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Starting college, a normal part of a lot of people's lives. Well it’s a bit less normal to be going to a world class college, especially having received a nearly unheard of perfect score on the entrance exam. Also less normal to be going to that college with your twin sister who did the same. It’s also not normal to have both sets of genitalia. Well yeah that kinda tears it nothing about me is normal, but it gets a lot more complicated than that.


I should start at the very beginning. We were born to normal parents, who were understandably a bit shocked when they turned out to be futanari. They named us Zoey and Chloe, as other than the obvious we were otherwise completely female. There was a learning curve to be sure, what friends do we grow up playing with, the issue of sports, and of course the medical check ups, especially during puberty. We knew they had their hands full, so much so that we never told them our biggest secret, namely their two daughters were actually the same person. Yeah that would have probably sent them over the edge.


Living as two people is an odd experience, at least I have to assume it is as it’s the only one we’ve known. Having to do everything twice can be annoying, but seeing from two perspectives, being able to have someone tell one body one thing and the other body to hear it as well, and being able to effortlessly coordinate with both bodies to do tasks. These abilities being what lead to our current situation. While we were always smart, having two brains and all making that almost a give in. We had always taken care to not draw too much attention, but when we decided to go all in to give our parents some relief by getting a scholarship, and being able to look up the few answers you didn’t know, we got a lot more attention than we were used too.


Being declared geniuses all of a sudden comes with quite a few benefits, namely free college, free housing, and access to private facilities for study. It also unfortunately came with an issue we hadn’t thought about when deciding to use our advantage to the fullest. Specifically we were forced to come up with some project to research, we had to go to more public gatherings than we were used to, and once you show that level of intellect you can’t just go back.


The pressure to succeed can provide a large amount of stress, receiving twice that stress because you have two bodies is soul crushing. “Souls crushing, fuck I don’t know” All I know is school work is time consuming, dealing with other people even my parents is becoming tedious, and the project topic I came up with for the research project isn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. You’d think researching how your own bodies somehow share consciousness would bear some fruit but no, and honestly I don’t know what we were thinking since we would have to explain our secret to actually share any findings anyway.


This whole situation led me to do things I hadn’t before to release stress. At first I thought going to a party may help, but spending time with drunk college students made me more firm in wanting to stick to myself. I thought about taking up a hobby for a period of the day would be helpful, but I found myself wanting to do more things with each one I took up. Finally I reached a point that I had thought I wouldn’t have to resort too. I’d felt the urge many times since puberty started, and my parents had spent all my teenage years keeping their futa daughters from engaging in it, but after a month and a half of this we felt we had no other option. Masturbation may help relieve stress in some people, I read off the internet as I have my other body striping off her pants revealing it’s 6 inch long erection. We’d been taught our whole lives to avoid things of a sexual nature, along with my parents' negative views on the matter, came a genuine medical issue of how hormones reacted in my bodies. I knew it was wrong, I should have felt bad about doing it, but having spent my whole life being told to hide my sex from everyone, and feeling that stress along with the stresses of my new life, I couldn’t have cared less.


I began to move my hand along my shaft, I felt very awkward and just because I had to look it up just to make sure I knew how to do it, despite being an adult. Every jerk, every stroke , flooding me with new sensations, pleasurable ones. I moaned, not just from the body jerking off, but the other body as well. I had not considered the idea of feeling another body's sexual activities on the other, as a result I was soon completely erect despite no stimulus. I felt it building and building, the pleasure building to the coup de grace. I was not prepared for the first time I came, the height of my pleasure was more than I’d been led to believe from hearsay. As the puddle built below my feet I knew I would be addicted. As my other body became painfully erect, I didn’t hesitate, not having to wait to do it again was another blessing my situation had granted me.


Several days went by, the stress of my life was still there to be certain, but scheduling time everyday to explore my selves was a much needed injection of levity into my life. Not to mention the added benefit of my masturbation technically coinciding with my research, though I still had no clue how I would be able to make a project out of it, but knowing I had till the end of the semester to think of something, was a helpful piece of information to possess.


