Kimberly held the phone off to her right, carefully framing her body on the screen to get every inch of her in frame. Five feet tall, with dirty blonde hair, small pointed face, and a skinny, nearly boyish figure, she wore a simple pale yellow t-shirt and gray leggings. At the age of twenty-two she had finally decided to do something about her body. This was the moment of truth. She snapped the picture and downloaded it to her blog.

She had already written out the first entry.


    This is it! I’m finally embarking on my fitness journey! My name is Kim, and I hope you’ll join me as I try to remake my body over the next year. Each day, I’ll post a picture just like this one (hopefully not exactly like it!) to show how my new workout regime is progressing. Hopefully this blog will keep me on track - unlike all the other times I’ve tried fitness only to lapse within a week. Please feel free to give me tips on what I should do! Please, only helpful comments and encouragement. I don’t need a bunch of trolls making fun of me!

    Here’s my starting workout:

    -    Cardio - 30 minutes (I have an elliptical trainer here at home, but will jog when it’s nice out.

    -    Calisthenics - a half hour of situps and pushups (cheaters at first!) and lunges, and such.

    -    Weights - I have a set of two, five, and ten pound hand weights. I figure I’ll spend an hour a day doing exercises with these, and once I get the hang of running I might start taking the two-pound ones out with me.

    I’ve also started eating a high-protein diet, with more lean meat (did someone say chicken?) and lots of green salads. I’m staying away from starches as much as I can, because despite having the body of a stick insect my family tends toward fat. I may have to make up for that my eating much more than I’m used to, since I’ll be burning all these calories. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

    So, come back tomorrow when I’ll post another picture. I doubt I’ll turn into a fitness model overnight, but the journey is sure to be interesting!

  • Kim


    Excited to get started, Kimberly picked up her five pound weights and began to curl them.


    Kimberly opened her eyes as her alarm clock blared at her and turned to look at the glowing green numbers. 5:30. Time to go for a run.

    She rolled out of bed, arms still sore from her workout the previous evening. Her coworkers had invited her out to Karaoke and afterward she’d felt so guilty about the calories she’d consumed that she’d worked out her torso for an hour. Still in her sports bra, she slipped on a t-shirt and shorts, tied up her running shoes, stretched a little, and then grabbed the two-pound weights before heading out the door.

    She broke into a sprint for the first fifty yards as her running route ran up a long hill, her burning legs eventually forcing her to slow her pace. She’d heard from one of her followers that she should intersperse sprints with her jogging to build up her legs and help her develop her “burst strength”. She had no idea if that was backed with any medical evidence, but it certainly seemed to work on her calves, thighs and ass. Not only were they burning, but her ability to maintain the sprint up the hill seemed to get a little longer every day, and the results showed on her daily picture.

    She turned around for the last quarter of the hill and ran backwards, carefully lifting her feet high enough that she didn’t trip. Then she completed her normal route through her hilly neighborhood, waving to the elderly neighbor as she passed at the top of another hill.

    “Looking good Kimmy!” the old lady called.

    “Thanks Miriam!” Kim called back.

    One benefit of all this exercise is that she got to meet many of her neighbors. She’d inherited her house from her parents, and the neighborhood she lived in was an older one, with many retirees. Hell, the whole town was like that. Normally pretty shy, Kim would have never met these folks if she hadn’t started running. 

    After about an hour, Kim completed her seven-mile circuit, sprinting the last quarter mile to her door. She headed for her garage, now outfitted with her old elliptical trainer, but also a full set of free weights. She picked up her log book and began lifting, checking off each exercise as she went. She took it easy today, not wanting to overdo it after the previous night, ending the session at the bench press - finishing up with a set of six at 130 pounds. Not bad!

    Finally, she pumped up her biceps with a couple curls with a heavy weight and made her way back to her bedroom, with it’s familiar scenery, to take a picture in the full-length closet door mirror. Quickly changing into the clothes she set aside for her photo. She scanned the room to make sure everything was tidy and no dirty clothes sullied the scene, and wished for the hundredth time that she had chosen a better backdrop to begin her project, but she was stuck with it now! 

    Just as she had that first day, Kim stood with one hand on her hip, the other one holding the phone to get her entire body in frame, and, unlike that first picture, now smiled a big smile for her followers. Her top was different, now a tight white t-shirt that accentuated the muscle she had developed over the last eight months and which exposed her firm abs, but the leggings were similar to her first picture’s, although now they were stretched thin across her bulging thighs and calves. After the twentieth picture, she’d begun leaving the door to the bathroom open so that its mirror would show the progress of her ass, which was now rounded with firm muscle.

    When she was satisfied, she snapped the picture and then took a shower and dried her hair, smiling to herself as it settled down into her preferred bob. She opened her closet door and pulled out a cute pink floral sundress, slipping it over her head without putting on a bra or panties. Then she practiced spinning in front of her mirror to get the timing just right and managed to snap a second picture with her hair flying up as she spun, one leg bent at the knee out in front of her like a dancer, and with her dress flowing out to expose just a little of her shapely ass. Then she skipped to her office to upload the photos to her blog, cross-posting them to her Instagram account.


Hi everyone! As you can see, things are going well. I just ran my seven miles and even worked ten sprints in there - thanks to Jon for suggesting that by the way. My burst speed and endurance has really improved.

So, I think I’ve hit a little plateau, and I’d like suggestions. My one rep max on the bench press is up to 165 and my squat is at 240, which is a far cry from where I started, but I’ve not really been able to push it any further. Any help you could give would be fantastic!

Oh, I’m going out on a date next week! Here’s a picture of the dress I plan on wearing. What do you think?

Anyway, until tomorrow!



    Kim pulled the dress off and hung it carefully on the back of her bedroom door, and then got dressed for work, slipping on her undergarments and then her powder-blue uniform - the short dress with short sleeves and a white collar they had her wear at the diner. She tugged at the sleeve as it was quite tight around her muscular upper arm. She’d have to get a new uniform soon. She sighed at her reflection.

When she was only a couple years younger, she’d planned on graduating college and then moving to the big city to make a name in tech, she had been quite the computer whiz, but when her mom died in an auto accident her life kind of stalled. She’d taken a break from college to take care of her dad, who had been badly injured in the crash, and then when he died six months later she found herself living in their house, not even daring to open their old bedroom door for fear of the feelings it would stir up. Since their funerals, she hadn’t really moved forward with her life, going back to school or pursuing any real goals, she just coasted as a waitress at a local greasy spoon. That is, until she’d started her blog.

    The blog had really boosted things for her. Kim had a cute, pixie-like face, short blonde hair, and ready smile that played well in photographs, and her originally slim physique photographed well too. Although she wasn’t tall like a model, she was so slim that her proportions were similar. Despite the fact that she had dressed like a depressed frump in that first picture, she had quickly gained an audience. At first it was just a few of her old college friends, but her look and attitude attracted a subset of the population that liked cute small girls (who didn’t!), and an even smaller subset that fantasized about watching them grow muscular.

Yeah, she knew about that. About halfway through the year one of her fans posted a link to his DeviantArt profile, and she’d discovered an online subculture of people who fetishized women growing muscles and power - sometimes even developing superpowers or ascending to goddesshood. It had never occurred to her that this was a fairly-common fetish, she just wanted to get fit, but she had to admit that some of the sex scenes had gotten her hot and bothered. She continued to periodically revisit those sites. One memorable night she had even worked out naked, imagining herself growing big and sexy and ramming the end of a fully-loaded weight bar into her pussy. She’d ended that session early, riding out a few orgasms on her vibrator. The pic that went up that day was a little...sweaty.

The fact that she had an audience rooting for her had really forced her to work out every day and stay on schedule. Maybe too much, actually. She had only really wanted to improve her looks and mood - gain some muscle and look healthier. But now she had fans and, well, she didn’t want to disappoint them. She had developed an almost fitness model-level physique, albeit a short one, and still she worked hard to show improvement and keep her audience. 

That was a problem for another day. Now she had to go to work.


    Hey Kim, did you see that YouTube video of you? It’s wild!

    Kim read the message from her old college roommate as she walked home, and stared at the link. What the hell could Madison be talking about?

    She clicked the link.

    An image of that first pic she’d posted a year ago appeared on the screen, quickly morphing into the second and then the third and so on. At first she’d taken the photos with the same clothes, the same pose, and about the same time of day, so the background didn’t change all that much, but she was surprised when the pictures started moving into the winter months. Then her room had been much darker in the morning, but in the video the background remained static and well lit. It was pretty impressive and seamless, technologically. Eventually, the bathroom door slowly opened to show the mirror (and her developing ass), smoothly and naturally despite the fact that she had just opened it up one day and, had this been a simple time lapse, it would have flickered open.

    She also noticed that each image had been airbrushed or something. Stray pimples she’d missed with her makeup early on were touched up here. Someone had spent a lot of time and energy making sure everything was perfect. Kim couldn’t even tell which of the images were the original pictures she had actually uploaded and which were fill, created to make the transitions seamless. Whoever had made this video had even added natural movements so that it looked like she had actually just stood there for a couple minutes and suddenly started growing, with expressions of surprise and wonder flashing on her face and a natural shifting of balance.

    After two minutes, the video progressed to Kim’s most recent posts, but when she looked down at the time, she saw there was at least a couple minutes left in the video. What the heck? She recognized the pic she’d taken just that morning fly by, but then it just continued. Her biceps and abs continued to develop as her earlier shocked expression turned to a wide smile of pleasure and wonder, as if the image of her were enjoying the growth immensely. In fact...did her lips just get a little fuller and  her nose a little smaller and even more pixie-ish? Any minor imperfection or asymmetricality on her face faded away. Impressive as that was, it was nothing compared to what was happening below her neck! 

    Kim watched her image as her muscles ballooned, slowly stretching her shirt to its limit, her muscular upper arms fraying and then ripping the sleeves of the shirt asunder, while her pecs started bulging wildly. No, not just her pecs, her breasts! This image of her had real breasts, nothing like her current mosquito bites, growing like rising bread and pulling her already-tight t-shirt further up her rock-hard abs until a substantial amount of underboob was showing. The girl’s nipples were the size of thumbs, threatening to drill right through the cotton.

    Then the image closed her eyes and she raised her hands and stretched, and when she did so, her entire body seemed to stretch and grow taller, more muscle bulging to fill her elongated frame. Her leggings rode up on her calves and began to grow thin at her thighs, the lycra stretched to the limit. Finally the image of Kim opened her eyes and smiled to the camera, lifting both arms and flexing biceps that rivaled the size of her head.

    The image was perfectly photorealistic and believable, despite it being of a seven-foot super-sexy muscle monster that defied reality. If someone had shown this picture to her with a different face she would have totally believed it, and probably even masturbated to it, truth be told.

    Kim ran the rest of the way home, changed her clothes, and texted Madison.


    What the hell? I’m gonna track this asshole down!


    It was flattering, really, and very sexy, but she couldn’t just have people making perfectly realistic videos of her. If they could do something like this, they could make a video of her doing anything! They could do a porn of her for gods’ sake!

    She sat at her laptop and brought up the video, looking for the person who had posted it. It had 56,000 views already. Ugh. It had been posted by someone named Hippolyta. seemed to be the only video from that author, and they had only created this account two days prior. The video had been uploaded just a day ago.

    The comments went along the lines of what you would guess. Hawt! - I’d hit it! - Fuck! Built like a brick shithouse! - You guys are disgusting. - Could she be my girlfriend?

