Zayn's Perfectly Ordinary Day part 4 (Eelskin & Dissonant)

Zayn's Perfectly Ordinary Day part 4 (Eelskin & Dissonant)

(18,150 words)


The following is an RP log in which Eelskin played Asmodeus, a submissive male genie and Dissonant played Zayn, his dominant mistress - however, at this point in the RP, Eelskin changed his PoV character from the genie to Yasmine, one of Zayn’s friends.


Tags: Female dominance, hair manipulation, telepathy & mind control, women with dicks, alcohol & other drugs, giantess growth, demonic transformation, come inflation, multiple dicks, absurd amounts of come, clones, large-scale destruction, cruelty & sadism


Yasmine has been wandering through the different rooms, exploring the different party environments Sara had designed for everyone. She spends a few minutes here, had a drink there, and moves on, admiring the work Sara has put into it. She spends about half an hour dancing to big band swing music in a luxurious mansion, which could only have been described as "Jay Gatsby's house party." When she gets tired, she stumbles through a door and collapses on a couch in what appears to be a cheap, cramped 4-bedroom apartment with mismatched furniture and people smoking joints and jamming on acoustic guitars. Eventually she makes her way through a door and finds herself in a huge, opulent casino. A staff member immediately approaches her and, smiling, gives her a bag of casino chips and offers her a drink. She asks for a daiquiri and sits down at a poker table, her head completely bald for the moment, and starts to stack her chips in front of her. "Deal me in," she grins. 

The game is effortless. She reads the minds of everyone else at the table and plays accordingly, just to see how long it would take them to clue in to the fact that she was clearly not playing fair. Her endless winning, however, is not even close to the strangest thing they’ve seen tonight, and no one pays her any mind. They keep drinking and happily losing. Several thousand dollars later, she gets bored, and starts actively trying not to read the minds of the other players. That presents a challenge, because she keeps slipping up and accidentally peeking into their thoughts. She sighs and folds her hand, ready to try again.

"Babe, is that you?" comes a familiar voice from behind Yasmine. A tall, lean guy wearing a button-down and some jeans approaches the poker table, wearing a giddy grin and staring directly at Yasmine. "Oh shit, Yas, what happened to your hair? Did the Goddess change you too? I know you two are super tight and everything, which is fuckin' cool by the way." The handsome, chestnut-haired man rambles a bit, adjusting the glasses on his nose and leaning in to give Yasmine a kiss on the cheek. It takes her a moment to recognize him, but this is definitely her boyfriend Jason. Except much hotter, after being given the same upgrades that the other party-goers had also received. Now, he's a good nine inches taller with a rugged jawline and a toned body. Not to mention the sizeable bulge in his pants, which is certainly more than he was packing yesterday.

Yasmine's eyes light up as she recognizes her boyfriend. "Jason! Oh shit, babe, I was not expecting to see you here." 

"This bald thing totally works for you, babe," he states with approval, rubbing it gently.

She smiles as he rubs her head, and he feels something moving under his fingers. When he looks, he sees dozens of live, writhing snakes sprouting from her scalp, flicking their tongues out at him. "Thanks. It's all temporary though." 

His hand shoots back, as if he touched an open flame. It takes a second for him to say something, watching the small serpents move and look at him from their tiny black eyes. "Oh shit, uh Yas, babe, can you, uh, give me a warning before you grow snakes out of your head?" Jason stutters, suddenly nervous. Goddess, this is so crazy. I must be dreaming right? 

Yasmine grimaces. "Sorry, I didn't think of that. Yeah, got it. No snakes without warning." She smiles sheepishly. Her snakes dissolve into black smoke and are replaced by bright purple hair, growing quickly past her shoulder blades and twisting itself into a long braid. "It's, uh, been a day." She looks him up and down, also with approval, and extends a hand, slipping her fingers between the buttons of his shirt. "Looks like Zayn's done some work on you too, damn! When did that happen?" She turns in her seat to face him, exposing her own flaccid cock, hanging down between her knees. She peeks into his mind as she does.

Forcing a laugh, Jason's eyes finally make it to the huge schlong hanging between his girlfriend's legs. "Holy fuck," is all he says, his brain trying to process what he's seeing. The six and a half foot tall man falls silent, at a complete loss for words. Jesus Christ. My girlfriend just grew snakes out of her head, and she has a huge dick now. And it's way fucking bigger than mine. I should be freaking out right now, but... Fuck, this is so hot. Why am I so turned on right now? It looks so... perfect on her. Goddess, I want her to use that thing on me. While he stands there slack-jawed, his comparatively tiny eleven-inch erection tents his jeans shamelessly.

She grins at his thoughts, knowing already that he would be turned on at her dick - because Zayn had made it so - but satisfied nonetheless. She reaches down and runs her palm along her shaft, which stiffens slightly. She then reaches her hands toward and starts rubbing Jason's bulge through the front of his jeans. "You're looking happy to see me. Wanna get out of here?"

"Oh, uh, yeah. Sure, yeah, let's go!" Jason says with some enthusiasm, his eyes fixated on the ponderous length between Yasmine's thighs. I wonder if I could fit it in my mouth. "So... the hair thing is cool, too, by the way." Fuck, I need that thing inside of me. "I, uh, guess Goddess Zayn has been giving you some big gifts, huh?" Like a fucking horsecock, shit. My girlfriend has the biggest dick I've ever seen, and she's not even hard. Thank the Goddess. Jason groans as Yasmine feels his bulge, dangerously close to coming in his pants in front of the poker table. "Yeah, I mean she made me better and stuff but, like, not compared to what you got Yas! I'm so excited for you!" he continued, licking his lips subconsciously. Maybe she'll let me worship that dick. "But yeah, we, uh, better go before I ruin these pants. That would be kind of embarrassing," Jason finishes with a sigh.

Yasmine has to make an effort not to let her surprise show on her face at her boyfriend's increasingly intense lust for her package. Zayn really doesn't go halfway, does she... she thinks to herself as Jason tries, unsuccessfully, to act nonchalant. Not sure why I'd expect her to, after everything I've seen in the past few hours... "Yeah. I'm... pretty lucky to know her. She's given me some really cool stuff." She stands up from the table, abandoning her winnings, and puts her hands on his chest admiringly, firm and solid, far more muscular than he's ever been before. "I mean, though. I'm not exactly complaining about what she's given you either." Her dick rises slowly, pointing outward. She tilts her head back and reaches her arm up to his shoulder and pulls him gently down, kissing him on the lips, running her tongue into his mouth. The kiss lasts a few seconds before she pulls away, and she smiles up at him. "Mm. Come on, let's take a walk."

Jason nods dumbly, allowing Yasmine to take his hand and lead him through the casino. "H-hey, you want to smoke maybe? I kinda need to relax," he asks timidly, deferring to his girlfriend for guidance. Goddess, she's so lucky. I hope she'll introduce me to Zayn later.

Yasmine nods and holds up a freshly conjured joint, already rolled. "Right here. Courtesy of Zayn." She puts it in her mouth and pauses. "Here, watch this." She balls her hands together then opens them and tosses them upward, a fistful of nuggets and joints flying up from her grip. She laughs and shrugs. "As much as you like!" She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a lighter, sparking the joint and passing it to Jason. She nods silently at his thought. Sure, we'll get to that.

Jason blinks. "Fuck, you're amazing," he says simply, taking the joint and bringing it to his lips. After blowing out some smoke, he grins. "This is so good, holy shit," he breathes, taking another drag. It's clear he's still nervous and helplessly aroused by Yasmine's new form. His thoughts remain much of the same, ecstatic over Yasmine's dick and abilities, thoughts praising Zayn with sprinkled in ideas of submitting to Yasmine. "Damn, you can make a lot of money with this stuff," Jason eventually says after a moment or two. 

Yasmine pauses and thinks for a moment. "I'm... pretty sure I won't ever need money again," she says, and continues walking to an elevator door over by the wall. "I want to see where this goes." The doors open as they approach, and they step into an elevator, the doors closing behind them. The elevator and shaft are made of glass, and provide them with a view of the casino from high up as it rises. When it passes the ceiling, they see on the next floor there is a mosh pit and a live band playing. They continue moving up, and on the next floor, there's a cozy Irish pub, and on the next, what appears to be a suburban house party. Yasmine steps toward Jason, her cockhead bobbing up and down. She blows a puff of smoke from her joint and giggles. She reaches down and grabs his dick through his pants. "Glad to see you here," she smiles.

His eyes follow Yasmine's cockhead as it traces arcs in front of him. His hand twitches at his side, and he quickly takes another puff. But when Yasmine gropes him again, he shudders with arousal. "C-can I..." he trails off, embarrassed that he's suddenly so timid around Yasmine. But he can’t help it, things are different now. Goddess, what is happening to me?

Yasmine giggles at the change in her boyfriend's reactions and behaviour. he's pretty cute like this, she thought. The elevator doors ding and open onto the roof, which now feature a natural-looking pool, with a sandy beach all around and a waterfall tumbling down from a rock face. There's an open-air bar where people are ordering drinks, and there are people swimming, playing volleyball and fucking on the sand. Yasmine steps out and admires the space. She turns back to Jason, noting how he's still staring at her dick. "Hey babe," she says, squeezing his ass with one hand and grunting in approval. She steps back and admires his new body, and smirks. "Why don't you strip down for me." It isn't really a question.

Jason nods quickly, no longer caring about being in public. He quickly unbuttons his shirt, revealing a lean, muscular midsection. After throwing it to the side, he unbuckles his belt and begins removing his jeans.

It's so hot when she bosses me around. Fuck, I'm so hard right now.

Once his jeans fall to the sand, revealing his strong thighs and large dick, Jason smiles at Yasmine. "Is this good, babe?" he asks, hoping that his girlfriend approves.

Yasmine grins and nods, partly at the large, muscular body her boyfriend now has and also at his desire for her approval. "Yeah, it's good." She runs her hand up and down her own shaft absentmindedly, ogling his body. She does a slow circle around him and slaps his ass playfully. "How about you go get me a drink and meet me back here."

"Y-yeah, right away... ma'am," Jason says, adding the last part in without thinking. He takes another puff of his joint before hurrying over to the bar, his dick swinging in front of him as he moves. He ignores the stares or comments he gets from the other partygoers, focusing on the eroticism of the situation and how fun it is to obey his girlfriend.

Soon he returns with a few beers and finds Yasmine on the sand. He holds one out for her and says, "Is this what you wanted? I know you like beer, so I kinda just got us some," he says awkwardly, joint hanging from his mouth.

Yasmine smiles up at him, barely even looking at the bottle in his hand. "Yeah, that's good." She pauses. "Open it for me."

Jason nods, twisting off the cap and handing it to her again. He set his down on the sand for now so he could grab the joint from his lips. Each command serves to make him harder, his dick more hugely erect now than it had ever been in his life.

Yasmine lay back on the sand, her hands behind her head, marvelling at how Jason isn't even questioning the fact that she's ordering him around. She considers what else she could make him do, and all of her ideas gravitate toward the horniness that's building up inside her. Her dick pulsates with her heartbeat, pointing up toward her face. She takes the beer from Jason's hand and sips it, then points at the head of her cock. "Well. Since you can't stop staring, go ahead and give it a kiss hello."

