing this overused mattress on the floor. “I-I love when you call me little, Lily.”

There was a firm grip on his hips, as now the bulbous rod rubbing his prostrated started to vibrate and massage, his hole stretched further as she pulled herself in and out of him, a pistoning process for peak cum-production. Another smack rung out in the empty room littered with newspapers and magazines on the floor. “What did you call me, little bro-bitch?”

“S-Sorry.” He was biting his lower lip, feeling the drool soak into the pillow and dampen his chin. “M-Mistress Lily. My fucking dominant sister.”

“Damn straight.” Her thrusts were so firm and in control. All he could do was obey her every little desire. “Flip your ass over. I wanna see your sissy face as I cum all over it.”

”Yes, my queen.” There was no desire to be delicate, as he was roughly adjusted from his burning chest to his back, ass roasting on her poker like a plugged piece of fuck-meat, looking up to the ceiling and his fucker’s raven set of hair. “God your cock is so big.”

”Tell me something I don’t know…” She pinched a nipple beneath her yellow shirt, other hand busy playing between her legs. She then snapped forward, gripping his cock hard like a vice, dribbling white pearls upon her painted blue nails. “But is ‘queen’ sufficient enough for my ascent?” She gave a firm thrust to bottom out upon his bottom before viciously wanking him, balls bouncing upon the underside of her fist. “Perhaps goddess is more appropriate?”

”Y-Yes!” He cried after gulping, panting furious as he tweaking his nipples. “Lily is a goddess! I’m nothing but her cock sleeve.”

“A sister’s cock-sleeve?” She shuddered as she focused both hands on his meat piping, making blurs of her digits. “You kinky fuck.. So hot…”

”Y-Yeah…” His ass was contracting around his cock, bucking himself as he inched closer and closer to orgasm. “Oh Fuck sis… I-I love you!” Nipples were burning under his pull, his fingers giving them a final twist and the tightness churning in his ball released themselves in a thick spirally mess. Thick gunk filled of his perverted tadpoles smeared upon his chest like curdled crème anglaise , speckled upon his chin. He panted almost hard enough to see his breath, licking up little dabs of his seed into his mouth.

“Mmm-ahhh..!” The cock was pulled from his ass with a pop, giving a cry as she fingered herself to completion with his spent pulsing cock still in her palm. “Fuck you little kinky butt-slut.”

”H-Holy shit…” Cameron gasped as he felt the voluminous load cool on his chest. He’d cum in the shower only half an hour ago, but this load was like four times his usual amount, thicker too. He swore he could feel the little guys squirming on him as he sat up, still warm as it trickled slowly down. “Um…” He looked over to the end of the mattress. “Thanks.”

”Ooo my pleasure, little bro.” A tongue lapped at his chest, making tiny circles around his still tingling nipples, so much more turgid, thicker and tender than he remembered, like they’d been through a suction pump of some kind. “That was all kinds of fun for me.”

“But you don’t mind me…” He blushed to look to the dirty floor around him. “You know, this kind of role-play?”

Nelda laughed, running her glistening fingers through her hair. “Oh c’mon Cam. I live for kinky sex. Honestly, this whole situation and fetishism with your sister is so fascinating and I’m glad I can experience it with you.” She ran her fingers up his neck.

He shuddered, something so lewd and corrupting to hear that from her lips. Was she as well going to become as enslaved to the presence left by his sister? Would they simply become cock-slaves together? He felt a little relieved compared to before, the buzzing in his mind a little less intense, but he could already tell it wouldn’t last too long. “But… What do you suppose about all this? After all I told you about my weird family?”

”Honestly, it’s hard to completely accept.” She crossed her naked legs, her big pink strap-on smacking her calves. “After all, a family dynasty of super-woman who worship the Virgin Mary?” She smirked. “Can your family adopt me?”

“I’m serious though. What can I do to stop my sister?” His cock twitched, knowing full well his libido didn’t want to stop anything. “If things go on this way… Well, I’m not 100% sure I won’t be lying beside her throne as queen of the world honestly.” He gulped, cock smacking to full iron-hardness. “A-As a goddess she’ll sit upon a throne as the ruler of the world, me a pet in a collar.” He started to helplessly massage his spongy cock glans, the nerves sparking under his palms slow rotation.

Nelda gave a hard slap of his cock, making him wince. “Oh c’mon! Don’t give up that easy!” She stood up. “All you need to do is make sure you don’t swallow anymore of her cum. You probably don’t want to change anymore than you already have.”

”Changed?” He looked down, as if he had grown breasts or something.

She smirked, trailing a finger down his body. “Haven’t you noticed?” She laid him down on the mattress lain upon the middle of this room of this small apartment she was squatting in and continued to rub his soft body. “Your body is completely hairless and smooth.” She petted his thighs, stomach and arms and cooed at their buttery sleekness. “Even softer than my body, you know?”

“Yeah?” His mind had been so consumed that he honestly hadn’t noticed, but now he had a chance to rub his naked body, he shivered at the tingly sensations he got from petting himself. His fingers skated down his chest, hairless with big perked nipples, down his smooth tummy, around his hairless crotch and he gasped as a little wind came from the window, even the tiniest breeze sending an erotic tingle up his spine. He took a deep breath. “What else?”

Like with a patient, she flipped him over to lay on his hard erection, cum coating his belly. “This ass?” His smooth butt was shiny from all the pounding it received, but only now did he see its shape. It really did soar up like twin domes competing for space on his hips. She put her hands on both and smushed them together, slathering the smooth flesh. “Fuck this feels good. Like massaging pudding or something. But that’s not the best thing.”

”O-Oh?” He bit his lower lip, loving the explosive tingle he was feeling from such treatment. No wonder he was nearly cumming from every time she spanked it, it was like a new erogenous zone for him!

