From having no dick to being a dick to becoming a dick 1/2

Part 1

"God fucking dammit! Why does nothing I try work!?" Dick cursed as he tossed another penis enlargement pill bottle to the floor. "I'm never losing my virginity if I don't get the biggest dick of my whole school!"

Dick Longinus was an 18 year old college student, who was not very tall for his age, being 5'5 with brown hair and eyes, unnaturally pink skin, freckles and small, round glasses. He was overall a pretty normal college student except for two things: his skin color and the fact that he did not live up to his name. His penis was only 3 inches long on the good days ERECT. He was jealous of every single guy he saw. Guys in his school loved to compare their schlongs and body counts. Dino, the biggest and the most buffed guy of the school, packed a whole 9.9 inch monster and claims to have fucked every single girl in school.

When it came to Dick, everyone laughed at him. Every girl in school had tried him but left laughing as soon as they saw his crotch. Even the second shortest guy, who was 4 inches, had managed to convince a girl to pop his cherry. Everyone called Dick "Teeny Dicky". Teachers did nothing to help him. And he wanted it to end.

His pastname was a reference to the ancient Greek long sword. Coincidentally, every male in that family had longer than average penises. Well, except Dick. Because of his size being the same after the signs of puberty had stepped aside his father disowned him. Mother had died when he was very young and he had no aunts, uncles or even elder siblings to go to. So he had to live in the streets. Luckily he was 15 so he could get a job and eventually have enough money to buy his own house at age 16.

Dick had tried everything: from pumps to pills to needles, but none of them worked. He was starting to lose hope, until the cleverest girl Amaryllis, who was also the tiniest of all the girls and bullied because of that, came to him at lunch break.

"I've followed your beat ups and name callings and I want to help you with that. Meet me at the science lab after school" she said she winked at me before going back to her own table. Dick was both relieved and confused. He wanted all of this to end, but how could the school's puniest girl help him become the ultimate alpha?

That day went slowly. Amaryllis didn't talk to Dick after that and he had to suffer through psychology and math courses. After 3 hours of pain it finally reached 3 pm and the school day ended. As usual his "classmates" said goodbye with "have an awful day, Teeny-Dicky!" and everyone bursted in laughter. *Thank fuck this will be over soon… hopefully* Dick thought in his mind as he walked to the science lab where Amaryllis waited for him.

Amaryllis had only her underwear and lab coat on and Dick could get a full image of the puniest girl: this brunette with green eyes was 5'0 in height, tits were almost non-existent, not even big enough for A cup, ass was nothing to be proud of and her waist was pretty thin for an average 20-year-old girl. Her having glasses on made her look a little nerdy.

"You're here. Awesome!" Amaryllis smiled and walked towards Dick to hug him. This was the first time Dick was being hugged by a girl that was not from his family so his meat started showing signs of life, even though the girl was nowhere near the standards he looked for.

"Yeah, I'm here" he said disinterestedly and pushed away from the hug. "What did you want to show me? What is that something that will turn me from absolute zero into the ultimate alpha?"

Amaryllis looked a little sad that the hug was so short but her eyes sparked as she started explaining. "I've been creating an ultimate potion that will make sure everyone gets their reasonable size! I've given it to almost every guy in this school and…"

Dick's eyes widened. "Almost every guy!? Why didn't you give it to me first? You know how they've treated me all these years!" He said angrily but Amaryllis didn't even flinch. She just looked him in the eyes and said in a calm, yet a little sad tone:

"You are not the first one to receive this wonder potion. You see, I'm two years older than you and while not bullying you, I didn't know you at all. Dino is my boyfriend and kept you a secret from me."

Dick looked at her eyes wide open. How could the school's biggest asshole be the smallest girl's boyfriend? That's nowhere near his standards as he always looks for big titted and assed chicks.

Amaryllis answered his question as if she had the ability to read minds. "Dino had a small penis just like you before I gave him the medicine. In fact, he was the first person ever to receive the medicine. We had the same courses and every girl ignored him. At one lunch I decided to go sit with him and we came along well. He told me about his problem and how his dream was to at least lose his virginity before he finished school. So I popped his cherry. It wasn't anything special as I didn't feel much but at least he was happy after that."

Dick nodded. It was hard for him to imagine his archenemy as a weak and vulnerable, normal human being. "What happened after that?" He asked.

"We began our relationship. It was all good and fun, we had a pretty healthy relationship and we spent a lot of time together… but sex was just awful! His 3 incher rarely got hard and he came in 10 seconds! That was when I decided to start working on a penis enlargement medicine that would work 100%. It took 4 months to make but I managed to do it! I gave it to Dino and after hesitating a little he drank it. Apparently it tasted wonderful and he drank the whole vial. He grew to that of what you see today. But then everything changed…" Amaryllis' voice broke down as tears started rolling from her eyes.

Dick looked at her worried and wrapped her hands around her. "I think I know where this is going…" he said distantly.

Amaryllis nodded. "At first he *sob* was nice and sex felt so much better… but after a month or so… he got tired of me and went to have sex with other girls… He started making fun of how puny I am… he never really broke up with me as I was the only one who knew how to make him bigger…*

Dick put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll teach that asshole a lesson he will never forget! Just give me that medicine!" He said determinedly. *And also give me the power to fuck every single girl I bump into!*

Amaryllis shook her head to get rid of her tears and nodded shortly. Then she walked to the back of the lab and came back with two vials with purple liquid in them. "I'll give you double the amount so you can be bigger than him in every aspect!" She said cheerfully. Dick didn't hesitate one bit and chugged the vials' containment in two big gulps.

