Collision of the Goddesses


Tags: Absorption, Magical battles, Rivalry, Reality Warping, Attribute Theft, Breast Expansion, Transformation, All Female, Goddesses. Has pictures, if you'd like to see what the characters looks like. (PDF)

"Who did you say was the best?" Katie smirked, loving nothing more than to be best at everything, at any cost.


“You’re nothing Katie, lowly witch… Not even a goddess yet.” Her rival bitterly spat black energy towards Katie, as she laid down on the ground drained. Her power was completely bottomed out, she needed time to regenerate but Katie only had one thing on her mind.


Unpleased with her rival, Katie teased dark magenta energy on the tip of her glossy pink index finger, signalling she was ready to cause some havoc. “Gun” She whispered under her breath,  making a finger gun with the same hand and pointing it her rival’s way. The barrel of the finger gun lit up to a far darker color, almost looking like a black hole. 


“Shot!” She raised her voice smirkingly. A dark projectile burst from her fingers, in an instant it collided with her rival’s chest, causing her to yelp out of fear; which Katie found satisfaction from.


A magenta aura of energy encased the weakened goddess for a moment; Katie snickered slightly, loving about what’s coming up. 


The weakened goddess’s body receded in size with her clothes as well, proportionally her boobs shrank first to nothing then her bum. Her intention was to break her spirit, knowing she loves those things some of the most. The aura around the shrunk goddess popped and she snapped in size to that of a little finger. This not only cut her down in size, but magically as well. Though still her magical power was potentially great. The goddess covered her body, embarrassed by it slightly, but she still had spirit. “You actually think you can last? Give me a break, you won’t even make it to sunset. Ha.” She laughed woozily, amplifying her voice.


Katie smiled and bent over to the goddess, showing a massive downblouse part of cleavage to her. "Not true for me, but for you?" Katie winked, placing her fingers on her right ear lobe. A little rattle of a bell echoed from her ear as she wiggled it, which warped her rival’s matter to the top of her hand. Proceeding to teasingly hold Katie’s rival over her large breasts for a short moment before dropping her down the deep recess of her cleavage. Proceeding to press her boobs together and smush. Focusing on her rival’s energy being in contact with her own, Katie absorbed all of the magical goodness inside her powerful breasts. From that, her boobs bounced up and down as they grew in size from absorbing such a powerful goddess. 


"Thanks, will come in super handy for the job interview coming up." Katie gushed, while she looked down at her G sized boobs in her revealing low cup yellow top with such pride. “Hottest ever? Definitely.”


Her mind mapped out the whole of Columbus city in Ohio, she had a job interview for Victoria’s Secret as a model and wanted to get there early. In her mind she calculated she was thirty miles away from the Victoria’s Secret shop front. With the coordinate vector in her mind, she warped over to the shop front thirty kilometers away, she sensed this was the location for her interview. She always knew to trust her gut feeling, and hasn't failed her yet. The front of the store had a mirror-like finish for the window and in big letters spelt “Victoria’s Secret” in gold.


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Katie never needed money from a job, since she was a young she could bend space with a simple finger snap. Though the need to satisfy her goddess ego was her highest priority.  


It was a given to Katie that she was going to get the modelling job for her favourite fashion company. In her mind no one could stack up to her, knowing she ticks all the right boxes. Beauty, power and confidence.


A strange feeling washed over Katie as she was about to open the gold plated door to her interview; from her intuition this is a sign trouble is coming.


Using her mind she carefully opened the door to the shopfront. But before she could walk inside she was stopped at the door by a brunette with a slim but busty figure. Katie quickly examined her outfit, a revealing red dress with matching red high heeled pumps. Looking up to her sculptured model face a crooked smile shone, sending a weird vibe Katie’s way. She knew she was up to no good.

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The brunette at the door Cindi, smugly put her hands on her hips. “Oh, there won’t be any more interviews today!” Her accent was southern american and you could tell she felt threatened by Katie in her delivery. She quickly snapped her fingers together and pointed to an empty spot on the window and letters appeared in gowy red energy saying “Closed”. She tried her best to hide her magic from Katie but was immediately spotted and even sensed it even before she tried. 


“This some kind of joke?” Katie sarcastically rolled her eyes. 