“Did you notice my lack of lube?” She parted his ass together to peak at his back hole, making note of the tight button. “Not only are you the first guy to take ‘Chappy’ with so much ease.” She pushed down on her thick, ten-inch silicone cock before letting it bounce back. “But you’re certainly the first person to not need any lube with this bad girl.” She nibbled her lip as she poked his asshole, slipping it easily, adding more fingers slowly as Cameron let out a low moan. Before long, she had all five fingers in there, tight but deliciously so. She pulled out and noted the seeming juice soaked on her hand. “It’s like you’ve got a back pussy or something.”

“What do you think that means though?” He looked back at with a raised eyebrow, suddenly wondering if Lily wasn’t the only one getting some results from his strange family genes.

”Well I ain’t no scientist.” She rubbed her chin to stand up, unstrapping her strap-on for it to drop to the floor. “But I have read a lot of anatomy book and my share of sci-fi, so I could make a guess.” She pointed to her stomach. “You’ve swallowed some of her cum, right? So maybe now that her cells are now inside you… Well…” She rubbed her chin. “How to put this delicately… I think they’re colonizing you to fit what she wants.”

”What?” He flipped over to his side, and looked down to his body. He was looking softer, fuller in some places which frankly made him look more androgynously cuter. “You mean, like, her sperm is making me sexier for her?”

She’s inside you, making you better for her. It’s too late Cameron. Even now her sperm is turning your cells against you one by one. Submit. Submit. Submit. Subm-

“Yeah.” She shifted her glasses and shrugged. “Pretty much. And I probably don’t have to tell you her intentions if your butt produces automatic lube.”

”Jesus.” He shivered, face concerned, but already pulling his dick and twisting his nipples. Honestly, his ass was tingly now, feeling down right empty now that Nelda was stuffing him. He shook his head, trying to kick out the idea of truly being stuffed by sister. “And do you have any suggestions?”

”Let’s go to Ukraine.” She shot out bluntly as she pulled out a turn of the millennium palm pilot from her jeans on the floor, taping the screen with a stylus.

“What?” His head shot up. “Us?”

“Yeah.” She shrugged. “I mean, it solves two issues. One,” she tapped a couple of times, wobbling the Wifi add-on to this ancient machine, “we can actually get some answers from the source, finding out what’s happening to you and your sister, maybe find out about this religion too. And two, it’ll get you away from your sister for a while, maybe expel a little more of her cum before confronting her.” She sighed. “Quite frankly, with eagerness of our role-play, I don’t think you’ll last long with her. Plus, what happens when you drink more of her cum? You’ll grow long hair for you to grab, tits she can fuck, a really booty she can grip on to, and probably a new hole to stuff after she’s pumped full your ass and mouth. You’re brain will be melted to goop as you beg for more.” She swiped the screen.

God, yes. So fucking hot.

He grunted, pulling his hands from pleasuring himself at the thought and pulling him up straight. “You’re right but-”


Nelda’s eyebrow raised, looking to her pants again as she pulled out her little pager, giving a beep. She flipped it on its side, reading the message aloud. “Cameron. Get your ass home. Lily.” She smirked. “Creepy. I don’t think I gave her my number.”

”And I didn’t tell her I was here with you…” His stomach dropped. “What should I do? Should I not answer? Should I run?”


She sat beside him and put a hand on his thigh. “Be honest bud. Speak from the heart and maybe, just maybe, she’ll be distracted enough for you to get away to Ukraine to solve this mystery. Just try not to mention the rock.”


“Honestly?” She shrugged. “She’ll probably eat it or do something to make her ascension faster.” She bit her finger nail. “That’s what I’d do.

”What if she does do that though?” Could he contain this knowledge away from Lily if such knowledge would actually make her a more arousing and dominant figure?

”Well?” She put her hands on her hips. “I guess we’ll be both by her throne as her pets. I just hope her rule is at least 1% better than the assholes running things now.”


“And tell him…” She sighed as she read more from the machine. “And tell him ‘no more games’.”

He gulped, realizing that things weren’t going to get easier until they got a lot more harder.

“Want a handjob for the road?” She smirked as she got to her knees, not waiting for an answer as her fingers blurred up his shaft. “It’s really fun to meet a guy who never goes soft!”

He bit his lower lip, just imagining what Lily had in store for him when he got home.

His insides were a washing machine.

The entire last few days had been flashing through his mind as he drove home and he fully felt like someone had turned his stomach upside down, the bile sloshing up to his rapidly beating heart. Though the oddity started long ago, her transformation from naïf into sexual demigod had only happened in the last forty-eight hours. The seeming unending sexual appetite, the several inches in height, the dozens of pounds of muscles, the maturity, the attitude, the perversion of their relationship, all were an avalanche of changes which showed no signs of slowing down, only building in speed.

It all began with that cock though, and Cameron couldn’t believe how much another penis could change a man’s life. He’d be instantly haunted by it, the bubbling feelings of inadequacy, gay-panic, futa-philia and other taboo subjects rocked his mind, boiling his brain like a drug until it climaxed with him literally sucking on it as he went to sleep last night. He was hypnotized with how large and powerful it looked, like construction equipment, yet the feminine silkiness which stretched from its foreskin to its base, even her nutsack ironed-unwrinkled. How he resisted it this morning, he’ll never know.

How ever this all began however, he was determined to finish it. He’d have a nice chat with his sister, no matter what she knew and how she figured out where he was, and bring this to an end. Maybe he’d end up being her cock-sleeve, or maybe he’d actually prevail with his head held high and only a bit of sis-cum dripping from his chin. Either way, it would be his decision and he wouldn’t be torn about it any more.

But we’re going with the cum-rag option right? I mean, I swear if you don’t submit to her, it’s going to cause a brain-aneurysm and the last thought you’ll have is your sister’s dick plunging your mouth.

“Eyuk..” He shuddered as he failed to prevent himself from licking his lips.

“You know,” Nelda was in the passenger seat beside him, knitting something for some god-awful reason, “should you be driving? You seem a bit distracted.”

“I’m fine.” He barked through gritted teen, nostrils flared. “What the hell are you knitting anyways?”

