Black Sheep part 1

Black Sheep part 1

WARNING: Contains self harm and a mental breakdown(but is followed by intense support and comforting)

My name is Melissa Carving, I'm 21 years old and I'm the black sheep of my family.

I awaken like every day in the 4 poster bed of my room which is about 3 times the size of a normal bedroom and so lavishly decorated that it probably would've costed more than most people's entire house if it hadn't all been materialised from thin air.
I stand up to my full 6 foot and 6 inch height and stretch my muscles which most couldn't dream of having, thin and elegant yet powerful arms and legs, an ass so perfectly shaped that its more smooth than scientists previously thought possible, nearly invisible pecs that are so firm that with the slightest of flexes can give my EE cup breasts enough perk to run a marathon without giggling and my 24 pack abs because I thought 6 simply wasn't enough so I had each of them divided into 4 and now each of my individual ab muscles are stronger than an average person's entire body.
I would straighten my hair if it ever got tangled but that has yet to happen with my long black hair. I dress myself in my usual attire, a black suit and red tie with colours so deep normal people often struggle to understand what they're looking at and tailored perfectly to my body to show off my hourglass figure with my near unbelievably thin waist and wide hips.
As I step out my door into the hallway I'm greeted by my younger brother Aaron, older sister Emily and my mother Olivia Carving, Aaron is 19, has vibrant blue hair and stands at 8 feet tall with his perfectly triangular torso, bulgingly muscular arms and bulge in his pants from his 2 foot cock, Emily is a 23 year old blond with a cute slightly pudgy 5 foot body and D cup breasts and mum despite being 45 looks like she's in her 20s with her magnificent pink locks that perpetually flow as if there were a faint breeze, 7 feet and 7 inches of height, her perfectly hourglass figure consisting of an ass so smooth it makes mine seem like a golf ball by comparison, a literal pencil thin waist and GG cup breasts, her 3 and a half foot cock would bulge of her pants out were it not for the picket dimension in her panties. With one of her massive breasts mum has 8 nipples each feeding one of the octuplets she gave birth to yesterday.

I'm the black sheep of my omnipotent family.

Omnipotents (or omnis) started appearing around 30 years before I was born.
Some were omni since birth but most got their powers later, they were always good hearted and wanted nothing more than to help make the world a better place for both them an nompotents (nominally potent) some suggested "mortals" early on but that was shot down when omnis eliminated old age.

O: Hello sleepy head, ready to tackle the world head-on, oh wait let me get you your coffee first.

Mum produced a cup out of nowhere and brought it up to the nipple of her breast which wasn't covered in babies, from her nipple flowed the richest coffee in the world, so strong 1 cup could keep an entire country awake for a week. Mum really liked making stuff with her body like this.
Despite the name Omnis aren't truly omnipotent, but it's generally easier to list the things they can't do than what they can:
• They can't manipulate time besides with physics that have been understood for decades(blackholes and approaching the speed of light)
• They can't accelerate anything up to or beyond the speed of light despite having teleportation and space warping powers that can let them travel even faster
• Unfortunately they can't make nompotents omnipotent and whenever an omni improves a nompotent it requires exponentially more energy the greater the improvement is(this is one of the only ways an omni can get exhausted)
• Each omni can only be in one place at a time
• Omnis aren't all knowing, they could see and hear almost everything but choose not to so as to respect the privacy of nompotents
I took my coffee from mum with a smile.
M: Thanks mum
E: You seem like you've got your parts full mum, have you considered adding some more or creating someone to do that for you?
O: I'm quite alright at the moment dear but thank you, I might do that in another 9 months
?:How about I handle breakfast?
My half-sister Isabel was also there standing 10 feet tall with her top heavy figure thanks to her II cup breasts. She's also omnipotent just like about half of all my half-siblings, of which there are many thanks to mum's prolific sex drive and sexuality.
I: I'd like to try making breakfast your way
O: Oh that would be lovely dear
A: I can help with the other parts, so it'll be just like you made it yourself mum
O: Oh you're all so grown up
M: I mean we're all parents here, speaking of which I should probably check on Sarah
I go into the room adjacent to mine which was added to the house specifically for my daughter Sarah. As I step in my little angel wakes up and starts floating out of her cot, unlike me she got her powers at barely a year old, she's 2 now.
S: Mommy mommy, do you know what day it is?
M: *gasp* No I don't honey, you'll have to tell me
S: It's the day we have lego night
M: Is it? How exciting, do you know what you want to make already?
S: An airport
M: That sounds exciting, I can't wait to see how you do it. Now are you ready for breakfast?
S: Yes mommy
She floats over into my arms and I carry her off to the breakfast table with my siblings and their children