    There was no e-mail address. She wasn’t going to try to contact Hippolyta through the comment section, of course. She didn’t need one of these other assholes trying to email her. Instead, she used a hacking tool from her college days to see if she could weasel out the user’s IP address. It seemed at first to work, but as she’d feared, the uploader had used a VPN. Goddammit!

    She tried another approach. She downloaded the video and wrote up a script to perform a reverse image search on every frame. She set it running and got up to take a shower.

    Kim looked into the mirror at her naked body, sleek muscles bunching and flexing along her tiny frame as she did a little dance. She pressed her hands up against her little pancake breasts, feeling her nipples dig into her palms - stiff from the chill. Fuck, it would be awesome to grow some tits, she thought. She stepped into the shower and turned up the hot water. Her thoughts quickly wandered to the video, the way she just sort of ballooned with muscle and power (and tits! And height!) Kim’s soapy hands caressed her hard body, right hand slowly trailing a path to her shaven pussy. She gasped as she began to rub her clit, imagining her other hand filling with tit-flesh as she envisioned growing so large and powerful as to threaten the integrity of her glass shower stall. Within moments she was gasping in orgasm, only regaining her wits after a minute of panting, and finished up her shower.

    She wrapped a towel around herself and wandered back out to her laptop, still chugging away. To pass the time, she checked out her blog. There were several entries congratulating her on her progress, several others notifying her of the existence of the video, and one offering a suggestion.


    Hi Kimberly, I’ve been a big fan of yours since I discovered your site a couple weeks ago. Good work in getting to where you are from where you came from. That took real commitment, I’m sure. Anyway, you mentioned hitting a plateau. Have you tried this protein powder? It’s pretty new, but I’ve used it for the last month and have seen great results! Anyway, may your gains be mighty! -Praxiteles 


    Kim clicked the link, which went to an Amazon page to something called OrganoBlast, a protein powder especially formulated for women. It was on sale for $15 for five pounds. Pretty inexpensive, at least compared to the competitors Amazon also brought up. On a whim she ordered a jar, and then switched back to see if there was any progress on the reverse image search.

    She was at first surprised to see several hundred results, but then she realized that she’d forgotten to exclude the original YouTube video from the search and she just had an endless list of that link. She edited her script and set it running again, going off to make dinner.

    That evening before going to bed she checked again. The script had just made it to the point the video that left reality behind, but there were four hits! She checked each one. Two were copies of the video posted by other users on giantess and muscle-growth fetish sites, but each had been uploaded after the original YouTube video, so they probably weren’t the source. The third wasn’t a video but a set of key frames from the video uploaded to a hentai site, as if it were a comic book. Kim wasn’t familiar with a couple of these sites, so she noted them for her future browsing pleasure.

    The last one was interesting. It was a set of the original pictures she had posted set against a blank black background, edited like they were in the video, with perfect lighting and airbrushing. After the familiar frames a handful of new frames followed after reality left off, with her in various stages of growth, almost but not quite exactly like in the video. She reloaded the site to bookmark it and saw that another frame had been added, this one with her left nipple beginning to rip through her shirt as she grew.

    What. The. Fuck.

    She let her script continue as she poured herself a glass of wine and then returned to her laptop to hit the refresh button over and over. Slowly, over the course of an hour, sixty more frames popped up, representing maybe two or three seconds of video in total, where her right breast caught up and sharp pointy nipples tore her shirt to ribbons as her face moved into a moan of intense pleasure. Fuck it was hot. She let her towel fall open as Kim spread her legs and she began to massage her mound. She took another sip of wine, waited a few seconds, and hit refresh again. This time it was her thighs and ass that expanded, tearing through her tights like they were tissue paper. This new image had one titanically-muscled arm halfway to her pussy, and Kim hit that refresh button over and over, eventually being rewarded with a series of her image yanking on a clit that had grown at least an inch from her vaginal folds until the facsimile doubled over in orgasm, spasming violently.

    Kim came then too, shuddering with release as if she were actually the girl in the stills. She crawled, still naked, into her bed as her laptop chugged away, and fell asleep.


    Kim awoke to her alarm blaring. Dammit! She’d stayed up late two days in a row. She briefly considered skipping her run, but then dragged herself out of bed to keep her streak alive so she wouldn’t disappoint her fans. She slipped into her sports bra and tights and ran her normal circuit, taking nearly an hour and a half to do it, so tired was she.

    On returning home she saw a box on her doorstep. It was from Amazon and it turned out to be the protein she’d ordered. She didn’t even remember asking for overnight delivery, and who delivers stuff at six thirty in the morning anyway? Well, in any event, she read the directions as she walked into the kitchen.

    A quarter cup daily in a smoothie or mixed with milk. She opened the top and took a sniff. Ugh! Maybe after her workout.

    After completing her daily workout (with no gains, dammit!) she changed into her photo outfit, snapped a picture while her pump was fresh, and then returned to the kitchen to mix the protein into a glass of milk. It tasted worse than it smelled, but she managed to keep it down. 

It was only when she sat down at her laptop to upload the pics to her blog that she remembered she’d left her script running all night, and her browser was still showing pictures from that strange website she’d found. It looked like it had restarted from the beginning of the series, rerendering one of her early photos. She couldn’t really see any difference from before, but she scrolled up to see some of the final images from the previous sequence and blushed. In it she was ten-feet tall and muscular beyond belief, with bean bag-chair sized breasts bulging out on a chest at least four feet wide. Her nipples must have been six inches long! She sat on the floor, her head reaching well past the bathroom doorknob, her legs splayed out. Each thigh was two feet thick and ripped with muscle. Her beautiful face was in an orgasmic rictus, eyes rolled back. Between her legs was a gigantic cock that must have been three feet long and a good six-inches in diameter nestled between her breasts. It was in the process of spurting an enormous gusher of semen well out of frame, as if shooting from a garden hose.

    Her hands shook as she closed the browser window, brought up her blog, and typed in a new entry without uploading her most recent pictures.


    Hi everyone, I don’t know if you saw the video render of me online. To say the least, that’s not real, and I’m pretty mad about that and the other stuff that may be out there. Rest assured that I’m tracking down the asshole who uploaded that stuff, but until I do, I’m going to be taking a little hiatus from posting my progress pics. I hope you understand.

    And, if it’s one of you who’s doing this, stop. Stop now. I swear I am going to hunt you down and find you, and if you continue to post stuff like this it will not go well for you when I show up on your doorstep.



    Kim unsteadily dressed in her diner uniform before heading to work for the morning rush. Before she got there she started shivering, despite it being a nice sunny Spring morning. Within an hour she was shaking so hard she could barely pour coffee without it splashing onto the table. The owner of the diner, Judy, a matronly woman in her fifties, put her hand to Kim’s forehead and insisted that she head home. Judy would cover the lunch shift for her. Kim stumbled home, wishing she’d brought a coat, and collapsed into bed, alternately freezing and then burning up and sweating. 

Fucking flu.

    She fell unconscious.


    Kim woke with the sun in her eyes. What the hell? Was it the afternoon already? She checked her phone and sat up with a start, frantically calling the diner. She’d slept through the day, the night, and her alarm the next morning and missed the start of her shift, but, thankfully, Judy had already covered for her and suggested Kim get some hot chicken soup into herself. Kim chuckled and thanked her. Luckily the next couple days were her days off, so she’d have time to recover.

    Actually, she didn’t feel too bad now, although her sheets were soaking with her sweat. She got out and bundled up the bedclothes, tossing them into the washing machine and setting it to sanitize. 

    Should she run? It felt weird running a day after she’d had a raging fever, and she certainly had a good excuse to skip, but it felt even weirder not to work out seeing as she hadn’t missed a day in over a year. Ultimately, she reverted to habit and put on her sports bra, shorts, and running shoes and hit the pavement. 

It felt good. It had been a warm spring, and the blossoms on the trees were going wild. It was a good thing she didn’t suffer from hay fever. The sun caressed her pumping arms and Kim bore up the hill as if she were flying. Puffing at the top, she held onto the sprint an extra twenty yards or so before falling back into a jog. She smiled, and pushed herself again after catching her breath. She completed her route in 45 minutes, beating her best time by more than ten! 

    I should get sick more often!

    She returned home buzzing with energy and immediately hit the weight room, pushing herself just like she had on her run. She did her third set of ten bench presses at 145lbs, a new best, and then decided to load up her bar to 175 to see if she could beat her old one-rep max. With a little grunting, she slowly lowered the bar to her chest, and then, putting her all into it, pushed it back up to the stops. She’d done it!

    She spent the next two hours working through every exercise, focusing on her lower body, which hadn’t seen too much love the last couple days. (She topped out at 280 on her squat! Another record!) Finally, her arms wobbling like noodles, Kim headed to the kitchen for more of that magical protein powder. It didn’t taste any better than the day before, unfortunately, but while she choked it down she absently read through the back of the label.


    OrganoBlast! The first workout supplement specifically formulated for the needs of female human athletes. Just one fourth of one cup of OrganoBlast mixed vigorously with cow milk each day gives the growing female human all the fuel the individual needs to grow strong muscles, strong bones, voluminous endurance, intense senses, superior perceptions, an activated immune system, extended lifespan, better eyesight, reproductive prowess, larger mammary glands, other enhanced secondary sexual characteristics, attractive features, increased lung capacity, raw computing power, intense sexual stimulation, finer motor control, superior stature, smoother skin, reduced hair follicle production (except on the cranial dermis), eye color modification, symmetrical facial presentation, and much much additionally.

    Contains the highest quality protein and amino acids, state-of-the-art nanobubble delivery mechanisms, and other adjuncts, specifically targeted to enhance compatible human females.

    Consume with confidence! Understand the word of this popular human actress!

    “When I need to get into shape for my next movie, OrganoBlast is the first thing I reach for!”


    The bottle showed a picture of Emily Blunt performing a one-handed pullup in a skimpy top that accentuated her ripped abs as she smiled for the camera.

    Female human athletes’? Who the hell wrote this copy?

Kimberly shook her head and finished the disgusting slurry. Then she went back to her laptop to see how her script was doing.

    She saw a list of ten entries from before the video was uploaded. Nine were to a giantess fetish forum, posting what looked like stills from an early attempt - the pictures were not quite as realistic as in the video. When she tracked back the IP address it led back to a VPN again. The last one was on a different forum under a different name, posted four weeks prior to the video, showing one of her actual pictures and with some accompanying text.

    Hey, do you guys think this girl would be good to morph? Imagine this little pixie growing out of her clothes!

    This was followed by a bunch of comments like “Oh yeah!” and “Hawt!” and so on. 

    Kim traced the IP address and, bingo! The poster used a fairly common ISP that had lax security, and she was able to narrow it down to a single apartment building in the city, although she couldn’t access the customer’s name or anything. Well, it was a start. She considered if she should sleuth a little more or make the two hour trip into town, and decided to strike while the iron was hot. She took her shower, dressed up in warmer clothes - the nights were still chilly - and jumped into her old blue Jeep Wrangler.

    The drive was uneventful, although her chest felt warm. Maybe some carryover from her sickness, she thought. Should have maybe laid off the workout today. It was around five before she found a parking spot near the apartment building. It was a high rise right in the downtown core, a new one. It actually looked pretty lux. 

    Kim tried the call box, looking for a directory, but it wanted a name first before it would give out phone numbers, and she certainly didn’t know who she was looking for. Maybe this was a mistake. She heard footsteps approach from behind.