“It’s going to be baby sweater.” She smiled up from the ugly neon pink yarn. “You said your mom’s pregnant and I wanted to make something nice.” She started to hum. “Though, I suppose since she’s having it with her holiness, maybe I should make some holes for wings?” She smirked over. “Or maybe two heads? Six arms?”

”Don’t joke about that!” Cameron hit the steering wheel, eye twitching. “I-I’m a bit on edge about all this.”

”Yeah.” She sighed, brushing some hair to the side. “Seems like it.” Turning one of the needles over, she sucked on the edge. “Want some road-head? I won’t suck it, but maybe a good dick-licking will-”

”Were here!” He squeaked out, still blushed by the suggestion even after all that had happened today. His eyes squinted, seeing his house but the front door wide-open, people walking in with a slow dragging pace, and out with arms full of boxes. “What the…” He trailed off as he got out of the car, rubbing his eyes.

Nelda raised an eyebrow as she got out. “Moving day?”

”Nelda.” Cameron put his arm out and pointed to his reliable Camry and pouted. “I need you stay in the car.” She opened her mouth but he shook his head. “Look, if I don’t come out of there, I don’t think anyone else will be able to figure out what’s happening before it’s too late. If I don’t come out in an hour, I want you to speed off, and get out of Maryland okay? Better yet, the country.”

”Gotcha.” She said with an overeager smile, humming as she started to knit. “What if you come back with, like, completely cock-whipped and drooling that I need to join the cult your sister started? Should I run then? Or perhaps join with you to ensure a higher-standing like high-priestess before she takes over the world?”

”You are way too eager for all of this, you know?” He shook his head but she kept looking at him for an answer, so he sighed. “Your choice.”

”Okay.” She perked back with a thumbs up. “Well, I hope you throw in a good word for me then.” He shook his head and left his hastily parked car on the sidewalk, Nelda giving a sigh. “I think I’m going to marry that man…” She smiled. “Or at least stalk the shit out of him when this is all done.”

Cameron got closer to the front door, pushing past the people dragging themselves in and out with relatively little regard, until he saw the face of Mrs. Tse from next door, and then Michelle, the young girl across the street. These were all his neighbours, their faces blank, lips buttoned as they continued to pull things out without much regard.

“Uh, Mrs. Tse?” He gripped her shoulder, turning her on her short heels and shaking his motherly Asian neighbour. “What are you doing?”

A little smile crossed over her face, reminding Cameron of a drunken look, mind not fully there. “Oh hiiii, Cameron. We’re helping your family moved out. What an honour to serve your sister!”

“That’s what I thought…” He grumbled as he pushed past into the door, leaning over the railing to let two burly men from who knew where to carry the drum equipment from his sister’s room. He knew that when she became more ‘persuasive’, she’d take it in the usual Lily direction and ascend past even what a televangelist could dream of doing. He only hoped that a prophet-like persuasion was all she gained.

The kitchen was already clear, but he was befuddled to find his mother actually nailing something down, instead of pulling it down. The face below her short black bob was elated, practically glowing as she shifted this framed item left and right for perfect straightness. Her midsection, somehow, was even larger when he saw her a few hours ago, not even a day had passed and yet she looked to be seconds from having quadruplets. The round protrusion around the size of the rest of her torso, one hand glued on her back to support as she sloshed around. That sloshing was mainly coming from her breasts, now head-sized udders which made firm indents in the striped shirt which rolled up over her belly-button. She still seemed somehow light on her feet though, actually swaying her hips excitedly as she adjusted the frame again.

“Mom?” He scooted his feet across the freshly washed floor and tilted his head into the living room. “What are you-?”

”Cameron!” Tetyana gave a giddy jump and ran over, scopping up her taller son in her free hand, smooshing those breasts to create large dark spots on her top. “How’s my favourite current favourite son?” The emphasis stated to him that she’d be changing her opinion soon, rather than a bit of pregnant humour.

”Weirded out.” He nodded honestly. “What’s with all the people taking our stuff?”

”Well, you know your sister and her big plans.” She smiled and gave a wink. “Apparently, she wants us in a safer place for us while she makes some changes in the town.” She sighed. “She’s such a caring young woman! Have you seen the new place? It’s going to be a veritable mansion with a pool, fields to ride horses in, orchids.” She leaned in and elbowed his ribs. “Plus, a room where she can have her way with us, if you know what I mean.” She winked and laughed as if Cameron would have a reaction besides a chill down his spine.

“Wh-What?!” He shook his head. “We’re already moving? When did she decide that?”

”Hmm…” She checked her clock. “An hour ago? I don’t know exactly, I’m just so pleased that my girl has already graduated! With honours!”

“High-school?” Cameron raised an eyebrow.

“No, silly! Look!” She pointed to what she was hanging, a framed piece of paper for all to see. There was a lot of words on the paper, but the bold words were hard to miss.

‘Johns Hopkins University

Maryna ‘Lily’ Vinogradov

The Degree of Doctor of Psychology
With All the Rights and Privileges Thereto Pertaining’

Right below was a signature from the governor of the state of Maryland, president of the university, the chancellor of the school, and the dean of graduate studies. If this was a joke, it was a hell of counterfeit.

“So what are you going to do congratulate her on graduating?” She raised an eyebrow, hand on his shoulder. “I mean, see deserves something really nice for such an accomplishment, don’t you agree?”

”Mom.” He shook his head. “She got this in an afternoon! I don’t care how fast she’s maturing, there’s no way she has the knowledge of a psychology doctorate. I-It’s not the proper way that makes that paper useless.” He held back the urge to dramatically smash it upon the floor, so he settled on the much cleaner action of picking it off the wall and properly setting it on the kitchen counter. “Degrees should earned with hard work and-”

“Oh, Cameron.” She cooed and petted his cheek in a fashion most uncomforting for him as she got his shirt wet with momma’s milk. “Do you still hold onto the idea that your sister does anything normally?” She rubbed her stomach, maybe intentionally to emphasize her point. “Your sister is beyond us in so many ways, and, well, we should listen to her when we can.” She smiled and tilted her head. “So please, son, could you help your sister celebrate such an occasion? I know she’s been itching for some love from her brother, and she’ll be so pleased to hear that your back and willing to submit.” She turned around and sighed relieved as more furniture was picked up and pulled from the room.