Dick sighed and gave the vials back to Amaryllis and started waiting. After a minute he felt his body starting to transform. It was like his whole body was having an orgasm! He groaned as he grew up to 7.5 feet, muscles grew twice bigger than those of Dino's and his dick finally grew to the size equivalent to his lastname: 20 inches and thick as an arm. His testicles also gained the size of oranges. "Fuck yes! I can finally fuck every girl I meet!" Dino laughed arrogantly as he admired himself from the lab's full body mirror. "And to get the worst one out of the way…" 

He ripped his clothes off completely and then put his big hand on Amaryllis' back and pulled her closer. Then he ripped her clothes off too. "Puny one, you're first!" He said, smiling evilly.

Amaryllis' eyes widened. "You started behaving like Dino all of a sudden!" She gasped. "You said you'd take care of him and beat him out of the school!"

"Dino!" Dick gasped. "That filthy asshole who took all the girls from me… I'll go after him after I'm done with you, puny slut!" He hissed, grabbed Amaryllis by hips, set her crotch on the tip of his dick and forced his monster meat inside Amaryllis.

Amaryllis screamed as the length was too much for her. Dino was clearly the biggest she had taken into her. "Yeah, you puny bitch, scream! Yell everyone who is the new alpha male of this slut filled school!" Dick whispered directly into her ear.

Amaryllis was in tears from the pain and couldn't speak. Dick slapped her face. "Scream my name, puny slut! Tell the whole school who is the alpha here!" Now Amaryllis was crying for real, but Dick didn't care as he slapped her face again. "Scream, bitch!"

"Dick is! Dick is the alpha of this slut school!" Amaryllis cried as her pussy was soaking with her cum. She kept screaming and cumming all the way until Dick groaned and released his seed into Amaryllis' womb. Tiny girl slipped off his monster and a loud thump was heard as she hit the wood floor. "You better get fucking pregnant or you'll be beaten harder next time!" He said sharply as he walked out of the lab. "You'll pay for this…" Amaryllis said faintly as she collapsed on the floor.

On his way home Dick grabbed every single woman he saw (18+ of course) and fucked them senseless. One of those women was Dino's mother who happened to be a huge slut. Dick demanded she'd take a picture of our ac which she greatfully accepted. Police could do nothing against him as his buff ensured he couldn't be stunned or killed and female officers only got the treatment that every other woman had.

Because of the fucks he gave along the way Dick arrived at his home at 6 pm. Normally this trip would take 30 minutes max. Immediately he stepped in front of a mirror and flexed his muscles. "Dino will pay for what he did to me and the girls *I* deserve!" He said to himself, squeezed his monster to make it hard again, hopped onto his bed, checked his phone as Dino's mother sent me a picture of her drooling over my monster and jerked himself to sleep while thinking about fucking every single hot girl the next days.

Meanwhile in the lab Amaryllis woke up from her unconsciousness. Cum dripped out of her pussy as she slowly stood up. "I… don't… deserve… another… Dino…" she mumbled angrily to herself as she started mixing potions in vials. "I… Have… To… Make… Him… Pay!" She growled as she chugged the Potion with one glug and groaned as she started transforming.

The next day Dick chose the hottest clothes he had in his wardrobe. Red tank top and and crimson college pants; He had read that red is the color that will make people want to have sex with you.

He wanted to make it to school early to beat Dino's ass as quickly as possible so he didn't stop to fuck the pleading girls along the way. The school hadn't even started yet when he arrived as it was 8.30 am and it would start at 9. Then he spotted Dino sitting with his gang, clearly ready to start the bullying. Him being 6'6 tall and having deep sea blue eyes drilling into your soul made him a scary opponent, not to mention his bulk, 9.9 inch package and balls of mandarins.

"How's Teeny-Dicky doing…" Dino started laughing until he noticed how Dick had changed. His gang was ready to stand up for their boss but Dick didn't care. He pulled his pants down and pushed his meat from the gap between two girls he noticed first. "Who's the alpha now, Doubled down Dino?" Dick asked, smiling arrogantly.

The girls he had pushed aside with his dick were now staring at his monster eyes and mouths wide open, defending guys backed off in fear and Dino stared at him up and down with his dark blue eyes. "What the… How…?" Then Dino came to realize. "Amaryllis the puny nerd!"

"That's right, Beta!" Dick smiled as the girls were now coming closer to him. "And with her help I'll make sure you learn your place here!" He threw a hard punch in Dino's stomach toned stomach which sent his bully flying backwards. Dino's shoulder length blonde hair waved within the air. The defending guys tried to avenge their boss but only Dick's dick was enough to send them flying away.

"Not bad, Teeny, but I won't surrender easily!" Dino came tackling towards him but with only his hand he stopped him. Then Dick kicked his bully right where it landed: on Dino's crotch. The kick was so powerful it pushed the smaller dick out, which spurted in cum.

"Wow, look at that! The alpha cums from getting kicked in balls!" Dick laughed and the girls joined in. Without him knowing if on purpose or accidentally, Dino's gang started laughing too. He got excited and kicked his bully again, resulting another burst and Dino's own monster decreasing in size. Dino blushed hard. "You… you motherfucker!" He growled in anger.

"Funny you say that. I happened to fuck her on my way home yesterday!" Dick laughed at the memory of the blonde bimbo bitch screaming in pleasure while getting her insides destroyed by my monster. As Dino got suspicious he showed him a picture that was sent to him last night.

"Who's the Alpha now, Beta?" Dick repeated, spitting the last word out. Dino had nothing to say anymore as he started to tear up as his dick fell flaccid and balls shrank to mere grape size. He fell on his knees and started sobbing. I left his former gang members to deal with him and walked in the school building, followed by Dino's girls Rachel and Heather.

