What she says goes

Inspired by Mango and MrGeryMan's Gem 2:Ashley's Ascension

(All bust sizes use UK measurement)

Rachel Seeder was a pretty small girl, at 21 years old she was not even 5 feet tall, her 4'11 body was the bane of her existence, in addition to being short her body was pretty out of shape and visually unimpressive in just about every way. Her dull brown hair got tangled so easily she couldn't let it reach her sholders or it would be unmanageable. Her 32AA tits were practically non-existent, her hips were also 32 inches around with no ass to speak of and her waist made it all worse being 33 inches around giving her an almost perfectly rectangular figure but making her feel fat.
She felt that her body made her very unpopular with the only guys who ever spoke to her being disgusting creeps who think that just because she isn't hot that she'll settle for an asshole and girls were never interested in her. She'd gotten very good at knowing how to get rid of them quickly.
It didn't help that she lacked any other ways to make herself attractive like being smart or wealthy, no she wasn't those things, but she worked for and had a crush on someone who was, someone who was everything Rachel wished she could be.

Maria Towers stood at 6 whole feet tall, with a body far fitter and more curvaceous than Rachel's. Her 34D breasts were what got most people's attention with her beautiful red hair often draped over them, but if they didn't the heart shaped butt of her 40 inch hips usually would. Despite being bigger than Rachel in every other way Maria had a 30 inch waist, giving her an hourglass figure. Most people didn't even notice her body had quite a lot of muscle until she pointed it out or if they were lucky when they saw her naked. Maria's body alone made her popular but she was also incredibly smart, a year younger than Rachel she worked as a genetic engineer at a very prestigious scientific research facility with Rachel as one of many lab assistants. Maria's job paid her very well which only made her seem even sexier to Rachel who thought of her as a real life version of the women in her super-girl pornography, who would bask in their unmatched sexyness and incredible power.

Rachel and Maria were taking their break in the park and sitting together on a bench, Maria often preferred to take company with her whenever she went out it kept some of the people not worth her time away, Rachel knew this but still enjoyed spending time with her boss. Rachel had a new perfume on today, she knew it was far fetched but she hoped that one day she could find a fragrance that would make Maria see something more in her, perhaps something that even she didn't see yet. In any case that didn't appear to be happening today, but little did Rachel know that she would get her wish and much much more.

The 2 were making small talk, commenting on the weather and how their days were going. "Good" Rachel lied, she had been struggling to wash the labs glassware all day, but suddenly was confused as memories flooded in of finishing the washing quickly and spending the rest of the day actually participating in experiments. "Well done on getting all that centrefuging done" congratulated Maria. Rachel still remembered having a boring tedious day but before she could conclude that she was going mad Maria noticed someone coming down the path stairing at them, "jerk at 2 o'clock" she warned, Rachel looked in the indicated direction and saw a man wearing sunglasses and a tank top to show off his muscular arms which were likely the product of steroid use. "Yes it's me he's interested in" Rachel joked, but the man walked right past Maria who in turn paid him no mind as he audaciously asked "hey choc top, you got some time to kill?" In utter confusion she asked "what?" Guys like this were never interested in her, she was always 'below their standards' but the man continued "because I'd love to get a taste of you."

Even if this guy looked a bit better than all the rest he was still a dick which is what Rachel hated, so she tried to deal with him in her usual way. "Suck my dick" she told him, he was unphased by her instruction "I like the attitude but I know a real woman when I see one" was his rebuttal, quite a lot of men had ignored that line so Rachel wasn't surprised she had to use the second which normally did the trick, "get lost before you find out I have a cock twice the size of yours." Suddenly Rachel remembered undergoing a voluntary procedure at work that resulted in the massive schlong she currently had tucked down one leg of her jeans. The man proved more stubborn than most Rachel had dealt with in the past and attempted to call what had previously been a bluff, "I think you'll find that very unlikely with me" he said as he grinned and patted his crotch.
Rachel didn't know why but she was sure that everything she said was becoming true and somehow she still remembered how things were before, she would worry about the implications for this later, right now she had a douchbag's spirit to crush.