He slowly shook his head. “M-Mom… I don’t know what you’re think you’re saying, but-”

The sped in which Tetyana turned around and snapped his cheeks, shocked Cameron too much to resist, his mother’s voice deeper and firmer, without affection. “Oh shut up, Cameron. I don’t know you’re making things difficult. It’s just a blow job of the greatest and tastiest cock around. I’ve sucked it, your dad’s sucked it, and half the neighbourhood’s sucked it, so I don’t get why you think you’re special.” She scowled. “She’s denied anyone else a taste of her until she has had your lips as well, so you’re just ruining things for the rest of us.” She rubbed her stomach. “I want more of your sister’s DNA in me, she told me that it will help your future siblings.” She shook her head. “You’re just being selfish at this point, you know?”



The entire house shook as a large rumble came over, but his mother seemed weirdly unperturbed. He gripped his chest and looked around, lips stuttering. “W-What was that!?”

“That?” She pointed to the window looking over the backyard. “Oh that’s just your sister. She’s working out.”

”Working…” He trailed off, heart dropping to his stomach, his stomach falling to his feet. “W-Working out!?! Where?”

“Check it out yourself.” She smiled before sitting down on a nearby exercise ball, well fitted for her expanded form. “She’s going to be a wonderful mother, you know? Like Eve…”

He ignored that last line and ran to the nearest exit before a house rattling explosion went off. Work out was a terrifying word for Cameron before his sister grew, but now with relation to his sister, it was downright nightmarish. He wasn’t even thinking what he could do, how he could stop her, merely just wanting to see his sister in any attempt to end this madness.

And to see her glorious form, sweaty and powerful, tower over your body.

“Quiet you…” He mumbled to his voice, gripping the door to the patio and whipping it open quickly to embrace the harsh evening sun right in his eyes. He only had to take a couple of steps forward though, before there was yet another horrible crash.


“Jesus!” Cameron yelped with hands in front of his face, whole body tensed as he raised his foot. What was dropping in the backyard was a steel girder. A big steel girder. In fact, if it wasn’t curled into a pretzel, a series of steel twists which made it almost look fitting for a female robot wanting a bow, he was sure that it would stretch the length of the road on his block. The width alone twice the size of him.

He didn’t need to ask in order to know where this brownish twisted metal came from. The answer was obvious before it was in front of him. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t utterly panicked though, when the artist of this metal mangling made herself known.

Lily might as well been a statue of gold rising from the ground. Whether she had been sitting, kneeling or laying before, the moment she got to her feet, it felt as if she was never going to stop rising higher. Ten-feet? Twelve-Feet? Fifteen? Twenty? Cameron couldn’t get a read as she literally blocked out the sun for his shivering form on the porch, his eyes forced to bask in this deity’s substitute for solar, her body.

She was gloriously nude, a sight alone which made her physically inferior brother’s mind spin with madness, his eye twitching , body feeling hot and cold, legs weak, he could only pant as he felt the oxygen in the whole of outside bow to the floor in front of Lily.

Her skin had an even more luxurious tan to it now, going from mere sun-kissed Californian to down right Ancient-Egyptian-inspired caramel tone which literally glittered like diamonds under the sun. With her massive growth, came the increase in form to balance her out. She was simply beyond big in every sense of the word, defying the constrictions typically found on the human body with a bombastic pairing.

Her waist, where his eye-sight now laid, was a slim tome of solid muscle, curving inwardly from her ribcage and hips but only leaving pure exposed muscle in its wake, a veritable cobbled road of abs which absorbed light as a solar panel would. Her breasts were as magnificent as ever but now there was more of them, each tit probably containing as much soft flesh as Cameron held in his entire body, held up by an invisible bra which kept them firm but wobbly. There were tipped by dark brown nipples, tanned like the rest of her and surely the size of Cameron’s pitiable fists if he dared to touch them. Her lower body seemed to be one solid bed of rock, round glutes the size of medicine balls which delicately glided to thighs reminding Cameron of the rear legs of an elephant, so gargantuanly packed and solid as to keep this magnificent form standing for a thousand years. Hell, even those calves looked wider than his shoulders.

He looked up, past the breasts to the shoulders, two bulging shoulder pads of muscles which could probably fit a couple of NFL players between standing shoulder to shoulder. But they needed to be massive to support those guns, subtle veins going down their length, not aggressively cut like some body-builders, but there was no mistaken the strength behind these arms thick as people, especially if this metal bar was her handy work.

Then to her face, where her face was as model-like and angelic as ever, but there was a difference. Her hair most likely had gotten even longer than the last time, but she had done it up in some kind of fancy hair-braiding which made the golden blonde appear like a crown, Cameron having no idea what to call it, but he thought he’d seen it on Ukrainian women. The last thing he noticed before she actually spoke were the eyes. There was something so much more knowing in them now, the innocence all but snuffed to make not just a flicker of intelligence, but an all-out wild-fire. He was tired of admitting this about his sister, but those eyes were equal parts unique, awe-inspiring and terrifying.

“Brother.” She said as she crossed her arms, her form so massive that it sounded like mountains were moving their rocky peaks. “Nice for you to join me.”

“L-Lily.” He wondered how he could reasonably compose himself as he stood in her shadow, feeling as he was in the face of some iconography in some church. The eyes of something superior was on him and every subtle gesture felt insufficient, growing his insecurity.

She took a step back in her barefeet, not a speck of dirt or dew upon them despite being in the unkempt grass. “Please, Cameron. Tell me why you are here.”