Shaking with excitement, Jason doesn't need to be told twice. He throws his joint onto the sand and gets down on his hands and knees, crawling over to Yasmine and gently taking the huge cock in both hands.

Fuck, she's so big. It's thicker than my wrist, and the head is bigger than an apple. So good.

Jason gives it a kiss as Yasmine instructed, breaking eye contact with the huge length to look to Yasmine for approval. His tongue dances around the slit, tasting the faint saltiness of his girlfriend's previous loads.

Yasmine moans and rests the back of her head on the sand. Flowers start to bloom from her head, yellow and green, contrasting her purple hair. The feeling of his two hands, large and rough, working her shaft, is wonderful. She meets his eyes and nods at him. "Mmm, good. Lick my balls too," she moans. She starts removing her top, joining Jason in his nudity.

Goddess this dick is perfect. I hope I'm doing it right. Bringing his tongue down the entire near two-foot length, Jason hungrily licks at the smooth, hairless, fist-sized balls hanging beneath the huge shaft. He buries his face in them, enjoying the smell of Yasmine's dick as his tongue continues its fevered motions. One of his own hands found his way to his dick, which he's now stroking vigorously, about to cum already.

"Hrm, okay, okay..." Yasmine stammers, enjoying the feeling of her boyfriend pleasuring her balls. She extends her hand down to his crotch and places her fingers of his, both of them rubbing his dick together. They continue like that for a minute, then interrupts him. "Alright Jason, I... I want you to start sucking me off. I want you to give me a proper blowjob now." She grins, anticipating what is to come.

Jason reluctantly removes himself from between her thighs to look up at Yasmine. "O-oh, okay sure. I, uh, I don't know if I'll be able to fit you in my mouth but I'll try my best," he says with his voice low.

Shifting himself up, Jason puts his lips back on the cockhead and begins to lick the tip. And then he attempts to open his mouth wide enough to get the head in.

This will never work, it's so- Oh!

Eyes wide, he feels his mouth begin to stretch, his jaw becoming unhinged in order to accommodate the huge tip. Once the whole thing enters his mouth, Jason begins to bring his head down. The feeling of his body reshaping itself to fit his girlfriend's megacock is too much, and the submissive stud erupts in their hands, painting the sand in front of him. Meanwhile, he greedily pushes himself further and further down the ponderous length, gasping once his nose meets her trim strip of pubic hair.

Jason's pleasure is mindless and consuming, making it hard for Yasmine to get anything useful from his thoughts beyond his current bliss.

"See?" Yasmine gets out between gasps. "All you gotta do is put your mind to it." She watches Jason's face stretch and distend around her apple-sized glans, taking it in comfortably, if not effortlessly. She nearly comes right there from the sight of it, but manages to hold off for a bit longer. He forces more and more of her into his mouth, down his throat, and Yasmine grabs his hair and grips it tightly between her fingers. She whimpers as his face approaches her crotch, marvelling at how much of her is inside him. "Okay Jason," she breathes. "Get ready to swallow."

He grunts in affirmative, his own orgasm slowing down while he feels Yasmine's begin. Soon, he feels one of her loads shooting directly into his esophagus, forcing its way into his stomach. More and more of his girlfriend's cum keeps filling him up, making him shake while he continues to gag on her thick shaft. Tears bead in his eyes as he struggles to keep the beast buried in his throat, knowing that it's what Yasmine wants. oh goddess oh goddess oh goddess fuck me she's cumming yes~

The number of guests on the roof seems to double, then double again. Multitudes of stacked babes and buff guys stand still for a moment, examining themselves and each other, before a collective cheer is let out and the party gets back underway.

Yasmine emits a moan, a long, sustained note that sounds almost like she's singing; her grip on Jason's hair tightens and she goes lightheaded as she comes down her boyfriend's throat. She grits her teeth and holds his head in place - unnecessarily, since he doesn't try to move it - until she finishes spurting her jizz, and she manages to relax. She doesn't even notice the sudden influx of people, but the cheer gets her attention, and she looks around in surprise. She laughs quietly, understanding what's happened, and turns back to Jason in time to see him retract his face from her rod, his face retaking its former shape. She breathes heavily and leans forward, kissing him on the lips. "Congrats babe, you are excellent at sucking cock. Who knew?" She looks around at the suddenly much denser crowd of people partying around them. "Looks like Zayn's been busy. It's kind of weird just seeing shit change like that. I've been away from her for at least an hour now, and I can't even imagine what must be going on back in the dance hall."

Jason sputters and coughs, cum dripping onto his chin as he catches his breath. In his dazed state, he barely registers that Yasmine's talking to him. After hearing her compliment, it was hard for him to focus on anything else. "I- cough I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I was worried- wasn't sure what to do, I thought I might have been doing it wrong. I've never sucked a dick before, let alone one so fucking huge," he gets out, the words almost falling out of his mouth. "Babe, your dick is so... wonderful. I love having it in me. I love when you tell me what to do, it makes me feel so important to you. I- oh..." he trails off, realizing his thoughts have gotten away from him. His cheeks burn with embarrassment. Goddess, I must sound fucking stupid. He clears his throat again, noticing Yasmine's eyes watching him with intent. "I- I'll shut up, sorry," he whispers, moving back down to start licking the cum off off of Yasmine's thighs and cock.

Yasmine laughs at how embarrassed and awkward he is. He's so cute right now, she thinks, and decides to continue having some fun with him. "I didn't say to stop," she says playfully. "You can rub my back while you continue telling me how turned on I make you." She turns over on her front, and tries to lie down on the sand, but her enormous dick under her makes it impossible for her to find a comfortable position. "Uhm. Maybe you can rub my shoulders instead. No!" Her eyes light up. "Dig a trench in the sand for my cock to fit in while I lie on my front. Then you can rub my back." She sits cross-legged, waiting for him to get started. Her purple hair falls out and dissolves, and is replaced by brightly coloured silk ribbons that twist and spin gently above her head.

Sitting up, Jason reluctantly leaves the object of his desires and starts shoveling some sand with his hands. His belly sloshes around, slightly distended with his girlfriend's huge load. "So you can make your hair whatever you want?" he asks, with a sudden interest in Yasmine's other prominent feature. "Like even snakes and stuff? Is there anything you can't do with it?" Shit, this needs to be way bigger. I wish she'd just bury that monster in me instead.

Yasmine shrugs, still enjoying watching her boyfriend obey her every command. "I don't know. I said, I want to be able to change my hair however I want, and Zayn granted it, so... I mean, that's what the words mean." Her ribbons retract into her scalp and are replaced by a chessboard, curved over the natural shape of her head. Several chess pieces protrude from the squares and start moving around, one at a time. "Why? Do you have an idea?"

Jason raises an eyebrow, standing up after creating a suitably large ditch to hold Yasmine's dick. He gives her a grin and motions to it, getting ready to give her an energetic massage. "Oh- I mean, I'm just curious, I guess. So if you can change your hair however you want, does that mean like, uh, all of it?" he asks, getting a closer look at the self-moving chess pieces. "But that's so amazing, Goddess was really generous with you huh? You're so creative, I think that's a perfect thing for her to have given you."

She doesn't want me to tell her how to use her power, does she? Crap, I need to think of something good so she doesn't think I'm boring. What about like fire maybe? Nah, that's too simple. Maybe gold and gemstones? Or, like, maybe even arms or something? That would be weird. Maybe...

The chess pieces on her head ignite suddenly, producing a bright, warm, smokeless flame. Yasmine smiles at Jason as the fire spreads slowly to cover her scalp, and then extends downward; not actually burning the sides of her head, but hanging down, the way hair usually does, until she has bright yellow and orange shoulder-length fire. She grins. "How's this? I uh, figure that now's as good a time as any to let you know that Zayn gave me the power to read minds, too." Yasmine settles down into the trench her obedient boyfriend has dug for her and fits her cock into it. "Mm, perfect, Jason." She crosses her arms in front of her and lays her head on them, her fire-hair still burning on top of her head, but not consuming anything.

Oh fuck, she's been reading my mind this whole time? "Oh fuck, you've been reading my mind this whole time?" Jason whispers, a bright red shade coloring his face. The flaccid member, spent from the powerful orgasm he just had earlier is back to sticking straight out into the air. The idea that his head is an open book to his girlfriend, who would be able to detect even the slightest idea of disobedience and punish him for it, makes him just as hard as before.

Jason moves over and sits gently on Yasmine's thighs, tentatively moving his hands to follow her orders and run her back. He takes care to ignore the warm shock of flames coming from his girlfriend's head, kneading the muscles on her back with his strong hands. "S-sorry, you must think I'm a fuckin' weird pervert for how I've been thinking about your, uh, new body," he sputters, the shame and embarassment keeping him almost painfully hard. He loses focus for a moment and his hand brushes against the fiery mane.

Yasmine laughs at that. "A fuckin' weird pervert? I asked for this dick. I wanted this dick. If you're a fuckin' weird pervert, then I guess I am too." She pauses, considering whether to share with Jason that she also wished for him to be turned on by her dick, and decides against it. She relaxes, enjoying the massage he's giving her. "Anyway, I like your thoughts," she says, eyes closed. "They're cute." It surprises her that he thinks she would punish him for his thoughts, but even more that it seems to be something that excites him. She feels his hand brush against her fire, and lowers the temperature of her conjuration. "Go ahead, you can touch it."

A sense of relief washes over him. Thanks babe, you're so cool. Jason thinks at Yasmine, knowing it's just as good as speaking to her. He extends a cautious hand and touches the flames again, noting the warmth isn't unpleasant. A bit more bold now, he extends his hand a bit further until it's engulfed in flame. The sensation is strange, but pleasant. Like sticking your hand into warm water, except it isn't wet and feels weightless.

He reaches both hands in now to start kneading her shoulders, enjoying the feeling of Yasmine's strange hair tickling his skin. "So... you probably know about... uh, well, I like it when you boss me around, Yas. I want you to tell me what to do, to own me, to use your dick on me whenever you want." It feels cathartic to admit his desires, now that there isn't any use in trying to hide them. "I want to be yours."

He continues his massage, marvelling over his girlfriend's hair. He imagines what else she can do with it. An image comes to mind of Yasmine's hair cascading out around her like a tidal wave, sweeping people up into the growing tsunami of hair as she lays still amidst the chaos. He imagines it wrapping around him, fully engulfing him in her godlike locks.

Yasmine's eyes open wide. She isn't sure whether that mental image was an intentionally broadcast request, or whether it was an uncontrolled visualisation, but it doesn't really matter; she likes it. She looks at the crowd of people partying all around them. Smiling, still resting her head on her arms, she extinguishes the fire on her head and starts to grow long hair, which falls down past her shoulders and onto the sand, lengthening quickly, going through all of the colours of the rainbow, starting with red on the left side of her head and finishing with violet on the right. A handful of red and orange hair shoots out to her left, wrapping around the ankles and waists of a woman making out with another woman, a short distance away, and lifting her up into the air, upside down. The woman gasps and shouts in surprise, as does her lover, and a handful of onlookers. Yasmine grins and does the same thing with a braid of violet and indigo hair on her right, hoisting a man by his wrists and ankles up into the air. Her hair continues to pool on the ground, but it starts rearing up, a solid mass, preparing to overwhelm the other people around them. "Keep rubbing me, babe. Don't stop," she says, not looking at him.