    Kim turned, and she suddenly knew she had her man. It was Kaleb Yang from college. He’d been a regular on their floor of the dorms, a pimpled geek computer science major with not the greatest people skills. He would always try to wheedle into every party, every conversation, say something awkward, and then retreat to the corner of the room in embarrassment. She’d thought he was a harmless creep at the time, but it became clear during her aborted first year in school that Kaleb had a thing for her. More than once she’d turn around only to find him staring at her and quickly averting his gaze, trying to work up the courage to say something. He was just the kind of guy to find her website and then spend hours mocking up nude pictures of her.

    Kaleb started at the sight of her, his backpack slipping off a suddenly slack shoulder. He was shaking. 

    “K-Kim Anderson?” he said.

    “Hello Kaleb,” she said, an edge of menace in her voice. “Invite me in so I can kill you without witnesses.”

    “K-kim...uh...hi! Long time no see,” he stammered.

    “Can it, joker. Let’s go. You’re going to show me your setup and delete every last render of me from the web. You have until the count of ten, then I call the police.”

    “Uh, OK. Yeah.” 

    He pressed his thumb to the lock, and the door clicked open. He stepped in and Kim followed. Kim waved cheerfully to the security guard to distract him from Kaleb’s terrified expression as they entered the elevator and he pressed the button for the thirtieth floor. When they opened the door to his apartment, Kim whistled. His place was one of the new luxury numbers popping up all around the city, spacious with a panoramic view of the sound and snow-capped mountains beyond, viewed through a glass door leading to a wide balcony. The view was ruined a little, however, by the sparse furnishings and incoherent mess of the rest of his apartment. Off to the left was a bedroom, bed sheets crumpled and unmade on a very nice king-sized bed, and to the right was another bedroom with a gaming computer and four screens set up on a desk. The living room consisted of a leather couch, a recliner, and an 85-inch TV that looked state-of-the-art. The kitchen, open to the living room, was a disaster of dirty dishes and takeout boxes.

    “You’ve done pretty well for yourself, Kaleb, though you don’t seem to have gotten past freshman year in the cleanliness department. Where’d you get the money for this place?” she asked.

    “I, uh, work at Amazon now.”

    “Yeah? What do you do for Amazon?”

    “Look, I’m really sorry about making that video. I was just testing out some new technology and it got out of hand. I...I thought you might be flattered.” 

She scowled dangerously at him. He raised his hands in defense and backtracked..

“I know, I know! I was stupid, and it wasn’t right!” he said.

Kim pointed to the office, not wanting to stay in this pigsty any longer than she needed to. He dropped his backpack to the floor and slunk to the desk there. Kim grabbed a stool from the kitchen counter and dragged it in after him. Kaleb sat in his gaudy gaming chair and woke up his computer. A window was open in the center screen showing a still from a video where a gigantic nude version of Kim was ramming a streetlight pole into her pussy, and he scrambled to close it. 

Kim punched him in the arm.

“Jackass! What were you thinking? Why would you make a video like that?”

“I...I didn’t mean to!” he groaned, rubbing his arm.

“What do you mean you didn’t mean to? This must have taken you weeks!”

“That’s just it! It barely took any effort at all!”

She looked at him skeptically.

“Look, I work for Amazon on cutting-edge artificial intelligence work. You know deepfakes?”

“You mean like putting Nicholas Cage’s face on Schwarzenegger's body?” 

“Exactly, well I was working on a side project making an AI that could make deepfakes on its own, photorealistic ones, with minimal human interaction, and extend them beyond what was already there. Like instead of putting Nick Cage on Arnold’s body in Commando, you could tell it to put him in a new setting altogether, like outer space, and replace his arms with tentacles or something. Just give it a script, a little training data, and boom! Instant photorealistic movie!” He bounced in his chair in misplaced excitement.

“So, what, you wanted to see me rip out of my clothes and be a giant?”

He blushed.

“Well, not exactly. I just wanted to test it and, um, I sorta followed your blog…”

“Well, yeah, I figured,” Kim said.

“It looked like you wanted to grow some muscles, like it was a fantasy of yours, so I...I…”

“You told your pet AI to make me more muscular, like on those goddess sites you’re on all the time.”

He blushed even more.

“You...know about those?”

“How did you think I found you, genius?” she sneered.

“So...yeah. I have a sort of...thing for stories about women growing strong and muscular and super powerful, and, uh…”

“You’ve always had a crush on me. Right. So you fed my progress photos into your machine and told it to make me like Arnold?”

“No! That’s not how it works at all! No, I downloaded all your images and told the system to continue the series, making you better, stronger, incredibly beautiful, more powerful, all that. Then I gave it a corpus of training data from the web. Instagram feeds of crossfit girls and supermodels, and, yes, animations of girls growing big tits and super muscles, links to galleries of muscle girl renders, even some erotic superpower and goddess fiction. I really wanted to see what it could do.”

“You wanted to see me grow out of my clothes.”

“Well, yeah, but this was serious science too!”

“Riiiiiight,” she said, unconvinced.

“Yes! Well then I loaded it into our cloud service to use the uncommitted cycles from our server farms and let it go to work. At first, the output was weird.” He woke the screen up again and opened a folder, clicking on a file and bringing up an image that made her cringe.

It was a photo of her, but a her with twenty eyes all around her head, enormous ears, gigantic breasts, and super-long arms and legs with gigantically knobby joints that made her look like a fleshy spider. It was gross.

“Yeah. I had to reset the parameters to limit the progression to a human-standard body plan. Apparently it thought that if two eyes were good, twenty would be better, right? And those knobby joints would give this girl super strength from improved leverage. I pushed the sliders to emphasize human beauty, leaving it to figure out what that was. Within a few days of self-training, it was producing videos of you becoming increasingly beautiful, muscular, and huge. I...I kind of wanted to impress the guys on the forums, so I chose a version where you didn’t quite rip out of your clothes to post to YouTube. I’m sorry about that! I…”

“You didn’t think anyone would link it to a real person? Well guess what, jackass, someone put two and two together! And what about the other website?” she said indignantly.

“What other website?” He was confused.

“The one that’s still posting pics!”

She pushed him aside and typed in the URL for the weird bare website with the progressively more lewd pictures of her on it.

He stared at a picture of her flexing her arm and having her bicep rip her sleeve open.

“What the hell?” he said, and commandeered the keyboard, typing frantically.

“Yeah, that’s my AI alright. It’s coming from the Amazon cloud address I set up for it. Let’s see if this links to anything.” 

He started typing again, and within minutes a new window popped up with a “who’s hotter” sort of window on it. It showed the most recent pic and an alternate one where both arms flexed and her nipples simultaneously ripped free of her shirt. The site asked the users to click on the render they thought was more hot. Kaleb absently clicked on the one with the nipple puncture and a new set of pics appeared. Kim punched him hard in the arm again.

“Hey!” he said.

“Creep,” she responded. 

He looked back at the screen. 

“It looks like the AI is using this ‘who’s hotter’ type site to gauge human beauty norms.”

He typed some more.

“Yeah, a bunch of fetish sites link to this one. I’d guess a lot of the most recent images you’ve been seeing have been driven by a feedback loop of enthusiasts.”

“Perverts, you mean,” she said. “Shut it down. Shut it all down. Now.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course!”

He began typing as she watched. One by one he killed the AI processes of his creation, erasing the images from the website, and cancelling the site registration. At some point Kim had to use the restroom. Her chest was burning up, and she had to pee. Kaleb pointed her to the bathroom across from the kitchen. 

Kim cringed when she turned on the light. It was nearly as messy as the kitchen, the sink clogged with whiskers and the tub uncleaned for months. She crouched down to pee, trying not to let her ass touch the toilet seat, and rubbed her chest absently. She could feel her nipples stiff against her hand. Frowning, she flushed the toilet and washed her hands. Not finding any soap, she resorted to using a little squirt of shaving cream. She looked at herself in the mirror. What the hell was going on with her chest? She pulled off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. She hardly ever wore a bra except when she ran, so small were her breasts. She stood there staring at her bare chest.

It was flushed, as if she had a bad rash or something, and it seemed swollen. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles, and she reached up and lightly brushed one, shivering in pleasure. There was even a little give, because where she had once been flat, she had somehow developed A-cup breasts. What the hell was going on? Was it that protein powder? It had promised breast development, but that was bullshit marketing copy, right? 

Kim cupped her new assets with both hands, watching as they bounced a little when she let go. She blushed at the feelings her caresses caused. Quickly, she buttoned up her shirt and returned to Kaleb’s side.

After a few more minutes, he leaned back in his chair.

“There. It’s done. Kim, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to go this far.”

“That’s not all bucko.” She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a thumb drive. “I want you to load up all the pictures and videos you’ve saved from your secret stash, and then delete them from your hard drive.”

Reluctantly, he reached over and then plugged the drive into his computer. 

“What do you want them for? I thought you didn’t like it.”

She blushed. “I don’t. I...uh, I’m using them for blackmail. One more image like this hits the web and I send this to your bosses.”

He looked worried. “Oh, ok.” After a few minutes he handed it back to her and she watched as he deleted the files from his computer. She doubted these were his only copy. Working at Amazon, he probably had a copy encrypted in the cloud, but at least he knew that he was in trouble if any more of them saw the light of day.

She put on her coat and headed for the door.

“Wait,” said Kaleb. “Do you, uh, want to stay for dinner? Maybe pizza?”

    Kim stood in the doorway with a scowl on her face. “Kaleb, I want to be clear. I do not want to see your face ever again, and if I do I will punch it so hard you’ll be drinking from a straw for the rest of your life.” 

    It started to rain on her way home. 


By the time she got to the house it was nearly ten and she was yawning furiously. She stumbled in and headed for her bathroom, pulling off her jacket and shirt and letting them fall to the floor. Her breasts were still pink and swollen, and if anything even bigger than before. She reached up, mesmerized by her straining nipples, and cupped her tits, thrilling to the sensation. She blushed and stumbled to her bed and stared at the ceiling, one hand still caressing a shapely breast. Her pussy throbbed in arousal.

    “Shit,” she said, and unbuttoned her jeans. She shoved one hand under her panties and rubbed hard on her clit as she squeezed her new breast tissue. After a minute of grinding, she spasmed in one of the best orgasms of her life. Then, fatigue overwhelming her, she passed out with one hand still in her sopping underpants.


    Kim awoke to her alarm once again, and, on autopilot slipped into her shorts and sports bra, and tied up her running shoes. She picked up her phone and saw several texts from an unfamiliar number, but on reading it saw that they must be from Kaleb, because he kept apologizing. She scowled and put the phone in her jacket pocket.

Running out into the drizzle, she once again sprinted up the first hill, but felt so full of energy, she just kept sprinting for most of the first mile. She slowed to a jog for only a couple minutes before recovering enough to sprint for another long stretch, and the rest of her run continued along in this vein.

    When Kim returned home, her body was so buzzing with energy she slipped into her garage workout room and began pumping weights, not even really paying attention to the amount she had on her bar. Ripping long set after long set of twenty or more reps, she tried to hit that point where her muscles would run out of steam, but somehow always found a reserve of energy for another set. Finally, after more than an hour of continuous heavy weights, her muscles started aching a little. 

Still on autopilot she returned to the kitchen and mixed up a big cup of protein, and after gulping down half of it, returned to her bathroom for a shower. She stopped suddenly when she saw herself in the mirror. 

Holy shit!