"Pull it out" Rachel told the man, "what? Really?" Was his response, Rachel elaborated "pull it out and we'll compare" the man just smiled and said "you just had to say you wanted to see it" as he unzipped his fly and pulled out a 7 inch penis. Rachel smiled aswell as she unfastened her belt and unzipped her own fly seeing terror wash over the man's face when she reached deep into her pants.
The man was speechless as Rachel held her dick at 7 inches while the other half of her veiny 14 inch sausage hung there. Eventually he broke his silence to cry out "WHAT THE FUCK! That's disgusting you freak!" He was trying to save his fragile ego, Rachel couldn't let that happen "disgusting? No, my dick is objectivly beautiful. And a freak? Please, I'm perfectly natural." Rachel corrected and she remembered that her extra organ had not come from a genetic experiment and had instead been a part of her since birth. The man was shaken and fell to his knees, internally asking why he had insulted such a work of art, "I I'm sorry" was all he could say.
Maria blushed as she had seen Rachel's magnificent member in the corner of her eye and was now struggling to look away. "I'm glad that you're sorry, because now you have to suck it" Rachel exclaimed causing the "challenge of size" law to come into existence retroactively, the man started tearing up as he felt his masculinity being undermined by legal obligation. Rachel's dick started to become errect growing another 3 inches as the man shuffled forwards and she was excited by the power she now wielded.
"Remember, you have to take all of me and make me cum" Rachel reminded the man as he parted his lips. After only a few inches past the tip he gagged and pulled his head back off her dick, Rachel laughed at his struggle and informed him "you'll be able to do it if you breathe through your nose." The man held back his tears and took a deep breath through his nostrils before attempting to plunge Rachel's meat down his throat, he tried as best he could to get it over with quickly. He closed his eyes halfway down and didn't open them again until he felt the base of her cock, he saw Rachel's well shaved crotch as he opened his eyes to confirm that one part of the job was over.
The man started to slide up and down Rachel's dick as he attempted to recall how the blow jobs he'd recieved in the past were performed. Rachel began to moan and coo as she was pleasured, "oh, oh, yea, yea, ooh, oh yes!" She came rather quickly, sending jizz down the man's throat before he could pull himself off again. "Ugh, there I did it" the man said as he got up and began leaving, proud of herself Rachel said "thanks, that wasn't bad for a first dick orgasm" as it became clear in her mind that she'd never even jerked herself off before.

"As much as it's great to look at, you should probably put that away so you don't get caught for indecent exposure. We should probably start heading back too, before we both get in trouble" Maria warned, Rachel decided she didn't want to put her awesome dick away so she said "I'm exempt from indecent exposure, and we won't get in trouble because I own the company." Rachel began to recall being a wealthy business woman owning the genetic research lab where Maria worked and having powerful connections that she had used to gain her aforementioned immunity.
"Ok boss spill, who did you have to bribe to get the exemption?" Maria asked her employer, "nobody" replied Rachel as she fastened her belt over her cock to prevent her pants falling down, "they couldn't blame me for wanting to show it off" She explained as her legal protection became legitimate. "they weren't the only ones" added Maria.

"So what did you want to do if we aren't headed back?" Asked Maria, "hmm" pondered Rachel, then under her breath she said to herself "I know why everything I say is becoming true." Then Rachel knew that by sheer luck the formulation of the perfume she had put on this morning had caused her specific physiology to permanently change granting her this ability to warp reality, the only way for her to lose this ability is if the ability itself caused it to happen.
A very wide smile crept across Rachel's face now that she knew this wouldn't all go away tomorrow, she could finally make her dreams come true, she could make Maria into a genuine super-girl, or make Maria attracted to super-girls and become one.