Dino was nowhere to be seen in school that day, but neither was Amaryllis. Dick didn't care though as he finally got his dream completed: fucking as many girls as possible, one of them being everyone's crush Marion, the hottest girl in school. After I fucked her she asked to be Dick's girlfriend, which he greatfully accepted.

But of course Dick wouldn't be faithful for long. He fucked every woman on the streets he met after walking home from school. Marion was so hypnotized Dick's monster she didn't seem to mind if her boyfriend cheated.

Dick had turned from tiny-dicked nothing into a monster cock dick. Over the next few days he made sure everyone knew he was the boss: fucked all the girls he met and kicked every guy in the balls. He also made sure to give Dino an extra amount of kicks for his treatment before Dick's transformation. Even though he had not taken Amaryllis' wonder potion ever since he first swallowed it, his monster grew up to 30 inches and became thick as a fist while balls became the size of cantaloupes.

This went on into a month later a very stunning looking brunette with green eyes, J cup tits and a very big ass came up to Dick and said to him with a soft, yet commanding voice "meet me at the science lab after school…"

Part 2

Dick was so fascinated by the unknown girl's looks and watching her ass jiggle with each step she took her couldn't help but agree to the meeting. *I'll make sure to destroy that pussy too!* He thought as he grabbed Marion by hair and pushed his monster into her girlfriend's soaking pussy.

It had now been a month since Dick took Amaryllis' wonder potion and beat up Dino. With the medicine emitting a hypnotizing scent every single girl drooled after him. He had cummed in every single girl (except Amaryllis) at least 5 times by now and guys had received over 20 kicks in the balls. However, he made sure Dino always got double the amount amount of them.

"All of you guys are so weak! None of you can reach this alpha dick!" He laughed at each guy and girls joined in. Every single girl that had been taken before had left their boyfriends just so they could get destroyed by Dick.

Since every girl begged all the time, Dick didn't go to his classes anymore. Every school day was spent fucking and kicking everyone. He made sure to ask every girl if they were bearing his child within their wombs. Everyone said yes, while shedding tears of joy. That of course didn't stop Dick from pussy destruction. Eventually people stopped calling him by his first name and referred to him as Alpha, which he greatfully accepted.

That day was spent fucking and kicking like usual. Girls begged, Alpha responded to pleads. Guys tried backing out as Alpha walked closer to them, but he always got a kick in. Dino was so devastated he just accepted the fact that he was going to get kicked.

Time reached 3 pm and every guy started leaving in a hurry. This time Alpha didn't feel like kicking any of them. Well, except Dino of course. Poor guy was stomped down to the floor, meaning he was an easy target for Alpha.

"Fine, just fucking do it, Alf…" he said with a tired voice. Dino was the only one who didn't call him Alpha, at least the full term. This infuriated Alpha even more and resulted in more kicks than ever. Dino groaned as kicks made him cum. This was when Alpha started questioning whether or not his former bully was actually enjoying getting kicked. He couldn't think much longer as he had to meet the hot girl in the science lab.

In the lab 6 foot tall hottie was standing right at the center, wearing no clothes at all. Alpha's monster was twitching in excitement as the brunette looked at it with a smile. "You're finally here, Dick. What took you so long?" She asked.

"I was busy fucking Marion and company and kicking betas in the balls, making sure they won't be getting babies with anyone! Also making Dino suffer" her laughed heartfully. "And call me Alpha, just like everyone else" he added, not taking his gaze off of the hottie's knockers. He wasn't sure if he saw correctly but as if the girl's stomach was rounder than any other girl's.

Girl completely ignored his last sentence. "I've been watching you from the sides, Dick. While I don't think giving kicks to those below you is necessary, at least girls seem to like you" she smiled.

Alpha flexed his muscles and every remaining piece of clothes ripped off, now him standing in front of the hottie completely naked as well. "Well, that's why I'm the fucking Alpha here!" He really wanted to say "bitch" but the girl was bigger than any other one in this school. Instead he asked "What is your name, hottie?"

Girl rolled her eyes. "You don't remember me at all?" Alpha looked at her confused. "Whatever, in that case my name doesn't matter. You're in here for me and my pussy, correct?"

Alpha was confused for a second. His memory was faint, there was something familiar with that face but he just couldn't put his finger on who. He shook his head after brunette asked about sex. "You're God damn right I am! You're the one missing from my ultimate body count, nameless hottie!"

Girl smiled mischievously and wrapped her long, slender fingers around Alpha's shaft. "You have no idea what I have in store for you…" she said as she gave a lick to his glans. Alpha moaned as it felt awesome. Usually he jumped straight into action but this girl was clearly in the dominant role here. "Wow, you're good! But remember who the Alpha is!"

Girl blinked a couple times. "And remember who owns this lab and makes the rules?" She tilted her head, closed her eyes and took the whole shaft in her mouth.

Alpha was even more confused now. He did remember that Amaryllis basically lived in the school labs, but she had never mentioned neither she nor her family owned any of them. Besides, even though they looked kinda similar, there was no way this hottie was the puniest nerd. She didn't even have glasses like Amaryllis. Then again Alpha had never seen the nerd without them before. But he wasn't convinced at all that she was Amaryllis.

The girl took his monster out of her mouth and climbed on one of the empty tables. "You know what happens next, Dick" she winked and spread her legs. "Put it in me right now! If you want to prove me you're an alpha, fuck me til I'm out of breath!"

This made Alpha even more excited. Monster was twitching in excitement even more as Dick grabbed the girl by hips, turned her so that her back was facing him and let her slide down all the way to the bottom of his shaft. Girl didn't scream like the others who got their pussies ripped immediately. Instead… she laughed. "Impressive. You really are the Longinus!"