About 0.1% of the population is omnipotent today and nobody's quite sure what causes omnipotence but evidence mostly points towards genetics, with the exception of myself every child my mother has had with another omni has turned out omni aswell. Emily, Aaron and myself were all mum fucking herself and all of our children were with her too, an 18th birthday present for each of us, it's still too early to tell but the octuplets mum made again with herself 9 months ago will likely be omni and the octuplets she's currently carrying too.

At the breakfast table we find mum still holding the octuplets, Emily, her daughter Petrisha, Aaron standing to the side waiting for everyone to be seated, his daughter Nancy, Isabel also standing, her daughter Vanessa and Diane another of my half-sisters.
Most of our half-siblings live with their other parent but in Isabel and Diane's case their other parents also live with us, Isabel's is Brigette(our house) and Diane's is Christine(my car)
I sit next to Diane and place Sarah down next to me, Diane isn't omnipotent at least right now but you can never be sure, Diane is only 22, normally people who are the product of omni-omni procreation get their powers before 16 but some people with one omni parent have gotten their powers as late as 27 and very rarely people with no omnipotent parents will get powers, regardless we love her as her 5 foot 3 inch brown haired self, b cups and all and we always will.
With everyone seated blindfolds appear over the eyes of the kids as Isabel and Aaron start pulling down their pants. Isabel leans back to a 45 degree angle presenting her womanhood to the ceiling, Aaron's dick hardens and he similarly angles his manhood upwards. Then from between Isabel's lips flies a single piece of toast, then another, then a waffle and quickly a fluffy of toast, waffles and eggs are fly through the air and landing on plates appearing before everyone. Then from Aaron's tip burst forth a spray of condiments, maple syrup, butter, jam and more, each landing on the correct food and spreading itself perfectly. Isabel then springs up and rips open her shirt as milk, coffee, juice and moter oil spew from her nipples into glasses and mugs appearing just as the plates did.
Mum was overjoyed to see her children flawlessly recreate her breakfast spectical and as expected it was just as delicious as when she makes it.

After breakfast Isabel creates as small train which she, all the kids and Emily(because it means being moved by someone else) ride to the lounge room where they rurn on the TV just in time to catch the start of Thomas the tank engine. Emily is just there to sit on the couch while the tiny creatures she creates pamper her, but Isabel is fully engrossed in the show, possibly more than most of the kids.
I pack my sports bag ready for after work and Aaron and I head out, his clothes transform into the costume of his superhero identity(Invinciman) before he teleports away while I walk out and hop into Christine.
M: I know I can't understand you like everyone else but please Christine get me to work safely