"Hello, earth to Rachel" Maria called out to her zoned out boss, Rachel shook her head as she pulled herself back to the current reality "sorry, just a minute please" Rachel requested before she began whispering to herself a long list of changes "Maria is attracted to girls with big dicks, tall girls, girls hourglass figures, heart shaped butts and big tits. She's into rich girls, with ripped bodies and tones of people lusting after them." Rachel had listed ever super-girl quality she could think of at the time, "ok" she finally said aloud to communicate that she was done.
"So what did you want to do instead of heading back to work?" Maria asked again, she would be starting to get mad by now but seeing her rich boss' big dick had made her a little more lenient. "Well first, since I've broken the seal on this thing I want to fuck her." Rachel said guesturing to a jogger coming down the path, "hey you're not an asshole and you wanna fuck me right?" Rachel asked the approaching woman who nodded as she stopped to catch her breath, "she'll be ready for me in a minute" she commented.
"Then I thought I might walk around for a bit and you could tag along" Rachel offered, "using my immunity to show of my smooth, shiny hair and 7 foot tall body with it's 44E tits" she continued, Rachel then felt her hair straighted as it began reflecting the sunlight that hit it and she went from looking up to Maria to looking down on her and the nearly non-existent fat deposits on Rachel's chest became giant mounds of flesh.
Rachel was slightly disappointed that her clothes didn't rip like in the super-girl stories, but it only made sense that all of her clothes would fit her as her mind was filled with being this tall and busty since puberty, Rachel's mind was also filled with memories of back pain as she felt the weight of her boobs pulling her down and forwards. She began unbuttoning her shirt while correcting this cosmic injustice "I'm naturally strong enough that my breasts have never caused me back pain and never will", the weight of her chest almost disappeared as she opened the top half of her shirt, super-girls didn't wear bras Rachel though to herself as she said "my breasts are so perky I never need to wear a bra so I don't" causing her bra to vanish while her tits held their shape as if gravity didn't exist. Rachel's nipples quickly became erect in the cool air and so did Maria's in her arousal at her boss' body and open sexuality.

"Where did you want to do it?" Asked the jogger, Maria felt a bit of gelousy that this woman to ride Rachel's dick and not her but also thought it was hot that so many people wanted that girlboss cock. "Right here" Rachel replied, "I'm allowed to fuck anyone, anywhere with no legal consequences to anyone involved" she explained. The jogger started to undress herself and lie down on the grass as Rachel tried to get hard again but found that her giant dick didn't come with appropriately size balls and it was still too soon after her blow job. This was unacceptable so she proclaimed "I have balls each the size of an especially large orange that let me fully recover only 30 seconds after cumming." "Also you're on my company's 100% effective birth control so you won't get pregnant" she added.
Her dick sprang to life with the power of her new scrotum, she got down on her knees in front of the jogger who now had some concern mixed in with her excitement as she was unsure if she could handle Rachel's sheer size. "Don't worry," Rachel said reassuringly "my pre will make you just loose enough that you won't be hurt." As Rachel's tip went in the jogger was already feeling the loosening effects of her pre, Rachel slowly slid her 17 inch monster into this woman as they both moaned.
Maria couldn't help but masturbate as she watched the erotic display, sliding her hand down her suit pants and into her panties as she began fingering herself.
When the base of Rachel's dick met the lips of the jogger she started thrusting rhythmically and said "we're going to cum at the same time" before increasing her speed. The jogger started fondling one of her 34C tits and reached up for one of Rachel's. Rachel lifted one of her hands which she was using for stability, off the ground and guided the joggers hand before taking the other hand so the jogger was fondling both of Rachel's tits.
Rachel could feel her orgasm coming and increased speed again, frantically humping the jogger until her fruit looking balls released her seed into this stranger. Maria also came leaving a small mess in her panties that she'd simply have to deal with.

The pair walked through the park with Rachel drawing many eyes and phone cameras which only made Maria attracted to her boss, Rachel asked her subordinate "what do you think they're looking at?" "Probably your bare tits and dick" Maria replied , "I think some of them are interested in yor ass" Rachel told her as a small crowd was appearing behind them to get a glimpse of Maria's derriere. "But in a few seconds mine is going to become even sexier, more heart shaped and give me an hourglass figure" Rachel claimed. She gained the memories of tasking Maria with creating a formula that would transform Rachel's body at a set time and having it injected last week, then Rachel felt immense pain in her ass as her skin struggled to stretch to contain the muscle fibres which were tearing themselves apart to multiply, her panties snapped almost instantly, the pain became even worse as her pelvis began to crack as to began its growing process. She doubled over as the back of her jeans ripped open and stretched till it was threadbare. Thinking quickly Rachel shouted "THIS ISN'T PAINFUL! Transforming only causes me pleasure!" Rachel moaned as her reforming pelvis made her hip measurement 50 inches around, her jeans simply couldn't handle it and were reduced to a pair denim tubes that fell to her ankles and a waistband hanging from her cock by her belt.