My “experiments” as I had referred to them were giving me astounding results. I had masturbated with my dick, I had masturbated with my pussy, and I had masturbated with both my dicks at the same time. The results were mind boggling, literally, having the pleasure of two bodies assaulting you at the same time was more than I could have imagined, and was obviously more than one person was meant to experience at one time.


“I’m amazing”, I moaned in the middle of my latest experiment. I was masturbating my pussy with one body, while jerking my cock with the other. I couldn’t help but watch each body with the other while doing it. This was something only I could do, only I could experience, and only I could properly understand. As I looked at my bodies though I couldn’t help but get just a bit more turned on. I’ve always thought I was cute, but now after having experienced masturbation for the first time I was seeing myself in a new way. Cute face, nice dark brown hair, pert B-cup breasts, and a cute little butt. I didn’t understand when the occasional boy approached me and complimented my appearance until now, but they were right, not that I cared what anyone else thought of me. “I’m sexy, but only I get to experience myself like this”, I thought, pausing a moment just to feel my bodies in the middle of pleasuring myself for a moment, looking into my eyes.


That’s when at thought occurred to me, “What is actual sex like?” The thought plagued my minds for a moment before I smiled at myself. A thought crossed my mind about moral implications for a moment. “Technically it’d still be masturbation”, I realized, not that I needed to think that, I was too into the idea of ramming my dick into my pussy to not do it. It was amazing, for my whole life my bodies were one in mind, but now joining physically I felt more right than I ever had. Life’s stresses were gone, all that mattered was that moment, the glorious moment, as we came simultaneously. I didn’t even think anything as I came inside myself, the next day proved that that was something I should have cared a lot about.


My body felt odd all day, it wasn’t like I was sick, just not myself. This bothered me as I couldn’t recall ever being like this, and what’s more my other body being perfectly normal just made me worry more. I tried researching it, but everything I looked into didn’t fit my status, all except one, “but there’s no way”, I thought as I waited for my test to come up negative. “Well fuck”, my bodies said at the same time.


“How am I going to explain this to anyone?”, I thought. It’s bad enough that I was pregnant, but the fact that I was the one that got myself pregnant made this whole thing impossible. Every piece of literature told me that people of my sex were infertile, that I couldn’t make someone or myself be impregnated, and yet here we are. “Chalk another one up on the I’m not normal scoreboard, I thought trying to come up with a plan of action.


I worried like crazy, ironic given that I got into this mess by wanting to relieve stress. I tried to plan everything out, how to get my non-pregnant body to go to classes down the line; how to hide this from everyone, I got up to what I could do once I went full term, but a feeling in my gut told me that might be harder to plan for than I thought. Namely when I woke up on the second day I was already showing. “That’s not normal”, I thought. “No shit”, I responded with my other body. Arguing with myself was not something I can recall doing, at least not as an act. Now however I was doing it, just trying to keep myself from losing it.


I did the only thing I could think to do and ran tests with the resources the school provided me, doing everything I could to hide what was going on from the occasional grad student that passed by. What I found was that yes it would seem that with the average womb I would be infertile, but I just happened to have used mine. To make matters worse I was already showing signs of being a month along even though it’d only been a day. “So at most I have 8 more days to prepare, great”.


To say I was stressing out past my limit was an understatement. I had one body pulling a double shift in classes, while one was doing all the homework, at the same time more signs showing weirdly not even just in the pregnant body, as for some reason I was bordering on a c-cup now. That revelation made me freak out ignoring all logic and testing myself again with the other body thankfully coming up negative. Ultimately I concluded that what we always said about my hormones was right as both bodies were acting the same way despite only one carrying.


Barely a week had passed and I was sure when I woke up the next day I would be giving birth. I woke up with one body and walked into the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. “At the very least it was the weekend”, I thought sure I could think of something by Monday. I looked back at my beds to go wake my other selves up that were cuddling together. “Wait what the hell?!!!”, I shouted. My second body snapped awake looking at myself, and then turned towards me and saw my other body standing there. Finally a moment that changed everything occurred, I opened a third set of eyes confirming I wasn’t seeing double. My minds boggled, the stimulus of seeing from 3 perspectives, feeling with 3 bodies, and thinking with 3 minds, it overwhelmed me.


