Silver, Ember, Magic: Part 2

Renee noticed a silver aura surrounding her heels, while the silver puddle of her magical essence at her feet is being drained by Jade inside her heels, the whole puddle had a value of about 10% of her power but 5% remained. 

"We are going to make a scene, I better freeze everyone here." Renee clicked her fingers together and everything non magical came to a standstill, cars, people, trees, wind, everything with in the city radius, constantly looping and expanding when people entered or even witnessed the radius.

"I can't allow you to have that power." Renee knows what this woman is about, fears for the safety of Earth if she is on the loose.

As Renee was about to do something with her fingers, looking stunned at she watched her hand melting with the rest of her body following, slopping on the ground like muddy rain, forming a large white pool at her heels which were still sitting there untouched.

Jade morphed, scaling herself from the heels and forming her old humanoid body, brown haired roots and straight blonde hair reaching all the way to her breasts that really flaunted her cute pretty face, a small black T-shirt that slightly showed off her cute midriff, white short shorts with a brown belt that hugged her hips tightly that she felt really accentuated off her perfect legs.

"Wow this feels amazing, so powerful." Checking out herself and playing with her magic ever so slightly sending currents of silver energy out of her index finger that made a glowing silver aura over all parts of her body not to mention chills up her spine, completely falling in love with the fire of magic.  

"I think i need some heels!" Jade looked down at her bare feet, morphing a creamy white strappy pair of high heels with a slender spike, that really fit well with her milky white skin and her naturally perfect feet. Very happy with her look she struck a few poses admiring herself.         



Jade turning her gaze to pool beneath her noticing Reene reemerged to the silver pool where she first got her powers. "That was supposed to be mine!" 

"Supposed to be yours? Right..." Renee started to Poke her head out of the thick white puddle of herself.

"What do you think you're doing? I've got to get rest of my magic first!" Jade lifted her right heel and rested it up top of Renee's head at she was forming herself from the pool, with a smile on her face she concentrated her magic through her heel, turning her to soft clay then slightly pressing down with her ball of her heel making a indent in Renee's head as a quarter of her body was out of the puddle, shortly after with another pulse of her magic the clay hardened. "Truly a work of art?"

"If you are going to be like that, well I'll just turn you to stone." Renee telepathically connected to Jade, shortly after Renee visualised turning Jade to stone and instantly Jade felt a slight twitch on her feet, looking down in horror at her feet, she saw they were turned to soft stone, trying to move but couldn't, in the process slightly cracking herself each time she tried to move, infecting its way up her body until she was nothing but stone.

Renee's clay body softened and was able to form herself back from thought. Standing in front of Jade, her body began to crack from trying to move too much, eventually coming crashing down as her body lost its integrity crumpling into a pile brittle rocks on the ground in front of a smiling Renee. "You are quite the mess."

Renee noticed the stones starting to melt, forming themselves with each other, deciding to let her form and to not intervene. Eventually she finished morphing back to human "Ugh, all I could taste was dirt, yuck!." Renee sneaking a look at Jade's legs and heels, blushing slightly  "I love your heels Jade."

"Same here, they are my favourite but I never had the money to pay for them. Thinking about it though they could look better with a pedicure with your magic wrapped up in a neat package, I am really going to enjoy showing you off." Jade doing a little pose, she was also quietly angry about Renee turning her to stone, wanting to finish her off next.

"Is this how you do it?" Jade twirled her index finger with in a clockwise motion with grin on her face while she visualised of ... ..."ugh" ... giving all her magic to Renee. "UGH! WHAT??! Jade quivered for a second and her body rippling. She couldn't resist pointing her index finger at Renee,  a large current of silver magic left her finger, hitting the now smirking Renee with it, shuddering Jade to the core as she felt her magic leave and flowing back into Renee.  

Jade's heels disappeared into thin air, due to the magic that created them not existing anymore, causing her to fall over on her face as she hit the floor "ouch!" Jade slowly picked herself back up after her fall while looking up at Renee with anger. "Fuck you, bitch. How dare you!"

Renee had a slight smile on her face from that, she loves little cute fights with a rivalry, although this fight wasn't favourable for her considering she gained nothing from it, risking her magic and a person running around with the power to destroy the world she calls home.

Jade's mood changed to sobbing on her knees. "I almost had you." Trying to feel if she still has magic still in her system, clicking her fingers together but no response.

"You never had me love, the power you absorbed was nothing to me, I wasn't even going to keep you for a week as my heels, but that ship has longed sailed." Renee with a confident smile, both conceding this was over. 

"I-I was drunk, I am Sorry, can please you let me go?" Jade trying to weasel her way out of this. 

"Lying to me, doesn't help your cause. You know better than that." Renee in deep thought on what to do with her, she definitely doesn't want to turn her into something this time and death is not on the cards especially for mortals, shortly after she made up her mind.

Renee thawed the world and everything moved on as is. "You're free to go Jade, I've made my mind up." 

"Of course, how about a little magic though?  Its the least I deserve for you wasting my time." Jade was serious on this.

"I was planning to anyway, haha." Renee with a grin on her face, snapping her fingers together and wiping Jade's memory of tonight from her brain also instilling a little empathy into her, not so much that shes wholesome just a little. Not the magic that Jade was hoping for, but magic none less.

Renee thought about her own empathy after that, knowing she lacks it in certain places but she is content with who she is.

"Hello?" Jade had a look of surprise on her face, turning around and walking the other way awkwardly, thinking to herself. "Do I know her?" Renee broke into a silent chuckle reading her thoughts, she seems confused and lost. 

Renee's work here was done, she teleported back to her underground mansion's garden, marvelling at the a magic barrier holding back the bubbling lava from vacating the large domed space cave where her mansion is housed, walking up the steps and into her house that has no doors surprisingly, just walking through a wall like it was never there. 

Feeling like a bath, she materialised a large tub in her living room, morphing her clothes into a two piece bikini, checking her self out slightly, she dived right into the tub through goo form slipping and sliding in the tub eventually forming herself in her human body. 

"Damn, no water, no problems!" Renee snapped her fingers, not once but twice, but why twice?

Goo teleported from the ceiling, dropping and filling the tub up to the brim. "Oh, I could get used to you in this form Lavine!" Feeling another magical being all over her gave her chills, squirming around her whole body, reaching all around her sensitive spots.

"This is payback before for giving that mortal a taste of power, you've got time to make up for it now though."  Renee and Lavine have been friends since they were young, they constantly play tricks with one another and are also both highly competitive especially with each other.

Lavine morphed to human form adjusting herself so she was on top of Renee, emptying the tub, leaving nothing but the two of them in a intimate position.

"I am sorry hun, I couldn't help it haha, but it was a good show at least." Lavine laughing, noticing a smirk on Renee that she was trying to hide.

"We going to do this or what?" Lavine wanting to get a move on.

"Yeah, there is one more thing I need to do, hehe." *click* The end part two.


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