"Yes, mistress," Jason breathes, stunned at what's happening. A smile stretches across his face as he sees the fantasy of his girlfriend exerting her will over the rest of the party-goers. His hands continue their work, shivering as strands of multi-color hair shift and rub against him while they pour out from Yasmine's head.

Would you like me to fuck you while I continue, Yasmine? Jason's dick throbs, ready to go once again due to Zayn's blessing. Goddess, you are incredible. I'm so lucky to be your boyfriend. The last word he thinks is obfuscated, and almost reads to Yasmine as slave.

Yasmine's hair continues to extend and amplify, picking up more partygoers. Handfuls of strands twist and clump together, forming solid hands with multicoloured skin, which grab onto the wrists and ankles of her captives, over a dozen of them now, holding them aloft. Hair-hands rip off the clothes of those who were still wearing anything, and her hair now forms long, strong, flexible tongues and dicks which start licking and probing the party guests. Some of those who haven't been snagged by her hair start to back away; others stand rooted to the spot, either in shock or in anticipation of being taken themselves. A solid wave of her hair rises up and crashes over them, immobilizing them, overwhelming them. Yasmine doesn't respond to Jason's thought right away. Instead, her hair pooled on the ground stiffens and straightens, pushing her up, lifting her body off the ground and turning her around to face him. She grins as her hair wraps itself around his wrists and ankles as well, forming rainbow fingers and hands that hold him tightly. It spins him slowly until he's facing away from her, and she puts one or her original hands on his shoulder. Her lips are right up against his ear, and he can feel her rock-hard cock rubbing against the inside of his thighs. She finally responds. "No... I was gonna do something else."

Physically shuddering, Jason whimpers his approval. His thoughts, on the other hand, are screaming in ecstacy, blissed at his girlfriend's sudden show of extreme dominance. He pushes his butt back, watching Yasmine's penis rub up against his own, completely dwarfing his own porn-sized member. Goddess, yes! Fuck me, mistress! Use me! His thoughts have heightened to a frantic screaming, filling Yasmine's mind if she focuses directly on them. He tries his best to squirm against the hair holding him tight. Not to escape, however, but to try to position Yasmine's immense member against his tight, muscular bum. Yasmine's hair prevents him from moving too far, though, making sure that she is in control of the situation entirely. Just as Yasmine gets ready for her next move, she feels a strange sensation overtake her. Jason gapes, now able to see that Yasmine has started to grow in size. The large cock thrust between his thighs gets larger, longer, thicker, while he feels the hand on his shoulder also enlarge with the rest of her. Bigger? She's growing!

Yasmine pauses, inhaling sharply at this new sensation. It's strangely familiar, and she feels a wave of arousal in the pit of her stomach. Her body grows larger, swelling up, and she lets go of Jason's shoulder as she looks down at herself. Her breasts swell out, hanging down off her chest, and her belly hardens into a taut, firm set of abs. Her ass bulges out, counterbalancing her breasts, and her thighs become solid and plump. She looks around her at the rest of the roof, and notices how everyone else seems so... small. And getting smaller. Yasmine grins, looking around for Zayn, but she's nowhere to be seen. "Well. Thanks Zayn! This is a fun surprise." She reaches out with her hands and holds Jason on either side of his thick, beefy waist, her enlarged fingers easily gripping him tightly, and her hair still holding his limbs fast. "Bet this is a fun surprise for you too, babe," she whispers. Her cock, enlarged to nearly four feet long, as thick as a two-litre bottle of soda and dripping precum, rises to point directly at Jason's ass, and she pokes it gently, teasing him. The cocks formed by her hair are now thrusting into the various orifices of the now two dozen people being held in the air, but she barely notices. All of her attention is focused on her boyfriend's ass, right in front of her. Finally, after what seems like an agonizing amount of time, she pulls on his waist, pulling him toward her, and thrusts her cock forward. She watches in fascination as his cheeks part to receive her, and then his waist bulges outward as she inserts her gigantic cockhead into his ass. Slowly, deliciously, she pushes forward, bit by bit, his body distending, as she moves to insert every inch of her dick into Jason's ass.

Eyes wide, Jason feels his body accommodate Yasmine's cock once again. This time, though, the feeling is much different. Bones and organs are painlessly shifted, skin is stretched, his entire form is reshaped around the immense thing. He watches his stomach distend as the growing physics-defying bulge travels further inside of him. Jason howls with pleasure, spasming against the impossible hair as his own dick shoots off once again in orgasm. His mind is a flurry, a hurricane of emotions and feelings all firing at the same time. Not one experience can even come close to what was happening to him right now. **YES YES YES YESYESMOREYESYESYESYESFUCKYESYESYES YES~ Unable to catch his breath, the head of Yasmine's bitch-breaker already reaches his ribcage and continues upwards. With the sheer amount of meat stuffed inside of him, Jason begins to feel like he's more dick than person. Soon, the back of his throat itches a bit and begins to distend. The bulge of Yasmine's cockhead moves up his neck and forces his head back. Then, finally, Jason's jaw stretches wide open to allow the head of Yasmine's cock to completely impale him, thrusting up in front of him as his ass bottoms out and reaches Yasmine's muscled midsection. The feeling of his girlfriend's dick completely filling his torso, his body tight around each vein and feeling each powerful throb; it was almost indescribable. And as his eyes stared straight ahead at the tip of his girlfriend's dick, thrusting in and out of his mouth in a perverse kind of reverse-blowjob, Jason couldn't think of anything that could make this better. He could barely think of anything at all in fact, other than how his girlfriend had turned him into a living cocksleeve.

Yasmine watches the head of her cock emerge from Jason's mouth, and as she feels the cool air against her glans, she feels a strange kind of satisfaction, almost a victory at what she's done to him. She grits her teeth and pushes his body away from hers, forcing the head of her dick back into his mouth. Then she pulls again, slamming his ass against her crotch, forcing her dick out past his teeth and into the open air, once again. The sight of it is the hottest thing she's ever seen. She lets go with her hands and wraps her hair around him, using it to continue pushing and pulling him, and uses her hands to start groping her newly enlarged tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples. It doesn't take very long before she screams and a thick, milky white stream of jizz shoots out of Jason's mouth, firing an impressive distance, leaving a trail across the roof and spilling down onto the street, hundreds of feet below. Her hair becomes weak, and the dozens of people she'd been holding tumble down to the roof as her grip falters. Jason stays right where he is, impaled completely on her monster cock. Yasmine takes a deep breath and sits down on the ground, her dick - and Jason - pointing up at the night sky, and she begins to laugh.

Jason hangs limply, still being worn on Yasmine's cock. Amidst the sea of Yasmine's multi-colored hair, two immense, ornate, silver doors appear in the middle of the roof. And when they slowly swing open, the sounds of a bumping dancefloor fill the air. From the other side of the twenty foot high doors comes a suitably immense figure, floating unnaturally through the air. The familiar form of Asmodeus flutters in behind her. "Hey, Yas~. You like my gift, babe?" The being's loud purr rings out, piercing the night with its alien timbre, ringing off the sides of buildings and making an ethereal echo. It's the most lovely voice that Yasmine has ever heard, and her body can't help but physically react to its lust-inducing tone. Zayn lazily floats towards the epicenter of the rainbow-colored hair with her telekinetic power. Her immense wings are fully extended behind her but do not move, instead spreading out as much as possible to emphasize her immensity.

Her face is nearly unrecognizable now, with how painfully beautiful and powerful her features have become. Even with how familiar Yasmine is with her good friend, it takes a moment to find her within the visage of this queen of hell. Zayn's rapunzelesque midnight black hair drags on top of Yasmine's own, spreading over the rainbow like a beautiful oil spill. Her figure is no longer just muscular, but is now buff with the hundreds of pounds of muscle she just consumed from her last meal. Powerful arms and broad shoulders display unflexed, bulging brawn. And the immense teardrops on her chest, large enough to swallow any mere mortal between the cavernous cleavage, add to the hypersexual oddity that Zayn's body has become. Between the broodmother-sized hips swings her demoncock, an equine length that stretches and pulses larger and thicker than many people. Only Yasmine comes close to matching it in size, and even after the last surge of growth she barely falls short. The hypnotic horsecock sways gently in the air as Zayn floats, with evil, ink-like seed constantly oozing from the tip like a perverted garden hose. Wrapped tightly around her sheath is a golden cockring with a leash attached. At the end of the leash is Miranda, crawling along amidst the flowing locks of hair, following her Goddess as she moves.

Her statuesque legs curl up slightly, hovering above the ground and containing enough power to kick a hole through Sara's skyscraper. Much like the rest of her body, the perfectly cut gemstones embedded into her muscular legs catch the moonlight out on the open roof. Zayn grins at Yasmine's display of power, bursting into raw cacophonous laughter that penetrates the minds of everyone present. Like a set of pure windchimes blowing in the eye of a hurricane, or the most beautiful poem mixed with the presence of a jet engine. A billowing black smog leaves her lips with each chuckle, filling the air around her body. After a moment, she stops herself. A flap of her powerful wings disperses the sweet-smelling smoke into the sky, whipping up some of the hair around them for a brief moment. "Shit, Yasmine, this is fuckin' hot!" says the otherworldly evolution of her friend.

Yasmine's breath catches in her throat at Zayn's approach. Her monstrous appearance causes a spike of fear in the pit of Yasmine's stomach, which causes the strangest contrast with the surge of arousal she experiences at the sound of her voice. The few remaining people held captive by her hair tumble down to the ground as her hair goes limp. They lie there, too awestruck even to stand up in the presence of their goddess. Her eyes are drawn to the cock Zayn has given herself, swaying and leaking all over her hair, and then her skin, then her face. Finally, after a long moment during which Yasmine can say nothing at all, she notices Asmodeus hovering nearby and Miranda, tied to her cock. She looks up at Zayn's face and unconsciously lays a hand on her own enormous cock to stroke it, but pulls her hand back in surprise when she touches Jason's still-impaled body; she'd forgotten for a moment that he was there. She glances down at him, then back up at Zayn's face. "Thanks," she manages to say. She swallows. "You too."

Several people around them sink to their knees in their goddess' presence. A few step forward slowly and cautiously, trying to get a little bit closer.

Jason doesn't respond to Yasmine's touch; he's unconscious now, knocked out by the combination of Yasmine's orgasm and Zayn's appearance. The comatose man looks content, still serving as a coozie for Yasmine's cannon. The vibrations of his soft snores pleasantly massage her entire length. As Zayn gets close to the rainbow-haired Rapunzel, she effortlessly lifts Miranda off the ground and gently lands her on her immense penis. The muscular slave's thighs easily straddle the huge thing, wider than a telephone pole. Her torso is supported by Zayn's soft, grey breasts, each one with more volume than Miranda herself.