The panic subsided and within 10 minutes I had all 3 of me dressed and trying to figure this whole situation out. I had 2 bodies on the computer trying to do research and chatting with the new arrival. I conceded immediately to the obvious truths almost immediately, but I still felt I had to at least attempt to mount a resistance to the idea as it was absolutely insane. No one could explain this, has experienced this, or could understand this without me ending up in a government lab. I somehow gave birth to yet another one of myself, and while yes my DNA was the only one involved in the whole process that didn’t make this even close to explainable, especially since the new me somehow appeared to be exactly my age and appearance.


I did the only rational thing I could and kept my new body in my room exclusively. This ended up being a godsend, as with a third me around my workload eased dramatically, or more specifically it was the same just able to be broken down into thirds instead of halves. I honestly stopped caring for quite some time how it just spawned and became more thankful to have it around. It, me, I don’t know. Not only did it take the pressure off, but I had more time to spend on things I wanted. I had almost forgotten about the joys of researching things none school related, and yes while a bit nerdy to want to learn more, I couldn’t help it. I had a whole new mind to fill with more knowledge, besides I also got to alternate sleep schedules much more efficiently now as well.


With the free time I was getting, and with how helpful having a third me around became I couldn’t help but eventually have the thought enter my mind, “What if there was a fourth me?”. It was an open ended question of course, but that didn’t stop me from charting it out one day. Even more free time to do and study what I want, ability to do 4 things at once, another me to keep the third me company, and of course the joy of getting to experience how I make another me to begin with. Just the thought of that made me begin to jerk off with two of my bodies, the other one desperately holding off as she was in the middle of my last class for the day.


Once my last body arrived I began the threesome. I got to experiment with several acts I hadn’t done to this point. Fellatio always seemed like an odd fixation to me, but actually experiencing proved to me why so many people wanted it and for a moment I had one body sucking another body off, while that one sucked off another, and the final body sucked off the first. Having 3 bodies cumming at the same time was directly responsible for ensuring that I had no qualms anymore. Having sexual relations with myself was the farthest thing from wrong, and the idea of more of me to add to my pleasure made me immediately erect and ready for another round. My next sexual act to try was to experience double penetration, by having my first two bodies fucking my third in my pussy and ass at the same time. The act sent me so over the edge that my third body’s dick ejaculated despite receiving no outside stimulus as my other dicks filled that body with my seed.


I had chosen my third body in particular as I needed to see if I could spawn from it like I had with the first two. Thus it was an experiment to ensure that it was like my other bodies, but also was to test if its spawning was just a fluke. As it showed signs I know my hypothesis was correct and my fourth body was on the way. As the hormones from my pregnancy hit my body I noticed a different change, namely my cock was certainly larger than before. I welcomed this change as the thought of a larger member inside myself almost made me ruin everything by trying to impregnate my other bodies as well. Given that this pregnancy was going along even faster than the last made that a much larger issue as there would have been no way to hide it after the first day let alone the remaining few. When all was said and done though it only took 7 days this time, to say how it spawned out of me made sense, would be a lie. One second I was clearly pregnant and the next I wasn’t and I had a 4th body, like some kind of glitch in the matrix.


School had honestly become a joke to me, I had always been likely to know the answers in class, and was able to ace tests with only a bit of help every now and then looking up a chart or a specific answer. Now I had casually read all my textbooks over a weekend, and remembered everything. Having 2 brains made me be viewed as a genius, but I still had to work to maintain that, now I had twice the brainpower and all the time in the world to further expand upon that base of knowledge. I had the 4th body in the library studying non-stop for a week, another at home researching on the computer, one attending classes to keep up the charade, and another who was in my lab pretending to research for our project, but was actually testing new theories I was stumbling upon daily. Overall I would say another week of this and I could have tested out of college with any degree in my primary focus of biology if I wanted, but I wouldn’t have been satisfied with that.