“No, I’m sorry. You should have gotten here earlier honey.” Cindi smiled fakely, checking out Katie’s high heeled sandals and her pedicure jealousy.


Katie noticed her eyes were on her lower half. She snapped her fingers harshly a few times to get her attention. “My eyes are up here, little red riding hood.” She sneered, making a passive joke about her all red outfit.


Instantly Cindi’s attention was back on Katie’s face. She felt shaken that someone joked about her outfit choice she picked; she thought she looked perfect.


Katie was disgusted by this woman the more she was in her presence. “I’m not stupid. I know you don’t want me inside because you know I’ll get the job… You’re pathetic.”  


Cindi fumed from Katie’s words, her plan was unravelling in front of her. Red energy flared up out of her eyes.


Katie giggled, “Oh look it’s Supergirl” noticing her eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree. 


A smirk shone from Cindi as she thought. “Oh, I’m much much more powerful than her…” She wiggled her ear smugly and everything went still; the cars and people stopped moving down the street to the birds in the sky. She effectively stopped time. “Haha, you should have listened!” Noticing Katie was still. 


To Cindi’s confusion, a smug look on Katie’s face roused. She came to the realization that Katie pretended to be frozen. “How? Even my magic stops my mom! I’m the most powerful in this universe…” 


“Most powerful in the universe actually goes to me. Sorry to burst your bubble princess.” Smirking while she warped behind Cindi’s back without her noticing her new position. Lightly tapping Cindi on the shoulder with her right hand.


Quickly Cindi turned round, coming to the realisation that Katie was indeed magical like her, which shocked her. Though she was eager to let her ego not be soured by her; she could feel she was more powerful than her. Casually hiding her emotions to make sure Katie didn’t get an ego boost from her shocked reaction. “Oh isn’t that cute, you have magic. Hmph! For now at least? heehee!” She winked, talking to Katie in a baby voice.

Katie giggled, preparing her thoughts.”It is cute indeed! Hehe, like you.” biting her lip. A little tap of her right heel on the floor and a glow of magena energy oozed from her white pedicured nails and enveloped around Cindi. 


Panic washed over Cindi as her whole body froze, she couldn’t use her magic. Suddenly she felt her body and clothes shrinking, little by little Katie was getting larger while she was getting smaller. She also felt her magic powers shrinking in the process which added to the fear. The shrinking stopped as soon as she reached two inches in height. “Was that it?” She thought. 


“I guess you’ll need to bow to your goddess now.” Katie joked, placing her hands on her hips towering over the tiny Cindi. Making sure her high heels were in perfect view of Cindi, she put them right against her body. She loved showing off her outfit and body to her rivals, knowing they would get jealous. She never quite understood why but it felt so good to do.


Unamused by being shrunk to the size of a tennis ball, Cindi rolled her eyes. “Pathetic heels by the way... Mine are way better.” She looked down at her glossy red 7 inch high heeled pumps with a little cutout on the end of the toe area.


Feeling like she needed to knock Katie’s ego down a little. She wiggled her nose and Katie’s heeled sandals wobbled and grew around her feet to white closed flats. “Hehe, aww! Aren’t they cute?” Cindi joked, growing her body back to normal size from a push of her boobs together.


The sight of her new shoes weren’t impressive to Katie. She snarled over to Cindi. “They look crap, like you...”

They paced around each other, knowing all well both wanted to ruin each other.

“The funniest thing is you’re so weak, haha! Even my little sister could overpower you!” Katie laughed smirkingly, feeling a little slighted from changing her heels to something less attractive.


Cindi smirked. “Well is th-at... s-o!” She stopped in the middle of the sentence from her magical body disobeying her.. 


Looking over at her hands, all the fingers of Cindi’ merged into one formless blob of red, fear washed all over her mind. She tried using her nose, ears and boobs to focus some magic but she couldn’t think straight. Her clothes, color and womanly body shape then receded into a little red blob on the ground. 


This was all possible from a little thought through Katie’s mind. “Amatuer..” Rolling her eyes. Swiftly Katie plunged both of her flats into the puddle of liquid essence. Concentrating on the puddle, she thought about using Cindi’s magic to enhance herself even further. From her thought the puddle glowed and wrapped itself around Katie’s feet, wobbling and shrinking as it was combined into her magical essence. 