While omnis could run the entire world with ease they only do what nompotents have agreed to let them, not because the nompotents could stop them but because it would be cruel to do so without asking.
Fighting crime as costumed superheroes was one of the first things omnis were able to do because nompotents were familiar with the idea and very agreeable to it, my job is to go to meetings and argue why omnis should be allowed to do more in society.
Ever day is frustrating, anything I suggest is met with the same lie "it would put people in that industry out of a job" and then on and on with all the connected industries that would be affected in turn putting more people out of a job but whenever I try to bring up their plans to eliminate poverty and the need for employment they start insisting that we keep on topic had it not been for a few disasters that can't be prevented by a superhero punching them I'm not sure omnis would've ever gotten into medicine.
After a mentally exhausting day at work I head to the gym to burn some of my physical energy.
In the change room I put on the strapon I got for my 18th birthday, it's a foot long with walnut size balls, the strap blends into the skin of whomever wears it, it connects to the wearers nervous system so they can feel it and get an erection with it, it even produces sperm with the wearer's DNA(although it needs to be armed to impregnate someone), it's basically a detachable dick.
I put on a pair of tights made to show off my ass and bulge, my gravity belt so I don't need special weights for anything to be a challenge and a sports bra
I meet up with my weight lifting buddy Loren.
L: Oh joyous day, goddess Melissa hath graised us with her presence.
Loren did a curtsy with an imaginary skirt as she said this
M: I come here every day and I still don't have powers
L: That's why it's a joke, hot stuff
Loren was a very muscular 19 year old 6 foot tall blond who got into fitness so she could make her c cup breasts dance but found it incredibly addicting.
On the bench press she was doing her normal sets of 150 kg while I spotted her when I heard through the noise of they gym a live news report on Invinciman thwarting a bank robbery
A: Come quitetly and you might walk away with a shorter sentence and definitely fewer bruises.
Robber 1: Screw that we can take you, light em up boys!
The audio became a cacophony of gunfire as the robbers unloaded into Aaron to no avail
Robber 2: Boss I think those invulnerability piercing bullets might have been a scam
Robber 1: Shut up, I don't need no gun anyways, come down here and fight me like a real man
Suddenly Aaron had incredible anger in his voice
A: What did you say?
Robber 3: Boss I think you should...
Robber 1: I said fight me like a real man
I suddenly heard the sound of tiles shattering
A: Say that again
Robber 1: fight, me, like, a
Ad: Come to Dr Fiona's miracle clinic, we offer every approved procedure at no cost and no risk...
Loren and I switched places and I turned on my gravity belt to started my workout. The same 150 kg Loren had been lifting was close to 1000 times heavier in my hands, I could've asked for muscles that never need to be worked out but that would've meant they couldn't be as strong and this lets me show them off regularly so it was a no brainer really.
We continue our workouts together going from machine to machine until it comes time for stretching, Loren always hated this part, not because she wasn't flexible but just not as much as most of the other girls, she struggled to raise her leg to a 150 degree angle while most were doing 180 degrees and I got all the way to 270 degrees.
In the showers things went like they usually do, someone compliments one of my body parts, loren agrees with them, I offer to let them touch it, more people girls get involved and we all have an orgy.
3 girls work my cock, 1 with the tip in her mouth, 1 going up and down my shaft and 1 sucking my balls. A couple more fondle one of my breasts each and suck my nipples, occasionally one of them is new and surprised by the milk. Someone licks all over my ass and everyone else caresses my various muscles.
Normally a good time is had by all, but today 1 girl isn't participating and another girl calls out to her
?: Hey get over here, you're missing out
M: Chill out she doesn't have to join in if she doesn't want to, it's ok to just be into guys
I didn't know her name but I had seen this girl before just never in the showers, she always started as I was finishing. She had a cute face with freckles and short red hair, she didn't have many curves with a pretty uniformly wide torse, being 5 feet and 5 inches tall with A cups she didn't stand out much at all.
Mystery girl: It's not that it's... I wanna be in your shoes
M: I hope that's not literal, I'd rather my shoes not get wet
Mystery girl: No I mean, I wish I could have a penis like that
M: ...What's your name?
H: Hanna
M: Well Hanna, do you want to borrow it?
H: You can do that?
M: Yeah, it's a strapon
H: Oh, I guess nevermind then
M: Wait, it is a strapon but the best strapon in the world. It gets soft and hard. You feel it just like a real dick. It even cums.
H: It does all that and you'll let me borrow it?
M: Sure, just so long as you use it on my pussy first
I then came a tiny bit and extracted myself to give Hanna my cock and help her get it on.
H: It feels so strange, what's that tingling in the balls?
M: That would be the sperm changing to match your DNA
Hanna became half errect at my words
M: ooo, so just having a dick turns you on? What if I run my finger along the shaft?
It twitched at the suggestion
H: P p please do
As my fingers glider over the it, the member grew harder and harder reaching a full erection once my fingers were on the tip
M: Now Hanna...
I bent over facing away from her
M: I want you to grab my ass and shove it as far into my vagina as you can
H: Ok
She tenderly placed her hands on my hips as she lined up with my snatch and after a deep breath she thrusted into my depths. Once she went as far deep as she could I felt pre-cum inside, I was honestly surprised she hadn't blown the load already.
She gripped my ass for purchase with none of the subtly this time as she pulled back to thrust again and then again, she was going all the way with each thrust, of course this is no issue for me as I've taken my mother's mammoth member in the past.
She had almost gotten into a rhythm when she came and like most people using my cock for the first time she blew the whole load all at once, which is why I wanted her to use my pussy first. Her semen emptied out into my vagina, causing my belly to swell and bulge out even reaching the floor.
M: Now Hanna, I'm gonna have to take it off of you ok
H: *panting* sure, I *pant* I need a minute
I reached behind myself and Hanna to release the strap, I then stood up as I slowly extracted my dick from my pussy clamping down with my vaginal muscles so no cum would leak out. I then squatted over the drain.
M: Sorry girls but I don't want out clothes getting hit by any of the splash
I released my grip and Hanna's cum went down the drain.
We then all continued the orgy with no dicks and Hanna even joined in and did amazing things with her fingers and tongue.
Afterwards Hanna agreed that we could try dating and even suggested coming home with me tonight.