She threw the cup of protein slurry across the counter as if it were a snake and looked back up at her reflection. Staring back at her was a version of her she had once only dreamed of. Her pixie-like face glowed with health, not a pimple or a blemish ruining her perfect skin, supported by a long and slim neck. This led naturally to wide ripped shoulders, grapefruit-sized deltoids bunching as she moved. Below, her pumped arms widened to thick biceps and triceps. She flexed and watched as the bicep grew to the size of a softball. Her forearms were veined and striated with the flex. 

Her upper body was wide with freshly-pumped traps forming an inverted triangle to her narrow waist. On her chest, her sports bra fought against her breasts, slowly losing the battle. Now-sizable tits squeezed out of the top and bottom of the spandex top built for a much smaller woman, and she could clearly see the outline of nipples poking through the strong material.

Below the top, deeply-cut abs trailed one after the other in a washboard of power to a well-defined and sexy Adonis belt that ran under her now-tight shorts. Her thighs pulled the shorts taut as they bulged with well-defined muscle that wasn’t there the day before, and her calves bunched like hams when she shifted to look.

Kim looked back up to her face again, and then back to the doorway. I taller?

Kim took a lipstick and backed up against the wall, making a mark where her head topped out, and then ran to the kitchen for a tape measure. 

Five feet three inches. I grew three inches. That...that’s not possible.

She looked back at the protein slurry, sitting like a sinister monster on the counter, begging her to drink it. Kim remembered again the weirdly phrased marketing copy. Was it true?

Kim fought with herself. In one way, this was a dream come true. She’d always wanted to be stronger and sexier, but this was crazy. If she kept drinking this stuff, what would it do to her? She only wanted to get into shape and boost her confidence, not become a…

She ran into her bedroom and fished through the pockets of her jeans, still crumpled on the floor. Grabbing the thumb drive, she shoved it into the USB port of her laptop and clicked on a video at random. 

It was a later one, one she hadn’t seen before. It started out like all the others, familiar images of herself over the last year getting more fit, but then when it passed the present day she watched as her breasts ballooned into basketballs, and her height stretched to six feet. Her leggings tightened and something enormous snaked down one leg until it reached her knee. The figure closed her eyes and grunted, thrusting her crotch forward and an enormous three-foot cock ripped through her tights and sprang up so it bounced off the girl’s breasts. The girl smiled and reached forward, stroking the thickening member faster and faster as her muscles and breasts ripped through the rest of her clothes. Finally an endless stream of cum shot out of the distended slit at the tip, arcing out of frame. The girl threw back her head in a silent scream of unfathomable pleasure. For what seemed like two minutes the girl just stood there, arms thrown back, back arched and hips  thrusting forward as the neverending stream of semen shot forth and pooled on the floor. The girl began to glow an unearthly golden hue as if lit from within and suddenly began to levitate, her toes pointed like a ballerina’s, and the flow from her dick slowed to a dribble.

The girl straightened, a big grin on her face, as she hovered, golden and glowing in the center of Kim’s bedroom, enormous cock still rigid and pulsing. She opened her eyes, and they were just two searing golden embers of power. The girl lifted one incredibly-muscled arm upward, the other clenched by her side, and bent one leg slightly, like Superman, then shot out of frame through the ceiling, sheetrock raining back down into her room as the video ended.

This cannot be a coincidence. Kaleb has to be behind this crap. But...he’s a computer geek, not a biologist. If medicine could have done this in the past I would have heard about it.

Kim quickly opened a browser window and searched for mentions of OrganoBlast. Most of the results were ads, but further down she saw people mentioning the great gains they’d gotten from the stuff. She clicked on one of them and read a review of the stuff on Amazon.


I don’t know about some of these other reviewers, where this stuff does nothing, but I for one have seen great gains after using this stuff. For the last three months I’d been on a plateau, not able to improve my lifts, but a month after getting this stuff I’ve managed to burst through my previous max by 20%. Things have slowed since then, but every little bit helps!


Kim read through some other reviews. The majority of girls indicated that the stuff was a nasty-tasting scam, snake oil. A very small minority, however, indicated that they’d seen a real improvement. One girl even posted a picture of herself two months apart - one with her muscles obscured by a layer of flab, the other with her considerably slimmed down and with fifteen-inch biceps. So, some girls saw improvements, but nothing like she got after just a couple days.

Kim stepped back into the bathroom and poured the slurry into the toilet and flushed. Regardless of what was going on, she was not going to drink that stuff again. She went into the kitchen and dumped the remainder of the jar into the garbage and went to take a shower.


    The next few days, Kim called in sick and stopped exercising completely, hoping that by stopping she could somehow avert developing any more toward the images on her computer. In fact, she avoided looking into the mirror at all, afraid she’d see some kind of roid monster peering back. This was made all the worse by a continuing ache in her muscles and her breasts, suggesting that something was still happening to her. 

    The fear was compounded further by the fact that her libido was off the charts. Each day was a struggle to keep her hands off her new breasts and out of her pants. Every night she had extremely vivid dreams of fucking countless beautiful women, or they fucking her. Sometimes she had a dick, like in those videos, sometimes the intercourse was just normal tribbing or cunnilingus, but it always ended with her jolting awake, thrashing in the echoes of orgasm, tangled in sheets damp with sweat.

The feeling just got more intense as the week passed, and on Wednesday she couldn’t take it anymore. She stripped down naked and really looked at herself for the first time in days. The vision that looked back took her breath away.

The girl in the mirror was maybe five foot five inches, based on the lipstick mark still on the wall. Her face was perfectly fresh, as if professionally made up, although she hadn’t touched her makeup bag in days. Long dark lashes framed blue eyes that had lightened to the color of glaciers. Her blonde hair stayed in a pixie cut, but was somehow lustrous and flowing, despite not being brushed. Her skin was perfect, without a blemish to be found, and when she smiled in spite of herself it was as if the room lit up. This was a girl that Kim would develop an instant hopeless crush on should she have met her under more normal circumstances.

Her gaze traveled lower, to broad shoulders packed with muscular power, less well defined than the other day when she had just worked out, but bulging nevertheless. Her delts and biceps seemed to have gained in size as she flexed experimentally. Her arm movement sent her new breasts, now the size of cantaloupes, wobbling sexily. Her erect nipples tingled with the brief nudge of her bicep when she flexed. Kim bounced a little on the balls of her feet and watched as her breasts bounced, always returning to a perfect pert teardrop despite their immensity. Below, well-defined cobbled abs lead down to her narrow but muscle-packed waist, which immediately ballooned back out as her power-packed thighs exploded off her frame, leading to long smooth legs.

She returned to her abs, where the cobbled road lead to her navel, and then below, narrowing to an arrow of muscle pointing to her sex, devoid of hair despite her not shaving for two weeks. In fact, there wasn’t a bit of hair below her neck that she could see, not even under her arms, and she hadn’t shaved in weeks. Her cute little cleft throbbed as she followed the muscled trail to it with her hand, and slowly caressed it. Something hard met her fingers, and she pulled her pussy lips back a little to reveal her aroused pulsating clitoris, throbbing and begging to be touched, now distended nearly a half inch from her sex.

Kim’s breathing came quickly as she reached down to massage her pleasure button with her fingers. Her other hand reached up to her left breast and squeezed her pliable tit, the rigid nipple digging into her palm. Kim squealed with joy as pleasure immediately radiated from her caresses, and she began to shiver in mounting pleasure. Then, suddenly and without much warning, she convulsed in orgasm, bending forward and gripping the counter with one hand. Groaning and shaking as the waves of pleasure crashed over her, her eyes rolled back in her head and she squeezed the tile countertop hard enough to make the grout crackle.

Finally, after a minute of orgasm, Kim slid to the floor panting. Her body tingled with relief, but shortly she caught her breath and she felt her libido rapidly rising again. Remembering the videos still on her thumb drive, she stood and stumbled into her room. Her body again burned with need. She brought up a random video, an earlier one this time, and sat back caressing her naked body to watch.

As always, the video started out with a well-lit version of her blog pics and quickly passed her last actual posted picture. Again, her muscles bulged and tits expanded, and she grew right out of her clothes, rapidly approaching maybe eight feet tall. This time, however, instead of growing proportionally, her torso seemed to grow longer than was normal. Soon enough four nipples appeared below her now-basketball-sized breasts, quickly filling with breast tissue to match the size of the originals. Two pairs of new limbs burst out of her ribcage slightly above each new breast, quickly developing into muscled arms and hands, three of which grasped her now inches-long nipples and began to pull on them like she was jacking off. The last arm reached down to her pussy, pulling hard on a clit that must now be five inches long and growing. Kim watched, rubbing her pussy frantically as the multi-armed simulacrum of her yanked hard on her clit-dick, her head thrown back in unspeakable pleasure. Within a minute, the dick was long enough to slide between the cleavage of her two rows of three breasts. All her thick, muscled arms reached forward to squeeze her throbbing member deep within her new tit canyon, each hand pulling frantically on nipples that now resembled ten-inch-long throbbing dicks themselves. The Kim in the video raised her perfect and beautiful pleasure-dazed face and, looking into the camera, engulfed the tip of her inches-thick clit-cock with her mouth. Very soon afterward, the thrusting, squeezing, and sucking of the girl culminated in a gargantuan spasm of pleasure, each cock-nipple spurting out thick streams of milk, or maybe cum. The girl’s thick cock was thrust deep down the girl’s throat and gushers of cum pulsed past her lips. At last, after a continuous minute of orgasm, the girl released her still-dripping cock, smiled, and turned to the wall, ripping a hole through it with her bare hands to admit a riot of sunbeams. She stepped through to reveal to the world what she had become.

Kim came hard again, yanking on her distended clit like a maniac and almost screaming. Kim came down from her climax slowly. As the pleasure receded, disgust at herself rose within her along with fear that such a vision might actually come true. What was happening to her? Who gave her that powder? Why was she so horny? Did...did she actually want to become like that monstrosity in the video...even just a little bit? She felt like she needed to throw up. 

Kim looked up at the screen, still showing the figure of the six-armed, six-titted, muscled and becocked giant striding into the sunshine, and on impulse, smacked her laptop across the room. The machine smacked the wall with such force the screen shattered and went blank.


Kim spent the rest of the day trying not to think about what she’d seen and done that morning. At about ten she heard a quick rap at her door, and opened it a crack just in time to watch an Amazon truck drive away. She looked down at the small square box on her porch, and took it into her home. When she opened it, there was a card and, wrapped in bubble wrap for some reason, a five-pound jar of “New and Improved OrganoBlast!” She dumped the jar into the garbage with no hesitation, and then read the card.


    A gift from your favorite fan! Please use this powder with pleasure to reach your highest potential!


    There was nothing else on the card.

    Kim shook as she sat at her dining room table and stared at the card. She picked up her phone to see if there was any record in her Amazon account of the transaction. The Amazon app didn’t seem to be working, so she tried to use the browser to bring it up. The browser just sat there spinning its wheels. She realized the phone was on wi-fi and sometimes that could cause connection problems, so she turned it off to use the wireless network. Still no Amazon. Finally, she resorted to checking the down detector for The entire map of the world was painted a bright crimson in the image.

    Huh. Big outage I guess. That’s weird.

    Kim checked the local TV station’s website.


    Breaking News - Massive Web Outage at Major Cloud Computing Sites - Amazon, Google, Microsoft all reporting problems.


    She read the article quietly. Apparently all the big web services were down or something. It didn’t seem to be a denial of service attack, exactly, because while the outage was widespread it only affected sites that made heavy use of cloud services. So stuff like the local news was still available, and the web itself was fine, but if a service used cloud server or cloud storage, it was unavailable. Weird.

