Paige's New Pets

It was one ordinary morning. Paige went through her routine, which starts by disintegrating yesterday's clothes and putting it into a mailbox to nowhere. After cleaning herself off and materializing fresh clothes, it was time to take care of her pets.

She entered her planetarium that contained a normal-sized universe. Inside it, the cosmic dragons Billy and Bobby were still healthy and active. Normally, the size required for them to roam around would be at least 10^20 square light years (10 billion each side). But owning so much property has a tremendous tax burden so she kept this universe outside our galaxy. Which brings us to her newer pets.

That's right. She recently adopted a galaxy cluster. It was a colony of several hundred galaxies that formed from the same pocket of gas and all orbit a big galaxy in the middle. Most large galaxies had spiral arms and most galaxies had a supermassive black hole in the center. Sometimes, galaxies collide and fight with eachother and become elliptical or eat the core of another, which explains the exceptions.

Taking care of a galaxy cluster is relatively low-maintenance as galaxies normally just exist. However, these galaxies were special in that they were capable of intelligence depending on the type. Some were capable of independent thought and talking through forming their arms into letters like this for Y to answer a yes/no question: and when hungry: They also sometimes propel themselves like a jellyfish by pushing out jets of ionized matter to escape mergers or to protect other galaxies from mergers by gravitationally attracting away the approaching galaxy. 

Feeding the galaxies was someone different from feeding cosmic dragons. Galaxies are fed by spraying a semi-diffuse gas that can be compressed by their arms and galactic core into new stars to keep these galaxies shining bright. But Paige didn't want to feed them too much because that would make the galaxies grow too big and the biggest galaxies are just boring lazy ellipticals.

As for the dragons, they were still fed intermediate-mass stars. As tempting as it was to put them together, Paige refused to let that happen. Although that would save Paige from the chore of having to feed the dragons, eating bigger and bigger stars could hurt these galaxies. Further, Paige was worried that the galaxies would react by luring the dragons into eating stellar black holes and stars about to supernova.

With the these pet responsibilities out of the way, it was time for Paige to attend to her job at the post office.



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