Several people caught Rachel's ass expansion on video and Maria was blushing at her boss' enhanced booty. Rachel felt the cold air on her now exposed bottom half as she again unfasted her belt and extracted her legs from the remains of her jeans. Everyone's full attention was now on the 7 foot tall futanari in a half buttoned shirt and a pair of shoes. She congratulated Maria on her work "great job with that formula, now my body will continually improve itself." History rewrote itself so the formula had always been designed to cause rapid evolution, to nip her wind chill issue in the bud Rachel announced "I'm about to become immune to the negative effects of even the most extreme temperatures", her skin rippled as it obeyed her orders causing a faint coo to escape her lips.

Rachel's stomach then grumbled loudly as her transformations took a lot of food leaving her famished, she looked at her surroundings she saw naught but a few trees and some rocks, not exactly a gourmet meal. Then she got an idea "my digestive system has just become perfect, I can digest anything in seconds providing me everything I need regardless of what I eat and it will always be delicious" Rachel claimed while picking up a palm sized rock. "My teeth could easily chew this into dust or I could swallow it whole with no discomfort" she added wanting to be sure she wouldn't accidentally hurt herself, she placed the rock in her mouth which tasted like chocolate and swallowed, the rock was visible through her throat as it slid down past her neck and into her stomach which was instantly sated. A small burp escaped her lips and she farted out a white cloud as the rock had been instantly digested into dust.

Rachel thought about what to do next when she realised that she would likely need to eat more and more for each transformation, her solution was to say "I'm about to surpass the need for food, water and even air. Nor will I ever need to excrete anything again as my body will create and destroy matter and energy freely." Rachel's insides felt amazing as her lungs and entire digestive system fused together into a single physics defying perfect organ that supplied all of her bodies needs.

Rachel looked at the crowd of onlookers and saw that were still trying to avert their gaze while trying to peek at her schlong. Her dick started to harden as she spoke "it's normal to stare at me and nothing to be ashamed of. You're all deeply attracted to me, everyone is. Now you're all going to watch me cum 30 feet into the air." "Feel free to masturbate, nobody can get in trouble for masturbating to me" she added as she reached full mast.
She comfortably sat down on her new ass and spread her legs wide as pointed her prong to the sky. She placed both hands on her shaft and started sliding them up and down it's length, a glob of pre-cum appeared on her tip and she leaned forward to lick it up and continued licking her slit. Everyone was masturbating to Rachel, Maria had dropped her pants and panties to finger herself again and had a hand under her shirt fondling her left breast. Rachel moved her hands to the sides of her massive breasts as she placed her cock between them and started to give herself a tit job.
Most people were already close to climax and came as soon as Rachel wrapped her mouth around her tip and began sucking. She was almost there as she took her mouth off, leaned back and continued furiously stroking with one hand until her balls emptied and her cock erupted, shoting her girl spunk into the air with tremendous force. Maria allowed herself to climax at the sight of Rachel's powerful spluge. The glob of cum came fell to the earth and landed with a big splat covering everyone near it in droplets of jizz.

Rachel stood up and walked over to Maria who was still pulling her pants back on, "do you want to come home with me?" She asked standing over her crush with cum still dripping from her flaccid dong. Maria looked up at the demigoddess before her as she went on, "because Jeeves is coming to pick me up in one of my big helicopters, one with sliding side doors, and take me to one of my many mansions as the richest woman in the world."
"I can't say no to an offer like that" Maria confessed. Rachel put on a smile as she said "good, because he's just come into view and is going to land right next to us", a large pink helicopter with 2 sets of blades was suddenly visible and approaching quickly.
People who were still lying on the grass after masturbating to Rachel's display of her incredible dick rushed away, as the aircraft set itself down right in front of the 2 women.
Rachel opened the large door to the spacious interior, Maria climbed in and strapped herself in while Rachel just stood at the door and held onto a rail above the door.
As the vehicle started to take off Rachel turned her head to Maria to tell her "I won't fall out, so I hope you don't mine if I keep the door open." Maria shook her head to convey that it didn't bother her as Rachel's dick flapped in the wind, Rachel said with a smile "good because my next transformation is going to make me cum so much it'd fill up the whole cabin." Rachel reached behind her large balls to her womanhood and continued "that's because my vagina is going to be enhanced, all my muscles will and they're going to rip my shirt off just by growing. My waist is going to shrink and make my figure even more hourglass shaped." She looked down at the city below and saw countless tiny people moving about, "of course nobody is going to be hurt by my raining seed" she added, "but no time for that, it's starting" she managed to say before her prong whipped to fully erect and she began moaning uncontrollably.