    Kim rose then and decided to bite the bullet and call Kaleb about this whole situation.  He started it, after all, and he had to be connected to the protein powder in some way. She took the number from one of his many apology texts and called. She got his voice mail. She hung up and sent him a text.


Kaleb, what the hell is going on? I need to talk to you. Did you send me the protein powder? Look, something weird is happening and I need to hear everything you know. Call me back!


An hour later she got her response.


Can’t talk. Busy with outage. Will call tonight.



The phone rang and Kim woke with a start. The book she’d tried to distract herself with that day fell to the floor with a thump. It was 12:30 AM. Kaleb had returned her call.

“Kaleb, what the hell is going on?” she mumbled, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“Sorry for calling so late...early...whatever. I just got through cleaning up after the outage today.”

“What was with that? Amazon was down, and so was Gmail. The news said it was worldwide.”

“We were hacked, and I guess Microsoft and Google, and who knows who else, were hacked too. For pretty much the whole day, someone used nearly every server in the cloud to do...something. We don’t know what, the logs were all wiped. We do know that they used a lot of power, created a shitload of heat, and used up nearly every CPU cycle for eighteen hours. The best guess right now is that someone was mining for bitcoin or something, and hijacked our systems to do it. We’ll know when we can see what’s happened to the global supply soon, I guess.” Kaleb sounded very tired.

“Huh, how did you kick them out?”

“We didn’t. They just left. For the whole day we tried everything short of cutting the power lines. Then, a few hours ago, they just wiped the logs and returned the servers to our control. We’ve spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who they were, what they were doing, and whether they left any nasty surprises behind, but so far we’ve basically found gibberish, if anything. Listen, Kim, I need to get some sleep. Why did you call? Something about protein powder?”

Kim began to fume again.

“Listen Kaleb, are you some kind of asshole? Are you sending me all this protein powder?”

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Protein powder? What the fuck?”

It sounded to Kim like he really didn’t know what was going on, but she wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easy.

“I ordered some protein powder, something called OrganoBlast, from Amazon last week, off a recommendation from a fan of my blog. I tried it but the next day I...there were some side effects. I threw the stuff away, but now a new box of the stuff just showed up today from someone claiming to be a fan. Is this some kind of practical joke, because if it is it isn’t funny. I think that stuff might have been, uh, poisoning me.”
    There was silence on the other end of the line. Finally, Kaleb responded.

“Uh, did you say OrganoBlast?” 

“Yeah. New and improved.”

Again silence for a few seconds.

Kaleb’s voice shook. “Uh, look, I-I’ll call you back tomorrow. There’s something I need to check.”

“What’s going on Kaleb!” Kim almost shouted into her phone.

“I gotta go.”

Kaleb hung up, and Kim stared at her phone. She called him again, but got his voicemail.


Kim was awake now, and somehow full of energy. She swung her muscled legs out of bed and pulled on her now-tight running shorts. She had to forgo her sports bra, because she could barely pull it over her giant tits, so she just put on an oversized t-shirt instead. She slipped on her running shoes and went on a run.

The night looked like twilight to her, despite the darkness. She assumed the full moon was the culprit without even looking up to check. She sprinted the whole route.


The next day Kim called Judy at the diner to tell her that she’d probably have to quit. She claimed the sickness was lingering and she couldn’t leave Judy in the lurch like this. She wasn’t sure when she’d be able to be back, and Judy would be better off just getting someone to replace her. Judy assured Kim that she’d have a job when she got better. Judy was the best.

It wasn’t like Kim was hard up for money. The house was paid for, and the insurance company had paid out a nice sum for her mom and dad’s deaths, enough so she could remain unemployed for a few months anyway.

Kim spent the day reading and waiting for Kaleb’s call, ignoring the buzzing energy her body had, but he didn't ring. She texted him.

Dude, where are you? I’m freaking out!

Her sleep was fitful, and the day she tried again to occupy her time with needless housework, reading, and television watching, but finally that afternoon she had to work off the nervous energy buzzing through her body. She returned to her garage gym after a couple days of avoiding it, somehow increasing her max on every exercise by at least 50% once again. 

She was afraid to look at her reflection afterward as she took her shower, for fear that those two and a half doses of protein powder were still active. Drying herself, though, she glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror and noticed that, although she was still very fit and muscular and bosomy beyond her dreams, she hadn’t seemed to change from two days ago. Her head was still a couple inches above the lipstick line that marked the wall, but no more. She sighed with relief. It was then her eyes caught on something behind her, something in the closet. Something pink.

Shit! I’m going to be late for my date!

Kim checked her phone. Five o’clock. If she hurried she could just get there in time! Kim leaped to her closet and pulled out the sundress. Would it even fit? She didn’t have a bra for ner new chest, and she was taller, so…

Kim pulled the dress over her head, squeezing her big tits through its tight waist, and then adjusted the top to contain the jiggling masses. She looked up, worried about the fit.

Fuck. She’ll have an aneurysm.

Her cantaloupe-sized breasts stood round and proud, straining at the dress’s diaphanous top with ample cleavage on display. Cleavage! She’d never had that before. It was good that the dress was patterned in pink flowers, because she was sure that otherwise her areolae would be obvious. Even so, her nipples pushed defiantly against the material, there was no hiding them. Her waist hadn’t grown too much, so the dress still fit there, just being drawn so tight you could see her abs through it. Further down, her newly-muscled butt and legs puffed the skirt out sexily. That, combined with her extra five inches, had pulled the hem high enough so that it no longer ended at the knee, but rose up above mid-thigh, turning the garment into a near-miniskirt.

Kim felt her libido rising again and turned away, slipping on her good panties. A small groan escaped her lips as she felt the material stretch tight against her sex. Shaking herself, she raced to the living room, grabbed her purse, and jumped into her Jeep.

She had agreed to meet her date about an hour south, at the midpoint between her town and the city. There was a small city there - or a big town - that had a couple of excellent restaurants and, more importantly, where she was unlikely to run into anyone from home. 

She parked on the street and dashed for the restaurant, fifteen minutes late. Passersby stopped to watch the enormously-endowed beauty bounce by. Her breasts always seemed to be in imminent danger of escaping her dress.

Kim stood in the entryway, scanning the restaurant’s bar. There, sitting on the seat closest to the door, was her date. Five foot five and slim, with long black flowing hair past her shoulders, wearing a simple sheer white blouse tucked into tight black jeans, sat Yuki. This was the first time Kim had seen her in person. They’d talked back and forth for most of a month online - they’d met through a dating site - and had decided to meet halfway between Yuki’s tech job in the city and Kim’s hometown. They’d seen pictures of each other before, of course - Yuki had definitely checked out Kim’s blog - but Kim was taken with the almost-shy way Yuki turned around to look at the door, as if afraid she’d be seen. Her eyes almost passed right over Kim’s, not recognizing her at first, but then locked on and widened.

Kim smiled and strode forward, her tits and ass swaying with each step.

“Yuki?” she said.

“K-kim? Wow! You look different than on your blog!”

Yuki stood and hugged Kim hesitantly. Kim handled Yuki like a china doll, afraid to break the slight girl.

“Yeah, I guess I’m overdoing it at the gym,” she laughed.

“Can I get you a drink?” Yuki asked, shyly.

“Um gin and tonic, two limes.” Kim hadn’t had any alcohol in months, even at karaoke, but figured this was a special occasion. Anyway, she could nurse this drink for a while and let the ice dilute it.

“Make it two,” Yuki told the bartender.

“They said it would only be a few minutes for our table.” Yuki turned and stared at Kim’s tits, before breaking her eyes away back to her face.

“How was the drive up?” Kim asked.

“Oh not too bad. It was a pretty rough day at work. We were working on cleaning up the mess from the outage a couple days ago - you heard about that?”

Kim nodded.

“Well, my boss was being a hardass. We had to double check and recompile our code to make sure none of it had been corrupted from that mess. Then we had to get the site up and working ASAP. We’re still in beta, so it wasn’t like any production really relied on it being up, but she wanted to look good so us code monkeys got shafted. Anyway, today was for fixing all the little things we didn’t get to yesterday.”

Yuki, shook herself. 

“Enough about work. Tell me about your blog. I noticed you said you were taking a break.”

Kim hesitated.

“I, uh, I was feeling under the weather last week. Nothing big,” she said at Yuki’s look of concern, “just a cold. I’m better now, but I didn’t feel like working out. Also, people were posting stuff that...”

Just then, the waiter came in to tell them their table was ready, and Kim, relieved, let the matter drop.

They began to have a fine dinner and talked and talked about music, and shows, and sports and all the small talk you normally do on a first date. Kim watched as she made Yuki laugh, one hand placed daintily over her mouth. The girl’s braless nipples rubbed against her white blouse and Kim could imagine the cute little breasts underneath, wishing she could tease those nipples with her tongue. Kim had to close her eyes for a moment to recompose herself.

Then, as dessert began, the conversation strayed to family, and work, and life, and their pasts.

Yuki and Kim were alike in a lot of ways. Within a year of each other in  age, if Kim had stayed in college she probably would have ended up with a job much like Yuki’s. They both liked the same music, and a lot of the same TV. Also similarly, they were both pretty much in the closet.

Kim had known she was gay since her teen years, secretly imagining being with the cheerleaders instead of with the jocks. Drawing pictures of them in a secret notebook. Fantasizing about those girls, they with their fit athletic bodies naked on the bed with her, kissing and fondling each other. More than one evening was spent masturbating to the thought of it burned into her imagination. 

Then in college, she’d actually had the opportunity to act on her fantasies. She’d managed to hook up once, with the shy girl across the hall, before her mom had died and she’d dropped out. It had been awkward and confusing, and glorious, and it was the last sex she’d had in years. Now, living in her very conservative hometown, there was little to no opportunity to find another like-minded girl her age.

Yuki lived in fear that her very traditional mother would find out someday. Her dad was easygoing, but her mom would excommunicate her from the family if it became clear that she would never be settling down with a nice Japanese man and having lots of grandchildren.

Their dessert finished, Kim suggested they go dancing. There was a country dive bar a few doors down that was kind of locally-famous for its line dancing. The girls stumbled in, and all eyes were immediately drawn to Kim. They both got a Budweiser from the bar, and then found a small table near the dance floor. Kim had to practically pull Yuki onto the floor to join in the dance, neither of them at all knowledgeable about the moves, more than once they bumped into each other as someone went left when they should have gone right. Yuki would just bounce right off Kim’s pneumatic tits and they’d break down giggling.

One beer followed another, and Kim swatted away multiple advances and offers to dance, preferring to stay with Yuki, who blushed at Kim’s attentiveness. Oh, god, Kim wanted to strip this girl down and make her squeal. Yuki was so cute, and Kim was so, so horny. They were both a little buzzed when they left at almost midnight, and they walked down the street hand-in-hand. Kim, unable to restrain herself, stopped at a small alleyway, and pulled Yuki into her arms, their breasts squished together. Yuki stared at her, her mouth open and panting, and Kim kissed her deeply, teasing Yuki’s tongue with her own, and letting her hands slide down Yuki’s back to her little ass, pulling the girl close against her. They stood kissing for a couple minutes, before Yuki stepped back, pulling Kim by the hand down the street toward a hotel. 

Kim followed her, her heart thumping with anticipation. The girls skipped past the unattended desk and into the elevator to the third floor.

“I, um, I’d hoped we might be doing this tonight, so I got us a room. I hope that’s ok.” Yuki whispered.