It was a command, not from a sibling, but from a superior, someone whose time was precious, the fluffy tone of his sister gone. He cleared his throat, internally shaking at the concept of keeping her waiting. “I-I ran out when I heard you were working out. I thought… Well, I didn’t want you to go too far.” He put a hand on the bent steel, ensuring it was real as he put pressure on it to no effect. “But, I can see you’ve been pumping your muscles to down Herculean levels in my absence.”

”Well yes.” She reached behind her to pick up a rock around the size of his head, more like a pebble in her grasp, and she shrugged. “But that only took a couple of seconds. Physical strength has such a limit, as you might have a guess.” She slipped the rock in the crack of the shelf which was her ass, easily fitting between such impressively fit and rotund things. “It’s more for parlour tricks.” She smirked as she gave the most subtlest of flexes, a tiny clap of her behind and that stone turned to literal dust sparkling in the wind.

“O-Okay, so why were you banging this girder around?” His mind whirled for explanations of what his sister was up to in his absence.

“Why don’t I just tell you what I did while you were gone, before you piss yourself at the explanation.” She sighed as she sat on the stone wall divider between them and neighbours behind them, taller than most people but a nice seat for Lily’s impressive form. “This morning, when I was a naïve little girl, I thought the best way to build a case for dick-sucking was to read a book. I decided the local library might not have a book I wanted so I jogged to the smartest place I could think of, John Hopkins and the library there.”

”But Baltimore’s-”

”Yes a very long jog away, but I’m very fast now, so try to keep up.” She picked up another rock and crushed it between her finger tips, making Cameron jump and stay quiet. “In the library, I picked up one psychology book and finished it in thirty minutes, a thick tomb but after the first ten pages, all I had to do was give a page a quick glance over and it was stuck in my mind. The next book only took ten minutes, so I took a pile and finished it off in two minutes. I had the entire row of psychology books done and yet it sticks with me stronger than ever. I can see Civilization and Its Discontents Chapter 6, Freud talking about Eros and Thanatos as clearly as I see you here in front of me. I did a couple more sections of the library, convincing some dumb nerds to pick up the pile of books I left in my wake, but I started to get frustrated. Even with my super-speed and my amazing ability to absorb a books knowledge instantly, it was becoming painfully slow, like writing out the bible by hand or something. I decided to up my game.”

It was somehow worse than he feared. He had expected a smarter Lily to eventually come into fruition, but she was describing the process of how she’s become a super computer instead.

“I went to the computer science faculty, and after optimizing their stupid CPU to optimize processing power, I used the computing power of the newly minted L1LLY-unit to start reading books to me at .4 of a second. It was a little difficult to understand at first, but after a couple of thousands of textbooks, I was able to put two different hearing devices in my ears, reading twice the information into me. As soon as my head hurts from the information, I feel it grow stronger, allowing me to speed up the voice faster and faster.” She gave a wink and typed at her ear. “Even now, I have tiny devices attached to my ear drum, a micro-super-computer with wifi which is literally reading every piece of meta-data collecting on every human. I’m not only knowing the ideas of the greats, but the most mundane information about every human who’s ever logged. Sure, most of its useless, but I’m getting a wonderful layout of the needs and wants of this world, much better than those stupid computing algorithms dreamt up by those mathematicians we call ‘geniuses’.” She gave airquotes and scoffed. “Fuck, we were doomed a species before I came, huh?”

He shook his head, not sure what to believe and what that had to do with the metal in their yard or the degree in their house.

“And…” She raised a finger. “If you must know about the degree, that was just a nice little thing for mom to hang up to show she’s got a smart girl. A little petty considering how little it means to me, but it took such little effort to get, so I thought why not.”


”Yes yes, I know. It’s not like I wrote a test or anything, but what better thing to prove my knowledge of psychology than using my psychic powers to make six people craft up the certificate and get it signed by four people in under fifteen minutes? It might as well been my thesis paper.” She laughed. “I didn’t even leave my chair to do it. My mental powers have grown beyond mere human as you can see.” She pointed at the bent metal. “For example…”

Without moving another muscle, the metal lifted off the ground, not slowly either, practically a space launch into orbit as it flew from the giant crater in the ground it made. He walked forward a bit, trying to catch a glimpse of it in the sky before it came thundering down, flames surrounding it as it came back to Earth, and Cameron too shocked to move.

“Eeeeeerrrrrr…” Lily gave a playful sound of cartoon breaks as it broke the laws of physics by coming to an instant stop in the air, rotating a little bit just a foot above his head. “Careful, brother. I don’t think you’re the best watcher when I do my weights!” She chuckled before moving it to the side, pointed to an empty spot of the grass before lightly laying it down, the weight still making quite the hole as it depressed on the grass. “But you can see what I mean by the limitation of physical strength. If I threw that with my hand or caught it, it would have snapped because of the force in my hand would have exceeded the structural integrity of the the object. But with my mind? I can utterly surround the object of endless size and number, transporting them away with mere will.”

She talked about her new found god-hood as if it was a science-project, it disturbed Cameron as he felt as if the fears, which felt so far away when he fantasized even this morning, had already passed and that he was too late to save humanity. “But why?” He gulped. “Why do all this?”

”Why?” Her smirk soured, now all of her impressive blue eyes now trained on him. “The same reason everything happened, Cameron. Because a little sister liked her big brother. Because a certain big brother was so insecure that he couldn’t explain himself despite trusting her. Because of a big brother’s big ego, he trailed on a naïve girl going through some big changes instead of having an honest talk.” She stood up to her full height once more, Cameron swearing she’d even gained a few inches in height during her talk, her thighs flexing with their volcanic strength, causing the ground to actually break under her weight.“You manipulated me again and again, Cameron, but never again.”

With the latest flex, there was a grinding squirt, splattering his face with a sweet smelling white glob, covering his eyes. He swiped his eyes clean, but he wished he hadn’t.