"Worship my cock, puppy," she says in a hushed command down to her mortal devotee.

"Yes, Goddess," Miranda whispers, and bends down to press her face against Zayn's superhuman rod. She kisses and licks her shaft, running her tongue along one throbbing vein and squeezing her body against it with her muscular arms. 

Finally, Zayn comes to a halt before Yasmine, giving her a look of appraisal and admiration. Her glowing red eyes make it hard to tell exactly what she's thinking. "Damn, you turned out fucking fantastic. And I love your new hairstyle." Another chillingly beautiful laugh comes from Zayn's mouth, causing her breasts to quiver hypnotically. Zayn raises a muscular arm and runs it through her own curtain of hair, which shimmers and glows as much as the gemstones in her skin. "I was actually kinda jealous so I gave myself some awesome hair too. And a few other things," the demoness jokes, giving a broad smile that displays her sharp teeth. "So, whatdya think? How do I look?" Zayn uses her other hand to strike a lazy pose with a hand on her hip. It's completely unnecessary.

Yasmine, as huge and powerful as she is, suddenly feels very small. A moment ago she had been dominating literally dozens of people at once; now she's barely able to speak, overwhelmed by Zayn's mere presence. She stares, understanding the question but not quite sure how to give an answer appropriate to the majesty of the incredible, demonic figure before her. "Uh..." she says stupidly, her mind a blank. "You look... good."

Frowning a bit, Zayn sighs. "That's it?" she expresses with a hint of discontent. She examines Yasmine closely, noting that the eight-foot tall woman is barely present in the situation. After a moment, Zayn puts together what's happening. "Damn, you must be fuckin' stoned, girl! I know I gave you endless weed but, fuck, I haven't seen you this far gone in a while!" The levitating titaness is pretty tipsy herself, too. Especially after having Asmodeus conjure up a Dionysian amount of wine to wash down her extra-large meal with. She brings a ruby-clawed finger down to Miranda, tracing it along her spine and using it to twirl the police-slut's silky hair. It's impossible to see due to her peripheral-dominating chest, but she feels Miranda's little tail wagging excitedly at her task. She's doing an admirable job trying to please her musky horsecock, but the thing is just too large and unwieldly for the mere human to provide adequate stimulation. Which is fine with Zayn, who is getting far more pleasure from the idea of Miranda being a slave to her godlike cock than anything. "Okay, I'm gonna fix your head so we can actually talk, Yas," Zayn thinks aloud. "Hey, Asmodeus~!" she calls out, her trilled voice causing a faintly detectable vibration on the rooftop. "Make Yasmine think normally, like before we went out!"

Asmodeus, hovering behind her, nods. "As pleases you, Mistress." Yasmine blinks and brings one hand up to her head, closing her eyes. She grunts. "Uhh... oh shit, Zayn, don't just..." she interrupts herself, her voice catching in her throat. Breathing shallowly, she opens her eyes and looks up at the titanic demoness standing before her, grinning at her expectantly, who she only barely recognises as her friend. Her eyes move down to Jason, still unconscious and stuck on her dick like it were a kebab. Then over to the dozens of partygoers, none of whom are paying any attention to her whatsoever, even the ones she had been violating with her hair just a few minutes prior. Her head swims and she feels very strange at the moral revulsion and the arousal produced by everything that Zayn - and she - have done. She gets hot in the face and starts to feel nauseous. She looks down at her boyfriend impaled on her cock. "Oh fuck, fuck, Jason, Jesus Christ... what are..." she reaches down with her hands and starts to push him away from her, so he starts to slide off of her dick. She gasps at the intensely pleasureable feeling and pulls her hands away, but grits her teeth and starts pushing again. "Zayn, this... this is out of control. You need to stop. We need to... think about what you're doing." She grits her teeth and whimpers as she moves her boyfriend another few inches along her cock.

Zayn looks unpleasantly surprised. "Oh, come the fuck on! Everyone's having an amazing time. What do you mean *out of control?" she whines, her brow furrowing and eyes shining brighter. It doesn't register to Zayn what commands she might have negated with her last one. Her wings beat again to express her annoyance, sending a powerful gust towards Yasmine and her seemingly endless hair.

Yasmine continues sliding Jason's unconscious form along her dick; it's almost off at this point, but she's trying desperately not to come again from the stimulation. "I mean... everyone's having a great time because they're all being mind-controlled! Right?" She gasps as Jason's body is pushed to her tip. "Like, they're all happy but they're also a bunch of sex-starved zombies! Doesn't that seem just a bit fucked-up to you?" She moans as her glans comes out of his ass with a loud, wet pop sound, and lays him down on the ground. Now that he's no longer stretched around her dick, his body has taken on its previous shape, seemingly none the worse for wear. He lies peacefully on the ground, oblivious.

Zayn sighs, running a hand through her hair. "Yeah, well, literally all I did was make them think I'm a goddess and make them want to party. The rest is all them! And like, honestly, I mean I kinda am a goddess at this point. I mean look at me," she says, using her other hand to point out her otherworldly form with a flourish. She frowns. "Plus, like have you seen how fuckin' generous I've been tonight? Even with these random fuckin' people that I didn't know before today, I made them beautiful. Do you know how many people would kill to get a dose of what I gave like a thousand random people tonight? Like everyone is happier and better off now because of me!"

Yasmine looks at Zayn, her offhand remark almost impossible to ignore. Her smoky breath, her impossible breasts, her jewel-encrusted skin, her horsecock- god, that cock - and every other aspect of her attracts and entices her, making it hard to keep a coherent thought in her head. She shuts her eyes. "Yeah, and you also ate a guy! You fucking ate someone! Alive! And then you..." she stares off into space as the enormity of that memory is suddenly made clear. "You..." she opens her eyes and looks up at Zayn's face. "You made me not care. You took that away from me." She looked around at the guests, some on their knees, some masturbating, all of them still enraptured by Zayn. "You made me not care about anyone except me. And you."

Zayn sighs again, feeling exhausted at the accusations being leveled against her. Black smoke pours out of her nostrils as she huffs in defiance. "Fine, gods, if I bring him back will you let this go? Asmodeus, give the chef I ate a new body back at the restaurant, and make him forget that I ever ate him." She snaps her fingers as she finishes, not waiting to see if or how her wish was granted. "There, fuck. And yeah, the three of you were freaking out, and like, yeah, I get it, but I can just bring him back whenever! The three of you were having so much fun tonight once you stopped worrying so much and decided to live a little!" To punctuate her point, Zayn thinks of Yasmine and gives her a strong orgasm with her new power.

Yasmine gasps and falls to her knees as a wave of sexual pleasure washes over her. She comes from both her male and female organs at the same time, despite the fact that nothing's being stimulated. She shouts loudly up at the sky as her dick fires a rope of come straight ahead; it splats against Zayn's leg and hangs there. By any normal human standards, it would be a massive amount of come, but it looks small and pathetic on Zayn's enormous, demonic leg. Yasmine falls forward and lands on her hands, staring down at the ground, gasping for breath, her head swimming. "Fuck," she says. "Fuck." She lifts her head, with some effort, and looks up at the titanic sexual being staring back down at her. She recognises her even less than she had before. She catches her breath and wobbles to her feet. She looks at Zayn, unsure of what to do. "What do you want?"

Zayn pouts. "Jeez, Yas, I'm just trying to have fun! I want to play with my genie's power, and do whatever the hell we want. I dunno why you're being so stubborn. Don't you want to fuck with your new body? You're like a demigoddess now, you should be happy!"

Using her telekinetic ability, she curls a few of the massive strands of Yasmine's hair in the air a bit. Finding the ends of her hair is a challenge, even for Zayn. "I loved what you were doing before I got here. Fucking all of these people at once with your hair? That's so... sexy," she purrs, using a large hand to physically rub Miranda against her dick some more.

Yasmine watches Zayn use Miranda as a sex toy, her massive fingers making Miranda seem even more toylike by comparison. She watches her hair being manipulated by Zayn's powers and fights the urge to dissolve all of her hair into smoke. She brings her gaze down to the ground. "I just... it was. It was sexy. But... now it's all just so... disturbing." She steps forward and touches Zayn's arm, gently, warmly, the grey tone of her skin alien next to her own pale fingers. "Can't we just slow down? Take a minute? Please?"

Dipping into her telekinetic power once again, she raises Yasmine into the air. The eight-foot amazon is helpless against the invisible hands that grasp her, though Zayn is more gentle than she is with most people. She allows Yasmine to move her limbs a bit as she floats her up into the air, bringing her up to her floating form and holding her near her colossal breasts. Yasmine's elephantine erection rubs against the top swell of one grey, gemmed breast and rests on Zayn's left shoulder. Zayn gives a smile, but regards Yasmine with her piercing, supernatural gaze. "Okay, look, Yasmine. Before today, I never could have said this, but I need to tell you now," she says, her slightly slurred words sounding like an extra layer of her voice has been added to the current ones. She pauses for another moment, before blurting out what she was thinking. "I like you. A lot, okay? I've had a stupid crush on you since freshman year, but then you started dating Jason and I felt so fucking dumb." This all seems incredibly out of place coming from the lips of thirteen foot titaness. "But now, things can be different, right? You clearly think I'm hot, and have wanted to fuck me all night. Not to mention how awesome it would be to date a literal goddess, right? I'll even be cool with you keeping Jason around as a pet or something. So, yeah. What do you think?" Zayn exhales again, a billowing smoke cloud hitting Yasmine's nostrils. It smells like cinnamon and campfires.

Yasmine gapes. She takes a long moment to think before she answers. "Zayn, I... I really like you too. I mean, I like Jason too, but..." she shakes her head. "Fucking shit, I can't... I had no idea! You never said anything about that! And tonight was just... so exciting, and, I mean, you've always been hot but tonight you've just been incredibly sexy. But also... really scary too, and... I just..." she bows her head to look at the ground. "I just need to think." Another long pause. "I think I want to go home."

Zayn lets the sound of the night hang over the rooftop for a few moments. She studies Yasmine's face and tries to center herself. "Fine," she says, at last. "Genie, send Yasmine home, and let her teleport back here if she decides she wants to come back."

"Immediately, Mistress," Asmodeus says. Yasmine suddenly finds herself sitting on her bed, in her room. Everything is very quiet. She breathes deeply and looks around herself. She'd question whether everything she'd experienced that night was a dream, but looking down at her body, she's still eight feet tall, with breasts, hips and abs she'd only ever dreamed of. "What the fuck do I do now," she says out loud. After a minute, she stands up and opens her door. She ducks to fit through the doorway and goes to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Zayn turns over to her floating genie. "Asmodeus, did you undo the command to make her calm down or something? Why the fuck was she so..." she trails off, also thinking hard about what just happened. The rooftop is clear of Yasmine and her ridiculous length of hair, but the rest of the people on the roof are still enraptured by her. Reminding her of her importance, of her dominion over lesser beings. Frowning, she turns to the still sleeping Jason sprawled out below her. Why did she feel so jealous of such a now-insignificant human? Zayn had everything and Jason was nothing compared to her. She could make it so Jason never existed with a simple command, but she liked Jason too much to do it. Hearing Yasmine come out so strongly against her mind-controlling commands, it stung a bit. But Zayn knew that Yasmine was happier because of the command. Maybe she just needed a nudge in the right direction. As long as she didn't know, then it would be fine, right?