“Now for the best part..” Katie bit her lip. A spark of light exploded from her feet, it would have dazed any normal person from the sudden flash bang. The red essence swooshed around her feet, calculating every inch of them. The red essence transmuted to a reddish pink then to finally to Katie’s color magenta. Rising from each of her ankles, yellowy green straps an inch and a half wide with a little bow on the backside. In the same color a thick band formed over her toes, but still revealed her glossy pinkish red toe nails which the color was a reminder to Katie of her rival. The bottom half of the heels formed a wooden finish that boosted her height up to four and a half inches higher. Katie looked down and was amazed; the shiny dark red finish to her toenails was her favourite, they sent shivers down her spine from how good they looked. 


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Victory was blissful for Katie, she loved coming out on top of a fight but most of all she loved the spoils; in this case gaining a bunch of magical energy and the sexiest feet alive in her opinion. 


Cindi’s consciousness was reduced to that of toenails, any magic she regenerated would go directly into Katie’ “Thanks again Cind. heehee!” Katie giggled, rubbing in her power over Cindi, knowing she was listening in.

Remembering she still had an interview to attend to, a pop of a champagne cork resonated in the adjacent area from snapping her fingers together. The stillness of time fading, birds flying at one hundredth of their normal speed, as with the vehicles roaming around the street and the people as well; totally oblivious to what the goddess achieved earlier.

“Ugh!” Katie rolled her eyes, listening to a car stuck in time next to her. Time at such a snail pace disturbed Katie because sounds were distorted and unrecognisable. She slapped her hand at the car, sending it twirling through the air towards space. Meanwhile the noise from the flying car pierced the ears like a jet flying low. Quickly the car melted into vapour before it could hit space from the sheer power it moved through the air. Frustrated, she quickly ramped up the pace of time back to standard from a twirl of her hand clockwise in a semi circle.


Walking over to the door of the Victoria’s Secret building, Katie felt entitled,  “There’s no way they can turn me down…” thinking about how perfect she was for the job.


As she reached the door, a blue shadow of light swept over her and all around the world. Alarm bells were ringing up in her mind, she instinctively turned to the sky and noticed the sun was blue. It was emitting light the same way, just with a different hue. This annoyed Katie slightly, considering it was bad timing. She thought after her interview she was going to find out who did this and have a little fun with her for a little while. Casually she snapped her fingers together, a thud cracking through the area from a magical touch of her fingers to return the sun back to its previous colors. Though to Katie’s surprise nothing happened. “Huh?” 


She thought to herself she may have lost her powers. But that was totally impossible to her. She made a square shape with both of her hands joined together, thick liquid flooded from her fingers, squeaking and wobbling around while it was on its destination five meters out in front; sending a sigh of relief that her powers were still strong. Firstly the magenta liquid formed into a square from her finger gesture, then she shaped it directly from many swift finger gestures one after the other that combined made a cube which the energy followed exactly. “Hmph!” She smirked, knowing no one could do what she could. The energy followed telekinetically around Katie to the exact orientation as created as she paced around the walkway; wondering who made the sun that way, and what to do about it.


She quickly got sick of thinking about it. “Fuck it!”

Pointing to the sun, she firmly commanded the energy cube to the sun. It shot up into space so fast it burnt a dead space in Earth’s visual reality. Katie smirkingly made a duck beak with her right hand and the tiny cube stretched and stretched so far in a second it was five times the size of the blue sun. The energy wobbled briefly into an oval shape, before the inner ring separated into two halves horizontally. Delicate roundness and plumpness bulged on both outer sides, making out very plump lips. The magenta on the lips formed more glossy and sparkles of chromatic glitter showered all over them to top it all off. Katie smirked, as she could see remotely through the construct; the lips smirked with her for a few moments. Then in one motion the lips snapped at the sun, gobbling it all up in one go.


The pressure was so much the sun as it was being absorbed as her energy slithered its way through the sun’s essence. The flame of the sun dwindled, losing its shine; moments later the sun was completely gone, absorbed directly into energy. Everything on Earth went pitch black, the cars stopped and everyone was shocked as they looked around. Visibility was worse than at night time since there was no sun to reflect light from the moon. 