When we got home there was a man nervously walking up to Brigette's door, he stopped and stared at us as I parked Christine and we walked towards him.
M: You hear for Isabel?
?: Yes, she gave me this address at a convention.
M: Yeah she does that, don't worry she'll remember you

As we walk in Emily looks as if she hadn't moved all day and mum is playing with the kids.
M: Hello I'm back and I brought someone with me
O: Oh isn't that nice, well go on introduce us
M: I will in a moment but first this guy's here for Isabel
O: Ah, she's in her room painting
I: I heard my name?
?: O oh my
I: Gary! You came!
G: I didn't realise you'd be even, t t taller
I: I hope that's ok or...
Isabel's clothes morphed into a Victorian dress and she shrank down about 5 inches
I: Is this much better for you?
G: agahbeh, ah whatever you want mo- Isabel, I meant to say Isabel
I: Gary and I are going to spend some quality time together in my room and then you can introduce me to your new friend
Isabel and Gary both teleported away.
M: So, everyone this is Hanna, we go to the same gym. Hanna this is my family of omnis
All: Hello Hanna
M: This is my mother Olivia Carving
Mum stood up and walked over to shake Hanna's hand
O: Pleased to meet you dear
Hanna was frozen, dumbfounded by mum's unbelievable body
M: psst, shake her hand
H: Wat oh, sorry
O: It's quite alright dear, I find it flattering
M: Hanna this is my older sister Emily, she's quite the layabout
E: And proud of it!
M: Her daughter Petrisha
H: Hello there
P: Hello again miss Hanna
M: This perfect little baby girl is my daughter Sarah, mwah
H: You have your mother's eyes
S: Which one?
H: What?
S: Which of my mommies do I have the eyes of?
M: Oh sorry I forgot to mention, mum is everyone's mum, Emily, Aaron and I were mum fucking herself, then on each of our 18th birthdays she fucked us which is where our children came from
H: O oh, so you're all...
O: It's quite alright dear, I made sure that none of the genetic issues normally associated with inbreeding would occur. It was trivially easy to be honest
H: Sorry it's just so much to wrap my head around
M: Maybe we should slow down the introductions
H: Oh no I think I'll be ok I just keep forgetting the omni part
M: Well then next is Nancy, my little brother Aaron's daughter, until recently she was our youngest
N: Haha hi
H: Hi Nancy, whose the new youngest?
M: That would be the octuplets, mum do you want to...
O: Certainly, we have: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. After I had raised 3 adults all my own and given each of them their own child I decided the more the merrier
H: So you fucked 8 kids into yourself?
O: Yeap, they came out last week and I gave myself 8 more
H: And you're sure naming them by number is a good idea?
O: Oh I expect that most of them will pick names for themselves but even if they don't I'll love them all the same
M: Yeah, Aaron wasn't always called Aaron but he doesn't think we were being mean before that we just needed something to call him
H: You're all just so loving to one another
O: It's just our nature dear, we have so much love to give and so few places to put it
H: Oh so in the showers today wasn't a fluke, you do that every day
M: Who am I to deny the people what they want? Speaking of the showers tho, this is going to have to be an open relationship
Hanna came in very close to whisper in my ear
H: Does that mean I can fuck your mum?
M: Yes, at almost any time just ask her
She pulled away to be face to face with me
H: This relationship is going to be amazing
Then she went in for a kiss so I responded by sweeping her off her feet and holding her in my arms as we made out
H: So I think there's a few you haven't introduced me to yet
M: Well I already mentioned my brother Aaron but he's still working so you'll have to meet him later. You saw my half-sister Isabel, she's Brigette's daughter.
H: Who's Brigette?
M: The house
H: What?
O: I asked and she said yes
M: This here is Vanessa, Isabel's little girl
V: Hello Hanna, you're very different from mommy
H: Well they wouldn't be very special if everyone was
M: And this is Diane, Christine's daughter
H: And Christine is?
M: My car
D: Try to avoid any cups with my name on them
H: With a house and a car? How do you even?
O: My bedroom and the fuel tank
D: 9 months later I come rattling out mum's tail pipe
H: So what you can all talk to inanimate objects?
D: Well I can only do cars but otherwise yeah
H: I mean I guess that makes sense I just never thought about it
M: It's ok, most people don't get much of a chance to interact with 1 omni let alone a house full of them
M: Anyway, I've got some washing to do, Hanna you do what you like and I'll be back