Using a clawed hand to rub her eyes, she turned towards Asmodeus. "Okay, genie, make it so that Yasmine can't tell if her mind has been altered, and believe that any changes to her thoughts are natural and... like they came from her." She pauses again, considering her next words. Did she really want this? Maybe Yasmine was right, maybe she was taking things too far. But still, wouldn't everything just be better this way? "A-and, make her start to realize that she's in love with me, and she wants to be with me." Once the words start coming out, the weight of the decision falls off of her shoulders. "And make her more confident. And make her dominant, except towards me. Make her want to let me take control." Zayn closes her eyes and floats silently in the night, waiting for Asmodeus to grant her selfish desires.

Yasmine stares at the fridge. There are a few different leftovers there, but she isn't actually hungry, so she just stares at the items, not actually wanting any of them, but not knowing what else to do. What the fuck, she thinks. What do I do now? How did Zayn become so... she shakes her head, not sure she can even find the right words. She pulls the milk out of the fridge, the carton comically small in her hand. She stares at it. I mean, Zayn is... she's awesome. She's always been awesome, and now she's... more so. And I... Yasmine pulls a box of cereal out of the cupboard, and thinks about how long she's known Zayn, how close they are, how much she trusts and cares for her. I... I think I love her. I had no idea she was into me. And I... didn't realise how much I was into her either. Automatically, not really paying attention to what she's doing, she pours herself a bowl of cold cereal and starts to eat it. With every bite, she can't get Zayn's face out of her mind. She puts the spoon down and smiles. She laughs a bit. And she decides to go back.

Suddenly, she's back on the rooftop. She looks around at the scene she'd just left, but it seems different now. It had seemed sinister and foreboding and frightening, and now it just seems... fun. Because Zayn is there. Yasmine smiles at Zayn. "Hi. I, uh, came back."

Zayn tries her best to feign surprise. It had been a few minutes of waiting, but she was pretty sure her commands were going to bring Yasmine back anyways. "Oh, shit, I didn't expect you to come back," she lied. Now floating closer to Yasmine, her demoncock still drools evil-looking cum out onto the floor. The subjugated officer is in her own world, still clinging on tightly to the huge thing. For the first time, Zayn lands on the roof in front of Yasmine, her hooves making a loud clack as she does. "So, did you think it over already?" she asks, already knowing the answer. But hearing the words come out of her punk friend's mouth will be much more reassuring, all the same.

"Yeah," says Yasmine, who suddenly finds herself having difficulty making eye contact. It's not even the fact that Zayn's eyes are glowing red; she's feeling shy. "I, uh... was at home, and I..." she fumbled for the words. What the fuck, brain, why can't I talk? "...missed you," she manages to finish. A strange assortment of shapes start to push their way out from her head; paper dolls, twigs, bits of cloth, corkscrews, eyestalks, and regular hair. It all blends together, combining and re-absorbing and producing new things. "I want to... stay here. With you." She manages to look up and make eye contact. After a moment, her eyes drift down to Zayn's body; her wings, her muscles, her breasts - and her cock, oozing and throbbing. She takes a deep breath. "I want to date a literal goddess," she smiles.

The ashen-skinned demoness grins, revealing her sharp teeth. "Yas, you're so cute when you're nervous. But I'm glad you came back," she purrs, delving into Yasmine's mind to read her desires. Yet another ability she has given herself during her feast. She levitates Yasmine up into the air, gently pulling her between her chasm of cleavage (being careful not to suck her in as a result of one of her first wishes). Yasmine's unflagging cock is nestled firmly between them, rubbing up against Zayn's blocky abs. "I want you to be with me, too," she whispers, their faces inches apart now. Behind them, Jason begins to stir.

Yasmine gasps at being lifted up into the air. It's not the weirdest thing she's experienced tonight, far from it, but this feels different. Like she's giving herself to Zayn. It feels good. The feeling of her cock positioned in between Zayn's incredible breasts makes her shiver, her cockhead still moist with come from her previous orgasms. She extends her hands, putting one on Zayn's shoulder for support and the other on Zayn's cheek, caressing her. She wants to kiss her, but something makes her stop. It doesn't feel right, somehow, for her to initiate that. She thinks back to what she did to Jason, and how forceful she was, and is confused - though not troubled - by the fact that she feels so differently now. She doesn't even notice Jason stirring down on the ground. Her entire attention is taken by the goddess in front of her.

Zayn smiles again at Yasmine's touch. Before pushing Yasmine towards her for a kiss, she says one more thing: "You don't have to be so nervous around me, babe. Not when the world belongs to us." She mentally brings Yasmine's lips to her own, smothering Yasmine's enhanced lips with her own massive, black pillows. A long, thick tongue pushes into Yasmine's mouth, exploring the inside and dancing around Yasmine's tongue with perfect dexterity. Zayn employs the use of her arms for the first time in a while, bringing them to the sides of her jeweled breasts and pushing them together. She kneads them, massaging Yasmine's member manually, trying to tease out yet another orgasm from her new girlfriend's inexhaustible cock. Jason picks himself up slowly, feeling as though he was just turned inside out. And then he realizes that he practically was and lets out a weak, giddy laugh. He looks around for Yasmine and doesn't need to search long, watching along with the rest of Zayn's worshippers the spectacle happening nearby. He sees Yasmine wrapped up in Zayn's mental embrace, enthusiastically kissing his Goddess. Jason gasps, filled with emotion. Tears begin to fill his eyes as he watches, helplessly. This is the greatest day of his life. He joins the rest of the worshippers, wiping tears of joy away as he starts stroking his exhausted member once again.

Yasmine exhales as Zayn kisses her, feeling the most wonderful sense of release, captivated by the softness of her black lips, tasting the smoke in her mouth and feeling the superhuman heat of her breath. The partygoers around them cheer, those not on their knees now masturbating at the sight of their goddess beginning to be intimate with one of her favoured. She smiles and breaks the kiss, Zayn's tongue lingering for a moment in her mouth before withdrawing. She looks into her eyes, marveling at how alien they are. Thick braided ropes of hair reach downward, wrapping themselves around Miranda's waist and gently displacing her. Miranda protests, but finds herself enraptured by the sight above her just like all of the other guests. Yasmine's heart beats quickly, knowing that what she's about to say will have... consequences... but utterly unable to care. "I want you to change me, Zayn," she whispers.

Zayn looks at her and beams. She stops for a moment and glances over at Asmodeus, before returning to Yasmine. "Do you trust me, then, Yas?" she whispers, her voice swirling around Yasmine's head and filling her mind. She continues to titfuck Yasmine's immense dick by kneading her breasts. The spark of jealousy at Miranda's position also fills her with satisfaction.

Yasmine, unable to think clearly due to Zayn's powerful sexuality, and her magically imposed love, fighting not to orgasm yet, doesn't take more than a moment before she answers, "Yes." She reaches down and grabs Zayn's nipples, one in each hand, and squeezes them, marveling at their size and firmness.

She grins. "Genie, allow me to change Yasmine however I desire." Zayn speaks the words, looking into Yasmine's eyes and smiling.

Asmodeus nods. "As you wish, Mistress." Yasmine barely hears him.

Zayn gasps, feeling connected to yet another thread of reality. Much like her ability to manipulate orgasms, or move things with her mind, or even read people's desires, it feels like another new part of her brain has been unlocked. She feels Yasmine's being as if it was a part of herself, and understands fully how to manipulate her. "Grow," she says, starting with something simple, and begins to increase Yasmine's size. Beyond even her own height and the height of Sara's giantess servant below, until she nearly fills the rooftop with her mass.

Yasmine gasps, surprised but very excited at this command Zayn has made. She grows, still held aloft by Zayn's telekinesis, but in a moment her feet touch the ground. Her head rises above Zayn's, and she looks down at her, a strange experience that feels almost - but not quite - wrong. She sinks to her knees to keep her face level with her lover's, but it only lasts a moment as she grows even further. Her thighs, occupying more and more space on the roof, start to push people out of the way, and in a moment one foot is in the pool, her knee is digging a trench in the sand, and one foot is pressing up against the elevator doors, threatening to break them. Guests scramble out of the way to avoid being crushed. Yasmine looks down at the guests around her, and notices Jason. With a start she realises she'd forgotten him. She reaches down and picks him up in one hand, holding him up to her face, and staring at him for a moment in silence. She grins sheepishly. "Babe..." she begins, then pauses, not quite sure how to continue. She shrugs and laughs, poking into his mind, reading his thoughts. "You understand."

Jason looks at Yasmine, enraptured by her immensity and beauty. He doesn't speak, but his thoughts are filled with joy. One desire that keeps bubbling to mind, however, is of him being stretched around the now immense member between Yasmine's strong thighs.

Zayn floats up to Yasmine's hand, which is big enough now that even Zayn's incredible height is still doll-like in comparison. She regards Jason with a look of triumph. "Yasmine is my lover now, Jason. But I'm sure you understand. This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Jason's vigorous return to self-pleasure says it all.

Yasmine gasps again, surprised at that particular thought coming to the forefront of Jason's mind. Then she thinks about it for a moment and smirks. Okay, I guess I'm not that surprised, she thinks. "Alright, babe. Open up," she says as she reaches forward with Jason in her hand, his body seeming only a few inches tall to her now. She positions his ass on the tip of her immense cock, as large as a monument, and feels his body begin to shift and stretch. She pulls him gently back down toward her base. His body distends like rubber, stretching, thinning, covering her incredible glans and then her shaft like a human condom, tiny arms and legs hanging limply, until he's completely shapeless, covering her entire length. He's stretched thin enough to be transparent, her skin and veins visible through him.

An insane amount of sensation begins to shatter Jason's mind. No human was meant to be distorted so grossly, and the effect it has on the comparatively tiny man is immediate. His mind is nothing but pleasure as he fights to retain consciousness. His head, so far from the base of the fleshy pillar with the rest of his limbs, is taking in deep labored breaths as his body reacts on auto-pilot.

"What a nice condom he makes, love," Zayn says, floating up before Yasmine's face. The fairy sized Zayn is still capable of filling the giant woman with servility, with each word striking deep within her mind. "I say we should put him to use, hmm?

With a thought, Zayn gives Yasmine her strongest orgasm yet.