People were panicking around Katie, while her attention was on her energy lips out in space. “Mmmm, yummy.” Katie licked her lips, wondering how it was going to feel absorbing the sun. She beckoned to the sun with her right hand while she pinched her thumb and index finger together. The lips blasted through space at the speed of light back to Earth. Quivering as the energy folded in on itself over and over again as it got closer to Earth. At the start of its journey back, the lips were three hundred times the size of Earth. As it reached the atmosphere of Earth it was standard lip size, she purposely slowed down the speed of its reentry or else the whole of the USA would turn into a crater . Katie then smirked and faced the lips as they left a trail of smoke in its wake. *Bang!* they collided into her own lips with so much force the windows around her blew out and car alarms were triggered; people were knocked off their feet. Katie noticed the chaos around her briefly as people began looting, but she didn’t care. All that was on her mind was her perfect powerful lips she manifested from her wits.


Image removed.


A creepy middle aged man rushed up to her in the chaos, armed with a knife, he shoved up to her face, with his eyes wide open with fear. “How about you come with me?!” He frantically yelled, liking the look of Katie. 

“In your dreams…” Katie smirkingly rolled her eyes and pouted her lips, instantly the man turned to dust before her. Blowing away in the wind without a trace. “Hmph!” Turning her head away from the dust with disgust. 


Watching the chaos around her, she wasn’t liking it. Her way of life wouldn’t exist under this kind of world she thought. Continuing,  If everyone thought the world would end, then no one would care about modeling or fashion, it would be straight survival instincts for the masses.


She had to get things back to normality in her mind. “Easy..” She smirked. Blowing a kiss in the sky, looking at the spot where the sun would have been before she absorbed it through some lips. Magenta light rushed from her lips, piercing through the sky and into space in one long beam. 


The chaotic streets went quiet for a moment as they looked at the pink night sky lighting up.
“Fireworks?” An onlooker raised an eyebrow talking to a nearby friend looting a TV.


The light reached the exact spot from where it previously was, she knew the location coordinates by remotely going back in time and jotting them down in her magical mind. Coming to a complete stop at those coordinates, a ball of pink energy rose up from the buildup of energy reaching the end point of the beam. The ball’s gravitational pull rising from each loop of energy reaching it, quickly it was on the same level as the previous sun. Katie had a little problem, she didn’t want the sun to stay pink. So she snapped her fingers and the sun turned purple. “Purple is so hot right now but nah…” She smirked, loving that she was so powerful to create worlds with just a thought or gesture. The color green came to her mind, so the new sun followed. “Ooo, I know someone who would love that! Hehe.” She winked, giggling a little. But she knew deep down inside the sun had to go back to orange/yellow, even though it isn’t her favourite color. A wiggle of her nose was enough and the sun’s color was back to normal. 


With impeccable timing, all the light she expelled from her lips reached the sun. Returning the sun to its former glory in size, heat and gravitational pull. But far more efficient than what was previously created, this sun would last infinitely under her magic.


A spark of hope filled the streets as daylight returned. Though they still were looting, fighting and smashing cars.


Her interview was truly over at this point in her mind. She thought today was hers, but for some reason everything completely turned on its head. This was making her a little angry, not used to things not going her way. 


But she still had tricks in the bag. “I’ll localise the new sun, so I’ll keep that energy.” She pouted, blowing a kiss of sparkly magenta energy lips out in front of her, that looked the same from every angle it was perceived at. After a few seconds the kiss evaporated into sparkles that littered the floor. The lingering sparkles of magical energy would leave tingling magical residue that would leave a footprint for millions of years. 


“Then I’ll speed back time right away just after the sun went blue! Easy heehee!” She giggled, bending at the knees flirtily. 


“Well, no time to waste!” Snapping her fingers, instantly time rewound to just when the sun went blue. “Good, my sun’s there. And it looks like things are normal...” She smirked, noticing her sun she made and everything was back to normal human activity and placement of other matter.


She checked the time to see when her interview starts in her mind, “Seven minutes until.” She felt like going in early to get the vibe going. She opened the door but before she could go in, she was stopped again at the door. “What?!” Katie feared,  her mind froze while trying to process this; “Dejavu.” She thought.  