Making a triumphant return, Lily’s cock, her cum-cannon, meat-train, shlong-battleship was bobbing right in front of his face. He was staring down her urethra, the slit wide enough to surely fit in all five of his fingers, and it pulsed out a soaked heat right into his face, the scent of Lily’s cum, the spunk with the heavenly vanilla taste, now stained up his nostrils. The pink glans was wet already, Lily puling back the foreskin to allow the bulb to fully breathe, the rest of her shaft, reminding him of a telephone pole covered in a silk tanned cover, slowly wobbling.

“But it hasn’t been wasted.” She smirked, patting her cock like a loyal pet. “After all, I grew this thing to be more like you, brother. Did you know that?” She leaned over slightly, ensuring that the tip made contact with the underside of his chin. “That sweet girl wanted more time with her brother, who seemed so odd and distant compared to before, so she thought, in her naïve logic that if she only was more like her brother, they’d have something to bond over. She adopted all your hobbies, but you still weren’t interested, so she looked for something more.. well, biological.”

”Lily… I-” Had he been as neglectful as she said? He thought he’d been doing the safe thing by keeping her at arms-length, but now it was clear how this could look cold from the way he treated her before.

“Enough.” She raised a finger. “I’m not mad at you, Cameron. I’m over you.” She sighed, idly gripping the base and wobbling it further around, the brother treating it like a loaded gun as long as those giant sperm cannonballs were wobbling below. “Plus, it’s not like I don’t enjoy this appendage. It’ll certainly make my plans easier.”

“Plans?” His heart was filled with dread.

She snapped her fingers downright regally before crossing her arms. He was a second from asking what that was for, when the parade began. Up the stairs from the side of the house, a line-up of naked models started to file into the yard. Strikingly grey eyes of a olive-skinned girl with light brown hair, a pale redhead with large pink lips, a freckled girl with brown curly hair combined with the kindest brown lipped smile, a shy glance from a university girl, her body slim but with incredible legs, a tall large busted woman with incredible dark hair and bloated lips, Cameron lost track in the collage, the girls numbering twenty, thirty then beyond forty, all kneeling upon empty spaces on the grass. The colour and sizes varied but there were two things which they had in common.

They were all worthy of magazine covers with their bodies, and those bodies were pregnant, the size of their mid-sections making the other parent undoubtedly Lily.

“I created a system in which to grade the women in the state, then commanded them to come to me. Mom was a fun test, but now I can create the most genetically perfect brood. With my semen, I’ll be able to breed the successor to Homo Sapiens all by lonesome. Like the Neanderthal before them, they will quickly out-birthed by whatever I end up calling the next evolution.” She sighed, stepping around the pregnant women like they were more like delicate flowers than individuals. “Homo Superior is so cliché.”

Shuffling over, he couldn’t help but kneel down to one of these women, a half-Asian blonde, wide eyes so still it was doll-like. He glided his hand in front of their face, their eyes staring ever straight until he touched her cheek. Her eyes darted to his hand before her head turned. “Earth Mother. This male touched me. Please smite him for such insolence.” Needless to say, he retracted his hand rather quickly, no matter how arousing her pregnant body was.

“He is forgiven.” She chuckled. “His crime is only being a brother to such perfection.” She winked. “Plus, he won’t remain completely male for long, his transformation clearly having already begun as we can see.”

“U-Ugh…” He gripped his face, hating how soft he’d become. “A-Are you serious right now, Lily?! Tell me this is a joke!” His fists slammed to his ever widening hips. “Are you telling me that you’re going to fuck every hot woman in the world to destroy men and human race!?”

“Males and homo sapiens, dear brother, those are not the same as men and humans.” She tsked. “But I’m more insulted that you think that I would actually have time for such things.” She pulled the hair of a random woman. “These women are nothing but mares, capsules for my half-human brood who will go out into the world to finish what I started while I shape the world to my liking.”

He had to hold back a powerful retch, his mind unable to connect these concepts and it was making him dizzy. “There’s no way you’re this gone, Lily. You’re acting like you’re not even human, and it hasn’t been-”

”Don’t you ever tell me what I am, Cammy.” She snapped, the power from those two fingers sounding more akin to lightning, making him fall to his knees. Her stern look lightened only after a second though. “You must understand that ‘humanity’ is more a social construction than a biological one, and such thoughts were holding me back from doing what was moral.” She turned her back to him. “Though I haven’t answered the question bouncing around your skull right now. The one about how I have impregnated this many women so fast without even having sex with them?”

She’s in your mind, Cameron. She’s fucking your brain harder than she could ever fuck your throat, and you’re just taking it like a total brain-slut. She knows that you’re harder than ever in your shorts and-

“J-Just get it over with…” He grumbled with crossed arms, falling back on his ass to cross his legs, accepting his was just a spectator to his sister’s perverted showing.

But the explanation from her lips never came, simply another snap of her fingers, not even turning to face him. He turned expectedly to the stairs, sure more pregnant babes were to come just simply to demonstrate her endless virility, but instead, it was a girl his age, not pregnant, with quite the familiar face. She was wearing as red-striped bikini, tanned skin slightly wet as she let her bouncy sandy blonde hair flutter behind her. She was a splitting image of sweet nostalgia from Cameron’s memories, but one feature was missing, her constant smile.

Mary Campbell had appeared to him for the first time since high school, but she looked as brainwashed as the rest.

“M-Mary?” He gawked out, not only shocked by the appearance of his high school crush, but shocked that she had been replicated to perfection from his memories of her by the river. It was one of his most cherished memory, but his heart twisted the second that he realized Lily knew this, that she was about to manipulate his nostalgia into something truly perverted.

“Yes. High school crush Mary decided to pay me a visit.” Lily licked her lips as she started to stroke Mary’s hair, her massive digits tangling within the bouncy locks. “And she wants to beg something.”

She looked up at Lily and her lips trembled, gasping for air after each word. “C-Could I… Could I have… y-your ch1ld, Earth Mother? I-I want you… I want your wonderful seed in me, Earth Mother.”