Yasmine's eyes open wide, her balls churning, working hard, non-stop, to generate come. She has time for one breath before the sensation hits her, and then her head swims. "Oh fuuuuuuuuucck!" Yasmine's cry carries for miles around, waking people up, causing traffic accidents in the streets below. Her dick, dozens of feet long, shakes as her jizz travels up the shaft in great spurts, gushing out, hundreds of gallons of the thick, creamy fluid, filling Jason up. His upper body, hanging well over the edge of the building, distends even more from the weight and the volume of her discharge, filling up like a balloon. Gobs of spunk leak out through his open mouth, dripping down onto the street below, as his body is pushed out from the inside to allow room for more and more of his giantess girlfriend's come. Finally, Yasmine stops coming. She stares at the balloon-shaped Jason hanging from the tip of her dick and laughs, resting back on her elbows, lifting her dick (and Jason) up into the air so that it's pointing at the sky. "Holy shit Zayn. That was awesome."

The tip of the human condom, now easily the size of a large building, churns with Yasmine's load. Zayn grins, watching it all happen as her own hands stroke her member. Miranda floats below her, trying her best to see what's happening. "Y'know, babe, I just had this great idea." Rapidly, Yasmine's crotch becomes crowded as two more identical shafts push their way out of her crotch, rising into the night sky until they even out with her current, massive erection. Below them, two more sets of balls join her taut, crowded sack. The three massive schlongs are now constantly letting out cum, similar to Zayn's. Jason continues to swell in size on the tip of her central cock. Flying close, Zayn whispers directly into Yasmine's ear. "I want my girlfriend to flood the city with her cum."

Yasmine takes a moment to catch her breath. Everything's happening so fast, she thinks, but she doesn't have time to consider it. Zayn's spoken desire echoes in her head, repeating itself, becoming more and more urgent, a command, a compulsion. Yasmine nods, and huge braids of her hair, as thick as pillars, extend out all around her, attaching themselves to the surrounding buildings, lifting her up. She rises up over the roof and lowers herself down over the side of the building, supporting herself easily with her hair, running her hands over her two new cocks, both of which are dribbling semen onto the streets below. The partygoers all rush to the edge of the roof to watch. She stops when she's about halfway down the building, holding herself in position. She glances to the right and sees that the side of the building has now been painted so that it features Sara's face, occupying the whole thing, smiling out at the city. Yasmine laughs and turns back down to the crowded street below her, and starts pumping her two outer dicks, one with each hand. In a moment, more tendrils of hair shoot out, becoming hands, dozens of them, all of them converging on her three cocks, and masturbating furiously. Yasmine grits her teeth and uses her two original hands to rub her clit. The crowd of people below starts to panic. The street is gridlocked with cars, and people start abandoning them to run away and find shelter. Yasmine watches with lust, and brings herself to climax. The floodgates open, and from her triplet cocks pours a catastrophic amount of come. She sprays the surrounding buildings, the street, lampposts, cars. People are knocked over, bus shelters are filled, cars begin to float away, carried by the torrent of Yasmine's jizz. Jason swells ever larger, his body stretched thin, drooping dozens of feet, carrying yet another gigantic load. From up above her, she hears the sound of Zayn's worshippers cheering her on.

Zayn gasps, overcome with the sheer eroticism of what's happening. She focuses on Yasmine's orgasm and makes it continue, coaxing the endless reservoir of her seed to continue rushing out from her triplet cocks. As the biblical flood begins to overtake the city streets, she flies down to Yasmine, taking her genie and her slave with her. "How do you like being my toy, babe? My weapon. Do you like how destructive I made you? Is it everything you wanted, Yas?" Zayn teases, her voice carrying over the crashing cacophony of Yasmine's hyper-productive cocks.

"Oh my goddess, Zayn," she screams, laughing, her gigantic face several stories tall, "it is incredible! I love it so much!" Her back arches as another wave of orgasm hits her, and the pressure of her dicks' flow jumps. A 53' truck is overturned by the sheer weight of her jizz flowing down the road. It starts seeping into any windows open on the first floor. "I never knew I wanted this," she exclaims, her eyes closed, as she continues to come all over everything.

Grinning, Zayn uses her mind to roll Jason off the center pillar of flesh, sliding him pleasurably along the length of Yasmine's cock. She stops once he pops off the tip, his body no less distended than it was when he was being worn, now churning with a vast ocean of jizz. Zayn brings Jason before Yasmine so she can see what she did to her ex-boyfriend. A helpless, floating balloon of her own creation. A discarded receptacle oozing her cum out from every hole. His mind is one note as he holds onto consciousness, Yasmine's seed pouring from his mouth. It's only pleasure, nothing else can be detected. He merely exists as a pleasant drone. Zayn giggles. "Babe, look what you did to Jason! Isn't it hot?" she asks, pausing for a moment. "What should I do with him, hmm?"

"Give him to me," she grins, reaching forward to take him in her hands. She pulls him to her face and kisses him on the mouth, her lips engulfing his entire face. She tastes her own come as gobs of the salty fluid drip into her mouth. She grins at him, and her hair lifts her back up towards the roof of Sara's building. She shudders from the continuing orgasm as she climbs. When she reaches the rooftop beach party, she holds Jason up, facing the group of partygoers, who quickly back away from the edge of the building at her approach. "Ok. Now you should let him relieve some of that pressure."

"Oh, I fuckin' love how you think, babe," Zayn says with a grin. "I'll take care of him, why don't you just keep focusing on impregnating this bitch of a city, love? Here, let me help some more." The spurting cocks in Yasmine's crotch grow wider and wider before splitting down the middle into 6 still orgasming dicks. The same goes for her balls, which swell and divide as well. The new cocks spray wildly with deadly force, smashing through buildings with their powerful ropes and wreaking twice as much havoc as before. Nowhere is safe from Yasmine. Behind her, Zayn uses her telekinetic force to squeeze Jason's belly, causing cum to shoot out of both ends and begin to flood the rooftop. Worshipers are swept up into the torrent, being pushed around and off the building as the mix of sand and cum leaves no one standing.

Yasmine moans in ecstacy as her dicks double, and she runs her hands along each one of them in turn, up and down, spreading her fingers over them, caressing them. "Mmm... can do, babe." Yasmine turns in a slow circle and lowers herself back down toward the street, moaning as her half-dozen cocks continue to spurt her seed in the opposite direction from before. She uses her hair to heft them up and aim them, aiming for open windows, people running away, and cars with sunroofs. After a minute, though, it all becomes meaningless as the space behind her is painted white with her fluids. Yasmine rubs her nipples, masturbating as she floods the street.

It takes some time, but Jason eventually is shrunk down to his normal size, after expelling enough cum to cover the entire roof. It now runs down the sides of Sara's skyscraper, carrying Zayn's subjects down with it. Sara's massive face is covered in Yasmine's seed. Zayn gives Jason a mischievous look, holding the ragged man aloft in the air with her mind. "See you soon, Jason," she tells him, before launching him into the frothy white tide. Flying up in the air to examine the chaos, she purrs with contentment. She'd always dreamed of this city being brought to ruin, especially with how shitty and terrible everyone in it was. Now here she was, actualizing her fantasies with Yasmine, a dream that she had for years. Concentrating again, Zayn copies Yasmine, and then copies her twice more so that she has four identical bodies positioned around Sara's building. Then all four Yasmines double in size once again, becoming twenty-story tall giantesses, each with six cocks as long as she is tall. She then makes a fifth body for in front of her, though this one is merely as tall as Zayn and with only one cock. She sweeps the fifth Yasmine into her strong arms and cradles her against her huge breasts. "How's this, love? Do you like how I'm changing you? Re-making you?" Zayn giggles again, her laugh loud enough to be heard over the chaos below. "Not long ago you were scared that things were going too fast, but now look at you: fuckin' destroying this entire city with your giant cocks. Do you have any idea how many people you are drowning in your cum?" she teases. It's clear that Zayn isn't bothered at all by what's happening right now. In fact, she's reveling in it.

Yasmine closes her eyes and rests her face against Zayn's enormous breast. She smiles. "No. I have no idea at all. And... it doesn't even matter." Curious to know what's going to happen next, she tries to poke into Zayn's mind, and is surprised (but not that surprised) to find that she can't. Like there's a solid wall there, blocking her. However, she does notice several other minds within her, which is very surprising. I can feel her breathing, and how it carries oxygen to her blood, and how the blood carries oxygen to her muscles, and how her muscles deplete that oxygen, and... I am a part of the hottest fucking being in the universe and it makes me want to fuck and smash something at the same time... And a third consciousness, which doesn't communicate any particular message, just hums in pleasure. Hundreds of feet below them, the four rampaging giantess Yasmines continue to flood the city with her fluid, suddenly finding herself, between her increased size and number, ejaculating sixty-four times as much as she was just a minute ago. She paints buildings, floods subway stations, and covers traffic.

Zayn smiles. "We're the only two that matter, Yas. Everything else exists for us. Only us." The godlike incarnation of Zayn purrs with contentment, and pulls Yasmine close to her so that their lips can meet once again. Their rock-hard cocks rub against each other while Yasmine's impressive bust squishes against one of Zayn's massive tits. After a few moments of pleasure, alone on top of the world, Zayn examines the city below her that Yasmine has been busy painting white. Much of it is visibly submerged in cum, with Sara's tower the pearly-white centerpiece of it all. But it's not finished yet. Looking back at the enamored architect of the city's destruction, she gives a look of approval. "You're doing such a great job flooding the city, but I think it's time you really let loose, huh babe? Destroy things, cause as much mayhem as you can. The only thing I want left standing is Sara's skyscraper, the rest can get fucked." With a snap of Zayn's grey fingers, the number of Yasmines in the city below double to eight, as their heights shoot up until they are all cresting 400 feet. Each body gains an additional set of muscled limbs as well, for good measure. "Keep it up love. I'll keep giving you more, making you more."

The Yasmine in Zayn's arms relaxes her arms and legs, letting herself dangle. Her hair forms a series of tentacles which slip around Zayn's body, probing and caressing her. One of them starts sliding over her clitoris. "Mmm..." she moans, her eyes closed. "I want you to make me more. Or less. I want you to make me into whatever you want." The giant Yasmines look around at each other and down at the city. Only Sara's building and a couple of others are as tall as they are; the vast majority of the city comes up no higher than their knees. One looks up at Zayn, hovering high above them, and flashes her a brilliant smile before bringing two of her four legs back and swinging them forward, connecting her feet solidly with a five-storey building that barely reaches her shins. The building instantly collapses, and bits of brick and concrete, along with a copious splash of come, go flying out in every direction, hundreds of feet away, raining down on the city. Another Yasmine smiles mischievously and shoots her hair out towards a third Yasmine, wrapping around her ankles and pulling hard; Yasmine is swept off her feet and lands on her back, crushing an entire city block and making the earth shake. One Yasmine grabs another and kisses her on the mouth, and then pushes her so that she, too, falls onto her back; she then lifts herself up with her hair and positions herself on top of the fallen Yasmine, and inserts one of her six gushing cocks into Yasmine's pussy, thrusting into her and covering her body with semen flowing from the other five.

A ding noise comes from the roof of Sara's building, and the elevator doors open. Sara, her gigantic tits heaving and swaying with each step, comes out. "What are you guys doing up... here..." she begins, but her voice trails off as she sees the rooftop covered in come, with nobody on it. She carefully makes her way across the sticky, wet roof to the edge and sees eight titanic six-cocked Yasmines demolishing the city. Her eyes wide, she can only say "What the fuck..." and watch.