It was Cindi, but she was different. Katie noticed that her colors were completely off, instead blue dominated her revealing outfit. “Even the ends of her hair are soaked in blue energy.” She thought, something serious didn’t add up to her.


“Cat got your tongue?” She smirked, noticing Katie shook inside from seeing her.


There was no way she was going to let her get a rise out of her.. “No, I just thought I ended you…” Katie rolled her eyes, becoming aware of her feet to see if she could feel Cindi still on her nails. She was still there, noticing she had a different energy signature to this girl.


Cindi smirked, “Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise then?” noticing Katie wanted to get past her. She wasn’t in the mood for anymore games.


Time was ticking, Katie just wanted to get to the interview. So she could ace it. “We’re done here…” She swirled her finger around while looking up into her mind. Cindi’s body evaporated, from head to toe in one motion. She pointed down to the other palm of her hand, blue particles coalesced rapidly into a tiny cube. Blue sparkles popped and crackled around it, Katie could tell for sure now this was a different person to Cindi; the energy level was only of what could be imagined. A sugary layer formed around all sides of the cube from thin air, commanding all the energy to obey her every will. “Bubblegum… Mhmm!” She licked her lips, floating it to the insides of her mouth. Chewing all the magical goodness inside and absorbing it directly to her magical power. “Easiest power ever! Hehee.” She smugly giggled,  thinking she’s the best. 


Half way through chewing, Katie felt odd throughout her body. Almost like a balloon filling up with air, although she wasn’t expanding in size there was this pressure building. “Must be the power kicking in… Heehee” She giggled, quickly squashing her concerns. 


Her whole body felt like that but Katie ignored it. Then bang, she popped into nothingness, while the piece of gum sat there lifeless on the floor.


The slightly discolored chewed piece of bubblegum liquified slightly, just thin enough to shape itself. It regenerated itself into the same cube before it was chewed but double the size. Then pop, Cindi was back into form. “Heehee, that was fun!” She jubilantly giggled, enjoying being chewed and her magical power absorbed.

Cindi looked towards the corner of the sidewalk, Katie pranced around it, looking very annoyed at Cindi, knowing this was going to ruin her mood for the rest of the day


She blinked right next to Cindi as she locked her eyes with her, pushing her so hard she blew through half the city skyline’s then through the air ten miles outside the city. Causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage. Katie would have to reverse time again to put back everything to place; though she had more pressing matters with Cindi.


Calculating in her mind where Cindi was, she blinked right next to her. But as she appeared in the position she was grabbed by Cindi and thrown up into the air. “You throw me, I’ll throw you!” Cindi joked.


Fire burned all around Katie from the force she was being tossed at, although the fire didn’t bother her so much. Quickly she reached the upper atmosphere before she came to her senses but Cindi blinked on top of her and punched her back down to Earth with a blue fist of pulsing energy the size of a block of apartments. The punching force sent shockwaves throughout the whole Earth and was enough to squish Katie’s body as flat as a pancake before she even reached the ground. *Kaboom!* Crashing back into Earth, so hard she left the whole state of Ohio in shambles. There wasn’t a single house to be seen near her flattened body, just rubble and dirt. 


Standing back up defiantly, she wobbled around. Not used to being squished flat, her first time. Shaking herself off rapidly and spinning herself into a pink tornado of energy. The tornado dissipated and out came Katie, perfect as before. Looking around the place was completely lifeless, it put Katie at unease. So she put it all back from a little thought. 


“Who the hell are you?” Katie questioned, knowing her rival could hear her.


Popping right in front of Katie’s face and slightly taller than her. Cindi smirked, looking down Katie’s large breasts for a little glance before she locked eyes back to her. 


“Perhaps, you remember Taylor?”  Cindi leaned herself on a nearby lamp post, ready for the shitstorm.


Katie took a deep breath. “You’re her squeeze?” A moment of dread surfaced as she came to the realisation her past caught up with her.


“Sure.” WInking, Cindi noticed Katie internalising the situation poorly. 


Rippling into formless blue energy ready for her big entrance, parts of her energy formed into larger breasts then moulding her face into a more defined and attractive shape. Her legs grew several inches in size, clearly refined perfectly to a T in shape like a true goddess. Milky white 

skin surfaced, wobbling perfectly into place on her energy body. The rest of her features popped elegantly into place, brown eyes, black hair with blue ends; perfectly white teeth to boast. A small polka dotted dress billowed on her goddess frame, showing off her cleavage and the shape of her thick behind, the skirt reached her thighs, leaving all that room for her long legs to shine in her sparkly blue high heeled sandals. 