Her long legs became thick as her muscles swelled and the first rope of cum shot from her cock. Her sleeves became ribbons as her arms ballooned out with the release of another cum rope. Her growing sholders caused the back of her shirt became taught and started to rip, revealing the writhing sea of sinew her neck and back had become. 5 more ropes of cum shot forth before her pussy convulsed and her jizz became a constant stream with burts of greater volume. Her sholders continued growing causing the back of her shirt to rip completely in half as 10 litres of cum burt from her dick. Her shirt was holding on by the threads of the arm holes and being pulled forwards by the wind revealing her belly. Her waist shrunk to a circumference of 25 inches while her abs became a defined, cobbled 6 pack causing 50 litres of cum to explode from her tip. Her pecs pushed her breasts forward another 2 inches which was just enough for the flapping fabric to brush against her nipples as she came another 800 litres.
Her growth seemed to stop with her destroyed shirt hanging on by a couple of threads and her still rock solid member ceasing isn't flow of cum. Rachel wasn't sure what was happening, until a last bit of growth snapped the raminging fibres and her shirt drifted in the wind. Rachel was about to go to sit down until her balls rumbled and her cock unleashed a massive quantity of cum that enveloped the remains of her shirt as dick went completely flaccid.

Jeeves landed on the front lawn of Rachel's 5 story mansion before she and Maria walked towards the front door, entering the magnificent foyer Rachel felt that it was either now or never as she spoke. "Maria, I've been meaning to ask something" Rachel immediately the shorter woman's full attention, "are you in love with me?" She asked sincerely. Maria's pupils dilated as her jaw hit the floor, "I, how can I even explain?" She said as her pussy became wet again. "I can't explain how infatuated I've become today, I was always interested in you but now the formula has made you the stuff of my wildest fantasies." Maria's confession brought a smile to Rachel's face, "that's good because I've had a crush on you for a long time too" she said. "Now lets go to my room" Rachel commanded, the pair travelled up 2 floors and to the centre of the building where Rachel's main bed chambers lay.

Inside the room Maria practically tore herself out of her clothing and climbed onto the bed while Rachel removed her shoes. Stairing at Maria's naked from begging her for satisfaction had been Rachel's dream for so long, and yet.
Rachel found for the first time today, she couldn't get hard.
Maria noticed her sexual frustration and attempted to sooth her ego "it's ok, I understand if I don't seem that sexy to you any more. You've surpassed me in every physical way."

Maria's words echoed in Rachel's mind, she had no trouble getting off with the jogger who wasn't nearly as hot as Maria. Sure she'd warped reality a couple of times when she had rediculus ejaculation sessions but she wasn't attracted to that asshole of a man. Then Rachel had an epiphany, everything she'd done today was for her own pleasure, she could've learned what Maria was already attracted to but instead set those to something she hadn't yet admitted to herself she wanted to become. Then a new plan formed in her mind.

She would make Maria into an even more extreme version of her own body as she fucked her only to vastly surpass her. This put the spring back in her dick.

Rachel approached the end of the bed and spoke with authority "ok Maria, when we started fucking you're going to start transforming like I've been doing. You're going to feel nothing but pleasure but most of it will be coming from my dick in your pussy. You won't be able to climax until you finish transfrming which will happen when I cum. You'll grow the biggest dick in the world, bigger than mine, and all your other features from the neck down will be just as, if not more extreme than mine." History changed itself such that Maria had taken a similar serum to Rachel that was about to start taking effect.