Zayn laughs powerfully, satisfied with the amount of Yasmine she has doing her bidding below. She makes a note to have Asmodeus play all of this back for her later from Yasmine's nonupled perspective and focuses on the Yasmine in her arms for now. Sara's spectatorship remains undiscovered. She grins at Yasmine, her sharpened fangs and sweeping, black horns glinting in the moonlight. "Gods, you have me so hard right now, babe. Enough foreplay, let's fuck," she hisses moving Yasmine's body around so that her ass is lined up with Zayn's horsecock. The flared tip pushes at the entrance to her pussy, underneath her smooth ballsack. "Ready, lover?"

"Oh my goddess, yes." Yasmine moans, her hair twisting itself in anticipation. "Please, please fuck me. I want your cock inside me as far as it'll go." She spreads her legs and waits, and her hair ignites, burning without being consumed.

Sara can't help but watch the eight giant Yasmines destroy the city. It's the strangest, hottest thing she's ever seen, and she watches with a bizarre fascination. Eventually she's able to tear her eyes away and survey the destroyed rooftop beach she'd created; she realises with some annoyance what must have happened. Her eyes narrow. Where the fuck is Zayn, she thinks. If Zayn sees this she'll be pissed off too. Yasmine can't just fuck up my stuff like this. Movement catches her eye and she looks up and there, silhouetted against the moon, are Zayn and Yasmine, floating in the sky, holding each other. Sara stares.

Using her telekinesis, Zayn gently lowers Yasmine onto her beastial shaft. She reshapes Yasmine's body as she does, stretching her just wide enough for her cock to penetrate Yasmine in a comfortable way. Her vagina is molded to fit Zayn like a lock and key, while the sensory neurons are multiplied along the whole interior. Her mind is strengthened and improved enough to take this shock of extra pleasure. A number of additional clits sprout around her opening, both for Zayn to tease and for Yasmine to play with. "I'm going to -mmmph- bury my whole, fat, fucking cock in you, babe," she grunts, filling Yasmine more and more. Each slow inch multiplies her pleasure, and Zayn's cock is long and brutal. But her movements are slow and careful, unwilling to break her favorite toy. Eventually, Zayn bottoms out in Yasmine, slowly rocking her up and down her shaft. Yasmine's own cock rests between Zayn's breasts, getting the world's greatest titfuck. A long, black tongue extends from Zayn's lips, masturbating the megacock near the top. Below them, Miranda dangles from her leash, held aloft by an invisible hand so as to not choke.

As Zayn penetrates Yasmine, all eight of her giantess selves cry out simultaneously, filling the night with their bliss, their sexual pleasure heard by everyone for miles around. Their movements become slow and clumsy as they pant and gasp from the incredible pleasure being inflicted on her; they nevertheless continue smashing, flooding and fucking, distractedly. Yasmine in the sky moans, unable to form words. Her hair starts falling out, flaming bits and strands fluttering down onto the come-flooded street hundreds of feet below. The sensation of her goddess lover's cock inside of her, multiplied by the extra clits she's been given, is indescribable; time seems to slow down and she's suddenly completely unaware of anything else in the world. "Hey!" Sara shouts from below, her breasts heaving. "Yas! Did you ruin my fucking beach party up here?" She slurs her words as she shouts. "Where did everyone go?" Yasmine doesn't hear her.

Continuing her powerful fucking, Zayn gets an idea. Yasmine's cock begins to bend unnaturally until it reaches Zayn's plush lips. She moves her mouth to the tip and thrusts her long, black tongue down Yasmine's urethra, licking the insides like she would a pussy. Below them, the Yasmines each feel their sextuple dicks double in length, becoming monstrous leviathans at twice their own height. Now Yasmine can control them like she could her hair, making them move on their own like lewd tentacles. Zayn also notices the action below slowing down as a result of her ministrations. She focuses and makes Yasmine's mind expand, allowing her to easily process everything that is happening to her. Despite feeling more sexual stimulation and pleasure than the totality of the rest of mankind wrapped up into one, Zayn's changes keep her sanity intact and allow her to function once again. Her tongue frees itself from Yasmine's slit and retracts into her mouth like a tape-measure. The scarlet-eyed demoness bends it to the side so that she can look her lover in the eyes. "I love you so much, babe," she moans. "I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with you, doing whatever the fuck we want." With another thought, Yasmine's head pops off of her neck, separate from her body but still functional. She floats it over to her own head for another kiss while Zayn continues to mercilessly pound her headless body. No matter how rough she is, Yasmine's body is built to take it.

Even Zayn can't hear Sara's whining. No one can, over the cacophony of destruction and the sounds of forty-eight hyper-cocks shooting an ocean of cum.

"Oh my Goddess, my love," replies Yasmine from her detached head, smiling, her eyes still closed, "I don't know if I can handle it if it's all going to be as good as this. Thank you so much." 

From below, Sara, frustrated at being ignored, raises her hands and spreads her fingers; a tall tower shoots up out of the roof, dripping with come, and a large flat surface unfolds from it. Sara's face, 40 feet tall, appears on it, and starts shouting at them. "Yas! Zayn! What did you do to my goddamn beach party!"

Yasmine inhales sharply. "Mmm... I'm gonna talk to her." One of the rampaging Yasmines stops stomping on a building and turns, slowly and walks toward Sara. The roof is just above her head, but she lifts herself up with her hair until her own 40-foot face crests the roof and is directly in front of Sara.

Sara jumps and her face disappears from the platform. "Fuck!" she cries. "You're huge!"

Yas peers at her miniscule friend. She seems much smaller, but also, more unimportant than before. She grins. "The party up here was fun for a while but I thought it could stand to be shaken up a bit."

"You can't just wreck my shit!"

"Yeah I can."

Sara stares back. "What!"

"I can wreck your shit. I can do whatever the fuck I want." To punctuate her point, she backs away from the side of the building. She'd pointed her cocks out to the side to allow her to get right up to the edge, but she now allows her two center dicks to point straight at it. "Zayn told me your building has to stay standing, but... I bet she won't mind if I just fuck it a little." .

With that, she presses forward and plunges her cocks directly into the side of the building. They push through, creating a cacophony of breaking glass and cracking concrete, and her two cocks push out the other side into the open air. Far below them, the dancers and partygoers in Sara's club cover their heads as a ten-foot wide come-gushing dick smashes through the wall and out the other, the shaft moving back and forth through the room.

The building shakes and Sara extends her arms, trying to keep her balance. "Yas! What the fuck! Zayn!" Her face reappears on the platform. "How come she gets to do this? How come she gets to be a fucking godzilla and wreck the city! It's not fair!"

"Fuck, Sara's being a real bitch right now. She wasn't supposed to get involved in this shit. Oh well," Zayn sighs, unhappy that her private time is being interrupted by her belligerent friend. She keeps Yasmine's head floating in the air while she casts her attention down below. Zayn raises a sculpted eyebrow. "Babe, are you fucking Sara's building? You're so naughty," she says, unable to help herself from smiling. "Alright, let me fucking talk to her. C'mon." Quickly levitating the two of them down, Zayn brings herself down inches above the rooftop directly in front of Sara. She continues to pump Yasmine's headless body on her shaft while she floats Yasmine's head over her left shoulder. "Sara, calm the fuck down, shit. Me and Yas were having some fun, but I'm going to put it all back together soon. At the end of the day, they are my subjects and this is my city, so I want to make sure it's still around for me," she declares, emphasizing the otherworldly power in her voice in an attempt to assert her dominance over the situation.

Sara rolls her eyes. "Zayn I don't care about the fucking city! You and me always agreed this place is a shithole! Trash it!" She points at Yasmine's gigantic face, moaning as she rubs her dicks back and forth in her building, gushing come all over the city on the other side. "But like, I made this party!"

"So? Make it again," booms Yasmine's voice, between thrusts.

"Are you gonna flood it with your jizz again?"

"Probably, yeah."

"Stop wrecking my shit!"


"Ugh!" She stomps her foot, splashing her foot down in the viscous liquid, and turns back to Zayn. She thinks for a moment, and takes a deep breath as she turns to face Zayn. "Zayn Zayn Zayn!"

A flash of malice crosses Zayn's face. "Yeah. Not gonna fucking work, Sara. Big fucking mistake." With an arm outstretched, she hold Sara in the air tightly, squeezing her with her telekinetic power. "Now stay fucking put while I deal with this shit. Gods, you people," Zayn sighs, looking up to her silent genie. Zayn's wings beat with frustration, robbing Sara of her breath with each gust. "Asmodeus, rewind time for all of us so that we're back to right after you granted my last command. But keep the three of our memories intact, and bring Sara up here again after you're done." Each word is an icicle, sharp and icy.

Asmodeus nods. "Immediately, Mistress." And suddenly, they're all back on the roof. Yasmine is eight feet tall with one dick, and Zayn is in the process of titfucking her, while Jason stares up at them, lying on his back, overwhelmed with joy. Yasmine gasps and starts, pulling away. "Oh my Goddess! That was..." she shakes her head. "Sorry, Zayn, that was just... really sudden." she stares off into space. "There were nine of me." She smiles goofily and looks up at her demonic lover. "Zayn... that was incredible. I-"

Suddenly, Sara is standing right there, in front of them. Yasmine starts again. Sara looks at her, then over at Zayn, nervously. "Oh shit. I... I'm sorry, Zayn, I... don't know what I was thinking," she squeaks hopefully.

"Yeah, me fucking too. Gods, I give you your own building that you can do whatever the fuck you want in. I let you make whoever you want fall in love with you, and I let you read people's fucking minds. And then you try this shit?" Zayn removes herself from Yasmine and floats back in front of Sara. She brings Sara to her knees with a telekinetic push, forcing the human's limbs to obey her irresistible strength. "I've been the most generous with you, given you the best powers. And then you come up here and start shit with my girlfriend. And use my own gifts against me, too! How fucking dare you?" Black clouds are billowing from Zayn's nostrils at this point. Telekinetic force is exploding off of her, causing the sand to levitate in the air and her hair to splay out wildly around her like she's in a hurricane.

"Augh, fuck, no! Jesus! I'm sorry!" Sara exclaims, holding her arms up in front of her to shield her face from the flying sand. Yasmine gasps, taking a step back reflexively. Suddenly, the roof rises up, a layer of asphalt quickly moving between Sara and Zayn, then encircling and covering Sara completely. It then sinks back down until it's flat, taking Sara somewhere inside the building.

Zayn spits on the ground where Sara was, a blackened projectile that sizzles and burns the asphalt. Then, she pauses and thinks for a moment. "Hey babe, you want your own personal slave?" she asks, casually. Not waiting for the answer, the vengeful goddess gives her next command. "Genie, make it so that Yasmine can change Sara however she wants." Zayn turns around and shrugs after her simple command. "Do what you want with her. That bitch needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Maybe I'll make a new Sara tomorrow, one with some actual fucking loyalty. Ugh." Trying to get past her disgust, she floats lazily back to Yasmine, quelling the storm around her. She reassures her lover with a smile and waits to see what Yasmine does now.

