An Ant-agonistic Ascension


“Alright, as promised,” Alison uttered, tired eyes turning toward her test subject as she held a large vial of a glowing, green liquid. “The fruits of my labour these last couple months. The Omnipotency Potion! Perhaps a little grandiose a term for a serum that temporarily gives some small level of reality manipulation, but still.”

“So that stuff will make me bigger, right?” Antony asked candidly, his hand already going for the large vial. Alison snatched it back and flicked her gaze away with a flourish of long, unkempt, greasy red hair.

“Such a one track mind. This stuff can make you bigger, yes. It can also make you stronger, turn water into whisky, melt rock, unravel timelines, alter the very fabric of reality. Well, assuming it works. The chemical processes I adapted to brew this are vague, to say the least, and felt more like I was performing some ancient alchemic procedure. It’s possible I’ve just created a highly potent acid that only melts flesh, I don’t dare drink it myself.”

She reaches forward, handing the vial over to the antboy, his reddish-brown antennae wiggling around in excitement as he cradled the large vial, fiddling a bit with the little screw-in dropper sealing it. He didn’t even register the potential danger, too trusting of his hyper-intelligent friend.

Antony grimaced as he brought the vile green liquid to his lips, its thick fizzing tickling the tip of his nose. His brown eyes frowned a bit at the close hover of his scientist friend, regarding her vibrant emerald irises curiously as they shimmered in the cold white light. Dark bags under her eyes indicated she had slept very little in a good few nights, her skin pale from being in her basement for the vast majority of that time.

“You’re weirdly intense, Alison, you know that?” He uttered, before tipping his head back and chugging the vial. The thickly bubbling fluid trailed harshly down his throat with its viscous, choking taste, like that of a fowl, gone-off medicine as it coated his mouth and gullet. Alison felt a small protest rise up her throat, but culminated in a simple squeak as she halted herself. He was drinking far more than she ever expected someone to drink in a single sitting, but at the same time, she was curious to see what such a large dose could manage.

Even as he finished it, he gulped a few times, trying to clear his mouth of the vile flavour.
“Urgh… You could have told me it was disgusting.”

“You were only meant to take a drop…” Alison retorted, her crazed, darkened eyes leaning in closer. The fact he wasn’t immediately clutching at his melting throat gave her hope the serum wasn’t about to kill him, so she was incredibly interested in what was going to happen. “So how is it? Feel anything yet?”

“I don’t kn-know, I fa-feel kinda tuh-tingly,” Antony said as he felt a slow spread of pins and needles emanate from his stomach. Alison’s eyes locked onto the vial in his fingers as he toyed with the empty glass, warped and mashed in his digits like plasticine, coiled and melted around them. She almost couldn’t believe she was friends with a guy so dense that he couldn’t feel the universe start to yield to his desires.

“How-ow-ow-wa-w-oes this-sis ev-ov-en wor-wor-wa-work…” His eyes drifted away as a simultaneous sense of confusion and clarity came over him, like a drug and an antidote were wrestling over his sanity. The vibration of this little bubble of the universe tickled the very fibre of his being. The fuzziness of the world gradually turned clearer as his senses expanded, invisible, internal adjustments of his body propagated by the serum flooding his rapidly developing mind with information beyond his capacity.

“Not a particularly graceful God, are you?” Alison joked, attracting the vibrant gaze of God back toward her. She quickly started to regret that as she could feel all of Antony’s attention on her body. Every cell of it examined by his eyes, starting to emanate an ethereal glow, small wisps of yellow-white light flying off into the air. Her history unraveled before him, her obsessions with science, control and power revealed to him in an instant, her plan to ultimately better humanity by taking this serum and generating a world of ceaseless peace, plentiful resources and ever-expanding research, all beneath her omnipotent eye. Unfortunately, she didn’t expect the self-serving whims of her ant-featured friend to dash all hope of that ever coming to fruition.

Before she could comprehend what was happening, she felt a warmth against her lips, her slender torso wrapped in an intense pressure, cheeks glowing red as she stared deeply into those brown eyes now barely an inch away from hers. Antony had his arms around her waist and back, his firm body pressed against her front, his tongue invading her lips in a passionate kiss. She couldn’t move back, her muscles unyielding to the sheer might of his will,

As he released her, Alison’s vision suddenly dropped, zooming toward the floor, blearily staring at the tops of his sneakers. It took a few seconds for her to realise her legs gave way beneath her, hands braced against a firm, jean-clad leg. Her muscles were barely capable of holding her up in front of Him. She couldn’t even bring herself to lift her eyes back up His legs, her tired, hunched position bowing in servitude toward Him.

“It worked… I can feel… Everything…”

Antony’s voice suddenly pierced her hazy mind, pain flooding her body as it shook her to her core. Her bones popped at the joints as pressures built and relaxed across her physical form, yielding to the sheer might of Antony’s voice pounding on her.