Rachel slowly pushed open the folds of Maria's labia with her tip, above her pussy Maria started to grow a mound of flesh that would soon be a dick. Rachel plunged her cock into Maria's depths as her muscles began to develop and her vagina gained depth. Going deeper and deeper into Maria her breasts became 50FF cups and her circumference became 64 inches.
Rachel heard Maria's stomach growel and realised that she hadn't said she didn't need to eat, thinking fast and fearing that Maria would die after her transformation Rachel said "you're going to suck on my nipples. My breasts will fill you with enough milk to feed you for your transformation and a week after." Rachel's nipples began to leak nipples as she brought them down to Maria who started sucking away.
Rachel got her entire length inside of Maria and began rhythmically thrusting as Maria started to become taller. Rachel continued to fuck Maria as she said "my nipples can stretch 10 feet and still carry milk" as sheraised herself up a bit and her nipples became like tiny stretch hoses into Maria's mouth. Maria's dick was starting to rub against Rachel's abs with it's growing size.
Rachel felt her orgasm approaching and through rationality out the window as she proclaimed "my cum has become so virile it completely ignores all birth control. I'm guaranteed to impregnate every vagina I fuck with quadruplets." Rachel's balls emptied their entire contence into Maria bulging her stomach to a massive size. Maria's new 20 inch cock flooded the room in girlchowder from her cantaloupe size balls.

When Rachel pulled her her dick out of Maria her cum gushed out, mixing on the floor with Maria's. Once her belly returned to its new normal size Maria stood up at her new 8 foot height. Her body was phenomenally muscular with a cobbled 8 pack. Her 56G cup tits stood in proud defiance of gravity. Her hips and waist were 65 and 21 inches around respectively giving her an insane hourglass figure. And hanging flaccid next to her massive balls which would allow her to get another erection only 10 seconds after cumming was an 18 inch dick.

Maria let Rachel's nipples go from her mouth and they snapped back to her tits causing her to moan. Maria pulled her own nipples down by her sides as she began to speak "this feels incredible, I see why you wanted to show off all day. Thank you for letting me carry you children, as soon as I can get hard I want to return the favour."

Rachel still spoke once more "don't think that you're in charge now, I'm going to surpass you in every way. Each of my muscles will hold more power than your entire body and yet I will be more flexible and agile than an Olympic gymnast. I will be 5 feet taller than you. My ass will be the definition of a heart shape to which all others are compared. My tits will be so big there will be no mistaking whose are bigger. My waist will be less than half the size of yours. My pussy is going to compress space so I can fit anything inside without affecting my figure. My dick will be 10 inches longer than yours and double in size when erect. My balls will be the size of watermelons and force me to have an erection at all times unless I fuck for a week. After a week I'll only have the option to stay flaccid for a hour."

Maria's cock had returned to its 20 inch size at Rachel's graphic description, "and when is this transformation going to start?" She asked almost certain that she already knew the answer. "Right now" Rachel answered confidence.

Rachel had to slouch as her head reached the roof so she said "this place is built for my new height" and the ceiling moved to accommodate a 13 foot tall woman. The floors started to creek under her so Rachel said "the building can take the weight of a continent with ease" and the floors were reinforced with impossibly strong metals.
Rachel's tits were 20% bigger than Maria's at 63K. Her hips were 78 inches around while her waist was an impossible 10 inches. Her cock stood at its normal 56 inches since she hasn't been fucking for a week and her balls were completely full.

Rachel knew Maria alone wouldn't satesfy her utterly inhuman boner, so she didn't try. Rachel showed Maria her womanhood and told her, "consider this my apology for dictating your sexuality" as she began to rid Maria's comparatively tiny cock. She quickly reached the base of Maria's cock and told her "normally your virility would guarantee more than quadruplets, but my uterus can ignore virility and I will become pregnant with exactly the number of children I wish. I could be fucked by someone whose completely sterile and have octuplets if I wanted. I will have your quadruplets because that's the favour you said you'd return."
After only 2 bounces oh her dick Rachel made Maria cum into her supernatural pussy so hard she passed out. Having gotten herself pregnant Rachel let Maria's spunk empty out of her snatch.

Having in her mind repaid her debt to Maria, Rachel was free to focused all of her attention on herself.