In my room I stripped naked and threw all my clothes into the combination washer, dryer, folder and packer so they'd teleport into my draws before morning. I then threw on some comfortable clothes, baggy pants and a big jumper.
As I was headed back to the lounge I heard the sound of mum's door closing behind me and I knew exactly where Hanna was. Giving them some privacy I return to the lounge and played with the kids to pass the time.
When mum returned to the lounge she had a very satisfied look on her face and behind her was Hanna with a small new bulge in her pants.
M: You 2 have fun?
O: I must say dear, you have excellent taste in women
H: How is your family not bigger?
D: Most of mum's kids live with their other parent, it just happens that Isabel's and mine live here too. Anyway there's still some time before dinner Hanna so would you care to join us for some video games?
H: Oh, sure
M: Count me in
E: Pass me a controller and I'll take a nap
H: Is she serious?
M: Oh yeah she plays video games in her sleep all the time and still puts up a good fight, isn't that right?
E: Zzzzzz
We played several short games, Diane as usual dominated the racing games, we briefly forgot that in shooters Emily is a better shot with her eyes closed and the match became a struggle to survive on the same map as her, I did fairly well in the party game and Hanna surprised everyone when she took away 90% of Emily's health in 1 combo when we started the fighting game.
Nobody else got to face her as Aaron telepoted in with his hands still on fire.
H: What did you say he did?
M: We didn't specify before, he's a superhero
He then noticed everyone staring at his hands which he promptly extinguished
A: Sorry, I was just diverting a lava flow. Brigette are you ok? I didn't spill anything on you? Good
Isabel then came walking down the hallway wearing a train conductors outfit and sporting a curly moustache. Gary was with her in a white dress.
O: Ah everyone's here, are we all ready for dinner? Hanna dear, is there anything you can't or won't eat?
H: No I'm fine with just about anything
M: Um there is another thing you should probably know, mum likes to make things with her body and well, how strong is your stomach?
H: I think I'll be ok, she gave me some idea when
She leaned in close to me again and began whispering
H: I was licking her ass and...
E: You 2 coming?

Quickly everyone was seated around the dinner table except for the octuplets who didn't have any seats or plates since mum was still breastfeeding them. Blindfolds again appeared on all of the kids as mum stood up and telekinetically pulled down the back of her pants to reveal her phenomenal backside. With a knife that appeared out of nowhere she started slicing off slabs of het butt which floated over to everyone's plate and grew back almost instantly, seems it's rump steak tonight, then a rumbling was heard from her bowels before she farted out side vegetables which landed neatly onto each plate.
After yet another of the greatest meals in the world Sarah was quick to remind me of lego night.
While mum put the octuplets to bed I had one thing to ask Hanna before the bricks came out
M: So I need to ask if you can keep a family secret with us
H: Sure, what is it
M: Technically all of our lego is illegal. Trademarks, aren't they great
H: Yeah that sounds about right, do you even use money?
M: Not much, mostly just Christine's registration and a few odd things which I alone easily cover
O: Alright everyone, who's really for lego?
All: Yeah! Woo!
Mum again pulled down the back of her pants but this time without the blindfolds because this is just innocent fun to the kids. Her bowels moved, she gave a moan and shat out a sea of legos.

Hanna, Diane and I decided to work together on a castle while almost everyone else worked on their own builds which would be combined at the end. Emily opted to help us by creating a bunch of tiny construction workers
H: Is this ethical?
E: They're short lived and experience tones of pleasure building what they're told to
M: Just tell them to copy or extend something and they'll do it
Hanna started on the towers and walls while Diane began work on the keep and I started on a gatehouse.
I could see Sarah making her airport and Aaron was making a collapsing bridge (no doubt he would add himself saving it).
Isabel had shrinken herself down to 3 inches tall and was building a working train as it was moving while Gary(still in the dress) was building the tracks and occasionally getting his fingers run over.