"Yeah! Alpha Dick Longinus is a perfect name I would go by all the way to grave! I was born Alpha, and I will die Alpha!" Dick roared. He did remember what he was like before the medicine but didn't want to show signs of weakness in front of a hot girl. He started lifting the girl up and down while grabbing her tits.

Girl moaned. "You're really like Dino before you beat him up after you were given the medicine…" she sighed as Dick yelled when he came into brunette's pussy. Dick felt like he was going deeper into the girl and kept going.

"You know, Dick, I'm really disappointed in you. You went from 4 inch nothing who everyone made fun of to a monster cock dickhead, just like Dino." Dick didn't listen to those words but kept going instead. Each cum made him go deeper into the girl and the brunette moaned with each shot hard. *This pussy is endless! What has she taken?* Dick started questioning as he came for the tenth time.

"Maybe I should tell you something. I'm an ancient slut… Ah!" Girl moaned as the 15th cumshot came into her. "I've been fucking through each Generation… ah! Of yours!"

Dick was now extremely confused. "What the fuck… ah! are you talking about!?" He asked as the 17th shot came.

"I'm… ah! Actually more older than I seem outside! Ah! I've fucked every single one of your male family members!" Girl yelled as more cum came out. Without Dick realizing the girl had stolen his dick with each of his cumming and was stuck in her stomach. There was only 11 inches left now and soon Dick's dick would replace her clitoris completely. Girl smiled at the sperm puddle on the floor.

"How the fuck… ah! Would you do that?!" Dick moaned as he was now very suspicious of this girl's motive. He tried raising her off his monster but the girl was stuck. Now Dick started to get scared for the first time in months.

"Ah! With the help of… ah! Wonder potion I was able to… ah! Travel to the ancient times, where… ah! The Longinus legacy began! I fucked the first one… Ah! Reginald Longinus and kept his child, of course after the time… Ah! his Longinus child was born!. I ruined his and his spouse's relationship… ah! And I'm proud of it! I waited in the shadows nine months… ah! gave birth to his child and skipped in time til Reginald Junior… ah! Had his child born! And I continued this all the way until I had… ah! Fucked and gotten pregnant with the child of every single member of your legacy! And now I'm bearing your own baby, like you said will result you beating me up worse if it didn't happen!

Dick was now trembling in fear. This woman had given birth to his ancestors all throughout the ancient times, meaning he had half-brothers and sisters all throughout without knowing it, and now she was expecting his. "Who the fuck are you?" He panted as another orgasm was coming close.

Without giving a warning girl kicked his balls, which forced the orgasm of him. Both of them let out super loud moans, girl being the louder one. "After all this you still fail to recognize me?" She grabbed his ass and pushed herself down, slipping a couple fingers into Dick's ass.

Dick winced and slapped the girls neck. "What the fuck are you doing? Take them out right this instant!" He yelled angrily before realizing she was on her knees on the floor and hands were laying in her lap. Then she stood up.

"I'm preparing you for what comes next and after that. I would suggest looking at where your monster is placed at. Or… At least was!" She smiled evilly as Dick looked down and heard him let out a shocked gasp.

"What the fuck!?" He yelled, now more furious than ever. There was now nothing on his crotch. Even the majestic balls had disappeared. "Where the fuck is my dick?! Where did you…" now he realized who this woman was. Same shape of nose, same colored nipples, same dimples… "Amaryllis!" He managed to let out.

"Took you long enough!" Amaryllis rolled her green eyes yet again. "Now watch this magic!" She spread her arms out and the large bulge in her stomach started glowing. It didn't take Dick long to recognize it being his stolen cock. Her stomach bulged out and something came out of her pussy, but it wasn't a baby.

It was a pair of two watermelon sized balls. Then the bulge in the stomach came clearer and where Amaryllis' clitoris was supposed to be was now a 33 inch monster cock, thick as an unused toilet paper roll. Dick couldn't help but stare at it.

"I know, amazing, isn't it?" Ama smiled and grabbed a vial from the table, drinking it completely empty. "Now try and get it back without me telling you what potion to use!" She laughed and stepped aside.

Dick rushed to the table and grabbed the vial with green liquid in it. *Green is the color of good! This will reverse everything!* He thought in his mind and ran tackling towards the busty beauty who was previously labeled Puniest Nerd. He hit, but nothing happened. In fact, he felt a lot weaker than before.

Amaryllis laughed maniacally as the tackle made her more buffed. "Thanks for choosing the wrong potion! You chose the one that is going to turn you into a girl in the following minutes!" She said finally after Dick had tackled her enough times to lose all his buff. "I also drank a power absorption Potion right before you drank it! You're not an alpha, you're a fool!"

Dick was exhausted as he had no energy in his body whatsoever. He fell on his knees as he felt like he was about to vomit but instead he started trembling, informing him about the upcoming transformation.

Dick screamed in a much higher pitched voice as he shrank in height, his hair grew longer, hands and fingers became more thinner and slender, chest pressed forward and became a pair of two firm C cup tits and ass got fuller, but only a little. But the worst was about to come as he (she?) felt like something was cutting his/her crotch.

And it did indeed feel like it. Getting a whole new genital to replace the old one was not a pleasant experience. From the slit pressed forward a rectangular nub. Dick now had her own pussy.

*I'm… I'm a girl now!?* Dick thought in panic as Amaryllis came towards her smiling very sadistically. Her former monster was now throbbing menacingly in front of her face. She gulped as Amaryllis started speaking.