Yasmine beams. "Oh, hell yes, babe" she smirks. She thinks for a moment, putting her hand on her chin theatrically. A grin spreads across her face, and then she snaps her fingers. Sara suddenly appears back on the roof, between Yasmine and Zayn. She turns back to Zayn and stares up at her, knowing full well that there was nothing she could do to avoid her wrath. Yasmine clears her throat, from behind her. Slowly, Sara turns around, looking up at Yasmine. Yasmine stands above her, her gigantic dick - which actually seems kind of small, now - pointing at Sara's chin. Sara looks down the length of her dick, and Yasmine simply says "hop in."

Sara looks up at Yasmine. "What?" Yasmine's hair shoots out and grabs her by the wrists, ankles and waist, hoisting her up into the air. As she does, Sara begins to shrink - slowly at first, but soon speeding up, until she's less than an inch tall, shouting curses at Yasmine the entire time, until her voice is too faint to be heard. Carefully, Yasmine inserts her face-first into her urethra, and gasps at the sensation of it. "Oh. Oh! Oh, shit, that tickles! Sara, stop squirming!" Yasmine twitches and grimaces. She concentrates, and then relaxes. Smiling, she looks back up at Zayn. "I think I'll leave her there for a bit."

Zayn grins, reaching down to fondle Yasmine's balls. "Hah, nice. Maybe some quality time trapped in those cute balls of yours will give her a little perspective on her status." As she speaks, Yasmine's taut sack inflates in Zayn's hands, growing and quivering until Sara could easily fit inside of either of them without being shrunk down. Now they look way oversized compared to her still-huge cock, weighing heavily and hanging between her calves. Zayn backs up, altering Yasmine some more. She gives her a pair of wings and horns like her own, along with shifting her skin color to a faded purple. Glowing, pulsating runes cover her skin from head to toe, catching the eye and capable of hypnotizing any lesser mortals with their brilliance. Yasmine's eyes slowly blacken from the iris out until they are uniformly inky and dark, to match the new color of her lips. Yasmine's body inflates yet again, growing larger and filling up with muscle, growing until she's a foot shorter than Zayn and nearly as curvaceous. Her cock undergoes a different transformation, becoming bumpy and ridged. And finally, out of her spine grows a thick tail. It curves and arches, wrapping around Yasmine's body and leg, until the tail comes to an end. But instead of a stereotypical devil tail, it ends in the head of another phallus. Zayn nods to herself, satisfied with her work. "Alright, babe, now you have a body worthy of your status as my lover. I think I did a fuckin' awesome job too, you're so hot now."

Yasmine explores her body, running her fingers along her new horns, feeling her muscles, swishing her tail to and fro, and lovingly caressing her reshaped dick. "Oh, goddess... I love it! I love my new body. I look fucking fierce," she says, baring her teeth at a random person standing nearby, gawking at them. She jumps and backs away. Yasmine laughs. "Mmm... I love what you're doing to me. Every time you change me, it's just... so exciting." Yasmine steps right up to Zayn and leans in to kiss her on the breast, wrapping her dick-tail around Zayn's cock and massaging it. "How about we go back downstairs to the party. I wanna see what Mel thinks of my new body."

Flashing a brilliant smile, Zayn returns the favor. Using her mind, she caresses Yasmine's body, applying a comfortable amount of force across her entire body while massaging her new muscles and sexes. "Yeah, let's go see Mel. I want to see what you think of her new body, too," she replies with a wink. The floating demoness's hand reaches out and caresses Yasmine's cheek, holding her chin up to look into her eyes. As she does, a third eye forms on Yasmine's forehead, as inky and black as her other two, except this one has a golden iris in the center.

Yasmine opens her hand and pulls out a joint, and places it between two fingers. A strand of her hair wraps around the tip and ignites it; she inhales. "Let's go." She lifts herself up by her hair and starts moving over toward the elevator. She has a sudden memory of this roof, the space she was standing, covered in her seed, the only thing left standing the elevator entrance, and she smiles to herself. A partygoer is standing in front of the elevator doors. He's too stunned to move away; all he can do is stare. Yasmine gets closer, and when she's a few feet away from him, a thick vine of hair wraps around his waist suddenly. "Move," she says, and she tosses him casually to the side. He shouts as he flies through the air, and lands in the water. Yasmine doesn't even slow down.

Zayn floats lazily behind her, giving earth-shattering orgasms to random party-goers behind her. Notably, the ones that seem the most subservient and deserving. Her own cock throbs needily, tugging on Miranda as she follows wordlessly. "Hey babe, I'm not done fucking that pussy of yours yet," she calls over. As she does, a second Yasmine blinks into existence in front of her. Although this one is just a torso and a head, missing all four of her limbs, her new wings, and her immense dick. Where her limbs would be instead are golden chains that wrap around Zayn's neck and waist. "Here," she whispers into the ear of the new Yasmine. "This way I can fuck you all the time, and you can keep being a sexy demigoddess and dominating people with your hair." Zayn's voice seems to caress Yasmine as much as her telekinetic power. "And fucking whoever you want with your brutal god-cock." Without any further warning, Zayn buries her dick into the Yasmine harness, bottoming out and beginning to thrust while she follows her girlfriend's other body downstairs.

Torso Yasmine looks around her, surprised to suddenly find herself, once again, in two places at once. When she looks down at her body and sees how incomplete it is, both of them laugh. When Zayn begins to thrust, Torso Yasmine cries out, and the other one falls to the ground, losing control of her hair for a moment, landing roughly on her feet. She stumbles and avoids falling, but puts out a hand against the elevator doors to steady herself. Zayn's last statement is echoing in her mind, getting stronger, more insistent, and Yasmine exhales and looks around her. Her cock is throbbing, despite the uncountable number of times she's come not just in the past day but just in the past hour, and she needs to fuck someone. Over to the side she sees two people fucking on the sand; there's a man lying on his back and a woman, a short very curvy woman with long, purple hair, straddling him. Without a second though, Yasmine reaches out with her hair and grabs her, lifting her up off of her partner. The woman shouts in surprise, and Yasmine brings her directly toward her, positioning her so that she's thrust directly onto Yasmine's brutal god-cock (the words are still echoing in her mind). Her body makes room for it and Yasmine moans at the warmth of her body enveloping her enormous shaft. She pushes the woman on and off her dick, pumping her, making the woman scream in ecstasy. Her cock is long enough that when she thrusts into her, her glans forces its way out of her mouth, cutting off her voice, then back in, then out again. The elevator doors open and Yasmine steps in, taking the woman with her. She glances over at Zayn, doing something very similar, but to her. She shakes her head, marveling at what a strange evening it's been.

The two demons face each other in the elevator, fucking their living cock-sleeves as they ride the elevator down. Miranda and Asmodeus continue to spectate wordlessly, the former simply enraptured by her Goddess's presence. Zayn grunts as she mercilessly slams into her duplicated girlfriend's pussy, matching the enthusiasm that her other body uses to plow the curvy woman from the roof. Focusing for a moment, she makes Torso Yasmine's neck weak, and then watches as it extends upwards and travels around her shoulders like a flesh-toned snake. The head comes around her other shoulder and meets Zayn's face, allowing her to share another kiss with Yasmine. Gods, this is so fucking hot, babe. I woke up this morning, fucking dreading having to go to school again and drag myself through the day, and here I am now, doing this with you. Yasmine hear's Zayn's voice echo in her mind, coming from seemingly nowhere at all. Zayn lets Yasmine's other head uncoil from around her and snap back into place, and stares at Yasmine with an intense look of arousal. Heh, yeah, I can project thoughts into your mind, too, because of that last command. Or make you think of whatever I want. Like this. Uncontrollably, a vivid, hyper-real image of Zayn's face comes to mind, absolutely massive and focused on her old, pre-Zayn body. The image gives way to another one, just as real, of Yasmine worshiping the improved Zayn, who keeps growing larger and more perfect as the image lingers.

Or I can do this, too. Yasmine's vision clears, but suddenly she has a strong taste of chocolate in her mouth, as though she just ate an entire box of expensive sweets. Then her nose detects a powerful scent, one that makes her eyes water. She smells Zayn, specifically the musky odor wafting from Zayn's cock. The scent hovers around her like a cloud, making her light-headed and even more aroused, before disappearing as quickly as it began. Fuck, it's so fun playing with your head, babe. Watch this. Where Zayn's standing, suddenly two identical copies of her step out from her body as the elevator steadily expands in size around Yasmine. Each one has a Yasmine strapped to their torso, pumping in and out. And all three are getting bigger. Then it happens again, making nine. And again, making twenty-seven. The room keeps expanding, and so does the amount (and size) of Yasmine's girlfriend. Suddenly, a seemingly infinite number of Zayn stretch out around her, as far as she can see, fucking infinite copies of her body. And for a moment, Yasmine feels as though she's in an endless amount of bodies, taking an endless amount of dick. And then the world snaps back to normal. Zayn gives Yasmine a wry smile as the elevator slows down and dings.

Yasmine gasps and puts her hands on the wall to steady herself as her person-sized balls begin churning and her hips start to buck. The visions and sensations Zayn is feeding her are too much, and she comes all over the the walls, her dick protruding from the woman's mouth, spraying the inside of the glass elevator with gallons and gallons of jizz, thick ropes soon draped from the wall to the ceiling and pooling on the floor. Yasmine cries out in surprise and squeezes her eyes shut, but the image of Zayn's face seems burned into her eyelids. She laughs weakly. "Oh Goddess, I... feel like I can't even catch my breath. That was so good." The Yasmine wrapped around Zayn tries to wriggle herself closer to Zayn's face, but can't; she instead brings her hair up around Zayn's body and right next to her ear, where it combines and morphs into a face; but just the lower part, a mouth and chin. She puts her tongue into Zayn's ear, licking it softly, and whispers, "that was wild. You treat me so fucking good babe." When the elevator doors open, the come on the floor, which had reached a height of several inches, flows out, a sticky viscous mess that extends for several feet around the elevator doors. Yasmine composes herself and smiles down at the woman nestled over her cock. She pulls her off, grunting in pleasure, and holds her up in front of her face; the woman is moaning, her eyes closed. Yasmine drops her, semiconscious, into the puddle of come and steps out of the elevator, back into the party.

"Oh, hell, I almost forgot," Yasmine says, turning around. She bends and starts dragging her hands through the pool of spunk, until she finds what she's looking for. She stands up, triumphant, and lifts up a dripping, slimy, coughing and sputtering half-inch-tall Sara, dangling her upside-down. "You doing okay there, Sara?" she asks. Sara wipes the jizz from her face, and, still coughing, waves her middle finger at Yasmine. Yasmine laughs. "Yeah, you're fine." She makes Sara grow until she's about six inches tall, then reaches down and places her on the underside of her dick. Concentrating, she stretches Sara's arms and legs, bringing them around her enormous shaft and tying them in a knot on top, so that her body is still positioned underneath, her face pressed into Yasmine's inhumanly large ballsack. "There we are. Ready to go." 





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