“Of course!” Lily clapped her hands and winked down at her. “But first, do you remember Cameron here?”

She looked forward with a confused pout at Cameron, looking him right in the eyes, but some seeing past him, like he was grass or the wind. “This male? Should I?”

“No…” Lily’s grin hooked momentarily as she shot a glance at Cameron, but she chuckled away the nasty look on her face. “But I did agree to allow you to join the club of lucky humans to carry my seed, so a deal’s a deal despite you not quite making the cut. Raise you hand.”

Her command was obeyed immediately as her hand was raised, arm shaky as Mary took short shallow breaths. “I-I am ready for your blessing, Earth Mother!”

“Ain’t it cute, Cameron?” Lily laughed as she pulled up her cock head closer to her own ginormous chest. “A superior being comes into existence within a couple of hours, and they already compare me to biblical figures!” She took her manicured thumb and took a thick glob of pre-cum upon her her finger tip, seemingly weighing it out as she dripped some back. “Homo Sapiens may deny it, but they’re nothing more than the ‘cargo-cults’ they mock. Something beyond their understanding appears, and they discard any previous beliefs in order to curry favour with the new order.” She shrugged as she smeared the pre-cum on Mary’s hand. “I mean… They’re right, but it’s just a little bit pitiable.”

“Oh yes, Earth Mother!” She screamed out as she gripped her hand. “Y-You won’t r-regret such a- Uh!” She grunted as she gripped her mid-section, bending over with gritted teeth. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Each moan expanded her stomach out, starting at a football, but ending up like a swallowed tyre in no time. There was a snap, and that bikini top which previous held a decent pair of knockers, fell to the grass, her udders utterly sloshing with the slightest of tear drop sag, looking to be holding up five quarts of milk, nipples looking like hose-tips, milk already dribbling. She rubbed her stomach, still growing, but tears formed in her eyes. “Y-Yes, Earth Mother… Thank you, Earth Mother.”

”Huh.” Lily shook her head disappointed though. “Might have overdone the cum-load upon her palm there. She’ll probably be having sex-or-septuplets in about three months time, and despite my effect cells effect to make birth pleasurable, that still might be a bit too much...” She shrugged. “Oh well, that was probably enough to demonstrate what I’m going to do to out-breed this society. Think about it, I send all the inferiors out of the city, having a nice jerk session, then just watch as the cum rains down, making every human I deem worthy ready to birth the next generation.”

As Cameron looked from Mary to Lily, an anger grew in him. Maybe there was some cult explanation for all this, something to do with the Virgin Mary, but all he could hear from those lips was a demon. There was no sweetness in this girl anymore, just ire for those she thought below her. The Lily he knew loved all, and that was that. “Shut up!” He stood up and snapped. “Do you not love anyone anymore? Have you grown beyond compassion and care!? These are people, damn it…”

“Oh, my dear brother.” She sighed, unfurling her hair in a single flick, an epic mane casting to the wind like a proud blonde flag, and the thickness of it effectively doubling her casting shadow over him. “Of course, I still love and care. My family for instance. Despite your humanity, I still care for you like pets. Full of love, stupid love which casts me to take care of them.” She wiggled her finger and chuckled. “I may be over you, but I still want to help.”

Submit! There’s still a chance!

He had no intention to come over, but such concerns were secondary for Lily’s latest form, his feet merely levitating from the ground and floating over to her outstretched hand. She gripped one palm around his rapidly diminishing waist, almost waspish at this point thanks to his sister’s seed, and put a hand over his forehead.

“Since I’ve grown, you’ve had this terrible angst and anxiety eating at your mind, brother. I can’t help but feel slightly responsible for such feelings of inadequacy so I want to set you free of such mental conflict.” She smiled. “I’m going to let it free.”


There was a snapping sounding in his mind, almost making him piss his pants until he realized he was still alive, panting and gasping his face to the grass.

What the hell do you mean by that?

His face planted itself in the grass, mumbling something before he looked up, grass and dew dripping from his face. “Oh thank you, my goddess sister. Too long was I stuck in there, insisting that he become your cock sleeve the second you grew that lovely shaft!”

Oh no…

“But now I can make things right!” He bent his face closer to her feet, sniffing. “Oh my sister, my goddess, my heavens and sun, let me be your jizz-rag! Let me make up for lost time by impaling myself on your glory!”

I-I can’t talk… I can’t move… What the FUCK!?

“My, my, my.” She giggled furiously. “You’re even more perverted than I thought Cameron.” She turned her chin up playfully. “But it seems that both Camerons are terrible listeners. I’m done with wanting my brother..” She spied a single eye down. “Unless... you can convince me?”

God damn it Lily! Is this really what you want?! A perverted slave?

“Anything. Anything!” He trembled in her shadow, hands over his head. “I will devote my every being to every task you ask!”

I hope you sincerely hear me when I think this Lily. Fuck you. I’m not going to stay in my own mind for all my life. I’m stronger than that!

“I don’t need to know if you’ll obey, slave.” She elatedly giggled as she kicked his prostrated body upon his stomach, laying her toes on his stomach. “I can make you do that with ease. What I need you to do is convince me why I should want you…”

You hear me Lily? I won’t go out as a mere memory!

Cameron’s body rubbed his chin, practically mewling as he felt Lily’s weight on his soft torso. “I-I can be your little sex pet as you change the world! Bouncing and entertaining you every day. Imagine sitting on your golden throne, petting me on your lap as I keep your cock warm in my body.”

”I’m listening…” She smirked and winked.

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it! He felt his voice bang against some barrier, still unable to escape.

“A-And if you need to experiment on us useless males, I volunteer!” He licked his lips, getting as much a whiff of her foot as possible. “T-Think about it, mom was the test for getting these women pregnant, but if you can make the males pregnant too, you could speed up how quickly us stupid sapiens will be out-bred!”

“Ooo brilliant!” She leaned over and picked him up. “And you’ll be my first bro? My first pregnant stallion for my new world?”