Image removed.


“You can call me Cass, Kate. I’ve been itching all day to get a chance to fight you. It’s going to be so so fun! Heehee” Cass giggled, all giddy from the prospect of fighting someone with such substantial power. Her accent is upbeat and American, similar to what you’d find in the western states.


“So you’re behind this whole bad day of mine…” Katie frowned, feeling that her big day was ruined because of Cass. She was so sure this day was going to go well, unused to this kind of meddling.


Cass smiled. “Cindi earlier wasn’t me.” Hiding the fact that she planted the seed of doubt in Cindi’s mind without her noticing; by warning Cindi of the possible competition for the job, Cindi didn’t take it well. She was blinded by fear. 


“I don’t believe you. This is all about what I did to that skank Taylor isn’t it?” Katie sighed, turning her head away. A thought in her head rose “She’s lying.” Taylor and Katie were at a disagreement on set in a modelling shoot, things turned ugly and Taylor lost her powers and was humiliated. 


Cass made it all right in the end but she didn’t forget it. Swearing to get her revenge for what she did.


“Skank, excuse me?” Cass frowned, not liking her comment about Taylor. The relationship between Cass and Taylor is tight; though they’re very competitive with each other, they still hold an extremely protective bond between each other, especially towards outside threats.


Katie rolled her eyes from Cass pretending to not hear her. “Yes, skank; and you too are added to the list. Look at your dress with your tiny boobs...”


This was funny to Cass. She looked down at her top, seeing right through what Katie had to say. “Haha, says the girl who’s magically pushing up her boobs and has enlarged them as well, all while showing them off in a boobage top… Give me a break.” Rolling her eyes. The time of talking was over for Cass, she didn’t want to get into a battle of words with Katie. Instead, to get to the battle of action.


A popping sound ensured as Cass warped right next to Katie. She embraced Katie’s breasts with her own and squished them all around her pair. Though Katie mirrored, she was just as eager to join in. Katie had the bigger pair of breasts by a few cup sizes which she noticed straight away, though Cass wasn’t alarmed at all by it.


“Hehe, you made a big mistake going for my boobs.” Katie giggled, knowing her breasts are basically omnipotent and most of her magical power is located in that region. The countless goddesses that have succumbed to her breasts have been too many for Katie to count, so she was not fazed at all by Cass. 


“Mhmm, did I? Try your best tiny.” Cass seductively smirked, egging on her rival. Ever since she was created, she has loved competition and battle.


Not having a word of that, Katie fumed. Squashing her breasts harder into her new rival’s pair. Both of their breasts wobbled furiously, as they fought for superiority. No one had a large advantage but it was slightly in Katie’s favour. 


Both had a look of determination on their face, looking for weaknesses in each other's energy bodies. Katie was quite annoyed that Cass wasn’t defeated already, so she decided to switch up her tactics by slamming her breasts back and forth aggressively into her rival’s pair. The sound of each other connecting was sharp, like steel colliding. People stopped to look at the girls fighting, it was quite the spectacle to them. Though it didn’t worry the two of them, they had bigger problems.


Continuing to slam over and over again into Cass. *Chink, Chink, Chink!* Katie watched as Cass’s breasts began to flatten from the continued pressure she put on. At the same time absorbing Cass’s powers. “They’re getting so tiny! Haha!” 


Cass squirmed slightly, noticing her breasts shrinking and her magic to go with it.


“Let me take the rest of it now.” Katie winked seductively. Expanding her breasts three times the size and squishing all over Cass’s pair. Instantly they overwhelmed Cass and took the rest of the magic and size in her breasts. 


Woozy, tired and flat chested, Cass covered up her chest in embarrassment. Feeling diminished.


Chuckling at the reduced Cass, she loved to see such a powerful woman being bested by herself. “You should try making a little bra for yourself. Or better yet…” A little snap of her fingers and clack echoed throughout the area. 