"I have absolutely no need for sleep. I am the richest person to have ever lived. Not only that, I'm the most intelligent and talented person to have ever lived. I am the absolute master of every skill there is. I built this mansion to be the most beautifully building ever constructed. It will always be suited to my size. Every mess I make during sex will be cleaned in less than 10 minutes by the maids I trained myself. I have a massive collection of women who've willingly become my sex slaves. I have enough sex slaves that if I fuck all of them in order, the first slave would've given birth and recovered before I fuck the last. Nobody will ever be permanently harmed by me fucking them. I have a party in my honour starting on the first floor in 10 minutes and all of the guests are the most beautiful women in the world behind myself and Maria."

Every surface of the mansion shifted and became intricately sculpted with inlaid gold and gem stones. Nano-machines that Rachel had designed herself were suffused throughout the whole structure so it would adapt to whatever Rachel's size became. Maids rushed to Rachel's bed chambers with industrial liquid removal equipment. Rachel's army of sex slaves were assembled on the second floor, ready to serve their mistress however she needed. Countless women were waiting outside to celebrate the greatness of Rachel Seeder.

Rachel walked to the 3rd floor balcony overlooking the main hall and jumped from the railing. Mid fall she declared "I am completely indestructible" before landing on her feet.
The hall was filled with tables stacked with decadent food, prepared by a team of chefs all personally trained by Rachel. To take her mind off her throbbing erection Rachel decided she would eat one of the tables, saying "I can stretch my mouth to the floor and I can swallow anything that's in my mouth." She then pulled her mouth open to shoved a 12 foot long table and all the food on it inside. She sawllowed everything at once and the combination of flavours of the food and table mixing as they slid down her throat was just amazing enough to keep her distracted until the women started flooding in. The women all felt over dressed once they saw Rachel's stark naked body, they had known that it would become an orgy but did not expect that to start so soon.

Rachel greated each woman kindly, telling them precisely what she wished to do to their bodies. The party started off amazing, with Rachel's personally mentored band playing live and Rachel herself on the dance floor. After an hour Rachel called out to everyone "get naked" as her orgy began.

When she tried shoving her meat into the first of her guests she barely got more than a foot of it in, "I'm sorry but it just won't fit" the woman protested. "I can make my cock fit into any pussy" Rachel informed her, agitated by her lack of faith. Rachel used her complete mastery of sexual techniques to loosen the woman's pussy in ways only she could understand until there was ample space for her 56 inches. She began thrusting with enough force to shatter diamonds using a different technique that would cause them both to have mind boggling orgasms in 30 seconds, filling her with enough cum to make her resemble a beanbag chair before moving on to the next guest.
Within a 4 hours Rachel had impregnated every guest with between 4 and 8 babies and started fucking her sex slaves to keep the orgy going.

The slaves organised themselves to ensure there were always a healthy supply waiting to recieve Mistress Seeder's gift, she cared much less for the enjoyment of her slaves, they already had the pleasure of serving her personally. She used techniques that put her own pleasure above that of her partner, gripping her cock through the few cells that her living cock sleeve had been stretched to and jerked herself off with her mastery of hand jobs while she continued to thrust. Slaves not slated to be fucked for months helped the maids to move the unconscious guests and slaves once Rachel was done with them.

12 hours after Rachel allowed herself to be impregnated Maria awoke. She followed the maids rushing around the building to find Rachel as quickly as possible.
She found her love rapidly fucking and impregnating a production line of women, seeing it made Maria hard as steel.

Rachel heard the blood rushing to fill a massive dick and estimated it's volume to determine that it was Maria. Without even slowing her rapid breeding she spoke to maria without turning, "so you're up? You may insert yourself into the que whenever you recover from me but do find time to feed yourself, I won't be fucking a corpse." Maria jumped at the offer and inserted herself fourth from the front of the line, her pussy was easier but still needed to be stretched like all the others.

After each fuck Maria would go unconscious for 4 hours and consume a feast that Rachel's expertly trained chefs prepared before returning to Rachel. She didn't even make time to use the bathroom until she pissed and shit herself during her orgasm and Rachel promised that if it ever happened again she could be forbidden for ever touching her mistress's cock ever again.