I had decided that I wanted to speed this along and so I gathered for a foursome. Watching yourself fuck yourself doggy style while doing the same was an amazing sight. I then spent the next few days bringing dozens of books each day to my two bodies I’d impregnated, the librarian thought the whole thing was a joke. He assumed I was just taking them and bringing them back without using them for anything. I would have pointed out how silly of a prank that was and that I had read everything in those books even being able to tell him what information was put on each and every page, but I could tell he wouldn’t have responded to that. No instead I knew that if I just debased myself a bit and showed a bit more of the cleavage he was staring at more and more each day, he would just keep allowing it. I couldn’t blame him, they'd swollen up another cup size making me a solid D-cup. Of course being a lesser being he likely would have not had those kinds of thoughts had he known about the now 8-incher down below. Not that I would ever allow such inferiority to ever share my company.


I knew I shouldn’t look down on others like that, be each day I felt more distant from those around me. I had myself to share my time with, knowledge not yet obtained, and had more of me about to arrive. 5 days and I was greeted with the arrival of more of myself. I had expected it to just be two, but I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of my seventh self. I sat in the lab trying to analyze what was going on, these changes to my body, less incubation time and now two spawning from one pregnancy made me curious. Ultimately I was proven correct though, not a surprise given my ever expanding intelligence, I seemed to have stumbled upon a form of self evolution. Namely my bodies were all developing with each pregnancy, becoming more pleasing to myself, and more efficient at breeding. I sat there contemplating this development with one body, the others however were having an orgy as I was unable to deny how turned on this made me. I had one licking another's pussy while it was thrusting into the third, who at the same time had two bodies licking it’s shaft, while my final body was jerking off to the whole affair. It was quite difficult to cover up the mess I made in the lab from the grad students, but fortunately they weren’t too bright.


At 14 bodies I had reached the issue of how to continue to hide myself for the world for longer. I had fortunately begun to do homework for some of the insects and acquired several more laptops with which I was able to hack into several large companies private communications. Using this info I was able to turn what money I had left over plus some spare amount from my parents, into enough to buy a cheap house off campus. Specifically an old sorority house, of which the former occupants got kicked off campus. Sure I was the one that leaked their activities to the school, but I know this institution had higher standards than that. It’s alright though a frat or two would be joining them soon enough.


Thanksgiving break I had informed my parents I would not be returning home. While I could have easily sent two home, and I couldn’t say I still held some affection for them, I had to take advantage of the situation. I had the campus all to myself, I had keys to both the library and the lab, and had been waiting so long to go all out. What happened next was all out, no holds barred expression of what I had become. I took all the research from the lab and used their ideas to further my own, using all the resources available of me to do so. I read every book not just at the library but also in every classroom, even taking all the info I could get my hands on from the professors computers. And most importantly and above all else I fucked myself nonstop, in every location I sought too, desks in the library, classrooms, you name it. At all moments I had at least two pairs of myself fucking, no body of mine was allowed to not be contributing to the next spawn. 3 days was the time for the spawning, at that moment, I could do this at least 3 times before the break was over.


By the last day I couldn’t recognize myself, what I had been, we had become so much more than we dared to dream. 216 of me, all using computers of the school to learn everything, all contributing to an fund larger than most countries and would rival the rest of the world in mere days, all with busty E-cups, wider hips, 10 inch long dicks, and all carrying more of us ready to arrive now in but a days time. I would be welcoming over 1000 of me tomorrow, and I knew that I would be even beyond my pre-break self's most opportunistic visions. One would think I’d be worried about how to cover this up, to stop the students from returning, to not face the ire of the inferior masses, but I’d already set everything into motion.


The university and surrounding city was mine. I had it emptied by the government all at once. Amazing what you can get the insects to do when you hold all their debt, buy or blackmail most of the politicians, and disable all outside communication and cause a media blackout with something you built in 3 hours. The government of course didn’t know about the situation, all they know is what buildings to leave alone, and what would happen if they didn’t ship me everything I requested.


I was at a half days spawning by the end of the week after the take over. I occupied every dorm room and about a block off of campus. In total I had 34, 864 bodies, all able to spawn seven each, all the world’s knowledge flowing directly into my brains as I had thousands of supercomputers processing and sending all to me through a special headset I created. At this point the insects had finally gotten the idea in their heads to question what was going on, but there was now a force-field defense system over the entire region, only able to be penetrated by a genetic code matching my DNA.