“Look up at me.”

She couldn’t resist as her neck suddenly lifted, eyes burning at the view of His glorious body looming over her. Short and slim no longer described him. His head brushed the nine foot high ceiling, His antennae bent awkwardly in two grooves where they had simply dented the metal overhanging them. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her eyes ached from every flash of light cascading off His body, mostly around His own eyes. His own self ideals had manifested purely out of instinct, remaining short and slim in frame, but looming and solid in stature. His brown hair swayed in constant ripples and waves, each flick of the loosely styled, messy clumps sending more streaks of whitish light into the air, every blink of his deep mahogany eyes blasting the intense glow in small bubble-like pops, audible bangs of raw, unfettered power shaking Alison more.

“I’m… Everything. And everything… Is nothing…”

His words shook her, though her mortal senses couldn’t tell anything through the cacophony of raw, painful power overcoming her. All she could see was Him slowly clench his fist firmly, a strange pulse erupting out from Him in all directions. As they unfurled, various energies bubbled and broiled around His fingertips, fizzing as it condensed and swirled and collapsed and swelled to His will.

“You could have had some REAL fun with this!”

Alison blinked as she watched Antony play with the very fabric of reality around his fingers. Her own perspective looked entirely different to his own, a fact a constant teasing of his voice floating through her mind made clear. To her, it was just a mess of swirling light that danced around Antony’s fingertips, ethereal power radiating from his eyes. Without the power herself, she couldn’t make out the intricacies of its control, instead only able to see what any mortal observer could try and piece together. It was fascinating, her shaky hand scribbling notes on a pad. Shaky hand… She felt more terrified than ever before, another note scribbled down as fast as she could. Fear wasn’t an emotion she was used to, and she had unleashed all sorts of terrifying mutants and monsters on the world birthed right in her basement lab. But this was beyond that. He was above all of it.

She glanced back to his face, a horny smile spread from cheek to cheek, those deep brown eyes just staring at her, reading her, unravelling her. A layer of yellow-white energy radiated off of them to the sides, flowing and dissipating into the air. His hair swayed and flowed without any movement from the rest of his body. His tan skin pulsated with a soft glowing light, emanating through his clothes.

“Thanks for the serum,” his voice thundered wickedly, those brown eyes pulsating with vibrant yellow-white light. Just the sight of the renewed, empowered antboy made her body shake in primal fear, the power that surged through him awoken fully.

“Y-y-you’re welcome Anto-All Powerful Lord Almighty Antony, Emperor of All Reality and Ultimate Manly Stud!” Her voice blurted out of her, unable to control it as her mouth moved on its own, her voice painfully shouting.

“H-hey, what are you-My Grand and Majestic God Antony should crush me so no one else can ever achieve His omnipotent power!” Once again her voice was manipulated, this time her heart sinking in terror as Antony leaned forward, His large body pushing down on hers with His gaze alone. The furious grin he sported was enough to make her body shiver, her eyes transfixed on the divine glare he locked her with. A silent whim began to enact itself on her body as the pressure increased, the cold solid floor of the lab sliding against her knees as she began to shrink against it, unable to even adjust her position to make it more comfortable.

“What a fantastic idea,” He thundered as His sneaker-clad foot lifted into the air above her, grubby tread pushing a dirty, muddy smell into her nose as He rubs it against her face.
“That way I won’t have to worry about you or anyone else stopping me!”

She tried to scoot back away from Antony, but no matter how far back along the floor she went, he didn’t get any more distant. Her perspective of Him shifted suddenly as the ground melted away beneath her, reforming into a cold metal surface, His looming torso now stretched across her vision from the front. She yelped as His tan-skinned hand came crashing down in front of her, and her body was slammed by a weight above, her tiny arms scrambling to grab at anything she could use to pull herself free from the horrendous weight of a single digit.

The bumpy texture of His fingerprint drove hard into her front, her slender assets painfully crushed into her chest as the finger showed a deep disdain for her intact physical form. Her muscles screamed in agony, louder than she could manage vocally as the air was crushed from her lungs, her tiny head only able to peer up along the length of that divine arm in terror. His other hand was poised far above, tipped up toward the ceiling, a small glowing orb starting to form floating above it as the energies enveloping His fingertips solidified. The distant walls and ceiling began to twist and crack, breaking apart to expose an absence of much behind them. Just the twinkling darkness of space, and even that was warping and fading from her view as his control continued to propagate outward. He was powerful, so-

“-beyond fucking powerful. Powerful implies there’s a scale you could fit me on, but I can already tell, nothing comes remotely close.“

The orb in His hand slowly solidified, the ethereal white light becoming mass at His will, Alison’s reddened eyes looking at it in horror. Spinning in full view was Earth, no doubt crawling with the billions of human inhabitants, all slowly contorting and burning alive beneath His almighty gaze as he turned his head toward them.