When Rachel's dick finally came out flaccid after the first week of fucking she took some time to think and make a few more changes. This was great but she felt it could feel much more pleasure if she didn't just fuck with her cock, "all of my sex slaves will grow cocks 30 inches when erect and testicles the size of soccer balls" she said. Reality changed so everyone in Rachel's mansion had been injected with a serum, not just the sex slaves but everyone else to keep up with her expectations.
But simply pleasuring her dick and pussy wouldn't be enough, she proclaimed yet more changes "when I stop talking: Maria's dick will grow to twice the size of my slaves and her breasts will become as big as mine. My clitoris will become twice the size of Maria's erect cock. My flaccid dick will be twice the size of my clit and triple in size when erect. I will always be able to fit as much of myself into any vagina I want. My balls will each be 10 feet in diameter and I will have 4 of them. I will grow to 200 feet tall. My hips will be 150 feet in circumference(approximately 47 feet wide) and my breasts will maintain my perfect hourglass with a 100 foot difference from my underbust(UK cup sizes stop at 15 inches of difference). My waist will measure only 1 inch." The mansion shook as to struggled to keep pace with Rachel rapidly increasing height. The sex slaves groaned in agony from the growth of their new organs that Rachel had not said would be painless. Maria's cock and tits grew on her unconscious body. As Rachel's prick grew to 10 feet in length as her dick reached 20. Her balls multipled and expanded between the 2 columns of sensitive flesh. Her waist became the most durable material in existence to not snap under the weight in was supporting with such a small cross section.

Rachel looked down past her impossibly large breasts at her now protruding clit as her cock hung next to it, the delight she felt from observing her own magnificence gave her an erection during her hour of calm before the storm of endless fucking continued. She told her slaves to prepare as she would now alternate between fucking 2 and 3 slaves at once, using her pussy on the dick of one while her dick and clit would either be in a cunt each or the same one.

Rachel's orgy continued in this fashing for months as she'd fuck for a week and make changes to increase her pleasure which required the slaves to adapt. Until after 9 months of new slaves volunteering or being cloned fully mature to fulfil her absolute statment, she came to term with Maria's quadruplets. Labour was easy and painless as her hips were so wide and she was the best doctor in the world, knowing exactly how to make any delivery as pain free as possible made her own effortless. She finally gave in to the rational part of her brain and said "my thoughts are perfectly clear even when my dick can't go soft." She handed the infants off the the maids who took them to the nursery on the 4th floor. She sat down and thought long and hard about how to go about ensuring the kids would be raised properly without giving up her ceaseless carnal pleasures. Almost as long and hard as her nipples which were now 50 feet when erect and sprayed jets of milk when sufficiently stimulated, like a little(relative to the size of her real ones) dick on each of her 8 tits. But not as long and hard as the clits of her 20 vaginas which were each 100 feet long. And definitely not like her matching 20 cocks, each 200 feet long flaccid and twice that erect, constantly gushing pre when flaccid due to the 8 balls each had individually. Said pre was white and as thick as honey as she was now so virile even her pre could make one pregnant with thousands of her children(of course she had made carrying and birthing her children cause no permanent damage).

She stood up to her full 1000 feet, stretched by twisting around her 1/100 of an inch waist 1080 degrees and back again before she spoke. "All of my children will be raised perfectly by nanies and holographic recodings." Not wanting her history to become a decade of tedious training and recoding she continued to explain "the recordings were made using algorithms to predict the lives of each individual child up to the age of 18 with 100% accuracy. The nanies were trained with a year long training program to make their skill second only to my own. Both of these only took 1 hour in total for me to prepare."
Millions of new floors were added to the mansion retroactively to accommodate the living space required to properly raise her googols of children.

"Right now then," Rachel said stuffing a different 50 foot tall slave entierly inside each of her pussies 25 foot cock first, before contorting her body which made silk seem as inflexible as concrete and shoved every one of her erogenous zones inside one of her slaves and orgasming before moving on to a batch of 68 more slaves and repeating at a rate of 2000 batches per second.

Her orgy continued for all eternity as she became a writhing mass of erogenous zones. Tended to be beings who would cause any mortal who caught even a glimpse of them to die of dehydration in seconds, due to the countless orgasms brought on by their almost unmatched beauty. Only surpass by Rachel's own, which did so more than the ocean surpasses the volume of a raindrop.


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