Cass’s eyes lit up, right before her perfect goddess shape compacted into a thin layer of blue energized material the size of a mouse pad. Feeling squashed, though not painful, still she could see and hear.


The clack of Katie’s heels echoed on the pavement as she circled around Cass’s material body in her high heels. Smirkingly she stepped on top Cass, with both of her gushing heels. “Do you know your place? You won’t even be a goddess anymore…” Meanwhile, draining all of Cass’s magical energy. 


Cass’s material lost its blue color and went straight to red, downgrading her power level. While Katie’s breasts grew even larger from focusing her absorption of rival’s energy to her breasts.

“Such a shame, you were so powerful. At least you actually have a higher purpose now. Haha!” Katie winked with a smirk, doing a little flirty jump which made her boobs elegantly jiggle.


Cass just took in the moment, deciding not to respond to Katie’s smug attitude.


Rolling her eyes, Katie projected that Cass thought she was so much better.. “No response, gets an even worse one…” 


*Tap!* *Tap!* *Tap!* Katie’s high heels magically pressed down on Cass, scrunching her up into a little red ball at first, then it exploded into red particles and then the exploded particles coalesced in the blink of an eye to a little energy ring with a ruby insert. “A goddess as an object? The most useful purpose for them.” Katie winked smugly, stepping on the ring softly with her magical heels. The ring warped its way to one of her toes. Her feet and heels went skinnier and more attractive to the eye, using Cass’s magic to improve her features. “Quite an upgrade. Heehee!”


Katie placed her hands on her hips jubilantly. “Now it’s the best part!” Forcing the ring on her toe to liquify off and reform next to her to a pushup bra. Snapping her fingers, the bra of Cass replaced her current one. 


“This is the end for you Cass.” Using her breasts, she focused on the bra with a smirk on her face. Katie was never so sure she was the most powerful being ever. Just from Cass touching her breasts she was draining her but focusing made it grow even stronger. 


Quickly Cass lost her red form down to orange, then yellow, until she finished on black.  


“Oh YES!!” Katie felt a wave of pleasure through her, it was the best feeling ever to her. Her breasts didn’t grow this time though they softened and pushed up, since they already were a huge size. 


“I’d like to thank you for this, so so much! Heehee!” Katie smugly gushed, believing Cass’s purpose in life was to make her even more powerful.


“For what?” A voice behind Katie smugly uttered. It was so familiar to Katie, but it couldn’t be to her.


Katie turned around and instantly was in shock. It was no one other than Cass. Though her color was far more white with a tinge of blue in her revealing dress and high heel sandals.


Quickly Katie hid her surprise. “Looks like you lost your powers. Haha!” Laughing a little because she sensed no power on Cass.


“You’re right in a way, I lost my energy. But I’ve found something else, something no one can take away.” Cass smiled confidently, feeling at peace.


Rolling her eyes, “Oh please, haven’t you learned anything?” with a little bit of knee jerk anger. Katie snapped her fingers at Cass. Though nothing happened to Katie’s surprise. She puckered her magical lips this time. “Turn her into melting nothing!” Nothing happened. Next she used her boobs, knowing they couldn’t fail her, pressing her breasts together and pointing to her cleavage to teleport Cass inside to drain her. Again nothing happened.


Cass smiled lovingly. “Such a cutie.” 


Flicking her index finger out to the side, Cass formed an energy saber out of it, almost like out of a certain sci-fi universe. It crackled loudly of lightning, letting off little bolts of energy around it. All of a sudden Cass disappeared as she was strutting towards Katie. 


Looking around, “Where did she go?” Katie’s anxiety rose, looking up into the sky and wondering why she couldn’t track someone so weak. 


Catching Katie completely off guard, Cass reappeared behind her and sliced her straight down the middle. 


Katie’s halves gracefully flopped to the ground, it was noticeable on her face that she was feeling humiliated. Her ego took a large blow because her perfect body was unable to be seen. She quickly formed herself into her shiny magenta liquid and rejoined herself, then morphed her body how it was in front of Cass. The look on her face was of pure anger. “How dare you!?”


Smiling as Katie put her head so close, Cass replied jokingly. “Yeah, my bad. That was totally unearned. I should have gone through some more character development.”