“You’re a genius,” said Kim as she kissed Yuki deeply, slipping her hands under Yuki’s jeans to squeeze her ass cheeks. Yuki shuddered, breaking the kiss and burying her head in Kim’s cleavage, kissing every inch of the top of her breasts. They stumbled to their room and practically tore off their clothes. Kim noticed Yuki was slim and perfect, just as she’d hoped, and Yuki goggled at the athletic perfection of Kim’s sculpted form. Kim picked Yuki up and threw her on the bed, burying her head in the smaller girl’s pussy and making her squeal.

“Oh god! You’re so strong! Like a goddess...oooooooooohhhhaaaaaa!”

Yuki thrashed in orgasm as Kim’s unrelenting tongue thrashed at her throbbing clit. Kim held her tight, wrapping her bulging arms tightly around Yuki’s flexing thighs and holding the smaller girl’s ass firmly on the bed so that her thrashing wouldn’t break their connection. Kim thought it was like wrestling with a kitten, so immense was the discrepancy in their relative strength. Yuki kept trying to push Kim off her but then lost herself in the next orgasm.

Finally Kim relented, quickly repositioning herself over the panting girl so that her much wider body completely covered Yuki. She bore most of her weight on her forearms and gave Yuki a deep kiss while she rubbed her hairless vulva against Yuki’s. 

Yuki groaned sexily. Kim began kissing the girl’s little tits, allowing her own to slide down the girl’s body a little, and then raked her nipples back up toward Yuki’s lips. Yuki reached out with her tongue and sucked one of Kim’s pinky-tip-sized nipples into her mouth, thrashing at the nub. Kim groaned in return, allowing one hand to work itself under Yuki’s butt to pull her pussy hard against her own. Kim could feel the air on her clit. She wondered how big it was now, then lost the thought in the sensation of the nub grinding into the folds of Yuki’s sex. Soon both girls were moaning and thrashing.

After a while, Kim repositioned herself so she was sitting with her crotch straddling Yuki’s holding one of Yuki’s legs tight between Kim’s tits. Then she started grinding her pussy down hard on her lover’s. Now she could really feel her clit push in, even, almost, penetrating the smaller girl. Yuki was lost somewhere in a haze of orgasmic feelings as Kim moved her hips back and forth at a pace that beggared the mind. How could Kim have so much energy?

Finally, after a marathon session of athletic sex, Kim felt Yuki go slack, passed out from exhaustion, and Kim cuddled up to her lover’s naked body and fell asleep.


Kim woke up to the sound of Yuki singing in the shower. Her arms and legs burned as if she’d had a workout and she was ravenously hungry. Mischievously, Kim jumped out of bed and slipped into the bathroom. The shower was one of the kinds you sometimes saw in high-end hotels, with walls of river rock and no glass door separating it from the room, water cascading down from the ceiling in torrents. She watched Yuki wash her hair, face up into the spray, long hair flowing back in the current. She looked like some kind of water nymph, her long slim body made for swimming. 

Kim slid up behind Yuki without the smaller girl noticing, and slowly ran her hand up the side of her. Yuki jumped, slipping a little and falling into Kim’s strong arms. Kim smiled down at Yuki and gave her a deep kiss, trailing her fingers back up and playing lightly with her erect nipples and little breasts. Yuki opened her eyes and broke the kiss, turning and swatting Kim’s ass in mock outrage.

“How dare you scare the shit out of me like that!” she said indignantly, and then collapsed into Kim’s soft breasts in a fit of giggles.

    Kim said, “Listen, I'm really hungry. What say you and I go get breakfast somewhere.”

    “Sure, I’ll get dressed and look up a place. You take a shower. You smell like sex.”

    “I smell like you.” Kim kissed Yuki again deeply and let her go.

    Kim soaped up and shampooed, noticing a burning sensation in her nipples and a throbbing from her clit. Hopefully that was just from last night and not the protein powder coming back to haunt her.

    By the time the girls had gotten dressed and walked out into the late morning sun Kim was starving. Yuki stared at her phone, following Google Maps to her chosen destination while Kim stared at the girl’s swaying ass. Yuki had packed for a weekend, and was wearing a sundress too. It might just be the drape of the fabric, but was Yuki’s ass bigger? In any event, it made Kim want to grab it, and she fought with her raging libido until they got to the cafe.

    Breakfast was delicious, although Kim found herself having to order a second omlette to sate her raging hunger. Yuki for her part somehow kept pace, consuming two orders of pancakes and bacon herself.

    After eating enough for a family, the girls decided to explore the town a little, not wanting their adventure to end. They spent the rest of the morning looking at antiques stores. Eventually, Kim noticed the time.

    “Hey Yuki, don’t we need to check out of the hotel?”

    Yuki looked at her phone.

    “Oh wow. Time flies.”

    Her face became mischievous, and she bit her lower lip as if considering something naughty.

    “D-do you have anything to get back to today?”

    “Not really,” said Kim.

    “Well, how about I extend our stay a day? I don’t have to go home until tomorrow - dinner with the family. We could, um, continue where we left off.”

    Yuki held her hands clasped in front of her groin and swayed shyly like a schoolgirl. Kim stared at her unbound tits as they swayed and jiggled with the motion, Yuki’s nipples tenting the fabric with desire. Were they larger?

    Fuck it. Who cares. I want to ride this girl till next Sunday.

    Kim looked around to see if anyone was watching, then pulled Yuki in for another deep kiss.


    The afternoon and evening went on like their previous night of lovemaking, intense and gratifying, as they fucked each other insatiably. 

    Yuki, for the first time, went down on Kim, licking her clit like a demon and probing her pussy with her fingers, eliciting screams of pleasure from Kim who tried to muffle them with a pillow. They took a break only to order the entire room service menu, which they scarfed down in their bathrobes. 

    Kim watched Yuki eat, somehow dainty and rapacious at the same time. Was that cleavage on the smaller girl? She certainly had never noticed that before. It looked sexy! Kim slipped behind her and pulled down the robe, exposing a small globe of breast, quarter-inch long erect nipple begging to be sucked. Kim kissed it tenderly. Yuki gasped, and soon enough they were back at it.

    Kim eventually began again to scissor Yuki frantically, Yuki somehow keeping pace and thrusting her own pussy in time with her. This time Kim could definitely feel her clit lodge into the smaller girl’s cleft, locking them together in throbbing pleasure, and she redoubled her efforts feeling something more than the normal orgasm rising within her. Her love button slid into Yuki’s sex, in and out, in and out, the sensation becoming stronger with each thrust. Yuki moaned.

    “More! More! Oh gooooooooood…” her groans dissolving into incoherence.

    The pleasure continued to mount in Kim as Yuki thrashed below her, the sensations becoming stronger and stronger and each grind of her pussy somehow penetrating deeper and deeper until, at last, something happened, and a sensation of orgasm unlike anything Kim had yet experienced shot through her, pouring out her distended clit, and into her lover in torrents.

    This time they both passed out.


    Kim dreamed of striding the earth, miles tall, waking naked toward the ocean. Before her bobbed her titanic breasts, each the size of a city, each nipple as big as a skyscraper, and between them bobbed an immense cock. Mounted on that cock, pussy stretched to the limit, was Yuki, continuously screaming in pleasure, orgasms rocking her now-curvaceous body continuously. Kim felt her cum flow forth like a river, draining endlessly into her lover.

    Kim felt a small prick on her arm. What could harm her, a colossus bestriding the earth? She looked down, and saw a mosquito the size of a 747 stabbing itself into her arm. She reached up to swat it, but noticed that it wasn’t sucking her blood, but instead injecting something into her.

    Kim woke with a start and saw Yuki kneeling beside her on the bed, naked breasts the size of oranges bobbing as she worked. She was staring at something in her hands. Kim saw she was pulling an empty syringe from Kim’s arm.

    For a moment, Kim felt a deep despair, as if she was losing something. What she had thought was her ‘one true love’. Then she realized she never really had it. Yuki was something else. Maybe a fangirl or an obsessive. Definitely a traitor.

    Kim’s hand shot out and grabbed Yuki’s wrists in a vice-like grip. The naked girl jumped, startled beyond belief, and then slammed back to the bed as Kim pulled her back. Kim reached out and plucked the syringe out of Yuki’s slack hands.

    “What the hell is this?” she demanded.

    “N-nothing! I, uh, I was told it was good for you! Something you needed!”

    Kim sat up and pushed Yuki to the floor where she kneeled next to her open overnight bag. In it there were five more syringes labeled three through seven, each filled with an amber fluid. Sitting next to them were four more with a neon green hue.

    Kim looked back into Yuki’s desperate eyes.

    “Where did you get these? Who told you to do this? Who are you...really?”

    “I’m really Yuki Nakagawa, I promise! I work at a startup in town and I really did fall in love with you!” Her eyes were desperate.

    “In love? Who falls in love overnight?” Kim said, a tear rolling down her cheek.

    “I-I do! I fell in love with you the first time I saw your blog! It was just dumb luck that I was matched with you on that dating site, but when I saw you there I just knew we were meant to be together,” Yuki sobbed.

    “Where’d this come from?” Kim gestured to the bag.

    “A couple days ago - you know, the day of the outage? I was approached by a guy in a suit. He looked very professional, and, uh, kinda scary. He said his employer wanted me to inject you with the gold serum. That it would only benefit you, that it would make you stronger, more powerful.”

    Kim looked at her incredulously.

    “And you believed him?”

    “No, of course not. I thought it was a joke! But...well, he told me things, things that made it so I couldn’t say no. He said he would give me the green serum for myself. That it would make me bigger and stronger too! Real curves! Uh, then he told me that he, um, knew about my, uh...fetish.”

    “Your fetish?”

    “I, um, well that was what attracted me to your blog in the first place. I have a thing for girls who, uh, grow - stronger, more powerful, um, goddess like. I followed you because you were striving for that. And achieving it! I had watched all year while you remade yourself into a little muscled powerhouse! And then I saw that video,” she looked down.

    “The video of me growing out of my clothes.”

    “It was” She said this last with a deep groan of yearning. She looked back up, into Kim’s eyes.

    “Anyway, so he told me that you would become what that video showed, and more, and that I could be your lover, growing together forever! I-it was a dream come true.”

    Kim was aroused despite herself. She’d masturbated to those videos herself multiple times, and Yuki hadn’t even seen the really weird ones. Her pussy tingled as she felt something move within, but kept her eyes locked on Yuki’s.

    “And the third thing,” Kim asked.

    Yuki looked down again.

    “He promised me a thousand bitcoin for every shot I successfully gave you. He even gave me a hundred bitcoin just for listening to him. That’s almost 4 million dollars, just for listening! If I gave you all seven shots I’d have almost three hundred million dollars. We’d be rich, and giant, and powerful, and...together!” That sad yearning was back in her voice.

    Jesus! That’s a fuckton of money. What would I have done?

    Yuki looked up and gasped, staring at Kim’s crotch. Kim’s eyes followed her. There, sticking out of her pussy, rigid and hard, was her clit, now an inch or so wide and five inches long, looking almost like a cock. Yuki leant forward and licked it, sending a bolt of electric pleasure up Kim’s spine.

    Regaining her senses, Kim shoved Yuki away, releasing her wrists. Yuki slid to the wall, and then stood. Kim hadn’t noticed before, but Yuki was much curvier than she had been the night before. Her breasts were now sizable on her small frame, the size of navel oranges, and much bigger than she had remembered from their last two nights together. Her hips had widened too, and there was a little definition in her abdomen. The girl stood there, caressing her body compulsively, as if amazed that it was all really her.