“Nothing can exist before me, unless I will it.”

While Alison’s body was being slowly beaten by every syllable of His divine tones, the rest of Earth was left in abject chaos by it. All over its surface, small cracks began to form, vibrations rattling the tectonic plates apart, civilisation thrown asunder. No where was safe, no places to hide or run, everyone trapped on an enormous plane of true destruction, ripped apart at the will of this deific titan who cared naught for their insignificant lives. As quickly as He had emerged, Earth had been purged of life, those cracks widening, deep fissures upheaving the Earth’s internals, huge waves of magma bubbling up and pouring out to scorch the already ruined land and ensure nothing got to savour any kind of miraculous survival.

“Unfortunately… I don’t will it.”

A slow curl of His fingers embraced the fragile orb in His grasp, no teasing, no resistance, just immediate annihilation of all of human history as His digits burst the thick, smoky atmosphere, fingerprints ripped through the ground like it was nothing, fragments of Earth erupting and ejecting from His curling fist. But His destructive will didn’t stop there. The remains of the lab that filled her horizon melted away before her eyes, all her work, all that effort, vanished in an instant. Further still, the distant orb of the sun extinguished like a candle flame, fizzling into nothing. Planets she couldn’t see burst into atomic dust, distant stars she could see began to blink out, the closest, brightest ones first. Darkness surrounded her, the infinite expanse of nothing juxtaposed against the utterly vibrant form Antony had taken in this now endless void, that and the fragment of desk still existing to give him something to push her against. She was-

“-going to die.”

The way He so easily finished her thoughts-

“-terrifies you? Not the whole eradicating the entire universe thing, no, the fact I can read a few surface thoughts, THAT’S the scary thing.”

Her thoughts were driven to nothing but pain as His finger started to press down harder, the grooves of His fingerprint barely yielding to her, just mashing and contorting her harder. He was going to-

“-crush you. You’re pathetic. Like you thought anything good could have come of this if that serum did work. You just wanted a guinea pig to take it before you”

His finger gradually twisted to the right, bending Alison’s slender body into the worst positions, twisting her waist and bending her arms and legs close to their limits, the grinding weight tugging her apart in all directions.

“You were dead the moment that serum passed my lips.”

She lets out a blood-curdling scream as several bones in her torso suddenly collapsed under the pressure, rapidly turning to sputtered groans as her lungs filled with blood. Her legs shuddered, then one by one shattered at the knees, then her ankles, muscles tearing and ripping as a curved ridge of His fingerprint rolled and flattened across them. Her arms separated at the shoulders, horrific squelches rung out as the muscles around them snapped away, eventually the useless limbs bursting away as her upper half simply caves in. The rest of her quickly faded away to nothing as her consciousness ceased, one particular instant where the pressure popped her skull like a minute grape, her last sense just the roaring moan of His divine pleasure flooding her mind.


Alison blinked a few times, her head aching slightly. She felt like she zoned out for a moment, staring at Antony in eager anticipation. She shook her head and cleared her throat.

“So, uh… Antony? Anything?”

“Hmm? Oh, nothing yet.”

“Nothing at all? That doesn’t make any sense…” She stepped forward, Antony leaning back a bit as she brought a light to his eyes, staring intently. “You know how many mutagens and radioactive chemicals were in that concoction? Not to mention you took about fifty damn doses of the thing… It can’t be doing nothing!

She couldn’t see any sign of ill effect, or effect at all. Antony shrugged and hopped to his feet.

“I dunno what to tell you, I don’t feel any different. Guess you have to work on it some more. Lemme know if you fix it!” He gives her a playful wave as he steps forward, already Alison’s attention back on her notes trying to work out what had happened. She lifted her head back up a moment later, and Antony had vanished from sight.

“It’s just not possible, it must have had some effect. Praise Lord Antony.“ She choked on those last words, fear befalling her. Perhaps it had affected Him, maybe He had become some godly being and was hiding it. She would have to stop Him, a guy like Him with such power would spell doom for the rest of existence.
“No way, I can’t let him. I could probably reverse some of the changes, I have to-“


Her voice was silenced by the lab ceiling collapsing upon her, along with the rest of her home as Antony drove his sneaker sole down through it. A cruel smirk spread across His face as He twisted His foot left and right a few times. His eyes drifted slowly across the surrounding neighbourhood as increasing numbers of screams tickled His omniscient hearing, that glorious, glowing form starting to gain the attention of the masses.

“Oooh… I’m not done with my fun yet.”

A quick push of His feet lifted him into the air, energy swirling off His body as He floated off to play with the planet again, this time far more intimately and thoroughly.



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