"Yes, bitch, stare at it! Stare at what you once were! And now look at what you are now! You did this to yourself, and I'll make you pay for it!" With the newly acquired futa powers Ama was easily able to lift Dick up in the air. "Now you'll feel what I felt when you raped me the first time!" She hissed in her victim's ear and let Dick slide all the way to the bottom.

Dick screamed so loudly it must've been heard in other rooms. She had never felt so much pain in her life. *I have to hope she doesn't put it in my ass…" she prayed in tears as she came for the first time as a girl. The speed increased as they kept going and Dick started to get used to the painfully big thing in him. But then it stopped suddenly.

"It's fucking time, fucking finally!" Amaryllis cursed angrily in Dick's ear. "It's that fucking time I make you pay for all those fucking times you hurt all the fucking boys for being 'betas'! This is for Dino and co!" She raised Dick off for a second and pushed the ultimate monster into her too tight ass.

Dick screamed even louder than before as her back felt like it would break, but worst of all, ass would be torn apart. *This is definitely not like in porn!* She thought tearfully as the monster kept going faster every minute.

Amaryllis started to moan harder. "Ohh, my first ever penis orgasm! I'm so fucking excited!" She said cheerfully, pulled the monster out of Dick's ass and inserted it back in her pussy. "Now you'll get to bare my child! You better be fucking happy!" She yelled angrily as a huge load of sperm entered Dick's womb. Both moaned, Dick slid off and collapsed on the floor while her pussy overflowed in white goo.

"Have fun getting no more girls, dickhead!" Amaryllis laughed and walked out of the lab, locking the door and leaving the freshly fucked unconscious girl lying on her stomach on the floor.

Part 3

When Dick woke up the next morning on the lab floor she felt sore in every single muscle. At first she had no memory of what happened but after seeing her monster gone her face turned red from anger. "That bitch! Amaryllis may have my monster but with those medicines of hers I can defeat that twisted futa!" She said to herself determinedly and headed to the lab table. On there was a note that read:

"Morning, sleepyhead. Did you really think I wasn't prepared for your search for a reverse medicine? Hahaha! Good luck on that as I've removed all the names from the vials! You might wanna try each Potion individually. Love, Amaryllis 😘"

Dick had to read the note three times as he was flabbergasted by Ama's preparation. "Whatever, I'll drink every single one of these at once! One of them has to be the one that reverses this!" Dick grunted angrily and put her words into action.

On another table was a larger vial that was served for mixing liquids. Dick walked towards it and poured each Potion into it. The mixture turned from rainbow colors to black. *Shit… hope I didn't do anything wrong…* she thought in her mind. Then she took the vial, put it on her lips and drank the whole liquid.

After a couple minutes her whole body started shaking and she fell on the floor. *Oh God! I must've done something terrible!* She thought as her pussy started lactating like crazy, tits grew to even bigger size, now being O cup, ass got much fuller and her mind went completely numb. While she could still think independently, her mouth didn't cooperate. She now wanted nothing but being fucked by huge cocks.

"I… need… cock… inside… Me!" She screamed and started banging the door. *What the fuck!? What was in that potion? I can't control what I'm saying! My tits, my pussy… they crave for attention!* Then she heard a *clonk* and the lab door opened. Amaryllis was there.

"Oh, looks like you've gained some curves overnight, Dick" she smiled mischievously, shaking her monster penis in front of Dick's face. "You read my note…" then she looked at the empty vials on the front table. "Oh silly me! Those Potions were not meant for you!"

*What! Then why was that note there?* Dick asked in his mind as she knew it wouldn't come out of her mouth the same.

"Those Potions were meant for me. I just forgot to move the note on that table next to it!" She pointed at the table with different colored vials, completely different colors than what Dick had taken. "You just drank Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Pussy Lactation, Pregnancy speed up, Penis sealing, nymphomaniac and permapotions altogether! You're stuck in that body for the rest of your life now!"

Dick had a fascinated look on her face but he was crying in his mind. *You did this on purpose! This cannot be accidental!* She cried, even though that was soon replaced with a will to serve this futa abomination.

Amaryllis smirked. "Oh who am I fooling! Of course I did it on purpose! And soon you will be giving birth to your own child." She smiled at Dick's swollen stomach. "It'll probably take only a month or so." She grabbed the lime green Potion from a row of vials and drank it. "There, we should give birth at the same time now!" Her belly started swelling too.

Dick's head was spinning. She couldn't think of anything else then getting destroyed by that monster meat. She couldn't think of any other guy all of a sudden. "Please fuck me, Master…" Dick begged against his will.

"Good girl. Now come here…" Amaryllis easily lifted her up from the floor and Dick slid all the way down to the bottom. She moaned as she felt heat in her clit and all of a sudden an outline of penis drew up to her belly button. *What the fuck is this?* Dick questioned.

"That right there, dear girl, is the penis seal Potion effect taking place." Amaryllis whispered while nibbling her ear. "From now on your pussy only accepts my seed. Every girl that you managed to impregnate before will give birth to a dead baby! None of them will have your offspring alive! Except me of course!" Ama yelled as she released her seed into Dick's pulsating pussy. "And from now on, you'll be known as Disa" she concluded after her victim slid to the floor.

"From now on I'm known as Disa…" Disa repeated as sperm poured out of her. "I'm Disa Longinus, mother of the heated the greatest girl Amaryllis, her loyal servant and cum slave…" Disa's pussy pulsated. *This is just awful… but I guess the Alpha cock got into my head and made me pay an awful price for it…* Disa said in her mind.

Ama laughed at her situation. "You already know Expansion Potions. Lactation will make it so that you always take this" he shook Disa's former monster "easily in you. It won't help with the pain but at least I go in easily. Preggo speed up and permapotion are self explanatory, dick seal I already explained and nympho is that even if your mind refuses, your body cannot resist the thought and feeling of getting destroyed by me! And you'll be like this for the rest of your life!" She laughed.