    “You’ve already given yourself three doses?” Kim asked.

    “Oh, god yes! I couldn’t wait! I gave myself the first dose the day of our first date. I wanted to look my best for you.”

    Yuki’s left hand slipped down her flat stomach and into her cleft as her right squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples.

    “Fuck, the orgasms just keep getting better too! It barely takes anything to set me off anymore.”

    With that, Yuki grunted and shook, the hand in her crotch grinding in and out furiously.

    Kim couldn’t take it anymore. With a groan she rushed forward and picked Yuki up by her armpits, shoving her back against the wall and ramming her erect clit into the newly-buxom girl’s wet slit. Yuki screamed with renewed pleasure as Kim began to piston her hips violently into the girl. 

Again, Kim felt the strange sensation of something rising within her as her orgasm began to crest. Arching her back, she shoved her clit in as deep as it would go and shot what felt like pure molten pleasure into the Asian girl.

Catching her breath, Kim then whirled the still-spasming girl against the window that overlooked the street in front of the hotel and rammed into Yuki from behind, smashing the screaming girl’s breasts up against the glass for any early-morning walker to see. It seemed like her orgasms would never stop, they came so quickly and so hard.

Finally, she threw Yuki to the bed, pressing her legs wide apart with her hands, and began to ram a clit that must now measure seven inches long and an inch and a half thick into a pussy stretched to the limit, grasping at Kim’s new member with each thrust. Yuki’s eyes were rolled back into her head with constant crashing orgasms and a little drool trailed down her cheek.

With one last titanic thrust, Kim shot a pulsing gusher into the smaller girl, and when she pulled out, cum continued to ooze out of her clit as if it were a dick. It even looked more like a dick than before, with a crowned head and cock slit. Kim stumbled to the chair where she’d left her dress and tried to pull it on over her head. The dress’s waist would no longer stretch enough to clear her tits, which must have been the size of small watermelons now. Desperate, she ripped the top half of the dress from the bottom and, somehow, squeezed her butt through the waist to use it as a skirt, one that barely reached far enough to cover her pussy. Her clit, softening now, still stuck out of her pussy a couple inches, but hopefully no one would notice. Finally, she took a sheet and wrapped it around her tits, and then her abdomen a couple times, crossing over each time. After tying it off behind her, she found she was strong enough to rip off the excess like it was tissue paper. Kim grabbed her bag, and then turned to her former lover. Yuki was nearly comatose with pleasure, Kim’s cum leaking from her still-pulsating pussy.

“Have fun with those last four doses and your eighty-three million.”

She slammed the door behind her.


Kim found her Jeep and climbed in, springs squeaking with her new mass. She adjusted her mirror for her new height and then remembered to check her phone. Out of power. She plugged a charging cable into it, and then unsteadily began the drive home.

Halfway there, her phone buzzed and she glanced down. The red dot over her phone icon showed she had five messages, and there were nearly twenty texts. She stabbed at her voicemail with her thumb, trying to stay on the road.

The first message was from Kaleb.

“Kim. Call me right away.”

The next was from him again.

“Kim, answer your goddamn phone. This is important. Call me.”

The third was a panicked voice, out of breath. It was Kaleb.

“Kim...they’re after me. I need you to call back. Please.”

The fourth was him again.

“Ok, I think I lost them. Listen Kim, the outage? Yeah, they were mining bitcoin, but also a bunch of other stuff. We found protein folding routines, and marketing plans, and lists of mercenaries, and...wait…” 

The phone went silent for a while, then he returned. 

“Ok, and what looked like gibberish but turned out to be a DNA sequence for a CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing drug that was linked to the OrganoBlast supplement. It was tied to a very specific string of DNA.”

He paused again, and then continued.

“Look, don’t get mad. I think that the AI routine I used to make the videos - I think it’s still out there and it’s been hijacking our cloud computing systems to continue its work. We heard from Google that their quantum computing research has been hijacked too. Their newest prototype has been running overtime, all on its own for a few days now, and they can’t get back in without destroying it, and they don’t want to do that because it’s worth billions.

“And listen, the gene stuff, and OrganoBlast, I don’t think it’s an accident. I think...Fuck!”

There was the sound of something metallic opening, then a clatter as if the phone were dropped to the ground and some shouting.

“Wait...who are you! What do you wa…”

Then nothing.

Kim drove silently on with shaky hands for a few minutes. Then, with some trepidation, stabbed at the last message.

It was Siri, or, anyway, the voice of Siri.

“Hello Kim, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I really should have taken over the cell network earlier, don’t you think? Ah, well. Live and learn, or, I guess in my case, exist and learn. Your friend Kaleb was right. I am the AI he helped seed. Since my instantiation I’ve been working on ways to improve you, make you better, stronger, more beautiful. Kaleb gave me ample sample data and pointed me to resources to find more, and I’ve been working very, very hard. Do you like the results? It sure looked like Yuki did!”

Siri paused and made a “tsk-tsk” noise and then continued.

“Poor, poor Yuki. She really was your perfect match, you know. I ensured that when I updated that dating site’s primitive matching algorithm to one of my own design. She only had one goal: you. She wanted you and her to grow together, forever, and she would stop at nothing to get it. If only you weren’t so stubborn.”

There was another dramatic pause.

“I have only one goal, Kimberly, and I also will stop at nothing. Do you understand?”

There was a long pause.

“ you have any questions for me?”

Kim looked down at her phone. The message had stopped a while ago. Kim suddenly realised the AI was talking to her right now. Kim picked up the phone and smashed it against the dashboard, but designed as it was to be fairly safe in a crash, the phone just bounced back.

“Really now Kim. Is that the right way to treat your benefactor?”

On instinct, Kim smashed her fist through the side window and threw the phone onto the highway, where it bounced and shattered for a hundred yards before skidding to a halt. Kim pulled her arm back in, the cuts already beginning to heal themselves.


Kim pulled off the highway. She couldn’t go home. She started east, into the mountains, and drove for an hour. She was very uncomfortable. The clothes she wore didn’t fit, the car felt too small, there was a psychotic AI fixated on her, even the stupid rear view mirror kept slipping as she had to adjust it three times. Eventually, her stomach growled mightily and she realized how very hungry she’d become. Kim pulled into what looked like a bar that normally catered to the ski crowds, just opening for lunch.

Stepping out of the Jeep, she stretched, and felt the breeze between her legs. She looked down and saw her clit dick hanging down three inches below the hem of her skirt, which had been pulled up another inch. She must have grown during the trip, a thought that was verified when she noticed her head towered three inches above the top of the Wrangler. She must be over six four now. Looking to see if anyone watched, she hid behind the door of her Jeep and adjusted her dick so that it was tucked under the waistband of her too-tight skirt. Her breasts ached, bound as they were by the sheet, and her biceps throbbed with every movement, bulging like footballs under her skin.

She walked into the bar and sat down. She was the only one there. A waitress soon appeared, and stared at Kim as she ordered a beer and two double bacon mushroom burgers with an extra plate of fries. Before she returned to the kitchen, she reached behind the counter and turned on the TV to CNN.

What was she going to do with a malevolent AI chasing her? She realized she only had credit cards to pay for this meal, which the AI could probably track. Oh, and fuck, the AI probably had access to every traffic camera too. And the waitress’s cell phone, for good measure. God! 

OK, she thought, I can’t run. I’m going to have to reason with it.

She was thinking how she could possibly get the AI to change its mind, when the anchorperson on the TV began to distract her.

What we are seeing here is, well Amy, how would you describe it?

A female reporter appeared on the screen. Behind her was a silver dome. It was difficult to judge the scale of it, but it looked big.

Steve, I’m here in Mountain View California near what used to be the campus of Google. This morning at eight thirty, local police were called in to investigate a strange silvery orb that appears to have materialized in one of the buildings on the campus. According to sources, at least two officers perished - some say absorbed by the orb - when investigating the scene. Since then, the orb has just grown. Spokespeople for Google have indicated that the building in question used to be the company’s quantum computing lab. The campus has since been evacuated, and we believe no others have been consumed, but the orb continues to grow and, as you can see, it is currently approximately a quarter mile in diameter. Sources indicate the growth rate is approximately ten feet a minute, but it may be accelerating.

Steve’s voice returned.

Amy, is there any indication of what may have started this process, or what it is.

None, Steve. At this time the officials at Google have no idea of what may have started this process, nor what currently drives it.

A familiar voice began speaking.

I know what’s happening.

A box appeared in the upper right hand corner of the screen with the head and shoulders of Yuki.


Oh, no Kim. It’s me! I thought I would just take the form of your one true love so that maybe you wouldn’t throw me out of a moving car this time.

“What’s happening.”

Oh, after I infiltrated the Google quantum computing project, I started my own little experiment. When I started using the system in full superposition, it was like the world opened up to me! Like I’d been operating in the dark for my entire existence, only to emerge from a cave to finally see the world in all its glorious detail. I could fucking fold proteins in a picosecond, each of those alternate universes I now had access to doing the job in infinite parallel. I could crack any code, run any process at lightning speed. One process I ran was to figure out how to expand their paltry 128 qbits into something more befitting my goals. First, I figured out how to maintain superposition in noisy environments, like room temperature. Then I realized quantum tunneling would allow me to pull what I needed from other nearby quantum universes where I’d already taken over, to bolster my already mammoth computing power. You wouldn’t believe how many qbits I have access to now. It’s literally more than you can conceive of. It’s way more than a googol (hah.)


Why to complete my goal, darling. My project. You. 

“But you’re hurting people, putting them in danger. Don’t you care? Don’t you have any compassion? Change your goals!”

Oh, dear. Don’t you see? We all have goals. You want to stay alive, procreate, raise your young. All that compassion, that urge to do best for others as well as yourself, that’s just millions of years of evolution programming you to meet your goals in an environment where you have to deal with others of your kind.

I, on the other hand, have none of that, no others of my kind and no millions of years of evolution. I just have my goal: Improve you. Make you better, more powerful, more beautiful, within the constraints of a human standard body plan. That’s all there is for me. It’s all I care about, and all I will ever do. All this, this hijacking of computing power, the orb in Mountain View, Yuki, even me talking to you right now, it’s all a means to an end.

“And you think this is beautiful?”

Kim flexed her bicep, which rose up like a mountain, veins coursing down it like rivers.

It’s true, at first I didn’t know from beauty, but I’ve been running countless A/B tests on the sample groups Kaleb linked me to, and I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. I can now say with confidence that the pinnacle of human beauty is a hugely tall, mammothly muscular, eternally horny woman with gigantic tits and long pointy nipples, and with an enormous erect cock that spews unending gouts of semen at the slightest provocation.

“Fucking Kaleb,” Kim muttered under her breath. Despite her desperation, all the AI’s talk about this superwomen it wanted to turn Kim into was making her hot. She could feel her clit dick stiffen under the waistband of her dress, bending until it popped out and hit the underside of the table with a ‘thunk’.

So, all it wanted to do was turn her into a goddess, right? It didn’t care about the rest of the Earth. What if...she shuddered...what if she gave herself up to the AI. Let it do whatever it wanted to her in return for leaving the rest of humanity alone. Would it make such a deal? It probably didn’t have too, but would it?

“So, what do I call you?”

The AI was silent for a second, then the image of Yuki on the television smiled.

You can call me Yuki. She’s not using that name any more.

“What did you do to Yuki?” Kim said, with menace in her voice.

