Goddess RP Log - Akane (Scarf-Chan) and Warrone (Lucy)


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WARRONE "Oh hi, Scarf-Chan! I know you are busy, but I would love for you to sit down with me sometime!" Lucy is a little shy, she's unsure of herself and is highly wanting to get to know the goddess, hearing all about her kind reputation.  Proudly wearing a scarf on herself to show her appreciation for the goddess, there is something about Scarf-Chan's powers and the way she portrays herself with empathy and kindness, that really lures Lucy to her.

AKANE After a full minute nothing happened and Lucy was starting to worry, apparently no matter where someone was, if you prayed for Scarf-chan to appear, she just would. But suddenly, she felt a slight tap in the back, after turning around, the Goddess was there. "Hello Lucy! I'm Scarf-chan, heroine of justice and friend of all the kids in the world! What can I do for you today?" The big breasted teenager dressed with an unfitting black bra, a long scarf and a pair of white gloves was smiling cutely, enjoying the meeting with her new fan.

WARRONE "How did you know my name? Well, I always wanted to look and feel beautiful like you." Lucy blushed thinking about Scarf-Chan, she was absolutely stunning to look at, she felt she could turn any straight woman gay. Lucy occasionally snuck looks at her breasts every few seconds, a little shock ran through her because she felt that Scarf-Chan noticed.

AKANE "A heroine has to know everything so justice can prevail!" Scarf-chan put on a cute pose and looked at Lucy, she put her hand on her chin while thinking with her powerful brain. "It's funny, I find you really beautiful already, I even analyzed your DNA and everything seems fine." Scarf-chan created a chair and a table out of thin air so they could sit, and two cups filled with tea to drink. "Explain in detail please, what changes in particular?" She took a sip.

WARRONE "I am flattered, thank you." with her hand on her heart, and noticing it pumping slightly harder in the presence of her. "Do you think I should stay the same?" Lucy is not sure what to do.

AKANE "Hmmm perhaps..." Lucy noticed hands brushing and taking care of her hair. " Don't worry darling, those are my psychic powers." Then her hair started to grow, so much that it now cascaded to the floor like a golden river. "I think that suits you better!"

WARRONE "WOW!" Lucy in a state of shock, loving the feeling of transforming, using her hands as combs, feeling them through the strands of her long beautiful hair, the feeling was like no other. "My hair is amazing now, thanks to you of course!" Showing it off to her, animating a small bounce in her knees as she replied. "Do you think you could give me the power to shapeshift? Lucy smiling with her hands on her hips, hoping that Scarf-Chan will say yes. "Uh, I think I am addicted." Will Scarf-Chan grant her wish? This decision feels like it will change her life forever.

AKANE "Of course cutie, what about this?" Their scarfs were interchanged instantly when Scarf-chan snapped her magical fingers. She could snap them despite wearing gloves. "With that scarf on, you have the power of shapeshifting now! Try something!" Scarf-chan concentrated with her eyes closed, controlling the thousands of situations she was handling with her clones right now.

WARRONE "HOLY damn, no kidding I can feel the scarf radiating with magic, it feels so good I could never take the thing off." With a thought Lucy melted herself into a puddle, remerging herself slowly like a practiced shapeshifter. She looked the same, bar her breasts, legs and feet, making her breasts slightly bigger about the size of DD "Not too big or small,  perfect, got to show a little cleavage though." A white dress that showed off her soon to be drop dead gorgeous legs and cleavage that was impossible without massive tits or a wonder bra, noticing her breasts bouncing a little as it formed perfectly over the top of them without a bra wink, she doesn't need a bra anymore when she can shapeshift her boobs to any size or shape she wants. Her legs are perfect, extra long and slender using a super goddess called Jennifer for inspiration on them, her feet morphed a shiny extra long pair of black high heels that were slightly open and strappy, showing off her perfect pedicured black cute toenails and accentuating her already long legs. "THANK YOU!" Lucy was almost crying from joy.

AKANE "Oh my sweetie you look so beautiful and sexy!" It was clear in Scarf-chan's face that she was enjoying Lucy being so happy, her little caramel smile was like sunshine for her now well-endowed fan. "Wow, you are much more taller than me now." Scarf-chan floated and sit on Lucy's shoulders that now could support any weight somehow, the godly pair of tanned breasts were on Lucy's neck now, it was really erotic, the touch of Scarf-chan's skin was driving her crazy, and that pure concentrated pheromone smell didn't help. "Now tell me gorgeous, what do you have in mind?"

WARRONE "Thanks hun, I know right!" Noticing Scarf-Chan getting close, Lucy locked up a little at first, she can barely control her impulses towards her but she was getting closer and each time she did her eyes rolled further and further back into her brain, the last ounce of self control left her when Scarf-Chan's breasts rested over her neck, too sexy for her.  Lucy's scarf proceeded to unwrap itself slightly from her neck and animating, reaching in and massaging Scarf-Chan's perfect breasts with the ends, with Lucy feeling a heavy bit of moisture underneath her dress as they proceeded.

AKANE "What happens Lucy-chan? Can you feel the magic that runs through your veins? Does it feel good?" Scarf-chan blinked and they found themselves suddenly in the middle of space, but there wasn't any need to breathe, still hugging to Lucy's tall supermodel body, the tanned teenager laughed. "Isn't it beautiful?" Scarf-chan casually picked two stars that were light years away from them between her fingers, when she had them in her hand they were the same size as they appeared to be from afar. "Two stars that produce heat and light for an entire system, the livelihood of millions of species depends on them" Scarf-chan showed the beautiful stars to Lucy. "For us they are nothing"

WARRONE This was a lot for her to take in, but did she just become a goddess? "Wow, I have god powers now?" Lucy is still uncertain but there has been a fire inside her burning since she met Scarf-Chan. For a test, using her left hand Lucy clicked her fingers together with her right hand's palm laying straight out in front of her, a dormant planet materialized from nothing on her palm, "Going to need a bit of life!" another click followed with green, rock, dirt, sand and water forming out of the ground, it looked a lot like earth's kind of height maps but the land shapes didn't match up with each other.  Another click followed and the planet teleported to a solar system with a sun positioned perfectly for lifeforms. She did it again and the planet aged a million years. Wanting to teleport to her landmass, a last click instantly teleported her to ground level, it was breathtaking, she couldn't believe this was possible. "Hey Scarf-Chan come over here hun!" Telepathically communicating with her, now waiting for a reply.

AKANE "Wow..." Scarf-chan was impressed.

WARRONE Pleased with her handiwork, dusting hands " I think I will call this planet Scarcy! It will become a haven for all peoples and aliens of the universe!"

AKANE "Oh my cutie, you just created your first planet, and It's so precious, why don't we explore it for a bit and have some fun?" Scarf-chan kissed Lucy in the lips by surprise, the two goddesses were at it for a few hundred years and it was so magical that they couldn't let go. Thanks to the kiss, the infinite knowledge on Scarf-chan's magical brain was transmitted to Lucy, which turned omniscient just like her. Lucy felt smarter and more knowledgeable by the second. "Hey I have an idea." Scarf-chan turned into a liquid substance that became small and took the shape of two cute heart shaped earrings that now dangled from Lucy's ear. "This way we can be together forever."


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