Dina drooled at her master's monster. *It's going to be hell living with her. At least she still goes to school!* Disa thought excitedly. *I will find that reversing potion no matter what it will cost!*

Ama looked at her and smiled evilly. "Yes, i still have to attend the classes, but I'll make sure you are locked out of this lab!" She grabbed her hand and was about to leave through the door but another thought came to her mind. "Actually, I'm going to lock you here and make sure you can't access any of the Potions! Have fun without having me fucking you and being stuck in the nympho body!" She laughed as she pushed Disa against the wall, cuffed her and left the lab.

*Fuck, how am I going to escape?* Disa thought as her pussy was soaking hard. "Oh Master, why are you not here fucking your slut?" was what came out of her mouth. *Of course talking wouldn't help!* Her body had a control of its own as it tried to struggle out of the cuffs.

Time passed slowly. Each second felt like an hour. Disa's pussy was getting wetter and wetter each minute. Her wrists started to hurt from all the struggling to the point they felt numb. *Why do these fucking effects last permanently?* Disa cursed in her mind as her clit was so swollen it bulged out and without her even thinking about it her long tender legs bent backwards to rub it.

Disa moaned loudly and squirted in only a half a minute. Her legs soaked in her juices. *If only I could see how flexible I am…* She tried to get control of her legs and it actually worked. *Now if only I could swing to reach my hands.* She swayed her legs and ass forward and they reached her hands! *Now…* she rubbed her juice soaked legs around the cuffs but only having control over your legs didn't make her body do anything.

Disa tried speaking but of course out of her mouth came "please come back to me Master! I need your cock to destroy my soaking wet pussy!" *I need more juice!* Disa reached for her pussy again, this time pushing her left big toe inside her while right foot took care of the clit. It only took 10 seconds before she squirted again.

*Let's try again!* She swayed again and reached her hands again, rubbing her juice around the edges of the cuffs. Now she controlled her hands too! She pulled out of them and slid down the wall and dropped on all fours.

"I need to go to Master!" Disa said out loud when she tried to say "Finally". She immediately started crawling towards the door, crashing into the table with the intended medicines according to Amaryllis. *Fuck! Now I'm definitely not going to get back to myself!* Disa cursed as she had lost the control of her body again. Her pussy was a waterfall at this point and as she tried to claw the door the liquids came towards her.

As Disa sat down on the floor liquids touched her ass. At first she didn't feel anything until the liquids touched her pussy. That was when she started trembling again as while her voice and outer look didn't change and neither did her belly get smaller, her pussy didn't soak anymore and she could finally move her limbs.

"One of them must've been the fucking reverse Potion! But why the fuck am I still stuck in this female body?!" Disa cursed as she tried digging in her pussy to feel if it was hiding there but it only resulted in her squirting with a loud moan.

"Ah, so you found the Reverse Potion I see" Amaryllis' voice said behind the door as it swayed open. "Congratulations, you found the way to get rid of mental effects! Permapotion affects your physical appearance and cannot be cured!" She laughed maniacally.

Disa was now crying. "Please, let me get my body back! I will do anything if you stop destroying my insides! Anything!" Disa fell on her knees and crossed her hands for the begging.

Amaryllis thought for a second. "Fine, I will turn you back into a human ONLY IF 1. You spend your remaining pregnancy time without fucking anyone or touching yourself 2. We give birth together, in the same hospital and 3. You stop being a dick to people! Break any of these demands and you'll never have your body back!"

Disa couldn't stop crying, so she just nodded. She felt so demoralized she wanted to tell all the girls their pregnancies were going to fail. But then she realized it would just be a dick move so she kept her mouth shut about it.

The following four weeks went by uneventfully. Disa had bought herself a chastity belt and locked herself to prevent herself from touching herself even by accident. That unfortunately didn't stop her constant horniness. It got so bad she had to buy a custom made chastity bra since she would touch her tits without realizing it. They were not comfy to wear, but at least she stopped touching herself.

Then it came the day to give birth as right as Disa took her chastity belt off her water broke. "Hospital is near luckily…" While she had stopped being a dick she had made a bond with Dino. Disa obviously hadn't told him who she actually was because it would scare him off so they were good.

"Dino, take me to the hospital!" Disa yelled at the phone. Luckily he lived nearby so he arrived in only 5 minutes. "Your Uber has arrived, m'lady" Dino smirked and offered her the front seat. It only took another five to get there.

Dino explained the situation and the nurses got the bed ready. Disa had ordered to be in the same room with Amaryllis as stated in the rules and she was rushed to that room.

"Good to see you kept two of your promises…" Amaryllis panted. Disa noticed her 33 incher was gone but right as she was going to question her archenemy that she felt pressure in her lower stomach as the midwives were gathering around them. Babies pushed out of them and and let out a cry as they wanted milk. Disa have birth to a boy, while Amaryllis gave birth to a girl.

"They are beautiful…" Amaryllis whispered. Then she continued ominously "but he's going to be a traitor like everyone else, I can feel it." Disa wasn't sure if she heard it correctly but didn't mind as her thoughts were on the baby right now.

*Maybe turning into a girl wasn't a bad thing after all. All of my family children have been men, no exceptions. Looks like that continues as long as Longinus blood runs in this world…* she thought as her baby rested on her chest.

As the midwives left the room, Amaryllis started talking. "Don't worry, your cock is safe inside me." She pointed at the bulge that appeared in her stomach. Disa didn't question anything as Amaryllis probably did it with the help of her medicines

Disa gave her son the name Derrick while Amaryllis named her daughter Poppy. While Disa had been impregnated by Ama while her monster was attached to her enemy, it technically wasn't sealed just yet. So would it mean Disa impregnated herself?