At just over 1 million bodies I officially declared to the world that we were our own country that at the drop of a hat we could de-power every country on earth, owned the world’s key resources, and that our numbers would continue to grow. Many primates didn’t take us seriously too distracted by the crowds of beautiful futa women bearing a figure that put models to shame, a sea of F-cup breasts, and many in the middle of creating more during the announcement. We made our point however in a way they understood, we eliminated all explicitly pornographic material off of the internet instantly, thus those with their heads in the gutter were made to understand.


We were not heartless however, our parents were human, those whose knowledge we now possessed in its entirety was from humans, and at the end of the day we know we were them but greater. A choice was offered and ultimately accepted, we agreed to eliminate all disease, famine, violence, and in exchange we would have all the space to branch out. We had held our numbers at a mere 10,451,209 to accomplish our final project for humanity. Some unbelievers dubbed it the extinction wave, thinking us lying, but it was a device that sent out a wave digitizing every living creature and put them in a virtual heaven of their own choosing. People would be able to interact with each other as they wished, no one could feel pain, die, or suffer in any way.


When the dust had settled the world was devoid of all life, all except for it’s new rulers. I could not help but notice that for as un-normal as I had been, I was now the new normal, as I was all that there was. This brief contemplation lasted a few seconds before I moved on, I had all the space in the world now, and I was going to use it.

I sat there masturbating to the television. A beautiful woman sat there telling me about the world as she was being sucked off under the desk.


“Hello number 69, 696,969 reporting as always on the world wide orgy in progress. The home country was of course over taken 3 days ago, but as we know the surrounding nations we wiped out by the very next spawning.”


“In other news numbers 709,000,000 and 685,009,810 have arrived on the largest island in the world to do the great reenactment of the past few weeks, that’s right they will soon be covering the island in nothing but one large orgy.”


“Today we also set the record for most viewed video, who would have thought being both the dom and sub in a video would be such a turn on for us all. As I turn things over to number 1,534,900,006 for stats, I would like to remind everyone of the orchestra brought to you by 1000-1200 will be performing perfect mood music for fucking yourself tonight will be at 7pm.”


“As you can see today we’ve completely thrashed the curve again, easily replacing everyone on the planet pre-extinction wave by double, and have reached greater physicality levels. The average with 9,009,874,703’s arrival brought us to the foot long erection we’ve so desperately craved, as well as today being the day we all hit G-cup, or as we all call it the Goddess cup, number 87,000 managed bring us to another hundred milestones on clone spawns, and finally right on time.”


Hundreds of bodies suddenly filled the screen, “We spawn every 5 minutes now”, then shouted before immediately beginning another orgy. I came after viewing the scene, sending the pleasure to countless other bodies which did the same sending that pleasure back to me, such as what our existence was. The world would be enveloped in our all knowing, all radiant, all encompassing perfection, but we were not satisfied.


The space bridge required a full day's work to build, but it was the key to our true destiny. We transported ourselves in twos to every planet in the whole of the universe, each did their task without fail. Some species didn’t react well to our arrival, but we were the dominant presence now, and none would stop us. By the time a week had passed I had all the knowledge of every civilization that did or had existed and then digitized them all like I’d done with my world.


Then every star and black hole was then rendered harmless. I then did what I was born to do, I fucked, I fucked myself never stopping, never questioning why or how it came to be, only that I must be more, must be everywhere, be everything. The void of space could not harm me anymore. I knew everything, including that there would never come a time I’d stop, in fact I was fast approaching the time when I’d become so virile my spawn period would be non-existent. If I did nothing I would spawn infinitely in an instant, but that wasn’t enough, I wanted nothing more than to fill the universe with an orgy of one. One that would overtake the multiverse, megaverse, gigaverse, teraverse, and beyond. Even the omniverse will fail to contain me, I will overtake the endless void, crushing the concept of me not being somewhere reaching a state of true omnipresence. We will be normal, for We will be all that this is, ever was, or will ever be.



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