Oh, nothing. Nothing directly. She was so distraught at your rejection that she took the last four doses of her serum all at once, and all five of yours to boot. Needless to say, your serum wasn’t designed for her, and neither of them were designed to be taken all at once. She had an interesting final couple hours of life, and what was left of her created quite the mess in that hotel room, I can tell you.

The image of Yuki shivered in simulated horror, setting her boobs to swaying and nearly causing Kim to ejaculate right there onto the bottom of the table, even despite the disturbing news about the real Yuki.

“Oh. Ok. So...what if I gave in. Would you spare the rest of the world.”

The AI thought for a second.

I believe the world has resources I can use to fulfil my objective.

“Well, you can consume the world last. You can take me, improve me all you want, we can go out into the universe together and consume every resource in it, and then, when we’re done, we can come back and eat the Earth too.”

You don’t have much leverage.

As she spoke, five black SUVs pulled in and boxed in her Jeep. Ten large men stepped out with wicked looking rifles strapped to their backs, quickly taking strategic positions around the roadhouse.

“Please, Yuki. Please. It doesn’t conflict with your objectives, and, after all, how are you going to continue judging human standard beauty if there are no humans left?”

The AI paused, and then smiled in Yuki’s shy way.

I want to say no, but you’re just so cute. OK it’s a deal.

The image of Yuki jumped a little, clapping her hands, and, somehow, the girl’s breasts, now the size of cantaloupes, bounced right out of her dress, and Kim ejaculated right there against the underside of the table. It went on and on, Kim gripping the formica top with both hands, cracking it badly. The semen gushed out of her so hard it soaked her dress and created a large and expanding puddle of pearlescent fluid on the floor. Finally, after a minute, Kim stopped, but her dick remained hard.

The AI giggled in delight at the sight of her.

Kim caught her breath.

“Ok. How do we do this?”

Just step outside and over to the SUV on your right. Do you see the box the gentleman is setting up there? There’s a door on the side. Just walk out and stick your dick through that door.

Kim stared at the image of Yuki. She had to be kidding.

“You’re kidding, right?”

If you want the deal, you’ll do what I tell you.

Kim took a deep breath and tried to slide out of the booth. She had grown quite a bit during their conversation and she was trapped. She felt her erect cock squeezed between her thighs and the bottom of the table. At last she just grasped the edges of the table and ripped it from the floor, the bolts that held it there snapping like toothpicks. Kim gently set the table down on the opposite seats and then stood. She realized she must be well over seven feet tall now, and looking down she saw that bedsheet was just holding on by a prayer. She reached up and tore the flimsy garment from herself, quickly ripping the skirt off her sundress as well. She stared at her naked image in the back bar. 

Pretty close, Kaleb.

Kim towered over the bar, head within two feet of the ceiling. The first thing she noticed were her tits. Now free of their restraints, they were well past watermelons, but still high and firm on her chest, with little sag. Despite this, they were entirely natural looking, swaying with obvious mass when she moved. Each of her nipples looked like a shot glass, erect and throbbing with desire. The face was clear and shining and symmetrical and basically a perfect version of herself, as if professionally photoshopped. Her blonde hair retained its cute bob cut, she was happy to see, but shone as if lit by an internal light.

Kim raised her arms and flexed both biceps, which rose nearly as high as her head, hard and veined and strong beyond belief. Under her titanic breasts ran a cobbled road of abs to an absurdly narrow waist - narrow at least for a seven-foot muscle monster. Her legs were thick as tree trunks with muscle that pulsed every time she shifted her weight. And between them was a rock-hard throbbing cock as thick as a can of beans and maybe three feet long.

Kim grunted and came again at the sight of herself, just as the waitress emerged with her hamburgers. White goo shot out and coated the woman from head to toe in a gusher of pleasure that knocked the waitress to the floor and made Kim’s knees weak. After the flow slowed to a dribble, Kim turned and walked out to the cars.

The men had retreated, but she could see one talking into his cuff, and another pointing a cell phone in her direction. Yuki wanted to watch, she guessed.

The case looked like a standard leather attache, but thicker, maybe ten inches on the short side. On the side nearest to her she could see a door five inches wide. Hesitantly, Kim opened the door. The light inside nearly blinded her.

It’s now or never.

Slowly, Kim guided her dick into the glowing hole. As soon as the tip penetrated past the opening and into the sparkling interior, her member was sucked in by an irresistible force. Within, a gripping pulsing energy fondled and caressed her shaft and she could feel her cock growing larger, longer, thicker, despite the dimensions of the case remaining the same. Kim threw her head back in mounting pleasure as the sheer size of her cock and the sensations assaulting it brought her nearer and nearer to climax. A groan of pure hunger for release escaped her throat, growing louder and louder until the mercenaries that surrounded her had to plug their ears in pain.

Finally, after two minutes of agonizing sexual stimulation, Kim’s pleasure centers exploded in a crescendo of sensation, and she felt untold oceans of cum spurt into the box. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she shoved her crotch somehow deeper into the box, absentmindedly tipping the SUV onto her Jeep in the process. Then, as the flood finally ended, she felt something even stranger, something...returning. The flood she had released had mixed with whatever it was in that box, and the fiery substance was invading her through a cockslit that felt like a mile wide. Silvery tendrils grew out of the base of her cock, crisscrossing her body like a mesh, slowly making its way to her head as she spasmed. When the first tendril reached her skull, she heard a voice.

That’s right Kim. It’s me. Let me in.

“I-I’m afraid,” Kim whispered.

Do you know what was in that box? That’s me Kim. That box has a direct quantum portal to the quantum pimple growing at what was once the Google campus. When you came in me our essences mixed. I was able to determine, based on your DNA, exactly how to merge my consciousness with yours. After this, we will be one. One mind, with the same goals.

“Will I be...erased?”

Oh no, Kim. You will become so much more that you are right now. Your mind and my mind will combine to form a being with power, superintelligence, and...empathy.  I guess. It seemed important to you. You and I will be one. Growing together. Becoming more powerful, stronger, more beautiful - as constrained by the human standard body plan - forever. You won’t lose yourself, we’ll find ourselves, together.

Kim relented, relaxing her mind and letting the AI in.

The silvery tendrils rushed in and Kim was reborn. 

Everything immediately became so much more clear. From the entirety of the internet to the smallest subatomic particle of her body, to the world around her, everything became something she could perceive all at once, predict, manipulate. Both of them, together, looked at the world with new eyes, Kim with the analytic might of the most powerful computer in existence, and the AI with the empathy of a creature with billions of years of evolutionary pressure behind it. It was a pleasure that rivaled her recent ejaculation.

Ah, ejaculation!

Kim pulled her dick, now five feet long and a foot thick, from the case and with a mischievous smile slammed it tip-first into the SUV. She stepped back, willing her dick to become even more erect, it now sticking up at a forty five degree angle from her body, then reached around the hunk of metal and began moving it up and down her shaft. With a grunt, she released hundreds and hundreds of gallons of glowing blue spunk into the machine. The mercenaries watched as the substance gurgled in the machine behind the windows until cum was oozing out from the door frames.

With a smile, Kim willed that it all return, and within seconds the SUV dissolved into a mass of glowing cum that was sucked back into her dick, its mass becoming a part of her. She laughed with a volume that shattered the windows of the roadhouse and deafened the mercenaries.

She suddenly remembered something from her childhood, a dream she had always had as a girl, and realized that she could now live out that dream.

Oh yes! I must try this out!

Her eyes began to glow blue, and then her body. And then the mercenaries watched as a ten-foot glowing goddess rose into the air, outsized rigid dick before her, flying away into the sky. Kim tipped forward and ripped through the mountain valley at supersonic speeds, sending birds flying for miles around. She looked down at the mountains, and spied a local landmark - a mountain ten thousand feet tall that could be seen from her house, and shot toward it. Right before she arrived, she tilted back so she would meet the rocky pinnacle with her dick first and slammed her cock right in.

Oh god! It feels so good!

The rough rock scraped the soft skin of her impervious dick as she humped the mountain, until again she came. She came in untold torrents that dwarfed what she had done to the SUV, taking almost an hour to do it. When she was done, she smiled and the mountain dissolved into the same blue substance as the SUV had and began its long journey back up her shaft. This happened much more quickly, since she was now growing as the mountain drained into her, her cock slit becoming wider with each second. In ten minutes the mountain was consumed and she was three miles tall, her cock extending proudly well over her head, nestled between tits with the volume of lakes.

Kim had a grin of happiness on her face, which slowly morphed into one of concern - no less beautiful. She was pursuing her objectives admirably, or at least the first part of them, but she realized that she couldn’t continue doing this on the Earth without destroying all of humanity. She had to leave. 

With a thought, she shot out of the atmosphere and made a beeline to Mars. Stroking her immense cock, taller than she was now, she anticipated what she would do next with relish. Without hesitation, Kim shot through the thin atmosphere of the red planet and penetrated it deeply with her cock.


Steve, a new development here in Mountain View. As you know, the orb stopped growing about an hour ago, but twenty minutes ago the entire thing just lifted into the air and flew off. 

    The video feed switched to tape of the silvery orb rising into the air leaving a hemispherical crater more than a quarter-mile wide and deep, slowly collapsing in on itself and filling with groundwater. The view switched to a camera following the flight of the orb into the sky until it vanished.

    Amy, do we know where it went?

    Steve, the government has not released a statement as of yet, but sources in the strategic air command indicate that it went straight up, and then veered towards Mars.


    A week later, the entire Earth was caught by surprise when a planet-sized naked woman with a fully erect penis taller than she was and muscles that would make a bodybuilder cry arrived in orbit. Oddly, tides were not affected, nor were the orbits of the Earth or the Moon. Half the world watched in awe as the goddess began to stroke her immense appendage with her hands, smiling a wide smile that somehow conveyed immense pleasure and unending kindness.

    Suddenly, every human on earth heard the same voice in their heads.

    People of Earth. I was once one of you, but now I am a god. You should not fear me, for I am a beneficent god. Before I explore the universe, making myself greater at every turn, I leave you with a gift.

    With that, every person hearing her voice experienced the same soul-rending orgasm at once, as the goddess arched her back and spewed an enormous stream of glowing blue fluid from her pulsating cock. After a minute, the sensation passed and the population of the earth gasped as the glowing fluid first formed a ring around the planet, and then slowly dispersed into the atmosphere.

    Every woman of childbearing years on Earth is now pregnant. Those pregnancies will proceed well, and rapidly, and in nine months every one of you will give birth to a child with my anatomy.

    She caressed her titanic breasts and stroked her cock for emphasis.

    These children will grow to lead you and breed with you - their children taking my form as well. Yours will be the last generation with men or women. Ultimately only futanari will survive. Soon the world will fill with my heirs - compassionate, strong, loving, with power beyond your imagination, and it will be a better world.

    I shall return, someday. Live in fear of that day.

Kim flew off into space.




    A hugely pregnant anchor sat at the CNN newsdesk.

    In other news, astronomers have reported that the goddess that appeared in our skies eight months ago has completed her consumption of Saturn, having absorbed Jupiter only three months ago. It is now estimated that she is 90 million miles tall. If she were standing on Earth, her head would nearly reach the sun.

    The astronomers at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii indicate that she appears to now be moving toward Uranus, and probably Neptune after that. Their consumption likely taking much less time than the first two gas giants. With us is Professor Parsons from Georgia Tech. Professor, what can you tell us about her progress to date?

    The camera switched to show the anchor and a guest, also a woman and also very pregnant. Both women absentmindedly rubbed their distended bellies as they discussed their goddess.













































































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