Whenever anyone was short on the pieces they needed they'd simply call out what they needed and mum would pull down her pants to shit out more legos which would fly to where they're needed.
Soon we had plains flying around and superheroes pushing them away from buildings. A fireworks factory that kept lighting on fire and a fire station right next door. Our castle and the small town we built within it's walls. All connected by Isabel's train line.
Isabel returned to her normal heights and we all stood back to marvel at what we had made together.
H: You do this every week?
M: Only when there's nothing else on like someone's birthday, Christmas or some other event
D: Well I don't know about you 2 but this nompotent is ready for bed
A: I need to get back to work soon, "crime doesn't take a holiday" after all
H: Yeah bed sounds nice
She whispered in my ear again
H: Not sure about sleep tho
I returned with a whisper of my own
M: How big is yours?
H: 8 inches, yours is amazing but I need to practice first
I returned to normal speaking
M: Follow me as I put Sarah to bed and I'll take you to my room
I picked up Sarah and started walking towards the hallway and I heard
H: Aaahhh!
Hanna had slipped on some loose legos and fallen backwards. Aaron had immediately swooped under to catch her but was confused when she didn't continue falling
A: So, who's levitating Hanna?
All: Not me
M: Hanna, are you ok?
H: Uh, I don't know, I feel strange
O: Hanna dear, please try to stay calm and not do anything sudden
H: I'll try but what's happening
E: You wanna say it? She is your girlfriend
H: Melissa? What's happening?
M: Well, to get right to the point, it seems like you're an omni now
H: Oh
She tilted her orientation slightly and overshot lining up with the ground
H: Woah
I: You're doing great, just keep calm and you'll get it soon
After a couple more attempts Hanna was able to put her feet on solid ground again
H: Wow, what are the odds? Melissa this is so exciting, I'm gonna learn how to cook like your mum, I could be a superhero like your brother and oh yes, that's a great idea Brigette
M: Y yeah so exciting, it's all s so...
I can't tell why but I can't help but cry
H: Are, are you ok
M: *sobbing* I don't know, *sob* I should be h a a ppy but I just fee eel so o sad *sob*
Everyone was now staring at me, mum came to hug me.
O: There there sweaty it'll be ok, just try and tell us what you're feeling
M: I I, I don't know, I was excited a moment ago, then terrified and now *sobbing*
H: I hope I'm not somehow causing this
E: You'd know if you were
S: Please don't cry Mommy
I had forgotten about Sarah in my arms and seeing her in my arms made me feel worse which, unfortunately gave me an idea of what it might be.
O: Oh honey, talk to us so we can fix it.
M: I *sob* I'm sorry. I think *sobbing* Oh. I think this is something you can't fix!
O: What do you mean darling?
M: I'm sorry I'm disappointing
All: What?
M: I'm sorry I don't have powers yet. I'm sorry I might not ever get them. I'm sorry I can't change the minds of those assholes telling you what not to do. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I don't measure up.
O: Oh dear, honey, you don't need to get your powers or change the world without them for me to love you, I was doing that from the day you were born
S: You're a great mommy just as great as bigger mommy
Everyone started crouding around me in a big group hug.
E: I would trade you for 100 omni sisters
D: You don't need to talk to anything but us to be loved
I: Powers or no, you one of a kind
V: There's nobody like mommy or you auntie Mel
P: I don't care if you get powers or not you're the best
N: Special auntie Mel
A: I'm here for you big sis, the world got on without any superheroes for thousands of years it can handle a few hours without 1
H: I didn't fall in love with you because you're the strongest woman in the gym, I fell in love because you wanted me to do whatever I want
O: All we want for you honey is to do and be what makes you happy, not us you
M: Thanks everyone, sorry I never said anything, I didn't realise I felt this way
A: Then you have nothing to be sorry about
E: Are you starting to feel better?
M: Yeah but could we stay here a while
A: As long as you need
O: Oh no, the octuplets are awake. Is it ok if I?
Then the octuplets telepoted into the door floating and joined the group hug
M: I guess they're really early bloomers
We stayed like this for hours, when Diane and I went to bed everyone else promised to check on me in the morning.

Unbeknownst to me Aaron had sent a psychic message to all the other superheroes to let them know he was busy, but when he asked to be caught up on what he had missed he was shocked to learn that only seconds had passed.
He quickly informed the rest of the family who were equally shocked. Their minds raced but the only conclusion they could see was that time had somehow been altered, something that nobody was supposed to be able to do.


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