“Grrr! It’s not FUNNY!” Katie yelled, pressing her breasts on Cass’s pair. She focused on her breasts on Cass’s sucking in what she could but nothing was being drained. This was shocking her, why wasn’t it happening she thought. It didn’t make sense.


“Sorry.” Cass winked, counter pressing her breasts into Katie’s. Watching as Katie began to whimper as Cass’s much smaller breasts began to outpower her, reducing Katie’s powerful breasts a cup size every second. Until she was left with a C cup and not much magic left. “They’re cute as least, a nice push up bra will help.”


Tears squirted from Katie’s eyes, her magic and her breasts were reduced. This feeling of loss was far too much for her. All those years gaining magic were completely worthless. She dropped to the ground next to Cass’s perfect white toenails and high heel sandals in sadness.


“Tay, come here.” Contacting Taylor telepathically.


Taylor replied to Cass. “Everything alright girl? I can’t sense your magic.”


“I have a problem here that I want your opinion on.” 


“Sure be right there in a few, just need to warp an outfit on.” 


A few seconds passed and Taylor coalesced beside Cass. Their eyes locked, both stunned by each other’s look. Cass on one hand loved the way Taylor did her blonde long hair that wrapped messily over her head, her face to her was simply perfect as usual. What made it so special is she’s always looked perfect even before having magic to change herself.


Image removed.


Meanwhile Taylor couldn’t read Cass’s magic, something was off like she had no powers. And she was all white, when usually she’s blue. It worried her.


“What happened to you Cass?” Taylor worried, not even noticing Katie from her attention all on Cass.


“Don’t be alarmed, just another stage in my development. You only need magical energy until you realise you don’t need it. Anyway look who’s here.” Cass replied soothingly, wanting to change the subject from this.


Taylor finally noticed Katie at her feet and jumped a little “Ah!” 


“Haha, don’t worry.” Cass laughed at Taylor’s reaction.


“She’s really weak right now, that’s why I missed her.“ Taylor grimaced. Strutting around Katie in her shiny maroon high heel pumps.  What did you do to her? I hope you didn’t go out of your way to cause her harm....” Taylor sneered, suspicious of Cass.


“About that… I did.” Cass nervously played with a lightning bolt on top of her fingers.


“It’s done, but you didn’t need to. She didn’t know what she was really doing. I forgave her, I was a total bitch too. I have some blame for this.” Taylor frowned, remembering the incident and how she was acting very standoffish to Katie since she was magical like her and they were competing for jobs.


“I just couldn’t let her get away with what she did to you. I’m sorry too.” Cass frowned.


“Anyway, what we a-” Taylor was cut off by Katie. 


Sniffling a little, Katie interjected. “I.. I.. I’m sorry too. I’ve been a complete bitch too. I’ve let the power get to me.” Bursting into tears, knowing the reason why she does these things all stems from hatred for herself. It consumed her.


Taylor shed a tear, warping next to Katie on the ground and embracing her. “You have to forgive yourself, I do.” Taylor endearingly warmed Katie up.


Cass soothed, this is one of the reasons why she loves Taylor so much, she’s got a competitive side she likes, but she’s always soft in the places that Cass deeply admires.


Taylor looked at Cass with intensity while she hugged Katie, she wanted Cass to let her go.

Cass knew exactly what she meant and nodded. 


Blinking right next to Katie’s ear, Cass whispered in her ear a few things. Katie was shocked, then she quickly teleported away without saying goodbye.


Taylor was confused why she left so quickly. “What did you say to her?”


Cass lied. “I told her to get out quickly before I change my mind.”


Taylor smiled. “Really? Okay, at least then we can have some more alone time.” Taylor winked, forming a pink energy star from the tip of her index finger and twirling it on the spot teasingly. Quickly Cass warped them both to the bedroom at their mansion in LA.


Hey you! It’s Cass, I bet you’re wondering what I said to Katie? If you can keep a little secret. It’s just… I wanted to make it fun. It’s not much of a fight if I just snap my fingers and end her existence throughout all pages of time. Plus it’s so fun when people absorb me because my energy increases through loss. But do I need the energy? No, it’s a form of life. You add things to you because they’re fun to play with! You don’t need to feel attached to it. Don’t tell Taylor that I have no limits. Please! 


Anyway I’m out, stay sassy! :)



















































































































































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