Ama had said she had broken each relationship of Disa's ancestors by becoming pregnant with their child way after the couple's child was born. Did that happen with Disa too?

While Disa did have a close bond with Derrick, she had no idea how to raise a child adding the fact that she had no milk. Dino's wife Rachel was apparently overflowing with tittymilk because of her own pregnancy so Disa saw this as an opportunity to give her child to better hands.

Part 4

While Disa did have a close bond with Derrick, she had no idea how to raise a child adding the fact that she had no milk. Dino's wife Rachel was apparently overflowing with tittymilk because of her own pregnancy so Disa saw this as an opportunity to give her child to better hands.

When Disa returned to school a week later boys were staring at her. As she asked what's up, one of the guys snapped a picture. After looking at the result for five minutes Disa realized her tits had gained a notable size of Z cup now. *Does the Potion effect get stronger if you're pregnant?* Disa wondered.

"You're even more beautiful than before!" The guy who snapped the picture, Greg, said smiling. Every single guy agreed to that with a smile. Disa noticed everyone was hard. *Am I really up for a gangbang?* Amaryllis was the only cock she had ever taken in both of her holes. *I guess it's worth trying…*

And so every guy fucked her in all holes. Teachers had stopped caring ages ago about people skipping classes so they didn't get in trouble at any point of time. Because no one came even close to what she and Amaryllis had she didn't feel anything. So two guys were pushing themselves into her. That didn't come close either but she felt something this time.

None of the guys could make her cum but they all released their load on Disa's body. Each one told her how they were going crazy over her and their fantasies would be all about destroying her inside with what Dick had. Of course Disa didn't say she actually was Dick turned into a girl.

The gb kept happening more and more the following three days. Each guy told her how beautiful she is every time. Eventually they started calling her the most beautiful girl in school, even The Alpha female, which got into Disa's head. She stopped wearing clothes to school so she could be the centre of attention all the time.

The Z cup tits were heavy but because of her previous body's buff Disa managed not to break her back. She couldn't bully the girls physically as their stomachs contained her offspring and she wanted them to be alive. "Our baby is going to be beautiful like me!" She said arrogantly as she passed by each girl.

At first girls ignored her claims but after five times of hearing the same sentence Rachel came to her, being a little annoyed, holding little Derrick against her tit. "Hey girl, stop claiming everyone's children as yours! We all know that Dick is the real father! Oh dear Alpha, where have you gone…" she sighed.

Disa was baffled. Of course the girls couldn't recognize her. "But I really am Dick! And I can prove it to you!" She pulled Rachel in for a deep kiss, being careful not to squish the baby in between their bodies and pushed her tongue in her mouth.

Rachel pushed away from the kiss and gasped in surprise. "Omg you have the same kissing style! You actually are Dick! I need to tell everyone!" She ran off. Disa felt pleasure from all this. "Guys may start avoiding me again but who the fuck cares!"

She put her leg up the chair and pushed her fingers into her pussy. "I love being the Alpha again! I don't fucking care anymore if I'm a guy or a gal!" She moaned victoriously as she squirted, making the floor wet and slippery.

The following days everyone hailed Disa as their leader. She fucked the guys daily and compared tits and asses with girls, which always resulted in her being victorious. No one started going to school anymore as they started meeting at an abandoned warehouse.

Eight months later girls gave birth. They gave Disa 50 sons and daughters. This was when Disa snapped. She had made a sex dungeon in the basement of the warehouse and s Marion, her girlfriend, got to be the first one to test it out. "It'll be fun…" Disa said sadistically.

Marion left her own child Yoko to her friend as they walked into the basement. After seeing the containment of the dungeon she got scared and tried to run off, but Disa had locked the door.

Wooden crosses, chains, fucking machines, vibrators, whips and so many other things seen BDSM porn scenes were seeable from their standing point. Disa walked paralyzed Rachel to the cross. "Here I will assert my dominance! I will always be more beautiful than you, bitch!" She hissed in her ear and tied her up.

Marion was shaking. "But, but… I thought you loved me! Dick, what is wrong with you?! What did I do wrong? Tell me and we can sort things out!" She pleaded in tears. Disa looked at her long. Marion was the only person she had allowed to call her by old name. Others had to call her by the girl name.

"You have always tried to claim you were more beautiful than me, even though I'm a million times more beautiful than me! Now you'll pay for it!" Disa said sadistically. These claims were of course not true but Disa had completely lost her mind from the domination that she couldn't think of what she was saying.

Marion gasped as Disa put a gigantic dildo in one of the fucking machines. "Your torture is that you'll be destroyed by this dildo modeled after my monster that I lost!" Disa laughed. "It's the closest you'll ever get to my original monster!" She brought the machine closer to her and pushed the tip of the dildo into her lover's pussy.

Marion screamed. "Dick, you can't do this! You're out of your fucking mind!" She said angrily. "Let me go, you bitch!" Marion tried to struggle out of the ropes but it was useless. "Help!"

"No one will hear you! I made this place soundproof! There will only be me and you getting impaled…" Disa smiled evilly as she turned on the machine. Marion screamed as while Disa's monster had been hard it was human skin, whereas this one was plastic so it was completely different. It also pushed all the way into her uterus, only having one third of the dildo in her.