”Oh yes! And I’ll suckle on your cock every hour to keep your seed with in me! I’ll have as many as you ask too. I’ll be as large as a house if need be!” He was shaking in excitement, the wet spot on his shorts growing as he clearly convulsed into another climax.

LILY! LILY! LIIIIIIILY! He felt that barrier and kept throwing his voice, or whatever remained of himself, at it. Suddenly, there was a bright light, making him hear his sister’s voice as if she was stuck in his mind with him.

And she sounded distraught.

You don’t love him. You don’t love him. If you make him hate you and push him away, pretend you don’t need him, you won’t love him so much.

God damn it, Lily. Your IQ is probably over 1000 and you’re hearing his most perverted thoughts and yet you can’t stop wanting to cry and cuddle with him.

J-Just make him think you’re a monster. Make him think you don’t even care about him. T-That will make it easier for both of you.

You don’t love him. You don’t love him. You don’t-

“Jesus.” He muttered out loud, somehow getting his control back as Lily dropped him and gripped her head.

“What the hell…?” She grunted before gritting her teeth. “If you think for a second that I’m not going to make you have so many of my br-”

“Hold on! Wait a second here.”

All heads turned at one who would dare to interrupt the almighty one, and Cameron winced once he saw who it was.

“Who the hell?” Lily furrowed her eyes at the girl in the yellow t-shirt, holding an knitted outfit under her arm. “Who the hell are you?”

”Nelda!” She gave a little bit of jazz-hands with her introductions before nodding. “And considering that your dick has its own postal code? You must be Lily.”

“Such insolence!” She growled and scratched her head. “Why can’t I read your mind? There’s something… there in your head.”

“In my mind?” She knocked on her own noggin. “Hip-hop dancing, two years ago. Broke my skull pretty hard, and they put a metal-plate up there.” She shrugged. “Some people said it turned me a little loopy, but honestly I don’t see it.” She looked around the backyard, seeing the towering sister and around forty pregnant women sitting still. “I mean if you want crazy, this is more my speed.”

”Metal plate?” Lily lifted her hand, levitating Nelda from the ground, the woman in glasses only looking minutely impressed. “It couldn’t be… That’s a mere science fiction cliché! It simply must be something else.”

“Maybe.” She shrugged so unconcerned that she was spinning in the air. “I mean, I don’t really know who my parents were, so maybe I’m like, the Anti-Lily or something, destined to do battle with you.” She put up her fists, giving a goofy smile. “C’mon, let’s fight and see who wins.”

Lily looked down to her brother with a raised eyebrow. “I hope you don’t mind me crushing your crush. But despite being so over you, I don’t really like having competition for your attention.”

He was about to speak up when Nelda held up a finger. “Hold on a second. Before you make me a pancake, you should know we’ve been doing some studying about you and the religion your family comes from.”

”What’s your point? A silly little fringe Christian cult which worships the Virgin Mary. Who cares.”

”We think there’s something more to it than that.” She uttered as she was upside down. “We’re going to-”

”Yes, my great-grandma in Ukraine. I can’t read your thoughts but Cameron’s are as clear as crystals.” She nodded for a second. “But I’m not in a hurry to figure this out. My plans for the town comes first, and I’m honestly pondering why I shouldn’t just crush you both and-”

“Lily?” Cameron got to his feet, brushing the grass off his clothing. “I know you’re going through some big things right now, so I just want you to know…” He moved over and hugged her thigh as tightly as possible. “I love you a lot and I’m sorry I neglected you. We’re going to Ukraine to figure out more about you. Not even necessarily to stop you, but just to do what’s best for you.”

Lily immediately covered her face, the sniffle from her nose undeniably holding back quite the sob. “F-Fine! Take your weird girlfriend out of the country. I-I’m going to be busy anyways.” She sat back down on the wall and waved her hand. “What are you waiting for? Go! I don’t want you here!”

Cameron took a couple of step backs, as Nelda touched the ground. They started to levitate once more, ejected from the back yard and placed beside Cameron’s car as there was a little crying sound echoing through the air. He sighed and turned to Nelda. "I Thought I said to stay in the car..."

"Well, I was doing that, but then I saw all these pregnant women marching up the side of your house." She tilted her head. "Hard to stay still after that. I also finished my sweater, and was getting bored." She held up an abysmal bit of knitting wear, but it did look warm.

"Fine..." He rubbed his head, trying his best to process what just happened and leave before Lily changed her mind. “Are you really coming with me? It’s a long journey."

”Sure.” She shrugged. “I like doing new things. So it’s either this, or maybe learn the xylophone and I’ve already bought the tickets…”

He nodded. “I know we don’t have much choice, but let’s try to make this as quick as possible. I don’t want to leave Lily alone for too long.” He looked back at the house. “She might be surrounded by people who worship her, but I could hear her thoughts for a second.” He sighed. “It’s lonely at the top.”

“One second!” They turned to the house, seeing Cameron’s mother waddle out and down the stairs with a briefcase. She smiled as she handed it over to her son and kissed him on the cheek. “Lily wanted me to give this to you. A little good luck for the trip.”

”Uh, thanks mom.” He rubbed the back of his head, all of this still so surreal. “I-I guess I’ll see you when I get back?”

”Come back soon!” She gave a wave. “Take care of yourself, and I’ll be taking good care of Lily while you’re gone.”

"Oh Tetyana!" Nelda bundled up the sweater in her hands and handed it over to his mom. "This is for your chіld."

She held it up and raised an eyebrow. "A cock-warmer for Lily?"

"If you want." Nelda shrugged. "I was thinking more a sweater for a new baby, but...."

She flipped it over and faked a smile. "O-Of course! How sweet!" She gave a little bow. "Thank you. I'm sure you and Cameron will make lovely human servants for Lily after her complete ascension."

"Thanks?" Nelda gave a little bow back before turning to Cameron. "What's in the briefcase?"

“Just a second.” He turned around and put the briefcase on top of the car, opening it to see what was inside.

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