It didn't take long before Marion arched her back and started cumming. But Disa just kept going, pushing the machine closer and closer with each cum. The dildo pumped in her and it was making bulge to Marion's stomach. She was crying. "Please make it stop… it hurts… I won't claim myself to be more beautiful than you ever again…"

Disa didn't listen. "Too late now! Have fun in wherever you go next!" She kept bringing the machine closer and closer until the dildo pushed out of Marion's mouth. Her lover's eyes widened and she gagged gasping for air, but it was worthless. Her eyes rolled backwards andshe stopped resisting. Marion was dead.

"That'll teach them! Everyone will now surely obey me without question and will treat me as the most beautiful woman in the world! Her child will…" she snapped back to reality as Yoko came to mind and gasped when seeing her love dead. "Oh dear God, what have I done?!" She pulled the machine out of her but it was too l late.

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted you! You and your ancestors were all the same!" The way too familiar voice came from the abyss and Amaryllis appeared. Disa winced at the sight of the throbbing monster on her enemy's crotch being even bigger now: it must've been at least 50 inches now and testicles were the size of bowling balls.

"Fuck me…" Disa had realized too late that she had broken the agreement with Amaryllis. But while she did miss her dick, she had gotten used to her new body. Masturbating felt a lot and even though she had given her child away, giving birth was another thing she enjoyed. Now that her success had driven her insane it had given her the cost of the love of her life. And it was all her fault.

"You are never getting this bad boy back to yourself!" Amaryllis said angrily. "I knew you would break our agreement! My mothers have never forgiven your family for ruining our lives!"

Disa remembered Ama's tale of how she is an ancient slut who had fucked every single father of his. But that it was HER ancestors that gave birth to illegitimate children of HIS ancestors was new information to her.

"Yes, Disa, you're a mother of your own half-sister's child! Same thing with me, although you still had THIS" she shook her monster "intact still. And no matter what, you were all the same: bragged about how big your dicks are, played the role of "Alpha" and never learned from your mistakes! I gave you a chance to change, but you kept being a dick. Now, I'll be sealing this juicy monster on myself permanently!"

She grabbed a vial from her ass (don't ask me how it got there) and drank it. The dick started glowing and colorful ropes came from the underside of it, wrapping around the ever-hard monster and then disappeared. "There, now you're stuck in that pathetic body of yours!"

Disa looked at Marion's body and then back to her worst enemy. "Wait here, please" she asked her and carried her lover's lifeless body upstairs. She was heavy, but Disa had just enough strength to carry her.

Up in the hall people gasped at what came out. Rachel was the first to speak, and she was filled with emotions. "What happened to her!? How did she die!? Who will take care of little Yoko?!"

Disa knew she had to be honest this time. Lying about the situation would only make things worse. "It was my actions. I lost my mind and tortured her to death with an impossible dildo." She couldn't look anyone in the eyes so she just stared at her cleavage.

"How fucking DARE you!" Rachel was absolutely furious as she took Yoko in her hands and let the baby suck her nipple. "You were her boy- and girlfriend! You were supposed to love her, not kill her!" Everyone nodded in agreement as some clenched their fists and looked like they wanted to pick up a fight. "You deserve a lifetime in jail!"

Tears rolled down Disa's cheeks and she ran back down the stairs with everyone following her. She ran immediately to the monster and wrapped her arms around it. "Amaryllis, please help me!" She cried. "I don't care about the fact I'm a girl forever now! Save me or they will kill me!"

Amaryllis' eyes widened both to get words and at the crowd storming in right after Disa said that. Then she gave her the most evil smile she had ever seen. "Why hello there, dear classmates. It's nice to see you."

Everyone's eyes widened and jaws dropped at the sight of her. "Amaryllis? What the fuck is that?!" Rachel asked, jaw dropped to the floor. No one else said anything as they just kept staring at her towering penis.

Amaryllis smiled at the attention and dick throbbed in excitement. "This right here is Disa's Dick. Since she was a dick to everyone as a man I took it from her and turned her into a school slut as a punishment." Everyone raised their eyebrows. "I know it's hard to believe and I don't mind it if you don't. But I don't think death or jail is a rightful punishment for this dickhead.

Everyone gasped. "But she killed her own lover! Amaryllis, why are you defending her? She is a sadistic murderer who ruled us like a dictator! I wouldn't be surprised if her own child would turn into one as well!" Everyone chanted at her.

"The baby is innocent and shall not be harmed in any way" Amaryllis said coldly. "The guilty one is her mother right here" her dick shook do Disa had to hold on tight. "And I know exactly what to do with her. Since she doesn't care if she is a boy or a girl anymore, as she was a dick as both, we're turning her into a penis!"

Disa's eyes widened. Some of the crowd, Rachel being one of them, chanted their acceptance. The remaining ones let out sounds of puking. *Oh my fucking God! The only thing I can do by that is being jerked off and cum! I will not enjoy that…"

"But we'll take it slowly. Boys, even if some of you enjoy futanari, you're out of this. Girls, each time one of you gets fucked by Disa, she will grow one penis to add to or replace a random body part. She can't cum even if she wanted, because the girl has to cum first. Sensitivity will double in each cock the more of them she grows! And it gets harder as every girl here has to cum by Disa's cocks, making it so she's full all the time and only when each every one of you has cum, she can cum and the cycle continues."

Disa felt dizzy as she would have to hold on to orgasming against her will. She did want her penis back, but to be turned back to male would've been the way she wanted it. This was going to be hell for her…

Rachel raised her hand but Amaryllis managed to answer first. "She will turn into a cock fully once everyone affected by her has been fucked." She then looked around the room and saw the boys leave the room. "There are 100 girls here, so it'll take a 100 cums before she turns into one."

This was too much for Disa and she fainted. She'd have to take 100 rounds of cum filled balls and cocks before she could go. *I already know I'm not going to enjoy this hell of a challenge…* she groaned in her mind.


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